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Adult Slumber Party
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: Going on missions was something you and Bucky were very familiar with, but this situation you both were currently in.. well, that was new.
Warnings: Profanity. Minors DNI. Kinda filth.
Word Count: 2K words
A/N: This happens to be the first fic I’m posting on this account so please be nice about it, also please let me know if you like it. I can make a part 2 if y’all want.
Tumblr media
You had never been one to play nice when it came to missions. You liked to get in, get the job done, and get out. Simple as that. Maybe that's why you and Bucky made such a good team. You both had never failed a mission before. Until now.
This mission was meant to be simple. Get the file and leave, you were told that the building was going to be abandoned, vacant. With the position you two were currently in. Clearly, that wasn't true.
"You know this never would have happened if you had just listened to me," you grumbled while glaring at the side of Bucky's face. He hasn't looked up from his phone for the last hour.
"If I had listened to you we both would be dead right now sweetheart. Do you really think those men back there weren't going to kill you?" He sighed, clearly exhausted while still looking down at his phone.
"If you had just let me finish the plan properly we wouldn't be walking to the safe house right now, we would be on the jet going home." You bit back rolling your eyes. You knew this was partly your fault. Bucky was right about those men, they definitely would have killed you eventually. But you would never admit that to him, you were just tired and your feet hurt from all this walking. You wanted nothing more than to be sitting on the jet on your way home to your warm bed. Instead, here you were in the middle of nowhere walking with Bucky in the woods trying to locate the safe house Steve had told you two to find if the mission went wrong.
"Do you think that you could just stop talking for maybe ten minutes? that would be great." He mutters while holding his phone up in the air to get a better signal. "I think we're almost there, it should just be up this hill a bit more."
"Well for your sake you better hope your right, I don't think I can walk any further." You grimace thinking about the state your leg muscles will be in tomorrow. You can practically hear Bucky roll his eyes at your comment.
"Maybe if you joined Steve and me in the gym instead of skipping training every morning you wouldn't be complaining so much right now," Bucky looked up from his phone to smirk in your direction.
This man really had the nerve to criticize you, was he wrong? no, but that doesn't give him the right to bring it up.
"Maybe if Steve didn't make the training time six in the fucking morning you would see me there. I need my beauty rest." Bucky scoffed at that- he actually scoffed. Oh, this fucker is about to get it. "I'm sorry, is there something you would like to say to me?" You glare at the side of his face, you're giving him a chance to explain himself, he better not fuck this up.
He shakes his head, "I just think if you went to bed earlier then maybe it wouldn't be so hard for you to make it to training in the morning. Your room is next to mine you think I don't hear you shuffling around all night?" what-
You glare at him, "If you can hear me every night why didn't you say something earlier? It's not like I'm loud or anything." If he can hear you even when I'm trying to be quiet what else can he hear...
You didn't notice Bucky had stopped walking until you slammed face-first into his back, stepping around him to see why he stopped you noticed the little cabin in front of you, great, this had to be the smallest cabin you had ever seen. It doesn't even look big enough to have a bathroom.
Deciding to take matters into your own hands you stomp towards the door, with or without Bucky, you needed to put your feet up. After pushing for what felt like forever you finally got the door open.
"Jesus... I'm gonna smack Steve the next time I see him. What the hell is this place?" Looking around the cabin you noticed it must have been set up for one person to occupy.
Bucky walked up behind you to see what you were talking about. You felt the vibration of him hum against your back. "At least there's a bed, it could be worse."
You rolled your eyes at him, you knew this was going to suck. You just pray that Steve notices that you guys should've been home by now and is on his way to pick you guys up.
Walking inside all you could smell was musty wood and dust, you glanced around the room and noticed the bathroom thinking that maybe a shower would be good for you. "I think I'm gonna take a shower, you should see what's going on for food here, hopefully it's not all expired." Your snide comment made Bucky chuckle and shake his head.
"Don't use all the hot water," Bucky shouted as you shut the bathroom door.
Turning to look at yourself in the bathroom mirror you noticed how miserable you looked. Blood and dirt coat your face, some strands of hair out of your ponytail. You looked like a real mess. Shaking your head you walked over to the shower and turned the water on hot, thinking maybe that would help the pain in your muscles.
Undoing the zipper of your suit that had been clinging to your body for hours, you let it fall to the floor as you stepped into the shower. Feeling the hot water flow down your skin washing away all the dirt and grime of the day you can't help but rest your body against the side of the shower wall and take a second to relax.
Damn you can't wait to get home and out of the woods.
Finishing up in the shower you stretch to reach the towel hanging on the wall beside the shower. As you dry your body off you freeze as you realize that you don't have a change of clothes to put on. Shutting your eyes you let out a groan. Just perfect.
Shuffling over to the bathroom door you crack it open taking a peek outside into the hallway, the coast looks clear. Deciding to make a break for the bedroom in hopes to find clothes to change into you pray you won't run into Bucky.
Opening the door to the bedroom your body slams into a hard chest, surprised you look up and lock eyes with a shirtless Bucky. Catching your breath you stumble away from Bucky and sit on the bed "Jesus you almost gave me a heart attack, what are you even doing in here?" you breathe out trying to not let your eyes wander down his chest.
Bucky, on the other hand, has no shame in letting his eyes wander down your damp body covered in a small towel. "I came in here to grab a change of clothes before taking a shower, which is something maybe you should have done." He smirks while letting his eyes linger on your thighs.
You scoff "Okay well now that you have your change of clothes why don't you go ahead and take your shower so that I can get changed."
Bucky chuckles at your comment. "Don't let me being here stop you from dropping that towel babycakes." You squeeze your legs together at his comment. praying that he didn't notice. Of course, he did, he had been starring at her legs for longer than he probably should've been.
"Bucky, get out so I can get changed. Now." You mentally slapped yourself as you could hear your voice shake. Perfect.
Bucky couldn't help but smirk as he walked out of the room. "Alright, I'm going. I might have to take a cold shower now though. Gotta get the image of your legs out of my head." Bastard.
After getting changed you walked out into the hallway heading towards the kitchen. As you passed by the bathroom you noticed the shower wasn't running, Bucky must be done in the shower.
Glancing around the kitchen you decided to check out what food is in the fridge, praying for something good. As you open up the fridge door you hear Bucky exit the bathroom. Deciding to ignore him and keep your eyes on the fridge you notice there's not much in here. Obviously, nothing that would expire quickly like milk or eggs. You did spot a jar of pickles in the door, delicious.
After grabbing the jar and turning towards the counter you try and twist the top of the jar off but it just wouldn't budge. You could feel Bucky's eyes on you. "Did you need some help with that? Or did you just want to keep struggling there?" He smirked.
You gave him a dirty look, "I don't need your help I'm perfectly capable of getting the lid of this jar, it's just taking a second." You refused to accept his help. You're an avenger for god sake, you can open a fucking jar. It's just this jar in particular is stubborn. Deciding to hold the jar between your legs and twist as hard as you can the lid finally pops off. Ha- that'll show him. Lifting your head to glance in Bucky's direction you hold up the now open jar in one hand and the lid in the other. "See, I told you I didn't need your help."
Smiling to yourself you reached your fingers into the jar and pulled out a particularly big pickle. Not thinking anything of it you bite the tip of the pickle off and suck out some of the juices. Suddenly remembering Bucky is in the same room you freeze. Shit.
With the pickle still in your hand, you turn your head towards him, it’s almost like his eyes have gotten.. darker? “You enjoying that pickle doll?” He asked, his voice as lower than normal. You gulped. oh god. “Yeah, I love pickles” You’re not entirely sure what to say in this situation. You didn’t entirely mean for him to see you sucking on a pickle.
Bucky smirked walking towards you “Why don’t you come over here, I have something better you can suck on.” Your eyes widen at his comment thinking maybe you heard him wrong. “So- sorry.. what did you say?” Of course, you had to stutter. Great. He chuckled walking closer to you until he was right in front of you, you tilted your head to keep eye contact with him, eyes wide.
What is happening right now?!
Bucky grabbed the pickle that was in your hand and put it against your lips “Suck.” He spoke, voice clear and deep. Jesus. Your brain must be malfunctioning because all you can do is stare up at him wide-eyed. “Do I need to repeat myself baby? You seemed to be doing fine earlier, come on, open that dumb little mouth of yours and suck”
Opening your mouth Bucky shoved as much of the pickle in your mouth as he could manage. You obeyed him instantly sucking on the pickle while maintaining eye contact with him. “What a good little dumb bunny you are baby, doing what you’re told.” You just hummed and bobbed your head on the pickle.
Bucky pulled the pickle out of your mouth setting it against the counter. He grabbed you by the hair and slammed your mouth against his in a heated kiss. He shoved his tongue in your mouth. There was no battle for dominance in this situation, he already had it. You basically melted into the kiss.
Bucky pulled back from the kiss to look you in the eyes. “Come to the bedroom with me doll, I promise you won’t regret it.” He smirked while grabbing your wrist and tugging you along.
This should be fun.
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SUMMARY: The club goes into full lockdown and Nat confronts Bucky about what she saw the previous night.
PAIRING: Biker!Bucky x Female!Reader
Warnings: Mentions of cheating and sex. Violence. Stalking. All I know about MCs is what I saw in SoA and Mayans M.C. so please take this with a grain of salt. Angst.
Note: In this story, Biker!Bucky looks like Chris from the movie Destroyer (with better tattoos). Bucky also has two flesh arms and never had to get the left one amputated. Biker!Steve looks like Nomad!Steve with lots of tattoos and rings.
Due to the nature of this AU, this series will be 18+. Minors DNI. If you chose to read this, you are responsible for your own media consumption. You have been warned.
ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ
ꜱᴇʀɪᴇꜱ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ
Tumblr media
"We gotta get back before someone comes looking for us." Bucky says before pressing one more kiss to your neck. "I'll keep apologizing later." He takes a few steps back to give you enough space to move and get away from the wall.
You nod, agreeing with him.
When you go back to the group you're in a much better mood and when Rylee sees Bucky following behind you about 30 seconds later, she glances at you with a knowing look. You bring your index to your lips, silently asking her not to say anything and she smiles at you, confirming that your secret is safe with her.
"I think we cleaned everything up." Steve says. "We just need to get rid of the bodies."
There hadn't been a single gun fired which means that no one around could have heard what was happening and no neighbors called the police. It makes it a lot easier for them to get rid of the evidence.
"How did they get in?" You look up at Steve.
The blonde shrugs. "I think they walked right in and we were all distracted, the music was loud so we never heard them. It was just luck on their part."
"Brock is getting bold, sending his muscles to the clubhouse. We underestimated him." Bucky says to his best friend, arms crossed over his chest.
"We did underestimate him, we won't make that mistake again. I'm calling the other Charter first thing in the morning for backup. We're going into full lockdown as of right now. Everyone is staying here tonight, I don't want anyone going home or walking out of the clubhouse on their own. I want the front gate closed."
"Full lockdown? What's that?" You ask, a little confused.
"It means that we're all living here until Brock has been taken care of permanently." Bucky answers.
"We can't stay." Rylee speaks up. "Ava is at home with a babysitter, I'm not leaving her with a teenager all night."
"I'll go get her." Sam says, protectively wrapping his arm around his wife's shoulders.
"You're not going alone." Steve interjects.
You can tell that Rylee is getting on edge.
"Let's just all go." You suggest quickly. "Me, Rylee and Nat will ride in my car and you guys can follow with your bikes."
Everyone looks at Steve, waiting for his answer.
"Fine, but we are doing this quickly. I want every guy to be wearing a vest under your kuttes."
The guys follow Steve into the other room while you walk over to Rylee.
"Thank you." She says to you.
"No need to thank me, we weren't going to let your princess all by herself." You reassure her. "I'm gonna go to my room to get my keys, I'll be right back."
She nods and you quickly head upstairs, going straight into your room to find your car keys. Once you have them, you pull out your phone to text your dad and tell him that you've changed your mind, promising to explain later and you put your phone back in your pocket.
"Toots, what are you doing upstairs by yourself?" Bucky knocks softly on the door. He had been on his way back to you when he saw you hurry up the stairs and he followed you.
You show him your keys. "I left them here after we came back from the store."
He nods and comes to stand in front of you. He looks into your eyes and cups each of your cheek in the palm of his hands.
"Be careful once we're out there, ok? Whatever happens you keep driving until you get back to the garage. Drive just below the limit and if a cop tries to pull you over, you keep driving. We'll take care of it."
You smile reassuringly. "You need to be careful too."
"I will be." He promises.
Bucky kisses you softly, putting just enough pressure to make your heart beat faster. "I love you."
"I love you too."
He tilts your head back, enough to press a soft kiss on your forehead.
You pull away relenctualy from each other and go back downstairs to join everyone else.
"I want half in front of the car and the other half at the back."
Steve waits for everyone to nod and they all walk outside. You and the girls go straight to your car, hurrying to get in and lock the doors while the guys get on their bikes.
You start the car and put on your seatbelt, waiting for the guys to be good to go.
"While you go get Ava from the house, I'll take the car seat from your car."
"I'll go in with you and take as many things as possible for her." Nat turns around to look back at Rylee who's sitting in the backseat.
"Thank you." She squeezes your and Nat's shoulder.
Half of the club pulls out of their parking space to go line up at the edge of the lot and you take it as your cue to join them and wait behind them for the others to follow closely behind. Steve and Sam are upfront while Bucky and Peter are behind.
Steve turns to look back at you to see if you’re ready to go and you give him a quick nod to let him know that you are. He looks behind at Bucky who also gives him a nod and then turns back to drive out of the lot.
You follow each other like this the whole way to Sam’s house, never once did you get far from one another.
You park in the street in front of Sam’s house just so that it’s easier to quickly get away if you need to and none of you turn off your engines. You watch as Sam and Steve get off their motorcycles and walk over to your car, waiting for Nat and Rylee to come out. You wait until the four of them are inside before getting out of your car to get Ava’s car seat.
‘’Toots, what the hell are you doing? Get back in your car.’’ Bucky calls out from his bike.
‘’One minute.’’ You tell him as you round the car and head over to Rylee’s car.
Your hear boots thumping the ground behind you and you don’t need to turn around to know that it’s Bucky.
‘’What are you doing?’’ He asks you again, looking around nervously. ‘’Baby, you’re Brock’s main target. Please get back in your car.’’
‘’I just need to get Ava’s car seat.’’
Bucky sighs. ‘’Fine, but hurry please.’’
You turn your head to look at him just as he turns around to be facing away from you and looking at your surroundings. You see him reach behind his back and get his gun out from his waistband, making your eyes widen as you look around nervously.
‘’Jamie, put that back in your pants.’’
‘’That’s the first time I’ve heard you say that, you usually have no complaints.’’ He answers playfully and you just know that he has his cocky little smirk.
You chuckle and shake your head as you reach inside the car to get the seat. ‘’You’re such a dork.’’
Bucky laughs and shrugs. ‘’That’s why you love me.’’
‘’Not the reason, but definitely in the top 5.’’ You stand back up, holding the car seat and close back the door with your hip. ‘’Got it.’’
‘’Then back to your car, princess. Give me the seat, I’ll put it in.’’ He tucks his gun back in his waistband and holds out his hands.
‘’You know how?’’ You look at him, a little surprised.
‘’I’m the one who installed it for them the first time around.’’ He chuckles and takes it, following you to your car.
You open the back door for him and watch as he puts the car seat in, in record time.
‘’Is it weird that I find this very attractive?’’ You tilt your head to the side as he steps back.
‘’A little, but it’s good to know.’’ He winks.
You hear the front door open and a teenager is the first one to come out, she goes straight to the house next door and then Nat comes out, then Steve and finally Sam with his arm around Rylee who’s holding Ava tightly against her chest.
Bucky quickly gets back on his bike while you go seat behind the wheel, leaving the back door open for Rylee to get in.
Less than 2 minutes later you’re all driving away, ready to get back to the safety of the clubhouse.
‘’How’s princess Ava doing?’’ You ask Rylee, looking at her through the rearview mirror.
‘’Sound asleep.’’ Rylee smiles, not taking her eyes away from her daughter.
No one talks for the rest of the drive. You notice that Nat seems a little tense, maybe even a tinge annoyed but you put it on the night you just had.
Instead of parking your car in its usual spot, this time you park right in front of the clubhouse’s door while the guys shut the gate and lock it up. You help the girls get inside and you wait for the guys to come in before going anywhere.
‘’Peter and Sam, you stay with the girls. Buck and I are going to do a quick sweep to make sure we’re the only ones here.’’ Steve says as he steps inside. He closes and locks the door behind him before taking Bucky upstairs.
They go through each room, going as far as checking the closets, under the beds or any other places where someone could be hiding and waiting. Once the upstairs’ cleared, they do the same thing downstairs.
‘’It’s all clear.’’ Steve announces.
You see everyone’s shoulders relax, including your own, now that you finally feel somewhat safe. The whole group heads upstairs and everyone disappears in their own room leaving you and Bucky to walk at the end of the hallway by yourselves.
‘’Are you coming?’’ He whispers, pointing to his room.
You shake your head no. ‘’Too risky.’’ You whisper back and he nods, agreeing with you.
It’s hard because you’ve been missing each other so much and all you want to do is just hold one another but you won’t be able to do that. For who knows how long.
Bucky pulls you into a tight hug and kisses your cheek. ‘’Text me if you need anything.’’ He says close to your ear right before letting you go.
You smile at him and walk into your room, you look at him one last time before closing the door and a few seconds later you hear his own door closing.
You take a quick shower before crawling into bed, lying on your back as you look up to the ceiling and finally let yourself relax for the first time today. Slowly you feel the adrenaline wear off and you’re suddenly hit with every emotion at once. The heartbreak you felt this morning, the pain of thinking Bucky didn’t love you anymore, how terrified you had been when you saw the two men walking in, the fear that kept growing with every second that all of you were in danger, how powerless you had felt as you were being cornered by the giant mountains of muscles and how you can’t forget the way they were smiling at you, like they were going to enjoy every second of whatever sick things they were planning for you, the relief of Bucky quite literally saving you and of the conversation that followed. Then, it finally clicked. Tonight you could have died, anyone and everyone could have died. You saw Bucky kill two men right in front of you but you weren’t scared of him because he did it to protect you. It was either you or them and to Bucky it wasn’t even a choice. It’s always going to be you over anything and anyone else.
Your breaths become shallow, coming in and out a lot quicker than they should be. Saliva starts to gather in your mouth as nausea rises and you throw the covers off of you, running to the bathroom and making it just in time as you empty the content of your stomach in the toilet as you crash to your knees. Tears roll down your cheeks as your body shakes with a few more spasms, until there’s nothing else that comes out of you. You wait a few minutes to make sure you’re really done and you flush the toilet. You get back up on shaky legs and brush your teeth before going back to bed. You bring your knees up to your chest under the covers with your back turned to the door as you keep crying quietly. Everything that you’ve been holding in for days, weeks even comes out and you’re not sure how to make it stop.
As you stare at the wall in front of you, your bedroom door opens and closes so silently that you don’t even hear it. You only know that it did because of the light from the hallway that illuminated your room for a couple of seconds.
‘’Toots, are you ok?’’ Bucky whispers as he comes closer to your bed. ‘’I heard you throw up.’’
You sniffle as you turn around to face him and Bucky’s heart clenches painfully at the sight of your red eyes and tears covered cheeks. Tears come out even faster when you meet Bucky’s eyes and in the blink of an eye he’s kneeling on top of the covers and covering your cheeks with his hands.
‘’I can’t make it stop.’’ You grab his hands, each word cut off by a hiccup.
Bucky sees the panic in your eyes when you really start to run out of breath. ‘’It’s ok, I’m right here. You’re ok.’’ He lets go of your face and backs away to remove the covers from your body and he helps you sit up. ‘’I need you to breathe baby.’’ He grabs your hands and puts them on his chest. ‘’Keep your hands there.’’ He tells you as he lets go of your hands to put his hands back on your cheeks. ‘’Look at me. Breathe with me.’’
You stare into his eyes as your hands grab onto the white tank top he’s wearing. You feel his chest rising and falling under your hands and you try to do the same with yours. You inhale and exhale at the same time he does.
‘’You’re doing so good, beautiful. Keep going.’’ He encourages you in his most soothing voice.
His thumbs stroke your cheeks, wiping at your tears as soon as they fall until you’re breathing is normal again and no more tears come out.
‘’Are you ok?’’ His eyes search yours, looking for any sign that you might break down again.
‘’I think so.’’ Your voice comes out rapsy as your throat is slightly irritated by the amount of crying and hyperventilating you just did.
‘’What happened?’’
‘’I- I don’t know. Everything just hit me at the same time and-’’
‘’You had a panic attack.’’ He finishes for you, being very familiar with those.
You nod.
‘’You’re okay now.’’ He promises.
Bucky lies down, bringing you down with him and keeps you snuggled to his chest as he brings the covers back on top of your bodies. He pushes back your hair that’s sticking to your face and rubs your back with his other hand.
‘’You shouldn’t be here.’’ You say, looking up at him with your sad eyes.
‘’I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going to leave you like this, I don’t care if we get caught. The only thing I care about is you, your wellbeing. That’s my number one priority.’’ He takes your chin between his thumb and index finger, and brings your face closer to his so that he can kiss your forehead.
You put your arm around him and get as close to him as you possibly can. His touch helps calm you down and makes you feel safe.
You close your eyes as he starts peppering kisses all over your face; your forehead, tip of your nose, your cheeks, your closed eyelids and your lips. ‘’I love you so much, Toots.’’ He rests his forehead on yours and closes his eyes. ‘’I promise, I’ll never stop loving you.’’ He whispers.
You almost start crying again, relief washing over you for the second time today. You had been so sure that you had lost him. You bring your hand up to his cheek and pull yourself up just enough to kiss him. He kisses you back right away, putting his free hand on the back of your head to bring you closer. The kiss is slow and full of love, neither of you are trying to deepen it as all you’re trying to do is to make the other feel all the love you have for each other. It still leaves you breathless nonetheless as you pull away.
Bucky brushes his thumb over your slightly swollen lips as he gazes lovingly into your eyes. ‘’Get some sleep, beautiful.’’
You press a kiss on his thumb and it makes him smile. ‘’Good night, Jamie.’’ You close your eyes. ‘’I love you.’’
Bucky rubs your back gently and watches over you until he’s sure you’ve fallen asleep, then he closes his eyes and falls asleep shortly after.
When he wakes up again, he looks at the alarm clock on the nightstand to see that it’s a few minutes past 6 am. He sighs and slowly lifts your arm from his body so that he can slip away from under you.
‘’Mh?’’ You mumble as you begin to wake up when you feel him move away.
‘’Sh. Go back to sleep. I’m just going back into my room before everyone else wakes up.’’ He whispers as he stands up.
‘’M’kay.’’ You hug the pillow he had just been sleeping on, falling back asleep almost right away.
Bucky tucks you in, makes sure the blanket still covers your whole body so you don’t get cold and he presses a loving kiss to your forehead. He looks at you with a fond look in his eyes as he exits your room and closes the door. He hurries into his room and gets back into bed, though he’s unable to fall asleep in his empty, cold bed without you.
After an hour of staring at his bedroom ceiling, he decides to get up and get dressed to head downstairs and make breakfast for everyone.
As the smell of food cooking and coffee brewing reaches the rooms, those of you who were still asleep start to wake up.
Peter is the first one to join Bucky downstairs, far from being his usual cheery self as he's still half asleep with his eyes barely open. Bucky puts a steaming cup of coffee in front of him.
"Drink up."
Peter mumbles something under his breath that sounds a lot like "thanks" though Bucky really isn't sure.
Steve follows closely behind and unlike Peter he is fully awake, more so than Bucky.
You're the third one to join, then Nat and finally the Wilson family. You say good morning to everyone and smile when you see Ava.
‘’Hi.’’ You wave at her, making her smile and showing her brand new teeth. ‘’I didn’t think it was possible but she’s even more adorable than the last time I saw her.’’
Rylee laughs. ‘’If you want her, you’re more than welcome to take her.’’
‘’I can watch her, I don’t mind.’’ You smile and take Ava when Rylee hands her to you.
‘’I’m actually going to eat my breakfast while it’s still hot!’’ Rylee says, excited.
‘’Come on, princess. Let’s go sit down so we don’t have to help uncle Bucky with breakfast.’’ You walk over to the table that Steve brought in earlier and sit.
‘’I heard that!’’ Bucky calls out after you.
‘’Good!’’ You answer loud enough for him to hear.
Soon enough everyone joins you at the table all with a plate full of food. Bucky comes sit next to you and puts down a plate in front of you.
‘’Thank you, James.’’ You smile at him and quickly push off the plate before Ava can get her hands on the food.
You eat a little bit from time to time while listening to Ava cooing and laughing at whatever she’s said. ‘’You’re so chatty.’’ You say to her in a soft voice. ‘’You’re definitely Sam’s baby.’’ You boop her nose gently, making her laugh some more.
‘’I want to talk to everyone about what’s going to happen today.’’ Steve brings the attention to him. ‘’Clint, Tony, Vis and Bruce are on their way as we speak. They’ll be coming with their families. I also called T’Challa from our other charter, they are on their way too but will be arriving later this afternoon. Once everyone’s here we are going into full lockdown. I don’t want anybody going out of this lot, no exceptions unless it’s an emergency. No one is to leave alone, I want groups of at least 3 and for you ladies that means 3 club members. As soon as Tony gets here, he’s going to be installing a bunch of security systems on top of the one we have. Tonight after dinner we are going to have a meeting with the other charter and decide on what we are going to do to handle the situation. There’s going to be a lot of people here soon, girls I’m counting on you to help around I know it’s not something you usually do but we’re going to need all hands on deck.’’
The three of you nod in agreement.
Steve turns to Peter, who’s a lot more lively than he was earlier. ‘’This is going to be your time to shine and prove to us you deserve that top rocker.’’
Peter puffs out his chest. ‘’I will.’’
You look around with your leg bouncing just enough to keep Ava from fussing. ‘’I’m new to all of this, I don’t know how this is supposed to work. Is it ok if I ask you a question?’’ You look at Steve from across the table.
He smiles reassuringly at you. ‘’Of course it’s ok.’’
‘’Why didn’t the other members come last night when you first said we were going on lockdown?’’
‘’So far they haven’t been targeted and I didn’t want to scare their families late at night. I did call them to let them know what was going on, they were more than welcome to come if they wanted to but they decided to stay home.’’
You nod. ‘’Makes sense.’’
‘’Do you have more questions?’’
‘’No, no. That’s it. Thank you.’’ You feel suddenly a little embarrassed that you’re the only one who asked a question, like you’re challenging Steve’s decision making and now you regret ever speaking.
You look down at Ava and hug her closer to you as you avoid making eye contact with anyone else at the table.
‘’I do.’’ Rylee says. ‘’Where are we going to put everyone? Clint has 4 kids, a wife, Vis’ got Wanda, Tony has Pepper plus Bruce, then all the members from T’Challa’s charter and all of us already here on top of everyone else.’’
‘’This won’t be comfortable, hopefully it won’t be for long but it is going to get crammed in here. We might need to double up in rooms upstairs, except for the Wilsons. Right now it’s all about safety above everything else. I don’t want to sound dramatic but we’re quite literally at war with Brock, he’s unstable and we don’t know what’s coming.’’
‘’Who’s gonna watch all the kids?’’ Peter asks as it sounds like a job for a prospect.
You quickly look up when you hear Steve call your name.
‘’Would it be ok for you to watch over the kids? Keep them entertained and away from places they shouldn’t be in. We’ll need to keep them occupied so they forget that they are stuck inside otherwise all they’ll want to do is leave because they’ll know they can’t.’’
‘’Whatever you need.’’ You tell him, sincerely.
‘’Thank you.’’ He smiles. ‘’Ok guys, let’s clean this all up and start setting up for when everyone gets here. We’ll need to move some furniture around. Thank you Bucky for cooking all of this.’’ He gestures to the table.
‘’No problem.’’ Bucky says with a smile.
You help clean up as best as you can while still holding Ava.
Steve looks around the clubhouse. ‘’Let’s keep everything that’s necessary and the rest I want moved to the garage. The table can go, I doubt anyone’s gonna want to sit and have a peaceful dinner.’’
Everyone moves around, knowing exactly what they are supposed to be doing and you feel like you’re in everybody’s way. ‘’Rylee? Can I give Ava back, I’m gonna go do the dishes.’’
‘’Yes, yes of course. Thank you for holding onto her for so long.’’ She smiles at her daughter and takes her in her arms.
You head to the kitchen and put on a little music since you’re closed off from everyone which means closed off of their conversations as well.
Since she has come down earlier, Bucky keeps catching Nat glaring at him. He frowns, not understanding why she is looking at him this way but he doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t want to pick a fight with her when they are literally stuck together for who knows how long.
Unfortunately for him, Nat has other plans in mind.
Bucky has been going back and forth between the clubhouse and the garage to put away everything they won’t need to have more space, that’s when Natasha decides to strike.
‘’Barnes, I got a bone to pick with you.’’ She walks over to him and crosses her arms over her chest.
They’re both in the middle of the lot and Bucky’s already not liking where this is going.
‘’Let’s talk inside.’’ He suggests but she tells him no.
‘’We’re doing this right here, you’re done hiding. How long have you been sleeping with her?’’
Bucky practically chokes on his own saliva. ‘’Excuse me?’’
‘’Sweets. How long have you been sleeping with her?’’
He opens his mouth to say something but she cuts him off. ‘’Don’t even try lying to me, I saw you with her last night in the hallway.’’
His heart is racing his chest, angry at himself for being the reason as to why your relationship is now out in the open. ‘’My relationship with her is none of your business.’’
‘’Relationship?’’ Nat scoffs. ‘’It’s not because you fuck the same girl more than once that it makes it a relationship.’’
‘’Don’t talk about her like that.’’ He hisses, starting to get angry.
‘’How. Long. Have. You. Been. Sleeping. With. Sweets?’’ Her voice gets louder with every word, catching everyone’s attention. All eyes are on them, except for you who’s still in the kitchen oblivious to what’s happening outside.
‘’Lower your damn voice.’’ Bucky glares at her.
‘’I can’t believe you.’’ She shakes her head disapprovingly.
‘’I’ve done nothing wrong.’’ He says to defend himself.
‘’Nothing wrong?!’’ Nat is basically screaming at this point. Peter runs inside to get you before it gets bad. ‘’You took advantage of her, of her vulnerability and you have the balls to look me in the eye and tell me you did nothing wrong?’’
‘’Sweets!’’ Peter runs in the kitchen, making you jump. ‘’You gotta come outside.’’
You quickly dry off your hands. ‘’What’s wrong?’’
‘’Nat and Bucky are fighting about you. She knows about you two.’’
‘’Shit.’’ You hurry outside with Peter and the first thing you notice is how tense Bucky is.
His fists are clenched to his sides, there’s a vein popping out of his neck and his jaw is clenched so hard you’re worried he might break a tooth.
‘’I asked you to do one thing and you couldn’t even do that. Can’t you stop thinking with your dick for one fucking minute to realize that what you’ve been doing is wrong?’’
You freeze in your tracks. You knew that when Nat would find out it would be ugly, but this is worse than you imagined.
‘’You’re taking advantage of her, using her just to get laid. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re no better than her piece of shit ex.’’
Bucky flinches at her last words and you’re finally able to move again. ‘’What the hell is wrong with you?’’ You move to stand between the two of them, pushing Bucky behind you protectively.
‘’I’m defending you. I’m trying to protect you. Look, I’m not mad at you. You’ve been through a lot and Bucky knows how to charm his way into a girl’s pants. I’m angry at him for taking advantage of your moment of weakness. I-’’
You bring your hand up, cutting her off. ‘’Stop talking.’’
‘’Stop talking!’’ You drop your hand to your side. ‘’I’m going to say this one so you better listen to me and that goes for everybody else.’’
You look so angry, no one’s ever seen you this way and they’re all shocked.
‘’My relationship with Bucky is absolutely none of your business. Yes, I got hurt because of Jace but having a broken heart doesn’t mean I can’t think for myself. I was still capable of making my own decisions and that includes dating Bucky. Never once since I’ve met him did I see the guy that you keep describing him to be. All I’ve ever seen from him is a caring, loving, sweet and respectful man. A man that I’ve seen hurting so many times because of the horrible things you keep saying about him, that Steve said about him and I’m done watching it happen without saying anything. Bucky loves me. He takes care of me, he makes sure I’m safe, he never does anything to make me uncomfortable and I can’t believe that you don’t see the man that I see. I love him, just as much as he loves me and that needs to be enough for you. I don’t want to hear you say one more bad thing about him, ever. He is nothing like Jace and you’re the one who should be ashamed for not only thinking it but for saying it out loud.’’
Nat stares at you with wide eyes, surprised by both what you said and how you said it. Never once did she think you had this kind of anger in you. She looks over your shoulder at Bucky and for the first time she sees, truly sees, the way he looks at you even when you’re not looking.
‘’I’m sorry, Bucky. I really am.’’ She finally says after a full minute of silence.
‘’I’m sorry too.’’ Steve says as he walks over to his best friend.
Except Bucky’s eyes are still glued to you as he waits for you to relax and calm down but you don’t. He takes a step toward you and puts his hand on your back between your shoulder blades. ‘’Come on, baby. Let’s walk it off.’’
He moves his hand away from your back and takes your hand instead, leading you to the clubhouse. He’s relieved to see you following him and takes you upstairs to his room. He closes the door behind him quickly and then pulls you in his arms to hug you as tightly as he ever did. Instinctively you put your arms around him and put your face in the crook of his neck. He rubs your back and he finally starts to feel you relax. He turns his head to where you are and presses kisses on the side of your face.
‘’Are you ok?’’ He asks after a few minutes of complete silence.
You lift your head to look at him. ‘’Are you?’’
‘’Yeah.’’ He smiles when your eyes meet.
‘’Good, don’t listen to her. Everything she said was a lie. I can’t believe she stooped that low-"
Bucky cuts you off by kissing you softly, your anger disappears almost instantly.
"Stop worrying about what she said. All I remember are the beautiful things you said about me." He grins.
"I meant them."
"I know you did, baby. You know what this means, right?"
"What?" You look into his eyes as if you'd find the answer written there.
"Everyone knows. We don't have to hide and pretend anymore."
You smile brightly at him. "You're right. We can be a real couple past these walls."
The excitement in your voice fills Bucky with so much joy and pride. Proud to be yours.
"Let's go get all of your things from the other room and bring them back here."
As you follow and help Bucky with your things your bad mood is completely forgotten, the only thing occupying your mind right now is him.
Once you're done, he takes your hand in his and walks back downstairs with you.
"I'll go and finish helping the guys." He puts his free hand on your hip and kisses your forehead.
The guys knew this day would come, the day when you'd be together with Bucky so they weren't really surprised by Nat's revelations. They wanted to threaten him to be careful to not break your heart like big brothers would do but they couldn't bring themselves to. Hearing everything you said about Bucky and noticing the way he looks at you, they don't need to say or do anything. You're both madly in love with each other and your relationship is far from ever ending. Instead they choose to congratulate him, tell him how happy they are that he's finally found love and it makes him so happy to know that he proved them wrong.
Not long after, the other club members are coming in with their families, ready to get settled upstairs.
When you're done with the dishes, you walk out of the kitchen to find everyone sitting on the couches that are now all backed up against the walls.
Bucky lights up when he sees you and he quickly gestures for you to come sit with him. You gladly take the empty seat next to him and lean into his side when he puts his arm around you and kisses your cheek.
It feels odd to be this open in front of everyone while it also feels amazing to not have to pretend you're just friends and that you don't have to avoid being affectionate with one another.
You all hang out like this until T'challa finally arrives at the clubhouse right before dinner.
Bucky is in charge of cooking and you decide to help him, not wanting to stay in the same room as Nat when Bucky isn't there. You're not completely sure if her apology was sincere or if she was just trying to buy peace for now so that she can try and convince you to leave him later.
Because of how many people there are, Bucky chooses to make burgers for everyone. It doesn’t take very long to make and you don’t need to be seated to be able to eat. You can’t even remember the last time you were in one place with that many people around. The men are laughing loudly, the kids are shrieking and it’s a little overwhelming for you.
Once the burgers are done and everyone has a plate, Bucky takes your hand and leads you back to the living room to sit on the couch where he had been earlier. He makes you sit on his lap as there is no more room for you, though it’s barely just an excuse because now that he doesn’t have to hide his relationship with you all he wants to do is show you off. Not like you’re his arm candy, but like you’re the most amazing woman he’s ever met and he’s proud of you, to be with you.
You lean back against his chest and he puts his arms around your waist, pressing a quick kiss on your shoulder. You can’t help but smile at the attention he’s giving you as you’re resting your hands on his forearms and holding onto him.
Rylee comes to stand in front of you, holding her daughter on her hip. ‘’Are you done eating?’’
You nod your head. ‘’Yes, we ate in the kitchen. Is everything ok?’’
‘’Yes, I just don’t know where Sam is and I really need to pee.’’
‘’Oh.’’ You laugh and extend your hands to take Ava. ‘’Go.’’ You smile as you sit the baby on your lap.
‘’Thank you.’’ Rylee calls over her shoulder as she practically sprints upstairs.
‘’Do you know where your dad is?’’ You look down at Ava and she giggles. ‘’You’ve got your daddy’s back, you’re not talking. I respect that.’’ You tickle her a little, making her giggle louder which only makes you laugh.
Bucky swears his heart is melting in his chest and not just because you look so damn good with a baby. It’s not any baby, one of his best friends’ baby. His wife trusts you with the most important person in her life and you never complain about having to watch her while she goes somewhere or just needs a break. You’re fitting right in with his own family and he couldn’t have asked for anything more than this.
He moves to rest his chin on your shoulder and looks down at Ava who’s bouncing on your legs with the music and clapping her hands, having the time of her life.
‘’You’re totally going to be the cool aunt that she calls all the time, especially when Sam’s being a pain in the ass.’’
You chuckle and shake your head no. ‘’I’m not her aunt, but she’ll be able to call me whenever she wants.’’
‘’Yeah, you are. I’m uncle Buck so you’ll be auntie Toots.’’
You smile and lean your head against his.
Rylee comes back a few minutes later and takes Ava back. ‘’Thank you so much!’’
‘’No problem.’’ You smile at her.
Sam walks over to his wife and wraps his arm around her shoulders.
‘’How convenient for you to show up now.’’ Rylee eyes him suspiciously.
‘’Oh no, what did I do now?’’
You laugh as they walk away, bickering.
‘’They’re so cute.’’
‘’Not as much as we are.’’ Bucky smirks.
‘’It’s not a competition.’’ You laugh.
‘’With Wilson everything is a competition, and we’re winning.’’
You roll your eyes, still laughing. ‘’Boys.’’ You sigh and shake your head.
‘’Guys, it’s time.’’ Steve calls out after turning down the music.
Bucky kisses your cheek before you stand to let him up. ‘’Love you.’’ He whispers close to your ear before giving you a quick kiss and hurrying into the other room where all the club members are piling up.
You watch as Steve grabs both doors and closes them once everyone’s inside, the clubhouse is now suddenly very quiet and the good mood from earlier is gone as all women start to worry about the decisions that will be made over the next hour or so.
Now you just have to wait.
Tumblr media
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kiritella · a day ago
Midnight Escapades
Pairings: Bucky x F.Reader
Words: 1.5k~
Warnings: mention of injuries.
Type: Fluff with some angst at the end but it’s okay.
Bucky’s cold toes brushed up along your legs and you stirred, sleepily kicking him away as a chuckle rumbled behind you.  “Baby, wake up,” Bucky whispered, and you groaned, burrowing further into your pillow when his nose began to trail along your neck.  “Sweetheart.”  He continued, trailing kisses along the skin of your neck up to behind your ear and further to your temple.  “My love, my life.”  The scruff of his two-day beard scraped along your cheek as his arm wrapped tighter around your waist.  “My beautiful wife.”
With heartbroken whine, you turned over in his arms, trailing your hands across his torso to pinch his side.  “What is it?”
“Ow—woman,” he exclaimed, but pulled you closer to him so your head rested against his chest, “Let’s go for a drive.”
“What?!” you said, frowning as you sat up enough to look him in the eyes. He couldn’t have been serious.  “You’re joking?  Hon, it’s like…three in the morning,” you said after a glance to the clock on the nightstand.  
“Let’s go get ice cream from that shop—what was it?  Jerry’s or something?” He said with a growing smile.  It was still sleep worn and quirked at the edges just a bit, but he was as awake as he could be, begging you with the softness of his easy eyes. “Please, baby?” he topped on, and it was the cherry on top of his already ridiculously cute features. 
You groaned, flopping your head down on his shoulder and he chuckled, tilting his head to press a kiss to your cheek and you caved.  “I’m getting two scoops and you owe me waffles in the morning, and not just plain waffles.  I want it with all the fillings and such.”
Bucky smiled, already sitting up and taking you with him, “Deal.”
You begrudgingly slipped out of bed and pulled on a pair of pants and a tank top while Bucky seemed to finish in a snap.  By the time you met him at the door though, you were awake enough to actually be a little thrilled at the three-a.m. date Bucky was pulling.  He grabbed his keys and led you to his car where you hopped in quickly to escape the ice-cold temperatures outside.  Bucky clicked on the engine, and you grasped his hands in your frozen ones, taking in what heat he had to offer, and he laughed.
“Gonna do me in with those icy fingers,” he teased, but he held your hand, bringing them to his lips to blow some hot air on them as the car heated up.
“Gonna do me in with those frozen toes of yours every night,” you said, leaning halfway over the middle console towards his radiating body heat.  
“Doesn’t stop you from cuddling with me.”
“It’s winter, and for everything but your toes, you are furnace,” you said, a smile quirking on your lips as he gasped playfully.
“So I’m just a heater to you?”
“Yes, I married you specifically so that I could have something warm to snuggle with at night.”
“I’m hurt,” he said, tossing you a soft smile, “Truly hon.  I thought we were so much more than that.”
“Aw, baby, it’s okay.  I married you for your charming looks too.”
“So a heater and eye candy,” he said, increasing his dramatics as a laugh bubbled up his throat.  “Damn, I’m really just around for your convenience.”
You chuckled, shaking your head.  “I love you.”
His thumb began brushing circles into the back of your hand as he drove, smiling in the light of the headlights passing by.  “I love you.”
Easy silence settled in the car till Bucky pulled into the ice cream parking lot, and you both hopped out of the car.  Bucky ran up behind you and opened his jacket, swallowing you whole as you both awkwardly shuffle-ran to the shop with him pressed against your back and arms twisted along your front.  The attendant at the counter smothered a smile as you stepped inside.  You laughed as Bucky pressed a kiss to your cheek, smiling against you as he refused to let you go as you walked to the counter.
“You’re cold,” he insisted, wrapping his arms snug around you when you tried to escape.  Arriving at the counter, you both ordered and paid, settling down at one of the booths. You licked at your two-scooped cone as Bucky spooned at his sundae.  
“So, what inspired this sudden escapade?”  You asked, elbowing him in the side, “Dream of ice cream monsters and felt like taking revenge?”
Bucky shook his head, chuckling, “Just missed my wife.”
“I was in bed next to you,” you tease, but you nodded anyway.
“Yeah, well…I haven’t been able to do much with you lately,” he admitted quietly, “Our schedules have been out of whack, and we haven’t gone on an actual date in over…what?  Two months now?”
You frowned a bit, licking your ice cream.  “It has been a while.”
Bucky nodded.  “I know it’s early, I just thought it’d—”
“It’s nice, Buck,” you say before he can continue and he smiled, scrunching his nose so the corners of his eyes creased.  You puckered your lips, and he laughed, leaning over to kiss you.  His lips left the lingering taste of vanilla and strawberry as he pulled back.  Sighing softly, he lifted his arm and tucked you in close.  The night grew colder as you both finished your ice cream, and the run back to the car felt immensely colder with the ice in your bellies as well as on the roads.  
Bucky yelped as your frozen fingers found his neck once the car doors closed. “Damn it—” he shouted, craning his neck to try to avoid your fingers but he only made the situation worse.  You chuckled softly as you pulled away.
“Sorry,” he mocked, unbuckling his seat belt and tossing himself over the center console, “I’ll show you sorry.”
You squealed, falling back as Bucky pulled the seat lever and laid you both back. His metal hand found its way under your shirt and onto your belly, effectively freezing you as you squirmed.  His barrage of kisses along your neck were interrupted by his laughter as you fought to push him away.
“Bucky—oh my goshhiittt,” you shouted, laughing as you wiggled around trying to escape his frozen hands.  He paused, sitting up and looked down at you with so much love you couldn’t breathe for a second.  He still had you wrapped around his finger even now.  His smile was illuminated by headlights, and you only noticed too late that the car horn was getting closer.  Your panicked scream hollowed out Bucky’s eyes but not as much as when the car roof caved in, and glass shattered across the two of you.
Bucky fell on you as the metal screeched and your whole body froze when Bucky let out a scream bitter and pained.  It echoed in your bones as the lights went out. 
The lights burned your eyes as you rolled through a hallway.  They rolled you into some room and you couldn’t think straight, but when your head flopped to the side, you knew more pain in that moment than you had in your life.  Bucky was rolled up next to you, but he was mangled.  His face was bloody and torn, his arm looked crushed and god, his legs.  A neck brace was secured around him along with straps to keep his spine in place, but what made you scream was the compressions they were pushing into his chest. They were pumping oxygen into his lungs with a bag, and damn you felt like you could hear every cracked rip when they pressed into his heart.  The constant, unwavering scream from the heart monitor ripped your voice free and tore at your lungs.  
Come back.
The doctors scrambled to stop you as you sat up, shoving them away as you tried to stand, falling halfway to Bucky.  Only then did you notice your legs were broken.  Doctors pulled back at your arms while you pushed forward to Bucky, grasping at his hand that had fallen off the side of the bed.  His wedding band cold on your fingers.  Come back.
“Bucky—” you screamed, and the world was black.  Your throat was raw and was swollen with the knot that pressed the tears continuously down your cheeks.  They landed in the soft blankets beneath you as the door to the room burst open. You choked, sobs breaking your chest as warm hands grasped your face.
“Honey, baby, it’s alright—” he whispered softly, familiarly deep, and gruff voice, raspy with sleep.  Your tears blurred your vision, but you knew the voice.  You knew it with every fiber of your being and the cold brush of his wedding ring on your cheek made you sob.  You quickly sat up and pressed your lips to Bucky’s, the kiss breaking with another cry. Your hands ran along his face and down his chest, searching for every injury you were sure was there not two minutes ago.  
Bucky wiped away the continuous streaks of tears as you grasped at him, pulling him closer.  “It’s okay, sweetheart, it was a dream.  It was a dream.”
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buckyys-doll · a day ago
When - pt1 | b.barnes
Word Count: 1k
A/N: Another piece i found hanging around my google docs! Not edited or proof read
The Avengers, orwell Tony was throwing another benefit party to deter there eyes from the most recent incident of almost destroying a small town during a retraction mission, the key word was almost because that didn't end up happening but it was definitely close to it.
You were suppose to be inside mingling, flirting with anyone who had salt n pepper hair Tony said, but after awhile of listening to them talk about their families, there wives or husbands, there kids basketball tournaments, hell even there grandchildren you just couldn't stop the neverending feeling of despair, sorrow and jealousy that was burning at your insides.
So naturally you excused yourself from the party momentarily to sort your brain out or completely shut it off that was until the glass doors opened up from behind you.
“There are way too many people in there” Bucky groaned, loosening his tie beside you.
You laughed “Definitely could be a hazard”
“Probably breaking a few fire codes too” He added, a half smile on his face
“Could call the fire department just to be safe”
His head went back as a laugh left his mouth. God was that ever your favourite sound, butterflies surely were flying around inside of you now. You laughed with him.
A much needed silence fell over the two of you. Bucky and you were close, you joined up just before he did. Natasha recruited you straight out of the red room once she collapsed it and well Bucky after he was cleared from Wakanda and after everything both of you went through you found peace with one another, someone who could relate but wouldn't judge.
It was always just the two of you in the late hours of the night or the early mornings, talking about everything and anything. You had a crush on him right from the start but when the flirting, the laughs, the smiles, the twinkle in his eyes started to happen outside of the bubble you two shared when everyone was asleep is when you fell in love with him hard.
Bucky reached his hand over, placing it on yours which was gripping the balcony railing “Hey, y/n? Are you okay?”
You nodded not taking your eyes off the treeline ”Yeah, it's nothing, dont worry about it”
“I know it's not nothing doll, you can talk to me, i'm always here for you”
You sighed, taking a deep breath “I just — when’s it our turn Buck?” You kept your voice low, scared that if you spoke any louder the others would hear you.
He was leaning against the railing facing you, watching you stare off into the darkness that was surrounding the tower “Whaddya mean doll?”
You let out a bitter laugh “I mean, when do we get to stop? When do i get what they have —“ You stopped pointing to the benefit party just inside only a pair of glass doors separating you from them “When do i get a break, when do i get to be happy? When does the fighting stop? Do we ever get to stop or is this all there is? — when..” you paused to swallow, trying to ease the burning in your throat “w-when do I get to have someone fall in love with me? I just – i dont know Buck, its stupid.”
You laughed spinning around about to head back to the party “I just thought that maybe, when i finished righting all my wrongs, paying my dues that i could have more” you reached up wiping a single fallen tear “But i was dumb to think after everything i deserved that, that anyone could even love someone like me” You waited, fiddling with your champagne glass that was now empty, staring directly into his eyes, you didnt except for him to say anything back.
Bucky was more of a listener and you knew in the morning you were going to regret ever saying anything to him especially because he didn't say anything back, he took in a sharp breath and was frozen in place like a statue at a loss for words.
You knew he would be, he was probably the worst person you could have opened up to not because he wasn't going to come back with some heartfelt response like Tony, or words of wisdom like Steve, or empathizing with you like Nat, or comforting you while making you laugh like Sam – No it wasn't because you were hopelessly, deeply, madly in love with him.
He was the one you wanted everything and anything with.
So when you both just stood there staring at each other after a moment of silence watching his jaw clench, his gaze leaving yours finding the floor more appealing than you or anything you had just said you knew that he most certainly wasn’t gonna be there for you, not this time.
You nodded to yourself mumbling “Sorry for the word vomit, i'm just drunk” you turned on your heel exiting the balcony you were using as a solitude only to find yourself quickly trying to get back to the room you wanted to escape a moment ago.
You found yourself at the bar on your third drink, you weren’t a light weight by all means but something about pouring your heart out and getting emotionally naked in front of someone you were in love with who didn't know you were in love with them definitely did not help with the room spinning.
“Would you look at that, Mr cold arm and even colder heart found someone to dance with”
You were dragged out of your self desperation from the booming voice of none other than Sam.
He leaned his back against the bar resting his elbows on the counter top.
“What?” You spoke
He laughed, cocking his eyebrow “How drunk are you?”
You shrugged your shoulders “Y’know how it is” you offered him a sluggish smile
Sam took a sip of his drink “I was talking about Bucky” He pointed to the dance floor.
You turned around so fast you're sure you almost fell over if it wasn't for Sam you definitely would have.
Lo and behold in the middle of the dance floor was Bucky spinning around a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress.
The room surely was spinning before but now the walls were crashing down.
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brook-e-lynns · a day ago
Bucky Barnes- Terrible Two’s | one shot |
Summary: Bucky comes home to find you and Natalie having a rough day.
warnings: fluff, frustrated Natalie and reader, worried Bucky.
A/N: currently obsessed with dad Bucky so these are just going to keep coming even though I have multiple other drafts but that’s okay…
Tumblr media
Natalie’s cries echoed through halls of the cluttered house when Bucky walked through the front door.
Stepping on the trail of toys on the front rug, “baby?” He calls out.
He tip toes through the mountains of toys in search for you. the soft music that plays through the piles as he accidentally triggers the toys.
He turns the corner to the living room finding you, sitting on the edge of the couch with your face buried into your hands.
He sets what he has in his hand onto the table moving to you in panic. He kneels in front of you moving your hands from your face looking at your glossy eyes.
“What happened, this ain’t the outfit you were wearing when I left” he mentioned his hands run down your arms in a soothing manor.
“ your right it’s not, this is my fourth outfit she as ruined today” You snap letting out a frustrated sigh.
“Deep breaths, what happened?” He said slow and calm.
“ I yelled at her, I never yell” you cry
Bucky’s brows pinched together in worry as he looked at you. You were right you never yell, you never get mad or at least you don’t visibly get mad.
“ what did she do?!” Bucky asked.
“ I wouldn’t let her have ice cream for breakfast so she threw her oatmeal at me, I forgot to cut her crusts off her P.B.J so she again threw it at me, I let her play so I could have a moment to myself but no, I fell asleep and she found the markers, decided to turn me into a Picasso painting” you rambled. you run your fingers through your hair letting out another frustrated sigh.
“ okay ,we can figure this out” he reassures. He pulls you up off the couch pulling you into him.
“ You didn’t see her little face, Jamie. She was so scared” you sobbed. His hands rubbed against your back under your shirt feeling the warmth of your skin and your body shakes as you cried in his embrace.
“ I’m gonna go see if she’s okay, how about you go lay down and I’ll make you some cocoa?” He suggests, you softly nod as you pull away. Bucky presses his lips to your temple leaving a lingering kiss as you parted to your shared bedroom.
She lays across the small bed hugging a stuffed falcon that Sam had given her for her birthday. “I heard mommy say she yelled at you today” he murmurs.
Bucky moved to Natalie’s room looking at the door with the large name plate with ‘Natalie Becca Barnes’ written across it.
“ Natalie” he mumbles softly cracking the door open peaking inside.
She quickly nods with tears running down her cheeks. “ you know why” he urged
“ I was naughty” she whispers sadly.
“ yeah and mommy’s really upset” he sighed
“ can I go say sorry?” She asks touching his hands.
“ yeah you can but only if you mean it and your gonna be a good girl for mommy” he replies tucking the pieces of her hair that had called from her tiny buns behind her ear.
She nodded before standing up to run to your room. Her little feet patter against the hard wood floors as she comes through the door before climbing onto the bed with you.
“ mommy?” She mumbles sitting on the end of the bed with her legs crisscrossed.
“ yes baby” you look at her.
“ I’m sorry I made you mad “ she plays with the blanket twisting her finger around it.
“ it’s okay baby, are you gonna be good from now on?” You ask as she climbs closer to you.
“ yep” she confirms before launching herself at you her arms wrap around your shoulders pressing her cheek to yours.
Bucky joins the two of you on the bed nibbling onto Natalie’s cheeks as she erupts with giggle before he moves to you kissing your neck.
“ that tickles “ you laugh trying to cover your neck from him. He continues to tickle you both making monster noises to Natalie as she wiggles around on the bed.
“I’m gonna get you” he teasingly growls to her before smothering her cheeks in kisses sending her into hysterics as his scruffy beard tickles her once again.
You had always loved the way Bucky had a big heart but now that you have Natalie you had fallen into a whole level of love for him and it wasn’t dying anytime soon.
Also feed back is greatly appreciated to help me improve!. I’m taking requests in any form of contact you have with me either through my asks or my DM’s!
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lfnr-blog-blog-blog · 2 days ago
Pairing | Bucky x f!reader
Warnings | Injuries, abuse/torture, death, whump, angst, blood, medical mentions. Reader is in a wheelchair with a central line and feeding tube but no formal diagnosis. (yes all of my readers are disabled, get over it. If you have questions let me know) also pls let me know if I missed something
Summary | After a break in at the compound, you and Bucky have a breakdown.
A/N | This was written for @strwbrrybucky writing challenge where I picked "Shoot me, it would honestly hurt less.” Thanks for letting me break my own heart bestie, ILY. Rhi is amazing and you should check out their masterlist.
Tumblr media
The first explosion hits the compound, rattling the windows in your and Bucky’s shared room, alarms start blaring. Bucky looks at you, “Doll, I need you to stay in our room, go to the bathroom and just stay there.” You nod, gathering your blanket and then transfer into your wheelchair, rolling into the bathroom while he fiddles with the tablet on the door frame, he then rushes across the room, grabbing your backpack of IV supplies and your tube feed supplies, bringing them into the spacious bathroom. He turns to leave, “Bucky kisses, you promised” He sighs and shakes his head, turning to give you your demanded kisses. “I love you,” you whisper in his ear before he pulls away, leaving you to deal with the problem within your home. You pull your bag of supplies as the second explosion rocks the compound, knocking you out of your chair and into the sink, the last thing you hear as you pass out is FRIDAY asking you to respond.
Bucky POV
I shoot another squad of Rumlows guys from down the hall, a third explosion shattering through the compound. Running back to my room after FRIDAY altering me to her falling out of the wheelchair, the path to our room having more and more squads. Tony’s voice crackles over my comm, “Bucky, Rumlow has just broken through the security system into your room, the bathroom system is only a few seconds behind.” I curse under my breath and continue to sprint to our room, the door in sight when I see Rumlow rounding the corner with my Doll over his shoulder. I run after him, just barely missing him as the elevator doors shut, sprinting up the stairs, as the helicopter takes off from the roof, my doll leaving. I begin to freak out, running to the control room, killing every Hydra agent I can find. Rumlow’s previous abuse to my love running through my mind, the broken bones, the bruises, the cuts, leaving her permanently disabled, ending her career as an Avenger. When I finally break through to the control room, finding a mess, everything shattered, and Tony’s unconscious body, Steve running into the room behind me, “She’s gone, Rumlow took her.” I say to Steve before smashing my fist into the wall behind me.
Reader POV You wake up in a new place, dark all around you as you look around trying to identify anything, then you try to move your legs, noting the binding that catches you in a centimeter, and your hands the same, you can pull your head off the table and see you are strapped at the waist, knees, ankles, thighs, wrists, upper arms and chest. You are wearing nothing but a thin green paper gown. The monitors for your heart show it is racing, you attempt to move your head a little more but shooting pain pulls you back to reality. Hydra has you, Bucky could be dead, the compound ruined, in a word, screwed. You don't even know how long you have been gone. By the looks of the situation at least four days the smallest cuts just started to pink up. The large gash on your leg is a big fresh scab. You beg with your mind not to freak out, you need to stay calm and think of a way out of this. Seeing Rumlow was a big setback but you are stronger than this, you just need to clear your head, block out the pain and seduce him, make promises you don't intend to keep. You beg the gods that Bucky will stay far far away, knowing that they want us as a paired set, knowing he will do anything to keep you safe. You know that you would give your life to keep him out of Hydra's hands again. You’ve been through the nightmares, the screams, the therapy, you know what they did to him. Oh Buck, blue eyed, metal arm, shaggy hair. The Buck you just got back to and now things are falling to pieces again. You are back with Rumlow, a promise you have now broken to yourself. “She is awake, Rumlow. '' You hear a voice from above.
The door flies open interrupting your thoughts. Rumlow calls out “You know you still have the same look on your face when you think. Thinking about how to escape, or what tortures are in store for you here. Or both, please say both. You and I both know the Soldat will do anything to keep you safe, including doing whatever we want without us having to reprogram him, therefore ruining his soul along with it. And you, well I’ve got a special plan for you, you see I run the new super soldier program and with all your little issues, I think we can make you worse, make you useless, unless we give you the proper medications and equipment.” You begin to block out his little monologue as they tilt the table up, and push a medication that forces your heart rate to skyrocket again, causing you to close your eyes, “Look what only 6 days of us just leaving her lie has done.. She has decompensated so fast. Time to ping the Soldat and let him know what we want.” You finally fade out screaming in your own mind.
Bucky POV
It’s been 6 days since she went missing, we have flown all over the global, attempting to track her by the small chip in her central line, we just got a ping on it over Colombia, I think about the time I spent here as the Soldat, 3 short days, in which I killed over 20 targets for Hydra.
“Buck, Pal. You need to drink something, as we get closer you are going to need your strength,” Steve interrupts my thoughts, handing me a water bottle. “We all love her and we are going to get her back. Come one the rest of the team will be here in an hour and then we are going to go over the plan of attack.” Suddenly my phone rings, an encrypted caller. I pull it up and hope.
The first image I see in the video call is my Doll strapped to a table, standing upright, in the brightest spot of a dim room. Her head tilted forwards, convulsing, the monitors she is hooked to going haywire, covered in cuts of various ages, bruises, and blood soaking her green hospital gown. Before I can even say anything Rumlow is on the screen. He speaks to myself and Steve
“Captain America, Soldat. As you can see we have кукла here in our facility. We know you are close. We are keeping a very close eye on her. Look how well she is healing from my little play session with her a few days ago, she was so brave, she tried to fight and lost. Here is the deal *Bucky* you turn yourself in and we will give her the medications she needs to be functional again. You can live with her, in our facility, and as long as you do well on your missions, I won't even force you to be wiped, you can remember everything and live out your life with her.”
He is interrupted by her groaning, and turns the camera around, you can just barely hear her, “Don’t Buck. Let me go, just-” and then it is cut off by her screams, the camera hits the ground at the same time as the first drop of blood.
Rumlow yells, “You have one hour or I do the things in your little red book and worse.” The call ends. I hit the ground, of course she would want me to stay away, she and I both know that even if we live together at their facility, I will remember everything and she doesnt want that for me.
“Okay, here are the coordinates for the compound, let’s go get her.” Steve starts.
I cut him off. “You are not going anywhere near their facility, they can not get another super soldier in their clutches. I can’t lose both of you today. You have to be out here to extricate her, I am going in but not planning on coming out without her. You are my pal and you have got to take care of my girl. Get her to Banner as soon as you can. They will be here soon. I need some time to think.” Steve goes to fight me on this and I silence him with a look. I bring the Soldat to the front of my mind and give him his mission, one, find кукла, two, kill Rumlow, three, take down as much of Hydra as possible. My Doll will be lucky to survive and if she doesn’t, I will find a way to go down with her. I set off running to my motorcycle, weapons in tow, and speed off towards the coordinates.
Reader POV You wake up to the sound of gunfire and the smell of smoke, and him of course. Rumlow is holding you in his arms. No ivs, no handcuffs, nothing. You are instantly going to be sick. He is holding you up and you just barely see a glint of the metal arm you know and love.
“I will slit her throat, I have no fear.” Rumlow roars in your ear. The pain of your throbbing head makes it nearly impossible to stay awake. You can’t make out Bucky's response as you start to pass out. You know you must escape, so you bite Rumlow’s hand near your face and kick him with all the strength you have left, which is just enough to get you out of his arms. You hear gunshots, you feel the pain in your ribs. Rumlow hits the ground and so do you, his leg over your body, two more gunshots, and you feel more pain in your shoulder, the other shot coming from across the room and then you are being picked up. You lose your grip on reality and have no clue which person has you, whether you will wake up or not, as the warm blood runs down your chest and drips on the floor.
Bucky POV
I pull her out from under Rumlow’s dead body, putting an entire clip in his chest, holding pressure on every wound I can find. I hear Steve yelling, trying to find us. I hit the panic button on my arm, directing him to us without me losing my focus on the bloodied broken body in front of me. Her breathing shallow and quick, her skin clammy beneath me. Steve runs up next to me, kneeling in front of her, Natasha and Tony quickly behind us, pulling medical kits out of their bags, stabilizing her as I hold her hand whispering sweet nothings in her ear, promising her the world. Tony finally deems her stable for transport as I finalize the idea in my head. I have to leave her, she cannot be at risk by being attached to the ‘fearsome Winter Soldier’ anymore, putting her in a safe house, a witness protection of sorts, finding her a new person to love. Perhaps that nice guy from the new STRIKE team Steve is putting together, keeping her safe but out of the public eye. We load her on the quinjet, hooking her up to every monitor they can find. I watch Nat move around her, cleaning her up, taking care of her hair, making use of her hands, as I retreat to the far corner of the jet, watching but saying nothing, picking the blood out of the plates of my arm. We finally land at Stark Tower, rushing her straight to medical. I sit in the hall, watching everyone who walks in her room, following them with my eyes, researching them on the Starkpad Steve brought me from my bags. On the fifth day of her stay Steve sits next to me, “Buck, go shower, you have been here since we brought her in, you need to eat more than a granola bar and take care of your tac suit. I can sit with her, Nat has been in and out and Wanda will be here soon. She is safe, no one will touch her.” I get up and go to our room, looking at all the memories, seeing all the things we’ve done, the movies she introduced me to, the books I read with her asleep on my chest. After my shower I open my drawers, the ring box I was hiding here falling out on my toes. I run to the stairs, deciding to tell her how I feel right now.
Reader POV
“He is gone.” Steve announces coming into the room, he had been out there for days, never once coming in the room. “Okay Stevie, it's time for me to go then. If he doesn’t want me anymore, I don’t want to be here.” Handing Steve an envelope with Bucky’s name in your fancy print. The nurse rushes into the room, grabbing everything and putting it on your bed, rushing you out to the unmarked ambulance waiting below, leaving the tower for a ‘new’ life, really just a life of loneliness and heartbreak. Watching the tower shrink in the distance, leaving behind everything you knew, your friends, your job, your life, and worst of all your true love.
Bucky POV
I reach her room, finding it empty, except Steve, an envelope in hand. “I am sorry Buck.” He says as he hands it to me, leaving the room.
I am sorry to do this to you, but I knew what was coming. This wasn’t your fault, Rumlow was out to get me long before you and I were a thing, long before you were no longer the Soldier. You are the love of my life, but for you to leave me in this room, intending to send me away was nothing short of heartbreaking. I knew every thought going through your head. Honestly being shot hurts less than the idea of leaving, but you will always blame yourself, and I can’t do that. I am sorry. I love you.
Your Doll
I turn the page over and over looking for more, looking for a clue as to where she is going. Finding nothing I tear the envelope more, something falling out of it, hitting the floor. I catch it rolling away out of my line of sight, a wedding band. Picking it up, her name engraved in it, next to mine, I put it in the box with the ring I planned to use. Steve enters the room, finding me on the floor, the rings in one hand, the letter in the other. “Steve, Stevie, you have to help me find her. I have to apologize.” I say sobbing in his arms. Steve pipes up shushing me. “I can’t do that, she is gone, and she won’t come back.” I look at him, bracing myself. “Then shoot me Steve, it would honestly hurt less.”
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domxmarvel · 2 days ago
You're just like me
Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader    
Square filled:Amputation
Tumblr media
“Y/N can I talk to you?”
“Sure” You walked over to her,she had Bucky’s new arm laid out in front of her. It was just like yours except for the color,yours looks natural and super realistic. Many didn’t even know that you had lost your arm. “You want me to try it on? Because it looks way too big for me”
“No,I want you to show Bucky how to use it”
"Shuri,maybe that's not a good idea" You didn't like talking about it,which is the reason you asked Shuri to make it natural. 
"Please Y/N,maybe spending time with someone like you will make you feel better. And it could do him some good too,he probably feels lonely,like you do"
"Fine,fine I'll teach him"
"Perfect,he'll be here any second" You were quickly getting more frustrated with Shuri. 
You taught Bucky how to use his new arm. He quickly got the hang of it,and you two got very close. He was the only one who understood you and you understood him in a way no one else could. 
"Y/N,can I touch your arm?" Bucky asked,you hadn't let anyone touch you,especially your arm. But you trusted Bucky enough to not only touch you,but hold you. 
"Of course you can" You were expecting him to touch your arm but instead he held your hand,entwining your fingers. You felt yourself blush,putting your head on his shoulder. 
"Thank you,no one's ever known how it feels to be like this" 
"I thought that too,but then I met you." He held your hand tighter before saying. "And feel in love with you" Your whole face turned red,did he just say that? 
"It's okay if you don't feel the same and you don't have to answer me right now" 
"Bucky" He looked up at you "I love you too"
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clints-lucky-arrow · 2 days ago
Bucky Barnes Masterlist.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✨ popular || 💜 personal favourite || 🥵 smut || 🗡️ angst || ☁️ fluff || 🌑 caution: dark themes
Call It A Night - Bucky Barnes x F!Reader (Alternate Endings for Sam & Zemo) [COMPLETED] ✨💜🥵
“After a night of drinking and partying in Madripoor, your small group returns to Sharon’s apartment. Caught between the attentions of three vastly different men, a choice has to be made. Which one do you want?”
the boxer next door - Bucky Barnes x F!Reader [ONGOING] ☁️💜
“You haven't yet had the chance to introduce yourself to the group of young men who have moved in next door. Especially the handsome one who's bedroom window faces your own. However, on a busy night working in the hospital's emergency room, that chance unexpectedly presents itself.”
Broken - Bucky Barnes x GN!Reader [COMPLETED] ✨🗡️
“In the wake of your friend’s death, Bucky sees a different side of you. One that he cannot bring himself to stay away from.”
two’s company - Bucky Barnes x F!Reader x Helmut Zemo [COMPLETED] ✨🥵
“When Bucky walks in on yourself and Zemo in a rather intimate position, the Baron makes an unexpected offer. However, it is not one that either of you are opposed to. No. Zemo is more than happy to sit back and watch as Bucky takes his turn, if only to attempt to offer some pointers when needed.”
the joining - Demon!Bucky Barnes x Witch!Reader [COMPLETED] 🥵
“It is prophesized that the Godkiller will be born from the union of demon and witch. A carnal celebration that first takes place during The Joining - which serves as both ritual and indoctrination. It looms upon Samhain, every thirteen years, and now… It is finally your time.”
dog tags - Bucky Barnes x F!Reader x Rick Flag [COMPLETED] 🥵
“Being caught between a Sergeant and a Colonel is so much better than you ever could have imagined.”
competition - Bucky Barnes x F!Reader x Rick Flag [COMPLETED] 🥵
“Bucky isn’t the best at sharing. Rick is more than happy to pull rank. After all, it’s not a competition.”
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greatkingrat70 · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
babe wake up new memes just dropped
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igotnoname4thisblog · 2 months ago
Nothing, NOTHING, will ever boost my serotonin level as much as this man scrunching his nose🥰
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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multi-fandomfuckboy · 2 months ago
Sam: Bucky! Why would you give (Y/N) a knife??
Bucky: She said that she didn't feel safe!
Sam: Well, now I don't feel safe!
Bucky: ....
Bucky reaching into his pocket: Do you want a knife?
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buckyshairography · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cityofstqrs · a month ago
— in the late hours, i’m yours to have | b.b
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: roommate!boxer!bucky barnes x female!reader
— author’s note: this is my first fic i’m posting on here,, little bit nervous!! i’ve written before but just not posted so hope you all like it :) | you have no permission to copy or repost my work
— warnings: minors dni (18+) unprotected sex, fingering, somnophilia so slight dubious content but consent has been given (also sort of free use?), slight size kink, idk if i’ve missed anything out
Dishes were constantly dirty, littering the sink when you came home from work. The cushions on the sofa were never fluffed, often sleeping on the floor just beside the sofa, obviously far too difficult to put back in their rightful place. The bathroom was always steaming with condensation because he never opened a window after he had showered. And there were plenty of other quirks of living with Bucky that made it far from ideal.
But then random days you’d step inside to the smell of delicious home-cooked comfort foods because he had a strange innate sense of when you needed it most. One of your favourite views was your tattooed, muscular man stirring and testing his food, making sure it was perfect for you. And he was good at compromise, especially on movie nights, letting you watch twilight way too many times a month. Every fault could be shunned with a positive thing only Bucky would do. And the cherry on top would be the fact that he would only do it for you.
From an outsider, it wouldn’t appear you had much in common. It was a strange relationship you had. Two unlikely friends. But ever since you had met you had hit it off. It was by chance that you were both looking for respective roommates and found each other just in time.
In the beginning, people would just assume that Bucky was a sort of bodyguard, his intimidating height and a tattooed scowl that rested on his face didn’t scream welcoming. It only ever softened when you were in a room. Finding a slight reprieve, finding itself morphing into a smile and crinkles appeared by his eyes, like he was blinded by you.
It frightened off any man that came within a couple of foot distance to you. A quick glance at the brooding man over your shoulder had them fleeing the scene like a criminal. And to Bucky they were.
Eventually you, without even realising it, gave up looking for someone. Quite comfortable with your Friday night movie nights and coming home to Bucky and his white furball curled up on the sofa, always leaving room for his best girl.
That’s why it wasn’t a big surprise to anyone when you and Bucky started fucking. The surprise was when you both said it was strictly fucking, no feelings.
The arrangement came only a little later, it just seemed appropriate. The two of you both found each other undeniably attractive. How could you not? He was more than an Adonis, the stubble that littered his strong jaw, pink lips that he was always fiddling with. Drawing your attention to them. Watching you with those piercing eyes, drinking you in, making a checklist of every way he wanted to devour you.
As a result, there was absolutely no apprehension on your end when he suggested the arrangement. A previously agreed upon, mutually beneficial part of the relationship. Where if either of you needed a release, the other would be willing. Unless told otherwise- which had not yet happened.
You spoke through kinks, safe words, rules, all bases had been covered.
So that’s why Bucky was doing what he was. Having come home from a late-night session at the gym, his adrenaline was still high. You were usually his outlet but you had a late shift and promptly passed out when you got home. So he was going to take what he needed, you would let him. His large hand peeled back the duvet that covered your body, revealing your sleeping form to his hungry eyes.
Times like this make him admire you. Sleeping, unaware you look so peaceful. An innocence calms your features and the fact that in your most vulnerable you let him have you makes him warm. Something settles deep inside him at how much you trust him. The primal urge to protect you, but also bring you mind-numbing pleasure just grows from the image.
You slept in only underwear and it makes it so much harder for him to not just go feral. But he didn’t, instead trailing a cold hand down your shoulders, finding its way to his only barrier. Long, dexterous fingers dancing down your skin, waking goosebumps all along your curves.
Light, delicate kisses are pressed onto your back as his hands delve into your underwear. In your sleep, you shift, allowing him easier access to your clit. Practice has allowed him to locate it with no trouble, immediately rubbing it in tight figures of eight.
He doesn’t bother starting slow, knowing exactly how you like it. There’s no teasing, not tonight, his craving for you only increases.
“There’s my girl,” he whispers to himself once you start bucking your hips into his hand. Chasing the pleasure only he could give you. Even in your sleep, you respond so prettily to him, so well behaved, so well trained. “So good for me, all mine.”
The reason he came in was for his own release but seeing the way you give into him makes him forget for a moment. That is until you start rubbing against his hard cock, outlined in the tight material of his briefs. It shoves him into the reality of how badly he needs a release. Desperation clawing at his skin.
He takes a moment to make sure you’re wet enough: which you are. It’s taken you no time to soak through the cloth, proving that you’re his good girl. He knows exactly what to say, what to touch to get you dripping and begging for him. Using it to his advantage all too often. Before you, he was never this insatiable but you awaken something in him. And it’s the hottest thing.
Tearing your underwear seemed the easiest way to get to you. Pulling himself out of his own cotton confines he allows himself a few pumps before lining himself up.
Taking it slow, gradually pushing into your cunt. Nothing will ever compare to your hot, wet, tight heat. His groan is muffled into the skin of your shoulder. You feel like fucking heaven. It’s addicting. Letting himself have a moment to adjust, feeling like a velvet vice around him, sucking him in.
“F-fuck,” he hears your confused moans, like sleep still trying to pull you under and then you realise what’s going on and give him a real one, “oh, Bucky.” from your chest, he pulls out noises from you even when your only half coherent. You stretch your neck, seeking him. His hand holds your stomach as he starts to thrust his hips into you.
“Did I wake you up, petal?” he feigns sympathy but, in all honesty, he’s only thinking about how indescribably good you feel wrapped around him. Like a glove, made specifically for him.
You’re his hole. There’s nothing you’d rather be.
You can’t even form sentences. Too groggy from sleep that slipped away and going cockdrunk at how effortlessly Bucky can hit that spot that makes you see constellations.
He plays you like an instrument and you’re weak, you let him, you’ll always let him. As long as he keeps making you feel heaven on earth. The contrast in his punishing thrusts and the adoration poured into how he holds you, kisses you, makes your head spin.
Over the blood rushing in your ears, you hear his weak chuckle at your state. When he speaks its next to your ear,
“Petal, how about I fill you up, fuck-“he moans, overwhelmed when you start clenching around him, getting close, “and you go back to sleep all full ‘f me. You like that?” he never slows or calms his strokes, letting you feel all of him. And fuck, do you feel it. He’s big enough that if you were to push down on your stomach, you could feel the outline of his cock.
“Please Bucky, wan’ that so bad, please” you cry. Whimpering when he speeds up. His free hand goes under you to find your nipples, twisting them as you writhe. He gets you so close so quickly and wastes no time in making you let go for him. Pushing you over the edge with a couple of rubs to your clit and whispered praises.
Your whole body shakes with pleasure, completely absorbed in the intoxicating feeling he provides. Panting at the feeling of his cock still drilling into you. Your eyes roll back, and you chant his name over and over, begging for him. Like a dirty disciple praying for a corrupted god.
He shushes you gently as he chases his own orgasm. The feeling of you vibrating and pulsing around his cock sends him over, following you into the abyss. You’re both a mess of sweaty, tangled limbs and the room is suffocated in heat. The smell of sex and your whines and his whimpers fill the room.
Despite being quite literally fucked awake, it doesn’t keep you conscious. Fully aware of how Bucky will take care of you and make sure you are clean, you let yourself drift back to dreams of your broody, 6’5 roommate. In a make-believe world, he returns your harboured feelings, you get to love him in public. Giving yourself permission to love him freely.
Once he has done thoroughly cleaning you up, he sits in your bed contemplating where he’s going to spend the night. He doesn’t want to sleep in an old, lonely bed tonight, or ever not when he has another option. Not when he has you, the woman who gifts herself to him whenever he pleases. It’s an easy choice, he thinks to himself as he gets comfortable surrounding you with his body.
One day he’s going to tell you. One day soon. Because it’s killing him, not telling you just how devoted he is. You may give your body, but he wants your heart above it all. You already have his.
In the morning you’ll wake, being held close to Bucky’s chest by a soothing metal arm, and find your underwear has been ripped clean off of you. Just like every other time before, you’ll pretend to be angry and Bucky will badly act like he’s sorry. You both know nothing will change and Bucky won’t stop tearing them off.
Maybe you’ll just start sleeping naked. Although Bucky might have a heart attack.
Tumblr media
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melwilson · 9 months ago
sam wilson appreciation post.
there’s no one in the mcu more caring, and gentle, and empathetic, and kind. he is the best friend everyone needs. someone who will call you out on your bs. someone who is kind enough and loves you enough to tell you what you need to hear even if you don’t wanna hear it. someone who treats you like family and gives you a place to stay. someone who listens and takes ones feelings into consideration. he’s the one you call one when you’re in trouble and need help.
sam wilson is just a good man. i say it all the time, i know. i can’t help it.
and they way he interacts w everyone in the show just makes my heart explode. he tries to reason with his enemies. john walker deserved nothing more than to rot in cell, but sam still wanted to talk things out. he comforts bucky, yes, but he also tells him what he needs to hear. he’s there for his family and doesn’t leave them behind despite the war he’s fighting against the flagsmashers. he believes in karli. ugh, i could go on and on about this man.
and bucky barnes. let’s talk abt character development for a moment. first off, he smiled genuinely too many this episode. i cry. anyways, the way he recognized his wrong and APOLOGIZED. HE APOLOGIZED. writers and directors always just kinda blow it off and leave the viewers assuming that the characters have made up and that it’s all good. but bucky apologized to sam. that- that is what i’m here for. as a poc that means so much, bc a lot of non poc don’t even make an effort to understand, to try and empathize. he tried. and he did.
lastly. i love this show. i love these men. bucky barnes is beautiful. sarah wilson deserves the world. i wanna take aj and cass out for ice cream. sam wilson was lookin like a snack and servin us lots of beautiful melanin.
yeah, sam wilson is my hero. sam wilson is captain america.
end of the story. goodnight.
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jamestasha · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What If...Marvel gave us animated 616! Bucky and Natasha being in love? 🥺
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ꜱᴇᴇɪɴɢ ᴍʏ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ʜɪꜱ ᴇʏᴇꜱ
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x curvy!fem!reader (any body type as well)
concept: Bucky shows you what a beautiful goddess you are
warnings: smut, minors DNI, praise kink, fingering, light spanking, body image, light low self- esteem. mirror sex, dirty talking, praise, unprotected sex, small substance taste, clit play, hot smut
word count: 1.7k
a/n: My loves! I wrote this for my hot babes, who always feel insecure about their appearance. Look in the mirror whenever you feel like criticizing your body and say, "The body I possess is beautiful." My beautiful babes. besos.
ONLY 18+ NO MINORS if I see you are reading this I will slap you with a block.
I apologize if some mistakes appear in my English, as it is my third language.
Tumblr media
Your hands flew down on your hips as you poked at your weight. You stared at yourself in the mirror in the lingerie you'd purchased, meant to be a surprise. Black lace, thick leather garters around one thigh. You have an entirely different vision for this outfit when you purchased it for yourself. You felt disgusted.
But you couldn’t stop staring at yourself. You stared at your lower belly, your hands running down your stomach. You felt so ashamed of your lower belly because it was covered with stretch marks. You wanted to burn the mirror. As you snapped at your thighs, you didn't even have the desire to turn around to view the other half of your ugliness.
“My God,” you muttered, frustrated. Your attempt to feel beautiful when you can't even wear sophisticated lingerie. Since you were a child, 'love yourself' has been a struggle. A few tears welled up in your eyes, but you brushed them away as you pressed your stomach to experience what it was like to be thin.
"Princess, what are you up to?" Bucky was standing in the doorway, and you hadn't even noticed him enter.
It didn't take you long to grab the huge t-shirt sitting on your bed and throw it over your head.
“Nothing I wa-just" you didn’t know what to say.
You didn't just want to tell him that you hated your appearance. You didn't want him to feel like he needed to take care of your fat demons.
Bucky sat on the edge of the bed, his legs spread, watching you with an intense gaze. Bucky's glare had always been intense, but it was magnified by your current self-confidence. After fumbling for the black sweats that you'd discarded, you were surprised by a low hum.
“Don’t cover up” His gaze was focused on your thighs, where the garter was pressing.
“No Bucky - not today I don’t fee-“
“You are the sexiest fucking thing” Keeping an eye on you, Bucky reached out his arm to push you towards him slowly.
“I could look at you for hours” Bucky’s fingers danced over your thighs as he looked up at you.
With his dark blue eyes full of lust and caution, Bucky watched you intently.
Having spun you around, you could see each other in your full-length mirror.
“Such a pretty goddess” Bucky whispered in your ear, a hand moving underneath the t-shirt you were wearing. He dripped hot, open-mouthed kisses along your neck, your head falling over his shoulder as his erection thickened beneath you.
Bucky slowly lifted the t-shirt off of you while you screwed your eyes shut, unable to look in the mirror. Warm hands slipped a bra strap down your arm, reaching out to touch your nipple as his thumb traced circles around the warm flesh.  You flinched because you didn't like the feeling of him touching your fat.
“Princess, open your eyes” Bucky ordered you. Slowly, you opened them.
“Princess, don’t you see, I love this. This is mine,” Bucky’s hands roamed to your ass and gently squeezed, “You’re a goddess. My curvy goddess”
You couldn’t help the moans that fell from your lips. Bucky looked up to check you were still watching when he slipped a hand into your pussy.
His hot lips pressed to the shell of your ear in a quick kiss “I want you to look straight ahead as I unravel you. I want you to see how perfect you look as you become wet and cum for me.”  Taking gentle strokes to your stomach and thighs, Bucky poked a cheeky finger into your lacy panites.
“Then I want you to watch as my long, hard cock presses into your fucking curves and tight little pussy, stretching you out and making you scream as I fuck you.” As he took his hand back to your pussy, his movements were slow at first and he did not look away from you in the mirror. You let out a soft moan, Bucky smiled but hid with a kiss to your neck.
"I want you to see how delicious my cum looks when it drips down your beautiful legs and combines with the results of our love making.”  Hearing this you push down on his hand, you force his thumb to press up against your clit. “Can you do that for me, princess?”
Your eyes widened at those ocean blue eyes glinting in the polished glass and you nodded. His filthy words ignited the fire in you, as his hips grinded up to meet yours, and you twisted in arousal.
The dirty whine you let out spurred Bucky on even more. He still took it slowly,  touching your breasts with his free hand while he nipped you. You whimper softened as he touched your nipple. His fingers feather-light thumbing at your clit as he guided them inside of you.
“Remember, y/n; dont look away.” Bucky traced his middle finger up your slit barely making contact with your dripping pussy as he made you do everything he could to make you shiver.
It was as if he fully intended to make you a shivering mess.
As a result, he was on a mission to show you that he can make you beautiful. Where you beautiful to him?
In the mirror, you stared at his face as he continued to kiss you, his gaze remaining fixed on his lower hand. Your clitoral hood was lifted and separated by his ring and index fingers, revealing your throbbing, erect nub to both your eyes.
“See that? See that sexy, goddess woman in the mirror”
You couldn’t help but stare, mesmerized by your own body, becoming more aroused at the sight of yourself.
“See her? Who is that?!” He bellowed at you. His middle finger flicked in circles on your clit as you moaned loudly.
Your eyes rolled back for a few seconds before you wrenched them open again, not wishing to miss a moment of the show Bucky was putting on for you. You were the show.
“Me” you moaned, catching his eyes again in the mirror. You had never seen yourself like this.
You began to see yourself in the mirror for the first time ever and realized you were a goddess. Perhaps you were Bucky Barnes' goddess.
“Tell me, princess, what do you see?” As his finger continues to torment, you writhe as you feel waves of ecstasy coursing through your body. Your back arching in pleasure as you feel your legs quiver and tense, trying to close around his hand but failing.
When he picked up speed on your swollen clit, he spread your legs as wide as they would go, pushing your thighs so far apart you bit your lip as a drop of your juices fell down the curve from your twitching entrance.
"I see-oh- "
Biting your lip, you tried to keep your eyes open, feeling and seeing drops of your own juices fall from your twitching entrance, sliding down the curve of your legs.
“Buck-, om-g, I’m… I… God!”
As your lower abdomen released pressure and your chest heaved, you let out a low whine as his fingers created delicious friction on your bundle of nerves, and your cunt the joy of pleasure clouds the mind and causes the heart to throb.
You felt him kiss your temples and lightly pat your thigh. "Are you able to stand?" he asked.
Nodding, you stood up on shaky legs, your mind racing but you couldn't speak
Bucky worked quickly at ridding himself of his clothes and eased you on to his lap before your knees gave way, your legs tucked under you and spread wide as you sat in reverse cowgirl.
Your brown-haired lover grinned lowly at you as you grinded back into his cock, but your ass throbbed against his hard and aching rock. "Are you ready, princess?" he replied.
A grin spread across his face as he grinned at you in the mirror, his hands gripping your hips as he wrapped himself around you, matching moans echoing around him.
You watched as his length slowly retracted from you, just leaving his head in as your lower lips grasped tightly onto his shaft in desperation to keep him connected.
Bucky rolled his hips as you bounced on top of him, slamming into you.
"I own every curve, every dip, every part of this beautiful body! My beauty!" he muttered into you.
You met each other's gaze in the mirror as his arms wrapped around your hips and his hands trailed along your thighs. The moment you saw his eyes, you knew he wouldn't last long either.
"Bucky, oh-my”
You cried out as he pressed into your g-spot, with his cock pressing into your g-spot. He needed to feel your release gush around his length, feel your walls tighten even more.
As your cum leaked from your weeping cunt, you pressed your hips down and cried out in joy, rolling your hips as you rolled your hips hard onto him.
You could feel your high reaching you, the knot in your stomach tightening and tightening.
“Oh princess, Look what you do to me… Fuck- I’m gon..” He finished inside you with three thrusts, spraying his hot seed against your cervix.
As he smiled at you with a flushed face and eyes half closed, he smiled back at you.
After brushing his fingers gently over your still throbbing clit, you jerked, making him laugh, before he pulled out of you.
The sensation of both of your juices dripping softly out of you made you shiver, and Bucky's wolfish smile returned.
“What did I tell you, princess? My goddess.”
Taking a taste of the substance with his fingertips, he humming in satisfaction as he brought it to his mouth, coating his fingers in it.
"You are so beautiful, Y/N" he said, reaching forward to tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear.
“Never cover yourself in front of me again. Got it?!” He gave you small slap on your ass.
You nodded. If Bucky Barnes was able to see you clearly with all your curves, perhaps you could also see it in your own eyes. Maybe he can show you later again.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Based on this post
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queenkoriandr · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“But more important, the man... Because a strong man who has known power all his life. May lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength. And knows compassion...”
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bluevxnus · 10 months ago
Bucky is a meme
Now in a better quality
Tumblr media
Edit: The alternative title is Bucky is scared of another senior citizen
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beif0ngs · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan ★ The Winter Soldier
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
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