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lulu101 · a day ago
Chucky really grew as a parent
Tumblr media
Flashback to Seed of Chucky
Tumblr media
Glen: Sometimes I feel like a boy. Sometimes I feel like a girl. *gasp* Can I be both?
Tiffany: Well sometimes-
Chucky: Eh eh! No way!
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hyunsuks-beanie · a day ago
Tumblr media
Fwb! Jay x fem. bodied! reader; implied fwb to lovers (?)
Genre: smut
Word Count: 3.2k words
Mellow speaks: I'm done with this at last! Lmao I definitely went overboard, but idk I felt like the plot required it hehe. I love writing for Jay, and this was no different, so I hope you guys enjoy reading this! Thanks for the request dear anon, and I hope everyone who was looking forward to it likes it!
Tumblr media
"What if you end up catching feelings for me?"
"Don't worry Y/N, I don't do feelings."
Thinking back on your conversation from half a year ago, you let out a sigh, getting ready for your night out. When the two of you had come up with this arrangement, you had been wary of starting to see Jay as something more than just your friend and one-time hook-up. Having had known him for a little over three months, you couldn't deny the chemistry you shared with him, the sexual tension having resulted half-hearted confessions of love in his bedroom, interspersed with all things inappropriate as you finally gave in to your urges. You knew you should have stayed away, considering he was your friend and not some random guy you'd picked up at a bar, but in your defense, the sex had been amazing.
So amazing that barely two days later, you had found yourself back at his doorstep, smashing your lips onto his the moment he opened the door. The next morning had found you half dizzy and fully naked, once again in the same bed you had promised yourself you'd never find yourself in again. It had been him who had suggested it, and though you weren't exactly down for it, he somehow smooth-talked his way into your brain, convincing you to cave in. "No feelings involved," had been the rule, and at that time, Jay had made it seem as if it would work out. "We'll just be friends," he had said, and like a lust-driven fool, you had believed him.
Yet here you are, slapping yourself internally as you tried to remind yourself you weren't supported to harbor feelings for him. He was just an ordinary guy, right? Nothing special, except that god-gifted body of his and that masterpiece of a dick. The mere thought makes your mouth water, as you continue to think about just how Jay is nothing but "ordinary." But it proves to be harder than you think, being reminded of the way his smile makes his eyes crinkle, or the way he gets pouty when someone teases him. You sigh again, looking at your reflection one last time.
Maybe, just maybe, those late night meetings which slowly turned in late morning goodbyes had done something to you. Maybe, just maybe, you had grown soft for Jay Park, and it is somehow enough to make you nervous to the bone.
But the moment you enter the club, all your nervousness flows out the window (or so it would seem to an outsider) as a smile makes it way onto your face, which morphs itself into the confident facade that only you can see through. Well, you and Jay. Speaking of the devil, you're barely two steps in when you hear someone call your name, and craning your head, you notice said man beckoning you over to the bar counter, a lazy smirk on his face as he talks to some other friends of yours. Walking over to him, you give your "friend" a side hug, eyes falling downwards as you realize he's staring at you. "What are you looking at?," you ask, shy all of a sudden. But instead of replying, he shoots you a question of his own, asking, "What's going on in that pretty little head of yours?," as he quirks an eyebrow at you.
That causes you to look up at him, and when you don't say anything, Jay leans in, sending a shiver down your spine as he whispers, "You seem a teensy bit tense. Maybe I'll help you relax later." He pulls away, that smirk back on his face, but before you can say anything, his attention is driven away from you as he feels a hand on his shoulder. Turning around, his expression morphs into one of surprise as he sees his classmate-slash-co-worker from the diner he works at part-time. What he fails to notice however, is the way your expression turns into one of irritation, because said co-worker is not just any random diner waitress, it's one you know for a fact has a crush on Jay.
A crush that the man in front of you loves to deny the existence of, despite you telling him about it multiple times. "Honestly, why would anyone want to go out with me when at this point, it's practically common knowledge that you, Y/N L/N, are the only one lucky enough to get a taste of this dick?," he would always reply whenever you brought her up, waving off your words as he checked his reflection, turning back to you only to say, "Y'know what? I think I see the appeal."
And so, it's hardly surprising that he doesnt register the fact that her hand is roaming all over his arm and moving onto his torso, having immersed himself too deeply into the animated conversation he's having with her. Biting the inside of your cheek, you decide to leave when it gets too much, only to have Jay grab your wrist. "Where d'you think you're going?," he asks, eyeing you curiously. "To dance," is all you say, walking away and onto the dance floor.
His eyes follow you as you start moving your hips to the music, a chuckle escaping his lips as you stumble slightly. He tries to make himself appear interested as his co-worker continues to talk his ear off, but it's hard when you look so innocent and yet so dirty in that pretty outfit of yours. However, it doesn't take it long for the soft smile on his face to turn into a frown, as his eyes catch someone patting you from the back. Within no time at all, or so it appears to him, you seem to have gotten yourself company, throwing your hands around the stranger's neck as continue to dance, a smile visible on your face. He grip tightens around the beer jug he is holding, and he doesn't even take notice, his eyes firmly fixed on you.
Unbeknownst to him, your eyes too, are still on him, even as you continue to laugh and talk to the gorgeous stranger who had walked over to you. You had been hesitant to let your guard down at first, but then you thought, "If Jay can have someone clinging to him like that, then so can't I?" While you hadn't intended on making him jealous, seeing him be bothered to see another's hands on you does do a little to boost your pride, and before you know it, you're leading the stranger back towards the counter, sitting down a couple seats away from Jay.
You casually turn around to gauge his expression, your own hardening as you realize that now, it is him who has his hands on the girl, smirking at you while squeezing her butt ever so slightly as she practically sits on his thigh. That's when you decide to not to let his nonchalance ruin your night, turning your attention back to the person in front of you. Talking to him, you begin to realize that he's actually quite cool, making you laugh every two minutes. Had your mind not been so messed up about Jay, you might actually have given this guy a chance, you think to yourself, flinching slightly as you feel his hand resting on your thigh. Noticing your discomfort, he quickly takes it away, stuttering. "I-I'm so-sorry. Is it o-okay if I-?," he asks, only to have you place it back on your leg. "I don't see why not," you smile, the image is Jay's hands on the girl burning behind your eyes.
You don't notice it, but Jay is still watching you, his jaw clenching as he sees you throwing your head back in laughter. "Who is he to make her laugh like that?," he mutters, shaking his head to remind himself that you're not his partner. You don't notice it, but he does, frown deepening as he sees the guy's hand moving up your thigh ever so slightly. Jay feels his fist clench, unable to stop himself as he watches him lean closer to you. The next thing you know, you're being pulled away from him by your wrist, an evidently passed of Jay leading you toward the back of the club.
"Jay stop. You're hurting me," you say, trying to wriggle your wrist out of his grasp as he pulls you into an empty alcove in the very corner, only to have him turn around and pull you towards himself, his eyes filled with anger. "You like have random losers have their hands all over you, don't you?," he says, his voice barely above a whisper as he pushes you against the wall, trapping you with one arm as the other rakes down your clothed body. You've never seen Jay like this, and while you have to admit he looks a hundred times hotter, you're also a little scared. But instead of cowering in fear, you look him right in the eye, practically challenging him as you say, "And what about that hoe that threw herself on you, huh?"
The moment those words leave your mouth, Jay roughly takes hold of your skin, pulling your face ever so slightly towards him, his breath fanning your lips. "Aha," he says, a smirk making its way onto his lips. "So you mean to tell me you were being a slut just to make me jealous, huh? Well guess what, it worked." And with that, he smashes his lips onto yours, the force causing your head to hit the wall. The surprise and the pain makes you open your mouth to let out a gasp, but he takes the chance to push his tongue inside, exploring every inch of your mouth while his hands move all over your body, leaving goosebumps on your skin their wake before coming to rest near your hips.
You moan into the kiss as Jay squeezes your hips, making him smirk as he kisses your harder, your hands making their way to his hair, tugging on them gently. Pulling away from your lips, he shifts his attention to your onto your jaw, making his way down to your neck as he leaves a trail of kisses in his wake. Having slept with you countless times during the past six months have made him perfectly familiar with your body, and so, it takes him less than ten seconds to find your sweet spot, a soft gasp escaping your lips as he sucks on it, your hand entangled them into his hair a little harder. Once he's done leaving a mark, Jay softly licks the skin on your neck, smiling to himself as he feels you shiver. "I've barely touched you, and you're already shaking, love," he says against your skin, his hands ghosting over the hem of your dress, before dipping down and coming to rest against your thighs.
"Tell me, did he have you shivering like this, hmm?," he asks, as his hands run towards the inside of your thighs, running over your core gently, almost imperceptible. This causes a whine to escape your lips, as you press your chest against his, hoping to get him to do something. "Why so desperate, love? We have all the time in the world," he smirks, pulling away only to draw the curtains to the alcove, so that no one would see you. Once he's done, his hands find themselves on the zipper of your dress, pulling it down. His cold fingers brush against your back as your dress gives way, causing you to involuntarily move closer to him as the fabric slips down your body.
Once you're left in nothing but your underwear, you decide to take matters into your own hands, growing frustrated at the slow pace Jay is taking. So the next moment finds you placing your hands onto his shoulders, as you start grinding your barely clothed core against his fully clothed member, his hardness making itself obvious as it rubs against you. The feeling makes you let out a moan before it is suddenly gone, Jay pushing you back until your back hits the table. Smirking, he lifts you up, placing you onto the tabletop as his hands make their way to your bare boobs, the feeling of his fingers pulling on your left nipple making you mentally pat yourself on the back for not wearing a bra. You throw your head back, a moan escaping your lips as you feel wetness pooling between your legs due to Jay's lips latching onto your right boob, sucking on it.
Not knowing what to do with your hands, you let them back to his hair, moving downwards only to push his leather jacket off his shoulders, leaving him in his T-shirt. Pulling away, he hooks his fingers into your panties, pulling them down as he pushes you down onto the table. You can't help the whimper that leaves your lips as he pushes your thighs apart, licking his lips at the sight of your wet pussy. "Damn, baby. We've just started and you're already soaked," he says, pushing a finger inside you. You gasp in pleasure at the feeling, throwing your head back as he makes figure eights inside you, before pushing in another finger, stretching your core. He continues to thrust his fingers in and out of you, scissoring them as he draws you out.
Sensing your wetness growing, he suddenly pulls his fingers completely out of you, the whimper that leaves your lips quickly turning into a gasp as his tongue replaces the emptiness, quickly lapping up your hole as his fingers move to tease your clit, rubbing your bundle of nerves and eliciting a string of moans from you. "Fuck Jay, ahhh. Faster," you say, bucking your hips as he lets out a soft chuckle, the vibrations drawing you closer to your edge. He senses you inching nearer to your climax, speeding up the face as his fingers continue to torture your clit, causing your eyes to close shut as you cum over his tongue. He laps up every last bit of your juices, moving up to place a soft kiss on your lips as you run your tongue against his bottom lip, tasting yourself. Pulling away, he whispers, "My turn," the smirk on his face causing your mouth to water.
You don't waste a single minute in jumping down the table, getting on your knees as you fiddle with his belt, taking it off. He decides to help you out by popping open the button of his jeans, slipping it down his legs as you palm him through his boxers. Weaving his hand through your hair, Jay groans, "You're not in a position to tease me right now, love," his voice causing you to gulp as you finally pull his boxers down, exposing his hard dick. Licking your lips, you take him into your mouth, an inch at a time, until he's almost hitting the back of your throat, your hands on his balls aa you start bobbing your head up and down. He guides you by tugging on your hear, groans and moans escaping his lips as he leans back against the table. "Fuck, baby. You really know how to work that mouth," he mumbles, a deep grunt following after as you continue to massage his balls, tongue swirling around his girth.
Every so often, you graze your teeth against him, sending his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he grips your hair just a little harder, his dick hitting the back of your throat. This causes you to gag, the vibrations sending a wave of pleasure through Jay as he feels himself inching closer towards his release. "W-wish he c-could see you like t-this, on y-your knees for m-me," he mutters in between pants, tugging on your hair as you let out a gasp at his filthy thought, the feeling finally throwing him over the edge as he releases into your mouth, his body shaking ever so slightly. You swallow his seed, running your tongue over your lips before smacking them, his taste making you smile.
Your expression quickly morphs into one of surprise though, as Jay doesn't waste a second in pulling you up roughly by the arms, only to throw you onto the couch, the menacing glint back in his eyes. "All fours," he growls, and you find yourself complying, scampering to get back on your knees while a giggle escapes your lips in anticipation for what's to come. But instead of feeling his member against your core, what you feel is a sharp pain across your butt, realizing belatedly that you just got slapped. Turning your head back, you see him smirking once again, taking a condom out of his jeans as he says, "What was that giggle for, hmm? You think it's funny?" Before you can reply, though, he thrusts into you without warning, pushing hilt deep before pulling back out, eliciting a loud moan from you. "That's right love. Tell them who's showing you a good time," he says, moving into you again, hitting right into your G-spot and making you see stars.
"Ah fuck Jay. Go faster," you moan out, earning another slap on your butt, the man behind you growling, "I didn't say you get to make demands," while continuing to thrust into you, pushing you dangerously close to your edge. Just when you feel you're about to cum though, Jay suddenly stops moving altogether, making you let out a whine in frustration. "I have half a mind to just leave you hanging like that," he says, a chuckle escaping his lips, "But since you're being so good to me. I'll let you cum. But only when I tell you to." And with that, he finally begins to thrust into you again, his movements becoming sloppier as he nears his own climax. Soon enough, you feel the knot in your stomach about to burst, barely managing to moan out an "I'm a-about to-." Slowing his movement once again, Jay grunts, "Wait for me, love," as you feel your climax receding back, the exhaustion leaving you breathless and wanting more.
You buck out your hips, hoping to get him to move faster, and to your surprise, he complies, picking up the pace again, his grunts becoming louder as he releases into the condom, the sensation enough to throw you over the edge again, as you cum all over his sheathed member, eyes closing shut from the sheer intensity. Coming down from your high, you all but collapse onto the couch as Jay gently pulls out of you, grabbing a napkin from the table and coming over to clean you up. You belatedly register what he's doing, smiling to yourself. He had always been gentle that way, remembering to help you up after ruining you completely. "Let's get you home," he says softly, throwing your dress towards you.
As you begin to get dressed, Jay can't help the smile ghosting over his lips as he thinks to himself, "Did I just catch feelings?"
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ari-ana19 · 2 days ago
things he likes ~ enhypen hyung line
° things that you do while kissing him that he likes.
° part two
Tumblr media
heeseung: the way you intertwined your fingers with his.
he loves the feeling of being able to hold your smaller hands in his so believe me when i say, he melts when he feels you reaching to hold his hand in the middle of the kiss. sometimes he's even the first one to hold your hand while you kiss. one hand wraps around your waist and the other grasping yours. it's the little things he likes.
Tumblr media
jay: the way you play with the tips of his hair.
jay doesn't like anyone messing up his hair and you know that, but you just can't resist wanting to play with it because it looks so soft! jay knows this and his heart swells when he feels you play with the tips of his hair while your arms are around his neck. he loves that you are thoughtful enough to know his preferences and still respect it.
Tumblr media
jake: when you hold onto his sleeve/shirt.
jake's a small and tiny human, it's only natural for his partner to be tinier than him so when jake feels you tugging the hem of his shirt or sleeve slightly as you kiss him, he smiles. jake loves the feeling of knowing that you trust him and you feel protected by him so he'll pull you closer and hold you protectively. he loves being trusted by you.
Tumblr media
sunghoon: your shyness after you kiss.
we all know hoon isn't going to be the one to initiate the kiss so when he sees you shyly lean into him, he can't help but give in. he knows you're equally as shy to ask but your actions speak louder than words and he'll obey, planting the softest kiss on your lips before smiling like an idiot as you bury your head in his neck and blush.
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heessseungi · 2 days ago
𝐎𝐍𝐂𝐄 𝐔𝐏𝐎𝐍 𝐀 𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌 | ⛸ THREE: personal attack
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Ever since you were a child, ice skating was something you could only admire from afar, however visiting your new local ice rink for the first time led you to meeting the literal boy of your dreams. Only now, he’s not who you expected him to be.  
TAGLIST [OPEN]: @glowitss @faatnaa @s-sanos @hyuckworld @luv3iza @dear-dreamie @softforqiankun @mymeloem19 @liliansun @msxflower @aj-1154 @abdiitcryy @youreverydayzebra @nyfwyeonjun @blank-velvet @hobistigma @luv4gyu @from-xero @yougeans @kyleeanne @julietblackk @kingkaithekiwi @studioreader @nnasheii @rein-deer-stuffs @meiiiwa @cb97curls @cha-raena @vegetablespuppets @ghjasksdk
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enhypenfanbase · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you for giving us the award yesterday 😊 Love you always ❤️
Please look forward to today’s stage as well :)🔥
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seungstarss · 2 days ago
𝐁 𝐄 𝐓 ≛ 12 pwark sungbuffoon
wc: 300+ (short)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"are you not going to do anything?" y/n questioned, staring up from her unorganized loose sheets of paper.
sunghoon hummed as he inched closer to the girl, shooting her a cheeky grin. "want me to help you organize your papers?"
rolling her eyes at his words, she quickly grouped her papers in a neat pile. "listen up hoon," she started. "i'm here to study, not entertain your boredom."
"why can't you do both?" he smiled almost innocently. "plus, you're already entertaining me by being here."
y/n shook her head, disappointed at the boy's poor customs. "you should at least do something productive instead of staring at me."
sunghoon let out a slight chuckle, leaning back into his chair with his arms crossed. "you're extremely stunning. i can't help it."
his words threw off y/n's train of thought. her ears began to heat up as her note writing came to a sudden halt. She had never experienced someone express their attraction to her so bluntly and out of the blue. it was a new sensation to her, different, odd, and it made her stomach churn. his words made her feel uneasy, yet she somehow felt appreciated and desired for once.
"what?" y/n barely croaked out, reaching for her coffee.
"coffee isn't good to ease the throat," sunghoon shuffled through his bag and passed her a thermos, with what she assumed to be hot water. "drink this instead."
y/n silently thanked the boy, ears still burning as she accepted his offer.
"on a different note, do you like jay or something?"
bad timing.
he had no sense of awareness at all.
y/n nearly spat out the water at his absurd words. "e-excuse me what?"
"no need to panic like that," sunghoon smirked, passing y/n the napkin provided by the café. "just in case you do, you shouldn't."
"and why shouldn't i?"
"you should like me instead."
this time y/n indeed spat out her water.
Tumblr media
⇦ previous | next ⇨
SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend's diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. "lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want."
@fiantomartell @terrytaehyunnies @nyujjan @softforqiankun @redikuluspupil @berriniki @hobistigma @punneysushi01 @jdyunvrs @icywhatim @deathena @dear-dreamie @sunghoonsflwr @neovrse @whoe-dis @primorange @enhacolor @sunghonkers @shoftiiel @luv3iza @ncityy04 @jjun4thitboy @j3ntle @studioreader @elicheel @nyfwyeonjun @enheyy @abdiitcryy @angxln-ki @atinyyylove @chuntians @msxflower @luv4dream @ohmy-fandoms @jayk1wrld @90sni-ki @mymeloem19 @bunniin @hwalllllllelujah @milkycloudtyg @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @witheeseung @c9tnoos @hoonbokki @killyoselff @myluckycat @yougeans @blank-velvet @cha-raena
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cherrycoree · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
━━━ Enha as your best friend (Hogwarts!AU)
೫˚ Warning: Swearing
೫˚ Enha!Maknae Line X Fem!Reader
೫˚ Masterlist: Click here!
Tumblr media
# A lot of people are confused with your and Sunoo’s friendship, for a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff being strikingly similar to two peas in a pod was unheard of.
# But, you and Sunoo proved all of them wrong by displaying a bond that was stronger than any other. You added a rebellious side to his rule-sticking self and he, in turn, softened your hard edges.
# “Why are we doing this again, y/n?”
# “Because they blatantly made fun of you and nobody makes fun of my best fucking friend.”
# “… at least we’ll be a little nice about whatever it is you’re planning, right?”
# There’s silence as you register his words and a smile slowly makes its way onto your face. “Of course, Sunoo! In your dreams,” you whisper the last part menacingly while your smile transforms into a smirk.
# Well, Sunoo tries to soften your hard edges. But, it’s the effort that counts.
# Although you claim to hate physical affection, you can never deny Sunoo’s hugs, especially when he does so to comfort you.
# “Ssh, it’s okay. Don’t listen to them, you’re such an amazing person.”
# “This might not be a good time, but I accidentally got a bit of snot on your shirt.”
# Truth be told, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sunoo taught you how to do your makeup, woo wizards that had expressed their interest in you and squeal whenever you declared that you had a crush.
# Definitely knows all of the gossip.
# ;)
# “Merlin’s beard. JUST TELL ME WHO IT IS, WOMAN.”
# “Okay okay, it’s this guy called Jake—”
Tumblr media
# Your friendship had a rather unfortunate and embarrassing start.
# Truthfully speaking, everyone remembers the incident.
# It was in your third year that you were getting to taste the sweetness of a relationship for the first time, only to find out that you had been dumped through a howler (you swear you want to rip the head off of whoever thought that adding a talking ability to an envelope would be revolutionary).
# Everyone had snickered and you had dashed out of the Great Hall, fuming with a mixture of emotions out of which sadness overpowered the rest.
# Jungwon was curious, watching your hair flow behind you as you had rushed outside and he didn’t know why he followed. He’s just glad that he did so because, now, you’re his closest friend.
# You had been a bit dodgy of the unfamiliar Gryffindor suddenly appearing to check whether you were alright, but when he provided some awfully good suggestions as to how to get back at your ex, you had smiled wider than ever.
# Weirdly enough, you (being a Hufflepuff) were always the more courageous (although the word Jungwon liked to use was ‘reckless’) of the two whereas he simply observed your antics from the sidelines with a grin that could be mistaken as a lovestruck one.
# “Y/n, what in Dumbledore’s name are you—”
# “Hush, Won,” you whisper as you sneak a flying broom out of the no longer locked closet ,“if you want to go for a quick round around Hogwarts, move your ass this instant.”
# He doesn’t refuse.
# Once, Jungwon had found an invisibility cloak through sheer luck and both of you used it to your advantage, often sneaking out to the Quidditch ground and watching the stars twinkle in the inky sky.
# He always invited you over to his home during winter break, and you had unknowingly grown closer to his family. He absolutely loved that.
# Late night study sessions together had become an integral part of both of your routines, and you and Jungwon fooled around so much in the library that Madam Pince had to personally kick the two of you out.
# All in all, Hogwarts was a little less unbearable with the irreplaceable Jungwon by your side.
# Niki and you had a headache of a rivalry that stemmed from your very first year at Hogwarts.
# He was a pretentious Slytherin, finding your Muggle background more amusing than one probably should.
# His constant teasing knew no bounds and the fact that you were an absolutely wonderful Gryffindor, displaying the golden traits of courage, chivalry and bravery, did nothing to stop him from getting on your nerves.
# “Y/l/n, is it true that your dad looks at teeth for a bloody living?”
# “One more words and you’re asking for a bloody beating, Nishimura.”
# What intrigued Niki was how you always spat back a witty remark in response to his insults, so when he finds you being talked down by a few of his fellow housemates, he’s taken aback to find that you don’t protest.
# Your head merely hangs in shame.
# “Hey… you okay?” “Leave me alone, Nishimura.”
# But, it’ll take a lot more than that to get rid of the annoying boy and you simply groan in frustration when he continues to follow you like a curious puppy.
# “I was just concerned,” is what he says when you ask him what scheme he’s planning against you now.
# Your stomach swoops at his statement and you leave him alone outside your common room, only to find the Slytherin at your regular table in the library the next day. To say the least, he apologises for his past actions.
# And so begins a friendship that you hadn’t quite imagined. You don’t question his intentions, taking a liking to when he’s talking about anything other than your ‘Muggle life’.
# Without your knowledge, he confronts the housemates that made fun of you the other day and they’ve never bothered you since.
# As the years pass, your bond only grows stronger and you support your best friend through thick and thin. Niki adores your precious self and finds it hard to believe how he had ever mocked you in his pubescent years.
# He’s never said it out loud, but he often wonders what it’d be like to cross the line that marks yours and his friendship whenever he notices your face lighting up as your eyes lay upon him.
Tumblr media
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gogheesg · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(ꐦ •᷄ࡇ•᷅) ᭡ ࣪. good 4 you - 👩‍🔬 ♻️💦 ⌗ % !you are sooo perfect « 𝙨𝙪𝙣𝙨𝙚𝙩 🐩💭🥛@i4junie 𖧷 · ° .  ♡ ⊹ 007... okay 𝅃  𓈓  ꖛ special to me <3
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postalenha · a day ago
31. normal
Tumblr media
warnings: none | wc: 0.8k
you were taken aback by what he said, "m-me?" you questioned, adding, "why me?"
he dodged the question with a "just because." and never spoke again. you were left with this unknown feeling in your stomach that had been there since this morning.
you thought to yourself, "did i have too much soup?" but you know you didn't. there would never be such a thing like too much when you're eating grandpa's famous noodle soup.
you looked to your left and realized the reason had been here beside you all ride long. heeseung casually taps his index finger to the beat of the song and you just stare at him.
you never thought of heeseung the way you think of a man before. because once his name's dropped, all you can see is the child you grew up with. but that child is not here, what lies in front of you is a full grown man.
he threw you a simple glance, "you okay?" you snap back into reality whispering, "yeah." when the car suddenly stop.
"we're here." he pointed out, you grab your bag as you see the front of your aunt's house.
looking at him you say, "thank you." and starts opening the door when he stopped you by grabbing your arm.
quickly going out of the car to open the door for you, "how many times am i supposed to tell you that i can do it?"
"sorry." he awkwardly scratched the back of his head. you just slightly smile at him, "it's fine. just let me do simple things."
"okay, i'll keep that in mind." he mentally notes that to himself before closing the car door behind you.
"i guess i'll go inside now." you stated, waiting for his response.
after a minute or two of him not saying anything, you thought that you might just be expecting him to say something. so you just told him "have a good night."
you were about to go inside when he called you, "y/n, wait."
looking at him with eyes full of curiosity, you patiently wait for him to speak. "i just wanted to thank you for today. you were a great and huge help. i wouldn't-"
he stopped speaking when you suddenly hugged him. "it's a pleasure to help, and i'd do it again if given the chance." you said. 
he just caressed your head, "thank you, really." you stayed silent and just let his arms give you the warmth you needed in the cold night.
the gate creeks as sunghoon walks out of the house, you both immediately  let go of each other as the boy who just got out clears his throat.
"hey bro, sorry i disappeared earlier." sunghoon said, "i had to do something after dropping grandpa off to his house."
"that's okay, i was thankful you brought him home." heeseung smiled. "i hope y/n did some work enough for the two of us." he joked.
you glared at him, "yeah? you owe me one for that." you told him. he was about to bite back when heeseung spoke up.
"i'll be heading home." he said, sounding like he knew that you and sunghoon would have a never ending arguing. "have a good night, hee." you told him.
"i hope you have a good night too." he answered, sunghoon cleared his throat, making sure heeseung would notice gis presence. "i hope you two have a good night."
"have a safe drive bro." you both wave heeseung goodbye as you watch him drive away.
as you and your cousin walk into the house, he softly dodge your shoulder, "i guess it'sreally cold outside huh?"
you side eyed him while he just smirks, leaning against the wall. "is your hobby sticking your nose up to my business?"
"i'm just asking?" he defended himself. you just ignored him and walked straight to your room.
after washing up, you rested your back onto the soft bed. you rolled around trying to find a comfortable place because you can't seem to sleep.
you've always been so fond of your aunt's house, up until now. you know what kept you up, it's your heart still pounding so fast every time you remember heeseung's nice gesture.
but you try and shake it off. he's probably just acting nice because the two of you are good friends. that's probably how every man treats their girl-friends.
his never-ending sweet and chivalry acts are just normal. you and jay kissed, but that led to nothing but a shattered hope. the last thing you want to do is ruin your friendship with heeseung that you've been keeping for years.
you told yourself not to think about it too much, and just hope that you drive back to the city tomorrow to be safe.
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hello!! posted this to et everyone know that i'm still alive and that we will be back on our normal programming soon!! thank you for being patient with me. sincerely, jei.
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Sunoo: Guys, Jake hyung is missing.
Jay: Good.
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ENHYPEN 1st place🥇🏆 The fate of YPENs who meet ENGENEs is daebak (great) 🎊 The Show
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