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Jinguji Jakurai

  • There is no safer place in the world than in Jinguji Jakurai’s arms, no place warmer or more full of love. You feel truly honored that this man wanted to sweep you up in his arms the way he did and you enjoyed every second of it, fighting off the sleep spell that was coming over you as you wanted to truly appreciate each moment spent here. Jakurai noticed, of course, and laughed at your behavior, telling you there would be other times that he’d be happy to hold you like this and that it was far healthier to just get your rest (he promised he’d allow you to sleep on him as long as there were no emergencies and you were out like a light soon after). 
  • Jakurai’s head pats, though generally reserved for children, made you feel like you were successful in life, that the gods above were shining down on you themselves to tell you ‘good job’. His hands always linger after he gives you a pat or two, smoothing down the back of your hair as he used his words to further reaffirm that he was an angel on earth who made you feel lighter than air. 
  • Hearing your feelings on his little touches and what they did to you truly made Jakurai’s entire chest feel warm, as well as his cheeks which glowed a faint pink as you gushed over him. He wished it was easy to articulate all the positive things you made him feel but it was no easy task due to how numerous his thoughts were and he settled for telling you that you also made him very happy, mentioning he’d continue to do these things with you as long as you wanted him to. 
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Bnha x Hypmic Quirk! 🍬

This is a fun little headcanon inspired by seeing @you-tolkien-to-me and their BNHA imagines. It also came to mind when I was rewatching My Hero Academia.


If your quirk was the power of a Hypnosis Mic.


Originally posted by kunikidaz

Quirk: Hypnosis Microphone

  • Your quirk allows you to channel lyrics through either your special microphone or a speaker of any kind.
  • Your lyrics affect an opponent’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, damaging both their physical state and state of mind.
  • They channel through a person’s mind, altering what both the user and listener see as well. Causing visual and auditory hallucinations.
  • Your Ultimate Move is a special rap ability that allows you to use your microphone for a longer period of time. It helps for more powerful attacks while also effecting the outcome of a battle. It could prove useful in turning the tables to your advantage.


  • Any noise canceller or sound quirk of any kind. Such as Jirou’s or Present Mic’s quirks, but you are capable of overpowering quirks like that.
  • Without a speaker to channel your lyrics, you’re basically a walking death radio. You can’t rap without your mic and your quirk could effect everyone around you, even hurt them without meaning to.


  • Ok, Kaminari already sees you as the coolest person in the room. Spitting some fire bars while doing serious damage is so cool! He’ll ask you to teach him about free styling, before giving up because he can’t keep up with the beat.
  • Jirou will also be ecstatic about another music lover! You guys’ll probably team up on the battle field, or even perform a duet if you have the chance.
  • Bakugou won’t admit it, but thinks your quirk is dope as heck.
  • Midoriya isn’t one for rap music of any kind, but thinks your quirk is amazing either way. He’s such a precious little bean! He’ll scribble down all sorts of notes in his book and even asks about the styles of lyrics you choose.



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━━ ∘◦ ☆ ◦∘ ━━

Pairing: Ichiro Yamada x Reader; Samatoki Aohitsugi x reader; Jakurai Jinguji x reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

A/N: As previously mentioned, this is the final request from the last batch of requests! I’ll start on the new batch next week so be sure to come back to read them! I hope you enjoy this one~

⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙


Ichiro Yamada:

  • Ichiro is one of those people that isn’t intentionally smooth
  • when he tries to be cool, it just ends up being cringey and awkward
  • however
  • when he’s not trying to be cool he’s actually quite charming and charismatic which leads him to unintentionally be cool to everyone around him
  • so when you purposely say something one day that’s super suave, you’ve got him in a trance almost instantly
  • it happens when you’re in the shopping district, looking for some new sweaters for the winter time
  • “Woah, Y/N look! This shirt is half percent off!”
  • “I’d like your shirt to be full percent off.”
  • at first he just stares at you in surprise and confusion, but within moments he’s doubled down on the floor and is laughing so hard he’s practically in tears
  • of course, his laughter is contagious so it only makes you smile and hold back your own laugh as people in the store begin to stare
  • you have to practically drag him out of the store while he’s still dying of laughter
  • he’s definitely going to tease you about it for the rest of the day
  • he’ll ask if you’ve always been that smooth before and if you really want to go home and have his shirt be 100% off
  • of course you’ll be embarrassed but he doesn’t need to know that
  • over the course of your relationship, you’ll continue to say little comments here and there that remind him of just how smooth you can be
  • every time, he’s going to be caught off guard, but he’s also going to be in awe that you can say things like that so easily
  • he asks if you can help him do those kinds of things to but you just shrug and smirk, saying it’s natural born talent

Samatoki Aohitsugi:

  • Samatoki very much tries to put out the cool, stoic type
  • his demeanor is off-putting so anytime he says something that is good-hearted it makes him seem cool
  • but I wouldn’t necessarily call him smooth
  • so you definitely catch him off guard the first time you take charge and say something really smooth
  • “There’s not enough money to pay off those guys. We would need to win the lottery or something”
  • “I already won the lottery. When you agreed to date me”
  • as soon as the words leave your mouth, Samatoki is staring at you from across the table with wide eyes
  • you’re not someone that usually ever says things like that so it’s definitely out of character for you 
  • but his mouth slowly curls into a smile and first you think he’s going to ignore it but slowly he actually starts laughing
  • he’s going to tell you that it was a terrible line and that you should never say that again
  • but you know that he loved it and that it was actually a really smooth line because he’s going to be shaking his head with a smile
  • you love the way he laughs and from then on make it a point to keep dropping smooth one-liners
  • even though you continue to drop little smooth lines throughout your relationship, Samatoki never gets used to it
  • if the two of you are around other people he’s going to suppress his smile and laugh, saying that now isn’t the time for antics
  • even though he’ll definitely make it obvious that it was a smooth line
  • but when it’s just the two of you alone and you say something like that, he’s immediately smiling and laughing - a side nobody else ever gets to see, and one that you’re happy you do

Jakurai Jinguji:

  • Jakurai is smooth but only because he’s naturally charming - he never really has to purposefully try to be smooth
  • he’s not one to put on airs though, so if he says something cool, it’s because he just naturally acts that way
  • his nurses can all attest to this
  • you, however, have a tendency to drop smooth lines every now and again on the rare occasion 
  • “I don’t think that patient has any particular disease though”
  • “I have a the disease of love. It makes me addicted to you”
  • Jakurai turns to you, looking up from the patient chart in his hands and is a little confused by what you just said
  • as soon as he understands though, he’s immediately smiling widely as he lets out a hearty chuckle at your words
  • you find yourself swooning at the sound of his laugh and make a mental note to say more things like that in the future
  • he says that he didn’t know you could say such smooth lines like that and you just brush it off saying that it’s the truth
  • and it’s true, your smooth lines usually come from things that Jakurai says or does that you find endearing 
  • it comes quite naturally to you, and although you don’t do it often, whenever you do, you love the way Jakurai falls into a spell of laughter
  • whenever you think of something smooth to say, you always time it right to make sure that you’re alone with Jakurai to get the full effect of the line
  • he usually ends up putting an arm around you and saying that he loves the way you say things
  • honestly it’s his encouragement that keeps you motivated to say smooth lines like that


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