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Series Summary: “In a place where they won’t let us feel, In a place where nothing seems real. I will hold you. In a world that’s moving too fast. In a world where nothing can last. I will hold you.”-Last Night of The World- Miss Saigon

From the age of twelve, Y/N Y/L/N, has been trained by Hydra, and used as an assailant for a number of years. She’s been taught not to feel, but when she’s put in a kill squad with the Winter Solider, their partnership is deadly, as their motivation becomes more than just keeping themselves alive.  

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Series Warning: Angst, Fluff, Strong Language, Eventual Smut, Dark!Bucky (I think??)  

This series is basically a love story between the reader, and Bucky, and it moves through the films; starting with Winter Soldier. It’s about finding love in the darkest and most unusual of places, something I think we can all kinda relate to right now. 


Some people may draw similarities between the BuckyNat storyline, but unfortunately I’m not a true fan, and haven’t read any marvel comics, instead I am a huge fan of the movies, and well…Sebastian Stan. This story is just an original idea I’ve had bouncing around my head, even before I began writing Fallen From Grace and Rising From The Earth. Please just enjoy, and if you’re not enjoying it, then just kindly move on with your day, and keep any hateful comments to yourself, thank you. 

Also I’ll be starting a new taglist, so note below, if you’d liked to be added to the new taglist!!!!!

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Summary:  Lost in thought on the way back from a mission leads you to revealing a secret talent.  Steve and Nat want to hear more, but Nat also has an ulterior motive.

Pairings:  James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, Female Reader

Warnings: Language, alcohol use, anxiety, doubt, angst, fear of rejection


I’d been in a rush running behind prepping for the last minute mission and forgotten to shove a book in my pack.   At least I was able to pass the time on the way there re-reading the mission details, but the way home was a different story.  At first, it started out with me laying on a bench seat in the back of the jet humming, it slowly progressed to singing softly. Nat flying while Steve sat in the co-pilots seat discussing the success of the mission. I was in my own little world, eyes closed thinking of a certain pair of eyes, and brilliant smile when I started singing aloud a song I’d listened to over and over until I learned it by heart, ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri.  I was knocked out of my little cloud nine thoughts when Steve and Nat began whistling and clapping.

“Holy shit, I didn’t know you could sing,” Nat smiled flicking a few switches on the console.

“Uh yeah, a hidden talent I guess,” I answered sheepishly.

“That was incredible, you should do that at Tony’s next party, it’s 100 times better than those DJ’s he hires.” Steve looked like a proud big brother.

“I’d rather not, its something I really only do in the shower or alone.” I blushed.

“I think everyone should hear this, do you take requests?” Nat laughed.

“I’d rather not, we already have enough dancing monkeys on this team thank you very much.” I winked at Steve and he shook his head rolling his eyes.

“No seriously could you sing that again? I found it kinda comforting,” Steve pleading with those big puppy dog eyes of his.

“How about something different if you’re serious?” I smiled.

“Yes please,” Nat smiles.

I sat up swaying back and forth.  The words of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ tumbling out.  The passion and emotion coming out of my mouth stunned the both of them. When I finished, I stood and bowed over-dramatically. They both smiled at each other knowingly, they’d both heard someone else singing that song when he thought no one else was around. Nat motioned her head slightly at the console, Steve’s’ eyes wandered towards the blinking red light and a smile crept across his face, nodded in approval. She’d turned on the feed from the jet and sent it every monitor/screen in the Avengers compound.  A light on the console beeped out in Morse code that it was receiving and recording, I never noticed.

“Thanks, I guess I needed a little ego boost lately.” I smiled.

“You uh, thinking about someone in general when you were singing that?” Nat smirks, “usually people only get that look in their eyes when they’re in love, just saying.” Steve laughed.

“Does our Lil’ Y/n have a crush on someone? Come on spill it.” Those big puppy dog eyes were his greatest strength in getting his way and he knew it.

“I uh…maybe…sorta but it’s not a big deal really.” I stammered.

“Oh stow it, does he know? He’s an Avenger isn’t he?” Nat flashes her annoying ‘I know more than I’m going to tell’ smile.

“Yes he’s one of us and no I don’t think he sees me like that actually.” I slumped down on the bench and put my head in my hands smiling weakly. “Ugh, I’ve tried to tell him, but there’s always some interruption.  A mission, an alien invasion, Clint and a sudden water fight so on and so on.  Maybe it’s the Universes way of saying it ain’t gonna happen you know?”

“I think you might be surprised what the Universe can do with a little push," Steve smiled.

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Originally posted by mcu-marvel-comics

i do not own this gif, credit goes to creator.

hi guys, i did it again, wrote another sad short au. i really liked writing this though, and even if it is sad, i made sure to add elements of happiness. hope you guys enjoy! taglist and requests/asks are open :)


Bucky Barnes x Reader (demon/client AU) (Angst/Fluff) Word Count: 680 (short!) 

You sat at the bench waiting for James Barnes to arrive. People walked past you with not even a glance your way. It was due to the glamour shaped around you. It took a few years for you to  figure it out, only to let the clients see through the glamour and contact you. You suppose you didn’t really need the glamour in the first place, but it was added protection for you and the clients. 

Your meeting with James Barnes today will be your last with him. He deserved his happy ending, and doing so, you will have to leave. It was the last payment he had to give, and after the meeting was over, you would return and await for a new client. 

The day James Barnes fell off of the train was his death day, until you arrived. You repeated the deal that your supervisor had assigned to you to give James Barnes. You offered him life, and a way to see his best friend or brother of choice once again. In return he had to give you the pain and suffering he would go through throughout the years. It was something you didn’t agree with but you had no other choice than to offer this to him.

If he had been smart, he would have said no. He would have moved on happily and peacefully, only to once again see his friend soon. But he didn’t say no. He said yes, he begged for it. In that moment you felt your guilt and pity show for the man. You could tell he would never regret his decision because of his best friend. He would die over and over again for Steve Rogers, and that’s what happened for the past few decades.

In the present moment, you felt him sit next to you. He was smiling, a happiness you’ve never seen on him. A pang of sadness wooshed through you, and it was followed by immense guilt. Deep down you wanted to see him again, he was your only friend, but if you were to see him again, you would only see him in pain. You had to let him go, for the sake of his happy ending. 

“I’m going to miss you, doll.” He spoke softly, bringing you out of your thoughts. You glanced at him, and reached out to hold his hand. “I- James, are you ready for the transfer?” You cut yourself off from revealing the truth. 

James squeezed your hand tighter, savoring the last time he’ll see you. “I’m ready.” He whispered. Everything felt bittersweet between the two of you. The rush of every memory saved of his suffering transferred to you. The pain you felt burning up through your hand rushed quickly throughout your body, making you cry silently.

One memory seemed to hold in your mind more than the others. It was the most recent one, as well. He sat on his bed, sobbing out loudly, crying your name and chanting apologizes over and over again. Your mind instantly replayed it, at the same time you looked James in the eyes. You felt the cries escaping your mouth became louder. He didn’t want to let you go either.

His eyes were glossed over too, seeing you take his pain away. It felt like a large burden was lifted but at the same time, a certain sadness held him in place. He didn’t want to let you go, but he had too, for the sake of his happiness.

You moved closer to him, and pulled him into a tight hug. You both don’t know how long you sat there for, silently hugging but at the same time, constantly reviewing memories made between the two of you.

At last you pulled away, with a deep sadness rolling through you. “I love you James.” You murmured, staring back at him. The tears that drifted down his face at the same speed as yours. “Call me Bucky.” He replied, voice cracking.

You nodded, and with a final action, you pressed a small kiss to his lips, “Goodbye, Bucky.”

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes/OC

Summary: After the passing of Ava’s father she starts acting out which drives her right into the arms of one gorgeous Professor Barnes.

Warnings: fluff, angst, tw: mentions of illness

Words: 1900

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this part and please let me know what you think, I love you all very much! xxx


Originally posted by sebastianstaan


Originally posted by swainlake

Part Six - Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Paper bags were all bundled up into Bucky’s arms and he suddenly felt angry at himself for declining Steve and Sam’s help. Halloween had always been Harry’s favourite time of year and Bucky wasn’t able to throw him an extravagant party and it killed him. As a result he asked the nurses and doctors – who had only been too happy to help him – if he could throw a small gathering in Harry’s hospital room. There weren’t very many guests who were going to attend the party, there was only going to be Bucky, Steve, Peggy, Sam, Bucky’s mom and his sister. But really, they were all the people that the party needed.

A plastic bottle of grape soda fell out of one of the paper bags as Bucky got to his car. He swore under his breath as he kicked a wheel of his car and opened the trunk. There was a giggle as the bottle of soda was picked up off of the sidewalk. Bucky frowned as he saw that it was Ava.

“Hey, Mr Moody. Why do you seem to have bought the entire stock of the grocery store?” she giggled at him, beaming all the while.

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read it on the AO3 at

by Anonymous

pepper was gracious enough to hand an intern $20 to get him the largest, sugariest concoction the starbucks across the street could offer. that seemed to do the trick in terms of his general mood. but something— someone was missing.

AKA: peter parker gets his guts rearranged.

Words: 2554, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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Steve: What would you do if you were in an alley and saw a dead body?

Bucky: I’d panic because I’d fear that HYDRA took over my mind again and I killed them.

Loki: And I would tell Barnes that there’s no need to panic because I am the killer.


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