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jaehyun & doyung fic rec!!
if you’re uncomfortable on some topics then I suggest for you to skip it! :)))
all of the stories are happy ending!!  - probably will do part two for this -
healing (9 chapters series) romance - ceo! au - single dad - smut in some chapters -  IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS, GO READ IT NOW!! HHAHAHAH for sure a super good series by @nctream
binding bonds (11 chapters series) - ANOTHER ceo au! - arranged marriage - slight player jaehyun :)) another worth to read series! by @jaedore
just friends  (this has two parts)  - strangers to lovers -  fluff  - frat boy kinda type  by @ahgase55g7
young - fluff - smut - virgin reader - best friend's litter sister (nothing illegal) by @ithinkilikeit-reactions
only can fate tell - fluff - (side character best friend taeyong x irene) - marriage - slowburn - angst (the best!)by @charmingyong
ordinary people - fluff - slowburn - angst - fake dating - friends to lovers - ceo jaehyun! ~ if you’re looking for more fluff jaehyun (+ mark) stories, visit @ppangjae blog!!! one of my fave writer!
i’m not the only one ( has a second part)  - smut - cheating - mentions of divorce, pregnancy and blood. - angsty ~ if you want to cry then visit @theje0ngs blog!! 
first times - smut - angst - childhood friend/ ceo! jaehyun (dabest) by @moonctzeny
love me or leave me - marriage au - cheating -  (fluff ending) - mentions of sex by @tyongxnct
bad for u -  18+ - unhealthy coping mechanisim - angst - virgin reader - smut - strangers to lovers by @agustdiv1ne
oh baby it’s you - best friends to fwb to lovers - angst - smut - fluff - pregnant sex ~ they are currently on hiatus but @jaehyunfirstlove stories are really amazing!! 
promised - childhood friends to enemies to lovers  - arranged marriage au - 18+ ~ by @doiebunny
memories (there’s also an alternative ending for this one) - angst - fluff by @jenosdaemi
a lover’s fate - smut - ceo au! - ceo! jaehyun x ceo! reader - enemies to lovers - arranged marriage by @jaevelina
Domaine de la Romanée - rich kid au! - smut - angst - slow burn - fluff ( SUPER LONG BUT LET ME TELL YOU, WORTH TO READ!!) by @heartau
blind date - the wedding - fluff I LOVE THIS SM HSOUFHIU by @luvhaos
a ceo jaehyun short fic - suggestive? - fluff - ceo! au THIS IS SUPER CUTE AAAAAH by @j4ehyunluvr
Our Kids Talk About Us ( this has a second part go check it out on their blog!) - single parents au - angst - fluff - romance - smut ~ if you haven’t read their stories please go check out their blog!! @anashins such an amazing writer!!
Sleep well, Princess - six year age gap - angst - drama - fluff - romance - smut  (nothing illegal) 
vacation home - brother’s bestfriend jaehyun - smut by @taeyongsfish
Curiosity killed the cat - roommates to lovers - smut by @sunwoosbunny
forevermore -  best friend to lovers - college au - fluff by @jenoloqy
You’re the One  - smut - fluff - angst - enemies to fwb to lovers - college au by @jaehyunnie77
if we were a movie - childhood friends to lovers - college au - slow burn - angst - fluff 
first times - childhood friend/ceo jaehyun - smut - loss of virginity by @moonctzeny
redamancy - arrange marriage - fluff - angst - smut by @icedcappujaeno
I Hate That I Love You  - enemies to lovers - roommates au - college au - smut - fluff by @jaehyunnie77 
I LIKE ME BETTER ( WHEN I’M WITH YOU) - friend to enemies to lovers - 
college au - smut - friends with benefits - fluff 
adjancent - alternate universe - golden retriever jaehyun - fluff check moreee in their blog!! by @jae-canikeepyou 
no guidance - knocked up - smut ~ check more stories on their blog!! by @yutaholic
i’ll probably post a part two for jaehyun maybe together with some taeyong fics~
before I go - arranged marriage - fluff - angst - smut by @yutaholic
change me - fluff - slight angst - smut by @2jaeh
Be My Distraction - smut - office au! - office workers to lovers -  angst - fluff by @immabiteyou 
soft boyfriend ( has three parts) fluff - little angst - smut by @slightlymore
my soulmate loves wine - soulmate au - fluff - smut - romance 
muse -  fluff - smut - painter au, bridgerton au by @tyonfs
 hardest to love - medical au - surgeon doyoung x surgeon reader - romance - angst - enemies to lovers - smut by @slightlymore
Best friends? - smut with plot by @bl--ankhaeji
lost star - fluff - angst - drama by @endingscenery
To Feel Again - smut by @everlasting-stories
lovefool - established relationship - soft angst to fluff - ceo!doyoung by @kdyism 
first (a three part story) - romantic smut - loss of virginity - established relationship  by @meowniee
crawl to me - ceo!doyoung - suggestive by @icanhearitcallin
here it is!! alsoo go check out their blog, a lot of them write for more nct members!! <33
@candysofthours <33
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Tumblr media
MEMBER | jaehyun x (f) reader
GENRE | some pretty angsty stuff, kinda fwb to lovers, a lil fluffy stuff
WARNINGS | implied smut, slow burn, y/n naturally is very scared to be in a relationship with jaehyun, mentions of insecurity
SUMMARY | Three years ago, you had a summer fling with Jung Jaehyun, and what was simply sex turned into more after you caught feelings for him. Then, you find out he has a girlfriend, and decide to call it quits. Three years later, he’s back in town, trying to come back in your life, and most importantly trying to come back into your heart, but you’re a little hesitant to let him.
WORD COUNT | 14.5k
PLAYLIST | The Weekend - SZA | Garden (Say It Like Dat) - SZA | Love Galore - SZA, Travis Scott | Drew Barrymore - SZA | Could’ve Been - H.E.R, Bryson Tiller | I Hate U - SZA | Try Again, Jaehyun
TAGLIST | @bitchenderyy @chitaphrrrr @painted-hills @fluffyjaes @keemburley @queenrachelpink @suhlit @luvjeongjaehyun @chichhihaa @ghostlydolly (cant tag the bold, sorry!)
EXTRA | can yall tell I love SZA? this was originally a series, but i do not have the dedication to write continuously something over such a long period of time and I felt guilty so i turned it into oneshot, so enjoy! + pls leave feedback, I love to hear your thoughts
Tumblr media
“Not fair.”
“It’s very much fair, Jaemin.”
“How come the blueberry head gives you shit on the house? I asked him for a free coffee and he told me the only way I was getting coffee for free was if he splashed it on my face. Very unprofessional. I demand the manager.”
You want to tell him that the manager would just suck up to Taeyong in private because the customer is always wrong, but something in you tells you to be quiet.
“Saved his life,” you shrug, digging a fork into your pie.
“Saved his life?” Jaemin repeats, wide-eyed, “you just said that like it was the most normal thing ever.”
“I don’t think he would have actually died,” you mutter, but decide to tell the tale anyway, “You remember when I told you I was taking a two-week vacation out of town because Yeri invited me and some of her friends to her stepdad’s beach house?” Jaemin nods, “Well Taeyong was one of those friends. Saved him from drowning in the pool, and ever since he thinks he owes me his life, so he gives me a lifetime worth of stuff on the house.”
You consider Jaemin your best friend, although him not physically being with you for the past three years was the reason why he’s unaware of some minor details of your life during those years. Of course, he knew about the vacation—you had so much fun that you told him nearly every damn detail of it—but there were still some things you kept to yourself. Such as how you saved Taeyong from drowning. You thought that you’d look like a praise-seeker for bringing that up anyway.
You scan the room for Taeyong (the blueberry head) and once your eyes find him, you wave and wink. He waves back and smiles bashfully, before tending to one of his customers. You also think that Taeyong might have a little crush on you, but that’s not relevant at the moment.
“Oh wow. I guess not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes wear pie crumbs on their mouths.”
You wipe the corner of your mouth with a napkin then squeeze it into a ball to throw at Jaemin, making him gasp dramatically and start rambling about how you shouldn’t treat the best friend you haven’t seen in three years like this, but the chime of the cafe door distracts you. Your face falls in horror, and you’re still as a statue as it all races back. The pain, the memories, the emotions, everything you gave him that you can’t take back.
“I have to go,” you say, but Jaemin grabs your wrist.
His voice is filled to the brim with concern, “What’s wrong?”
Where you do even start? You sigh, ducking your head on the table in an attempt to cover your face the best that you can. The past is intertwining with the present and you do not enjoy it one bit. Fortunately, he sits away from you and doesn’t seem to acknowledge your presence in the room, but it’s just your luck that for the first time you’re seeing him in almost three years, he chooses to show up right here, right now.
“See that guy that just walked in?”
Jaemin nods with reluctance, subtly scanning said guy with his eyes, “Yeah, what about him?”
With a deep breath, you brace yourself for uncovering a part of your past that you’d rather keep ancient history, “Remember that fling I told you about from the vacation? That was him. And I never told you this, but we didn’t exactly end on the best of terms. I called it quits when I found out that he had a girlfriend.”
Another one of the vay-cay details that you kept to yourself. Technically, you did tell him about the fling, but it was nothing too specific aside from the fact that you were getting dicked down. You never told him about the way things abruptly ended, and you sure as hell never told him that you caught feelings for a cheater.
Jaemin’s face falls, and you’re not sure why. You think that he’s offended because you never told him about something so huge (and he is, but the two of you have bigger fish to fry at the moment so he decides it best to complain later).
Eyebrows furrowed, you ask, “What’s wrong?”
“Jaehyun is…” he pauses, and your lips part to ask how he knows his name until, “Jaehyun is my roommate.”
If you had the energy, you would sigh. Of course, Jaehyun also happens to move back in town and ultimately transfer back into your college for the second semester. You had to be a criminal in your past life, what else could you have possibly done to deserve something like this?
Taeyong walks over to your table, wearing a discontent frown, “Jaehyun’s here, do you want me to distract him so that you can leave without him noticing?”
“No way the blueberry head knew about this before me.” Ah, there it goes.
Taeyong glares, but he doesn’t say anything, instead locking his eyes on you to catch your response and his face softens when he does.
“Please,” you sigh in relief, “Thanks Tae, you’re a lifesaver.”
Taeyong smiles at the weight of your words, “It’s the least I could do. Now you two get out of here.”
It isn’t something that you need to be told twice, Taeyong goes to distract Jaehyun and you two bolt the fuck out of there. Though even out of sight, Jaehyun isn’t out of mind. In the beginning you knew it was nothing serious, Jaehyun had other girls that he fucked. But the fact that he was cheating on some poor, innocent girl was more than you could handle, and it would be selfish of you to risk getting caught up in that mess.
For a while, you and Jaemin ride in near silence. It’s your car, but he claims you aren’t in the right headspace to drive and you didn’t argue. You don’t feel the best at the moment.
“Is this a bad time to invite you to my roommate’s Summer Break Kick-off party this Friday,” Jaemin asks over the radio, his voice cutting through the SHINee song playing lowly.
“Kinda,” you snort. “Is he coming?”
“Probably, yeah. I mean, he was invited. But my roommate’s other house is pretty big and it’s been forever since we last partied.”
You blink. Why does your roommate…
“Don’t question it. I don’t know either.”
You fight the urge to laugh. Instead, you weigh out the pros and cons. Technically, you and Jaemin could always find another place to party if you wanted to so badly, and even if the house was big, there’s still a fair chance of you running into the one man you dread ever seeing again. You aren’t too sure if that’s something that you’re ready to risk right now.
You sigh again, pressing your face against the car window. “I’ll think about it.”
Tumblr media
You haven’t stepped foot in a place this expensive-looking since Yeri invited you on that little summer vacation to her stepdad’s beach house (three years ago.)
Jaemin somehow managed to convince you to show up by pinky promising to do a week’s worth of your assignments next semester, and you’d be a fool for turning that offer down. It isn’t clear from the outside, but academically Jaemin is sharp. So now, you’re searching for Jaemin in a sea full of red plastic cups. He was right, the house is humongous, and now you’re really beginning to question why someone with this kind of fortune at their fingertips lives with three presumably broke college students.
At least they’re playing SHINee. That way you can sing along to your favorite boy band while you simultaneously search for your best friend.
It might be harder for him to spot you. You chose to wear something dull, deciding against standing out too much just in case Jaehyun wanted confrontation, so looking for you is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You two could have just spent the night karaoking with Jaemin in your living room just like the good ‘ole days, for heaven’s sake.
Na Jaemin, when I find you, you groan. He doesn’t answer your calls or texts, and just for this you should make him do your homework for two weeks. Three if you bump into Jaehyun. You stop at an empty spot to catch your breath.
“God, what are these guys’ parents? The CEO’s of Samsung?” you mutter, to yourself.
“Aw, so close.”
Not expecting an actual answer, you jump and turn in the direction of the voice. You find a tall, handsome man smiling at you. His teeth are so white that it looks like he eats Colgate for breakfast.
“Kai, I’m the host of the party,” he grins, yet then his expression falters, “do I know you from somewhere?”
“I was thinking the same thing!” You laugh, analyzing his face. He does look a bit familiar.
You tell him your name, and the way he repeats it once more then blinks a few times concerns you a little. It’s not that you have a bad reputation, but did he know you from something bad?
His eyes widen. “You’re Johnny’s ex-girlfriend.”
That, you are. Back in high school you and Johnny dated for some time, broke up after a while since you drifted apart from one another, but agreed to stay friends so you’re both cool. You’re relieved that’s all, but you still don’t remember where you know Kai from, and you’re almost one-hundred percent sure it isn’t high school. You don’t even think you went two to the same high school.
“That’s me,” you confirm with a nod, “I still don’t know where I remember you from, though.”
If this were a cartoon, Kai would have a thought bubble above his head, and moments later it would transform into a lightbulb, “Are you friend’s with Yerim?” he guesses, and you nod, “she’s my step-sister. She probably told you about me.”
Oh. Well now the dots are connecting. Yeri did in fact tell you about him, mentioning that his family is the one her mom married into when explaining how filthily rich she became—because her brand new step-dad is indeed a CEO.
You make an O with your mouth, “Small world.”
“I know, right?” Kai, or as you know him from Yeri (also why you didn’t recognize him immediately), Jongin, laughs, “Care to dance?”
At that, you frown, “I’d love to, but I should really find Jaemin. He’s my best friend and we’re supposed to be spending time together because he just moved back in town recently.”
Kai looks a little sad by the rejection but handles it well, nodding in understanding, “Good luck. Last time I saw him he was over there,” he points, “losing a drinking game.”
That could mean nothing good. That meant wherever he was, Jaemin was more than likely going to be shitfaced by the end of the night. You sigh internally, almost wishing he’d go back to being the shy and introverted boy you knew in high school.
You met Jaemin in your sophomore year, at a party his friends forced him to go to, and you had a couple of mutual friends, but until then you two were nothing more than strangers. Speaking of which, that’s how you bonded, even though it was a fight getting him to say more than five words at a time. You were sure your friends Sicheng and Yuta had a thing for each other, whereas he hadn’t suspected a thing. So you made a bet, and only a couple minutes later, they were found making out against a wall. He owed you 50 bucks.
When Jaemin is still nowhere to be found, you’re ready to cave in to defeat. You feel like you’re in a maze, walking around in circles and it shows in the ache in your feet. You’re about to give up and turn around, until you walk into something, or someone, and all audible to you is the sound of splashing before someone yells shit, I’m sorry!
Oh, you’ll make sure they’re sorry. You’re not sure what you should focus on. How your top is now soaked, or how familiar their voice is. Until you look back up and see a walking, breathing and unfortunately talking, nightmare.
He calls out your name.
Like before, you turn and walk away.
He says it again, louder, and follows you.
“I don’t want to talk to you, Jaehyun.”
Still, he tails behind you like a lost puppy, despite you obviously trying to stay far, far away, “Can’t you hear me out? It’s been three years.”
“Three very peaceful years,” you stop dead in your tracks and finally turn to face him. It hurts you to look at his face, because the memories wash over you like waves, yet you do it anyway. You want to show him that you’re strong without him, not weakness and vulnerability, “and I told you three years ago that I want nothing to do with you.”
Jaehyun’s no good for you, you know that. You know that all he’s ever wanted to do is get inside your pants, that he’s never cared for you. So why are you tempted to hear him out?
No, you refuse, you will not let nostalgia win you over. That’s all it is. You miss what you had, but you don’t know if you miss him as a person.
“At least let me help you dry your shirt, it’s my fault that it’s ruined,” he tries again, but you’re hell-bent on making him feel as miserable as he did you.
“No means no, Jaehyun,” another voice cuts in, and while it isn’t the one you’ve been looking for, you’re thankful nonetheless. Beside you stands Kai, tall, angry, and intimidating, “you gonna make her tell you to fuck off?”
Jaehyun glances at you, and you see the emotion in his eyes, but you don’t fall for them. Not anymore. He’s already caused your heart to feel enough pain that you can’t bother to try and carry the burden that is his own. So he gives up and walks off, finally leaving you alone.
And you let out an exhausted breath.
“Show’s over, mind your business,” Kai tells the audience you hadn’t even known formed, and not willing to risk going against him, everyone returns to their previous activity. He looks at you, and all the anger is washed with concern. “You okay?”
Are you okay? You don’t know anymore. Nostalgia is kicking your ass, and though you try not to think about him, you can’t help but reminisce.
“Yeah,” you’re not really sure, but you don’t want him to worry, “thanks. A lot.”
“Yeah.” You say, but you’re not too sure. “Thanks. A lot.”
Kai shrugs, “No biggie. Do you think you and Yerim match sizes? You can use the bathroom in my bedroom to change because no one’s dumb enough to go in there.”
You sigh in relief. Chivalry isn’t dead. “Yes. Thank you.”
Kai leads you upstairs to Yeri’s room, or at least the one she stays in when she’s here, and let’s you choose a shirt. It isn’t an easy decision with Yeri being the epitome of fashion, but you pick quickly to spare Kai’s time, even though he tells you that he doesn’t mind. He then takes you to the bathroom in his room because according to him, Yeri’s one is under repair.
Even though Kai is guarding the door with his life and you know he wouldn’t just barge in there without your say-so, you lock the door. You meet your gaze in the mirror, eyeing yourself closely. Everyone is insecure sometimes, but after things ended between you and Jaehyun, you were extremely self-conscious for months.
To anyone who had never been in your shoes, it might’ve made more sense than anything for you to feel better about yourself knowing that even though Jaehyun had a girl, he kept coming back to you. Yet who’s to say you were the only one? To this day, you’re still convinced that the only reason he keeps trying to win you back is because him losing you plus you being the one to end it put a major dent in his ego.
You hate that he had that kind of power over you, to the point where he made you doubt yourself. You hate that a man like him made you cry so many goddamn tears and now he expects you to dry his own.
Reminding yourself that Kai is waiting, you tear your gaze from your own before tears have the chance to spill, and wipe yourself dry so that you can put on your - or Yeri’s - shirt. Now that you think about it, it’s too cute to return. You might take it. She’s too rich to notice, and even if she does, she’s still rich. She can easily replace it.
Kai greets you with a smile as you step back inside his room, and you find yourself smiling back at him. He’s been treating you so kindly this whole time, and now that you think about it, you’ve never heard a single bad thing about the man. Yeri clearly doesn’t mention him very often, but it’s never been anything bad when she does, and even when Jaemin was telling you about his roommates, he described Kai as “the funny one that called his mom a lot.”
“Ready to join the party?”
And then you frown. “I don’t know.”
Kai quirks a brow, “Well don’t tell me you look this good just to not show yourself off.”
Amused, you scoff. Kai’s been smooth from the beginning, yet now he’s unabashedly flirting with you. “Are you flirting with me, Kim Jongin?”
Confusion spells itself out on his face. You have never once said his name tonight, and the one time you do, it’s his government. “How do you know my name?”
“Yeri,” you shrug, “but if you want me to just call you Kai then I understand.”
“Well, usually I reserve my real name for my close friends and family,” he grins, and God he looks devilishly handsome when he does, “but it sounds so nice on your tongue that I’ll make an exception.”
It’s painfully obvious that you don’t know how to react, eyes a little round and your lips parting, yet nothing coming from in between. It makes Jongin laugh.
“And yes, I was flirting with you,” he winks, “but anyways, if you really don’t wanna go back out there, which is totally fine, we can just chill in here. You seem like a nice person, and I’d like to get to know you.”
“Get to know me?” You quip, finding enough balance to play into his game after being knocked down by his charm briefly, “or my body?”
He arches a brow in amusement. “That feels like a trick question.”
You shrug. “Be honest. I might feel the same way.”
Maybe it’s a good thing that tonight didn’t go as planned. Kai’s had you since the moment he introduced himself, and it seems every five minutes he gets better.
“Well, I don’t see why I can’t multitask,” He purrs, taking your words as an invitation. An invitation that he was accepting.
You giggle. He eyes you gently, noticing the way you slowly inch closer to him, “I like you.”
It’s an initiation, turning the keys and putting the car in drive, and you want to see if Jongin will take the wheel. And it seems that to your fortune, he does.
“Guess it’s a good thing I like you, too.” Jongin chuckles, and he’s so close. You can feel his breath on your skin, tickling your neck, and it makes something in you crawl with arousal.
And the gap between you closes.
Tumblr media
You already liked Kai last night, but you definitely like him this morning.
You woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon, and not just any kind of pancakes, but chocolate chip pancakes, your favorite. If anything can make you like someone, it’s chocolate chip pancakes.
“How’d you know chocolate chip was my fave?” you giggle, not expecting a serious response, but after the whole scenario with him yesterday, you should have already known he would have one.
“Yerim’s told me about you, too, you know,” Jongin replies, “It wasn’t even too long ago, it was winter break. We were all staying at my dad’s house for a couple of days, and she invited you over one morning. Everyone was gone but me and her when I went downstairs, and I saw her making chocolate chip pancakes. It blew me, because she’s an avid hater of chocolate. Then she told me they were for her best friend, because you love them, and after last night I learned that the best friend in question happened to be you.”
You and Jongin learned a lot about one another last evening. After you had sex, you didn’t expect to hit it off like you did, yet you spent a great deal of the night talking on his silk sheets. For starters, he’s a wonderful man. Funny, polite, respectful, thoughtful, caring, and he has an amazing personality. The sole flaw you could find in him was that he likes Hawaiian pizza. What kind of sick person enjoys Hawaiian pizza?
And you fell asleep in his arms. It was perfect, almost too good to be true. You considered the possibility of a relationship with him, you enjoyed his company and he was shameless to admit that he enjoyed yours. And yet still, you couldn’t help but think of Jaehyun.
The way he had also made you feel the same way, all those years ago. How he never fucked you and then shoved you away, but he talked to you until the sun came up, or spooned you to sleep. It was ridiculous, and you can’t believe that one encounter with Jaehyun had you acting like a teenager in love for the first time again. Not to mention the encounter in question was horrible. Jaehyun isn’t good for you, but for some reason your heart seems to still want him.
“If you wanna know so bad, just ask.”
“What?” Kai blinks, unaware that you’ve noticed the way he looks at you, not just now but ever since that encounter with Jaehyun. The longing in his eyes to say something, yet he resisted.
“I know you’re curious about me and Jaehyun,” truth be told, it isn’t just for him, but for you. Maybe if you remind yourself of what Jaehyun’s done to you, hear it aloud, you’ll snap out of it and shake this weird feeling. “So go ahead. Ask.”
Jongin’s surprised at how well you read him, and you can only hope that he doesn’t read you just as well.
“I figured you didn’t want to talk about it, and I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries.” How utterly Kai of him. And honestly, he’s right. You don’t want to, but at this point it’s a need.
“It’s okay,” you assure.
“Are you sure?”
“If you don’t want to talk about it, then that’s okay, you know. I understa—”
“Kim Jongin,” you say, and he pauses, a part of being because he still hasn’t gotten used to you calling him by his government name, yet he loves it when you do, “I am not about to beg you to ask me. I promise you, it’s alright.”
Jongin hesitates, but gives in reluctantly, “Okay, so… what happened for Jaehyun to be so intent on talking to you last night? Break-up?”
“Not really,” you say, trying to keep your voice level and flat. You weren’t the girl Jaehyun was in a relationship with, “It wasn’t a romantic relationship. Just sex, no strings attached.”
Jongin nods, “Ah, so a fling?”
“Mm-hm. I met him when Yeri invited her best friends to your dad’s beach house for a fun summer vacation during break. We hit it off well and it wasn’t much longer that he had me in his sheets. It really was fun, so we agreed to keep fucking around. And then some months later, I found out he had a girlfriend the whole time.”
He makes an understanding face, familiar with Yeri’s Pal-Cations (as she likes to call them.)
“Yerim didn’t tell you he was dating someone?”
“No one knew about us. He wanted to keep things secret,” you chuckle softly, “and that’s when I found out why.”
Silence falls over Jongin, and you sit there and let him ponder. Being able to say it all like this makes it seem so simple, and perhaps it should be. Jaehyun fucked up, and you owe him nothing. If he broke up with his girlfriend, maybe things would have been different, but he didn’t and that’s why he should leave you alone.
“Do you think he’s changed?” You shouldn’t ask. It doesn’t matter what Kai thinks, he doesn’t know Jaehyun like you do and he hasn’t known him for nearly as long. His opinion doesn’t matter.
Kai blinks. “I mean, you know what they say. Once a cheater, always a cheater.”
“But I’m asking for your opinion.”
You’ve never seen Kai so speechless. He’s always had something on the tip of his tongue, always. That’s when you consider that you’re probably dumping a shit ton of unwarranted info on him, especially since you had to practically coerce him into even asking you about Jaehyun. Before you have the chance to apologize, he answers.
“I don’t know him nearly as well as you probably do, but from what I’ve seen in the past 2 weeks, he’s nothing like some stupid, immature fuck boy. He carries himself well, cracks his jokes but he’s respectful and doesn’t push his limits, and I’ve never seen him with a girl,” Jongin says. “Come to think of it, he’s single. The boys discussed our dating situations and relationship statuses just so that we wouldn’t be surprised if we got up in the middle of the night and saw some stranger. Said he was single and wasn’t looking for sex.”
And you sigh in defeat, because the only thing that’s changed about Jaehyun according to that description is that he’s apparently single now and isn’t looking for sex.
Or maybe he was some stupid, immature fuckboy. You don’t know. And ever since you found out about her, you haven’t been sure if you’ve ever known him like you thought you did. You haven’t been sure about anything.
“Do you want him back?”
The questions catchs you off-guard. It isn’t exactly new, but you’ve never had anyone ask you this other than yourself. It’s all that you can think about. Do you really want him back? Or do you just miss what you had? What if it’s both?
“I don’t know,” you answer. And trust, you’ve been thinking about it since that whole ordeal at the cafe Monday. Even if you do, you shouldn’t. You don’t know Jaehyun’s motive, and there are plenty of other guys that can provide you everything he was giving you. One is literally looking you dead in the eye. He’s replaceable, you tell yourself. You don’t need him.
But that sure as hell has nothing to do with you wanting him.
“You don’t know?” Kai lifts his brow, “Or are you simply in denial?”
You feel like he’s your therapist, and the thought almost makes you laugh. Everything reminds you of Jaehyun. How sometimes, you’d play therapist for each other after you had sex, either directly afterwards or in the morning like now. It was so much more than sex, you think. To you, anyways. And that’s likely how you caught feelings.
Oh, dear god.
Even after three years, maybe those feelings you had for him still linger.
“I realized something,” you really don’t have to say anything, it’s written all over your face.
Jongin makes the conclusion, “You want him.”
Slowly, you nod. You think that you shouldn’t, but you do, and Jongin was right about you being in denial. You guess he really does read you just as well as you do him.
“I’m not gonna sit here and tell you what you should or shouldn’t do because it’s your choice to make at the end of the day, but let’s take everything into account,” Jongin starts, voice sterner than it’s been all morning, “I’m not saying age is an excuse, but he was eighteen. All eighteen-year-old boys are stupid. Take it from someone who’s been there. But he’s twenty-one now, and it’s been years. That’s plenty enough time for him to grow and change.”
You nod along. That’s true, and while you could never be too careful because who’s to say he’s changed, who’s to say he hasn’t?
Kai adds, “If you want to take the risk, take it. If you don’t, then don’t. He made an inexcusable mistake. But he’s human, and all humans make mistakes. You don’t owe him anything, especially not forgiveness, but be a little open-minded.”
The decision is yours. You can hear Jaehyun out and try to salvage your relationship, or you can continue to shut him out. You don’t owe him a second chance, but god, you must admit that you’ve always secretly longed to give him one, just so that you could go back to what you had.
Whenever you contemplate giving him a second chance, you think about her. You try to put yourself in her shoes, wondering how she must’ve felt, if she ever knew that the man she loved was fucking around with another woman. Maybe that’s how they broke up. Days ago, the thought would have made you run further and further away from him. But now, it’s almost like you’re rooted in place, bumping into dead-ends.
If you were her, you’d be unforgiving. But you’re not her, you never will be her, and that makes you want to be a little more selfish.
That makes you want him.
“Thanks, Kai,” you say, truly grateful to have his unbiased opinion. Usually you wouldn’t trust people you met less than twenty-four hours ago with your personal business, but all the shit you and Kai exchanged last night makes you willing to permit an exception. And then, you feel bad because even after the kind things he’s done for you since last night, he’s still sitting here advising you on your complicated you-problems. “And I’m so sorry for dumping all my problems on you, you’ve been so sweet and the least I could do—”
“Hey, no worries. If you ever need to talk, I’m here,” Kai interjects, “and if you want me to do a bit of snooping around…”
You shake your head. “No way. You’ve already done enough for me, and I don’t want you to get caught up in my drama. I can handle it.”
“Sure, you can. But I don’t want a girl like you to wind up heartbroken, especially over a possible jackass, and at very least you should see if you can trust him before you, well, trust him,” As though he can sense you about to object, he adds, “No buts. I’m going to keep a few tabs on him and alert you if there’s anything suspicious.”
You sigh, and don’t argue because it’s obvious he isn’t changing his mind. You’re grateful.
You smile. “Thank you.”
“Of course. And if he breaks your heart, I’m here.”
You scoff, “Flirting with me again, Kim Jongin?”
“Oh, baby,” he growls, “Keep saying my name like that and I’ll make you forget he ever existed.”
Ten minutes ago, that would have been tempting. But now you know what you want, and you’re determined to have it.
Tumblr media
Yeri thinks it’s a bad idea.
Taeyong thinks it’s a terrible idea.
Jaemin thinks you’ve had better ideas, but he’s willing to cooperate nonetheless.
“I don’t get it,” Taeyong shakes his head, “That guy broke your heart.”
“He wasn’t trying to,” you mutter.
“And he still did, that’s the crazy part.”
“It was three years ago. To be fair, all of us were stupid at eighteen.”
“Not all of us were cheating on our partners with a girl we met on summer break, though,” Taeyong quips, incredulous that he’s even having this discussion with you. You’ve always been on the same page, what changed?
You groan, “God, Taeyong. Sure, he cheated. Duh, he was in the wrong. But it wasn’t me that he cheated on and it’s not like we were ever in a relationship. He couldn’t have known how I felt about him when I did everything in my power to hide my feelings. And what if he’s changed?”
“And what if he hasn’t?” Taeyong retorts quickly.
The silence in the room is deadly. Taeyong can’t believe that he’s having to talk some sense into you, all while your other two friends sit quietly observing your argument. Is he the only one thinking around here? Why aren’t they helping?
Then, Yeri speaks up from the other side of the room, “Instead of arguing, let’s just put Jaehyun to the test.”
“And how do you plan on going about that?” Taeyong grumbles.
“Letting her talk to him, dimwit, how else?” Yeri rolls her eyes, “I know that you probably think that allowing him within a ten-foot radius of her is going to break her heart, but you’re greatly underestimating my best friend’s strength. She isn’t stupid, she can identify red flags.”
“Ease up on the fighting words,” Jaemin chuckles, “but I dunno, Yeri’s right. The only way she’ll know if he’s changed is to see for herself. If she notices anything odd, she can give him the boot. It’s not rocket science.”
You glance at Taeyong. Truthfully, you don’t need his permission, and both of you know that. But it would be nice to feel validated by your best friends, especially the overprotective one.
Taeyong glances back at you, and his expression softens. He’s always had a soft spot for you, and it’s hard to tell you no. Plus, he doesn’t want to be the token villain when everyone else is telling you to go for it. To chase what you want.
And in all honesty, Taeyong wishes he could chase what he wants. But the last thing he is is selfish, so maybe now is the time he lets you go.
Finally, he groans, “Alright, fine. Whatever. Talk to Jaehyun, see if he’s really ready to commit. But if this guy breaks your heart, I’m going to quote-unquote accidentally spill the hottest coffee on his face, just to give him a taste of the fire that is hell, where he will burn for eternity.”
Jaemin shivers, having flashbacks to the first time he spoke to Taeyong, “You love a good coffee threat, don’t you? So many fighting words.”
Taeyong doesn’t reply, just glares at Jaemin sharply.
“Hostile, but I’m with him,” Yeri nods, “Mark my words, that man will die a slow, painful death if he makes one more mistake.”
“Yep!” Jaemin agrees, “Don’t worry, babes. We got your back.”
At that, you smile. Your friends are on your side. Now, here comes the real trouble.
Mustering the ability to talk to Jaehyun.
Tumblr media
Fortunately, Yerim’s annual Pal-Cation was right around the corner, and would extend until the end of the week.
Last two years, Jaehyun didn’t attend.
Correction: he wasn’t invited.
Yeri and Jaehyun haven’t been on amazing terms since she became aware of everything, which put a dent in their relationship. This year, she’s invited him in favor of playing Cupid.
You’re a little nervous, anxious about being in the same space as Jaehyun for more than three minutes after all these years. You’re scared and you’re not sure of what, because if Jaehyun’s really as changed as he implies he is, the result should be predictable.
Then again, you don’t really know Jaehyun’s reason for wanting to talk to you, and that makes you all the more panicked. Of course, he wants you to hear him out, but what does he want to come out of that? A second chance? At what? To you, your relationship was so much more than sex. But what if it wasn’t to him? What if he just wants to get inside your pants?
“Girl, please,” Jaemin scoffs, crashing against your hotel bed like he owns the place. He’s in comfortable awe, and probably wouldn’t think twice if someone told him the beds were made out of marshmallows, “you were defending his life choices like yesterday—god damn, these beds are soft—and now you’re having second thoughts? Since when do you back down from things?”
You throw a pillow at him, “I was not defending him!”
“I talked to him earlier, when he asked me if I was sure about wanting him here,” Yeri states, sitting on the seat in front of the mirror. “Told him that there’s no way in hell he’d be here right now if I didn’t want him to be. He laughed and promised me he wouldn’t do anything stupid, and I told him know, because if he does do something stupid it’s off with his motherfuckin’ head.”
Jaemin smiles, satisfied, “Yeah, that should do it. I’d be scared half to death, you could probably pay someone to kill him and no one would suspect a thing.”
“Enough about killing him,” you grimace, “I’m just, I dunno, nervous, I guess. What if he just wants to get in my pants?”
“Guess you better go find out, and tonight is the perfect opportunity. I reserved the pool, so we have the entire area to ourselves until midnight.”
“Yeah, and that wouldn’t be so bad anyways. When was the last time you got laid?” Jaemin adds.
You sneer and flip him off, “For your information, I got laid at that party Friday night when you left me for dead to go get drunk. And that’s why your ass was hungover. And Yeri, you never told me that your step-brother was so fucking hot.”
Yeri exclaims, “You slept with Jongin?”
“You slept with her brother?”
And that’s where you conclude that you’ve overshared, and it’s time for everyone to have some time to themselves, “Alright, everybody out,” you push and pull them both out, until they’re standing outside your door, “I’ll see you guys tonight.”
Then you shut the door, and lie on your bed, sighing with comfort. Jaemin’s right, the beds really are comfortable. You’re feeling drowsy already and decide to rest your eyes. There’s hours until it’s Pool Time.
Tumblr media
Pool Time comes faster than you wished.
You’re antsy, but Yeri has SHINee’s Punch Drunk Love playing, so you feel more at ease. It also serves as a reminder that you’re going to need a drink or two to get through the night.
It doesn’t help that you had a dream about Jaehyun while you were trying to rest your eyes, about the night when you first met him. You were at Yeri’s step-father’s beach house, and the dream was specifically when you made out in the middle of the pool. I’d never let you drown, baby. You shake the memory away.
You glance around, and see everyone’s here. Yeri’s talking to her friend Mark who obviously has a crush on her, Jaemin’s engaging in conversation with Taeyong who for once doesn’t look like he wants to rip Jaemin’s head off, Yeri’s other friends are playing in the pool, and—Jaehyun.
Jaehyun’s seated at the bar, looking dead at you, which is exactly where you need to be but your lunch and your stomach seem to not be getting along suddenly. You tear your gaze, and glance back at Yeri. You need her help, one last push or words of encouragement, but you’re not selfish enough to interrupt Mark’s attempts at flirting with your friend and getting some.
Well fuck, you groan. You’re all alone this time, and deciding you look stupid standing there by yourself, you march to the bar and hoist yourself on the stool beside Jaehyun, ignoring the increasing speed of your heartbeat. It doesn’t help that this place only has two barstools.
“What can I get you, sweetheart?” The bartender asks you. She’s pretty, got long dark hair and a nice face. You wonder if Jaehyun flirting with her is the reason she’s been smiling so hard since before you sat down, trying to stifle a giggle.
And you frown at your own thoughts. Leave it to you to automatically assume the worst.
“No idea. Surprise me,” you sigh, and with a nod she gets to work.
It’s difficult, more like impossible to ignore Jaehyun’s presence beside you. He isn’t saying anything, isn’t doing anything as far as you can tell without looking at him, but the knowledge that he’s there has you on your toes.
The bartender brings back your drink, tells you to enjoy and you say thank you before having a taste. You need this before you dare say a word to him.
And then he dare speaks, “Hi.”
You can feel your heart racing and you don’t know why, but you do know that you don’t like it. There’s no reason to feel like this, you heard Jaehyun talk at the party. You somehow manage to chirp back quietly, “Hi.”
“Aren’t you gonna look at me?”
It feels like he’s challenging you, almost to say you’re too much of a pussy to look him dead in the face, and you know you’re more than likely making that up but Jaehyun’s the first person to know that you’re last person to back down from a challenge, so you do turn to look at him.
It takes everything in you to stay rational when you do. You get the chance to look at him, to really look at him, and you’re taken aback by his features. He looks the same, but different all at once, obviously a little older.
Beside you is no longer the teenage boy with the cute, high-pitched voice, but a man with a deep and matured sound to his voice. He’s smiling a little wildly at you. It’s the first time you’ve seen him smile in years.
You take a sip from your drink so that you don’t smile back and say, “I’m looking.”
“See something you like?”
“Nope,” you lie, as though you weren’t obvious checking him out seconds ago, “just you.”
“Aww, don’t be like that,” Jaehyun grins playfully, “smile a little, won’t you?”
“Let’s cut to the chase, Jaehyun,” you change the subject. You refuse to let his little games work on you. “Didn’t you want me to hear you out? Hop to it or I’m leaving.”
He blinks. “Here?”
Well no one can hear you other than the bartender, but it’s a personal issue that deserves the utmost privacy and it’s not like you’re willing to share your personal business with a stranger, so you agree to walk around the pool with him. Close enough so that you’re not bumping into walls, distant enough to not be overheard.
You glance at him, “So?”
Jaehyun sighs, “Rather than defending myself, I think I should apologize. For not telling you I was in a relationship, for risking dragging you into drama, it was selfish. I was selfish.”
It was selfish. He couldn’t have been thinking of your feelings, or even her feelings.
“There’s no excuse for what I did, and I can’t imagine how belittled it made you feel. You don’t have to forgive me, and I know you’re probably gonna hate me forever for this and I don’t blame you. But I want you to know that I’m sorry,” he gives you those emotional eyes, the same dejected gleam in them, “Sincerely. And if there’s anything I can do to make it up to you…”
“Tell me why,” you want the answers that you’ve been searching for all these years. Not exactly closure, but you don’t want to live in doubt, wondering maybe you were never enough, and that’s why you were always the side piece.
“Why I did it?”
You nod, and he’s silent for a moment.
“I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know why eighteen-year-old me did the shit I did, but I know that I did it and I can’t take it back. I’ve looked back so many times and I still can’t fathom…” Jaehyun trails off, then starts shaking his head, “you know what? Maybe I do know why.”
Don’t cry, you tell yourself. You’re stronger than this. You’re blinking back tears, attempting to keep your voice level as you whisper, “Why then, Jaehyun?”
“It’s not the shocking, life-changing reason I always thought it would be,” he chuckles sadly, “it’s because I was stupid. And careless. I wasn’t thinking, but at the same time I thought I had the world at my feet, and I guess I did but then I…” Jaehyun stops to take a breath after he realizes he’s rambling. “But then I lost you. And that’s when I realized that this, the lying, the cheating, the going behind your backs—it was stupid.”
“It was stupid,” you agree, and he laughs a little more. “But let me ask you one more thing…” you say. He doesn’t reply, but his eyes tell you to go ahead. “Did you love her?” Or did you love me?
Jaehyun nods lazily. “At one point.”
You bite your lip, unsatisfied.
“Did you love me?”
That catches him off-guard. You almost expect him to stop walking the way he’s frozen, and you feel your stomach churning in regret.
“Nevermind, forget I asked that—”
“When you first left, I was unaffected,” Jaehyun interjects. “Like I said, I thought I had the world at my feet, so I thought you were replaceable. I tried replacing you. But it wasn’t the same, no matter how many times I tried, it was never, ever the same,” his eyes muse at you, “No one looked at me the way you did, no one talked to me all night and made me laugh like you did, no one ran circles through my mind like you, no one was like you. So I knew I needed you back, but by the time I realized you were already gone. And that’s when I knew I had fucked up.”
He adds, “So, yeah. I did love you. Maybe it was at the wrong time, maybe it was too late for me to love you, maybe I wasn’t supposed to, but I did and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped.”
Jaehyun’s thumb runs over your eyes, wiping a string of tears that you hadn’t even know you cried. He doesn’t say anything about it, just pulls you closer to his chest.
“What about you?” He asks.
“What about me?”
“Did you love me?”
Now it’s your turn to freeze, and then you almost laugh. Of course, you loved him. You were in love with him. Hopelessly.
“Can I be honest?”
Jaehyun nods. “Mm-hm. That’s what this is all about, right?”
You exhale a sharp breath, preparing to tell one of your deepest, darkest secrets to the one person that was never supposed to know, “When I told you the reason I wanted to end things was because of you cheating on her, that wasn’t the whole truth. It was part of it, and though I’m no homewrecker, there’s another reason. I was in love with you—hopelessly, helplessly, utterly—and I couldn’t stand the thought that you never felt the same, that I was just a plaything to you.”
“Let me finish,” you order, “I left to take care of me. I thought it would have been disrespectful towards myself to stay in that position, when from my understanding, I loved you yet you loved her,” you feel another trail of tears coming, and wipe them away before they have the chance to spill. “At that moment, when I found out you already had someone, I felt like I didn’t know you anymore. I thought that maybe you never really cared, and I was the only one that felt it.”
It, the love. The spark. The connection. The butterflies in your stomach when he held you close, or called you cute pet names. The emotion whenever he was deep inside you.
“It felt like I had given my heart to a stranger,” you laugh humorlessly, “because for all I knew, who’s to say I was the only one you were fucking behind her back? I felt so, so stupid. Like I was never enough. And when I first saw your face again after all these years, all of that hurt came back. But at the same time,” you look him in his eyes, “all my feelings for you came back, too.”
It’s silent for a moment, but it isn’t awkward. You’ve just confessed your feelings for one another, not only now, but for the you of two years ago. For the you of eighteen who never thought you’d ever have this chance.
And you can’t believe Jaehyun’s actually had feelings for you, too. It always seemed like some fairytale thing, but hearing one another out like responsible adults instead of immature teens changes things.
“Wow,” Jaehyun whispers in surprise, “Wow. I was such a fool. I made a simple thing so fucking complicated. Imagine where we’d be if I would have just broken up with her and realized my feelings sooner.”
Together. You’d be together, as one.
“Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, didn’t,” you say lightheartedly, “There’s no use in worrying about that. You’ve apologized. And I forgive you.”
“You forgive me?” Jaehyun gawks. “Why? I thought you’d hate me forever or something.”
“I kinda still hate the you of two years ago, he’s an asshole,” you giggle, “but the you standing next to me right now, today, is a changed man who knows his mistake and won’t do that shit ever a-fucking-gain. Or else.”
Jaehyun snorts. “Of course not. I wouldn’t dare.”
You smile, “Good.”
“Good. So do we address our relationship too, or…”
“Later, please,” you groan. “Come sit by the water with me.”
Jaehyun agrees, and so now you’re sitting at the edge of the pool, your head resting on his shoulder.
“Is SHINee still your favorite band?” He asks.
“Yeah,” you mumble, heart warming at the fact that he even still remembers that.
Then he teases, “Do you still swoon over Lee Taemin?”
You give him a very, very icy glare, “Shut up. I’ll push you into the pool right now.”
“You wouldn’t,” Jaehyun challenges.
Wrong move, you smirk. You love a challenge.
So in one swift movement, you do push him into the pool, and the sound of him yelling and the water splashing is like music to your ears. You giggle, watching as he comes back up, hair heavy and soaked as it sticks to him like a second skin. You also take notice of his white t-shirt, or his abs through the soaked cotton. Six pack. Toned. Stupid dumb crazy hot. Damn, sometimes you forget why you kept coming back to him.
He sneers, unamused. “Not funny.”
“It’s a little funny,” you disagree with a smile.
“Oh yeah?” he says, “Look, Lee Taemin!”
You turn without fully processing his statement yet, “Wha—agh!”
In an even swifter motion, Jaehyun’s pulled your ankles, and now a distracted you falls into the pool with a splash. Not to mention, your bikini cover-up is still on. This, unfortunately, is karma. Inconvenience aside, you’re getting deja vu, a distant memory seeping back into your mind.
You whine, “Not fair.”
“It’s a little fair,” he mocks, and you can’t help but roll your eyes.
“You’re lucky I know how to swim,” you wring out your hair, “You would have had an lawsuit against you if I didn’t.”
You wonder if he’s taken the hint, if he’s gonna say it. You remember that exact moment, being so close to his face and feeling so warm. I’d never let you drown, baby.
And like a rehearsed line, he says perfectly, “I’d never let you drown, baby.”
“You remember.” Your tone is like a question, but it’s a statement.
“I remember a lot of things about you,” Jaehyun states, and perfectly timed, the current song fades into your all-time personal favorite—SHINee’s 1 of 1. “For instance, is this still your favorite SHINee song?”
One glance in Yeri’s direction confirms your suspicion that this is all her doing, as you see her giggling at you, phone in hand. It was already suspicious of her to play SHINee when she’s an Ariana Grande girl, but now you definitely see through her crystal-clear intentions.
“Yeah,” you mutter, but as you turn back around you notice he’s definitely close enough to hear you. Your noses are almost touching, and you can feel your heart racing. You feel like a teenager in love all over again, blood pumping, your heart beating in your ears. Deja vu.
Jaehyun must be feeling it too, because he asks, “Can I kiss you?”
Yet again, you blush. “Sure.”
And on cue, his lips are against yours. Jaehyun’s still an amazing kisser, he feels gentle yet he’s so fierce, gripping your waist as your fingers tangle in his hair. You know for a fact he’d be even rougher if you weren’t inside of a pool.
His lips feel better than you remember, and then he bites your lip. You moan, lips parting and he darts his tongue in your mouth. You can taste his drink on his tongue, faint remnants of whatever he had in his cup.
Fuck, you forgot how high kissing him makes you feel. It’s like an addictive drug, and you can feel nothing but your heartbeat and his lips on yours. You don’t want him to stop.
And then, to your misfortune, he does stop. You whimper, not really taking notice of how out of breath you are as you’re overcome with greed.
“Why’d you stop?” You frown.
“You need to breathe, babe. You wanna almost drown in the pool like Taeyong?” He laughs.
Speaking of Taeyong, you check on him with your eyes. To your surprise, he’s still talking and laughing with Jaemin, the pair obviously hitting it off and super into one another. It makes you smile. That boy’s had a huge crush on you that you both know you can’t reciprocate for years, and it’s time he lets you go.
“Hello… Earth to y/n? You look like the cute puppy eyes emoji.”
Your eyes snap at Jaehyun, “Shut up,” you reply, “And kiss me.”
“Bossy,” Jaehyun teases, but he must like that about you, because moments later he’s kissing you again, even more passionately than before.
Then, follows Tuesday.
“Oh, c’mon!”
Yeri giggles, “Sorry, y/n. The majority rules!”
For the second day of your California vacation, Yeri’s decided to take everyone to an amusement park an hour out from the hotel. You asked her why she didn’t do Disney Land this year, but she said it was reserved for her first Bae-Cation.
You roll your eyes. What happened to chicks over dicks?
The point is, you wanted to separate into groups, considering it would be easier to keep up with everyone. However, everyone else wanted to do pairs, arguing that there was more freedom and it’d be easier to come towards a mutual decision instead of arguing over what to ride.
So everyone grabs their partners, and you’re shocked when you see Jaemin and Taeyong step beside one another. You’re incredulous. Jaemin’s just been abandoning you left and right ever since he came back.
“You two in love or some shit now?” You fold your arms, eyes pointing at them accusingly. “What happened to those coffee threats, Yong? I thought you said Jaem was annoying. And Jaemin? You said he was scary!”
Jaemin shrugs coolly. “He was, but then I realized something. Taeyong’s like an egg, he has a hard shell—” Taeyong glares, “—nevermind, he doesn’t like that comparison very much. Taeyong’s like a smore, hard on the outside yet warm and soft on the inside. Oh, and very deli—ow!”
Jaemin holds his stomach dramatically, looking at Taeyong who stands with a satisfied grin on his face. Perhaps, Taeyong still is a little scary.
“Jaem! Yong!”
“Ooh, that reminds me,” Jaemin eyes twinkle, “I think our ship name should be Jaeyong.”
Taeyong disagrees, “No way. It should be Taemin.”
“First of all, you two will never be Taemin,” you interject with a scowl. “Anyways, you two figure that out. I’ll go be with my partner.”
And you stomp away to spot Jaehyun waiting for you with a cheeky grin. You’re optionless, you suppose. Yeri’s with Mark again, Taeyong and Jaemin are obviously a thing now, Seulgi’s with Winter and Jennie’s with Nayeon.
It’s not even like last night ended poorly. Last night couldn’t have been better, you spent your time making out and drinking with Jaehyun in the pool until midnight. It was too good to be true, you felt like Cinderella, having to slip back into her normal life by the time the clock struck twelve.
Now though, you have to be alone with Jaehyun. Okay technically, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of people, and depending on where you go your friends may or may not be accompanying you, though still. It isn’t that you don’t trust him, but isn’t it natural to feel uneasy?
Jaehyun calls, “C’mon, princess! Let’s go get hotdogs. I’m hungry.”
“We ate at the hotel,” you snort.
“So? That was an hour ago. Plus the time it took for us to get through that crazy ass line. If you’re not hungry, I’ll buy you a lemonade or something.”
A lemonade does sound good, you ponder. It’s summertime, and no amount of sunglasses and mosquito-repellent sunscreen is going to help you beat this heat. It’s ninety-something degrees.
“Fine,” you give in, and an eternity later (curse these never-ending lines) you’re sitting down at a bench, you sipping on your humongous cup of lemonade and Jaehyun eating a hotdog.
To be honest, you really didn’t need the largest size that they had. You were just testing his reaction for the fun of it, expecting to have a giggle or two, but he totally surprised you, buying it and insisting you should have it even after you told him that you were just playing.
The Jaehyun you knew three years ago was many things, and rich was not one of them.
“Let’s talk,” he says after discarding his hotdog in the bin. Oh of course, Jaehyun’s brain cannot function when he’s running low on food.
Playing dumb, you ask, “About what?”
“Us,” he answers simply.
“In the middle of an amusement park?”
“It’s important,” Jaehyun grins, “You don’t trust me.”
Perplexity is written all over your face. You trust Jaehyun on the basic level, you feel safe around him and in his embrace. But you’re not sure if you trust him with your heart just yet, and after everything he did, you have the right to be scared.
“And I understand why. I hurt you once, you’re scared I might do it again. So let’s start over,” he concludes, and you blink. “From scratch. Past aside. I want you to get to know me, and I wanna get to know you. I’m sure there’s plenty of things I don’t know about you now.”
I mean, you know the gist. You didn’t say that aloud, of course. Through a discussion last night, he still knows your favorite color and your undying love for pie and SHINee, especially Taemin, your birthday, your mom’s birthday, even your dog’s birthday—okay, maybe he knows too much. Or you overshared. Who knows.
And you still remember a lot of facts about him, but at the same time, there’s still so much you don’t know about one another.
“Right,” you agree, “So by starting over, you mean…”
“Completely,” he answers quick. “Let’s re-introduce ourselves.”
Your lips don’t quiver, drawn into a line. “You gotta be kidding.”
“I’m serious!” Jaehyun claims. “C’mon, I’ll even go first.”
“Aht, aht! You’re not supposed to know my name,” Jaehyun chides. “Hi, my name’s Jaehyun, I’m twenty-one, and I like Cigarettes After Sex. The band, I mean. I don’t smoke.”
You roll your eyes. There was no need for him to explain, because literally everybody knows Jaehyun likes Cigarettes After Sex, the same way everyone knows you like SHINee. But for the sake of placating him and getting this over with, you refuse to make any comments.
“This is so corny.”
“The longer you wait the longer it takes.”
Reluctantly you give in, but not without a groan. “Hi, Jaehyun. My name’s y/n, I’m also twenty-one, and I like SHINee.”
Jaehyun claps dramatically, “Bravo! Was that so hard?”
“Yes, actually.”
He giggles, tells you to stop being dramatic and you two begin your mission to ride every ride that you can within the span of a few hours. You get more snacks in between, sharing a container of butter-y delicious popcorn and double-dating some rides with the other pairs (which unfortunately happens to lead to you witnessing Mark throwing up in a bush.)
Unfortunately, time flies by fast when you’re having fun, and when Yeri texts the Pal-Cation Pals group chat to meet up by the first popcorn stand in fifteen minutes, you know you have little time remaining, enough for one last ride.
The Ferris Wheel.
Last but not least, the Ferris Wheel. You and Jaehyun have been saving it for last, agreeing the full experience is at dark night, when the colorful lights illuminate the indigo sky.
“Let’s go!” You pull him into a cart, and he laughs at your enthusiasm.
When the ride starts, Jaehyun holds your hand and you rest your head on his shoulder. It feels nice and comfortable, and you quickly realize you miss having him like this. Close to you. And it’s silent for a moment. You and Jaehyun have always had these moments together, where you’re not talking one another’s ears off, but holding each other in warm silence. You have always valued the other’s company.
You watch as the world gets smaller underneath your feet, how the Ferris wheel lights twinkle in vibrant colors, and shine on its surroundings. You see how the other rides glow in the dark, appearing so close yet so far away.
It’s beautiful. Your eyes flare different colors—red, blue, pink, green—as you gawk in wonder. If you could, you’d stay like this forever, watching this astonishing sight with Jaehyun at your side.
“You look pretty in the light,” Jaehyun marvels, snapping you out of your daze. The butterflies and their flapping wings come back, and he’s always been able to make you feel like this so easily.
Warmth fills your cheeks, and you turn around so that he doesn’t notice. “Don’t I always? Or are you saying I only look pretty in the light?”
Jaehyun rolls his eyes, “You’re still impossible. I’m trying to flirt with you.”
“Then do so,” you smile. “Keep telling me about how pretty I am.”
“Look at me,” Jaehyun whispers, but it’s loud and clear to you. Slowly, you do look at him, noticing the way his lips curl into a soft grin, and how the purple light casts on his gorgeous skin and features. “Your lips are pretty, too.”
Next, he’ll call your bones pretty and you’ll still feel your face flush with heat.
Jaehyun kissed you for hours last night, but when his lips collide with yours again you know that you’ll never get used to the feeling. Your fingers card through his hair while his gravitate towards your skin, cold hands sending a shiver down your spine as they mesh with the evening warmth.
You bite at his lip this time, wallowing in the sound of his moan as it tumbles from between his parted lips. He can feel you smiling, the corners of your lips spreading apart as you stifle a laugh.
It feels like fire consumes you, like you’re melting, melting into his touch, like candle wax as his fingertips trace your skin. Like a bomb’s ignited inside you, like you’re exploding, and the more you feel him the more you desire him. The more you crave him, the more your body yearns for him.
You know you have him when you move for his neck, marking a trail of red lipstick stains that look purple in the light. He takes it as a challenge, retaliating with a bite at your neck that makes you sigh in pleasure, and this is definitely why you get along so well—you’re compatible.
“When we get back,” you gasp, ignoring the complacent look he casts at you, “Meet me in my room.”
“What about the others?”
“They saw us making out in the pool, Jaehyun, literally nobody cares,” you roll your eyes. “No more sneaking around shit, right?”
He smiles, “Right. Can’t anyways, your lipstick is all over my throat.”
You giggle, and bring him back in for another kiss as the ride begins to slow to an end.
Tumblr media
The next couple of days are equally eventful, yet fly by far too quickly for your liking. You hit the beach and unfortunately witness a woman being stung by a jellyfish, visit some museums, the zoo, and even hike near the Hollywood sign. You also make sure to spend Yeri’s money on some souvenirs, and Jaehyun buys you matching necklaces. You have his J, he has your first initial.
Today is Saturday—already. Tomorrow you will return home, and you’re not sure if you’re ready or not. You sigh as you scroll through your camera roll. You’ve had so much fun this week, there’s the pictures of Mark’s scared face on the roller coaster, Taeyong buried alive into the sand, Yeri and the girls trying on humongous sun glasses at the mall, and the video of Jaemin and Jaehyun arm-wrestling to determine who’s the better Jae to prove it (Jaehyun won).
Like a normal Saturday, today’s the one chill day. The whole week has been chaotic in a fun way, but Yeri had nothing else planned, so she told everyone to take a day to wind down and feel free to venture out to wrap up the vacation.
Which leads you to now.
Jaehyun and you agreed to visit the park, just walking around and talking, and perhaps doing some making out in between. You’ve been doing that a lot lately, and you’re pretty sure you’re addicted. It’s like there’s a kind of crack in his lips that cannot simply be fixed with chapstick.
“It’s hot,” you complain.
Jaehyun snorts. “We’re in California, babe. Imagine Yeri took us to Florida.”
You wince. You’re barely beating the Californian heat, there’s no way you’ll survive down south in Florida. It doesn’t even snow there.
“I thought you were gonna say some fake-romantic shit, like I’ll reach into the sky and throw the sun into the freezer, princess, just say the word,” you mimic his voice exaggeratedly.
Jaehyun rolls his eyes, but laughs nonetheless, “No can do, princess,” he teases, “but I can get us some ice cream from that stand over there. Stay put, I’ll be right back.”
“Wait!” You shout. “You even know what I want?”
He says your favorite flavor, and even your preferred container to consume it in, “Right?”
A smile spreads on your lips, and your heart flutters. He remembers. “Right.”
Jaehyun shoots you a smile then jogs over to the ice cream stand, pulling his wallet from his pockets. You gotta remember to ask him where he’s getting all this money from, this man could be a drug dealer for all you know.
Nonetheless, you sit at a nearby bench and pull out your phone. Nothing beats checking up on your Animal Crossing island while you wait.
You notice the presence of someone sitting beside you but don’t bat an eye, knowing without looking that it isn’t Jaehyun. And who are you to shoo away a stranger if they want to rest their feet?
“You must be y/n,” hearing your name, your eyes snap to the side instinctively.
And that’s when you realize that this stranger may not be as unknown as you initially thought.
Your eyes widen, “You…”
“I am, Jaehyun’s ex-girlfriend,” she, Victoria announces proudly, like it’s some achievement to be clipped onto the fridge.
You never met her, but you’ll never forget her name, or her face for that matter. It’s kind of stupid, how you found out. You were on Instagram, and you saw Jaehyun’s account in the replies of Yeri’s post. You clicked his profile, because you had never exchanged accounts before, and you quickly saw why.
He didn’t post her often, amongst all the flaunting images of himself, but when he did he made it crystal clear that she was his girlfriend, and what sole other woman would he continuously post onto his page?
“What are you doing here?” You ask, an obviously bitter edge to your voice. It isn’t she that you should be bitter towards, but you can’t help but feel slightly defensive.
“Relax, darling, I’m not stalking you on whatever summer vacation he’s had the courtesy to whisk you away on,” Victoria giggles. Of course not, that would be obsessive. “It’s actually a coincidence to see you, but since we’re here, let’s talk.”
Disinterested, you reply, “There’s nothing for you and I to discuss.”
“Of course, there is! You were fucking with him while he was with me, right?” she gives you a picture-perfect smile that makes you want to grit your teeth, yet you compose yourself. She sighs, “You know that, and yet you’re like what, dating him now? I’m telling you now, once a cheater, always a cheater. You might think he loves you now, but I promise you, he’ll stab you in the back the moment you aren’t looking.”
Victoria misjudges your silence as you giving her the go-ahead to continue, “I know that you know, and I know you’re trying to convince yourself that he’s changed, but he’s still the same old bastard he was three years ago. I mean just look at him, he’s even flirting with that lady now.”
With furrowed brows, you turn in Jaehyun’s direction, eyes finding that he actually is flirting with the ice cream lady. You can’t believe your eyes. Really? The fucking ice cream woman? He isn’t trying to be subtle with it, either.
She tilts her head as she speaks in your ear, “See? He doesn’t give a fuck. Not about you, not about her, not about any of us. You’re just yet another notch in his belt.”
And suddenly, all those doubts come back, the ones that you had pushed away and replaced with your growing feelings for him. Yet now that they’re existing within the same space, it’s even more terrifying, it’s exactly what you feared.
What if Jaehyun never really cared? What if all this is just some big act? What if he’s just been playing with your emotions this entire time? What if you don’t really know Jaehyun like you thought?
You want him, but what if he doesn’t really want you?
Jaehyun walks over, seemingly not noticing his ex-girlfriend’s presence, “I got the ice cream. Who’s th—Victoria?”
“Hello, Jaehyun,” she waves, offering him a smile. “We were just talking about you.”
“What the fuck did you tell her?” Jaehyun scowls, taking notice of your silence and the empty, unhappy gaze you shoot at him. You don’t even smile, hardly even blink.
Victoria shrugs. “Nothing she doesn’t already know.”
“I’m walking back to the hotel,” you announce, sliding your phone back into your pocket and peeling yourself off of the bench.
He calls out your name.
For the third time, you turn and walk away.
This time, though, he’s not letting you walk away. Not without putting up a fight first.
“Why are we doing this again?” Jaehyun yells. “Why? Did I do something? We can just talk this out, you know. What happened to no more secrets?”
You retort, “You fucking tell me, Jaehyun! How am I supposed to know that you don’t have secrets?”
“The same goddamn way I know you don’t have any! Trust!” And the realization hits him hard. He knows that it’s only been some days, but what could Victoria have said to make you back out so hastily? “Is that what it is? You don’t trust me?”
Tears sting your eyes. “Trust you? You want me to trust you? With you being the kind of person you are? You’re out of luck.”
That burned Jaehyun. After all of the bonding you’ve done lately, he would’ve thought that you would trust him a little more, but he sees clearly now. He sees that he’s done all he can do, and now it’s time for you to do your part.
“What kind of person am I, y/n?” He asks coldly, shoving his hands in his pockets.
You spit, “You’re an asshole.”
“Yeah?” Jaehyun laughs tonelessly, “Well frankly I think you’re an asshole, too. So when you’re ready to be assholes together, let me know.”
And this time, Jaehyun’s the one that walks away. This time, you understand his pain, as you have those tear-stung eyes and that quivering voice. That empty feeling inside, the pang in your heart. The way it’s killing you inside, but you don’t have it in you to move, to chase him. All you can do for now is let it eat at you slowly.
Maybe Victoria was wrong. Maybe you’re planting the knife in your own back.
Sunday comes slowly, and you’re glad you didn’t ride the same van as Jaehyun. You still have to deal with the curious stares your friends shoot at you, but it’s better than confronting your emotions, or at least you think it is.
You’re not ready yet.
When you get home, the first time you do is order Panda Express via Uber Eats so that you don’t starve as you sulk in your room. The next thing you do is flop against your bed and sob.
A few days go by like this, in pure brutal agony. You drowning in your thoughts, the maybes and the what if’s. You feel like a teenage girl experiencing her first break-up, lost and confused and unsure of how to deal with the hurt. It’s no one’s fault but yours though, and it’s your job to fix it or forever hold your peace.
Love is hard. You know that. You accept that. If you couldn’t, then it would be wrong of you to try to be in a real relationship. But loving, as a verb, is easy. Too easy. So easy, to the point where sometimes, you don’t realize you’re doing it until it’s too late. What’s harder is accepting the fact that love isn’t a choice, but a feeling. If it was, you would have chosen to stop loving Jaehyun years ago. You would have chosen to fall in love with Taeyong, or maybe even Kai.
But your heart chose Jung Jaehyun, and it must have a mind of it’s own, because no matter how much you tell it to let go, it doesn’t listen.
That’s why as the days go by, they’re slow and empty. Because Jaehyun’s not there. Not with you. And a little voice in the back of your head is saying he’s with another girl, but your heart is telling you to have faith. You are severely conflicted.
Just when you think you might just spend the rest of your life rotting here, you’re quickly proven wrong by the dedication and genuine care and concern of your best friends.
“Hey, bitch,” Jaemin strolls in casually, as though this is his room, “New guy already?”
“Some guy opened the door,” he replies, flopping against your bean-bag cough.
You blink, gears turning in your mind as you try to decipher what man could possibly be inside of your house—oh. You roll your eyes, “That’s my roommate’s boyfriend, you dumbass.”
“Oh,” Jaemin mumbles, then his eyes twinkle as he makes a move for your desk, “Ooh, Panda Express.”
Suddenly, Yeri storms inside your bedroom, flickering on the lights inside your very dim and deprived of life, sunshine and happiness room, chanting vigorously the lyrics to Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s The Light is Coming, “The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole!”
You groan, yanking the sheets and comforter over your face to block out the light like a vampire, “You guys, please leave me alone.”
“Nope,” says Taeyong, who follows suit after your other friends, venturing into your room. You fight, you tugging the covers towards you while he attempts at pulling them off. It’s a quick battle which you lose, and you soon accept defeat. “You’ve been suffering in silence—and darkness—for far too long. So, fess up. What did that punk do? Do I need to prepare the coffee?”
You sigh, Saturday seeping back into your memory. “He didn’t do anything.”
Jaemin blinks. “What do you mean? Why else have you been sulking in your bedroom for the past four days like a divorced man whose ex-wife took the kids and the TV? Shit, all you’re missing is a bar and some alcohol at this point.”
You roll your eyes, “I mean, I was the one that fucked up this time.”
They all gasp involuntarily, and if you had it in you, you would roll your eyes at the chorus of what’s.
That day rewinds in your head, how it was so warm then so cold within a matter of moments. Your eyes water as you recall everything that happened, Victoria, your public altercation, walking back to the hotel alone while it felt like there was a rain cloud above your head, despite the piping hot conditions outdoors.
It isn’t like you don’t want to let Jaehyun in. You do, but you’re terrified of granting him that permission, of giving him your heart when he’s broken it before. But this way, you’re only breaking your heart more, and breaking his, too.
“I did something stupid. I assumed the worst when I shouldn’t have, and then I got scared. So I ran,” you want to bury yourself underneath the covers and sink into the earth to be forgotten, but you have to deal with your mistakes. “And I broke his heart. Now I need to fix it, but I don’t fucking know how.”
Yeri thinks you’re dumb.
Taeyong thinks you’re stupid.
Jaemin thinks you’re out of your fucking mind and an absolute fool for letting your thoughts destroy you, but he’ll do whatever he can to help.
“Talk to him, duh,” Yeri says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, and it is, but easier said than done.
“How? I bet he doesn’t even want to see my face.”
“Are you kidding?” Jaemin gawks. “He’s been moping around the apartment like literally all week, and me and Jongin haven’t said anything because we thought it was his fault! He also has divorced man syndrome!”
Oh. You feel extra stupid now, and you can’t believe you let Victoria get in your head. Collapsing onto your pillow, you groan, “I really am an asshole.”
“Maybe, yeah,” Taeyong agrees, “but so is he, you guys are a match made in heaven.”
“Or hell,” Jaemin chimes in.
Taeyong glares. “With that being said—and I mean this in the friendliest way possible—get your head out of your ass and go talk to him.”
And you smile softly at that. If Taeyong’s giving you the push, you know that everyone’s right and you need to do something. Now.
You nod and whip out your phone with a sigh, opening iMessage. Can we talk?
Tumblr media
Antsy, you’re fidgeting. Your anxiety is spiking and you can feel your heartbeat directly in your eardrums, but this time your fears won’t scare you off. You wait for Jaehyun, feet tapping against the ground restlessly, until you see him nearing.
He walks over to your side, leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets and you feel your heart wrenching a little when you notice that he doesn’t give you his wild grin he usually shoots whenever he sees you. His face is inscrutable, and you bite back the urge to run, because you know now that no matter how fast you run, you’ll never be able to hide from your feelings.
“Hey,” your voice is giving up on you, but you refuse to let it. Get a grip.
“Hey,” Jaehyun whispers back. His eyes are dark and empty, and that’s how you know you cut him deep. There’s always a gleam to his eyes, whether sad or blissful.
You can do this, you tell yourself. You’ve talked to him about much worse before, this should be nothing. But still, it’s never been quite like this. You’ve never made this bad of a mistake.
“About Saturday,” you begin, still fidgeting but managing to look at him, “I’m sorry. I jumped to conclusions instead of asking you, instead of trusting you, and I let Victoria get in my head—”
“Yeah, what the hell was that about?” Jaehyun interjects. “Sorry for interrupting you, but I’m still confused. Did I do something?”
“She pointed out that you were flirting with the ice cream lady. What was that?”
Jaehyun blinks, processing your statement, and when he does he begins shaking his head, “Seriously? You’re telling me this is all over the fucking ice cream? I was only flirting with her to get free ice cream! You know they was trying to charge me fifteen dollars for 4 scoops?”
“It’s not just that!” You exclaim. “Like, yeah, that triggered it, but—fuck, Jaehyun, I was scared, I was so fucking scared. I was overthinking, and all my doubts and fears came back, that what if you never cared, what if you don’t want me like I want you, what if I don’t know you like I think I do? I was scared to trust you, scared that I love you because I don’t want to lose you again—”
If Jaehyun was a dog, his ears would perk up. “You love me?”
“Yes,” you answer boldly. “I love you, Jaehyun. I’m in love with you, and up until now that scared me half to death, because I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to know that you love me, too,” and especially enough to stay. “But now I know. I trust you, Jaehyun. I love you, I want you, and I’m gonna be honest, I’m still a little scared. But that’s what love is, trusting someone to not break your heart. It’s a risk I’m ready to take for you.”
Jaehyun is silently stunned. He doesn’t have much to say, taken aback by your confession and the fact that this actually happening. “You mean that?”
You nod, smiling. “Every word.”
In seconds, Jaehyun has you pinned to the wall, his lips against yours. God, you missed this feeling. The feeling of his plush lips against yours, his hands on your body. You miss kissing him irresistibly, every hour of every day, for moments at a time until you were breathless.
Jaehyun seems to have missed it just as much, kissing you with a passion—hungrily; greedily. He kisses you like he can’t have enough, like his lips have an insatiable hunger.
And you can’t believe you’re making out with him behind your apartment, but you’re willing to try new things for him.
Jaehyun taps your thighs, and by now you know that that meets to jump, so you do, shrieking a little, yet he doesn’t let you fall. “I got you,” he whispers in between kisses, breath tickling your skin, “and I won’t ever let you go.”
Tumblr media
This Friday, Jongin throws another party, and you and the Pal-Cation crew are sure to be there. Mark and Yeri are a thing, Jaemin and Taeyong are actually a thing, much to your shock, and while you’re happy for them, you’re missing your own label. In spite of your feelings and actions, Jaehyun hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend.
“Hey,” Jongin greets, slipping onto the empty spot on the couch beside you. It’s been a while since you’ve last seen him, AKA that morning when he gave you five-star advice.
You wave, “Hey.”
“So… you and Jaehyun together? I’m guessing, since he stopped moping around the apartment.”
Oh, Jung Jaehyun. The man that can make you and your heart smile at as little as the mere thought of him. He’s somewhere around here, obviously up to something (he wasn’t very subtle when he told you he had to go do something and he’d be right back a couple of minutes ago) though you never questioned what specifically.
Then you frown in realization—together. Are you and Jaehyun together? You don’t mean to be picky, but after all you two have been through, the least you could have is a proper label. You kiss, you make out, you talk and make out some more, you love each other, so there’s no way that you couldn’t be together, or a couple.
“He hasn’t asked me yet,” you mutter.
Jongin furrows his brows. “He hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend yet? I’d say he’s terrible but who knows, maybe he’s saving to take you on an expensive romantic date or something.”
No, Jaehyun has plenty money. I think he’s a drug dealer, you think, but don’t say. You just nod along, agreeing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
And that’s when you hear it. You could sense it from miles away, it’s like you have a super sense when that song comes on—1 of 1. Only, that voice starting off in the outro is not your Taemin, and that’s when you remember tonight’s theme is karaoke. You stand up curiously and let your eyes lead you to the stage, wondering which fool had the audacity to cover—oh.
Your fool had the audacity to cover your favorite SHINee song.
And he sounds pretty darn good, too. You’ve always loved the fact that Jaehyun can sing, he has the most soothing voice you’ve ever heard.
“There she is!” Jaehyun shouts into the mic, pointing towards you, “My 1 of 1 girl!”
Oh, god. How much did he have to drink? Actually, Jaehyun’s tolerance is pretty high. You’re gonna have to interrogate Jongin about what’s inside those drinks, rather.
“How much did you have to drink?” You shriek over the music. You’re red in the face, aware of all the eyes on you, but after all the altercations you two have had, this should be nothing.
Jaehyun shouts back, “I’m perfectly sober, babe!”
You don’t want to buy it. Even drunk though, Jaehyun isn’t this embarrassing, but if he’s sober that means he’s embarrassing the both of you for literally no good reason at all.
He’s unphased though, singing the lyrics to SHINee’s 1 of 1 like he wrote them himself, especially for you. Thanks to all the times you’ve played the song, he knows every lyric.
“Come join me!”
“What? No—Jaehyun!” He pulls you onto the stage before your can argue, and suddenly you’re standing there, stiff, though making sure to shoot him the iciest glare possible.
“I know you don’t like me right now for this, but listen to me,” Jaehyun says, thumb on your chin as he looks you in your eyes. “There’s actually no other girl in this world I’d get on this stage and sing and dance for, besides you. I should have taken a shot before I did this, but I didn’t. Because I want to be sober when I ask you this.”
You blink. “Ask me what?”
“I have no planned build-up for this, I just wanna get to the point,” get to the point then you jerk, you almost roll your eyes. He shouts, and points the mic in your direction, “Will you be my girlfriend?”
Your cheeks burn, and your blood is pumping. “I should say no just to embarrass you.”
“That would make you an asshole.”
“You’re an asshole for waiting this long to ask me to be your girlfriend!” You retaliate.
“Does that mean you finally wanna be assholes together?” Jaehyun asks, a cheeky grin on his face. No one really understands what that means except for you two, and that makes the moment feel so much more special.
You turn to look at your audience, yet among them all you only see four people. Yeri and Jaemin mouthing say yes!, the latter a bit more enthusiastically, Kai giving you a thumbs up, and Taeyong nodding before doing a drum roll.
And you’re sure now. You took the risk of listening to your heart and shutting out the thoughts that tried to scare you away. You’ve never been more sure about anything in your life.
“Yes!” You’re smiling so hard your cheeks begin to hurt. “Yes, yes, yesyes yes—” he has to cut you off with his lips, and you melt into kiss.
The crowd erupts in noise, and you feel like a bride on her wedding day. If you and Jaehyun do get married, you already know who you’re inviting and who will be your bridesmaids and men of honor. That day is far, far ahead, but you smile at the thought and at the present.
Slow and steady. One thing at a time.
“I love you,” Jaehyun engulfs you in a warm, comfortable hug, “And only you.”
When he says it, you trust him. You believe him. Because the Jung Jaehyun you know and love today is a man of his word, and that means you get to love him with no fears, and no worries.
Love is a challenge. And in this moment and the next, it’s safe to say that you’ve won. “I love you, more.”
Jaehyun protests, “No, I love you more!”
“No, I love you more!”
“Get a room!”
You and Jaehyun giggle. You sigh comfortably against his chest. This is love. This is what Jaehyun loving you is like. And god, it feels so fucking good.
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genre: suggestive
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you wake jaehyun up when hearing a knock at the front door. “hun, someone’s knocking on the door.” jaehyun gets up and goes check, it was his daughter’s babysitter.
“jen?” the drunk teen stumbles inside the house. “mr jeong, i’ve had too much to drink.” she giggles. “i can see that. aren’t you a bit too young to be drinking alcohol? after all you are just seventeen.” jen looks up at the man and pushes her chest onto his.
she tilts her head to the side and pouts. “are you worried about me, mr jeong?” she lightly gasps when he nods.
she brings her hand up to his chest and starts to draw shapes on his chest. “mr jeong, have i been a bad girl tonight?” jaehyun doesn’t reply, he stays still while staring down at the drunk teen. “i think i’ve been really bad.. could you teach me a lesson?” she whispers in a hushed tone.
“kiss me, mr jeong.” she blurts out.
jen pokes her head to the side when she hears someone clearing their throat. “mrs jeong.” jen giggles and pushes herself off jaehyun, stumbling towards you.
“jen? what’re you doing here so late? are you drunk?” jen shushes you with a giggle. “shhh, im a little drunk but it’s a secret.” you nod, playing along with the teen.
“okay— let’s get you to bed, yeah? you can sleep in the guest room, how’s that?” jen shakes her head. “really? i can? i think.. i think that’s a great idea, mrs jeong. you are so smart, mrs jeong. i love you.” she rambles which makes you grin.
“okay okay, let’s put you to sleep.” you say, dragging her to the guest room where you then tucked her in and left her to sleep on her own.
when you enter your room, jaehyun was already in bed, he was sat up with a slight grin. “what’s with the goofy grin, hm?” jaehyun sighs, rolling his shoulders back. “nothing, just.. nothing.” you join him in bed, climbing in next to him and cuddling with him.
“ugh, could you believe she really tired to throw herself on you? she clearly knew what she was saying when she told you to kiss her.” jaehyun doesn’t listen, he begins to become needy.
he starts pressing kisses everywhere on your face, your jaw, cheek, lips, forehead. “and she was drinking tonight? god lord, she’s only seventeen— can you stop kissing me for a second?” jaehyun chuckles and shakes his head, planting one more kiss before pulling away.
“need you so bad, baby.” he says, climbing over you. “jae—“ he pins your hands down besides your head which makes you melt. you felt small now that he had you pinned.
“cmon, baby.” he begs with a whiney tone. “i.. jen’s in the other room though, she’ll hear us.” you lift your face when jaehyun starts pressing more kisses onto your jaw and neck. “no, she won’t cause you’ll be quiet, won’t you?” he asks before sucking on your sweet spot. god, that took you out.
“y—yes, i’ll be quiet for you.“ you repeat, starting to get needy.
“of course you will cause why? cause you’re a good girl.” his voice getting deeper with each word as his hand trailed down to your throbbing heat. you begged that jen wasn’t awake to hear the interaction.
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Favorite NCT fics/drabbles/oneshots (recommendations)
Tumblr media
|Please Note| NONE OF THESE WORKS ARE MINE, respective blogs have been linked please check them out <3
Chance encounter - kaepop trash
Daddy issues - yutaholic
Forget me too - yutaholic
Claim - smileysuh
Just between us - taecas
Need to breed - b4nned
Sinful night - xenizaation
Heathens - yutaholic
Punishment - taeilskitty
Payback - neozhoen
Muse - tyonfs
Nobody's gonna know - just-come-baek
Have yourself a horny little Christmas - xenizaation
Dirty little baby - dreamiesminx
Blow my mind - neopuppy
Prove me wrong - joyuchuu
Alcoholman - recklessmark
Looks can be deceiving - yunho-1999
Drive - lovelyminhee
For i have sinned - yojeongin
Lipstick - neopuppy
Bad, sad & mad - fullsunluvr
New text message from Jeno 🐶🍆 - neopuppy
My duty, as princess - ljxlj48
Need you - neochan
There's no one else quiet like you - inadaydream99
Sweet Corruption - tastyykpop
Shortcake - jaemericano
GO - neopuppy
Play - tastyykpop
Go there with you - moonctzeny
The way life goes - taecas
Shower time - yuta-senpai
Keep it to myself - yutaholic
The stranger at the bar - jaesqueso
Game on - tyonfs
Dare - hoshiwhxre
Poly fics
Play date - markresonates
Make it fit again - jaesspresso
Lets play ball - neopuppy
F4 - starryhyuck
Smutmass with NCT - adezahnae
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kingdom come | masterlist.
Tumblr media
Jaehyun remembers you, and he hopes that you remember him as well.
genre: mafia!au | fluff | angst | smut pair: Jaehyun & reader general warnings: language, sexual content, drugs, blood and violence, guns
Tumblr media
→ Prologue
→ Chapter 1: Void
→ Chapter 2: Apparition
→ Chapter 3: Denial
→ Chapter 4: Familiarity
→ Chapter 5: Coincidence 
→ Chapter 6: Slowly
→ Chapter 7: coming soon...
Tumblr media
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“You’re doing this too well” - j.jaehyun pt.2
Tumblr media
Pairings: Brother’s best friend! Jaehyun x fem! Reader
Warnings: language, sex, teasing, moaning, groaning, cock teasing, a little fluff in the end, Jaehyun being a cutie at the end ^.^
Word Counts: 1.2k
Summary: You came back for round two and it turns out to be a cute little relationship in the end.
Part 1
Tumblr media
You were waiting for Jaehyun for over two hours, you started to grow more impatient. You storm to your brother’s room where the two were busy yelling at the screen as they battle against some other players.
Jaehyun glances at you as he continues playing. “Oh hey, I forgot you existed” your brother quick remark made you hit him.
“Hey careful, this is a $200 headset,” he said as he push you away. You sat down behind him next to Jaehyun.
You rest your hand over his thigh and begin rubbing it. You mouth ‘I’m horny’. Jaehyun smirk and nodded but he kept playing.
“What are you even doing here?” Johnny ask you but his head was kept on the screen. 
“I want to watch you both play,” You said. Johnny scoffs, “you don’t even like it when we play, ‘you’re too loud” He said in a high pitch voice to mock you. You hit the back of his head. 
“Who are you rooting for us or these losers?” He asks, the sound of their fingers hitting the controller buttons filling the air. You ran over his cock. Jaehyun purses his lips as he looks down at your hand. 
“You both suck” you didn’t care at all but you kept teasing Jaehyun’s cock. 
“No, Jaehyun tell my sister how good of a team we make,” Johnny said enthusiastically. You look at Jaehyun, “Yeah Jaehyun, tell me.” You bit your lips as you unzip his jeans.
“A-ah,” His breath hitched as he felt your hand making contact with his hardened cock. “Cat got your tongue?” You whispered to him. Jaehyun bit his lips. 
“We actually beat a lot of teams before them, if Johnny would try harder we would’ve won already!” Jaehyun finally let out. You chuckle quietly, you notice Jaehyun was getting uncomfortable with your teasing when his friend is right there. 
You move his headset to the side, “come on or else I’ll fuck you right here” you kiss his ear. Jaehyun swallowed his saliva and nodded. 
“I’ll meet you, go” he whispered back. You nodded and left the room. You waited outside your brother’s room for Jaehyun.
The door swung open, Jaehyun smile when he saw you waiting for him. As soon as he closes the door you smash your lips against his. Jaehyun chuckles as he kisses you back.
Jaehyun lead you back to your room. You close the door behind you and push him into your bed. You giggle as you straddle over him.
“Shhh, Johnny going to hear” Jaehyun shush you. You gasp, “you didn’t complain earlier” you whispered back.
Jaehyun scoffs and cup your cheek and kiss you back. “What do you want to do baby?” He whispered in your ear. Your smile as you bit your lip.
“Depends, do you want to ruin your friendship with my brother or do you want to fuck me hard and my brother can hear me” You tease him as you grind over his hardened cock.
He traces his index finger over your lips and down to your neck. “I don’t fucking care, I just want you” he breathes out as he flips you over.
He took off your shorts along with your underwear. You giggle as you watch him unbuckle his belt. He kept his eyes on you.
You tease him by playing with yourself. You watch him take his pants off and throw them to the side. He begins pumping his hard cock with his hand. You flip the two of your over. So you straddle him again.
“Tell me you want me” he commended. You could feel his cock underneath you, waiting to put it inside of you.
“I fucking want you” you respond. Jaehyun smirk, showing his cute dimple. Jaehyun align his cock with your fold you went down on it earning two moans between the two of you.
“You wanted me so badly and now you got me” you lean into his ear. Jaehyun ran his hands over your back and begin thrusting back and forth on him.
Jaehyun groan as he felt you go in deeper. “Come on baby, I want to hear you moan” as you pick up for pace. Jaehyun grabs your neck and flips the two of you.
“You look so pretty taking my cock” he groan as he thrust inside of you. He grabs your thigh and pushes it against your chest, making him go deeper into you.
“You feel so good” he moans as he closes his eyes feeling yourself clenching around him. You grab his shirt pull him towards you, you kiss him hungrily.
Jsehyun’s tongue battling against yours while his hand roaming around your body. You felt him getting sloppy as you stare into his eyes. Jaehyun's breath got heavier as he felt he was about to come.
You stroke his cheeks with your thumbs and clench your walls making him groan. You felt him hitting your spot as you grip his shirt tighter. “I’m going to cum Jae” you moan. Jaehyun picks up his pace.
You grip your bedsheet tighter and close your eyes. You release yourself, Jaehyun pats your cheek to make you open your eyes to look at him.
Once he felt you dripping he lost his thrusts, “Fuck I think I love you” he whispered and came. He rested him on your shoulder. You stroke his brown locks and poke his dimple.
“So, you love me?” You ask, teasingly. Jaehyun chuckles, “what if I am?” He preps himself up to look at you.
“My brother wouldn’t like that” you touch his pink lips. “But what do you want?” He asks you. You swallowed down your saliva. You look at his eyes and his beautiful milky skin.
“I want to be with you,” you said softly. Jaehyun smile and leans in for a soft kiss.
Johnny bang on your door as you and Jaehyun snap your heads towards the door. “If you two love birds are done, it stopped snowing, let’s get shoveling,” he said behind the door.
You and Jaehyun look at each other and chuckle. You didn’t expect your brother to know about the two of you. It wasn’t like you two were hiding it anyways.
The two of you got changed and met your brother outside. It feels so awkward, your brother glaring at the two of you as you both step outside.
“First, I’m not mad at all. It’s Jaehyun, who wouldn’t want to hit that” your brother begins. You look up at Jaehyun who was behind you, smiling.
“Second of all, if you guys are planning to have sex, keep it down will you?” Johnny begins to shovel the snow on the sidewalk. “You nasties.”
“Third of all, if you ever disrespect my sister Jaehyun, I don’t care how good-looking you are, I’ll ruin that pretty face of yours” he pointed at Jaehyun with his shovel. Jaehyun put his hands up in defense.
“I got you, Johnny, I would never,” Jaehyun said as he pick up a shovel and help Johnny out. You watch the two of them try to shovel the same spot when there are more square feet to shovel.
“I love these two,” you said quietly and run into the two of them and tackled them on the snow.
“Chill! I got snow down my ass crack!” Johnny push you off him as you landed on Jaehyun. He waved at you. You lean in to give him a quick peck on his cheek.
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babygirl (teaser)
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS; moving into a new campus, you expect new people, new surroundings, new things to learn about, and new things to experience. but never in a million years would you see yourself in a predicament wherein you're in a fling with professor, Nakamoto Yuta, and a very wealthy man named, Jung Jaehyun.
PAIRINGS; prof!yuta & ceo!jaehyun x fem!reader
GENRE; smut
INCLUDES; age gap (10 & 12 years) , two-timing , time leaps , fem & male receiving , degradation , public sex , fingering , unprotected sex , creampie , squirting , choking , angry sex , spanking
WORD COUNT; 10k words & counting..
RELEASE DATE; hopefully the first week of february ^^ if i finish it early, probably the last week of january.
TAGLIST; @mark-wife-renjun-whore @jjhmk
AUTHOR'S NOTE; in this teaser there's no mention of jaehyun but i swear he's here- if you guys want to be added to the taglist you can; comment here, send me an ask, or dm me!~ hope you guys look forward to it ♡ (gif not mine cttro)
Tumblr media
The hallway was bustling with countless boisterous students that never seem to take a break. Peace was never an option during free time and the students would abuse this time to do whatever they please.
It was an entropy and Yuta wanted an end to this. Before he could take action, the bell rings and the hallway slowly drifts into silence as students enter their designated rooms. It was peaceful and breathable again. Yuta didn't have to squeeze through smelly students to get to the lecture hall, instead he took his time and made his way over there.
The moment he opened the door, the students stood up like trained dogs and fell into silence. As much as Yuta misses checking in on other profs, Yuta forgot the power he had over these students.
Yuta flashes a smile and urges the students to take their seats. He settled his briefcase on the desk before he stood in front of said desk. With the support of his hands, Yuta leans on the desk while his hands grab onto it to keep himself from falling. He scans the room with a small smile on his face, as he plans on his next move.
As he stood there, you were in your seat mouth agape at the familiar face in front of you. Even though it was a quick glance, you could notice him from miles away. Now that you're here seeing his entire appearance, you can now put together your own opinion.
He's hot as fuck.
Clapping his hands together, Yuta was able to pull you out of your thoughts and put all of your attention on him. “Hello you rambunctious bunch, I'm Nakamoto Yuta and I'll be your chemistry professor for this block and semester.” Everyone greets him and Yuta simply smiles. “I studied in Oxford and I have a master's degree and a doctorate. If you have questions, ask me—I'd love to get to know each and every one of you but there are over forty people in this room. If you introduce yourselves one by one, we'd need more than an hour to do so. And we only have two hours, so let's make the most of it and dedicate all of it to learning.” The room was mixed with agreements and groans of displeasure that made the smile on his face grow. “Okay, if I call you, just state your name and answer my question, got it?”
After everybody agrees to his terms, Yuta fires up the first lesson. You weren't great at chemistry—in fact it was your least favorite from the lack of enthusiasm whenever your professor from your old university teaches. But Yuta was different. He thought the lesson so fervently that anyone would stay on their toes. Well for you at least.
The snores at the back was indication that indeed only you see it as that but you admire his teaching nonetheless. Somehow he made the lesson easier to digest and understand—it's probably from his overflowing passion or he's just born to be a professor.
Yuta would throw questions from time to time and you would raise your hand to none of them. Yuta was asking questions about a topic you hazily remember your previous professor talked about. But since you weren't exactly paying attention to him, answering these questions were difficult. This time when Yuta hurls a question, nobody raises a hand and coincidentally, you know the answer.
You meekly raise your hand, still adjusting to the new surroundings and people around you. Yuta immediately acknowledges you and nods in your direction. “Yes, you. Please state your name then your answer.”
Right after you stood up, you felt your feet sinking into the ground. Multiple gazes were piercing through you including Yuta's. For some reason, him staring at you made you more bothered. You could sense some sort of intimidating presence coming out of him and his stares and it was difficult for you to construct a sentence. If only you knew.
Every second it took you to think up the right words, was more time for Yuta to admire you. He wasn't piercing through you, he was staring at you with love drunk eyes. Every second you stood was an opportunity to mesmerize you longer. Innocent looking eyes, a small face, and full lips, it's like you're yelling at him to like you.
Once you state your name and answer, Yuta's little observation session has commenced. “Okay, thank you Ms. Y/N for your answer. Now back to the topic.”
Yuta bores away the class with his lesson while you were on your toes and attentively listened to him. The next questions he laid out, you find yourself raising your hands more. Not because you wanted his attention, but because you actually knew the answers to it. Yuta didn't mind calling you three times in a row. It may look suspicious but the other students didn't really give a shit.
What finally felt like an eternity, the lesson has come to an end and the ring of the bell fuels up the drowsy students. As Yuta collects his things, he could see from his peripheral view that you were still there. Yuta looked up to fact check it, and it was true. You were still there, searching for something.
This piques Yuta's interest and he couldn't stop himself from walking over to you. “Is everything alright, Ms. Y/N?”
Your soul jumps out of your skin at the sudden mention of your name. You looked over your shoulder and saw your professor looking over your shoulder to get a glimpse on what you're on about. You flash a smile at him and shake your head dismissively. “Oh, it's nothing. I dropped my pen earlier and I'm just looking for it.”
Yuta could only nod at your statement before he stuffs his hands into his pockets. As you turn your head from side to side, Yuta observes you once again and notices the subtle difference on your uniform. “Oh, you're a scholar?” Yuta points out the logo of the school that had a different colored banner that was different from the other students.
“Oh,” you yourself just noticed this difference and you couldn't help but smile sheepishly. “Y-Yeah, I am.”
Yuta nods once again, poking the inside of his left cheek before remarking, “I actually handle the scholars in this university. I track them, making sure their grades are on point and I also make the decision on who deserves the scholarship or not—on behalf of the school of course.”
You flash a smile at him and give him a quick bow. “Thank you so much for granting me this scholarship. I honestly don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for it.”
Yuta smiles back and tries to cut off the amount of credit that's been put upon him. “No, no. You did well on the test, so you did it. Just make the school proud m'kay? You're a role model student.”
You began the search again after Yuta had no further topics to bring. “Ah, there it is!” You said out of the blue at the sight of your missing possession. You bent down, back facing Yuta and lowered yourself on all fours.
Yuta would be lying if he said he didn't look at your ass—in fact, he stared at it. His tongue swiftly brushes past his bottom lip as he looks at the great view of your ass. Your skirt ended a few inches from covering your actual ass. If you could go low and further, Yuta might've got a glimpse of it.
But when you retrieve your pen and get back up, Yuta quickly averts his eyes from your bottom and fixes his gaze on the ceiling. Once you were standing back in your feet and faced him, Yuta looked back at you with a small smile.
“Go on, skedaddle. You don't want to be late for your next class.” Yuta urges, even helping you clear out your desk.
“Thank you Mr. Nakamoto, I'll see you next time.” You shyly yet hurriedly walk away from the lecture hall. Cheeks tinged with pink after you realize that you were left alone with one of the hottest men in the campus.
Yuta watches you run off and he couldn't help but smile to himself.
“God, I might fuck her.”
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flowingblooms · a day ago
Having Jaehyun explore your mouth with his fingers and 'accidentally' making you choke on them as you're grinding on his thigh.
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lovekairi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
king jaehyun
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jaehyunnie77 · 3 months ago
You're the One
Tumblr media
Summary: When a mutual dislike for each other turns into something more, just how far can things get complicated?
Pairing: Jaehyun x fem!reader (feat. Lisa, 127 members, Ten, Kun, Sicheng, Jackson, Naeun, Rose)
Genre: the holy trinity (filthy filthy smut, angst, fluff) | slowburn, enemies to ewb (enemies with benefits) to fwb to lovers!au, soulmate!au, college!au
Warnings: alcohol, swearing, sexual tension (a lot), fingering, bathroom sex, protected sex, rough sex, degrading, choking, spanking, couch sex, dom jaehyun, hair pulling, squirting, oral (male recieving), semi public sex (bathroom stall), masturbation (male), bathroom quickie, unprotected sex (reader is on birth control), car sex, slight sexting (not really), mentions of car accident and death (minor backstory), mention of food consumption, mentions of surgery
Word Count: 23.9k
Italicize are thoughts.
please be advised, this fic is heavily on smut. if you are a minor: do not interact.
Tumblr media
They say you're supposed to know who your soulmate is at least by the age of 21. They say you are to at least have a hint or know who they are. The stories you have heard of people finding their soulmate is truly comparable to a Disney movie of Prince Charming finding his Cinderella with a lost item, or a Nicholas Sparks movie/book, where the girl refuses to fall in love, but ends up doing so, just minus the sad scene. You have also heard stories about the invisible red string, hearing their voices, writings on their skin with a special pen, having constant dreams about them, premonitions, and same tattoo mark.
You have heard every single story regarding any of those, yet, you have never experience any of these "symptoms." You are 24 and get the same two questions from everyone; have you found your soulmate and when are you getting married. You are starting to believe he is either one, not born yet and cougar life chose you instead. Two, in a serious relationship, therefore, there isn't any real clues to zero in on. Three, a fictional character because why not. Four, probably got hit by a bus and the Universe is working hard to find their replacement. Lastly and probably the most realistic case scenario, you were destined to be alone and not have a soulmate.
You thought not having or meeting your better half would bother you, but truth is, it doesn't. It doesn't affect your daily life because it doesn't consume your mind 24/7 365 days on figuring out if every guy you pass is the one.
Relationships are messy. Plain and simple. All of your past relationships started off sweet then along the way it got messy to the point you don't even know what led up to the breakup. Though, out of all your ex's, there was only one who you thought was the one and who you call a close friend to this day.
Dong Sicheng. You met him when you were a sophomore in high school and had a few classes together. He was shy and sweet when you first started talking and along the way, you two were comfortable around each other without any more awkward silences. You dated for a year and a half and surprisingly, it was a mutual decision to be friends. You were thankful he was understanding and didn't throw a fit or a scene during your breakup.
It isn't that you didn't believe in love either because you really do, minus all your favorite couples from The Bachelor breaking up. It is just, you always had this logical thinking of 'if it happens, it happens' mentality, because realistically, nothing in life is always guaranteed. You wish you could wake up one morning and bam, your soulmate appears and live happily ever after, but sadly, that's not your case.
Once you figured out during your first year of college that finding your other half was slim, you went with the hookups and fuck buddies route. There were no commitments and no feelings involved. Just sex for a stress reliever.
On top of that, you don't think you would have time for a relationship anyway. Now that you were close to graduating, that is all you can think of - passing your classes, earning that degree, and having a stable life to support yourself.
Yeah, relationships are definitely not your top priority right now.
You just arrived in your apartment when your roommate Lisa jumps in front of you with a big smile and excited energy. She gives you an unexpected hug as you hug her back in confusion.
"Uhh, did I miss a celebration?"
She pulls away from you and her smile gets even wider, "Y/N, guess what?"
At that exact moment, your two other best friends, Mark and Jungwoo, pop out from the hallway and head towards the couch.
"Um you -"
"I found him! I finally found my soulmate! I was in the practice room going over my dance routine for the spring final and I heard his voice! I know, so cliché, but remember when I was telling I felt off and the universe was telling me something? Yeah! I think it for this exact moment. When I heard his voice, I freaked out and I thought I was just hearing things, but then I heard him again. Out of curiosity, I said something mentally and he freaked out too! And get this," she yanks your arm back and forth from all the excitement, "he goes to the same university. He's throwing a party tomorrow night and you have to go with me!" Lisa is radiating beyond excitement at this point. All you could do is look at her and feel that same happiness for her.
"I am so ecstatic for you Lis! You've literally have been manifesting for this moment for so long and now you get to meet him."
"So will you come to the party with me? Please." She gives you those puppy eyes with a tiny pout that she knows you can't resist.
Sighing you give in, "Yes, not only because you're dragging me, but I need to know if he's a good guy."
Lisa practically jumps up and down as she hurries off into her room on the other side of the wall squealing like a happy kid in a candy store. You laugh at her reaction and make your way to the boys who look annoyed. "What's the matter with you two?"
"She told this story four times already, while our Markie is going through it with his own dilemma." Jungwoo says patting Mark on the shoulders. Mark groans into the pillow in frustration as Jungwoo heavily sighs looking at you, "We saw Haru with another guy when we were waiting for Lisa. She looked ... happy."
Your jaw drops and your heart aches for the younger. "I am so sorry Markie. Have you two talked about what you will do if you want to be with other people?"
Mark shook his head, "No, I mean I thought we would be able to work it out or give it a chance at least. How can she do this to me?" Mark says the last part quietly. You give him a side hug just as Lisa walks back into the room and observes the sight in front of her.
"Okay, what happened?"
"Mark is going through it right now."
Lisa's eyes widen as she crosses the room to sit in front of the younger. "I'm so sorry I've been throwing around my happiness in your face. Markie, why didn't you say anything?"
"I didn't want to ruin your moment. You deserve it so much and I'll be okay. I promise." he smiles sadly.
"Do we have to kick her ass? Y/N and I will gladly do it too."
Mark chuckles lightly, but refuses any violence.
That is one reason why you aren't too phased about finding your soulmate, because what Mark is going through is one of the two downsides no one likes to talk about. People say if you and/or your soulmate decide not to be together, your connection will be broken.
In order for the connection to be removed, it requires surgery of a special kind. Once the procedure is over with, there is no going back to each other. You both would continue with your lives as if nothing happened and all the emotions would be permanently gone. However, if only one decides to remove the bond and the other refuses, the latter will live their life in agony and suffer from unrequited love.
The second deep dark secret no one wants to talk about is ... you won't get another soulmate.
Tumblr media
The next night came quicker than you anticipated as you stand in front of your closet figuring out ways to sneak out and have an excuse. In all honesty, you rather stay home and binge watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix rather than get dressed and go to a party. You haven't gone out in months, so as you transform from comfortable clothes to Cinderella, you are completely out of your comfort zone.
"Stop overthinking. It's going to be so much fun. You need it. Mark definitely needs it. Jungwoo needs it and I certainly need it." Lisa says as you head downstairs where an Uber awaits for you both.
"I haven't gone out in so long. I'm not used to dressing up anymore." you deadpan.
You get into the car and head towards the party as Lisa turns to you, "If you feel uncomfortable, we will go home straight away. Okay?"
You give her a small smile as you tell her okay.
No longer than ten minutes later, you arrive at the frat house. Before you could inspect which fraternity it was, Lisa grabs your wrist leading you into the house and straight to the kitchen. Mark and Jungwoo were already tipsy by the time you stand yourself next to them. The kitchen and majority of the house were pack with bodies that made it a little hard to breathe and hear.
Lisa begins to fill the shot glasses with Vodka to the brim and raise her glass, "Here's to new beginnings!" Everyone raises their own and take the shot. Vodka isn't your number choice of alcohol, but it'll get the job done to help you feel relax.
After downing a couple more shots, you made yourself a drink to feel more at ease and have a little bit of fun. Lisa was right. You needed a break. You look around the place and notice most of the university's population were present. You scan more around the house until your eyes land on a symbol on the other side of the kitchen. You know that symbol and certainly know some of the people in this fraternity.
You turn to Lisa and lean into her ear, "Is this the NCTz frat house?"
"Yeah. He's part of the fraternity. I'm trying to see if I can spot him." she says back.
In that instant, you see a bunch of tall handsome men walking into the kitchen and giving people around them high fives. This is definitely the NCTz fraternity boys. You had some classes with Taeyong, Johnny, Doyoung, and Taeil. Yuta, Kun, Haechan and Sicheng were the three you went to high school with. Most have girls around their arms or girls pining after them in hopes of being the lucky one to get laid tonight.
You start to breathe a little easier when you don't see one specific person. You smile and wave at Sicheng as he and the rest of the boys come over to your corner. You gave each boy a hug and when you take a sip of your drink, you almost choke.
Oh how you spoke to soon.
That specific person you were hoping you wouldn't see just walks in with a girl around his arm. Jeong Jaehyun. The person you hate the most and you wish every time you see him, he never attended the same university as you.
You two go back to third grade and no, you weren't best friends or friends to begin with. Instead, you two were enemies right out of the gates from the very first interaction.
There you were, little Y/N sitting in the sandbox making a sand castle and minding your own business. You were focused on putting the flag on top of the castle, you didn't notice someone was standing beside you until it was too late. Your castle had been squashed and all your hard work now gone. You looked up with tears in your eyes and see little Jaehyun smirking at you.
"That was an ugly castle!" he yells.
You wanted to cry, but held your ground. "Yeah, well you're mean!" Jaehyun belly laughs at you tilting his head back and face you once more, "You should do better!"
You were furious that you stood up in front of him and yelled back "Well you're an ugly person!"
He stopped laughing and pushed you making you stumble backwards. Your jaw dropped at the sudden action and charged at him pushing him as hard as you could. Jaehyun fell onto the sand as other kids began to swarm around you both and laughed at Jaehyun. He got up and charged at you, but this time you grabbed onto his arms and dragged him to the ground with you. You two rolled over on each other as sand went everywhere on your body. By the time the teachers arrived, they called your parents and separated you two.
Both parents made you two apologize to one another and for a split second you thought everything would blow over. You realize now you were such an optimistic child for thinking that.
Since that day forward, he found ways to annoy you and get under your skin. By the time high school came, you were his number one punching bag for his little pranks. Now that you're in college, you have tried your hardest to avoid him at all cost, and it almost worked for the past four years. Except, now here he is walking towards you and your group.
When his eyes wanders onto yours, he smiles smugly knowing you were watching him before he caught you. Your face scrunch in disgust when he looks you up and down with his tongue poking out. It takes everything in you to not roll your eyes or vomit the alcohol you just consumed by looking at him. You promised yourself earlier that you wouldn't let him get under your skin.
You were both adults now. Well, one of you were.
Lisa's loud gasp pulls you out of your staring contest with Jaehyun when you turn to her. Following her line of sight, you would gasp as loud as she would if your soulmate looked just like the one walking towards you both. He was shorter than Johnny, but taller than you and Lisa. The way he smiles, anyone could get blinded and faint on the spot. Literally. You can spot three piercings on each of his ear with black hair, amazing straight teeth, and beautiful skin. Damn, Lisa is one lucky girl.
"Hi. I'm hoping you're the girl I keep hearing in my head." He says looking at Lisa. She was too stunned to say anything, opting only to nod and blush. The action made the male smile brighter and bigger as he chuckles softly, "I'm Ten." he reach out his hand for her to shake, but she stood frozen in her spot.
"Hi Ten. I'm Y/N and this is my best friend Lisa, who I am one hundred thousand percent sure is the girl you've been hearing in your head." You hold back a laughter when Lisa turns to you signaling for you to shut up.
"Yo Ten!" Mark says standing next to you with Sicheng and Jungwoo. You nudge Lisa to get her out of her head when Mark notices the way Ten isn't paying attention to him and is only looking at Lisa. The younger connects the dots looking from person to the other and loudly gasps, "No! Don't tell me. You're her soulmate?!"
Ten chuckles as he blushes, "Afraid so. She is a cutie. Why haven't you introduced us sooner Mark? If we both have known you knew both of us, we would've been together by now." he says cheekily.
Seriously? He is so perfect for Lisa.
"I can't believe she's really here. I'm still in shock." Johnny says loudly enough for you to look at him. You know he's teasing you, because among your group of friends, you were the only one who decided to take a step back from partying and focus on your studies.
"I am beyond shock too!" Taeyong pitch in.
"Okay. I'm not that antisocial. I do go out every once in a while." you try to explain yourself.
"Go out where? The library and coffee shop?" Yuta pipes in making everyone laugh.
From Jaehyun's perspective, he can clearly see you standing between Johnny and Mark. A sudden wave of annoyance hits him as he sees you laughing at something Taeyong said.
Why did she have to come to this party?
"What is she doing here? I don't remember inviting her." he says loud and clear before downing his cup. He gives you a disgusted look once again when you squint your eyes at him.
"Come on Jay. Not tonight please. Let's just have fun." Taeil tells him.
"It isn't your party Jeong. It's the frat's party." You say before whispering, "Not everything is about you, you coincided asshole."
Johnny and Yuta couldn't help but snicker at your last comment making Jaehyun more annoyed.
"What was that?"
Everyone can feel the tension between you both and it wasn't a comfortable one either.
"Alright! I'm playing ping-pong! Let's go." Johnny grabs your wrist and walks you towards the ping-pong table. You grab your paddle, organize the cups, and wait for the alcohol to be poured, and the boys figuring out who is on their team. Johnny turns you to him giving you a smile, "Can you two please not get into it tonight? We all need a break from referring you both."
"He's the one who started it Johnny. I didn't even do anything except breathe and drink your liquor. Tell your boy to calm down instead." you huff in annoyance.
Johnny chuckles at your answer shaking his head as he looks back to your opponents. "I swear if I didn't know any better, I would think you both are each other's soulmates."
"Ew, please never say that ever again. I'm so glad we aren't."
"Alright! Round one is Johnny and Y/N versus Yuta and Jaehyun." Jungwoo announces.
"Oh for fucks sake. Really?" you say under your breath.
Everyone and anyone who knows you and Jaehyun's common dislike for each other, also know how competitive you two are. So, it's no surprise when the duo teams becomes a solo game in a matter of ten minutes.
You only had one more cup to score down, while Jaehyun had two. Nothing satisfies you more than the look of pure frustration on his face as he aims the ball into one of the cups. You did your best to distract him by waving your hands and talking shit, but that was wasted energy as the ball went into the cup.
He points at you from across the table with a smirk, "Drink up loser. I'm winning this one." You roll your eyes and drink the alcohol.
At this point, you just want the game to be over with because all the pre-gaming at the apartment, shots, and drinks are starting to get to you. After downing the drink, you take off your jacket and get into position. Someone wraps their arms around your waist from behind and gives you a kiss on the cheek before retrieving back to wherever they came from. You take a deep breath concentrating on the solo cup as Jaehyun smirks at you thinking he is going to win this round.
To your luck, you made the ball in without missing a beat. You yelp and jump in your spot when you see Jaehyun's stunned reaction slowly turning into stone cold. You point straight at him and shout over the celebration, "What were you saying? Who was going to win this game? That's right! Who is the loser now Jeong!" Jaehyun took his drink and walks away to probably sulk in the corner somewhere.
You just beat and defeated the ping-pong master at his own party. You won't forget this feeling or this night.
After your celebration, you make your way outside for fresh air and enjoy everything around you. You were finding everything and everyone funny. Yeah, you are super drunk. From your sitting position, you can see Ten and Lisa hitting it off with their bodies being close together. You think you should ask one of the boys if you could spend the night here, while Lisa and Ten goes back to your shared apartment. Mark was dancing with a girl, while Johnny and Taeyong are his wingman. Meanwhile, the rest of the boys were being referees during the body shot rounds. Everything in this moment made you grateful to go out tonight.
You go back into the crowded house and make your way to the second floor to find a bathroom. You take the first left and find yourself in someone's room. You look around to see everything neutral with gray undertones. This room must be either Taeil's, Taeyong's, or Doyoung's room because everything was organized and neatly kept. Whether or not you were supposed to be here didn't matter because you needed the bathroom urgently.
After relieving yourself, you open the door at the exact same moment Jaehyun was reaching for the doorknob You stare at each other and you try to move past him, except, his broad shoulders block your path.
"What are you doing in my room?" he says annoyed.
You scoff, "You wish this was your room." You once again try to move past him, but to no avail.
"Yes it is. How did you get in here?"
"The door was open."
You shrug your shoulders folding your arms over your chest, "Not my problem."
Jaehyun squints his eyes as he closes the door behind you locking it.
"What the fuck are you doing?"
Jaehyun doesn't say anything except leans back against the door, crossing his arms, and looking at you from head to toe. The look in his eyes are dark and filled with lust making your pussy -
Wait! No! I am not sleeping with him.
"What was that shit downstairs? Do you think you can just disrespect me like that at my own party?"
"Again, it's not your party dumbass"
"The fuck it is my party. I live here, so who invited you?"
"Believe it or not, I have friends who also lives here. Maybe you should go talk to them instead." You sneer. You were getting irritated the more he stood there.
"Are you going to move?"
"At least I don't cry in the corner after I lose a game to a girl." His jaw clenches tight. Bingo!
"You better watch that mouth of yours. You're a real pain in the ass you know that?"
"It's called sportsmanship Jaehyun. You should try it some time when you're not busy sulking and crying."
"Maybe you should learn how to shut up and let people win. God, why did you have to go to the same university as me!" he yells running a hand over his hand.
"Me following you? Oh now that is priceless. Do you want an award for being so dramatic or something? There are hundreds of colleges who would take an annoying jerk in. If I didn't know any better, I would say you're the one who's following me."
"Pft. Don't flatter yourself Y/N. If it were between you and the hottest girl on campus, I would never choose you because you're a bitch. No one would ever want to be with you." he spits out.
"The feeling is mutual. Now move."
He cockily smiles when he see the anger in your face. "I see I hit a nerve there didn't I? Does poor little Y/N not have a soulmate? Hmm? Maybe you should really learn how to be cooperative and a good girl and not talk back." He pushes himself off the door and walks towards you. With every step, you take a step back until your back hits the wall. Jaehyun places both arms beside your head caging you into his bubble.
"Don't be mad just because you haven't had a taste of this yet." He looks down at his obvious half hard cock and winks at you
"Ugh, you're so disgusting. Don't be delusional for thinking I would ever want you. I would never go near you. Who knows where that thing has been and I'm positive that every single guy I've fucked, fucks better than you." you spat.
"I'm warning you right now. Watch that mouth of yours."
You straighten up and stare right back at him smiling, "Fuck. You."
Everything happened so fast. One minute you're in his face and the next he clashes your mouths together into a sloppy kiss. You know you should fight him off for having the audacity putting his filthy lips onto yours, but you don't and put your hands around his neck. Jaehyun realizes you're not pushing him away leading him to push you harder against the wall. He parts your legs with his knee settling in front of your cloth core.
Damn Lisa for giving you this short dress.
You buck into his knee at the sudden action and grind yourself onto him. His hands roam all over your body as he unzips your dress leaving you in your panties. He breaks the kiss to get a look at your body and growls at the sight of you as you take off his shirt. He attaches your lips once more as you fumble with his zipper dragging down his jeans and boxers. He caresses your tits and kneads them for a minute before touching your cloth pussy. He moves your panties to the side and slides a finger between your folds.
"You're so fucking wet" Without warning, he inserts two fingers making you yelp in surprise. His pace is fast and ruthless as you try to keep silent. "Do you have anything else to say?" he says with hooded eyes.
"Good luck trying to fuck the attitude out of me."
Jaehyun hates you so much so he wants to prove a point and teach you a lesson of the respect he deserves. While you try to hold back a moan, his face fastens when he presses a thumb on your nub making you lose control. Everything was too much that your orgasm comes unexpectedly.
As you ride out your high through hooded eyes, you see Jaehyun smiling as if he just won the lottery. He removes his fingers as you stand there slump against the wall catching your breath. Suddenly, you hear a wrapper ripping and see him rolling the condom on his erected cock.
You've had your fair shares of dicks in your life, but Jaehyun was on a league of his own. You will never this out loud, but he was the perfect size and the most beautiful dick you've ever seen. His long and veiny dick made your mouth water and for a split second, you wonder if it would even fit.
You don't have time to recover before he's lifting your leg, sliding between your folds, and pushing into you. You don't hold back when a loud moan comes out of your throat. The stretch of his cock gives you pleasure in all the right places, but you will never tell him that. It takes you a few seconds to get used to his length when he pulls out to the tip, looking at you smugly, "Any last words?"
"Fuck you."
"Gladly." He rams the rest of his length in, not giving you a chance for a comeback. His hips are relentlessly hitting against yours and the tight grip he has on your leg is bringing you closer to your second orgasm.
"You can't say anything now can you slut? Your pussy is so fucking tight no wonder you always have a bitchy attitude. No one has ever fucked you."
When he hits your spot, you grab onto his shoulders for support.
"Look at you. You look so pathetic with my cock in your tight pussy. You talk a lot of shit, but can't back it up can you?"
You squeeze around him grinning the best you could making him hiss. "I fucking hate you." he says.
Jaehyun pulls out almost immediately turning you to bend over the sink and spreading your legs. He pounds into you with force as your head hits the mirror. You look at yourself in the mirror and see your fucked out face. You watch Jaehyun watching the way his cock disappears inside you and looking back at you, before grabbing your bouncing tits.
If he was being honest, you were the first and only girl who could handle his size and the way he's fucking you.
"Oh fuck!" you moan loudly.
"You have something to say slut? You like getting fucked in the bathroom like the slut you are?" You were thankful the music is loud and no one was coming into his room to hear the sinful sounds of your moans and skin slapping.
""Look at this tight pussy sucking my cock in." He grabs your shoulders fucking harder into you and making you rest your forehead against the mirror. His right hand snakes its way to your throat squeezing enough to make you lightheaded. You squeeze around him once more involuntary.
"You like that don't you? You like getting choked while getting your pussy ruined?"
"F-fuck." Your eyes roll back when the coil at the bottom of your stomach begins to tighten and release. The intensity of your orgasm has you convulsing from your high. Jaehyun's hips begin to falter signaling he was close and with two powerful thrusts, he releases inside the condom.
Jaehyun falls on top of you, his breathing next to your ear as you both ride out your highs. He pulls out, removes and ties the condom and throws it in the trash. You low-key already miss the feeling of his cock in you. You both redress without saying a word, but not missing the way Jaehyun smirks at you.
When you catch him looking at you, you squint your eyes at him, "You're still an asshole."
"Guess I didn't fuck you properly enough for you to know the definition of respect."
"This will never happen Jeong."
One strand of his hair fell out of its strong gel, making his hair look like a comma as he smiles and looks at you, "Same place next week?"
You scoff, "You and your dick wishes. Like I said, I've had better." Before he could retort, you unlock the door and walk out of room. You can feel it and Jaehyun can clearly see it, that you couldn't walk properly.
Jaehyun scoffs to himself as he looks around the bathroom and back at his reflection, "She's still a bitch. Mission one completed."
Tumblr media
It's been a month since your one night stand with Jaehyun and since then he never fails to mention it to you whenever you're in the same room. If you were out with friends for lunch or dinner, he would sit next to you and hit your leg under the table to get a rise out of you. If you were at the library studying with Johnny or Mark, he would come by and put his arm around you to bring you into a suffocating headlock. If you were forced to accompany Lisa to visit Ten at the frat house, he would walk in the room without a shirt on purpose to see your reaction.
You've done everything humanly possible to avoid contact with him and being around in his presence. The thing is, you could never get away from him. Seriously. Whenever you do try, you would see him walking towards you with someone beside him. If you're walking down a different pathway or the back ways to get to class faster, there he is turning the corner and bumping into you. Never mind those, you would always hear his name either from students in class or the library, from his ex-flings or one night stands, your mutual friends, and even the teachers. If you're at the coffee shop, work, gym, or even the halls of your apartment building, you would always hear his name. Jaehyun this, Jaehyun that. It's exhausting and aggravating.
It's not because you were embarrassed about your hook up, hell, it was one of the best mind blowing sex you've ever had, but you will never admit that, and you certainly weren't going to say it aloud for the universe to hear. The thing is, this is Jeong Jaehyun who has had it out for you since day one. You know he's up to something because Jaehyun always has something up his sleeves when it comes to you and you're itching to know what it is.
You're setting up your laptop and writing down your to-do list, while waiting for the rest of your photography class and professor to settle in. Your mind wanders to what Jaehyun could possibly be up to when you hear a booming voice beside you.
"What are you doing in my seat?" You look up and see none other than the male you were thinking of seconds ago.
"What are you doing in my class?" you deadpan.
"How do you know I'm not in your class?" he fakes a gasp covering a hand over his mouth, "Do you keep tabs on me? Should I be worried for my safety?" When he figures you weren't going to move, he settles for the empty seat next to you.
"That seat is taken." You raise your voice slightly.
He looks left and right, "I don't see a name on the chair and apparently, we can steal other people's seats in this class."
You huff loudly clearly annoyed by him. You look around the room and see there are still plenty of empty desks available. "Can you sit somewhere else? I don't want my work to be infected by you."
He chuckles under his breath, "That's not what you said in my bathroom." You turn to him with wide eyes as more students start coming in.
"What the fuck? Don't say that out loud." you hiss.
He smiles widely when he sees the panic state you're in, clearly enjoying this game of his. "I won't say anything if you don't want me to, but it comes with a price."
You groan internally. Jeong Jaehyun always has a price.
"Fine, what is it?"
He gives you his stupid lopsided smile surprise you caved in as he thinks about the price. His grin becomes wider when he has it, "I sit here for the remainder of the semester, because," he leans in close to your ear and you can smell his cologne when he whispers, "you are sitting in my seat since the beginning of the semester." he pulls away as you scowl at him.
"Yeah, okay. That makes so much sense since I have been sitting here since day one and never once seen you in class until now. Yeah. That totally makes perfect sense Jeong."
"Fine. Have it your way princess. I'll just tell the next person that walks through the door how you begged me to fuck you." As if the universe heard him, a classmate walks in and Jaehyun immediately calls him over.
"Hey Jaehyun, what's up dude." Mike says.
"Alright. Hey do you want to know something about Y/N?" Jaehyun ignores the way you claw your nails deep into his skin. Mike looks at you and back to him in confirmation.
"I wanted to know if you knew a place where I can take photos of landscapes. You know, for practice and such." You interject, kicking Jaehyun's leg and pulling excuses out of your ass.
If Mike was curious about the exchange, he didn't voice it. Instead, he happily told you about a place he usually goes to before your professor walks in cutting the conversation. You bid Mike goodbye and turn to Jaehyun who is silently laughing behind his hand.
"Was that really necessary?"
He shrugs calming down his laughter and focuses on the professor. You sigh and say the words you dread, "You can stay there for the remainder of the semester asshole."
Jaehyun leans closer once again, "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. What did you say?"
You turn to him not realizing the lack of space between you both until then. If you had move a centimeter closer, your lips would be on his. "I said you can sit there you little shit." You turn away, but not before catching his eyes land onto your lips.
You have a hard time focusing on the lecture and playing around with the mock camera. Jaehyun's presence next to you was distracting when he keeps hitting your foot, annoyingly clearing his throat numerous of times, deep sighing, and feeling his heavy gaze on you. You want nothing more than to slap him for making you agree to the stupid deal. When his arm brushes against your arm, you had enough hissing him to stop.
A dimple pops out, "Shh. I'm trying to learn here."
Before you can say anything snarky, your professor gathers everyone's attention to the front before dismissing you. "As you all know, the end of the semester is in three months, which means finals are also three months away. I figure since you all will be stress out, I have a little surprise for you."
"No finals!" a classmate suggest. Everyone, including Professor Choi laughs.
"No, I wish. Instead of giving you instruction about your final next month, I will give it to you now. It is solely up to you if you want to start it now or procrastinate until the last minute. Remember, your final project for this class will be worth more than your written final for this class. With that said, I already paired you up with a partner."
You along with everybody else groans at the fact this is a partner project.
"You two will be working together to come up with a nice presentation of what photography means to you individually and together as a team. You both will decide when you want to start this project, but it will have to be finished on the due date. These partners are permanent so no switching." He grabs a white piece of paper as he reads and calls out people's names.
You pack quietly while listening carefully for your name.
"Jeong, you're with Y/LN." you and Jaehyun nod in agreement before realizing what Professor Choi just said. You heard a couple of girls in the back row murmuring how they wish they were his partner instead and you definitely don't miss the sounds of "oohs" and bets coming from the other side of the class.
When everyone is clearing out of the classroom, you run up to your professor with Jaehyun right behind you.
"Professor Choi, I can't be partners with him."
"I second that." Jaehyun says speaking over you.
"Ah ah ah. I said no switching. That is final. I'm sure whatever differences you two have will be put aside for this very important project. I put you two together because you're both my most hardworking students and have a real talent in photography. I can see how that may seem like a competition between you two, but think of the greater good."
"Wait. What? Since when has he been in our class?"
Mr. Choi gives you a pointed look, "Mr. Jeong has been taking this course online due to personal reasons. It's entirely up to him if he wishes to disclose that with you. As I have said, you two are my top best students. I believe you both can benefit from this. Bounce ideas off of each other." He looks at his watch, "If there are any more questions, please come by my office during hours. Have fun doing this project kiddos."
You look at his walking figure until he is out of your sight. You're completely stun at what just happen.
"Well won't you look at that ... partner." Jaehyun says in disgust.
You face him and glare at the boy, "You do your part and I will do mine. I rather have us do this separately and put everything together when we're done. We are not going anywhere together to take pictures, because if we do so help me I don't run you over."
"Is that supposed to be a threat? Do you even have a car?" he belly laughs making you exhale loudly in annoyance turning around to leave. Jaehyun watches your figure walk towards the exit and out the doors. "Mission two completed."
"You're doing it wrong!" you exasperate. You're sitting in the living room at the frat house trying to come up with a vision board on how to present your photos for the project. Let's face it, you rather be anywhere but here in this house with Jaehyun.
"No I'm not! This is how it's supposed to look like." Jaehyun yells. He looks around before his eyes land on the piece of paper of requirements showing it to you. "See! This is what he wants verbatim."
You scan the paper quickly before pointing out the obvious, "Dumbass it says right here 'OR.' Nothing in here says it has to be exactly like this. We're doing it my way."
"Absolutely not! This is what he wrote on the paper and we are giving him exactly that."
"No we're not!" You quickly got up going over to the vision board to start rearranging to your liking. "This is all over the place. I am not failing this class over this stupid project just because of your tiny brain is stubborn!"
Jaehyun gets up and undoes everything you just put up. "No!"
You argue back and forth over which idea is better, neither one is listening to the other. You didn't realize when or how you got so close to one's face suddenly. You can feel his breath fanning over your face and if you dare to exhale, your chest would touch his.
He looks at you when he also comes to the same realization once you've stopped talking. He looks down at your plump lips and unconsciously wets his own. You watch everything unfold when he grabs your head to crash your mouths together.
You're taken by surprise and back your head away a little, but Jaehyun chases you and you give in. The kiss is rough and needy just like the first time, except alcohol is nowhere present this time. He lifts up your shirt as you do the same to his and he wastes no time unhooking your bra.
You both are in need of a release. You pull him closer to you continuing your steamy make out session, your arms around his neck as he places both hands on your ass, giving them a hard squeeze before giving them a slap. You yelp in his mouth at the sudden action and Jaehyun walks you back until your legs hit the arm of the couch.
You undo the zipper to your jeans with success just as he pulls down his sweatpants and boxers with ease. Before you could look his hard dick, he turns you around and bends you over the couch. He finishes pulling down your jeans and underwear for you and starts to rub circles on your bare ass before slapping it once more.
His index fingers finds your slit, teasing your pussy and getting harder by the second from how dripping wet you are for him. He inserts two fingers making you gasp and arching your back. He loves the way you sound and the sound your wet pussy makes.
Jaehyun can't wait anymore and takes out his fingers.
"Condom in my bag." you tell him. He finds the wrapper, tearing the package and rolling it on. He pumps himself a few times before positioning himself at your entrance and ramming into you at full force.
You find yourself sinking down into the couch from his thrust and you try to grab anything to keep you balance. Jaehyun wasn't having any mercy on you as he relentlessly pounds deeper into you.
"You're so fucking wet. I bet no one fucks you this good before." He slaps your left ass cheek before soothing it and slapping once more. "Why can't you just listen to me for once?" he slaps your right ass cheek making your pussy clench around his cock. You feel the tight knot at the bottom of your stomach becoming tighter with every thrust and slap.
"Never." You confess.
He makes an inhumane sound pulling your hair to arch your back. The new position has you seeing fireworks and making your head empty. "Oh my God. Fuck!" Everything Jaehyun is doing is turning you on so much more.
You chant fuck as your eyes roll back when your orgasm washes over you.
Jaehyun feels your tightening around him making him angry, "Fucking slut. Did I tell you that you could cum? You're leaving a mess in my living room floor." He nonetheless fucks you through your orgasm never once making the intention on slowing down.
He lets go of your hair and shoulders making you fall forward into the couch. Jaehyun pulls out shortly only to spread your legs further apart and ram into you again. "No wonder you always have a bitchy attitude. No one has been fucking you."
"F-fuck y-you."
Your loud moans and the way your hips move back to meet his thrusts were enough to make Jaehyun cum into the condom. Once he pulls out, you get up from your position and search for your clothes when he grabs your arm and pushes you against the nearest wall. "Where do you think you're going? Did I say I was done with you?" he smirks when you give him a confuse look.
He inserts two fingers into your already sensitive core making you shudder in his grasp. Your hands make their way to his shoulders holding onto him for dear life as he pumps into you.
"If I let you come, will you listen to me?"
"You w-wish." you keep your intense eyes on him, but the force of his fingers curling is making you see the stars.
"Then you won't get to come." He stills his fingers making you whine. Jaehyun takes a mental image of this moment to use for another time.
"Jaehyun what the fuck!"
"Tell me you'll listen to me and I'll let you come sweetheart."
He presses his thumb to your clit and your voice betrays you, "Fuck! Yes, yes, yes!"
He smiles satisfied, "Good girl." He kisses your cheek and resumes his inhumane pace curling his fingers once more and hitting your g-spot perfectly bringing you closer to your orgasm.
"Come for me slut. Let it all go."
Your nails scratch his back when you feel hot and tingly all over your body and your orgasm hits making you close your eyes. Your juices spill out of you and coats his entire hand. You slump your head against his chest to catch your breath from your mind-blowing orgasm.
"Holy shit." You open your eyes to see him giving you a look you have never seen before towards you. Jeong Jaehyun is actually smiling at you in awe.
"That's so fucking sexy."
You look down at his hand and find your juices on his hand and leaking down your leg onto the floor.
In all of your sexual experiences, no one has ever made you squirt other than your favorite dildo. You can't believe Jeong Jaehyun is the first person to make you squirt. Embarrassment and annoyance takes over when you straighten back up.
Jaehyun can see right through you, "Aw, is someone embarrassed? Was this supposed to be a secret?"
"No. Shut up." You walk over to your discarded clothes, ignoring the soreness between your legs. Once again, Jaehyun can see you struggling to walk. After you both redress, you try to focus on the project at hand, but you want nothing more than to sleep.
You were sober. He was sober. How? You're trying to analyze how you ended up having sex with Jaehyun again in this stupid house.
It's the stress and the pent up anger. Yes. That's what this is. This was just in the moment one deal type of sex. This doesn't mean anything. Okay, but I just fucked him again while sober. Okay, no this is strictly based on stress and that is final.
Unbeknownst to you, Jaehyun watches your reaction the entire time you're arguing with yourself. To say he is amuse by your deep thinking was far from it. He found it ... cute.
"I have an idea." Jaehyun's words makes you break out of your thoughts.
"No doubt a stupid one no less." you say under your breath, but he still heard you.
"Since we're going to be stuck together on this project and you hate me just as much as I hate you, why don't we just fuck out all of our frustrations on each other?"
You stare at him like a deer in headlights. He really lost his damn mind. You couldn't help but chuckle then laugh.
"I'm sorry, we what? Where did you get the idea that I would have sex with you again after that? That was it It's never going to happen again."
"You said that a month ago and look where you were ten minutes ago with me balls deep in you."
"You really lost your mind Jeong." You look back at the board to avoid his intense gaze on you.
"It seemed to me you enjoy the way I fuck you so I don't see why not. It's just hate sex basically. We both get off on it and you can't deny that."
You eye him suspiciously, "You can fuck anyone in the world, but not me. This is definitely the last time."
"Think about it, we might as well get something out of this that'll benefit both of us. If we're both frustrated we just use each other."
"There's a catch in there somewhere. I know there is." You squint your eyes at him.
"No catch. We just fuck. That's it."
You ponder over his offer. In all honesty, it makes sense just to use each other for sex and release all the pent up tension. You can show him who the real boss is, but on the other hand, this is Jaehyun who hates you since your first encounter. The Jaehyun who is a frat boy no less and every girl and guy on campus waiting to jump his bones in a heartbeat.
Not to mention, he has pulled pranks left and right throughout your entire life. You know he has something up his sleeves no matter what. So, you don't know what prompt you to say the next words.
"Just fucking and using each other when we're frustrated. Nothing else."
He gives you a lopsided smile that you want to slap off, "Two enemies with benefits. Nothing else."
Oh how you wish you could slap yourself for agreeing to this.
Tumblr media
"Fuck Y/N." Jaehyun shuts his eyes for the millionth time as he grips and pulls on your hair harder. The sight of you on your knees in the school's bathroom stall looking up at him with those "innocent" eyes while your mouth is stuff with his hard cock drives him insane. The way you suck and lick his cock brings him closer to the edge.
Just minutes prior, you both had been arguing in the library over something he didn't agree with the photo ideas, and because you weren't listening to him, he had enough. He got up from the table grabbing your wrist to drag you away from your friends to the bathroom where you are now.
You drag your tongue to the side of dick down to his balls, sucking them as your hand strokes and squeezes tight around him. You release his balls with a pop making your way to the tip giving it a quick kiss before having him in your mouth again. You don't stop until he hits the back of your throat earning yourself a sexy groan from him.
You bob your head faster wanting him to come quicker than usual. He takes another quick glance at you through hooded eyes and holds back from his release challenging himself to hold on a bit. He grips your hair tighter when he begins to fuck into your mouth.
"Look at you. Who knew you love to give blowjobs in the school's bathrooms." He relentlessly thrusts harder into your mouth making you gag as tears begin to fall. "Fuck your mouth feels so fucking good. This is your punishment for listening to me."
You feel his cock twitch signaling he was close to his release. "Maybe this time you'll learn your lesson. F-fuck."
Saliva mix with his cum drips from the corners of your mouth when he stills and you swallow every drop of his cum. He softens and pulls out of your warm mouth and lets go of your hair. You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand before getting up and exiting the stall. You fix yourself in front of the mirror having a clear sight of Jaehyun still in the stall. Knowing him, he's ready to sleep.
It's been two weeks since you agreed to this insane arrangement and four times a week you two fuck like rabbits. Quite honestly, you're impress by his insanely high sex drive. You're even more surprise at yourself for keeping up with him. On some days, you both would have sex twice or three times a day depending on how frustrated and annoyed you were with each other.
"I'll leave first." you say after a last glance at your reflection.
"Why do you get to leave first?" Jaehyun says slumping back onto the wall.
"Um because I'm a girl and your pants are still down." you stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Jaehyun looks down and sure enough, he is still half naked. Before he could suggest another round, you were out the door.
"Bitch." he says to no one in particular. Jaehyun closes the stall door and stands there sighing to himself. He starts to imagine fucking you dumb in this small stall and having you scream his name for the entire school to hear.
How dare you speak to him like that when he told you repeatedly to not argue back. He's getting hard at the thought of manhandling you in this very public bathroom. He grabs his half hard dick, pumping himself into his hand, just thinking about your tight pussy.
He imagines holding you against the door so the hinges could creak and bang loud enough for the people outside to believe there were ghosts in the bathroom. He thinks about your legs wrapping around his waist and leaving new wounds of scratches on his bath. He thrusts his now hard angry cock into his hand at a faster pace.
He can't stop thinking about your moans or chants of his name that falls out of your mouth. Oh and that mouth. He can kiss them all day and night if he could. Jaehyun thinks about your soft plump lips kissing his neck and whispering dirty words in his ear is enough to send him to ecstasy as he comes undone. After his high, he cleans himself up and splashes water on his face before looking at his own reflection lost in thought.
"About time! We thought one murdered the other. We were about to call search and rescue for you both." Lisa exaggerates when you sit back down at the table with her, Mark, Johnny, Ten, and Jungwoo. Jaehyun was nowhere behind you.
"I was telling them the good news. Haru and I talked and we both decide to give this thing a shot. I mean there has to be a reason why fate put us together you know. Why not test the waters. Our date is this Friday night!" Mark says excitedly.
You turn in your seat and give him a big hug. "That is so amazing! I'm super happy for you Markie." You let go of him when Jaehyun finally joins the group. You can see his cheeks are still flushed with pink from his post orgasm.
"What are we celebrating?" he sits on your other side.
"Our boy Markie Mark here got himself a date Friday night with his one and only." Johnny coos. Jaehyun stretches out his arm across in front of you to fist bump Mark.
"Thanks dude."
"I have an idea. Why don't we make it a group effort and turn it into a group date?" Lisa says excitedly.
You and Jaehyun scoff at the idea, "That's a no. Let them get to know each other first." you reason.
"Yeah, let the two lovebirds see if there is a connection there." Jaehyun added taking everyone by surprise.
"Oh come on please? Johnny is bringing Joy, Ten and I, and -"
"Yeah that's called 'I finally found my soulmate and going on a group date.' In case you forgot, I'm not part of that club." you deadpan
"You and Jaehyun can go together." Jungwoo suggests.
The table is quiet for what feels like an eternity until Jaehyun speaks up, "No absolutely not. I refuse to be around her longer than I need to be. Trust me, you're better off without us there."
"How about you both find dates and we'll meet up?" Johnny suggests.
After arguing back and forth with your friends, surprisingly you and Jaehyun were on the same page for the first time after agreeing to find dates.
When everyone left the library, you yank Jaehyun back. "We're not really going through with this are we? We both can't stand each other." you whisper.
Jaehyun feels his lips curl but forces himself to keep a straight face, "What? Scared to fall in love with me Y/N?"
"Pft as if. I could never fall in love with a guy who is full of himself. You're not my type." you bite back.
"Then I guess we're going on this date with our dates. I don't have anything to hide."
You glare at the tall boy before making a deal, "Deal, but on one condition. You have to find someone you haven't had sex with." you smirk.
Jaehyun looks at you with equal intensity stare "Deal. It'll be easy for me to find a date. I can't say the same for you though."
Before you could rebuttal, he walks the opposite way.
Jeong Jaehyun is still and forever an asshole.
"It'll be fun I promise and if you're having a horrible time, tell me and we'll go home." Lisa says as you both walk towards the restaurant to meet your other friends.
"What's his name again?" you ask trying to smooth out any wrinkles for the millionth time.
"Jackson. He's on the dance team and one of Ten's good friends. You'll like him. Just watch. Oh that must be them."
You look up and sure enough there is everyone waiting outside the restaurant. You see the familiar boy standing next to Johnny. When you close in, you see Naeun as Jaehyun's date and were chatting away. You knew Naeun from having a few shared classes and she's a sweet girl.
Lisa doesn't miss a beat of introducing you and Jackson. "Jackson, this is my friend I keep telling you about. Y/N, Jackson. Jackson, Y/N." He gives you a shy but secured smile and hug.
"It's finally nice to meet you. Lisa never shuts up about you." His voice is like honey and you can listen to him all day long if given the chance.
You begin to feel flustered at the comment adding, "I hope it's all good words coming out of her mouth." You can sense Jaehyun throwing daggers at you and when you turn your head towards him, you two lock eyes and there is a sudden switch in the air between you two. Whatever it is, quickly disappeared when Naeun said hi to you.
"Can we go in now? I'm starving." Johnny complains.
You all walk into the lovely restaurant and sit in the far right corner thankfully away from people. If you didn't know any better, you'd think fate or your friends were pulling a prank on you with the seating arrangements. Jackson sat next to you on your right, Lisa on your left, and Jaehyun sitting directly in front of you with Naeun by his side.
After ordering drinks and foods, you and Jackson completely hit it off. You enjoy his company and the more you talk, the more you found out the similar interests you share. Although you want to keep your attention only on him, you can feel Jaehyun's foot next to yours or his knee hitting yours. You'd kick him as hard as you can discreetly and an evil smirk would come across your face when you him yelp or slightly jump.
After eating half of your portion of your food, you excuse yourself to use the restroom. What you didn't know was Jaehyun soon following behind you and waiting for you outside the restrooms. The only thing on his mind is the way you look in that dress and the perfume you're wearing. Even though he had asked Naeun to accompany him for tonight, he didn't feel anything towards her.
When you open the door, you're surprise to see Jaehyun in front of you. The look on his face is easy to define with lust.
"Seems like you're finally having fun for once." He says walking and pushing you back into the single bathroom and locking the door. "It's such a nice sound when you're not in a bitchy mood."
"Wha-" your words are cut short when he crashes his lips on your yours, his hands finding your waist, and walking you back until you hit the sink.
He slightly pulls away, "Do you know this dress makes you look hot?" Jaehyun grinds against you to show you how hard he is when you feel his bulge through his jeans. "Is Jackson your soulmate after tonight? Will this be out last time having our fun?" He slips a hand under your dress and onto your cloth core, making you buck into him.
"Just hurry up."
You know it's stupid to have sex with Jaehyun while you're on a date, but there is something about Jaehyun that has a hold on you to let him get you riled up and have his way with you.
"Someone is needy tonight. I don't have a condom on me."
"I'm on the pill."
He wastes no time lifting your dress as you undo his belt and zipper, taking out his hard member and stroking it. He lifts your leg up with one hand as you guide his member to your entrance and push in.
You have to admit, the amount of times you two have fucked, you will never get use to the feeling of him stretching you out in all the right ways. Jaehyun and his stroke game were and are always on another level. He sets his thrusts at a rapid pace knowing you're on borrowed time. It takes everything in you to hold back your moans. He kisses you to swallow the escaped moans whenever he hits your g-spot. Jaehyun can feel you gripping him tightly signaling you were close to your release.
"I bet Jackson won't ever fuck you this good." He breathily says thrusting harder into you.
"Fuck right there. I'm going to come."
"Look at me." You lock eyes with him as he places his thumb on your nub making you shake convulsing and coming in seconds. One powerful thrust and Jaehyun empties his seed inside your walls. You feel his warm cum inside of you and something in you snaps at the feeling. He rests his forehead with sweat against yours as you both catch your breaths.
He finally pulls out and you feel both of your mix liquids running down your leg. Jaehyun looks at it in awe and bites his lips when he thinks you look sexy with his cum and your essence dripping down your legs. You clean up the mess and both redress yourself properly before stepping out.
Before you exit the hall, you see Jackson and Naeun talking as if they have a secret code. Within seconds, you can tell by the look on his face that he was much happier talking to her than he was with you. It didn't bother you because that's the same look the rest of your friends at the table have when they're with their soulmate.
Jackson and Naeun look up, see you and Jaehyun standing there, and break apart with a shy smile.
"This is awkward." Naeun quietly says.
Jackson is the first to break the tension asking you if he could talk to you in private. You nod and follow him passing your group of friends until you're outside the restaurant. He clears his throat and even though you just met today, you can tell he's nervous.
"Y/N, I had a really great time tonight and we get along super great. I wish I had met you sooner and I'm happy Lisa introduced us because you're way cooler in person than what she makes you out to be" You both laugh at how Lisa can over-exaggerate with details.
"I don't want to be rude, but when we were sitting there, I could feel this electric pull towards Naeun. I can't explain it. When you left to use the restroom, we started talking and instantly clicked. We both just discovered right now that we're soulmates. Please don't be mad or hate me." Jackson looks down to the ground.
You let the information sink in and smile at him. "Hey, look at me." Jackson looks at you with sympathetic eyes, "It's really not a big problem. I already knew the moment I saw you two talking just now. In honesty, I wasn't feeling anything romantic towards you either." you joke making him laugh. "We are good Jackson. I promise."
He gives you a big smile and hugs you. "Thanks for letting me down easily." he jokes. "Hey at least we became friends out of this, that is if we're friends?"
You slap his arm gently while giving him a serious look, "Of course we are! Who else am I going to talk about Squid Game with, but I'm taking you out next time so I can repay you back."
Just then, your friend group comes out and Lisa walks over to you with a concern look after seeing Jackson and Naeun talking together.
"Are you okay? Do I need to beat him up?" she asks.
"No we're good. He found his soulmate." You smile at the pair across from you. Lisa gives you a sympathetic look.
"We can go home if you want." she quietly says at the same time someone suggests taking a walk by the Han River.
"Yeah and after we can go to IKON frat party right after." Johnny says making half of the group disagree.
You low-key want to go back to the comfort of your apartment, change into comfortable clothes, and watch Disney movies. You figured this would be a great opportunity to take a couple of pictures for your project.
"No, I'm okay. Let's go."
Splitting into cars was interesting to say the least. Johnny and Joy were with Mark and Haru, while Ten and Lisa were with Jackson and Naeun. To everyone's surprise, you and Jaehyun would be in his car. Lisa tried to get you to ride with them, but you reassure her you would be fine going with Jaehyun and needed to talk about the project anyway.
On the drive there, it's quiet except for the soft R&B playing in the background. You look around the car and notice it's clean just like his room that one drunken night.
"So, this is how it feels to be dumped?" Jaehyun suddenly asks his eyes never leaving the road ahead of him.
You look over at him in shock, "What? You're telling me you've never been dumped before?"
He shakes his head at your accusation making your eyes widen, "Not even stood up once?"
"Never. It's always me doing that. Not going to lie, it's a pretty shitty feeling."
"Wow and I thought someone broke your heart and you became the person you are today."
He quirks an eyebrow up interested in what you thought about him, "And what kind of person am I today?"
You laugh lightly, "Well for starters, you're kind of a fuckboy since you've never been dumped before. You slack in class, yet somehow still ace the exams and quizzes, so that makes me wonder if you're screwing the TA to get a passing grade. Also, you walk around acting as if you're high and mighty among everyone."
Jaehyun laughs as you continuing pointing out his flaws. He thought he'd be annoyed with you talking so much, but found it interesting.
"I'm surprise you haven't hooked up with Naeun before."
"Are you keeping tabs on who I have and haven't had sex with? Is someone jealous?" he teases stealing a glance at you with one hand on the wheel.
"Don't flatter yourself Jaehyun."
His deep laughs makes you stare at his side profile a little too long, "If you say so."
Upon arrival, you slowly walk behind everyone to capture the true beauty of the night. Nights like tonight where the whether isn't too cold or too hot and the wind isn't blowing you over, are moments you feel a gratitude for everything. You snap a couple of photos thinking it would go nice for your project when two hands suddenly grab your waist and scare the shit out of you.
You jerk forward, hands clutching in a fist ready to throw a punch at the idiot who made you scream. When you turn around swinging a right hook, Jaehyun moves his face in time and holds your hand.
"Jaehyun!? Don't scare people like that you idiot!"
He throws his head back laughing hard and tapping his thigh. "You're so easy to scare Y/N."
"Jerk." You calm your beating heart and begin to walk towards your group of friends who were way ahead of you now. Jaehyun catches up and walks beside you quietly.
"You need to set up your camera at a better angle by the way." he says nonchalantly.
"And you need to get punch in the face. I thought you were up there with everybody?"
"I was, but I had to go back to the car to get something. Plus, all they talk about are more date nights, so why not hang out with my other single friend who sucks at taking photos."
You stop walking, "Since when were we friends?" you ask confusedly "and I do not suck at taking photos."
He turns around, hands in his front pockets, and bites his lower lip walking closer to you. You can feel his hot breath fanning your face and suddenly the rise in the whether went up. The cologne he's wearing fills your nostrils and somewhere in the back of your mind, you don't mind being covered smelling like him.
"Are we not friends? After everything we've been through?" he says next to your ear. His hand ghosts over your waist and it takes everything in you to not cave into his touch. To a stranger's eyes, they would assume you two were a young couple in love. Now, if your friends saw you, they would bombard you with questions left and right.
Just as you're about to give into him, you break away from each other when you hear Johnny's booming voice letting you two know to head to the party. Silently, you follow behind Jaehyun to his car. Your thoughts are all over the place only full of lust.
Every rational decisions and thoughts vanishes as soon as you sit in the passenger seat. Looking around the parking lot, it was mostly empty and the car is nearly invisible in the dark night. Jaehyun definitely knows how to rile you up and you feel yourself clenching at nothing.
Somehow spending all of these special quality time together, Jaehyun can sense exactly what you were thinking. He locks the doors and shifts in his seat too look at you waiting for your next move. You face him meeting his eyes and landing on his inviting plush lips. You both lean in at the same time crashing mouths and teeth together just wanting nothing more than to feel each other.
He practically pulls you over the center console to sit on his lap, feeling your weight on him. His hands roam over your body, while your hands find their way to his hair. In the midst of your intense make out, you both move to the backseat where you straddle him and grinding your cloth core on his jeans for friction.
You kiss his neck just below the jawline, secretly knowing it's one of his weakest point when he lets out a deep groan. His hand squeezes your hips tighter when he feels the sensation of your lips on his skin. Everything in his body is on fire just from your kiss. You push your dress up and panties to the side as Jaehyun unzips his jeans and sliding them down along with his boxers.
You salivate at his angry cock dripping with precum and hover over him.
"Fuck you're so wet babe."
"Only for you. Shit." The feeling of sinking down on him is everything you ever wanted: the stretch, the slight pain, the wetness, the feel of his every ridge, and the way he makes you feel so full. Jaehyun kisses your chest for distraction as you get use to him. You both let out a loud moan when you begin rocking into him and soon bouncing on him. His thrusts meeting yours halfway.
Jaehyun kneads and slaps your ass every time you come down on him. He frees your tits and plays with them as they bounce in his hands. Loud pants, moans, deep grunts, and the sound of skin slapping fills the entire car when you both reach your orgasm in no time.
You chant his name like a mantra hiding your face in the crook of his neck and he pulls you tighter against his chest. You both stay like that as the waves of your highs calm down.
Jaehyun gives you a kiss on your shoulder, neck, jaw, and lips. It's a strange feeling. Sure, you've kissed during sex, but right after you'd pretend nothing happened. His lips linger longer than needed to on yours when you kiss him back. Pulling away, you study his face and for once, you see a mischievous look in his eyes. You take in everything in sight and ask yourself if he's always been this handsome.
Wait, why am I thinking of him in that light? I hate him. Get your shit together Y/N.
"Car sex is officially off the bucket list." He says breaking your train of thought.
You roll your eyes and get off of him, not missing the way your fluids leak out of your hole. You both redress and head to the party. The car smells like sex and you wouldn't be able to look at it the same way again. Still, you couldn't shake off the feeling that this felt different than the rest of your hook ups with Jaehyun and that's what terrifies you the most.
Tumblr media
Annoying Y/N: We're going on a trip tomorrow morning loser so be up before 5:30AM.
Jaehyun: and why would I want to wake up at the ass crack of dawn? 😴
Annoying Y/N: Because if we want to pass this class we need to start taking pictures dumbass 🙄
Jaehyun: yeah, that's a hard pass for me. go by yourself loser. i have shit to do 👋
Annoying Y/N: God you're so annoying!
Annoying Y/N: You know what
Annoying Y/N: I'll just do this entire project by myself with only my name on it 😤
Annoying Y/N: You can go fuck yourself
Jaehyun: I would, but I should be fucking you to put you in your place 😏
Annoying Y/N: Grow up Jeong!
Jaehyun: you're making something grow harder by the second 😏
Annoying Y/N: 🤮🤮
Jaehyun: is that you choking on my dick?
Annoying Y/N: Forget it!
Annoying Y/N: If you don't want to come I won't force you
Annoying Y/N: I'd rather not be stuck in the same car with you again
Jaehyun: aw, afraid you'll jump on my dick again
Jaehyun: i wouldn't mind honestly 😏
Jaehyun: what are you wearing right now?
Jaehyun: send nudes
Annoying Y/N: Anyways! 5:30 or not I'm leaving with or without you
Jaehyun: way to kill the mood bro 😒
Annoying Y/N: 😘😘
Jaehyun shuts off his phone and lay in bed with a smile on his face. He thinks back to how you were a couple of months ago from hating his guts to hanging out every day with him. Minus the sex, you're fun to be around, even when you don't say anything to him.
He's the type of person who hates the quiet when he's with someone because it gets awkward, but with you he doesn't mind it. There's something about you that doesn't make the silence so suffocating.
The next morning came and you wait by your phone wondering if Jaehyun is going to text you if he's coming. When the clock struck 5:35 AM, you figure he wasn't coming at all. You roll your eyes, grab a light jacket, your keys and wallet, and lock your apartment.
You head downstairs in the freezing cold and your breath hitches when you see Jaehyun leaning against your car. He's wearing a black jacket, white t-shirt, dark jeans, and a black hat.
"It's 5:37. You're late and it's freezing." he says annoyingly in his morning voice.
It takes you a second later to get out of your thoughts that he actually came. "Suck it up. Maybe next time you should text instead of popping up." You walk towards your car and press your car alarm before getting inside.
Neither one of you is a morning person. That's been establish as you two sit there listening to your own R&B playlist and yawning.
"I can't believe you're driving. You're a horrible driver." he grunts.
You come to a red light and unlock your doors, "You can get out if you want. No one is forcing you to stay." You give him a pointed look as he rolls his eyes.
"Just drive." he mumbles.
You decide to drive to a nearby coffee shop to get yourselves coffee and muffins to wake yourselves up.
"Where are we going by the way?" he asks when you start driving to your designation. He realizes he never asked you. Honestly, he didn't even plan on setting his alarm at 4:30 AM last night in order to meet you on time.
"A place." you vaguely say.
"Is this my last Americano I will have before you off me?"
"Eh, perhaps."
Jaehyun's eyes grew wide when your face doesn't change. You let him sweat it out for a couple of minutes while he apologizes for everything he's done and starts listing things he would do for you.
"Chill out. It won't be your last I promise. Maybe. You'll know when we get there." you laugh.
"You're a bitch sometimes."
"I know, but some of those thing you just mention sound very interesting. I need someone to do my laundry and cook for me though -"
"Absolutely not. That is never going to happen now that I know you won't end me."
"But how do you know? For all you know I could be lying." You go back and forth on the topic before moving onto songs and artists you like to listen to. Conversations soon die down when Jaehyun's eyes flutter shut.
You couldn't help but smile at the man before you. His long flowy and fluffy locks are longer when it's not styled back. His cute little pout he does when he's deep asleep is adorable. You'd never say this aloud to anyone, not even to yourself, but he looks so angelic when he sleeps. You come to a red light and quietly swipe your phone opening the camera app and taking a quick picture of him.
You don't know why you did it, but it felt just right.
Three hours later, you finally arrive at your destination. Jaehyun takes in his surrounds only to see tall trees, no cars in the parking lot, a hiking trail, and fields of tall grass. The sun is barely coming up and though it's known nothing scares Jeong Jaehyun, he had an eerie feeling about this place.
Yeah, I'm definitely not coming home tonight.
You turn off the engine and get out of the car with a huge smile on your face. You couldn't wait to get to your happy place in time. You don't pay attention to Jaehyun and the look of worrisome on his face as he watches your every move until you're looking back at him.
"Are you going to come or not?"
"You bring me here to a land of nothing? I'll just stay here and catch up on my sleep."
You shrug, "If you say so. Just know there are people who kidnaps people sleeping in their cars out here." You turn and start walking slowly.
"Bullshit!" Jaehyun yells back. When you don't answer and continue walking, he feels like he's being paranoid and ends up unbuckling quickly, getting out of the car, and taking long strides towards you.
You hear the crunch under his feet when you turn back to face him. If you could take a picture of this moment and the horror on his face, you'd use it for blackmail. You put your car alarm before continuing on.
"How far is this place?"
"Just another twenty or thirty minutes."
"This better be worth my sleep by the way. If not, you're buying me lunch for a whole ass month."
"Okay scary cat." you snicker.
"I am not! I just didn't want you to go alone. I don't want to have you on my conscious if something bad happens to you."
"Mhm. Whatever helps you sleep at night Jay." The nickname rolls off your tongue easily. It sounded nice when you said it and Jaehyun feels his ears turning red hot. You reach the start of a short hiking trail, but before you could start, Jaehyun pulls onto your wrist.
"Dude, you didn't say anything about hiking! What the hell!"
"You never asked for specifics." you state the obvious.
"Liar." Jaehyun squints his eyes at you, but follows your lead.
You both hike the trail with Jaehyun's constant complaints of messing up his shoes and not wanting to carry his jacket around. From time to time, he would look at your perfect ass.
You reach the top before he did and took in the sight in front of your while his voice falls onto deaf ears.
"This is so bullshit Y/N. If I had known hiking was involved, I wouldn't have come. If I wanted to do boot camp while hiking, I would've done so myself." He finally reach the top and looks at your side profile as he continues ranting. "You're buying me new shoes when we -"
You turn to him, covering your hand over his mouth as he muffles the last few words. With your other hand, you turn is head to the front of him. You feel his jaw slack when he sees what you saw with the rising run. Below is a small lake mead with beautiful flowers surrounding the waters.
"Wow." was all he could say.
You smile softly when you see the emotions change in his expression. You take a moment to appreciate nature, what it has to offer, and taking in the air and breeze caressing your skin. You hike the rest of the way down and when you finally hit land, Jaehyun begins snapping photos left and right.
He has never seen such a beautiful place in his entire life. Everything about this place is magical and he felt like a child in Disneyland.
You on the other hand watch Jaehyun smile from ear to ear and completely at ease. You didn't mean to stare at him, but you just couldn't help it. He really did look like a little kid in a candy store. To say you were feeling different emotions was an understatement. You only saw him in a different light because of this place. A place you love that held so many memories for you as a child mix with the good and the bad.
"This place is amazing Y/N. How did you find it?" he asks while taking a photo of a lotus flower in the lake.
"It's a secret." you wink at him when he looks back at you. Jaehyun swears his heart skipped a beat when he looked at you. You stand next to him taking in the lake in front of you. "When my parents were still alive, they would bring me here every spring break when the flowers bloom and in the summer to experience what summer is all about. Ever since they passed away in a car accident, I would come here to feel their presence. It's my secret getaway from the stress of school and life. Now that I think about it, I've never brought anyone here."
He heard what happened to your parents in high school and wanted to reach out, but every time he tried, you'd shut him down. Since then, he backed off on the teasing. Just a little bit.
Jaehyun can see the twinkle in your eye spark a little brighter as you recount your memories here. He can't take his eyes off of you and when you look at him, he gets lost in your eyes. He feels honored to be the first person you've taken here and there's something about you in this setting that makes him see you differently.
You weren't the girl he hated when he was eight or the girl he likes to get a rise out of or the girl he sleeps with. You were just you with all of your flaws on display.
Breaking the intense eye contact, you were the first to look away clearing your throat, "We should probably take some photos now."
"Yeah." he whispers when you start to walk away. He opens his camera app and snaps a photo of your figure surrounded by the beautiful flowers.
Your only intentions were to take photos of the scenery and call it a day, but after an hour, it turns into a photoshoot. Jaehyun would snap pictures of you posing with flowers in your hand, flower in your hair, and by the lake. You do the same for him snapping photos if him smelling the red tulips, taking a photo of a yellow tulip, crouching down in front of the lake with stones beside him, and a flower in his hair.
You even took selfies together on your phones with his arm around your shoulder bringing you closer to his side or his arms wrapping around your middle while he rests his chin on your shoulder. He would set his phone by a rock with the timer on so he could have the both of you taking funny poses together.
The word happy was something neither of you anticipated when it came to each other, but right here right now, you both are the most happiest either have been in a long time.
Tumblr media
Since the trip to the lake, you and Jaehyun start spending more time together just hanging out. At first, your friends were confused at the sudden change, but once you both said you can tolerate each other, they were relieved they no longer needed to hear the never ending bickering.
At first, you thought the sex would be a daily thing since you've been hanging out so much, but in reality, it was becoming less frequent compared to jumping on each other every four hours. The sex even felt different, even though he was still a beast in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, elevator, stairs, or shower. He would perform aftercare for you by running you a bath and taking care good care of you. It was something he nor anyone has ever done for you. There would be nights he'd stay the night and leave his clothes in your closet.
The more you hang out, the more you realize you enjoy his company and the way he makes you laugh. He would come to your place and watch movies or Disney movies, make pizzas or dinner together, explore new places and enjoy the city night life together taking selfies. You would even go to the frat house to spend time with him and the boys.
If the boys were throwing a party or there was a party being thrown and neither wanted to party or drink, you'd make an excuse and cuddle on your couch. Everything feels domestic with him and whenever he's around, you feel safe.
Jaehyun wakes up one morning just before the morning sun creeps into your bedroom. He rubs his eyes and turns his body to face yours on your side. You were hugging your pillow with a cute pout. He thinks you look beautiful like this without makeup, face relaxed, and messy hair, but of course, he will never tell you. He takes a mental image of this moment and takes in your features, your figure, your favorite lotion scent, and he can't help but feel so damn lucky.
There was always something about you that makes him gravitates towards you and he knows he needs to figure it out, but he doesn't want to.
It dawns on him that he's gotten too comfortable around you. Jeong Jaehyun does not do relationships and he isn't the one to fall in love simply because he doesn't believe in it. His parents divorced when he was a kid and his mother left right after. Since then, he vowed to himself he will never have a close connection with someone to spare him the pain.
Yet, he found himself breaking his promise for you. He would find himself smiling when he reads back on your texts, the pictures you've taken together, and he couldn't stop thinking about how far you two have come. From destroying your sand ages ago to laying half-naked next to you.
Truth is, he is scared shitless about this new ordeal and doesn't know what to do. He thinks he has feelings for you, but he doesn't know what feelings are supposed to feel like. Is he even ready to settle down yet?
You wake up when you feel the bed on your left side raise and hear feet scrambling on the floor. Rubbing your eyes and sitting up with the blanket covering your body, you look over at Jaehyun as he puts on his jeans.
"You're leaving already?" you ask in your morning voice with a little pout.
"Yeah, I just remember I have to help Johnny with his car." He says not sparing you a look.
There's something off about his voice, but you blame it on being half awake.
"Okay. Are we going to the arcade later so I can beat your high score?"
He looks back at you and wishes he didn't because you look so happy in this moment. He sighs quietly, grabbing his shirt to put it on, and walking to your side of the bed. He moves a strand of hair behind your ear before caressing your cheek. You lean into his touch when he kisses your forehead. His lips linger for a moment before capturing your lips.
When he breaks the kiss, he whispers, "Yes." He looks at you one more time before walking out of your bedroom and out of your apartment.
Jaehyun knows what needs to happen and what he needs to do, so, he does what he always do best: hides away any real emotion, burying it deep within himself, and put on a facade for you and the world to see.
You haven't seen Jaehyun since that Sunday morning and that was a week ago. You'd text him to see if he wanted to hang out, only to have an excuse thrown at your or short answer replies. You asked the boys if they knew what was up with him, only to be revealed that he hasn't been at the house much and they rarely see him.
You come to the conclusion that you're starting to sound like a concern girlfriend when he wasn't yours to claim in the first place. He could do whatever he wants, but why did that thought hurt you more than you expected?
It was Saturday when you find yourself at Lee's Bookstore. You and Jaehyun found it when you were exploring the area and wanted coffee, not expecting a coffee shop in the middle of the bookstore.
As you browse through endless rows of books, you see two elderly couple together. The man was gazing into the woman's eyes with nothing but love and as if, it were only the two of them. They were cute and it made you yearn for something like that one day.
You were so lost in your thoughts about your potential future, you didn't realize the woman was asking you a question.
"Honey, are you alright?" she asks again.
"Oh, hi. Yes I am. I' sorry. You two are such a beautiful couple. I hope one day I can be just like the two of you." you smile politely at them.
"It wasn't easy that's for sure." the older man says with a smile in return.
"Oh you hush. You always kept picking fights with me. I'm sure that was easy enough." she teases back. They continue their little banter for a few more seconds and they reminded you so much of you and Jaehyun. You wish he were here right now beside you.
"She's a firecracker." he winks at her.
You chuckle at their teasing, "Ah, well regardless of what is was, it seems to have worked out. If you don't mind me asking, how did you two meet?" If it were any other person, you'd feel awkward, but they made you comfortable enough to ask.
"Well we met when we were five and -"
"And he completely ruined my drawing."
"Ah I almost forgot about that sweetie. Indeed I did do that and -"
"And ever since that day, we had been at each other's throats. We would pull pranks on each other, call each other names, and nit pick everything the other person did. I guess it all changed when -"
"When I was the designated driver for our friends in college. We aren't big on drinks, but our friends, oof, they could drink for hours on end. You college kids know how to party." he says giving you a hi five and a grin.
"We figured since we had mutual friends, we would be civil for their sake. Well-"
"It's been a rollercoaster since. What started out as enemies ended in us being soulmates. We realized we had the same mark on our collarbone the more we hung out and we knew that we were destined for each other." They look at each other with so much love and passion.
"After a few months of dating, I realized I couldn't live without my other half and I asked her to marry me. Thankfully she said yes." you all laugh as you wipe a tear from your eye you didn't know you had.
"Have you always known she was the one or did it come as a shock?" you ask curiously.
"I think I've always known deep down, but we were always fighting that I never realized it until it was almost too late."
"They say these kinds of soulmate connections are the rarest to ever occur mostly because the people end up really despising each other to really look at the bigger picture." she says.
Your mind race all over the place. Their love story sounds almost like yours and Jaehyun's. You were starting to wonder if he was your soulmate.
"I am guessing you have a similar story?"
"Yes, you can say that. It's almost scarily very similar to yours. Now, it's just ... complicated." you admit.
"Oh sweetie. Don't let that little slip up mess with your mind. I've been there before and all you can do now is analyze and come to the same conclusion as us. Tell him how you feel and don't wait. I don't know what would've happened if we both waited or ignore our feelings." the older woman suggests.
"You two are really sweet. Thank you for your kind words and advice and sharing your story with me. I should let you go now. Thank you again." you bid them both farewell and turn on your feet to the opposite side. Before getting far, the woman asks for your name so she could tell her grandchildren and promises to make up the ending for you.
"It's Y/N."
You lay in bed that night contemplating your entire life. You couldn't stop thinking about the story of the couple from the bookstore. You couldn't fathom they sound exactly like you and Jaehyun straight down to the T. You were never one to believe in soulmates, let alone have the exact same story as another couple, yet you're starting to believe in it.
As much as you have tried to forget about him and tell yourself you hate him and it was only just sex, somewhere along the way, you have grown to appreciate him.
You love the way he makes you smile by him just smiling at you. You get butterflies whenever you catch him staring at you from across the room or next to you. You feel the electricity pull whenever your hands or any part of your skin touches. When your bodies are one, you can't help but feel safe and surrender under his touch. He makes you feel like the only girl in his world.
You've come to realize your entire childhood with the pettiness drama all led you to this moment of truth. You look down at your left hand and notice a clear line that wasn't there before on your fourth finger. You try to rub it off, but it wouldn't budge.
Then it hits you. The coincidence story, the sudden mark, the reason you can't get him out of your head.
"Holy shit." you whisper to yourself in disbelief. "Holy shit!" you repeat louder this time. "I'm in love with him. Jaehyun is my ... soulmate." You're suddenly filled with excitement that you can literally shout it out to the world that you love him. You're in love with Jeong Jaehyun. Your long time enemy turn fuck buddy turn to soulmate.
You send him a quick text asking him to meet you at the park that's halfway between both of you. He replies back with an 'okay.' Adrenaline runs through you as you quickly grab a pair of Jaehyun's sweats and shirt, grabbing your car keys, and driving to the park.
You needed to see him and you couldn't wait to tell him how you feel, because surely he had to feel the same connection too. There is no way he would just do mundane things with you every day and not feel anything for you.
You get to the park first and patiently wait for him. As you sit on the bench, you look at the jungle gym playground. Memories of your childhood together of playing tag, getting competitive with Jenga or any sport, and ending it with someone crying.
It's been ten minutes and Jaehyun was still a no show. You text and call him, but he never responded or answered. After an hour, you realize he wasn't coming. Anger fueled you as you get back into your car and drive to the frat house. How dare he ignore you for nearly two weeks, give you the cold shoulder, and standing you up. Who did he think he is?
Upon arrival at the house, you see a swarm of bodies in the front lawn and you forgotten the boys were throwing a house party.
Okay, maybe this is why he didn't show up.
Walking into the house looking like you just woke up, you do your best to avoid the stares and look for the man you need to see.
"Y/N! You're here! We miss seeing your beautiful face around here." Johnny drunkenly says giving you a side hug.
"Hey John. I miss you too. Hey, have you seen Jaehyun?"
Johnny gives you a questioningly look and looks down at your outfit, "You're not seeing him looking that that."
"Johnny please. It's important." you beg him.
"I lost him after we played ping pong. Try his room."
You thank him and head upstairs to Jaehyun's room. Thankfully, the hallways weren't crowded as you made your way to his room. Turning the unlocked doorknob, you close your eyes, taking a deep breath, walk into his room, and begin to speak.
"I know you've been ignoring me Jaehyun, but to stand me up for an hour is unacceptable. The least you can do is apologize and I need to tell you so-"
You stop midsentence when you finally open your eyes and take in the scene in front of you. You really wish you never came to this party at all. You wish you didn't just walk in on Jaehyun balls deep inside another girl. Your jaw drops and your heart shatters into a million tiny pieces.
Jaehyun looks at you wide eyes shock to see you standing there. You hold his gaze a second longer, before the girl beneath him grabs anything to cover herself. You regain your composure, standing a little straighter, scoffing while shaking your head, and walking out of his room.
He can see the hurt written all over your face and he swore he saw tears at the brim of your eyes. There was a feeling in his chest that he couldn't pinpoint. He wanted to run to you and say sorry, but he was still in shock.
You run down the stairs, tears falling down your face, while shoving past people to get to the front door. When the night air finally hits your lungs, you walk a little further before collapsing to your knees and crying to yourself. You feel a pair of arms wrapping around you tightly telling you it was going to be okay. You knew that voice, but it wasn't the voice you wanted to hear.
Covering your face, you lean your head towards Sicheng's chest while he holds you.
"Let's go to you place and talk okay?" he says rubbing circles on your back. All you could do is nod and keep your tears at bay, while he drives you home.
You sit on your couch while Sicheng makes you tea. Nothing in your mind made any sense. You were certain Jaehyun was your soulmate. It was far from a coincidence that you ran into the elderly couple along with you couldn't stop thinking about him. There's that saying that says 'nothing is ever a coincidence, so how is it, you're in your apartment with a broken heart and he's with someone else right now? It doesn't make sense.
Sicheng sets your tea down on the coffee table and studies you before asking the inevitable, "It's about Jaehyun isn't it?"
You nod too afraid your voice will give you away.
"Is he ... your soulmate?"
You take a deep breath and think over your next words, "I thought he was. Now I know he's not." As soon as the words left your mouth, your voice cracks and you begin to cry.
If there is anything Sicheng hates more than ever, it's seeing you hurt and crying. You're a caring person who always puts others before yourself and you have a big heart. Out of all the women he has dated, you were the only one he maintained to have a close friendship with.
He sits next to you wrapping his arms around you and bringing you close to him once again letting you cry harder. "I don't get it. I was so certain."
"Does he know?"
"I doubt it. I was going to tell him tonight. Earlier today, I met this cute couple and they reminded me so much of Jaehyun and I, and I said to myself, "I can see myself growing old with Jaehyun just like them." I tried to push it out of my mind but every time I close my eyes, all the memories coming flooding back. I texted him to meet me at the park and he never showed up, so that's when I went to the house and found him -" you stop because you were about to cry again.
"With someone else." he finishes for you. You wish you could take the image of his naked body on top of another girl out of your mind.
"Do you think you'll ever tell him?"
"I don't think so. I mean look at our history. It doesn't say anywhere in the timeline, "hey Jaehyun I've been in love with since the day we met and I'm sure you're my soulmate because of a story I heard, but let's see first."" you say sarcastically.
You take a deep breath to regain your composure, "You want to know what the sucker part is? For the past two days, I've been asking myself why did it have to be him? Why couldn't it be Minho, Nick, or you. Why did it have to him?"
He squeezes your arms to acknowledge your feelings, "Have you thought about what you're going to do with the connection?"
That thought never crossed your mind and you don't want to think about saying goodbye to Jaehyun for good. Life wouldn't be the same anymore.
You feel more tears prick your eyes and begin to fall, "This hurts so much Win."
"I know it does. It hurts because you care about him whether you tell everyone and yourself you hate him. Everyone in the room can see how much alike you two are and care about each other. And while we're on the topic of everyone, we all know there was something going on between you two." You pick your head off his shoulder with wide eyes and about to protest.
"Don't look so surprise," he chuckles. "both of you aren't that great at hiding your affection in public."
You groan loudly, "Don't lecture me now Sich." You lay your head back on his shoulder as he continues.
"As I was saying, sometimes in life, we can't always understand what our purpose is or why we're link to certain people. We can't always figure out why we keep thinking about them or keep going back to them when deep down we know it's unhealthy. However, I do know, every person that comes into our lives are there for a reason and a lesson. It's life. Life will throw challenges our way and it's up to us to decide what to do. You're a fighter Y/N and when you believe in something, you make sure it happens. You have the biggest heart I know and when you love, God, you love so hard. I know because I was able to experience that side of you. Right now, you're hurting because you're truly in love with him."
Sicheng always had a way with his words and right now they were hitting you deep. You squeeze his middle tighter, "What if he doesn't feel the same and it's all in my head? What if-"
"I'm going to stop you there. I know Jaehyun and I know you. You don't see it now, but you're both the same. You try to hide any sort of real emotion as soon as you feel it because you don't want to get hurt, so you deflect all the time. Have you ever wondered why you always joke when something said is true? He would have to be an idiot to not feel the same way, or if he does and doesn't act on it, then it's his lost."
"What should I do?" you whisper, scared to hear what he'll say.
"For tonight, sleep. Take the next couple of days for yourself and think what you want to do. If you want to remove the connection, I will support you. If you decide you need more time and see where it goes, I'll support you."
"Thank you."
"I'm always here for you Y/N. Now get some sleep."
That night you fell asleep with confusion, heartache, and a dash of hopefulness.
Tumblr media
The following week, rumors had circulated around campus that heartthrob Jeong Jaehyun has finally met his soulmate. You heard the whispers of various stories of him sneaking out late at night to hang out with his girlfriend or they were ditching class together. Everyone speculated when they met when you overheard a group of girls say he hasn't been flirting with anyone for a month. Even your friends mentioned he was bailing out on their plans and parties.
You've tried to ignore the talks, but in the end, it only broke you heart more.
You were hanging out with Sicheng, Johnny, Mark and Haru at an ice cream parlor you used to go with Jaehyun after late night drives. As you sit in the round booth laughing at something Johnny said, you hear the bell ring. Your eyes wanders to the door to see a those deep dimples you've come to love. You look away just in time before he looks your way.
Jaehyun's legs carry him over to your table when his eyes light up from seeing you laugh. He hasn't seen you since that night you caught him in the middle of having sex with another girl. He knows he should talk to you, but he had been busy.
"Hey guys." Jaehyun says timidly interrupting the moment. His gaze never leaving your face.
Everyone around the table is shock to see him given that he's been MIA for weeks.
"Hey dude. It's good seeing you man." Mark says giving the older a fist bump.
Before Jaehyun could reply, a girl with pink hair comes up to him wrapping her arm around his. You recognize her as the school's cheerleading captain.
"There you are baby." Rose says cheekily.
Jaehyun gives her a small smile before turning to face your table. "I guess this is the perfect time to announce something important."
"What is it?" Johnny says looking between the two. Sicheng, who sat by your side, notice how tense your body become.
"You've probably heard about the rumors around school and I just want to say that it's true. Rose and I and dating and -"
"And we're soulmates!" she cuts him off smiling widely and tugging his arms tighter.
Your heart instantly drops to the pit of your stomach and you do everything to keep your tears at bay. Congratulations are said until Mark tells the couple to join you all. Johnny and Mark scoot over as the new happy couple take the invitation with Jaehyun sitting directly in front of you.
Soon everyone's orders come and you share yours with Sicheng. He whispers in your ear asking if you were okay and you gave him a small smile and a nod. Jaehyun sees the interaction and looks down to see you sharing your favorite banana split with him. That was your thing together and he couldn't help but feel jealous. He knows he shouldn't because he's with Rose. He realizes things are different now because he finally found his soulmate in Rose.
For the rest of the night, you put on a fake smile, laugh, and talk to Sicheng, trying not to interact with the new couple. The next day, they made it official in front of the entire school and you spend the rest of your day crying on your bed.
It's been a month since Jaehyun and Rose have been together and every day was a nightmare for you. You did everything to avoid him by changing your routine to school and class. You were hardly at the frat house anymore and did your best to avoid all the place you've been to together. No matter what, you couldn't get away from his scent, the clothes that still sits in your closet untouched, or the memories you made in every inch of your apartment. Everywhere you look you're reminded of the happier moments with him.
You wish you could go back to hating him, but no matter how hard you try, the love you have for him outgrew the hatred that was once there.
A week after they went public, you made a consult appointment to the "soulmate" doctor to get more information on removing the connection. At the end of the consult, you're hit with the cold hard truth that once you get the connection removed, you'll no longer be attached to each other. It's like being wiped away from each other's lives. He'd be nonexistent in your world.
You went back and forth on your decision. If you break it, you'd be setting him free to be happy with Rose. There's also the other possibility that you'll never get another soulmate again. You wonder how you went through all of these years thinking you loved the idea of being alone forever just to feel miserable when you think life is granting you your wish.
Being with Jaehyun gave you a taste of what it feels like to be in love. To be loved and receive love back. You love the warm feeling of being wanted and cared for. Now, you just feel empty. Maybe it was for the best to let him go.
In the last month Jaehyun and Rose were inseparable. He found himself ditching his friends to spend time with her at her house and cute dates. Being with Rose, he feels like he was on top of the world. He felt free and loves spoiling her because his heart truly belongs to her. If anyone asks him what his favorite part of the day is, he would say it's being with her in a heartbeat. She understood him and made him feel things he's never felt before.
He had a tiny crush on her during freshman orientation, but never approached her. Jeong Jaehyun shy of approaching his crush let alone a girl? Who would have known. When he saw her at the party a month ago, he finally had the courage to talk to her and brought her to his room, when you walked in on them. He knew he should have talked to you after sleeping with Rose and finding out they were soulmates, but he figured he didn't need to. You two weren't exclusive anyways.
One night he was lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. His mind wanders back to you like it does sometimes. He hasn't seen or talked to you in a while and when he tries to have a friendly conversation with you, he could feel the walls you've put up once again. Then you suddenly changed seats and he stopped coming to class.
He often wonders how you've been, if you've been taking mental breaks, if you've been eating and sleeping well. He wonders if you hate him again. He even notices the sudden shift in the atmosphere whenever he was around your group of mutual friends. No one would mention your name around him and if he asks, he found himself being disappointed you weren't coming. He know things are changing, but he didn't mind it one bit as long as Rose was by his side.
Jaehyun turns to night stand to turn off the light when he notice what appears to be a small clear line on his fourth finger.
He gasp in shock, "It can't be." He's heard about stories of finding your connection with your soulmate and now he is experiencing it. It just confirms that he and Rose are indeed soulmates. He fell asleep that night excited for what the future holds for the couple.
He and Rose were sitting on the couch watching a movie when he grabs her left hand and holds it. He examines her hand, specifically her fourth finger, only to find no clear line. He's confused, but thought nothing of it. He figures it would take time for the mark to show up, but a week later, it still wasn't there.
Jaehyun walks into the kitchen to grab something to drink when hee sees Mark, Jungwoo, Sicheng, Yuta, and Johnny sitting at the table. They all stop talking as soon as they see Jaehyun by the door. He doesn't like the feeling his friends have been giving him, then again, he did blow them off for the last month to be with Rose.
"Hey guys." he says shrugging off the look Sicheng is giving him.
"Look who's finally home. We haven't seen you in a minute." Yuta says sarcastically.
"Yeah, sorry about that. Rose is at practice, so I came home to take a quick nap." He takes a sip of water trying not to be awkward with his friends.
"Speaking of Rose, since you're in a relationship now, why don't we go on a group date like last time?" Johnny suggests trying to break the tension in the air.
"Oh dude yeah! That was so much fun!" Mark and Jaehyun agree with the plan.
The group date was the next night and it was déjà vu. They went to the same restaurant when Jaehyun and you were still single, follow by going to the Han River. Everything about tonight reminds him of you. The sex in the bathroom, the gazing stares, sex in the car, and everything that has happened since that night.
He misses you and everything about you.
Tumblr media
"Alright class, I hope your final project is coming along great. I am expecting good results. You all had three months to do this and it's due next week. You may go now."
Shit. Jaehyun completely forgotten about the project you two were supposed to work on. He hasn't talked to you in nearly a month and has no idea if you were done with the photos. Jaehyun gets up from his chair when Professor Choi calls him over. Once the last few people empty the room, Professor Choi looks at him
"How are you doing Jaehyun?"
"Um, pretty good for the most part. Can't complain much sir." he gives him a cheesy smile.
"That's great to hear. Listen have you talked to Y/N?"
Y/N? Did something happen to you? No, our friends would have said something to me.
"Um, it's been a while. We've both been busy lately."
"I see. Okay, well I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I talked to her this morning and unfortunately you're both on your own for this project."
Wait what!?
Jaehyun clears his throat, "Did she say why?"
"She was pulled away for a family emergency, but she did say you both have enough photos to finish the project separately. I know it's sudden, but I have faith in you Jaehyun. Just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't. You may go now."
Jaehyun stood there like a brick wall letting his brain register the information and on autopilot, he bids his goodbyes and walks out the door.
Why didn't anyone told him about your situation? Better yet, why didn't you tell him about your situation instead of Professor Choi making him look like an idiot. You two were friends, or so he thought you were. Jaehyun's mind wanders to different scenarios, but disregard them when he finds himself standing in front of Lee's Bookstore.
He wanders inside and glazes over the books until he accidentally bumps into an older woman.
"Oh I'm so sorry ma'am." he bows in respect.
"Oh no worries dear. These books can be so mesmerizing." she gives him a soft smile.
Just before Jaehyun can say his apologies once more, an older man walks up to you both. "There you are sunshine. I've been looking for you. I should have known you'd be here instead of the cafe." He kisses the woman and gives her a look full of love. Jaehyun thought they were cute and blushes at the thought of him and Rose growing old like them one day.
"You two are very cute together. May I ask how long you two have been together?"
"Ah, well son, we've been together our entire lives -"
"We just didn't know it at the time." his wife interjects.
"Yes, let's just say we weren't nice to each other. We basically hated each other until one day, we just didn't." He smiles down at her and gives her a longing look.
"How did you know you were meant to be?" Jaehyun asks curiously.
"Well, when we got together, it wasn't by nature per say. We forced ourselves to be civil with one another for the sake of our friends. Then we started hanging out more and surely, we fell in love. I was in denial, so when I tried to move on with another person, I started to hear her thoughts." the older man laughs.
"At first, I thought I was going insane, but it was her voice and I could hear everything she was thinking of. I kept this secret at first and most of them time I was intrigued, but what made me realize I love her was what she thought about me. It was then that I found out that she loved me back. I promise myself that I would do everything in my power to get her back and I'm so glad I did." He hugs her as she wipes a tear away.
They sound exactly like -
"So you hated each other then loved each other?" Jaehyun accidentally says his thoughts aloud.
"Yes dear. He's my soulmate." She turns to look at Jaehyun and ask him, "How did you and your soulmate meet?"
He's taken aback by her sudden question and scratch the back of his neck, "We met during freshman orientation, but recently just found each other again." Jaehyun smiles when he remembers the night of the party.
"Oh young love. Please do tell us more if you don't mind sweetie."
Jaehyun chuckles, "Alright. Well we just reconnected at a house party and we clicked. We've only been dating for a month, but I have this mark show up just a week ago." He shows them the clear line on his finger.
"Ah oh my. What was her reaction when she also found her mark? I remember telling my husband I was weirded out by hearing his voice in my head."
Everyone laughs when Jaehyun speaks up, "She doesn't have it, but I mean maybe it just takes time to show up."
The couple share a knowing look and look at Jaehyun with sympathy who looks back at them confused, "What is it?"
"Son I don't mean to burst your bubble, but soulmate marks usually show up at the same time or when someone is willing to let their soulmate go." The husband says.
"But that doesn't mean she's not your soulmate either darling. Maybe hers is just taking a little more time. Sometimes when one person is really in love, their mark shows up quickly." she smiles at him.
"I hope you have your happy ending dear. Oh and speaking of happy endings, we told this young lady once, I think a month ago about our story. Oh what was her name honey?" She snaps her fingers as she tries to search her memory for the name. "Ah! Y/N. That was her name. It's such a beautiful name. Oh how my heart broke for her. She was ecstatic, but I could tell she was so confused about this boy she was seeing. I hope she had her happy ending."
Y/N? My Y/N?
"Do you remember what she looked like?"
She describes your features from your hair color, face structure, and even the clothes you were wearing that day. Jaehyun couldn't believe that she was describing you. Taken aback, Jaehyun quickly says his thank you's and bids them goodbye.
That night, he laid in bed thinking about you and the couple's story. Their story was exactly like his story with you. He always thought about you, but tonight was different. He remembers the nights you two shared the same bed. He remembers the pillow talks and little games you two used to play. He remembers you would dance and sing out of nowhere and he would join you.
He remembers your smile and laugh whenever he made a joke or simply looking at you. He remembers the long night talks on the phone or texting each other all day if you didn't see each other. He remembers every little thing about you.
Jaehyun tries to think of Rose and how he makes him feel, but after five minutes, he's come to the conclusion that what he feels for her, isn't the same way he felt when he was with you.
This is so stupid. Rose is my soulmate. Not Y/N.
Jaehyun swipes his phone open and opens the gallery app. He doesn't know why he's looking at photos taken from the lake you dragged him to. He comes across the photo he secretly took of you overlooking the lake with a smile on your face. The sun was just coming up and hitting your skin beautifully. He scrolls more and looks at the selfies you took together a bit longer. Then he sees it.
It's a photo of you holding out your left hand to make him stop taking photos of you. He zooms in focusing on your fourth finger and sees the clear line.
"It can't be." He zooms in closer making sure he isn't seeing things, but it was clearly there. He looks at other photos, focusing on your left hand and it's the same mark as his. Jaehyun remembers what the couple told him earlier.
“Son, I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but soulmate signs usually show up at the same time or when someone is willing to let their soulmate go.” “… not all stories have the same signs. Sometimes when one person is really in love, their marks shows up quickly.”
His mind flashes back to the day you met at seven years old and hated each other out of the gates. His mind plays everything like a montage of you both growing up, but one memory sticks out in his mind. He remembers always looking at you from afar. During lunch in high school, he had the perfect view of where you sat with your friends. His eyes would always skim over to where you were and as hard as he tried to stop looking at you, your smile was what always brought him back.
He never meant to sleep with you that night two months ago, it just happened. Both of you tried to stop, but couldn't. All of these memories of your time together comes rushing back in waves. Jaehyun was so overwhelm, he decides to go down for fresh air.
He sees Sicheng and Johnny sitting outside on the porch and accidentally overhears a little bit of their conversation.
"Did she say when her appointment is?" Johnny asks.
"In two days, but I think she's lying. For all I know, she could have done it today or tomorrow. I hate seeing her in so much pain Johnny. It's not fair to her." Sicheng sighs sadly.
Jaehyun doesn't need to ask who they're talking about because he already knew. He needed to get to the bottom of this now. He clears his throat and the two men look behind them to see Jaehyun standing there awkwardly. Johnny gets up, giving the younger a soft pat on the shoulder before sitting next to Sicheng.
It's quiet for a moment before Jaehyun speaks up first, "I'm sorry for being an ass for the last month. I'm more sorry for hurting Y/N."
"It's not me who you should be apologizing to Jaehyun."
"I know, but I know she talks to you and you two are close. I don't blame you if you also hate me too." he says sadly.
Sicheng sighs, "You know you're really dense sometimes, but I will tell you exactly what I told her. You both are the same even if you don't realize it. You really hurt her."
"How is she?"
"She's ... doing better for the most part."
"What happened to her family? Professor Choi said that she was pulled away for a family emergency."
When Sicheng doesn't say anything, he turns to look at his friend who looks like he's arguing with himself. "What is it?"
"She - There's." Sicheng sighs frustratingly. He really hates being the middleman. "She doesn't have a family emergency. She's getting the connection removed." he confess quietly.
Jaehyun's heart plummets to his stomach making it hard for him to breathe. So you did know about the connection, yet, you never told him. He never had the chance to decide because you've taken that opportunity away from him.
"That's what Johnny and I were talking about before you came. As your friend, I am telling you this, if you don't love her the same way she loves you, please let her go."
"But I do love her." Jaehyun whispers keeping his tear at bay and also coming to this realization. "I love her so much Sich and I was stupid to not see it soon enough. We both didn't believe in this soulmate shit to begin with, that it wasn't meant for us, but now? I can't stop thinking about her and it hurts that she ignores me even though I know I deserve it." Jaehyun feels a tear drop and silently cries.
Sicheng knows Jaehyun never shows any sort of emotions and keeps everything buried deep down, but as soon as he hears his friend sniffles, he knows Jaehyun really loves you. He pats Jaehyun's back and lets him cry it out.
"What should I do?" Jaehyun asks the obvious.
"I think you know what to do Jay. You've always known." Jaehyun nods and thank his friend for letting him talk and apologize.
The next morning, Jaehyun asks Rose is he could come over and talk to her. In less than ten minutes, he was at her front door and broke the news to her. He expected her to cry and yell, instead, she was calm and understanding.
"It's okay Jay. If I'm being honest, I've had a hunch since our second week together. You were always semi distracted, but I was in denial at the time." Rose holds his hand giving it a squeeze.
"I'm sorry. You don't deserve this."
"Jay, listen to me. You're fine. My soulmate is out there somewhere waiting for me. Go find yours and from what it sounds like, you already know who it is."
Jaehyun gives her a soft smile in return and both part ways with a 'see you around.'
Since leaving Rose's play, he made it his mission to find you, except you were hard to find. He's been trying to reach you for majority of the morning, but you never answered any of his calls or texts. He stopped by your place to see if you were home, but as expected, no one answered the door.
He looks in the places you had dragged him to and still, you were nowhere to be found. He starts to panic when his friends said they don't know where you've been or gone to. Jaehyun wanders around campus hoping to see you.
He finally sees Lisa and Ten heading to their usual hang out spot. He runs up to the couple and tries to catch his breath, "Have you seen Y/N?"
Lisa gives him the same look she has given him for an entire month and snaps, "Why do you want to suddenly know where she is? It's not your place to ask."
"Babe -"
"No. He doesn't get to ask about her after the way he treated her and pushed her to the side. She's my best friend and you really hurt her Jaehyun."
"I know and I'm sorry. I need to tell her I'm sorry before it's too late."
"No -"
"Lisa please. I realize now how much of a jerk I've been and I regret it. I regret everything except for one thing. Please." He pleads with he as he shows her the mark on his fourth finger.
Lisa saw the same mark on yours after you had told her everything that happened between you and Jaehyun. Lisa knows you miss Jaehyun and she could see the panic in his eyes are the same ones you wore when you found out about him and Rose.
Taking a deep breath, she gives in. "She said something about going to clear her head. I don't know where that is though." Jaehyun's eyes spark in hope and excitement. He gives them a big hug. "Thank you."
He runs to his car and drives to the only place you go to clear your head. The lake. He hopes to the universe, he isn't too late.
Jaehyun arrives at the lake in less than two hours after speeding like a lightning bolt. He parks his car, not caring if he locked his doors or not and runs on the familiar path.
"Jesus, why did she have to choose a place with hiking trails." he huffs out making sure he doesn't lose his footing while also trying to rush to you.
Finally reaching the top, he takes a second to take in the beautiful view of the lake and the wind blowing over his face. He scans the ground and his eye catches a figure standing by the lake. Jaehyun's heart leaps and rushes down the trail to run towards the figure. He slows down once he realizes it's not you.
His heart sinks once again. He looks to his left, right, do a 360, and you were nowhere to be seen. Jaehyun lets out a choke and feel the tears begin to fall. He lets out all of his emotion as he concludes that he's lost you forever.
He takes one last look at the view before turning around. His breath hitches, his heart stops, his are wide when he sees you standing there in front of him. Your eyes big as his. He could tell you look nervous or was it surprise? He takes in your features and his heart begins to speed up. How could he have been so oblivious that it's always been you all this time.
"What are you doing here?" You couldn't comprehend he was really here in your safe place.
Why is he here?
Just minutes before, Lisa called you mentioning something regarding Jaehyun. Before you could ask her to repeat it, the call dropped. You haven't seen him in a month and your heart beats faster than ever now that he's in front of you. The visible tears and pink nose tells you he had just been crying.
"I have something to tell you."
"Please let me say what I need to say Y/N. If you don't like what you hear, then you can leave and I will leave you alone." You nod for him to continue intrigued by what he wanted to say.
He takes one cautious step forward and takes a deep breath, "You're annoying to the point I can't stand you."
Your jaw drops in complete blindside, "Excuse me? You-"
"You've always pertain yourself to be this perfect girl and for that you're annoying. I hate that I can't get your stupid smile out of my head after we fight. I hate that I hear your voice whenever you're not around to the point I think I need to be checked in. I hate the way you stand there looking at nothing and look beautiful without even trying. Even without makeup and your hair in a bun, you still look beautiful. I hate that you don't put up with my bullshit because you can see right through me. I hate when you laugh because fuck I swear I get butterflies in my stomach. I hate that you laugh at my lame jokes, when they're not that funny to begin with."
He takes another step closer as you stay frozen in your spot, "I hate that I think of you whenever I'm with Rose or with our friends. If I'm at a party, on a date, or group date, my mind always wanders back to you. I hate when I'm not around you I feel this sense that something is missing in my life. I hate when I'm alone in bed it's cold and quiet because you're not next to me. I hate that I find myself walking into stores we've been to together. I hate that I can't even listen to the songs or movies we used to watch because it doesn't feel right."
You both have tears in your eyes, but he pushes through. "I hate that I was the one who broke your heart when I ran away from you and my feelings. I'm so sorry I didn't see it sooner and I'm sorry I stood you up that night when you asked to meet at the park. I'm sorry for being a coward and not talking to you after I got with Rose. I shouldn't have done any of that, but I was scared. I thought I was doing the right thing. I was scared that it was just me feeling all of these emotions and you were in it for the fun, but now I see it. I see and understand what people say about their soulmate."
He doesn't know when he got close to you all of a sudden. He looks down at your hands and holds them. He can see the line on your fourth finger matching his. He looks at you and wipes away your tears. "I'm sorry it took me so long to say this and I hope you can forgive me. I'm in love with you. I love you. I have always loved you since the first time we met." He caresses your cheek as more tears begin to fall.
"I love everything about you, even the ones you don't like about yourself. I love you and I mean it. I can't see myself falling in love with any other that isn't you. I know I may be late, but I'm hoping this changes your mind. If you don't feel the same way or if you feel like we can't come back from this, I won't push it. I'll accept whatever truth and reality may come. But I just want you to know I love you so much Y/N."
When he doesn't say anything else, you find it hard to find your voice.
"Please say something."
You gulp the lump in your throat and look into his eyes, "I have an appointment today." Jaehyun's heart shatters and he feels his heart is about to explode. He feel his eyes begin to sting once again but prevents them from falling.
You want to yell at him and tell him to fuck off. You want to push him away, but you can't find it in you to do so.
"Please Y/N -"
"I hate that I can't stop thinking about you even when you're a jerk to me. I hate that I can't hate you because I'm in love with you too."
Jaehyun's heart slows down and beats faster at the same time. You smile up at him making him smile so wide, his whiskers shows. He leans down, cupping your face and putting a strand of hair behind your ear and kisses you passionately.
Everything in that moment slows down. Nothing else in the world matters, except for your rapid beating hearts beating as one.
No more confusions, no more games, no more running. You were both coming to terms that you're destined to be with each other.
"I'm sorry." he whispers against your lips.
"You should be asshole, but I'm sorry too."
"No more running." His forehead touches yours as you close your eyes and share the air between you.
"No more running. Jay?"
"Yes, my love."
"I don't want us to change how we were before. It's what made us, us." He opens his eyes, backing his head back and looks at you with a smile.
"Me neither." He wraps his strong arms around you and pulls you closer to him. "Big head."
You couldn't help but laugh at his remark, "Okay, bigger head."
"Thanks. I know it's massive." he smirks. You smack his chest lightly as you both laugh.
"Forget it. I'm not doing this with you."
His arms wrap tighter around you as you both face the setting sun and take in this moment. The moment where the love of your life confesses his love for you and the safety of being in his arms.
"I love you Jaehyun."
"I love you too Y/N."
"Next we have Jaehyun and Y/N." You both make your way to the front of the class and while he is putting in the USB to bring up the PowerPoint, you begin presenting.
Jaehyun was in charge of rearranging the slides and photos, while you were in charge of what to say about each piece.
In the middle of your presentation, you look up at the projector and the photos on the screen take you by surprise. There were photos taken when you both were kids, starting from when you were born to you both sharing the same class, high school photos, photos you've taken at the start of this project, and ending with a photo of you both in bed smiling happily.
It was your love story and Jaehyun wasn't shy to express how much he loves you.
"In photos, time is forever frozen. The moment you hear the click and take the photo, you have memories of what you were feeling in that moment of time. You can't reproduce that moment as it becomes nothing but a memory and a photo for reference. We solely take photos to tell a story and keep those memories alive." Jaehyun looks at you with nothing but loving and adoring eyes as you stay there lost for words.
"And this is the story of how we fell in love."
A/N: Phew! She's finally here! If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading! This is the most I've ever written. I think I'll go into hibernation until next year, just kidding. Also Sticker and Lemonade Jaehyun made me go the extra mile hehe. I've had this idea since early April and wasn't sure how to write it because there so much in the plot. I thought to myself, let's write a story with all my tropes - enemies to lovers, fwb to lovers, and soulmates au. To top it off, I also thought, instead of fwb lets make it enemies with benefits, and well we got this lol. The confession was inspired by one of my favorite movies '10 Things I Hate About You' and thought it'd be perfect for this fic. For those who have been waiting for this fic, thank you for waiting patiently. It's been a fun and wild ride and I loved writing this fic. I hope you enjoyed reading my work and please leave feedback. <3
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anashins · a month ago
Sleep Well, Princess
Tumblr media
Title: Sleep Well, Princess
Pairing: Jaehyun x You (feat. brother!Taeyong)
Genre: age gap, big brother's best friend au, angst, drama, fluff, romance, slow burn, smut
Warnings: six year age gap, unprotected and kind of public sex (no worries, nothing rated will involve minors!)
Word Count: 12.5k
Summary: When you were six, you developed a crush on your older brother's best friend. When you were thirteen, you fell head over heels in love with him. When you were sixteen, you decided to wait for when the time was right. When you were nineteen, he rejected you.
Tumblr media
The first memory you had of Jeong Jaehyun was that of a warm summer evening when you encountered an unfamiliar boy sitting at your terrace.
You had hurried back home from your friend’s house, eager to make it for dinner on time, but when you had arrived, your entire family was gathered in the garden, eating watermelon with a boy you had never seen before.
“That’s Jaehyun!” your older brother Taeyong had introduced him. “He’s new in town and my classmate!”
Jaehyun had worn the brightest smile, the corners of his lips smeared with leftover watermelon that let his skin glisten with sweet juice. You hadn’t even been able to clearly hear the words he was directing at you, that was how full his mouth was.
When you had sat down next to your twelve-year-old brother on the stairs, munching on your watermelon like everyone else, you were watching this new boy Jaehyun from the corner of your eyes, your pupils wanting to stay fixated on the fruit, but still going astray eventually.
He was as tall and slim as your older brother, wearing similar clothes, having similar haircuts, and even speaking and laughing in a similar manner. If anything, they could pass as brothers.
But for your real brother, as a matter of fact, you didn’t want to look at him for so long. But for your brother, you didn’t want him to look back at you. But for your brother, your cheeks didn’t flush so much in his presence.
“My, my!” Taeyong had laughed. “I think my sister has a crush on you!”
You had smacked him so hard, your fingerprints were still visible on his arm later that night. That was one of the downsides of being so close to a sibling: they could read you like an open book. There was nothing you could hide from them.
You had wanted to disappear right there and then, convinced to currently experiencing the most embarrassing moment of your young life so far. You hadn’t even known Jaehyun for half an hour, yet you were labelled as the annoying little sister probably.
But Jaehyun had only laughed, nothing more. And just like that, the topic had been swept under the rug to never be addressed again.
Most children experienced their first crush at the age of five.
You had been six at that time.
Throughout the years, you had not only watched your brother grow, but Jaehyun as well as they became the bestest of friends.
His height had shot upwards so that he was now even towering your brother by a few inches. He had built muscles that were becoming more apparent through his clothings. His face had gotten more expressive features after maturing in his teenage years.
You had been crushing on your brother’s best friend for as long as you could think of.
And then, he broke your heart.
When You Were 7
“Yongie! Yongie!”
You ran into the living room, the pink tulle rustling with each step of yours as the wand of the same color swung in your hands when you entered through the door and found your brother sitting on the couch, playing a video game on the big TV.
“Yongie! How do you find my dress?”
Your brother shifted around. “A new princess dress? Looks amazing on you, sis!”
“Right?!” You smiled brightly. “I’m a princess!”
The moment you encountered Jaehyun next to him though, you stopped in your tracks and looked at his best friend, frozen.
You hadn’t been aware that he was here, even though on the weekends, he usually always was. Yet, you suddenly felt so foolish and childish in your pink princess gown with the magic wand, imagining yourself to reign in a non-existent country.
Jaehyun was thirteen years old, of course he would only laugh at little girls who played dress up, especially as princesses.
Slowly, your hand that was holding the wand sank to your side along with your head, and all the sparks from your eyes vanished when it dawned on you that it would probably make Jaehyun think of you sillily when he saw this overly childish side of yours.
“How’s your country called, princess?”
You turned keen-eared upon hearing his words. Immediately, your head shot up and you locked gazes with him, his expression only radiating kindness with the soft smile that he was addressing at you.
He had called you princess!
“It’s called ‘Phantasia’!” you announced proudly. “I’m the reigning princess!”
“Well, princess… Where is your crown? A princess usually wears a crown, right?”
“Oh…” You touched your head as though you had placed it there the moment before. “I broke it the last time…”
“No worries. A true princess doesn’t need a crown to make her whole.”
For the rest of the day, you felt like walking on clouds. No one was able to take away what Jaehyun had said to you earlier, and you were even still grinning when your mother read a goodnight story to you later that night.
The weekend after that, Jaehyun was over at your house again.
Taeyong had told you that he was living with his grandfather as his parents were doing business abroad, and whenever possible, the old man needed rest, so Jaehyun spent most of his free time at your house. Your brother didn’t mind, and you were surely the last one to object to this arrangement.
“This is for you, princess.”
You were sitting on the terrace when Jaehyun suddenly appeared in front of you, carrying something in his hand that you weren’t able to clearly see against the sunlight. A moment later, you felt a light pressure on your head.
When your fingers reached up and touched an edgy plastic object on top of your head, you instantly knew what it was without needing to take it off and inspect.
You got so excited, you were sure you were going to burst with bliss.
It was a crown.
“A crown doesn’t make you a princess as you already are one,” Jaehyun explained. “But it’s still nice to have some validation every now and then, right?”
You refused to take off the silver plastic crown with the pink jewels for the next weeks without a single break, even adamant to wear it during bathtime and to sleep until your mother got so sick and tired of it that she took it away and threatened to never give it back to you unless you came back to your senses.
Since then, the crown sat enthroned on top of your drawer so that you had a good look at it from all corners in your room.
It was your biggest treasure.
A month later, Taeyong had his first big party, and of course, all his friends came over, including Jaehyun.
Since his gathering had started during your bedtime, your mother had forbidden you to go downstairs as you should be asleep already, but you were so excited for the event to take place that two hours later, you were still wide awake.
You were listening to the boys’ voices from the ground floor as you peeked through your door and slowly crawled to the very top of the stairs to catch a glimpse at the guests downstairs. But you saw nothing yet, so you sneaked to crouch on the first step.
When you still weren’t able to get even the slightest insight into the happenings, you decided to go down another step in your crouching position, but in the process, you lost your balance so that you suddenly slipped and fell down the rest of the stairs with loud rumbling.
“Ouch!” you let out, feeling all your muscles and bones ache when you finally came to a standstill.
“Taeyong, someone fell down the stairs!”
You were lying on the ground, many pairs of eyes directed at you from above when you opened your lids, but even among all these faces with your head still dizzy, you were able to make out Jaehyun’s features in the corner.
“Let me through, that’s my sister!”
You felt your body getting lifted up and stabilized by the strong arms of your brother.
“Sis, are you okay?” Taeyong was touching your arms, feet, head, and then your upper body. “Thank god, nothing seems to be broken! Are you alright? Is your head okay? We have to make sure that you didn’t get a concussion from the fall! Come with me.”
Your brother carried you in his arms to the couch, the music having come to a pause, and all the gathered boys’ faces were directed at you. The entire situation suddenly got so embarrassing for you, and if your mother would find out, you’d get one hell of a rebuke!
“It’s okay!” you tried to brush it off. “I’m okay!”
You wanted to jump from the couch when a familiar voice suddenly instructed, “Sit still.”
Jaehyun gave Taeyong a frozen pack of pears that your brother then pressed on the back of your head.
“Look at me.”
That was easy. You weren’t able to look at anything or anyone other than Jaehyun anyway. You got lost in his deep, brown eyes that were always so soft but now so serious. He lifted a finger in front of you.
“Follow my motions.”
You nodded and moved your eyes to the right and left, then back, and then to the right and left again as he wanted.
“How many fingers do you see?”
“Three.” Pause. “One.” Pause. “Four.”
“Does something else hurt besides your head on which you have fallen?”
You shook your head. “Only my limbs and back from the fall. But it’s subsiding.”
“She’s all right,” Taeyong then stated. “Thank god.” He put the pack of pears in your hand. “Then I can scold you now! What were you thinking, lurking on the stairs in the middle of the night in the absolute dark?!”
“I wanted to… The kitchen… water... I-” you stuttered, starting to tremble all over as you got so overwhelmed with the entire situation.
“It’s okay,” Jaehyun interrupted him. “It’s late, she just hurt herself… Just leave it be. How about we get you a glass of water and then I’ll bring you back upstairs, okay y/n?”
Like in a trance, you nodded. You couldn’t believe what he had just offered. “Okay.”
“Then continue serving your guests, Taeyong, I’ll be right back.”
You held onto Jaehyun’s warm hand when you followed him up the stairs back into your bedroom. He had never been here before, and suddenly, you wished your room was a bit more tidied up and your plushies wouldn’t be as scattered as usual.
But Jaehyun didn’t seem to mind as he placed the glass of water on your nightstand while you slipped under your blanket.
“Everything okay? Nothing hurts, right?”
You nodded. “I’m alright.”
“Then, I’m glad.”
Relief resonated in his tone, and his eyes only averted for a second, but this single second was long enough for him to notice something at the other side of the room.
“The crown,” he remarked. “It’s there.”
“Of course,” you answered triumphantly. “It’s my biggest treasure!”
“Then take care of it well.” Jaehyun smiled, walked to the door and switched off the lights. “Sleep well, princess.”
“Goodnight, Jaehyun.”
After he had closed the door, you still thought about the events for a long time, even when the voices downstairs vanished one by one. The touch of his hand embracing your fingers remained until the next morning.
You were seven and crushing on Jaehyun.
When You Were 10
You were regularly spending your summer breaks at your grandparents’ house by the seaside, and since Jaehyun couldn’t visit his parents in the US this time as they were too busy with their business, you had decided to tag him along with you.
“Yongie, look!” you called for your brother. “My side is already this big!”
Taeyong sat up and looked over the pile of sand to get a glimpse at your construction. “Beat me, sis!”
“You have to hurry up, we have to finish first before mommy calls us for dinner!”
“Alright, alright,” he gave in with a laugh.
You were sitting there in the sand with your blue swimsuit and a straw hat, wanting to build the biggest sand castle this small seaside town had ever seen. But one person, who had volunteered to help, was still missing, even though he had excused himself quite a while ago already.
“Where is Jaehyun?” you asked your brother and looked around from under your hat. “We can’t get it done without him.”
“I don’t know.” Taeyong shrugged. “You wanna look for him? I have some catching up to do here, huh?”
You arose from your spot and freed your legs and knees from the sand that had gotten stuck on your skin. It was a hot summer evening, and you would have to leave soon, but not without getting this sand castle done, you were very determined.
Walking to the toilets, you waited there for quite a bit, but Jaehyun wasn’t among the people leaving even five minutes later, so you made your way to the stalls where people were selling food, and indeed, Jaehyun stood there by a table. But he was not alone.
From afar, you spotted two girls who were with him, and it was obvious that they were head over heels for Jaehyun.
Somehow, this bugged you very much, your nails digging into the palms of your hands as you clenched them to fists. Jaehyun was only standing there, talking to them, but that was enough to get you sulking, and you didn’t even know why.
Stomping through the sand back to Taeyong, you still weren’t able to get the picture with him and the two girls out of your head.
“Hey sis, look I’m this far al-”
You jumped into the nearly finished sand castle and walked all over the construction.
“Hey! All the hard work is now gone to waste!” Taeyong complained in disbelief.
“I don’t care! I wanna go home!”
“Did something happen?” he asked you gently as you flopped down on the pile of sand and crossed your arms, pulling the straw hat deep into your face.
“Why the sudden mood change then?”
“Whatever. Can we just go home?”
“We have to wait for Jaehyun.”
“No, we can just go without him.”
Taeyong deeply sucked in a rush of air and sat down in the sand right next to you. “I know when something happened and you don’t want to tell me, sis. We’re siblings. We just feel it.”
You wanted to scream from the top of your lungs, not being able to sort these controversial feelings into anywhere as you had never experienced anything like it before.
“We don’t need to wait for Jaehyun as he already has company,” you pressed through gritted teeth.
“Mhm… I see.”
Only the sound of the sea was audible to you as you continued sitting quietly next to each other, counting the sand grains to your feet.
“Jaehyun is a good looking, sixteen year old guy. Nobody can withhold him from talking to girls or girls coming to him in the first place,” your brother then opened the conversation. “You’ve grown up with the two of us, sis. Of course you’d get attached to him too and view everyone else as a threat to your relationship with him. But him talking to other girls besides you is normal, and you gradually have to accept this.”
You continued to sulk, but as his words slowly dawned on you, you started to make sense of these feelings as well.
“Remember when I brought my female friend home one day and you were on our nerves the rest of the time she was there?”
Of course you remembered. You had been jealous that his entire attention was directed at her only, even though usually, he spent his free time with you.
You hadn’t talked to him the entire next day.
“For me, you’ll always be my little sister. Even when I get a girlfriend or will be married one day, you will come first for me.” These words made you smile amongst the chaos within you. “One day, Jaehyun will find someone he loves and wants to spend his life with as well, and this person will be the number one for him - just like you are for me.”
“And why can’t I be that person?”
Taeyong chuckled and his arms wrapped around you for a comforting embrace. “Because you are my person already.”
“And if I want to change that person?”
You laughed out loud together now.
“You wouldn’t want someone to keep us apart as well, right?”
“Of course not!”
Taeyong stopped laughing. “Then you must realize that you can’t act to Jaehyun this way.”
Turning serious again, you inhaled deeply. “I don’t want to be a nuisance to him.”
“You’re not, sis. But if you keep feeling and acting this way, you’re on the verge of being. But don’t worry, you’ll always hold a special place in Jaehyun’s life. I know.”
Somehow, this reassurance from Jaehyun’s best friend calmed you down. In the end, he was the person who knew him the best.
“Hey you two.”
You both looked up, and you had to blink a few times before you recognized Jaehyun in front of you. Speak of the devil.
“I’m sorry that it took me so long,” he apologized. “Some girls wouldn’t let me go, even though this entire time, I was afraid the ice cream would melt. But I still made it on time, I hope.” He held a popsicle right in front of you. “Here, for you.”
“For… me?” you wanted to make sure, and he nodded.
With care, you took the popsicle into your hand.
“What about me?” Taeyong asked.
“Get your own one.”
With sparkling eyes, you stared at the popsicle. The sweet liquid was already dripping on your fingers and on the sand underneath you, but you didn’t mind. Amidst everything, he had brought this to you.
“Thank you,” you said gratefully.
“Of course,” Jaehyun smiled.
When you came out of the bathroom after having showered, you passed by Taeyong’s room where he and Jaehyun were residing during your stay. You wanted to barge in to say goodnight before you went to bed, but stopped when you overheard them talking heatedly.
“What about the girls from before?” your brother asked. “You gonna meet them? They were from Seoul too, right?”
“Of course not. You know I’m not going to date anyone.”
“That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy your youth.”
You heard Jaehyun laugh. “Yeah, not now. Maybe later.”
Somehow, it set your mind at ease. With a fluttering heart, you walked inside the room and told them, “Goodnight, guys!”
“‘Night, sis.”
“Sleep well, princess.”
You were ten and now knew what jealousy meant.
When You Were 13
It was your first time trying to use eyeliner as you stood in the bathroom, painting the black line along your right lid.
“Oh no!” you then exclaimed, having miscalculated the angle again and now in the process of making this line thicker than the one on your left lid. “I’ll never get it right…”
In the end, you considered yourself satisfied with what you had gotten right and put a bit of your mother’s lipstick and blush on. Throwing kisses and posing in front of the mirror, you threw your hair back and forth, inspecting your reflection from every side.
Not flawlessly perfect, you thought, but close to it.
In two inch heels, you walked out of the bathroom with your cutest dress on. From downstairs, you could already hear your brother shouting to your mother across the room that he was taking her car now, so you knew you didn’t have much time left before he’d leave.
“Taeyong!” you called after him, coming down the stairs with rather shaky steps and much slower than you intended. “Taeyong, wait! Can you take me with you and drop me off at Seulgi’s please?”
“Huh? Okay, then hurry up, Jaehyun is on hi-”
He stopped mid-sentence and watched you stop on the ground floor, not having recognized you at first glance.
“What did you do?” Taeyong then yelled, approaching you with hasty steps. “Why do you look like a panda? What’s with these dark eyes? That’s ridiculous!”
He wanted to touch your face, but you slapped his hand away. “That’s eyeliner! Everyone wears that nowadays!” you defended yourself.
“But not a thirteen year old!” he said indignantly. “And that lipstick? Is there a clown parade in the neighborhood I have to know about? Is that why you meet up at Seulgi’s? And what’s with these shoes? You can’t even walk in them! Did you get them from mom? They’re way too big!”
“Of course I can walk in them!” you yelled back at him. “Mind your own business, will you?!”
“You look entirely ridiculous, sis! Go dress yourself properly and wash your face at once! I’m not taking you with me if you look like this!”
“No way!” You stomped with your feet on the ground. “I can dress however I want!”
“Mom!” Taeyong then yelled louder. “Mom, come loo-”
“Knock, knock.”
You both turned around and encountered Jaehyun standing by the open entrance door.
“You didn’t hear me, so I thought I’d just go inside and then I saw you shouting at each other. What’s up even?”
“My sister is up!” Taeyong placed his hand on his forehead as though in exhaustion. “She decided to join the circus today, apparently! Just look at her!”
You felt tears welling up behind your eyes as Jaehyun’s gaze fell upon you. You had only wanted Taeyong to give you a ride, because he and Jaehyun were supposed to go to the sports court to play basketball this evening, and you wanted to take this chance to be close to his friend for a short while.
In a magazine from a classmate, you had read that women usually prettied themselves up before they met with a man they liked, and since your big brother’s best friend was the person you liked, you thought this also applied to you.
In the magazine, you had seen them not only wearing high heels, but also designer dresses and other pretty clothes. Their make up had made them look even more beautiful, and their hair was flowing in long locks over their shoulders.
You thought, for your age and skills, you didn’t look that bad. But in the eyes of 19-year-old boys, you apparently did look like a clown.
Without another word, you turned around and ran up the stairs. Your ankles hurt from all the twisting while walking, but you rather wanted to feel this physical pain instead of the emotional one Taeyong’s further words would make you experience.
You kicked the heels away in front of your bedroom and then disappeared to the inside, throwing yourself onto the bed with your clown face buried into the pillow. Rather than crying, you wanted to scream in anger. Only moments later, sadness kicked in.
You were only a child in these boys’ eyes, so your older brother was probably right. What did you even know? You most likely truly did look like a clown, having made a fool of yourself right in front of Jaehyun’s eyes.
Now, he would never look at you like a woman.
“Go away!” you then shouted as you heard it knock on your door. “I don’t want to talk to you!”
“It’s me.” Pause. “Jaehyun.”
Within a second, you were sitting straight on your bed, your expression lightening up until you realized that he was still your brother’s best friend and probably led a similar way of thinking.
“You don’t have to scold me as well. I know my lesson.”
“I didn’t come to scold you.”
You remained silent for a moment, but then consented, “Come in.”
Thick strands of your hair fell into your face, but you didn’t swipe them away to not have Jaehyun face your panda mien directly. You heard him closing the door behind him, then walking over to your bed.
“You know,” he started as he crouched down in front of you, “there was one thing I never quite understood. And that was how beautiful girls didn’t think they were already beautiful enough.”
You kneaded your fingers in nervousness, his voice clear enough for you to hear, but they didn’t seem to get through your head right away.
“I’ve known you since you were little, y/n. I know how you look when you’ve just woken up, I know how you look when you’re tired, I know how you look when you’re soaked with water… I know all of your faces. And if you don’t want to believe your family, then believe me that you don’t need any makeup to look pretty.”
Your heart jumped a little with each compliment he directed at you. It was the first time that a boy had told you that he found you pretty. And even though you knew Jaehyun only said it to you to appease and simultaneously encourage you, it was enough to force your sadness into a corner.
“But those idols and models in magazines, they also wear makeup and these clothes. Why shouldn’t I also be allowed to feel prettier?” You now had enough courage to look up at him, still reluctant to smile.
“Because…” Jaehyun touched your cheek in a reassuring manner, growing a smile. “You’re still too young to think that you can only go outside when you’re wearing makeup.”
“I won’t think that!”
“Really?” He raised a brow. “Once you start, you will get used to that new face of yours and won’t feel pretty or confident enough naturally. Of course, every woman can wear as much makeup as they want. But I don’t want a young girl like you to think she has to alternate the way she looks already. It feels so wrong.”
From your nightstand, he pulled out tissues from the box and then wiped over your mouth. His gentle gesture was a great contrast to the lightning zapping through your body whenever his fingers closed to your lips, even with the fabric in between.
You stared at him, frozen on the spot, and Jaehyun continued smiling. “If you cannot embrace yourself right now, how will it be later on?”
Letting his words sink in, you had to acknowledge their accuracy. “When can I try then? When I’m older?”
“Well...” He withdrew his hand, the tissue smeared with red color. “When you realize that you don’t need any of it. At all times.”
Not the answer you expected, but you were still content. You helped him wipe over your eyes, turning you into a human again instead of a panda.
“And Taeyong holds the same opinion, trust me,” Jaehyun added when he threw the tissues into the trash can. “He was only shocked to see his little sister so dressed up, like an adult. He just didn’t voice it very well. It’s like that when you have overprotective, big brothers, hm?”
When you followed Jaehyun downstairs, dressed in your usual clothes with no trace of makeup left anymore, Taeyong was already waiting by the stairs, his expression turning from an anxious to a relieved one when he saw you.
“‘’scuse me,” he murmured.
“Me too,” you murmured back to him.
And just like that, like it always was among siblings, the fight was never addressed again.
You rode with Taeyong and Jaehyun to your friend Seulgi, and the smile Jaehyun threw at you when you turned back and waved at them made up for everything that had happened in the past hour.
It was nearly bedtime for you later that night when you sat on the couch in the living room as Taeyong and Jaehyun walked through the entrance door together.
In your pink pajamas, with your hair sticking out to all sides, you probably wouldn’t make it into a fashion magazine. But after Jaehyun’s reassuring words, you weren’t worried about these things anymore as you met his approving gaze when the both of them flopped down to the left and right of yours.
“How was your match?” you asked them.
“I totally destroyed Jaehyun!” Taeyong called him out loudly. “Right?”
“Only by one point,” Jaehyun grumbled.
“In all games!”
You laughed along with them when you heard your mother call you from upstairs to go to bed. You then jumped off from the couch and ran to the stairs.
“Sleep well, princess.”
You were thirteen and Jaehyun the only boy you had eyes for.
When You Were 16
“Where are you going?” Taeyong asked you from the couch, shifting away from the TV and around to you.
You had entered the living room in search of your other high heel, but still didn’t succeed in finding it, and you were already running late. You had dressed yourself in a nice outfit that the shoes would only complete, because tonight was a special occasion.
“On a date,” you deadpanned at your brother, your eyes scanning your left and right.
“Who is it? The guy who’s two years your senior again?”
“Yeah. Can you pick me up from the cinema later?”
He nodded. “Sure. I’ll be there at 11. If you’re not there by then, he’s dead meat.”
You rolled your eyes, but still couldn’t bite down a grin. “Shouldn’t you be studying for your university exams? Isn’t that why you’re spending the time at home? Instead, you’re worried about some high school boy.”
“Trust me, I know how high school boys are, sis, I was one myself,” Taeyong spoke with a serious tone. “Especially the ones in their last year are the worst.”
“Ugh, please, spare me from these stories!” You had seen girls entering and exiting your house more often than you wanted to remember when you had only been eleven. “Just pick me up at 11, okay?”
Taeyong laughed. “Alright, I’ll be there.”
Three hours later, you stood in front of the cinema, waiting for your brother with a sulky expression on your face, the rain mercilessly pouring down at you.
Only minutes later, a black car pulled up on the street in front of you, and you crossed the pavement from the cinema to the vehicle with your hands shielding your face from the rain as you opened the door and hopped inside.
“Thank for coming so qui-”
The one sitting in the driver’s seat was not your brother though.
You didn’t see him as often anymore after he had moved to Daejeon to study. Every now and then, he came to visit his grandfather or Taeyong though, and when they were in the mood, they stepped by at your house, but not as often as before and surely for not as long. You wished it would be different though.
Of course, you got it. They were university students now, not school boys anymore with other obligations and commitments in life while you were fully enjoying your teenage years. Jaehyun’s mind would be occupied with other things than visiting his best friend’s little sister.
Throughout the time, Jaehyun had only stayed that for you: a simple crush from your childhood that you admired from afar. And that hadn’t stopped you from meeting other people.
“What are you doing here?” you asked him, perplexed.
“My grandfather has been feeling unwell lately, so I’m staying with him for the week.”
That must have been a spontaneous decision due to an emergency you assumed, because the last time you had asked about Jaehyun, Taeyong hadn’t mentioned anything about it. Or he had simply forgotten due to the stress from university.
“I’m sorry about your grandfather,” you said. “I’m glad I got to see you at least, though.”
Throughout the veil of dripping leftover rain, a smile was visible on your face and Jaehyun audibly let out a rush of air as he started the car. “Taeyong sent me to pick you up as he quickly had to drop by his dorm and grab some books.”
“Ah okay, so he actually did start studying in the end.” You chuckled.
“I came back from the States only yesterday, so he and I haven’t been able to have a good chat yet. We’ll still be catching up though.”
“Have you visited your parents?” you asked him out of curiosity. “Is their company still doing well?”
“Yeah, kind of visiting and kind of learning from their success. I haven’t seen them for very long periods since studying at KAIST, so I took the opportunity to fly over there. And I have to get back when my grandfather is feeling better, ready to return to university for the final exams.”
“Sounds kind of exhausting, jetting between two countries and attending to your family’s duties. Are you alright?”
His eyes widened for a short moment, and you wondered whether you were the first person to ever ask this genuinely.
“I’m okay.” But feeling uncomfortable with the attention, Jaehyun then shifted it back to you. “What about you? How was your date?”
You replied to him, “One word: awful. I don’t think we’re going to continue dating.”
He furrowed. “But why?”
You were pondering whether you wanted to tell him or not as you were still reluctant to spill the entire story. But you knew how nagging Jaehyun could be, so you spared him the details and mainly delivered the necessary parts of the story which consisted of only,
“He can’t kiss, okay? At least I don’t think that’s how kissing is supposed to feel. And I don’t know whether it’s on me or him, but…” you breathed in deeply. “It’s just not working out. He’s the only boy I’ve ever kissed, so I don’t have a comparison, but whenever I think about kissing him, I just want to run away, because it feels so gross and wrong.”
You closed your eyes shut, not wanting to see his expression, but instead, you heard a very loud laughter.
“So funny, huh,” you asked ironically as you opened your eyes again.
“Oh to be a teenager again,” Jaehyun continued laughing.
You got very worked up over that topic. “What if that’s what kissing is like and I just don’t like it? Or what if I just… can’t kiss?”
The words were falling from your lips like an endless stream, and you only realized now that it was Jaehyun you were directing them at. You got so flustered, you wanted to jump out of the car right there and then.
“Well, y/n,” Jaehyun then began as you sank further into your seat as though it would suck you into a deep, black hole. Thank god you would be home in a few minutes. “I can assure you, kissing is indeed a blissful act, nothing that should gross you out or even feel wrong. And if it doesn’t work quite the way you want the first time around, you can only practice. But trust me, it’s an awesome way to express your feelings.”
“I wouldn’t know,” you conceded.
“Yet,” Jaehyun added. “Sometimes, two people just don’t match. That can happen, but don’t let this experience discourage you. One day, you’ll meet a guy, and everything will fall into place. Then, it will feel right. Then, you will think back about your date just now and laugh.”
“So… it’s okay if I tell him that we don’t make a good couple and end it? Over this topic only?”
“Of course. You definitely should if you feel this way. You don’t want to lead him on, right?”
“No, for sure not.”
As always, Jaehyun managed to encourage and cheer on you. It was just such a shame that he wasn’t around as often anymore.
“Hey Jaehyun…” He pulled up in front of your house. “I still have the crown that you gave me.”
Even in the semi-darkness of the car’s insides, you saw how his face brightened up. “Really? That plastic thing?”
“Exactly that.” As he brought his car to a stop, you unbuckled your seatbelt. “By the way… it’s sad that you’re not around as often anymore.”
“Yeah, I think so too. But I just have-”
“-so much to do,” you ended his sentence, the corner of your lips tilting down. “I know. Taeyong always says that as well when I ask about you.”
Jaehyun’s eyes widened. “You do?”
You chuckled and turned to the door, aiming for the handle. “Almost every time when he comes home for the weekend. I think he gets sick and tired of my questions already, but I can’t help myself. When you have free time next summer, let’s go to the seaside again, okay? Good night then, Jaehyun.”
You waited for him to say his usual goodbye line, but as it didn’t come, you wanted to turn around and check on him. Before you could do so though, he had already wrapped his fingers around your wrist and pulled you back into your seat.
Rendered silent, you didn’t know what was happening around you as Jaehyun’s face suddenly hovered over yours, his gaze casting a spell over you, and you couldn’t look away anymore. Your heart was jumping irregularly against your chest, and you feared that he might hear how loud it was as blood rushed to your ears at the same time.
One of his hands found its way onto your cheek and rested there for a moment, letting you relish the warmth as his face drew closer to yours. You had kissed someone only an hour prior, yet you didn’t feel any pang of conscience as you became aware of what this situation implied if you continued.
But you didn’t stop and closed your eyes instead.
For all the time that Jaehyun was gone, you had thought your feelings constantly vanished little by little until they had entirely vanished, brushing them off as a light crush. But the truth was that they had been kept in control on a lukewarm blaze only, ready to inflame again when you were conscious enough to accept their meaning.
And your feelings were very much set aflame when his lips brushed over yours before he leaned in further and captured them fully, deepening the kiss. Parting your mouth in a gentle manner, you let him pass through with his tongue, your fingers searching for support by gripping onto his shirt.
This wasn’t like kissing the guy from before. This felt sweet, endearing and simply… right.
Jaehyun had told you the truth about kissing. It was a heartfelt act that made it possible to convey feelings that couldn’t or didn’t want to be expressed in another way.
The kiss slowed down only after minutes when you were sure that you would run out of breath soon as you still didn’t know how to align your breathing rhythm with the motions. You hoped he hadn’t minded.
“Sleep well, princess,” was what Jaehyun then said after he had pulled away.
You then stood there, in front of your house, totally flabbergasted, the warmth of his lips against yours still present as you touched that exact spot, realizing something very important in your life now. With idle steps, you made your way into the house, trying to sort out your thoughts.
You didn’t want that senior from school. Or another guy. And the reason it hadn’t worked out with him or wouldn’t with anyone else was because your heart would never fully be with them.
It had always only been with Jaehyun.
When Taeyong entered the house an hour later, you hadn’t moved from your spot at the kitchen table where you had taken a seat, staring into space. Your brother was only a shadow in the background you barely perceived as you had a hard time coming to a conclusion with your thoughts.
“How was it, sis? Do I have to beat that guy up?” he asked you.
“No,” you answered absent-mindedly. “It was nice, but I’m still going to stop seeing him, though.”
“Well, okay. Sucks for him, I guess.” Taeyong shrugged. “Whatever makes you happy makes me happy as well. You’ll eventually find the right one, I’m sure about that. You’re still so young.”
With these words, he pulled you out of your thoughts, and you wanted to know further, “Do you mean it, Yongie? From sibling to sibling?”
“That you’ll eventually find the right one?”
“Whatever makes you happy makes me happy, I mean.”
“Of course.” He nodded at you encouragingly.
If this was the case, then he wouldn’t mind your feelings for Jaehyun. Why should he even? Jaehyun was his best friend. If there was someone he would surely approve of, then it would be Jaehyun, out of all people.
This. This was it.
You wanted to wait then.
For you to grow more mature and attain your majority. When you were ready, you wanted to pursue a relationship with him. You were just afraid that Jaehyun couldn’t wait for just as long. But you wanted to give it your best.
Your light crush on your brother’s best friend was long gone.
You were head over heels in love with him now.
When You Were 19
“Now, a picture with your brother!”
You got closer to Taeyong who then put an arm on your waist, holding one of your flower bouquets while you were being kept occupied with the other ones. Yet, you were still smiling and holding up a peace-sign into your parents’ camera.
“I’m so proud of you, sis!” He hugged you for the nth time that morning.
“Ah, come on, Yongie! You just had your graduation ceremony as well, don’t discredit your own success!”
“Only because I enlisted in the meantime, so it’s nothing special in comparison to you graduating from high school. And then, you’re going to study at Ewha!”
Ewha Womans University. You had been dreaming of getting in ever since you were very young, having worked hard throughout the past years to pass the entrance exams. At last, academically, everything had worked out for you.
“Congratulations from me as well.”
That voice… You turned around just to meet a face you hadn’t seen in more than two years.
The moment you spotted him, your heart started to pound faster and hotness shot into your cheeks.
“I invited him, sis!” your brother clarified. “He was in town and couldn’t miss your graduation, right?”
Jaehyun’s grandfather had died before he decided to enlist right after graduating from university. You hadn’t known that he was back in town, but now he stood here in front of you again, having changed so much and not at all at the same time.
He had matured outwardly in the years you hadn’t seen each other.
When people grew up side by side, such a process naturally passed by them, but since you had been apart with no contact, he seemed like an entirely new person to you now, not the boy in his early twenties you had last seen.
He was a 25-year-old young man now, but still the very same person you were in love with.
As for you, you had grown up as well. You had not only mastered the art of makeup, but gotten your driver’s license and would soon move out to start living in a dorm when university started. Yes, you had also dated in the meantime, but none of the guys came close to the one you had been waiting for.
Jaehyun hugged you tightly, and you were sure that he must have felt your heavy heartbeat against his chest when he pressed you close to his firm physique.
“Ah, give me the flowers,” Taeyong then offered to you. “She can’t carry more. Here, hold Jaehyun’s instead. Wait here, I’ll bring them to the car. Where are our parents again? Man…”
Your brother disappeared the next moment, leaving you two all by yourself. The surroundings radiated a hectic atmosphere with all the students and family members running up and down, taking photos and talking, yet to you, it felt like you and Jaehyun were in your own world.
“What brings you to Seoul?” you asked him with a smile. “Not my graduation only, I assume.”
“That too, though.”
You raised a brow. “What else?”
Jaehyun’s parents were running a successful company in the States, but Jaehyun himself had never really been involved in it. They had rarely come to visit here, he had only stayed with his grandfather in Korea.
“A goodbye.”
He had only stayed in Korea for his grandfather…
“A… goodbye?”
But his grandfather was now dead.
“I’ve graduated from a prestigious university, my enlistment period is over, I have no one to take care of here anymore… it’s time for me to move on and follow in my parents’ footsteps like they wanted. My time in Korea is up now.”
You bit into your bottom lip, shaking your head, still desillusional to the truth. “But this is Korea, Jaehyun. You have always been here. Why would you go to the States?”
“Because this is why I’ve come here in the first place. First, my grandfather had to take care of me when I was only a child so that I could graduate from school. Then, I had to take care of him while working towards my graduation from a university. Now that I’ve achieved everything my parents had wanted me to, I can follow them to the States.”
“But… that doesn’t make any sense. You belong here, Jaehyun.”
Jaehyun was struggling with non-emotional explanations too, you saw it. “I feel so too. I haven’t felt so at home at any other place. Only at your house. You were my family when I had barely one.”
“Then why do you go away? Stay here, simple as that.” You just couldn’t wrap your head around it.
“Sometimes, it’s not that simple.” He tilted his head as though he was pondering whether to say something he was still holding back or not. “Actually, I was supposed to leave after high school to study in the States already. But since I’ve gotten into KAIST, they let me stay. You know why I desperately wanted to stay here and applied to that university?”
You shook your head.
“Because I didn’t want to leave you behind.”
With your mouth agape, you didn’t know what to respond to him as simultaneously, you felt your heart sink. There was nothing to be happy about, so you calmed down your excitement over his confession. This scene wouldn’t close with a happy end.
“You were only six when we got introduced to each other. I’ve seen you grow throughout the years, yet for me, you’ve always stayed that six year old girl who came running towards her older brother and stopped in her tracks, because she spotted an unfamiliar person. I wanted to protect that little girl forever.”
His flower bouquet was rustling in your hands. That sound seemed very near, but Jaehyun’s voice was miles away. Was it because you didn’t want to listen to his continuing words?
“You’re scared of the dark, you stumble very often, you nearly cry when you get startled, you can’t watch horror movies and you still eat watermelon like a little child. How could I leave this innocent, precious girl behind?”
“Is this how you see me?” you asked through pressed lips. “As a little girl? Because I’m not one anymore.”
“Of course you’re not a little girl anymore. But you’ll always stay your brother’s little sister for me.”
Jaehyun disappeared behind strands of your hair that the breeze had gotten loose from your bun, and your gaze now dropped to the flowers in your hands.
Of course. In your high school uniform, you couldn’t possibly be the right match for someone who had already graduated from university and would now move to the other side of the world to co-lead a company.
Years of waiting went down the drain just like that.
“Back then… have I also only been Taeyong's little sister to you?”
You didn’t even need to give further hints. He knew exactly what you meant. In his eyes, you saw how much he struggled with himself right now. No, you weren’t wrong. Back then, he had expressed his feelings for you as well. You hadn’t been the only one.
You weren’t just his best friend’s little sister.
“I don’t know what’s gotten into my mind back then,” Jaehyun tried to backpedal. “I shouldn’t have done that. I mean… A sixteen year old girl?”
“What about it?” you pressed the topic. “It would have been controversial when I was thirteen and you were nineteen. It would have been controversial when I was fifteen and you were twenty-one. But now? Nobody cares whether it’s nineteen and twenty-five or twenty-two and twenty-eight. Thirty and thirty-six? Nobody cares two hoots about it! I’m a grown up, young woman now. Please view me as one as well!”
As he didn’t answer, you felt tears burning around the rims of your eyes. Jaehyun lifted his hand to comfort you, but retracted it at the last moment.
“You can’t, right?” was your conclusion. “Even if you wanted to, you can’t. I will always be your best friend’s little sister in your eyes, right? The one who came running at you in her princess gown which you completed with a plastic crown, who fell down the stairs and had to be accompanied by you back to her room. The little girl who sulked at the beach and only got happier when you gifted her a popsicle, who you helped clean off her first makeup attempt. Who you… made so happy, showing what it was like to be kissed in a heartfelt way.”
“Y/n, I…”
“I get it, Jaehyun. You don’t have to vindicate yourself.” Your lips formed a thin line, almost hurting, and you tried to stay strong, swallowing down all the tears. “For me, you’re my big brother’s best friend who I had a crush on when I was only a little child. But you are also the person I fell in love with when I was a teenager and who I want to be with now that I’m all grown up. But you cannot seem to move on from the stigma I have in your eyes. And as long as you cannot do this, I’ll always stay your best friend’s little sister.”
The day you graduated from high school was also the day you got your heart broken.
“I wish you all the best for your new life in the States.”
Yet, as you walked away from Jaehyun, you held your head up high, proudly crossing the schoolyard, greeting and bidding farewell to everyone who addressed you. You couldn’t even remember their faces anymore as only one was on your mind.
Taeyong and your parents were waiting by the car when you arrived, and you pretended that everything was fine when they asked where Jaehyun was.
“He didn’t want to come with us,” you lied.
You had asked him to stay away, and he obeyed.
Taeyong’s gaze rested on you the entire way home while yours was absent-mindedly directed at the side window. Your heart was bleeding, but you kept it together from the outside.
But a sibling’s eyes were able to see more than others’ eyes.
“Sis,” your brother then began, “there is something I need to tell you.”
When You Were 21
You watched your sister-in-law in her white gown where she was sitting at the table, beaming at your older brother. The DJ was playing a romantic and well-known song in the background while the MC aimed for the center of the improvised dance floor to incite the guests to dance.
A mild, salty breeze was blowing through the festive tent under which you were sitting, your bare feet buried in the sand under your table. Your fingers closed around the champagne glass in front of you, and you led it to your mouth, downing it all at once.
“Enjoying the reception?” Taeyong was by your side the next moment, taking the seat next to you.
“Yeah, absolutely,” you assured him honestly.
You hadn’t been to your grandparents’ house these past years, but now, you had all gathered here in this small town again to celebrate your big brother’s wedding. Your entire family from all across the country had arrived along with Taeyong’s friends from all the different phases in his life so far.
“Even though Jaehyun is here?”
You cringed at his words, your eyes, that had tried to avoid that specific direction, rolling to the exact person that had just been mentioned. He was sitting at the table across the hall from you, chatting with his friends from school. Then, your eyes returned to your brother’s now wife.
“If she hurts you, I’m going to hurt her as well.”
“I can understand now even better why you didn’t want him to hurt me, Yongie.” You tilted your head to the side, smiling at Taeyong from that angle. “He had to leave sooner or later to go live somewhere else and thus breaking my heart.”
“He didn’t want to date anyone while he was here, and trust me, almost every girl at our school tried to shoot her shot.”
You snickered. “I know.”
“When I told him that he would never be allowed to hurt my sister, he took it very seriously. I’m sorry that I haven’t seen it coming that he hurt you by doing exactly that.”
“Yongie.” You paused. “We’ve talked about that topic so many times already. And I can tell again: stop blaming yourself. You did nothing wrong. You didn’t tell him to raise my hopes up and then dump me. You only told him to spare me from any kind of pain. That he hurt me eventually is only his fault.”
“I wish that I would have been able to spare you from this pain as well as your older sibling.”
You shrugged. “That’s part of growing up, huh? Even you can’t spare me from falling in love with someone and experiencing heartbreak. The heartbreaks after that weren’t that severe.”
“So it’s truly over between you and that guy?” your brother asked. “Is that why you’ve come without a plus one?”
“Yeah. When he scheduled a viewing with the realtor for us to move in together next year, I figured that wasn’t what I wanted.”
“What is it that you want then, sis?”
Your eyes looked over to Taeyong’s bride, then shifted back to him. “Exactly what you have.”
You halted the conversation and sat by side in silence for a while, watching the MC and other guests playing games.
“Jaehyun is staying in Korea now,” Taeyong pulled you out of your thoughts again. “His parents will open a branch here and he’s going to lead it.”
You didn’t know what to say. At first, you didn’t feel anything. Then, you felt everything at once. Anger, sadness, despair, but also happiness and excitement. You were in such an intense emotional turmoil, your brother’s statement having suddenly shaken your entire world in which you had settled with the thought of not having Jaehyun even on the same continent as you.
“Excuse me, Yongie.” You arose from your seat, suddenly getting suffocated by the heavy atmosphere, even though you were partially outside at a beach. “I need some fresh air.”
And you straight up walked out of the tent.
Five minutes later, you were standing by the shore, having your eyes closed and listening to the background noise of the reception that took place behind you. The water touched your toes with every next wave, forming a great contrast to that stifling feeling from earlier. The sound of music and faded conversations that came from the location behind you blended in well with the sound of the ocean by night with no one around but you.
Your ears then eavesdropped footsteps approaching in your direction though, disrupting the peaceful quietness, but you didn’t turn around to make out the person. You already knew who it was. And this time, you were ready to breathe again.
“Why didn’t you tell me the truth?” you asked Jaehyun, opening your eyes. “Three years ago, when we last saw each other… why didn’t you tell me that you’ve promised my brother to never hurt me and thus rejected me?”
“Because, at that point, I already did,” he responded to you, the sand giving in under his bare feet. “I saw in your eyes how much pain I made you feel after getting your hopes up with that kiss and then not being able to act on my true feelings because of my obligations. I have only promised him one thing. And even that, I haven’t been able to keep. The person he trusted the most eventually hurt the person he loved the most. It’s been haunting me ever since, because if I hadn’t kissed you, things might have played out differently.”
“I would have understood,” you asserted as he suddenly stood next to you, facing the ocean as well. “That your stay in this country was only temporary, and that Taeyong only didn’t want you to develop feelings and act on them, because you’d eventually have to leave.”
“Even if, would that have stopped you from developing feelings for me after what happened between us? I was supposed to be the mature one. Yet, in the end, it was me acting like a child, led by feelings.”
You tilted your head to the side. “In the end, it was never about me being your best friend’s little sister, but sparing me from a heartache, am I right?”
“Your brother said that no one should ever hurt you. Not even me.”
You stretched yourself, raising your arms in the air. “We would have made it work somehow.”
“I know how much you love your family and this country. Ever since you were a little child, you never wanted to go anywhere else. I couldn’t be the one partially forcing you to live in another country.”
“And now?” you asked, inhaling deeply.
“I’m back now. And I’m going to stay as my parents opened their asian branch here and want me to lead it.”
You ignored your faster heart rate. “I’m another person now, Jaehyun.”
“I’ve embraced every person you have evolved yourself into ever since we’ve known each other. And I gradually fell in love with every single one of them. When you were a child, I wanted to protect you from everything evil. When you turned into a teenager, I suppressed every slight urge to kiss you on the spot. When you have become that beautiful young woman, I had to withhold myself to confess my undying love for you. I switched from wanting to be your protector to wanting to be your lover as well.”
You blinked away your tears. “For… so long already?” you whispered. “You’ve been having feelings for me for so long?”
“I haven’t seen you as my best friend’s little sister for many years already.” His voice was soft, tempting.
You swallowed, hard. “I didn’t sit around, waiting for you, Jaehyun. I’ve built my own life, I’m independent now.”
“Of course,” he agreed, seemingly more to himself. “I wasn’t expecting that. I just thought that… you might still be interested in pursuing a relationship with me on the off chance. But if you don’t feel this way anymore, then I can understand.”
Jaehyun waited around for a few more moments, but without hearing you utter another word, he assumed the answer was clear, so he intended to head back. With the sand scrunching under his feet, he slowly walked away from you.
It didn’t take you much longer to turn around to him and reveal, “I was supposed to move in with my boyfriend next year after university.” He didn’t stop distancing himself from you yet though. “But I broke up with him right before I got here.”
Then, Jaehyun finally came to a halt, and you approached him slowly from behind. “You did?”
“But not because of you, Jaehyun,” you made clear to him. “I deeply loved him, I truly did. And I was only able to come that far, because I’ve gotten over you. I’ve moved on from you. But in the end, he wasn’t what I exactly wanted.”
“And what is it that you now want?”
Still facing his back, you answered confidently, “A life independent from someone else. Even from my brother. I’ve grown up with you both constantly by my side. Only throughout the past years, I’m slowly learning who I truly am, and I’m still in the process of doing so. My life’s been great, and I would love to continue living like this.”
You saw him bobbing his head. “I understand.”
“...with you by my side.”
Jaehyun faltered. “W… what?”
“If we had gotten together back then, I would have spent my youth shaping my future around you. But like this, I was able to live the life I really wanted to find out who I am and what I wanted. And even though I truly wanted to be with someone else… I know that a little six-year-old girl would be hella at me if I don’t pursue what she had always wanted. Because the truth is, Jaehyun, in every childhood, there’s someone we can’t forget. I always told myself to never wait around that long though.” You wiped away a tear from your cheek. “But you came back.”
“But I came back,” he repeated and slowly turned around to you. “And this time, I intend to stay.”
“For how long?” you asked, drying your cheeks with the back of your hands.
“I hope…” He paused, enclosing your face with his warm palms, “This time, I can stay forever.”
You overlooked the scenery that unfolded in front of your sight. From the tent at the beach, you still heard faint voices and music playing, yet you had decided to return to your grandparents’ house already after having talked to Jaehyun, now having gotten up in the middle of the night to still enjoy the silence of the sea before the whole world would wake up.
Not too long anymore, and the sun would start rising. You tied the blanket tighter around your naked body, your shoulders still exposed to the breeze that grazed along your skin, causing you goosebumps. Leaning over the balustrade, you closed your eyes and inhaled the salty air, a peaceful smile on your lips.
You shuddered when you suddenly felt a warm touch on that spot of your skin that seemed cold to you. A very welcoming contrast.
“Cannot sleep?” Jaehyun asked you as he pressed himself against you from behind, taking you in his arms and sharing his warmth.
You shook your head. “I’m still… so excited. Happy. How are you supposed to find sleep when there is just so much going on inside you?”
He rested his chin on your shoulder, tickling you. “I feel the same.”
“I remember… when I was ten, we spent a summer here together. And I found you with other girls while searching for you. That was when I first experienced jealousy. But then, you came back with a popsicle only for me.”
Jaehyun chuckled. “Unknowingly, you were the only girl in my life for a very long time. When it first crossed my mind that my feelings may exceed those of brotherly love, I found you standing in the rain after a failed date.”
“I was sixteen at that time, and after our first kiss, there hadn’t been anyone else except for you. I wanted to wait until I was ready for you.”
“I’m sorry that I have made you wait for so long.” He truly sounded regretful, but you knew already as you had spent the majority of the night talking about the past among… finally taking your relationship to another, physical level. “I must confess something though,” Jaehyun then broke it down to you. “When I was in the US, I was engaged.”
“Oh.” Your whole body froze up, but you weren’t surprised at all. He was attractive, intelligent and successful. Every woman would want someone like Jaehyun. “Why did you break it off?”
“Because... “ He placed another kiss on your naked body, this time on the side of your neck. “There was only one little girl I promised to marry. And she was living on the other side of the world.”
“Me?” you asked, confused. “You promised to marry me?”
“Silly. You totally forgot, hm? You were six and I was twelve when you asked for my hand in marriage. I was so shocked, I didn’t quite know what to respond! But from that moment on, I promised to you and myself that I would protect you forever.”
You counted yourself lucky for the fact that the night sky concealed the embarrassment showing on your cheeks. There were many fond memories you had been holding of Jaehyun, but you were also aware that many other ones were missing. For example your proposal.
“Look who’s getting all shy!”
“I was six, I probably didn’t know what that meant!”
“You knew very well.” Jaehyun grabbed you by your upper arms and moved you around to face him. Even now, under the dim moonlight, you still couldn’t believe that he was finally here. And yours. “The question is, y/n, whether you’re aware that you cannot take a proposal back.”
“Well…” You gulped before taking that step. “Are you aware that you cannot take your answer back as well?”
“Very well,” he agreed.
Bending down, Jaehyun placed his lips on yours for the nth time that night, and as your kiss deepened and his arms wrapped around your still covered waist, you knew that you probably wouldn’t get too much sleep anymore until it was time for the family brunch the next morning.
You felt his fingers crawling up between your thighs, parting the thin blanket around your legs. The cool breeze swirled strands of your hair up into the air as you rested your forehead on Jaehyun’s shoulder, his fingers working upwards until he reached your core that then started to throb against his palm.
“H...here?” you asked him between breaths and spread yourself further for him.
“Mhmm,” Jaehyun hummed, his hot breath hitting your earlobe as he turned his head to you. “No one can see us and the view is splendid.”
“So you’re that kind of a guy, hm?”
Having slept with Jaehyun for the first time earlier that night was kind of… awkward for not only you, but him as well. You had been friends for the majority of your childhood, so shaking off the sisterly admiration as well as crossing the inhibition level had turned out to be a big step to take that you both had underestimated.
There had been a lot of “uhm”s and “eeeh”s, a lot of surreptitious glances, and a lot of sexual advances that had failed and needed to be repeated, but also a lot of loving words to overcome these inhibitions and just let go. You weren’t a virgin anymore and he wasn't either, it was all just in your head.
The Jaehyun that still lived in your memories was the Jaehyun from your childhood and teenage years. The Jaehyun here with you now was the one you hadn’t seen nor interacted with for years, a grown up man who offered himself to be your romantic partner in life, not a sibling-like acquaintance anymore.
And once your mind had realized that as well, you found yourself under him, enjoying his stroking game that was just top notch.
You mewled quietly when he slowly but deliberately pushed two fingers into you, and your hands reached for the balustrade behind you for support. No, he definitely wasn’t someone you looked at like a sibling anymore. He had been able to prove to you that he was way more than that within the past hours only.
Your breaths came in hitches as Jaehyun worked with his fingers inside of you, pumping in and out at a rhythmic pace. With your legs shaking, you had a hard time continuing standing steadily, afraid your knees would give in at any moment.
The blanket that had kept your bare body hidden from the moonlight and warm from the cool sea breeze then slipped over your arms, passed by your waist, and finally dropped to your feet. Jaehyun himself was still only in his boxers, so it was an easy job for you to hook your fingers into the waistband and pull the underwear down so that he was exposed in front of you as well.
Supporting your elbows on the parapet, you arched your spine and threw your head back as Jaehyun started to rub his full palm over your folds, giving your clit just the right amount of friction with each stroke to swell against his hand.
He brushed with his lips over the side of your neck until he found the right spot and started to nibble on it. You moaned quietly as he stimulated you in two places simultaneously, and for the break of a second, as you suddenly realized that you were here on the balcony, exposed to the very wide world, you froze up. But then again, as his teeth buried themselves into your side, you forgot all of your worries and relished the act.
You bucked your hips against Jaehyun’s flat hand, close to your release already, when he let go of you and made you turn around to face him with your back. The untouched steel from the balustrade felt cold against your ribs as you let out a gasp after having Jaehyun smack your bum, the sound echoing throughout the calm night.
Your fingers wrapped tightly round the metal as you bent over backwards and had him spread your cheeks. With knuckles turning white and front teeth sinking into your bottom lip, you let him enter from behind with no problems as you were already so wet.
Jaehyun was pressed hard against your back as you shuffled to find the right posture for him. Shortly later, you had your arms finding support in a crossing position on the railing with your chin resting on them, your back forming a nearly straight line where it ended with your bum getting connected to Jaehyun.
His fingers submerged into the flesh around your thighs, and you had to bite down a scream when he plunged deep into you for the first time. Where your sight was directed at the nighttime scenery in front of you, you had it now dropped as you took every stroke of him with delight, protruding your bottom even higher as it felt more intense to you this way.
Slapping sounds mixed with your moans chimed throughout the night, possibly loud enough for your neighbors to not miss what was exactly going on on your balcony. You rigidly held your body against his, giving in with every slam that came down, but also bouncing back to position whenever he withdrew.
Only Jaehyun changed your position when he brought your bodies together to a more intimate standing position and held you against the balustrade, one of his hands rubbing against your clit, the other massaging your breasts while he was sucking on your neck at the same time all while still moving inside of you.
You had no idea how he was doing that, but thinking back, Jaehyun had always been good at multitasking, you remembered. And as you were standing there on the balcony, getting penetrated and stimulated on so many levels, emotionally and physically, you were sure you could faint right there on the spot.
But instead, you came all over him, inside and outside, silently and vocally. Your hand grabbed the back of his head, the other searching for the rail to have something that supported you in case you’d truly faint.
Jaehyun was holding you throughout all your small and big waves of highs, holding you closely when you shuddered and mewled in his arms, almost forgetting to enjoy his own release that followed right after yours, and you supported him just as much as he had supported you.
Shortly later, when you were all cleaned and cuddled up in the bed again, you confessed something to him.
“Actually,” you started, lying on your side and facing Jaehyun. “I still have the crown that you gave me.”
“No way!” he exclaimed and pulled the blanket over the both of you. “That old plastic thing?”
“As I said,” you continued, right before well earned sleep finally got the better of you, “it’s my biggest treasure.”
You still felt the softness of his lips on your forehead before passing out.
“Sleep well, princess.”
When You Were 6
“And then, he just called me ‘granny’! Only because of the bun my mom made me this morning!” you sobbed into your hands, sitting on the terrace. “Now, all the boys in my class call me like this and they won’t stop! I will never wear a bun to preschool again!”
You reached with one hand into your hair, fiddling with the elastic that held your strands together on the very top of your head. You had wanted to complain to your older brother, but he wasn’t home yet, and instead, you had found his new friend in your garden, opening up to him now.
“Leave it!” Jaehyun told you and seated himself next to you. “I find that bun suits you. It’s cute on a little girl like you.”
Through a teary vision, you made eye contact with him. “You… think so?”
Jaehyun nodded euphorically. “Don’t listen to boys your age. They can be very silly at times.”
You looked up to him with big eyes. “Jaehyun!”
“Hm?” He smiled.
“Later on, I don’t want to marry such guys!” you blurted out clearly. “I want to marry you! Because you’re not as mean as them. You’re kind.”
With slightly opened lips, he stiffened. But not for long though. His smile broke through a second later again, his features solemn and soft.
“Look!” Jaehyun arose, took you by your hand and helped you up. “Right now, you’re still a little girl. So grow up fast, okay? Then we can marry.”
You pumped your fist in the air, sealing a deal that seemed so uncoerced and comfortable to you at that moment, of which impact you weren’t fully aware of yet though, and which you would forget in a few years from now on.
But Jaehyun…
… he had always remembered.
Although at the moment of the promise, Jaehyun hadn’t taken it seriously. He had thought that you were only speaking from the top of your head, aiming for a little girl’s fantasy who grew up with an overprotective older brother. He had hoped you’d dismiss it from your mind when time flew by.
And you actually did.
Whereas Jaehyun was the one who had never been able to forget.
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kookskiii · 12 days ago
mine? | jung jaehyun
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: scared of rejection you never told jaehyun how you felt, accepting the fact that you’d just stay friends with benefits forever, that’s until things suddenly change
warnings: smut (nsfw), fluff, angsty, creampie (stay safe kids), fingering, abuse of the word baby, talk of sex with others, jealousy kinda, he spits in her mouth once, pussy eating, pretty much softdom!jae (spoiler: happy ending)
pairing: fwb!jaehyun x reader
wordcount: 6k
mark, haechan and jaehyun were having a boys night, just hanging out together in jaehyuns dorm since he had just came back from a four week long study abroad, not having seen each other in a longer while. they were talking, laughing and drinking when suddenly the topic of girls and dating came up.
“did you meet any cute girls? what about that suri girl you told us about?” haechan asked with wiggling eyebrows, jaehyun dismissingly shaking his head “nah, she was nice and okay to hang with, but really not my type”
haechan chuckled knowingly “then what is your type?” jaehyun only rolled his eyes, glaring at the younger boys as mark had started to snicker too. “no honestly tho” mark started “i seriously don’t get why you still haven’t told her how you feel about her, like you’ve been sleeping around for what, two years now?” haechan agreed “there’s literally nothing to loose” “actually there is” jaehyun argued “if she rejects me i’ll first off loose the only way i can cum and more importantly i’ll loose one of the closest friends i have”
“you cant cum when you're with someone else? sheesh you're in deep bro" haechan snorted, the others holding back their laugh as jaehyun sighed cause he didn't plan on letting that slip, johnny was the only one who knew that. "it's not like i cant cum, it's just that i have to think of her or i won't finish. she's just diffrent, i don't know how to explain it but it just feels so- ugh, i wish you'd know" jaehyun grew frustrated with his own words”
“oh i know” mark said without much thought “once you sleep with her you really can’t forget about her, it’s crazy”
“oh i know” mark said without much thought “once you sleep with her you really can’t forget about her, it’s crazy”
haechan choked on his beer and mark furrowed his eyes at the younger who was looking at im with wide open eyes “what-“ “you had sex with y/n?” jaehyuns voice interrupted mark and that was when he realised what he had done “oh fuck-“
“okayyyyyyy, i’m really tired, it was nice hanging out with you guys bye” haechan was quick in getting up and leaving jaehyuns apartment, not wanting to be apparat of the argument that was going to happen, also spearing no eye to mark who was helplessly looking around the room to avoid jaehyuns eyes.
“you really had sex with y/n?” mark gulped “we were just hanging out one night and then we somehow talked about our sex life’s and-“ “just say yes or no mark” jaehyun demanded, mark almost quivering in fear as he answered. “yes i did have sex with her”
“seriously?” guilt hit mark like a truck when jaehyun sighed out “you know how i feel about her mark”
“i know, i’m sorry jae. i can assure you tho we’re just best friends, really, it was just in the heat of the moment because both of us hadn’t gotten laid in a longer while, there really are no feelings.
“and also, i’m sorry but it wasn’t like you were gonna confess soon or something” mark said, defending himself “you were gone for a while and she told me you were still not talking to her so i honestly think you don’t really have a right to be mad. like i get it i simply shouldn’t have done it out of respect for you and because we’re friends, but you should think about how she felt the whole time while you were ignoring her” mark sighed “and not trynna point fingers or anything but i’m not the only one of our friends she slept with while you were gone”
“who else did she sleep with?” nausea hit jaehyun suddenly, the thought of you having sex with his friends just because he wasn’t talking to you and while you were probably feeling used the whole time broke him. “that doesn’t matter right now and it’s also not my right to tell you” mark stated “when was the last time you talked to her jaehyun?”
jaehyun stayed silent for a few seconds before closing his eyes and rubbing his tempels “i don’t know” “then what the hell are you eating for dude? she lives literally on the other side of this building! go and talk to her!” mark almost yelled at his friend, not believing the older one could be so helpless.
jaehyun nodded with a sigh, leaving the apartment with mark and making his own way down the hallways to your apartment.
it wasn’t like jaehyun wanted to ignore you on purpose, well yes on purpose but he didn’t intend on hurting you while doing so. he’s been in love with you for quite a long time. it had started as a little crush about two months after you had first started sleeping with each other. you were basically friends with benefits, you’d fuck often but also hang out a lot, you knew almost everything about each other.
after almost a year of sleeping around jaehyun came to the realisation that it wasn’t just a little crush that he had on you due to fucking; he was in love with you not just crushing on you.
he realised it when he was watching you with a soft smile while you were doing the simplest things; was it either laughing, doing your make up, reading, sleeping, heck even eating. he realised it when his heart beat faster everytime you held his hand when you were nervous, he realised it when he felt jealous everytime he saw you holding jaemins hand even if it was just for a few seconds. he realised it when being with other girls didn’t turn him on anymore, when he had to imagine you were the one moaning his name. he realised he was in love with you when you were sleeping naked, skin to skin in his arms after you had sex for the last time before he stopped talking to you; instead of sleeping he had watched you sleep with a soft smile on his lips, caressing your skin lovingly as you were slightly snoring to yourself. you had always looked so pretty afterwards.
that had been the last time you and jaehyun had slept together, and talked. the next morning you woke up alone in jaehyuns bed. you didn’t think much of it, but then he started to distance himself from you. you blamed stress on it, and then he went to his study abroad, not once contacting you nor saying goodbye before leaving. you had no idea what was going on, and now that he was back you sometimes saw him at the mall but he didn’t acknowledge you or when passing each other in the hallways he pretended to be busy with something else, always looking for a reason to not talk to you.
he distanced himself because it scared him that he was in love with you.
“if this goes wrong” he muttered to himself as he stood in front of your door, his heart racing like crazy which made him even more anxious. why was he scared to talk to you? you’ve seen all of him, felt all of him in any way possible and knew everything about him. he knew everything about you too, he knew you and your body like no one else did, so why was he so scared now?
his body reacted before his mind did, knocking on your door and now there was no going back. he regretted it as soon as you opened the door and looked at him with big doe eyes. “jaehyun?” you asked a little irritated, guilt rushing over him as you were shocked he had come to talk to you. it really has been so long since you’ve even talked to each other.
“hi” he breathed out, giving you somehow of a half smile and his heart skipped a beat as you smiled at him “hi” you opened the door further, allowing him to step in “come in”
he watched as you walked into your room, him following you with ease as he knew the way perfectly. “were you busy?” he asked, and you shook your head with a soft smile, arriving in your bedroom and jaehyun couldn’t help but smile a little too as he saw what you must’ve been doing before he knocked.
polaroids we’re scattered all over your floor, a few sticking on the wall and cigarettes after sex playing in the background.
“i was about to stick the polaroids on my wall” you explained “i finally have one with everyone i’m friends with and who means something to me, look” you took a few pics in your hand and passed them to jaehyun, the older one taking seat next to you on the floor, looking at the pics you gave him while you continued to stick glue on the back of the pics.
the pictures you gave him were ones he hadn’t seen yet, you must’ve taken them when he wasn’t talking to you because usually you’d show him the new ones instantly.
one of them was a pic you must’ve taken on yutas and sichengs birthday party, you in the middle of the two boys and all of you having funny party hats on, balloons with the words ‘happy birthday’ were hung in the background. jaehyun badly wanted to attend the party, yutas and sichengs birthday party was known to be the biggest party in the year on campus. but due to his abroad study jaehyun couldn’t attend it.
he placed the polaroids back on the ground and started to help you stick the glue on back of all the polaroids, not exchanging many words as you jsut listened to the music in the back. jaehyun had noticed as soon as the third song had played that it was the playlist he had made for you, a mix out of all your and his favourite songs.
jaehyun took the next polaroid in his hand, about to turn it around when he realised which one it was. his heart warming as he looked at the picture closely. it was a picture of the two of you, each of you had the same one only slightly diffrent; you were sitting halfway in his lap, on the couch in johnnys loft at new year’s eve. his arm was wrapped around your waist, your head resting on his shoulder hugging him back as your legs rested on his thighs. you were wearing his hoodie, it was a long night. the two of you had your new years kiss together, jaehyun had when you had been counting down from 10 to 0, right when you were about to say 1, grabbed your face and kissed you. it had been the most happiest moments you’ve ever been in your life.
“did you want something?” you asked softly when every polaroid pic you had was sticking to the wall above your bed, jaehyun and you know having taken seat on your bed. during the whole process neither of you had spoken much, which jaehyun was not only pretty glad about but he also loved just being in your presence, spending time with you without talking.
and you did too. you had missed him a lot. to be honest tho, you were a little scared of what he had to say to you. it had hurt you and confused you a lot when he started to just all of sudden be so distant to you and now that he was back he still kept his distance. so now that he so suddenly came to you made you a little anxious.
“yeah, uh i wanted to talk to you about something” he said hesitantly “about us”
that sentence made you almost quiver in fear.
about us
even tho you felt like bursting and crying from nervousness you calmly nodded, waiting for him to elaborate what he wanted to tell you.
in that second your phone vibrated next to you. you were about to turn it around and ignore it out of respect for jaehyun, but the message on it made you pick it up with furrowed eyebrows.
[11:19pm] m0rk: i’m sorry for telling him
you were about to text back a ‘tf you talking about’ when another message popped up, one that made your eyes widen.
[11:20pm] m0rk: i know you said i shouldn’t tell jae but it slipped out i’m sorry i didn’t think straight
in a matter of seconds thousand thoughts rushed through your mind of what mark could’ve told jae. and then it clicked. either mark told him that you had feelings for him, or worse, he told jaehyun that mark and you had slept together.
“were- were you with mark before you came here?” you asked, scared of the answer but it was clear. “yeah” jaehyun answered, and you gulped, turning off your phone and placing it downwards on your bed.
“so” you cleared your throat “what did you want to talk about?”
you were so scared now. this was so not going to end good. you were trying to prepare yourself the best you could, you were sure jaehyun was going to tell you he was dating someone, he had met someone else while he was abroad, he was sorry to tell you that he couldn’t return your feelings for him that mark told him about.
“first of all” he took a deep breath “i wanted to apologise for how i treated you these past months”
you blinked, a little confused but you nodded, letting him continue cause you knew that if you’d speak he’d probably hear the quiver in your voice.
“i’m sorry that i started to kinda, not kinda, i’m sorry that i started to avoid you and not talk to you all of the sudden. i cant imagine how you felt while i was gone and still now, even tho I've been back for almost two weeks now”
you nodded at that, that really was an asshole move from him
“what i also, more importantly actually, wanted to tell you is” he took another deep breath before continuing, scary even more about what was to come “over the past year I've realized something that i couldn't bring myself to tell you”
you ignored the sting in your eyes. over the past year? he had been seeing someone else for such a long time but continued to sleep with you until a few months ago? ouch.
“i think it started around the time when you were back with your family for a month and we couldn't see each other” wow. so as soon as you were gone he found someone else to sleep with. 
“i missed you a lot in that month. and at first i thought it was the sex that i missed, but then i realized it wasn't the sex, it was you. what i missed was just you, being with yo, talking with you, laughing with you, everything about you”
wait what-
“and then when you finally came back you told me all the things you had done, all the new memories you had made and i was jealous. i wanted to be apart of all the new memories you make. 
i talked a lot with johnny and i really thought that it was just a stupid crush i had on you. but then, the last time we slept together i realized it. i was sure- i am sure about it. but i just couldn't bring myself to tell you like a normal person would, no i started to avoid you because i didn't want to ruin the friendship we had. and when i was gone for a month i thought that i could get over it and come back to save our friendship, but as much as i tried to push it aside it only got stronger, and then earlier mark said something and put some brain into me. so now i just have to tell you”
he lifted his head for the first time now, locking eyes with your glassy ones that were staring at him wide open, heart hammering so hard in your chest that you thought he could hear it. 
and the next words took you over the edge.
“i’m in love with you y/n”
it felt as if time stopped. 
the whole time you were worrying and crying about jaehyun probably having a girlfriend, he was in love with you? if this was a dream you wished to never wake up.
“you’re not kidding right?”you asked with tears in your eyes. jaehyun shook his head and was about to say something but you had already thrown yourself into his arms, hugging him tightly around the neck before sobbing out “im in love with you too jae” 
he had caught you instantly, his hands around your waist in a second while he breathed in your comforting scent, relief rushing over his body as he know knew you felt the same way towards him.
“i missed you so much” he spoke into your neck, your heart running a marathon but his doing the exact same thing. you pulled out of the hug, looking into his sparkly eyes that were looking at you with so much love that you couldn't help but lean in for a passionate kiss. and even tho you had kissed so many times before, this was the best kiss you've ever had with jaehyun. 
“i love you” he spoke sincerely against your lips, and you couldn't smile more than you did that second “i love you, jae”
he shad such a big smile on his face that you couldn't help but giggle a little. “since when?” “I've always had a crush on you” you admitted “but i really realized that i was in love with you on new years eve when you kissed me”
“its new years in a month again, why haven't you said anything for so long?” he chuckled, wiping your cheeks as you had a few tears on them. “was scared, same as you” you whispered and his eyes softened instantly, he knew exactly how you felt, and in a second he had you wrapped around him, falling back into your bed with you ontop of him. 
it was quite between the two of you, both having big smiles on your faces as you calmly listened to the music playing in the background; currently playing ‘sweet’ by cigarets after sex both your and jaeyhuns favorite song. neither of you really processing that this moment was real.
“can i ask you something?” he asked after a while, making you nod your head and look up to him, your chin resting on his chest as he was leaning against your headboard.
“did you really sleep with mark and others of our friends too?” jaehyun asked, making you sigh out “did mark tell you that?”
he nodded and you couldn't help but feel a little bit disappointed in mark, you had trusted him to never tell that anyone, especially not to tell jaehyun.
“yeah i did” you breathed out “and who else?” he asked, his grip tightening around you and you took a mental note to later on heart mark for telling jaehyun, but also reminding yourself to thank him because without out him this would've probably never happened.
“jeno and jaemin” you spoke in one breath, feeling him stiffen instantly, he had always been a little passive when it came to you and those two, especially jaemin.
jaehyun had so many questions, but he chose not to ask and to just nod with a sigh, simply going back to cuddling you.
“you’re not mad?” you asked, playing with his hair bad he bummed no. “you’re mine now, i don’t care what’s in the past” your heart beat fast at that.
it was silent for a few seconds as you were processing that. “jae?“ “hm?” “we’re dating now right? i can call you my boyfriend?” he let out a chuckle at that, pushing you on your back so now he was slightly hovering over you, a big smile on his face.
“mhm, only if i can call you my girlfriend then tho” he teased, making you nod as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling in back for a hug and both of you giggling like five year olds.
suddenly remembering something, you reached for your phone and quickled typed a message, jaehyuns eyes following every movement of your finger.
[11:56pm] to m0rk: it’s okay, because of you i have someone to call boyfriend now;)
jaehyun chuckled, taking a mental note to thank mark later on before he took your phone out of your hand, turning it off and throwing it somewhere on your bed and once again connecting your lips.
lazily making out, you both were trying to get as close as possible, chests pressing against each other while hands were all over the others body.
the kiss got steamier by the second, tongues playing with each other as soft groans and moans transferred from one mouth into the other. “jae” you breathed out against his lips, gripping his shirt as he only hummed in response, not allowing you to talk further as he continued kissing you. 
he smoothly hovered over you, hands roaming down your body and giving your boobs a firm squeeze, making you whimper into his mouth, a smirk spreading on his lips at that. “what is it princess?” he hummed, kissing down your neck and sucking on the spot he knew you were most sensitive.
“mhm” you hummed out, already a bit hazy from his kisses “want you jae” “my pretty girl wants me?” you nodded eagerly at that, pussy already throbbing as you had missed him so much like this, your body craved for release.
commanding your wish, he was quick in pulling down your sweatpants along with your panties, chuckling at the patch of arousal that had leaked onto the material. steadying himself next to your head, he let his finger glide through your wet folds as you had spread your legs like a (according to jaehyun) good girl. “you’re so wet already” he teased, cocky smirk on his lips as he picked up some arousal before starting to lazily circle your clit, knowing exactly how to rile you up “missed me?”
you nodded, letting your eyes shut as you let go of everything in your mind, focusing on jaehyun and only jaehyhun “missed you so much jae”
“oh really?” he pushed two fingers at once into you without a warning, a cry escaping you at the sudden stretch and he cooed, pressing a kiss onto the corner of your moth “shhh, shh baby youre fine”
as soon as he started moving his fingers in you, the familiar feeling of pleasure spread in you. “ you said you missed me baby, but you had so much fun with the others” you whined loudly as stopped his movements before painfully slow pumping his fingers in you “tell me who did best? i heard jaemin’s good with his fingers, did he finger you just like this” as those words left his lips he curled his fingers deep in you, moving them so fast you could hear the squelching of your juices around his fingers,
you moaned out loud and he shushed you, telling you to shut the fuck up before he continued fingering you like crazy. “and jeno, he's got a big dick, did he fuck you good?” “jae i-” you whimpered out, you hand flying  over your moth as he added his thumb to your clit, your thighs shaking already while jaehyun was sucking red and purple spots into your neck. “were those hickeys you had that one movie night from mark? tell me baby”
you couldn't answer, already on the edge of your orgasm but he took it away from you as he slowed down, making you almost cry in frustration “tell me or ill stop completely” “yes those were from mark!” you moaned out, the knot in your abdomen forming again as jaehyun moved his fingers faster, pushing you to an orgasm.
“little slut” he chuckled, the name sending another wave of pleasure though you “bet you wanted me to see them and get jealous right? i should've known those were from mark after yuca asked you about them and that fucker choked on his water and blushed like a five year old
“congrats baby you did make me jealous that day, and you wanna know what happened afterwards?” your head nodded on its own, your mind foggy as you were so close to cumin “i fucked a girl that night, imagining it was you. i stuffed her mouth because she didn't sound like you, because you wanna know what baby? thinking of you is the only way i can cum when you’re not around, i even moaned your name”
the thought alone of jaehyun having to imagine you are the one he's fucking, having to restrain the girl from making sounds because they don't sound like you and him even moaning your name set you off the edge. coming undone on his hand with a moan of his name, thighs shaking as he eased you through it.
“mhm, that's my good girl” he spoke right into your ear, his dick hard against your thigh “god i missed you so much” “jae-” you heavily breathed out as you finally came down from your high. he licked his fingers clean with a satisfied moan at your taste, grinning as he hovered over you to kiss you.“how come you had sex with jeno and jaemin?” he asked, more like commanded you to tell him as he kissed down your neck once again.
“tell me baby” not able to wait any longer he pushed your hoodie up until it was resting on your tummy before he laid down between your legs, angling them perfectly so he was able to kiss your thighs, sucking on the soft skin there too, a place where only he could see the hickeys from now on. 
“jae please-” “uh-uh” he stopped your hand from going into his hair to pull him closer “not until you tell me” “o-okay” you exhaled shakily, arousal dripping out of you at the sight of his head between your thighs, god how much you had missed him.
he smirked, hooking his hands around your thighs and giving your pussy a playful lick, shivers running down your spine as he hummed pleased against you “god its been so long” he mumbled against you. 
one of jaehyuns favorite things to do had to be, as weird as it sounded, eating you out. he loved pleasing you, making his girl feel good. and adding to that he loved tasting you. to him eating you out was almost as good as receiving head was. he himself getting pleasure out of pleasing you, once even humming in his pants while eating you out tho he'd never admit that-
“talk baby im waiting”
“i don't know it just h-happend” you said in a breath “please jaehyun just-”
“you don't just have sex with your friends y/n” he chuckled, deciding to continue licking you before he was going to torture you more.
he attached his tongue to your clit, playing with it just how he knew you liked it most, swirling in circular motions.
“how many times did you do it with them?” he decided to ask, breath hitting your wet core which made you whimper. you struggled to open your mouth to speak as he continued to devour you like a starved man.
you moaned as his tongue went down to nip at your entrance, him squeezing your thigh at that to remind you to answer his question.
“only once with jeno and mark” your hands went down to grab his hair after answering, but he simply dodged your hands and cuffed them in one of his, holding them on your tummy. he pushed his tongue as deep as he could into your hole, making you moan out in pleasure.
“what about jaemin?” he asked just when you thought he'd drop it. “a few more times with jaemin- ah-” you flinched back as jaehyun slapped your thigh because you kind of moaned jaemins name when jaehyun hit that one particular spot with his tongue. you quickly opened your eyes, scared of what would happen next but he only gave you a warning look, before putting his mouth back on you.
he didn't say anything more to that, accepting you answer as it was and letting go of your wrists, allowing you to drive your hands into his hair as he went right back in to eat you out like crazy.
after only a few minutes you were already close to your second orgasm and just as you were about to reach it he oiled away, and you almost cried from having your orgasm taken away by him. 
while you were complaining and cursing at him he simply smirked, quickly pulling off his hoodie and reviling his toned body to you which even tho you've seen it thousands of times before still stunned you. 
jaehyun straddled your core, the outline of his hard dick in his grey joggers very much visible to you as he spoke “how often with jaemin?”pulling off your hoodie from your already kinda sweaty body. a low groan escaped his mouth as he was met with the sight of your bare boobs. he's always loved your boobs, they were just perfect.
“i think four or five times” you hesitantly confessed, a little scared of his reaction as he just stared into your eyes for a second, processing what you had just said. 
right when you were about to open your mouth again, he leaned down to kiss you hungrily, his hand wrapping around your throat and slightly squeezing it which made you moan softly.
“mhm, open” he hummed, eyes fixated on your lips and your mouth fell open on instant, very much in submission to him. as soon as you did, he ket a ball of spit fall into your mouth, you swallowing it immediately “good girl” he hummed once again, caressing your cheek for a second before he quickly stripped of his sweats and boxers, revealing his hard dick, precut leaking down the reddened tip and goddamn it you never wanted to suck a dick more than right now.
“jae i want-” “i know baby” he chuckled, smoothly kneeling between your spread legs and aligning his dick with your pussy, letting it slide through your folds with ease, coating him in your juices which made both of you moan “as much as i love having you suck me off, i can't wait any longer”
and with that he pushed into you, making you cry at the stretch cause damn it that dick was big. he was quick in smashing his lips on yours, muffling your cries and whimpers while he struggled to stick to the slow pace he was pushing into you, he himself groaning into your mouth at the tightness of your walls. you were just so small compared to him and no matter how often he had fucked you before, you always had to adjust to his dick.
“god damn it how much i missed this” he hissed as soon as he was completely in you, his hands next to your head comforting you as he cooed “its okay baby, you can take it, tell me when i can move”
he kissed the small tears that rolled down your cheek away as you slowly relaxed, whimpers stopping and then you finally nodded. he pecked your nose once more before starting to pull out and pushing back in again, setting for a slow pace at first to which you easily adjusted.
“faster jae” you exhaled, eyes droopy as you craved for more. he smirked, gripping under your knees to push your thighs up your stomach, making you moan out loud at the new angle as his hips started snapping against yours.
“oh my god jae” you moaned, holding onto his biceps as he had his face buried in your neck, moaning and grunting against your skin. “did jaemin made you moan like this too baby?” he chuckled into your neck as he head you whine at that “bet you loved fucking through all of our friends, you sure you didn't fuck anyone else? i know haechan would do anything to fuck you” he breathed right into your ear “or our lovely taeyongie, he sometimes still brings up the fact that you and him made out at jennies party last summer”
you shook your head aggressively, wanting nothing more than to reach your high “only want you jae” “and i only want you baby” he hovered over you once again, hips still rutting against you as he brought two of his fingers up to your face and pushed them into your mouth, coating them in your spit before bringing them down to your clit, rubbing circles on it to get you to reach an orgasm as he was already feeling himself twitching, close to his orgasm.
he watched your boobs bounce up and down and he damned himself for not giving them more attention, but it was okay, now he can give them attention whenever he want to.
“im close jae!” you moaned out, curse words escaping your moth as you were on the begging of an orgasm. 
“come for me baby” he groaned into your ear, face in your neck once again, breathing in your addicting scent and he was about to burst “be my good girl and come for me”
as soon as those words left his mouth, you had reached your orgasm, tears of pleasure escaping your eyes and loud moans of his name were leaving your mouth. clenching hardly around him, your thighs were shaking as he came seconds after you, filling you with his cum as a deep groan escaped his throat.
“fuck” he exhaled, both your body rising and falling unevenly. both of you laid there for a few minutes, calming down with him still on top of and in you, before jaehyun lifted his head from your neck to look down at you. he smiled softly as you still had your eyes closed with flushed cheeks, swollen lips and a tears stained face, you looked so perfect under him, he could never get enough of you.
“you did so good baby, so pretty” he praised, brushing away some hair strands that were sticking to your wet skin before cupping your cheek and caressing your skin with his thumb “my pretty girl” he whispered, looking at you with a smile of pure adoration on his lips, his eyes sparkly as you slowly opened your eyes.
he noticed your eyes still a little unfocused to which he softly cooed “my baby” pecking your forehead which made a warm feeling spread in your body “how are you feeling, pretty?” he asked, voice a little raspy but still oh so soft as he spoke to you “i’m good, really good” you spoke in a hushed tone, smile on your lips even tho you were tired of everything.
smiling even more, he leaned down and kissed your lips gently, making you too smile even more as you kissed back.
“lets get cleaned up, hm?” you nodded and he pecked your lips once more before carefully pulling his softened dick out of you, watching his cum slip out of you with hooded eyes, he loved seeing it every time.
he massaged your thighs for a moment to get the tension out of them, making you sigh in an appreciating way. you closed your eyes for a moment while he continued massaging you before he got up from your bed and went into your bathroom, taking a towel and wetting it with warm water before cleaning himself and then getting another towel for you.
you opened your eyes as you took notice of jaehyuns presence in your bed again. he was now back in his sweats as he kneeled between your legs, wiping your core clean and everything else that got messy.
“do you want to change the sheets?” he asked as he pulled his earlier worn hoodie over your head, having noticed you started shivering before he got you a new pair of panties from your drawer and putting them on for you too.
you only sighed in response with a soft smile, wrapping your arms around his neck and snuggling into him, earning a chuckle from him as he pulled you even closer to his chest, making you mumble “lets change the sheets tomorrow, i just want to cuddle now”
“lets get under the blanket tho, don't want you to be freezing” he chuckled again, smoothly getting up from your bed with you around his waist so he could easily lift up the blanket and the two of you got under it, feeling warmer instantly. 
with still a soft smile on your lips, you closed your eyes and took everything in; his touch, his scent, his warmth, the love he showed you.
you still couldn't believe that he confessed to you, you still felt like a dream that you were his now (even tho you've always been) and he was yours now.
“jae?” “hm?” he hummed and when your lifted your head you found him already looking at you, nothing but love on his face and his eyes sparkling in the same way. you were sure yours were looking the exact same as you spoke “i love you”
his smile only widened even more at that, dimples showing as he caressed the back of your head lovingly “i love you” he said back, making you grin widely and you couldn't help but lean up and kiss him once more.                                        
you were finally happy. 
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
a/n: yayyyyy you've made it to the end! thank you sm for reading this imagine i hope you enjoyed it! if you have any requests or ideas for drabbels or imagines i could write about feel free to send me a message over the ‘talk to me’ button in my bio! love y'all and stay safe<3
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sunandalsomoon · 14 days ago
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gutless guise {2.5k+} ❊
high notes {2.6k} ❊
hacker {2.6k} ❊
stripped. {2,657} ❊
his good girl {2,678} ✫❊
cock-drunk {2.7k} ❊
make a wish {2.9k} ❊
sleep well? {2.9k+} ❊
profane {3k} ❊
can you {3.3k} ❊
self control {3,431} ✫❊
special occasions {3.5k} ✫ ❊ ⊗
sold {3,659} ❊
just like magic {4k+} ✫❊
dalliance in drudgery {4.6k} ✫❊
mr. jung {4.8k} ❊
valentinejae97 {5.2k} ❊
seeking {5,248} ❊
in front of you {5,684} ❊
honesty is the best policy {5.7k} ✫❊
render your heart {5.8k} ❊
make a mess out of you {5.8k} ✫❊
[adult swim] {5.8k} ❊
head over heels {5,818} ✫❊
hot girl bummer {6.2k} ✫❊
love talk  {6.4k+} ❊
first times {6.584k} ✫❊
freaks {8k} ❊
dive {9.2k} ❊
sub!jaehyun ❊ ⊗
sugar daddy!jaehyun ✫ ❊ ⊗
home ❊ ⊗
can’t keep away  ❊ ⊗
you don't make it to the bedroom ❊ ⊗
smile for the camera ❊ ⊗
[12:48 pm]✫
[11:52 pm] ✫
don't tempt me ✫
breathe out and exhale ✫
nostalgic ✫
[8:14 am] ✫
[8:00 pm] ✫
can i taste you? ✫
stupid boy ✫
[02:45] ✫
it's you, you my babe ✫
[9:33 am] ✫
make out with me ✫
[23:39] ✫
[9:15pm] ✫
[1:02am] ✫
[7:25pm] ✫
you’re stained with my lipstick
11:15  {279} ✫
first kiss {392} ✫
boyfriend!jaehyun  {0.4k} ✫
[11:48] {555} ✫  
date night {630} ✫
reckless {0.7k} ✫
thangs {1.6k} ✫
sleep time {1,760} ✫
boyfriend {1.9k} ✫
the stages {2.4k+} ✫
at first sight.. {2,554} ✫
pride and pretentious ✫ ⊗
[00:17] ✦ 
when y/n divorces jaehyun ✦
[9:23pm] ✦
love you goodbye ✦
exes!au ✦
baby, it’s 3:00 am ✦
uncertain {1,261} ✦
in a dream {1.5k} ✦
broke it all {2,417} ✦
persephone {2.9k} ✦
breakup!fic {3,688} ✦
say something {3,857} ✦
"there's no one else to worry about. it's just you." ✫ ❊
nothing's gonna hurt you baby {1.1k} ✫ ❊
love is not enough {3.984k} ✫ ❊
love grows {4,425} ✫❊
iluvia {6.6k} ✫❊
i like me better (when i’m with you) {11,896} ✫❊
1-800-poet {13.8k} ✫❊
stay tonight  {1.48k} ✦ ❊
arranged {3.5k} ✦ ❊
during the fall {5.1k} ✦ ❊
i'm not the only one  {6.8k} ✦ ❊
[2.12am] ✫ ✦
[2:40pm] ✫ ✦
tender heart  ✫ ✦
the one with the hangover {1k} ✫ ✦
city of angels {4.6k} ✫ ✦
and in the end {6.2k} ✫ ✦
you don’t deserve me {6.4k} ✫ ✦
seven letters {10.1k+} ✫ ✦
the more you know, the harder you fall  {10.8k} ✫ ✦
build me up, buttercup {13.5k+} ✫ ✦
song for a little sparrow {13.7k+} ✫ ✦
sun&moon {14.6k+} ✫ ✦ 
ethereal {16.7k} ✫ ✦ 
ordinary people {18.3k+} ✫ ✦ 
once again {25.2k} ✫ ✦
day & night fun ✫ ✦ ❊
ex bf turned fwb ✫ ✦ ❊
never know ✫ ✦ ❊
[21:49]  {2.3k} ✫ ✦ ❊
playing with fire  {2,490} ✫ ✦ ❊
try again {3,623} ✫ ✦ ❊
ancient history {5.24k} ✫ ✦ ❊
the art of seduction - the beauty {5.578k} ✫ ✦ ❊ 
professional {7k} ✫ ✦ ❊
jaehyun's body {7k} ✫ ✦ ❊
love to hate me {7.514k} ✫ ✦ ❊
the louvre {9k} ✫ ✦ ❊
baby {9124} ✫ ✦ ❊
one more time {9.4k} ✫ ✦ ❊
i want u (around) {9.4k} ✫ ✦ ❊
watch the stars burn out {9.8k} ✫ ✦ ❊
sex {10k} ✫ ✦ ❊
love me or leave me {12k+} ✫ ✦ ❊
sweet {13,707} ✫ ✦ ❊
i hate that i love you {14.1k} ✫ ✦ ❊
team captain {14.2k} ✫ ✦ ❊
stages of love {15k+} ✫ ✦ ❊
paradiso {15.3k} ✫ ✦ ❊
checkmate {16.8k} ✫ ✦ ❊
winter bird {17.3k} ✫ ✦ ❊
no one wishes at the snow {18k} ✫ ✦ ❊ 
cynosure- a focal point of admiration {20.4k} ✫ ✦ ❊
promised {20.9k} ✫ ✦ ❊
bad habits {21k} ✫ ✦ ❊ 
let it go {22.7k}  ✫ ✦ ❊
gilded gold {22,845} ✫ ✦ ❊
you're the one {23.9k} ✫ ✦ ❊
two steps {24k} ✫ ✦ ❊
everything happens for a reason {25k} ✫ ✦ ❊
cupid victorious {26.5k+} ✫ ✦ ❊
all these years [34.5k] ✫ ✦ ❊ 
planet girl ✫ ✦ ⊗
all i see is red ✫ ✦ ⊗
when icarus falls ✫ ✦ ⊗
let me know ✫ ✦ ⊗
the one with the roommates  ✫ ✦ ⊗
nevermind, let's break up ✫ ✦ ⊗
healing ✫ ❊ ⊗
obsession ✦ ❊ ⊗
just friends ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
our kids talk about us ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
under your skin ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
victus tamen lapsis ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
feel me ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
devoted ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
elevator music  ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
valentine boy  ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
rivals ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
feels like summer ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
philophobia ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
quarantine chronicles ✫ ✦ ❊ ⊗
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nctsplug02 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
genre: suggestive and fluff
*knock* *knock*
You took a step back stepping on Jaehyun's foot. "Oh—sorry." You apologize to him. He coughs a stifle laugh but wraps his arm around your waist. You grin at the affection and suddenly the door opens.
"Hey hey!" Your best friend shouted and opened the door bigger. "Come in and party!" You and jaehyun walk in taking off your coats and hanging it on the coat rack.
"Here, I'll introduce you to the others," you guys walk to the living room and see a bunch of people.
It wasn't loud as last year. "Guys! This is my best friend y/n, oh and her boyfriend." Naeun shouted catching everyone's attention. You noticed a very clear face and it stood out to you—, and jaehyun.
"Well," naeun emphasized the word and walked towards the couple. "I'm going to take her from you for a bit." She said grabbing you hand and pulling you away from Jaehyun.
You looked back at your boyfriend and he smiled showing you a quick thumbs up. Telling you that it was okay. Naeun dragged you to the mini crowd of girls. "Hey girlies!" Naeun giggled and grabbed a can a beer for you, popping it open and handing it to you.
She noticed that you were checking the beer out weirdly. "It's not strong." She assured you, knowing that you couldn’t handle strong bitter tastes. You nodded and hesitated when being the beer can up to your nose. Your face scrunched up as if you tasted something sour.
“That’s funky smelling.” You laughed and Naeun joined the laughter. You took a deep breath before taking a swig at the funky smelling beer.
You quickly gagged and stretched your arm out, stretching the beer can away from you. “Ughh!” You stuck your tongue out, the bitter taste stuck on your tongue. Naeun laughed at your funny reaction.
“Ah, y/n! So it is you." You heard a voice speak up from behind you so you turned around and saw the person how spoke from behind you. "Oh, Yuna was it?” The tall one nods. "Yes, hi." She stuck her hand out which you awkwardly shook.
"How are you?" She seemed nicer than last time. "I'm doing great, just moved in a new place so it's going great." Before you could ask her how she had been, she spoke up again, interrupting you midway.
"Oh! Did you and jaehyun get a place together? Cute!" She giggles. "Yeah we did, we found a small house for the both of us. Anyways how are you?" You finally asked the question.
"Oh, y’know, I've been doing amazing. I'm getting married in a few weeks." You gasp and congratulate her.
"So, who's the lucky man?" Yuna smirks and rolls her eyes. "Wouldn't you like to know." She scoffed.
You confused by the sudden mood change. "W-what?" She scoffs again. "If I tell you, who knows if you'll take him, just like you did with jaehyun." Before you could speak, another girl comes up to you, saving you from the awkward moment.
"Hey, I'm Maddie!" You turn your body to the new girl.
"Anyways, nice talk with you y/n." She walks away as if nothing happened.
"Uh.. oh! Hi Maddie, I'm y/n." You stick your hand out and shake hers. "You're so pretty!" You shake your head and twist it on her. “No, you are!” She gets flattered and giggles at your compliment.
"Yo, y/n. Game." Naeun calls, you nodded and made your way to the mini coffee table where the other girls sat at.
“Wait, lets move to the island since that area is more spacious.” Naeun says and stands up, everyone else following her movements and making their way to the island.
"We're here to take over! Now, boys," Everyone looks at Naeun. "Who wants to play a game with us girls." Naeun asked while passing out plastic shot glasses to everyone.
You glanced over at jaehyun who shook his head. "I'll watch.” Jaehyun speaks up.
"I'll play." You hear Johnny while he lifted his hand above his head.
"But what's the game?" Zack asked confused. "So the game is called 'never have i ever' but I'm switching it up. If you have done whatever we ask, you take a shot." You slightly part your lips to ask a question but nothing comes out.
Finally you open your mouth and ask the question you needed to ask. "Can I just a sip or gulp of my beer? I don't really want to take shots." Naeun looked at you and nods. "Of course, why would I make my best friend do something she doesn't want to do?" She grins at you.
"I'm in," Anthony chirps in. "Same here," niko answers before he burps. "That's it?" Naeun makes sure. The boys nod. "Ok, grab a stool and circle around the island." Naeun commands. Everyone listens to what she says and they each grab a stool.
You saw that jaehyun grabbed a stool so you wanted to grab a stool to sit next to him but he pulls your wrist. "Where're you going?" He asks, moving his hand down your waist. "I was going to grab a stool." You pointed to the stack of stools in the corner.
"Nope." He moved his hands onto your hips and lifted you off the ground, pulling you up and sitting you on his lap. "Comfy?" You nodded with a giggle. "Good." He nods and peaks for the side to see the action.
"Alright let's start—! Oh wait, let me get some chaser." Naeun hops off her stool and jogs to the fridge. She opens it and grabs a soda can for those who were playing.
"Now let's play." She pours herself a shot and passed the bottle of liquor around so everyone could fill up their own shot glasses. "Alright pour your shots and pass it." Everyone expect you and the ones who weren’t playing, pours themselves some liquor.
"Let me read the questions off my phone." She unlocks her phone and reads the question.
"Never have I ever been in a relationship and cheated? If you have take your shot." You glanced around to see who had taken their shots.
To your surprise, several people took their shots. Naeun, Donny, Anthony, and Yuna take their shots.
"Oh my, let's hear the stories!" Maddie cheers as they slam their shot glass down. "Who wants to share their story first?" Maddie looked at the four who had took their shots.
Yuna clears her throat. "I cheated on this person because he wasn't showing that much affection towards me, he was showing affection towards someone else. And that person is, jaehyun." Everyone looks at Jaehyun and you.
Jaehyun clears his throat in discomfort. You wrapped your arm around his neck and kissed his cheek to comfort him.
Anthony then speaks up. "Well, I cheated because she hooked up with my brother." Anthony shrugs and laughs. "So it's sort of revenge?"
"Who's story's next?" Naeun giggles and raises her hand. "I cheated because he said that he’d sleep with my mom and my best friend.” You shivered when your mind reminded you of your best friends sneaky link who had a crush on you.
"I cheated because we got caught by her sister which was the girlfriend." Donny shared and that's when everyone stopped laughing.
"What?" Jaehyun asks very confused. "So you slept with your girlfriends sister?!" Jaehyun freaks. "Yeah," he shrugs.
"See this is why I declined your request of taking me out." You hummed and shook your head in disgust.
"She joined after so it was fine." Everyone gags making Donny laugh once again.
Naeun sighs and reliefs her shot glass, she passes the bottle of liquor around and makes sure everyone fills their glass up. "Alright, next question!" Everyone brings their attention back on her after refilling their cups.
"Never have I ever, lost my virginity. If you have, take a shot." She says with a huge grin, her eyebrows dancing with her words.
Everyone takes their shot, but y/n. Everyone slams their shit glass down and gulps down their chaser.
Jaehyun leans in and whispers in your ear. “Why didn’t you drink your beer, hm?” Your spine shivers at the sudden huskiness in his tone.
"Mmm, so our little Ms. y/n is a virgin, hm?" Yuna teases.
“Wait, bitch—?” Naeun laughs and slams her hand on the island table. “I thought you weren’t a virgin?” She points at you. “I’m not, I just.. I don’t know.. hesitated? I’m sorry.” You apologize picking up your beer can and taking a long swig.
"Next question please." Y/n changes the subject after all that.
“Okay, never have I ever.. had car sex.” You laugh, taking a long gulp of your bitter beer. Everyone stares at you in utter shock.
“What?” Your best friend stares at you with her eyes wide. “W—what? It’s just.. car sex?” You shrugged your shoulders but then felt jaehyun rest his chin on your shoulder with a giggle.
“Aww nah, y’all are a freaky couple.” Donny and Maddie squeal together.
You cover your face in embarrassment as everyone starts to tease you and jaehyun. The tip of his ears go crazy red, as if they had gotten twisted and pinched. His grin couldn’t help but get wider and wider by the teasing he and you had received.
You hugged and uncovered your face. "I can't believe nobody else has had car sex, what the heck." You flopped your arms.
“We aren’t that freaky.” Anthony winks at you and jaehyun.
After a while of playing, Yuna speaks up with a suggestion.
"Let's switch it up a bit." Everyone who's playing looks at Yuna confused. "It's the same but if you have done it, you strip a piece of clothing off." Yuna looks around at everyone. "I'm in." Naeun slurs. "Same here." Maddie raises her hand.
"I mean, why not. I'm having fun!" Donny shrugs.
You turn your head back to jaehyun. “Are you gonna play?” He shakes his head. “I’ll pass on this one too.” You nod.
“Y/n? You in, hun?” You nod with a slight grin. Jaehyun taps her thigh. Y/n looks back and gives a apologetic look to him. "I'm sorry." You frowned at the man.
"Anyways, moving on." Yuna huffed and rolled her eyes. "Never have I ever.. kissed a girl?” You lick your lips before laughing.
You hop off jaehyuns lap and you get rid of your top. Jaehyun was quick to cover your chest so that nobody could peak at your boobs. Everyone was surprised to see you and naeun taking a piece of clothing off.
“Oh, cmon. It’s a best friends thing, we kiss all the time.” Naeun says while taking her seat. You sat back on jaehyuns lap and looked back at him. The man was in utter shock.
“I’d definitely like to hear about that.” You laugh at him. “I’ll tell you later, don’t worry.” You wink and bring your attention back on the game.
“Okay.. that was onto a weird start, anyways. Never have I ever,” naeun looks around, “never have I ever.. given someone a blowjob or eaten someone out—?” Everyone starts murmuring and starts getting rid of a piece of their clothing. “Wait, listen, let me finish!” Yuna says, making everyone pause.
“Never have I ever given someone a blowjob or eaten someone out, but! But, they were on call with someone at the time.” She finishes.
You laughed and pushed jaehyuns hand away from your chest, you then hopped off jaehyuns lap and removed your jeans.
“Hey, naeun, can we get a blanket? Im sorry I just don’t want y/n to be naked throughout this game.” Jaehyun asks naeun who gets up from her stool and goes to retrieve a blanket. She comes back with one in her hand and hands it to jaehyun who then wraps you in it.
“See, a freaky couple!” Donny laughed at the two.
“Y’all want the story?” You asked and everyone went wild, begging for the story. “Okay, okay!” You laughed and turned to jaehyun who was also laughing. “Can I?” He nods in approval.
“Okay, so, it’s starts off with me giving jaehyun head on the couch and all of a sudden his mom starts calling. Jaehyun reached over to his phone and thought that he had hit the decline buttons but ended up clicking the accept which lead to us hearing his moms voice over the phone. She was just calling in the check up on us and the new house.” Everyone laughs at the crazy story.
“Ah.. yeahh.. next question please?” Jaehyun asks, wanting to move on from that horrible moment.
Naeun calms herself down and reads the next question. “Never have I ever..” and so the game went on until you had to take your bra off.
Jaehyun holds the blanket up and covers your body as you unclip your bra off, tossing it over onto the island. You giggle drunkly as jaehyun snatches you back up in the blanket.
“Oohh, looks like our Ms. y/n was planning on getting railed tonight?” Naeun giggles as she holds up your panties and bra.
They were dark red, red as wine, lace, and the bra had a mini bow in the center. It was jaehyuns favorite set from your whole collection.
Jaehyun had a sly smirk on his face while his tongue poked his cheek. “Oh, shh will you! Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t.” You try biting your smile back to keep composure.
“Oh look, y/n’s a pig in a blanket, haha!” Yuna smacks her bare thigh as she dies from laughter. Everyone looked at her with confused faces, they weren’t laughing like her.
“Girl.. just.. shut the fuck up.” Naeun coughed up, stepping up for her best friend like a real friend would.
“Anyways,” naeun says rolling her eyes and focusing her attention back on her phone that was filled with questions. “Never have I ever.. done 69?” You frown.
“I’m don’t have anymore clothing articles, im naked—“ jaehyun covers your mouth to shut you up before you go any further.
You were getting sleepy from all the beers you had taken, so jaehyun gathered all your clothing articles and wished everyone a goodnight while he carried you outside.
“Hm, noo, are we leaving?” You questioned as jaehyun closed your door and climbed into his side. “Yes, baby. We’re going home, you need to sleep.” He says taking a few glances at your sleeping figure.
He smiled and thought to himself. “I fucking love this brat.”
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imagineinnie · 16 days ago
holly, jolly christmas (m) | j.jh
Tumblr media
❄︎ summary :: for christmas, jaehyun would've preferred to stay with you at home, but his parents insisted it to be a perfect time for a family gathering, and you, of course. he didn't know that the big family would give him a longing feeling for his own family.
❄︎ contents :: jaehyun x afab!reader, non!idol au, FLUFF, slice of life, established relationship, mentions of alcohol and unhappy marriages, lovey dovey stuff, SMUT; kissing, oral (r receiving), hair pulling, missionary, jaehyun calls himself daddy (once and non-sexually), slight bulge kink, unprotected sex, breeding kink, creampie.
❄︎ wc :: 4.1k
Tumblr media
❄︎ a/n :: this is a part of the secret santa collab (@neosecretsanta)! hope you all are having a good christmas or any other holiday you might be celebrating, a special happy holidays to inna (@ncteaxhoe)! hope you enjoy and like it :D (@nct-frathouse)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
jaehyun smiled as you softly hummed along to the tunes playing in the car. his mom had decided that the jeong family would have a big gathering for christmas, all of the family members making time in their busy schedules for the trip to the mountains. jaehyun didn't want to overwhelm you with his family, even though you already had met his parents, he didn't know if it was the right decision to introduce you to his aunts and cousins all at once. you had handled the news well, telling him that; even if the plan you and him had made to just, be at home, exchange small gifts, a trip with his family was also a nice way to spend your vacation.
it wasn't a complete lie.
you looked like you were handling it well, but nerves and anxiety was prickling away inside of you. his mom liked you, you knew that. she had bought you a birthday gift, she even sends weekly messages, just to check up on you and jaehyun.
his dad was still a puzzle. he had an expressionless face, almost intimidating, like jaehyun. sometimes, a small smile would grace his face, before returning to a non-frown frown. he didn't say a lot, and you didn't know whether it was good or not.
jaehyun had told you to not worry, but it was still hard to not.
you didn't want to spend a few days with a family who didn't approve of you.
one of his hands held the steering wheel, that was way too cold for comfort, and the other held onto your hand when you weren't on your phone, or switching songs. you had stopped multiple times along the drive, to buy coffee, a snack or just to run to the bathroom. it wasn't a particularly long drive, but enough hours to make your back hurt and head ache.
"we're soon there." your head shifted from the passing trees outside to where he looked at the gps. a few kilometres left until the turn up to the cabin was due, it wasn't a fun hill to drive up, rocky and curvy all the way. and once you actually got up, the shitload of cars parked made you wonder if it was a family or a whole village coming to celebrate a holiday. jaehyun looked towards you as he put the car in park, and the way you gazed along the row of black cars, made him realize that maybe you weren't fine with such a big gathering.
you still climbed into the cabin, squeezing jaehyun's hand in anxiety as he dragged you along to greet everyone and wave towards people who met your eye. there were women and men perched on the couches, with a glass in their hands laughing about something you couldn't relate to. the kitchen was also a social point, laughter bouncing against the walls. and everyone hadn't even arrived yet. some people, jaehyun's parents for example, would drop in early morning for christmas.
you felt a bit out of place as jaehyun shook hands and hugged with so many people, his hair brushed in a charming way, and the suit that was casually worn only made him look like he was even more home.
"this is my girlfriend, y/n." he wrapped an arm around your waist when he introduced you to his relatives, so many eyes shifted over you, drowning in your appearance as they judged.
the first person to speak to you that late night was an older woman, she had been on her way to the bathroom when you bumped into each other, she didn't say her name, but remembering jaehyun's guide, you assumed she was his dad's sister.
jaehyun's aunt.
"y/n, right?" you nodded in confirmation, "you look stunning, dear. how long did you say you and jaehyun have been together?" you didn't know whether the compliment was genuine or not, but you knew that you hadn't mentioned anything about how long you'd been together at all.
"four years, and counting." she smiled, her eyes lighting up as the apples of her cheeks bunched up. her hands were gripping yours tightly, and you were so close you could almost see yourself in the reflection of her round glasses.
"four years? and he still hasn't put a ring on your finger?" she grazed her fingertip against the skin where a ring usually would be perched. you shook your head as your eyebrows furrowed at her comment. did she think you didn't want marriage? or maybe that you weren't serious about jaehyun?
"no, not yet atleast." she looked up from your hands, eyes meeting yours when she didn't get a lot of response.
"not much of a talker? it's okay, this big family freaked me out a lot too at first, in thirty years you'll be as comfortable as i am." you smiled at her, atleast someone was welcoming and nice, it felt uncomfortable in the house when the only person you knew was jaehyun. "jaehyun must be stupid to not have proposed, or maybe you will propose soon enough, can you imagine his father's face? you should definitely do that." she laughed slightly to herself, continuing to talk, even if she got little response from you. "my brother can be quite intense, don't let him scare you, hopefully jaehyun inherited mine and his mother's charm." she let out a noise to resemble shivering, as if the thought of her brother's horrible charisma scared her.
"don't worry, jaehyun has gotten a lot from his mother." she smiled at you and dropped your hands, reminding herself of the bathroom she was headed to until distracted, and waved at you in goodbye before departing.
you turned around and walked back, it was quite late, and the big windows gazing out over the mountain tops made you cherish the view so much more. it felt peaceful for a moment, until you heard the door open and another party of relatives dropped in.
cheers and greetings were heard, and you jumped slightly as a hand gripped your shoulder, this time, it was jaehyun. his eyes laced with alcohol, only a little bit, and as he guided you to your room, with the explanation of being tired, you followed suit. the bed was large enough for two people, but still so small that you layed squished together. not that it bothered you, falling asleep with your head on his chest.
Tumblr media
you woke up in the same position, legs curled around his to embrace the warmth whilst you had it. if it wasn't for the loud feet running down the hallway outside, you would've gladly stayed in bed with jaehyun for the rest of the day. yet, as kids ran down the hall disturbing your peace, you both climbed down the stairs as the smell of food made you both hover to the kitchen.
this time, you met the woman who always looked mad— jaehyun's words— also known as his cousin. she wasn't that much older than you, only in her early to mid thirties. yet, she was constantly stressed, and never had time to relax. with multiple kids running around, and her husband not caring enough to help her. you didn't judge her for being stressed. she was always home, cooking and cleaning, you felt bad for her, it was like her husband thought they were in the 50s again. she took care of their four children, driving them to school, making and packing lunch, helping them clean and cooking dinner when they got home, and helping with their homework. poor woman.
beside her was jaehyun's other cousin, a man who looked like he was in his late twenties, he tried to help his sister. taking stuff out of her hands, help her whisk the whipped cream, putting away the cutting boards and knife when she got too aggressive with the chopping of a banana. he hugged her, and told her to get out of the kitchen and take a bath or something, and once she had dropped the apron, it was like a wave of fresh air. the cousin took a deep breath and was currently humming a melody to himself as his husband tried to be of assistance.
it was cute.
he introduced himself to you, hugging his cousin who he didn't have time to greet the day before. looking at them besides each other, you were shocked at how similar jaehyun and his cousin was. you locked eyes with the cousin's husband, who was also impressed by the strong genes. the cousins were both on jaehyun's father's side of the family. and the aunt you met earlier must've been his and his sister's mother.
the loud arrival of another party took your attention, and when an older woman gave you a hug and complemented you on your looks, you immediately recognized her as jaehyun's mother. behind her stood a large man. jaehyun's father was big, a tall man with a heavy build who was very intimidating. but you didn't let it show.
the woman then went on to hug her son, kissing his cheeks after pinching them.
you still felt so out, as the men and women around you dressed in skirts, blouses, dresses and suits, you were still wearing what you did to bed. a large shirt, which belonged to jaehyun, and a pair of sweatpants. along with fuzzy socks, the floor was cold.
you couldn't care less about what his family thought of you tho, clothes wise, you weren't a rich employee at a boring company that would never get you anywhere. hell, even jaehyun didn't like his job, yet he spent so much time at work.
you want your sweatpants, you wear your sweatpants.
even when you all sat down to eat breakfast, you didn't care that you fit it perfectly with the messy clad children. you and jaehyun sat by the kids that weren't infants. that would've been suicide. toddlers was a step up, but not a huge one. they were atleast cute, with a badly cut bangs and small hands that hugged the bottle of syrup. oh, it was way too much syrup.
you smiled at the kids, helping one of them cut pieces of their food, or pouring up juice for them. jaehyun smiled at you who smiled at the kids. he adored the sight of you being so cute with children, something in him felt so right to see you with little kids. he wanted children of his own someday, and he wanted them with you. he wasn't sure himself why you didn't have a kid, or why you weren't married. a part of him thought that he was too busy with work, he didn't want you to end up like his cousin; in an unhappy marriage with several children who only stressed you out more. he atleast loved you, something that he wasn't sure his cousin's husband did. leaving her at home like that.
he had thought about having children— well not so much about taking care of another life, looking after another person, he was more thinking about what led up to a child. making it, and watching you become a mother, growing responsible together. he would love to see you bearing a child, his child, that he forever marked you with as his. showing everyone that he wasn't afraid of building a life with you, around you. making a family.
and seeing you pregnant? fuck that would be the icing on the cake, the cherry on top— whatever.
jaehyun smiled with his bottom lip between his teeth as you talked to the children, you were so oblivious to the lewd thoughts he had about your innocent actions. almost hitting himself for thinking of you like that when you weren't doing anything on purpose to make his fantasies run wild. hell even his mom noticed her son's attention on you when you helped the kids, smiling to herself as she lightly patted her sister-in-law's shoulder, and nodded to where her son was sitting. they were giggling amongst themselves, and they didn't stop giggling, even as hey day went on, and you and jaehyun disappeared from their sight, they talked about how jaehyun was so head over heels for you, and how if you didn't say you were either engaged or pregnant soon, they would personally tell jaehyun to man the fuck up.
you were perfect for jaehyun. they didn't want to see you go because of jaehyun being a coward.
they even made sure that you both would get stuck with the children at one point during the week retreat. making the kids play hide and seek in a place they knew you were, to make you join and spend more time with kids. so you could realize that you wanted a few yourself. jaehyun saw right through it, shaking his head at his aunt and mother when he noticed their odd behavior, and quickly dismissed their longing and wish for a child.
he wanted one, but having his family push children upon you two doesn't seem like something he would want, nor you for that matter. the pressure of getting pregnant would be through the roof, and he would rather it not work the first few times, as bad as it sounded. it was a good excuse for fucking you raw.
his mind strayed away quickly, and watching you on the floor, building lego with his nieces and nephews, he couldn't help but adore you. how happy you looked. he would definitely have a conversation with you about this later— actually, it probably wouldn't involve a lot of talking.
control yourself.
as much as he wanted to have you right there and then, turned on by you bending over before him, collecting pieces of yellow plastic bricks to help build a castle— he WOULD NOT want to have sex where more than half of his relatives were staying, in a small bedroom with a bed made for a teenager where anyone could come in. he was not up for traumatizing his mother nor a child. they didn't have to see those kind of things.
even if, he was majorly turned on by the image of you bent over for him, kind of like you were doing currently, only instead of trying to seperate flat lego bricks, you were desperately trying to stay quiet as he fucked you full of him.
jaehyun suddenly looked lost, his eyes had long been zoning out, and as he felt heat washing over him, he needed go get out of there.
which is why you found him standing in front of an open window, basking in the waves of cold air.
"what the hell are you doing?" jaehyun turned around to look at you.
"i was warm." he shrugged.
the back of your hand went up to touch his forehead, feeling his temperature. "are you alright? do you have a fever? you know kids in the winter carry diseases-" you got cut off by his hand squishing together your cheeks, your lips making a pout he found adorable.
"you're so cute." he placed a kiss against your lips, dropping his hand from your face.
"wha- jae close the window it's fucking freezing." he watched you shiver, crossing your arms over your chest, but not before he caught a glimpse of your nipples standing out from teh fabric of his shirt.
"i can see that-" you scoffed, watching how he ran a hand through his long hair, "i had to get some air, mom doesn't have to see that i got hard from you playing with kids." you looked at him with furrowed eyebrows, his honesty gave you whiplash sometimes.
"you got hard from seeing me with kids? should i be turned on, concerned or be in awe?" you put your arms around his neck, letting his hands find your hips, and pulling you closer, chest to chest.
"uhm, a mix?" he squinted his eyes at you, and you only let out a laugh before kissing him.
"you know, i like to see you with kids too." he shared a lazy smile.
"yeah, get a huge boner." he laughed, closing the window behind him before allowing your arms around him again. "jokes aside, you know i want kids with you." he did know that, it wasn't your first time talking about the future.
"i know, we're waiting for the right moment, according to mom this seems to be the perfect one." you shared smiles this time, his mother hadn't been very sneaky, tapping on everyone of her family to see you and jaehyun with those kids. at one point his dad got annoyed and avoided being around you and jaehyun so he could read the newspaper in peace.
"oh i know, they wants us married and with kids." your hand had slid down his front, touching his chest over the material of his shirt.
"i can fix that, give me an hour." you grinned at him, shaking your head.
"you'll propose and get me pregnant within an hour?" he hummed along, getting distracted for a moment by your hand grabbing at his bicep.
"you're forgetting who you're talking to." you shared another kiss, and jaehyun didn't know how much longer he could be around you before taking you on the dresser down the hall.
Tumblr media
he didn't end up taking you on the dresser, he didn't get you a ring winthin an hour either. he atleast tried to keep his promise of getting you pregnant.
you were laying on the small bed jaehyun had sworn not to have sex on. your thighs were on either sides of his head, and he enjoyed the sight of you spread out for him as he marked your skin with beautiful bruises. his tongue licked at your clit, whilst his fingers prodded at your slit, stretching you open for him, getting you ready.
you were already soaked for him, a fact that made jaehyun ecstatic, and as he watched your pussy suck in his fingers, he almost let out a moan, remembering the cluster of people in the house. he never wanted to see anything else then what he saw right now, your naked body, arched with pleasure as your hands gripped at the out grown hair you claimed to love. if he could stay between your legs forever, he would. maybe just not in that exact house.
his tongue parted your folds, leaving a trail of spit to your slit. his tongue replaced his fingers, working inside of you slowly, building up your climax. it curled, the muscle going in and out of you in a motion that only got faster and faster. he had you arching for him, his eyes stuck on the way your tits bounced for him, hand gripping at your thigh, the other rubbing teasingly at your clit. it was heaven.
you shivered from the pleasure, your orgasm just around the corner. you were almost scared to rip his hair out with the grip you had on it, but he groaned quietly everytime you pulled, adding on to the pleasure. your forehead had a thin layer of sweat, his hands were warm on your body, burning you with his touch.
"i'm so close, jaehyun please." it came out more whiny then intended, your face twisting into a grimace of pain and pleasure as your orgasm hit, body falling flat against the mattress for a few seconds, his fingers rubbing at your swollen clit, adding stimulation to your sensitive body. the room was already hot, your bodies aching to be together and apart at the same time.
"you did good for me, can you move up or should daddy help you?" you moved up slightly in the bed, your head clouded with lewd thoughts and tired from the pleasure you had felt.
"you're not a daddy yet, don't jinx it." he grinned, he wasn't a dad, yet.
his hands were in the air in a sign of peace, "i'm not jinxing it! after this you're gonna be nice and full and pregnant..." he drifted off in the end, voice getting lower when his hips rested before yours, eyes ghosting over where your sex layed open for him, hands drifting over your belly where he could already imagine a bump.
"we have a few minutes until the hour is over, you might just make it." you smirked at him, small laughs coming out as he touched your sides, tickling you slightly. his hands held your thighs, pulling them towards him as his dick was guided into you. it stood hard and pround against him, and the stretch made it even harder to keep quiet.
he went in more by the second, hips touching hips as he bottomed out, his eyes searching for any discomfort. you nodded to show him a sign of consent, encouraging him to pull out slightly, and push back in with a low groan. the more he pulled out, the more pleasure it gave you. hard thrusts meeting the spot inside of you that made your toes curl and back arch high. it was his favorite sight. your tits pushed up against him as he leaned down to kiss on your collarbone. his hands pushed your thighs up, reaching even deeper inside of you from the new angle.
"fuck you look so pretty for me, all spread out, ready to take my cum, hmm?" you nodded, letting out a whimper as his thrusts got shorter, but harder. "gonna get you nice and pregnant, everyone will now how i fucked you so good, how well i filled you up."
his hand touched your lower stomach again, feeling a slight bulge, groaning from the realization. he couldn't wait to see you with a bump from a baby, would you imagine his mothers reaction to the news? he was really doing a blessing for everyone.
"very quiet today, scared those old people downstairs are gonna hear how much you turn me on? how easily you fold for me? fuck what will they think when we tell them you're pregnant, knowing i fucked you full of my cum, huh?" he didn't get a response, but your quiet moans and whimpers, along with the way you clenched around him had him feeling the need for release soon, waiting patiently for your orgasm before allowing himself to. he rubbed your clit, watching how it made you shiver with pleasure.
your bodies were hot, and his touch made you warm and cold at the same time. his hands burned you with desire, marking you as his for anyone who would try to do the same. he wished that he could cherish how he had you, taking a mental picture to remember how fucked out you looked, only for him.
you came with a few muffled words, enjoying the feeling of his cum inside of you, and the way his cock was still warm inside of your snug walls. your bodies were limp, his body on top of yours as you played with the head of hair that layed on your chest. you could feel him inside of you even when he pulled out, the tiredness washing over you as he made a move to leave from your embrace.
he opened a window, letting the cool air chill your sweaty bodies, and it made you even more keen to just, drift off to dreamland. your post sex cuddles were interrupted by a knock on the door, jaehyun's mom's voice being heard through the piece of wood as she yelled 'dinner'. her heels were heard tapping down the hallway rapidly, and a small giggle leaving her lips.
jaehyun rolled his eyes, helping you dress as you made your way up from the bed. the sheets were sticky, as well as your thighs. jaehyun only chuckled at your messy state.
"we'll take a shower later babe, keep my cum inside of you during the dinner and i'll join you in there." he smirked as you rolled your eyes, grabbing a nearby hairbrush to not make it too obvious as to why you and jaehyun were missing for an hour.
the dinner wasn't all too awkward, but neither you or jaehyun could ignore the eyes his parents and aunt had on you both. you were feeding a child besides you whilst jaehyun smiled, ignoring the way his aunt and mother giggled again. they definitely knew, and weren't mad about it in the slightest. you squirmed uneasily in your seat from the uncomfortable mess in your pants, but jaehyun only rested his arm around you, smirking to himself.
he had one thing checked off his to-do list, now he only needed a ring.
Tumblr media
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kingdom come | six
Tumblr media
Jaehyun remembers you, and he hopes that you remember him as well.
genre: mafia!au | fluff | angst | smut pair: Jaehyun & reader warnings: language, sexual content, drugs, blood and violence, guns
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Tumblr media
“Welcome, Mr. Lee!”
A man in a suit welcomes the young chairman that Jaehyun is currently following suit. He’s clad in a simple graphic white tee and denim pants with a belt. He still wears his necklace with the ring that serves as its pendant under his shirt, and a silver chain bracelet on his wrist. It was the best undercover clothes that he could think that makes him look like he’s here to party when he’s actually not.
Said Mr. Lee greets the man back with a short hug and a wide grin. “Congrats on your opening, bro.”
“Yeah, thanks for the help,” the other replies as Mr. Lee breaks the hug.
“Anyway,” he shrugs off and fixes the collar of his white button-down shirt. “I won’t take much of your time, I know you have a lot of other guests to attend to.”
“Oh, hush. It’s no problem. You know you’re one of my VIPs!” the man winks. “I already have the VIP lounge reserved for you, so let my staff take you to your seat. Enjoy your evening!”
And like what the owner said (as Jaehyun assumed), two guards of the club escort him to his lounge. Jaehyun, on the other hand, goes inside minutes after the chairman so as to not blow his cover. The music was already heard from the outside so it was no surprise that when he went in, it was almost deafening and it was almost impossible to hear the chatter of the people. Jaehyun groans as it would be a hindrance to his mission, plus, the VIP lounge was quite isolated from where most of the people would stay.
He sits on one of the high chairs by the bar as he tries to calm himself down. He won’t be able to think of ways to eavesdrop on Mr. Lee if he is irritated by the circumstances. The bartender offers him a drink to which he replies with ‘only whiskey’. As his request is only simple, the drink was served almost immediately. Jaehyun didn’t actually want to drink for tonight, but it would make him appear suspicious: who would go to a club without even drinking a little?
He eyes his target and sees him standing away from the lounge. This is Jaehyun’s chance. His sight is still on Lee as the young man approaches two girls sitting on one of the couches near the VIP area whose backs were facing him. He takes this opportunity to come physically closer to him.
He sits on the chair adjacent to the group while trying to be lowkey. He hears Lee say a ‘joke’ to the group and they respond with an awkward laugh. Seems like they are not having it with another crashing their talk like one of them says, “Uhm, do we know you?”
“Uhm, do we know you?”
Eunji asks with slight annoyance in her tone, but there is still a smile gracing her lips. You chuckle nervously with her straightforwardness.
“Oh, where are my manners,” the man in front laughs, and you notice that his gaze is never leaving yours. “I’m Lee Doyeon. And you are?”
You smile awkwardly as his hand reaches out to yours, earning a suspicious look from Eunji. You uncomfortably shake your hand with the man. “Uhm, I’m—”
“Areum,” Eunji cuts you off, showing her pearly whites to the guy. “Her name’s Areum.”
You give her a confused look, but she winks and mouths “I got you” in your direction. You nod knowingly and remove your hand away from Doyeon’s hold. You thank God that Eunji is here with you, and what she did was probably for the better—giving your real name might get you in trouble. You weren’t planning on meeting another person tonight as you’re here to celebrate your friend’s birthday and have fun with her, and supposedly, Kun. However, he called in earlier that he would not be able to go as his sister asked him to babysit his niece.
“Hi, Areum!” The Doyeon guy flashes a saccharine smile in your direction. “Care to dance with me?”
When you look at Eunji, cautious eyes are boring onto yours. She holds your wrist quite tightly and points a venomous smile towards Doyeon.
“She’s actually here to celebrate with me—my birthday, not to meet guys and hook up if that’s what you’re thinking,” Eunji spills, and you try to hide the smile forming on your lips with your friend’s upfront wordings. “So if you’ll excuse us, we just want to enjoy each other’s company. Thanks!”
Eunji stands from her seat and drags you along with her, sitting on another couch. Doyeon scoffs, pride obviously hurt from the rejection. Plus, it was Eunji that kept cockblocking him, adding to his irritation. You could only shoot a small smile in his direction, most likely an apology, but nevertheless, you thank Eunji for saving your ass from him.
“Geez, us women can’t breathe for a second huh,” she takes a sip from the bottle of her beer. You chuckle and follow her actions, taking a sip from your own bottle of beer when you notice that Doyeon’s eyes are still boring onto your figure. You try to act calm as possible but he’s still giving you uncomfortable looks. On the other hand, Eunji—oh what betrayal: a man was already sitting beside her, faces almost close to each other as to hear what the other is saying.
You touch her arm and whisper loud enough for her to hear. “I’m just going to the restroom.”
She nods. You stand, avoiding gaze to Doyeon’s direction, and go straight to the women’s restroom.
Jaehyun saw the girls rejecting Doyeon—it was evident in the sour look on the young chairman’s face. He chuckles at his disappointment as he takes a sip of the whiskey he has. The girls go to another seat and Doyeon dejectedly goes back to his lounge, earning another groan from Jaehyun. He was so close!
His gaze never left his target though, and his target—well, never left the woman who just rejected him to dance—well, technically, her friend. Jaehyun glances at your group—and his world almost stops when he sees your side figure. As he is distracted with you, it was a few minutes late when he notices Doyeon standing up to follow you. On reflex, he also stands, following you as well. His strides are fast and at the same time discreet as he doesn’t want to be noticed by Lee.
You fix your hair and retouch your lipstick. With one last look at the mirror, you see yourself with a weary look. You couldn’t help but think if you should engage in conversations too, but—there are still fragments from the past that needs to be patched up first. Meeting another person would be okay, but it would stray you away from learning your past that is missing.
Well, at least Eunji’s enjoying her night. Sighing, you put your lipstick back in your bag and go out of the restroom.
As you open the door, a figure bumps onto yours, causing you to tumble lightly, but the guy was fast enough to catch you by your arms. You look up to see familiar brown hues onto yours, his scent of wood sage and sea salt whiffing through your sense.
He smiles and you didn’t miss the dimples of his cheeks that appear endearingly. He helps you stand while one of his hands is supporting the back of your waist, the other holding onto your smaller ones. Memories of the past haunt his thoughts as he feels your skin upon him, yet he tries to conceal it with a concerned expression as he holds you.
“Hey,” he whispers, cautious not to say your real name from what he heard a while ago when your friend introduces you as ‘Areum’ for Doyeon, who was near, to not overhear. “Nice seeing you here,” he tries to pry a smile.
‘Why are you here?’ is what he wants to ask.
“Yeah, you too!” you giggle, letting go of his hand, much to his disappointment. Jaehyun takes it as a signal to remove his hand from your waist as well, then inserts both of them into his pants pockets. He leads you away from Lee’s proximity, trying to get you to the bar, but you hold his wrist and lead him to your couch as well.
You see Eunji already on the dance floor with the man he was talking to a while ago and you shake your head. You invite Jaehyun to sit beside you and he follows, but he knows that he would not be able to stay longer as he still has a mission to attend to, even if it is against his will. He wants to stay with you—as he can’t imagine himself losing you once again. It is an overreaction on his part, but he has questions that need answering whose answers can only be known by you.
He glances at Lee Doyeon, who is now sitting by his friends again, but from time to time, the young chairman glimpses in your direction.
“What brings you here?” You ask, taking a sip of your beer, distracting him from his observation. He looks back at you with a small smile. He wants to meet you and talk to you, hear your sweet melodic voice, but not in this situation.
“Just chilling,” he replies, trying to sound casual and nonchalant. “How about you?”
You point at Eunji who was almost making out with the guy she’s with on the dance floor. “You see that woman over there? It’s her birthday and she’s supposed to be celebrating it with me, but as you can see…”
Jaehyun chuckles lightly. You offer him your bottle of beer, but he declines politely. “I already had a glass of whiskey. I think that would be enough.”
You raise a single brow with his reply. You never thought Jaehyun would be the lightweight type—
‘I thought you can take more than 5 bottles, love.’  
His laugh resonates inside the room, the sweet baritone of his becoming music to your ears.  
‘Oh, I can!’ You slur, but you feel your entire system heating from the amount of soju you’ve already taken. You reach for the bottle to pour yourself another shot, but his hands stop yours and hold your wrist.  
‘I think that’s enough, baby.’
“You okay?”
You feel Jaehyun hold your hand, worry painting his features. A sudden headache comes to your system with the sudden flash of memory, but you look at him, trying to ease his worry by pursuing a small smile. “Just a little headache, that’s all.”
Jaehyun knows that you can’t hold your liquor that much. Truthfully, he doesn’t know how much you’ve already drunk as his focus was not on yours earlier. But it was odd, as when you’re drunk, your skin usually heats up, ears and cheeks would flush like dark pink roses. However, your hand’s warm, not hot, and the blush on your cheeks was probably from the makeup. Your words are still coherent, even.
You observe his knitted brows and softly laugh. “I’m fine, Jaehyun. Don’t worry.”
“I think you should go ho—”
“Areum,” you two never noticed that Lee Doyeon was approaching your table. “I’m quite hurt. You rejected me earlier and now you’re talking with some random guy?” The guy clutches his heart as if feigning physical pain.
Jaehyun’s eye twitches. He is about to open his mouth to reply to the thick-faced guy but you beat him to it.
“Actually, I know him,” you retorted while forcing a smile. “We’re…acquaintances.”
‘Acquaintances, huh.’
“Acquaintances, huh,” Doyeon scoffs, irritation clearly laced in his tone.
Jaehyun takes this as his cue for the two of you to leave. The hold of his hand around your wrist slightly tightens, and he gives you a knowing look. You are about to protest as Eunji is still on the dance floor, dancing the night away with a bottle of beer on hand. Jaehyun, however, is determined to get you out of the club, out of Doyeon’s uncomfortable presence.
You bite your lip and nod. He gives the man a taunting smile as the two of you stand, his hand now entwining with yours. “Anyway, we gotta go.”
“What about Eunji?” you whisper as both of you strut outside of the club.
“I’ll fetch her,” Jaehyun leads you to his car—a white Hyundai Grandeur of the latest model. He urges you to sit on the shotgun seat while he opens the car window on your side. When you’re inside and buckled up, he leans his elbow to the window. “Don’t go anywhere.”
You nod. You expect him to go back after, but he places his hand over your head.
“Good girl.”
You feel your cheeks heat as he walks away to get your friend back.
Eunji is passed out on the passenger seat, drunk from the amount of alcohol she’s consumed. You’re currently on the roads of Seoul with Jaehyun driving. The only noise that fills the atmosphere is the sound of his playlist—volume settling at a low level.
Cigarettes After Sex.
Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby As long as you’re with me, you’ll be just fine Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby Nothing’s gonna take you from my side
Your hands were on his shoulder while his hands were on your hips, the skinship making you feel a little ticklish. You stifled a giggle that did not go unnoticed.
‘Your hands. They tickle.’
He only chuckled and placed a soft kiss on top of your head as your bodies swayed in dim lights.  
He glances in your direction and sees the disturbed expression written on your features. He mirrors yours, but questions it no further, trying to be not pushy with you—at least for tonight. He still has many questions, but Jaehyun decides that he will take it slow.
You tell him to drop you off at your apartment, taking Eunji with you as you’re sure that she won’t wake up till the next morning. Jaehyun takes this opportunity to save your address to his car’s GPS, but of course, he’ll be discreet about it. At least now he knows where to find you—if the worst things come, be able to protect you this time.
Once you reach your destination, Jaehyun helps you with carrying Eunji to your apartment. When you open the door for them, Jaehyun notices the lack of interior of your apartment. The walls are painted off-white, simple with nothing posted on it. A couch in the center, and a dining set for two on the side of the kitchen.
You instruct Jaehyun to lay Eunji down on the couch. He did as told, carefully laying your passed-out friend on the couch. Meanwhile, you get a blanket for her in your room and the ring on your nightstand catches your attention.
You bit your lip. You want to ask him if he knows something by the way he looks at you when you first met, but you are anxious—what if he’s not really involved in your past? You’re scared of the thought of shaming yourself with him. With a racing, heavy heart, you close the door of your room, seeing Jaehyun standing beside the couch as if protecting Eunji who is drooling on the cloth of your couch now.
When you place the blanket over your friend’s frame, Jaehyun coughs, earning your attention.
“I guess I should leave.”
You nod slowly. “Yeah. Thanks for the ride.”
He smiles, deep enough for his dimples to appear. “You’re always welcome.”
He turns his heel to go, but your lips unconsciously call his name causing him to glance in your direction with a curious smile.
Why did I do that?
You mentally slap yourself in the head. Jaehyun’s eyes are staring at yours, waiting for whatever’s come out of your lips.
“I—uh,” you stutter, trying to form sentences in your mind. You think of the ring, you think of the sudden flash of memories—but you only shake your head, saving yourself from embarrassment. “S-See you soon, next time. I guess.”
“S-See you soon, next time. I guess.”
His expression changes from curiosity to disappointment, but still, Jaehyun manages to force a small smile on his lips. ‘Not now,’ he thinks—as he thought earlier, he’ll take everything slowly. Find out what truly happened: what happened to you, and what the group is hiding from him.
“Yeah. See you, (Y/N).”
He turns around and closes the door behind him. He puts his hands inside the pocket of his pants and walks to his car. When he is now seated on the driver’s seat, he grips the wheel tightly while biting his lip.
Today’s mission was a failure but at the same time a success. Failure as to his main objective is: to gather intel regarding Lee Doyeon, but a success to his broken heart: seeing and talking to you again, with knowing your location as a bonus.
For now, he’ll worry about Taeyong’s sermon tomorrow.
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jung jaehyun. | repetition.
Tumblr media
summary. sick and tired of reminding you to care for yourself, jaehyun decides to teach you a lesson. after all, repetition is key and he’s not going to stop until the message has sank in on paper and skin.
pairing. y/n x nct’s jaehyun.
genre. established relationship!au, college!au
word count. 4k. 
warnings. explicit smut, swearing, unprotected sex (wrap before you tap pls), dom!jaehyun, sub!femreader, slight cumplay, bondage, spanking, praise kink, clit play, oral fixation? (idk jae finger fucks y/n’s mouth), foreplay (both receiving), dirty talk, degradation (receiving), choking, throat-fucking, rough play, little plot, in general, this is straight smut; dni if this is not for you :)
“BABE?” JAEHYUN CALLS out from the other room. It takes you several seconds to reply. 
You hear his feet pad into the main room in the apartment, a creak of wood signifying he’s leaning against the doorway. When he doesn’t make a sound after a moment or so, you look up from your work and see Jaehyun’s disappointed face, arms crossed as he watches you. 
Instantly, you know what he’s mad about. 
“I have two more pages.” 
“I don’t care. You haven’t moved from that spot in hours, I can tell.” 
You don’t answer because you know it’s true. You’re particularly self-destructive around finals week and Jaehyun knows that well, dating you for well into 2 years now. 
“Sometimes I feel like your mother, you know that?” Jaehyun raises an eyebrow as he heads towards you, twisting the stool chair you’re sitting on to stand between your legs. Reluctantly, you take your fingers off your laptop’s keyboard, a little pissed you’ve stopped your good pace.
“No one told you to be my mom.” You sheepishly smile, trying to ease off his annoyance. 
Jae sighs, caressing the outside of your bare thighs. “I act like your mom because I care about you.” The seed of shame grows in your stomach. You feel like a child. 
“When’s the last time you’ve eaten?” 
“... Lunch.” 
“It’s 9 P.M.” 
“Well... my lunchtime is different from yours. And I’ve had a bunch of snacks.”
“You do realize it’s me you’re talking to, right?” 
You huff. “Look, I’m so close to finishing this paper. As soon as I’m done, I’ll eat.”
“It takes around five minutes minimum to eat a full meal Y/N, you can spare the time.” 
“I’m so close, Jae. So close to finishing. Another hour or so, max.” 
Jaehyun’s expression changes to stone-cold as he licks at his right canine and you suddenly feel like you’ve really fucked up. He’s broken your trance of concentration already and now he’s truly mad too. 
“We’ve had this conversation many times now,” You nod as he tilts your chin up, “Why don’t you ever listen, huh?” 
“I do listen—” 
“You listen to everything except for when it comes to taking care of yourself.” 
You bite your lip, realizing you’re wasting time here. “Let’s talk about this later, please.”
Turning away from his hold, you reread your last sentence and continue typing, ignoring Jaehyun’s silent fuming. You can feel his presence on your back but try to ignore it in favor of finishing this, eating, and then resolving this petty argument with Jaehyun. 
Your efforts become fruitless when he lifts your laptop out of reach and slaps a piece of blank paper down in front of you. Jaehyun also roughly grabs a pen off from the side and you twist to look up at him in anger. 
“Seriously, Jae? This is petty, I have work to do.” 
He tilts his head to tick you off. “So is not answering me directly.” 
He at least has the decency to make sure your work is saved before placing it on the couch. You get up to go grab it but Jaehyun stops you by placing his arms on the countertop, caging you in. 
“Just give up for a second. Grab the pen and write down what I tell you to.” 
“Jae, this isn’t the time, it’s due in—” 
“Do it.” His voice is sharp and loud, telling you not to mess with him. You shift in your seat, cursing yourself for liking his demanding behavior. 
Picking up the pen, you await his words. His breath tickles your ear as he leans over you. 
“A good girl eats her dinner.”
A shiver runs down your spine at the words, warmth growing on your cheeks. When you don’t do as he says, Jaehyun grabs your jaw roughly, forcing you to look into his eyes. 
“I said… Do it.” 
Biting your lip, you quickly turn around and scrawl out the embarrassing words on the paper. It’s messy from your usual handwriting and Jaehyun catches it. 
You obey and focus on each letter, making the sentence perfect on the page. 
“That’s better.” You await more instructions but none come. Twisting around, you connect gazes.
“What’s your color?” 
Now, he wanted to ask that? He already knew you were too invested now. The word “green” is on the tip of your tongue, the wetness between the apex of your thighs screaming at you to get dicked down right now. Your monkey brain does have some decency to remind you of your paper though. 
You stall. “... It’s due soon.” 
Jaehyun closes his eyes in annoyance, thick brows pinched. “I don’t give a fuck about the paper Y/N.” 
When he opens his eyes once more, the molten desire in them makes up your mind. “I want to teach you a lesson. And after that, you’re eating.” Jaehyun says matter-of-factly.
Swallowing roughly, Jaehyun raises a mocking eyebrow. “Now, what’s your color? No matter whether or not you’re in the mood, you’re fucking eating.” 
Might as well have fun if you’ve decided you’re not finishing this paper tonight. 
Jaehyun smirks and leans over you once more, spreading your legs for his hands to roam. His fingers are icy cold compared to your hot skin, excited for what’s to come. 
“Continue writing that phrase down for me. After all, repetition is key, isn’t it? That’s what your professor tells you?” Jaehyun’s gravelly voice drips from his lips, printing the words down the side of your neck. 
You try your best to focus on writing but all of your senses are on overload as Jaehyun roams your body, your (his) shirt riding up as he touches your hot skin. Eventually, the pads of his fingers touch your wetness through your underwear, making you jerk on the stool. 
His fingers play, pressing into you. “So wet for me. Just from a few words? How pathetic.” 
You moan in surprise when Jaehyun pinches your clit through the fabric, sending a shock of pleasure throughout your body. 
“Who told you to stop writing, huh? Can’t you do anything right?” His words send shame flowing in your veins and you hastily continue. 
He forces your head to turn after you finish another perfect line, pressing your mouths together insistently. Jaehyun’s tongue brushes your top lip, a gasp opening your mouth to invite him further. He dominates quickly, biting the tip of your red muscle and licking the back of your teeth. 
Moaning, you turn to face him but Jaehyun resists the movement, biting your bottom lip hard and disconnecting your lips. You trail after his mouth involuntarily and he chuckles.
Jaehyun grabs another pen from the side, leaning on the side of your head to look down at your heaving body. You can tell what he’s writing near the apex of your thighs by the way he purposefully presses the ink onto your skin. 
He continues inking the filthy words on you as his other hand explores, occasionally squeezing a breast whenever he deems your handwriting sloppy. Jaehyun chooses the spot behind your ear a perfect place for a hickey and it takes your breath away, never knowing how sensitive it was until now. 
Your grip on the pen tightens, ink trailing off. Even Jaehyun can’t scold you now, too occupied with painting the skin on your neck blue. Your fingers desperately seek to touch the hard planes of his chest, to pull at the drawstrings of his sweatpants, anything at this point. 
You seek your request immediately, gasping out, “Can I touch you? Please, Jae?” 
He draws away from your collar, slowly backing up to look at your side profile. “You want to touch me, baby?” 
Nodding harshly, his hand feels your pulse as it wraps your neck prettily. His tongue runs slowly over his lower lip, voice calm. 
“How about you read what I wrote on you then?” 
Shivering at the thought of saying it aloud, you tilt your chin higher, defying nonverbally. Jaehyun cocks his head, a pleased smile growing on his face. 
“What? You can’t do it, baby? Too embarrassing?” 
Your cheeks are getting warmer and warmer as he continues to stare in amusement and you grow more and more frustrated. 
You whisper despite the way your shared apartment has no one else in it besides you two. “I can’t say that aloud.” 
“And why not? Everyone knows it.” 
He chuckles, grabbing at your hips to spin the stool and tug you closer to him. “Do it, baby. And you can touch me all you want.” 
Jaehyun’s eyes catch the way your fingers pull at the hem of his shirt, squeezing your wrists in a warning. You stop but wonder how much you can push. Or maybe… not back down at all. 
You’re already in enough trouble as it is. What’s to do with adding more? 
Shaking your head, you decide that’s enough as an answer. His voice is too calm, thumb pushing under your jaw to look you properly in the eyes. “No?” 
You can’t help but look down, another bad thing to do because Jaehyun laughs. It’s out of place in this context; a shiver runs down your spine. “Oh, you make things fun, baby.”
And then you’re being dragged off your seat, pushed front-first into the back of the couch where you’re mockingly looking down at your laptop, the document app still open and displaying your paper. Fuck’s sake. 
Gathering your hands behind your back, Jaehyun roughly pulls the edge of your shirt up, finger playing with the waistband of your panties. He pulls it higher up, watching you whine as it doesn’t stimulate anything you need to be stimulated. 
“Please, Jae. I want—” 
“You’re not in any place to be begging, darling. You just lay here face down, and take what I give you, got it?” Jaehyun makes a point to tap on the laptop’s screen, lighting it up since it’s dim from no use. “You know what actually? How ‘bout you continue your paper, baby? That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” 
Cheeky bastard. 
You don’t realize you swore at him under your breath until Jaehyun leans imperceptibly closer, hand at your neck squeezing once.
“Repeat that.”
The calloused palm baring your wrists clasp tighter, making you wince.
“I didn’t ask politely. Repeat what you just said.” 
“I didn’t mean it—” 
He doesn’t say anything, chest lifting from your back. You exhale shakily, a little scared to look back and see what he’s doing. All of Jaehyun’s hands are off of you suddenly and getting self-conscious, you’re about to just fuck it and turn around when you hear a zip of cord friction against cotton. 
Taking the hands that had disobediently left your back, Jaehyun pushes your head down, gathering your wrists and tying them together with… the drawstring of his sweatpants. 
This is not what you meant earlier when you said you wanted to pull at them two minutes ago. 
“That alright?” Jaehyun asks, brushing your hair to the side and pulling at the knot to make sure they weren’t too tight. 
You mumble a yes and your boyfriend curls a piece of hair behind your ear. He gets closer once more, hips nestled against your ass. Desperately fighting the urge to press back into the bulge you can clearly feel, you instead try to steady your shaky breathing. 
“Count for me, will you baby?” 
A sharp, burning sting on your ass makes your head whip around in shock, lips being bitten to avoid satisfying Jaehyun with a sound. 
Because of no drawstring holding up his sweats anymore, Jaehyun’s V and the trail of hair aren’t hidden by the band of his pants. Your hands automatically clench in pain and desire to rake your fingernails through that trail. 
“I said… count.” He accentuates with another spank and you hiss, “Don’t make me add more onto 10.” 
“10? No no, that’s 11 then—”
“Please, keep on running that mouth then, brat. I’ll add more on with pleasure.”
Clamping your mouth shut in frustration, you seethe past clenched teeth, “Two.”
“One.” He corrects and you close your eyes in preparation.
Another spank and your body jerks, pressing further into the couch. 
“Two.” You manage to whimper out. 
Two hits are given in succession and a moan tumbles out. You’re ashamed and can feel the grin on Jae’s lips behind you. 
On the seventh, your body slackens, teeth ground into oblivion. When the smallest wail escapes you this time around, Jae asks again. 
You catch your breath and sniffle, tears pricking your eyes a little. “Green. It’s green.” 
He pets your head with his dominant hand, fingers pinching at the nape of your neck just as his non-dominant finds its way pushing your underwear to the side, circling your clit. 
“Good girl.”
You moan in delight, Jaehyun’s words forcing your body to wriggle.
He ends the spanking quicker, the last three slaps delivered fast and sharp to your ass. Your cheeks burn and you itch to soothe it but Jaehyun does it instead, brushing lightly on your now bruised skin. Flinching at his touch, he stops.
Yanking your hips away from the back of the couch by taking a forearm, he bends to drag your panties down your legs, making a point to blow hot air against you. Mewling at the sensation, it takes everything within you to not grind back into your boyfriend’s face. 
Pulling your shirt up until it’s high up above your breasts, he pinches your nipples in appreciation, lips pecking your shoulder blades and down your spine. 
“You did so well, baby. Took that punishment like such a good girl.” 
His hand comes back like a lost necklace you found, the other dragging down your stomach to tease your clit once more. You want to sob, the teases never-ending. 
“Jae, I’ll be good now. I’ll eat dinner on time, I promise! Please just do something, please.” 
“You finally learned your lesson, huh?” 
Nodding frantically, you could care less about preserving self-respect now. You can feel your wetness running down your thighs. You need something, anything.
“Alright. You’ve earned it, darling.” Jaehyun bites your earlobe, middle finger easing slowly into you. A high-pitched noise leaves you, clenching and fluttering around his digit to keep it in there.
Jae groans, nails momentarily digging into your throat. You can’t help pushing back, his pointer finger brushing against your clit. You open your mouth to spew out more pleas but Jaehyun beats you to it, fucking his finger in and out like it was his job. 
Head lolling backward to settle on his shoulder, moans spew out steadily from your raw, bitten lips. Jaehyun drinks up the noises, adding a second finger when he feels like it. He can tell you’re getting close so the fingers slow, curling up to press into that spot that makes you see stars. You hardly register what Jae says next.
“Read what I wrote on you and I’ll make you cum tonight. Deal?” 
Whining noisily, you grind against his hand and Jae stills them completely. 
“I’ll leave you like this, Y/N. All needy and desperate on this couch. You can fucking watch me jerk off as you stay tied, kneeling on the floor at my feet.” 
Groaning, you’re embarrassed before you’ve even said anything. You knew that Jaehyun would go through with his stubborn threat if you really didn’t. 
You take a deep breath and wonder whether or not you should break your resolve. 
Taking too long, Jaehyun’s fingers leave you. Clenching around nothing, your legs shake in protest. He makes a point to turn you around, grabbing your forearm and going around the couch to make you kneel before him. 
Jaehyun looks delectable, black hair falling into his eyeline, still slightly wet from his earlier shower after work. Pulling his sweats a little down his thighs, your mouth is dry as his hand tightly grips himself, jerking once. You make a sound of discontentment, wishing your hands were free to roam. 
From the back of his T-shirt, Jaehyun lifts the other arm to yank off the offending clothing. You ache and pulse, whining at the sight of his chiseled stomach. Oh, how you want to explore. 
Rough fingers tangle in your hair to pull you closer to his crotch. “Say it, baby. Last warning.”
“What does it say?”
“I-I’m a fucktoy…” 
Occupied hand still stuffed his pants, his other brushes your bottom lip, your naturally inviting mouth allowing his thumb to hook at your row of teeth. 
“Whose fucktoy?” 
Around his thumb, you mumble, “Yours, Jaehyun. Only you.” 
“That true, baby?” 
Closing your eyes, you nod, suck on the digit once and let it go. Jae’s thumb presses on your tongue laid flat in your mouth. 
He groans loudly, low eyes lock on your closed lips as you suck hard. Jae adds two fingers, fucking your mouth like he owns it.
“That’s my girl. I bet you’d let me do anything to your pretty body, huh?” 
Your chest gets hot, heart beating fast. Considering how much you love and trust the man you were currently kneeling for,Jaehyun was not too far off. 
“Can I put your mouth to good use, baby?” 
You nod rapidly, wanting nothing more than to please him. He inhales sharply at your excitement, sitting down and pulling your body between his thighs. 
The sweats are taken off all the way and you suck a hickey on his thigh in impatience. Breathing hotly on him, Jaehyun shakes in anticipation. 
All of his fingers tangle in your messy hair, slowly easing you towards him. Tongue out lewdly, Jae halts your movements just before his tip which is laid on his soft stomach. 
A thumb brushes baby hairs from your sweaty forehead, dark eyes searching your wide ones. 
“I want to be rough. Very rough. Is that okay, baby?”
“Yes. Yes, please.”
“You pinch my ankle if it’s too much, alright?”
Swearing once more, he pets your head and lets you suckle on his tip. Careful of your teeth, you swirl your tongue around his cock and it earns rewarding high whines, all airy. The tip of your wet muscle presses into the underside of his head and Jaehyun pants like a dog above you, hips lifting from the couch. 
Insistently, his hands press you down further on his length. Your gag reflex kicks in, stomach spasming emptily. Trying your best to suction and brush your tongue down the large vein of his cock, you clench your thumb tightly to get rid of the feeling.
Wanting to perform well for him, the gags die out and Jaehyun moans deep above you, beginning to pump your throat slowly. Moaning at the sensation yourself, the vibration it sends down Jaehyun’s length forces a shudder to wrack his body. 
His abdomen clenches as his hooded eyes stare into your bleary ones. 
“Fuck, you’re so good to me baby. So fucking good.” Jaehyun accentuates himself by thrusting your hot mouth faster. 
Choking on his cock, he thrives off your attention, getting off on your garbled noises of pleasure. Pulling you off when he gets close, you gasp for air, coughing and pressing your cheek onto his thigh again. 
Taking a minute to calm down, Jaehyun inquires; “You okay, darling?” 
His thumbs brush away the trails of tears on your cheeks softly. You whisper a weak yes and he bends down, pressing a kiss to your forehead before pecking your lips. Giving chase, his tongue slips into the cavern of your warm mouth for a split second. You miss it with every fiber of your being, whining noisily. 
Then he gets behind you, scooching you closer to the couch so you can bend over, chest pressed against the seat cushions. Jaehyun kneels behind you.
His large palm grasps into the cord of the drawstring, pulling it tight around the irritated skin of your wrists as the other rubs his cock between your wet folds. You can’t help the high and pleasured noises escaping your throat as Jaehyun’s dick runs up and down, fucking himself into the tight space of your clasped thighs. 
As soon as he’s wet enough with your arousal, Jaehyun presses into you. You’re soundless as his girth stretches you but your mouth is wide open, more desire seeping past his intrusion. Clenching around him tight, Jae groans, gripping onto your hip tightly. 
Swearing under his breath, he reaches down to kiss your cheek. “You’re perfect, you know that?” 
Grinning, you mutter, “Green.” 
Jaehyun sets a steady pace, pleased exhales running down your bare back. He buries himself to the hilt each thrust, making you breathless. 
“You feel so fucking good.” He moans, hand coming to squeeze at your throat once more. The small amount of oxygen coming through makes the wetness between your connection drip down further. 
Whining a yes, a hand locks into your hair and then he’s going, pumping into you at a quick pace. Eyes rolling, you try to push back in tandem but it’s hard and you decide to take what Jaehyun gives, slacking to lean back.
As he looks down at your coupling, his eyes trail the dirty words on your skin. Grabbing your thighs to force them apart, he grips the meat of them tight.
“Oh, I bet your professor would love to see this.” He teases breathlessly. You shove your head into the cushions in mortification, imagining your 45-year-old professor watch you climb down the stairs with a skirt on and see those words peeking through. 
Jaehyun can tell the comment had affected you because you’re tight and tense, hiding your expressions from him. He laughs, your neck taught as he pulls at your hair to force your face up. 
“Oh, you want him to see it, huh? D’you want that? You want your professor to know how much of a cockwhore you are for me?”  
The shake of your head doesn’t convince him enough and Jaehyun growls in your ear, tone playful and breathless. “Show your professor tomorrow baby. Flaunt yourself in a skirt and widen those thighs. Show him you’re all mine.”
You tremble hard, mewling loud when the pad of his fingers find your clit, rubbing figure eights. Scared at how fast your orgasm is approaching, you’re gasping and moving your hands up as far down as you can touch Jae’s abdomen. 
“Jae— s-slow—”
“Take. What I give you. With gratitude.” 
Louder slaps of skin shut you up, his tight grip on your throat grasping your forearm instead. Warning him of your quickly approaching orgasm, you clench tight, muscles locked up as Jaehyun keeps snapping his hips into yours. 
A particularly hard thrust has you floating, the delicious high causing white in your closed vision and hearing muted. Meek noises climb from the bottom of your raw throat, all raspy and small. When you come back down, oversensitivity kicks in and you’re begging for Jaehyun to cum.
You readily offer him moans of encouragement and clench down. Groaning low, he presses himself into you. Jaehyun empties around your pulsating walls, gripping the base of his cock as he leaves you full of his cum. Slacking against Jae’s hold, he’s the only thing keeping your hips up as your knees fail you. 
You already know without looking behind you that his eyes are zero in on your hole, a dripping mess that has his essence escaping. You feel beaten and tired, not understanding his fascination with it but let him watch freely in fascination. 
When his finger brings his cum back up to push into you, you feebly whine. 
“Sorry, babe.” Jaehyun kisses your right ass cheek, still inflamed and agitated. 
“I’m scared to sit, Jae.” You confess, half-humored and half-concerned. Jaehyun chuckles, pulling up his sweats and untying your wrists. Rubbing at the skin once it’s gone, he gently places you in his lap once he plants himself on the couch, careful of your bum. 
You melt into his chest as he brushes your hair with his fingers. Humming in satisfaction, a few minutes pass by in relative quiet, disrupted with worried questions if he was too harsh. You say no to all and are about to get up to clean yourself when your stomach growls… loudly. 
Jaehyun looks at you knowingly and you purse your lips. An annoying smirk curls the corner of his mouth. 
“Does my good girl want to eat dinner?” 
You go to slap Jae’s bare chest in retaliation but he catches your wrist quickly. 
“Nice try, darling. I think you should keep doing your lines as you eat though. It looks like you need more repetition for it to sink in.”
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haikuun · 14 days ago
holy fuck | j.jh
Tumblr media
“imagine what your dear father would say if he sees me fucking her precious little daughter?”
SYNOPSIS; being a pastor's daughter was difficult. putting up an innocent and holy figure in front of his members; and discarding the fact that one of his loyalest members, Jung Jaehyun was hot as hell.
PAIRINGS; jung jaehyun x fem!reader
GENRE; smut
INCLUDES; swearing , age gap (12 years) , (tiny) mentions of religion , cock riding , orgasm denial , oral (male receiving) , public sex , dilf!jaehyun , pastor's daughter!reader
WORD COUNT; 4.8k words
AUTHOR'S NOTE; PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! this feels like it's straight from pornhub ;—;
Tumblr media
You've known Jaehyun throughout your whole life, while your father has known him ever since he was little. At the age of 5, you could vividly remember Jaehyun playing with you or taking care of you when your parents were away feeding the hungry. Playdates with him were persistent—being the only child—his attention was fully on you, and you only.
That until when you reached 7, he stopped coming by. His sudden disappearance didn't affect you a lot but that's the time when your father found out that Jaehyun had impregnated a fellow member of the church, the same age he is. So, at the early age of 19, Jaehyun became a father he never expected to be.
They were a happy little family. Although your father despise them for having sex before marriage, he let's you be around their one-year old daughter.
Fast-forward to 5 years, Jaehyun started showing up to your house again, but this time with his daughter. With you being 12 years old, you could never really understand the subject “divorce”. It was a foreign word to you that was never used in your household. The only thing you knew was that his six year old daughter was gullible.
If you could really pinpoint when this obsession with him blossomed you'd say it was when you were 17. The rain poured and gloommed the city. There was a knock on your door in the middle of the rain that piqued your interest. You opened the door to discover a Jung Jaehyun drenched in God's sweat.
Droplets of water were dripping from his hair. His shirt was soaked and it became see-through. It was hugging his torso so you could easily make out what he could look like topless. He was hot.
You swallowed hard before you could flash a small smile. “Hey, is your father home?” He asked, panting. Speechless, you could only nod and open the door further to let him in.
And that was the day you became obsessed over Jung Jaehyun. And it so happens that that was the day he and his wife were officially divorced.
Now—3 years later, while you're withering away in college; Jaehyun dedicated his time to the church. Helping your father with his missions, he became one of the deacons at church and being your father's right hand overall. You knew your father couldn't let Jaehyun stray away, he likes the kid even if he's flawed. It's the reason why he was praised by many because he could never hold a grudge.
Meanwhile in your college life; you were exposed to newer and badder things that were hidden from you until in high school. Your father wanted you to attend a Christian college, but you refused. You were adamant about a certain university you wanted to attend; not because you liked the curriculum or anything.
You just wanted a taste of freedom. A taste of what's outside the holy life, and damn it, it gave you more than what you begged for.
Your father couldn't resist you, so he let you attend the university you wanted. Which is probably one of the biggest mistakes he made as a father and maybe as a pastor.
The university was highly exposed to drugs, alcohol, parties that would last till dawn, and of course—sex. All of it was overwhelming for you, but it didn't stop you from trying something new.
You smoked weed, drank a bottle of whiskey, and partied after midnight. You tried everything but sex. Sure you made out with a few guys at your campus, but you were reserving your first time for a certain someone.
And you want that someone to expose you to that blissful pleasure.
Finals were right around the corner and you spent an hour before the test skimming through your textbooks. After the finals, you weren't able to ace it nor flunk it. You did however, maintain your title as the “average student” in the grading department.
You could already imagine the disappointment in your father's face when he sees your grades. From an ace student to an average student, so disappointing. But who gives a shit? College is hard.
Your first semester was over and they finally let you off the hook. A four week break for the holidays was rather long, but since you were already planning everything, it seemed so short. That until your father called. His ID name on your phone caught you off guard. Usually your mother would call instead of him. Without any further questions, you answered. “Hello?”
“Hey sweetie! It's been a while, how are you?” Your dad's voice echoes through your ears.
“I'm doing well,” you said with a tight smile. “Finals are over but don't get your hopes up on my grades.”
A chuckle from your father tickles your ear. Well, someone's in a good mood. “Care to join a week with us? Maybe two? Me and your mother miss you dearly, and besides the holidays are in a few weeks it would be great if you could celebrate with us.”
“I don't see why not,” you shrugged. Two weeks off from your plan isn't too much. “I'll come over tonight.”
“Great! Me and your mother will cook your favorite when you get home.” Without any further exchange, your father hangs up.
Tumblr media
The drive from your campus to your parents' house was rather quick. You didn't know if you were speeding the whole trip or if the music playing as you drove made it shorter. Whatever it was, you didn't expect Jaehyun to open the door for you.
“Hey kiddo,” Jaehyun beams. “Gosh, I haven't seen you in a while. Come here.” Still in a daze that Jaehyun opened the door for you, you suddenly find yourself in his arms. He was warm.
“Sweetie!” As much as you wanted to cling onto him, Jaehyun releases you from his embrace. Irked, you sloppily walk over to your father who has a big smile on his face and hugs you. “I missed you so much, shortcake.”
Unconsciously, the sides of your lips lifts up. Albeit, you were rebellious against him and you despise him for hiding you against the “unholy” world; he was still your father. Your father that loves you dearly.
“Where's mom?” You asked the moment you broke away from his grasp.
“She's at the grocery store, she left an hour ago. I don't know what's taking her so long but there's probably a long line. I'm surprised you're here though, wasn't the trip long?”
“Not at all,” you beam. Sparing a glance at your surroundings, you spot Jaehyun in the kitchen. With a brow raised you whispered, “what's Jaehyun doing here?” It's not like you were complaining—you were actually glad he's here. But then you realize that the longer he'll be here, the bigger your obsession will grow.
“Oh, Jaehyun's a close family friend! I don't see why we can't invite him, it's just a casual family dinner.” Your father answers nonchalantly. “And besides, I'm surprised as you are when he came this early.”
Your father gives you a quick peck on your forehead before he disappears in the kitchen. You proceed to retreat to your room. If you knew any better, you would've brought your lingerie set you had at your dorm; or brought the sexiest pair of clothes you could wear. Seducing Jaehyun with a T-shirt and pants wasn't exactly ideal, but you went with it.
I mean—who knows?
Meanwhile in the kitchen, as your father stirs up the saucepan, Jaehyun chops up the vegetables for your father's dish. “This is the first time you've seen her in two or three years, right?” Your father asks, gaze focused on the pan.
Jaehyun pursed his lips into a small smile. “Yeah, I can't believe it's been that long. She grew a lot—she actually has some uncanny features with Mrs. Yoon.”
“Of course she has, she's her daughter.” The two broke into a light chuckle. “Do you want to spend the holidays with us? It'll be your first time without your family; so that you won't be alone, you should join ours. You're like family to us anyway.”
Jaehyun looks over to your father with a faint smile. Your father still has his eyes locked on the pan so Jaehyun focuses back on his task and says, “I'd love to.”
When your father noticed that Jaehyun was done chopping up the vegetables, he urged him to go to the living room and catch up with you or relax—he was a guest after all.
The moment Jaehyun enters the living room, he was surprised to see you already at the couch typing something away on your phone. You on the other hand were frozen. You had no idea what to say or what to do. You looked over him from your phone and didn't expect to make eye contact.
To make things less weird and make it seem like you weren't drooling over him, you greet him casually with a small smile. “Hello, Mr. Jung.” Well that wasn't casual.
Jaehyun returns the smile and gives you a quick nod to acknowledge your greeting. Jaehyun snags the left edge of the couch while you sit still and tensed on the right.
You had no idea how to talk to him.
You realize now that the conversations you two had were very small. He'd toss a few questions and you'd answer politely then that's it—moving onto the next person. Now that you two are alone and there's no “next person”, you find yourself in a rather awkward position. And the fact that you're obsessed with him didn't make things easier.
While you were boggling your mind with what to do, Jaehyun didn't mind the silence. The two of you were never close to begin with, and trying to make conversation for the sake of it seemed a little desperate in his book. He wanted to keep things casual, just like he used to.
“So, how are you kiddo?” Jaehyun turns to you and you immediately sit up at the mention of your pet name he gave to you. You didn't like the pet name. You used to be fine with it, but now you hate it because it's giving you signs that he only sees you as a kid.
A kid who he used to care for, the kid who plays with his daughter, and the daughter of the pastor.
“College is killing me I guess,” you tried to mask the awkwardness in your tone. Thankfully Jaehyun didn't really notice it so he simply smiles, nodding to your answer before returning his attention to the TV.
You clutch on your phone, fanning away the tenseness you feel and fighting the urge to talk back to him. You felt so small and powerless near him, and you hated it. You hate how he affects you this much.
Before Jaehyun could make more small talk, your father's figure popped up by the doorway to check on you two. “I'm just gonna go to the grocery store to pick up your mom. She couldn't get a cab from the traffic so she asked me to pick her up.” Your father announces as he shakes the phone in his hand to indicate your mother was on the phone.
“Do you want me to come with—” Jaehyun was about to stand up when your father shook his head.
“No, no I can manage. Just keep her company for me will you?” Jaehyun simply nods and complies, sitting back down. “Be a good girl okay sweetie?”
That was your breaking point. Your eyebrow twitched and you accidentally snapped at your father. “Dad, I'm not a kid.” You remind him, pissed off that you have to remind him every time. You're probably more pissed because of the fact that Jaehyun was there.
Your father simply laughed off your remarks. “Okay, okay, I'm leaving!”
“Drive safe alright?” You and Jaehyun bid your father goodbyes. And right after you heard the front door shut, you and Jaehyun dropped your smiles and focused on your own things.
You were still a bit fuming from your father's words but it all disintegrated when you heard Jaehyun chuckle. “I see, you don't like being called ‘little girl’ anymore? I assume you're mad at me for calling you ‘kiddo’.”
“I mean, I'm not a kid. I have every right to be. I'm an adult—a grown woman who smoked weed, drank alcohol—” That wasn't supposed to slip out. Your hand immediately clasp your lips to stop anymore words from spilling out.
You look over to Jaehyun in hopes he didn't hear it but the smirk on his face says otherwise. “That doesn't sound like an adult.” Jaehyun remarks, fixing his gaze towards you. “That sounds like a girl who's making bad decisions.”
“Please don't tell dad!” You implore, unconsciously close to him. You grabbed his arm and looked directly at him with pleading eyes; which took Jaehyun aback. Your mind was blank, the only thing you were focusing on was the thought of your father knowing every sin you did. “I'll prove to you that I'm actually an adult!”
You got your head out of the gutters and actually heard what you said. It sounded like there were underlying tones in it, and you regret formulating that sentence. And Jaehyun seems to notice it.
With a smirk on his face, he leans back in his seat. Eyes still connected with yours. “You got my attention, so what's your intention?”
It all escalated too fast. One thing led to another, and it led you here. Straddling Jaehyun's legs, eyes shut and mouth open. As you kiss him, you are suddenly reminded of your father. How he would resent the both of you for doing such an act.
But you can't stop yourself. As much as you love your father, you love the way Jaehyun was circling his thumbs against your hips. How his tongue explores your mouth so thoroughly. What you two are doing is unorthodox but not a cardinal sin—well it is to your parents.
To make it worse, you already feel wet just by the thought of being caught by your dad. His trusted member and his daughter making out on their couch, now that's something.
Jaehyun breaks the kiss to catch his breath. He looks intently at you as he pants. His silence says a thousand words and the only thing you could do was stare back at him.
This was wrong—so wrong.
This time, you took the initiative to kiss him. You had doubts about doing it; afraid that he won't kiss you back but all of your worries dissolve when he kisses you back. His hand was able to find a way to get under your shirt and he massages your breast.
You let out a stifle moan, conscious of how pathetic you sound. Jaehyun urges you otherwise. “Sing for me—tell me how good I make you feel.” Jaehyun whispers in your ear before he starts nipping your earlobe.
Those words were enough for you to cry out your moans. You produced sounds you didn't even know you could do and sounds that you didn't know if it sounds pleasant or not. Whatever it is, Jaehyun was undoubtedly aroused.
He wasn't stupid, he knew this was wrong. He knew the consequences he would face if your father finds out. But the thrill of it all makes him want to continue with this more.
Speaking of more—you wanted more than a make out session. You wanted more than just touching. So once again, you took the initiative to delve deeper. You started grinding on his clothed crotch, a move he didn't expect you would make.
You were able to pull out a sharp inhale from him and you wanted to hear him more, so you continued. Jaehyun would grip on your breast every time you would press on him too hard, and it led you to press on him a lot harder.
Jaehyun groans when you go to the extremes of grabbing his crotch. Impatient, you start to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. As you start to unbutton his pants, he firmly holds your wrist to momentarily stop you. “Are you sure about this?” Jaehyun asks, looking at you with wary eyes.
“We made it this far, why stop now?” You continue to unbutton his pants and now pull his pants down to his knees.
You stand up to take off your pants and underwear while Jaehyun watches you attentively with heavy eyes. You go back to straddling him, aligning yourself to his member before slowly sinking onto him.
You both let out a moan. The stretch was painful and with how big he was, he was ripping you apart. Jaehyun on the other hand felt amazing. Your pussy engulfing him—clenching around him as you adjust to his size was something he never knew he wanted to feel.
Looks like he has found a new addiction.
His groans follow in suit while you churn out whimpers. The slower you were going, the slower you were going to get over this; but doing it otherwise was painful nonetheless. There was no easy way out of this.
That is until, Jaehyun started pressing his thumb against your clit in circular motions. He was able to fish out moan after another from you and it made you think about the pain less—until you have completely forgotten about it and focused on how his thumb felt against your clit.
When you adjusted, you started to slowly ride his cock. Once you feel more comfortable, you pick up your pace. Moan after moan erupts from your throat while Jaehyun's eyes shut as he feels how great your pussy felt.
You felt his thumb venturing once again to your clit and spinning it around. With you riding him and him destroying your clit, you felt overwhelmed with pleasure. “Imagine what your dear father would say if he sees me fucking her precious little daughter?” Jaehyun whispers, only tipping you over more.
You feel your orgasm building up and you come closer and closer to the edge. And it seems like Jaehyun felt the same. He started rutting into you mercilessly, chasing his own high. “M-Mister Jung, c-can I cum?” You ask promptly.
Jaehyun's hum was something you never realized you needed to hear and actually contributed to pushing you over the edge. His moan dropped an octave as he barely manages to utter, “fuck, that's so hot. Cum for me princess.”
With a few more thrusts, the knot in your stomach unravels and with a high-pitched moan; you came. You coated his dick in your fluids and it was also a breaking point to him.
Before he could have the opportunity to release his seed, you both hear a car pull-up at the driveway. Panicking, Jaehyun pushes you off him and you immediately fumble on the floor for your pants and underwear. Jaehyun felt a sharp pain when you left him. He was so close, but you both were also so close to getting caught. He couldn't risk it.
He tucks his member back in boxers and swiftly puts his pants back on. Contrarily, you hiked up your pants and sat back down at the other end of the couch.
“This—what just happened now, is only physical alright?” Jaehyun snaps his head at you to look at you warningly. “Purely, physical. As long as it is, we can do it again.”
You didn't know how to feel but somehow you felt sad. What did you expect? Tying the knot with him isn't a part of your plan. All you wanted was to fuck him, and now that you did he has nothing for you. No love—no feelings, just a good dick to get over your obsession with him.
But for some reason, you thought ripping your insides for him—even bleeding a little and giving him your virginity would make him think otherwise.
“We're home!” Your father announces as your mother shuts the door behind them. You both stand up on your feet to greet them at the front door; but your legs said otherwise. Your legs almost gave up on you and started trembling, luckily Jaehyun was quick enough to hold you in place.
“You okay?” Jaehyun stares at you worriedly, but you assure him with a nod and detach yourself from him before trudging to the front door.
“Hey, honey!” Your mother beams at you and gives you a tight squeeze. As she hugs you, she greets Jaehyun with a warm smile. “Hi Jae!” Your mother exclaims to which he smiles back and bow.
“How was the drive?” Jaehyun asks, turning to your father as he hangs his coat on the rack.
“Surprisingly fast. After I picked her up, the traffic just—disappeared! As if it's telling me to rush home at once.” Your father laughs while your mother joins him as she pulls you away. You and Jaehyun both smile tightly as he says,
“Hah, well. T-That's something.”
Tumblr media
It's been two days since your little intercourse with Jaehyun. It's been playing in your head vividly as you sleep or whenever you're doing nothing. It just pierces through your mind like it's purposely reminding you of what happened. And today wasn't different.
It was Sunday and during your father's preaching, you find yourself drifting back to said memory. You sometimes wonder when you two could do it again as he did imply you two can. And sometimes you think about why Jaehyun would divorce his wife or vice versa.
Was Jaehyun not good enough? He seems like a nice person, and he is. Or is his wife not good enough? You can never find answers to these questions and you constantly find yourself in a ditch. Why would you even think about it anyway?
Letting out a bothered sigh, you tell your mother—who was situated next to you— that you will pay a visit to the bathroom. She simply nods, attention completely to your father's preaching.
You walk into the hallway with three doors. If you go straight ahead, you will find yourself in the Janitor's closet. And the two doors a few inches away from the first door, lie the bathroom of the men and women's that's right across each other.
You often find yourself in the men's room, the one at the left, due to the lack of signage and because apparently your stupid and forgetful. But this time you went straight to the right door, the women's bathroom. After locking the door behind you, you made a beeline to the sink and opened the faucet.
You cup your hands below the faucet before starting to splash your face with it. This way, you hoped to forget about what happened just for today, and focus on the mass.
You close the faucet and wipe your face with the tissue provided at the side. After discarding it, you heard a knock on the door. Since you were about to leave, you didn't respond and instead opened the door to leave.
However, you were abruptly pushed back in. Before you could protest, you look up and see Jaehyun hovering over your figure as he locks the door behind him.
“Mr. Jung, w-what are you doing here?” You asked meekly.
“Please, drop the formality. We had sex. If you keep that up it's just weird.” Jaehyun fumbles with the clank of his belt and you simply watch. “I'm horny and I'm still bothered by the fact that I didn't cum last time. So let's keep this session quick and quiet. We're in a church bathroom and there might be people outside waiting.”
Jaehyun's pants drop to his knees and you're only left with him and his clothed erection. “Get down on your knees and suck me dry, okay princess?” Jaehyun cups your cheeks and brushes his thumb against. “Oh, and watch out for your teeth.”
You were taken aback with his demand. Not only were you inexperienced in the field of blow jobs, but you were also worried on how to fit him in your mouth. Nevertheless you were eager.
You got down on your knees and palm him through his boxers. Jaehyun threw his head back and sighed. “No time to tease, princess. Get on with it.”
You couldn't help but plant a small smile on your face. Now he's the one squirming under your touch. You pull out his member and start to pump him slowly. You pulled out strings of low moans out of him and you felt proud of how you make him feel like this.
With quick and short movements, you lick his throbbing tip and remove the accumulating precum. His moans filled up the room and before you knew it, he grabbed a ball of your hair. “I told you to stop being a tease.” Jaehyun sighs.
You make an attempt and take him in. Once the tip successfully enters your mouth, you suck on it carefully. Jaehyun's grip on your hair became tighter and his moans started to echo the bathroom more.
Curious, you look up at Jaehyun who was watching your every move. Unknowingly, you looked at him innocently as you sucked him off, and the sight of it can almost make him cum. He whips his head back and tug the bottom of his lip with his teeth. Getting more and more engrossed in the pleasure.
You make another attempt to fit him into your mouth. Midway, you find it more difficult to fit more of him in you. His tip starts to poke at your throat and your eyes start watering. Trying to control it, you push yourself deeper only to find yourself gagging.
A loud moan manages to slip past Jaehyun's lips despite being quiet. “Ah, shit... Do that again.”
In spite of the pain, you do as requested. You take him in again and try to suck off the very base but to no avail. You find yourself gagging once more and this time coughing. You pull him out of your mouth and let yourself breathe.
Jaehyun was a moaning mess during that, but once you pulled out he whined. “Suck me off again please, I think I'm close...” Jaehyun says in a low voice.
You start sucking him once more, but make sure to only take in what you could manage. Sure, he felt great but the pain was unbearable. You felt the precum from his tip drip down and onto your tongue. You tried to swallow it but obviously failed. This sensation sent shivers to his spine and he released another peculiar moan from the other ones he released.
You pick up your pace when you realize how long you two are taking. It seemed suspicious that both of you were out but others would overlook it as they deem it impossible that Jaehyun would fling around with you. But they were wrong.
Who knew you would find yourself in a predicament wherein you're sucking Jaehyun off at the church's bathroom.
Soon after, Jaehyun releases his seed in your throat. You had no option but to swallow it. You let out a few coughs while Jaehyun caresses your head. “You were so good, princess. I'll do you a favor next time.”
After planting a kiss on your head, Jaehyun starts to put on his pants. Simultaneously, you fix yourself in the mirror to look presentable later when you leave. As you fix yourself, you hear a knock on the door.
“Y/N, are you alright?” Panic filled both of your systems and you started formulating a plan to get out of the bathroom without them seeing Jaehyun.
Jaehyun pulls you close to him and whispers, “tell her to go get your mom.”
You nod and comply. “N-No... Not really. Is it alright if you can go fetch my mom?”
“Of course.” You heard loud footsteps then they slowly faded, indicating that the person left.
You peek out the door to see if the coast is clear and once it is, you push Jaehyun out of the bathroom. “Go, go in the men's bathroom!” You exclaim, shoving him into the bathroom across yours that was thankfully unoccupied.
A few minutes later you heard footsteps approach your door. “Honey, are you okay?” You heard your mom's voice on the other side. Before you could reply, you heard Jaehyun's voice followed by a door closing.
“What happened to Y/N?” Jaehyun asks, voice laced with concern as if he wasn't just sucked off bone dry.
You couldn't help but let out a quiet chuckle. All of their conversation seems to fade out as you find yourself stuck in your thoughts.
No matter how long you two would do this, no matter how wrong what you two are doing are, you look forward to your next session no matter what. The future of this seems blurry and how it would end up, but you stay optimistic about it.
Again, like the words of Jung Jaehyun, it's purely physical. But how long do you think you can keep it like this?
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Redirecting to... hotdilfsinyourarea.net (18+)
(⚠︎ dilfs, stepdads, and age gaps)
Tumblr media
Why bed an inexperienced college classmate when you could bed a real man who knows how to fuck?! Sign up now to start chatting with real men who know their stuff. You must be eighteen or older to sign up, and please be aware that you might be a mistress. Make sure to check their availability date, they could be on a business trip for all you know (how else would they help pay for your tuition?) !? Happy chatting!
Who knows—you might meet the man of your dreams here !!
Tumblr media
# 01 FOCUS
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jaehyun┆Mr. Jung is your resident best friend's dad. Watch as Mr. Jung Jaehyun himself looses his composure at the sight of a girl half his age.
# 02 YOU RiGHT
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Johnny┆Mr. Seo can't stop and look the other way, because he knows what could be between the both of you. Anyone who had eyes could notice—especially his wife.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Mark┆Believe him when he says he's been with a few girls, but make sure to believe him when he tells you you're his favourite.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Sicheng┆To the oh-so seemingly hot tempered, almost aloof Mr. Dong Sicheng, you looked like you came straight off the cover of a magazine.
# 05 CRY
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jeno┆So basically—Jeno can't stand living like this.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Yuta┆Mr. Nakamoto Yuta has placed his infatuation on you. Only, he finds out just a tad too late that it's not an infatuation.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Haechan┆You just simply wanted more.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Doyoung┆Oh look at him, he's the perfect man!
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Husband Jaemin┆Throughout his life, Jaemin often questioned if he had commitment issues. Long story short, no he didn't—he just hadn't met you yet.
# 10 KiTTY
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Husband Jeno┆So what's it like being Lee Jeno's Kitty?
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Sugar Daddy Kun┆Having Qian Kun as a sugar daddy might've been the best thing in the world. At this point though, you wanted—needed something other than his money.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jaehyun┆Jaehyun's single. Almost painfully. In an attempt to, well...not be single he dates someone only to find an interest in her daughter instead.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Taeil┆ The friendly professor who lived down the road from you was nothing short of a nice man. Unless you count what he says in the bedroom.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Stepdad Johnny┆Johnny does love his coffee, he also has taken a love for you. Just maybe not his wife.
# 15 TOXiC
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jaehyun┆It's not that Mr. Jung is a bad person, it's just that maybe he's cheating on his wife and refuses to admit it to her.
# 16 iT'S MY PARTY
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Haechan┆Haechan doesn't know why he has such a knack for making you cry. Every time tears fall down your pretty face he absolutely adores it.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jaemin┆Mr. Na and Mr. Lee always have so much in common. What's it like being Na Jaemin's "Bun Bun"?
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Johnny┆If Mr. Johnny Suh could consider this a talent, he would totally be okay with it. He had such a gift for getting in your head easily.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Husband Mark┆Who wouldn't want to wake up next to one of the most eligible bachelors out there? Oh yeah, how could it possibly slip your mind?—He's your husband.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Doyoung┆Infidelity has suddenly popped up in Kim Doyoung's vocabulary. Luckily for him though, he's smart.
# 21 i'M A SLAVE 4 U
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Yuta┆For Nakamoto Yuta? You'd do anything.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Renjun┆Long story short, you're Huang Renjun's dream. Like seriously.
# 23 HENTAi
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Haechan┆Are we really just gonna ignore the porn on his phone or what? Oh wait—that's a picture of you!
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Stepdad Doyoung┆Mr. Kim is suddenly smitten with you, all thoughts of your mother (and his wife) have flown out the window.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Johnny┆Mr. Suh and Mr. Qian are long time business partners and friends. Secrets don't make friends, but friends do make secrets.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up ???┆Vote for who deserves New Year's head this year!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* "Hot Dilfs in Your Area" is the second series of the year written by Earth-To-That-Asian to take on the role of Smutmas. Works will be posted from December 1st to December 25th with an additional post scheduled for January 1st, 2022. "Hot Dilfs in Your Area" includes au's varying from the signature dilf style to the daring topic of step au's and touching upon the never so romantic business field. If the warnings listed for works are not for you, do not read it. This series and all works under it remains for the mature audience. Those under the age of eighteen—do not interact with this and any other work. A BTS version of this series will be posted to @97ft—works will be the exact same story except the names will be switched out accordingly.
Tumblr media
© earth-to-that-asian, 2021 ┆ "HOT DILFS IN YOUR AREA"
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dive (m)
Tumblr media
→ member: jung jaehyun
→ genre: fratboy!jaehyun | smut
→ word count: 9.2k
→ playlist: dive x victoria monet
→ warnings: oiud smoking (which results in a lot of smiling and laughing), oral (f receiving), petnames (just love and baby and a couple good girl’s), fingering, lots of teasing, a bit of praising| also, this isn’t the typical fratboy!au because the only fratboys i’ve dealt with are nothing like the ones i’ve read about so :)
↳ summary: Jaehyun calls shotgun
The blue LED lights that illuminate the living room create pretty shadows on your roommate’s face as you watch her curiously. The light reflects off of her silver earrings and necklaces prettily. She wanted to try something new, mostly because she was bored tonight and because she’s curious as to why you enjoy this specific thing so much; why everyone in the room comes to Johnny’s place at least once every weekend to link up. Yeji gently takes the blunt from you and observes it before her eyes lift to your face again. You get comfortable and curl up into the corner of the couch you claimed an hour ago, placing a hand in between your face and the cushion.
You’re the only one that’s so obviously looking at her as she brings the blunt up to her mouth. Before you came over you asked Johnny not to stare at her so as not to make her nervous and choke, and he graciously shared this with the other four people scattered in the living room. Everyone else is either watching the Tame Impala music video Johnny’s chosen, talking, or on their phones and you’re sure Yeji is grateful the attention isn’t on her. You wanted the first time she smoked to be with just you, but she insisted on going with you to meet new people, with her being a new transfer and all. 
“Inhale slowly,” you mutter. “You don’t have to hold it in long. Just take an extra inhale after then blow it out when you’re ready.” She does as told, taking a fairly short hit, and not even a second later she lets out a small puff of smoke as she releases strained coughs, patting her chest to get it all out.
“It hit you back, huh?” Johnny asks with a friendly smile.
“Yeah,” Yeji croaks, giggling around a final cough. “Felt like someone punched me in the throat.”
She doesn’t bother with a second try, she just leans over to pass it to Johnny then settles a little closer to you than before. She grabs the bottle of water you tucked into your side and takes a few gulps, sighing in relief once the irritation goes away. 
“You gonna try again or are you done?” you ponder before drinking some water yourself at the reminder you’ve had it the whole time. 
Yeji shrugs softly. “We’ll see when it comes back around.”
The attention is soon on Johnny bickering with one of the other guys, Jaehyun, about the music playing. You watch as Johnny animatedly speaks, arguing that this is the perfect music to listen to right now against Jaehyun’s claim that it’s fucking up his high and that he wants to hear Bryson Tiller or Brent Faiyaz. Johnny makes everyone vote and Jaehyun grumbles at how everyone, including you, chooses the former option, and you shake a little fist of victory, smiling cutely when eye contact is made. Jaehyun’s mouth twitches like he’s refusing to smile back, his eyes rolling in defeat. When Johnny is changing the song, Yeri passes you her blunt from her seat on the stool she pulled out. 
Yeji tilts her head and the roles are reversed; she’s observing you now. You do a simple trick for her, just puffing out a cloud of smoke before sucking it back in. It’s when you blow the smoke in her general direction that you get an idea. 
“If you don’t wanna hit it again, I could shotgun you,” you suggest.
“What is that?”
“I blow smoke into your mouth,” you elaborate for her. 
It takes her all but one second to nod, a small smile on her lips. You point to your own mouth after filling it up with smoke, gesturing for her to pucker her lips the way you are. You blow a steady stream into her mouth and she sucks it in smoothly, holding the smoke in for a little while before exhaling. 
“Better, right?” you ask and she nods, grinning.
“What about me?” You look over at the other couch to the owner of the voice, nosily trying to see who he’s talking to and what he’s talking about this time. What you don’t expect is for Jaehyun to be looking at you expectantly. He’s slouched into the cushions, legs spread, and face propped up by his fist. His eyes are low and there’s a small grin playing on his lips. When you stare at him blankly for a while—both because you’re still registering that the guy you’ve only smoked with a few times and never exchanged more than simple greetings to just asked you to get in his face and blow smoke into his mouth, and because the way his eyes take you would make you gag if it were literally anybody else—he gives you a half-hearted pout and fakes a couple coughs, saying “I’m not used to smoking woods.”
He’s lying and he’s got to know that you know he’s lying because you’ve smoked with him each time you’ve been here in the month you’ve been acquainted with Johnny (with them being roommates and all). Johnny’s facial expression as you hand him what’s left to put in the bong also shows that his friend is lying. But for some reason (because the first time you met him you definitely did a double-take, you like his overall laid back vibe, and you like his taste in music for the most part), you humor him anyway.
“Hey,” you call to Yeji, rubbing her knee to get her to look away from the thread she’s picking at. “You mind if I go over there for a second?” you ask, pointing to the couch next to you. She just smiles and shakes her head, and you know she’s high by this cute, dopey smile that takes up half of her face and turns her eyes into crescents. You fix her necklace so that the clasp is hidden behind her neck and tell her: “Just let me know if you start feeling bad and want to go home, okay? We’ll leave immediately.”
“He’s cute and he’s been looking at you all night,” she discloses, encouraging you to go with a nod of her head in Jaehyun’s direction. “Don’t worry about me, get some play.”
You snort. “Unlikely.”
Jaehyun’s eyes hadn’t left you since they fell on you, you realize when you make your way over to sit next to him—facing Yeji, of course—and nothing but confidence can be detected in his features. This is going to be interesting, you can tell just by how the corners of your mouth are already lifting.
You fold your legs under you and take the unlit blunt (that he rolled with a backwood, by the way) from his lap and spark it. “Ready?” 
Jaehyun’s answer is bringing his face closer to yours. Your gaze falls to his mouth right before you blow the smoke into it and it lingers as he puckers his lips and sucks in. It stays after he’s backed away a little, after he’s exhaled and let everything out. 
He raises an eyebrow at you, entertained by how stuck you are just looking at him. You can’t help it, though. Your first impression of him had been that he’s attractive, but up close like this, you realize he’s fine as fuck. He’s got a playful look in his eyes, almost mischievous, and it has you curious. He’s had you curious since the moment he said more than just “wassup” to you. 
“Are you in a different dimension?”
“Not yet,” you hum. “Just wondering why you lied so you could get me this close to you.”
He exhales noisily out his nose, amused. “I think you know why.”
You hum before taking another hit, shaking your head in amusement. 
Jaehyun leans into you again and waits patiently for a repeat of your previous exchange, the corner of his mouth still quirked up.
You take time to briefly size him up. You don’t even like beanies, but he looks good in the white one he’s wearing, paired with a plain black shirt and jeans. He doesn’t have to do much to stand out, so you can’t even knock him for just how bold he is. And he hasn’t been rude to or weird with you at all in the time you’ve been around him. So you blow into his mouth again, a bit closer this time. 
You hand the blunt over to Winwin, hardly removing your eyes from the man in front of you in the process.
“You could have just started a conversation with me like everyone else did,” you continue the conversation from before.
“I could have, but that would have been boring.”
“You would have been looking stupid if I said no,” you chuckle, leaning into the couch more, bringing a smile onto Jaehyun’s face. You like his mouth, you mentally conclude. The shape of his teeth, of his lips, and the rosy color keep you drawn in. 
He shrugs lightheartedly. “I didn’t doubt it would work, so the thought didn’t even cross my mind, actually.”
A familiar giggle reaches your ears and you look up to see Yeji and Yeri looking at the former’s phone, talking amongst themselves about whatever is on the screen. You smile to yourself, happy she’s able to adapt so easily. 
“Is she younger than you?” Jaehyun asks, returning your attention to him.
“Yeah, why?”
“You were just smiling at her like a proud mother,” he explains.
“I gotta make sure my baby is okay,” you retort, sticking your nose up. “Nah, but I have taken her under my wing since we became roommates.”
“My throat hurts from smoking, will you make sure I’m okay?” 
You lift a brow. “You want me to be your mother?” 
“If you’re into that.” 
“I might be.” You grin at effectively catching him off guard. You really did not expect for conversation to flow this well from the jump and you definitely are not complaining. “And I’ve watched you face a whole blunt that you rolled with a wood.”
Another smile slowly takes over his face, cocky as ever. “You watch me?”
You definitely could have worded that better, but your mind immediately leans towards saying yes because watching him provides you with the knowledge his face produces whiskers when he smiles that way and you’re becoming smitten already. It only took a few minutes.
“I guess in the small moments you’re not watching me,” you retort instead, not letting him forget he was watching you long enough to want you in the very position the two of you are in now. 
“How romantic,” Jaehyun lilts, unfazed by you flipping things onto him. “Guess this means we can skip the pussyfooting, huh?”
“And get to what, exactly?” you prompt him, leaning closer to him. He licks his lips at your actions, which shows him just a little more of your cleavage. He’s met with your pretty face covered in amusement when his gaze lifts back north. 
Lucas’s sudden presence beside you brings you out of the moment you and his friend have created, reminding you that there is still an active session taking place. You laugh to yourself as you lean back to give Jaehyun his personal space back and you take a hit, but he follows, apparently not wanting any distance. 
“You ask a lot of questions you already know the answer to,” he points out.
“Only because I want you to be a little more straight forward, love.”
“So you won’t dub me after I blatantly tell you what I want?” he asks skeptically. It’s the first glimpse of uncertainty you catch from him, and just because you enjoy this back and forth thing, you shrug slowly, blunt hanging from your lips. His mouth opens to speak again, but then your nickname is being called from the other couch.
You watch as Yeji takes a hit of a joint you’re not sure who rolled. You figure someone (probably Johnny or Yeri) did it to make things easier for her, and your heart gets a little warm at the thought of your newly acquainted friends being so kind. By the end of the show she gives you, she’s smiling and your face mirrors her expression.
“See! I told you that you’d get the hang of it quickly,” you encourage her, referring to how you told her that she’d be fine after her first attempt when she mentioned not wanting to keep coughing in front of everyone. “Take another hit, a little bigger.”
And she does so successfully. 
“You may be my new smoke buddy soon,” you continue to boost, sending a wink that makes Yeji smile slyly.
Your newest acquaintance’s laugh is all it takes for him to be the center of your attention again and you mentally judge yourself because it seems like the bare minimum is all it takes. Apparently, you’re the one that made him laugh, telling from his steady gaze on you. His teeth tug at his bottom lip while he nods slowly to himself in thought. 
“What?” you ask, smoking once more before it’s Jaehyun’s turn. 
”Nothing.” He shakes his head and takes a big yet rushed hit before passing it to Winwin and asking you in a strained voice, “Come with me real quick?”
You watch as he stands, releasing a thick cloud of smoke with his hand out for you to take. Your legs move on their own when they straighten out, as well as your hand when you take hold of the awaiting one ahead, and on your way out of the living room you mouth to Yeji that you’ll be back. Two thumbs up and suggestive brows are your response before she’s out of your vision.
Before Jaehyun opens the door he’s led you to, you read what’s on it: NKT in huge letters, followed by Valentine in a much smaller font. When the door is opened, a red light illuminates the bedroom and you let out an amused huff. 
“It all makes sense now,” you explain when Jaehyun turns around, a look of confusion on his pretty face. Red light does nothing but make him look better. “You are a prototype frat boy, Jaehyun.”
He laughs loudly, reaching behind you to close and lock the door--his solid chest rubbing against your shoulder in the process--before he plops down into the chair at his desk. A hand gestures for you to sit on his bed, and after a small inspection, you do so. His legs push him until his knees almost knock into your own.
“What makes you say that?” he asks, shifting to lounge back comfortably, resulting in his thighs caging in your own. The quirk of his lips, the tilted chin, and hooded eyes are close to being too much for you to handle in the privacy of his room when at least three blunts were smoked before escaping the living room. You don’t give in to the warm feeling that builds within you, though.
“Your music taste, for one,” you begin, with a shake of your head. “Toxic.”
“So that’s why you voted against Brent.” His smile only gets bigger when you nod like it was obvious from the start. “Bryson isn’t even toxic.”
“What’s your favorite song by him?” 
He hums in brief thought before answering. “Let Me Expla-“
“Exactly.” He makes this way too easy. “Anyway”— you ignore how attractive his deep chuckle is and continue—“You’re corny but smooth as hell, too.”
Jaehyun’s the one in disbelief this time. He leans forward and rests his elbows on his knees. He looks really good in red lighting. “‘Corny?’”
“Absolutely,” you affirm. “It works for you, though.”
You hear him mutter corny under his breath as if he’ll never wrap his head around the fact that adjective was used concerning him, but he prompts you to continue telling him about himself. “Anything else?”
“Do you keep the lights on red?” you ask.
“It’s my favorite color.” There’s a stare-off of sorts that lasts for a few long moments before Jaehyun cracks and looks away with a defeated laugh. “Alright, you got me.”
You throw your head back and let out a laugh that rivals Lucas’s high volume. “The worst.”
“The best,” he corrects. He waits until your little fit of laughter ends and you’re looking at him again to continue. With a lick of his lips, he says, “I can show you.”
“I’m sure you could.” Your cheeks are going to start hurting if you smile or laugh anymore, but you’re okay with that. “Try me when I don’t have someone out there waiting for me.”
“She’s in good hands with Yeri, no?”
While that is true, she’s your company and you already feel like you’ve been away for too long. She encouraged you to engage in some hoetivities, but you don’t want to be that friend. You came back here out of curiosity because Jaehyun is an intriguing guy, that’s it. Your curiosity has been satisfied and you’re here every weekend anyway.
“I’m here every weekend, hun.”
He lets out a disappointed sigh, but nods nonetheless. “I respect it. You’re a good friend.”
“I am,” you agree, standing up in between his legs, hand out for him to get up.
It’s no surprise that he doesn’t just take your hand as leverage to get up, but holds it and examines the ring on your finger. 
“This is pretty,” he stalls. It takes a little effort not to smile at this.
“Thank you. You ready now?”
Jaehyun sighs. “A week?”
“The wait will be worth it, I promise.” Yes, you’re playing a little hard to get and yes, it has a lot to do with the fact you already want to be in his bed underneath him as well as pillowtalk and innocently feel how soft his skin is. You want to feel his energy out a little more before getting to all that, though.
He clutches your hand and rises out of his seat, standing extremely close to you. After a long moment of his gaze being locked on your grinning lips, he asks, “Can I get a kiss to hold me off?”
His persistence doesn’t bother you in the slightest. Rather, it does the opposite. This handsome man with the most enticing voice and mouth (and face, if you’re being completely honest) is so clearly into you and he doesn’t mind letting you know, all without being unnecessarily vulgar. 
The kiss you press against his mouth is short, simple. Jaehyun’s response is delayed, as if he doesn’t register that you didn’t tease him about it and actually gave him what he wanted for the first time since the shotguns from earlier, until you’re already lowering to flat feet, and he doesn’t let you get far before his lips apply more pressure and your bottom lip is sandwiched. He leans down and his hands stop at your waist, gradually bringing your body flush against his.
Surprisingly, Jaehyun’s the one to pull away, ending the kiss by softly sucking on your bottom lip. You swallow the whimper in the back of your throat when your eyes flutter open and see how his own glazed over eyes are looking down at you. 
“Come alone next time.”
You nod, licking your lips. 
Jaehyun is smacked when you walk into his and Johnny’s apartment a week later. Alone (Yeji got homesick so she’s gone until Sunday). It’s pretty warm outside but he’s got on a black long sleeve shirt that fits him well, and the silver chain around his neck only adds on to his overall attractiveness. His eyes are low and red as he stares at whatever is playing ahead at such a low volume you can’t hear anything above the ruckus coming from the kitchen. Your entry goes unnoticed by him, and after greeting everyone in the kitchen and making your way into the living room, you see he’s watching the latest Bryson Tiller video. Your laugh is what brings him out of his trance, his eyes slowly sliding over your form and lingering on your bare thighs. 
“You good?” you ask, sitting down beside him. 
“I am now.” His dimples are on full display and you can’t even say anything when his hand instantly finds your thigh. “Took you long enough.”
“I’m not even the last to get here,” you scoff. 
“Been thinking about you,” he admits. And while you’re definitely in the same boat, you’re way too sober to be as open as him. 
“I see,” you pat his own thigh. “Why are you alone over here?”
Jaehyun shrugs, removing his hand from your thigh in favor of draping his arm behind you across the top of the couch. “They’re doing too much for me tonight.”
“Did I miss something?” you inquire, slowly but not-so-subtly reaching for the blunt resting on the arm of the chair on the other side of him. He picks it up and hands it to you himself, and you give him a pretty smile to express your gratitude. 
“We’re having game night tonight,” he begins to explain, and just saying these words brings stress to his features and tone. “and I faced two blunts before everyone got here thinking it was just gonna be chill.”
His words have been coming out a little slower than the last time you were here and his low eyes seemingly have tunnel vision. You thoroughly enjoy being the center of his attention, you realize.
You nod at his explanation. You understand where he’s coming from, because once you get to his level you like to be alone or at least quiet while watching a movie or listening to music.
As you spark the blunt, you ask him a question you already know the answer to. But what can you say, you like the way he boosts your head. “Want me to leave you alone for a while?”
Jaehyun’s response is nonverbal. First he side-eyes you, causing you to take a drag to stop yourself from giggling. Then he rolls his eyes and fits his arm between your body and the couch cushion to pull you into his side by your waist. You get comfortable, curling your legs up to rest them on his lap, and his hand falls to your hip.
“Aw,” you exhale. “You like me.”
He breathes out his nose in amusement, using his free hand to grab his cup from the mini table beside the couch and drink a few gulps. You find yourself watching how he licks a drop of the clear liquid off of his bottom lip before you rip your gaze away in favor of paying attention to the screen ahead. Now Brent Fiyaz is playing and your nose scrunches.
“Want me to change it?” Jaehyun offers, but you stop him before he can reach for the remote.
“Nah, it’s okay. I’m barely paying attention to it.” You wave off, rolling your eyes when he grins slyly at the indirect implication that he’s all you care about giving your attention to at the moment. “Is this yours or is it for everyone?” you ask, gesturing the blunt. 
“It’s yours, baby.”
This man is dangerous. You don’t really care for pet names, especially coming from men, but the way he just rasped those three words makes you hum and curl deeper into his hold. 
“Oh, you really like me,” you joke as not to expose yourself and the fact you’re only becoming more fond of him as the seconds go by. 
“Do y’all want anything from the store?” Winwin asks from in front of you, startling the pair of you. 
“Coconut water please? With pulp!” He seemingly types it into his notes before waiting for Jaehyun to answer. 
“The blue Calypso.”
You pull your phone out, opening Cash App. “What’s your cash tag, Win?” 
“I got it. I’ll be back soon,” he tells you before turning around and disappearing down the hall leading to the door.
“All of you are so kind,” you sigh happily, resting your head on the top of the couch, immediately back in your little bubble. He laughs under his breath as he watches you smoke for a while. “What’s funny?”
“You’ll think differently when you meet Haechan and Renjun— actually, I take that back. Haechan will be up your ass.”
“Is he your little? Following in your footsteps?” you ask, getting closer to his face with a smile. 
He analyzes you for a moment, and he nods after a while, chuckling. 
“You got it.” Jaehyun admits defeat, his hand slowly traveling lower until his fingers are spread across a cheek. Your smile widens, both because you like winning and the warm feeling of his hand on your ass. “I don’t have the brain to think of a comeback right now.”
“Well that’s no fun.” You pout. A quiet squeak escapes you when his hand squeezes, the action taking you by surprise, especially in the new state you’re in. “You’ve been waiting to do that all week, huh?”
“Nah, but after we smoke Jungkook’s shit I can show you what I’ve actually been waiting to do,” he tells you, his face a little closer and the hand on your ass not shy in the slightest, adjusting to get an even better grip on the cheek before adding on: “Sound good?”
It sounds like a plan to you. You’ve never really been touchy towards men that weren’t your boyfriends or allowed men to get handsy with you, especially during the first couple times of being around them, but the raw attraction between you and Jaehyun leaves little room for you to care. And it’s not exactly something you can ignore, especially with how it doesn’t take much to reel you into him. 
“Sounds great,” you hum, taking one last drag before leaning over his body to put the blunt out in the ashtray on the side table. His fingers lightly trace the curve of your back as you steal his cup and smell it, finding that it’s just water inside, proceeding to drink from it before digging into your purse to get some gum and lip gloss. You offer him a piece, and end up plopping it into his awaiting mouth. The grateful smile he offers in return summons the want to lean in and kiss him, but you choose to retrieve your mini hand sanitizer and lotion out of your bag instead.
“This might be the boujee-est shit I’ve ever seen,” he laughs, though sounding enamored.
“I like to smell good.” This is definitely not the first time you’ve gotten this comment.
He takes the opportunity to leisurely lean into you and nuzzle his face into your neck. His nose drags along the length of it, and you feel the movement of his soft lips when he tells you: “You do smell amazing.”
“You doubted it?” you tease, but the airiness of your voice gives away the effect he has on you. Goosebumps decide to decorate your arms at his antics and your heartbeat quickens. 
“Not at all.” And then you feel a soft kiss being pressed to the front of your throat. Followed by another, and another until he’s slowly made his way up to your ear. He takes your earlobe gently in between his lips, pulling a short distance until it snaps back into place. “Am I doing too much?”
“No.” You put a hand on the back of his head, silently letting him know he’s free to continue and do whatever he wants. You even place your purse back behind you so there’s nothing in the way of however he chooses to touch you. “No marks, though.”
The feeling of his pout against your skin makes you giggle. “That’s no fun.”
“I might let you mark a different part of my body later.”
“I guess that’s better,” he easily accepts, now trailing open-mouthed kisses southward as his hand continues to slowly feel you up. You bite your lip after a faint whimper escapes you, to which he hums appreciatively at. It’s baffling just how sensitive you are to everything related to the man currently making his way back up to the point of being eye to eye. “You’re gonna make me end the night early.”
“You are going to make yourself do that,” you correct him, eyes dipping down to his pouty lips. You want them back on you. “I haven’t done anything.”
“Keep looking at me like that and see what happens,” he says, voice deeper than before. But you like playing this game with him a bit too much.
You relax your eyelids just a little more and lick your lips. Gently scraping your nails down the nape of his neck, you ask, “Like what?”
“I will give everyone out here a show to watch,” Jaehyun threatens lightly. 
And to pull his leg just a tad more, you hum as if you wouldn’t mind that scenario playing out, nibbling on your lower lip. “You promise?”
Your name is called dangerously low, and you know you’ve got him exactly where you wanted him. 
You close the very little distance between your lips and give him a peck. 
“We can leave as soon as we’re done smoking,” you promise him, returning back to your lighthearted energy. Jungkook always brings something you’ve never smoked before and as tempting as Jaehyun is, he’s not the only person you came here to see and spend time with. You honestly forgot as much until just now. 
Jaehyun takes a little longer to snap out of the trance you put him in, and he laughs under his breath, shaking his head.
“Promise?” he asks, childishly lifting his pinky. You link pinkies and press your thumbs together. “Seal it?”
You roll your eyes fondly and give him what he wants. It’s when his hand on your backside returns and grips a little harder that you have to cut the kiss short before the two of you actually make a scene because you can’t control yourself. He really has the softest lips you’ve ever kissed and the scent of his cologne and marijuana combined is intoxicating. 
“I’m gonna go over there for a while.” You gesture to the kitchen and remove yourself from his hold to stand up and pull your dress down into place. It’s half an excuse to get back to get a grip on yourself because while you clearly have an affect on him, there’s literally no reason you become putty in Jaehyun’s hands so quickly. “You coming?”
“I might,” he replies, adjusting his sweatpants. 
You hum and walk over to where everyone is gathered with a grin on your face. Johnny lifts an arm for you to fit under.
“Glad to have you back.”
“You could’ve called me over if you missed me,” you tsk playfully, giving him an one-armed hug. “I was smoking.”
“You were doing way more than smoking, love.” You side-eye him, not expecting him to call you out. “I didn’t expect you two to be a thing.”
“Yeah,” you exhale, taking a glance at the man of the hour. He appears to be texting, slumped heavily into the couch now, brown hair covering most of his side profile. “Me either.”
“Just don’t forget about me after tonight.”
You lift a brow. “You’ve discussed tonight?”
“That’s not what I meant,” Johnny chuckles. “Jae just doesn’t bullshit when he finally finds someone he’s interested in. And this is the first conversation we’ve had since you got here like,” he taps his phone until it lights up. “Over half an hour ago.”
You frown. “I said hi to everyone first.”
“I’m not getting on you.” Johnny laughs. “I just have a good feeling you’re gonna be here more often.”
“Can’t believe you got me making out with a damn frat boy,” you mumble, shaking your head.
“You got something against Greek life?” Johnny asks, lifting an offended brow. 
“Oh shit,” you laugh, taken aback. “You too?”
Lucas overhears your conversation and starts laughing. “You should cut back on smoking if you’re just now realizing that.”
Your response to that is mocking him in a deep voice and squinted eyes, to which he just blows a kiss in response. You gag, only for his infamous laugh to sound throughout the room. 
You met Johnny in class when he sat next to you, he asked you if you smoked after giving him the answers the whole time, and the rest is history. He never gave you frat vibes. In hindsight, you don’t know how you missed it. His personality screams Greek life. 
“I mean, y’all are chill compared to—“
“Just wait until later.”
“Are there gonna be a lot of people?” you ask, removing yourself from Johnny’s hold to lift your body onto the counter in front of him. Yeri hands you a shot glass filled with clear liquor, the two of you clink your glasses together and down them. 
“Well, Haechan can’t enjoy himself for long unless he’s got an audience so probably.” Johnny gives you his cup of juice to chase it. 
You nod. You want to meet him before disappearing for the night. 
“Can I see your room?” you ask after a while, your curiosity getting to you. “I wanna see what type of frat boy you are.”
“Surprised you haven’t been back there already.”
You hop off the marble, Johnny holding his arm out to steady you. “You always let me fall asleep on the couch instead of being a gentleman and carrying me to your bed.”
“I’m sure Jaehyun will carry you to his bed from now on,” he counters with a taunting smile. You hear Yeri snort before you’re pushed out of the kitchen. 
On the way to Johnny’s side of the apartment, you see that Jungkook finally made it, seated where you once were. You wave at him before disappearing down the hall. You don’t miss the way Jaehyun’s eyes followed you until they no longer could, hardly paying attention to what his friend is telling him, and you feel a wave of heat wash over you. Yeah, there won’t be a lot of socializing once you’re done smoking.
Once again, you’re met by big letters reading NKT, only this time the subtitle says Father. 
“Father?” you snort. “Really?”
“What can I say, they look up to me.” He shrugs, opening the door and gesturing for you to go in first. “They’re my sons.”
You make a comment about him being funny as you take in his room, which is very different from his roommate’s. He has fairy lights instead, as well as artificial vines decorating his walls with a couple of posters of movie covers. When you take a seat on his bed, you pull a whale plushie into your chest. 
“You’re a softie,” you conclude from your inspection. 
“Something like that,” he agrees easily.
Through the opened door, you can hear Jaehyun yell something about whatever Jungkook just did, sounding amused, and that brings your mind back to him. 
“So, daddy,” and you see him lose brain cells before he makes a face of disgust, then his expression changes like he could actually get used to being addressed as such. “Okay don’t get any ideas, please.”
“It has a nice ring to it,” he admits.
“I’m actually surprised no one has ever called you that before.”
“You could be the first—”
“I’m literally about to fuck your best friend?” you remind him, but then his facade cracks and his lips quiver into a shit eating grin. You pout. “You’re annoying.”
He nods proudly. “I’ve been told.”
“Anyway. Do I have to worry about anything being involved with him?” You’re not planning on taking him seriously or anything, but messing around with a frat boy…
“Nah,” Johnny exhales, leaning against his dresser. “You’d catch something from me before him.”
You make a face, throwing his plushie to the opposite side of the bed in disgust. “Don’t ever try me after telling me that.”
You’re glad he understood what you meant but gross. 
“I always wrap it up,” he informs you. “Plus, I would’ve had you by now if I wanted you.” Before you can disagree, he continues. “But Jaehyun’s… picky. And you’re his type.”
“Okay let’s not try to sell him to me, I’ve already made my mind up.”
“I’m serious. No one ever knows who he’s fucking or talking to aside from hearing it—loudly— yet you had a whole scene on the couch...” He gestures to you vaguely. “I wouldn’t have let you entertain him the other night if there was something or someone to worry about, for real.” 
You hum, nodding slowly as you take in this information. “I appreciate it.” 
“You know I got you,” he winks. “But apparently Kook brought some shit from Colorado. Anything else you wanna see?”
“Nah, we can go. But I might have to come back here more, I like the aesthetics.” You compliment, touching the fake plants. 
He smiles proudly. “Yeah. Women love it here.”
You fake a gag as you walk out, telling him you change your mind. 
Winwin comes back right as you enter the living room and he hands the bag to you because you’re the closest to him and mumbles that he really needs to go to the bathroom, so you take it upon yourself to hand everything out. When you get to Jaehyun, he doesn’t let you walk away.
“Sit with me,” he hardly requests, glancing down at his lap. You do a quick glance over at everybody, those who are paying attention looking at the pair of you curiously. Aside from Johnny, who’s expression reads, told you. Jungkook spares you and scoots over for you, and you quietly thank him as you take your original spot in between the two males. His arm is back around you and soon, you find yourself curled right back into him like you never left. “You good?” 
Your brows furrow at the whispered question, then he nods at his roommate, and you’re smiling teasingly. 
“Not you getting jealous.”
“Never that.” Jaehyun chuckles deeply. “Johnny’s not stupid.”
“I hate to say it,” you begin, pausing specifically for the way he impatiently juts his head forward. You take your time opening your bottle of coconut water, even taking a sip. “I might be as whipped as you are.” 
And almost as if furthering your point, you pick his free hand up and start playing with his fingers and the rings that adorn them. You’re sure it has a lot to do with the information you were given. No point in deluding yourself into acting like it didn’t make pride swell up within you. 
Oh, and he has pretty hands.
“You know you’re staying the night, right?” 
You lift your head to find the most self-satisfied smile on his face, dimples poking and whiskers showing. Guess you said the right thing. “Am I, now?”
You’re not very social during this smoke session. 
Usually you’re pulled into a conversation by either Johnny, Lucas, or Yeri, but even they aren’t as chatty as usual. 
Your head is back against the top of the couch, eyelash extensions taking up half of your vision. On the right of you, Jaehyun’s positioned in a manspread, mindlessly caressing and squeezing your thigh while watching the movie that Johnny put on. You can’t even keep up with the plot. It’s just noise, actors, and the pleasant burn of Jaehyun’s hand on your bare skin. 
To your left, you hear a chuckle, and after lolling your head in Jungkook’s direction, you see him smiling at you, very clearly amused at how stuck you are. 
“Some good shit, huh?”
You hum in affirmation. “I can feel the vibration of the pipes in the walls.” 
Both men surrounding you laugh at your mumbled confession. “Just let me know if you want some before I leave.” 
“You staying for game night?” Jaehyun asks, leaning over you to communicate quietly as his hand grazes up your leg, settling right under where your dress stops high on your thighs.
“Probably until someone asks me to serve them,” Jungkook shrugs.
“I’m ready when you are,” the brunet quietly tells you, lips brushing against your ear. You bite your lip at the feeling, your senses heightened. Aside from quite literally feeling and hearing the walls vibrate, Jaehyun’s careless ministrations on your thigh for the last twenty or so minutes is another reason you’re so quiet and stuck. You don’t know what strain this is, but it’s got you horny and sensitive as hell. 
“‘M ready,” you tell him, turning your head in his direction now. You blink slowly, taking in his gorgeous face and he does the same for what feels like ages, before he’s seemingly had enough and pushes himself up. And just like last time, he offers a hand to help you. You appreciate the assistance even more this time around. 
Fingers interlaced, you and Jaehyun make it to his room. The walk feels like it takes forever, your steps are light and you just let him guide you inside. You feel the shift in atmosphere due to the hue of his room as he shuts and locks the door, then you find yourself being gently pulled toward his bed and onto his lap once he’s seated at the foot of the mattress. 
You smile, lifting your knees up one at a time to straddle him, looking down at the brunet with heavy eyes, and you’re reminded of how handsome he looks in red lighting. 
“You are so fucking fine,” he laughs in disbelief, shaking his head before planting lingering kisses on your lips. Jaehyun takes his time, hands rubbing up your thighs until they get to your hips. You sigh, slumping into his body even more, wrapping your arms around his neck as you deepen the kiss. You can’t help but to suck his bottom lip into your mouth after thinking about it on and off for the last week, which results in your hips being pressed harder against his own. 
The position caused the hem of your dress to rise to your waist and his hands are warm and strong on your hips, slowly guiding the way your lower half grinds and rolls into his own. The soft cotton of his sweatpants feels nice against the back of your thighs and bare ass, and the growing erection lined up perfectly with your clit is an even greater feeling. 
Once you’ve absentmindedly caught onto his rhythm and move on your own, Jaehyun grabs both cheeks, groaning as he grips the soft muscles. If your eyes weren’t already closed, they’d roll to the back of your head because of the sound that vibrates your chest and the gradual intensity of the handfuls he takes. 
You almost whine when he breaks the kiss, and when you open your eyes to see why he did so, he’s nibbling on his lower lip, biting back a grin as he admires your face and the way your brows are scrunched, lips parted to let out little hums and breaths of pleasure. With your attention no longer on kissing him, you become aware of the mess soaking through your thong and no doubt all over his pants where you’re rutting against him. 
“Feel good?” he asks, licking his lips. You nod, about to give him a verbal answer, but then Jaehyun lifts his hips as you roll down and your jaw drops, only a loud whimper coming out. “You wanna cum like this?”
You shake your head no. You’re sure you could if you tried with how you already feel the pleasure building in the pit of your stomach, but you want more. It’s just a little hard to effectively communicate with a dry mouth that is only producing pants and moans right now.
“What do you want then?” Jaehyun prompts softly, leaning back in to trail kisses up your neck to your jaw. You can feel his grin as he continues to mumble against your skin. “You want my fingers?” 
“Mhmm.” You nod. 
“What else?“ The tip of his tongue plays with your earlobe. “You gonna let me taste you?”
“Yes,” you moan, voice finally—still barely—coming out. 
Jaehyun’s deep hum in your ear makes your hips twitch and his dick presses right where you need him. You almost say fuck it and let yourself cum from simply dry humping him but as soon as the though crosses your mind, Jaehyun seemingly hears it and lifts you up to set you down on the bed. 
“Now?” he asks, playing with the hem of your dress, tickling your lower abdomen. The low timber of his voice could convince you to do anything and let him do anything he wanted. 
“Yeah,” you pant, nodding. 
“Not next week?” He cocks his head. 
“Jaehyun,” you whine lowly, looking up at him with pleading eyes. You’re not sure when the tables turned and when he got so much self control but you can feel your heartbeat in your pussy and you need him to make you cum. 
He sends you a charming smile, settling on his knees in between your legs. Jaehyun takes his time to push your dress up, dragging his knuckles against your skin, taking a moment to look at your soiled red thong, fingertips brushing along your slit, before tugging your upper body towards him to pull the black cotton off of you completely, throwing it somewhere out of sight. 
He rubs wide circles over your clit as your tongues swirl and collide, grinning when you whimper and fist the fabric of his shirt to pull him impossibly closer to your body. 
“You smell so good,” he practically moans against your pulse point, sucking and biting enough to curl your fingers tighter around his shirt but not enough to mark— you hope. You hardly have the brain to think about that right now.
“I taste better,” you manage to retort, which earns you a chuckle and one last nibble. 
Your breath is unstable when you watch him crawl backwards, pulling your thong down on his way to the foot of the bed. Inner thighs get nipped and kissed, outer thighs caressed. The delicate way you’re being treated brings a dazed smile to your face and your hands in his hair, feeling how soft the strands are. Your long nails scratch his scalp at the feeling of the tip of his tongue going up your slit. 
He hums, satisfied with your taste, giving more subtle swipes of the wet muscle before he applies more pressure, slipping in between your folds. In no rush at all, he flicks over your entrance and clit, up and down as his arms wrap around your thighs, pulling your core even closer to his face. 
Jaehyun lazily laps at your leaking arousal, eyes piercing and not letting your own venture away from the contact. He monitors the twitch of your eyebrow, the bite of your lower lip, and makes sure to keep doing whatever keeps you expressive. 
You remove a hand from his hair to pull your skin up, exposing your clit from beneath the hood for the direct stimulation you need, and Jaehyun’s kitten licks give exactly that. 
“Oh,” you gasp, hips jolting up. He doesn’t try to force them back down, instead moving with your motions as your hips roll to chase stimulation. “Fuck, just like that.”
The vibration of his hum tightens your hold on his hair. One arm unravels only for a finger tip to circle around your hole a few times, getting wetter each go around, before the digit is carefully breaching until it’s fully nestled in. Jaehyun gives a few pumps, the pace of his flickering tongue not faltering in the slightest. 
Your body feels so light, so sensitive, so alert to every movement of his pretty mouth, every thrust of his fingers as the second one stretches you, every flex of the hand still on your thigh, keeping your legs wide for him.
Jaehyun blinks slowly and lazily until his eyes just stay closed, then there’s a shift before the passes of his tongue have more pressure behind them and the digits inside of you have more force behind them. His fingers grip the meat of your thigh harder in an almost bruising way and the slight pain makes you grip the comforter beneath you to save his scalp. 
“Gonna... ” you try to warn him, voice strangled and breath ragged, to which he hums and buries his face deeper than before. His tongue flicks up, down, and all around your clit to pull the orgasm out of you, and doesn’t stop even when he accomplishes. “Oh my fucking God, Jae— yes.”
He hums, fingers curling up and hitting every spot to amplify the pleasure when your walls tighten and prevent his in and out motion. Latched onto your clit, pulling back with a wet pop multiple times to prolong your orgasm, succeeding in making your legs shake around his head until you have to tug on his hair—hard—to get him to stop. 
Your juices glisten on the lower half of his face, you notice in a haze as he rises up fully. Jaehyun licks his lips and comments on how good you taste. 
You reach for him, wrapping your arms around his neck. He licks into your mouth and you suck on his tongue, tasting yourself. The kiss is briefly interrupted by Jaehyun pulling his shirt off, then he’s back to hovering over you, on his knees, with his tongue down your throat.
Three digits stretch you open, Jaehyun’s palm hitting your sensitive clit each time he thrusts into you. One hand in his hair, your other slides down the front of his body, fingers tugging on the waistband of his sweatpants, pulling them down as far as the position allows you to before you wrap a hand around him. 
“Can you fuck me now?” you plead against his lips, even more turned on by the distance between your thumb and middle finger as you pump his dick. He’s warm and heavy in your hand and you’re ready for him to be inside of you after sabotaging yourself into waiting a week. His hand is getting you close to the edge again and you think you might cry if this gets dragged out any longer. 
Laughing, he nods and disconnects from you to remove his sweatpants completely and get a condom out from inside of his nightstand. He opens the foil and slides the rubber on quickly before climbing back in between your spread legs. 
You nibble your bottom lip in anticipation as Jaehyun runs his tip along your slit, gathering your dripping arousal before pushing into you slowly. Your jaw drops at the same time he releases a deep groan, brows scrunched as he stretches you out. 
“Good?” Jaehyun asks, fully sheathed. You hum, nodding violently. 
His thrusts start off shallow and careful, but once the glide has no resistance and your hands search for a body part of his to hold, Jaehyun grabs the back of your legs and pushes until your knees are at your shoulders, hips moving faster and dick sinking deeper and deeper. 
Your breath catches in your throat and eyebrows scrunch at the pleasure of his tip repeatedly hitting that spot within you. 
“Hold your legs for me, baby.” You do as told, grabbing your calves. Jaehyun smiles, head tilted looking down at you with dark eyes. “Mm good girl.” 
You moan, stretching your neck for another kiss. Abiding, Jaehyun settles his weight on one hand above your head and bends down to lick filthily into your mouth, hardly swallowing the sounds of your high pitched whines and cries. You doubt you could be heard over the music blasting from the other side of the door anyway. 
“Wish you didn’t wait a week now, huh?” Jaehyun taunts, pulling your lip with his perfect teeth. You don’t even have to respond with words because your hiccuped noises are enough of an answer, the way you clench around him is, too. You wanna wipe the smug look off of his handsome face, but he angles his hips to hit places you’d never reached before. 
“Fuck fuck fuck,” you cry, just taking the onslaught of pent up desire that feels better with each stroke. Your fingers begin slipping, sweat interfering with your grip. Jaehyun notices and uses his free hand to guide a leg to drape over his shoulder, and you do the same with your other leg. “So good.”
“Say it again.”
“It feels so good,” you whine, gripping his hair. “So fucking good, oh my God.”
“I know.” His hips change pace, opting for deep, slow strokes as he scatters kisses starting from your calf to your inner knee. Your eyes roll to the back of your head, but he isn’t having it. “Open your eyes and look at me.” 
You struggle to do so, but still manage. 
Jaehyun coos at your obedience, free hand slipping between your bodies to swipe at your clit. “Want you to look me in my eyes when you come, okay?”
“Okay,” you try to say, voice hardly coming out. 
“Okay?” Jaehyun presses, pace picking back up to the point of your breasts bouncing wildly and the wind being knocked out of you. 
Your grip on his hair tightens, the built up pleasure so close to toppling over. “Yes.”
“Now come all over my dick.” Your body listens to his command within a few seconds, back arching off the mattress, toes curling, and walls clamping down on his cock. Tears leak from your eyes that want to close so bad and run down your temples as your silent scream turns into pathetic sobs. “Oh you’re so pretty, baby. Shit. There you go.”
Jaehyun’s thrusts go sloppy and rough now that you’ve come for him, bottoming out and finishing right behind you, spilling into the condom. His deep, melodic moan in your ear is something you want to hear again and again. 
He sits up after a long moment of breathing heavily into your neck, letting your legs fall back down on the bed as he disposes of the condom. “You want some water?”
You nod, your throat is dry as hell. You watch him slip his sweats back on before he walks out of the room, thankfully shutting the door behind him. 
Your legs are sore from their previous position but you don’t pay it much mind when you turn onto your side and press your face into his pillow, his scent enough to lure you into a dazed state after getting the rest of the little energy you had fucked out of you. 
Jaehyun’s presence isn’t noticed until you’re being turned back onto your back and told to sit up so you can drink from the bottle he brought you. He briefly disappears into his bathroom and returns with a warm rag to clean in between your legs.
“You’re staying with me tonight, right?” he asks softly, setting the now empty water bottle down on his nightstand. He smiles that handsome smile of his when you nod, and kisses you to the point of you lying back down. “Good. I’m not done with you yet.”
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