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JAKE’s Weverse Post 201204:

Today’s Compliment!!

It was our first Music Bank broadcast today, and I want to compliment our ENHYPEN members who finished it well without any mistakes! You’ve all worked hard! 🥰
I took these pictures when I went to buy the album last time, Once again, I felt the sincerity and effort of many people for our ENHYPEN. I want to thank them once again. And I want to compliment the ENHYPEN members who took the pictures in the album. I think everyone looks so cool! 😊😀
I want to compliment myself the members of ENHYPE who are busy these days and have a lot of schedules and focusing only on focusing on the stage and activities. 

Did you enjoy your dinner?? 😊🥘
Enjoy your dessert!! 😁🧇🍦🍨

Thank you!! 😉

Next Compliment - Our cute maknae Ni-ki 🥰

ENG TRANS @enhypen-info

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JAKE twitter update


Today’s complimenting!! Today was our first music show broadcast and I want to compliment the members for doing it so well without mistakes! You all worked hard!!🥰


This is a photo I took when we were out buying the album, and while looking at these photos, I could feel everyone’s efforts who helped bring the album together. Thank you once again. I also want to compliment the members who worked with effort for the photobook shooting too. I think everyone came out really well! 😊😀 I also want to praise the members & myself who are always enduring very busy & many schedules as well as always concentrating. Did you eat dinner well today?? 😊🥘 Have a delicious dessert!!😁🧇🍦🍨 Thank you!!😉 Next praise diary - Cutie Darling Maknae Ni-ki 🥰

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I actually had an idea for streaming the music video. I’ve noticed a pattern in the view count of the MV i.e we always reach a million views in a day (which is very impressive, good job engenes ❤❤)

We should make a goal of 1 million a day. It’s already a pattern that has been happening for the past 3 days since the MV came out. If we keep a goal like that, we’d surely reach our goal of 20 million and then 30!


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