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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Michele marched over, shoving her way through people in an attempt to get close to the action. “What the fuck? James? What’s going on?” she demanded, wishing she was taller to see past those blocking the office. “Are we under attack?” She reached for the pocket of her skirt that held her dagger.

James held up a hand to Michele, cautioning her from getting any closer. “There was a murder.  Doesn’t look like an attack though.  This was personal. Just stay back, alright?  Don’t want you contaminating the crime scene.”

Michele huffed. “I know about this stuff! I can help!” she insisted, not wanting to be brushed aside.


James sighed, not wanting to upset Michele but it had to be done.  "Look kid, I worked homicide before you were even in grade school.  I appreciate you wanting to help but please, let us handle this.  Make sure no one leaves the building alright?  Stop anyone that looks suspicious.“

Michele wrinkled her nose as James dismissed her again, but when he gave her an order, she straightened and nodded her head, saluting him sharply. “Sir, yes, sir!” she said, before hurrying off to look for suspicious people.

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Would you like to join me for coffee

“Huh?” Theo zoned back in, having been looking down at his phone; even when he wasn’t technically working, he was still alert in case someone needed him. He stared for a moment until he remembered the question. “Yeah, alright, I can always do with some company; though you’ll have to swear not to get upset if I drink tea.” He winked playfully.

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Let’s goooooo @kingjames @lakers !!!

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This guy is pretty good, he should play in the NBA…👀

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#KingJames #James #Goat #NBA #Lakers #LosAngeles #LakerNation #Greatness #King

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