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#james barnes

Summary: You withhold the truth about getting injured on the last mission from Bucky because you don’t like worrying him.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (One-shot)

Warnings: flufffffffff

Word Count: 1.5k

Prompt: Person A: “Why didn’t you tell me?” , Person B: “I didn’t want you to worry about me.” , Person A: “I always worry about you.” (will be bolded)

A/N: This is for @mycupoffanfiction​ 1500 follower writing challenge!! Thank you for letting me participate babes and congratulations!! I thought this was super cute and @stuckonjbbarnes​ is only able to read fluff rn so no angst here gorls! Feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy! :)



The mission had been going well until you got ambushed. Swarms of Hydra agents came out of nowhere. It was just you and Sam on this mission, he was in the air taking targets down as fast as he could. The adrenaline was pumping through you so fast that you didn’t notice you got shot till you reached the quinjet, after all the Hydra agents were taken down. You examined your leg and took note that the bullet was still lodged somewhere in your thigh. You were beyond pissed at what had happened, Sam nor you had any idea how they even knew you were coming and both of you knew Steve would not be happy with the situation at hand.

After 20 minutes of being lost in your thoughts you told Sam to make sure Bucky was not waiting in the bay for your return, hoping you could just slip to the med bay and get fixed up without his knowledge. Sam was hesitant at first but later did as told, you were the mission lead in the end and until you arrived back at the tower he had to follow orders. 

“5 minutes out Y/n/n, Bucky isn’t even at the compound right now so you’re good to go.” Sam turned his head slightly to chat with you.

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I will be posting the first two chapters of HYDRA’s Pet today and/or tomorrow so watch out for them. Also, thank you to everyone who read the prologue and followed me, I appreciate it! Anyways, have a great day and stay safe!

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Bucky x Reader (Agent 16)
Description: Why not tease and test the super soldierness.
Warnings: 18+, fluff, teasing, smut, a LOT of smut and bodily fluids, not beta read

Agent 16 Masterlist | General Masterlist


You had made it your mission to tease him whenever you could. The easiest way to do so, was to wear tight or revealing clothes around him.
Today it was a cropped hoodie and high waisted silk shorts. Thigh high socks, sneakers and space buns.
You entered the room that had a few Avengers in it and saw him eye you, blushing a little and then give you glances of what you could only could describe as sexual frustration.
“Anything on the plan for today?” you asked the round.
“Only training.” Nat smiled back at you while Steve deliberately tried to not stare at you in those clothes.
“I think I’ll start picking up dancing for cardio again.”
A shared smile. She loved ballet and you loved hiphop.
“Wanna get it over with?” she looked into the round and a collective nod was the answer.
You had tons of choreographies you learned online in your head. The gift of being able to memorize patterns like this was also helping in your job. Made fighting and reloading a gun easier.
Nat, Wanda and you had made your own little dance playlist that worked for all of you in training and as soon as that started playing there was no way out.
Working out with you in that outfit, shaking your behind in his field of sight was definitely in his personal category of “I don’t know if this is motivating or just frustrating.”
He definitely got all of his work done faster than usual. Maybe because he knew what he was about to do.

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Peter: I've been threatened twice today
Tony: I've probably received a few death threats since last night
Bucky: I've threatened twenty people today
Tony: It's...eight o' the morning
Bucky: And? I'm productive
Peter: It's true. He already threatened me today
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I hope everyone is staying safe amidst this pandemic! here’s a little something from Bucky’s POV about an avenger!reader please note: the avenger!reader I use in this story is loosely based off the main character for my upcoming series! So, for background, she is the black widow and clint’s family died and he sacrificed himself on vormir. hope you enjoy <3

I sat in the chair that I always seemed to occupy. The one under the large windows in the small library of the compound, the one across from the seat that she always seemed to occupy. I glanced over to her, snuggled up under that blanket Tony got her for Christmas all those years ago when they all lived in the tower, cause she always complained about the cold. Steve told me that Tony attached a note to it saying “You’re Russian, I figured you’d be used to the cold. But in the meantime, use this you baby”. I knew she missed him dearly, especially when Pepper and Morgan came around to visit for a bit. She always smiled and spent an abundance of time with them, but behind her smile, she was hurting. 

Right now, she was reading a book with a cover so worn that the title was unreadable. I felt my lips tilt up into a small smile as I watched her blow a loose piece of her hair out of her face. When we were here together I often imagined if this is what it would feel like to have a normal life with her. Not that I would ever have the guts to tell her, but I long for it. I know she loves her job as an Avenger, she’s been part of the team for so long, it’s hard to imagine her doing anything else. But I want to wake up with her beside me, knowing that she’s mine as much as I’m hers already. 

She yawns, glancing over to her cup of tea, growing colder by the minute. As the sliver of steam clouds her face I notice the small ring on her middle finger, an arrow carved in the silver of it. She’s always worn it. I asked once and through foggy eyes and fidgeting fingers she admitted that Clint got it for her on her 17th birthday. She laughed at the memory, “I hadn’t completely warmed up yet and I just started at Shield. He was pretty determined to get even a small connection with me even though I already lived with his wife and kids.” I remember her small chuckle and the small sniffle that followed soon after. 

Even looking at her now as she shoots me a small smile from over the edge of her book as she catches me staring at her, I can’t help but think of all that she’s lost the past year. First, Clint on Vormir when he sacrificed himself for the soul stone. Then Tony in the battle against Thanos, and Steve after Tony’s funeral. I grimace at the thought of her experiencing so much pain. Clint helped her get on the right track and join Shield when she was just a teenager. She lived in his home with his wife and kids, she’s even the godmother of one of them, or was. And Tony, he took her under his wing within the first while they met. He never kept it much of a secret that she was his favourite from the small things like getting her that blanket to naming her an aunt to Morgan. 

Steve must have been the most difficult for her. They had spent nearly a decade as partners, best friends, and family. My heart broke when he left all of us here for Peggy, but I couldn’t imagine how she must have felt losing the one constant in her life. And as upset as I am about him leaving, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. 

“Is there something I can help you with James?” She catches my eye yet again. I felt my cheeks turn a shade of pink before dipping my nose back into the book in front of me. I heard her giggle, not helping with the red that’s now spread to my ears. It’s during moments like these that I wonder how I deserve to be here with her. 

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A/N: Written for @captain-rogers-beard​ One hit wonder challenge. MAN I waited soooo damn long for this. This is kinda like the first writing thing Ive posted. And I’m thinking of making a series, waddya guys think?

Warnings: Angst, depreciative thoughts..??

Word count: 497

That song Sam had played the other day incessantly rattled around Bucky’s head.

I thought it was you Who said they’d die for love And now you’ve given me, given me Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams

James Buchanan Barnes fell in love too easily. Maybe it was his easy-going nature. He would easily charm every single person he met. People loved Bucky and Bucky loved them right back.

He still remembers the first time he fell in love. He was 9, a girl his age gave him a flower and a kiss on his cheek. He pressed the flower in between the pages of a book and had kept it with him for so many years. Would have kept it with him till his death. If only life wasn’t so reluctant to let him off that easily. Maybe life loved him as much as he had once loved life.

After the fall, after years and years of seeing only the worse side of humanity, being the worse side of humanity, Bucky Barnes fell in love with Steve Rogers. For the second time. And it took a while but Bucky believed, truly believed that for the first time in what felt like forever, he might actually get a shot at life. To not just survive, but to live.

And then a titan snapped his fingers and everything turned to dust.

He didn’t really blame Steve for leaving. Every one of them was sick of blood and death. Maybe he would’ve gone too if he had the chance. But how could he possibly bring back 70 years for trauma back to his family? How could he possibly fill the shoes of a boisterous 20-something-year-old boy with too much heart and knows nothing of cruelty? He was a shadow of his past self. He couldn’t see one more person mourn the loss of that boy when he was still very much alive.

Feel like I could run away, run away From this empty heart You’ve given me, given me Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams

Bucky watched Sam walk to Steve sitting on the bench by the lake. He expected it to take longer. Something as life-altering and significant should’ve taken more time right? He felt like his feet were rooted to the ground. Maybe he should’ve walked up to Steve and told him he was happy for him. But Bucky thought he would break completely if he tried to speak. So he settled for watching from afar.

Then Sam was holding the shield. The godforsaken shield. He couldn’t care less for it. Or for the title, Steve had held onto so dearly. But Sam was perfect for it. People would love Sam.

Bucky watched the wind drag stray leaves onto the surface of the river. He wondered why he still stayed. No one ever stayed for him.

So Bucky turned on his heel and left.

Feel like I could run away, run away From this empty heart 


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Wanda x reader x Bucky

Notes: In the same universe as Black & Red (A series I did want to do, but never got around to).

It had been a year since the three of you had your first dinner date. It had been a year since the three of you became a throuple. It had been a year since you fell in love with Wanda and Bucky.

You could honestly say that there had been very few moments in your life, where you had been as happy as you were with Bucky and Wanda. In Clint’s words, the two brought out a lightness in you that he hadn’t seen since the two of you were much younger. And you agreed with him.

With Bucky and Wanda, you felt as if for the first time in years, the world wasn’t resting on your shoulders. That for once the world wouldn’t burn if you took a day off, that for once you could relax and feel happy and the world would not implode.

“Ugh, I want to be dead.” Wanda groaned, rolling over and pressing her face into the red pillow beneath her.

“No, you don’t.” Bucky sighed, pulling the black duvet off her warm body. “Come on sweetheart, you’re going to overheat if you keep your face in the pillow.”

“I don’t care.” Wanda said, her voice muffled from the pillow. 

“Wanda please.” Bucky begged, putting his hand on her shoulder and attempting to roll her over himself. Wanda stayed firmly where she was.

“Wanda, get your face out of the pillow.” You chided, walking into the room holding a tray with a bowl of soup and a mug of tea. “I’m not asking you hon. I’m telling you.” You added, sitting the tray on the bedside.

None of you moved for several seconds before Wanda let out a loud sigh and rolled over. She had a large pout plastered onto her red toned face.

“How did you get her to listen to you?” Bucky whined, taking a sea on the edge of the bed. “I asked her nicely.”

“You’re forgetting I’m related to Clint. He is a human disaster. I’ve gotten really good at getting injured and sick people to do what I want.” You told the man, placing a kiss onto the top of his head as you placed the tray on Wanda’s lap.

“I had to deal with Steve for the better part of his skinny life. Shouldn’t that have helped me?” Bucky questioned as you sat on Wanda’s other side.

“Steve gives in too easily.” Wanda mumbled, picking up her spoon and eating her soup. “This is good Ciorba de Perisoare.” She complimented.

“Thank you.” Bucky said, throwing his arm around her shoulders. “There was a lady in my apartment building when I was living in Bucharest. She made a big pot every Sunday and shared it with everyone in the building.”

“She sounds nice.” You said, playing with his fingers.

“Yeah she really was.” Bucky said, smiling as he watched you play with his fingers. 

“Well whoever she was, she gave you a really good recipe.” Wanda spoke up, having already eaten half the bowl in front of her.

“It’s nice to see you’re eating at least.” You said. “You haven’t had much of appetite in the past few days.”

“I know.” Wanda sighed, taking a sip of her tea. “I’ve always been like this. Anytime I get sick, I don’t have any kind appetite.”

“If you’re eating that must mean you’re feeling better, right?” Bucky asked her.

“A bit.” Wanda nodded. “I still feel like shit. I’m so tired.”

“You haven’t been sleeping well since you got sick have you?” You questioned her, brushing the hair out of her face.

“Not particularly.” She sighed, pressing her face into your hand and closing her eyes. You looked over at Bucky who nodded as he took the tray off Wanda’s lap. 

“Come here kolibri.” You cooed, pulling her closer to you. Wanda curled into a ball as she pressed herself into you. She rested her head on your chest as Bucky curled up behind her and lay his arm over her waist.

“Go to sleep, sweetheart.” Bucky said, running his hand down her side. “You’ll feel better when you wake up.” He promised.

“I love you two.” Wanda murmured against your chest.

“We love you too, draga.” You said, pressing a kiss to her hair.

“Steve just called me.” You announced as you entered the bedroom. 

“Are they coming home?” Wanda questioned, looking up from the clothing she was folding.

“Yeah.” You sighed, taking a seat on the edge of the bed. “Steve thinks they should be here in about two hours.”

“What else did he say, kitten?” Wanda questioned, moving to stand in front of you. “Come on, tell me.”

“Buck had to kill someone.” You admitted, seeing her face drop. “He had to kill a few people.”

When it came to missions, the general rule was to injure only so you could take them in. But sometimes, this was just not an option. Sometimes the only thing you could do was kill. When it came to these types of missions; you, Clint, Natasha and Bucky took it upon yourselves to be the ones to kill.

The four of you had done it before, it had been your jobs before joining the Avengers, and on these missions you made it your job once more. The four of you ensured that any death that came on the day would be because of you. You did this to spare the others from tainting themselves.

But Bucky, Bucky would always regret it later. Yes, you, Clint and Natasha would all feel bad for the deaths that occurred at your hands but you had learnt long ago to separate yourselves from those emotions. Bucky was still trying to get over the things he’d done because of HYDRA but he still tried to spare the others from staining their hands.

“Is he shutting down?” Wanda questioned, running a hand though her hair.

“Yeah. According to Steve he hasn’t said anything since they got on the jet.” You said. “What do you think the plan should be tonight?”

“I think we should just go with plan C.” Wanda said, sitting next to you. “It works 95% of the time.” 

“Okay, plan C it is.” You nodded. “We have two hours before they get back.”

“And that means we have two hours to get ready.” Wanda said, standing and reaching her hand out towards you.

Two hours went by quickly and before you knew it, you and Wanda were in the hanger waiting for the jet to land.

When the jet landed, the team who went with Bucky all filed out quickly. They all appeared tired and in need of some form of medical treatment. Steve and Bucky were the last to exit the jet. Steve had a few bruises and his arm appeared to be bleeding. Though Bucky wasn’t bleeding, he was limping slightly.

There were no words spoken as you and Wanda moved forward to greet Bucky. As Wanda embraced Bucky you gave Steve a worried look but he only gave you a small smile and wave before he left the room.

“Hi Buck.” You said, gently pulling Bucky into your arms. The long-haired man didn’t say anything as he gripped the back of your shirt. 

“Let’s get you upstairs.” Wanda said, wrapping her arm around the man’s waist. Bucky didn’t respond as the two of you guided him back to your floor. The two of you led him into the bathroom and quickly stripped him of his uniform and weapons.

Wanda set up the bath so that it was hotter than usual and the two of you helped him into it. It was when the two of you moved to leave that Bucky finally spoke.

“Stay.” He croaked. “Please.” He added.

You and Wanda nodded, sitting on the edge of the tub.

“Of course.” You smiled, running your fingers through his hair. 

“We’ll always stay, James.” Wanda said, reaching into the water and holding Bucky’s hand. With some coaxing from the two of you Bucky washed the battle from his skin and stepped out of the tub. You and Wanda dried off his exhausted form, helped him into a pair of boxers and into bed.

You and Wanda climbed in after he did. Wanda curled up under his chin and you spooned him from behind.

“Just go to sleep Buck.” You said, running your fingers soothingly up and down his spine. “We’ll be right here.” You and Wanda continued to mutter soothing words to the hurting man until he drifted off to sleep. “Plan C.”

“Works every time.” Wanda said, a smile in her voice.

“Doll, please come to bed.” Bucky said from the doorway. Turning away from the laptop you’d set up hours ago you gave Bucky a small smile.

“I just need to finish this report. I’ve only got a little to go. It’ll only take me another hour, maybe less.” You promised him before turning back to the computer. You immediately began typing again, not noticing Bucky who was moving closer to you.

“You’ve been working for hours, doll.” Bucky said, resting his hands on your shoulders. “You don’t have to turn it in for another two days, there’s no need to finish it tonight. Come to bed, doll.”

“I promise, I’ll be there soon. I’m almost finished with it, I swear. I just really want to finish this, Buck.” You said, leaning back into Bucky’s chest. 

“One hour.” Bucky said, pressing a kiss onto the crown of your head. “One hour, doll. Or else Wanda will drag you back to bed.”

“I promise.” You chuckled, leaning up to kiss the man. “Love you, Buck.”

“Love you too, doll.” He said, giving your shoulders one last squeeze before moving back into the bedroom. Cracking your neck, you turned back to the laptop and began typing once more. After a half hour of working you let out a long sigh.

You’d decided that resting your eyes for a few minutes couldn’t hurt and lay your head down on the table in front of you. You’d barely been asleep a few minutes before you felt yourself being lifted into someone’s arms.

“What’s going on?” You mumbled, opening your heavy eyes. 

“Go back to sleep, kitten.” Wanda hushed you as she walked the two of you into the bedroom.

“No I’ve got work to do.” You grumbled struggling to keep your eyes open. “I’ve gotta finish it.”

“You can finish it in the morning.” Wanda told you, putting you in bed with Bucky who promptly pulled your back into his chest. “You have to get sleep, kitten. Or you won’t be able to get anything done in the morning.” She added, getting in next to you.

“Fine.” You mumbled, pressing your face into Wanda’s chest. “You’re lucky you’re so warm.” You said into her chest.

“I’m going to take that as a compliment.” Wanda chuckled.

“You should.” You told her. “I love you Wanda.” You said as your eyes closed again.

“I love you too kitten.” She said as you fell asleep, feeling warm and safe trapped in between the two warm bodies.

The three of you agreed on most things but one thing you all agreed about, with absolutely no doubt in your minds, was how warm it was when the three of you got together. And the warmest place to be, was fast asleep in the middle of the other two.

The only place in the world, where you all believed it to be safe.


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Coming soon;

Wanda x reader x Vision

Steve x reader x Bucky x Wanda

Bucky x reader x Loki

Natasha x reader x Tony x Bucky

Natasha x reader x Wanda

Tony x reader x Steve

Steve x reader x Thor

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Okay so it’s 2:40 am and I just finished binging A New Maybe and I LOVED IT! The way Bucky and the reader’s relationship developed, slowly but oh so sweetly, was amazing! Nothing at all felt forced and the whole thing was written so beautifully. I kept wanting to laugh and cry all throughout the story. I was wondering if you would be interested in writing something about the reader and Jason finally getting together? And maybe some protective/loving dad!bucky in the mix?

Oh my stars, my heart! Thank you so much for the kind words! And yes! I’d absolutely LOVE to write this scene! I’ll tag you in it when it is done. I have a couple other requests I’m working on, but I’ll get to it as soon as possible!


A New Maybe Masterlist

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Bucky comes home, and his best friend is looking like a dream. 
Warnings: None!

Becca is the first to hug him when he gets off the ship. Her arms tightened around his neck, her feet lifted off the ground, more than happy to have her big brother home. He doesn’t let her see him wince at the pain in his shoulder as he spins her around. When she’s settled back on the ground he keeps her close to his side, tucked under his arm as he goes to greet his ma with a hug as well; the three of them reunited. 

And then he sees her, two feet away. The girl who followed him around the schoolyard, and helped him keep Steve out of trouble. He’s missed her. 

She’s different now. A good different he decides. Not that she wasn’t pretty before, but now she’s standing in front of him looking like a dream, and he can’t help but wonder how he missed it. 

He remembers her on the docks the day he shipped out. Her hair was down, held back from her face with a simple cloth bow; she was wearing a blue dress, cut straight so it hung away from her waist and hips, paired with the white cardigan she’d owned for forever.
Today, she stands before him with her hair curled and styled, wearing a dress cinched at the waist that highlights curves he didn’t know she had. But it’s the lipstick that really catches him off guard. His whole life he’s never seen her with painted lips, maybe blushed cheeks if she was asked out to the pictures, but never lipstick. She’s a changed woman.  
She’s looking down at her shoes when he makes his way over to her, tilting her chin up with his thumb and forefinger. 
“Y/N L/N, are you wearing lipstick?” he asks, his tone playful and light like it’s always been with her. 
she can’t help but smirk, “Maybe. What’s it to ya Barnes?” 

That night she joins the Barnes’ for dinner. Becca tells him about school and all of the neighbourhood drama he’s missed out on since he left. His ma tells him about Dot from down the road getting hitched, and Bucky can’t help but notice Y/N shift uncomfortably at the mention of his past lover. 

When the dishes are done and dried, leftovers packed up for Y/N to take home to her folks, Bucky offers to walk her home. 
“So, what’s with the new look?” 
“The girls at the factory have been givin’ me their magazines and order books from the department stores”
“Well, you’re looking swell, but you did before too,” Bucky tells her, his hand reaching for hers. 
“I figured I had to grow up. I’m almost twenty-five Bucky. I gotta find a husband sometime”. 
“I’m sure you’re not lacking any offers doll”.
“How many boys have you ever seen look my way?”
Bucky furrows his brows. He hadn’t really noticed. He was always keeping Steve out of fights, or looking at her…
“I don’t know sweetheart. I was always looking at you”. 
She laughs, “I’ve missed you, Bucky Barnes”
“I missed you too, doll,” he smiles as they reach her doorstep. 
“Mind if I take you out sometime?” He asks pressing a kiss to the back of her hand. 
“Any day of the week Barnes, I’m yours”. 

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hello i have nOT written in ages so here is a challenge for myself to write at least 500 words a day, a prompt a day:


Originally posted by xopsychogirlxo

  1. fake dating - silver dress
  2. mutual pining
  3. friends to lovers
  4. coworkers
  5. coffee shop au
  6. single dad au
  7. best friend’s girlfriend
  8. break up 
  9. hogwarts au
  10. soulmate au
  11. youtuber au
  12. actor au
  13. amnesia
  14. wedding au
  15. meet cute
  16. high school au
  17. college au
  18. prince au
  19. super power au
  20. first kiss
  21. secret identity
  22. tattoo shop
  23. secret admirer
  24. proposal 
  25. petnames
  26. hand holding 
  27. restaurant au
  28. 1940′s
  29. biker au
  30. florist au
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