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#jake peralta

The kids I’ll be using here. This might be a bt shorter than other fics but I had the idea in my head.

As Everett and Ashford breezed through their homework, Oaklee was staring at the first math problem motionlessly, swinging his feet under the table and gazing off into the distance, it was clear to Rosa that he wasn’t focusing on his work. Jake and Amy’s kids were over at Rosa’s house after school, as Jake and Amy were both working, and even though she wasn’t the type to especially enjoy the company of kids, these kids were a bit different. Rosa was Ashford’s godmother and she loved all of the kids with her heart, even though she wouldn’t usually talk about it. Rosa decided that she needed to do something to make Oaklee start working again, because she was told by Everett that this end of year work was especially important. Rosa walked over to where Oaklee was sitting, he had scribbled something down and then crossed it out. Oaklee was naturally energetic, and like a lot of kids he had trouble staying in one place to focus, but this was different that usual. Oaklee moved his gaze over to wear Rosa was standing. 

“Come with me kid,” Rosa said, gesturing for 8 year old Oaklee to follow her, the others didn’t think much of it and got back to work. Oaklee followed Rosa into her bedroom, still holding the paper tight against his chest, refusing to even let anybody peek at the writing on it. He wasn’t acting himself. 

“Oak, you’ve got to do your schoolwork, your mom will kill me.”  

Oaklee stared down at his papers, and slowly lifted his gaze. 

“What are you writing?” Rosa inquired, bending over to look, but Oaklee just held the paper against his chest again.

“It’s nothing, it’s really dumb anyways.” Oaklee mumbled. Rosa wasn’t concerned, especially since Oaklee was a kid, and kids are weird. But she still felt a little weird, he was always eager to show her his work.

“I doubt it’s dumb. Is it a book?”

“Kinda,” Oaklee said. “It’s like one but I won’t finish it because it’s stupid anyway. Everett finishes his books.”

Rosa raised an eyebrow at this remark. She didn’t want to get to involved, but she still really did hope that Oaklee was okay. 

“Yeah, Everett finishes his, why can’t you finish yours?” She asked.

“I dunno, I just don’t know how to write it, but Everett does, he’s good at it.”

Rosa felt a little sad that Oaklee didn’t have confidence in himself, but she knew how to handle it.

“It’s schoolwork dude, you have to finish. It can’t be that bad, I’m sure it’s just as good as Everett’s. You can just write different, but you have to hurry up, it’s late and you better get something done or your mother will strangle me.”

“I know.” Oaklee grunted. “I’ll do something else, this is bad.” He began wrinkling the paper up, but Rosa grabbed his hands and stopped him.

“No, why don’t you think that one’s good?” Oaklee paused, making sure not to look Rosa in the eyes. “We were supposed to write persuasive writing and mine was really bad. Everett’s was good, it was about smart stuff.”

Rosa sighed. “Dude, you can’t just let the opinion of your teacher get in the way of your writing. Persuasive writing is just a bunch of weirdos, write what you want to. Other people suck, just write if you like it, how gives a shit what they think?”

Oaklee cracked a small smile, but it was obvious that he was still a little doubtful. “Ok, I’ll keep going. But I’m gonna tell mom that you said shit.”

Rosa smirked a little. “Good for you, now hurry up.”

For the next few days Oaklee was very caught up in writing his book. Jake and Amy hardly ever saw him this invested in schoolwork, and it seemed like he was genuinely enjoying the process. One day Oaklee came up to Amy with the finished book, stapled together with a cover that Ashford had drawn. 

“Wow Oaklee, this looks like a lot.” Amy remarked, flipping through the nicely decorated pages of the book. Oaklee certainly needed to work on his handwriting, but the book was great.

“Can I read this?” Amy asked.

“Yup, you get the honours of being the first person to read it!” (Writers note: I love this kid and the others so much it’s insane)

Amy smiled at her enthusiastic son, who was hanging upside down off of the couch. 

“Cool, this looks great.” Amy was tempted to point out the handwriting but it wasn’t the right time.

“Tell me when you’re done.” Said Oaklee, strolling away confidently.

The book was titled “The 50th squad” and it was about the shenanigans that the members of the 50th precinct in NYC get up to. The main characters were Fox, Thomas, Ally and Cora, and they all had different distinct looks and personalities. Oaklee seemed to focus a lot on the cop aspect, and the misadventures that they get up to together. Amy was impressed by how well the story was told and how impressive the book was altogether.

“Are you done?” Came Oaklee’s small voice, he was a lot more confident than when he started writing. 

Amy assured him how much she enjoyed the book and how great he was at writing, which was really meaningful to him. It was no secret that Oaklee had never felt as smart as his siblings, but he felt really special when he was reminded that he was smart. He wrote a note to Rosa, thanking her for the encouragement, and he made Jake give it to her at work, along with another copy of the book. Rosa passed on the message to Oaklee that the book was dope, and out of all the compliments he got on the book, that one stuck with him the most.

Dear Rosa: Thank you for encouraging me to keep writing. I really liked it and I hope you like the book. You helped me feel good about writing, so thank you so much for that. I’m happy with how it turned out, thank you for being so nice. From Oaklee Maximus Peralta-Santiago

Writers not: Ok, so this isn’t that good and I will be amazed if you actually like it, but I enjoyed writing it. Requests are always open so you can either request a fic or headcanons, or we can just talk about a certain B99 headcanon that we like. I would really appreciate it if you sent in a request, but I’m gonna go now. (Runs off screaming)

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This is just a short B99 thing that’s been in my head for a while. Hopefully you like it, but it might be a little rushed. 

The kids I’ll be using here

Something had been off about 7 year old Ashford ever since he had come home from school, but Jake seemed to be the only one noticing it. The twins Everett and Oaklee were happily doing schoolwork and Amy was on stakeout, which was the most obvious reason that Ashford would be sad. Jake knew that the boys would find their mother being gone rough, but they were handling it well so far, and they were old enough to understand that it was for a good reason. Jake strolled up the stairs of their house to find Ashford sitting cross legged on his bed with his head hanging down.

“Hey Ash, what’s up?” Jake approached him and sat himself down on the rug beside the bed. He rested his hand on Ashford’s shoulder. “Are you okay dude?” Ashford shrugged and groaned a little in response, keeping his head hanging down.

“Are you feeling sad about mom leaving?” Ashford shook his head a little and hid his face when Jake tried to glance up at him and see what was wrong. 

“You know you can talk to me about anything, right?” Jake decided to slowly try and see what his answer was, without coming off too strong. It seemed to work, because Ashford turned around on the bed to face Jake, and Jake could tell something was wrong. Instead of his usual bright, sunny disposition that he shared with Oaklee, Ashford’s eyes were read and blotched, as if he had been crying,

“Is it a bad thing… to be gay?” Ashford mumbled. 

This remark took Jake by surprise, but he confidently answered “No, of course not. You know that Grandfather Holt and Grandfather Kevin are gay, and they’re really nice.”

“Some kids have been calling me gay for liking drawing and knitting and cooking,” Ashford mumbled, his voice cracking a little.

Jake wanted to go and arrest these kids immediately, how could you bully such a sweet and loving boy? But he knew that he needed to stay by Ashford’s side at the moment, so he continued listening to what Ashfird had to say.

“And I think that I might be gay, because I have a crush on a boy, and I didn’t know who to talk about it with.”

Jake was honoured that Ashford was talking about this with him, and he was amazed that a child so young could figure out his emotions in such a mature way.

“That’s great Ash, you can talk about this with any of us any time.”

“But how am I supposed to know if I’m gay or if I just have a crush?”

“Well, right now you might not know, and that’s okay as well. So many people struggle with this, and that’s fine. Just enjoy it.” 

Ashford lit up even more now that he was understanding it. 

“Could I talk to Grandfather Holt and Kevin about this? And mom, and Rosa?” 
Jake cracked another grin. “Sure, you can talk to them about it when we see them.”

“So, tell me about the boy you have a crush on? What’s he like?”

Ashford settled down again and starting listing things off about Russell, and his face lit up with all of the things that he listed.

“His eyes are blue and he has blonde spiky hair, and he’s very nice and funny,”

Jake just watched in awe, as his 7 year old son became happier as he talked about Russell. As he grew up Ashford continued to discover his identity, and it’s all because of the support and love he got from the 99, his family, and Jake and Amy.

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at first i was so wary of there being a gender reveal party cause I hate that concept but now I should’ve known a show like b99 could never do something like that it is so important that they highlighted the fact that biological sex and gender are different things we are stanning the right show I love it so much also I can’t wait for admiral peralta yesss

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This is a test
Christen: We're gonna do it the "Christen Way".
Tobin: Does that mean we're going back to the overly scheduled thing ?
Christen: No we're going WAY more scheduled.
Tobin *mumbling*: That sounds even less fun...
Christen: Big time ! This is a test, and we're failing, because we're not studying hard enough.
Tobin: Or maybe this is just ... one of those tests that you can't study for ?
Christen: *laugh hysterically*
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whenever roger peralta makes a reappearance it always reminds me now of a quote boyle said about nikolaj:

“No matter how much I want to be, I’m not Nikolaj’s real father. [Jake disagrees] Well, that’ll be up to him. And he may even change his mind about it throughout his life. I mean, all I can do is make him feel safe and give him as much love as I can.”

because holt never gets involved with jake’s father nor does say anything against him. he is jake’s father in every other respect because he doesn’t need to actually BE his biological dad. he just loves him and is there for him and that is enough.

just how with roger peralta’s first appearance he bails on jake at the end of the episode but guess what? holt is there and he tells jake is proud of him without mentioning a single damn word against the buffoon of a pilot.

that is genuine, selfless, platonic love. 

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