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peeaaachi · 21 hours ago
Apartment Tour (M)
Tumblr media
Main Story // The Series Masterlist
Summary: As the last episode of your Moving In Series on your YouTube channel, comes the tour of the apartment along with visually announcing the things you have bought during the furniture shopping. But as a bonus to the last episode, you and your boyfriend, Jaehyun just dropped a huge ass surprise to your subscribers, viewers and to NCTzens.
Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader
Words: 6.3k
Genre: established relationship au, idol!jaehyun, youtuber!reader, fluff, smut
Warning/s: yet another chapter of tooth-rotting domestic fluff (‘cause why not, right?), graphic explicit smut in the form of: shower sex, multiple orgasms, (if there is anything that I missed, please do tell me so that I could add it here)
Author’s Note/s: This is 18+, minors, please do not interact. I know it took me so long to write this final chapter of the series, I'm so sorry about that. But I do hope you'll enjoy reading it ;) Also, I have not proofread the whole chapter. Feel free to shoot me an ask for a feedback or talk to my characters ;)
tags: @seodojaezz @keeach @hyunniebuns @jaehyvnsvalentine@sunshinedhyuck @bts7aus @gyukult @tobiobb (pls tag or message me if you would like to be included in the taglist!)
Tumblr media
Apartment Series Ep 05: Apartment Tour, A Night with Neos And A Surprise?!
“The most awaited tour is finally here!” You shouted, signaling the start of the new episode in your Apartment Series that you have initially created to document a new milestone with your boyfriend, Jaehyun.
“Truthfully, I’m a bit sad that this series is ending but it was a fun series to do,” smile creeping up on your face, “It has been roughly two or three weeks since we have officially moved to this place that we now call home and we have recently finished decorating the apartment, so while it is still clean and neat.” You laughed. “This is filmed before we have the housewarming party, so technically, you guys are the ones who saw it all first even if this video might be up after it,” You informed. “Okay, let’s start the tour now, shall we?”
You turned the camera facing forward to showcase the environment around you. “Oh, also, I will be linking everything applicable that I will be showing in the tour in the description box below.” You said behind the camera.
“Okay, since I’m already here in the living room, let’s start here,” You said, scanning slowly through to give a good glimpse of the room. “You’re probably confused as to where the TV is, well, we actually didn’t buy one.” You pointed out with a giggle. “Instead, we bought a projector. Since our walls are white all throughout the apartment, we opted not to buy a projector screen.” You continued while going over the little shelf in front. “Here is where the projector is settled, beside it is where we decided to place the LP turntable beside it on the floor, is where we placed the LP shelf Jaehyun had before. We actually ordered a newer one recently that can hold more LPs, because as you can see, we’re currently running out of spaces for our growing collection.” you giggled, zooming in on the little shelf on the floor. “I’m a speaker kind of person, so, this speaker set is my idea. We do have some pictures on frames displayed here as well. There are a variety of pictures here; we have some on our vacations, some with our friends too! We have more pictures on display scattered around the apartment,” You said, informing your viewers. “Moving on, this is our coffee table and sofa. As you can see, I do prefer to have a big sofa because the boys do come over very frequently. To those asking in the comment section on my recent videos; yes, they do come over at my previous apartment but only whenever Jaehyun is coming over.”
From the living room, you move toward the other side to show the kitchen. “Here we now have our kitchen,” you informed your viewers while you scan through the cozy setup you did in the kitchen. “I like to bake, so having an oven is something I really wanted but I really didn’t have it written down on what we needed in finding the apartment, it just happens that this particular apartment that we signed has one. So, that made me happy because I didn’t need to buy one,” you laughed. “Almost all of the appliances in the kitchen are already built in, except for the coffee machine,” you said while putting your hand on the coffee machine. “This is actually from a PR package I received recently from Nescafe, it’s their collaboration collection with Chiara Ferragni. And it’s the perfect addition to our kitchen because Jaehyun and I; we love our coffees. Especially in the morning, before starting our days. What I love about this machine is that it’s also compatible with Starbucks' capsules. Plus, it gives our home a little bit of a splash of color because the main color palette that Jaehyun and I wanted is monochrome. You guys might be wondering, we have a coffee machine but where are our capsules? It’s stored here in one of the drawers. I bought an organizer for the capsules so that I can place them here with our utensils, then I replenish them twice or thrice a week.” You said as you closed the drawer. “Here are our pans and pots,” quickly opening and closing the cupboards over your head. “Oh!” You exclaimed. “I also have these racks on our sink, one for the sponge and the other is for utensils. Then, I have a different rack placed here beside the sink for drying purposes. Of course, there are gloves here too. But Jaehyun is the one who mostly uses these, because when I typically do use them, I tend to break a plate or a glass.” You laughed. “Maybe because I grew up washing the dishes without having to use gloves, but yeah, I think I have broken a plate or two and a glass.”
You now move forward from the kitchen to the hallway. “Here, we have the first room from our main door,” you said as you walked inside the room. “This is my office slash closet. This is where I do most of my editing, since I do most of my sit-down vlogs in the living room because it is more aesthetically pleasing.” You laughed, showing a quick view of the whole room. “The left side is my wardrobe with the daybed sitting beside my work desk while the other side is Jaehyun’s. He does have a lot more clothes than I do, that I borrow on a daily basis, especially his shirts. We decided to put all the sweatpants in one drawer because we share them even though it’s a lot longer on me but his size does fit me well. The only thing we do not have a similar preference for is pants. I do prefer the wide legged ones than the skinnies. I have had bad experiences with skinny jeans and I would like it if it wouldn’t ever happen again. I also do have a pair or two of cargo pants but you will never find skinny jeans in my wardrobe,” You laughed. “We had the racks and drawers made and customized but I will leave their contact information in the description box. Next, we do have our little vanity here beside the door. Contrary to what everyone thinks, I don’t own much makeup, just one of each, i think…” you said while opening the vanity drawer to reveal your mini collection. “I have a foundation that I’m trying out, a cushion, a concealer, a few different eyeshadow palettes, and a few lip products. That’s about it for my makeup collection. What me and Jaehyun stock up on is skincare. We’re both very diligent to skincare,” you shared with your viewers. You scanned through the room one last time and walked out. “The door directly opposite of the office room is our bathroom.” You said, opening the door to let the viewers see a glimpse of it. “I bought a little organizer for the bathroom that stores essential things in the bathroom with the top tray storing the different bath bombs I purchased from Lush that sits pretty on a little basket along with our favorite bath salts and scrubs that I transferred into a transparent jars I bought in a department store and some paper towels in a box because I actually don’t use one,” you chuckled. “Moving on to the second tray which contains women’s essentials, I have a variety of sanitary pads and tampons here, an extra stock of feminine wash, and sealed loofahs. The tray is reserved for the chemicals we use to clean the bathroom. His and hers hair and body washes are stored here on the side of the tub. We also have a tray that we can put on the tub for when we feel like pampering ourselves for a night of relaxation,” you said, then walked out of the bathroom closing the door. As you walked back to the living room, the main door clicked open indicating that someone was entering the apartment. You looked over your shoulder and saw that Jaehyun was home, just in time as you were about to show your shared bedroom for the apartment tour. “Babe! I’m home!” He shouted while he was crouching down to take off his shoes and store them back in the shoe closet right beside the main door. You caught the scene with your camera, quietly giggling because Jaehyun didn’t notice you since he was looking down. He had only seen your figure after slipping on his slippers. “Oh? How long have you been standing there?” He asked with a pout on his face. “Since you walked in,” you replied. “Then why haven’t I gotten a welcome home kiss yet?” You didn’t reply to him and just giggled at his cuteness while you walked towards him giving him the biggest hug and the kiss he was looking for causing the clip to stagger with only both of your voices clear for everyone to hear. “I missed you, baby,” he said. “You have only been gone for a couple of hours, bub,” you replied. “I don’t care, I still miss you.” he sighed, his head nuzzled to your name while you kissed his cheek. “Well, welcome home then, my love,” you said. And you both stayed like that for a little while.
“Okay, moving on,” you started. “I’m filming the apartment tour,” you continued. “What?!” He exclaimed. “You started without me,” he whined. “Don’t be a whiny baby,” you teased. “You just came home right on time, I’m moving on to our bedroom now,” you said, a smile growing on his face. “Okay! Let’s go!” He said excitedly, making you giggle at his excitement. “I’m starting to think that you’re trying to take over my channel now,” teasing him yet again which led to a reply you did not expect. “Why don’t we rebrand it, then? You know, change the channel to our channel.” It left you stunned, you have always thought that you did not want him frequently on your channel solely because you did not want the others; the media and his fans, the nctzens, to ever feel that you were using him to gain more views or subscribers. “I don’t know, babe,” you replied. “Let’s talk about it later, hm?” he nodded his head in agreement, knowing that the topic is something you both would need to talk about behind the scenes, without a camera, without millions of ears listening in, just you and him.
“Okay, we’re moving on to our bedroom. Where the magic happens,” he joked. “You know, sleeping does wonders to your health, very essential and important.” He informed the viewers while you let out a stifled laugh. “Okay, moving on now,” You interrupted before Jaehyun could speak again. “The bed frame is from Ikea along with the bedside tables and lamps, the mattress we had ordered online. We placed Jaehyun’s piano here in the bedroom because I like hearing him play. It's so peaceful to me, like time has stopped for us for a moment.” You said as he snaked his arms to your waist, giving you a kiss on your forehead. “I like playing for you, too, baby. Your eyes, sparkling and only focused on me,” he replied with love, fully evident in his words. “I love you,” he stated. “I love czennies too, but I kinda love you most? I’m sorry nctzens,” he corrected, then taking the camera from your hands and kissing the lens for his very supportive and loving fans. “To make it up for you guys, I don’t actually kiss _____ that much. I would kiss you guys more than her,” he joked. “Jokes aside, I do love you guys too and I appreciate all the support and love you have given to me, my group and most importantly with my relationship.”
“You’re so cheesy, Jae,” teasing him. “What can I say? I’m that kind of romantic,” he said with a smug on face, leading you to roll your eyes to him. And with that, he gave your camera lens one last smooch that resulted in his saliva obstructing the clip. The clip then transitioned to a fully cleared view of the bedroom. “We both didn’t want so much stuff in our bedroom, so we kept it as minimalist as possible. Underneath our bed, we have another projector that we use to watch movies on, just like in our living room, we also had a sound system installed for better viewing experience.” Moving the camera from the sound systems to your side just when your boyfriend was about to sit down on the bed, you warned him, “Jae, don’t you dare hop on our bed with your outside clothes on.” Jaehyun was startled, eyes gone wide as he remembered that he still wasn’t able to wash up and change upon getting home. “Oops, sorry baby, I forgot.” He started. “Guys, we decided to have this rule; we can’t ever lay down on our bed as long as we have our outside clothes on or simply, the clothes that we already wore outside. Well, that’s her rule in her apartment before I just also wanted to have it instilled here in our home too to continuously practice proper hygiene especially to me, since she scolds me most of the times whenever she comes over to the dorms before and I wouldn’t have bedsheets and pillowcases on my bed and pillows.” He chuckled whilst remembering those times where you have scolded him even in front of his members and manager. “Guys, let me tell you, my woman is the scariest!” He exclaimed, just as he starts to tell a story, “There was this time when she visited the dorms, it wasn’t spontaneous or anything, but I forgot to put on the bed sheets that day and when she came over I asked her to wait for me in my room instead since the members were in their respective rooms as well. When she got to mine and Jungwoo’s room she instantly screamed my whole name,” He continued. “Jeong Yoonoh!!!” He whisper-screamed, trying his best to copy you. “I heard her from the bathroom and the members heard her from their rooms too and they all went out to see the commotion. She didn’t care at the time because she had told me countless times to put on bedsheets and pillowcases but I guess at the time, she felt like I was constantly disregarding her words and reminders. She was so close to crying too, and it was then that I promised myself to always try my best to not give my woman any reason to cry about.” he added.
“Babe!” It was your turn to exclaim. “You shouldn’t have said that. That was embarrassing,” you pouted at him. “No, it was not, babe,” he replied, pulling you into his arms for an embrace. “And with that, I will be off to wash up now and change my clothes because I want to lay down on our bed with my strong, independent woman.” You felt your cheeks heat up at his statement about you.
While Jaehyun was walking out of the bedroom, you turned the camera lens towards you so that it could film you. “Well, that ends our little apartment tour today. As promised, I will put the links of the furniture I mentioned throughout the tour so you could go and check it out. I would also leave some alternatives for budget friendly ones if ever I find ones. You can check all the links in the description box down below.” You stated. “Also, this vlog actually doesn’t end here. Because…” You paused for a while, getting your phone from the bedside table. “I saw a message here from my group chat with the neos, that they would like to disturb mine and Jaehyun’s, and I quote, ‘peaceful night’.” You read from the message and laughed at their term. “So we will basically have unsolicited guests arriving tonight. The housewarming is not supposed to be today but I guess we will be having a spontaneous one tonight with the Neos instead.” You said just as your boyfriend entered your shared bedroom and laid down on the bed. “Babe,” he called. “Come lay down with me, please?” And without questions, you obliged to his request and went over to him. Just as you lay down beside him, he automatically snakes his arm over your shoulder and presses you against him. “Let’s just order food for later, hm?” He suggested fighting his drowsiness. “Yup, we’ll do that. Let’s take a nap.”
And with that, the scene ended, smoothly transitioning to the time where the boys were ringing the doorbell. With the forgotten camera still recording, with just enough battery to last at least twenty to thirty minutes more of footage, it captured Jaehyun gently waking you up with his kisses. He then got up from the bed and out of the room to let the boys in. He went back to the bedroom to check if you have gotten up already and saw the forgotten camera still laying on the bed with you sitting up against the headboard, your phone in your hand. “Baby,” he called, making you turn your head towards him. “The boys are here, what food do you want to order?” Still half asleep, you nodded in reply to your boyfriend, making him chuckle. “I asked what food you wanted to order, though,” while he walked towards you and sat beside you. “My brain still cannot comprehend,” you answered with a pout. “Okay, why don’t you wash up first then we’ll decide with the boys, hm?” He suggested. “Okay.”
While you got up from the bed to wash up in the bathroom, Jaehyun picked up the camera on the bed, turned it off and replaced the batteries so that you would be able to film the night. He also initiated to charge the battery he just removed and had set a camera up in the living room because he knew how you liked to have different angles when you film for your vlogs and so that all you have to set up is the main vlogging camera.
The vlog then transitioned to the living room where the boys had gathered with your boyfriend setting up the projector and the console to have a game night. “Have you guys figured out what to order?” You asked while settling on the floor next to your boyfriend. “Not yet, we were waiting for you so you could tell us your suggestions,” Taeyong replied. “Well, I am craving for some chicken and somaek…” You started. “How about you guys?” You added, while everyone was nodding their head in agreement with your suggestion because they were already busy playing and watching the games. “I see head nods from all of you, so don’t blame me when the food arrives,” you chuckled. “We have kimchi stocked in our fridge, made by Jaehyun’s mom,” you said. “I’ll go and order the food then,” your boyfriend said. “Okay, and oh, babe, please also add cheese balls too,” you said as your eyes pleaded. “Okay, love.” He replied with a chuckle, kissing your cheek. Jaehyun stood up and called for delivery while you watched the boys have banter back and forth with each other while playing Mario Kart. When Jaehyun finished ordering for delivery, he sat back beside you and kissed your cheek again, notifying you that he’s back.
Jaehyun would always give affection to you, publicly or not. It was something he would never take advantage of; every change he gets, he would shower you with his affections so that you would always know how much he is in love with you. It is also one of the few ways he could provide you assurance because he knew how it was with your ex before him. He would never allow you to ever feel that way ever again.
“How about we buy beer and soju in the convenience store near us?” Jaehyun suggested. “Will they be alright alone in our apartment though?” You chuckled, still watching the Neos play like they were kids. “They’ll be fine, they’re grown men.” Your boyfriend replied. “Mhm, I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” you pointed out, “they’re not playing like one,” you laughed.
“Guys, we’ll just buy the alcohol at the convenience store. The delivery would be here any minute, please open the door when it does. It’s already paid.” Jaehyun informed his members. “Okay, okay,” Taeyong replied, eyes glued to the screen as he played against his members. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they won’t break anything,” Taeil chimed in, eyes also glued to the screen in front of them.
“See, I told you; they’re grown men.” Jaehyun said in an ‘i told you so’ tone. “Whatever you say, bub,” you replied. “Oh, also, please watch your tone with me.” You said in a stern way. “Sorry,” was all your boyfriend said, kissing your forehead which made you chuckle. “I love you.” He said.
You both made your way out and went down through the elevator. Jaehyun brought out one of your cameras and started recording, making you surprised that he had it with him. “Oh, suddenly?” You asked, covering your face. “Don’t cover your beautiful face, love,” he said. “I brought it with me, and if you didn’t notice it yet, I had your other cameras up in the living room too.” He continued. “Really?” It really did surprise you. “Yeah, I had it set in two different angles because I noticed that’s how you wanted your vlogs at home. Also, I had both cameras plugged to their chargers so it wouldn’t suddenly turn off.” You just looked up at him with pure admiration, as if your eyes were saying thanks to him. He just looked back at you with his signature whisker smile. He then looked back at the camera and talked to it; he was a real natural. “So, we actually left the boys alone in the apartment to buy some alcohol in a convenience store near where we live; so we’re taking a quick walk up to it.” He said as you both left the elevator and out of the apartment complex. “I’m with the girlfriend, and the boys are in our apartment because they suddenly thought that it was a good decision to not give us a piece of our minds,” He added, as he chuckled at his statement. The vlog then continued on to you and Jaehyun walking up to the convenience store to get some beer and soju which also led you to tell Jaehyun that you two would need to visit the wine shop Johnny had recommended with you to stock up on your wines. With a quick transition of ‘meanwhile…’ with Neo Cam captioned within the video, in between to what the Neos were doing while you were out with Jaehyun. It was footage of the Neos still playing and being the chaotic bunch that they are while Taeyong had gotten up to fetch the chicken delivery Jaehyun mentioned while he was playing and taking it out on the coffee table in the middle of your living room and placing the plastic the food was in to the kitchen. Which then transitioned back to footage of you and Jaehyun getting out of the convenience store and back to your shared home.
“Well, I don’t think they’ve moved an inch since we got out,” you laughed, talking to Jaehyun and the camera he was holding then Jaehyun moving the camera towards the boys in the living room. “Alright, boys, stop playing and let’s eat.” You announced, to which they have all complied to, stopping the game and putting back the controllers to where they have grabbed it from. Which led you to say to Jaehyun, “You boys might be chaotic and all, but you guys know how to clean your shit up when you need to.” Your boyfriend laughed at you because of two things; one, your train of thought and two, you didn’t know that it was caught on camera. Which you then noticed shortly after. “Babe,” you whined. “You didn’t advise me that you’re still filming,” you said, covering your face yet again. “Now, what did I tell you about covering that beautiful face?” he teased, and in reply, you stuck your tongue out to him making him laugh behind the camera.
“Alright, let’s eat!” Jaehyun announced as he opened the boxes of assorted varieties of chicken along with the boxes of cheese balls you wanted on the coffee table. “Jal meokkesseumnida!” You said excitedly, ready to devour all the calories in front of you. “Speaking like a true korean,” Johnny teased and the whole squad laughed, each getting a piece of chicken on the table grabbing a beer for themselves as well. “Chicken and beer is a pair that no other can top,” you said while everyone just nodded in response, too busy devouring the food on the table. The meokbang scene was cut with a clip of you alongside the Neos, clinking the glasses together and the simultaneous sounds of geonbae.
The next clip is footage of you and the Neos playing a game while still drinking. It’s a game that you have recently discovered and wanted to try it out, the Neos were all game for it. The mechanics of the game is similar to how the mafia game is but the only difference with the two is that in Avalon, no one dies so everyone gets to enjoy and have fun and that it is somewhat of a board game wherein it’s good versus evil and in order to win the game, teams of good and evil must successfully complete their missions which determines whose side wins. The game is a lot more fun while drinking. After two to four games of Avalon, the vlog transitioned to the boys drunkenly cleaning up the mess with you then setting the sleeping mattresses on the living room floor while going to the bathroom in pairs to wash up before sleeping. The scene ended with Taeyong shouting good night and everyone, including you and Jaehyun who settled in the bedroom shouting it back to him. The next day in the vlog is a short clip of the members sleeping in your living room while you and Jaehyun had slept in the comfort of your shared bedroom.
Behind the scenes, the drunken night in your living room left you with good memories and a bad headache to wake up with. You stirred in bed while you groan at the ache you feel on your head, next to you, your boyfriend getting awakened with your groan, notifying him that something was hurting you. He shifted around to check up on you quickly, “Love, are you okay?” He asked with his deep, husky morning voice. You hummed in reply to him, not wanting him to worry too much about you and go back to sleep. “Liar. Your head hurts doesn’t it?” Quickly disregarding your reply to him. Jaehyun had you memorized, down from the little things up to the big dreams and goals you have. With him, no lie could ever come through. “Wel, my head hurts a little.” You came clean. “I’ll get you some tylenol. I refilled your jug on your bedside table before I went to sleep last night,” he informed you while he was reaching for some tylenol in one of his bedside table drawers. “Plus, I stored some tylenol here in mine so I could have easy access for when you’re feeling any pain.” You looked at your boyfriend with disbelief, in a good way though. You never had anyone like him before, no one has ever taken care of you as much as he did. And most importantly, no one has ever taken his time on memorizing you and all your little things like Jaehyun Jeong ever has. You drank up the medicine with gratefulness in your eyes. You didn’t have to say anything, Jaehyun felt it. After drinking the medicine, Jaehyun suggested for the both of you to go back to sleep and rest some more, to which you obliged to right away.
You have started the day very late that day and you wouldn’t have had it any other way. Although you woke up with no Jaehyun beside you, he left a note on your bedside table, “Baby, I came to walk the boys out and probably get some food for us. I love you xxx”
You smiled at the little note your boyfriend had left you as you got up from the bed. You decided to kill the time by taking a bath, relieving you from the icky feeling of not refreshing yourself before bed last night because of being too drunk to safely take a quick shower. You only remembered brushing your teeth and washing your face with the help of your boyfriend which is not the first time.
You were still in the tub, taking a shower when Jaehyun came back, immediately notifying you by shouting from the main door, “Baby! I’m back!”
You shouted back at him in reply, “I’m in the bathroom!”
However, your boyfriend did not reply any longer so figured he was already setting up the food in the kitchen so that you both could eat right after your shower. To your surprise, the bathroom door opened, Jaehyun in a muscle tee and sweats emerging through with dark eyes only focused on you. “Can I join?” He asked and you only nodded at him in reply. As soon as you agreed, he quickly discarded his clothes and put them in the dirty clothes hamper. He didn’t waste any time, he immediately leaned in to kiss you, passionately. He was turned on, you felt his member getting hard against your stomach. He gently pushed your back towards the cold wall, making you moan while his mouth moved down your jaw to your neck, nibbling on your sweet spot. His hand traveled down your folds, gently making figure eights on your clit as you moaned louder at his ministrations. He continued on until you came on his fingers but didn’t stop to let you breathe. Instead, he picked you up and you instinctively wrapped your legs around his torso. One hand on your thigh to support you and the other hand guided his member towards your slit and slowly thrusting into you.
“Fuck, babe, how are you still so fucking tight?!” He groaned.
“Only for you, bub,” You moaned.
From thrusting into you, he switched it up by making you bounce on his cock as he kept hitting that good spot. Moans and the slapping of your skins overflowing in the bathroom. It didn’t take long after your second orgasm washed over you. This time, Jaehyun lets you breathe for a moment as he settles you down the floor but he definitely was not done with you just yet. He kissed you then turned you around so that your back faces him. He thrusts back into you, starting at a slow, agonizing pace. He was trying to savor the feeling of your walls before he gets too rough on you. You walls clenching and pulsating around him, “F-fuck, baby,” he moaned. “You feel so fucking good.” As he starts to pound into you at a brutally fast pace, you instinctively start to meet his thrusts half way making him moan. “Shit, that’s so fucking hot,” as he give your ass a little slap. “F-fuck, yes, baby.” He groaned as you both continued to thrust into each other. And in just a few more thrusts, you both came together, panting. Jaehyun thrusts a few more to milk himself before he slowly pulls out of you. You turned around to face him and said, “I love you.” As you tiptoed to reach his lips and give him a kiss, making Jaehyun chuckle but kisses you back eventually.
The kiss was not as intense as the one he gave a moment ago but after it, he just stared into your eyes and replied to you, “I love you too. I love you so much. Baby, would you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?”
You were clearly shocked at what was happening right now and all you could say to your boyfriend that is still staring into you, “You’re not kidding me, right?” he shook his head, letting you know that he is in fact serious about his question. “So, would you do the honors and marry me?” He asked again. “Yes, I will marry you, Yoonoh Jeong.” You both kissed each other again with smiles on your faces.
Tumblr media
After the scenes that took place in the bathroom, you and Jaehyun are now in the kitchen heating up the food that your boyfriend bought and had gotten cold. After heating up the food, you both make your way to the living room floor and eat on the coffee table. “Babe, you do know you have to propose again, right?” Your boyfriend looked at you confused. “I ain’t telling everyone that we got engaged in our bathroom after having sex,” you said, raising an eyebrow at your boyfriend. “I’ve already proposed!” He reasoned out. “I’ll let you pick the ring instead,” and you just pouted at his statements. You wanted to have a serious proposal out of your boyfriend, a proposal that you can proudly show off to the world because you wanted to be able to shout to the world that you are marrying the love of your life. But you know, not everyone needs to know about how, when and where he proposed, so you just let it slide.
“Well, what are we going to do today?” You asked, changing the subject as you both continue to munch on your respective meals. “Let’s finish eating, first?” Your boyfriend suggested and you nod in agreement.
Tumblr media
After finishing the meal and washing the dishes, you went to the bedroom to get your phone while Jaehyun secretly set up some kind of hidden camera just to film the last bit that he wanted you to include on the last segment of the Moving In Series on your YouTube channel.
You come back in the living room and sit next to your boyfriend who is sitting comfortably on the couch, scrolling through his phone. “So babe, let’s talk about rebranding your channel,” he started as you squeeze yourself to your boyfriend’s side. “Why would you want that?” You questioned back. “Well, first off, I want to be able to constantly be a part of you,” he confessed. “Babe, you’re already a part of me.” You replied as you turned to face him. “I want to also be able to create more content with you, together, you know? I won’t lie, I get pretty jealous of the couples on YouTube that get to vlog and make contents together. I have always thought, ‘Oh? I want to do this and that with my girlfriend too.’” He confessed. The words that your boyfriend just dropped on you touched your heart. “You really want to do this whole YouTube thing with me?” You asked, trying to make sure that he is indeed sure of his current decision. “Hell yeah, baby! I’d do anything with you, always,” He replied, enthusiastically. “Alright, we’ll do this YouTube thing together. But, should we just create a new channel?” You suggested. “Yeah, let’s do that. And we can do vlogs and do those Q&A’s together. Don’t worry babe, I’ll help in editing them.” He said, with excitement evident in his voice and his big ‘ol smile with his pretty dimples plastered on his face.
The scene then transitioned to you and Jaehyun sitting down in front of the camera. “Hi everyone! This is NCT 127’s Jaehyun. Nice to meet you, guys.” Your boyfriend started the introduction. “And I’m ______.” You introduced yourself simply. “We do have an announcement to make,” You started. “An announcement that I’m excited to share because I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now, and it’s finally coming true,” Jaehyun continued enthusiastically. “I’ll let you do the honors of announcing it,” you said as you chuckled from your boyfriend’s excitement. “We’re finally making our ownYouTube channel!” He shouted, excitement coursing through his veins while you laughed at him. “So, yes, as you can tell from the scene before this announcement, we have decided to create a channel specifically for vlogs that we would be documenting together along with doing Q&A’s and some challenges. We’ll take you with us on our journey together as a couple,” you informed the viewers. “Honestly, when you first brought it out, having a channel together, I was shocked. I have always decided with myself that as much as possible, do not let my work and my relationship with Jaehyun collide with each other because I was so scared that other people would judge me that I’m using you to gain views or subscribers, which is never my intention.” You confessed. “Please don’t hate on the love of my life, I wanted to do this with her.” He said directly to the camera with his hand over your shoulder, squeezing you towards his chest as if he is protecting you from a crowd. “Don’t go arguing with them, love. As long as it came from you, nothing else matters.” You said as you kissed his cheek. “I love you, baby,” Jaehyun said as he looked into your eyes, leaning in to give you a peck on your lips. “I love you too,” You giggled. Jaehyun then turned towards the camera and said, “And without further ado, please do look forward to our channel. We will drop the link to it once it goes live. And we’ll see you guys, real soon,” ending it with a wink.
Tumblr media
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Main Story // The Series Masterlist
A/N: Feedback is always appreciated, you can message me, send an ask, or you can reblog this along with your feedback ;) Also, character asks for this fic is open!
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Tumblr media
⇨ ongoing | ✔ completed
Balance of Us (sns AU) {19} ✔
Jung Jaehyun is the beloved captain of your university’s basketball team. You’re a freshman in the school ballet company and somehow get roped into giving him dance lessons. The issue is that your brother is Lee Taeyong aka Jaehyun’s on-court rival, who broke his little sister’s heart. That’s where you, revenge, and a little bet come into play. @solecize
Beyond the Palace Walls {10} ✔
Your father, the King, had always been highly protective of you. @prettywordsyouleft
Breathless (sns AU) {25} ✔
Jaehyun walks Johnny’s dogs for some extra cash, y/n is an unemployed psycho who likes to break into his house and eat all of his cheerios. When Jaehyun meets y/n, his life is turned into a series of very unfortunate events. @peachyuns
Broken {9} ✔
He punched hard, fought with all he had. He fought until he got you and fought until he lost you. @sugarjaee
Chlorine Dreams (sns AU) {15} ✔
There’s been a long standing rivalry at your school between the basketball team and the swim team. The swim team has been undefeated for 4 years, whereas the basketball team hasn’t won a game in 3. Every year the basketball team ends up with all of the funding for the athletics department whereas half of the school doesn’t even know the swim team exists. With a bet that Jaehyun wouldn’t even be able to finish a swim practice, y/n threatens the existence of both of their teams. @dahyunmingyu
Close as Strangers (sns AU) {17} ✔
Where Jung Jaehyun can’t decide whether he enjoyed spoiling your day or he just couldn’t show you how much he actually enjoyed being around you. @hyuckflirts
Dangerously {5} ⇨
You were polar opposites. He was royalty, you were a criminal. You hated him, he hated you. This mission was the last thing any of you wanted, but you had to make it work. @yesnanasbaby
Dusk Till Dawn {14} ⇨
After finding out that her entire family syndicate has been practically eradicated by a new, rising enemy, and that she is one of the only two survivors, Y/N is left with the responsibility and the legacy of the company hanging heavy on her shoulders. With the persuasions of an old friend, the charm of a new ally and a captivation with an enigmatic assassin, she joins the notorious group ‘U’ in a hope to restore her family’s dignity, and to squash the new opposition before they can bring the same fate to any other organisation in South Korea. @iridesuhnce
End to Start (sns AU) {13} ⇨
You work part-time at a small karaoke cafe during the night shift. Every month on the 18th, a brown haired boy wearing a suit, carrying flowers in his hands, always came in at exactly 10PM. He stays for two hours, playing the same song repeatedly before leaving. On a warm July night of the 18th, you told yourself that tonight you will talk to the boy. Can you free the shackles on the boy from the ghost that haunts him or is he long past saving? @bunny-doyounq
Fly Away with Me (sns AU) {24} ✔
When Johnny’s little sister flies all the way from chicago to live with his brother and college friends, their once peaceful apartment gets disrupted by an extremely annoyed Jaehyun who can’t seem to stop being mean to Johnny’s sister. @cupofjae
Healing {9} ⇨
You adored your mother, but sometimes, well sometimes she should have minded her own freaking business. Or, when paying your apartment bills becomes almost impossible, you manage to find a job in the infamous 127 Tower, which the Jung Family owns. Not as a secretary or as the cleaning lady, but as Jung Jaehyun’s daughter babysitter. @nctream
Let Me Know ✔
A recollection of all the times you’ve fallen in love with your best friend Jung Jaehyun, the times where you hopelessly pine after him, and the times where he starts to fall in love with you too. @ppangjae
Minor Inconvenience {4} ⇨
Spilling coffee all over a stranger only to find out that said stranger is your lab professor is your worst nightmare brought to life. You wish you were joking. @ppangjae
On the Rebound (sns AU) {12} ⇨
In an attempt to finally move on from his ex-girlfriend, basketball star Jeong Jaehyun reaches out to Y/N, who he knows has a crush on him. @whispersatdawn
Pact (sns AU) {15} ✔
What would happen if these two childhood best friends started to secretly ruin each other’s relationships in order to stay together because of a pact written on a failed math test 8 years ago ? @127-mile
Rollerskates (sns AU) {13} ✔
Who knew yn, who works at the local hangout spot, the roller rink, would end up falling for the campus fuck boy, Jung Jaehyun, and will he return the same feelings or keep going back to his ex girlfriend? @hhjwrld
Star Crossed (sns AU) {32} ✔
Y/n’s life story is written by her parents, but she wants to end the story before the final chapter: arranged marriage. @nakajeno
The Beauty Within (sns AU) {21} ⇨
You never passed up the chance to get in the good books of all your teachers. So when the opportunity arised to possibly make your chemistry teacher actually like you, seeing as he was the only one that seemed to have it in for you, you couldn’t say no. Only problem? You had to tutor the bad boy. @justwinwin
The Breakfast Club (sns AU) {32} ✔
In which you have to write a short film for one of your classes and somehow end up falling in love. @jaehyunhour
The Cowboy {15} ✔
Leaving the city for a rural area called Blayne seemed simple enough. Your task was to convince the people to agree with selling their land for a resort redevelopment. But once there, you soon realise that your city ways are entirely different to theirs. Winning their trust was going to take some effort, and when you start to fall for a local cowboy, you wonder if you really needed Blayne more than the city life after all. @prettywordsyouleft
The One with the Roommates {5} ✔
In which jaehyun and y/n are roommates and pretending to be his fiancé seems like a really good idea. @mistymark
To You {4} ✔
“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were” ~ Kahlil Gibran @sugarjaee
Welcome to my Playground (sns AU) {16} ✔
All he wanted was a peaceful last year in university and all she wanted was to finally live in peace without her past haunting her. So what happens when their paths collide, will this be a start of a blossoming relationship or the beginning of a tragic story? @cupofjae
[main masterlist] [nct masterlist] updated 7-30-21
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𝐨𝐛𝐬𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 | 𝐣.𝐲𝐧 - [ 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟏 ]
Tumblr media
pairing: stalker!jaehyun x fem!reader 
word count: 1.7k
warnings: mentions of BDSM and mature themes
taglist: @geminirules @koo-18 @fruityutas @chocolattees @sly-merlin @sichengszn​ @trashlord-007 (send me an ask or dm if you wish to be included!)
a/n: this is kinda short but I hope you guys like the first part of the ‘obsessed.’ series! (REPOSTED ON THIS ACCOUNT FROM @the32ndbeat)
Tumblr media
You were like a breath of fresh air and something like an alluring enigma amongst the common folk the moment you stepped through those doors. Your hair is swept up into a loose bun with stray locks falling around your face, framing it in the most beautiful way possible. The white cotton shirt you’re wearing is sheer and I can almost see the outline of your bra if only you weren’t wearing a cardigan over it but it’s ok. It looks flattering on you and does nothing to detract you from your beauty.
There is a hint of a smile on your lips, the sunshine illuminating the side of your face and bringing out the liveliness in your eyes that I rarely see among people these days. As you mutter your apologies and slide past an old man who has been staring at the same hammer for the last ten minutes, you exude grace even just by the way you walk and hold yourself.
“Hi, do you work here?”
It takes me a moment to register the fact that you are actually in front of me, looking me in the eye and talking to me. Your voice is as angelic and beautiful as you are, almost like music to my ears. I can already imagine how it would sound when I take you to bed and thinking about it makes me all tingly in the inside. I tap on the brass name tag pinned to my shirt and gesture towards the tool belt I have hanging loosely on my waist. Realisation dawns upon you, followed closely by mortification.
You smack yourself on your forehead, an embarrassed giggle escaping from those cute lips that I want on mine.
“I’m so sorry, that was so stupid of me…” You say and you squint to look at the tiny black letters on the name tag. “Jaehyun.”
“It’s completely alright. We all have moments like that,” I laugh and a smile tugs on your lips.
“It happens so much more often for me though.” You sigh and I wonder if anyone has ever made you feel like you’re any less intelligent than the average person. The thought of that makes me annoyed but I don’t dwell on it.
“Anyways, I was wondering if you guys sell ropes and duct tape here?”
Ropes and duct tape? My, my. What could you possibly need them for?
The question is itching at the back of my mind but I push it away as I flash you a bright grin.
“We do. Right this way.” I turn and you follow behind me.
Manoeuvring between shelves and people, we finally reach the rope section and it takes you a moment to get past a burly man blocking the aisle. He checks you out with those leery eyes of his as you walked towards me and internally I feel irritation creeping in. Creeps like that don’t deserve to look at you that way. You should be respected and men like that don’t respect women like you. I try not to think of how many times this must have happened to you without your notice as I gesture towards the spools of rope of all thickness and colours.
“We’ve got a wide selection here and you’re free to choose whichever you want and however long you want it.”
“Wow, you guys have every kind of rope here.” You said, amazement written all over your face as you grazed your fingers over the spools.
“Yeah, kind of essential since we are a hardware store after all.” I reply. How would those fingers feel on me?
You laugh and there it is again, that smile of an angel. You are so unlike other girls as cliche as that sounds and I can’t help but want to know more about you. Just who are you?
“You’re right. I ask some of the weirdest and most obvious questions ever sometimes, don’t mind me.”
I’d never mind if it’s you.
“I won’t, don’t worry.” I smile as I stuff my hands into my pocket and watch you take your pick of which rope to purchase. As you walked up and down the aisle, I can’t help but notice how snug those jeans looked on you. They look gorgeous on you, bringing out the shapeliness of your legs. When you turn your back to me, I try not to let my eyes drift down to your bottom.
“I’ll have about ten metres of this one!” You declare with a satisfied smile after a moment of deliberation, patting a spool of thin, straw rope.
“Alright,” I pull out a pair of scissors and measuring tape from my tool belt and get to cutting the rope.
“If you’re wondering why I’m buying rope and duct tape, I can assure you I’m not a kidnapper. I just realised how my shopping list could give you the wrong idea.” You say suddenly with a nervous chuckle and I raise my eyebrow at you.
You see the curious look on my face and continue, “Neither am I engaging in…BDSM… This isn’t a fifty shades of grey thing.” The flustered expression on your face is so cute, my heart could burst. What a cute and pretty face with such mature thoughts. Nobody said anything about fifty shades but here you are, assuming that was what I thought of. I wonder, just how dirty your brain actually is and realise with a start that you probably want me to know that you harbour such naughty thoughts so that’s why you said what you said.
I couldn’t hold back the chuckle at the back of my throat as I ask, “Then what is it?”
“I’m actually an architecture student at the local college nearby.” You say and I detect a hint of pride in your voice. You want to impress me - I can tell with that overly bright smile of yours when you said that.
“That’s amazing. Architecture must be pretty hardcore to study,” I say as I loop the cut rope over my elbow.
“It is,” you roll your eyes and groan. “I’m only a freshman and I haven’t even been here half a semester and I’m already dying.”
I laugh softly at your words and you smile. You like the attention I’m giving you.
“Well, it’s only going to get worse so I suggest taking it easy…” I trail off.
“Y/n.” You beam at me and I find myself replaying the sound of your name over and over in my head.
Y/n. Y/n. Y/n. What a charming name.
I grab some duct tape for you off the shelves and we head to the cash register which was as usual unattended to. Normally, I would have given Haechan a piece of my mind for his negligence again but this time, I couldn’t be more grateful.
“Is that all you’re purchasing for today, y/n?” I ask as I scan your items. I love the way your name rolls off my tongue, I could say it a thousand times and never get sick of it.
“Yup! Can’t really afford anything else at the moment either but I’ll probably be back when I need more supplies.” You sigh before adding, “College kid things.”
I’ve never been to college but I nod in an understanding way anyways and you grin.
“It’s just so tough these days, you know? Student loans and all plus the costs of living in the city? Insane.”
“Insane, indeed.” I repeat after you and as you hand me your credit card, our fingers touch briefly. Did you do that on purpose?
I take a good look at your credit card as you were staring out at the streets, seemingly preoccupied with a child who was chasing a flock of pigeons.
Y/n l/n.  
Hm, you could have given me cash but you gave me your credit card instead. You want me to know your name, not just your first name but also your last. I see what you’re doing.
I smile to myself as I proceed with the transaction. Bagging up your purchase, I pass them over to you and you say thank you. As you head out onto the street, you turn back and give me another of your dazzling smiles and I feel my heart stutter. How do you already have this effect on me?
I watch you glide down the streets outside with your hair flowing in the wind and the sunlight bringing out the brightness and liveliness in your eyes. The group of girls walking by can’t even hold a candle to you and as you walk past them, they regard you with envious looks which I can’t blame them for. You look simply beautiful.
Once you are out of sight, I whip out my phone.
Y/n l/n. Architecture student.
First, I open up instagram. A quick search of your name doesn’t yield any results. Huh, figures. I try searching up your college instead and this time, I’m slightly more successful.
I find the architecture faculty’s instagram page instead.
A simple scroll down the page shows me a freshmen group photo and I easily locate you within a heartbeat. How could I not?
In the list of tagged usernames, I find yours and…
I’m at your instagram profile and I’m shocked to find it on public mode. You’re not very cautious online and I’m not sure if your parents ever taught you about staying safe on the internet but even if they did, you clearly didn’t take them very seriously. I understand why you left it on public though. You want to be seen and to be heard. Well, here I am.
Barely a minute into looking through your instagram, I already have to control myself. The pictures you take are extremely flattering and you look exceptional in every single of one of them even though some of your post captions say otherwise.
I see a picture of a room’s interior from the corner of my eye and I click on it.
It’s a picture of you and another girl which I presume must be your roommate in a small room that looked more like a broom closet than an actual room. The captions say ‘Move-in day! Super excited and unfortunate to be in the same dorm as Haseul ugh ( jk love you )’
I smile despite myself. How cute.
You have a goofy smile on your face, your friend has her arms around your waist and the two of you look so happy. Yet, I find myself looking at something else instead.
Your window.
Tumblr media
next part 
Tumblr media
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smoll-tangerine · 7 months ago
wanted for error: prologue
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: jaehyun suddenly wakes up to a world where his identity has been completely erased. all of his records no longer exist; his friends and relatives no longer recognize him, and he somehow cannot use any of his credit or debit cards, much less his IDs. 
every trace of jaehyun’s identity is gone. 
as jaehyun inquires the reasons behind the eradication of his existence, he is being pursued by agents from an unknown organization and realizes that his life is in danger. he then meets you, a girl who is in the same predicament as he. 
and as you both continue to investigate the mystery behind the erasure of your now former lives, you two discover you just might be part of something bigger.
Tumblr media
PAIRING. jaehyun x oc/fem!reader  GENRES. action, sci-fi, mystery, dystopian, romance, short series CHAPTER WORD COUNT. 4229
WARNING. violence, action/fighting scene, explicit language
Tumblr media
Imagine this.
Everything around you was perfectly normal.
There was nothing abnormal that happened during the day that could have affected you in any other way.
You woke up at the first sound of your alarm, went on to your normal day job.
You ate lunch at your favourite restaurant at the corner of the street of your workplace, and greeted the cook you were close with because you had been a loyal customer for the past three years.
You clocked out at the usual time without any OT, went to visit your parents for supper, before finally heading home.
And then woke up to a reality that did not belong to you.
Imagine a reality where everything you have known for your entire life had disappeared without a single trace.
Your co-workers did not recognize you anymore and claimed that you had never worked at their company—had mistaken you for a poor intern who mixed up the departments to which you were assigned.
The chef at your favourite restaurant frowned at you the second you stepped foot into the establishment and refused to serve you because you ordered something that was not on the menu, rendering you speechless and asking the chef what was wrong with him. For only getting yourself kicked out because you were being too casual and rude.
Your debit and credit cards stopped working, with the bank teller skeptically raising her brows when your name and accounts did not even pop up on her computer. The latter then announcing to you that you had never created an account with them, to begin with.
Thinking that the whole day was just too weird for your liking, you decided to pay a visit to your parents, only for you to be greeted like a complete stranger. You tried entering your childhood home, telling your parents that the joke was really not funny, but then another person came from behind them.
From the looks of it, it seemed like he was their child, but that did not make any sense because you were their child—not this stranger in front of you, acting all protective.
You ended up heading back to your place in frustration and decided to call your best friend to complain about your weird day, but to only be faced with the same situation as you did with your parents. Your own best friend acted as if he did not know you. And you seriously thought that it was a whole big joke. Some sort of revenge for all the pranks you have done on him. But before you could have said anything, he hung up on you, and your number ended up getting blocked.
It was probably just a bad dream, you thought to yourself.
Hence, you hurried home, hoping that by having a good night's sleep, you would wake up to a brand-new day where any of this never happened to you at all.
But, that did not happen either.
Hard to believe that your whole life would be gone just like that—without any trace left.
But that was exactly what happened to Jeong Jaehyun.
He, one day, woke up with his existence erased from not only records but apparently, also from people’s memories. He suddenly found himself to be a stranger to the people dearest to him and he didn’t know how to deal with that. His first thought was to ask what was going on.
On the second day since the weird mishap, he decided to research on it. However, after a day of fruitless research, he felt tired and only wanted to go back to his place for a good nap, to only find someone else living in his apartment.
“Can I help you?” the stranger asked.
Yes, you are living in my flat!! he wanted to shout at him.
And within two days, Jaehyun found himself homeless and broke, at that.
Jaehyun ran a frustrated hand through his messy, dirty hair. His only option left was to book a cheap room at a hotel, but they would need to withhold his credit card—a card that was currently not working.
He could try and find an abandoned building to spend the night at. He once read an anthropological ethnography about homeless adolescents that did the same because they couldn’t find any places to sleep outside. But there was also a chance of getting mobbed by those homeless children who were probably as desperate as him, perhaps even more.
Jaehyun was mad that he hadn’t seen this coming. If he were just a bit keener and more careful, he could have predicted this and maybe prepare some sort of survival kit like people would in a zombie apocalypse. But he guessed that the shock had impacted him more than he would like to admit.
(And besides, how could he have possibly predicted this?)
But desperate times called for desperate measures.
Jaehyun waited on a bench near his building, waiting and hoping for his flat’s current occupant to leave for an errand. He let out a breath of relief when his hopes came true. He waited for a few minutes before stealthily heading back into the building, easily getting buzzed in by pressing all the buttons on the intercom.
He knew that it was a gamble, heading back to the apartment that apparently didn’t belong to him anymore, and he hoped that the tenant hadn't informed the security guard about him.
He made sure to keep his hood on and avoid getting his face recorded by the security cameras installed in every corner. What Jaehyun was about to do was illegal, of course, and he wouldn’t want to leave any evidence behind. But, was it really illegal if he was breaking into his own apartment?
Do now, think later, Jaehyun said to himself. I need some clothes, non-perishable goods, and cash... Even better if the dude forgot his wallet or hid an emergency credit card somewhere in the place.
When he arrived in front of his now previous flat’s door, he took out his key and said a little prayer. He had never been a religious person, but praying wouldn’t hurt a little, right?
He slowly inserted the key into the hole and held his breath as he tried to unlock the door. When he finally heard that click, he let out a sigh of relief and carefully entered the flat.
The first thing he did was look around the room and take in the visuals. Everything that was in place was exactly the same as Jaehyun had left two days ago which frustrated him and confused him even more.
An idea popped in his head: if things were left exactly the same way, he assumed that everything he wanted to steal (or take) should be in the same place.
He immediately headed for the master bedroom and grabbed a random sports bag from the closest before filling it with clothes and underwear. He then dug into the socks drawer, desperately hoping to find that exact same pair of socks that hid his emergency cards and cash.
For the first time in the past two days, his mouth finally curled into a smile when he found the items and he flipped the credit card around to see what was the new tenant's name.
Choi Minho.
Jaehyun engraved that name into his memory, telling himself that he would need to remember this name later on when he will research a little bit more about the current situation happening. He quickly kept the card and the money in his hoodie's front pocket, left some in the bag, and quickly headed back to the kitchen. The Minho guy was already gone for about fifteen minutes, and Jaehyun didn’t think that the former would like it if he found him in the middle of his apartment.
He filled the remaining space of the sports bag with light, non-perishable goods. If he were to act like a runway, might as well go all the way. Jaehyun then did a quick scan of his own body. It was his way of checking whether he had everything he needed whenever he went on a trip.
Well, this time, it isn’t a trip, per se, he thought to himself begrudgingly.
He grabbed another couple of hoodies in case it got cold during the night and got out of the apartment. But not before checking if the place was left the same way as it was when he first entered.
With that done, he pulled back on the hood of his jacket and hoped that the surveillance cameras didn’t catch his face. The last thing he needed was a wanted poster or cops on his tail. Jaehyun needed all the time he could get in order to get to the bottom of his case.
The problem was that he didn’t know where to start.
He got out of the building and gave it one last look.
One last look at the life that wasn’t his anymore—his old life. One that he cannot return to, no matter what he did.
He took a deep sigh and quickly left the premises, hoping for a better tomorrow.
Tumblr media
It had been almost a month since Jaehyun was living in the streets. Something he had clearly underestimated on his first night out. He thought that he was going to be easily accepted and would have no difficulties integrating himself with the rest of the homeless people, but they knew that he wasn’t one of them.
The fact that he was clean and not grimy, along with his fresh clothes and money—his whole being screamed that he had means to procure food and clothing and shelter. It made it even harder for him to live in the streets.
Every second, every minute, every waking hour, Jaehyun felt like he had to look over his shoulders. Fear was becoming a part of his daily life, and he wasn’t sure whether he liked that fact or not. To live in fear every day wasn’t something that a normal citizen wished. But he wasn’t a normal citizen anymore—that was something he still had to remind himself every day.
He got mugged himself a few times by the homeless people. Either because he wandered into an unknown yet claimed territory or because he was just that unlucky. His stash was starting to get low and he didn’t want to risk using the cards he had stolen unless it was a dire emergency. Jaehyun wouldn’t want to risk it. He made a pact with himself that he would only use that card if his life was in danger and if he were to use it, then he had to go big.
Jaehyun already didn’t have much when he left to live in the streets. So, it was easy for him to move around in search of a place to spend the night. He only had a duffel bag. After a while, he got used to living in the streets and found that travelling light was an advantage. It allowed him to fend off his muggers easier since he didn’t have much. It also allowed him to run away faster as he didn’t have anything of importance or that weighed a ton that could have slowed him down.
Nightfall came and it was getting colder with every minute. The wind whistled through Jaehyun’s clothes and he pushed himself to find a shelter, just a small place to rest and to take refuge from the harsh windy night. After that was passed, he could find somewhere else to make his permanent residence. Or at least more permanent than the three or four places he had been previously.
But, Jaehyun was sure—almost 90%—certain that someone was following him. Not closely or next to him, but behind him. As much as he hated living in the streets, it also taught him a few skills in order to survive in the wild.
He had two options: either lead his pursuer to a small, compact space with enough people that his pursuer wouldn’t dare to do anything to him in public, or lead him to a darker, smaller space—a more private one—to fight him and maybe ask questions.
The last few weeks in the streets allocated time for him to think. To think about the endless possibilities of what could have happened to him. Jaehyun might have given up on trying to get his old life back for now, but curiosity was part of human nature: he will find out what had happened to him, and most importantly, why it had happened to him and why him.
Perhaps it was a coincidence. Perhaps he was being paranoid. Perhaps there wasn’t anybody following him. But one of the things that he would always remember—a life lesson, so to speak—was to always trust his instincts, no matter what. He decided to continue to observe instead. He would rather not make any rash decision that could potentially put his life in danger.
He pulled his cap down as he entered a small 7/11 convenience store, wondering whether his pursuer would follow him into that tiny space or not. When he didn’t hear the door open again after him, Jaehyun realized that his pursuer was no normal person. He usually had some people follow him. It was a normal, almost regular, occurrence, especially in the streets. He was, after all, fresh meat with fresh clothes. Hence, someone with money. People always followed him to steal from him.
But no one came after him. The person was not after his money.
So, what was he after?
Jaehyun had nothing else in his name anymore.
He quickly bowed to the clerk and left the shop. He had to lose his pursuer, sooner preferably than later. His steps quickened, his running shoes hitting the ground’s asphalt hard, the sounds echoing as he took a short cut via an alleyway.
He almost halted in his steps. The footsteps he heard earlier were now different from the ones following him. And if his hearing sense didn’t betray him, there was more than one person following him right now. Jaehyun cursed under his breath—had he fallen into a trap? He tried not to show his panic through his actions, but Jaehyun needed a solution fast. He was confident enough to take on a single man in a fight, but he wasn’t so sure about his skills if that number went up.
He quickened his steps gradually and subtly, careful not to alarm his pursuers that he wanted to escape from them. Eventually, his steps turned into a full sprint; he had to get out of these small alleys quick and blend into a large crowd. Jaehyun dared to look over his back for a short second, to assess just how many people were following him and whether he needed to run faster or not. He took a glance and forced his legs to run faster.
His breath got caught in his throat when he realized he was at a dead-end. His eyes quickly scanned the buildings and walls surrounding him. Jaehyun believed that he was agile enough to climb the walls but he didn’t know whether his pursuers could do the same or not. If they could, then he was putting himself even more at risk. Trying to fight them off had a higher chance of him getting out of this situation alive.
He abruptly turned around and was faced with four men dressed in all-white, a mask with the same colour hiding their faces and identities from him. Jaehyun cursed under his breath as they caught up with him. He then analyzed them: the four men weren’t even breathing heavily even though he felt like his lungs were on fire. His eyes darted around nervously as his body automatically took a few steps back.
“He’s pretty quick,” he heard one of them say.
“And smart too,” another one added. “He went under the radar for a whole month before we were able to locate him. And the lower-rank officers were not even able to capture him.”
“Either that or the lower-ranks need to be re-trained.”
Jaehyun laughed nervously. “Boys! Can I help you with anything? I mean, you must want or need something since you’ve been following for a while… I don’t have money if that’s what you guys are planning on stealing. Though, I hardly think that it’s fair to have four guys against one, don’t you think?”
He really should stop blabbering out of nervousness.
He just needed to get out of here.
“Money?” the first guy who spoke up said with a small, mocking scoff. “We’re not here for your money. We’re here for your life, Jeong Jaehyun.”
A chill went down Jaehyun’s spine. He tried to laugh it off.
“I’m sorry, but what?”
Jaehyun now believed that they were truly not ordinary people. His own family and friends couldn’t even remember his name, much less recognize him. So, why did these people in white knew him? Who were they to him that they knew who he was?
“I think you know what we mean,” one of them continued. “Come with us willingly and we won’t hurt you.”
Jaehyun’s jaw almost dropped in disbelief. “You just said you wanted my life, you liar!”
One of them waved his comment aside as if it was nothing of importance. “Don’t worry, we’ll make it painless.”
“My life isn’t something that I’d like to negotiate very much. I think I rather like staying alive,” Jaehyun replied with a dry chuckle, “as shitty as it is, at the moment.”
“Then, you’re leaving us no choice.”
Three of them slowly approached Jaehyun, like predators circling their prey. Jaehyun tried not to wonder why the last one didn’t come onto him as well. Not to mention that he hadn’t opened his mouth even once. The large man was shrouded in mysteriousness. But it was obvious to Jaehyun that he was the leader of their little group. Meaning he was probably the strongest and the most dangerous.
Jaehyun didn’t see the punch that was aimed at his face. But the force used behind that punch was clearly felt as stars started to take over Jaehyun’s vision. Although his right cheek was throbbing terribly with pain, he couldn’t deny that it gave him a sort of wake-up call. He then got himself into a defensive position, his black belt in taekwondo finally coming in handy in a real-life situation.
He wasn’t much of a street fighter; he never really liked hurting innocent people even when he was the actual victim. The people in front of him didn’t seem to be inexperienced, not to mention that they explicitly said they wanted to take his life.
He took the first step and attacked. He couldn’t afford to be backed against the wall of the cul-de-sac or into a corner. The second he didn’t have anywhere to go, he would be killed without any mercy. Jaehyun managed to catch the man’s fist and threw him over his shoulder.
He quickly moved on to the next one, but it was now two against one. Their eyes showed him that they were starting to take him seriously after witnessing how the managed to throw one of their colleagues, who was almost twice his size, over his shoulders.
Defending against two people was hard, but defending against two people who knew how to fight was definitely harder. For a second, Jaehyun thought that his life was going to end right there. He instinctively closed his eyes, waiting for the punch to come.
But somehow, it never came.
He slowly opened his eyes one at a time and was surprised to see his enemies’ backs to him. He really should be taking this chance to escape but he couldn’t deny that he was curious as to why they stopped attacking him all of a sudden.
Jaehyun managed to sneak a peek past the three strangers and was surprised to see a girl around his age holding a knife against their leader’s throat. Even more surprised when he saw how little she was compared to the beast next to her.
“It’s not every day that I get to hold a knife against the leader of your cute, little cheerleading squad,” she said with a singsong voice.
“I suggest that you thread your next moves very carefully, little girl.”
The girl shrugged nonchalantly. “I’m the one with the knife, aren’t I?” She then raised her voice as she shouted, “Hey, Jeong Jaehhyun!”
Jaehyun was startled when he heard her call him out. He didn’t even know her, so how did she know his name? He chuckled nervously and then pointed at himself. “A-are you talking about me?”
“I don’t know. Do you see anybody else named Jeong Jaehyun who’s about to get killed by people in white? Yes, you!” she replied with a roll of her eyes before turning to the pursuers. “Hey, by the way, white? That is so tacky. You guys should definitely change the colour of your uniforms.”
“Right, because black is so not cliché.”
The girl looked down at her black leather suit and then shrugged nonchalantly. “Maybe but it can do this!” She flicked her other wrist and a switchblade came out. She then switched that arm with the hand that had a knife.
“So, we can do this my way.” The girl waved her hand around dangerously low around the man’s favourite body part. “You let Jaehyun go with me and I’ll let your leader go, scot-free! So, what do you say, boys?”
Their leader growled. “Don’t you dare listen to her.”
“Your way, it is.”
Without any warning, the girl knocked the guy out, surprising both Jaehyun and the leader’s minions. She then rushed towards them and punched the first guy in the stomach before kneeing his face. “Hey, Jeong! Take care of that one, would you?”
Jaehyun instinctively listened to the stranger and held one back by strangling him with his forearm. The latter then elbowed him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him, but somehow Jaehyun managed to keep his grip around him.
“Knock him out, Jeong!”
“How?!” Jaehyun shouted out.
“You’re a black-belt in taekwondo and you don’t know how to knock a guy out?”
Jaehyun’s hand then instinctively hit one of the guy’s pressure points, causing the latter to abruptly slide down to the ground as if he didn’t have any bones in his body.
Jaehyun then grinned excitedly like a child and then called out to the girl. “Oh, hey! I did it!”
“That’s great!” she complimented him with a small huff after punching the last guy in the nose and then gave him a spinning back heel kick that made him lose consciousness. Jaehyun gulped and was suddenly scared of this girl who was so tiny in comparison. “Now, let’s get the hell out of here before these guys wake up.”
Without further ado, she grabbed his wrist and then ran away from the dark, dirty cul-de-sac.
“Hey, wait!” Jaehyun shouted as they ran back into the crowding square. He panted as he tried to keep up with the strange girl, whom he really shouldn’t be following, to be honest, but she did save his life.
Thankfully, they arrived in front of a car—a nice, black sleek two-seater car that looked a bit too good to be true—allowing Jaehyun to catch his breath.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Get in!” she said before getting into the driver’s seat.
Jaehyun was taken aback but did as he was told. He hadn’t even fastened his seatbelt when the girl already took off with the car. He was now scared for his life at how fast the girl was going. Next thing he knew, they were already on the highway.
“Wait, where are we going? Where are you taking me? Who were those people back there? Why did they want to kill me? Who are you? Why are you helping me? I–”
“Slow down, Jeong,” she interrupted him as she kept her eyes on the road.
She occasionally looked in the rear-view mirror to see if they were being followed or not. She then relaxed her body and Jaehyun instinctively knew that they were not in danger anymore.
For now.
“Look, I know you probably have a lot of pertinent questions that you would like answered, but truthfully, I don’t think I’m the right person who can answer them for you.” She then glanced at him. “But I can tell you this: I’m not the bad guy.”
“And tell me why should I trust you?” Jaehyun crossed his arms in defiance.
“Because I just saved your life?”
Jaehyun shook his head. That wasn’t a good enough of a reason anymore. He knew nothing about this girl. She could also be someone who was after him, for all that he knows. Her grip around the steering wheel tightened and Jaehyun wondered whether he had touched something that shouldn’t have been touched.
The girl sighed as she introduced herself to him with her name. Jaehyun mouthed her name to himself, wondering why her name sounded so familiar when his eyes widened at her abrupt confession.
“And just like you, my existence has also been erased from this world.”
Tumblr media
[a/n]: woohoo, here’s to the prologue of my action/sci-fi/dystopian fic?! this is going to be a relatively short series. i’m estimating around 5 chapters, not including the prologue - so 6 chapters in total, technically. can’t wait to embark on this journey?? lol hope you enjoyed this chapter!!
Tumblr media
TAGLIST. @crescent-iak​
send me a DM or leave a reply if you would like to be part of the taglist! :)
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j4ehyunluvr · a month ago
There's a book for everyone. (1/?)
"mr jones i am begging you to reconsi-"
"my mind is made up jaehyun. you either finish 10 books over the course of the next 2 months - and write reviews on every single one - or you are getting a D this semester." said mr jones with a daunting finality, sorting some test papers.
jaehyun sighed. he would accept any punishment over this, really anything, but mr jones was not going to budge. this sucked ass-
"honestly jaehyun" mr jones interrupted his thoughts "you're getting off easy, i don't see the need for all this resistance. you're lucky coach jennifer and i are friends, since this is all just a favour for her."
"you're right, thank you" jaehyun grumbled while rubbing his palm over his nape. he could definitely read 10 books and write reviews in 2 months, right? how hard could it be? he sighed again.
jaehyun turned to leave but turned back to ask "uh mr jones, are you going to email me the list of books or...?"
mr jones looked up from the pile of papers on his desk at jaehyun "right... about that, i don't think i have the time for that" he motioned at his desk "but go the library, there'll be a student working there - she's a top student in my course - i'll just send her a quick email regarding your situation and she can help you out"
"cool. her name, mr jones?"
mr jones seemed to think for a moment "yn ln"
jaehyun sighed "oh. is anyone else available? i don't think she likes me much"
jaehyun didn’t know the girl well but he’d seen her scowling at him every now and then.
"i wonder why" mr jones said under his breath, "no one else is available jaehyun," louder this time "i have a copious amount of assignments and tests that need marking, have a good day"
clearly dismissed, jaehyun walked out of the room, sighing for about the 5th time today.
this little task could've really been so much fun with someone fun. except you knew jaehyun, and you knew that he had little to no interest in reading. he probably thought it was a waste of time and that it was something only the 'lame kids' did.
this was going to be a waste of time. she didn't understand why mr jones was doing this anyway? he certainly didn't have the time for this, seeing as he mentioned in the email he sent her, that even though "jaehyun needn't know this", you were actually going to be the one marking his reviews. you was partly disgruntled at mr jones' disregard for your schedule and yet partly proud that he thought you were good enough to go over another student's reviews.
whatever. you have to work hard to stay in a teacher's good graces after all. after sending mr jones a reply full of fake enthusiasm, you went back to reading your book - the queen of nothing - while waiting for jaehyun to arrive.
it had been over 15 minutes and jude (the main character of your book) was just about to walk into the brugh to face cardan as taryn, when someone snatched the book out of your hands.
"hey!" you jumped up from your seat.
jaehyun stood in front of you surveying the book cover, "the queen of nothing" he scoffed, tossing the book back onto the table and putting his hands in his pockets "aren't you too old to be reading books like this?"
you scoffed back "aren't you too old to be getting a D in your theory and practice of literature course?" you rolled your eyes.
"hey, you know i'm half korean right? what if english isn't my first language, that's pretty racist of you"
"oh shut up jaehyun, you've lived in new york for your entire life and you can't speak korean for shit. besides, we both know your issue isn't lack of knowledge, it's that you don't care"
"did you just call me knowledgeable?" he asks, reaching for your book again.
"i also-" grabbing your book before he could "called you careless"
"fine, whatever" he concedes, hands back in his pockets "i want to spend these 2 months with you with as little interaction as possible, i'll give you my number, just text me some 50 to 100 paged books about cars or sports or something and we'll be done" jaehyun turned around to leave but you grabbed the back of his shirt to stop him.
he turned around to scowl at you like you were some irritating pest, "what?" he shook you off
"'cars or sports or something'," you mimicked him in your best 'i'm an idiot' voice "really? do you even try not to fit the jerk jock stereotype? you’re just assuming you’ll like to read about that stuff when there’s so much more you could enjoy"
"look yn-"
"no you look jaehyun, i think you better start being a little nicer to me because i could make this a really horrible experience for you. have you heard of the book 'a suitable boy'?" you continued before he could so much as shake his head "well it's 1,349 pages long," his eyes widened "yeah! exactly, so if you don't want to write an 18 page long review on it, i suggest you start actually listening to me."
was that a little too mean? you knew jaehyun was irritating but maybe this would be a better experience if you just gave him a chance?
“listen- i, uh i don’t want to make this harder for you, i actually want you to read books that you’ll like! you don’t have to hate doing this you know”
“no i literally do,” he said “this is a punishment, it’s not meant to be enjoyable”
“maybe not, but it could be. it would certainly be an enjoyable punishment for me. if i can read books i like, so can you! just give it a chance-“
“look,” he put his hands on your shoulders “i really don’t give a fuck about this whole optimist/glass half full act you have. so i’m going to give you my number,” he reaches into his bag for a pen and paper and writes his number down “and you’re going to text me the names of 10 books that are between 50 to 100 pages-“
“and they should be about cars or sports or something because that’s what i want to read. might as well live up to the ‘jerk jock’ stereotype huh?” he finished.
he handed you the paper with his number on it and started walking out of the library.
albeit you were still completely irritated at his behavior, you couldn’t help call out “there’s a book for everyone jaehyun!”
“cars or sports or something!” jaehyun shouted without turning back and exiting the library.
at least 5 people turned to shush you. you rolled your eyes, grabbed your book and stormed out of the library.
an: ????? so how was it!!!!!
ok this was probably a boring part but i swear it gets better!!!!!!
part 2 comes soon :))
edit: part two
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whereisten · a year ago
Valentine Boy
Tumblr media
Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | more coming soon
You’ve been dating College Student!Jaehyun for a few months now. He’s unbelievably sweet, smart, oh..and very handsome. Best of all, he gives you the best love you’ve ever had. He’s the love of your life and you can’t see anything going wrong as your relationship sails smoothly..that is..until you discover his biggest secret. He’s been hiding the fact that he’s a camboy and you start to wonder..Is Jaehyun as sweet and honest as you think he is?
Pairing: female reader X college student and camboy!Jaehyun
Genre: Smut, Angst, fluff (I don’t think there’s much in this chapter tbh)
Chapter Word Count: 7.9K
Warnings: cursing, cheating, cam boy (video-recorded sex with online audience), deception, manipulation, descriptive smut (daddy kink, fingering, overstimulation, dirty talk, BDSM themes (blind folding, flogging, choking, toy usage), oral sex (male receiving), some masturbation, thigh riding, rough sex, vaginal penetration, c*eampie, breast fondling, dry humping WOW ok I think that’s it
(A/N: I thought this was gonna be a two part series but nope lmao I think It’ll be four parts, but thank you so much for your patience!!! Your feedback on part 1 means so much to me, and I hope you enjoy what is to come! Also, please do not read if you are super sensitive to cheating and gas lighting)
The lighting in Reina’s room is low and romantic, but just lit enough for viewers to see their bodies and the wonderful lingerie she’s decided to wear. The laptop screen is set up in front of them and sits beside the camera that blinks a green light to signify that it is recording. “It looks like the viewers want overstimulation, valentine boy..” Reina says lowly before turning to Jaehyun and giving a playful smirk. “Be a good girl and touch me then..” Jaehyun’s tone is deep, grumbly, he tries to work himself up so he can hurry this along and get to dinner in time. 
That’s what’s on his mind, but he doesn’t remember that the effects of the supplements he took have no set end time. Who knows how long it would take for his body to calm down. Jaehyun sits on the edge of the bed in front of the camera, watching as Reina crawls over slowly, making her way beside him. He breathes heavily, his member straining against the silk fabric of his boxers. Reina licks her lips and places wet kisses along his neck, her hand caresses his hard abs, moving down towards his pelvis. Yes..daddy Fuck I wanna taste you daddy The comments come pouring in once more as they begin. Jaehyun watches the number of viewers climb while Reina dips her hand past the waistband of his boxers. She strokes his member gently while he groans and throws his head back. The feeling of her hand cupping around his girth makes him light head already. Pre cum starts to leak, staining the red fabric. Reina pushes the fabric completely down while she continues to kiss his collar bone, sucking hard but not hard enough to leave a mark that you will see later. His cock springs free, veins bulging out and tip red in agitation. The screen explodes with more comments soon after. “Cock ring” comments come through gaining votes and monetary promises for Reina and Jaehyun. Once they fulfill requests with an amount attached to the message in the chat, Reina and Jaehyun instantly receive this amount. There are several messages and amounts listed so it gains Reina’s attention. They know that this is what viewers want the most. Reina still moves her hand up and down his long shaft slowly, rubbing her thumb through the top to collect more of his essence. Reina uses her other hand to pick up the vibrating cock ring laid across the bed with the other toys they set aside. Jaehyun groans and takes in a sharp breath when she places the ring around him, bringing it all the way down. She turns the remote on and turns the speed of the vibrations up. “Ah..fuck.” Jaehyun let’s out as the tingly sensation roars through his member, making him grow even bigger than he was before. Reina continues to move her hand, twisting it around his shaft. “Oh daddy, you’re so am I gonna fit all of you in?” Reina leans down and let’s spit flow from her mouth and onto his tip before giving it kitten licks. The feeling of her tongue flattening against his swollen head and the sweet vibration of the cock ring makes Jaehyun grunt once again. He starts to buckle his hip upwards in order to force more of himself into Reina’s mouth but Reina lifts herself up and away from him. “Not yet, daddy..let’s see what they want first..” Reina says seductively, knowing that the viewers loved to tease him just as badly as she did. He bites his lips and looks at the screen through his mask. Make him cum Cum for us, valentine boy. (79 upvotes) Jaehyun smirks to himself. He enjoys the fact that so many people are watching him, getting off on the idea of him fucking them or on them touching him. Reina continues to work her hand up and down, moaning as she gets more worked up herself. She increases the speed of the vibrating ring around Jaehyun’s cock, his chest rises up and down rapidly now that he’s closer, it’s almost painful how hard he is and he can’t wait to release himself onto Reina’s beautiful hand or chest. He grunts more loudly, fucking into her hands now and watching as his dick twitches from increased sensation. “Choke me, valentine boy.” Reina demands smoothly and within a second, Jaehyun’s large hand rises and grips her throat. Reina’s mouth falls open. Jaehyun is hot. So hot and she just can’t wait to feel him inside her. She wishes she could see his face right now, but just seeing his muscular arm flex while he chokes her is enough to make her soak through her g string. He dips his thumb into her mouth. “Suck it my little whore.” Jaehyun’s voice is gravelly and he’s so close. Reina’s lips close and her tongue sucks hard on his thumb. She no longer moves her hand, allowing Jaehyun to control how fast he bucks into it to bring himself to his climax. He grunts louder, staring at Reina’s lips around his thumb, engulfing himself in the feeling of her sinful tongue on him and soon his cum shoots up from his length, landing onto Reina’s arm and his chest. He begins to choke her harder as the vibration continues. He’s being overstimulated now, and he whimpers quietly. His body sensitive, but satisfied. He breathes heavily, his body beginning to glisten with sweat while he throws his head back. Reina still works her hand on him, ignoring his quiet whimpers and the way his Adam’s apple bobs up and down in his throat. She leans down and kisses his tip once more. “Come on daddy, do it again.” She licks the tip like a popsicle, driving Jaehyun crazy. He feels himself grow hard again and knows that he is closer to cumming once more. Reina lowers herself more this time, allowing his tip and shaft to rub against the plush surface of her cheek. But she pulls off of him, allowing cum and spit to drip down her chin and onto him. “Fuck.” Jaehyun curses and starts to move his hips again while gripping the edge of the bed tightly with his hand. Reina licks up and down his delicious abs while her hand still moves. Jaehyun’s skin is hot and sweaty, the coolness of her tongue pushes him along. Her hot breath decorates his skin and he swallows hard. He thinks about you and how pretty you look when you choke and gag on his dick. He thinks of your beautiful lips against his tip, the way you look up at him through beady, cute eyes while you commit sin for him. Soon, he imagines that it’s your soft hand around him and the memory is enough to make him cum hard once again. “Cum for me, baby” your voice echos in his head. “Shit..” Jaehyun grunts loudly and looks up to the ceiling before closing his eyes tightly. This time long, milky strings decorate Reina’s neck and cheek. She lets go of him and looks at the screen. It’s her turn Reina needs a vibrator too
Reina stops the ring “play with me now, valentine boy..” Reina grabs her vibrator and hands it to Jaehyun. His cock hits is abdomen as he is finally able to recover from cumming hard. Reina sits on his thigh and turns to face camera, her back resting against his chest. Just thinking of Jaehyun touching her is enough to make her tremble. She loves being close to him, loves feeling his warmth on her and hearing his sounds. She’s able to make him feel good and he fucks her so she can feel amazing, they’re perfect for each other..or at least this is what she thought. Jaehyun picks up a red silk ribbon beside him. “It’s much more fun if you don’t know what’s coming baby girl..” he blind folds Reina while she moans quietly. She leans back while his arms hold her. “Are you gonna open up for me and the viewers, kitten?” Jaehyun’s voice is so dark and sexy, it makes Reina want to cum without being touched. She widens her legs while Jaehyun looks at the camera and smirks. “Your nipples are so hard, sweetheart..” His voice is like music to everyone’s ears, it comes out in a low whisper and for everyone watching, it’s like he’s right next to them, pushing them along as they touch themselves at home. He rubs his finger tips over her nipples, loving how they peak through the thin red lace covering them. “ hard.” He lets out with almost a growl again, this time dipping his hand into the bra so he can gently squeeze her breast and then flick her nipple. Reina jumps, gasping at the feeling while Jaehyun rubs his thumb over it. “What would you like daddy to do?” He asks, continuing his massage on her swollen nubs. Her back arshes into his touch. “Touch me, daddy, I’m so wet for you..” Reina begs while Jaehyun watches her chest rise and fall. His hand leaves her chest and floats downward to her underwear, pushing past the waistband. His fingertips tap her skin lightly, teasing to go lower but not until he’s gained a reaction from her. “Yes..yes.” Reina takes in a sharp breath, he’s closer to her core and with her eyes being covered, she’s able to completely focus on his soft fingertips near her pulsing flower. Jaehyun looks to the screen to see how the audience is reacting. They’re gaining a lot of likes and messages. Most of them telling him to touch her or make her cum with the vibrator. And so, he hums while pushing her panties to the side. He runs two fingers along her folds slowly before parting them for everyone to see how wet she is. “Mmm such a good slut, wet for me already..I wish you could see yourself right now.” He uses one hand to drag her bra strap down slowly while the other hand continues to draw circles around her entrance. His fist clenches as he brings down the cup covering one of her breasts then squeezes it, pumping it slowly to gain and whimper from her. His finger tips circle around her bud to collect her essence. He brings his fingers up to her mouth. “Open.” She opens her mouth and feels two fingers enter, pressing onto her tongue. “Suck.” Reina sucks hard while Jaehyun chuckles. “Good girl.” He finally takes up the vibrator and turns it to the highest setting. When he places it onto Reina’s clit, she jolts upward. Jaehyun holds her tightly to keep her still. She tries to close her legs but Jaehyun lets go of her breast so he can push them apart again. “Nuh uh, stay still for daddy.” She whimpers and throws her head back. “Do you want me to fuck this sweet pussy? Tell daddy how badly you want my cock?” If it weren’t for the mask, viewers would’ve been able to see the glorious smirk on Jaehyun’s face as he watches Reina become ruined slowly. He looks down to see her opening clenching around nothing while the vibrator stays on her clit. “Please, daddy, please fill me up!” Reina cries out. Her hand fins Jaehyun’s cock and starts to pump him up again. “ want it?” Jaehyun chuckles but takes her hand away. “Be a good girl, and wait.” He holds her wrist and puts her hand on her other breast. “Touch that beautiful chest of yours, baby girl.” She pulls down the other cup cover her breast and starts to pump her breast and flick the nipple just as he does to the other one. Jaehyun lets go of her breast now and places two fingers onto her thigh. He slowly dances them along to her entrance again, parting the folds before dipping them inside her aching core. Reina gasps at the feeling of something finally inside her while the numbing feeling roars through her clit.
“Your pussy feels so good, sweetheart, I wanna feel it around me. Tell me again how badly you want my cock.” Jaehyun pushes a third finger into her core, rubbing against the soaking and silky surface. She clenches around his knuckles after hearing his words. “I want it, I want it so bad.” Reina moans, the crook of her trembling bent legs becoming wet with sweat and her chest moving rapidly. She bites her lips as she feels her essence coat his long fingers. “Ahh, my little slut, you’re tight, do you think you can take all of me in?” Jaehyun’s deep voice echos in the room. “Y-yes..daddy..please. Oh, I’m gonna..” “Is my little slut going to cum already?” Reina nods quickly and cries out. Jaehyun presses the vibrator even harder onto her clit, making her flinch. “Use your words.” He says sternly, his voice gaining a grumbly bass that wasn’t there before and just his tone makes Reina cum. She shakes uncontrollably and clenches around his fingers that still move in and out. The vibrator continues to send shockwaves through her body as she climaxes. She nearly blacks out from the overwhelming feeling. Jaehyun looks to the screen while she comes down. Hit her, daddy (232 upvotes) Jaehyun reads the comment and puts the vibrator to the side. He smiles to himself, knowing that Reina can’t see the comments and has no idea what’s coming next. He then picks up a small flogger. One end featured a piece of leather to be used as a whip while the other end had feathers attached for tickling. With Reina’s body still on his thigh and legs open, Jaehyun takes the feather end and brushes it against the soft skin of Reina’s belly. “Yes..daddy, that feels good.” “Mmmm yes, but you were a very bad girl, you came without permission. What should your punishment be?” Jaehyun lowers the feather to her swollen bud and playfully flickers it up and down against it. Reina swallows hard, now realizing that she did cum without asking him first. Something she knew she always had to do. When Reina is silent, Jaehyun takes his other hand and wraps it around her throat. “Don’t make me upset, my little whore, you know you should only cum around my cock, right?” Reina licks her lips. “Y-yes, yes daddy, I’m sorry. I deserve any punishment.” Jaehyun lifts the feather then flips it to the other side so he now holds the end with the whip. He squeezes his hand around her throat and delivers a sharp slap to her clit with the leather. Reina whimpers quietly, squinting her covered eyes as her legs tremble, threatening to close. “How many times should I hit her sweet pussy?” Jaehyun turns to the screen. 5 (38 upvotes) 24 times! (21 upvotes) 10 times daddy (45 upvotes) Jaehyun agrees to slap her with the tool 9 more times because he knows time is running out. Reina gasps and after the third hit, her legs close. She’s sensitive, her bud becoming red. “Open them up, slut. Don’t make me have to start over.” Jaehyun growls out. Slightly irritated that she’s slowing things down. His cock is painfully hard again and he’s anxious to fuck her so they can wrap things up. Little does he know, the audience has other plans. When Jaehyun delivers the seventh hit, he chuckles as he watches her essence run down  onto his thigh in a steady stream. “Is this turning you on? You like being hit for being a bad girl?” Reina nods. “Yes, daddy.” He rubs the feather end across her opening, prancing it along her bud to watch her shiver. But before she can get used to the gentle notion, he flips it again and slaps her. 
“You have no shame, do you?”
Jaehyun squeezes his hand around her throat harder this time. She struggles to breathe. “I’m gonna fuck your wet pussy so hard for everyone to see, baby girl.” After hearing his dirty words and feeling his chest against her while she chokes, Reina cums around nothing, clenching while her slick escapes. She grips her breasts hard and lets out a choked whimper. “Again? What a dirty slut you are, disobeying me twice?” Jaehyun grumbles before delivering three harsh blows simultaneously onto her sensitive clit. Reina cries out then falls forward after the last slap and breathes heavily. “are you ready for my cock, now?” Jaehyun tilts her chin towards him, untying her blindfold so he can see her wet eyes stained with mascara. She nods. “Yes..daddy. Please.” “Stand up.” Jaehyun demands. Reina’s legs are weak, she can’t seem to stand up steadily so Jaehyun holds her waist while she gets herself together. “Take it off for us, baby girl.” Reina’s ass faces the camera, she bends over as she takes her g string down her legs slowly, wiggling her butt playfully in the process. Jaehyun leans forward while she’s bent over, he plants both large hands on her ass cheeks, smacking them loudly before spreading them apart. “Mmm.. look at how wet my little slut is.” And it’s true, Reina’s essence drips from her folds and onto her thighs. Jaehyun lets go and she then turns around and unhooks her bra, throwing the fabric onto the bed behind them. She now stands in just her choker, garter belt and knee highs. “Get on your knees.” Jaehyun demands but as she gets on the ground, he noticed that they’re getting an increasing amount of notifications. The screen blows up with messages. When he takes a closer look, Reina noticed and decides to look too. User6284992910: Take off your mask (789 upvotes) Fulfill request for $1,500? Yes.       No. Jaehyun’s brows furrowed, his heart begins to race. Reina starts to breathe heavily too. She looks up at Jaehyun, unsure of what he will decide to do. They both know It’s a lot of money, but he has already explained why he can’t do that. Under no circumstances can he do that. “Valentine boy?” Reina’s face is serious and she swallows hard. In a whisper she lets out. “That’s a lot of money.” But Jaehyun shakes his head and immediately declines the request by clicking “no.” He doesn’t say anything and neither does Reina. They resume what they were doing. Reina nods and begins to pull Jaehyun’s shorts down. As difficult as it is to decline such a large amount of money, Reina respects Jaehyun’s decision and decides to not argue with him about it. When they first started their channel, Jaehyun once told Reina that he was down to do anything, he would experience any teasing or pain she’d put him through, but he wouldn’t do that, he wouldn’t remove his mask and risk being identified. Who has that kind of money anyway? Jaehyun didn’t think that anyone on OnlyCams would have that amount of money. But he was wrong. After tossing Jaehyun’s shorts to the side, she notices the screen become illuminated with numerous messages once again. When they look at it, they see another request. User6284992910: Take off your mask (1,854 upvotes) Fulfill request for $10,000? Yes.       No. Both Jaehyun and Reina’s eyes widened. This person can’t be serious? The thing with OnlyCams is that once a request is placed, the users funds are already held by the website and ready to be released to the performer once they accept it. So this person wasn’t bluffing, they actually had $10,000 to spend on Jaehyun. “Wow, you’ve got a pretty serious fan, valentine boy.” Reina lets out. Jaehyun knows that he would be foolish to decline that amount of money. He knows that it would be so easy to just throw off his mask and make $10,000, more than what they make in a month, right then and there. But he also thinks about you. Is it worth you finding out? And it’s almost as if Reina heard his thoughts. She gets on the bed and quickly leans towards his ear to whisper. “She won’t find out..we’ll leave the video up for two days so more viewers can pay for it and that’s it, we take it down...please..this is a lot of money.” She pulls back and searches for his worried eyes behind the mask. Jaehyun doesn’t have time to think. He’s almost certainly 15 minutes late already. He has to wrap this up. So with a deep breath, he hesitantly leans forward and clicks ‘yes.’ The chat goes crazy as people cheer. Jaehyun hesitantly removes his mask, throwing it behind him before running his hands through his hair. He looks into the camera and gives a small smile. “You all wanted to see what daddy looks like, right?” He smirks then puts a finger to his lips. “Shhhh..don’t tell anyone.” He winks as Reina smiles and gets onto her knees below him. She mouths ‘thank you’ and clears her throat. “Time to get back to business.” Jaehyun tilts his head towards Reina. She cups her hand around his shaft again, listening to him moan and curse the most beautiful sounds she’s ever heard. Jaehyun watches the viewer count go up and the messages that decorate the screen. Woah. So handsome Valentine boy, why would you hide your face? Oh fuck. The bar in the upper right corner that shows how much money they’re making grows rapidly. His dick twitches in response. Jaehyun smirks, enjoying how just his face is able to get them more money. But deep down, he couldn’t help but be worried. You. He was late for his dinner with you and now there was a chance that you’d see him in a video like this with another girl. He saw the look of devastation on your face, the tears that would fill your eyes if you were to ever find out. But he pushed away his thoughts and decided to focus on Reina’s tongue on him, the way she licked up his slick and worked it up and down the shaft. He thought about all the things he’d buy you with that money. Surely you’d forgive him once he bought you expensive gifts. “Come on, my little slut, that’s enough teasing.” Jaehyun put his hand on the back of Reina’s head and pushed it downward, forcing her to swallow every inch of him. Reina chokes as his tip hits the back of his throat but bobs her head up and down anyway Jaehyun grips a fistful or her hair tightly while he watches and listens to her gag. “yeah, just like that..such a good girl for daddy.” Jaehyun turns the cock ring on again so the sensation begins to circulate from his base to his tip and back down. Reina’s slobber and the feeling of her satiny throat around him makes him grunt.
Reina hums to add onto the vibrations and it’s makes Jaehyun lightheaded. He moves his hips to meet her movements, she has to inhale and exhale only through her nose while he face fucks her, but it doesn’t bother her, she just listens to his glorious moans. The viewers also enjoy every moment, they finally get to see his handsome face glow with perspiration while he bites his lips. Jaehyun fucks into her vigorously while she purposely closes her throat around him. “Swallow for me.” His hip movement stutters. He grunts and holds her down onto his pelvis as he coats her throat in his salty slick. Reina raises her head off of him slowly once he releases his grip. She cleans her mouth then looks to the screen for guidance on what to do next. That was amazing Fuck her hard, valentine boy. Don’t stop now. The viewers are practically throwing money at them now, begging them to keep going. Jaehyun is tired and anxious, he knows he has to go, but he also knows that he wants to make more money. So he does, believing the excuse that he’ll just buy you gifts or take you on a big trip to make up for him being late. He loves you, you love him, and surely you’ll understand if he’s just a few minutes late? But without any clock to look at, Jaehyun doesn’t realize just how late he is. Time flies when you’re having fun. It doesn’t help that Jaehyun’s supplement hasn’t worn off yet and he still feels the need to fuck to relieve his erection.. He pats his thigh. “Sit.” Reina gets up and turns to the camera, resuming her position on his thigh. “Fuck yourself..don’t stop until daddy tells you too.” The audience loves it, sending $20, $50, and even $100 to their account for subscriptions. Reina looks into the view finder so she can see Jaehyun’s face as she moves forward and backward on his thigh. She places both hands on his knee to anchor herself. Jaehyun was the perfect view for both her and the audience. Everything from his flawless face, sculpted by gods themselves, his perfectly shaped eyebrows, his lips reddened and swollen by him biting them, and his full head of dark hair, it all made him so delectable and desirable. While she moves her quivering pussy along Jaehyun’s skin and coats in her essence, Jaehyun holds her throat with one hand and grabs the flog with the other hand. He gives her stomach a slap. “Faster, kitten.” He flexes his thigh muscle and watches her jump, he breasts bouncing as she moves faster. He takes the end with the feather and teaser her nipples. “Ahhh they’re so cute, don’t you agree?” He looks to the screen with a devilish glint in his eyes, knowing that he’ll make the audience flustered. Oh fuck daddy, I wanna come. Suck her boobs, daddy. And so, Jaehyun leans down and sucks on the supple skin of her breasts. Flicking his tongue out and onto the hardened nipple. Reina moans and her head falls back while she moves even faster, arching her back again and chasing after her high. The sounds of her moans and cries along with the friction created by her grinding onto Jaehyun’s muscular thigh fills the air. “Yes..” she whispers. “Remember the rules, kitten.” Jaehyun whispers into her neck, the hairs on it raise. He then kisses her skin and goes back to sucking her nipple while his thumb rubs against the other one. Jaehyun feels her pulsing opening on his leg and decides its time to take her. He gives her nipple one last lick before lifting her off of him by holding her waist. He then pulls her back down, roughly forcing her down onto his firm cock. “Daddy!” She cries out at the sudden penetration into her sensitive flower. “Yes. Kitten, fuck..your tight pussy feels so good.” Jaehyun grunts when he feels her small opening close around him as he forces himself into Reina once again. His abs and arms flex when he pushes into her repeatedly. His large hands with popping veins hold onto her tightly. The viewers coo over his looks AND body. She flinches and hold onto her knees for stability, slowly adjusting around him once he thrusts into her again. Her eyes start to tear up. The vibration from his cock ring adds stimulation to her clit as well, and it drives her crazy. Her pussy quivers, but coats his cock in silky essence that allows the movement to become easier and faster. She’s still turned on from riding his thigh, so Jaehyun decides to make her cum. She looks into the view finder of the camera and her mouth falls open. Jaehyun looks as well, he bites his lips when he sees how fucked out she looks and her breasts jumping up and down as he thrusts into her. Their earnings box gains so much, they can’t even keep up with reading the numbers. He grabs the vibrator and turns it to the highest setting again, placing it onto her clit. Reina cries out louder this time and knows she’s about to cum. Jaehyun sucks onto her neck, making sure that he leaves a mark. “Please, daddy. I-I want to cum!” “Cum for me, kitty, cum all over me.” Jaehyun lets out sensually and Reina leans back, her head falling onto Jaehyun’s shoulder as she cums hard, her body shaking while moving up and down still. Jaehyun still sucks her neck, listening to her beautiful cries and imagining that it was you on him right now. “Fuck..” Reina lets out when she sees that the vibrator still attacks her bud. She tries to push Jaehyun’s hand away on instinct, but Jaehyun grabs her wrist with his other hand and places it begin her. “Daddy hasn’t cum yet..this pussy is mine to cum in, right?” “Yes, daddy.” Reina whines as tears run down her cheeks from overstimulation. “Fill me up with your cum.” “Good girl..” Jaehyun releases her wrist and wraps his hand around her throat. He delivers rough thrusts now, burying into her body so deep, she cries out loudly with every push. He taps the skin of her lower stomach for everyone to see where his tip hits. “That’s it..she takes me so well..” He looks into the camera and chokes her harder, smirking while watching her yelp. He puts the vibrator down and focuses on her body, imagining that it was yours, your boobs that he would squeeze. Your beautiful pussy that he was in right now. “I love you, Jaehyun. I love feeling you in me.” your intoxicating voice echoed in his head again. It made him sad to think about you waiting on him right now so he pushed you into the back of his head again. “Tell them how good daddy makes you feel..” He says huskily hile looking into the camera. He holds onto her breast, tightly squeezing it and digging his fingernails in as he becomes frustrated with himself for lying to you. “So good..” she cries out of her drooling mouth. He lets go of her breast, rubbing circles onto her pearl with his unforgiving finger tips. He chokes her even harder. And with one last push he cums into her. She cums so hard that she squirts and coats his fingers in her essence. He holds her down against him, grunting and cursing as he coats her velvety, clenching walls in cum. When he finally lets go, she falls onto the bed beside him and listens to him pant. He turns the cock ring off and slides it off of his limp member. “thank you...thank you all for watching..” Reina leans forward and gives a small smile. She turns the camera off and turns back to Jaehyun who looks weak and tired. He rubs his eyes and leans forward. “Thank you..for doing that, Jaehyun.” Jaehyun looks up at her with troubled eyes. “What time is it?” He asks, as if waking up from a daze. “It’s 6:56” Reina says quietly. “What?!” Jaehyun jumps up. “Shit..shit shit shit shit.” “I have to take a shower here, I have to go.” Jaehyun runs to her bathroom and jumps in the shower without waiting for Reina’s answer. Reina chuckles to herself. Its unfortunate that he’s late for his date, but it’s good for her. Maybe things would start to work out for them once you were out of the way. ————— Jaehyun is driving recklessly over the speed limit as he rushes to get to you. He doesn’t know what took over him. How could he be so late? How could he get so into sex with someone else that he completely forgot about you and the wonderful night you had planned together? “Fuck.” He says when you decline his call for the 13th time. When he came out of the shower, he saw that his phone was on silent and he missed 20 calls from you. There were several text messages too. You to Jaehyun: hey..I’m here in the back, I told the hostess I’m waiting for you You to Jaehyun: it’s been 30 minutes now.. are you okay? You to Jaehyun: seriously, Jay this isn’t funny, call me back You to Jaehyun: I’m sitting here’s been 50 minutes I’m not sure how much longer I can wait, please call me back. I hope you’re safe. Jaehyun curses himself for being so stupid. He made you worry for no reason, he made you wait while he made money. He let greed and lust take over. He treated you so badly on Valentine’s Day of all days in the year. There’s no way you’d forgive him for this. He rushed to the restaurant to see if you were still waiting there. “Hi..I’m here for y/n..” he said to the hostess breathlessly. “Oh..are you Jaehyun? Yeah, she was waiting for you but she left a while ago.” The hostess gave him a look of disdain, it’s like she could smell another woman on him. He ran out of the restaurant and back to his car. He could just see your teary eyes and sad face and it broke his heart. He looked at the time and saw that it was 8pm already. On his way to your place, he tried to call you again. Once at a stop light, he texted you. Jaehyun to You: I’m so sorry baby please answer me, we need to talk. But he never received a reply. Once at your apartment building, he ran up the stairs and banged on your door. “Y/n! It’s me! Baby, I am so sorry! Please open up.” But there’s no answer. He listens closely and hears that there’s a TV on. It’s only you in the apartment as your roommates are away for the weekend, so you had to be in there. “Baby! Please!” He bangs on the door again, his knuckles growing red from irritation. But then he remembered that you once told him that if anything were to happen, you placed a spare key in one of the plants at your door. This was only for you and your roommates if one of you were to get locked out on accident or lose your key after a night out. Jaehyun lifts up each pot of the three plants at your door and under the third pot, there is a key. He quickly unlocks the door and rushes to your room. He stops in his tracks when he sees that you’re actually on the couch in the living room. And the sight makes his heart break, he can’t bare to see you like this. You’re in an oversized hoodie with your knees up against your chest while you dig into a large tub of ice cream. Your eyes are glued to the TV as you ignore your desperate boyfriend and his breathlessness. “Baby, I’m so sorry.. I had to work over time and-and I couldn’t call because they don’t allow us to have our phones while on the job.. baby please, look at me.” Jaehyun begs and it’s difficult for you to ignore the genuine sorrow in his voice, but you try. You’re so upset, he made you wait for him for over an hour. You were hurt. How is it that he couldn’t find one moment to simply text you that he’d be late? Surely, he had to have a thirty minute break. You dip your spoon into your cookies and cream ice cream and take out a large scoop before jamming it into your mouth. “I know you’re upset, I’d be too, but please forgive me, baby, it was out of my control. You can call my coworker Taeil, he’ll tell you I was there.” Jaehyun sits down beside you but you scoot away from him and grab your blanket tightly. “It’s Valentine’s Day, we were just so busy.” You turn to look into Jaehyun’s eyes, they’re wet with tears. He hated seeing you like this and he hated being the cause of your pain. He could tell from your eyes that you had been crying for quite some time. They were red and low, it looked like you had beautiful make up on but removed it in a rush once you got home. Jaehyun could still see the traces of red lipstick on your lips, the ones he wanted to kiss so badly. “you’re right, Jaehyun..its Valentine’s Day..the day you’re supposed to spend with the one you love the clearly doesn’t mean anything to you..I clearly don’t mean anything to you.” Your eyes grew watery again as you choked up. “No, no no baby don’t say that, I love you. I love you so much, I didn’t mean for this to happen. Please believe me.” Jaehyun leaned forward, he took the tub and spoon out of your grip and placed them onto the center table while you cried. “Why didn’t you call me? I was worried about you.” You rubbed your eyes. “I know, I know I’m so sorry but I was at work,” “I don’t believe you Jaehyun, why would you have to work over time on Valentine’s Day at a fucking realtor’s office?” You looked back at the TV and shook your head. “If they see me on my phone I’ll be fired. I’m telling you the truth, do you trust me? We can’t have a good relationship without trust, baby, please.” You shook your head. “Maybe we should take a br-..” you started but he stopped you. “No, no don’t say that, please don’t do this to me. Listen, I’ll prove it right now.” Jaehyun is fidgety but manages to get his phone out of his pocket. He dials up Taeil then puts the phone on speaker. After three rings, Taeil answers. “Hey, what’s up?” Taeil sounds like he’s about to go to sleep, his voice low and grumbly. “Taeil..we worked tonight together, right? Didn’t we work overtime because of one client that needed a deal closed?” Jaehyun asks Taeil. For a moment there is silence, and you find that to be kinda weird. It’s as if Taeil’s trying to remember what exactly he did at his job tonight. “Oh! Yes! Yes! That lady that was interested in the million dollar mansion on sunset right?” Taeil finally blurted out. Jaehyun looked back at you while your lips were still pursed. “Thank you..hey, I’ll see you on Monday, okay?” He hangs up and turns  to you. “See? Y/n..I love you..I’d never lie to you, believe me...please..let me make it up to you tomorrow.” You swallow hard and think to yourself about everything that’s happened. Maybe he was telling the truth, why else would he miss your date? And he did just call up his coworker to confirm it. You nod slowly. “Okay, but if it happens again, and you don’t find some way to respond to me, we’re done.” Jaehyun’s mouth grows into a big smile and he takes your face in his hands and places a kiss onto your lips. “Thank you thank you thank you, I love you.” He wipes away the tears on your cheeks and looks into your eyes. You nod and roll your eyes but kiss him back. His tongue dances playfully with yours as he deepens the kiss. His kiss is heartfelt and warm, his cozy lips feel so good against yours, you moan and fall into him. You feel his chest against yours and your body starts to react. You wrap your legs around his waist while turning your head and wrapping your arms around his neck. His hands run along your thighs and he’s happy to see that your not wearing any pants, only your underwear. When he brushes his fingers over your apex, he feels a slight wetness and groans. He pushes forward, making you fall back onto the couch while his hands go under your hoodie and immediately find your beautiful chest. He squeezes gently and you break the kiss to moan out his name. He helps your pull the hoodie up and over your head. You both laugh as you struggle to get your head through the hole. But when you finally do, Jaehyun holds himself up over you and smooths your hair so it doesn’t look like it’s been attacked by a bear. He looks into your eyes and adores your face. He could dance in your summertime smile for days. It brings such joy to his heart. And you look into his deep dimples and cute eyes, the way his ears turn a cute blush pink when he’s flustered just by looking at you. “Keep kissing me..” you lick your lips and tug his shirt. He looks down at your chest and your pointy nipples as you hiss at the cold air the hoodie once protected you from. You had to feel his warmth, you want him all over you.
“I can’t wait to see you in that lingerie set tomorrow.” He chuckles then goes back to kissing you while resting in between your open legs on the couch. He grinds into your covered opening, but struggles to feel any arousal. But he tries again, this time he kisses along your neck and down to your breast, taking your nipple into his mouth and listening to you call out his name. Your nails dig into his back, your panties becoming more and more soaked as he sucks your skin in all sorts of places. But you want more, you’ve been thinking of him taking you all day. “Jaehyun..fuck me please.” He grinds into you once more but just can’t feel his member begin to harden. So he kneels and zips his pants down. He wraps his hand around his limp cock. “touch yourself for me.” You push your underwear to the side and whimper as you feel your fingers begin to tease your entrance. Jaehyun focuses on your fingers and wet pussy below him while he plays with himself, but still nothing. He grunts and curses. “What’s wrong, baby?” You ask once you see that he’s struggling. “I-I can’t right now..fuck..” “Why not? Do you..not like me anymore, Jaehyun?” Your hand stops moving and you sigh. The mood has been ruined by your overthinking. “What? Of course I like you..I’s been a long day..” he lowers himself down on the couch and fixes your legs over his shoulder. He licks a long stripe along your folds, the circles his tongue on your bud. But you push his head away lightly, you’re no longer in the mood. “Jaehyun..” He licks his lips and looks up at you questioningly. “I wanna make you feel good.” “I want to sleep now, Jay.” Jaehyun accepts defeat and nods. He had to realize that this was just one of the effects of the supplements he took to stay hard when on camera earlier. And now he couldn’t make love to you, his one true love. He took his tshirt off and draped it over you before cuddling you on the couch. “I love you, baby, I love you so much, I’m sorry.” Jaehyun whispers in your ear, but you close your eyes and fall asleep quietly. ————— It’s been two days since Valentine’s Day and you decide to catch up with your friend who just got back in town from her weekend getaway. “Ahhh!! Baby! How are you?!” Bella hugs you tightly when you open the door to your apartment. “I’m good! How are you?” You ask excitedly. Bella talks about her weekend at Disney with her boyfriend and it’s sounds amazing, you can’t help but be jealous. Bella notices that you seem to be a bit sad so she asks you about your weekend to get to the bottom of it. “It’s’s just Valentine’s Day was kinda sucky to be honest..” you shrug your shoulders. “what? No way. What happened? What did that idiot do?” Bella’s brows scrunch together and she pouts when she sees how sad you are. “Well. He was over an hour late for our date-“ Bella took in a sharp breath. “He WHAT? Rule number one, don’t be late dude! What the hell?” “But! He was at work so it kinda wasn’t his fault. I mean, he made it up to me yesterday..we had a good time and he even surprised me with tickets to Paris AND Bali.” “Woah!!! That’s amazing!!! But...” Bella’a mouth lifted. “But what?” “Are you sure he was at work, y/n?” “Yes! He even had his coworker confirm! I know, I was skeptical too, like who works over time on Valentine’s Day?” You chuckled to cover the worry you had deep down. “It’s not that..y/ should see something..” Bella grabs her backpack and takes out her laptop. She types OnlyCams into her browser and your eyes widen. “Wait..I know we’re best friends but do you really wanna watch porn together right now?” Bella lets out a laugh. “No..well, yes..but not for what you think it’s for!” She types in ‘valentine boy’ into the search box. Where is she going with this? “Okay, so don’t judge me but for Valentine’s Day, me and Jackson wanted to “spice” things up a bit. So, we went to this website and looked for the most popular videos to get inspiration.” You look at her and raised an eyebrow. “Okay??” “And..we found this..” Bella clicks on the first video in the results and there is a man and woman in the video. The woman has long dark hair and red lingerie on while the man wears a mask that covers his face completely and red silk shorts. “What does this..” you start and your face turns to one of disgust as you watch what they do. “I don’t wanna watch this..” “Wait, wait..just listen for a moment. I didn’t want to bring it up because I wasn’t sure at first, but then you said...he was late this same night.” Suck it, my little whore. That’s what you hear the man say, your breath hitches in your throat. No, it can’t be. “Y/n...I think it’s..” Bella starts but you don’t even let her finish what you know she’s about to say. “No, absolutely not, he’d never do anything like this.” You start to laugh. Bella leans forward and speeds through the video. Mmmm look at how wet my little slut is. Your face falls into a frown and you can’t deny just how similar his voice is to Jaehyun’s. You also see a mole on his neck that seems to be in the same location as Jaehyun’s neck mole too. “We stopped watching at about right here because we started to..well, you know.. but apparently, he takes his mask off later. I’m gonna see if I can find that part..” Bella takes the slider slowly through the video. You start to breathe heavily. What would you do if it is him? Could this have been the reason that he was late? Could he really lie to you like this? No, not your Jaehyun. But the evidence was there, the voice, “Valentine boy,” the curve of his dick that you were so familiar with. It would make sense but at the same time, it couldn’t. You both see the man in the video start to lift up his mask, but just as the fabric passes his jawline, the screen goes black. Video has been deleted by original poster.
Divine intervention. “Shit! What the hell?” Bella tried to refresh the page but the same message popped up. It’s was if he was watching you. How could the video be deleted at such a perfect time? “Th-there’s no way he’d do something like this, Bella. I trust him. I can’t accuse him of doing something without any evidence. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with this kinda stuff but it’’s just not him.” You shake your head and grab your bag. “But y/n..” Bella looks up at you worriedly as you stand up from the couch. “Let’s get something to eat” you turn to her and smile. The last thing you wanted to do was think of your one true love as a man that would cheat on you. He loved you and he wouldn’t hurt you by betraying your trust like this. ————
Part 3 Preview:
You step into the prestigious building and head to the front desk.
“Hi, excuse me, I’m looking for Jaehyun. I think he’s working right now.” you give a small smile to the older blonde haired lady with a silk versace handkerchief tied around her neck.
She looks intimidating, but gives you a smile and nods, “I’m sorry dear, but there’s no employee here by that name.”
A/N: ALRIGHTTTT hope you enjoyed!!! also, does anyone recognize “Bella?” hehehehe
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infinitum-imaginaerum · 5 months ago
Graffiti | Jaehyun | 06
Tumblr media
BadboyTagger!Jaehyun | Series Words | 6,400+ Warnings | Language, Mature themes, Blood, Violence
05 | 06 | 07
Tumblr media
A strained groan fell from his throat as he stirred, stretching his stiffened back muscles from a rock-like sleep—the first one he’d had in as long as he could remember. No sleeping with one eye open, no fears lingering in the back of his mind, no waking up a hundred times in the midst of his sleep; just solid, motionless, deep rest. The blinds were cracked just enough that the natural sunlight was illuminating a majority of your living room, but it was a soothing blocked light that didn’t hurt his desensitized eyes.
It took a moment for him to pick up on the wafting coffee scent that filled your apartment and he wondered if you had a coffee pot set on a timer or if he had actually slept through you getting up and rummaging around in next to silence. You could have harmed him, if you wanted, a thought that quickly crossed his mind as he considered checking if you were up. Maybe it was best to clear that thought, first, even if he had spent so much time watching his back. The fact of the matter was that you didn’t.
He stretched a bit more before picking himself up from your pull-out, intending to greet you for a cup of coffee before returning to sit for a bit on the comfort of it. He lifted his arms high above his head to stretch a little bit more before plucking his jeans off the floor to slip them on and then wandered around the end-table to the kitchen, but you were nowhere to be found.  The pot of coffee was eyeing him—it looked like there was already a cup or so taken out of it, so he quietly looked through the cabinets before coming across a mug to pour himself a cup, hoping it was for him too.
Your name fell from his mouth a couple of times as he muttered it into the air—if you had gone back to sleep, he didn’t want to bother you. And he assumed that’s where you were at when there was no reply; he wasn’t about to check your room or go lurking around your place. So he turned back to the counter just to stand there and process some thoughts, especially when he reached up to touch the tender and still somewhat bruised flesh around his eye.
Meanwhile, you had tiptoed out of your room having just finished toweling your hair after a shower, noticing that he wasn’t where you left him. He stood somewhat slumped over the counter in front of the coffee pot, lifting his mug to take a sip now and again. It was hard not to notice the line of his shoulders, the way they tapered into his neck, but most importantly, it was hard not to notice the silver lines that sunk into the back of his black tank-top. Your feet were silent across the kitchen floor, hands tentative as they reached around his middle. He startled, almost slamming the mug down on the counter as he captured one of your hands just as you’d laid your head against his back.
“It’s just me,” you cooed gently.
“You startled me,” he replied lowly, attempting to look over his shoulder, but you were so deep in his back it was not possible to see you. He slowly let go of your hand, letting it join your other to wrap around his middle so you could relish his warmth. The stiffness slowly faded as he acclimated to your grasp, hands against the cool countertop as he slumped back over just a tad.  “You were awfully quiet, creeping around this morning,” he said, mildly disturbed that it was the case, that he slept through the sink running and anything else you did in there, like rummaging in the cabinets.
“You were sleeping, and it seemed like well; I didn’t want to disturb you,” you replied, not finding his particular wording curious in the slightest. You left one of your arms reeled around his middle, but the other tugged back to touch against a particularly rough looking scar against the back of his right arm that disappeared deep into the cut of his tank top. You could feel him seize up under your touch; surely he had detailed inventory of what and where his scars were. He stood tall to move, so you gave him some space to abandon his coffee on the counter as he turned around in front of you to lean somewhat against it. Unable to help the way your gaze flickered across him, you stood with your arms at your sides and let your eyes go, observing the collar of his tank, the line of his shoulders that not only looked strong, not only felt strong, but were so, and the way they tapered into his neck, the sharpness of his jawline, the hard line of his mouth that sat relaxed.
He looked you over similarly, but more noting the bruise against your cheek which was far less bad than he anticipated, but also noticed some additional bruising at your neck. Tentatively, he reached up to touch against your bruised cheek, catching you flinch a bit before his thumb brushed against it. A somewhat exasperated sigh pushed from his nose as he looked at you, feeling the guilt about your injuries, although he still stood by the fact that you shouldn’t be leaving so late knowing the risks.
His hand dropped immediately as your eyes cast over to it—his bandaged left hand which no longer had a rough gauze strapped around it, but instead just had that large bandaid over the back of it. Even still, he didn’t want you to see. He could hide that a lot better than the cut against his cheek.
Almost pathetic is the way he would describe the way you looked up at him. Your arms dangled at your sides as you scrutinized that cut, the fading black eye, the weathered look of his face—he looked aged in an interesting type of way, just like he’d seen and been through a lot now that you were seeing him in good light. He held his mouth in a hard line, his features stark. For a moment, his lips curled in so he could moisten them, feeling nervous under your gaze.
“What a mess we both are,” you finally said, breaking the awkward silence, but you couldn’t say that those particular words made it less awkward. But the awkwardness seemed to be the least of Jaehyun’s worries, at least, as you stepped between his bare feet, your hands gingerly touching against his abdomen to lean up and nuzzle the bridge of your nose against his jaw. For some reason, it had his breath hitching, had his expressive eyebrows raise in somewhat surprise. One of his hands finessed yours into it, the other captured your hip to give him some semblance of control.
He choked out your name hesitantly, almost warningly. You pulled far enough away to look up at him, to watch him try to stave off a shy smile which tugged the cut of his dimples in a light you could finally see them. A smile broke on your own face in response.
“The big bad wolf has dimples,” you stated, resulting in him immediately covering as much of his face as he could with the hand that was on your hip; it proved sufficient.
“I figured you noticed before and just didn’t say anything,” he answered, trying really hard to put his grin away, but yours was infectious, and he found himself smiling even harder. “Please don’t say they’re charming, or whatever girls say about dimples on a boy; it’s embarrassing.”
“Jaehyun,” you protested, rolling your eyes while your hand furled in his shirt, the other in his hand.
“Don’t,” he pleaded, giving your hand a squeeze while his other finally removed itself from his face to step you back from him. “I’m running away,” he said, turning to grab his mug of coffee and agilely stepped past you to head back to the living room.
Jaehyun sat cross-legged on the pull-out couch atop the covers when you joined him. He watched you curiously as you finessed your way onto it with him, sitting far enough away, perhaps not close enough. His phone vibrated against the couch-side table, and you watched as he rolled his eyes again, having noted the time on the coffee pot to indicate that it was already later than he thought—later than he promised he’d be back. But somewhere in there, as he looked at you in a set of baggy clothes with damp hair sipping some coffee across from him on the pull-out couch in your living room where he’d previously slept…it didn’t seem to matter.
Especially not as he reached out to take one of your hands, a repressed ache for your touch finding the surface of his desires as he tugged it up to his soft lips to press a gentle kiss into your fingers. Every time he did so, he peered at you from under his lashes with the somewhat downward tilt of his head. It hooded his eyes a little bit more, and it sent a shiver to your very soul when he looked at you like that.
His phone began vibrating again, and this time you encouraged him not to ignore it. Instead of letting go of your hand like you assumed he would, he swapped his coffee with his phone and swiped to answer Taeyong’s incessant calling.
“I know, I’m late,” he said, instead of saying hello. “I accidentally slept in, I’m just having one cup of coffee—”
“You slept?” Taeyong asked.  He wasn’t mad about it, in fact far from it. He knew Jaehyun had problems sleeping ever since knowing him. So the fact that he was able to sleep, in a shelter that wasn’t even his own may have been slightly alarming.  “I was just getting concerned considering your location and the issues surrounding it in reference to the time. You said you’d be back early, but you’re your own person,” he added, which kind of took Jaehyun aback.
Taeyong was typically a lot stricter, and he’d been a little cryptic about this situation with you. Jaehyun knew he had good intentions, just trying to look out for his friends, especially him, lurking in neighborhoods that were extremely dangerous.  
“I won’t say take your time, but no need to rush; wake up, be alert, be safe,” Taeyong said.
Jaehyun nodded, following it with a hum. Still, his fingers were playing with yours, stealing glances at your face while you busied yourself looking down at them. His hands were even a bit scarred up, but they felt so soft in yours somehow. His fingers were nimble, slender; his touches calculated, gentle, precise. A few more soft words left Jaehyun’s lips, words you didn’t hear but it didn’t seem to make a difference anyway. He discarded his phone on the end table once more, and suddenly your hand was eclipsed by his other one.
Your gaze rose to his face, noticing the sweet half-smile he afforded you while also trying to get a glimpse into your thoughts. The way he could already tell when you were thinking was astounding; maybe it came with needing to be so observant of everyone all the time, or maybe the chemistry between you was too real.
“What’s on your mind?” he asked you, as if he was able to read your thoughts about him reading your thoughts.
You gently shook your head. There wasn’t really much to tell him, and honestly you wouldn’t dare ask about the small conversation with Taeyong because it was quite frankly none of your business. His hands gave yours a squeeze before he reached for his coffee again to take another sip. He would need that slight edge of alertness to get him to the correct side of town for him, but he didn’t want to worry you with that, instead he occupied you with something else.
“I want to take you on an actual date,” he said abruptly, not really giving himself a moment to think twice about it. It had been something that stewed in his mind since last night. If he was going to continue this path with you, he might as well try to bring some normalcy to your budding relationship.
“Oh?” you replied delicately. You could already tell the being out was a somewhat difficult time for Jaehyun, for reasons you’d yet to unfold to your knowledge, so you found the statement rather bold but maybe he had a plan already.
“It’s already been such hell with me; I just want to treat you to something normal,” he explained, his voice low, soft, almost inaudible as his fingers continued to play with yours, his gaze cast down to them—he was somewhat afraid of even looking at your face.
You smiled a bit as you looked at him, watched the way his fringe curtained over his face a bit. “Rest assured when I say that I’ve been through my fair share of uneasy stuff,” you said. Maybe now wasn’t the time for explanation, you knew he had to be getting on his way and it was a big step; it would be a conversation for another time, there was plenty the both of you needed to tell each other about yourselves and about the situation. “Besides,” you added, trying to diffuse the reel of thoughts in his head, “it’s not been so bad, you always do your best to take care of me anyway.”
“You keep saying these ridiculous things and giving me credit I think is undeserved,” he reminded you.
“You are so stubborn, you know,” you fired back with a roll of your eyes as you took another sip of your coffee.
“I just know the truth,” he replied, not intending on letting you win this one.  But you gave him a look, and it almost had him reeling back as you made your way to your knees, slowly walking yourself across the cool comforter to close the distance between the two of you to set your mug on the table next to his and for a moment, he thought he was safe.
“You know a pre-conceived truth,” you reminded him.
He almost couldn’t respond, tongue swollen against his throat as he looked at you, high on your knees in front of him donning an oversized tee that covered your shorts hanging mid-thigh with your hair a tousled wet mess that mangled his insides. He looked up to your cocky and expectant gaze, waiting for him to say something you would inevitably shoot down with your facts, while his hands furled into the comforter.
“I just know what I’ve always known, that I don’t bring anything good with me,” he finally answered, though that was barely audible as well.
“You listen here,” you said in a strict tone, punctuating it with a gentle smile as you took two handfuls of his tank top to drag him nearer to you. “I’ll tell you a million times if I have to, you have defended and protected me on a handful of occasions and even that doesn’t absolve you of other things you may have done, that’s all you’ve done to me and is therefore all I can judge fairly.”
In that, you had a point. But to Jaehyun, it didn’t work that way. He opened his mouth to reply.
“You just won’t stop,” you said before he could even say anything, pushing both of your closed fists against his chest to push him as far onto his back as the pillows underneath him would allow, which wasn’t too far, but it changed the look on his face. “Even when your resolve is weak and you answer weakly.”
Jaehyun was too occupied controlling the fall of your hips, holding you somewhat over his still crossed legs that you were stretched across. Even if he wasn’t occupied with that, he didn’t have a good reply, so it wouldn’t have made a difference, especially not when you leaned over to place a soft kiss against his cheek, then against his jaw, and then against his neck to elicit a deep inhale, his chest expanding against your clenched hands.
The feel of your tender kisses against his neck wiped all thoughts he had on the matter away in an instant. His eyes fluttered closed in a matter of a second. Maybe he was starved for affection because of the hole he’d dug and kept himself in, and maybe that was his whole infatuation with you, but surely it was more than that. He cared immensely for your well-being, so it was already deeper than superficial especially when that was his primary concern.
“Duchess…” he pleaded. He still needed to get back relatively quickly, his mug of coffee nearing gone that could not be forgotten about. “I still need to get back relatively—”
He hummed into your delicate kiss, collecting his protesting lips against your own in the way you wish he had done last night before heading off to bed. His grip tightened against your hips, leaning up into your kiss only for you to pull away far too soon. While his eyes remained closed for a moment, his teeth ground together—he was stuck between a rock in a hard place having just complained about having to go but also wanting to complain about the transitory nature of that kiss.
Against his better judgment, probably, he turned you both over to put you onto your back, casting himself off to the side of your hips so he could hover over you, the curtain of his fringe tickling your forehead, he was already so close. He looked at you intensely while you met him with a half-smile, your eyes already half-lidded as you looked up at him, a little too alluringly. Delicately, he stroked against your bruised cheek, leaning down to kiss it as lightly as a feather.
“You’re mean to me,” he joked.
“I thought you just said you wanted to take me on a proper date,” you replied with a giggle.
“I don’t think those things are mutually exclusive,” he responded, leaning down to nuzzle his nose against yours, feeding that affection-craving fire in the pit of his stomach. Was it affection-craving or was it you­-craving?
“Sometimes I don’t know how to ask for things properly when I want them, so I come back later and just take it myself,” you said, alluding to the situation from last night when he had chosen to let you go to bed with just a chaste kiss against your knuckles.
“Hmm…” he voiced and leaned over a bit further, dodging your face to sink into the crook of your neck. His lips were a little cold against your skin, placing calculated pecks against your neck that had you trying to shrug him out of it. Despite that, you couldn’t deny the way the goosebumps pushed at the surface of your skin, the way a shiver ripped down your spine that had your eyes falling closed, the way you relished those tender kisses as he kissed up to the curve of your jaw until he was close enough to whisper in your ear. “I think you just want to get me in trouble.”
You hadn’t noticed the way one of your hands had furled in the front of his tank, or the way you were tugging on it to pull him closer to you until he was unfurling your hand from it, just to bring it up and kiss your knuckles a handful of times. He reeled back completely, taking his mug from the table to drink down the rest of his coffee and you knew it was time for him to head out.  
Jaehyun sat on the edge of that pullout, pulling his button-up from the floor to flick it across his shoulders to begin buttoning before your legs appeared on either side of him and you laid your head against his back. The two of you sat for a moment, just like that, before his warm hands tentatively stroked against your legs for a moment before he was standing, and dragging you up by your hands into him for another fleeting moment to press a kiss against your head just to move you to the side to pull the fluffy comforter from the couch to fold it nicely and set it aside. He wouldn’t let you help with the sheets or anything else as he tucked the couch back into its proper form, putting all the cushions and decorative pillows back in their rightful spot.
“I have to go,” he reminded you, taking both of your cheeks in his wide hands, adoring the way one of your hands circled his wrist, while the other tugged him a little closer around his back. He rested his forehead against yours, letting you look into his eyes as deeply as you wanted and you could tell, in that instant, that there were so many layers to Jaehyun that were not only important to know, but that he surely would reveal to you soon.  
“Be good, be safe, I’ll find some potential times for our date, okay?” he asked you, feeling you nod against his head before he gathered your jaw upwards, slanting his mouth across yours for a more ardent kiss than the playful pecks you were dealing before. He kissed you breathless, he seemed to be pretty good at it already, before he was pulling away, reminding you again to be safe which had layers of meaning behind it—he would contact you about your next meeting. The stakes were higher than ever, having decided to commit to you. He was already in too deep, and too many people knew that.
You saw him out, some lingering grasps at each other’s fingers in the early morning hours that felt longing. You reminded him to be safe, as well; the two of you were well versed in the risks already, so you asked him to let you know when he was safe. He was extra cautious exiting your building, unsure if Yejun and friends had known that he spent the night at your place, but he wasn’t going to take any chances being nonchalant. He made a dash for the territory limits, getting out as soon as he could and into streets he was more familiar with, safer in, where he knew somebody would be looking out for him in an apartment window, or shop front.  
He had just hit send on the message he promised confirming his safety when he was met by complete spitfire.
“I guess you think it’s chill to just disappear and spend the night in an unsafe part of the city where people are literally out to kill you now; you’ve got some balls on you,” Johnny mentioned in passing, carrying his cup of coffee when he came across Jaehyun in the entryway of their quarters.
“I don’t recall needing your permission to do anything,” Jaehyun answered quickly. “It’s not as if I just went and didn’t say shit to anyone in the last, I don’t know, six hours. And I don’t recall ever policing any questionable decisions you’ve made, so how about you mind your business?”
Johnny turned to him with the scowl of the devil on his face and approached him. “Sorry, how many times have I dragged you out of almost getting arrested? How many times have I had your back when you were in trouble? And you have the audacity—”
“Nobody asked you to save me, or whatever,” Jaehyun shot back, sizing Johnny up a bit as he stood tall.
“Didn’t think you needed reminding, but this is a family where we look out for each other, not go out and be reckless at the expense of others.”
“The expense of others?” Jaehyun asked with a scoff. He almost had to laugh, he couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. “Have you forgotten why I’m even here? What I went through before you all? Like I haven’t had my run ins with Yejun and friends, before, wait… Taeyong offered me a place to stay?” Jaehyun asked, tapping his chin in fake thought. “Get the fuck out of my face.”
“Knock it the fuck off,” Taeyong growled, taking a seat with his breakfast at the table that was just beyond the entry way through an arching doorway. “Not that Jaehyun needs signing off, but I did confirm his stay. I know you haven’t liked her from the beginning, but Jaehyun’s right. He’s been through the most, especially in regards to Yejun. Not to mention, he’s a grown man, and you’re not his mother,” Taeyong said, taking a spoonful of soup to drink it down as he stared straight ahead before Yuta and a few others joined him at the table.
“There’s hot breakfast in the kitchen for everyone, if you’re hungry, Jaehyun,” Yuta mentioned, taking his seat across from Taeyong.
Johnny was intent on making his point made, however, and forced Jaehyun to duck around him in order to make it to the kitchen, but not without giving him a look that meant he should watch himself. Jaehyun dished himself some breakfast and took a seat at the table with the others, sipping his second cup of coffee; yours tasted better.
The next few days continued tensely between Jaehyun and the rest of the crew with Johnny always having something to chirp about when Jaehyun was engrossed in his phone, probably having a conversation with you, but was hushed whenever he came around. Jaehyun wasn’t stupid, but he also wasn’t sure what Johnny’s purpose was trying to turn everyone against him when he probably didn’t even know the facts.
From what Jaehyun had gathered, Johnny was convinced you were some type of secret agent out to trap him and the rest of them; for what, he couldn’t be sure. Sure they were a group of misfits who vandalized buildings, and while that was against the law, if you were a secret agent and were trying to trap anyone then you should have been directing your efforts to the illegal dealings of Yejun and friends. And in the chance that the entire thing was fabricated, and Jaehyun was pretty sure that it was because why would you make such an effort to check on and take care of him just to try to throw them in jail, then what really was the purpose behind any of it? Johnny could just as easily make up something about anyone any of them knew.
One very serious point of tension between him and Johnny arose on a night Jaehyun opted to stay home from a paint. He still had a lot of thoughts about the situation swirling in his mind concerning your safety and the issues with Yejun and coming to the conclusion that he would eventually have to be resolved, somehow; the tension came when Jaehyun intentionally ignored a handful of calls from Johnny. Although it was unusual for Johnny to call more than once, and Jaehyun may have been in the wrong mindset, he was still pretty put off with the older for gossiping so much about Jaehyun’s affairs.
“I don’t get attached.”
“It’s not that easy anymore.”
“That’s against Jaehyun’s entire etiquette.”
These phrases made Jaehyun’s head want to explode, spinning around like crazy, and the incessant chiming of his phone wasn’t helping at all, especially not when he noticed a different contact rolling across his screen. Taeyong.
“We need backup at the warehouse, now.” Taeyong’s voice was stressed and urgent, not even hanging up the phone to allow Jaehyun to hear a couple of yells before hanging up the phone and jumping into his shoes to fly out the door, bringing whoever was around to help which included Jungwoo and Doyoung.  
Even though the warehouse wasn’t far, it was already dark, and there were dangers quite literally everywhere considering the warehouse bordered the territories. It was a cautious trip, quiet, knives drawn for protection before coming across the scene with great haste. A few couples engaged in combat, some hand to hand, some in stand-offs waiting for the other to make the first move. Taeyong yelled, motioning to Johnny who was having a hard time pushing away from the ground. Jaehyun found him first, gathering him under the arms to drag him back towards the warehouse. He didn’t look overly wounded, considering. His face was a little beaten, and obviously there was something preventing him from standing.
“What’s wrong with you?” Jaehyun asked urgently so that he could better assess what to do in the approaching minutes.
“I got swept from behind, my ankles beat but I don’t think it’s broken,” he hissed with a wince as Jaehyun made his way around to roll up the jeans on the indicated ankle and feel around for a moment. It definitely was swollen, probably rolled, nothing else felt out of place. He urged Jungwoo to rush over in a hurry to get Johnny somewhere else just in time to turn to catch the arm of Yejun.
“Don’t you know when to quit?” Jaehyun asked, somewhat annoyed as he fended the blow off.
He observed Yejun’s face, healing from those wounds you gave him just a few days prior. They would scar nastily; he could already tell. He wanted to spar, Jaehyun was ready for it and countered his attack. Knives clashed, ringing through the alleyway behind the warehouse as Jaehyun set his feet. The number one rule of knife fighting is disarming your opponent as quickly as possible. While most people are inclined to go for highly injuring strikes, Jaehyun focused on picking at the hand Yejun wielded his knife in, nicking his knuckles and fingers, the back of his hand here and there.
“Your little princess isn’t present,” Yejun teased.
“Yeah, she won’t be here to help you this time,” Jaehyun growled back, reminding him of the last time when Jaehyun had him in a vice-grip ready to choke him until the lights went out. Yejun snarled, having to admit defeat on that one but he wouldn’t be taken advantage of so easily this time.
Jaehyun was quick, alert, he knew what he needed to do, and that was avoid any more injuries. He dodged Yejun’s attacks like an elegant dancer, moving across the stage to high-tempo music. He needed to end it, to get Johnny and the rest of them out of there, especially as sirens began looming. No doubt residence of the area heard the commotion, they always seemed to be on top of it when shit was hitting the fan.
It wasn’t long before Yejun’s men were finally starting to fall back, attempting to disappear into the shadows to avoid what could be inevitable.
“You better go,” Jaehyun commented, “your boys are falling back left and right, wouldn’t want to be left to the wolves, would you?”
Yejun queued a nasty retort, but didn’t end up giving it, having been told he’d have to finish up later before he finally sunk into the shadows of the buildings, too. Yuta was already looking Johnny over for a moment, finally getting him to his feet. His ankle was tender to walk on, but he’d have to make somewhat of a trek, at least some distance away from where the police would be looking. Jaehyun was on watch, making sure nobody was lurking in the shadows, keeping track of foot police and routing their way through the alleys, eventually making it back.
The door slammed with everyone having made it in. Yuta was tending to Johnny in the other room as Taeyong paced in front of a waiting Jaehyun. He knew already there was a licking to be had, he had been busted intentionally ignoring Johnny’s calls, there was no doubt.
“I know you and John are having a disagreement right now,” Taeyong said calmly. That was the best Jaehyun could hope for.  “But you know as well as anyone else that number one, he doesn’t want to talk to you unless he needs to, and number two, when you are being reached out to more than once in a short time-span, don’t you think it might be important?”
His voice was raised by the end of that statement and he was face to face with Jaehyun, although Jaehyun was a bit taller. He swallowed hard; considering the circumstances, it could have been much worse, and that was his only saving grace.
“It was my mistake, I let my feelings get the best of me; it won’t happen again.”
“I support the things you’re trying to do. I support your personal relationships and no matter what anyone says, they are yours to handle. But don’t forget there is more to this family than Johnny. There is more to this family than you. We have all come together over common issues, and we must only allow that to make us stronger. When you are called upon, it is your obligation to answer it, as it is for all of us,” Taeyong lectured, giving Jaehyun a good reminder that it was that family who came to his rescue when he was about to bleed out on the side of the road after sustaining traumatic injuries that could have, would have, and quite frankly should have ended his life. A traumatic injury that gave him the scar he looked at the most. Habitually, he reeled his hand back to place against his right side abdomen, able to feel those thirty-nine staples like they were fresh all over again.
“Yes, of course, Taeyong. It won’t happen again,” he reiterated, his voice a bit weaker this time.
“Don’t butt hot heads with Johnny; as a favor to yourself and to your duchess,” Taeyong reminded, clapping a hand down on the younger boy’s shoulder as he referred to you by Jaehyun’s most-used petname for you.
Tightlipped, Jaehyun just nodded, letting the advice lead to a handful of scenarios play out in his head, weighing the consequences of being on the wrong side of Johnny Suh and what that might mean for you.
Even when Taeyong stepped away, having cooled off a little bit and leaving Jaehyun with what he would consider an entire escape from the potential wrath of the situation, the younger male still couldn’t help but press his hand tight against that scar, as if he was holding himself together all over again to the best of his abilities, almost feeling the warmth of his blood seep through his torn shirt and run across his hand. He could almost feel the sting, feel the dizziness, the absolute nausea at the thought of that being the end of his road.  Jaehyun tightened his jaw, meeting eyes with Yuta and then Johnny in the other room for only a moment before turning to blaze back to his room.
Speaking of his duchess, he was supposed to update you on a good time for the date he had planned. He finessed his phone from his pocket to construct a somewhat lengthy text about the plan to pick you up, to take the train into the city; he wouldn’t spoil all of the details to the trip, but he advised that you dressed casually. After finally proofreading his text more times than one could count on two hands and finally hitting send, he opted to shower to clear his mind of the situation that had just unfolded. It was already somewhat late into the evening, so he didn’t expect you to reply immediately if at all.
But you were always wide awake at that hour. It was late, but you were lounging in bed with the tableside lamp on scrolling on your phone when you received his text. It brought a tinge of a smile to your face, but it would be difficult to pick a good day for his lengthy plans. Your next day off from work was five days in the future; it would be the best you could give him. You replied to him with such information, reassuring him that you were excited to actually go out and do something with him during normal hours. When he had mentioned that he wanted to give you some sense of normalcy as the least he could do if you were going to stick by his side, it felt weird at first. Was there even a normal with Jaehyun? But meeting up in unfavorable circumstances in the early morning hours wasn’t the best.
You had to work in less than eight hours, so instead of waiting for Jaehyun to reply, you placed your phone on the charger and clicked your lamp off to cozy up under your covers and try your best to drift off to sleep.  Jaehyun, after receiving your message, did the same, continuing to attempt to get Taeyong’s words through his head about Johnny. The family is bigger than Johnny, bigger than you. He knew that meant that a spat between them was trivial at best, especially about this, in the grand scheme of things; but he’d be lying if he said Johnny’s blatant apathy to the situation didn’t boil his blood. As Yuta said, it wasn’t so simple, and although Jaehyun could have taken a different path, it wasn’t the one he took and it was, as discussed, far too late to turn back for a handful of reasons.
Still, after laying his head on his flat pillow, tugging his thin quilt over his body, reminiscing of the comfort of your pull-out couch and how luxurious it felt by comparison, John’s rough attitude about himself and you continued to pick at his every nerve. He could only hope that Taeyong gave Johnny a similar talk, that it wasn’t about him, or about Jaehyun, but it was about the unit, about the family, and that any beef he had with Jaehyun was negligible compared to the struggles they’ve had to face in the past, the struggles that kept them together and alive. And only that provided him enough solace to finally fall asleep.
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01solarsmiles · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
synopsis: before christmas, you and your niece wrote a letter to santa, asking for things that each wanted. this year, you’re struggling to make ends meet despite your standing. everything seems okay to the outside, you have a boyfriend who makes money, a loving family who supports you through everything but why is it you can’t remember the last time you saw your family – with your boyfriend? why are you struggling if your boyfriend owns a swanky penthouse? only so much can slide by and one fateful day you encounter someone you hadn’t seen in a long time. then it all goes pear shaped.
tl;dr: jaehyun saves you when you need it most.
genre: fantasy au, christmas au kinda not so much anymore, jaehyun goes soft.
tw: physical abuse ((not from jaehyun) content has been removed but full thing can be read on ao3 [here] if you so wish).
warnings: alcohol consumption (not excessive). swearing here and there.
wordcount: 9.4k
Tumblr media
a/n: i got carried away. majorly. i started writing this like two weeks after i released the last one. i couldn’t let it rest, there was so much i wanted to do. mostly i wanted to bring him back but it ended up with a lot of plot so, there. also jaehyun is giving off kang taeoh in run on vibes for me. kissable. loveable. want to cuddle. to list a few. ngl there was a point where i almost killed off the oc bc i had “dreamy” spotify playlist playing and it just seemed like the music they play when a beloved character dies in a movie. n e way.
Tumblr media
It was early January and the department store was brightly lit, tiled floors gleaming and chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings, giving off the impression that it wasn’t dark outside like it usually is this time of year. Currently, you were glued at the jewellery counter in the middle of the store, by yourself, peering into the glass countertops as you tried to find something nice for your sister for her birthday present this year. In the distance, you could hear the faint singing of Ariana Grande over the speakers dotted throughout the store. At a glance, it was a high-class department store, typically only serving those who looked like they could afford to be there and occasionally turning their noses up at the ones who treated it like a tourist attraction.
You softly sing-along, turning your attention to the next glass display when your eyes catch on to a glimmering necklace, that wholly captures your attention. It was simple, a gold necklace with a t-bar at the bottom made to look like a smile to make it look more elegant. Gliding towards the piece your eyes scan over it but widen when you notice the label hanging off of it. You halt your singing to gnaw at your lip, debating whether or not you should buy it anyway — Dan-ah had been looking out for you for years and had bought you food shopping on more than one occasion when you hadn’t been able to.
With every fibre of your being, you wanted to get this for her. She had always been one to insist on something more practical but you had run out of ‘practical’ ideas, knowing full-well that your sister had everything she could get some use out of. This time, you just wanted to get her something with a little meaning behind it that she could wear every day.
You could always dip into some savings you had stashed away. This was the best way you could think of repaying her back, after everything she’s done for you over the years, even though you know it will never be enough nor will it ever live up to all the times she’s come through for you when you needed it most.
You stuff your hand into your bag, rummaging around for your purse. Eventually, your fingers recognise the soft suede of your purse and pull it out, opening it up to look at the notes inside. When you peer inside you could practically see the moths flying out to emphasise just how skint you were at the moment. Thumbing the two notes you do have crumpled in there, you debate in your head if it’s truly worth it. Your credit cards stare back at you from below your vacant stare on your driver’s license, payments overdue and debit card drained… you know you shouldn’t but you’re so tempted. It was gorgeous and it was something that you wouldn’t mind being gifted… but you knew that wasn’t happening any time soon; instead you turn back to the pair of earrings you had been looking at previously, less flashy and less pricey but much more affordable.
“Those please,” you gesture to the earrings, the same ones that you had been staring at for the past half an hour as the store attendants offered wary looks in your direction, wondering when you were going to buy something.
The assistant nodded, eyes flickering over your face and swiftly moving to wrap up your box and put it in an overly-fancy bag, one to match the other equally overly-fancy bags sitting at your feet.
You were convinced the only reason they hadn’t pressed you to make your decision quicker was because of the branded bags you were carrying around.
“That’ll be forty-two thousand won please.”
You slip your sunglasses back over your eyes and pull out your credit card against better judgement, telling yourself that the bank will let it slide since it’s just gone Christmas and you couldn’t be the only one going through financial struggles at this time of year. Before you could change your mind, you tap in your pin and wait for the payment to go through, teeth nibbling at your lower lip. The machine pings and shows a ‘PAYMENT ACCEPTED’ and you let out a breath you didn’t realise you’d been holding. You pull the card out and put it back in your purse, stowed away until the next time you ignore your inner monologue. Only a few more times, you think to yourself, it’ll stop soon.
“Here you go. Have a nice day Ma’am and we hope you’ll come back again soon.”
“Thank you,” you return, a tight smile on your face. Your fingers wrap around the handles of the bag and you make your way out of the store, keeping your head high. Ignoring the tempting smell of the perfume counter, you continue your walk through the store as you head towards the exit onto the high-street.
For a moment, you fumble with your bags to open the door but a young man swoops in, a blur of faded pink hair, swinging the door open for you with a kind smile on his face. He was dressed in a two-piece suit, with an earpiece tucked into his ear and had a name tag above his breast pocket. Pausing, you lift your sunglasses to read it, “Mark. Thank you, Mark.”
The acknowledgement made him momentarily turn shy, his eyes wide and a light blush tinting the apples of his cheeks as he stumbled for words, “It’s just my job, Miss.”
“Well,” you begin, waiting for his eyes to meet yours as you try to ignore the flicker of his eyes over the dark patch surrounding your left eye, “it’s greatly appreciated,” you lift the many bags you’d been carrying around and step out of the door as he lowers into a bow, one that you send a nod back to as you rest your sunglasses back in place. The door closes softly behind you.
When you step out, the bustling people flow steadily, making it a challenge as you merge with them but you keep your pace despite the weight hanging off your wrists. A few people throw odd glances at you in sunglasses considering the sun had gone down but you ignore them, knowing it would only disturb them more if you took them off completely.
Although it was dark, the Christmas lights were still strung over the high-street kept the atmosphere alive, brightening the walk back to your car. People were chattering amongst themselves, excited for this time of year and the after-Christmas sales. Some younger children waddled in their coats that their mother’s had swaddled them in along the path. The tree had been lit months ago and the Christmas stalls had started winding down, making this the best time of year to visit considering the sales and the glow from the tail-end of Christmas just passed. Apart from the occasional flicker of a light here and there, everything was perfectly set up. You made your way into a parking lot, heading towards the tell-tale bleep of your car as you unlocked it with your keys. You wave your foot under the boot of the car where the sensor picks up the movement and opens the boot.
Once you’ve put the bags in the boot of the car you get in the driver’s seat, locking the doors as you do. You pull down the sun visor and lift your sunglasses from your face to inspect your eye, throwing them down on the seat beside you. At this rate, the makeup you had put on this morning wasn’t going to cover the purple bruise that only seemed to darken as the day went on for much longer.
You tap around the area of your eye, wincing at the contact, “Sugar,” you curse, a habit you had adopted after babysitting your niece as often as you did. You apply pressure again, this time it really hits you; you know why it’s like this and yet you can’t seem to do anything right to fix it. All of these thoughts swirling in your head forces tears to well in your eyes. Instinctively, you pull the sleeve of your top over your knuckles and wipe your eyes.
Taking in a deep breath, you focus on the rise and fall of your chest. It calms you down enough to untie your coat and to buckle your seatbelt, ready to drive off. You do your cursory glance in the rearview mirror.
What the hell was that?
You could’ve sworn you saw someone sat in the back seat, dressed in a red, sparkly suit.
You whip your head around, hair hitting you in the face, only to be faced with nothing. You let your heart race for a moment longer, “Nothing, there was nothing… why would there be someone?” you mutter to yourself as you turn around, moving the gear stick into reverse. Checking your blind spots before moving off, you reverse when it’s clear to do so but before turning to move the steering you notice the subtle glitter across the back seats of the car.
For a moment, you stare at the back seat; your eyes zone in on the middle one, noticing the imprint of where someone had been sitting on the plush interior. How could someone have gotten in and out without you knowing? Someone definitely had to have been sitting there otherwise there wouldn’t be a dent right now, but who – and when?
You stay still, sure that you’re imagining things. An impatient car beeps it’s horn at you, bringing you out of your haze.
You shake your head and pull out, quickly apologising to the driver behind you with a wave of your hand and drive out of the parking lot.
When you get to your apartment block, you put the effort into ignoring the glitter on your backseat when you get out of the car because pretending like you’d never seen it in the first place was the only way you were going to get through the next steps of your day. Walking across the underground parking lot, you greet the doorman and head towards the lift. He says nothing about the sunglasses – now resting on your face again – and offers a small bow in response. You pull your lips into a thin smile and step into the lift when it eventually pings. Once inside, you breathe out a sigh of relief and let your shoulders sag, releasing any tension from the day whilst doing so. You lean your head back until it touches the mirror behind you and you close your eyes, focusing on the low hum as it ascended the levels.
“Tough day, huh?”
Startled, you shriek and drop the bags you had been clinging on to and jump back, hitting your head on the glass.
You look to who has just spoken to you. From behind your sunglasses, you notice the glimmer of a red sparkly suit and a bright smile, belonging to none other than, “Jaehyun.”
“No concussion, then?”
“P-pardon?” you stammer, still in shock.
He’s leaning against the wall opposite you, hands casually resting in his trouser pockets, hair pushed back from his face and eyes trained on you. He oozes confidence and you were pretty sure that it was in his aura too, along with the faint smell of what you could only describe to be… peppermint candy canes. The bronze rimmed handlebar in the lift usually shined bright from being waxed each morning but against Jaehyun it looked dull. His face was tan, a healthy colour — something that you hadn’t been able to replicate with copious amounts of skincare products and fake tan sessions for a while now — and his skin was smooth, eyes lighter than you remember and hair effortlessly pushed back off of his forehead, a dusty brown colour that you had an urge to card your fingers through, to see if it was as soft as you remember.
“When you hit your head,” he says, eyes still watching you, “I was hoping you didn’t get a concussion. It was a little loud when you hit it; I could only assume it hurt.”
You stand frozen, not sure what to do or say next. You weren’t sure of anything anymore, not after last year’s Christmas. That was probably the last time you felt genuinely happy but you were convinced you had dreamt the entire night. Jaehyun had appeared, frolicked around your sister’s kitchen and fucked you against the kitchen counter… and never returned, barring a few erotic dreams that you refused to acknowledge. Until, now.
Sensing that you were still wary, he chooses to continue, “I missed you.”
At this point, your brain short-circuits and your mouth goes dry. “Missed me?”
“But you seemed to get on just fine without me,” he frowns, more to himself than to you. He looks hurt. Why did he look hurt?
“You missed me,” you sound out the syllables, finger drifting between your two bodies in an attempt to act out his words to help make them somewhat clearer.
He nods, allowing a smile to lift his features when his gaze meets yours again, “Yeah.”
You scoff and cross your arms across your chest, “I find that hard to believe. You disappeared before I even made it out of the bathroom. I waited around for you to see if you’d come back,” you pause, eyeing him up and down, “you didn’t,” you spat, making him wince at your words, “now look where I am.”
You roll your eyes and lean down to pick up the bags once again as you near your floor. When you straighten your spine again you stand alert, deciding on pretending like he wasn’t there was the best bet you had at escaping him.
He pushes himself off of the wall he was leant up against, pulling his hand out of his pocket as he moves to rest his hand on the bronze handlebar behind you. You stiffen before forcing yourself to relax. He almost didn’t notice. Almost.
Thinking it best not to push it, he retracts his hand and pushes it back into his trouser pocket, however, his eyes don’t leave your body, trying to see why you were being so cold. Surely it couldn’t be because he left, right? He left a letter — which is more than what he usually would, not mentioning the new pair of panties he left behind too, something that could get him in a lot of trouble if it was ever mentioned to the higher-ups. But it never came to their attention. If you really were mad at him he would’ve been kicked out with nothing but the clothes on his body, left to fend for himself in the big, wide world but here he was, happy and healthy — two things that noticeably, you weren’t.
Perhaps the uncertainty of it all was what convinced Jaehyun to switch tactics, settling on testing the waters to see where you were at.
Jaehyun decides on a different approach, “How are… things?”
Okay, he wasn’t used to this; give the man a break.
You ignore him.
He tries again. “How are you?”
The lift pings, signalling that you’d reached your level. You step out, wordlessly. Jaehyun follows close behind, not wanting to lose this opportunity to be here, talking to you.
“What have you been up to this year? I know you had to write a letter last time for me to visit but I came unannounced because… y’know, because I wanted to see you,” His words fall on deaf ears despite there being no obvious reason as to why you would be brushing him off so bluntly.
The sound of your heels on the flooring reverberates off the walls, making Jaehyun take the time to take in his surroundings. Jaehyun whistles, as you walk through the hallway. It was wide and expensive-looking, a singular potted plant seated by the only door on this floor. “Penthouse,” he whispers to himself, “I knew you’d gotten on well but I didn’t know how well.”
He watches as you fumble around before pressing your keycard against the door, beeping to let you in. He had been looking at the doormat in front of the door — Come back when you have tacos & booze — when he notices your feet. His focus was on your ankles in particular. They were bruised all the way round to the back and from the angle he was standing, he could see the tiny cuts on the front of your feet, mostly hidden by the tan tights you had worn.
You slam the door shut behind you. Jaehyun hadn’t even realised that you’d gone in, too shocked at the state of your feet.
He rushes to the door, wanting to talk to you, and knocks a few times. When he gets no response other than a few grunts he disappears in a cloud of red glitter.
Cautiously, you move towards the door in your slippers and crack the door open, peering out into the hallway. You note the cloud of glitter falling to the floor and breathe out a sigh of relief, hand over heart. This convinces you to open the door all the way to bend down and pick up the parcel that had been left by your door. When you turn back into the apartment the door clicks close behind you. You pad through to the kitchen and put down your parcel on the counter. When you step back from it, you place a hand on your forehead and push back the hair that had fallen into your face.
For the second time within ten minutes, you shriek, almost knocking the box off of the counter in surprise.
This time, when you turn to see who had freaked you out, you come face to face with your boyfriend.
He raises an eyebrow at you, suspicious of your actions, “This is my place, you know. You shouldn’t be so scared about me being here.”
There he was: all six feet, clear skin and bleached hair of him, your boyfriend. Not Jaehyun. There was little reason to assume he was going to be better than when Jaehyun was here.
Hesitating, you speak slowly after gulping, “Yeah,” you smile wide, turning on your sickly sweet voice, “of course! I know it’s your place, silly,” you say, too enthusiastically.
His face hardens, “Where did you go?”
Without missing a beat, you reply with your practised response, “To buy my sister her Birthday present. She mentioned seeing something so I went out to buy it for her; I wasn’t out for long.”
“You missed the parcel,” his jaw ticks.
“I-I wasn’t gone that long.”
“You missed the parcel,” his voice doesn’t sound very forgiving and his eyes harden.
“Nobody would’ve seen it; we-we’re on the top floor and like I said I-I wasn’t—”
He grabs your wrist that was waving about, trying to dismiss the topic, “Wasn’t gone long. Yeah, I got that,” he snarls.
Your lips remained sealed, too frightened to open them. Pain coursed through your body as his grip on your wrist tightened, not letting up even when you whimpered from his grip.
“Soobin, please,” you whisper, “you’re hurting me.”
“You told me you weren’t going out until after the parcel arrived,” he leaned in close, hot breath fanning your face, “you promised.”
You turn your face so it’s not facing him. He cannot see the tears as they brim in your eyes. It never goes down well when he does, “Baby, I —“
Harshly, he grips your jaw and forces you to look at him, pressing hard into the bone underneath, “You won’t do it again, will you?”
Your eyes widen at the proximity before you squeeze them shut tightly. You have a hand pressed against his chest, using all the strength you can muster into keeping him as far as possible.
“Say it,” he hisses.
Spluttering, you manage, “I won’t, Soobin, baby, I pr-promise. I won’t do it again, I-I swear.”
He throws you against the counter, satisfied with your answer, before muttering something about you under his breath. You decide not to listen to whatever it is, knowing that it will only hurt you more if you do. You’ve learnt by now that it’s best to tap out whenever you can before it can anger him any more. He stalks into the living room, spotless at no expense of his, and sits down in the middle of the sofa, stretches his feet out onto the coffee table in front of him, which makes you wince, knowing how long it had taken you to clean the finger-marks out of it the last time. He reaches for the tv remote, flicking it on to whatever channel he deemed acceptable tonight.
“I’m hungry.”
You get to work about making dinner.
Tumblr media
A week later, you find yourself sitting in the middle of the living room, cross-legged in the space under the tv and between the coffee table. The plush rug beneath you served as comfort for your sore legs as you wrapped up your sister’s Birthday present. The Christmas tree you had begged Soobin to let you put up softly glows against your face as you stick down the last piece of sellotape to secure the wrapping paper in place. You should take it down soon, before he kicks up a fuss.
Your boyfriend had gone out and taken the keys to your car with him. He had said something about teaching you a lesson and gone out drinking with his friends. You rest your chin on your knees and let your fingers fiddle with the hem of your oversized lounge hoodie that had rabbit ears on the hood that you liked to play with.
You scramble for your phone, hastily dropping the hem of the hoodie you had been fiddling with to see who had texted you.
Tumblr media
Sighing, you tap out a message to your friend.
Tumblr media
She wastes no time replying, knowing you’ll mentally shut off if she doesn’t catch you right away.
Tumblr media
You bite your lip, thinking it over in your head. If Soobin was out drinking with his friends, why couldn’t you? Plus, you’re more than capable of making it home before he does. He likes to stay out late and tends to crash at someone’s house afterwards. A giddy feeling swells in your chest.
Tumblr media
You drop your phone on the coffee table and run with your sister’s present tucked under your arm to the bedroom, hiding it away with all of the other things you kept for yourself in your wardrobe. When you’re busy stuffing the piles of clothes and shoes around the presents a small parcel catches your eye, something you know you hadn’t bought.
You pull it out. A brand new pair of panties tied in green tissue paper and red tweed. When you pull it closer to your crouching frame, a note falls from underneath it. When you see the handwriting your heart skips a beat but you play it off, scoffing, on the off-chance that he was watching you somehow. You felt like you were being watched.
“Goddamnit, Jaehyun,” you mutter and push the parcel back under your clothes, reaching for the note.
It was a simple note, about the size of a postcard, red and — you guessed it — glittery (there must be a big sale on red glitter wherever he comes from, you think) on one side with a handwritten note on the other. Your eyes scan over the message:
What happened to the last pair? :( ~Jae
You rolled your eyes and tossed it amongst your things, reaching for a dress you had saved for nights out. Unsurprisingly, it still had the tag on the back. It was a deep emerald colour, stopping below the chub of your thigh and tied around your back by straps. You’d bought it on a whim and had never been faced with the opportunity to use it. Smiling to yourself, you slipped it on and made your way out, grabbing a jacket that complimented your dress as you left.
Tumblr media
It was 2 am. You’d never stayed out this late after getting with Soobin. You were two shots away from passing out face-first into the lap of whatever stranger you were sat next to. The odds were not in your favour tonight.
Hyejin had started you off lightly at a karaoke bar where you and a few girl-friends sang songs until your throats were raw before deciding on heading out to the next place. You were currently laying in a booth together at your third bar. One of the other girls had bought a friend and she was perched awkwardly at the edge of the booth, having deemed herself the sober friend for the night. She tried her best to keep you two in the same place before someone called it a night. Night-life had always been your thing, especially when you were out with Hyejin; she knew how to party and she knew how to party well. As far as Ke$ha’s song goes, the party doesn’t start until Hyejin walks in. Hyejin could’ve been the inspiration behind that song for all you knew. Girl was wild.
Which was why you were thrown off a little when she admitted to being in over her head tonight.
“Huh?” You blubbered.
“S’all bit much t’night,” she manages to say, her head rolling.
“The clubbing?” you quiz, head hazy from the tequila you had oh-so diligently drunk when the girls were buying rounds
She shakes her head, “Drinks,” she slurs, “haven’t drunk this much since before you got with…” she pauses trying to remember his name, “that awful boyfriend you have.”
You giggle at her statement, ignoring the sharp pang in your chest at her words. How was she to know she was bang-on?
“Keeps you locked away from me,” she pouts, moving her head to face you, lips wavering as she raises a hand to sloppily run it along your face, “I miss you,” her eyes well up. You raise your head, gradually pushing yourself up against the headrest in the booth.
“Miss you too,” you rest your hand on hers, you fight off a hiccup but lose so you sigh, “wish I could come out more with you.”
Hyejin starts to bawl and pushes her matted hair from out of her face so she could wail into the palms of her hands, “It’s no fun without you! I don’t ever go out anymore. I just want you back.”
“Hyejinnie,” your lip begins to quiver, the two of you are in your own world, now opting to hug each other tightly, not letting go, “I don’t have enough money to come out anymore.”
“But you live in that shmancy apartment with loverboy!”
Tears roll down your cheek, “Yeah,” you whisper as you run a hand through her hair, “I do.”
The girl who had been sitting at the edge of the booth — Jisoo — tugs your arm lightly, gaining your attention. She’s holding your phone in her left hand and she’s talking but the words aren’t registering, half because the club music was booming through the speakers and half because you could just about make out the name written across the screen of your lit-up phone.
“…He’s been ringing for ten minutes,” she frowns, “you’re lucky you have someone who cares so much about you — why didn’t you tell him you were going out?”
You remain silent, the tear tracks drying on your face, making your skin feel tighter than it already was at the thought of your boyfriend knowing that you’d gone out. Without his permission.
Knowing you were going to have to say something soon, you move your mouth, trying to form words to reply but nothing leaves. Hyejin stirs, her head lifting from where it had been resting in the curve of your neck, “You can go. I know he misses you.”
Jisoo lifts the phone back to her ear, returning to your impatient boyfriend’s frantic talking through the phone. “Yeah, she’s still here,” she glances at you, ignoring the frightened look on your face, “she’s a little drunk, yeah. Think she might need picking up.”
“No!” you lunge for your phone, knocking Jisoo over and winding her. She scowls, goes to argue with you but you’re haphazardly scrambling over her, phone clutched between your fingers as you stumble towards the bathroom to talk to Soobin without any unwanted interruptions.
“Y/N, is that you? Are you there, Y/N?”
“Haha,” you nervously laugh, sobering by the second, “yeah, I’m here. What’s up, baby?” You can see the bathroom in sight. You almost knock over an empty vase in the desolate hallway, cursing under your breath, who puts out empty vases as decoration?
“Y/N,” his voice is calm. You swing open the bathroom door and move to one of the stalls, fumbling with the lock for a second too long, “Y/N,” his voice is sterner.
“Here! Am here,” you stutter out over the phone, sitting down on the closed toilet lid.
“Did you hear what I said? I’m on my way; we’ve got a lot to talk about.”
He ends the call. He didn’t even ask where you were. Jisoo probably already told him anyway.
You weep.
He dragged you to his car when he found you. He was polite in front of Jisoo but he had a tight grip around the back of your neck the whole time. He pushed you into the passenger side and got in on his side. He didn’t speak a word, not even when you tried your best to breach a conversation with him, cutting you off with a hand across your face at a red light, abruptly shutting you up for the rest of the ride home.
Tumblr media
[somewhere north, cold and oddly glittery]
Jaehyun had been standing in the middle of his attic, staring into the suspended crystal ball that took up most of the space there. He watched as the scenes flashed before his eyes.
It was something he had chosen not to do for the past year. It had been dusty and in need of a good shining. Four days after leaving your apartment, he had given in to the urge to see what had you so stoic with him and why your feet looked the way they did. He was worried, damnit. So he got to work, throwing his suit jacket over a plush crimson chair with no armrests as he went about washing it with his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows.
Two weeks later, a handful of days before the big day, he’s standing in front of the suspended orb. He couldn’t bring himself to check in on you just yet and so after he had cleaned it, it had sat diligently on a lake in Japan with Fuji in the background.
“Uh, Jaehyun,” someone had interrupted.
He turned, noticing his assistant, Haechan, “Mhm?”
“They’re looking for you down on the floor.”
“I’m not home right now.”
Haechan shifts uncomfortably from side to side. Jaehyun sighs, giving in, “What is it?”
“There’s a little girl… a protocol distress call came in. Normally I wouldn’t ask but the higher-ups insisted I speak to you. She’s, uh, wished for a new home for her Aunt. I know it’s more in someone else’s department but they ran it through every wishing department too, including Christmas despite there being a long wait.”
Jaehyun’s eyebrows knit together, “I don’t see the issue, kids ask for things like this every now and then. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, just wishful thinking, the whole basis of the wish system. Send it over to another department that’s more equipped for this.”
“It’s not the wish we were concerned about,” Haechan gulps, knuckles whitening as his grip tightens on the door handle, “it’s the memory that came with it.”
Jaehyun freezes, every possible scenario running through his head as to what this may be. Could the little girl be living with her Aunt? Were they going through a rough patch and it’d flagged on the system, triggering a protocol investigation? Was the girl in danger?
Usually, they were dealt with by the part-timers down on the shop floor, rarely hearing a peep out of them as they were qualified to deal with these kinds of things quickly and effectively. They were the usual run-of-the-mill occurrences but they had to be flagged to be seen by a human before it was dealt with accordingly.
Haechan clears his throat and shakes his lilac hair out of his face, pulling Jaehyun from his train of thoughts. “I’ll be down. Let me just grab my jacket.” Haechan nods before scurrying away — an odd act from him considering he was usually bouncing around the shop, cheering everyone up with his shenanigans or annoying them with his mischief. He only wanted to play.
Jaehyun spares a glance at the oversized bowling ball hanging from the ceiling before tapping it with his forefinger twice, effectively shielding it from view with a veil brought on by his magic.
Moments later, Jaehyun found himself walking across the shop floor. It was crowded down there. Why is it so crowded? He thought to himself, only for his question to be answered when he averts his attention to the levitating jumbo screen.
On the screen was a memory. A nasty memory. It was riddled with blur from tears and fog that almost covered what was happening in the memory. The technician pressed a few buttons, eliciting a gasp from everyone as he cleared the image up on the screen. There it was, in 8K. It couldn’t have been clearer if Jaehyun had been there himself. He knew this little girl, he realised. Her letter came in the previous year moments before one that stirred something in him, the sole reason he had ventured back to the holistic world this time around. Her face had flashed across the screen, a small bio on her with minimal information pasted against the contents of her letter followed by her Aunt’s profile, a little more detailed due to her age and her letter with her cursive handwriting that she had been practicing for years.
“Song Mina,” he mutters.
“Kim Mina,” Haechan emphasises from beside him, worry etched on his face, “although her mother’s maiden name is Song.”
“Daughter of Kim Doyoung and Kim Dan-ah, previously Song,” Jaehyun says, “And that’s her Aunt, Song Y/N, in the memory.”
Haechan waves someone over, “This is the guy who noticed it. He’s trained in this field and has offered to go out himself to sort it, Johnny, this is Jaehyun.”
Johnny smiles, offers his hand. He’s professional if Jaehyun’s ever seen it, dressed like an uptown lawyer, which was, in Jaehyun’s opinion, a little much for this line of work but impressive nonetheless. He was tall but carried his frame well. The only thing that didn’t go with his lawyer theme was the dusty blond hair that framed his face, occasionally getting in the way, offsetting the rest of his look. “I’m prepared to go right now, all I need is a word of approval from you and I’m good to go. It’ll all be sorted by nightfall.”
Holding a hand up, Jaehyun stops Johnny from saying much more, “I’m going.”
Johnny goes to stop him but Jaehyun is already running back up the stairs, two at a time, to the attic to uncover the crystal ball. He’s tapping his foot on the floorboards as he impatiently waits for it to load what he wants to see — you.
There you are, laying on the floor, curled into a ball, no less than ten feet from the teary-eyed Mina in your apartment, your boyfriend looming over you as he spits in your face, cursing you with every name under the sun in existence. He switches languages, slurring you so your niece wouldn’t understand but so that she would know you were being belittled in front of her. You must’ve been babysitting for the afternoon, something you liked doing, Jaehyun had gathered that much after seeing you interact with her over Christmas. Soobin was still shouting at you. Jaehyun places two hands on the ball and forces it to the left, spinning the angle, grunting from the force he puts into it. What it didn’t show in the memory was he was punching you in your gut repeatedly despite your wails and consistent pleas as you begged him not to, at the very least not in front of your beloved niece. He had stood behind the counter, where Mina’s memories couldn’t capture what was happening to its full extent.
Jaehyun vaporises. No glitter.
Tumblr media
You had been playing with your niece in the living area of the apartment. With your sister out of town for the day, she had asked if you were able to babysit for her – something that you were more than happy to do. There was nothing wrong with looking after your niece, after all, you had nothing better to do by yourself in this apartment so you told Dan-ah that you would pick Mina up and that your sister should come and collect her at her earliest convenience later on in the evening.
“It’s not a problem at all!” You insisted to Dan-ah over the phone.
“Are you sure?” You could practically hear her biting her lip through the phone, “I’d hate to stop you from spending time with Soobin. I-I can always ask Doyoung’s Mum and Dad… I’ll ring them now; see if they’re available.”
“Stop it,” you tease over the phone, “they’re a half an hour drive away and they’re not even in the direction that you’re going. I’ll look after her, honestly, it’s fine.”
Except it wasn’t.
In the heat of the moment, you had forgotten to factor in Soobin’s unpredictable behaviour. When he had made it home, an hour after he had texted you he was going to be home, initially everything seemed to be going great. He wasn’t in any kind of visible distress or upset so you took it as a good time to tell him Mina was going to be spending dinner with the two of you as Dan-ah had yet to come over so it was better to be safe than sorry.
That had been your first mistake.
He hadn’t been pleased, his mood quickly flipping, telling you how much of an inconvenience you were to him, how much you prioritised Mina over him.
“She’s my niece for god sake, I can’t just let her go without!”
Your second mistake was talking to him so informally, so passionate about your niece’s wellbeing, so… outraged with his absurd suggestion about you not caring about him.
“Excuse me?”
His subtle change in the tone of his voice and the sudden relaxation of his muscles was ringing alarm bells in your head, ones that you couldn’t ignore but hadn’t figured out how to disarm. You seal your lips and take a step back. He takes two steps forward, pinning you against the counter.
“Soobin, I’m sorry, please don’t do anythin– ah!”
Tears well in your eyes. You’re not certain if it’s from the physical pain Soobin is putting you through, or the horrifying thought of Mina seeing you like this. You were her role model; how could you allow Soobin to tarnish her perfect image of you?
He’s seething. “Tell her to go away.”
Scared, you nod. “Mina, honey,” you gasp. “Go into the bathroom. Lock yourself in there; there’s a lock on the inside,” you’re fighting for air, “don’t… don’t come out… n-not until I get you.”
Disoriented, your head lolls from side to side, tears in full flow. Why? Why? Why?
Why had you let it get this far? Why hadn’t you fought him back? Why hadn’t you told someone? Why did he do this to you? Why did you feel so alone?
Because you didn’t know until it was too late. Because it was no use; you had no idea what to do with your fists. Because you were afraid and didn’t want others to think you were weak. Because he thought it was right. Because you had been isolated from your friends and family… by him.
Something cracks. It brings you back into the real world where you can hear your niece screaming.
You lift your head to see where she was, wincing at the pain that surged through your skull. Instinctively you lift a hand to the back of your head, feeling something warm and sticky, you pull your hand away and you feel the bile rise in your throat at the sight of your bloodied hand. Your gaze is ripped away from your hand when you notice your niece barrelling towards you.
“NO!” You scream.
She’s too close. Soobin pushes her away, making her fall on her backside with a thud.
Weakly, you lift a leg and aim for between his legs. It was a cheapshot but the world would be at no loss with one less Soobin walking about.
There’s a ringing in your ears. At first, you hadn’t noticed it but it was definitely there. Mina’s eyes flutter open and widen at the sight of a barely-breathing version of you still fighting to crawl to her. Soobin sees what you’re doing and goes to yank Mina by her hair but you swing an arm at his legs, tripping him up and making him tumble to the floor.
Mina meets you halfway with tears streaming down her cheeks and your body curls around her. She’s only small so your weak body covers her well. You tuck her head under your chin, squishing her frame into your broken ribs and lock your arms in place around her.
You don’t know how long you lay there, Soobin’s incessant kicking in your back soon becomes a dull pain if you block it out enough.
Mina’s fingers cling to the neck of your top, fisting the material as she bawls into her chest. You’re certain you’ve wet her hair from your own tears but you don’t wail like she does. For what feels like hours, you simply rub her back as soothingly as you can, ignoring the shooting pain in your arm as your fingers splayed across her back. Silently you weep into her hair, hating yourself for putting her in danger like this.
At some point or other he must’ve left and so you pass out from exhaustion.
Eventually, you come around to Mina’s whispering against your chest, wishing for you to have a new home, a new boyfriend, someone who loves you and cares for you, someone who doesn’t hurt you. She’s rambling but they’re honest words, shocking you to your core, making you scrunch your face up as you silently wish for the same thing, with the addition of someone who doesn’t put your niece in danger.
A hand touches your shoulder, you wince and curl yourself tighter around Mina and squeeze your eyes shut.
“Hey,” a soft voice says. You ignore it.
Seconds pass until you realise there was no longer the pain of something connecting harshly with your flesh. It had been a brush of slender fingers but it had made you wince nonetheless.
“Hey,” the voice says again. You’re not certain that you want to move from your position, knowing if you do that Mina will be at risk again.
The hand touches your arm again, you wince, it pulls back for a moment but rests lightly on the crook of your elbow, “Y/N, it’s okay. You’re safe now.”
Slowly, you unfurl. Mina looks up, tear-stained cheeks and swollen eyes assessing the person talking.
She numbly rubs her eyes with a balled-up fist, “Auntie, the man in your painting is here.”
“The man in my paint…”
You roll onto your back to see if what Mina was saying held any truth. It hurts.
Jaehyun’s eyes search your face. The man in your painting was here. He’d come to save you.
He has a protective hand on Mina’s shoulder. Her hand finds yours.
You’re in shock still. “Jae…” you cough, “Jaehyun?” And then you blackout.
The next time you come around, your body aches. You lift your hand to your head, groaning from the pain. There’s a pulse oximeter on your finger and a cannula tube in the crook of your elbow. It occurs to you that you’re laying in a hospital bed. The curtains are drawn so the room is shaded. You’re cold. The covers aren’t pulled over you all the way so the cool air of the hospital room leaves goosebumps on your skin, making you suck in a breath of air through your clenched teeth.
Your head throbs, still recovering from the pain.
“They gave you stitches and put you on an IV drip. They’re pumping antibiotics into you as often as they’re allowed to and drawing blood every so often.”
You turn your head to face the voice.
“Where’s Mina?”
There sits Jaehyun. He’s not dressed in his usual get-up, which would surprise you if you weren’t so busy focusing on alleviating the pain in your body. His hair was messy, falling in his face no matter how many times he ran his hand through it and pushed it back. His shirt was rumpled and looked as if he’d slept in it, allowing some breathing room. It was topped off with a brown jumper and his outfit was less than snazzy, sweatpants a grey colour, no glitter. The soft peppermint smell that usually followed him around was replaced with the overwhelming smell of antiseptic – that of which you weren’t sure was coming from him or the room you were in.
Here you were, worried about your niece when you were in a state of your own. How could someone be so cruel to someone like you? Jaehyun can’t help but think. “She’s fine. She’s safe, thanks to you, she suffered no injuries other than a bruised bum when she fell over.”
You breathe out a sigh of relief and wait patiently for his eyes to look up. “Jaehyun,” his head lifts. Your eyes roam his face freely and he allows you to look for as long as you need to. His eyes look dull, the worried wrinkles between his eyebrows calls for you to rub them away.
Before you can catch yourself, your thumb is caressing the space between his eyebrows, gently soothing the crinkles away. He breathes out a sigh, hand resting on yours as he brings it to rest in his lap. Jaehyun remains, stroking your hand soothingly, whether it was for you or him neither of you knew but neither of you pulled away either.
The thing with Jaehyun is he’s supposed to always have a smile on his face. At least that’s what you think his job description says.
Never in his entire existence has he felt this before. Seeing you scared and helpless and yet so brave – brave enough to put Mina’s life before yours, protecting her with your own body. He was heartbroken at the sight of you. His face breaks at just how fragile you look and silent tears roll off his cheeks.
“How long?”
You won’t look him in the eyes, your tears streaming to the side of your face as you gently lay your head back onto the pillow. You could pretend to not know what he’s talking about but you know better than that. “At least six months,” you wince, blinking tears out of your eyes, “he wasn’t like this in the beginning. He was… nice.” Your voice breaks.
“Y/N,” Jaehyun says, his voice hardening, “nice isn’t two broken ribs, contusions to your face, neck, back and breasts, a swollen ankle and three staples on the back of your head.”
Your eyes well up and he notices this, quickly bringing his hand to wipe any tears, “I didn’t mean – oh fuck. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I should have worded it nicer.” Your face scrunches, some of it is from the pain that the morphine can’t quite mask as it fades and some of it is from the immense emotional pain you were experiencing.
“I should have realised,” he says, his voice barely a whisper. “I should’ve come back, visited, sooner. I shouldn’t have left you that day.”
Sniffing, you manage to blubber, “Before Christmas or the other week?”
“I -- both. You wouldn’t be… here if I had stayed.”
You say nothing. So he does.
“They took some x-rays before they wrapped your ribs. There are a lot more hairline fractures than I could keep up with when the doctor listed them off and some breaks in other places that have healed over time.”
He’s unsure of what to say next. You don’t say anything but you’re still breathing so he carries on, “Has this, uh, happened before?”
Blink. “Once.”
“Two years ago.”
He all but stops himself from exclaiming, “Two years ago?”
You sigh, letting your muscles relax as best you can, your fingers still enclosed tightly by his, “We’d known each other for a while back then. We were on and off, he hadn’t made it back then, was still living in our shared apartment. It wasn’t as bad as this time,” your breath hitches in your throat, “blamed it on some pent up anger at the time, I believed him, told myself it was the worst he’d ever been and that he wasn’t like that all the time. I’d seen him good more often than bad back then.”
Jaehyun’s eyes soften at your words; his thumb strokes the back of your hand soothingly.
“What about Christmas, us?” He presses.
You close your eyes, a tear slipping down your cheek, “We were off. I caught him texting another girl.”
He had you and he was talking to someone else. Jaehyun can’t help but feel the flames of anger licking at his heart as his face hardens.
The room falls into silence, you weren’t sure it was awkward nor was it comfortable so you let it continue, your thoughts racing.
“I’ll sort him.”
Abruptly, he stands from his seat, “I’ll–”
A nurse walks in, cutting off Jaehyun from whatever he was about to say.
“Oh! You’re awake,” she smiles, walking over to your arm with the cannula in, “I’m taking some blood and doing a quick overall check. The doctor should be in with the final x-rays your husband asked for and will be able to tell you when you can go home post healing.”
Your eyebrows furrowed together and you part your lips to retort something but Jaehyun says, “Alright, thank you.”
No less than five minutes later, the doctor comes in after the nurse has left. “Hi, Miss Song, I’m Jungwoo and I’ll be your doctor today,” he glances from you to Jaehyun, jutting his head towards the door and saying, “Uh, Jaehyun, a moment?”
You’re left bewildered on the bed and yet, you think, this isn’t the most bizarre thing to have happened to you this month.
Outside of your room, Jungwoo pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose with his forefinger as he stands in front of Jaehyun. The door clicks shut and Jungwoo begins, “Jae, she’s got various fractures from previous injuries that haven’t healed properly and even if they’ve been given the chance to heal… they’ve never fully healed,” he sighs, moving his eyes to scan over the paperwork pinned to the clipboard in his hands, “her medical history is here.”
Jaehyun grabs the extended clipboard. Hurriedly, he flips it over and scans the documents. In disbelief, he lifts the paper to see underneath. Jungwoo’s hands slack at the side of his white doctor’s coat. He waits expectantly for Jaehyun’s response to the sheer lack of medical documents.
“I-I don’t understand… surely…”
“That’s it. That’s all we have,” Jungwoo says softly. “She came for a broken arm when she was about nine for falling off of a swing too high and a chest infection a few years after. Pretty textbook stuff that was dealt with accordingly  at the time.”
“And the x-rays?”
“Under her identification documents,” he hesitates as Jaehyun flicks through the paper, “there are hairline fractures littering her arms and legs, some that healed alright. It’s hard to tell with her ribs since they’re freshly broken and could have been inflicted this time or any of the times before. There’s a heal on her arm that coincides with the break when she was nine.”
Jaehyun’s eyes lift to meet Jungwoo’s. He lets his arm fall to the side with the clipboard still gripped tightly in his fingers. His other hand runs down his face.
Jungwoo is biting his lip, his hair falling into his face as he internally debates what he’s going to say next. “I can fix the physical damage. I’m not trained to fix the mental and emotional damage before scarring and I know that despite all of your, er, abilities, neither can you.”
“I know.” It’s so quiet Jungwoo almost doesn’t hear it.
It was later explained to you that Jungwoo had something to do with what Jaehyun does for a living and that you were not to be alarmed by his presence. Everything was calm. Frankly, you weren’t sure what to do with so much stillness in your life.
Within the week, you had been allowed to go home with Jaehyun as long as you promised not to overwork yourself. You promised.
Ten minutes into the car ride, Jaehyun says, “You do own that place, right?”
You had been staring out of the window mindlessly, not even thinking about where he was driving you when he pulled you out of your trance. It was snowing lightly and the salt-trucks were busy salting the roads in preparations for the snow-storm forecasted overnight.
You’re stopped at a red light, Jaehyun turns to face you, “What?”
“I don’t own the apartment. It’s his.” You turn to face him, wincing from the slight aggravation on your ribs.
“Do you… pay the bills?”
You blink slowly, “I don’t have any money.”
“But you –” the light had been green for a little while and the car behind you had gotten impatient, honking its horn at you to make you move. When he moves off and drives down the street you turn back to watch that snow landing and melting on the bonnet of the car.
“Sometimes I freelance. It gets me some money but I’m mostly in debt to the bank for overdue credit card payments and the odd loan or two. I have some money left from when I used to work.”
“What about the car? Or the presents you bought this year?”
“Cars a rental and the presents were bought on the credit card. He gives me some money to survive but I put that towards food. I would never use his money to buy presents for my family… it goes against my morals I suppose,” you chuckle dryly, “last bit of dignity I have.”
It goes silent for a bit. “Where do I take you, then?”
You let your head hit the neck support in the car. Letting out a sigh, you glance at the signpost you were currently passing, “Anywhere. Nowhere. Somewhere he’s not.”
He knows just the place.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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parings: jung jaehyun x reader
genre: ceo!au, arranged marriage!au, angst, asshole Jaehyun, swearing
[ ☽ smut | ◇ angst (mental health, therapy) | ☼ fluff ]
note: BB deals with themes of mental and physical abuse, which can be upsetting for some readers. If you feel uncomfortable reading these types of plots, you are advised to not continue. MINORS, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, but I advise you to skip the sexual parts.
[ 10.7 words ]
Tumblr media
The brisk winter wind pierces your cheeks and flows past your hair as you look at the view in front of you, the door to your balcony slightly opened. The distant image of the Eiffel Tower illuminates the city below your feet bringing bittersweet memories from long ago. It’s been five years. Five years since you felt his touch, funny how you could still feel his fingertips between other men you decided to indulge yourself in. It made it hard to stay until the sun rose. You hated yourself for it, but how else were you supposed to forget about the man who didn’t want to marry you? His ghost never left you, though. It followed you wherever you went, making you go crazy. That’s why you left the town where the love bloomed and broke, settling down in the city of love, how ironic. Your actions were always contradicting and it still is to this day.
In those five years, you quickly took over the CEO position of Audace, giving your mother the gift of early retirement. Into your first couple of years, you were listed Top 20 in Forbes Magazine, immediately gaining attention for your designs. You always reminded yourself to be humble whenever someone praises you for your work, you weren’t the only one with the hands behind the designs, of course.
Everything was the way it was supposed to be, you felt like the timeline had finally restored itself like it was your job to do so. You haven’t heard much about Jaehyun, you tried to avoid all news outlets about him as much as you could. But it was hard when the image of him would be spread across magazines, you figured that he did dip into the field of modeling, he was bound to with that beautiful face of his. You were roaming the streets of Paris when your eyes brisked over the stand that sold magazines, his face immediately catching your attention. You were proud of him, he looked like he was doing well, better. As you said, you steered away from the topic of him, afraid that maybe you still weren’t over him even if it’s been a couple of years.
News also came out that Jaehyun’s father was finally kicked out of Jung Corporations for his conviction of abuse, no matter how long ago it was, Jaehyun finally grew the courage to stand up to his father. Of course, the stocks plummeted, but with Jaehyun’s quick words of persuasion and work ethic, they soared the next year, earning Jung Corporation a spot on the Forbes Top 20, also. You remember smiling when you saw his company’s name on the same list as you, he did it.
As for the contract of your marriage, it was currently on hold, creating dust in its existence. As time moves on, your mother hopes that you can reopen the contract, but she knows that it’s more than that now, so she leaves it to you, since you’re presently the CEO of Audace and made all the decisions. You’d think that you’d shred that contract by now, but you haven’t. What’s been stopping you?
Jaehyun has made sure to spread his face on every single cover on a magazine, hoping that you’d come across it and come home to him. Ever since you left, he’s gotten no trace of you. He’d call you, text you, but got nothing. He quit trying the third year, thinking that you had blocked him or got a new phone number because he never heard an answer back. Jaehyun even reached out to Haewon and Mark, but they never got the answer he wanted because you never told your closest friends. Were you selfish to do that to them? Too bad that Haewon knew you too well to find out where you were, but trustworthy enough to seal her lips.
It took Jaehyun a long time to accept that you were gone, the memory of you felt like a dream to him. Waking up alone every morning brought anguish to him, the sun telling him that you never came back and that you probably never will. Sometimes he thinks he’s going insane because his memories of you are so distant.
That’s why he traveled to every possible country he’d assumed you’d be in, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, and even Paris. So when you heard the word of the newest, hottest bachelor was coming to Paris, you knew you’d have to go into hiding because the newest, hottest bachelor was your ex. Being on the cover of dozens of magazines sure had its perks, but for Jaehyun, all he wanted to do was find you. That’s why he left Paris after three weeks, thinking that you had for sure resided there. Which you had, you just didn’t have the courage to come out and face him. You sure did a hell of a good job erasing your existence from his world. You were stubborn, he’s always known that he just didn't know he’d have to go to these lengths to come to that conclusion.
Life went on like that, you two lived your separate lives like there wasn’t a string attached to your fingers, you felt like you two were always meant to say goodbye. Jaehyun has never dared to touch another, for you, and only you solely have his heart. He’d give it to you over and over again if it means getting hurt again. Of course, he didn’t know about your short-lived rendezvous because while you found your lust in other men, begging yourself to be open and find someone, it was never them that refused your love, it was your own doing because you could never find yourself to stay the night. Goodness, you just wanted to feel again. You wanted to love, love like how the sun goes down for the moon every start of the night.
Tumblr media
“You’re not staying the night?”
“Not tonight, Yuta.” you gave him a small smile as you picked up your discarded dress on the floor.
The Japanese model propped himself on his elbows, whistling at your figure as you slip your dress on. You narrowed your eyes at him until you realized a few buttons to your Versace Sweetheart Cady Single-Breasted Blazer was missing.
“Really?” you sighed, falling on your knees to search the floor for those stupid buttons.
“What are you looking for?” Yuta sat up, watching you crouch below the bed.
“You ripped this too hard that the buttons popped out, Yuta,” you snapped.
“It’s fine. Go, I’ll find it. It gives me another excuse to see you again,” he smirked at you.
“Yeah,” you sighed, glancing at him, “that’s very unlikely.”
“And why is that?”
Spotting the lost buttons under the bed, you snatched them in your hand and stood up, giving him a sly look, “Because I never give a man a second chance.” Grabbing your clutch, you smiled at him before shutting the door, seeing him chuckle to himself in denial as he fell back on the bed with his hands behind his head.
That was a lie, you do give men a second chance, but the only man you’d give it to is Jaehyun. No matter how long it’s been, how old you were, how forgotten your relationship was with him, you know that he will always have you, be a part of you.
Tomorrow you were leaving to go back home. It’s been a while since you’ve been back and your parents dearly missed you. It was the annual charity ball your family always attended and they wanted you to come to create social networks with others to build Audace. You were a little hesitant because you knew Jaehyun was going to be there, you just didn't know if you were ready to face him or even to just see him.  
You leave early in the morning so you could land back home by sunrise. And with your bags already packed, you wondered if tonight would finally give you the rest you needed. You spent countless nights unable to sleep, you think it’s insomnia, but your heart tells you differently. You’ve invested in useless doctors that only tell you to just take those ludicrous melatonin gummies. Of course, they never helped.
You throw your bag onto the chair next to your bed, everything was set for you to leave for tomorrow. Your passport, luggage, duffle bags were all in place at the door and for the slightest second, you felt excitement electrocute through your body.
Tumblr media
Maybe it was just you, but the smell of home brought you wistfulness. Should I have stayed? Would everything have been better if I stayed? You had no idea where Jaehyun was or if you’d ever see him on your little trip back home. You wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t see you, you didn’t even bother coming out of your shell when he did.
“Y/n!!!” A familiar squeal was heard from the echoes of the airport.
You closed your eyes and let out a sigh with a smile on your lips. You turn around to see Haewon running to you with a lovely smile on her face, “Hey,” you embrace her in a tight hug, wafting the same perfume she wore when you two were younger.
“You haven’t changed one bit,” Haewon pulled you away by the shoulders, examining your face. You’d beg to differ, but she’d disagree, “I mean, you aged backward! Your skin is glowing and you look so beautiful and youthful. Paris must’ve done its justice on skincare!”
You laugh at her witty remarks, “No, no, no! If anything, you’ve changed! Look at you, you still look like how you did 5 years ago!
“Stop,” Haewon waves at you in disagreement, “come. Let’s get you home,” she grabs onto your arms and heads to the car as her assistants drag your things behind you two.
“So tell me all about Paris!” Haewon blinks at you with wide eyes, like a child excited to receive their favorite candy.
“What do you want to know?”
“Everything! From fashion to food to the monuments. I want to know everything, y/n,” she begs.
You tell her everything. From the fashion shows that you were able to manage, to the sweet and savory meals, even to the fountains in Paris, you told her everything that your fingers brushed past. Haewon sat in envy, wishing that she visited you more often. There was a snip of a moment where regret weighed in your heart, maybe you should’ve called her to come. As you finished telling her about your adventures, you two sat in silence, the hum of the car filling the car. It’s been a while since you saw her and she looked so satisfied to finally have you home even if it was just for a few days.
“How’s Jaehyun?” Your voice barely meets a whisper that almost misses her ears.
Thinning her lips, Haewon looked at you with sincerity but with a little pity, “he’s okay, I think. With modeling and the company, he’s been busy so he hasn’t hung out with Mark a lot. Mark says that he’s doing a lot better, he’s been going out a lot the past couple of years, but he doesn’t talk to anyone or bring them home. We both think that it’s because he’s still not over you, he also still doesn’t talk to Chaeyoung anymore.”
You nod, you weren’t necessarily expecting anything, you just wanted to check up on him, but his name still makes you miss the happier times with him. You hold Haewon’s words like a string in front of you, I hope he is doing better.
The car rolls up to the familiar view of her apartment building, more trees were added around the rectangular architecture bringing out the bareness of it due to the cold weather. As your feet patted the snow, the way up to her apartment was almost unfamiliar. You always thought you’d know the steps to specific places with your eyes closed, but it raised a question to your mind. What if you forgot the most important things? What would you do then? Would they even be important if you had already forgotten them in the first place?
When Haewon opened the door to her apartment, everything about it had changed. The couch was on the opposite side of the room, the dining table that used to be horizontal was now vertical, giving it more space, and the color scheme that was once in hues of pink and greens was now white and browns.
“Wow,” your eyes widen, taking in all the changes, “love what you’ve done with the place.”
“Thank you,” Haewon smiled proudly, “the pink and greens were getting old. Plus, I feel like this is more mature for me.” her laugh rings in your ears as you scan her kitchen, she’s even got new dishes.
You smile back at your best friend, “It’s nice.”
You sit comfortably on her couch as she makes you some warm tea. Your eyes skim through her walls, pictures of you remained nailed to it but in different frames, she’s even added new ones from when she visited you in Paris.  Below them, there were green plants in grey vases, giving it the earthly vibe she always had in her.
“Here,” Haewon hands you your cup of tea as she sits beside you, “so you’re gonna stay with your parents?”
“Yeah, they miss me a lot and I miss them too, so it won’t hurt to stay.”
She pouts a little bit enough for you to notice her bottom lip jutting out, “Aw, that’s okay. Just promise that you’ll say goodbye to me before you leave. If you leave like last time, I’m gonna tell Jaehyun where you are,” Haewon threatens you.
“Hey!” your eyes enlarge in seriousness. You hope she doesn’t and you know she won’t but there’s a sliver of desire that you want her to.
“I’m just kidding, I won’t. I know you don’t want that,” she holds your hand after seeing how serious you were, “You and your little game of fate.” Haewon laughs as she strides to the kitchen to retrieve some snacks.
Tumblr media
By the time you’ve binge-watched a series, finished a whole meal of Chinese takeout, you were drained and out of it. You know it’s getting late as the stars are the only source of light in the sky, other than the street lights.
“I should get going,” you grabbed your jacket that draped over the couch, but when you didn’t hear a peep from Haewon, you turned your head to see her asleep with her mouth opened to the ceiling. You chuckle at the amusing sight of your best friend knocked out with deranged hair and a little drool at the corner of her mouth. You turn off the tv and cover her with the cotton quilt before you kiss her forehead, “goodnight.”
As you quietly shut the door, you call for a cab knowing that you’re on the brink of almost being too late, but since no one’s out, by the time you reach the entrance, the driver is already there and waiting for you.
The night winter air hits your cheeks, turning it a crimson red along with the point of your nose. Home was always the coldest in the wintertime and hottest in the summer, there was no in-between. Puffs of grey smoke escape your mouth as you sit in the heated car, rubbing your hands together for more warmth. You tell the driver your address as you lean back in the seat, letting the drive paint your window with the outside scenery until you see the familiar sight of your home. When you do, you tip the driver with a heavier tip because it’s late at night before striding up to the front gates.
When you walk in the mansion, the lights are off darkness pooling into the large vacant home, echoing your heels. You’re quiet in your steps that lead to your room, afraid that you’d wake your parents up. The empty hallway that leads to your room is still filled with the same pictures, the smell coming from the same candles, the same flowers in the same vases, nothing has really changed around here. It’s as if you never really left, it makes your mind drift to your former shared apartment with Jaehyun. Has he changed anything since I’ve left? Is everything still the same? Does he still even live there? It’s a bittersweet memory, it really is, but you hope for the positive, your heart silently wishing things hadn't been the way it was. That you stayed that night in his arms, hearing his silent breathing as you comb your fingers through his soft, floppy hair. To have his head laying on your chest, hearing your heartbeat go at peace because he was in your arms. You got the good side of him.
You strip off your clothes, discarding them on the cream rug, and letting the warm water spill on your body. Life is a series of choices and if you are lucky enough, miracles. Your youthful mind would have disagreed and thought that you’d do things based on choices, but now, you’re convinced that if fate allows it, it shall be. Miracle or not, you will welcome it with open arms, you’ve grown accustomed to detachment and self-growth. Maybe you were saving yourself for Jaehyun because maybe you truly weren’t over him. Either way, you detach yourself from every man you’ve met because you had a sliver of hope that fate was going to lead him to you. But were you wasting your time in doing so? What if in the end, he wasn’t even yours? You dip your head, letting the water swim through your hair, giving it slight weight. I’m thinking too much. You rub your eyes, not knowing if the sting was from your developing tears or the water. Suddenly, you reach to turn off the water and give yourself a quick dry ahead of pulling your pajamas on.
And now you’re on your bed, your eyes still light as a feather. Your nights always consisted of this, unclosed eyes, frequent gazes at the ceiling or the window by your side, and sometimes tear-stained cheeks. The theory of possibly seeing Jaehyun crossed your mind the entire night, you know you were bound to see him soon so you needed to mentally prepare yourself for the moment. Thankfully for the long night Haewon provided for you, the thought of Jaehyun finally left his home in your mind and you found yourself slowly falling into slumber, anticipating another visit from him in your dreams.
“Honey, honey...honey,” Shaken awake by the sweet voice of your mother, you woke up to the image of her sitting on the edge of her bed. Just like the home, she looked like she didn’t age a day. She was as beautiful as you last remembered her.
“Morning, mother,” you yawn, stretching your limbs towards each side of the wall.
“More like afternoon,” she scoffed, pulling the sheets from you.
You instantly curl your body into a ball, cursing yourself for only wearing a long t-shirt and shorts. You peered at the clock by your bedside seeing 12:30 glancing right back at you. “Sorry, long day yesterday.”
“That’s okay. Get up now, get ready, go eat, and let’s go find a dress for you. The ball’s in a few days.”
Obeying your mother, with stiffness in your body, you were able to brush your teeth, comb your hair, and put on a presentable outfit. As you walk down the stairs to the dining room, you see your mother and father holding hands, laughing as they eat. You stopped in your tracks, standing still on the stairs as your hand gripped on the rail, watching them enjoy each other’s company. A little bit of your heart envied the sight in front of you, all you wanted was to love someone. To care for them, love them, and grow old. Most of all, you wanted to do all of those things with Jaehyun, but-
“You’re here! Come eat, we have to hit the stores before traffic gets heavy,” your mother waves you, immediately cutting you from your thoughts.
You greeted your parents as you sat down. Everything in front of you was luxurious, there were fancy sandwiches, bowls of freshly washed fruit, and cut out aged cheese, along with the bottles of wine scattered across the table. You didn’t even know where to begin, you missed everything from home, especially the food.
“Hurry, eat! I have a ton of places we have to check out,” your mother is persistent in finding you the most extravagant dress, a present for your return home for the couple of days you were here. It’s been 5 years since you’ve been back, of course, she wanted to go all out for her only daughter.
Tumblr media
“Okay this,” your mother points at the lake green colored dress that hugs your body, the silken fabric falling at your feet, “is the one,” with wide eyes she slowly stands up and walks to you with arms open.
“Really?” you tilt your head to the side, observing your reflection.
“Pair it with some clear heels, signature earrings to elongate your neck, leaving the chest open, and voila, the perfect outfit.” the employee persuades you, as they should because that’s what you ended up purchasing.
“Oh no,” the employee waves his hand at you, dismissing your mother’s card, “that gentleman already paid for your entire attire,” he points behind you and you snap your head in his direction.
Like the time had slowed down, the most handsome man that has ever come into your life, stood across the store from you. His gentle gaze sits on your shoulders, but it embraces you instead of piercing through you. His tall physique has become lean, more muscular yet toned. His signature dark hair was styled like the last time you saw it, it was always your favorite.
“Jaehyun,” your whispered tone comes out as a gasp at the man who stood several feet from you.
A friendly smile sits on his face as the air returns to your lungs and as your brain begins to function again. What a sight you desperately missed. You longed to run to his arms and to hug him, kiss him, love him like the old times, but your feet remind you to stop as soon as you see a pair of arms slither his arm. A woman, just around your age interlocks her hand with his and smiles brightly at him. She’s as gorgeous as you can imagine, probably a model, for her body and frame compliments his.
You clear your throat, regaining poise, and give him a slight nod, careful to not look at him again as you turn yourself around to thank the cashier and scurry out of the store.
“That was Jaehyun, wasn’t it?” Your mother cautiously asks, quickly catching up to you.
“L-let's just goes mother, p-please,” you stutter as you reach the car and attempt to open the door, begging her to unlock it.
Cranking up the air conditioner, you rest your head between your hands as they rub your temples. You ask yourself again and again what just happened and if you actually saw him, but your brain knew better than your heart, you did in fact see Jung Jaehyun standing just a few feet from you.
“Are you okay?” she rubs your back as you try to steady your breathing.
“I’m fine, can we just please go home now? We have my dress,” you beg.
Your mother starts the car right away, aware of your little episode. You think that maybe you’re overreacting a little bit, but this was all physical. If you could control it, you would and you wouldn’t be in such a crouched position feeling this way.
When you finally feel your heartbeat becoming steady again, you sit up and lean back into the seat, you stare out the window, completely dazed. You feel like you didn’t even experience seeing Jaehyun. For the first time in five years, he still tugs your heart and how stupid you feel for thinking that there could be the smallest room for you in his heart when you were the one who left him, ignored him, written yourself off from his story. Of course, he already had somebody, somebody that loves him, cares for him, far better off than what you could’ve done. You were the one that left, what were you truly expecting at this point?
As the car drives up to your home, you’re quick to strip yourself and bury under the covers. The room is dark and silent, the most dangerous time for your mind to wander. Fear settles under your skin when the thought of ending up alone crosses your mind. You’ve been alone all of your life before Jaehyun even showed up, who knew how hard it’d be to go back to the forgotten feeling of being alone.
You hadn’t noticed that you’ve knocked out when a faint knock sounds from your door. Your eyes slowly open, but along with your head, it’s too heavy from your thoughts to lift itself. Slowly as the door opens, Haewon peeks her head through and suspects that you’re still asleep when she sees your body calmly fall and rise. Haewon tip-toes to your bed, lifting her heel, afraid that the clanking noise would startle you awake. Without a word, she sits on the edge of your bed and combs her fingers through your hair, removing the loose strands from your face. She hates seeing you like this, so broken. You’ve worked yourself until you were unable to stand, you’ve dismissed all opportunities to feel something from any man and anyone, most of all, you’ve denied your existing love for Jaehyun. But she knows that you know all of that, you just choose to brush it off your shoulder because that’s what you always did. You’d dust things off and shove them down until you’d combust. Five years of shoving things down have resulted in this.
You stayed that for the next few days, curled up in a ball under the mountain of blankets. You despised yourself for not spending time with your parents with the few days you had, but you could barely get up, you didn’t have the energy to even sit. Your mother brought you soup occasionally and stayed there, making sure you finished it to the last drop. She reassured you that it’s okay, to stay in bed and take your time to heal. She also told you to make time to walk around, talk to the workers in the house, or take a walk in the greenhouse, which you did when you could. Heartbreaks were never easy for you anyway.
Before you knew it, tonight was the night for the Annual Charity Ball. There you stood in front of the mirror in the Marchesa Crystal-Embellished Velvet Gown observing how the dress nestled against your body. You always wore expensive gowns like this, but you felt rather insecure for the first time in a while, maybe the reason was that you were finally home after years of never showing up and felt like you had to prove yourself.
Tumblr media
Everyone was gathered in the dimly lit room, waves of laughter, and the clinking of champagne glasses filled the massive ballroom. One of the biggest events for the biggest international companies and here you were, not even reaching ten years of CEO experience and now forced to network with those that have been.
“You’re going to do fine,” Haewon rubs your back, “just don’t look intimidating and you’ll be fine,” she winks at you, but you playfully roll your eyes and push her towards the bar where she was already making her way.
A low voice clears behind you, “Ahem-”
You turn around to reveal an old friend, “Mark!” you jump into his arms, missing the embrace from him.
He pulls away from you with a bright smile shining on his face and carefully eyes you, “You look stunning tonight.”
“Wow,” you smiled, “you clean up very well, I must say Mr. Lee.” you gently punch his arm.
Mark playfully winces, but offers you his arm, “Come on, let me get you something to drink.” you happily take a hold of his arm as he leads you to the bar that was elegantly built, chandeliers decorating the area with white marble counters in addition to the handsome bartenders mixing the most luscious refreshments.
“I’ll have an Old Cuban please, and-” Mark glances at you, waiting for your answer.
“And I’ll have a Gin and Tonic, please.”
“Classy,” Mark cocks an eyebrow at you.
“Always have been.”
As you wait for your drinks, Mark and you take your time to catch up. The need to network and talk to others completely dissolves as you two catch up five years of each other’s lives. You avoid the opportunity to take another drink as Mark orders his second one, but time is lost when you two are immersed in each other’s stories. It makes you realize how much you’ve missed him and how much you missed everyone’s life when you left.
“So where have you been?” The burning question leaves his mouth and you hope that he’s too tipsy to even hear or wait for your answer.
“Just-” you hesitate, seeing his state of giggles and blushed cheeks, “around the globe, traveling here and there.”
Mark laughs and shakes his head, “No, but like, where have you been? You left without saying goodbye and you were gone for five years, y/n.” even though it held humor, you knew Mark enough to know he was being serious.
“I was...I was in-”
“Come on, why didn’t you tell me you were leaving? I thought we were friends.”
“We are Mark, we are!” you repeat to the male, “but I just needed to get away from all of this, I needed to leave.”
“Leave because of what? Because of Jaehyun?”
And like a fever dream, your eyes meet with the owner of the name. He’s across the ballroom, this time his gaze piercing through your chest. It’s intense and possessive, yet also holds a longing for you. A whispered gasp rolls from your throat and your eyes scatter anywhere on your lap, avoiding to look up.
“Y-yeah,” you stutter, “I have to go to the bathroom,” you leave a tipsy Mark behind as you race for the bathroom.
Dashing to the nearest bathroom, there’s a ring in your ear against the thumping in your heart, and it’s the only thing you can hear because it’s so loud. You push open the door and slam the stall door shut as you lean against the stone stall. You clutch your chest and play with your collar as you catch your breath, a gust of heat coating your body.
“Y/n?” It’s Haewon.
“Y-yeah?” your voice breaks.
“I saw you run in here, you okay, baby?” you can hear her voice becoming louder as the ring in your ears tunes out.
“I’m fine,” you slowly open the stall to see Haewon standing in front of you with a worried expression.
She gives you an absurd look, fully knowing that you are clearly not okay and she brings you into a hug. “Everything’s going to be okay. Do you want to leave? We can go back to your place and just hang out.”
Haewon’s offer sounds tempting, but you had to remind yourself you were here for a reason. You were here to talk and network, yet you let your emotions take over you. Once again. You give her a compassionate look, a small smile stretching your lips, “No, I’m okay now. Thank you for checking up on me, though. Let’s go,” you rub your forehead as she holds onto your hand, leading you back out to where everyone is.
Your eyes scan everyone in the room, seeing who’s here and who’s who, but they scan over certain someone. Someone who chased you away. Jung Jaehyun stood just a mere few feet away from you. His tall, lean physique would still tower over you if he came closer, his eyes still gleamed against the chandeliers, and he still looked handsome as ever. As soon as you see the familiar arms that belonged to the woman you saw at the store a couple days ago, wrap around his, you’re convinced that you’re just a distant memory for him now. You quickly turn your head, making sure to keep your chin lifted as you follow Haewon, who’s already talking to a bunch of businessmen. You step until you're beside her and join the conversation. Several of them were handsome, bachelors, some your age, a little older, and some a little younger.
They were all polite enough for you to jump in, they included you in their jokes, making you clutch your stomach in laughter. They were good at keeping your mind away from straying.
“So, Y/n,” Johnny Seo, a corporate bank owner speaks up, “how’s the CEO position of Audace treating you?”
“It’s great. You know life is kinda fun when you love what you do,” you reply, earning groans from a bunch of them.
“You’re lucky you were born into such a life like that,” a car enterprise CEO named Ten, speaks up.
You quickly laugh before the conversation turns into a serious one, “you’re always welcome to dream a life that you want if you have the drive for it.” You smile at him before turning your back and heading out to get air.
Outside the ballroom leads to a greenhouse, the lush trees and vibrant-hued flowers compliment the sunset that sits on the horizon outside of the warm, glass structure. Making your way on the stone steps that lead to the edge of the greenhouse that overlooks the city below you, you inhale a deep breath and slowly let it out as you gaze at the orange and pink sky.
“Stunning, isn’t it?” A voice expresses behind you.
“Yeah,” you simply reply before your eyes widen. You knew that voice, you could pick it up from anywhere at any time because it always brought you peace of mind.
The owner of the voice walks until he’s beside you, his body coming in your peripheral vision. At that moment, the familiar smell travels to your nostrils, the warmth from his body embraces your cold one, and that’s when you knew you had nowhere else to go.
“I was talking about you,” Jaehyun replied, his eyes glued to the view in front of him.
You slightly drop your head to the ground, staring at your shoes. There’s a dreading feeling that sits in your bones, anxious if he was going to ask you a series of questions of where you were or why you were gone for such a long time. You weren’t expecting him to approach you but little did you know, he’s been waiting all night to.
“Thank you,” you whisper, keeping your gaze stuck on your shoes. In the corner of your eye, you can see him shifting until he’s fully facing you, but you’re good at doing what you’ve been doing.
“Y/n, where have you been?” Jaehyun asks, his voice is tainted with sadness, yet tinted with a little bit of frustration. “You’ve been gone for five years and I haven’t seen you, talked to you ever since you left. You haven’t picked up any of my calls, you haven’t answered any of my texts. I know I blew up on you and we broke things off, but I-” he slightly pauses to calm himself down. You’re next to him, eyes on your expensive shoes and you look absolutely breathtaking to him. You haven’t aged one bit, you still look like your younger self when he met you, still youthful and beautiful. Like always, you were a literal angel. Instead of continuing to speak, Jaehyun clutched your shoulders and pulled you in his chest, tightly wrapping his arms around your frame.
You let out a surprised gasp when your body collided with Jaehyun’s. The tightness of his arms constricted you like he was trying to tell you to stay. He holds you in that moment, afraid to let you go, knowing that you weren’t going to come back for the next couple of years. Tears begin to grow in his eyes as he feels your arms wrap around his body, your gentle touch brings him to his knees, brings him to tears.
“Jaehyun, please,” you bleed, your voice broken.
He instantly pulls away to see you crying and brings his palms to your cheeks, “Please don’t cry.” he begs you because he knows that if he continues to watch you cry, he would also cry. “I didn’t mean it, I didn’t mean a word back then. I wanted to marry you, I still do. I just said those words out of anger and I know I shouldn’t have. I’m so sorry. Please, y/n, will you ever forgive me?”
“I’m sorry,” you cry out, closing your eyes, letting the tears stream down your face.
“Don’t,” he shakes his head, “I am. I am sorry,” a tear leaves the corner of his eye and he rests his forehead against yours, letting his emotions take over him.
You two stay like that for a bit, holding onto each other, basking in each other’s presence with the sun setting behind you. You gently pull away, holding onto his hands, the ones that became stronger over the past few years, the ones that always set your skin to flames.
“I’m sorry,” you repeat, looking at him with bloodshot eyes. Jaehyun gives you a questioning look, “but I have to go.” you bring his hands together, pressing them against your lips before you set them beside his side.
“Please don’t leave me again.” his voice cracks, his heart is unable to bare life without you again.
Your innocent eyes catch him and before you know it, Jaehyun’s proximity is so close you can feel his breath float on your lips. Functioning on your emotions, you close the distance, gently pressing your lips on his. And it’s like you haven’t forgotten the feeling of his lips, you’d never forget it whenever you kissed, it’s like water after a marathon. It’s like sleep after a hard day, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. But you could no longer have this kind of luxury.
You cup his face, pulling yourself from his lips, “I’m sorry Jaehyun,” you give him a sad smile before backing away, leaving him once again, alone.
As Jaehyun watches you leave, he doesn’t chase after you. He knows you still love him and he still loves you, if fate allows it, you’ll come back. You always do.
Tumblr media
Saying goodbye was harder than you thought, but it was the hardest with Jaehyun. You never said goodbye to him, you just left him there as you did before. You were always leaving, always shoving your emotions down, never facing them head-on.
Life wasn’t always easy, but you tried to make the most of it. You missed Jaehyun dearly, although there was a big part of your heart that longed for him and wanted to go back home to him, a larger part of yourself knew that your clocks were no longer in sync. You both have given each other love and growth and taught each other how to forgive, whether it was silent forgiveness or verbal. Every day you hope that you’d have the courage in yourself to let him back in your life, you know it’s there and you’re ready, you just needed the extra push.  
It’s been months since you returned home. The brisk, winter wind finally cooled you down whenever you opened your windows. The trees were a lush green, blooming with yellow flowers on the tips, and there were chatters from below your window. The people of Paris always loved coming out in the summer to attend the town marketplace, picking fresh produce and bundles of colorful bouquets to bring to their loved ones. Every Saturday you made sure to also go, it was a good way to make friends and grocery shop.
In your stay in Paris, you made a small group of friends. The five of them were always good at bringing you to tears with their jokes and spontaneous stories, it was like being a careless teenager again. Since everyone was always busy with their own lives, you guys made sure to schedule a time of the month to get dinner and catch up. Tonight was one of those nights. Since they’re more on the extemporaneous side, the reservations were always bounced around within the city, giving you the gift of tasting every fine cuisine. Tonight’s reservation was at the Le Jules Verne, the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. That place holds a special place in your heart, heck, this entire city did. You would be lying if you didn't miss Jaehyun every time you’d pass a place you passed long ago on your visit here with him.
“Hey! Y/n, you’re here!” Julian greets you from the table.
“Hi,” you hug her before sitting in your seat, “Adalene isn’t here yet?” you scan the seats as one sits vacant.
“No, you know how she is,” Estelle rolls her eyes from across the round table, “always late.”
“It’s okay, we’ll order wine first,” Diane chirps, raising her hand to the waiter.
You sit yourself down, shifting in your seat to make yourself comfortable. Conversations and giggles are exchanged from across the table, from the hottest gossip to old stories, everything was always such a good memory with these ladies. The food that was brought was slowly chomped down throughout the night, making the night go by a little faster than usual, but you weren’t complaining, you always had a good time with your friends, but something about this place just brought you nostalgia and slowed time down. After a while, the wine bottle was sipped and emptied, while blinded smiles were painted across everyone’s faces with a slight blush.
“Ma’am,” your waiter came to your side of the table.
“Yes?” You glance at him, with a questioning look, your eyes curiously staring at the beverage in his hand.
“The man from the bar brought your drink,” he nodded at the bar, but you were too busy already reaching for it and sipping it.
The glass of red wine looked all too familiar, you knew the texture of it, the smell, and the taste. You memorized on melancholy nights where you locked yourself in your apartment and looked at pictures of Jaehyun or read articles of him. It was the wine that you two had the first time you two came to Paris. It was always hard to forget several little puzzle pieces of him.
As your friends ogled at your bizarre behavior of quickly downing the drink, you finished it in a couple of gulps and set the glass down. Your eyes skimmed the bar, but no sight of Jaehyun was there. You sighed and excused yourself from the table, you were completely losing it that you needed to get fresh air. But as soon as you opened the doors to the balcony of the Eiffel Tower, there he was. His eye-catching self leaning over with his hands clasped before him.
Your forehead creased, “Jaehyun.”
He turned to you, and boy, was this man very dapper in his dark suit with his hair gelled back. You always loved that look on him and now that he’s illuminated in the moonlight, it was a sight you never thought you’d be able to see.  
“Love,” his nickname makes your heart skip a beat, “you got my drink?”
You nodded, slowly making your way to him, “what are you doing here in Paris?”
“I could ask you the same thing,” he mumbles under his breath, head falling forward following with a little chuckle, “but I think I know the answer.”
You stay silent beside him, looking at the dark sky that’s littered with stars. With Jaehyun by your side in Paris, it feels as if he’s always been here. It feels like your first time here with him again.
“Congratulations on your successes by the way,” he says, a sincere smile across his lips.
“Thank you, you too.” you return, “Being on Forbes list, especially. That’s a big achievement.”
“Thanks, it was hard after- all of that,” he implies to the incident of his father and how everything went crashing down after that.
“But hey-” you turn to him as he does the same to you, “-you did it. I always knew you could.”
Jaehyun smiles at you, “I got help too,” he whispers, fumbling with his fingers. He lets out a quiet chuckle, “I still am.”
“That’s good, I’m proud of you. I understand how helpful that can be, let me know if you need anything.” you silently say the last part, quietly shunning yourself because you haven’t been present in his life.
Jaehyun thanks you, but looks at you, his gaze peering at your face. Oh how much he’s missed seeing you, having you this close to him. “I’m still in love with you,” he blurts out. Your breath pauses as you turn his way. Your eyes scan his face and it tells you that he genuinely means it.  “And I mean it. There hasn’t been a day where I don’t miss you, where I love you less. Hell, having you not by my side makes me love you even more. It makes me crazy.” He confesses.
You’re dead frozen in your stance, the wind gushes through both of your hair, messing yours up more. Maybe this was a sign, a sign that the world is telling you that the time is now because a large part of yourself knows that if it’s not now, it’s never. The look on his face tells you how much love the man in front of you holds for you and you know that it’ll be there forever. There’s not a question of doubt that crosses his face and nothing will stop him from leaving because he knows you feel the same way. He almost knows you more than you.
“I love you, Jaehyun. I never stopped,” you reveal, your voice slightly breaking from the river of tears you were now producing.
Jaehyun brings you into a hug, his arms find his place around your body and it feels like the last puzzle piece has been placed. He sniffles with you in his arm, he’s dreamt of this moment every night. That you’d be back in his arms and that your love is still there for him. Feeling like this is almost too good to be true, Jaehyun pulls back to see you. Your makeup is almost smeared, but your eyes are delicate as he gazes into them.
Just as you felt the wind dance through your hair once again, Jaehyun pulls you to him, his lips settling on yours, letting the familiar feeling of comfort take over him.
Tumblr media
(a/n: lol listen to kendrick lamar’s love [slow + reverbed] it’ll set the mood hehe)
You struggle to lock your apartment door as you both enter with fumbling feet, tangling your shoes with your fingers as it pleads to be taken off. Once the last shoe hits the ground, Jaehyun pushes you against the wall, fumbling with the buttons of your blouse as he sucks onto your bottom lip. You envelop your hands over his and put it on his chest to let him take his clothes off so you can take off yours smoothly. You can feel a small smile growing on his lips and you pull slightly back.
“I just can’t believe that you’re here with me right now,” he whispers against your lips.
“And I’m here forever,” you coo, reaching for his hand. You lead him to your bedroom, occasionally looking back at him to give him a sly smile. As soon as you’re about to turn the lights on, Jaehyun stops you.
“Leave them off, I love looking at you when the moonlight is shining on your glistening skin,” his voice lowers and it makes your legs go weak.
And just like that, clothes were shed like a second skin and now Jaehyun towered above you. What a wonderful sight to see after a few years. Your fingers trailed from his chest, down to his abdominals, feeling each straining muscle against your fingertips, until it was met with his manhood. Your eyes innocently glanced up at him when you gently grabbed his cock, pressuring the tip just a bit before bringing your hand to it, rubbing it in your palm.
“Oh, baby, you always know how to make me feel good,” Jaehyun lowers himself until he’s groaning in your ear.
You know you’re doing a pleasing job when you feel the tough grip on your hips and when the other hand comes to your core. Jaehyun lets out a little scoff when he realizes how wet you already were.
“You’re so wet,” he whispers in your ear.
“Only for y-you,” you stutter, “oh shit,” your back arches when Jaehyun plunges two fingers in without any warning. Both of your hands shoot up to hold onto his arms as he finds a quick pace for his fingers, occasionally circling his thumb on your clit.
“Baby, baby,” Jaehyun hums as he lowers himself onto his free elbow to litter you with hickies across your neck, later leading to your chest.
Everything is blurred and everything is going so fast, you’re almost convinced that this isn’t even happening, that this is just another dream of yours. You struggle to relax as Jaehyun stops in his tracks, which results in you shooting up to prop yourself on your elbows to only see Jaehyun lowering himself down to your dripping, wet core.
This is definitely not a dream. You let out a loud moan when Jaehyun presses his hot tongue against your core, letting his teeth gently nip at the lips of your pussy.
“Tell me, angel,” the vibrations of his voice shoots pleasure through your spine, “did you fuck anyone while you were here?” You wince when he doesn’t hear an answer from you and harshly pats your pussy. “I don’t like being ignored, you know that, don’t you?” a smirk stretches across his face seeing you sexually frustrated, but you persistently nod.
“I-I did,” you let out another wince when he carefully slaps it again. Jaehyun shakes his head, almost in disappointment, but you pay no attention to it because you’re so aroused at this point that you just need to feel him in you.
“Bad girl,” he shakes his head as he lowers himself back down. His hot breath fans across your clit, making you involuntarily clench around nothing, and Jaehyun notices it but shakes his head.
“Please,” you groan, your fingers tangling in his hair.
“So you’ve been a busy girl, huh?” He mumbles against your pussy.
“Yes, yes, I have been. I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you’re in a frenzy. Five years and you haven’t felt his touch, at this point, you feel like he’s just mocking you at this point, “please let me feel you.”
The ability of his tongue is superior to every man you’ve decided to entangle yourself with, no one could match how well Jaehyun could make you feel. And tonight, you were ready to give all of you to him.
“J-Jaehyun,” you drag out, “I’m-”
“What do you want, baby?” Jaehyun asks, looking at you from below.
“E-eat me out.”
Jaehyun lifts himself until he’s hovering over you, there’s darkness in his eyes, foreshadowing that he won’t be gentle. “You have to ask nicely.” he snickers, bringing a hand down to rub your clit, fast.
Your eyes widen from the surprise feeling, a gasp comes out of your mouth and your back arches, your perking nipples touching his chest. Jaehyun seems to notice because he brings his other free hand and pinches it, rolling it between his fingers. You close your eyes, blinded by the feeling and the power he has over you. You’d let him ruin you any way he wants.
“ Me. Out, please, please, please,” you’re impatient as you finish your command, sounding snappy, but Jaehyun gives in because he enjoys how needy you sound.
He lowers himself until he’s face to face with your sex again, the wetness and clenching of it arouse him and he doesn’t hesitate to bring his mouth to it, instantly sucking your pussy. You release a loud whine, your hands shooting to his hair. You didn’t expect him to be so rough on you so soon. But he is and as he licks the wetness, drawing circles on your clit simultaneously.
“You taste so good, angel,” he coos, pulling away for a split second before lapping onto your sex again, this time thrusting his tongue in you. The feeling of his tongue fucking you has your stomach tightening, so close to snapping. He lets his tongue explore your walls as he pinches your nipples, forcing them to perk up more than they could.
Jaehyun knows you’re about to climax when your hips begin to rise and your legs start to close in beside his head, but knowing how sensitive you are, Jaehyun gently presses your hips down and pries your legs until they’re as far as your flexibility allows it to go before returning to his deed.
“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” you curse, sweat beading down your temple. Soon, your coil snaps and you’re shaking in Jaehyun’s grasps, but he gives you no time to come down from your high as he instantly thrusts his cock into you. You gasp, eyes widening as you hold onto him, your hands searching for any kind of leverage on him.
Jaehyun lowers his head into the crook of your neck, kissing it as he thrusts harshly against you. He hears your loud winces above him and he supports himself on his elbows, seeing tears on both sides of your face. “I can stop,” he whispers, afraid that he might’ve been overstimulating you too much.
You persistently shake your head, the pain is a bit overwhelming but the pleasure is worth it. “Please don’t,” you croak, bringing Jaehyun back down to you.
He fucks you like the angel you are, praises fumbling from his lips, “you’re so good, baby. You feel so fucking good.”; “No one feels good as much as you do.”; “God I fucking love you and your tight pussy.” praise after praise has you in a trance as he fucks you dumb.
Jaehyun pulls out and you whine from the empty feeling, cold air reaching your sensitive sex. But he lifts you by the hips, his grasp tight on you as he turns you over, lifting you until you’re on all fours. Jaehyun brings his hand hard on your ass, “promise me you won’t fuck anyone anymore unless he’s me,” he commands with a growl in his voice.
“I promise,” you whine, voice desert dry.
Content in your words, Jaehyun thrusts into you from behind. You let out an elongated cry, his tip reaching farther into you, hitting that sweet, sweet spot repeatedly. His grip on your hips tightens as you look forward to the bruises in your hips the next day.
“Oh baby, you feel so good,” Jaehyun hums, “still tight for me after all these years.”
You moan when he reaches for your breast, kissing your back in doing so. A moan escapes your throat, “only for you. Only for you,” you repeat, closing your eyes.
Jaehyun knows you’re dazed, your words are barely coherent, your pants are almost louder than your moans, and he knows you can barely hold yourself up, noticing at your shaking limbs. So, he wraps his arms around your hot, sweaty body and brings you up until your back is pressed against his chest. You groan from the new position that he puts you in, almost as satisfying as the previous one. Jaehyun gently kisses your shoulder and the place where it meets your neck while he rams into you, his actions contradicting. Nonetheless, it holds so much love. Vulnerable, naked bodies pressed together in the moonlight from Paris that illuminates your bedroom. You’re making love with the love of your life and how much of a roller coaster it took to finally get to this point.
“I love you,” you bring your hands around to his hair, combing your fingers through it, earning a groan from your tugging, “I love you so, so much. I love you and only you” you don’t know if your cry comes from the overwhelming feeling of your emotions or the fact that he’s vigorously ramming into you, reaching so far into you, making you feel like you could crumble in that instant.
“I’m close angel,” he moans in your ear.
“In me, come in me,” you beg, squeezing your eyes closed because you know you’re almost there too.
Jaehyun reaches down to your abused sex and draws circles around your sensitive bud, making you arch away from him, but he’s close to bringing you back to his sweating body. Soon you can feel that coil in your stomach snaps. Both of you let out a series of moans and curses and after staying like that for a bit, Jaehyun brings you down on the bed. He lays next to you catching his breath while holding you as you gasp for more, your body twitching from time to time as it calms down.
“You did well, my love,” he kisses your forehead, staying there for a few seconds, “and I love you too.”
Jaehyun doesn’t know whether or not you finally fell asleep, but he slowly pulls back to get a glance at you. In such a time like this, he thinks you’re absolutely beautiful, hair sticking out in various directions as some stuck to your forehead, your swollen lips that sit plumply on your face, the rare beads of sweat that sat on your temples, and the red flush that blushes your face. Everything about this, about you, is perfect for him. It’s a familiar feeling for him when he holds you, kisses you, makes love to you and it takes him a while until he finally realizes that you are his home.
You’re not sure what time it is when you wake up, but you know it must be around the early afternoon from the fresh sunlight that sneaks through your curtains. You remember the events from yesterday, going out to dinner with your friends, seeing Jaehyun, making love with Jaehyun and that’s when you feel the pair of arms around your waist move just a bit, which confirms that yesterday really wasn’t just another fever dream. With a smile on your face, you turn yourself until you’re facing him. What a beautiful man you managed to get involved with, again. You giggle a little bit when he stirs in his sleep, slightly pouting and you can’t help yourself but peck his lips a couple of times to wake him up.
Your fingers comb through his hair as he struggles to open his eyes, “Hey, sleepyhead,” you laugh.
“Good morning, my love,” whenever Jaehyun calls you that, it makes your heart flip. You felt ridiculous that such a word can make you feel like you're back in high school, experiencing your first, real crush.
“It’s the afternoon,” you mumble, reaching for your phone but he’s quick to wrap his strong arms around your body to keep you close to him.
It’s just like you never left like there wasn’t a whopping five years of nights where you missed being held by him. For you, everything fell back in place. For you, it felt like you were finally back home.
“Hey,” Jaehyun clears his throat and you back away because for a split second you could hear the hesitation in his voice.
With those dark chocolate orbs of his, Jaehyun looks down at you and you’ve never felt more alive in your years of living. He was only two years older than you, and you’re both still considered young, but he’s convinced that you’re the love of his life. You hope that what he says is something good, because after all of this, what would be the point?
“Will you marry me?”
You shot back, completely shocked with your mouth opened and your eyes wide. You really weren’t expecting such a proposal so soon, especially after seeing him for the first/second time in five years. You’re taken aback and completely speechless, you’re stunned and you think you’re losing it until Jaehyun calls out your name.
“Yes,” you reply, “yes, yes, yes!!! Let's get married!” You gleam, wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him in for a tight embrace.
Jaehyun pulls away from your waist and gives you a sincere look, “I know it’s not the ideal proposal, but I promise when we get back home, I’ll do it right. I’ll do everything right this time,” he declares.
“Oh honey,” you cup his cheek, “there’s nothing you did wrong, we all make mistakes and go through hard times. I’m just glad it all led me back to you.” you lean forward to kiss his forehead as he embraces you again.
It’s time, you were finally getting married to Jaehyun. And for real this time, no contract, no business, just love.
Tumblr media
“By the power given to me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss each other. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Jung!”
Cheers throughout the venue fades as Jaehyun leans into your lips, a smile adorning his face as he places a gentle kiss on your lips. Flower petals are thrown in the air and smiles are exchanged between each side of the family.
And after the reception, dinner, first dance, cutting of the cake, bouquet tossing, and after everything fate has put you through, everyone bids you goodbye as you and Jaehyun run out of the reception hall. With the sparklers in their hands, complimenting the sunset in front of you, the cheers of encouragement sing through your ears as Jaehyun opens the car door for you. As he gets in, he gives you a teasing chaste kiss, before waving off to everyone and riding into the sunset.
You always had faith in fate, each decision has its own consequences and leads you on different paths. You often think to yourself if you had chosen a different path, where would it lead you? Would it lead you to the same ending? Or would you end up in a different place? And would the person you love the most be there? Yes. The answer is yes, wherever you go, you’re convinced Jaehyun will always be there. He will follow you like the sun and the moon, he will love you like how the moon leaves to let the sun breathe. Jaehyun will love you to the best of his abilities because you taught him to love himself. He’s almost convinced that you saved his life and he couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like you by his side.
Life was always good at never going the way you wanted it to. Like your mother said, “life isn’t fair,” yet at the time she said it, you were too young and only took it as a grain of salt. Little did you know, the world will throw you in several different directions, the world will bash you, judge you, and sometimes make you feel like it hates you. But when you find love, kindness, and forgiveness within yourself and others, everything that brought darkness will complement the light, showing how sometimes bad things happen so you can grow. Life is hard and no one said it was going to be easy, but right now, life is good. Life is great when you’re with Jung Jaehyun.
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prettywordsyouleft · 8 months ago
The Cowboy - Preview
Tumblr media
Summary: Leaving the city for a rural area called Blayne seemed simple enough. Your task was to convince the people to agree with selling their land for a resort redevelopment. But once there, you soon realise that your city ways are entirely different to theirs. Winning their trust was going to take some effort, and when you start to fall for a local cowboy, you wonder if you really needed Blayne more than the city life after all.
Pairing: Jung Jaehyun x female reader
Genre: cowboy au / drama / romance / if you squint there’s some enemies to lovers up in here. 
Warnings: Jung Jaehyun is a cowboy, need I say more? (a bit of angst and drama, and it sometimes might feel like you’re reading a Nicolas Sparks book, so I’m told lol)
Word count: 415
This series will be updated every Thursday and Friday starting 7th January. 
Preview | 1 |
Tumblr media
“You didn’t bring the truck?”
“You asked if it was legal yesterday. I doubt you would have gotten in it.”
You eyed the large animal warily. “And you expect me to get up there?”
“Miss City, don’t tell me you’re scared of a mere horse. Back before any car, they were man’s best friend.”
“I thought that was a dog,” you murmured as Jaehyun leapt back up onto the cushioned seat of the wagon, his hand reaching down for yours.
“Ever seen a dog plough a field for crops?” Jaehyun asked with a chuckle, his grip firm around your wrist as he helped you up.
You sat down and looked around yourself hopelessly. “Do I need a seatbelt?”
“You really haven’t experienced much in life, have you, Miss-”
“Y/N,” you interjected, smiling nervously. “Please, call me Y/N.”
Jaehyun stared at you again and then smiled, picking up the reins. “You can hold onto me if you get scared, Y/N. I won’t tell anyone that our city slicker is frightened to ride on a horse wagon.”
“Why did I agree to go out tonight?” you wondered with a groan, shrieking and grabbing onto the front of the wagon when it started to move. Jaehyun laughed at you before eagerly asking the animal to move faster, your hands gripping on more tightly to the bar. “You’re working too hard to get rid of me, Jaehyun.”
“Really? Is it that noticeable?” he wondered and smiled when he watched you loosen your grip. “You’re adapting to this pretty well, though.”
It was your turn to look at him, a smile forming on your lips. “I am, huh.”
He glanced at you and nodded. “Who knows, maybe you’ll last more than a week.”
“Talk to me again when I make it to a month.”
“You’ll be riding a horse by that time,” he suggested, and you scoffed loudly.
“No, thank you. I’m not here to play farm. I’m here to work.”
“Farming is one of the hardest jobs out there. I thought you were here to see how us Blayners tick?”
“I guess you better think about what you’ll wear for a horse riding lesson tomorrow then.”
“I never agreed to it,” you objected and then sat back in your seat when Jaehyun leaned towards you.
“I like your dress by the way. It’s pretty.”
“Still full of yourself,” you mumbled, fanning your cheeks with how hot they grew with his compliment.
Jaehyun grinned. “Still enjoying it, aren’t we?”
Part 1
All rights reserved © prettywordsyouleft
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qianinterprises · 3 months ago
Among the Horses {Part One}
Tumblr media
Pairing: farm boy!Jaehyun x female!Reader
Other Characters: OC's, Haechan (sorta, kinda, not really), Renjun (sorta, kinda, not really)
Genre: fluff, angst, country au, farmboys and lady's au, falling in love, slow burn, friends to lovers
Warnings: verbally abusive aunt, yelling, degrading (not the fun kind)
Word Count: 3.8k
Overall Synopsis: Being sent to live with your aunt isn't exactly something wonderful, especially because she's verbally abusive and downright determined to turn you into a "proper lady" who a wealthy man will want to marry. However, perhaps living there won't be so bad. After all, you've got a handsome farm boy teaching you to ride horses.
Part One Synopsis: Arriving at your aunts is very challenging and trying. After being put through the ringer with your attire, you finally get a chance to explore the green world, and spend more time with the farm boy who'd picked you up from the airport.
Author's Notes: So I started this a while ago and didn't really do anything with it, but I love it and I really wanna write more so yeah... Also, I've posted this on a03 as well.
Tagging: @treasuretaeil @hachanbaecon @hwangful
A white, dirty pick-up truck pulled off the main road and onto a long, winding dirt road, leading them closer to a grand house that you had only been to a few times in your life. The place you’d be living for the next year or two.
The truck bumped along the loose gravel, crashing over potholes, sending you bouncing on the very worn cloth of the cab, your eyes glancing worriedly to the male beside you, one of his hands planted firmly on the hard steering wheel, the other loosely placed on the stick shifter in the center of the bench.
“Are you sure the tires won’t… fall off?” your voice was thick and laiden with worry.
He glanced over at you, warm brown eyes gazing intently into yours, the opticals flecked with curiosity and amusement. Embarrassment crept under your skin.
“You haven’t been out here in awhile? Have you miss?” he asked, tone filled with friendly amusement.
You awkwardly scratched at your nose, a bit of a nervous habit she’d picked up over the years.
“No. My parents never had the money to travel.”
Your voice was small, etched in nervousness and anxiety.
He cast you a gentle smile as he pulled the truck around a sharp curve in the road, and there it was.
The house was huge, at least three stories high and stretched across the land it was perched upon. The foundation red brick that looked freshly cleaned (it probably had been), a contrast to the pearly white of the rest of the structure. The curves and contours of the slightly oddly shaped house made it more enchanting and nerve-wracking, especially as you grew closer, tires hitting the smooth cement before your driver moved the shifter and parked the truck.
“Head on in, miss, I’ll get your bags.”
His accent was a combination of Asian mixed with southern, an odd mix that somehow seemed so delicately smooth and perfect, especially the way he drawled over the “r’s”
You’d been stuck in your thoughts, eyes wide as you surveyed the prospects of your new home.
“Right, yes, thank you,” you said softly, moving to get out, the door creaking as it was opened.
Your black, falling apart sneakers hit the tan pavement of the driveway, the hooks of your overalls rattling loosely against your torso as they accommodated your movements; the loose denim legs falling just above your knees as you pushed the dingy door closed.
The male you’d ridden with, Jaehyun, he said his name was, pulled the latch of the truck bed and reached up to grab your mismatched luggage, his sturdy frame pressing into the hot metal of the truck.
“Do you need some help?”
Your voice was small, mixed with worry and hesitation.
You’d do just about anything to prolong the inevitable.
“That’s quite alright, miss,” he began. “You should head on inside. The heat is a harsh place for a lady,” he answered.
You looked down, playing with your fingers, but you didn’t reply. Instead, slowly moving toward the brick steps that would lead to the entrance of the beautiful home.
Anina Lee was a strict lady. She liked things just a certain way and she got them how she wanted. She didn’t tolerate bad behavior or disobedience. And she had a strong dislike for people that got in her way. Thus, she had never been married.
She lived alone, if you count having two live-in maids, a chef, and a stable hand that slept in the barn as living alone.
Alina was your aunt. Your mother’s elder sister who had alienated your mother when she’d married a man of lower class. That same man later had a wife who blessed him with three kids to care for, spending his days fixing the cars of those more fortunate than him, hoping to make a buck for his family.
That’s why you were here. A young girl, coming of age to be married off and starting a family of your very own. Your family couldn’t support you any longer, and as you prepared to move away in hopes of finding some sort of job or a life, your aunt had hastlessly offered to take you in. Your mother had all too happily obliged, hoping her only and eldest daughter would learn a thing or two from the elder woman, maybe turn you into the lady your mother and father had tried for years to make you.
The stainless white door slowly opened and an older woman stood in the frame. She was clearly in her 50s, stress lines drawn thickly in her forehead, wrinkles in the corners of her dull gray eyes, deep lines around her nose and mouth, her neck sagging just a little beneath her sharp jaw. She was a small lady. On first glance one may have a hard time understanding what makes her so fierce. She was small in stature, small in size and in frame, but she had the tongue of a snake, the heart of a lioness, and the skill of a chimp.
“(Y/N)! You’re finally here!”
You stood a good few inches taller than the woman, but that made you more nervous if anything. You made her way up the steps and, as you reached the woman in the door, you were promptly pulled into a proper hug that severely lacked warmth.
“I can’t believe you got on a plane and sat amongst all those people in that ghastly attire. You must change at once!”
The woman’s voice was so shrill it could pierce glass, but you held back the flinch.
“Martha!” the same voice called into the house as she pulled you in, shutting the door and encompassing them in the cool air conditioning.
A larger lady appeared, dressed in stained blue jeans and an ugly yellow shirt.
“Please show my niece to her room and help her change into something more… feminine and lady-like,” her aunt’s voice commanded.
“When you’re finished dear, have Martha show you to my study.”
There was no endearing term in the word “dear.” Simply an icy addition to a perfectly manicured sentence.
You watched your aunts receding form, pencil skirt tight on her legs, black heels sharply hitting the hardwood intimidatingly.
“Come with me, dear. Let’s get you changed,” the larger lady spoke softly.
She was older, maybe 60 or so, her skin dark tan, although you couldn’t tell if it was the sun or her natural skin pigmentation. Her voice was grainy, but soft and endearing. Motherly she’d dare say. And you thought that this woman may actually make living here bearable.
You followed the lady up the grand staircase, up two flights of stairs and down a long hallway until you reached the end. The lady pushed open the thick white door and stepped inside, you following her closely.
Inside, the room was surprisingly rustic. A simple, full-sized bed with an obviously homemade comforter thrown across it. A light gray plush rug beside the bed. The hardwood floors were surprisingly and delightfully bare. One large section of the wall was home to a large bay window that stretched from the ceiling to the plush gray cushion of the bench. There were a few flower paintings and other pointless nicknacks scattered on obsolete surfaces around the room, but you paid no mind to them as your attention was drawn to the lady opening the large mahogany grand dresser and plucking out two cloths.
She unfolded both neatly, placing them on the bed and you sighed. The skirt was long and pleated, patterns of red and white stretched in an annoying kaleidoscope arrangement across the nearly pointless garment and the white shirt appeared to be partly transparent.
“Go ahead and get changed dear, I’ll help you when you finish,” she said kindly and turned her back.
You waited for her to leave the room but it was apparent she had no intention to. Awkwardly, you began unhooking the straps of your overalls, letting the fabric clang to the floor. Your skin heated up, feeling all too exposed before sliding into the skirt, the itchy elastic clinging to your hips uncomfortably. You pulled your stained blue t-shirt off, swapping it for the crisp white one that you feared you’d stain in the next few moments.
The lady turned around, her wide hips bumping into the dresser slightly. The dresser was sturdy enough not to jostle, but it was obvious the corner was sharp and painful. You almost felt bad at the way the lady’s face winced, but it was quickly pushed away as calloused hands began gripping the delicate skin of your arms, squeezing along the skin up your arms.
She tsked and turned around, rummaging through the dresser once again, only to turn around with a black, light cardigan.
You gawked. Why on earth would you wear that atrocious thing in this weather? It was the middle of August! Not December!
“I know. But if your aunt were to see your arms, she’d have a fit. She probably still will,” she said.
You sighed. Your aunt hadn’t changed one bit. Your skin was fragile. The tops of your forearms lightly tanned, a pigment passed on from your father. The rest of your arms and body entirely was light. Lady’s should be gorgeously sunkissed to be beautiful and to be taken seriously.
With a huff, you put on the long black sleeves, the intricately designed cotton draping over your shoulders perfectly. But that didn’t mean it was any more comfortable. You could already feel the added heat seeping onto your skin. You’d be sweaty and uncomfortable soon.
“Now let’s do something about your feet.”
You looked down; your worn socks had holes all through them, mud permanently stained to the sweaty fabric.
Bustling from the room, you were left stunned in the wake of the surprisingly fast woman, watching her round the corner and disappear down the hall to fetch something to apparently “fix your feet.”
You thought you’d do something to speed along the process. The more time spent getting you dressed in these ridiculous clothes, the less time you had to explore the outside world. You made your way to the bay window, taking a seat on the plush cushion that accommodated you nicely. You pressed your back against the edge of the wall and turned your gaze to the picturesque green world filled with surprisingly lush looking grass, dips and hills along the valley, and the tops of trees further off in the distance. All this land was yours for the roaming. You couldn’t wait to get out those doors and go exploring.
The sound of water sloshing in a pot brought your attention back from the window, glancing curiously as the large lady placed the pot down in front of the window.
“Put your feet in.”
You didn’t argue. You were hesitant, but thought better than to argue and have your aunt boil you alive in this pot.
As soon as your dingy, dirty, mud pasted feet hit the water, you hissed. The temperature felt that it could boil the skin right off.
“I’m sorry, I know it’s hot, but your aunt is expecting you down soon and I have to do this as quickly as possible,” the lady said.
Grabbing your left foot, she picked the appendage up from the water along with a suds coated dish sponge and began mercilessly scrubbing away at the tender flesh. You whined and howled, tears pricking to your eyes as your skin was scrubbed and abused by the harsh bristles of the brush. You attempted to yank your foot away, but the tight grip on your ankle prevented much movement. You were stuck suffering as the skin became reddened from the irritation.
As soon as the painful experience came to a close, your now pink feet were dried with a towel before being slid into a pair of eccentrically beaded, golden strapped sandals that accentuated the rest of the over-the-top outfit nicely.
“You seem presentable enough now, although I’m sure the mistress of the house would have a few unkind things to say about your wild mane.”
You tried not to take offense. You liked your hair. It was an untamed mop that curved wildly carefree, blowing in the breeze that picked up the thick tufts.
“Thank you for your help ma’am.”
She bowed at the waist, a kind smile on her lips.
“No need for the ma’am dear. Call me Martha, or Mrs. Rivera if you must.”
And with no more haste, Martha Rivera led you back down the grand staircase to the bottom floor, the tight flats biting at your heels and ankles with every step you took, fighting off the winces that followed. You rounded a few sharp corners, venturing into a large sitting room with an extravagant flat screen high on the wall and couches that looked brand new. Through a dining room, table decorated with a sequined bronze cloth and the finest China you’d ever seen, although that wasn’t really a stretch. Finally, they made it to a large oak door, cracked just enough that you could see your aunt’s silhouette sitting behind an elegant red desk, glasses perched on her nose, pen in hand, eyes married to the computer screen. Mrs. Rivera left you by the door, and you almost spun on your heel and walked away. But of course, that would be too easy.
“Come in child. Stop standing in the doorway.”
Your blood froze in your veins. You pushed the door open and stolled in, tripping over the lion skin rug, stumbling a bit before catching your balance. Harsh wisps of breath rushed past your aunt's lips and the chair creaked as the weight lifted from it.
You straightened your back, staring fearfully into the cold gray eyes that trailed over your face and down your clothes.
The woman began moving slowly around you, manicured nails and boney fingers tracing over the outline of your clothes and jaw, running through your wild mane and down your hands, inspecting the bitten off nails. As she walked, she muttered things like “hair won’t do” and “horrible posture” before she stood back in front of you.
“You simply won’t do,” she said sternly.
The words hit hard. You may have been expecting something like this, but it didn’t make the words hurt any less.
“You look like you’ve been sleeping with the horses. Your nails are pitiful. Your skin is far too light.”
She gripped your jaw, tilting your head up harshly to expose your still slightly chubby neck.
“Can you ride a horse?”
The question was sudden and it caught you off guard, but you answered as quickly as your brain would allow.
“N-no. I’ve never ridden before.”
The woman sighed loudly, hot puffs of air pouring out of her flared nostrils.
“That’ll have to change. Starting tomorrow, you will be taking riding lessons from the stable boy. Every lady should have the basic skills of riding,” her tone was cold and brisk as she looked away and perched back at her desk.
“You’re dismissed. Dinner is at 6. Don’t be late. You may roam the grounds.”
With a wave of her hand, she dismissed her niece and immediately went back to work, not bating another eyelash as you fled hastlessly from the room, your eyes welling with tears as stress and fear washed over you, although more relieved that it was over and you could finally do something for yourself. You’d start by ditching these God forsaken shoes.
You made your way around the back door of the house, more by pure necessity than memory, simply logically thinking the best way around in the expansive flooring. When you made it, a smile broke across your face as you unfastened the painful shoes, kicking them off in a sloppy jumble by the door before opening the heavy door, the heat of the afternoon hitting your face, not that you minded.
As you stepped out, bare feeting meeting hot cement, you stripped the cardigan from your shoulders, draping it over a random, sun baked chair. You tore off through the grass, laughing giddily, breeze blowing wisps of your hair, skirt fluttering delicately over your skin. It would be difficult to do anything in the blasted thing, but you wouldn’t give yourself enough time to strip down into something better, opting to enjoy the last of the day while you could. And you’d start in the bright red barn your eyes immediately fell on.
Making your way through the soft grass that squished under the weight of your feet, you strolled into the half open barn, the soft snorts of animals bringing a smile to your lips. Just because you couldn’t ride, doesn’t mean you didn’t love the animals. You loved horses especially. They were such beautiful and majestic creatures. You’d always wanted a horse, but your family had never been able to afford one. You’d always wanted to ride, and now you could, although you didn’t understand why it was so important to your aunt.
The cool concrete felt rough beneath your feet, stray straws of hay littering the floor. It could have been a picture straight out of one of the Country Living magazines you’d kept hidden away at your parents home.
The first horse you came upon was a tall brown animal, head hung over the stall door, ears perked to attention, eyes trained on the new invader inside the barnhouse. He snorted at you and his hoof hit the barn door lightly in an attempt at getting closer. You stepped closer, slowly offering your hand out, letting the animal sniff searchingly.
“He’s looking for some sugar cubes.”
The voice came out of nowhere, interrupting your serenity, a yelp leaving your lips as your whole body jolted in the sudden fright.
You turned your head to the barn door where your driver was standing, taunt arms crossed over a broad chest, veiled from prying eyes by a lightweight flannel shirt, the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. His long legs were clad in dusty denim, mud and hay from his knees to the tops of the worn work boots.
“I’m sorry. I just like horses-”
“And you thought you’d come visit them?” he finished your sentence.
You immediately began shuffling your feet, eyes turning back to study the fading paint on the stall to keep from facing him.
Heavy footsteps hit the floor as the male moved closer until he was close enough to touch. His large, rough hand gripped your wrist lightly, bringing it up toward him. You let out a little yelp, riddled with confusion and curiosity until three small blocks were placed in your palm.
“Hold your palm out to him and don’t jerk away,” he spoke calmly, slowly urging you.
You nodded, having some sort of unkempt trust in his words as you turned back to the animal and extended your arm, palm flat, cubed sugar offered to the horse, who greedily munched them right out of your hands.
“His name’s Haechan. He’s a bit of a character.”
You nodded, drawing your now horse-slobbered hand away, opting to stroke the animal's fur from his nose to between his eyes.
“That’s an interesting name,” you said.
He hummed behind you and you heard his boots hitting the concrete as he moved away.
“Do you like animals?” he asked.
You spun around, eyes wide and shining.
“Yes! I love them! Sometimes I prefer animals over humans!”
His smile was gentle as he surveyed your physique, a dusty pink tinting his cheeks, although you thought nothing of it.
“Come on, I want to show you something,”he said, walking past you to the opposite exit of the barn.
You followed close behind, curious as to where he was taking her. Your feet fell back onto the grass, the long blades sliding between your toes as you followed in his wake. As they walked, a white picket fence came into view, not far from the barn, but oddly well hidden beneath the crest of a hill rolling through the land. Once you reached the fence, his hands curled around the boards, hoisting himself up, foot balanced on the bottom board as he climbed up, throwing a leg over one side, then the other, and jumping down. You stared at him in awestruck confusion.
“Climb over, I’ll catch you on this side.”
You didn’t know why you blindly trusted him. You didn’t know him from a random stranger in the town, but you complied, placing your foot onto the same board he had, pulling yourself up and swinging a leg over, then another. The skirt snagged in the boards a few times, one of your feet nearly slipping off the boards as you attempted to keep it pushed down. This proved to be more of a challenge as you balanced on your heels, hands clutching the top piece of wood as you contemplated how to get down now. That is, until his arms outstretched, slightly bent at the elbow, fingers parted, palms facing one another, and you knew what he wanted you to do. Taking a deep breath, you pushed off with your left foot, hands releasing your grip on the fence, letting yourself drop, eyes squeezing in slight fear that you’d soon flop hard against the green earth. But when strong hands caught your waist, arms drawing you in, broad chest breaking your fall, you braced herself against him, feet carefully being lowered until they pressed back into the earth.
“See, that wasn’t so bad.”
His teasing tone had you pulling away, glaring playfully at him before turning and pretending to walk away, leaving him in your path.
At least, until you heard a rustling in the long grass inside the fence.
You squeaked as it grew closer taking a step back as your harsh gaze followed the rustling of the grass, positive a snake would wrap itself around your leg as it dug its venomous fangs into your soft flesh.
Needless to say, you were in for quite a shock when the small head of a brown and white calf popped up from the grass.
And you were sinking to your knees.
The calf moved toward your lowered body, sniffing at your arms until you reached out to run a hand down it’s small head and back, cooing quietly, eyes brimming with unfiltered delight as you wrapped your arms around the baby, stroking the fur of its back lovingly.
“This is Renjun. He’s my little cousin's calf.”
You didn’t say anything. You didn’t have to. Your cooes of joy were enough to show every emotion you were currently feeling.
Horrible aunt or not. You could certainly find worse places to be trapped. At least here you had rolling hills of green, beautiful animals to fawn over, and Jaehyun, handsome stableboy who you couldn’t wait to get to know.
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wykynct · 9 months ago
✨JAEHYUN - “trust me sweetheart, don’t fall for me. It will only end bad for you” | masterlist✨
『Who knew you were gonna be attracted to one of your brothers best friends. You knew his job… he knew yours. That’s why it would never work out』
Jaehyun mafia AU! X Female! Police/undercover! Reader.
Tumblr media
Main masterlist ✨
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stealerz · 2 months ago
obsessed. [masterlist]
Tumblr media
where does infatuation turn into obsession?
(inspired by the ‘you’ series on netflix and the trilogy of the same name by caroline kepnes)
a/n: previously titled ‘only you’ and posted on my previous nct account @the32ndbeat​, reposted first 3 parts here.
series taglist: @geminirules​ @koo-18​ @fruityutas​ @chocolattees​ @trashlord-007​ @sly-merlin​ @sichengszn​ @carefulee @jenorenle @yoonohing @thejungjaehyun​ @hyunjaethereal​ @preciouslee​ @httpjeongjaes​ @captainsjoongs​ @mieohmy​ @aespaism @suhpersonic​ @undeuxseptt​ @repjaehyn​
[send me an ask or dm if you wish to be included.]
Tumblr media
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
coming soon...
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smoll-tangerine · 11 months ago
you’re my wonderwall
Tumblr media
PAIRING. jaehyun x oc/reader  GENRES. romance, slow burn, ANGST, bittersweet, friendship, coming of age, DRAMA, college!au, enemies-to-lovers!au 
SYNOPSIS. maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me. after all, you’re my wonderwall. 
WARNINGS. mentions of mental illnesses, abuse, and self-harm. these will NOT be present and prominent in all chapters. i will include the warnings at the beginning of chapters that DO include these triggers. 
[a/n]: you’re my wonderwall is my BABY. i started writing this story back in 2014 and finally completed it in 2018. i’ve decided to rewrite it because i don’t like my writing style from back then. the original story is completed, so updates will be consistent so yay! if you’d like to be part of the taglist, send me an ask!
UPDATES ON. fridays STATUS. ongoing
DISCLAIMER. this is NOT a story that romanticizes abuse. this is NOT a story about a girl that can only be saved thanks to a man. this is a story about a girl who gains courage, who goes through a growth, who becomes an independent woman. here’s a quote that sums up my feelings about my story:
Tumblr media
HOWEVER, i would like to add this: if you are in an abusive household or if you know someone who might be - please seek help, talk to someone you trust. my inbox is always open if you just want to talk to someone. but please, do seek help - you are not alone.
Tumblr media
one: once upon a time  two: unrealistic fairy tale  three: damsels in distress  four: maiden in the tower five: the female pinocchio six: whole of a journey  seven: the three wishes  eight: lost in a forest  nine: the magic carpet  ten: a whole new world  eleven: once upon a dream  twelve: long long ago  thirteen: deal with the devil  fourteen: something wicked this way comes  fifteen: the ugly duckling  sixteen: succeed before the sun sets  seventeen: the poisoned apple  eighteen: evil step-father  nineteen: knight in shining armour  twenty: open sesame twenty-one: magic mirror on the wall twenty-two: the boy who cried wolf  twenty-three: wish upon a star  twenty-four: down the rabbit hole  twenty-five: forbidden west wing  twenty-six: a mad tea party  twenty-seven: kiss the girl  twenty-eight: the fairest of them all  twenty-nine: glass slippers  thirty: pixie dust  thirty-one: the pool of tears  thirty-two: spindle of a spinning wheel  thirty-three: her prince charming  thirty-four: the sword of truth  thirty-five: clock strikes twelve  thirty-six: the girl who can fly  thirty-seven: potion for a beautiful voice  thirty-eight: a magic wand  thirty-nine: rags to riches forty: happily ever after
(1/5) forty-one: stuck in the moment (2/5) forty-two: thank you for the memories  (3/5) forty-three: can you be my nightingale  (4/5) forty-four: shower of light  (5/5): forty-five: epilogue
one: profiles
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j4ehyunluvr · a month ago
There's a book for everyone. (2/?)
warning: just a little nsfw content present in conversation around the end.
part 1
you were just walking out of your bioethics class, going over the notes you took and talking to august.
"i know i've said this a million times before," you started "but bioethics has to be the best course ever- and that's not just an opinion. i'm speaking factually"
august had just opened their mouth (presumably to once again point out that you never would've even been taking this course if it wasn't for them) when-
"clifford makes the team, really?"
the both of you came to an abrupt stop and simultaneously raised your heads to look at an exasperated jaehyun, with a comically square shaped book in his hand, glaring down at you. after taking a second to register what was going on, you smiled.
"what? it's a short book about sports. it's perfect for a review no? you can explicate clifford's persistence and courage-"
"it's a children's book- clifford is a big red dog! i-"
you cut him off by holding up a hand "look dude, you got what you asked for, what's your problem? i looked up short books about sports and this is what i found! the rest were long autobiographies and you emphasised on a 100 page limit."
"okay," august announced "this is clearly a private conversation," they grinned "i'll get going, see you later love?" he directed at you.
"yes! boba at 5, don't be late!"
"i never am"
they gave the top of your head a quick kiss and you grumbled "except for when you are, which is always"
they smiled sweetly and ruffled your hair before turning to walk away "bye love, bye jaehyun"
"bye!" you sighed and started fixing your hair, while jaehyun waved goodbye.
jaehyun looked at you after august left, a little startled and having forgotten all about clifford "you're dating august?"
"what? no! oh my god no."
"right so they just go around kissing your head and calling you love for fun?" he raises an eyebrow.
"yes," you narrowed your eyes "that's just how they are. how do you know them?"
"we sit next to each other in our diplomacy and international relations class" he shrugged.
it was your turn to stare at him, dumbfounded "but- august said they sit next to this really smart and quick witted guy" jaehyun's mouth slowly spread into a smile "...that's you?" and just like that, it disappeared.
"right, because a 'jerk jock' couldn't possible keep up in a challenging course?" he crossed his arms over his - quite impressive - chest, scowling.
"i'm not surprised you can keep up in diplomacy and international relations you halfwit, i'm surprised you can keep up in that but not in theory and practice of literature, which has to be infinitely easier."
"we'll discuss how condescending that sounds later, let's get back to the matter at hand," he raised the book to your eye level "i should've known something was up when you refused to text me the name of the book and told me to get it from the librarian, then i had to look for you to express how outrageous-"
"how did you find me by the way?"
"the librarian dude knows your schedule, which is no surprise since i assume he's one of your only friends?"
you hit him with the stack of papers in your hand "you just met one of my friends asshat"
"oh, so that wasn't because he was dared to hang out with the most irritating girl on campus?"
you started walking past him, hitting your shoulder into his for the snarky remark "leave the review in the library by the end of the week"
"i'm not writing a review on this!" jaehyun called out.
"suit yourself"
it's truly infuriating how she thinks she's better than him. it wasn't a monumental task to find a few short books on topics that suited him was it? maybe if he complained to mr jones? but he doubted the professor would listen to him long enough to care.
whatever, he would deal with this later. he looked at his watch - 2:24 pm - if he didn't hurry, he'd be late for soccer practice and that was certainly the last thing he needed right now.
he brisk walked to the nyu soccer field and was glad to see it empty. he ran over to the boys locker room and saw all his teammates changing into their jerseys.
"jae, dude, 2 more minutes and we'd all have been on the field, where were you?" his teammate - shufen - called out when he noticed him.
"coach would've dragged your ass all over the field if you were late" marcus said.
"what ass?" nico remarked, making a show of tilting his head sideway to inspect jaehyun's butt.
"oh ha ha" jaehyun mocked, throwing his bag at nico, as the room erupted in laughter "we both know my ass is bigger than yours"
"oh yeah? says who?" nico raised an eyebrow while chuckling.
"your girlfriend" jaehyun crossed his arms, and ensue the 'ohhh' and the 'damn' chorus from every single teammate in the room.
jaehyun started laughing and nico leaped at him "you mother-"
"i dare you to finish that word nico rodríguez" spoke a displeased voice from the entrance to the room.
everyone froze and turned to look at coach's stern expression, who - even though had spoken towards nico - was pointedly glaring at jaehyun.
"uh coach-" nico started, trying to redeem himself.
"why are you not yet in your jersey jaehyun? running late again?"
"sorry coach, i was actually at the library-"
"right, we need to discuss that. boys, start warming up on the field"
and after a unison of mumbles of "okay coach", jaehyun was left alone in the room with coach
"sit" she said softly but firmly, sitting herself.
"i assume it's going well with that girl? yn is it?"
"actually coach it's not-"
"okay look jaehyun, as much as i care about what's wrong," coach jennifer said, though her tone suggested the opposite "it doesn't matter how it's going, because you don't have another choice, you know that right? you're here on a sports scholarship, but that doesn't mean you have a free pass to disregard your courses. the requirement for you to stay on this team as its captain is to get Cs and above in every course. so either you suck it up, play book club with this girl for two months and bump your D to a B, or you're off the team."
jaehyun had heard this speech before, but those last 4 words still stung. there really was no way out of this was there? should he just ask yn for a different book? no, he didn't want to give her the satisfaction. he considered just writing a review on that insipid book, but mr jones would find that stupid and then you would tell him it was because he was being difficult and there was no way mr jones would believe him over her. he was so sick of this.
"okay jaehyun?" coach jennifer asked "i hope you're lost in thoughts about how hard you're going to be reading for the next two months otherwise i'll take the first book i find and shove it up your ass" she got up and stared down at him.
jaehyun got a sudden flashback of the time when the coach of a team they were playing against had said she was "pretty for a black woman" at a game. he remembered she'd punched him so hard that he now had 2 fake teeth.
jaehyun got up so quickly, he stumbled "yes coach!"
"good, now put a jersey on get on the field"
and instantly, it was clear what jaehyun needed to do right after practice.
“where’s august?” jahnvi asked, as she plopped her bag onto the table and sat down.
"dunno" you mumbled with the boba straw in your mouth.
"it's 5:07, must they always be late?" she sighed, "whatever, pass me the boba"
you slid the boba you were drinking from, across the table toward jahnvi, who caught it easily and took a sip.
"hey so how'd it go with your parents, like coming out to them?" you asked. having realised she was lesbian over a year ago, jahnvi had been keeping it from her parents the whole time.
it's not because she was afraid, jahnvi didn't really care what other people thought of her but she just wasn't sure how they'd react since they were really religious hindus, and didn't want to deal with the fuss. however, as her parents kept spending more and more time telling her to start dating, and even going as far as to look for an indian boyfriend for her, she got tired of it.
"uh, well, i think? i mean they're not against it but now they're going to start finding me girlfriends which isn't much of an improvement to be honest"
"hey, that's cool! your parents are just trying to be supportive, and who knows, maybe they'll find you a pretty indian girlfriend!" you said cheerfully. "unless..." you eyed her suspiciously "you already have a pretty girlfriend?"
jahnvi squirmed uncomfortably in her seat "not exactly-"
"oh my god jahnvi! i knew it!" you squealed uncontrollably.
"bro shut the fuck up" she covered her face with her hands, "why are you shrieking like an 11 year old?"
"because," you forcefully removed her hands from her face "you haven't had a girlfriend in forever and i'm excited for you!"
"she's not even my girlfriend" jahnvi groaned, "i just like her"
"well, that's part of the process, and hopefully the second part is telling me who she is?" you tried.
jahnvi scoffed "no way, joy from inside out"
"fine, fine. but you have to tell me eventually okay?"
"i will, yeah, i just need to figure some stuff out first" she said, and went back to drinking your boba.
"ah! my two favourite girls!"
you both roll your eyes at the sound of august's voice.
you turned to them with a menacing glare as they sat down next to jahnvi and gave her a kiss on the side of her forehead, for which she pushed them away and made a disgusted noise.
"i told you not to-"
"you're late again! it's 5:21, do you have no regard for time?" you asked them.
"i'm sorry! i got caught up-
"sucking keith off in the bathroom again?" jahnvi supplied, stirring your her boba.
"well... yeah, except i wasn't the one doing the sucking," august grinned and spread their arms out behind them, over the couch.
"i can't believe you keep ditching us for some head" you complained.
"average head" jahnvi corrected.
"how would you know that?" august raised an eyebrow.
jahnvi shrugged "i can just tell, he doesn't look like all that"
"well you're not wrong, it was mediocre at best" august affirmed.
"so you ditched us for head, that wasn't even good!" you exclaimed, "this is unacceptable"
"i'm sorry, love, it won't happen again" they smiled sweetly, to which jahnvi snorted.
august got up to place his order at the counter when jahnvi said "hey yn, i finished that book you told me to read - daisy jones and the six"
you sat up straighter "and?"
"it was... good. really good" she smiled.
"nice! i knew you'd like it, i can recommend something else if you-"
"speaking of recommending books," august spoke from behind you, carrying his boba over to your table carefully "did yn tell you what her first book recommendation to jaehyun was? our darling friend here told him to read: clifford makes the team. as in clifford - the big red dog"
jahnvi laughed "isn't that what he asked for?"
"exactly, which is why i feel no ounce of regret" you said.
"i feel slightly bad for him though, isn't he doing this so he doesn't fail his lit course?" august said.
"well yeah but he literally gets an extra chance, it's quite unfair if you ask me, no one else gets to pass the lit course by simply reading some books." you pointed out.
"yeah that's cause no one fails the lit course in the first place" jahnvi said, "he must really not care about it, if it's this bad"
"lit just isn't his thing, you guys should see him in the international affairs class, jaehyun is a menace" august stated.
"i just wish he gave this thing a chance," you sighed "i know i could get him to like books, i've even thought of one he'd like already!"
"reading isn't for everyone-" jahnvi started.
"i know you believe there's a book for everyone, and maybe there is, but he'd have to care enough to even get to the point where he's ready to read, and that's not something you can force, the initiative has to come from him"
"you're right, i guess"
"of course, i am," jahnvi said.
"so? what're you gonna do now?" august asked.
"i'll find some short books for him i think, you know, cause it's what he wants" you shrugged.
"good," august smiled, and then turned to jahnvi "now, i'm going to need you to explain in detail how 'you can just tell' if a guy gives average head, because that would save me a lot of time"
he'd been in the library for about 8 minutes before yn walked in. almost 5 people had wrinkled their nose at him because he was sweaty from practice.
gosh, are all nerds such snobs?
she walked towards him "hey jaehyun, i was just going to text you," and after a sigh "you'll be happy to know that i've decided to-"
"recommend something to me?" he blurted out.
"what?" you asked, clearly startled.
"give me a book to read, anything you want, no word limit, no genre limit, just tell me to read it and i will. i want to do this right." he said.
and as soon as he said the words, he regretted them already. he dreaded the next words she would say, something like "oh now you want a recommendation? no way" or another snarky remark.
but then she smiled. like really, really smiled. and wow, if jaehyun knew those words would've lit up her face like that, he would've said them much sooner.
"jaehyun, i have just the book for you"
an: yay!! chapter two :)) hope u like it!!
taglist: @fairysunooo
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whereisten · 12 months ago
Valentine Boy
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Preview | Part 3 | Part 4
Tumblr media
You’ve been dating College Student!Jaehyun for a few months now. He’s unbelievably sweet, smart, oh..and very handsome. Best of all, he gives you the best love you’ve ever had. He’s the love of your life and you can’t see anything going wrong as your relationship sails smoothly..that is..until you discover his biggest secret. He’s been hiding the fact that he’s a camboy and you start to wonder..Is Jaehyun as sweet and honest as you think he is?
Pairing: female reader X college student and camboy!Jaehyun
Genre: Smut, Angst, fluff
Word Count: 4.1K
Warnings: cursing, alcohol mention, cheating, deception, manipulation, gaslighting. Dry humping, car sex, protected sex.
A/N: hellooooo thank you everyone for your immense support on this fic, I hope you enjoy this preview, I haven’t proofread it but I will later!! Also, I am working on the tag list right now, if you would like to be added, pls send a message/ask or reply to this! The rest of Part 3 will be up very soon❤️❤️❤️❤️
The sunlight couldn’t be any brighter as its rays peaked through the slim blinds and onto your bed. You grumble a little bit when you feel the heat on your arm. You turn over slowly, your body still aching from the night before. But you’re able to reach out and tap the fluffy white blanket next to you.
“J-Jaehyun?” You say, peering out through one eye to see your brown haired boyfriend.
But you don’t see him. 
As your senses awaken, you hear the tapping of keys in the living room.
“In here, babe!” Jaehyun yells out.
You smile when you hear his sweet voice and lay back down in the bed. “Oh my God, I can't feel my legs.” You chuckle.
“Ahh..sweetheart..I didn’t even go that hard on you..” he trots into the bedroom with a cup of coffee.
“Here..I’m working on a paper that’s due tomorrow, but I’m almost finished.” He places the cup down on the dresser beside you before ruffling your hair with his fingers.
He looks delectable with no shirt on and just boxers. His hair is still messy too, with his soft hair falling into his forehead limply.
You clutch the blanket to your naked chest and smile widely. “Thanks, do I look?”
“Hmmm..” Jaehyun tilts his head and smirks. “Like someone pulled your hair a few times last night..”
You chuckle a less than sexy laugh, but lick your lips as you remembered the way he pinned you against the bed just a few hours ago.
You sit up on the bed and place a finger into the waistband of his boxer shorts, tugging it teasingly as your eyes lock.
“I miss having my hair pulled…”
He bites his bottom lip and sighs as he watches your daring eyes below him. A low groan escapes his perfect lips.
“, I wish we could..but I have to finish this assignment..” 
You pout and withdraw your finger. “Okay.” 
“I’ll make it up to you later baby, it’s our last day in Bali..we’ll go to the beach one last time and do whatever you want to do.”
He holds your chin and rubs his thumb on it.
You smile.
“Okay, my smart baby, get back to work!”
Jaehyun gives your forehead a light kiss and leaves.
“Professors that assign homework to do during spring break don’t make any sense!” You yell out and fall back into the bed.
Jaehyun only laughs and sits back on the couch with his laptop.
After about two hours, Jaehyun finally finishes his work and walks back to the room.
He plops down into the bed and places his iPad in the center.
You put your phone down and turn to him.
“Wanna watch some Tik Toks with me?” He gives you a cheesy smile.
“Of course! You look like you could use some decompressing..”
You rub your hand on his hair and smooth it out of his face.
He takes the move as an opportunity to kiss your wrist.
“Hey!” You laugh at the ticklish feeling and move your hand.
The two of you watch many, way too many, videos well into the afternoon. But losing track of time with the one you loved the most was okay.
You and Jaehyun laughed together as you laid on his chest and scrolled through his ‘for you page’. You’d look up at his face every now and then just to watch him laugh. His eyes crinkling into thin lines and his dimples becoming deeper than any of the earth’s trenches. The warmth from his chest when something made him echo our thunderous laughs and the way his fingers drew small circles onto your naked back. He made everything feel right in that moment. Your spring break with Jaehyun was working out to be one of the best vacations you’d ever had. You never wanted it to end.
“Alright...I think it’s time we head to the beach..” you run your eyes.
“Yeah..but remember when you said you missed having your hair pulled?” Jaehyun’s raspy voice entered your ear.
You put your hand onto his chest and looked into his eyes.
“That was a while ago, Mr. I-am-a-devoted-student.”
Jaehyun pouted. “Hey..don’t be so harsh, sweetheart...does the offer still stand?” He places his thumb onto your lips, running over it slowly.
You open your mouth slightly then stick your tongue out. You lick over the top of his thumb while looking into his eyes.
Jaehyun’s breath hitches. He swallows hard as he watches you take the rest of his thumb into your mouth and past your gorgeous lips.
You lift your head up and place the iPad to the side. You then crawl over his lap and straddle him.
You bite your lips as you feel his hardening member strain against his boxers. The thin fabric of it being the only thing separating your bare opening from his aching manhood.
He immediately places his hands on your thighs and relaxes into the bed.
You move forward and backward slowly, too slowly.
Your hands are resting on his toned chest as he struggles to breathe normally.
He pushes up into your body more, trying to stay at your pace but finding it difficult as your beautiful body moves above him. You’re like an angel. Even with disheveled hair and smudged makeup, you’re the most beautiful person he's ever seen.
“” Jaehyun licks his lips. “You’re beautiful.”
Jaehyun is fully hard now and reaches into his shorts to pull his dick out. But you hold his wrist and shake your head.
“Not yet..” 
You whimper, your entire body trembling as you tease him, your folds now dripping from the steady movement. You swivel your hips and grind down onto him a little harder.
Jaehyun groans just as you lean down to kiss him. The taste of alcohol and coffee on his tongue sends a rush through your head. 
“Baby..please..I wanna feel you..” Jaehyun looks into your eyes as you pull away from the kiss. He tightens his grip on your thighs.
You give a half smile then lean down to his ear and whisper. “You can feel me..after you shower..”
Jaehyun pouts.
“You smell like alcohol, babe.” You plop down onto the bed beside him and laugh.
He sighs loudly and turns over to you. “Why do you do this to me?”
You run your hands through his hair. “Get washed up baby, we can’t spend our last day here inside!”
Jaehyun hurries into the shower as you laugh.
You hear the water start to run in the shower and get up to get your outfit for the day together. But as you arise from the bed, you see a notification pop up on Jaehyun’s IPad.
It’s a text message.
From someone named ‘R’.
It was nice seeing you last night ;)
Your brows furrow. Who could this be? Who of Jaehyun’s friends had a name that started with R? And why wouldn’t he just save their real name? How could he have seen this person last night when you were both at the club together? This person had to be texting the wrong number.
Another text comes’s from the same person.
Can't wait til you get back..
You stare blankly at the IPad, trying to remain calm as you read through these mysterious and yet flirty messages. Or were you over exaggerating? Maybe this person was just a classmate working on a project with Jaehyun, maybe it was just someone from your university that just so happened to be in Bali for Spring Break like you guys were, because Bali is a popular destination for college kids, right?
But why were you looking at his IPad anyway? You should’ve respected his privacy, but you had your suspicions still. You just couldn’t push them away, could you?
Another text..
I’m gonna make up for it when you get back, Jaehyun, gonna show you..
“Everything alright?” Jaehyun’s low voice speaks out from behind you. He’s so close, you feel his warm breath hit the back of your neck.
You swallow hard and turn to him. You didn’t hear the water stop or even his light steps. Did he know that you were reading his texts?
He stared into your eyes intensely then shifted his attention back to his screen on the bed. You stepped in front of it and smiled.
“Y-yeah..everything’s fine..I just..I got kinda dizzy when I stood up too fast.” You chuckled but Jaehyun only gave you a small smile.
“Are you okay now?” 
“Yeah! I’m fine!”
Jaehyun forces a wider smile and nods. “Good! I was wondering if you wanted to shower with me..we’ll save on water. It’ll be good for the Earth.” He raised his eyebrows and winks.
You smile and join him for a shower, forcing the many thoughts you had away. You don’t want to ruin the vacation as Jaehyun had accused you of doing the night before during your little “fight.” You want it to be a good time for both of you, so you continue on and go to the beach.
‘R’ could’ve simply been a classmate or friend of Jaehyun. You shouldn’t overthink it, there had to be an explanation. While walking on the beach together with your hand in his, you try to think of your moments together. Sweet and tender moments of laughter like this morning, or when he held you bridal style when you first went to the hotel. Or when he surprised you with a large bouquet of flowers while you were in class and risked getting scolded by the professor.
That was the Jaehyun you knew. There was nothing to worry about with him. He loved you and proved it many times, so why did you feel this unshakable tremble in your chest that screamed ‘danger’?
[Two Weeks Later]
Back in class, you tried hard to focus on the lessons, but something still upset you.
“I’m gonna make up for it when you get back.” What did that mean? And what else did that person text.
But then, you rubbed your eyes and looked back at the screen. 
You thought about Jaehyun’s sweet smile and how he loved you during your break together. You smiled to yourself and remembered when he told you he misses you whenever he is at work.
The person next to you then took out their container of strawberries and popped the cover off. The sweet smell filled your nostrils and made you exhale. You could really use some refreshing fruit from Bali right now.
That’s it! You could visit Jaehyun at work and drop off a basket of fruits from the market. It was time that you spoiled him for once. He’s given you so much already, it’s the least you could do. You smile to yourself as you imagine the grin that would cover his face once you surprised him.
Luckily, you remember the name of the place that he works at even though he mentioned it only once in the past and never again.
You show up to the prestigious building with your best dress shirt and office skirt on. You wanted to look professional as it was a very serious work place. You just hope that you came late enough to deliver these fruits and not upset the manager.
The woman at the front desk looks intimidating, but you put on your brightest smile.
“Hi, excuse me, I’m looking for Jaehyun. I think he’s working right now.” you give a small smile to the older blonde haired lady with a silk Versace handkerchief tied around her neck.
She gives you a small smile and nods, “I’m sorry dear, but there’s no employee here by that name.”
“, could you look again? I’m sure he’s just not showing up in the system, but he’s working until 5 today.”
She sighs then takes a look at her screen. “Hmmm..nope! No one here by that name, sweetheart. Are you sure you’re not thinking of ‘Johnny’?”
“No-no it’s Jaehyun...Um there may be a misunderstanding or something..” you blink rapidly.
She shakes her head and turns the computer screen to you.
“’s the schedule for next week..”
You scroll through the names.
“Normally, I wouldn’t show this to anyone...” she whispers, but you’re too focused on finding his name to listen.
You continue scrolling until you get to the bottom.
Jaehyun’s name isn’t there on the list of employees..
It didn’t make any sense. Your grip on the basket starts to weaken. You can feel a small crack in your beautiful world start to spread.
Jaehyun was lying to you..all this time. This wasn’t even his workplace.
You step back as she turns her screen back to face her.
You look at the floor and fight back tears.
“Dear...are you okay?” 
“Y-yeah, I’m fine.” But you really weren’t. You couldn’t fight back the tears anymore. The floor below you became decorated with one, then two then three teardrops.
“Here.” You wipe your eyes and hand the fruit basket to the lady at the desk.
She looks puzzled. 
“Sweetheart..” she starts.
“Please!! Just take it!..I’m sorry for wasting your time..” you turn and leave the fruit basket on the front desk.
There were too many thoughts running through your mind. You walked heavily, with fury running through your veins and clenched fists.
How could he take you for a fool like this? How could he lie to you? Was he spending time with ‘R’ whenever he said he was “working?”
But you would confront Jaehyun, you would get answers when you met up for dinner. You had to know the truth and let him know that whatever game he was playing was over.
[Later That Night]
You meet up with Jaehyun at your favorite restaurant.
You wait for him outside and when you see him walk over you stare blankly.
“Hey, baby!” Jaehyun gives you a bright smile as he trots over. Maybe he didn’t see your frown, or wet, red eyes..maybe he didn’t notice your voice crack before you swallowed hard.
“We need to talk.” You look up at him once he stands over you, his bright smile fading slowly and his grip on the strap of his backpack tightening.
“You’ve been lying to me, where have you been?”
You say sternly, your lips pursed as Jaehyun stands tall in front of you now.
“What are you talking about?” He gives you a confused look.
“Cut the bullshit, Jaehyun, I went to your “job” to bring a gift because I’m a nice girlfriend, but to my surprise you weren’t there. And you know what the icing on the cake is? You’re never fucking there, you don’t work there Jaehyun! And don’t you dare lie to me with some dumb excuse, don’t insult my intelligence! Because the nice lady at the front desk even showed me the schedule and guess whose name was on it? Taeil’s but not yours!” Your voice raises, but there is no one outside to hear.
Jaehyun’s mouth opens and you see a slight panic in his eyes. “Y/ can’t be serious.. Why are you getting upset with me? That lady is new! She doesn’t even know how to operate the employee system properly yet! I’ve only seen her once.”
You scoff. “Oh God, here we go..”
“Y/n! I wouldn’t lie to you okay?”
“Then why aren’t you on the schedule and everyone else is?! Did she just delete your name completely?”
“My name isn’t on the schedule for next week because I asked for time off..after all we’ve been through..”
He shakes his head and turns away.
“Don’t give me that, Jaehyun! We just had spring break, why would you need to take time off?”
“Because my dad fucking hates me, okay?!! He keeps putting pressure on me because I’m failing my fucking business classes. They aren’t easy, none of this shit is easy, especially when it comes to being his only son! He’s going to stop paying for my classes if I don’t get pre-selected for the business school by the end of this term, so yeah I need a fucking break!”
He turns back to you once you remain quiet after his outburst. “Listen..I’m sorry..I’m sorry, I’m just stressed out...I should’ve told you I was gonna take time off, but I don’t understand why you are making me feel guilty about this?..”
You feel an immense pain in your heart. You feel guilt, confusion. You had accused Jaehyun without considering his personal issues at home. From the very beginning, he told you just how demanding and controlling his father was. He told you that he loved painting and creating art and hated that he would have to take over his father’s position in a big company one day.
It was something he struggled with constantly. The tug of war between being who he is expected to be and being who he truly wants to be.
“I’m sorry, forget I said anything.” You say quietly now.
“Trust me...please just trust me, I’m not hiding anything, I need you to understand that if we are going to make this work.” Jaehyun steps towards you and places his hands on your arms.
You look away.
“ don’t love you want to end things? I try so hard, but it isn’t enough is it?” Jaehyun looks at you through teary eyes.
You shake your head and look back at him with furrowed brows. “Jaehyun..”
“No. It’s okay, let’s just end it since you don’t trust me.” Jaehyun says.
“Jaehyun, no, I love you and I’m sorry. It’s my fault for blowing up at you. But I love you so much..I just wanted to surprise you.” You break down into a sob before he takes you into his arms and holds you close.
“’s okay..I’m sorry too..” he kisses your forehead. You look up at him and kiss his lips. 
The two of you stand there for a moment, embracing each other lovingly, enjoying the proximity of your bodies and the way they fit perfectly together.
Jaehyun pulls away and looks into your eyes. “Are you hungry?”
You shake your head. “Not really.”
He chuckles. “Me neither. Let’s get out of here.”
He takes your hand and leads you to his car. He then drives and parks in an empty parking lot.
A soft song plays in the background as you begin to kiss again.
Jaehyun’s tongue traces over your bottom lip, you turn your head and run your hand down his chest, your delicate touch sending shivers up his spine.
Your hand travels all the way done to his jeans, then rubs his bulge. He fidgets and moans into your mouth.
“Needy.” *kiss*
“Girl.” *kiss*
Jaehyun growls.
You laugh out, but continue to press onto the growing tent.
“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” You whisper.
“It was kinda hot.” Jaehyun kisses your neck and pulls your leg over his lap.
“I was thinking of how I would punish you for I’d shut you up.”
You climb over the center console and onto his lap, his arm around your waist as he helps you.
He pushes the seat back and puts his hands behind his head.
“No teasing this time, baby.” 
You nod, quickly unbuttoning your shirt. The cold night air hits your chest but the warmth in the car quickly comforts it. 
Jaehyun then pulls your bra down, your breasts popping out from it and bouncing gently.
He leans forward to palm both nipples, watching you as you bite your lips and moan quietly. The stars shining on your skin through the sunroof. 
He licks one of your nipples and listens to you cry out.
Your head falling back as he flattens his tongue against your heated skin once more.
He looks up at you through his lashes then sucks your nipple. 
“Jaehyun..that feels so good.”
He hums and sucks as you move back and forth on his lap. His bulge presses against your underwear as your skirt slides up your thighs.
He zips his jean down. You watch his length spring out, the tip red and dripping with pre cum. You could orgasm from the sight alone.
You leave your skirt on but shimmy out of your panties.
He then pulls out a condom and glides it down onto himself.
“Come here..” Jaehyun calls to you then lays back down on the seat. You lower yourself slowly, thankful for your own essence that allows him to enter you easily.
“Fuck.” You mutter once he fills you up completely, you feel every ridge of every vein run against your silky walls. For some reason, he feels bigger than usual. 
You move up and down and swivel your hips. His dick glides into you easily now, your wet entrance happily greeting it each time. He looks so hot below you. His jaw clenched and his abs flexing under his white t-shirt.
Jaehyun watches you through low eyes. He doesn’t smile, but he doesn’t frown. It’s a blank face, it’s almost like he’s not really there with you.
Truth is, Jaehyun was thinking about how close he was to being caught. You went to his workplace and discovered the truth. He was able to cover it up quickly but he made you feel bad in the process. A part of him truly regretted lying to you. But he knew one day he would find a way to explain it all to you and he knew you would forgive him because you love him.
Your whimpers grow louder as you approach your climax, but Jaehyun is nowhere near his. You bounce up and down faster, hissing as you take in sharp breaths and closing your eyes as you clench.
He stares at you again and thinks of how precious you are to him. Your face is beautiful even as your mouth falls open into loud moans and your eyes shut tightly. Your jawline and neck sparkle not only with sweat, but the reflection of the stars above you.
Your womanhood feels amazing around him as it always does. He rubs your clit to push you further along.
“You can do it, baby, cum for me.” His deep voice echos.
The car is filled with lewd sounds of skin on skin and your cries.
“J-Jaehyun..” your name falls from his lips. He watches your perky nipples. He palms one with his other hand then pumps your breast.
You cum hard not long after. Curse words leave your lips as you fall apart on him. He continues to push into you, even as you clench uncontrollably around him.
He grips your waist and slams you down onto him, your tight pussy providing sensational vibrations to his cock.
“Ahh..that’s it, sweetheart.” Jaehyun grunts
“Baby!” Your eyes fly open. You are so sensitive and on the brink of passing out from your intense orgasm but he doesn’t stop to let you recover.
He pushes into you hard from below, you breathe heavily and look up at the sky as tears fall from your eyes.
“This pussy is mine right?”
Jaehyun growls.
“Y-yes…yes.” Your head is empty as he continues to fuck into your body from below.
He then cums and stares at your body above him, so beautiful, so perfect.
You lay on top of him for a moment. He holds you against him in his arms.
“I’m sorry..” he whispers then kisses your ear.
“I’m sorry, too.” You whisper back.
A few minutes later, you get into the passenger seat and let Jaehyun drive you home.
However, he has to make a stop at the gas station to fill up.
When he goes inside to pay the cashier, you grab his phone.
You tried to think of the security code. What could it have been? You tried his birthday, but it didn’t work, you tried several other basic combinations like ‘1,2,3,4’ or ‘9,8,7,6’ they didn’t work.
Jaehyun was still inside, but you only had one more try before his phone would lock  itself for a few minutes.
You thought for a minute then tried one final code..your birthday. And it worked.
You quickly went to your contact name on his phone and selected “share my location with this contact.” This way, if you ever needed to get to him, you would know exactly where he is.
The idea sounded crazy to you, but a part of you still felt unsure about everything. You wanted to bring up the text messages you saw, but you knew that would make him upset again. He’d ask why you invaded his privacy. So instead, you decide to have his location turned on for you to see...just in case.
Jaehyun gets back in the car and you’ve already placed his phone back in the cup holder.
“Let’s get out of here..” he gives you a wide smile and winks.
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2enjun · 4 months ago
the secretaries; jaehyun (34)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
since you would be at work late anyways, you took a break around 5 to get some coffee before you worked on another stack of files. as much as you hated digitalizing files, you did appreciate the routine; sure, it felt boring and rewardless, but when life doesn't make sense it helps to have consistency.
you breathed in the scent of your coffee as you ascended the stairs. you'd thought about taking the elevator, but a sense of dejá vu kept you from risking another meeting with sicheng before you were ready. you were breathing harder than you'd like to admit by the time you reached your floor. perhaps you ought to take the stairs more often.
for the next hour and a half you sat at your desk pretending to do work yet accomplishing little. you felt a bit like you were back in college trying to finish a last minute paper with no ideas, except now you were trying to digitalization files while freaking out about the possibility of having sicheng come to see you. you weren’t entirely sure what you were so afraid of—worst case scenario, he would show up, make excuses, and you’d tell him it’s bullshit. but somehow that wasn’t that scary in and of itself. perhaps it was simply the unknown of the whole situation.
slowly you slipped down in your seat and closed your eyes. you weren’t sitting in a very ladylike position, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care. well, you didn’t until you remembered that your legs were wide open in your skirt and if jaehyun turned his head just right he would definitely be able to see up your skirt through the glass. 
choking on your own spit at the thought, you quickly sat up with your cheeks burning. “how embarrassing,” you whispered, imagining what you would do if you had looked up to find him quickly looking away. instead, you opted to lay your head down on your desk to rest rather than expose yourself to anyone looking in your office from a certain angle. 
you laid there for a few minutes just letting your mind wander. hopefully sicheng would come with a good explanation. and if he doesn’t? 
god you were so stressed. as soon as you got home you would be heading directly for the cabinet where your favorite bottle of peach vodka resided. that alone (and maybe your lunch with jaehyun) kept you going long enough to watch the clock turn from 6:29 to 6:30 and then 6:31. 
sighing, you began preparing yourself to leave. your coffee cup wasn’t quite empty, but you weren’t too fond of hot coffee gone cold so you tossed it anyways. you moved slowly, hoping that any second sicheng would show up, but by the time you were ready he was nowhere to be found. 
“damn you, sicheng.”
despite your feelings, you decided you wouldn’t be waiting around any longer. the clock showed 6:36; he had his chance, and now he would get to face the consequences. 
then, just as you were about to open the door, sicheng appeared around the corned at a jog. his face was unreadable, but he looked like he’d been jogging for a while. the door handle felt cold in your clammy hand as you ushered him inside. “i see you finally decided to show up.” 
sicheng looked at the floor, breathing heavily. “sorry, i got held up.” 
“nothing nefarious, i’m sure,” you said flatly, sitting in your chair again and gesturing for him to pull up one of the chairs by the wall. 
he made no move to sit and instead remained close to the door, wringing his hands. his silence made you uncomfortable but you didn’t want to interrupt his thinking so you kept your mouth shut and waited. 
“so, I suppose an explanation is in order,” sicheng said.
he glanced up at you for a moment then looked away. you had never seen him this nervous before, which made your hope for a good explanation drop. “take your time—just be honest.”
sicheng nodded and you were left in uncomfortable silence again. you were suddenly thankful that most everyone had gone home or this would probably look strange. 
“i swear i never meant to let it go this far . . .” he trailed off and wiped his hand over his forehead. a thousand questions popped into your head but you couldn’t see how bombarding him with all of them would help.
silence again.
“i just—he said he could help with my mom, so i said agreed.”
sicheng looked up with damp, pleading eyes. “i never wanted to get you involved or to frame you for anything—that was all sehun’s idea.” 
“so it’s true then,” you said cooly. despite your level voice, your hands were shaking under the table. of course it had been sehun. it always is.
“yes,” sicheng breathed. it was quiet but you heard it.
you blinked and processed the information for a moment. “well shit.”
uncomfortable silence.
a coworker walked past on his way out, but didn’t look inside, fortunately. 
you put your hands under your thighs in an attempt to stop shaking, whether in anger, fear, or something else.
sicheng stared at his feet.
“what all did he make you do?” you finally asked.
“um—i don’t—well, he has the designs for the launch next year.”
you sighed and rubbed your temples. that was bad. “what else?”
“he wanted me to frame you for the leak, but i never got around to it,” sicheng said quietly, meeting your gaze nervously. “he also has the logs from all of the brainstorming meetings and the password to the file room so i don’t know what else he might have stolen.” 
you took a sharp breath. “jesus, is there anything he doesn’t have?”
sicheng looked ashamed. “what are you going to do with me now?” 
shaking your head, you stood up. “i don’t fucking know, sicheng. give me some time to think and don’t fucking cooperate with him anymore. now that you’ve shared the information with me he won’t be following up on anything he promised you.”
“i know. my mom said it would be okay if she— if i can’t— if the doctors—” he was choking on tears and, as angry as you were, you rounded your desk to pull him into a tight hug. 
“you’ll figure something out.”
you weren’t sure how you got home and you certainly weren’t sure how long it took you to drain the third of a bottle of vodka you had left, but now you were drunk off your ass and alone in your apartment. you remembered the time when jaehyun had comforted you and wondered if he would come again. he had, after all, given you well wishes earlier. 
you picked up your phone to call him and it went straight to voicemail. after two more tries, he finally picked up. you could tell he was at some sort of party or club because the music was so loud you could hear it clearly through the speaker. “y/n, baby, what’s up?”
in your drunken state, you failed to note his use of a pet name. “jae, i miss you.”
“do you want me to come over?”
you sighed and leaned your head back against the arm rest. “you sound busy, though.”
it sounded like jaehyun laughed, but you couldn’t be sure with all the noise in the background. “i wouldn’t mind since it’s you. besides, i’m already drunk which was my main purpose tonight.”
“oh really? me too! i have more alcohol if you want to drink some more with me.” you sounded too eager even to your own ear, but you were too drunk to care. 
“i’ll be there in ten.”
“door’s unlocked.”
Tumblr media
the secretaries; part 34
synopsis; Neo Culture Technology (NCT) is one of the biggest names in tech. After your brother, Taeil, was promoted to CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) two years ago, he managed to snag a job interview for you, and you became his secretary. Recently, Taeyong, CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer), said farewell to his longtime secretary and her stash of chocolate and, with the board’s permission, hired one of his friends to be his new secretary. Even having heard this, you hadn’t really expected Taeyong’s new secretary to be male and you definitely hadn’t expected him to be, well, hot.
genre; office au, social media au, fem secretary!Reader x Secretary!Jaehyun
warnings; drinking, mentions of sex, cursing, and a toxic relationship
notes; hey how y’all doing aha i’m back. this probably sucks because i was too lazy to reread everything lmao. tbh i love this fic but i am ready to finish it lol let’s get it
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jaedore · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐨𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭 | 𝐭𝐰𝐨
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: jaehyun x reader
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: mythology!au, romance, loads of angst, smut (future chapters)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: swearing, violence (choking) -if you are uncomfortable with these themes then i highly suggest you no longer interact!
𝐚/𝐧: IM TRYING AGAIN SO LETS SEE HOW IT GOES OR I MIGHT CRY. as always, italicized text are thoughts/emphases (you’ll know)
[ 7.5 k words ]
Tumblr media
You huff, rolling your eyes as you walk out of the room. You hated everything about Jaehyun, his stupid ego, his stupid face, his stupid hair, everything. It was like he was made to hate everyone, including you.
“Hey!” you recognize Mark’s voice, making you snap your head up from the ground.
“Hey, Mark,” you thinned your lips.
“You okay?” he noticed you clutching your arm.
“I’m fine.”
“Wanna go practice then?” Mark raised a brow at you.
“Well since Jaehyun ruined my chance to, why not?” you painted a disguised look on your face by just the name of the so-called male.
Certainly surprised, Mark’s head slightly jolted back, “Jaehyun’s...practicing?” it was rare for the hot-headed male to practice in his free time, so when Mark heard it he didn’t know how to take it.
“Yeah,” you roll your eyes, “with Aera. Do what you want with that information. I’ll be waiting for you outside.”
Your footsteps were synchronous with Mark’s as he walked to the dagger room and you, to wait outside for him. Before you could open the door, you heard Mark scold Jaehyun and you couldn’t stop the smirk from growing on your lips.
You sat on one of the rocks that decorated the entrance as you waited for Mark, no one was here this early yet so everything was nice and peaceful. The birds chirped among the green trees spring provided, you were thankful that the training center was in the middle of the woods, it was far from the busy life on Mount Olympus. Far from the noise, the chaos, the rules, and the pressure of living a life as a child of a god/goddess.
It only took a few minutes before you heard the door swing open, you snap your head expecting to see Mark, but instead see Jaehyun storming out with his hands clenched in fists. You avoid eye-contact, your eyes growing big at the realization of what you may have just caused. You can hear Jaehyun mumble something from his lips, but you’re too timid to listen closely. Once you see his figure stomp off into the woods, you glance up to see Mark’s forehead creased and his arms crossed in front of him.
“Is he always so hateful towards you?” he chirps up, both of your eyes glued to the back of Jaehyun. You shrug as Mark passes you towards the clearing of the waterfall where you two usually practice.
“Seems like he’s always got something to hate,” you follow your friend into the woods, the narrow trail of dirt small enough for only the two of you.
“I wonder if Hades is like that too,” he whispers in thought.
No, he’s not, you thought to yourself. You remember last night’s event, the kind smile adorned his father’s face as his calm voice could lull you to sleep. At first glance, no one would think that he was the king of the underworld. Curiosity sits on your shoulders as you think how different the two are.
“What’d you even say to him?” you glance at the mud that splatters on your boot.
“I just told him that this is a room to train, not flirt.”
You sigh and shake your head, “Mark, that’s exactly what I said to Jaehyun too. Now he knows that I’m the one who told you.”
“Maybe that’s why he was so mad,” you could see him cock his head to the side.
You scoff at his oblivious remark, “Yeah, no shit, Mark.”
After a few more steps, the clearing to the azure waterfall and rocky boulders painted the scene in front of you and Mark bringing you both peace of mind. A feeling of relief washed over you, making you forget all the pressure and hate in the world.
Taking notice of the tenseness in your shoulder escaping with your breath, he whispers, “don’t worry, he’s probably just like that. I wouldn’t take it personally.”
“I know,” you thinned your lips. Of course, you knew that Jaehyun had something against everyone, but why did it feel like it was just against you? And why did you care so much?
Tumblr media
With sore muscles and bruised fists, you and Mark were side by side walking back to the training center where all the students began to pour in for their daily lessons. The chattering of students became louder as you two got closer.
You and Mark were in the middle of talking when a tall man ran next to you, the smell of him immediately giving away who he was.
“Hey, Y/N!”
You turn your head to see Lucas, son of Psyche, Goddess of Soul, and Compassion, with a beaming smile shining at you. You couldn’t help but greet him back with your biggest smile and a little laugh because of the trance he had on you. Lucas is always happy, he’s always kind and spreading his love around to others making sure they were happy. He was like the water on a hot day.
“I’ll leave you two alone,” Mark whispered to you, giving you raised, yet suggestive brows. You scowl at him for him almost being obvious, but Lucas’s laughter pulled your attention.
“Where’d you two go?” he asked.
“We just went for a walk,” you replied, being completely aware of the white lie you just told. It just wouldn’t be fair for him and others to find out that you were getting private lessons with Mark.
“Cool, cool, you two are close?”
Your gaze from the ground pulls your eyes to Lucas’s, it’s filled with wonder, curiosity, and a bit of hope, “yeah, we’re just good friends.”
“Friends,” Lucas laughs, it rings in your ear, the lovely sound of him expressing amusement lifts the corner of your lips, “well, you wanna grab lunch together today? I know a place where we can eat, too-” he leans closer to you, “-plus, it’s better than the cafeteria.”
You chuckle a bit, raising a brow because you were not expecting him to ask you out for lunch, “like a date?”
Lucas nodded, “Yeah, you can call it that.”
Immediate heat rose to your cheeks, making your heart thump a little faster and constricting your throat, “y-yeah, we can do that.”
“Great, I’ll see you later then,” Lucas lightly punches your arm and runs to catch up with another friend and as you watch him go, your eyes follow his path and cross Jaehyun.
Your jaw clenches at the male as he sends fire bullets to your chest, your entire body tenses up that you run to the opposite entrance to avoid him. You shut the doors behind you with a gulp, but the second you turn around, a dark aura settles in your bones.
Dressed in dark leather and a cold stare, Jaehyun stands before you, his presence bringing the entire world down with him. “Was my father at your house last night?”
You inhaled a drawn-out breath at his question, almost wanting to just ignore it and walk past him, but something in your mind stops you from doing so. “Yes.”
Jaehyun narrows his eyes at you, the eyes that are sharp as a knife and could cut you at a glance, “why?”
“I don’t know Jaehyun, he was there before I got home. All I knew was that he needed to talk to my mother,” you reply as you find the courage to move past him, but as you did, you could sense the suspicious demeanor sitting on his shoulders, “don’t worry, it had something to do with the affairs of Olympus.”
“You don’t know that,” you stop in your tracks and turn back around, viewing his back.
“Yes, I do, Jaehyun. They wouldn’t tell me anything, so I’m pretty sure something’s going on, not between them, but on Olympus,” you reassure him, hesitating to put your hand on his shoulder.
No one knows the relationship between him and his father, the only thing everyone knew was that it was a tense relationship. Cautiously, you set your hand on his shoulder to relieve him. His sturdy shoulders that felt like they were holding up the entire world, slightly slumped, relaxing in your touch. You thinned your lips, thankful that at least part of him trusted you, but it only resulted in him snapping around to clutch your arm, the same arm that he grasped yesterday that had turned to hues of blue and red. You gasp at the solid grip he had on you, the pain from your bruise coming back as he tightened it. Your eyes widened at his dark orbs, making you feel timid and weak in his stare.
Jaehyun pulled you close to his chest, his strong muscles against your forearm and the smell of ashes, musk, and spice wafting to your nose. With the tiny time, you had to glance at him, his sharp features allured you to stare, even more, he was so beautiful up close. His skin was pale as the winter snow, yet his lips were as red as the cherry blossoms in the spring, everything about him hypnotized you that you didn’t even notice him lowering his head to your gaze.
“Look at me,” Jaehyun’s voice is low, almost quiet but still powerful, “I told you to never touch me again,” his voice is poison to your ears that injects fear in your veins.
You winced as you felt him tighten his hold a little bit more, but you managed to push him away from you, his grip easily slipping off like butter.
“Then don’t touch me either,” your brows creased at him before you turned on your heel to walk back to where everyone else was.
You could feel his gaze burning through your back, but you couldn’t help but turn back and see him staring right back into your soul. So you quickly walked until you saw civilization again, the buzz of lower-class students and the sounds of lockers slamming.
“Hey, where’d you go?” Mark came up behind you, making you jump.
“I-I uh, nowhere, it doesn’t matter,” you huff.
Behind you, Jaehyun turned from the corner you came out of, which sent questions out of Mark’s mouth. Such as, why you came out of the same place Jaehyun did if you were walking to him, what he had to say, etc. but you only shooed him off, picking up your pace to walk to the hand-to-hand combat room.
As much as you tried avoiding Jaehyun, the thought of him was engraved on the inside of your head. It didn’t help that since you two were in the same rankings, you’d have to train with him. Rank A, only for the best. When you found out Jaehyun was in the same class rank as you, you couldn’t help but feel a bitter taste on the tip of your tongue. You knew he was going to be trouble from the beginning.
“Um..okay, you okay?”
“Yes, I’m fine Mark,” you huff at his question and he gets the signal that you no longer wanted to talk about it. That’s how you always were, you always brushed your problems to the side, and Mark’s afraid that one day, they might pile up so high on your shoulders that you’d combust and destroy yourself.
Nonetheless, Mark hums, glancing at how you purse your lips forcefully, “if you say so. What did Lucas have to say to you?”
Like the only light bulb in the only room, your eyes immediately lit up to the male’s name, “he asked me if I wanted to grab lunch with him and eat somewhere else...with just the two of us,” you thin your lips and fiddle with your fingers, even the thought of Lucas made you happy. A sudden outburst of Mark’s laughter makes you snap your thoughts to reality so you slap his arm at his lack of seriousness, “what’s so funny?”
“Nothing,” Mark clutches his stomach, his other hand shielding himself from you, “it’s just weird seeing you act this way because of some boy.”
“He’s not just some boy,” you narrow your eyes at Mark, “he’s Lucas,” you giggle, your eyes closing in innocence.
“I guess I shouldn’t say ‘weird’. It’s different, but it’s a good different, I guess,” he shrugs and walks towards the arena because it’s almost time for training.
“You guess?” you run after him.
“Yeah,” his voice raises in reassurance as he opens the door, the smell of iron protruding the air and the feeling of cement on the heels of your feet.
You slightly pout your lips and blink in your thoughts, are you really that intense that you never showed any sort of happy emotion? You never focused on anything else other than training and perfecting your skills, but now that you have, a new feeling settles on your heart.
“Don’t think about it so much,” Mark nudges you and walks ahead of you to talk to the other trainers.
You watch him jog up to the others, soaking in what he said, but it spills out of your head the second you feel a hard push on your shoulder from the person behind you. Turning your head, the person who shoved you was no one other than Jung Jaehyun, he doesn’t even look back at you as he passes you, but you give him a dirty look and inhale a sharp breath. The things he does to test your patience.
It’s only a few minutes until the other students in your ranking pour in, it’s a small group, but it’s a proud group because everyone had to train endlessly to get to the top rank. There are a few new faces, but most of the students are ones you’ve seen for a while, you nod to greet them as they all step in and stand behind you. As expected, it doesn't take too long when you begin hearing whispers from them.
“Jaehyun’s in the top group?”
“How did he make it?”
“Is he really that good?”
“Hades probably bought him his rank.”
“Or he’s just really good.”
“Yeah, he’s really attractive too.”
You roll your eyes, but immediately catch Jaehyun’s stare. You hold his gaze raising a brow and mouthing “what?” to him because it seems like at this point, he’s just looking at you to look at you. Jaehyun peels his eyes from you to look at the other students, greeting them also. The gesture is kind, his lips thinned, not lifted, but his demeanor changes and it disgusts you.
“I know! Do you think he’s talking to anyone?”
You exhale a scoff, your tongue poking out from the inside of your cheek as you turn your head, “we’re here to train. You’ve made it this far, so if your mind is still focused on catching someone’s attention, go to the Aquatic then,” your whisper is sharp, almost on the brink of cruelness.
You didn’t have time to train with others who didn’t take training seriously, if they didn’t and were focused on other things, you urged them to leave. In this case, you suggested they leave for the famous club on Mount Olympus, Aquatic, since their mind is focused on catching someone’s eye, specifically Jaehyun’s. He’s not even that great, he’s an ass.
“Alright everyone, we’re gonna start,” Mark claps his hand, gaining attention from everyone.
“Newbies, welcome, this is going to be your first day in hell,” one of the other trainers said, earning a slap in the arm from Mark.
“No, it’s not, but we will be training you to be the best. Your limits will be pushed and you might cry, but we’re only trying to make you the best of the best,” Mark explains, eyeing his peer.
“If your mind isn’t in this training room right now, then I suggest you leave or else this will be a very, very long 4 hours,” a smirk grows on the other trainer, you can’t help but mentally laugh because of how he’s trying to explain this process by scaring the newcomers. You can see the slight fear and nervousness in their eyes.
“So that being said,” Mark claps his hands again, “we’ll be testing where your skills are. You’ll be paired up with someone who’s already been training on this team for years and will be required to fight them in front of us. We just want to see where you are and if you have potential in this rank.”
“And if we don’t?” One of the girls behind you speaks up, everyone’s head turning towards you.
“Then you get demoted to the ranking before this one. As in, you go back into your old ranking group until we see that you’re ready to join,” you turn your head and reply to the girl, you raise your eyebrow at her for her lack of focus from before.
“Just as Y/N said,” Mark responds.
“Then why recruit us?” She asks.
“You’ve scored well in your old ranks, which has gained you access to this ranking group, but we have to see if you’re good enough or have the potential to train with us. We have to see if you blend in well,” a female trainer adds.
“To see if we’re good enough?” the newcomer doesn’t stop with her questions as she repeats the female trainer’s latest comment.
“Look,” you turn until you’re completely facing her, “if you want to be here so bad, then shut your mouth and stop wasting time. Focus on training and getting better instead of asking questions about your own abilities, which you should know about unless you’re actually not as good as you seem.” You tilt your head when the corner of your lip lifts into a smirk, you don’t mean to be intimidating, but she’s wasting everyone’s time.
The newbie flashes you a distasteful scoff but glances back up at the trainers who also seem to be on your side. If you heard correctly, you thought you heard Jaehyun chuckle, but you ignore it when you see the narrowness of his eyes.
“She’s right,” the female trainer defends you, clapping her hands to end the discussion and to start training, “okay, we’re gonna pair you guys up now.”
Name after name was called until it was just you and the new girl who couldn’t keep her trap shut. She had a mouth, but did she have the skills?
“Newbie, you’re with Y/N,” the second you heard your name, your lips pressed together, an impatient sigh escaping your nose.
“Come on, let’s go,” you don’t glance at her as you lead her to the area you’d usually warm up to train, “as you probably already know, I’m Y/N.”
“Maeve,” it’s a pretty name, you’ll give her that, but she says it quietly, timidly, contradicting the time she had just opened her mouth to the most respectable trainers.
Her heavy steps are heard as she follows you, both of your frustrated auras tainting the air surrounding you two. Once you get to your spot, you begin jogging wall to wall to get yourself warmed up while she begins stretching. You raised a brow at her, but didn’t think too much of it, you needed to get focused because no matter what skill level she was at, both of you had something to learn from this. You ran, jogged, did some push-ups and sit-ups before you heard the faint name of Jaehyun’s get called. You glanced up to see he was paired up with one of the male newcomers, who was almost as tall as Jaehyun, but not as lean as him. When they walked up, the newcomer walked as if he possessed a sense of confidence, like he knew he was going to beat Jaehyun. Nonsense, you mentally scoff to yourself as you eyed him.
When Mark blew the whistle, the newcomer proved you wrong, he was doing certainly well with his sharp tactics and blocking defenses. You had a feeling of what Jaehyun was doing, it’s something you do too, he was waiting for the newbie to use all of their energy before attacking them. A corner of your lips slowly lifts when you are deemed correct. As the newcomer begins to stumble, Jaehyun goes for the male, immediately punching his jaw, then his rib. The newcomer trips over his own feet and-
“You got a thing for him or something?” Maeve questioned you.
“Who- Jaehyun?” you scan her up and down, she holds a smirk on her lips as she’s in a runner’s lunge. She’s dressed in the regular uniform but dressed it in her style, which you hate to admit, looked good.
“Yeah, you know he and Aera have a thing, right?” she narrows her eyes at you, signifying that you didn’t want to get involved.
“Oh, and is that such a big deal?” you also go into the lunge until you’re at her eye-level, “Please-” you scoff, “-why would I even care to be interested in someone like him?”
She laughs at your remark, but lunges closer to your face attempting to intimidate you, “you think you’re so high up there, huh?”
Your eyes shoot daggers at her, “what are you even talking about?”
“You clearly think that since you’re the daughter of Athena, you think that you’re so good, so high up there, better than everyone else when we all know that you’re not. That this-” she points her finger up and down at your figure, “is just a show. You’re not as good as you think you are, as everyone sees you as.”
You stand up, eyeing her figure that stretches below you, “what are you trying to do? Provoke me?”
The newcomer with apparently a big ego now, stands up and gives you the same dirty expression you’re giving her, “What if I am?”
“Y/N, newbie, you’re up now!” Mark yells at you two.
You throw a smirk at her, “well consider myself provoked. Get ready for it,” you raise a brow and nudge your shoulder with her’s as you walk past her to the ring.
Passing by Mark, you flash him a prideful smile, but he clutches your arm before you could even pass him, “be gentle.”
You scoff, “don’t worry, she’ll get what she asked for.”
Mark only shakes his head as he leads the two of you to the ring. You and the newcomer both glare at each other, her with hate and you with amusement. It only takes three whistle blows until you two begin in your fighting stance. She’s quick and sharp in her movements as she attempts to throw a jab at you, but you’re faster at defending yourself. You have more force to your movements, so you punch her back, immediately coming in contact with her cheek. The newcomer spits out the blood that spills from the corner of her lip and while she’s distracted, you roundhouse kick the side of her face anticipating the sound of her body thumping the ground.
You stand and wait for her to get up and fight you, but she doesn’t. The next thing you knew, you felt contact with her feet against yours, she swung them under you, making you fall on your back, which results in you roughly falling on your back. Your breathing stutters as your chest heaves, but the next thing you knew, her hands made contact with your neck and she didn’t even show you mercy when she rapidly began to tighten her grasp on you. Your eyes widen as your passageway to air is blocked, you begin to thrash your limbs, hitting everything you could as stars begin to blanket your vision. Every second in your hold comes with a constricting pain, releasing almost every kind of worry in your head. You swore you almost saw her eyes turn black when she saw your struggle.
You can hear the shouts of trainers and chaos around you swirling through blurred vision. Everything was faint but you knew the person who managed to get the girl off of you. He lifted you onto your feet, with his arms wrapping around your limp body, knowing that you needed oxygen in your brain and blood back in your veins.
“It’s okay, I got you, I got you. You’re gonna be okay,” Jaehyun whispers in your ear, your head falling against his chest, your eyes slowly opening and closing each second as he strives to keep you standing. Each and every inhale you take is a sting to your throat, the constricting muscles feeling like they’re on fire.
“Let go of me,” you murmur through a hushed tone, weakly trying to push yourself away from him.
“Stop fighting me, let me help you,” he grunts as your body rejects any kind of his physical support.
“I don’t-” you cough, “-need...your help.”
“Shut up,” he mumbles into your ear, eyeing the trainers trying to get a hold of the newcomer who choked you.
You clutch onto Jaehyun’s arm as you glance back. Your vision is slowly returning but you can still see black in her eyes and the veins of her neck, every part of her is drowned in fury, chaos, and darkness, more intense than the male who holds you. She struggles in the trainers’ hold, the growls and screams of outrage screeching your ear.
With a wheeze, you shut your eyes at her piercing shriek, “just get me the hell out of here.”
Jaehyun does just that, he holds onto your shoulders but makes sure you’re still supported as he leads you to the infirmary. He can hear your stuttering breaths and tiny coughs. You bring your hand up to your neck, massaging the bruises and pain.
“I can walk myself,” you grumble under your breath, which is literally just your raspy voice now.
“Fine,” Jaehyun immediately lets go of you, giving you a slight push as he leaves you be, but it only leads you to fall on your knees and your palms stopping you from face planting.
You violently cough, your body still weak and slow in gaining air and strength. Glancing up at Jaehyun, he eyes you with a smug look, orbs filled with brutality. He knows that you clearly need help, your trembling breaths are begging for it but you don’t plead for his help. The last thing you want to do is ask for his help, along with being seen as weak and helpless, you didn’t want anyone’s pity.
You hear Jaehyun sighing at your crouched figure and your hand that clutches your chest, “that’s what I thought,” the taps of his feet become louder the closer he gets to you.
This time, he briskly lifts you into his arms with his hard chest against your arm. The steady bounce in his steps has your arm feeling the muscles of him, your hand fumbling with the fabric of your uniform on top of your chest. You try your best to hide the slight blush in your cheeks by looking somewhere else but your eyes land on his neck. Adorned with fine black ink into the image of a creature, it stares back at you as you admire the art that lays on his soft skin. If it wasn’t for the vile creature that stamped his neck, you would’ve perceived the artwork as fragile as an ancient vase of Olympus.
Jaehyun spares you a glance and sneers at you, “got enough air in your head, yet?”
You gulp and blink elsewhere, “yes.”
Jaehyun kicks open the door to the infirmary and lays you on the bed, “great. Now you owe me,” and proceeds to leave.
“Oh my gosh, what happened to you?” Kun’s eyes widen into space planets.
“I don’t want to talk about it,” you hush him, your voice still strained.
Kun thins his lips and tends to your care. He’s gentle and careful in adding ointment on your neck, fully aware of how sensitive you are, “you probably won’t be able to speak loudly for the next couple of days, but give it time. Your throat needs to rest, so take it easy, alright?”
You nod, sucking your bottom lip as you raise your neck for more exposure, hoping that you were making his job easier. The taunting memories of what just happened come fully back in your mind, the image of the newcomer’s black eyes and veins flashes across your brain, making you gasp and jolt away from Kun’s hold.
“Did that hurt? I’m sorry!”
You softly shake your head, “no, no...sorry, I was just thinking.”
Kun peers up at you, “wanna talk about it?” You sit on the cot, contemplating your next question, but he can tell that it slightly troubles you like a phantom itch, “we don’t have to.”
“Do you know who Maeve is?” you whisper gently, but your hand grips your knee to distract yourself from the pain.
“Maeve?” his forehead creases in wonder, his mind trying to recollect any faint memory of the name, but he shakes his head, “no, I don’t think I’ve heard of her.”
You hum at his response, it was usual for you to not know everyone that attended the training center. Those who enrolled were children of the gods/goddesses, demigods, and even children of those who had the faintest amount of power that flowed through their veins. Even if you could, no one was allowed to ask or look up the background of another student, no matter how well known they already were, it was one of the morals held at the center.
“She’s the one who caused this. Just wanted to know what she holds,” you respond, referring to her power, knowing who her birth giver was would be super beneficial.
“Oh? And what would you do with that information?”
“Use it for it’s good.”
Tumblr media
Seems like I’m getting eaten alive more and more as I get near Jaehyun. You rub your neck, the cloth softly sticking to the ointment that Kun had just put on. He let you lay down for the time being until you were stable enough to finally be on your own and since you couldn’t talk, you listened to Kun’s rambling on his studies of the human beings that live on Earth. You had to stop him mid-sentence because you had a lunch date.
“Y/N!” your eyes snap up at the call of your name from your favorite person. Lucas, like the fresh breath of air you needed, ran to you with his big smile, gums showing his enthusiasm, and both of your lunches in his hands.
“Lucas,” you smile, your voice cracking at the male, you quickly clear your throat in the gentlest way possible as he sets a bowl of soup in your hand.
“Hi,” he huffs, “I heard what happened, so I bought you soup instead of a sandwich,” Lucas lightly nudges your arm towards the door that leads outside, assuming that’s where he plans to take you.
You stay quiet and shy when you follow him, a little too nervous to converse. The gravel beneath your scuffing feet turns into grass and then into leaves, the crunch filling up the silence between you two.
“So who’s the culprit?”
“Maeve,” your jaw tenses up when her name slips bitterly from your lips.
Lucas inhales a sharp breath, his head tilting to the side to think, “Never heard of her.”
“You don’t want to,” you mumble under your breath.
When you can hear the familiar sound of a waterfall and the crisp smell it brings, you quietly laugh to yourself as your head shakes. Disappointment taints your laughter when you wonder how Lucas found out about this place.
“It’s so pretty, isn’t it?”
“ did you find this place?” You ask, your hand brushing against the branch that always blocks your way as you come in.
“Just a little exploring in my free time,” Lucas follows closely behind you, “come, let’s sit here.”
He leads you to the perfectly sized rocks, little does he know that you and Mark usually sit on it after your private training. He offers to open your container of soup and you let him, being the gentleman he is. Something about Lucas makes you feel at ease like he’s the four-leaf clover that can overturn the back luck that’s been happening. His laughter that soundwaves to your ears widens the smile on your face, he makes you laugh like no one’s ever made you.
You two spend time sitting on the rocks, you slurping your soup and him chewing away his sandwich as you both peer at the waterfall. With the little time you two have, it doesn’t stop him from sprinkling his little jokes from time to time, growing a smile on your face in doing so. You can’t help but feel so blissful when you’re with him, everything about him is so happy and compassionate, it’s easier to say so since he’s the child of Psyche.
“You okay?” abruptly, Lucas asks you in the middle of clutching your stomach from laughing so much.
“Yeah, why do you ask?”
“I don’t know, I’ve just never seen you laugh this much,” he shrugs, crumpling the plastic wrap of his finished sandwich.
“Maybe no one’s made me laugh this much before,” you manage to calm down, your voice returning to a quiet tone.
A pleasant smile expands Lucas’s lips, his eyes glimmer almost reflecting the waterfall and he leans in closer to you, “May I?”
You chuckle at his politeness, a part of you pleased that he had these kinds of manners, “of course.”
Gently, you felt his hands caress your jaw, and leans in closer to you, closing the gap between your lips. It’s slow, with a hint of playfulness, though he’s so careful with you that you can’t help but melt in his embrace. He makes up all of the bad luck that’s happened this week. The plumpness of Lucas’s lips left you craving for more and more, your hands resting on his chest as his hands wrapped around your waist.
“You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do that,” Lucas whispers as he pulls away from you.
“Should’ve done it sooner,” your eyes scanned his lips up to his eyes.
You’ve known Lucas for a couple of years, your mother and his are pretty good friends, so you’d see him around at some of the gatherings his mother would host. He was a little boy when you first met him, but you’d always see him playing in the mud with some of the other kids while you sat with your mother. The moment you knew that you had feelings for him was that time when you two were still young and other kids were making fun of you for not being like other girls, a lot of the kids were afraid of becoming your friend because you were good at defending at yourself, they’d think that you’d hit them, so they distanced themselves from you. Until, Lucas stood up for you and just said that you’re just like them, just good at fighting. You will never forget the smile he flashed you when he said those words, even if they don’t sound deep and serious, it meant everything to you as a child, and now.
Like a gentleman, Lucas let you finish your lunch slowly until you two trekked back to the training center. Since it was a Friday, training was a little more laid back in the second half of the day.
“Will you be going to the bonfire tonight?” he asks you, offering to grab your bowl.
“Yeah,” you turn your head to him as the leaves turn into gravel again, “you?”
“Of course, I’d never miss a good bonfire,” he gently nudges you, but before he can speak Marks walks up to the two of you.
“I’ll see you later?” Lucas whispers, you nod to see him leave you and Mark alone.
“What’s up?”
“She’s calmed down if you wanna talk to her,” Mark lowers his gaze to your neck.
“I really don’t wanna talk to that bitch right now,” your eyes deadpan to elsewhere.
“Fine, then do you wanna see her?”
Your eyes switch back to Mark in curiosity, “does she still look the same?”
“A bit, she’s calmed down though.”
“Okay,” you inhale careful breath, “let’s go then.”
You follow Mark into the interrogation room where she sits alone, isolated in the cement walls. Mark opens the door to the other room, where you can see her but she can’t see you. In it, you find Jaehyun standing with his arms crossed as he observes her, his forehead creasing with wonder because he’s never seen anyone like this before.
“What is he doing here?” you whisper to Mark.
Apparently, you weren’t as quiet as you thought, “If there’s anyone that knows anything about hatred, it’s going to be me,” Jaehyun answers you, but doesn’t give you a glance.
You turn to Mark and all he does is just roll his eyes and nod, Jaehyun almost taking the words out of his mouth. You slowly walk up next to Jaehyun who stares at Maeve. Her eyes are still painted black, her veins tainted with black on her neck slowly disappearing, but still visible. Her hands are chained, attached to the metal table that’s drilled into the ground but there’s black smoke that surrounds her, almost as if she’s their master and whatever that smoke is, is her protection.
“So no one knows who her parents are?”
“That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” Jaehyun responds.
“Do you think your dad would know?” you discreetly ask.
“Maybe, maybe not. I only know her name and I doubt that’d be helpful at all,” he shrugs.
“Y/N, when she came onto you, did she look like this too?”
Even the thought of it weakened your knees, but you shoved it deep into your mind with a stinging gulp, “yeah, everything except the smoke,” you can recall almost everything you saw, but another part of you doubts yourself, what if it’s just the lack of oxygen that made me see it falsely at the time?
“Do you think it’s because of something you said to her?” Mark inquired.
“I’m positive, if anything, she’s the one that provoked me,” you look at Maeve, the way both her eyes pools into blackness, it’s haunting and it does nothing but sends chills down your spine and grows goosebumps on your skin.
“I don’t believe you,” Jaehyun chirps and your head snaps to him, “I mean clearly, you did something to piss her off and literally choke you. Everyone knows you have a lurking temper.”
“I didn’t say anything to her Jaehyun,” you sneer.
“Okay, okay guys, let's not start something here,” Mark interrupts Jaehyun before he could even speak. His eyes are still fixed on Maeve, but his head is empty. He has no idea what he’s going to do with her.
You were just about to speak up again until you felt the familiar constricting feeling on your neck again, you clutch onto it but there’s nothing there other than your hands. You look at Maeve from the other side of the window and she’s looking directly at you with a smug look, she can see me, it seems like she holds some kind of power that can be telepathically sent through whatever surface she wants it to penetrate through. Panic settles in your eyes, widening them and you clutch onto anything that you can. Your hands land on Jaehyun’s arm and you grip onto it, catching both his and Mark’s attention. Like before, her grip doesn’t show you any kind of mercy and the pain from before slithers into your skin.
Before your knees go weak, you let out a loud cry, and tears spill from your eyes, but Jaehyun's quick in catching you. You felt as if everything went in slow motion, but nothing was visible to you, the only thing you could see was Jaehyun’s alarmed eyes, his dark orbs begging you to keep fighting. Funny, considering that it never seems like that whenever you encounter him.
“Kill her,” Jaehyun shutters.
“You know I can’t do that,” Mark panics.
“Mark, fucking kill Maeve before she kills Y/N!” Jaehyun shouts at the trainer, his veins swelling from his neck, which results in Mark running to the other room and completely knocking Maeve out of her state.
Mark doesn’t exactly kill because that would be illegal, but he does enough to knock her out and when he does, everything dissolves in the air, the black smoke evaporates and the translucent force falls into the cement, never to be seen. You gasp for air as your body shakes in hysteria, your hands clutching at the fabric that lays on your chest as the painful relief of air slowly comes back to you. You can’t help but become fearful of it coming again and you not making out of it alive.
“It’s okay, you’re okay,” Jaehyun tightens his hold on you, somehow the feeling of it brings you back to Olympus.
You stay in his arms, letting him rock you until you gain enough consciousness to push him away. You support yourself on your elbows before gathering the strength to run out of there, leaving Jaehyun foiled. Running through the walls, you don’t give care to those who look at you with bizarreness or concern, you have to go home, I need to get out of here, I need to get out of here. You repeat it to yourself over and over again until you’re actually out of the training center. Finding the nearest large rock, you plunk on it to attain the sufficient air to go on. After a couple of minutes of staring at the top of trees meeting the blue sky, you slowly stand up to walk towards town. You needed to go visit your mother, Athena.
Tumblr media
Everything about the building she works in is luxurious, made in marble, lit with expensive diamond chandeliers, and the smell of champagne wafts to your nose. Each person you pass by gives you a respectable greeting, you do your best to return it in the friendliest way possible. Your mother is the Commander in Chief at Olympus Affairs, she’s in charge of anything that has to do with the welfare of Mount Olympus, given her title of being the goddess of warfare, wisdom, and other affairs.
“Y/N,” your mother shoots from her chair and runs to you, “what happened to your neck?” she glances at the fragility of your neck and winces in concern as she sees hues of reds and purples taint your once smooth skin.  
“That’s why I'm here, mother-” you walk to her computer that sits on her desk, “-do you know anyone’s daughter with the name of Maeve?” you begin typing in her database, trying to look for any kind of evidence, proof that you weren’t going crazy.
“Not that I can remember, why? Is she the one who did this to you?”
“Yeah,” you type her name and thousands of results turn up, you’re just thankful that ‘Maeve’ isn’t a common name on Olympus or else you would’ve gotten more, “twice.”
“Oh dear,” your mother cups her mouth in shock, “I need to talk to the center.”
You stop your mother from pulling out your phone, “No, mother stop. Please.”
Your mother gasps in disbelief, “you could’ve died!”
Another gasp rips through the air and this time it’s yours, “Her mother is Eris, who can manipulate shadows,” you whisper the latter, connecting the dots that Maeve must’ve inherited some of her mother’s shadow manipulation abilities. When you don’t hear anything from your mother, you turn to see the colors in her face flush with pallor as she grabs the phone.
“Mother, what’s wrong?” you stand from bending over her desk with furrowed brows. And who is she calling?
“She’s back...this isn’t good...I thought so too...when are you available to talk?... Two days?!? Do you know how serious this is?!?!” you jump from the anger in your mother’s voice, “Fine. I’ll come by then-” your mother looks at you, “-and I’m bringing my daughter with me...Why?...Because she literally almost killed my only daughter you JACKASS!” With that she ends the call and slams her phone on her glass desk, you swore you could feel not only her glass desk crack but the windows behind you two that stretch from the ground to the ceiling.
“Who did you call?” you ask nervously, a bit of you already know the answer but you didn’t want to hear it.
With her hands propped on her hips, your mother replies, “Hades, we’re having dinner at their place in two days.”
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boiolay · a year ago
See You Soon
genre: lil fluff; very angst
warnings: swearing
word count: 2.2K
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 
Tumblr media
"Come on, princess. You've gotta eat everything so you have energy to go hang out with daddy." You said pointing at the little plate in front of your daughter while she played with the grapes on the high chair not paying any attention to you. You looked at the clock on the wall and sighed, you were a little very late on your schedule for the day. Seoyeon didn't wake up on her best mood, so it took you a while to make her settle down after the tantrum she threw earlier when she didn't want to leave your bed.
Because of that you had exactly 28 minutes to finish feeding her, dress her up and try to run a comb on that thing on your head you called hair befor-
You straightened your back when you heard the doorbell, your daughter looked up at you and started kicking her legs happily while she montioned for you to pick her up already knowing what that sound meant. You couldn't help, but laugh at the little toddler.
"Do you know who it is, love?" You cooed at her, tied your hair up before taking the excited girl in your arms. "Come on. Let's see who it is."
You took Seoyeon to answer the door with you and as closer you got, higher the high pitched screams that came from her got. And once the tiny laughter was heard from outside, a huge smile appeared on the lips of the man that standed on the hallway.
As you opened the door you saw Jaehyun, your ex-husband smiling at you and your daughter. "Dada!!"
"Good morning, my beautiful angel." Seoyeon leaned foward wanting to be held by Jaehyun. He kissed her head a few times while she hugged his neck. "How are you, baby girl?"
Finaly he looked up at you. You leaned against the door frame and had your arms crossed over your chest with a loopside smile on you face while observed the scene in front of you.
"Sorry I came earlier, y/n. There was no traffic today." You shook your head and held the door so he could come inside.
"That's fine. I just had problems with her temper this morning and run a little late on what I had to do. She didn't finish her breakfast so if you wait a little bit..."
"Do you want me to finish feeding her? So you can get dressed and not be late for work." Jaehyun said showing the dimples that you once loved while sat on the couch with Seoyeon babbling about everything.
Although he was your ex-husband, you had a wonderful relationship. You two have been happily married for two years before things started to change. You were promoted to an executive position on your company and at the same time his modeling career was at the highest point. Your schedules would never match so it was hard for both of you to be home together and when you were either you had work to do or he would be too tired to spend time together. After some months, all the words the two of you would exchange was simple greetings before and after coming to work and the longest conversations you would have were arguments over stuff that now you couldn't even remember.
The most heated ones would end up with angry sex. And that was it. That was no more affection in you marriage. Of course both of you still loved each other deeply, but you were too drained out of energy of the daily fights to try to fight for something bigger that was your relationship.
Inevitably that led to your divorce. It went pretty fast, you didn't have bitterness towards each other, you were just sad that things ended like that.
Two days after you signed the papers, your suspictions were confirmed. As both of you were still searching for places to move, you were still living together, you agreed that it was fair that neither should keep the apartment you wanted to grow a family in.
You walked to the little office where Jaehyun have been sleeping since the day you decided to divorce with your gaze glued on the two sticks on your hand. You called his name and when he looked up at you, you just extended the pregnancy tests with a blank expression.
That complicated things for you. All you ever wanted was to have a family with the man you loved more than anything in the world, but at the time it came, you couldn't call him like that anymore. It took you sometime to sort things out and after a lot of talk you both decided that you should live together during the pregnancy even though you weren't romanticaly envolved anymore.
"No. It's okay. I quit." You shrugged as you walked to the kitchen. Not noticing Jaehyun widening his eyes at your words. "You quit?" He stood up and followed you. He put Seoyeon back in the high chair and took one of the grapes to feed her, but not taking his eyes off you.
You looked at his expression and laughed while poured some water in a training cup. "You know I hated it, right? But don't worry, I have some offers that I'm considering."
You hand him the cup and he nodded turning to give it to your daughter. She took it from his hand and offered him a grape in exchange that act made your heart melt.
"Thank you, baby. But you eat. You didn't eat anything. Here." He took the grape from her and put it over her lips that she happily opened to eat. He turned his attention to you again and tilted his head. " I didn't know you were unhappy there. Well, I'm glad you have a thousand companies fighting over you. I'm proud of you. I've always been." He stared at you lovingly but you didn't catch that, you were smiling shyly as watched Seoyeon looking from one parent to the other with a smile like she knew something nobody else did.
"Well, I'm gonna finish packing her bag. Make sure she eat all the fruits. She didn't nurse today."
"You heard, mama. You have to eat everything. So you can spend the rest of the week with your daddy. " You smiled at the two of them and leaned to press a kiss on the baby's head before going to her bedroom.
After Seoyeon was a little older than ten months, you decided that Jaehyun and you couldn't be living together anymore. Things were starting to get confusing for the both of you, some decisions that you wanted to make weren’t very appealing to Jaehyun and the arguments that you had when you were married were starting again despite both of you being single and not really having a say on each other's life. After a lot of talk you decided that it was for the best and agreed that you should try to not let your individual decisions affect Seoyeon.
And the co-parenting were doing great so far. He was an amazing father, even when he had to travel to work he would always make it up to Seoyeon and you. He loved your child more than anything in the world and that made your heart always beat a little faster at the sight of them together.
As you approched the door you could hear the babbling of your toddler and the laughter of Jaehyun. You bit your lip knowing that your life - not only yours, but your daughter's and your daughter's father - could change a lot in a few weeks. You opened the door and your eyes immediately found Jaehyun's. You forced a smile to him and looked down at Seoyeon that made grabby hands at you. "Hi, love of my life. Did you miss your mommy?" You cooed at her and squatted to squeeze her a bit in your arms, you always missed her when she was away. Jaehyun smiled brightly at you and caressed the tiny hand that was still holding his.
"She was talking about you all the way here, right, baby?" He pinched her cheek lightly before looking at you, you licked your lips and smiled faintly at him.
"Jaehyun, can you come in for a bit? I wanted to talk to you." That wasn't an unusual thing for you to say. You would always sit together to discuss Seoyeon's future, healthy or whatever, so he just nod his head murmuring a soft "Sure." While taking of his shoes and following you inside.
As soon as he saw another man sitting on the living room he stopped for a fraction of second before straightening his back. The other turned around when he heard little footsteps coming his way.
"Look who's here! Hi, princess!" Johnny leaned down to take Seoyeon on his arms and pecked her head, she giggle at him, but soon started to wiggle wanting to be set on the floor much more interested in the toys spread on the living room.
Jaehyun looked at the other man interact with his daughter and couldn't help but feel a little jealous. Johnny looked at the other and, after letting the baby down, walked to him and extended his hand. "Jaehyun. How is your fashion brand going?
"Wonderful. How is your doctorate tesis going, Youngho?"
"Never better."
You looked from one man to another as they exchanged a firm handshake and bit your lip. Usually the interaction between your ex-husband and your boyfriend would leave you rolling your eyes, you always thought it was childish of them to be acting all worked up towards one another, but today you got a little worried.
"Uhm, John, can you play with Seoyeon in her bedroom while I talk to Jaehyun, please?" You said trying to ease the tension between the two man. Johnny looked at you and his face changed right away, he smiled sweetly and nodded.
"Of course, love." Jaehyun didn't miss when he held you by the waist to kiss your temple. "Good to see you, Jaehyun." The model gave another nod as watched his daughter follow the man through the hallway.
Jaehyun rolled his eyes when you couldn’t see and walked to the couch waiting for you to do the same. You mirrored his actions turning to face him completely. "So, what's up?" You looked at him for a moment, but couldn't held the stare for long so you moved your attention to your hands on your lap.
"Well, remember when I told you that I quit my job and that there were some offers I was considering?”
“Yes! Of couse I remember!” He said smiling widely feeling extremely proud of you and waiting for you to continue.
“So... There’s this company that is all I ever wanted. They gave me all the liberty to do whatever project I want and I would be one of the five executive chiefs and I would share the ownership with them, it’s good money and I really really really want to accept, but...” You let your voice fade looking down. Jaehyun was smiling until you stopped talking, he was positive that was something wrong, he knew you too well, so to encourage you, he touched your knee rubbing his thumb softly on it. He have always been supportive on all your choices, but you feared this would be different.
You sighed and gathered the courage to look up at him. “ It’s in Chicago.”
There was a long pause after that, you couldn’t read the expression on his face and that made you apprehensive. You felt the absence of his touch and heard him move on the couch to stand up. He paced around the living room for some moments that felt like ages to you. It was hard for you to look at him, but you raised your eyes and forced a smile before speak.
“Aren’t you going to say anythi-”
“Chicago? Fucking Chicago?!” You jumped a little surprised at his tone of voice. “Do you think I’m stupid? Isn’t it there where your boyfriend is going to do his doctorate? I don't believe you left your job to go after him!"
"Can you sit down and lis-" You said softly standing up and trying to reach to make him stop pacing so you could sit and talk reasonably, but he was so mad he didn't even heard you speaking.
"You've got to be kidding me! You have been dating for what? Six months?? You are leaving the country for him?!"
"We've been dating for almost a year now, Jaehyun! But that’s not the point." You raised your tone so he could stop and pay attention to you. "And I'm not leaving the country for him. I don't have a life here anymore. You were my life here. I don't have family here, all my friends are back in my country and you know I hated my job. So there's not holding me back. There's no reason for me to stay!"
"No reason for you to stay?! How about your fucking child, y/n?! She's nothing to you? What the fuck are you thinking?! " He had walked to you so you were just a few centimeters away from each other, you could feel the tension on his body and the anger that iradiated from him. You shut your eyes taking deep breaths and closed your hands in fists so you could control yourself. You didn't think he would react like this before getting to the delicated part of the problem and now you had no idea how he would take this. You opened your eyes to stare at him and spoke really softly feeling your heart break a little after every word. 
"I have her custody, Jaehyun. Seoyeon is coming with me."
Tumblr media
author’s note: So...? This is the first scenario I write thats over 1k. I was thinking about making a part 2 of it. What do you think? I would love to hear feedback. XD My DM is always  open <3 btw english isnt my first language so sorry if there’s something wrong 
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