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Broken lovers 1


Summary: Y/n is a hopeless romantic in love with someone who will never love her back and Jaehyun is helplessly in love with someone who only continues to hurt him over and over again, sounds like a match made in heaven right?

Pairings: CollegeStudent!Jaehyun X CollegeStudent!Y/N X CollegeStudent!Jaemin

Warnings: Cursing, suggestive (possible future smut idk),Cheating, Toxic relationship(s) this chapter gets veryyyy suggestive at the end lol but it doesn’t actually contain smut

Genre: Fluff and Angst mainly

Word count: 3.2k

The room was dark, it was almost 7 pm and the gloomy feeling was hard to ignore the stench even harder. No one was sleeping but scrolling through his phone Jaehyun was going through a wave of different emotions in the darkness of his unshared room.

“Jaehyun,” the voice on the other end of the door speaks, the others had tried to ignore his self-isolation attempts but they had to draw the line somewhere and that happened to be tonight. With no answer to his name, the person attempted to open the door only to find it locked and a groan to follow.

“Jae, open the door you’ve been in there for a week,” The voice is slightly annoying and so Jaehyun lets out a low inaudible mumble but doesn’t budge from his bed he just fips over like a pancake. 

“Is he still not out?” a second voice can be heard much quieter than the first. 

“No, he’s still sulking,” after that there’s just silence. Jaehyun just assumes that they’ve left him be, but then the voices speak again.

“Jaehyun locking yourself in your room and scrolling through old pictures on your phone isn’t healthy,” in a sense Jaehyun knew they were right but he couldn’t stop himself from doing it as he finally throws the covers off and walks over to the door opening it.

“Shut up,” He grumbled in the doorway, the faces of Johnny and Yuta looking back at him.

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Originally posted by neocvpherz

pairing: jisung x reader

summary: for three years you had crushed on your brother’s best friend, and when you finally tell your brother about it, he can’t keep his stupid mouth shut.

genre/warnings: fluff, unedited, brother!chenle

requested: yep! requests are still open!

word count: 2.5k

maybe it wasn’t the best idea to tell your older brother about your enormous crush on his best friend, but in your defense, at the time he seemed trust-worthy. not even three weeks later, however, would you realise just how bad a decision you had made.

it wasn’t that chenle was a bad older brother, in fact, you would argue he was one of the most caring and funny people out there, but he had a habit of never keeping things to himself. you only thought about his massive mouth, however, when you received a text from the devil himself, lee donghyuck.

lee donghyuck was in the year above you in highschool, along with your brother, his adorable best friend jisung, and their shared group of friends. being nearly the youngest in your year group as it is, most of them were nearly two years older than. this, by their logic, made it the perfect thing to tease you about.

looking down at your phone, you nearly choked on your water when you read the message, coughing to try an regain your breathing. the teacher in the front of the class stopped momentarily at the loud noise but continued when you offered a forced smile through your hacking. as soon as her back was turned, you furiously unlocked your phone, ready to give your brother a long, angry text message.

haechan unnie: i know you have a bad taste in men, but jisung? really? 0/10 from me

you ignored hyuck and instead clicked onto your brother’s contact, typing rapidly in chinese to at least keep some form of privacy. if donghyuck knew, there was a high chance the rest of his godforsaken friends would know as well, meaning there would also be a chance that jisung already knew. the thought made you feel sick.

the crush you harboured for him had been growing exponentially since you moved to highschool over two years ago. back then, jisung had just been chenle’s tall awkward friend that didn’t know how to talk to girls properly, but he was the definition of cute to you. as the years went on, though, he grew even more, voice dropping to a pleasant even tone that you could listen to all day. but it seemed, to your disappointment, that all the other girls at your highschool had also noticed the change, meaning he was now “one of the popular ones”.

as much as you hated to admit it, the thought of jisung with any of the girls from your school made you undeniably jealous. there was nothing you could do to ignore your feelings anymore. jisung was a year older than you, he had girls his own age fawning over him, mature girls that dressed themselves better than you, and the thought of him rejecting you was humilating enough to prevent you from ever telling him how you felt. the years of not spilling your feelings were exhausting, and you thought telling your brother would make you feel better, and it did, for approximately nineteen days. now it just felt uneasy and insecure, knowing his other friends knew.

staring at the clock, you realised with a sickening drop of your stomach that this period was almost over. and lunch was next. the lunch period you shared with chenle and all his friends. the one lunch period you had to sit with them because the entirety of your friend group had extracurriculars or classes, meaning there was no way you could escape seeing them. you thought for a second about spending your lunch period in the art department, but you knew it would look weird to your brother, and he would definitely call you out on it.

when the bell did ring, you packed your bag as slowly as possible, checking your phone to kill time. there were already butterflies in your stomach and seeing jaemin and renjun waiting for you outside your classroom didn’t help. they both shot you a smile and started walking towards to cafeteria. up ahead of you, you saw a familiar bleached mop of hair taller than the people around him and decide, actually, sitting in the art department alone would be better than facing any more of chenle’s friends right now.

“actually guys, i need to finish something in the art department, tell chenle i hate him,” renjun let out a laugh whilst jaemin’s eyebrows shot up in surprise and you turned to try and escape them before an arm looped around your shoulders to stop you.

“this wouldn’t haven’t anything to do with a certain boy named jisung, would it?” donghyuck’s teasing smile made your blood run cold and you didn’t stop yourself from rolling your eyes. you struggled in his grip for a few moments but he’s much stronger than you and so gave up quickly.

“no, what are you talking about?” you tried to keep your voice as neutral as possible, but by way renjun’s smile only widened, jaemin joining in, you knew it hadn’t worked.

“oh, is this about y/n’s little crush on our jisungie?” out of the group, you usually found jaemin the easiest to deal with as he tended to tease you the least, but at his words, you found a new burning hatred for the blue-haired boy.

“shut up, jaemin. i’m going to kill chenle.”

renjun seemed to pity you as he took in your expression, noticing the shiny line of tears slowly building in your eyes. “honestly, though, he one hundred per cent like you anyway. you should ask him out.” you let out an incredulous laugh at his proposition, which he responded with nothing but an exasperated sigh. “you’re both as bad as each other.”

“you know i hate renjun being right, but i have to agree here, jisung totally likes you.” as he said the words, donghyuck loosened his grip on your shoulders, pulling you into a comforting side hug. it did little to quell the nerves in you.

“that’s nice, but i still have to finish something in the art department,” your quiet voice was enough to tell the three boys you were lying, but they stopped walking anyway.

“then we’ll eat in the art department,” jaemin said, and as if he could read your mind, “without the others.”

being one of your art teacher’s favourite students had it perks, and as she handed you the key before leaving for her lunch break, you reminded yourself to finish your overdue art project in gratitude. the four of you had the room to yourselves, sitting around on the stools around one of the only tables free of paint plates and half-finished canvases.

“now, let’s talk about the pressing issue here,” donghyuck’s voice was void of the teasing tone he usually used when talking to you, “why won’t you ask him out.”

“he doesn’t like me.” there was a definitive tone to your voice which made the other three pairs of eyes in the room roll in exasperation.

“he literally does, though.” donghyuck.

“you’re just in denial.” jaemin.

“i can’t believe you’re both as stupid as each other.” renjun.

an affronted frown took over your face as they spoke over each other. you looked down at your hands, trying to decide if you should tell them what was really bothering you. they watched you intently, seeing you had something you wanted to say. when you finally looked up, the tears in your eyes were back and jaemin reached a hand out to smooth over yours. “isn’t he too old for me? why would he chose me when there’re loads of girls in his own year that like him already?”

“i mean, a year isn’t that bad, i think you should talk to him anyway.”

after your little heart-to-heart in the art classroom, the bell had rung and you were made to slink off to your penultimate class of the day, ap calculus. despite being the most draining class you had, it was also the only class you shared with jisung. you tried to get inside and into your seat at the back of the room before he noticed, but he perked up as soon as you entered, grabbing your wrist as you slipped past his seat.

“hey, y/n,” he started. there was a bright smile on his face and you hated the way it made your heart skip a beat, your cheeks already heating up. “i missed you at lunch, everything okay?” you nodded and he tightened his grip when you tried to move away again. “can i meet you after your last class? there’s something i was meaning to talk to you about.”

you froze, unable to do or say anything. luckily, your teacher walking in made jisung drop your hand, turning to face the front of the room. in your seat you stared at the wall, panicking. was he going to tell you he wasn’t interested? did he already know you liked him? was he gonna say how you made it weird now? what if it was something completely different? when the teacher turned to write on the whiteboard, he faced you, eyebrows raised in question. you simply nodded and smiled weakly. needless, to say, you didn’t hear a word the teacher said all lesson.

as you walked from your math classroom you spotted your brother, marching over to him with a furious expression on your face. he laughed when he saw you, pulling you in for a hug you manage to dodge at the last moment. “why the fuck would you tell them about jisung?”

“because you wouldn’t listen to me,” chenle explained, as if that suddenly makes it okay he leaked your deepest secret to all his friends. “and jisung’s starting to annoy me with the staring.” your cheeks flamed at his words and you punched his arm, finding satisfaction at the yelp he let out.

“i’ll kill you later,” you promised as you let the crowd of students propel you to your last class; only one hour left until your meeting with jisung.

chemistry passes quickly when your thoughts are occupied, and you found yourself staring at the clock as the bell rung, unable to believe the lesson was already over. there was nothing to protect you from the inevitable heartbreak coming. maybe you were being dramatic, you reasoned. it could be completely unrelated to your crush on him afterall.

the beating of your heart speeds up as you see the boy in question waiting outside your chemistry lab, leaning against a locker, looking over the crowd of heads for you. his face lights up when he spots you and he pushes through the throngs of people to reach you. “hey, you ready to leave? i was thinking we could go to that new smoothie place?”

you can only nod dumbly in response, letting him sperate the crowds for you to walk through. outside school, it’s just you and him, and you worry briefly if he can hear how fast your heartbeat is. the smoothie shop isn’t even a ten-minute walk from your school, but you feel on edge the whole walk there, even as jisung asks question after question, prompting conversation. he asks about your art pieces, saying how he loved the ones in your bedroom (you blush at the compliment), he asks about your favourite subjects, about your music taste, even about what you wanted to do after highschool.

relief flooded you as you enter the small shop, saving you from answering any more questions. you glanced around the cute cafe in awe. hanging plants covered nearly every corner of the ceiling, multi-coloured tiles coated the expanse of the walls. there’s silence as you both read the menu, trying to decide between the plentiful fruit combinations.

when you had both chosen, a girl ushered you to the counter, taking you orders and writing your names on the cups before telling your total. before you even had a chance to fish your card out of your phone case, jisung had already tapped his phone against the card machine, paying for the both of you.

you looked up in surprise, meeting his sheepish smile with a blushy one of your own. the cafe was busy but the two of you managed to get an empty table to yourselves in the back corner of the shop, only a little sofa for the both of you. as you sat, thighs touching, you swore you had never been so nervous in your life, hands sweating around your smoothie as you sipped it so you wouldn’t have to say anything.

eventually, you couldn’t take the silence any longer, blurting out, “what did you wanna talk about?” after deciding the sooner her rejected you, the sooner you could home and beat up chenle whilst crying.

“chenle told me you like me,” his words were rushed but you caught them easily, your cheeks burning, heart pounding in your ears. it was humiliating. your crush of three years was about to call you out in the middle of a public cafe. you wondered vaguely if anyone you knew was also here, ready to watch the fateful moment. the next words jisung said were the not ones you were expecting. “and i like you too, so i wanted to tell you.” your brain short-circuited and all you could do was sit and stare blankly at the boy in front of you. after a few moments, jisung seemed to take your reaction as rejection and began to back-track, “i’m sorry if that’s not what you meant–”

“no, no, no!” you said too quickly, a hand coming to rest on his arm to stop him leaving, even though he hadn’t moved. “i do like you.”

“oh, that’s great then, i guess,” jisung sat and studied your features for a bit longer, not convinced, “you don’t seem very happy, though.”

“i just, uh–” you babbled, trying to find the least embarrassing combination of words to get your point across, “i thought you would, uh–”

“you thought i would what?” he prompted.

“i thought you wouldn’t want to date me because i’m younger than you. and because i’m chenle’s younger sister,” a sigh escaped with your words and you couldn’t bring yourself to look at him, scared of his reaction.

“oh,” he paused, leaning down to meet your eyes when you avoided him. “i’ve never seen you as chenle’s sister, though, you’ve always just kinda been your own person to me.” the sincerity in his words reverberated through your head and you finally met his eyes, “and i’m only a year older than you, but if you think that’s too much then we don’t have to–”

“no, i don’t mind it.”

“oh, cool. do you wanna maybe grab dinner after this then? i can drive you home afterwards?” before you could even think, you were nodding.

“i’d love that. i’m still gonna kill chenle for telling you, though.”

a/n: i got the mouse out so i finished this in celebration!!

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(Na Jaemin x reader)

☁ He never meant to fall in love with her. That was a mistake on his part. And he knew that she knew, everyone knew. He also knew that it was very likely he was going to get hurt. But even though he knew it was dangerous for him, that it was likely she’d break his heart, he had to take the chance. For her. It was all for her.

☁ Word count: 5.6k

☁ Chapters: 5

☁ Fluff + angst, high school!au

☁ Warnings: Cursing, cute, SAD

☁ For @heyyyun​ since you voted for this one! (Thank you for voting!)

⤔ Leggo



(gif found on internet (google search)) (Why is that so attractive??)

One: Planning

Everything about her was a lie. Jaemin knew that very well.

In fact, Jaemin was the only person that seemed to know. Everyone else seemed to believe every single word that came out of her mouth. Of course, Jaemin also knew that she had her reason for her lies. But that didn’t mean he liked it.

He had been watching her—specifically for scientific reasons, nothing stalker about it at all—for a few weeks and he already knew so much about her. She was a very easy person to read, in fact. It seemed that most people just glossed over that, though. But when you really looked, you could see something much deeper. That’s how Jaemin knew that everything about her was a lie. And through some digging, he found out why. And it made sense. He didn’t hold it against her, but he didn’t want her lying, either.

Maybe that was just his “nice guy” coming into play, but he wanted to change her, show her that she didn’t need to lie. So that’s exactly what he was going to do.

Her first class of the day she actually had with her. And the teacher was lenient enough to let them have free seating. She usually sat all by herself, but that would soon change. Because Jaemin was going to sit next to her. That was all part of his plan, of course. Get her to trust him. And from there, he’d slowly ease in the fact that she should stop lying. Everything he was going to do was going to benefit her. It was all for her, to help her. Nothing about the situation had anything to do with him, but he made it.

He walked into the classroom to find her sitting in her usual seat, all alone, in the back of the room. She was actually quite pretty, with her beautiful hair that perfectly framed her face and her award-winning smile. Unfortunately, her smile rarely came out. But when it did it lit up the whole world.

He took the seat next to her and she looked up curiously. “Hello,” she said.

“Hi, mind if I sit here?” he asked, even though he didn’t plan on moving if she said no.

“No, I don’t mind,” she shook her head.

Good, Jaemin thought. The teacher walked into the classroom and the class started. The next step in his plan was simply to get closer to her. And how else to do that then feign not having a pencil and needing one?

“Ah,” Jaemin cleared his throat. “I’m sorry if this is an inconvenience, but I seem to not have a pencil. Do you have one I can borrow?”

She nodded. “Sure.” She rummaged through her pencil case and took out a pencil, handing it to him with tight smile.

Jaemin thanked her and started to write, copying whatever the teacher had written. His plan was very, very simple.

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Request are open the following:

  • head cannons
  • Reactions
  • Oneshots
  • Timestamps

Request anything you’d like for:

Stray kids





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Renjun: Jaemin lawn flamingos are for the outside.

Jaemin: Are you going to take us to Boca Raton for our 30th anniversary?

Renjun: We haven’t even been alive for 30 years.

Jaemin: Well I’m bringing Florida to us. Jeno bring in the palm trees.

Renjun: Jaemin we’re not an old married couple about to retire in Florida.

Jaemin: Well not with that attitude. Jeno wants to go too. But we can’t do this without you.

Renjun: Ugh fine but bingo night is my night alone.

Jaemin: Jeno we’re moving to Florida.

Jeno: I’ll get the cats!

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rainy days — three 

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summary: you thought that moving away from your hometown would be the best decision after all that had occured. but what happens when your new next-door neighbor and his friends create even more problems for you? will he be able to tear down those walls you had so carefully built? 

a/n: frickk i just realized i put rice instead of nice in the fifth photo fml 🙃

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You woke up to the empty feeling of your shared king sized bed with mafia!boyfriend!mark. Although he had reminded you that he was going out last night you still felt quite sad about him leaving. He had told you to stay with jeno while him and yuta went out to “handle business” so you set out to find jeno or someone who could keep you company in the giant mansion.

You quickly got dressed and ran down the steps looking around to see if anyone was there. you spoted two people leaning on the kitchen counter. They looked quite irrated and were talking. They didn’t look familiar but you decided to go talk to them anyway.

“Hi do you have any idea where jeno is?”

You had thought that they couldn’t hear you because of your morning voice but then again they were talking so loudly so you tried again. This time you cleared your throat and spoke firmly.

“Excuse me, do any of you know where jeno is? I don’t wanna have to ask you again”

They both stared at you with the look of complete shock on their face.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” One man yelled at you “don’t you see that we’re talking you disrespectful bitch you need some goddamn manners”

“And why are you looking for jeno anyway! Aren’t you supposed to be training like the others?!”

You froze in place you couldn’t remember the last time someone yelled at you like that. It scared you. You could feel yourself shrink as you stuttered to get any form of words out of your mouth

“I- I’m so-”

“We don’t want to hear your sorry excuse” One of them scowled at you as they slowly cornered you.

“You know what we do to pretty little bitches like you right?” You gulped as they countinued speaking. The shorter one grabbed your wrist very harshly. You were sure it would’ve left a bruise or two.

“Ow! Wait that hurts let go!”

Just then your phone rang. You hesitantly reached for your pocket to see who it was. Once you got it out you read the contact name. It was mark. You answered and put it on speaker.

“Hi baby, did you go and stay with jeno like I said to. He should’ve been in the basement practicing so I wanted to make sure you got there. Are you lost?”

The mans’ faces turned pale. And he lossend the grip on your wrist.

“Mark! I think I am lost can you come home now?” you sang into the phone.

He giggled “don’t worry babe I’m on my way, you wanna wait for me in the bedroom? I should be there in about five minutes i love you see you soon”

“Okay bye!”

You hung up the phone and glared at the two men as they stared at eachother with concered eyes. They knew what was going to happen.

“We are so sorry miss-

“Save it” you snickered.

You walked back up to your bedroom and waited like mark asked. You couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces once mark finds out.

“Hi princess

“Hey babe” you walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

He reached for your wrist to land a kiss there only to see you wince in pain as he looked down to find a couple of bad bruises.

“W-what? Who did this to you? Was it jeno? I swear to god-”

“No, baby it’s fine don’t worry-”

“MARK” yuta called out. “Come down here I have some things I want to show you on the cervailance camera”

That was the last time you ever saw either of those men again.

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