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Diagnosis: Love (32)

Word count: ~740

Warnings: none


Originally posted by epinebleue

When you woke up Johnny wasn’t beside you. You thought that maybe he’d left in an attempt to avoid the conversation you needed to have, but the noise coming from the kitchen convinced you otherwise.

You turned to your right to look at the time on the clock on the bedside table and noticed a glass of water with some pills for your hangover next to it. You reached for the pills, popped them in your mouth and swallowed them down with the help of the water.

The fact that you only had a slight headache and a dry mouth was a relief to you. Rough hangovers were no strangers to you, and you sure thanked your lucky stars you didn’t have to have this conversation while trying not to puke.

You got up, collected the clothes scattered on the floor and put them on. You took a deep breath, trying to give yourself the courage and made your way to the kitchen.

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↺⃨ ◖ 你想高﹐📶 𐋃 ⩇⩇:⩇⩇ ⥄ ░̸̫▒⃛ ﹌﹋
❀ 𖥻 ﹙💐ָָָָ֢﹚ 𝗅𝟎𝗏𝟑 𝗍⍺𝗅𝗄 ༉ 碰我, 搞笑! ♥︎ ◝

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[10:51am] “y-you guys voted on us?” you whispered, barely believing the cruel reality of society. ever since rumor has spread that you had a crush on class president!jung jaehyun, everyone viewed you as a villain. your classmates antagonized you and isolated you. now they were comparing you with the most popular girl in school by voting.

for the most popular girl in class, she must feel so accomplished and great. just take a look at the chalkboard, not a single stroke lay under your name. meanwhile, her name, written in beautiful twirls, seemed to shimmer with the support of the lines beneath it. each line represented a vote, a person, and not one person felt that you were enough?

this was a war that you can never win, not when everyone was on her side. you quickly wiped off the last stray tear from your eyes and turned to leave this war field.

just as you turned left at the doorway, a hard wall came out of nowhere and stopped you in your tracks. looking upwards at what you rammed into, your round, wet eyes sparked at the sight of jung jaehyun. despite it all, his pearly square eyes were still the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever looked into.

although they were beautiful and you didn’t mind looking at them closer, it didn’t help that he crossed his arms and voluntarily stepped foward, as if daring you to get a closer examination. you walked backwards, as carefully and quickly as your body could beat. you felt eyes burning into your back and heard hushed laughter from all around.

“w-what do you want? i get it, i’m not good enough, you guys already,” you swallowed, “already voted.”

your voice had faded into a small whisper. jaehyun’s gaze had pinned in into you since the doorway. what did he want? what does everyone want? damn it, you just wanted to dig a hole and stay in there forever. call it a grave, if you will.

you let your eyes fall onto the ground and watched as jaehyun’s feet wandered away from your line of sight. in the middle of your sigh, you heard the small creak and screech of chalk.

you flipped your head up now, only to be inches away from jaehyun’s face. he was leaning down, to match his height with you. his eyes scrunched up into crescent moons, “you have my vote, always and forever.”

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Why is there a mirror on your ceiling?
Sometimes I just like looking at myself before I go to sleep.
Okay, I thought it was a *whispers* sex mirror.
If it was he wouldn't push me aside just to fix his hair.
Or fix his hair when he's on top.
Wait who here has had sex with Yuta?
Yuta put your hand down.
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yay! another one! of course I can, and sorry if it doesn’t come out the way you wanted it to or if you didn’t like it.



Jaehyun comes home pissed, he fired several of his employees at work, he had coffee spilt on him, several meetings that he had were canceled last minute when things were printed. “Honey, I’m home.” He shouted just like people would say back in the days. “Welcome home, sir.” That pet name, you only call him that during sex. “What’re you up to?” He asked suspiciously. “Oh, nothing!” You slowly walked down the stairs and greeted him.

You greeted him in his favorite lingerie set that he had just bought you a few days ago. “Is that the new set you got?” You nodded and spun around just to tease him. “I could sense you had a bad day because you weren’t answering any of my calls and messages.” You frowned. “I had a terrible day.” He said taking off his jacket and then his blazer. “Wanna talk about it?” He shakes his head. “I’d rather fuck your brains out.” He looks at you with dark heavy eyes.

Do it. I’m right here, I’m all yours. Do it.” You let out a giggle when he snatches you by the waist and carries you upstairs to the room. He throws you on the bed and takes of his tie. He puts the tie around your head and tightens it around your neck. “Pretty. My pretty girl.” He says pecking your lips once before ripping of your panties. “Hey! Those were new!” You pouted forgetting he was your sugar daddy. “I can get you new ones. I’ll get you every color in that set.” He said throwing the panties aside.



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N.Flying Jaehyun for Harper’s Bazaar Japan (210228)

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↳ pairing: hyunjae x reader 

↳ genre:  fluff, humor, angst, partners/friends-to-lovers, college au, secret agent au, pining?

↳ wc: 0.9k

↳ notes: like one curse word, possible upcoming fic based on this 😳?

↳ “𝙄 𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙙𝙞𝙚𝙙.”

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Okay, I’m gonna mix the two like if NCT was an off branch of EXO, which I know NCT’s concept is a little out there but like EXO are suppose to be Aliens with super powers from Exoplanet,

Taeil: Water

Johnny: Flight

Taeyong: Teleportation

Yuta: Telekinesis

Doyoung: Frost

Kun:  Earth

Ten: Time Control

Jaehyun: Flight

Winwin: Water

Jungwoo: Healing 

Lucas:  Light

Mark:  Teleportation

Xiaojun:  Lightning

Hendery:  Time Control 

Renjun: Fire 

Jeno: Earth 

Haechan: Telekinesis

Jaemin: Healing 

Yangyang: Fire 

Shotaro:  Frost

Sungchan: Lighting 

Chenle: Wind

Jisung: Wind

You know how it’s Chanyeol + Kris Pheonix & Dragon, fire and flight since NCT is almost twice the size  of EXO originally I made sure all the doubles would also pair together well. 

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“I failed? But why?” You really hadn’t thought your sketch was all that bad. Your strength lay more with colors than with just graphite but you were asked to deliver a portrait and a portrait you had delivered. You had even posted on social media to find a model to sit for you and luckily a business student by the name of Jaehyun had needed some money so he had agreed to sit still for you for an hour so you could sketch his face.

But no matter how long you stared at the page open in your internet browser or how often you refreshed the page, the result didn’t change. This had to be wrong. You took pride in your portraits, no matter the medium. 

Summoning all your courage, you quickly typed an e-mail to your professor asking about what he didn’t like about the portrait. The answer came quicker than you had liked. Taking a deep breath, you opened the reply. 

It is correct that you failed the project. 
While you turned in a very appealing portrait, it failed to meet the challenge. 
I asked you to draw a portrait of a real person with all their imperfections, not some made up persona with perfect proportions and a perfectly straight jaw that is cut at the perfect angle.
Therefor you have failed. 

At that your mouth fell open. Your model had been too perfect?
Well you had to admit that Jaheyun was rather good looking and if you looked at the picture of the portrait you had uploaded to your instagram, his jaw really did look unreal with how sharp it was cut. 

But that was just how he looked and therefor the professor couldn’t make you fail the assignment. Determined to change his mind, you formulated a quick reply, explaining that you had asked Jaehyun to model for you and that you would bring him to class to prove your point.  


First drabble is out! I’ll try to keep them all relatively short. 
Rules: Send me a NCT member + a body part (and a timestamp if you want)

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