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ooh yes yes yes oh my goodness i love this! i decided to make the best of both worlds and have a (kind)witch!reader and bucky dressing their kids up for halloween. okay so for this she isn’t so much of a witch, but she has the same powers as wanda and a similar backstory. also after rereading this i realize that this could be a part two that takes place five years from “keeping me warm”, so if you want you can read it like that. i went a little itty bit far with this but i felt the mood for fluffiness so i hope you enjoy<3


“Mama, mama, can you help me zip up the back of my dress?” You turned, a three month-old baby on your hip, holding a pair of scissors between your teeth as you looked at your oldest daughter who was impatiently tapping her foot on the ground. The back of her space-princess dress was half-zipped up, both arms reaching behind her head though she couldn’t reach the zipper. 

“Yeah, baby, let mama do it.” With one hand you expertly zipped up the back and smoothed down her hair which was in it’s usual Rebecca Barnes mess. Curly locks of chestnut hair fell short above the five year-old’s shoulders, topped with a headband with small planets decorating it. “You’ll be the prettiest space-princess all of New York has ever seen.”

“Not all of New York, mama, the whole wide galaxy!” Nico chimed in. He’d always admired his older sister, despite only being a year younger, and had decided to match with his sister and became one of Rebecca’s royal Martian subjects for the special night.

Halloween was never a stressful holiday before this one, with all of your kids being too young to go out trick-or-treating. You were scared of letting them go out, even if they were with their dad, and you wanted nothing more than to coddle them all in blankets know they were safely tucked in the house with you. However, it was Rebecca’s first year of school, and with relentless begging and pleading you had backed down and allowed them to go. 

The school day seemed to have gone by so quickly, with two of your kids at their respective schools, and baby Emma staying home with you. You picked Nico up from preschool, Rebecca up from kindergarten, and by the time they had gotten home, eaten their dinner, played for a bit, and gotten into their costumes it was already six o’clock. Bucky had been at the compound all day; after you gave birth to Rebecca he decided to step down from missions and just trained the recruits, and you were on maternity leave for another good two months before you got back out in the field. Every inch of you was dying to go back on missions, no respect to single-moms, but you had too much energy and were tired of sitting on your ass all day. 

“The great father of this household politely asks her Royal Highness and her subject to please help put the groceries away.” As soon as they heard their father’s voice the two older Barnes children sprinted as fast as they could to embrace him. Bucky stumbled backwards with their arms around his torso, but chuckled at his kid’s silliness and love. “Hey, guys, I missed you a ton.” He kneeled down to their height, cerulean eyes you loved so much filed with nothing but pure happiness. “Can you help me put away the groceries? I got you some broccoli because you need to eat more veggies, Nico, I know you haven’t been eating them.”

The young boy frowned, clearly upset that his dad caught him trying to sneakily avoid his greens, but nonetheless took the small bag of groceries to the kitchen counter. “Hey, baby, how was work?”

Bucky locked the door and sauntered over to you with a smile on his lips. “Boring, I miss having you there.” He pecked a quick kiss on your lips, moving on to the baby girl with the same eyes as him. “Hi, Em, did you miss your dada?” There was a hopeful tilt at the end of his question, waiting for the baby to say something in return

He got nothing but a wide-eyed stare.

With a huff he wrapped an arm around your waist and buried his head into your neck, sweet vanilla and cinnamon invading his senses. “Give it a while, Buck, she’s only three months old.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Nico and Rebecca’s chatter about candy faded in the background as soon as the lock on the knob of the door started rattling again. “Doll, I should probably tell you that I-”

“Guess who’s favorite uncle is here?” Sam yelled through the house, adorning a Mad Hatter costume and large bags that seemed like they were full of-

“Candy!” Both Rebecca and Nico swarmed their “cool” uncle and started to peek in the bags.

“Wilson! I told you you could come over, not feed my kids junk.” Bucky grumbled. He walked to his friend, snatching the bags of candy out of his hands and putting them away, effectively ignoring the cries of his children. “You munchkins are about to go out trick-or-treating, you don’t need any more sugar.”

Sam walked over to you with a kiss on the cheek for cooing at the baby in your arms. “Aw, come on, Barnes, I’m just trying to have some fun. A man’s gotta do something to ensure their place as the favorite.”

An eye roll from Bucky and a wink from Sam, the two men slumped onto the couch where you sat. “Mama, are you gonna come with us? Can you do the magic for us, please?”

The kids were never supposed to know about your past, a past full of darkness and pain until Bucky walked in. It was only a year ago when they had seen footage of you with their Aunt Wanda controlling objects with wisps of glowing red energy. You had cried into Bucky’s arms the whole night after that as he comforted you, knowing how terrifying it was to have your kids know that other side of you. Your kids, the innocent ones they were, thought you were still the most amazing and badass mom who could bake the best cookies and was like a witch. Yeah, they had lots of bragging rights at school.

Bucky pulled Nico into his arms and nuzzled the boys face, letting the little boy squeal at the feeling of stubble on his soft skin. “Not tonight, Nico, your mama needs her rest. I’m gonna take you kiddos tonight.”

The soft “aww” of the kids was silenced by Sam’s proposition. “I can take the kids if you want, Bucky, that’s actually why I came over. You’ve had a long week and I’ve been on bed rest from the leg. You stay home with your wife and start working on my next nephew,” you punched him in the arm, eliciting a wince from the large man, “or niece.”

“I just gave birth three months ago, Sammy, I’m not doing that anytime soon.” A quick look at you husband for confirmation, you turned back to Sam. “Are you really okay with taking Nico and Rebecca?”

“Of course! We’re gonna go tear up the state.” A peck on the cheek from the Falcon, and he took your kids in his arms and slammed the door open. “We’ll be back in two hours! See you later!”

Another thud let you know that Sam had left, little Emma jerking in response to the loud sound. Bucky took this as an opportunity to sprawl out, head coming to rest in your lap as he took a deep sigh. “Just the three of us for Halloween this year, huh, doll?”

“Yeah, Buck, just the three of us.” 

It wasn’t anything fun. It was you, Bucky, and Emma passed out on the couch a only six in the evening, exhausted from the days activities. But in the moment, you couldn’t find anything more special to than to share October 31st with two of your loves wrapped around you.

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PAIRING: bodyguard!bucky barnes x innocent actress!reader

WARNINGS: age gap, anxiety, angst

A/N: it’s me again back with the angst xxx



     - You were right about there being no wind. The blossoms are coming down by themselves. Just their time to, I think. 

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The Girl Out of Time

Pairing: Bucky x Reader and Sam x Reader

Background: Willow Roffe was born and raised in Brooklyn. She lived her life as happily as she could with her two childhood best friends Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. When they both left her to join the military she tried to continue with life but that didn’t get to happen for her for the simple fact that she meant something to James Buchanan Barnes.

Rating: Story will be overall MATURE but not every chapter. There will be strong language, talk of both mental and physical abuse, some good ole angst, and smut. There will be a warning at the beginning of the chapter when it includes smut.

Chapter 34


Originally posted by myimaginesworld

Heat had returned to his body now. His chest was rising and falling in a calm even motion. He slept most of the day. Three of the little boys in the village kept popping their heads in to see if he was awake. I didn’t mind. They were just curious.

It was almost evening when I finally stepped outside the hut. The sun was giving the grassy land a golden glow. I stretched as the boys came running back to the hut. This time all three of them quietly went inside. Just as I was about to tell them not to wake him I spotted Shuri.

“Shuri” I said quietly to get her attention.

“Good evening Willow. How is he?” She asked nodding to the hut.

“He’s-” I started.

The three boys came running out of the hut straight to Shuri. She laughed.

“Were you bothering the man?” Shuri asked them.

The boys all started talking at once blaming the others for bothering James. I couldn’t help but chuckle at them. I turned around at the sound of shuffling feet. The next second James appeared in the door of the hut. The boys screamed then ran off shouting “white wolf”.

“Stop it!” Shuri shouted after them.

James. He’s awake and standing right in front of me. He gave me a small lopsided smile. My heart leaped as I flung myself around him. He stumbled back slightly but righted himself. He wrapped his flesh arm around my back holding me tightly to him.

“You actually stayed.” He whispered.

“Of course I did.” I pulled back from him.

“How are you feeling?” Shuri asked from behind us.

James smiled.

“Good” he nodded.

“Good, come with me. You have much more to learn.” Shuri said gesturing for us to follow her.

We didn’t hesitate to follow her back towards the palace. James and I walked next to each other. His hand grabbed mine tangling our fingers together. I smiled down at it. It was a small and sweet action but it made me feel lighter than air.

“I’m really glad you stayed.” James said quietly keeping his eyes on Shuri walking ahead of us.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” I smiled looking down at my feet.

He squeezed my hand gently causing me to look up at him. He smiled down at me.

“Have you spoke to Steve?” He asked.

“I have a few times. He’s been busy with Sam, Nat, and Wanda. Still taking on the bad guys. A little more vigilante style though.” I chuckled softly.

We followed Shuri into the labs. She gestured for James to take a seat on top a metal table. She unwrapped the cloth from around his torn metal arm then began looking it over closely.

“We’ve made you a new one.” She told him.

I stood on the other side of him still holding his hand. He was a tough guy he didn’t need the support but I knew he appreciated it. Plus it made me feel a lot better to be here. Shuri worked silently for a few minutes then told James to move to a chair. I was made to stand a few feet away from him this time. They gave him a sedative the worked on detaching the remaining metal.

I watched as much as I could but I had to close my eyes at some points. James was awake but he didn’t move or make a peep. Once the metal was removed a man walked in holding a full size arm. They lined it up with his flesh body then quickly worked on attaching it.

I let out a relieved breath once they all stepped back from him. Shuri quietly thanked the two men for their help then sent them on their way.

“How does it feel?” She asked him.

He was quietly for a moment as he raised the arm. He moved it slowly in different directions then nodded.

“Feels good. It’s light.” He told her.

“I want you to train here with Okoye every day. It will not only allow you to get use to the new arm but she will help you learn discipline and more control. We have erased the verbal triggers but I’d rather be safe than sorry on any other triggers.” Shuri explained.

James nodded. Shuri sent us back to our hut after telling James he could start training in a few days. For now she wanted him to rest.

“Does it feel different?” I asked him as we walked.

He looked down at his arm. He moved his fingers then made a fist.

“Yes. It feels better. It feels like this one was actually made for me. The other felt like a forced fit.” He explained.

The rest of the walk was silent. It was a comfortable silence that made this feel like we were back home again. We reached the hut to find one of the older woman of the village standing outside it. She smiled at us then reached two bowls towards us.

“Thank you” I told her with a smile as we took the bowls.

She smiled then nodded. She walked back towards the other guys as the two of us went inside our own. We sat on the floor that was covered in blankets.

“How long have we been here?” James asked as he looked down at the bowl.

“Almost four months.” I answered simply.

I immediately dig into my bowl’s contents. The woman had been the one to bring me food every day since I’ve been here. I knew that it would be delicious no matter what it was. James, on the other hand, looked at his bowl questionably.

“Eat Jamie” I told him with a smile.

“What is it?” He asked scrunching you his face.

“Delicious, now stop being picky and just eat it.” I chided him.

He smirked at me but nodded. He groaned softly at the taste of his first bite. I chuckled to myself. When we were both finished I took the bowls back to the woman in the village. When I returned to our hut James was laying down with his hands behind his head.

“Don’t you look comfy.” I teased.

“Come here” he smiled holding his metal arm out to me.

I didn’t hesitate to lay down next to him on the blankets. I cuddled in close to his side laying my head on his chest.

“Things could be good here. Normal.” He practically whispered.

“I was thinking the same thing.” I agreed quietly.

“Is that what you want?” He asked as his metal fingers started to play with my hair.

“I want whatever life I can get with you James.” I answered him.

“So a normal, mundane life here in Wakanda would make you happy?” He asked.

“It’s not just about my happiness Jamie.” I told him.

He chuckled softly.

“You are my happiness Willow.” He whispered then placed a soft kiss to the top of my head.

My heart was beating erratically in my chest. Heat filled my entire body. I forced myself to sit up causing James to raise a brow at me.

“A normal, mundane life here with you would be all I need to be the happiest woman on Earth.” I told him keeping my eyes on my own hands.

I felt him move beside me.

“Plus, you still have a promise to keep.” I added smirking over at him.

He was still laying down but now he was propped up on his elbow. He chuckled at my words.

“Indeed I do. I’ll be making good on that real soon doll. Until then..” he trailed off as he grabbed at me.

I laughed as he easily pulled me back down to him. I fell on top of him. Without hesitating he grabbed my face then crashed his lips against mine. My entire body flooded with heat. At the same time I felt like I was flying. My heart was as light as a feather as it spun around in a solo dance in my chest.

“Jamie” I whispered against his lips.

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