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#jaime x lyanna
hopelesstvaddict · 2 years ago
Sansa is crowned Queen In The North
Me : :’)
Ned : that's my girl
Catelyn : my baby girl ... my beautiful daughter ...
Robb : so proud of my sis !!!
Rickon : big sister !
Margaery : I'm so happy for her
Theon : she deserves this and I'm so happy. she deserves the world
Cersei : look at my little dove
Jaime : oath. fulfilled.
Tywin : three children. why wasn't she mine? well guess I'll have to settle with daughter-in-law...
Sandor : the little bird is finally free and singing
Petyr : well I got what I wanted. some of it at least
Varys : how could I not see this
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cosmiart · a year ago
Tumblr media
Lyanna Stark & Jaime Lannister for Valentines Rare Pairs Week
"Kick his ass, my lady. I got your flower (and you got my sword)."
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amaati · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Jaime & Lyanna- Their first meeting.
(A gift for @visenyastargaryen)
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captainfangirlll · 2 years ago
I just find another perfect Gendrya/Lyanna-Robert parallel:
“You never knew Lyanna as well as I did Robert, you saw her beauty, but not the iron underneath”
— Ned Stark, Game of Thrones book.
So Robert fell in love with Lyanna for her beauty but never knew how she really was
Tumblr media
Gendry in other hand saw first “the iron underneath” Aryas fierce is the first thing captured his attention in Season 1 the moment she’s defending herself from hotpie:
Tumblr media
And then he came to help her and since there their history began
Tumblr media
Gendry knew how wild Arya was and that was one of the reasons why Gendry stayed with her, and really liked to be arround her, he admired her courage and how capable of love she was at the same time, so we can say Gendry was cautived by Aryas fierces, not necessary romantically but he was cautived.
Tumblr media
Then when he found her at Winterfell he saw for first time her (physical) beauty, because Aryas was always dirty and dressed as a boy and of course she was a kid.
Tumblr media
But now she is not a little girl anymore, and he is very surprised by that but at the same time he KNOWS her, “the iron underneath”.
Tumblr media
And he fell in love with her once and for all, so we can confirm in Gendry’s case he really knows Arya as Ned wanted Robert really knew Lyanna. “He saw the iron underneath first and then he saw her beauty” and that’s so beautiful and poetic.
Tumblr media
You are doing right George. We stan 👑.
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pamelabeesly · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ASOIAF AU: Jaime x Lyanna 
Lyanna Stark is promised to Robert Baratheon, but when she meets the young lion, Jaime Lannister, at the Tourney, she knows for certain she does not want to marry him. Jaime is a member of the Kingsguard but despises the lack of honor they act and fight with. When they reunite before her wedding to Robert, they make a plan to run away together and leave Storm’s End at dawn. (requested by rhaella)
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erzakyuubei · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
When you learn that HBO offered D&D an increase in budget so they could make a 10 episode season 8 but they said nah, we can do it in 6...ffs
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ladystarks · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When Rhaegar sent Jaime to protect Lyanna Stark at the Tower of Joy, he’d chafed at being sent so far from his prince to protect his mistress. Instead of finding a docile lady, Jaime finds that Lyanna is just as wild as he wishes he could be, locked up and angry and fighting against the limits Rhaegar placed on her. When word comes from the battlefront that Rhaegar is dead at the hand of Robert Baratheon, Jaime has no choice but to flee the Tower of Joy, Lyanna in tow, to the safety of Casterly Rock, where his father might protect them. 
Along the way, Jaime can’t help but feel as though all his icy walls he’s put up against her, this mad, wild girl, have thawed.
↳ @asoiafrarepairs day one: thaw | false spring
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flapjacku · 2 years ago
Can I request Jaime and Lyanna? If you’re taking requests! Thank you, love your art!
Tumblr media
i heard lyanna stark has an 8pack
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asoiafrarepairs · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
We’ve all seen fandom events for popular ships, but what about all those amazing pairings that for some reason tend to get overlooked in the fandom? There are some ships we absolutely love and the lack of content for them can be frustrating.
So we decided to try and fix that! This is a weeklong event specifically for rarepairs* in the ASOIAF/GOT fandom. It will run from June 24 - 30. To help inspire you, we’ve come up with two prompts for each day; a trope prompt and a dialogue prompt. You can use either the trope or the dialogue to create any kind of fanwork you want; fics, gifsets, edits, fanart, anything. Feel free to to use both prompts if you like, but only one is necessary.
Day One | June 24
Fake Dating  
“They’re coming- kiss me!”
Day Two | June 25
“Tell me this when you’re sober.”
Day Three | June 26
Love Letters  
“I thought you were a dream come true.”
Day Four | June 27
5 + 1  
“Fight me.” “You’re so small though.”
Day Five | June 28
Salty Teens AU  
“Is that what you’ve been doing? Trying to make me hate you?”
Day Six | June 29
Arranged Marriage  
“I wouldn’t change a thing about you.”
Day Seven | June 30
Free Day
Post your work on the day corresponding to the prompt and tag us @asoiafrarepairs and use #asoiafrarepairs or #asoiafrarepairweek (no spaces) so we can reblog it! We also encourage you to post your pieces to our ao3 collection as well.
Happy creating!
*For the purposes of our event, we’re defining a ‘rarepair’ as a ship that has fewer than 500 total fics on AO3
**gif generously created for us by @lyannaestark
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tsaritsaofstory · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A gleam of delight shone in his cat-green eyes. “She-wolf,” he said. “Lion boy,” she smiled.
jaime lannister & lyanna stark (fancast = jack lowden // alexis bledel)
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Sam: Lyanna Stark is your mother
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ladystarks · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When looking for a quiet moment alone outside Harrenhal, Jaime never expected to stumble across Lyanna Stark struggling to assemble her mystery knight armor. He’s even more astounded when she draws her blade on him–though it isn’t much of a fight. Jaime has her disarmed in seconds. 
There is silence for a moment. 
“Can you teach me that move?” the Stark girl asks, raising a brow at him. The gesture reminds him of his sister, though Cersei would never be found squatting in the mud, pulling on dinted armor.
“Teach you?” Jaime repeats, bewildered.
AU where Jaime meets Lyanna before he joins Aerys’s Kingsguard, is unwittingly bewitched by this strange, Northern girl. 
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sassbewitchedmyass · 2 years ago
The Night King: I have strength! I have ice spears! I even have an army!
The North: You know what we have? We have a bunch of delinquent teenagers with incomplete educations and problems with authority. You really never stood a chance.
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nefelibatanerd · 2 years ago
GOT BEST of 08.02
1. That Theo and Sansa reunion, you can feel the emotions on that hug meanwhile Daenerys is on that background rethinking about forgiving her enemies instead of just burning them alive if it gets her that sort of loyalty
2. Tormund tackling Jon when Jon was clearly trying to have an emotional Nights Watch Bro’s moment
3. All those Gendraya moments when Arya threw those knives and Gendry was clearly crushing on her
5. That Mormont family moment when Jorrah was trying to sideline Lyanna from fighting and she said “cousin” 
6. The Nights Watch trio remembering their fallen brothers and keeping their old promise ‘last to die burns the rest’
7. Arya’s face when Gendry told her he was Robert Baratheon’s bastard as he shocked her for the first time in her life 
8. Greyworm promising to take Missandei to the beaches
9. Sansa my queen not falling for Daenerys honey soaked words for loyalty and even playing the same game with Daenerys ‘what about the North’ 
10. Hearing the horn to signify that the White Walkers were coming AND PRAYING FOR ALL OF MY FAV CHARACTERS TO SURVIVE
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nightingale-lark · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Prompt from asoiafrarepairs: Jaime x Lyanna - “steal me” 
(Harrenhal AU)
“Steal me” she dares him as she walks through the Godswood, brushing her fingers on the red leaves of her sacred trees. He can see her grey eyes full of mischief when she stops in front of her favorite tree. Her face is flush with laughter, her hair a mess of curls and the hems of her white dress covered by the brush of the forest floor. Lyanna is so different from all of the ladies at court. 
Jaime had watched her beat three squires with a tourney sword and later found her in the Godswood dressed as the Knight of the Laughing Tree. She fought not for glory but for honor and Jaime respected her for that. He kept her secret and helped her hide her plate. They formed a fast friendship then. She seemed to enjoy his irreverent humor. He enjoyed her spirit. 
“Do you take me for a wildling?” he asked, incredulous. “Or have you simply fallen madly in love with my golden beauty?” he added with a smirk.
Lyanna rolled her eyes at that. “Your vanity and arrogance are flaws I am willing to overlook.”
Her smile fell and expression turned serious as she took his hands in hers. “I take you for a friend. A man of honor that can be trusted... that will be true to his vows.”
Jaime couldn’t help but swallow thickly. She had spent a scant few days with him yet knew his true nature, despite how much he tried to feign worldly indifference.
“Yet you wish for me to dishonor you and your House by taking you.”
“You would be taking what I am willing to give” she said, as she looked up at him through her fan of lashes.
Jaime grinned and gently tugged the ribbon from her hair to wrap it around their joined hands. “Then I am yours and you are mine, from this day, till the end of our days.”
He knew his father would be angry and that Cersei would be livid. No doubt Brandon Stark would demand his head and Robert Baratheon would too. But Jaime didn’t care. Lyanna Stark was all that he never knew he wanted - wild and beautiful; noble and kind; full of passion and purpose. She made him want to be a better man.
Lyanna smiled brightly and repeated his words before Jaime caught her lips with his and gently laid her on his cloak. 
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ladystarks · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
“Fight me.” -Lyanna Stark, probably
“You’re so small though.” -Jaime Lannister, probably
Or, an AU where Jaime is the one to find out Lyanna Stark is the mystery knight. Drawn for @asoiafrarepairs week.
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