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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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corporate espionage, self destructive behaviors, government sabotage, cutting ties with everyone i love, fleeing the country, and disappearing in cuba? sounds like a typical tuesday

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Hi dear, i’m reaching out for you to check my blog since i’m trying to spread awareness of my sister’s condition to get help financially. I might msg you many times on different blogs but i’m trying my best to spread this post since we badly needed help. Thank you for understanding!

oh, honey, I’d love to help you guys out, but I’m not in the place financially to do so right now. However, you can try going on to the subreddits /r/charity or /r/Assistance those subreddits are specifically meant for if you need some help.

You can find /r/charity rules and intro post here, they prefer active redditors but I’m sure if you explain your situation then you should be okay. It’s a lovely part of Reddit dedicated to helping each other

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—— In gods name! Im gone for a little while and i come back to two porn blogs following me! Not exactly what a chap would expect to see… And honestly im a bit conflicted about it

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