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#james barnes x reader
writingsoftheloser · 2 days ago
A Change of Heart | MASTERLIST
A Pride and Prejudice AU
Tumblr media
Summary: He’s rich, arrogant and vain and you have no intention of letting your pride go. You’ll soon find your lives entwined and discover that perhaps, perspective has more weight than you could ever think.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Warnings: Specified at the beginning of every part. Generally there could be swearing and just some angst.
Status: WIP - it’s on a bit of a hiatus right now.
[please do not repost my work anywhere without my explicit permission, thank you]
Tumblr media
Prologue Part 1: Nothing Less than a Dance on Tuesday Part 2: It Started with a Sprained Ankle Part 3: Battles of Wits Part 4: Part 5:
To be continued...
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met4no1a · 2 days ago
MOB!barnes sitting casually at his table in one of many expensive clubs that he owns. not doing much, just observing whatever is happening on the dance floor. suddenly, you appear in front of him.
— can i help you, darling? — he asks.
— this guy has been harassing me all night.
and that’s when his knuckles turn white. james is not going to tolerate that kind of behaviour.
— which one?
the man shows up, looking at you like you’re a pray, and he’s a hunter. it makes you shiver. it makes you want to run to a bathroom stall to throw up.
— hey, girl. why don’t you sit with me? or on me, if that’s what you prefer.
— she’s good. — james says, his tone assertive.
— yeah? and what are you gonna do?
— why don’t we find out?
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certifiedskywalker · 5 months ago
Trouble Doubled - Bucky Barnes
Even after everything, you’re still the person who Bucky Barnes runs to when things go bad. Only now, he brings Sam who fails to hide his grin when he sees how James melts under your touch.
WARNINGS: Blood, stitches, and TFATWS possible spoilers (I think I was vague enough)
Tumblr media
“Ouch! That’s going to hurt in the morning!”
“Ha, it hurts now, actually,” Sam grumbled. 
You pressed your lips together to stifle the grin that threatened to spill over them. Unable to help yourself, you glanced at Bucky in the hopes he too was biting back a grin. Stood by the door, slightly shrouded in shadow, you could make out the half smile that played on his lips. Though, his expression quickly melted into a grimace as Sam groaned. Reality quickly crashed back down on your shoulders and you turned back to the man laid on the table.
“You’re not going to like this.” Before Sam could ask what ‘this’ was, you began to palpate his wound. He flinched away from your reach at first, but then settled in the discomfort.
“Mm, yeah, no, that doesn’t feel good, Doc.”
“Not a doctor,” you said, still pressing lightly into the bruised flesh. “And I have to make sure you didn’t crack a rib. Otherwise, you’ll need a doctor.”
“Gotta work on your bedside manner,” Sam said as he winced. You pulled your hands away with a sigh and he met your eyes. “Bad?”
“In the grand scheme of things, no. Just try not to throw yourself off a building for the next few days. Think you guys can manage that?”
“Maybe. Harder to fly without jumping first.” Sam groaned once more as he sat up and the pain seemed to convince him to heed your warning. “We’ll try, Doc.”
You rolled your eyes at him before turning to look at Bucky. Still tucked in the darker corner of the room, he seemed small. His brows were knitted tightly together by worry and you imagined that, if he met your gaze, you would see concern in his eyes. Pushed forward by your own worry, you strode over to him. At your growing closeness, Bucky lifted his eyes to yours.
“Your turn.”
“I’m fine, Y/N.”
Despite his protest, Bucky did not lock himself in place. Instead, he gave in and let you lead him by the arm, over to the table. Sam eyed him with a wide grin as Bucky landed in the same spot he had sat in only moments ago. He mouthed something to the century-old soldier that you caught, but could not make out.
“What happened to taking it easy? You told me after, you know, that you would ease into things.” You gestured to the rags you had used to clean Sam’s more minor wounds; the fabric pieces were now dyed a reddish pink from blood. “That doesn’t seem like easing into it.”
“You didn’t see the other guy,” Sam quipped. 
“I like to think you didn’t leave any of him left,” you fired back as you pinched Bucky’s chin between your forefinger and thumb. “Look at me.”
Bucky did as you told him to and met your gaze. You took a sharp breath in at the sight of him, at how his pupils blew out slightly as you studied his reaction. All at once, the air around you grew thick. This close, you could smell the sweat and ash on his skin, along with hints of whatever air freshener he had in his apartment. 
Was it coconut? Sandalwood? You couldn’t parse out which as you found yourself lost in the blues of Bucky’s eyes. The sound of Sam clearing his throat shook you from your haze.
“No signs of a concussion.”
“Really?” Sam asked, grin still plastered on his face. You raised a brow at him in question before you turned back to Bucky. 
“Why? Did you hit your head?”
“No,” he said, clearly tired of Sam’s commentary, “but if I did, it wouldn’t be a big deal.”
“Super soldier or not, a head wound is a head wound. Can you?” You gestured to his jacket and, with a sigh, Bucky pulled it off his shoulders.
“How do you two know each other again?” Sam asked, glancing around the room. “And why are we in an abandoned building.”
“Hard to trace us back here. Didn’t want to lead them to Y/N’s place,” Bucky said, tossing his jacket to the side. He winced as he did, and then you saw the blood.
With reaching hands, you peeled back the crimson-soaked material of his shirt. Your movement revealed a long gash along his side that, with each breath, sent dribbles of blood to his hip. Sam made a sound of surprise and mild disgust at the sight. You were inclined to agree with another shout, but you were too caught up in how to stop the bleeding.
“Lay back,” you ordered, pressing Bucky’s shoulder. He yielded and you pushed his shirt up to expose the entire length of the wound. “Why didn't you show this to me earlier?!”
“It’s not that bad.”
"You're bleeding," you huffed, "which is pretty indicative of bad, if you ask me. Sam?"
"This is not my battle,” he raised his hands and shook his head. “I know better than to intrude on a lover’s quarrel.”
Neither you nor Bucky spoke up to correct him. In your mind, you came up with a quick excuse: Bucky was bleeding and you needed to focus on stopping it. Sam’s comment could be corrected later. Though, when Bucky didn’t speak up, you felt your chest tighten. As you worked on dressing the gash, you glanced up at him and found his blue eyes trained on you. He was dwelling on your silence too.
You pulled yourself out of the whirlpool of his gaze and reached over his body towards your medical supplies. As you stretched, your chest pressed lightly against Bucky’s, but you swallowed hard and refocused.
“Sorry, need to sow you up.”
Bucky didn’t respond, but he did avert his gaze. He found some spot in the ceiling to stare at instead of you. His distraction allowed you to work without the prickling temptation to sneak glances at his features; for the most part. It was only when Sam moved to stand over at your side you did you look up from Bucky’s wound.
“Nothing, just wondering how many times you’ve done this before.” 
A bitter laugh slipped past your lips at his reply. “Too many times to count. If it’s not an Avenger, it’s a masked savior from Hell’s Kitchen. Someone always needs stitched up.”
“But James here is your favorite patient?”
Bucky’s tone set you on edge. It was warning, cold, and unlike the teasing you had grown fond of. Sam, knowing better than to piss him off, backed away from the table. You looked from him to Bucky and back again. When Bucky did not dare to meet your gaze, you felt a lump form in your throat. Tension weighed down your tongue, stopped you from saying a word or asking a question, despite your want to. 
“Alright, alright. I’ll leave you be, old man. I’ll check with Torres, see if he has anything.”
Bucky’s eyes remained fixed on the ceiling above you. He was quiet, like the first time you met, and distant. His gaze seemed far away, as if he were looking through the ceiling of this hideaway. After you heard the door of the room close behind Sam, you went back to work on Bucky’s side in silence. 
Carefully, you sowed the gash and tried to keep your hands steady. Every other jab with the needle made Bucky wince. You flinched at his sharp intake of breath and mumbled an apology before you went on to the next stitch. Five apologies later, the bleeding slowed and you gently pressed a crisp, white bandage to safeguard your handiwork. 
Immediately after you secured the gauze, Bucky moved to sit up. Before he could, you pressed on his shoulders again and pinned him in place. Though, you knew you couldn’t have pinned him if he hadn’t let you. Your upper body strength was nothing compared to his, you both knew that.
“Don’t move,” you said softly, “you’ll ruin my work.”
“It’s gonna be hard not to.” Bucky met your gaze and, in the dim light of the room, his eyes looked dark, almost sad. Something in his face, perhaps the dull, yet familiar laughter lines around his mouth or the bags under his eyes, alleviated the tension that had silenced before.
“You told me you wouldn’t. That you would take it easy and focus on making amends.”
Bucky closed his eyes at the disappoint that laced your tone. “I tried. I wanted to, Hell, I need to, but I can’t. I never could.”
“Because,” Bucky began to sit up from the table top, “I’m a soldier. I need the fight.”
You watched as he moved, as your hands slipped from his shoulders and fell back to your sides. He pulled his shirt down over his freshly bandaged wound. When he was covered, Bucky looked back up to you, saw your frown and frowned too.
“Soldiers get to come home,” you pointed out, arms crossed over your chest.
“If they’re lucky. I’ve never been lucky.”
You bit the inside of your cheek at that. He was right. Bucky told you his story once before, after a therapy session left him feeling a bit more dry than high. He told you that he couldn’t tell you everything, that he wouldn’t. He didn’t have to, but you still hoped for him.
“Luck can change.”
Bucky scoffed as he pushed himself to his feet. Now, at his full height, he towered slightly over you. Despite his looming figure, Bucky did not scare you. Even when he told you his story, what he had done, Bucky did not scare you. 
“Yeah, well, luck, or fate, or whatever, brought me to you and here we are,” he gestured to the dusty dwelling around you. You looked around with a careful eye before you playfully shrugged. 
“I’ve been in worse dives.” Bucky chuckled, a unforced sound that rose up from his chest against his will. “Really, I have.”
“I don’t doubt it. But we put you in danger, asking for your help here. I put you in danger.”
“Oh, are you serious?” You threw your hands up in the air, “there’s always going to be danger in this world. Aliens, war, bad luck.”
“I wanted to keep you safe,” he pressed, taking a step towards you. 
You could smell the perfume of the air freshener again, how it clung to his clothes. It distracted you, threw you into thoughts of what his apartment looked like, if he would ever share that part of him with you or if he would keep it locked away with his full story. You bit your tongue to keep yourself from asking, from wasting your breath on a question he wouldn’t answer. His words would have to be enough for you and, as if on cue, Bucky echoed his sentiment. 
“I wanted to keep you safe.”
“How noble, wanting to keep me safe, Barnes. Just me?” 
Silence was your immediate answer. Silence and Bucky’s full attention. You didn’t miss how his eyes flickered down from yours to your lips then back again.
“Just you.”
In the quiet that followed Bucky’s statement, you became frighteningly aware of your heartbeat again. It wasn’t pounding like before, but it felt loud, like it was pressing against your ribcage, begging to leap out and into Bucky’s arms. As if propelled by it, you found yourself leaning in towards his warmth just as he seemed to shrink away.
Before he was out of reach, you lifted your hands to his face and cupped his jaw. Stubble prickled your fingers and palm, though you were far too enraptured to care.
“Then stay alive,” you said softly, “change your luck and come home.”
In your mind, you did not picture Bucky’s home as his mystery apartment. Instead, you saw only this moment captured by some invisible third party. You saw home as just the two of you and the image made you heart beat a bit faster. 
“I’ll try.”
For a moment, the two of you just stared at each other, stewed in the new, easier tension between you. But then your resolve broke and you lips broke into a smile. Bucky mirrored your expression, a lopsided grin resting comfortably along his features. His eyes fell to the floor between you before he looked back into your face.
“Can...can I kiss y-”
“Yes, Barnes, please.”
Without wasting another second, Bucky leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. Your hands slipped from his jaw to the back of his head where your fingers tangled in the soft strands of his brown hair. One of his hands found your waist and pulled you close to him, while the other cupped your jaw. In sync, his mouth moved against yours and everything around you melted away.
No more wonderings or mystery. It was only you and Bucky, come danger, trouble, or bad luck; and Sam who lingered outside the door.
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mischiefmaybank · 5 months ago
cookies, kisses, and such
a/n: i sat down to write a prompt, wrote 3k words & then didn’t include said prompt <3 anyways bucky barnes hmu to make cookies whenever ur literally the love of my life word count: 3k or smth warnings: none! just pure fluff 
Tumblr media
Something had... shifted. 
Yet somehow, nothing had changed. You can’t put your finger on it, but sometime between then and now, there’s a difference. Well, that much was obvious — a lot of things had changed since Bucky and you became friends. 
In the beginning, he was colder. 
You couldn’t blame him, coming from where he did. He had rented up the vacant apartment that shared your left wall and for the first couple of months, you weren’t even sure if someone had moved in. It was quiet next door, and while there was a shuffle of furniture being dragged around for the first couple days, it went silent soon after. 
In fact, the only reason you found out there was someone living next door was because you ran overtime on your shift. You had ducked home through the rain and darkness, your noisiness the last thing on your mind as you stomped down the corridor, a hot shower the only thing on your mind. 
It must’ve been past midnight so you were hardly expecting to bound into someone and you gasped as you slammed into someone coming out of Apartment 5C, the one next to yours. 
Spluttering out an apology, you stepped back to take your first look at your neighbour — who only muttered an assurance under his breath as he passed. You had watched him walk down the hall without a sound under his boots and enter the stairwell, with a realization that had been someone in 5C all along. 
As you unlocked your apartment, stripped off your wet clothes, and stepped under the scorching stream of your shower, you cringed to yourself. All your loud attempted ballads that you thought only the tiled walls could hear, apparently had had an audience all along. 
Pulling back your sheets that night, you wondered where he was heading at this time of the night but before you could entertain any answers, you had drifted off to sleep. 
Somehow, you had ended up in front of his door the next day, your knuckles rapping on the wood. But, after the second knock, you were beginning to think that he just wasn’t going to open the door. 
And after the third knock, you began to question whether you had imagined the man you had all but tackled the night before. 
Shifting the plate in your hand, the cookies on them slide an inch to the right, still warm. You were initially worried he would know it was just a cheap box mix but now you’re just worried he’s not going to open the door at all. 
You sigh and pick up one of the cookies, taking a bite of it, ready to give up — right as the door finally cracks open. 
The chain on his door is still locked and from what you can see, the man behind it is very surprised to have a visitor. 
Your eyes widen, your jaw furiously trying to chew and swallow the bite you just took so you don’t have to speak through your mouthful. 
“Hh-i!” It comes out a bit muffled. You force yourself to swallow the half-chewed dough, wincing as it goes down. Your cheeks feel heated and you force an awkward smile on your face. 
“Sorry, I just…” you trail off, lifting the plate of cookies higher as an explanation. “I thought I’d be neighbourly since I genuinely thought there was no one lived here. Didn’t mean to subject you to so much bad singing.” 
The man steps closer to the door, his eyes scanning your face in analysis and for the first time, you get a good look at him too. 
His hair is cropped short, his face is scruffy like it’s been a week or so since he’s shaved and he’s donned in a dark hoodie. From what you can tell, he’s handsome as well. You’re half expecting him to close the door without a word but after a long assessment, you seem to pass the test. 
“Do you—” he clears his throat like it’s been a minute since he’s spoken. “You always steal a cookie when you’re giving them as gifts?” 
Your cheeks feel hotter and you smile. “Only when it’s a batch as good as this.” 
The man smiles and you feel a surge of pride. You move the plate into one hand and hold the other out. “The name’s y/n. Apartment 5B.” 
You flick your head towards your front door. 
The man’s eyes follow your movement for a second before they move back to your outstretched hand. He shuffles behind the door and it closes for a moment before it opens again, fully unlocked. He still hangs behind the door but sticks out a gloved hand, shaking yours briefly. 
“Bucky.” He introduces himself and you smile, finally having a name to a face. You hold out the plate closer to him and he hesitantly takes it from you. 
“I’ll promise I’ll try to avoid any Taylor Swift songs for the near future.” You joke and Bucky’s brow furrows for a moment before it clears. 
“Thank you.” He says, before retreating into the apartment, closing the door without another word. Huh, not the talkative type, you mused. 
But still a victory in your books, you smiled wider to yourself, wandering back to your own apartment. Bucky. Apartment 5C. 
He gets warmer with time. 
You seem to pass him more in the hall since actually meeting him; you wonder if he was always there or he’s scarily good at not being spotted. He doesn’t quite smile but gives a nod of sorts, to show that he recognizes you. It’s nice — you think for a while, that’s all it will be. 
You won’t lie, you’re more than a little disappointed. Besides the fact he looked cute and you wanted to be his friend, you had also given him your nicest plate. Guess you weren’t getting that back any time soon.
You’re munching on Chinese food on your couch, a sitcom running on the TV but you’re not paying much attention. 
It’s the end of another working week and you’re glad to finally be off your feet, though, you don’t exactly love the quietness in your apartment compared to the liveliness of the shift. It was more gossiping than terrible customers, so much you were almost sad to leave your work-friends behind.
A knock on the door startles your attention, head snapping towards the noise. You feel a pang of confusion, not expecting visitors, quickly turning to concern. Who could it be? 
You consider not answering it when it comes again, softer this time and curiosity wins over concern. Placing down your food, you pad towards the door and ensure the chain is in place before you twist the knob and pull. 
You blink for a moment as you realize it’s none other than Bucky on the other side of the door. 
Your eyes take in his awkward half smile and travel down to the plate in his hands— your plate in his hands. With a fresh batch of cookies atop it. He looks less scruffy than the last time you saw him, his hair a little cleaner. 
“Bucky, hey,” you begin, pushing the door closed enough to remove the chain. “I wasn’t expecting…” 
My plate back. The cookies. You actually talking to me again. You trail off, not sure which answer is most appropriate. Bucky seems to sense your loss of words, clearing his throat and shifting back and forth on his feet. 
“I thought I should return the favour.” He makes an attempt to smile wider. “Be neighbourly.” 
You laugh a little, removing your hand from the door to take the plate from him with a warm grin. 
“Thanks.” His eyes drift over your shoulder, to the murmuring talk of the TV and you swear you see his nose twitch at the smell of your takeout. 
You weigh up your options for a moment, chewing on your cheek before you inhale, making a decision. 
“Did you have any plans tonight?” You ask. 
Bucky’s brows lift, showing his surprise but it quickly morphs into a small smile. He shakes his head. 
“How would you care for some Chinese food and re-runs of New Girl?” Grinning, you open the door open wider in invitation and Bucky contemplates your offer for a minute. 
He steps forward and smiles back. “How disappointed will you be if I tell you I haven’t seen this New Girl show?” 
Scoffing dramatically, you shake your head in feigned disappointment. “I hope you’re prepared for a marathon, my friend.” 
Bucky found it hard not to like you. You’re inviting, funny and most importantly, you seem to genuinely enjoy his company. 
He would’ve never guessed that the remedy to being somewhat social again was through his pretty next-door neighbour, but he wasn’t going to complain. 
You showed him the popular media you liked, which naturally, became the stuff he liked too. You were nice about his dismal cooking skills, spitting the baking soda clump in one of his cookies back onto your plate without a word. And you made life in these dingy apartments seem nice. 
Each night he got to spend time with you, it became increasingly harder to return to his own apartment. It didn’t hold life like yours seemed to do. 
Bucky is good at reading people. He knows from a glance if you’re too tired from work to have him over, but you’re never not in the mood to see him. After some time, he’s pretty sure he spends just as much time in your living room as he does in his own apartment. 
He never stays over. That’s a given by now. You’ve stayed up with him chatting past midnight and even had him knocking gingerly on your door, later in the night, your music giving away the fact you're not asleep. But he doesn’t stay; in fact, you don’t think you’ve ever seen him get tired. 
You’re always the one stifling your yawns, slumping further down the couch, and letting your eyelids droop. Bucky’s a gentleman though, and he’ll take his leave when he knows you’re getting too tired but won’t tell him. 
He used to go at the first sign of a yawn but over time, you’ve convinced him that just because you’re yawning doesn’t mean you don’t want to hear the end of his story. Begrudgingly over time, he believed you. 
The one time you had actually fallen asleep on the couch, you awoke in the morning in your bed, a note on your bedside table that read didn’t want to wake you in Bucky’s scrawled writing and you smiled yourself giddy.
He’s warm enough that he almost glows now. 
It’s a drizzly Sunday evening and you’re dropping the last of the chopped spring onions into the Pho that’s bubbling away on the burner, filling your apartment with a delicious smell. 
Your hair is messily tied back from your face, a few strands escaping the hair tie and you’re wearing the only apron you own, covered in Australian flags brought back by one of your friends. 
A knock sounds on the door. 
“It’s open!” You call out, knowing from his knock that it’s Bucky on the other side. Besides, you’re expecting him — Sunday is the evening you always put aside for each other, even if you see each other every other day of the week. This week you haven’t had a chance to see him at all, much to your disappointment. 
You hear his boots on the wooden floor, the door closing, and the lock turning. You stir the pot, fighting to keep yourself from looking too eager at his arrival. His footsteps turn softer, showing he’s left his boots at the door and you bite back your smile, more than glad to know he’s comfortable here. 
“Hey, doll.” He murmurs and you turn to greet him with a smile. He sidles up to your side, peering down into the simmering broth, his hand unconsciously coming up to rest on your waist. 
“Sorry, I haven’t had time to come by this week. It’s been…” He trails off with a sigh — but as if he remembers where he is, who he’s with, his shoulders ease and he relaxes. 
“You’re fine,” you assure him, leaning into his side just a little bit. “Nothing a little hearty food can’t fix, right?” 
You pull your most cheesy smile and Bucky laughs, his eyes shining as he gazes down at you. If anyone else looked at the two of you, it would be an obvious guess that you were a couple. 
And it’s not like, you’re not. But, well, also, you hadn’t exactly talked to him about whatever this was. You didn’t want to be the one to bring it up, especially considering how long it had taken the two of you to become friends. 
But the part of you that really wanted to sling your arms around his neck and kiss him was getting harder to ignore. 
Clearing your throat, you step away from him and fetch the bowls from your cupboards. As you spin back to him, Bucky takes them from you without a word and begins to set up your little coffee table by the couch. 
Dinner is like usual; comfortable silence as you eat, quiet chatter from the TV, and the two of you drifting closer together on the couch. 
By the time your bowls are empty, your arm is pressed against his as you lean against one another. Your eyes are on the screen and so are Buck’s but every couple of minutes, they shift to check on you. After the 3rd time, you can’t stay silent. 
“You alright there, Barnes?” 
Bucky falters for a moment, his eyes jumping between the TV and your face like he’s trying to play off his previous staring. His eyes settle on you and he smiles in that heart-melting way. 
“Just thinking back to the first time we met — you with your cookies at my door.” 
You chuckle as you recall the memory all those months ago. It seems a lifetime ago, your best plate and the best cookies you could scrape together, all presented with your best smile. 
“I’ve got a box in the cupboard.” You say and raise your brows, knowing he’ll pick up on your suggestion. Bucky’s eyes light up and he sits up a little straighter on the couch. 
“Can we?” He asks. 
You push off the couch, getting to your feet in answer, and offer out your hand. “C’mon then.” 
Bucky grins with childlike excitement and takes your hand, leading the way to the kitchen with hurried footsteps that have you stumbling behind him. He releases your hand and ducks into your pantry, returning a second later with the box in his hands. 
“Someone’s eager,” you comment in a teasing tone, beaming adoringly at him. Bucky rolls his eyes with a grin and points towards the drawers. 
“Mixing bowls and spoons please, doll.” 
Following orders, you duck down and pull out all the baking equipment needed, and pop it onto the bench. Pulling out your phone from your back pocket, you select a 70s playlist and bob your head as Marvin Gaye’s Got to Give it Up begins to flow from your speakers. 
Bucky does a little shuffle that you think is supposed to be dancing and you giggle, rejoining at his side as the two of you begin to bake. 
It’s not very precise; Bucky’s spilled half the flour mix on the bench and you’re trying to stop laughing enough to fish out the eggshells you dropped into the bowl. You feel light, almost like you could float with how happy you feel right now. 
“Oh, this is funny to you, is it?” He says, still trying to scoop up the flour mix and tossing what he can in the bowl. You don’t get a chance to retort when he blows a handful in your face and looks far too happy about it. Your face contorts into shock, eyes squeezed closed for a moment before you open them again.
“James Buchanan Barnes.” Your tone seems to make Bucky grin wider, his nose scrunching in that adorable way that only happens when he’s really happy. 
“The full name. I’m in trouble now.” He smirks, watching as you shake your head in an attempt to dust off the flour. 
You do your best to glare but Bucky manages to crack it within a few seconds and you dissolve into giggles instead. 
He steps closer, his hands coming up to your face as he begins to wipe away the flour that hadn’t come off your skin. His thumb swipes gently along your cheekbone and you lean into his hand instinctively. You’re almost scared to breathe, just wanting to stay in this moment. 
“Still beautiful, even covered in flour.” He murmurs quietly and you wonder if he knows he’s even said that aloud. Your chest seems to fill with pure light and you know without a doubt that the thundering in your heart is love. You love this — you love him. 
So, you tell him in a way you know he’ll understand — turning your face and placing a soft kiss on the palm of his hand. 
Bucky swears he nearly melts right there and before he can lose the nerve, he ducks in and presses his lips against yours. It’s short and sweet but it still has his heart beating out of his chest in nerves. It’s been goddamn over 70 years since he’s done this. 
But you’re there, and you’re kissing him back. 
He pulls back, still close enough that his breath mingles with yours, and watches as your eyes flutter open, lips curling up in the most beautiful smile. Between you is only love, lighting up both your faces, alighting every sense. 
After a moment you lean forward and nudge your nose against his and gingerly connect your lips again, hands traveling up to rest on the sides of his face. 
This kiss is more assured, less nervous this time and Bucky swears he’s never been this lucky in his life. To be here, to be kissing you in your kitchen, chocolate chips scattered across the counter because you both wanted a trip down memory lane to when you first met. It’s almost comical how it comes around in a full circle. 
The song in the background switches, Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On opening notes interrupting your tender moment. You can’t help yourself as you break the kiss, tipping your head back as you laugh loudly and Bucky has never seen something more beautiful.
“I swear that wasn’t planned.” you gasp out between your laughter and Bucky looks amused, like he only half believes you. His hands drop from your face to your waist and he tugs you closer, lips meeting your hairline. 
“Cookies now?” He asks and you smile, content, with a nod. 
“Yeah, we can make cookies now Buck.”
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likeahorribledream · 2 months ago
okay I send a mini request?
Can it be please like in a new relationship with Bucky Barnes (like when the reader & him first start to date?) and she notices how touched starved he is - and maybe when she goes to touch him (in a non sexual way, like maybe she goes to take his hand or rubs his back??) he flinches at first? But soon realises that not everyone who touches him is gonna hurt him? 🥺 thats just what I’m thinking about this afternoon 😭
I hope this inspired something! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)
Thank you so much for requesting this. I loved the idea so much. It's a little different from what you suggested but I hope you still like it!
Missing Piece
Part Two
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 5k
Warnings: Not beta read, a whole lot of fluff, talks of anxiety and anxiety attack but it doesn't go into details.
This is my first request ever and I hope I did good. Feel free to send me more requests, I had so much fun writing this.
Tumblr media
When Steve first mentioned that Bucky would soon join them at the new house, everybody got a little wiry. The Winter Soldier’s reputation preceded him everywhere he went, his past was far from being a secret, whether you were an avenger or not.
You had gotten pretty close to Steve after you joined the team. Everyone had welcomed you with open arms and you had nothing to complain about, but Steve always went the extra mile. When you first moved in, he always made sure you were included in their group activities, if no one wanted to train with you he would always volunteer quickly so you wouldn’t feel like an outsider. The team had been together for a very long time before your arrival and it was never easy to let anyone in and to trust them, especially in life or death situations.
Steve had even made sure that your room was on the same floor as his so you’d know you always had someone you trusted around. He treated you like his baby sister and you loved it. He told you all about his life pre-serum and post-serum, telling you everything about his history with Bucky, never calling him once by the name Hydra had given him. You had heard so much about Bucky that you felt like you already knew him. You got excited when Steve told everyone he was going to join the team, from all the stories you had heard from Steve, he was definitely someone you wanted to have watching your back and to have as a friend.
Tumblr media
Steve walked in first to make sure that not everyone was waiting for them, like he had asked, as to not overwhelm Bucky as soon as he stepped inside. No one was really looking forward to meeting him, anyway. When he saw that the coast was clear, he gestured for Bucky to come in.
You had been reading in the other room, close to the front door, when you heard the door open, some shuffling and the door close. You stood up from the couch, securing your bookmark in between two pages before closing your book and holding it close to your chest as you walked over, grinning at Steve.
‘’You’re back!!’’
You looked around, not seeing Bucky anywhere. You frowned. You took a few steps towards Steve to hug him and that’s when you saw him, standing behind his best friend. Almost hiding.
You gave your friend a big hug before smiling at Bucky.
Bucky nodded towards you, not saying a word and avoiding eye contact. He looked at the book you were holding and focused on it instead of you. You kept your eyes on him for a few moments, looking at his face and how exhausted he looked. Not only physically but emotionally and mentally. You wanted to hug him so badly, tell him that he’s finally safe but you didn’t. You knew it would take some time before Bucky warmed up to you, and you were willing to wait.
Tumblr media
After that day, you weren’t hanging out with Steve as much as you used to do. You didn’t want to force his best friend to be around you, and Steve was the only person he knew and trusted so of course they were always together. You spent most of your days training at the gym or reading in your room, leaving the door open almost hoping someone would come over and talk to you but without Steve, you were always alone.
You were surprised when one day, as you were reading yet again, Steve knocked on your door before walking in, Bucky following right behind him. The soldier gave you a small nod before walking over to your book shelf and looking at every book you owned. Making a mental list of the ones he would to borrow one day.
Steve sat down next to you on your bed and wrapped his right arm around your shoulders, hugging you.
‘’Hi.’’ He grinned down at you.
‘’Hey, stranger.’’ You smiled, hugging him back.
He held you close to his chest, your head on his shoulder as you played with his fingers.
You were a very anxious person, always worrying about something or overthinking situations that happened long ago or could happen in the future, near or far. Steve picked up on it really quickly after meeting you. He did some research on anxiety and read somewhere that hugging anxious people helped calm them down, if they were ok with being touched. The next time he saw you, he told you everything he had learned about the subject. It touched you that someone had taken the time to look up ways to help you and to better understand you. You told him that you had read the same thing but you didn’t know if it worked with you because no one ever hugged you.
The next time he saw you getting anxious, he walked slowly towards you and held his arms open, giving you the choice whether you wanted to be touched or not at this moment. You didn’t hesitate before walking into his opened arms, wrapping your own around his torso and closing your eyes, resting your head on his chest. He hugged you so tightly, it was almost difficult to breathe but for some reason it only made you feel safer. From that moment on, he was always hugging you or holding your hands to ground you. The heroes living with them had gotten used to it but Bucky was surprised when he turned around to see you all over each other.
He noticed how relaxed you both looked, how at peace you seemed to be and he almost asked you to hug him in the same way but instead looked away, staring out the window. The thought of you touching him made his heart flutter while terrifying him at the same time. When strangers touch him, it never ends well for Bucky. Afterthe super soldiers left your room that night, Bucky asked Steve if you were his girlfriend and when Steve said no, he asked why he was holding you as ifyou were, that’s when he told him about your anxiety and that it was one of the ways he had found to ground you toreality when your mind started to go into the big, black hole that made you lose touch with your rationality.
Bucky spent the entire night reading about it on the internet, a tool he had found useful ever since he had ran away from Hydra, surprised to see that there were actual scientific researches about the whole thing. He thought about all the nights he had spent awake and terrified to go to sleep because of the things he would see once he closed his eyes, wondering if he had someone to hug would make him feel better. If he had you to hug. Without even knowing why, he realized that he had never craved someone’s touch more than he did yours. Maybe together you could help the other one heal but first he had to get over his fear of people touching him.
He decided to start small. Steve had told him multiple times that you weren’t scared of him but he wasn’t completely convinced, he was careful to not give you any reason to actually fear him.
Bucky joined yours and Steve’s conversations more often, not talking much but still participating. The first time you heard him laugh at something Steve had said, you thought your heart was literally going to melt in your chest. His eyes had lit up, the little creases around his eyes deepened and you swore in this moment you’d do anything to hear him laugh again.
After a while, you started to notice that Bucky was opening up to you more every day. You were happy about it; and scared you might do something wrong and make him shut you out like he did the rest of the people living with you.
A few weeks later, he started seeking you out on his own. Steve was gone on a mission for Fury, Bucky panicked, it’ll be the first time Steve would leave him on his own since he was brought to the house. Steve had told him that he’ll be okay, he wasn’t really alone. You were there, he could trust you. Then, it dawned on him. He was finally be able to spend time alone with you, without having to ask Steve and explain why he wanted to be alone with you. Panic was quickly replaced by excitement.
Tumblr media
You were in your room, sitting at your desk for once, looking at videos Steve had been sending you during his flight. You rolled your eyes every time you received a new link. The poor man thought he had just discovered all the hidden gems of the internet and you didn’t have the heart to tell him these videos had been going around for years. You were about to write back to him when you heard a small knock on your opened door. You almost jumped at the sound, no one ever came around when Steve was gone, you weren’t expecting anyone. You turned around in your chair and couldn’t stop the grin that spread on your face.
‘’Come in, James. You don’t need to knock.’’ You waved for him to come in.
His knees almost buckled under his weight every time you said his name. He had always hated it when people called him James but when you do, it had such an effect on him that he was sure he’d be ready to do anything for you as long as you kept calling him James. He cursed at himself in his head, he used to be so smooth. One tiny smirk and girls would line up to go out with him. He always knew what to say, how to make the girls blush. Now here he was, not being able to make a sound while blushing, just because you smiled at him and called him by his name.
He cleared his throat before talking, not trusting his voice after his little moment of weakness. He gave you a small smile and pointed his thumb over his shoulder, at your book shelf.
‘’I was- I was wondering if I could maybe borrow a book? I promise I’ll bring it back. It can be anything.. even if there’s some pages missing or somethin’..’’ He bit his lower lip to shut himself up, rambling too much for his own taste. You don’t think you had heard him say that many words in a row before and you tried to ignore the little butterflies that erupted in your stomach, all just from hearing the sound of his voice.
You brought a hand to your chest, pretending to be offended. Bucky opened his eyes wide when he saw your expression and cursed at himself, once again. Of course you wouldn’t want to lend him anything, he thought. It was stupid of him to even ask. Why would you trust him with anything? After everything he’s done, he’s surprised you even felt comfortable having him in your room.
‘’You think that I-’’ You paused dramatically. ‘’I have books with pages missing? Mr. Barnes.’’ You shook your head before continuing. ‘’I thought you knew me better than this.’’
He looked at you for a few seconds before laughing. It was definitely not the answer he was expecting. He was full on laughing, like he had done with Steve a few days ago, and you were glad you were still sitting because your knees went weak, once again, at the sound.
You had made Bucky Barnes laugh.
‘’Sorry doll, won’t make that mistake again.’’ He told you once he had stopped laughing.
You definitely needed to stay on the chair, your legs couldn’t be trusted around him, the new nickname having the same effect on you as his laugh.
Your cheeks felt hot as a bright pink crept up on your neck, all the way to your ears. Bucky noticed the sudden change of color on your face but didn’t say anything about it. He caught himself thinking about how soft your skin looked and about how much he wanted to brush his fingers on your cheeks.
‘’You can take whichever book you want, just not the one on my nightstand because I’m reading it.’’ You smiled.
It took Bucky about 5 minutes before finally picking a book. Well, actually it had taken him one minute to decide and 4 minutes to try to find an excuse to try and stay with you longer but he couldn’t think of anything. He grabbed the book and turned around, facing you to thank you and started walking out when you called out to him.
‘’Actually, I’d feel better if you read the book in my room. You talking about book missing pages worries me a little.’’ You teased, hoping he would stay with you.
He chuckled and walked back inside, holding both his hands up in surrender, one of them still holding the book. His heart started to beat faster at the simple thought of you wanting him around.
‘’Fair enough.’’ He smiled.
You pointed to the bean bag chair sitting in the corner, close to the book shelf and then to your bed.
‘’You can either sit there or on my bed.’’ Her eyes lit up and he recognized that look. He had seen it hundreds of times on Steve. That’s the look that came before he made a joke about him. ‘’Although, you might be too old to sit in a bean bag chair.’’ You stood up, pretending to look for the tag that had the warnings on it. ‘’How old are you? I think this if for child over 4 and adults under 70.’’
There it is. You had definitely been spending too much time with Steve, he thought before sticking his tongue out at you.
‘’My knees are probably in a better shape than yours.’’ He teased back before sitting on your bed, his back against the headboard.
You chuckled. ‘’Oh, most definitely.’’
You spent the entire day in your room reading while sitting next to Bucky on your bed. Never touching him, but being close enough that you could feel his warmth.
He couldn’t focus on the book at all, his thoughts always going back to how close you were sitting and how if he juststretchedhis hand out a tiny bit, he’d be able to hold your hand or wondering how it would feel to have you all snuggled up against his chest. He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t feel you moving your hand towardshis arm. You wanted to read to himsomething in your book that you thoughthe would love and without thinking you reached out to him to get his attention. Before you could even touch him, Bucky flinched so hard you thought he was going to fall off the bed. You brought your hand back to your body, holding it close to your chest.
‘’Bucky, I’m so sorry. I- I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry.’’
Tears started to blur your vision. You felt bad for not thinking before acting, you were scared that you had crossed a line and that he wouldn’t want to be around you and a small part of you felt sad that he didn’t want you touching him. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, so the tears wouldn’t fall. You weren’t about to cry in front of Bucky when he was the one that needed comforting.
‘’It’s okay.’’ He reassured you but it wasn’t okay. He was mad at himself for reacting in the way he did, when literally just seconds before all he could think about was feeling your skin against his own.
After what your refer to in your head as ‘’the incident’’, you were very careful to avoid any physical contact with Bucky. Every time you could feel him or his body temperature, you would take a few steps in the opposite direction to put some distance between the two of you.
Something Steve noticed the few days after he had came back from his mission. Bucky seemed almost sad and you well, guilt was clearly eating at you. Steve could tell something had changed while he was away but he didn’t know what. He didn’t ask questions, you would tell him in your own time.
Tumblr media
It had been a week since Steve had gotten back from his latest mission and he decided that a movie night was very much needed. He told everyone to be in the living room at 8pm sharp and that everyone had to wear their best Pjs.
‘’Yes Bucky that also includes you.’’ He added before his best friend had even opened his mouth to ask the question. He mumbled something under his breath, something only the other super soldier could hear. Whatever was said, it made Steve roll his eyes and chuckle to himself.
You ate dinner in your room, something that happened quite often, and decided to watch a few episodes of your favorite show while you finished dinner. You completely lost track of time, until FRIDAY’s voice echoed in your room.
‘’Captain Rogers would like to know if, and I quote, you had any intention on joining them in this lifetime?’’
You looked at the clock and cursed, running to the living room. Everyone was already sitting down and were waiting for you. You whispered a small ‘’sorry’’ before looking around to find an empty seat. There was one. Next to Bucky. You felt a little bit of anger towards your teammates for not wanting to sit next to him, it had been over a month since he had moved in, it was time they started warming up to him.
Little did you know that the empty spot next to Bucky had been left empty on purpose. He had been one of the firsts in the living room, he wanted to sit on the small sofa and to not be piled up on the big couch with everyone else. Every time someone had tried sitting down next to him, he glared at them until they sat somewhere else. Even Steve.
Tony almost warned you to not sit next to Bucky, that he didn’t want anyone sitting next to him but stopped himself as you sat down. Everyone was surprised that Bucky hadn’t glared at you, if they looked close enough they could almost see him smiling at you. A light bulb went off in Steve’s head and he smirked, understanding what was happening.
You were nervous to be sitting this close to Bucky, there was absolutely no space for you to move. You tried to stay as still as you possibly could to make sure you weren’t going to touch him by accident.
Bucky was looking at the screen but he wasn’t watching the movie. He noticed how you tried not to move but all he wanted was for you to be close to him, a lot closer than you were right now. He was racking his brain, trying to find a way to let you know what he wanted without having to actually say it out loud. He looked down at your hand that was laying flat on your thigh. The Avengers were way too engrossed in the movie to notice if he decided to reach over to you and held your hand.
He missed his old life. He missed his old self, the man he was wouldn’t be nervous at the idea of holding your hand. Hell, the old Bucky would probably be all over you; holding your hand, hugging you, kissing your cheeks and playing with your hair while you had your head on his shoulder.
You were sitting in a weird position and your butt started to feel numb. You needed to move. Looking at Bucky from the corner of your eye, you took your hands away from your thighs so you could uncross your legs and stretch them. You had been so focus on his face that you never saw his hand that had almost reached yours before you knocked into it as you moved. That also meant you didn’t miss the way Bucky flinched and recoiled, moving moreto his side of the sofa. Your heart tightened in your chest, a selfish part of you was hoping that Bucky would trust you by now.
You stood up so fast that everyone’s attention was on you instead of the screen.
‘’I don’t feel like watching a movie, I’m going to bed.’’ You mumbled before storming out of the living room. Bucky clearly didn’t want you anywhere near him and he should be able to enjoy the movie without having you ruining his night. You were always hiding in your room anyway, no one would miss you.
Steve looked at Bucky as confusion could be read all over his face, he frowned and waited for Bucky to say something but he just shrugged and looked away. From the outside, Bucky looked like he wasn’t fazed but inside, he wanted to explode. He couldn’t believe it happened, again. He didn’t mean to flinch, and hurt your feelings in the process.
The blonde stood up and walked over to your room. He listened for a few seconds to see if you were sleeping and when he heard you moving around, he knocked gently.
‘’Toots?’’ He called out. Steve had called you that once and you had hated it, so of course Steve started using it all the time and you secretly started loving it.
You opened the door and smiled at Steve. ‘’What’s up?’’
‘’Wanna tell me what happened with Buck?’’
You sighed and stepped aside, letting him in and closing the door behind him. You sat down on your bed and shrugged.
‘’I don’t think Bucky likes me that much. I thought we were getting along fine but he keeps flinching whenever I touch him and I totally understand why, with everything that happened to him but I don’t know.’’ You sighed and looked down. ‘’He almost looks disgusted every time I touch him by accident.’’
Steve started laughing, almost uncontrollably, the kind of laugh that would be contagious if it didn’t feel like he was laughing at you. You raised an eyebrow, frowning. You crossed your arms over your chest, hurt.
‘’Are you laughing at me?’’ He stopped laughing almost instantly and he shook his head, walking over to you quickly and sat down besides you.
‘’No. No, absolutely not.’’ He grabbed your hands. ‘’It’s just that Bucky is nervous around you.’’
‘’But why? He looks fine around other people. Did I do something wrong? If I did something he should tell me so I don’t do it again.’’ You pleaded.
‘’I assure you, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s the opposite. You’ve been nothing but sweet to him and he’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop. He doesn’t think he deserves kindness, from anyone, especially not from you. He’s so used to have people turn on him, he’s expecting the same to happen with you. Not that you would turn on him, but y’know.’’ He squeezed your hands.
You nodded. Of course you knew. Bucky spent the last 70 years being manipulated and tortured by people who claimed they were on his side. You wish you could make him see and understand that he isn’t the Winter Soldier anymore, that what happened was out of his control and that he deserved kindness and love as much as any of them did.
‘’I can’t believe I made this about me.’’ You dropped your head in your hands. ‘’I’m sorry, Steve.’’
‘’Stop it, don’t feel bad. This isn’t a ‘’normal’’ situation. It’s totally understandable for you to be confused. I’ve known Bucky my whole life, I can read him like a book otherwise I’d probably feel the same way you do.’’
‘’I should probably go apologize to him.’’ You started getting up.
‘’Apologize for what? For having feelings and being confused as to how to act because it’s your first time being around a former brain-washed assassin? Toots, there’s nothing to apologize for. It’s human nature, I’m sure he’s not upset with you in any way.’’
He wrapped his hand around your wrist, making you sit back down on your bed. He was right.
There was a small knock at your door, so small you would have thought you had imagined it if it weren’t for Steve turning his head to look at the door.
‘’Come in.’’ You said, sitting back down on your bed.
The door slowly opened, Bucky was standing on the other side of it. He had a sad look on his face.
‘’Is this a bad time?’’ He asked hesitantly.
‘’Not at all.’’ Steve said while getting up. ‘’I was just about to leave. Good night toots.’’ He kissed the top of your head quickly and walked out, closing the door.
Neither of you talked for a long minute before Bucky finally moved and sat at the edge of your bed.
‘’I’m sorry.’’ He said, looking down.
You were surprised by his apology because he had absolutely nothing to apologize for. You moved on your bed, getting closer to him while still keeping some distance between the two of you.
‘’Sorry for what?’’ You sounded confused, and you were.
‘’For flinching.’’ He mumbled, embarrassed.
‘’Oh, James, no.’’ You wanted to comfort him so badly, there was this urge inside of you that screamed to try to take away all of his pain. Without even thinking, you raised one of your hands to his shoulder but stopped yourself before actually touching him.
‘’Don’t.’’ He pleaded, looking at you with pain in his eyes.
‘’I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.’’ You looked down.
‘’No. Don’t stop.’’
‘’Wh- What?’’ You looked up at him.
He didn’t know how to ask. He wanted you to touch him so badly, just to feel your skin on his but saying Please touch me would sound all kind of wrongs. He looked down at your hand and then looked backintoyour eyes, hoping you would understand.
Then something clicked in your mind.
‘’You-... You want me to...?’’ You trailed off, scared to finish your question. What if you’ve been reading this situation all wrong and pushed him even further away, but he nodded.
‘’Please, sweetheart.’’ He pressed, he almost sounded on the verge of begging and he would probably have felt embarrassed if he hadn’t needed you so badly.
‘’Are you sure?’’ You looked in his eyes, the answer written all over of his face. He was more than sure, he had been waiting for this almost since the moment he first saw you.
You raised your hand again and slowly moved it towards him, giving him every opportunity to stop you if he changed his mind. You first thought had been to put your hand on his shoulder, then you saw how he was looking at you and couldn’t stop yourself. Your fingertips gently brushed against his cheek, easing him into it. This time he didn’t flinch and you were so relieved, you could have almost cried.
You wanted to go slow, not wanting to scare him but the moment your fingers touched his skin, he leaned into your touch, nuzzling his cheek closer toyour palm. He closed his eyes and sighed, content. He looked beautiful and you felt like your heart was about to jump out of your chest, it was beating so fast.
You brushed your thumb softly across his cheek a few times and slowly started to let go of his face. His eyes snapped open and he grabbed your hand with his, a small whine rumbling in his chest. You took his hand and smiled.
‘’It’s okay.’’ You whispered, scared that if you spoke up; it would ruin the moment or worse, you would realize this was all a dream and you would wake up.
You let go of his hand, shuffling on your bed until your back was against the headboard. You moved around a little bit, sliding a little further down on the mattress so only your shoulders and head would be held up by the headboard and your back rested on your pillows. You wiggled your legs under the covers and smiled. You extended both arms towards him, making grabby hands and grinning.
He smiled before quickly moving towards you. You lifted the covers so he could get under them, and let them fall on his lower half once he had settled next to you. You let him snuggle against your side, almost halfof his body being on top of yours as he tried not to crush you under his weight. You watched him as he got comfortable. Now that he knew how you felt against his skin, he didn’t want to let go and he was going to be as clingy as you would allow him to be. He had spent over 70 years without being touched in a way that didn’t make his skin crawl, he had over 70 years worth of loving touches to catch up on. He had found someone who wasn't disgusted by who he was and what he had done. For some reasons he didn't understand, you cared about him and actually wanted him in your life. He had found someone who didn't want to hurt him or manipulate him. He found his person.
His flesh arm wrapped around your middle while his vibranium arm snaked under you, wrapping you completely in his arms. He laid his head on your chest and closed his eyes, listening to your heartbeat. Your right hand went to his head, running your fingers through his long hair; over and over again at a soothing pacewhile your left arm wrapped around his shoulders, holding him impossibly closer to you. You closed your eyes and felt your entire body relax.
As you both fell asleep, you knew you weren’t ever letting the other go. You fell into place like two puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly. You had found the missing piece you needed, finally whole.
Tumblr media
Dividers were made by @bwbatta full credits to her and her talent.
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artisancowbells · a month ago
freak (like me)
·˚ ༘ ┊͙༄ dadsbestfriend!bucky barnes x female!reader
Tumblr media
(pictures displayed are only inspiration, the readers appearance is never discussed/described to allow for inclusivity)
✧˖*ˎˊ- ✧˖*ˎˊ- ✧˖*ˎˊ-
summary: bucky has never had someone who treated him how he deserved. you needed to show him you’re exactly the person for the job and you wanted open his eyes to new experiences.. and kinks
warnings: (every chapter has individual warnings) smut, minors dni, dom/sub dynamics (dom!bucky and slight sub!bucky) blowjobs, p in v sex, fingering, car sex, nicknames (sugar, doll), age gap (bucky is 38 and reader is 22)
a/n: ok so this was originally a one shot… and i got carried away so here we go!
-ˋˏ * inspired by freak by doja cat * ˎˊ-
episode one: good girl that does bad things for you (20th AUG/21)
episode two: tied him down to my queen bed (25th SEPT/21)
episode three: flip the coin
episode four: bring them along with ya
episode five: ride it
✧˖*ˎˊ- ✧˖*ˎˊ- ✧˖*ˎˊ-
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marvelousluci · a month ago
Hey dear ! Don’t know if this is the kind of things you do, but what about the avengers reactions to y/n cutting her hair? I just thought this could be fun and cute !
How The Avengers would react to reader cutting their hair
Thank you for the request! If I missed someone you wanted, don't hesitate to ask and I shall add.
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
He would definitely be surprised, but after getting over his initial shock he'd tell you how good you look. 
"That looks amazing. It might take me a good few to get used to, but I love it."
If you're dating he'll add a "I love you" To the end. 
Tony Stark
"Mission went wrong?" - complimented with his signature smirk.
When you'd tell him you cut it purposefully, and not because it got stuck/burned on a mission, he'd be shocked. 
"What a shame."
Will not tell you how he actually feels about it, but you know he likes it however you like it. 
Thor Odinson
"My dearest, why would you do that?"
He does not understand since in Asgard most people have their hair long. 
He seriously will not understand why you did it, but supports you nonetheless. 
He has PTSD from when his hair was cut. 
Clint Barton
"Oh dear, what hit her/him/them?" - with a mock British accent. 
Doesn't probably care. He loves it you despite how your hair looks. 
Natasha Romanoff 
Loves it. 
"I love it."
Bruce Banner
Lifted his gaze from his work for a second, only to look back down at it. Realization hits him and he looks back up in shock. He shakes his head slightly, as if to clear the work from it. He will take off his reading glasses and look at you with his mouth open.
"I- What happened? You look, uh, different?"
He doesn't mean to insult you or come across as rude, but our poor boy is shocked. 
"Oh, uh, I love it." -even if he doesn't.  
Most likely will take a lot of time to get used to. 
Sam Wilson
"Dude, what happened?"
Will pretend as if he doesn't care, but is absolutely obsessed with it. 
Pietro Maximoff
He would speed past you just right after you come home from the parlor. A few seconds would pass and he'd walk backwards to take a good look at you. 
"Well that's new."
Later on would compliment it. 
Wanda Maximoff
"Why would you cut it? I loved it long!" 
After getting to comb her fingers through it and put it in place, she'd peck your lips (cheek if friends), and that you that it suits you. 
Would lowkey be sad that it isn't as long, but still love it. 
Loki Laufeyson
Supports you and your decisions 100%. 
Honestly, would not care. 
"Whatever makes you feel most like yourself, darling, is perfect with me."
Peter Parker 
Shocked. SHOCKED. 
"Oh, uh, I, uh? You're cute- I mean, uh… You're cute! Wait no no no! I mean yes you are, but what I'm trying to say is that it's cute!"
Bucky Barnes
He misses your long hair. Will pout when he sees it cut short. He loves to run his hands through your hair, even if he does like your hands in his hair more, and now he feels as if it was robbed from him. (Even if you cut off one inch)
Acts so very dramatic. 
"Doll, you're killin' me, what am I supposed to do now while you make me watch those god-awful romance films?"
He always chooses the 'god-awful' romance movies. 
Stephen Strange
"That looks more convenient than your previous haircut."
That's all you get.
"It's my hair, Shuri." 
"I know, I know. It looks good."
As you can tell, she likes it. 
"Should I cut mine to match?"
Carol Danvers
Just simply loves it.
"Looks awesome on you, honey."
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nev3rfound · a month ago
five days late : b.b
after being sent on an undercover mission, you go missing and bucky can't help but worry about what might've happened to you. (the classic 'who did this to you' trope as I'm a sucker for it) 1.2k
requested: nope, but i am a true sucker for this kinda shit warnings: mentions of injuries, blood and protective bucky
masterlist / permanent taglist / etsy shop - requests open!
Tumblr media
Everyone was tense but notably, most of all were Bucky.
Whenever there was an undercover mission, it was planned down to the finest detail. All bases were covered in case something went wrong, you would know what to do. Yet, something clearly has gone wrong as no one has heard from you in three days.
"What was the last message she sent again?" Tony repeats himself, hearing Fury mutter under his breath before pulling up the projection showing the coded message informing him you had the data required and the target was eliminated.
"This just doesn't make sense." Steve tries not to pace, having been scorned by Natasha for making her feel dizzy. "Y/n knows what to do in situations like these, it's her job." He states, sparing Bucky a glance who has barely reacted to anything since hearing you didn't check in with the base in Texas as planned.
Natasha rises to her feet and approaches the main console in the meeting room where your file remained on display. "Y/n is a trained assassin, remember? She knows how to keep cover or protect herself."
Placing his hand on Bucky's shoulder, Steve tries to keep a straight face for his friend. "She's only three days late, Buck." Steve attempts to ease Bucky but is met with a forceful shrug in response.
"That's three days without a morning coffee or any late night conversation when neither of us can sleep." Bucky comments, stopping himself before he says too much about the complex relationship you and he have together.
It had been a routine of sorts for months. Whenever Bucky would return from a run in the morning a cup of coffee would be awaiting him along with a smile from you. The pair of you could talk for hours if left unoccupied, or sit happily in comfortable silence. Bucky hadn't opened up to anyone besides Steve in the compound, and your friendship was a pleasant surprise.
"She'll come home, Sargent," Fury speaks up, all eyes falling onto the man leaning against the console. "just don't give up yet."
Another two days had passed by and now on the fifth day without you, the sun was just starting to rise as were some of the team.
"Anyone seen Buck?" Steve speaks up when entering the shared kitchen, noticing Natasha standing by the window with a solemn expression.
Nat glances over to Steve, motioning for him to join her.
With a sad sigh, Steve looks out of the window to see Bucky sitting in the training grounds with two mugs, one remaining untouched as he stares out to the entrance of the grounds.
"I don't wanna lose hope, Nat." Steve starts.
"Then don't think about it, Rogers." Natasha quickly retorts. "We can't have that mindset about this, because Y/n will be home."
Yet, it was obvious Natasha was thinking it too, everyone was.
Remaining lost in his own thoughts outside, Bucky hears his name being called once, and then a second time. He scoffs under his breath, believing it to be an illusion due to the lack of sleep he's had since you've been gone.
"Bucky Barnes could you not get up off your ass for one moment and help a girl out?" Your volume and clear irritation increase and Bucky rose to his feet instantly to see you stood a few feet in front of him heavily leaning on your left side.
"Y/n?" Your name leaves in a whisper from Bucky's lips, watching you try and nod only to wince from the action.
Approaching you cautiously, Bucky holds his hand outward and starts to notice how bad you look.
"Before you say it, I know, I look like shit." You joke, trying your best not to smirk due to your split lip.
Now standing directly in front of you, Bucky eyes over your injuries. A black eye, split lip and knife wound on your right leg along with bruises littering your skin.
"Who did this to you?" Bucky tries to keep himself level headed, but you can tell he's seeing red at the sight of your injuries.
"Before I tell you," Hesitantly, you look over Bucky's shoulder and force a small smile. "is that coffee for me?"
"Seriously?" Bucky huffs, hearing his heart beating in his eardrums whilst you stand before him after five days of silence. "Y/n, I was worried about you, I, I thought you could've been," He trails off, not wanting to finish that sentence. "So please, tell me who did this to you."
Lowering your arms in defeat, you uneasily walk alongside Bucky toward the two mugs of coffee, your hand feathering over his. "Once I eliminated the target and had the data Fury required, I was heading out of the hotel when someone jumped me." You begin to explain, remembering pieces of what happened. "I don't know who it was, but they injected me with something and I wish I remembered everything but, but I don't."
"What can you remember?" Bucky pushes further, passing you the cup of coffee in one of your favourite mugs, still feeling on tenterhooks as you shrug your shoulders.
"I woke up in another hotel room covered in plastic sheets, my head hurt and there was a figure who kept hitting me, trying to get information out of me." You lower your gaze to your leg, the multiple slices across your shin that got deeper with each unanswered question. "At some point, they gave up trying and I don't know why." You whisper the last sentence, feeling tears starting to well up in your eyes. "And it scares me, Bucky."
For once, you allow the facade to drop.
"Why did they stop and leave me?" Furrowing your brows together you lift your hand up and quickly wipe away some of the tears that fall despite the burn it causes. "They could've killed me if they wanted to, but they didn't."
Lifting his arm up, Bucky pulls you into his embrace allowing you to rest your head on his shoulder. "Don't talk like that, Y/n," Bucky tells you. "you're safe now." He mutters. "No one will hurt you again as long as I'm 'round, doll."
Before you can respond to the pet name, a series of footsteps can be heard approaching you both. "Y/n, oh thank god." Steve calls out, kneeling beside you as he slowly helps you to your feet with Bucky hearing you reframe from crying out. "How the hell did you get back here?"
"I stole a motorbike, it's out front if anyone wants it." You remark winking at Bucky. "Like to think I learned from the best."
Steve watches Bucky lift you in his arms, carrying you through into the compound with a look he never thought he'd see in his friends gaze again; love.
"Seriously, kid?" Tony groans in annoyance once you appear inside the compound, heading straight to the medical ward.
Giving Bucky a knowing nod he turns around, allowing you to briefly face Tony. "What? You expected me to walk back from Texas, Tony?" You joke, only resulting in a painful eye roll from the genius.
"Just go get cleaned up and we'll talk after." Tony waves you off, leaving you in the capable hands of Bucky, knowing that now you're back, he and yourself would be just fine.
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gagmebucky · 2 months ago
“You’re a demon, you know that?” he breathes raggedly. “Acting like you’re so innocent when really you just wanted to provoke me into fucking you in front of all our friends. In the plain of day, fuck you full of me until it’s dripping down your thighs.”
in which bucky rails you in your sundress. (includes established relationship, dirty talk, mild creampie kink, unprotected sex.)
do not repost.
Your boyfriend is staring.
It’s nothing out of the ordinary. His gaze always ends up on you, a soft smile and adoration filled at the mere sight of you. But this time it's different, dark and openly obscene in the way he watches you, fixated on your every movement. 
All day, his gaze is burning hot. On an outing with your mutual friends, as you bounce and laugh in the mall, his eyes never divert from you. As you bounce and laugh with your group in the mall, he’s eyeing you like a hunter would its prey. When he’s staring at you like that, when he’s looking that good, it’s impossible to miss. 
You can’t pretend not to know why. You picked this outfit for that very reason. There’s a thrill in being a tease, feigning innocence in such salacious attire, waiting until that moment he realizes and can’t take it anymore. Because you’re definitely doing this on purpose; why else would you wear something like this?
The sundress fits you perfectly, a floral design that only reaches mid-thigh, thin fabric that strains against your nipples and ass, so flowy that you’d flash a stranger if you twirled a little too much because of course, you aren’t risking panty-lines. 
It’s the epitome of easy access—all he has to do is shove the dress up and slide inside. At any given moment, he can: take you, fuck into you to his heart’s desire (which aligns with yours), in front of everyone if he so pleases. You wonder when he’ll realize that; it’s only a matter of time, you know.
You’re laughing with your mutual group of friends when he does. When he can’t take your not-so-subtly teasing by simply being, you’re all on your way from the mall to an art museum that recently opened up. 
“Sorry, guys. She needs to use the bathroom. We’ll catch up in a second,” Bucky says—a convincing lie—and his arms corded around your waist herds you into the nearest restroom. Your friends shout something about texting when you’re finished, and the single stall door shuts. 
“But I don’t need to—oh—oh!” 
Immediately, he’s on you. Rough hands manhandle you onto the sink, your back bumping against the mirror while he unceremoniously hikes your dress around your hips, baring your center before him—there for the taking, and he knows that now. 
A groan ripples through his chest, an undisguised hunger alight in his eyes. “You love driving me insane, don’t you, baby?” he asks, unbuckling his belt and pulling himself free through that slit in his briefs. “Walking around, lookin’ like that with your pretty little pussy free, you enjoy testing my restraint.” 
If pretty is ever an appropriate description for a dick, then his is surely it. Swollen with desire, glistening in the bathroom’s dim lighting with need—reactive to all your little mannerisms, you’d do anything to please the ache ebbing through him. 
Your teeth catch your bottom lip. “I don’t know what you mean,” you breathe coyly. 
He chuckles. “That’s okay. You don’t need to know anything other than bouncing on my cock, anyway.” He hauls you forward, big palms full of your ass reeling you high on his waist, and slides inside you in one swift thrust. 
You squeak at being stuffed so deeply, buried to the hilt, and your channel immediately clamps down around the intrusion. He groans at the feel of you, warm and wet swathed around him like a vice, ready to milk the cum right out of him. 
He wastes no time, either. Once his cock burrows home, your pussy is guaranteed a pounding. It’s only natural for him to hammer away your tightness, vindicating that sensitive spot inside you, cockhead nudging it on every stroke. Girth and length, he knows exactly how to undo you. 
It’s a merciless onslaught, ebbing deeper and deeper, pubic bone bumping your clit, and all you can do is cling to him and take it. Your arms loop around his neck, chest to chest, your lips by his ear so he hears every moan and whimper you’re making. 
“You’re a demon, you know that?” he breathes raggedly. “Acting like you’re so innocent when really you just wanted to provoke me into fucking you in front of all our friends. In the plain of day, fuck you full of me until it’s dripping down your thighs.”
“Buck, please,” you gasp-whine-moan at his vulgarity, resounding in your abdomen with a clench of your inner muscles; it wrenches a groan from the base of his throat as he pummels your insides, the way you clamp like your body begging for his orgasm. 
“Oh, you’ll fucking get it,” he borderline growls on a particularly harsh thrust, and you moan. “Yeah, you’ll get it. Take every inch, every fucking drop like the pretty good girl you are. Spend the rest of the day stuffed with me. You got me, baby?” 
Your face buried into the crook of his neck and nod vehemently. The heat is burgeoning in your gut and consuming you whole, pulsing wildly around him. “Yes, yes. Cum inside me—please—please—!” 
He sheathes in until he bottoms out and explodes in thick spurts. Your name is a guttural groan, splashes of stickiness scorching your now swollen channel. In tandem, you cinch around him with your own orgasm, wringing all of the cum out of him until he’s moaning with sensitivity. 
When he pulls out, slowly and almost reluctantly, a flood of warmth follows, translucent white dribbling down your thighs. He watches with visible satisfaction, breathing hitching at the sight of your freshly fucked sex, swollen and oozing his essence. 
“Fuck, that’s hot, baby,” he says and sets you down. He smooths down your ruffled dress so you look somewhat normal but you’re dazed in an afterglow. A trail reaches the side of your left knee, and he takes it upon himself to swipe it up. “Open your mouth for me.” 
You do and happily suck his fingers clean, maintaining eye contact the entire time as your tongue laves around his index and middle digit. There’s a soft pop when you’re finished, and he smiles. 
“C’mon.” He outreaches his hand with a grin, and you intertwine it in yours. “I think I’m gonna fuck you in front of some million dollar paintings.”
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clints-lucky-arrow · a month ago
the boxer next door.
Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: You haven't yet had the chance to introduce yourself to the group of young men who have moved in next door. Especially the handsome one who owns the bedroom window that faces your own. However, on a busy night working in the hospital's emergency room, that chance unexpectedly presents itself.
1940s Era. Pre-CA:TFA!Bucky. Nurse!Reader.
WARNINGS: Blood and Injury. Detailed Stitching of Wounds. Mentions of Fighting. Womanizer!Bucky. Not Beta Read.
TAGLIST BLOG: @clints-lucky-reblogs​
Word Count: 2.2k
Likes, comments and reblogs are much appreciated.
Tumblr media
“Have you asked our lovely neighbours to fix the fence yet?” 
Your joking call is accompanied by the soft troop of your footsteps down the carpeted stairs. Reaching the bottom, you pause, lifting your scarf from the pillar and winding it around your neck. It’s late fall, and the warm days of summer have long since faded away. While the true chill of winter has yet to creep in, it’s still cold enough that your brown fur coat provides perfect protection, covering your white nurse’s uniform and keeping you cosy and warm.
As your fingers work to do up the buttons, your roommate’s voice echoes from the kitchen. She’s not scheduled to work tonight, and so the delicious smell of her cooking wafts through the air, accompanied her response. 
“Not yet! I’m waiting for the handsome one to be around before I call in.”
An amused laugh spills from your lips at that. Fair. You know exactly which one she is talking about too. The tall one. His features are chiseled, jaw sharp and angular. He has thick dark hair, and blue eyes to die for. He’s also the one that you saw crash into the fence that separates your back-yards. Having been playing football with another group of blokes at the time, he had been tackled into it, and hit the wood with such force that a number of planks immediately splintered.
You had been washing the dishes within the sink at the time, and so had an optimum view of what was happening through the kitchen window. How the man had laughed, strands of that almost black hair falling over his forehead, before slamming his palm into the hand of the friend who stepped forward to help him up. A smaller, golden haired man who didn’t seem to be playing the game. Given his slight frame, you had the feeling that he wasn’t the biggest help. Not that his handsome friend let on, instead slapping him upon the back in a friendly manner.
Still, that portion of the fence has caved further with each passing day, and it’s up to your next-door neighbours to fix it. 
Calling out goodbye to your friend, you place your handbag over your shoulder before stepping out the front door. Heading down the drive, you make it to the bus stop before boarding the vehicle from there. While the journey to the hospital is not far to walk, you’ll be on your feet for most of the night. It’s probably best to take any breaks that you can get, and so you do, munching on the apple that you had packed as a snack during the ten minute journey.
As you glance around, your attention is brought to the opened newspapers of the other passengers. Each headline screams in black and white font with updates about the war. You can’t help but feel your stomach twist a little. Being stuck in New York has you feeling angsty. As if you are not doing enough. However, that feeling soon fades when you arrive at the hospital, and your shift begins. 
There’s no more time to dwell on it. Not when you are rushed off your feet dealing with emergency after emergency. Doctors shout orders, the other nurses jostle against you as you fight for space to work over the wounded. The corridors are jammed with rickety beds and bodies bearing wounds resulting from bar-fights, because New York on a Saturday night is not quite the safest place to be even in a more normal era. 
Nowadays - when a world war has raised everyone’s tensions even further - it’s even worse. 
You work without stopping. Without pausing or taking a breath, in a near trance-like state as you fly through patients. That’s why you don’t notice him come in. 
Perhaps it’s a little harder to recognise him when his face is smeared with blood, and half-obscured by the crimson splattered cloth that he holds against his nose. It’s not until you’re leaning over him on a chair in the corridor of the accident and emergency ward - because he doesn’t need a bed as he’s not that badly injured - that something about him becomes remotely familiar. Still, you’re focusing too on his injuries to pay it much heed, even when further pricked by the weight of those bright blue eyes.
It’s not until a Brooklyn accent hits your ears that you really lift your head to look at him. “Do I know you from somewhere, sweetheart?”
The nickname has a surge of irritation rising in your chest. They come in here all the time, men who have had a few drinks. Ones, who even in their weakened state, will still reach out to try and squeeze your ass and call you ‘darling,’ or something of the like. As handsome as this one is, you prepare for a firm rebuttal of yet another asshole, until you look into his face and properly see past all of the blood.
Dressed in a dirtied white vest, your neighbour appears far less put together than you have ever seen him before. Usually, he is perfectly maintained. Sauntering out of his house with either some beautiful woman on his arm, or that smaller friend of his in tow, and baring a white-toothed smile and perfectly styled hair. Now, it hangs in messy strands over his forehead, marred with dirt and grime.
It takes a moment to realise you haven’t answered him. One of your hands gently tips his chin upwards as you begin to wipe the blood away from his face with a wet cotton ball. 
As his eyes trace your features, you answer a little gruffly. “We live next-door to eachother."
He flinches a little as you swipe over one cut, but stills quickly. Surprise quirks his brow upwards, and that gaze dips to run down your uniform. You try not to bristle, and instead narrow your eyes a little reproachfully. He has the good sense to look embarrassed, and to rapidly quit checking you out. Although he lifts his attention pointedly to the ceiling, he still sneaks small looks at you every few moments, as if he can’t quite help it.
“Of course. The house of nurses. Your bedroom is across from mine. I see you in there some nights, writing at your desk.”
Now it’s your turn to be a little caught off-guard. You hadn’t realised that he noticed you. Not like you did him, in the evenings where he’d come in and brazenly unbutton his shirt without closing the blinds, revealing a set of firm abs that sent your mind to the most indecent places. All the same, you were usually demure enough to lunge up to close your own curtains in the instance that he began to unbuckle his belt. That would have been a step too far.
“Yes,” you reply briskly, reaching for the bottle of antiseptic. Pouring some onto another cotton ball, you hold it up in a silent warning. Letting him know without words that this will hurt, before you lower it to the trace over the lines of his cuts. “And may I offer some neighbourly advice? You really should start closing your blinds more often.”
He chuckles at that, the sound perhaps slightly strained due to the sting of the disinfectant. “And miss the sight of you all flustered, scrambling to shut yours? Not at all. That’s my nightly entertainment right there.”
“Oh, so that’s purposely done?” you ask. It’s a struggle not to appear amused, and maybe even a little flattered. His skin is warm underneath your fingers. A nice, reassuring heat, though the dust of stubble covering his skin prickles. “Perhaps I should be flattered, if it wasn’t so indecent.”
You finish cleaning the wounds, and those sharp features are now mostly clear of blood. A small amount still trickles from his nose, but that itself is rouged and puffy. You’re quite confident that it’s broken, and there is not much that you can do for that right now. He’ll have one hell of a shiner tomorrow, but the wounds on his face still remain the more pressing issue. Some are too deep for your comfort. Turning away, you reach for the suturing kit.
He grimaces slightly as you lift it up, and you fix him with a curious gaze. “Are you afraid of stitches?”
“No!” your neighbour retorts, but the words come too quickly. 
It’s an obvious lie. 
Realising that almost instantly, his face reddens further in a surge of embarrassment, matching his nose. Those crystalline eyes avert again, dancing away before flickering back to you almost nervously. He looks worried, as if unsure whether or not you are about to mock him for this divulge of weakness. However, you are a nurse, and he’s a patient who needs your help, and so you don’t. All that you do is step forward with a blank expression, drawing close again as you motion for him to tip his head back once more. 
His knuckles turn white as he grips the arms of the chair. The muscles in his shoulders bunch, and the wood creaks uncomfortably underneath his grip. As you pinch two fingers against the edges of his wound to hold them together, you can only pray that the piece of furniture doesn’t give out in the middle of this. from the muscles on his bare arms, it is clear that this man is strong. 
Your other hand lifts, needle glinting in the fluorescent lights above, and his eyes squeeze shut. Aiming to distract him, you pose another question. “So, you’ve yet to tell me your name, and why you’re here in such a state tonight. Did something happen? Were you tackled through another fence?”
Below their lids, his eyes flicker in response to your question. 
Still, he does not open them as he answers through slightly gritted teeth. “Shit. You saw that?”
“Indeed,” you murmur, fighting to hide an amused smile. As well as being handsome, he’s also quite entertaining. Not that you’ll admit it just yet. “Now, come on. Who do I make the invoice for damages out to? Don’t make me ask your name again.”
He chuckles at that, and the vibrations run through his whole form. A pink tongue darts out, tracing across his lower lips just before he answers. “James Barnes, but you can call me ‘Bucky.’ And no, I wasn’t tackled through another fence. I was in a fight.”
“You should be more careful.” You can’t help but scold him. It’s the caretaker in your rising to the fore. Additionally, it would be a tragedy if some irreparable harm came to that beautiful face. “The bar fights are getting vicious nowadays. Do you know how many stabbings we’ve had tonight alone?”
That short laugh comes again, and his head makes to shake in amusement. Your fingers land warningly on his temple before it can. A reminder that you currently have a suture diving in and out of his skin. The man - Bucky - quickly catches himself upon your warning, and stills again.
He continues as the edges of his lips curl up in amusement. “That’s not what happened. I’m a boxer. I fight for a living. Had a match tonight.”
"Oh." You're not sure why you're so surprised, but the knowledge catches you off guard. A short pause passes, before you continue. "Did you win?"
He snorts through that obviously broken nose. "Does it look like I won?"
There's no stopping the small laugh that escapes your lips at that retort. His eyes open slightly at the sound, and a cobalt gaze warms your cheeks. Finishing the first suture, you move onto the second. This time, Bucky does not close his eyes.He's quiet for a few more moments, allowing you to work uninterrupted.. 
The distant cries of the injured fill the ward around you, but you are just facing him and the wall he is seated against, down in the corner at the end of the hall. It's a little quieter here, and somehow that makes it feel more private. It gives you the chance to take him in properly - less bloody than before, but still just as bruised - and tut as the tip of your index finger ghosts over the blooming shadow growing upon his cheek. The spot just under his eye is already turning an ugly purple.
"You're going to be sore in the morning," you tell him ruefully. "There's not much else I can do about that. Just be sure to rest up, and hold off on fighting for a while. You got a few hard knocks that will need time to heal."
Now free of the sight of the needle, Bucky's grin is clearer. He leans into your touch, almost imperceivably, but you notice and withdraw your arm, letting it hand back firmly at your side. Understanding your silent rejection, the smile he gives you grows just a little sad. Still, you're cautious not to let the disappointment fool you. You've seen more than enough women leaving his house in the early hours of the morning to realise that you're dealing with a bit of a scoundrel.
As handsome as Bucky is, you won't allow him to lead you down that rabbit-hole. You’ve had enough of promiscuous men.
So, you motion for to the junior nurse to step forward and prepare him to be discharged. There are other patients that need your expertise, and you cannot linger on one who is now as well as can be. Besides, it's not like you'll never see this man again. It’s likely that you’ll look up tomorrow night to find him stripping off his shirt in full view of your window, unless he heeds your earlier warning. Something, however, tells you that he won’t.
All the same, it’s time to depart for now. Bidding him a soft goodbye, you turn to leave. His voice calls after you. 
"I never got your name."
Looking back over your shoulder, you debate for a moment, before telling him in a soft murmur. His full lips form the syllables as he repeats it silently to himself, committing it to memory. There's a gentleness in his eyes as he takes you in. A soft gratefulness rarely seen from men in this day and age. When you make to leave once more, he speaks again, stopping you in your tracks a last time.
"I'll fix that fence next week." His scarred hand places playfully across his chest, large palm over his heart, and those blue eyes gleam with something that you don’t quite comprehend. “Boxer’s honour.”
Tumblr media
A/N: I happened to listen to ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift today, and the girl-next-door idea popped into my head. Once I found out that Bucky was a boxer before joining the army, there was absolutely no stopping me from writing this idea. I did it in a two hour sitting, and FLEW through it. 
Want more Bucky, check out my main masterlist!
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If you wish to be notified of updates, please follow my writing reblog account and turn on post notifications!
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belovasbrat · 2 months ago
𝒔𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒕 𝒂𝒔 𝒔𝒖𝒈𝒂𝒓
𝒑𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈: dark!mob!james barnes x dark!mob!natasha romanoff x innocent!fem!reader
𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: your life is painfully boring; that is until you catch the eye of the most notorious mobster couple in the city. they want you, and they’ll stop at nothing to get you.
𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: kidnapping, eventual stockholm syndrome, dubcon (not smut but kissing without explicit consent), choking, slapping, DARK
𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕: 1384
Tumblr media
It started off as a completely normal morning. Business is always slow first thing and you’re bored as usual.
Until a certain very attractive couple happens to waltz through the front door of the quaint little café you work at. They order quickly and very simply, and you get to work immediately preparing their coffee for them with a smile.
They seem stressed and you frown, handing them their order. As the man — tall, rugged, handsome and heavily tattooed, with an air of intimidation radiating off of him — reaches for his wallet, you brush him off.
“Don’t worry about it. It’s on me.” you smile warmly and he cocks his head.
“That’s okay, darlin’.”
“No, really.” you insist. “Everyone needs a little bright spot in their day, and I wanna do something nice.”
“Well, thank you, sugar. For being so sweet.” the woman says and you giggle. She’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen; bright auburn hair that illuminates in the sunlight, immaculately smooth porcelain skin, every curve accentuated perfectly by her tight, black dress — professional but still showing a little off. She’s perfect, so your face immediately heats up at her compliment.
Her and who you assume to be her husband share a knowing look between them, a look that you can’t quite decipher. Not that you dwell on it for long, because before you even register it, they’re gone.
You go about the rest of your day as usual, taking orders and serving people. It’s never particularly busy given that the café is not a regular choice for most, except James and Natasha, it would seem.
They lurk. They make a plan. They want you, and nothing’s going to stop them from getting you.
“I want her.” Natasha tells her husband plainly. “She’s pretty and she’s sweet. Too pretty to be wasting her days working. I want to take care of her.”
“Okay, my love.” James agrees immediately. He’d do anything for his wife, including kidnapping you.
When the perfect opportunity arises, they take it. You finish your day and decide to take the back exit through the alley instead of the front across the street. As soon as you’re through the door, James lifts you effortlessly, forcing a scream from deep in your chest. When you scramble, his arm, a prosthetic now that you feel it up close, clamps around your throat, not crushing it but applying enough pressure to cut off your airway. Eventually you have no choice but to stop fighting him, succumbing to the unconsciousness looming over you as he shushes gently in your ear. You go slack against him and he cradles you as though you’re fragile.
“Good girl, shhh. I’ve got you.” he coos. He carries you to their car, heading straight for home. Natasha immediately sets up a bedroom for you, as lavish as possible. Rows upon rows of bookshelves, a walk in wardrobe, a queen sized bed with pure white, silk sheets. James sets you down in the bed, and they leave the room to allow you to wake by yourself.
When you finally come to, to say that you’re confused is an understatement. You groan, sitting up, before remembering what happened. Panicking, you shoot up from the bed and turn the doorknob, surprised to find it unlocked. James stands on the other side of the door and you whimper, backing away from him.
“D-don’t… don’t touch me.” you cry and he shushes you.
“I’m not going to hurt you, Sugar.”
“W-what? What do you want with me? I didn’t do anything, I was nice.” you stammer, the backs of your thighs hitting the bed and sending you falling towards the plush sheets.
“Ok, let’s take a deep breath.” James coos. “You’re okay. I promise, we don’t want to hurt you.”
“Hey, Sugar.” Natasha croons, sitting straight down next to you on the bed. “It’s okay. We brought you here because you caught our eye. You’re too pretty to be wasting your days working in that café.”
“I don’t understand.” You cower away from her touch but she’s persistent. Cradling your face in her hands, she rubs her thumbs soothingly across your cheekbones, and a small part of you wants to lean into the touch. Accept it.
“We want to take care of you. Here.”
For the first time, you really take in your surroundings and you gasp softly.
“B-but why? I’m not worth any of this.”
“Oh but you are, Sugar. You’re too sweet for this world. We’re going to protect you.”
“I don’t even know your names.”
“Well, I’m Natasha.” she says softly. “And my husband’s name is James.”
“If you have a husband, what do you need me for?” you ask meekly.
“We want a third to our relationship. And you’re perfect. So sweet.” She traces your face with feather light touches, “So innocent.” She grips your waist with more force, tugging you towards her until your noses are almost touching. “Such a pretty girl.” she coos. “You’ll never have to work a day again. We’re going to take care of you, give you everything you want.”
James presses himself against your back as Natasha holds you flush to her chest. His chin slots perfectly into the crook of your neck, his warm breath fanning across your cheek.
“So pretty.” he chuckles. “And all ours.”
“W-what about my family? My job?” you ask frantically.
“It’s all taken care of.” James murmurs. “You don’t have to lift a finger.”
“This is the first day of the rest of your life, Sugar.” Nat coos.
“You’re keeping me… forever?”
“Yes.” James smiles. “It’s okay to be scared, but we’re going to take such good care of you. Our perfect, sweet girl.” Before you can even reply, Natasha’s lips are on yours in a feverish kiss; her tongue sneaks into your mouth and you melt at the slightest touch, falling limp against her as she takes you apart with no more than a kiss. When she pulls away, she smiles at your blissed expression — you’re already dizzy from the pleasure. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.
“Mmm, she even tastes sweet. You’re really living up to your name, Sugar.”
“That’s not my name.” She slaps you once. It’s harsh and it startles you, tears already springing to your eyes.
“It is now. I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if you keep up the attitude.”
A soft sob leaves your lips, and James shushes you, his gentleness contrasting greatly with Natasha’s seemingly cruel nature.
“Don’t cry, Sugar. It’s okay.” He kisses your cheek where she slapped you to soothe the skin, snaking his arms around your waist. “Let’s not break her quite yet, my love.” he chides. Tilting your chin towards him, his own lips meet yours, much gentler and less desperate than Natasha’s, but just as addictive. You can’t help but moan into the kiss, leaning into his touch as it overwhelms you. He pulls away and grins.
“You are sweet, Sugar.” he croons. “So sweet. Our perfect girl.” You sniffle, leaning back against him despite your body screaming danger.
“I’m tired.”
“I bet you are. You’ve had a busy day.” James chuckles. “You want to sleep for a little while?”
“Yes please.”
He shuffles down so that you’re curled up against his chest, his arms caging you in protectively. Natasha pulls the blankets over you both before sliding in the other side of you, sandwiching you between her and James.
“Sleep, Sugar.” she coos, kissing your forehead affectionately.
“M’kay.” you murmur tiredly, head lolling forward against James’ chest as you doze off. Natasha strokes your face lovingly as you sleep, whispering softly to her husband.
“She’s perfect.”
“I know. You have great taste, doll.”
“I know I do.” she chuckles, shushing you as you shift, grumbling. “Shh, Sugar. It’s okay, ‘m right here.” Her voice seems to soothe you, and you gravitate towards it, shuffling into her arms and hooking your legs around her unconsciously. Natasha smiles, kissing your cheek.
“What a good girl.”
“My pretty girls.” James mumbles.
“Come here.” she beckons him and he drapes himself over you both, his cocoon of warmth making you sigh happily.
“We’re going to have so much fun with this one.” he chuckles darkly.
“So much.”
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euphoric-barnes · 4 months ago
ook, i saw you wanted requests, so. I have two headcanons?? like, a reader who's very open about how much she loves bucky and going all in with him, like tons of pet names, being clingy as fuck and bucky just LOVING the shit out of her and out of that part of their relationship. and one day, because of tiktok, reader going "oh, goodmorning james" and he's just HAVING THE BIGGEST BREAKDOWN. in his mind going insane like "fuck, what did i do??????" and reader just doing that for the whole day, and bucky just breaking and asking why the fuck is she/they calling him James, he's baby, he's my love, he's hubby. who the fuck is james EHDBCJVNRJF.
who the hell is james? — b. barnes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warning(s): a 106 yeard old baby man.
note: i just realized what i did with the title. for the other requests, i swear i’ll do it soon. stuff has just been hectic for me lately.
Tumblr media
you love bucky
that’s no question
who wouldnt lmao
he’s love
he’s baby
he’s mine
he’s bub
he’s babi
he’s honey
he’s sweetie
he’s bucky occasionally
he’s every pet name out there
you never called him james
you would always cling on to him when you have the time
okay let’s be honest, even if you don’t have the time you always force there’s time just to be with him
and even though bucky isn’t as showy as you are
he still never failed to show you how much he loves you
he’d silently show it
bring you flowers bcs he remembered you
bring you this book bcs he knows you’ve been wanting to read it
take u out on a date bcs he knows you need something to take your stress away
okay so we all know how basically tiktok has consumed most of us
so you saw this thing with girlfriends pranking their boyfriends by calling them by their first name
so you wanted to do that with bucky for months
but u keep forgetting bcs u whipped for your boyfie
who wouldn’t be
then one morning, bucky walks in the kitchen with you working on something on your laptop as you waited for your toast
“morning, doll.” bucky greets with a smile as he walks straight to the fridge
“morning, james.” you said
and you thought, finaly ????
bucky stopped on his tracks, walking to you
“doll?” bucky says and you look at him
he awkwardly chuckles, “what’s up?”
“nothing..?” you trailed off, smiling at him awkwardly as you go back to your work
“so, um, doll,” bucky says, trying to make a conversation so he would know if he heard you right. “sam might call later about another mission. so i might go and return the next day.”
“alright,” you said as you kept typing. “good luck, james. and take care.”
bucky taps his fingers against the counter as he looks at you but you didn’t spare him a glance
poor baby being pranked :(
“coffee’s there, james.” you said, pointing at the other side and bucky just nods, fiddling with his fingers
he walks over to where you pointed, going over what happened yesterday
did he say something?
did he act stupidly?
what did he do?
w h a t
“doll?” bucky calls and you turn to him
no !!!
you’re supposed to say “yes, my love?”
“are we okay?” bucky asks
you nod. “yeah, why?”
“n-no reason.” bucky says with a forced smile
you nod, turning back to your laptop
maybe you’re just stressed?
“i’m gonna go to the bedroom.” bucky says and you nod, smiling at him
bucky starts walking until you called him again
“oh, james?” you call and bucky turns around to look at you. “tell me when you need me to drive you.”
“yeah.” bucky breathes out and ruches up to your shared bedroom
he immediately calls sam because baby !! doesn’t !! know !1 what !! to !! do !!
“sam sam sam sam samuel”
“i think y/n’s mad at me.”
“she’s calling me james! have you ever heard her call me james? no! bucky sometimes but james? n e v e r”
please stop pranking this old man
then there’s a silence
until sam starts laughing “....what?”
“samuel! stop laughing.”
“man, your girlfriend’s got you wrapped up around her fingers, huh?”
“what do you mean?”
“it’s a prank. it’s happening everywhere. where she calls you by your first name.”
sam laughs again. “i’ll see you tonight, buck.”
“okay. thanks.”
bucky puts the phone down, going back to you to see you still didn’t move an inch
“doll >:(” bucky says
“yes, james?”
“no! i’m love! i’m your love! i’m baby, bubs, babi, mine, honey, sweetie, any pet names but james!!! >:(”
you laugh loudly, opening your arms turning towards him as he walks to you, gladly embracing you
“good morning, my love!” you said with a chirpy voice and bucky hums in approval
“that’s more like it.”
in conclusion, he is no longer the winter soldier.
he is james baby barnes 
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barnesplums · 2 months ago
The fear of physical contact
Tumblr media
pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!reader
request: like the reader isn't used to romantic gestures (kissing, hand holding, cuddling) and gets flushed easily? And Bucky just finds this super sweet? (@swanmaiden5)
warnings: pure fluff, slight panic attack
words: 1.4k
Tenderness was something you never received. It was always rough. No one, not even your parents, ever touched your body with delicate fingers, no one had hugged you ever before. Not Steve, not Natasha, not Tony, none of the Avengers dared to go near you and touch you, unless it happened accidentally during training or a mission.
That was until you met Bucky. He was a really reserved person, only talking to Steve in the first place. As Steve was the closest to you out of the team, you spent a lot of time with him, which meant that you also spent more time with Bucky. He started to open up to you the more time you spent together until the two of you started to meet up alone, without the blonde haired man. Most of the time Bucky and you sat on the opposite side of the couch in a comfortable silence. You enjoyed each other's company and filled the silence with conversations whenever one of you felt like talking.
A few months passed and the conversations between the super soldier and you happened more frequently, hearing his voice eased the voices in your head, they shut down once Bucky started talking. You barely listened to what he was saying, not because you weren't interested but you got lost in the deep vibrations of his voice. The more conversations happened the smaller the distance between the two of you got, sitting closer to one another, almost touching.
If it would've been for Bucky, you would be laying on his chest, his arms wrapped around your body while he would hold you close. You were the only person he really talked to besides Steve and you actually started to be the person he spent the most time with. His inner demons stopped tormenting him the second he looked at you and they wouldn't come back until he was alone again and even then it took a few hours before they were able to consume his thoughts again.
Bucky knew that you weren't fond of physical contact but he couldn't stop himself from carefully brushing his hand over yours when he reached for the remote when the two of you were sitting on the couch in the common room, watching a movie while the others were out on a mission. He wanted to know how you'd react once his hand came in contact with yours and to his surprise you neither flinched or moved it away, only flashing him a small smile. Once he increased the volume of the movie just a tiny bit, he decided to take another step forward, slowly taking your hand into his, intertwining your fingers. And again you didn't pull away, letting your hand rest in his biag and warm one. It was a foreign feeling for you, being this close to someone without feeling the need to run away and put as much distance as possible between you and the other person. You felt your cheeks heat up as Bucky started to rub soothing circles over the back of your hand. “Is this okay?”, he asked, his voice barely above a whisper, not wanting to destroy the situation. All you could do was to nod. It was more than okay for you.
The time went on after that night in the common room and Bucky would take every possible moment to brush your hand with his or even went to hold it on movie nights with the rest of the team. It didn't go by unnoticed. Steve, Natasha and Tony were the first ones to notice the change in you. You smiled more and neither flinched or pulled away anytime Bucky touched you. The hand holding went over to short but much needed hugs which resulted in you blushing every single time Bucky randomly came up to you to wrap his arms around your body. The hugs got longer the more time passed and you got more comfortable beside it still being foreign to you.
Bucky was away on a mission as Natasha decided to test something. She came up to you while you were sitting on the couch of the common room watching TV. She sat down quite close to you, too close for your liking. You began to shift uncomfortably and moved further away from her but she followed, her leg touching yours resulting in you jumping up from the couch and running to your room. Though Natasha made you uncomfortable she proved her theory that you still weren't okay with being touched except the person was James Buchanan Barnes.
As soon as you were in the safety of your room you went to your bed and picked up one of Bucky's hoodies he left for you. You threw it over your head before grabbing your phone and dialing his number. It didn't take him long to pick up his phone. He was confused because you've never called him before when he was away which worried him. "Y/N, are you okay?", you heard him asking. "B-Buck I… Nat… Natasha, she… she touched me", you whispered into your phone, hoping he'd understand you. "Hey it's okay, I bet she didn't mean to. I'm here okay? And I'm not going anywhere. You need to breathe doll. Focus on my voice."
You knew he was talking to you but it felt like you were surrounded by a wall of clouds, blocking his voice. He was there, on the other side of your phone, talking to you, taking his time to be with you. "Are you still there babe? How about I come home now? Does that sound good?", he asked you, already packing up his things. "Y-you don't have to, it's okay, I'm okay." You were far from being fine and he knew. He told you that he was already on his way back home to you. You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding and decided to settle down under the covers.
Once Bucky was back home and reached the door of your room, he could hear your soft snores. Knowing that you were asleep he went to find Natasha. He didn't have to search long before he saw the redhead sitting in the kitchen. Bucky was in full protection mode while he approached her. "Why?", it was a single word but Natasha knew what he was referring to. "I wanted to test something and I was right", she grinned. "What are you talking about?", Bucky was curious about what she wanted to test. "I've noticed how the two of you got way closer and Y/N doesn't flinch whenever you touch and even hug her, so I wanted to see if her fears just went away or if it is because of you. And oh wonder it is because of you." The raven haired man was shocked. He had no idea that the other noticed how the two of you got closer and how you were okay with physical contact. "It really is because of me", he mumbled more to himself but Natasha could still hear his words. She only nodded before going back to her room.
Bucky had no idea what to do with the information. He knew that he wanted more, he wanted you, all of you. He wanted to call you his and without thinking about it he ran to your room, bursting through the door and stopping in front of your bed. You woke up to the sound of your door opening, sitting up in bed and looking at the person in front of you.
"Bucky wha-", before you could finish your question, Bucky's lips were connected to yours, slowly but passionately kissing you. He wanted to pull away a few seconds after but you grabbed his face, pulling him even closer, causing him to fall on top of you. Once the two of you were out of breath you pulled away, your cheeks cherry red.
"I love you, all of you and you don't have to say it back but I guess I always have and I wanna show you how much I love you, so I wanna ask you if you're gon-", this time it was you who kissed him mid sentence. "I love you too."
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certifiedskywalker · 9 days ago
Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include...
AN: I can’t believe I haven’t done one of these for Bucky yet! Warning, this turned out to be more of a slow burn than I intended. Oops!
Tumblr media
For the majority of his life, Bucky Barnes has fought.
When he wasn’t fighting, he was atoning for the sins that followed whatever battle he survived.
Post-Snap, Bucky threw himself into making amends.
Sometimes it would be doing small acts of kindness for strangers.
Other times it was moving across the hall from a man whose life you played a part in making terrible.
Balance was never his strong suit.
Dr. Raynor was little help in his atonement as she was less of a therapist and more of a well of one-liners about Bucky’s social life.
It was an easy mark though, as Bucky knew more ghosts than actual, living people.
Perhaps that was why Dr. Raynor’s teasing hit him so hard.
Perhaps that was why her comments on the topic lingered in his mind on the nights when his terrors were quiet.
“Do you have any friends? What about Sam? Have you heard from him?”
“You should try meeting someone, James.”
“Did you speak to anyone new over the weekend?”
Every time, Bucky would reply, “no, just Yori and the bartender.”
“The bartender nice?”
Every time, Bucky would shrug and say, “I dunno. I’ll find out next time.”
Then, ‘next time’ would come and Bucky wouldn’t find out.
It was like clockwork.
Until it wasn’t.
Until you.
It’s during Bucky’s usual dinner and drink with Yori, when he least expects it.
Izzy’s is a dive, a well-too-hidden gem covered in dust kicked up by those who lived in the city, walked the streets, called it home.
That means that Izzy’s is typically empty, but if it is busy, it’s full of regulars.
Leah, the bartender Bucky didn’t know was nice, was the only employee anyone seemed to see.
So, when you shadowed her behind the bar, eyes wide and drinking how she made each concoction for Izzy’s patrons, you stuck out.
That was why Bucky watched you at first, listened as Leah taught you the ropes.
“Alright, so, show me how to make it.”
“Like you just did?”
“Yes, Y/N. Like I just did.”
Bucky smiled then.
He smiled at your clear nervousness, the sound of your voice, the first utterance of your name.
Yori was talking about something, reciting some story that he already told
and Bucky was half listening, his eyes flicking up from the counter top to you.
Once, you locked eyes with him.
You smiled and Bucky felt his own smile widen.
That was before he lost his nerve and quickly looked away.
He wanted to talk to you, but he got in his head about it; as he always did.
Plus, your training finished and you walked out of Izzy’s with only one last glance in his direction.
He must have imagined it.
That’s what he told himself.
It would be pointless anyway.
What was the likelihood that he would see you again?
Whenever he and Yori went to the bar, Leah was the tender.
You would have a different shift, so he would never see you again.
But then, he did.
You were behind the bar, worriedly getting people their drinks as Bucky and Yori walked through the door.
As soon as they sat down, your eyes met.
An awe-struck silence fell over the two of you.
Bucky isn’t one for believing in a higher power, not after all he’s seen and been through, but he wonders, at that moment, about fate.
You wonder the same as the shared stare continues.
Then Yori would break the spell and ask, “where’s Leah? Leah works on Wednesdays.”
“I’m covering for her for a few weeks.”
“You’re new,” Yori said before he glanced at Bucky with a glint of mischief in his eyes.
“I am,” you laughed and followed the, seemingly, older man’s eyes to Bucky. “And you two are regulars, right? That’s what Leah told me.”
“Yeah,” Bucky replied, putting on a nervous smile.
He cursed himself for being so out of practice.
He cursed himself for being so suddenly taken by you.
Luckily, Yori could care less about Bucky’s ability to flirt with people.
“You two should go on date.”
Immediately, you and Bucky looked at Yori, chuckling warily before you glanced back at each other.
“Yori, c’mon, that’s not,” Bucky shook his head.
“We don’t even know each other’s names.”
Well, Bucky did know yours, and that put you at a disadvantage.
He didn’t like that, didn’t like that you didn’t know him.
Before Yori could introduce Bucky to you himself, Bucky extended his right hand (his flesh hand) out to you.
“I’m Bucky.”
Your eyes flicked from his fingers to his eyes before you smiled.
“Y/N,” you replied, taking his hand.
“There you go. Now date,” Yori proclaimed, “life is short.”
“Alright, easy now,” Bucky said when you dropped his hand. “I’m sure Y/N is a busy person, especially with this job.”
Bucky gestured around to the near-empty bar as he spoke and, much to his surprise, you laughed.
“Oh yes, so busy.”
Yori waved a dismissive hand and went on to ask for a drink and some food for himself.
Bucky watched quietly as you worked, pulling Yori’s favorite beer out and darting into the back kitchen to place his food order in.
You were a worried whirlwind of energy and, every so often, as you filed in and out of the adjoining kitchen, you met his eyes.
It took all Bucky had to focus on Yori and his complaining about the neighbors.
When you interrupted to give them the food they had ordered, Bucky was overwhelmed with relief.
He had an excuse to look at you then, to speak to you.
“Thank you,” was all he could muster, along with a shy smile.
The evening continued like that: a collection of small, stolen glances and the tension of Yori’s words between you.
Bucky got lost in his thoughts, questioned whether you felt it too.
Though, as always, Yori grounded him back to reality by the end of the night.
Tipsy and unsteady, the old man stood from his stool and grumbled something about heading to bed.
Bucky was helping Yori towards the door when he saw you again.
You were wiping down a newly emptied table near the exit and you lifted your head, eyes meeting his.
It took all Bucky had to explain, “I gotta get him back.”
“Okay,” you said, the faintest of frowns on your lips. “You two have a goodnight.”
“Yeah, you too.”
Bucky quickly guided Yori out the door before the man could press a possible date any further
That didn’t mean that Yori didn’t mention it on the walk home.
“You should have asked.”
“I’m not looking for...for that right now,” Bucky pressed, shaking his head.
Yori shook his head too, but he was chuckling, a lot.
With furrowed brows, Bucky watched him as he succumbed to an almost full-belly laugh.
“Oh, you’re a young man,” Yori managed through his chuckle, “you know nothing.”
Bucky huffed in amusement because he couldn’t deny that.
Despite being a century old, Bucky Barnes had not truly lived.
“You do not look for love,” Yori continued, “it finds you.”
The old man’s words struck Bucky in the chest
harder than any punch or shock or bullet ever had.
He barely had time to recover before Yori continued, but with his focus shifted to the noisy neighbors once again.
Bucky was glad for the distraction, though your smile lingered in the back of his mind as he helped Yori to his door.
“I’ve got it. I’ve got it.”
“I'm sure you do,” Bucky drawled disbelievingly.
“You don’t,” Yori returned, opening the door this his apartment.
Yori stopped at the entrance of his home and let out a long, heavy sigh.
“That Y/N. You didn’t make a date.”
“We’ve been over this. I didn’t but-“
“What a shame.”
“Yeah…a shame,” Bucky echoed, tension bleeding out from his body.
There’s a long pause where the two men sit in the quiet, each one waiting for the other to say something else.
Yet, they both thought better of it.
“Goodnight,” Yori said, patting Bucky’s shoulder.
Bucky held his breath at the touch, a flood of terrible, hazy memories flooding back and renewing his stress.
In a rush, Bucky replied, “Night, Yori.”
With a nod of acknowledgment, the old man disappeared within the dimness of his apartment.
Bucky took a trembling breath before he turned towards his own door.
His hand reached out to twist the knob, but the action stirred a feeling within him.
A memory of a few hours before Bucky’s hand extending out towards you as you smiled at him.
In turn, his hand falls back down to his side and he shakes his head as if to clear it.
Bucky turned and started back down towards the entrance of the apartment complex.
A walk would clear his head.
At least he hoped that it would.
Yet all Bucky got was rained on.
A storm rolled in, bringing small, isolated showers with it.
By the time he was nearby Izzy’s (one of the only places he knew how to get to), Bucky feared getting soaked.
So, he tucked beneath the oning that hung outside the door to the bar.
The thick, dark green fabric provided a little protection from the rain, and Bucky savored the fleeting feeling of safety it supplied.
It lasted only a minute or so before the door to Izzy’s swung open
and, of course, it had to be you that walked through.
“You’re back!” You quickly recollected yourself, shaking your head. “I mean, you’re back.”
“I’m back,” Bucky said, unable to keep himself from smiling at your presence.
You were smiling too, before confusion furrowed your brow and forced your lips into a frown.
“Everything alright? Yori okay?” You asked, concern dripping from your tone like the landed rain drops slipping off of the oning.
“Yeah, yeah. I just wanted to…”
When Bucky met your eyes, he realized he wanted you.
But he couldn’t say that.
He was out of practice when it came to flirting but that would be...creepy.
“I wanted to apologize for him. He doesn’t have a filter sometimes.”
You laugh and Bucky felt a heaviness, one he didn’t know he was carrying, lift.
“It’s alright.”
A small quiet fell over the two of you, with Bucky just looking at you and you looking at him.
When you both realized that you were staring, you both chuckled and looked away.
Your eyes drifted towards the road, the rain that gathered in puddles in the pavement; and Bucky watched as you extended your hand.
With an open palm, you tested the frequency of the rain fall with a grace so akin to a fairytale that Bucky was winded.
“You don’t happen to have an umbrella with you, do you?”
Bucky heard your question, but he only managed to find himself and the words to reply when you turned your head to look at him again.
“I-I don’t.”
“You forgot it in your magic Mary Poppins bag?”
The way you smiled made Bucky think it was a joke, but he had missed the punchline, the reference.
When you saw that twinge of confusion in his smile, you frowned.
“You don’t know Mary Poppins?”
“And if I don’t?”
Your lips quirked up once more into a wide smile.
Bucky watched as you teeth sunk into your bottom lip, a thoughtful expression as your eyes flicked from him to the door of Izzy’s.
“If you wanna come inside to escape the rain, I could explain the reference.”
Then it was Bucky’s turn to put on a thoughtful expression; though, only for a moment because he almost immediately replied.
“Yeah, sure.”
“Great,” you returned and Bucky opened the door and went inside Izzy’s for the second time that day.
Before you were both inside, you paused and met Bucky’s eyes again.
“This isn’t a date, is it?”
“Not unless you want it to be.”
You never responded to that half-assed offer of a date and
a strange sort of ritual started formed.
On the days you worked and Bucky and Yori went to eat, Bucky would drop off Yori and come back.
Bucky would feign ignorance, tell you that he spent time out of the States for work with family and missed a lot of American pop culture.
You would tell him all you knew, explain movies he missed, recommend TV shows, books, music anything you thought he would like.
“I’ve heard of One Direction.”
“You have?”
“They trend on that bird app every so often.”
“You have Twitter?”
“Not anymore. I never thought people posting text could be so loud….and annoying...and confusing.”
Nights were spent just talking, exchanging stories.
Though, of course, Bucky kept a majority of his tales close to his chest.
In the vaguest of terms, he mentioned Steve, harrowing winters, traveling in the army, and even partaking in a ‘clinical trial’ headed by Russian scientists.
He told you everything he could without giving himself away.
He didn’t want to be the ghost of the Winter Soldier, not anymore.
He just wanted to be Bucky Barnes to you, some guy you met at a bar because a sweet, but sour, old man told you both that you should date.
There were a few times that he slipped back into a more combat-ready state.
For instance, the night he almost told you everything, you didn’t greet him outside of the door to Izzy’s.
He missed your smile at first, then his mind wandered to every terrible possibility.
Quickly, he rushed inside the bar and scanned the establishment for you.
You were neither sat that the table you usually shared with him
nor anywhere in the seating section.
You were still behind the bar, wearing a twisted expression as a man leaned over the counter and far too close to you.
Your brow was furrowed in disgust, lips in a scowl, but your eyes were nervous, wary of the leaning man’s intentions.
That was enough for Bucky.
He stormed over and circled around the man so he could rest his left hand (his Vibranium hand) on the creep's shoulder.
“I don’t know if you’ve noticed but,” Bucky began, “you’re making the best bartender in the borough a little bit too uncomfortable.”
The man turned and glared at Bucky, but said nothing.
Bucky shook his head and added, “we can’t have that.”
With a squeeze of his hand, metal fingers crushed into the meat of the man’s shoulder and he yelped.
“Watch it,” he spat, trying to recover a facade of dignity after his somewhat embarrassing, high-pitched shout of pain.
The man shifted his angry eyes from Bucky to you and then back again before he turned around and darted out of Izzy’s.
“You’re the one that needs to watch it,” Bucky called after him.
After he was sure that the man was gone, probably high-tailing it down the block, Bucky looked to you.
There you were, your expression turning up into the smallest of smiles as you began to speak.
“Best bartender in the borough?” You pressed a hand to your chest, “I’m honored.”
“It’s the truth,” Bucky said, taking a seat on the barstool directly across from you.
“Does the hero want a drink?”
“I’m not a hero,” Bucky mumbled, shaking his head.
“You just exiled the bad guy,” you pointed out, gesturing towards the door.
“I’ve exiled good guys too. Sometimes worse.”
Your brow furrowed as you looked into Bucky’s eyes and asked, “but you don’t anymore?”
Bucky huffed, in his own disbelief, and shook his head.
“I try not to, yeah.”
“Well, if you’re trying then I’d call you a hero,” you said, your expression exuding a warmth Bucky hadn’t felt in years. “Tonight, I’d call you my hero.”
Right then and there, Bucky wanted to kiss you.
Instead, he choked out, “so, you’re working an extra shift tonight?”
“Leah’s running late. I’ll be off soon if you wanna hang out.”
“Great, yeah.”
Until Leah arrived, Bucky watched you work: pouring glasses of color drinks, popping open beer bottles, and shuttling food from the kitchen to the customer.
When you were free, Bucky could tell you were exhausted.
“Why don’t we skip tonight. You look beat.”
You gave him an unamused smile, “thanks, Bucky.”
“I didn’t mean it like that,” he explained in a rush, “just that-”
“I’m just giving you shit,” you said with a wave of your hand.
Bucky nodded quietly and you both started towards the door.
He held it open for you and, as you passed through, you caught sight of the night sky and men across the street, loitering in a nervous way.
Still in the doorway, you turned and looked up, into Bucky’s eyes.
“Walk me home?”
“Of course,” Bucky replied before he could really register what he was saying.
He didn’t mind it, obviously.
As you walked, you both talked about strange happenings.
Bucky even mentioned therapy, as he dropped the newest bit of wisdom Dr. Raynor had provided him with.
“So, she basically just told you to get a life?”
“Basically,” Bucky agreed.
“Therapy is great, it’s good you’re in it, but...she sounds awful!” You threw your arms in the air for emphasis and Bucky was awestruck by how the streetlamp light cast you, in that pose, under a yellow spotlight.
“She kinda is,” he murmured, unable to entirely refocus himself.
Before you could delve deeper into how awful Raynor was, you arrived at your front door.
“This is me,” you said through a groan.
“You don’t sound happy about that,” Bucky chuckled.
“I feel bad that our night was wasted.”
“Not wasted,” Bucky said softly, “we still hung out.”
At his words, your disappointment metamorphized.
Frown lines turned smile lines and eyes grew bright, hopeful.
“Yeah, you’re right.”
There was a pause then, with just the two of your staring at each other as the dark of night mingled with the sounds of the city.
In the distance, music played and the fast tempo coaxed Bucky’s heart to pick up the same fast beat.
“Well, I better-”
“Yeah, you better head to bed.”
You started up the steps but stopped when you were on the stair that put you exactly eye level with Bucky.
Bucky was about to ask what was the matter when you leaned in and pressed the lightest of kisses to his cheek.
It was so fast that Bucky swore he imagined it;
but when you pulled away, eyes still bright and bottom lip tucked between your teeth, thinking, analyzing his reaction, Bucky knew he hadn’t.
“Night, Bucky.”
“Goodnight, Y/N.”
Bucky lingered, made sure you got inside alright, and then started back down the street, towards his apartment, a little extra pep in his step.
Your ritual of night talks continued, but there was no mention of the sweet kiss.
Not that Bucky minded; though he did find himself lingering on you more and for longer as you talked about everything and anything.
It continued like that for a while until Sam gave over the shield.
That spent Bucky into a spiral and not even you could pull him out.
He never missed a night talk but you could tell he was distant.
On the night he told you everything, you asked about his awayness.
“Are you okay? You’re quiet, but you’re normally not this quiet.”
“Yea, I-” Bucky stopped when he met your gaze.
He couldn’t lie to you. Not anymore.
“I’m not okay,” he admitted, “there’s...there’s something I have to tell you.”
“Alright,” you said, settling into your chair, “tell me.”
“It’s actually a lot of somethings.”
“I’m ready when you are.”
Bucky took a moment, thought of you the night you kissed his cheek, and began to tell you his story in all of its gritty detail.
There were points where you were silent (when he told you how old he really was), where you gasped (when he told you about falling off the train), where you smiled (when he recounted his friendship with Steve), where you almost cried (when he told you the truth of his ‘clinical trial’ with HYDRA).
When he showed his arm, you reached across the table and took his hand.
His breathing shuddered as you intertwined your flesh fingers with his metal ones.
“Can you feel my hand?”
“You said Vibranium is like a living metal, right? It can sense vibrations and absorb energy. Can you feel my hand?”
Bucky’s brows furrowed, “I’ve never tried that before.”
You studied him, your joined hands, quietly and Bucky took that opportunity to really focus.
He wasn’t entirely sure of all the capabilities Shuri incorporated into his new arm.
He knew the port the arm attached to was loosely connected to nerve endings to give him more control, but he didn’t know if that would allow him to feel.
So, he closed his eyes and really tried.
He wasn’t sure that he felt the warmth of your palm and the dull beating of your heart or if he just imagined it.
“I feel something,” he said, eyes opening to meet your gaze, “but I don’t know if it’s ‘cause I really want to or…”
He trailed off, lost in your eyes.
“It’s something,” you comforted and gave his metal hand a soft squeeze.
You held his hand as he continued to tell you everything.
He told you about the most recent happening, with Sam and the shield.
“Steve gave it to him.”
“He has a reason for doing what he did,” you said, giving his hand another squeeze.
“But that shield is…”
“It’s part of your friend, but it’s not everything he left behind.”
Something in your words stirred an old ache in Bucky’s chest, but he nodded.
“Yeah, but I think,” he sighed, “I think I have to talk to him. Figure out what he’s doing.”
“How long will talking to Sam take?”
“I don’t know.”
You nodded and pulled your hand from his as you said, “well, you owe me a night out when you get back.”
“I’m okay with that,” Bucky said, and he felt every ounce of dread he carried with him ebb.
Then Bucky goes off to find Sam, talk about the shield, they meet John Walker, the Flag Smashers, and….well, you know the rest.
And if you don’t, Bucky is sure to tell you all about it when he returns.
He’s a touch tanner than he was when you last saw him, and when he tells you about Sam’s home in Louisiana, he beams as much as the sun.
“Sounds like you really liked it there.”
“It was nice, nice to get away from the city,” he glanced around Izzy’s as he spoke, “but it’s better to be back here. Back with you.”
You smiled bashfully and Bucky himself felt his face grow warm.
“I’m glad you’re back,” you managed, shyness lacing your tone, making it feather-light.
There’s a soft pause, where the two of you meet each other's eyes then look away….before looking back again.
Bucky surprises himself when he breaks the silence.
“So, what do you want to do for that night out I owe you?”
“I don’t know,” you admitted, “I haven’t thought that far ahead.”
“As much as I missed this place, I don’t think we should go to Izzy’s.”
You laughed and Bucky almost sighed with relief.
He had missed the sound of your laughter.
“Yeah, you’re right. Somewhere different….I don’t know where.”
“How about I pick you up at your place tomorrow at five and you trust me to pick the place?”
“Alright, but do you remember the way to my place?”
“No,” Bucky said with a smile, “but if I walk you home again tonight, I’ll be able to remember it.”
You laughed again and sighed, “that was smooth, Barnes. Very smooth.”
After another hour or so of talking, Bucky walked you home.
“Are there any places, besides Izzy’s, that you don’t want to go to?”
“Umm, a funeral home, pet cemetery…”
“Okay, okay, I get it. No spooky places.”
You raised a hand and shook your head, “no, I’m cool with spooky, just not sad.”
“Spooky, not sad,” Bucky echoed. “Noted.”
By that point, you both reached your home and were lingering outside.
Passersby glanced at the two of you, probably eyeing your closeness.
You were so close that you could feel each other’s heat.
“So, out here, tomorrow at seven?” You asked.
“Yeah,” Bucky replied, “tomorrow at seven.”
He watched as you sunk your teeth into your bottom lip and let your eyes flicking across his face, thinking.
Later, down the line, you would tell Bucky, that you were debating whether to kiss him that night.
You ultimately decided against it and simply smiled at him.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” you said.
“See ya then.”
Bucky watched you go inside and started the long trek back to his apartment.
When he got there, it felt emptier, not quite as homey as the Wilson’s place or how Bucky felt when he was with you.
Though, he slept well that night.
During the day, he was nervous.
Not as nervous as he would have been prior to working alongside Sam, but still nervous.
He was in his head again, but until seven at night when he saw you walk down the steps.
You knew him, he had told you everything and you still wanted to waste time with him.
Bucky smiled at the thought, at you as you strode up to him.
“So, where are we headed?”
“To the park,” Bucky said in a breath, still trying to collect himself.
“The park,” you returned, your smile enduring.
As you walked towards the park nearby your home, your arms would brush against Bucky’s, a tickling reminder that you were alone together.
The park was lovely, framed by the sunset.
Children giggled, clinging to playgrounds and soaring in swings.
An elderly couple sat at a bench you and Bucky passed, all grey hair and joined hands.
Eventually, Bucky led you to a patch that was decorated like a haunted landscape.
Pumpkins, some carved some not, littered the grassy knoll
Plastic facades of ghosts, ghouls, and haunted houses stood proud, some nearly as tall as Bucky.
“Wow, you took the spooky thing to heart, huh?”
“Y-Yeah, you like it?”
You glanced around before you met his eyes and nodded.
“I love it.”
You and Bucky wandered through the maze of gourds and decorations, smiling, cracking jokes about Halloween costumes past.
“I didn’t get to do much so I was an army man most years.”
“Oddly fitting,” you teased.
“What about you?”
“There were a few DIY costumes over the years,” you admitted.
Bucky’s face immediately brightened and he chuckled. “Oh really?”
“Oh yes, and there’s photo evidence to support how terrible they could be,” you smiled and added, “I’ll show you sometime.”
You both watched as children darted between plastic ghosts, trying to scare each other.
Eventually, you and Bucky perched yourselves on an empty bench.
Your shoulders were almost pressed together, your warmth mingling and wrapping around you both, banishing the crisp evening chill.
“I haven’t been to the park in ages.”
“Really?” Bucky asked, happy that you broke the silence that claimed you both.
“I’ve been too busy, with work and”
“So I was right when I told Yori that you were too busy for a date.”
You chuckled and shook your head.
“Except for now,” you said, turning your head to meet his eyes.
Bucky couldn’t help the grin that spread along his lips.
You smiled back at him.
“This isn’t a date, is it?” Bucky asked, mimicking what you had asked the first time you spent the night talking to each other at Izzy’s.
“Not unless you want it to be,” you returned, the same thing he told you back then.
Bucky smiled and nudged his shoulder against yours.
“I want it to be.”
“I want it to be, too.”
There was another stretch of quiet, though easier than the one before.
You and Bucky stared at each other with all the softness in the world.
Bucky’s face was relaxed, more than relaxed than you had ever seen him; his lips wore a lazy smile and his blue eyes were glinting under the light of the setting sun.
That light further bathed him in a warm orange glow that made your stomach twist.
Bucky was drinking in the look of you too, outlined in the green of the park and beautiful.
“I also want to kiss you,” Bucky said, his voice tender, almost lost in the wind.
“Then kiss me.”
At your reply, Bucky leaned in and pressed his lips to yours in a fumbling rush.
You didn’t care though, so neither did he.
His hands reached to cup the sides of your face and held you with all the careful fervor he could muster.
Your hands gripped at the front of his dark red shirt, pulling him impossibly close.
While PDA might not be your favorite thing, you were so swept up by Bucky’s touch that you didn’t care.
Bucky, who loves PDA, already didn’t care.
When you pulled away (‘cause Bucky sure wasn’t going to be the first to do so), his lips were kiss-swollen and eyes half-lidded.
“Should’ve done it sooner,” he murmured when he met your gaze.
“Yeah, definitely.”
After that first date, you and Bucky retained your three times a weeknight talks
and a weekly outing on the weekends.
He would check you out while you worked, make sure that people like that creepy guy wouldn’t come around to bother you.
He would glare at anyone that even looked at you the wrong way.
“You’re staring,” you said, passing him a bottle of beer.
“Do you blame me?”
You gave him a warning glance, but there was a smile on your face.
When you ask why Yori doesn’t come around with him anymore, Bucky is honest with you.
“But that wasn’t you.”
“It was,” Bucky said, “my body still-”
“I don’t care what your body has done, I care about what you do. And you care about people, Bucky, you try to help wherever you can. You love. That’s you. The man that killed his son wasn’t you.”
Bucky wanted to kiss you, in the dingey corner of Izzy’s after your shift, but held back.
On the walk home, he held back;
but the second you were about to say goodbye, Bucky cupped your face and kissed you, hard.
The force behind his lips was strong, but his touch was so mild that you melted into him.
Your chests pressed together, heartbeats melded into one.
He walked you backwards until your back knocked against the fence.
You laughed as you nearly toppled entirely into Bucky and broke the kiss.
You threw your arms over his shoulders as he rested his forehead against yours.
“Sorry,” he murmured.
“No, don’t be sorry,” you leaned up and snuck another kiss.
Bucky pulled his forehead from yours and stared down at you.
His fingers, with rough pads, traced along your cheek to your jaw and tilted your face up with such a softness that the rush before felt like a hazy memory.
Just before your lips touched, you asked in a whisper, “come upstairs?”
“Yes,” Bucky said just before he pressed his mouth to yours.
The two of you were a stumbling, tangled mess getting to your room.
Needless to say, even when you reached your bedroom, you both were still a stumbling, tangled mess.
A softer mess, a more tender, pleasurable mess.
That night began another ritual.
Bucky would sleep over at your place a few times a week.
Eventually, you dedicated a drawer to him, his clothes.
Though, they weren’t always his clothes.
“Where’s my red- doll.”
“Are you wearing my shirt?”
“Maybe,” you teasing, pulling at the long sleeves of a shirt that was definitely Bucky’s.
You turned around to face him and he was, literally, shirtless, with his dog tags shining against his tanned chest.
“I’d like it back.”
“Come get it then.”
Spending the night together wasn’t always teasing.
Most of the time it was sharing movies, ordering takeout, talking, laughing.
Basically, you catching Bucky up on pop culture.
“Steve’s list mentions a Star Wars?”
“It’s a movie series. You wanna watch it?”
“How many movies are there?”
“Ten, I think, eleven maybe.”
“Ten! How many movies can someone make about the same characters?!”
“You’d be surprised.”
It’s after one these movies nights when it happens.
You’re switching off the screen, ready to head to bed when you turn around and see Bucky still sat on the couch.
His plaid pajama pants rode up a little, disturbing the hem of his tight grey shirt.
It’s then you see the steady rise and fall of his chest grow a touch more rapid.
“I love you.”
His voice is low, gravelly but soft when he says it.
You thought you misheard him at first and Bucky feared that he said it far too soon.
When your pause extended, Bucky moved to sit up, to backtrack.
But then, finally your face broke into a grin.
“I love you too.”
“Come ‘ere then,” he said, arms extended and reaching out to you.
You walked towards him, felt his warm hand and cold hand grab your hips and pull you down into his lap.
“I love you,” he said again, leaning up for a kiss.
“I love you,” you echoed, meeting him in the middle.
Leah makes jokes about how icky the honeymoon phase is.
You agree, but you explain that you’ve never felt this way before
and Bucky was first to admit that his encounters with love were limited.
So, you both hold on to each other; become one another’s safe space.
Once, Bucky mentioned a vacation.
“Where to?”
“Louisiana. You could meet Sam, go out on the boat, get out of the city.”
“I’d like that.”
When you do go eventually, you love it.
The Wilsons welcomed you with open arms.
“So you’re Y/N,” Sam greeted, “Buck won’t stop talkin’ about you.”
“That’s saying a lot, because he hardly talks,” you said teasingly, squeezing Bucky’s hand.
Sam laughed, “oh, I like you.”
You and Bucky spend days on the docks, the beach, on the boat.
One night, you were on the dock, watching the sunset.
When you turned, Bucky was taking a swig of his beer, basking in the sun.
“This place looks good on you.”
Bucky turned and beamed at you, “really?”
“Yeah,” you replied, reaching a hand out to brush through his hair.
“It’s nice seeing you of the city, not busy. Relaxation looks good on you.”
You leaned in, as if to kiss him, but lingered just out of reach of his lips to say, “maybe we should stay a little longer.”
“I wouldn’t mind that.”
“I’ll call Leah,” you said, starting to move away.
Bucky pulled you back, your chin pinched between his forefinger and thumb.
“Tomorrow,” he murmured, “right now, you’re mine.”
You were his, just as he was yours, for the next few days.
Sadly, after another week in Louisiana, Bucky mentioned how Sam needs him back in action.
“So, he’s stealing my boyfriend?”
“More like borrowing me.”
“When do you leave?”
“After we get back to the city,” he replied, walking towards where you sat on the edge of the bed.
You tucked your bottom lip between your teeth and Bucky smiled.
He kneeled down before you, between your legs, and reached up to pull your lip free.
“What are you thinkin’ about, doll?”
“I’m thinkin’ we just shouldn’t go back.”
Bucky head fell to the side, strength almost crippled by the sadness of your voice, and leaned up towards you.
He didn’t have to say anything.
He poured his agreement, that shared wish, into the kiss you shared.
Not the last kiss.
No, that would come far later.
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marveicinematics · 5 months ago
the after sex (bucky x reader, smut)
Summary : When Bucky comes home upset, he knows how to get rid of his frustration — in the bedroom with you.
Pairing : Bucky Barnes x female reader.
Words : 714.
TW : Smut. Unprotected sex, rough sex, touching, dirty talk, aftercare.
Note : Based on readers’ request. It’s short, but I hope you will like it!
I’m open for request, just check the submit new stories button on my page. ♡
Tumblr media
It had been a nightmare. Fight after fight, feeling upset at anything his co-workers said, and never fitting into the team as much as he wished. James Barnes had been teaming up with the rest of the “superheroes“ everyone seemed to love so much, but he would never feel like anything else than a brainwashed killer soldier. Entering your apartment, frowning, he found his way to your bedroom where you had been sleeping for a good hour and a half. “Bucky?“ You murmured as you felt him slide under the covers, well aware that he was the only person who had the key to your place, or the right to lay in your bed.
“Sorry. It’s late.“ You knew him so well that you knew something was wrong, only hearing the sound of his voice. “What’s going on?“ “I don’t want to talk about it.“ And instead of explaining what might have happened, he locked his lips to yours, kissing you hungrily, winning a soft whimper from you. He surprised you, especially when you felt his hands sliding under your t-shirt and all the way to your breasts. The difference between his warm flesh and the cold of his metal hand made you moan in delight, aching your body against him. Bucky knew exactly how to turn you on in a matter of seconds. As he pinned your body under his, legs spread on each side of his hips, you could feel yourself getting wetter, a small spot appearing on the fabric of your underwear. “Bucky, what’s going on?“ You mumbled against his lips, and he opened his eyes to stare into yours. “I just need to fuck you, okay?“ Eyes filled with lust, it didn’t take longer for you to start getting rid of his clothes, turned on by the way he wanted you tonight. It only took a few seconds for both of you to be completely naked in the bed and, before you realized, Bucky turned you over, on your stomach, your face facing the bed. His lips placing hot kisses on the back of your neck, he took no time to enter you in a loud groan, as one of his hand grabbed the headboard. “Fuck, you feel like heaven.“ A small chuckle left your lips as he complimented you, quickly changing into a loud moan when you felt his hips bucking against you. You knew how Bucky released the tensions when he was feeling too frustrated. Slamming into you again and again, your knuckles grabbed onto the sheet under you as you cried out in bliss, earning a few groans from your boyfriend. “Fuck yes, scream my name.“ He asked, his hips meeting yours harder and harder with each thrusts. At this pace, you would both be coming very soon. “Buck, keep— Keep going..!“ You moaned. “Ah— Fuck, I’m already close !“ Hoping he wouldn’t leave you unsatisfied, he reached between your legs, massaging your clit with his strong metal fingers, and you felt your lower stomach started to clench. As you tighten around his cock, Bucky pulled off, giving a few more thrusts against your butt cheeks. It was enough to make him come undone, moaning loudly as he emptied himself on your back and round ass.
The feeling of his hot seed and his finger still massaging your clit helped you ride off your own orgasm, bucking your hips against him a couple of times, looking for any sort of friction you might get to make it better. But as soon as you both relaxed, he laid down next to you, grabbing a tissue to clean up your skin. You didn’t move, still laying on your stomach. “Was I too rough?“ He asked softly, as you felt his arms pulling you in. “It’s okay, I liked it.“ You gave him a slight nod and a smile. Leaning in, Bucky placed kissed on your forehead and cheeks, as the tip of his flesh fingers caressed your skin with care. “Are you mad?“ “Of course not.“ And to make sure he believed you, you snuggled against his chest, letting him keep caressing your skin as you completely relaxed. “Sometimes, the after sex is just as good as the sex, with you.“ You murmured after twenty minutes of cuddles, soft kisses on your forehead, and whispers telling you how much he loved you.
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likeahorribledream · 2 months ago
Missing Piece
Part One | Part Two | Part Three |
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 4.1k
Warnings: no beta reader, fluff and angst, touch starve Bucky.
Some of you asked for a part 2, and finally here it is.. Depending on what you all think, I might do a part 3. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.
I wrote with Beefy!Bucky in mind.
Tumblr media
You hadn't meant to fall asleep but it was late and Bucky was like a human heater, his weight on top of you grounded you and for the first time in a really long time you slept through the night.
Sunlight blasting through the window was what woke you up. You had forgotten to close the blinds last night.
You opened your eyes, only to be blinded by the bright light. You groaned. You couldn't move because of Bucky but you also didn't want to move because of Bucky.
You were ashamed of how good it made you feel to be wrapped in his arms like this. You would never say it out loud, but it almost felt like you were home.
As you grew older, you realized that ‘’home’’ had a different meaning for different people. To some it was a house and to others it was a person. You didn’t know in which category you belonged but now you had a small idea.
You'd never feel this way before, and it worried you. You trusted the wrong people many times and had gotten hurt many times in the process and now you had trouble trusting and opening yourself up completely. It scared you to see how you did it all so easily with Bucky. You weren't scared because you thought he would hurt you, but scared of the speed at which the walls you had spent so much time building had crumbled around you and let him in.
You felt slightly reassured by the fact that Bucky had clearly opened himself to you. You don't think there are many people that could touch Bucky like you had or being touched by Bucky like you had and he most definitely wouldn't fall asleep with just anyone. You’re at your most vulnerable when you sleep and it makes your heart flutter to know he trusted you enough to, pretty much, pass out in your bed.
Although you could have stayed in this position all day, your bladder had other plans in mind.
"Buck…" You called out softly. Nothing.
"Buckyyyy…" Still nothing.
There was no way in hell you'd be able to move from under him without his help. You started tickling him gently on his neck, then on his side. He groaned, finally waking up.
"Buck, you gotta move!" The urgency in your voice woke him all the way up and he rolled on his back, freeing you.
You untangled yourself from your sheets, jumped out of bed and ran to your bathroom; closing the door behind you.
Bucky looked at you as he slowly sat up. He didn’t wake up, not even once, during the night. His anxiety slowly crept up on him. He looked around, panicking slightly.
What if you had tried to wake him up all night but didn't succeed? What if you didn't want him to spend the night in your bed but he forced that decision on you? Did you run to the bathroom because you wanted to get away from him? Were you waiting for him to leave before coming back out? A dozen questions went through his mind at high speed. Before he could make a decision, the bathroom door opened and you walked out.
He had been so deep in thoughts that he never heard the toilet or the water running in the sink. As you stepped out, you looked at Bucky and you froze in place. He looked like a deer caught in headlights.
"Hey…" You whispered. "Are you ok?"
He just looked at you, not answering your question.
You slowly walked towards him, trying not to scare him. You didn't know what triggered him to be like this.
"It's ok, you're ok." You added, stopping before you could reach the bed and leaving some distance between the two of you. "You're in my room, you're safe." You tried.
He looked into your eyes and relaxed slightly. You didn't look mad that he was still here.
"You left…" He started, looking at the space where the bathroom door had just been closed. "I- I thought you wanted me to leave." He looked at you again. "Do you want me to leave? I can leave. I didn't mean to fall asleep, I'm sorry."
His rambling would have been the cutest thing if what he said wasn't so heartbreaking. When you ran to the bathroom, you never thought he would think you were running away from him. You shook your head and went back under the covers as you chuckled, mostly to yourself. The idea that you wanted him anywhere but here was funny to you. If only he knew how much you wanted him to stay.
‘’No, stay. Please.’’ You wanted to reach out and touch him, but you weren’t sure if all the progress you had made last night had been ruined by your tiny bladder. ‘’I’m sorry I ran, it’s just that-’’ You chewed on your bottom lip, slightly embarrassed. ‘’I woke up and I needed to pee but you seemed so comfortable so I decided to wait until you woke up, except it didn’t look like it was going to happen anytime soon and by the time I decided to wake you up well… It was urgent.’’
Bucky followed you with his eyes and turned slightly in the bed so his body was facing you when you settled back into your spot. He narrowed his eyes, trying to see if you were lying; he noticed the little signs of embarrassment and felt himself relaxed as he finally believed that you didn’t run away from him. At least not for the reasons he thought you did.
He laughed and laid on his back, turning his head to look up at you. You smiled down at him and laid on your back, turning your head to look at him.
‘’Hi.’’ He whispered, grinning.
‘’Hey.’’ You whispered back, a similar expression on your face. ‘’How do you feel?’’
He waited before answering, thinking. How did he feel?
‘’Ok, I think. I feel… rested.’’ Something he hadn’t felt in… too long to tell, exactly.
You nodded, looking up at the ceiling; smiling. ‘’Good. That’s good. You deserve to rest.’’
Hearing you say that he deserved something that wasn’t punishment or eternal damnation made his heart melt a little. Ok, a lot. Not that he’d ever admit out loud. Not to you, at least.
You spent some time in silence, not moving. You were too lazy to move in the slightest.
‘’FRIDAY?’’ You called out in the room.
‘’Good morning, agents.’’
‘’Good morning FRIDAY, what time is it?’’
‘’7 am.’’
‘’Thank you.’’ You groaned. It was too early to get up. You should still be sleeping.
Bucky chuckled at your reaction and got up from the bed, disappearing in the bathroom and coming back out two minutes later. He stopped to close the blinds and got back in bed, laying down next to you in his previous position.
‘’Want to go get breakfast?’’ You asked, not bothering to look at him because it was pitch black in your room and you couldn’t see anything.
‘’Actually…’’ He trailed off, turning his body towards you to lay on his side. Feeling more confident in the darkness, old habits die hard. ‘’It’s still early so… Maybe we could sleep a lil’ more?’’ He suggested.
‘’I like where your head's at, Sergeant.’’ You teased, already half asleep anyway. ‘’You do outrank me, so I guess I don’t have a choice but to sleep in.’’
Though you couldn’t really see him nor hear him, you knew he was laughing from the way his body moved on the mattress. You liked that, most of the time, Bucky barely made any sound when he laughed. It’s like whatever you said or did to make him laugh, he wanted to keep it between the two of you without anyone else knowing about the moment you just shared. Even now, it was just the two of you and his laugh stayed in your little bubble.
He opened his mouth to say something and closed it without saying anything. He did it a few more times and then he noticed how your body started to relax; you were beginning to fall asleep. He had to ask now, while he still could.
‘’Sweetheart?’’ He whispered, in case you had fallen completely asleep.
‘’Can I-’’ He hesitated. ‘’Can I hold you?’’ His voice was barely audible.
‘’Of course Bucky, you don’t have to ask.’’ You mumbled.
He grinned.
Although he had been hesitant to ask, his actions were anything but hesitant. He reached out, wrapping his arm around your waist; his hand falling to rest on your hips and he pulled you to him until your body was flush against his.
‘’Comfy?’’ You ask.
You turn to lay on your side, turning your back to his chest. He pulled you even closer, until there wasn't any space left between his chest and your back. He put his left arm under your pillow as it couldn’t be numb from not moving for hours. He buried his face in your neck and laid his hand flat against your stomach. He let out a long sigh, finally content with his position.
‘’Comfy.’’ He said against the skin of your neck, making a chill run down your spine from both the scruff of his growing beard and his hot breath tickling you.
As you were falling asleep, you felt Bucky’s hand on your stomach sneak under the hem of your shirt and find its previous position but this time on your skin. He stroked his thumb on your skin until he fell asleep, his face still buried in your neck.
For a few minutes, the old Bucky had resurfaced. The Bucky that wasn’t scared to be touched or scared to touch, the Bucky that asked for what he wanted instead of keeping it to himself because he didn’t think he deserved whatever it was he wanted. You were the one who had brought back that side of him. Whenever you two would be together, it always felt so… right to him. He wasn’t ready to let that feeling go, nor you.
He promised to himself that he would do anything to prove to you that he was good enough, anything to make you want to keep him around for as long as possible.
You promised to yourself that you would do anything to show to Bucky that he was good enough, anything to show him that he deserved everything he wanted; hoping you were part of it.
Tumblr media
Though the compound was enormous, everyone had fallen into the same routine. You’d all wake up around the same time, you’d stay in your respective rooms as you got ready; fully waking up in the process and then you’d all meet in the kitchen to prepare a huge breakfast. You’d make a little bit of everything; toasts, eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, fruit salad, smoothies and whatever else you were in the mood for. You all had a task and when you were all done, you brought everything over to the dinner table and you ate together, as a family because that’s really what you were.
You did this every morning, even if some of you were on a mission and you rarely skipped it; especially not when the whole team was home, like today.
That’s why everyone was surprised to see you were missing from the kitchen. You were usually one of the first ones to get there, you would get everything out and start cooking what took the longest so that everything could be ready at the same time.
‘’Maybe she’s sick?’’ Wanda suggested. ‘’I’ll go check on her.’’
‘’No, no. It’s okay. I already went to check up on her, she didn’t really sleep last night and said she’ll try to go back to sleep. It’s best if you don’t go, in case you wake her up.’’ Steve said to her, standing in the doorway to keep her from exiting the kitchen.
No one really noticed that Bucky wasn’t with them, either. He rarely joined you.
Steve lied to Wanda, he didn’t check up on either of you but he didn’t need to.
Last night, after he left you and Bucky, he stayed at the end of the hallway for some time. He waited, a small part of him was worried your conversation might end in a fight. He doesn’t know how long he waited; after 5, 10 minutes, he smiled to himself when no one came running out the door. No one was screaming either, he took it as a good sign and walked back to the living room to finish watching the movie with the rest of the team.
When he woke up this morning, he decided to make a pit stop to Bucky’s room before breakfast. He knocked a few times and when no one answered he slowly opened the door, calling out his friend’s name and was surprised to find his room empty. Though Bucky kept his room always really neat and clean, somehow he could tell that Bucky hadn’t slept there.
Bucky barely ever left his room, especially in the morning when he knew everybody was together in the kitchen; he had never really been a morning person and living with that many people sure didn’t help. Steve hated doing it but he was worried about his friend, so he asked FRIDAY where Bucky was. He absolutely didn’t expect the AI’s answer to be that Bucky was, still, in your room.
Steve smiled to himself and joined the rest of the team. He would do his best to distract everyone to keep them from asking questions or go looking for either of you.
Tumblr media
Both you and Bucky woke up again hours later, the little bit of sunlight that came through the blinds was brighter than it had been when you woke up the first time and you could hear everyone talking and moving around in the compound.
Bucky was still holding onto you tightly, not that you were complaining. His strength and warmth were soothing to you and you don’t think you ever slept that well in your entire life.
You stretched your whole body, leaning more into Bucky as you did. You felt him move behind you, he was awake now too. He stretched his arm away from your body and wrapped it around your stomach again. He brushed the tip of his nose against the skin of your neck a few times, the sweet gesture making you grin.
‘’Good morning.’’ You whispered, still half asleep. You were so comfortable and warm, it was hard to fight the sleep that kept your body from moving.
‘’Mh-mh.’’ He shook his head no. ‘’I wanna sleep.’’ He said, you could feel his breath against the back of your neck.
‘’We’re gonna have to get up at some point during the day.’’ You chuckled.
Bucky whined, you could even feel him pout. ‘’Why do you say such mean things to me?’’ His tone was overly sad, clearly trying to get you to feel bad so you’d stay in bed, which only made you laugh harder.
‘’I’m sorry Jamie.’’ You pat his hand that was still resting on your stomach. ‘’But I’m hungry, and I’m sure you, the super soldier, are starving.’’
‘’Ugh.’’ He sighed. ‘’You’re right. Fine.’’
The smell of the breakfast that was cooked an hour earlier was still lingering and it made you hungrier.
Bucky finally let go of you and you almost whimpered at the loss of his touch. You got out of bed, stretching some more and groaned when Bucky opened the blinds without warning.
‘’My eyes.’’ You hissed, dramatically.
Bucky laughed.
‘’Sorry, Dracula. You’re the one who wanted to get up.’’ He smirked, raising his hands in defeat.
You smiled at him and then it hit you. Your bubble was about to burst. As soon as one of you walked out, it was over. What if that was it? What if the second Bucky crossed the door, everything went back to the way it was? What if it had only been for a night and now that night was officially over. You were already regretting your stupid decision to force him to get up. Although Bucky had been the one that ‘’needed’’ it the most, you had also needed to be close to someone.
He had made you feel wanted in a way that you hadn’t felt before, in a way that wasn’t sexual. He wanted you near him, he wanted you to hold him and comfort him, you were the one he had chosen to trust and you were the one he seeked out. You didn’t even want to try and lie to yourself; Bucky was special. In many ways, but he was special to you. You couldn’t explain why, he just was. There was something about him that screamed ‘’You’re my person’’.
You hadn’t realized that you had been deep in thoughts until Bucky touched your shoulder.
‘’You ok?’’ He looked down at your face, worried.
Your eyes were very expressive and he had seen every emotion that went through your mind in them. You went from joking and smiling and then your entire face fell like you had just realized something, something sad. He called out your name a few times but you didn’t hear him. He put his hand on your shoulder, hoping to ground you back to reality.
Bucky looked at you, waiting for an answer. You tried to laugh it off and smiled as best as you could.
‘’Oh, yes. Sorry. Just zoned out for a second.’’
‘’You sure?’’ He frowned. He could tell that you were lying.
‘’Yes.’’ You nodded your head, to make it more convincing.
He looked at you for a couple more seconds before taking his hand off of your shoulder.
‘’Ok…’’ He waited to see if you were going to add anything else and when you didn’t, he stepped back. ‘’I’m gonna go get dressed. Meet you in the kitchen?’’
‘’Yep.’’ You simply answered, turning around to make your bed. You didn’t want to see the exact moment your little bubble would burst open.
Tumblr media
Bucky’s heart sank into his chest. He knew that your little moment was over but he didn’t think it would be over, over. Your mood had shifted quickly, that’s when he knew that whatever it was that you shared, it was over the moment the sun rose. He had managed to make it last longer by sleeping a few more hours, fooling himself into thinking it was anything more than you just taking pity over him.
The thing is, he was already craving your touch. It had only been a few minutes since he felt you against him but to him it felt like hours. He wanted you just as much as he needed you.
You were too good for him, too pure for him. He didn’t deserve you and he knew it, but for a night he let himself think that maybe he did.
Tumblr media
You were right.
Everything went back to the way it was.
After Bucky joined you to eat, you were cleaning up your plates and as you reached out to take his, you touched his hand and he flinched. You wanted to cry. He must have noticed your teary eyes because he started to panic.
‘’No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, I swear.’’ He stood up, holding out his hand to touch you but you moved away quickly.
‘’It’s fine.’’ You turned around and left for the kitchen, putting everything away as fast as you could so that you could go back to your room.
You stood in the elevator, waiting to reach your floor. The lump in your throat made it hard to swallow. You blinked quickly, trying to keep the tears from falling. You just had to hold on a little longer, you were almost there.
The elevator doors finally opened to let you out but you froze. Steve was standing in front of you.
Crap. You thought. You didn’t feel like talking so you just walked out quickly, almost running to your room.
‘’Hi Steve. Bye Steve.’’ You said over your shoulder.
You closed the door behind you and locked it, sighing in relief when no one came knocking.
Tumblr media
Steve smiled when he saw you and before he could even speak you had disappeared in your room.
It all happened so fast and he hadn’t had time to notice the tears in your eyes. He just assumed you were rushing back to your room because Bucky was waiting for you there.
He was extremely confused when he saw Bucky standing in the kitchen, his back turned to him as his fists clenched by his sides.
‘’Hey bud.’’ Steve called out to Bucky.
He didn’t even move to look at him, Steve frowned, moving closer.
‘’Buck… What’s wrong?’’
‘’Nothin’.’’ He mumbled before storming out of the kitchen.
Steve was even more confused. He thought the two of you were fine, what the hell happened?
He shook his head and turned around, making his way to your room.
Tumblr media
You were sitting on your bed, your cheeks starting to dry as you finally managed to stop crying. You were angry, sad and in a way, kind of humiliated. You were usually more careful around people but you had let your guard down and now you were hurt again.
A knock on your door made you jump, your eyes snapping up to the piece of wood keeping you from the outside world. You didn’t move. Whoever it was, you didn’t want to see them.
Steve. Damn it. You laid down on your bed without making a sound, hopeful that he might think you’re either gone or asleep and leave. You should have known better.
He knocked again. ‘’I know you’re in there. I can hear you breathing.’’
‘’Creep.’’ You mumbled, under your breath.
‘’I heard that.’’
You rolled your eyes. ‘’Please go away.’’
‘’I just want to know what happened.’’
‘’Nothing. Nothing happened, now go.’’ You shut your eyes tightly, as if it would make him leave faster.
He sighed and nodded. ‘’Ok.’’ He added, realizing you can’t see him and he left.
Tumblr media
Everybody was surprised to see Bucky walk in as they all sat down for dinner. You’d usually just bring him up a plate to his room and keep him company there, it was all too new to him and after spending 70 years mostly alone it was a little bit overwhelming to eat with that many people around.
Tonight though, Bucky decided to join the team hoping you would be there so he could talk to you but your chair was empty. No one but Steve and Bucky had seen you all day. Steve tried to reassure them and had told them not to worry but still it was really odd behavior coming from you.
Bucky turned to look at Steve; wordlessly asking him where you were. Steve only shrugged.
‘’Shit.’’ Bucky muttered. He messed everything up.
Tumblr media
It was around 11pm and you couldn’t sleep at all. You had slept way too late to be tired and even if you were tired, whenever you closed your eyes you found yourself craving the warmth and weight from Bucky’s body around you. Your bed felt empty without the beefy soldier taking most of the space and it felt a lot colder than it did before. You couldn’t believe your body had gotten accustomed to Bucky’s so quickly.
You were getting frustrated and decided to grab your laptop and watch a movie to keep your mind from drifting to anything Bucky related.
You were about 20 minutes in, when your phone’s screen lit up next to your laptop. You grabbed it and opened the message before even looking at who it was from.
Can we talk?
Bucky. You hit your forehead with the palm of your hand, cursing yourself for not checking the name before opening it, now he knew you saw it. You sighed and stared at the screen until it closed on its own. It quickly lit up again.
I know you’re awake, it says you read my message.
Another message quickly followed.
I’m sorry I flinched. I really didn’t mean to.
You opened both his messages, your thumbs hovering over the keyboard as you tried to come up with an answer. A new text came in as you were thinking. What was written made your mind go completely blank.
I miss you. I can’t sleep without you.
Tumblr media
Divider by @bwbatta
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spideyhexx · 3 months ago
moments of affection; b.b.
a/n: this is entirely self indulgent because i feel like blah and im in my feels. also want to say here, even though this is not nsfw, it's still 18+
be sure to let me know what you think! reblogs, comments, and likes are appreciated :)
more writing!
summary; three different moments of affection between you and bucky.
bucky barnes x reader
WARNINGS: a little suggestive at the end but still sfw. alpine. cute bucky. established relationship. work drama.
word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
“Oh you won’t believe what went down today,” you announce as soon as you walk through the door and into Bucky’s apartment.
He’s on the couch with Alpine cuddled into his side and he reaches over to pause the show he was watching.
He chuckles at your statement asks, “was it crazier than the other day?”
“WAY crazier, so you remember Hannah right? The new girl that’s working at the front desk? The one that I despise?”
“I remember you told me she always smells like skittles,” Bucky recounts and you nod your head at him.
Hurriedly, you untie your shoelaces and kick off your shoes. You slide your feet underneath yourself as you sit next to Bucky.
“Yes, her! Well she had a fucking meltdown and screamed at my boss during our busiest hour. The cops came and everything.”
“Mmhm, she felt like she wasn’t being treated right because she kept being told to not cut her nails on the desk.” Alpine stretches her paw onto Bucky’s leg and you giggle at her, leaning over him to rub her head.
“Cut her nails on the desk? That’s what it was over.”
Bucky did not think his first conversation with you when he got back from his mission would be about Hannah, the girl you despise, but he is not complaining.
The way your face lights up as you tell him a story is something he always looks forward to.
“Yeah, ridiculous, isn’t it? The cops didn’t really do much, they just stood there and said ‘calm down’ but it did not calm anyone down. Eventually, my boss just said she should pack up and leave.”
Bucky knows you’re still speaking and he is listening, but his mind wanders off into how pretty you look. Your hair is a mess and he wonders when you’ll make a comment about it and try to fix it.
Every time a new thing comes to mind, your eyes light up. He watches as your eyes glance down at Alpine when you take a breath.
“Bucky?” He breaks out of his trance to find you smiling at him.
“Hm?” You scoot over closer to him and lean your head against his shoulder, his arm instinctively wrapping around you.
“Do my rants annoy you?”
“No, I love them. Now, tell did customers react to Hannah’s outburst?”
If there was anything Bucky hates more than his therapy appointments, it’s the doctor. He had been meaning to schedule a check up appointment for some time, but always hesitated.
After a long talk with you and sharing your similar feelings on the doctor visits, he made an appointment.
Now, he sits in the waiting room, his foot tapping and his eyes cast on the floor, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. It doesn’t help that the room is crowded.
No one is looking at him, but he feels like he’s got a spotlight on him. Add onto that the dreary and dull gray walls and the light hum that the lights give off.
You sit in the chair across from him and study his movements. Your gaze does not leave him.
The hope is that he will look up at you but he is determined to keep his stare on the carpet. You feel bad for him.
The nurse told him that you wouldn’t be able to accompany him when he gets called in and that seemed to accelerate his nerves.
“James Barnes?”
A nurse calls his name out and his head shoots up, finally locking eyes with you. He stands and brushes his hands against his pants.
Before he could get past you, you grab his hand. It’s sweaty, like you expected but he still squeezes your hand.
A sigh escapes his mouth when you place a kiss on his knuckles.
You can’t help yourself but kiss his hand a few more times before pulling away.
He’s trying not to smile, but as soon as you do, Bucky can’t suppress the grin on his face. He mouths ‘thank you’ and releases your hand, taking one last glance at you before following the nurse.
The only light illuminating Bucky’s kitchen at this very moment was your laptop on the counter as you type away.
You wish you could join him on the couch, but you need to get work done and sitting next to him would just result with you in his lap.
It isn’t long before you lose your focus watch as Bucky stands up to stretch.
Only a shirt and his boxers cover him but when he stretches his arms up, you can see a little bit of his back. It sends a rush of heat all over your body and as he turns his head, you snap your focus back to your work.
A deep chuckle rings through your ears.
“I can go to another room if I’m too distracting,” Bucky teases as he makes his way into the kitchen. He pours himself some water, a smirk stuck onto his face.
“It’s not my fault that you’re so handsome,” you say and he chuckles again, moving to stand behind you. Bucky leans his hands onto the counter, his lips right by your ear. He kisses beneath your earlobe.
“Bucky…” you trail off as he takes your earlobe into his mouth and sucks lightly on it. It tickles you and you laugh, feeling him begin to smile as well.
"What? I'm just loving my girl," he mumbles, leaning his head down to place kisses on your neck.
His mouth moves leisurely, the obscene noises of his mouth do nothing to ease your growing pleasure.
Your head falls back against his shoulder, giving him more access to your neck, but he pulls away.
“Are my lips too chapped?” You turn your head to look at him, raising an eyebrow.
“What? No, they’re perfect, just keep-”
His mouth his back on you, this time his movements are more aggressive.
He sucks at a spot under your jaw that never fails to make you whimper for him. One of his hands finds its way to your hip, squeezing it, then drifting to grip your thigh.
“Maybe you should take a break, doll.” You close your laptop as soon as the words leave his lips.
You spin around and pull him by his collar closer to you.
His lips brush against yours, the taste of him already so intriguing. You don’t know why you’re hesitating, but Bucky seems to notice and he smirks.
“You gonna do it, or what?” His words sink into you. One more tug of his collar and his lips are locked on yours.
Bucky laughs, but it’s muffled through the kiss. Without another thought, you bite gently onto his bottom lip. His hands falter against you and he angles his head to kiss you deeper.
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patd--phan · 3 months ago
Wanna Be Yours
Pairing: Dadsbestfriend! Bucky (mid/late 40s) x reader (in early/mid twenties)
Summary: Y/N surprises bucky on a business trip and he promises to be hers.
Warnings: SMUTTY stuff (18+ only pleasee), unprotected sex, creampie, oral sex (m receiving), riding, teasing, significant age gap, reader takes charge, “Doll/sweets/baby/sweetheart”, some cute ass shit at the beginning and end tho
WC: about 3K im sorry I was really H*rny yesterday and I was unable to do anything about it as i was stuck in the car all damn day
Note: So I was really h*rny yesterday and this happened lol I’m sorry. Loosely based on the song wanna be yours-arctic monkeys. Also this will probably be the only smut I ever write bc I don’t wanna become an 18+ blog or make anyone uncomfortable (not that 18+ blogs are bad tho lemme set that straight, most of my fav blogs are)
PS thank you for the love on my first ever fic with Peter Parker x reader, it made me so happy that ppl didn’t think I suck lol ( and i guess i lied saying i would probably never write another one shot lol)
You do NOT have my permission to repost this anywhere, I will come for u if you plagiarize ok bye
It was no secret that Bucky liked to be in charge in the bedroom, and you had absolutely no problem with that. After all, he was older and more experienced; he knew how to make your body sing. But this week you were craving something a little different. Bucky had been away on a business trip all weekend and you really missed him, not just the sex (but I mean…) but just cuddling and talking to him about your day; you were feeling clingy. You decide to text bucky even though you knew he couldn’t answer right away because he was currently in a meeting.
Y/N: I mis youu :( when will you be back tomorrow?
You just wandered around your apartment for the next 20 minutes, casually checking your phone about every 30 seconds just in case bucky was able to sneak in a text. He finally replied after 30 minutes, right as his meeting was ending at 3.
Bucky: Hey doll, I miss you too <3
Bucky: unfortunately one of the investors this morning had to push their meeting to late tomorrow afternoon, so I’m not gonna be home until very late tomorrow night :(
Y/N: dammit :(
Y/N: well good luck at the pitch meeting tomorrow, I love and miss you <3
Bucky: don’t gimme that pout I know your making doll, ill see you tonight on facetime! :)
Y/N: haha u know me so well, and yes you’ll see me tonight ;) (but I still miss u)
Bucky: I know doll I hate it too, see you tonight. Love you <3
Y/n: love you too <3
You didn’t know if you could go until late Monday without seeing bucky. As you laid on the couch smiling sadly about missing your love, an idea popped into your head. He was only two and a half hours away, and he wouldn’t be back at his hotel for another 4 hours at least. Fuck it, you were gonna go drive to his hotel and surprise him. You couldn’t be away so long, you felt super clingy this weekend and you needed to be on top of with him.
You quickly ran around your apartment, packing an overnight bag and you saw the package that arrived earlier on your floor that you completely forgot about because you couldn’t stop thinking of Bucky. You remembered its contents e(a completely evil lingerie set) and threw it in the bag with a smirk on your face.
The drive to Bucky’s hotel felt like forever and you had to remind yourself to stop speeding because you were so excited. When you finally got to his hotel, you had to convince the manager to give you a key to his room, proving that you were the man’s girlfriend with several pictures on your phone which was slightly embarrassing because in almost every picture, at least one of you was half-naked. Worth it. You thought. When you arrived in his room you quickly went into the bathroom to change into a little black dress (with a surprise underneath). Then as you were sitting on his bed waiting for him, you realized it would still be a while before he would get back, so you decided to tidy up his things, packing his clothes and organizing his suitcase. Pleased with your work, you sat back down on the bed and looked at your phone for a while. You finally got pulled out of your Instagram daze when you heard Bucky’s voice in the hallway laughing at something a coworker said. You quickly threw your phone on the dresser, straightened up you dress, and sat at the edge of the bed with a huge smile on your face, giddy to surprise him.
As he turned the doorknob he was still looking behind him talking to the man. When he finally said goodbye and turned his head around, his eyebrows raised up and his jaw dropped, which was quickly replaced with a smile even larger than yours.
“What are you doing here?” he asked, running towards you and throwing his briefcase on the floor.
He picked you up in a tight hug and you squealed, legs immediately wrapping around his waist.
“I told you you’d see me tonight!” you said, still clung to him like a koala.
“W-what?” He replied, still in shock. Letting your legs fall back to the floor.
“I just missed you too much” you shrugged.
If any human could embody “heart eyes” it was Bucky at that moment- he’s such a softie for you. He pulled your face towards him and gave you one of the most loving kisses you’ve ever had in your life. You were expecting it to be passionate and rough, but it was soft, delicate and loving, and your heart melted into a puddle. After your lips parted, you gazed into each other’s eyes before being pulled up in another tight hug. You giggled and wrapped your legs around him again.
“I guess you missed me too huh?” you laughed.
“Oh doll, you have no idea.”
You wrapped your hands in his hair, massaging his neck and he moaned loudly.
“Mm, that feels nice.” He hummed.
“You tired baby?” you asked, he seemed like he needed some TLC (and you were ready to give it to him).
“I am so exhausted.” He replied, making you frown behind his back.
You slowly slid down his body, back onto your feet again, and kept massaging his head. He looked at you lovingly before looking around his hotel room, his eyebrows pulled in confusion.
“Did you clean up in here?”
“Yep, while I was waiting for ya,” you replied, smiling.
His whole face softened.
“Oh, I really don’t deserve you doll.” Making you smile and shake your head.
“Oh yes you do.” You replied making him smile and his heart flutter in his chest.
He pulled you in for another kiss, this one with more fire and longing in it than the last one. His large hands grabbed you ass to pull you closer to him and you moaned into the kiss. You pressed your body against him even tighter and ran your hands through his hair making him moan. You could feel his pants tent start to grow against you and you smirked and moved you lips down to the side of his neck making him groan.
You pull back and look at him, hard and eyes half lidded, it turns you on so much you feel your panties dampening.
“Hey Buck?” you whisper, lips mere inches apart.
“Hmm?” he hums in response.
“I have another surprise for you.” You whisper into his ear before pulling back to look at his face.
“What’s that, doll?” he whispers.
You smirk and step away from him, noticing the confusion on his face before you pull your dress over your head and throw it onto the floor.
Bucky’s jaw drops, making you bite your lip and smirk even more. This was gonna be fun.
“Oh, fuck me,” He groans.
“Oh, I fully intend on it, Buck” you smirk.
He just groans and starts walking towards you.
“Yeah sweets?”
“Wanna be mine tonight?”
“Fuck, I’ll be yours forever doll.” He says, making you whimper. You pull him against you by his tie, pressing your bodies together.
Your lips crash and tongues swirl together fighting for dominance. Hands moving up and down each other’s bodies like animals. Bucky squeezing your ass so tight you know there’s gonna be marks.
You both pull back enough so you can shimmy off Bucky’s tie and throw it over his head before unbuttoning his shirt and peeling it off him. You then sink to your knees and undo his belt quickly before slowly unzipping his pants, kissing the outside of his member though his pants making him exhale a breath sharply.
“Fuck” he breathes out.
You don’t want to tease him too much (yet) so after another kiss, you shove his pants off and lay down on the bed, his body caging you under him.
The passionate makeout session resumes with Bucky still hard in his boxers pressing against your clothed core. You suddenly remember what you wanted and pull back from the kiss.
“Wait, no” you whisper.
Bucky pulls back, confused and nervous he did something to hurt you.
“What’s wrong?” he whispers.
You take advantage of his confusion and roll him over so you were straddling him with a smirk on your face.
Bucky moans at your actions, core pressing tight against him.
“You said you’d be mine.” You breathe over his lips. Moaning as being in charge is giving you a whole rush of feelings and confidence.
You kiss him, and he lets you dominate the kiss this time, biting his lips and grinding on him. He bucks his hips onto your and you pull back.
“Don’t worry baby, I’ll take care of you, I’ll make you feel so good.”
Bucky moans at your words as you start to kiss all the way down his body, leaving little hickies down his chest. When you get towards his boxers he thinks your gonna kiss his member or pull down his boxers, but instead you go back up his chest, licking a stripe from his belly button all the way to one of his nipples, up his neck, to his lips.
Bucky moans, loud. You give him one more kiss before deciding to stop teasing him (kinda). You quickly kiss down his chest again and then plant a few kisses on his aching cock through his boxers. He bucks his hips and is whimpering under you. Fuck, that turns you on. Your big strong boyfriend who could probably crush you with one arm, whimpering and practically begging under you. Your panties are fucking soaked and you don’t think you can deny your own pleasure too much longer. You pull down his boxers and his cock is throbbing and dripping precum.
“Shit” you moan at the sight.
You lick the precum off him and he gives a high pitched moan that goes straight to your core.
“Baby please, I- I can’t.”
“Don’t worry baby I got you.” You reply as you take his full member into your mouth, sucking lightly.
Bucky moans and bucks his hips into your mouth. You push them back down and suck a few more times before getting off of him. He looks worried for a second before you slide your panties off and straddle his cock.
“Still wanna be mine?”
“Always” he replies.
You sink down onto him, jaw dropping and eyes closing at the feeling. You don’t think you’ll ever get used to him no matter how many times he’s been inside you. You both moan as his whole cock is finally buried inside you.
“Fuck Bucky, you feel so fucking good in me.” You moan, starting to rock your hips.
“God, I’m so fucking wet for you.”
Bucky continues to give low moans as you start to ride him.
“Fuck baby, I love you like this.” He says, making you start to ride him harder, moaning at his words.
His hands come grab your hips to help you ride him faster, harder.
“Baby- shit I’m close already.” He pleads.
“All for me? Shit baby aren’t I the lucky one?” You moan.
Bucky’s grip on your hips tighten and he starts to fuck up into you. He was about to blow.
You moan loudly at the feeling. “Cum in me baby please I need it.”
After a particularly hard thrust into your wet pussy you feel him spilling inside you. He lets out one of those vulgar high pitched moans and grunts that make your brain short circuit and your eyes roll back while your pussy clenches around him. You feel yourself getting close, but you want to give him another orgasm, so you sink down on him fully and slowly ride him, hearing him whimpering and moaning. You feel him get hard in you again (thank you supersoldier serum) and you rock back and forth on him. You reach down to rub your clit, but Bucky sees it and swats your hand away, replacing it with his metal one.
“Oh fuck” you moan at the cool sensation.
You start to bounce up and down on him again, the knot in your abdomen building and heating up. You feel yourself close to being undone as you ride him and his other hand runs up your body and squeezes your nipple through your thin lace bra. You moan and feel yourself clench around him, making him moan.
“Fuck- I’m gonna c-“ you get interrupted by the white hot explosion of your orgasm. Your eyes roll back, jaw hangs open and toes curl as you feel that release knock throughout your whole body, making you shake. You let out those high pitched moans and whines that only Bucky makes you feel.
Feeling you clench around him and watching your completely fucked out face, you feel Bucky’s thick cock twitch inside of you, and you moan as you feel him release in you again. Fuck that makes you feel good. So good you can’t think or move and you start to collapse on top of Bucky, but he slightly catches you and lays you down on his chest, both breathing heavy, with his cock still inside you, cum dripping all down your legs and onto Bucky.
You can’t speak, can’t think, the pleasure totally ruining you. After what feels like forever, you feel your breathing start to return to normal, as does Bucky’s, and you feel his hand rubbing up and down your back, grounding you back to earth from wherever on cloud nine you were.
You hum as you feel yourself finally calm down.
“Holy fuck, doll” you feel him lowly whine in your ear. You can only moan lowly in response.
“Baby that was fucking amazing.”
“Mmhmm.” You hum.
“…but I think I’m gonna lose my mind if you keep clenching around me.” He chuckles.
“oh shit, sorry,” you mumble out. You try to push up off of him but the farthest you got was placing your hands on his shoulders before your body gave up on you.
“Oh my God, I can’t move” you whisper. You’re so fucked out, your body won’t respond to your brain anymore.
Bucky moans at your words and slowly rolls both of you so youre on your side facing him. He reaches down and pulls his soft cock out of your pussy, moaning when he sees a burst of cum leaking from you.
You moan at the feeling of him exiting your body. You look him in the eyes and give him a lazy smile. His eyes sparkle back at you and his hand comes up to rub your cheek.
“Mm” you hum at the feeling.
“That was fucking incredible” he says, making you smile wider.
“I’m not disagreeing” you quip.
He chuckles lightly before saying “you gotta do this more often.”
“What, surprise you on business trips?” you question.
“No” he rolls his eyes and smiles, “Well yes actually, but I was talking about you absolutely taking charge tonight.”
“Oh yeah?” you smirk.
“Fuck yeah doll, I don’t think I’ve ever cum as hard. You looked so damn sexy in charge.”
You look away from his eyes, shying at his words, but also they were giving you the confidence to look right back into his eyes and say “I agree” with a smirk.
“I love hearing those high pitched moans you make, It turns me on so much” you admit.
“You know, only you can get those noises out of me, doll” he chides. You blush and smile at him.
He chuckles and you bring his face towards yours and kiss him deeply, tongues meeting together. You both hum into the kiss as his hand rubs down the side of your body.
When you break the kiss, both of you needing a breath, he pulls your body towards him, resting your head on his chest. You hum in peace as he rubs your back.
“I love you so much Y/N” he says and you feel your heart absolutely burst in your chest.
“I love you so much too Buck,” you reply, lifting your head to peck him on the lips before placing your head back on his chest.
You lay in silence for a minute before your mind begins to wander again.
“Did you mean it?” you ask.
“Mean what, doll?”
“That you’ll be mine forever?” you ask. “I mean not just in the sexy way but that you’ll be with me forever?” you ramble out.
“God yes sweetheart, you’re the one for me.” He responds and you didn’t think your heart could explode anymore, but it just did.
You squeeze his shoulder with your hand before coming up to kiss him passionately again, almost crying at all of the love going though you.
“I promise I’m all yours forever too, Buck” you smile at him.
“Good,” he smiles back, and you rest back on his chest, eyes getting droopy.
“Night-night sweetheart.” You feel yourself smile in your sleep.
“Goodnight my love.” You reply, further cuddling into his chest. Bucky feels his heart combust in his chest. God, wasn’t he lucky to have you. He didn’t know what he did to deserve you, but he knew that he was going to assure you that you deserve the world every day for the rest of his life. He kissed the top of your head before falling into a deep sleep, content with his favorite person tight in his arms.
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imaginestuffs · 4 months ago
Wishes and goodnight kisses- Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count:5354
warnings: language, fluff, possible grammar and spelling errors. if you find anything else PLEASE PLEASE let me know!
Summary: Sam introduces Bucky to his best friend in Louisiana. she makes him feel at home.
okay! I think this is one of my favorite things I've written! I hope you guys like it! any feedback is great!
Tumblr media
(not my gif!)
You were one of Sam and Sarah’s closest friends, and when the blip happened and Sam disappeared you were over helping Sarah and the boys all the time. When everyone started to come back you immediately went to visit your family. You had been alone except Sarah and the boys for 5 years. It was the hardest time of your life.
You had just returned from staying with your family. You stayed with them for a few months to help them resettle, and you had just gotten back that day. You had heard about Sam becoming the new Captain America and when you saw him on the news it brought tears to your eyes. You knew he would be the perfect man to take up the shield. The whole incident with John Walker had sent you to tears seeing him holding that shield, knowing he shouldn’t be standing there, you knew that shield would be too much for him, he wasn’t the man that Steve or Sam was.
You walked into your home, with comfy clothes on from the flight. You sighed and immediately headed for the shower, wanting to get the day off of you. The next morning you had planned to visit Sarah and see how she was doing, hoping Sam would be there so you could greet him again. He was your best friend and you had missed him more than anything. You went to sleep that night content at being in your own bed and knowing your family was home and safe, and Sam was as well.
Sam had come home after taking up his new title and was greeted by his family. They expressed their pride and love for him. He had brought Bucky along with him once again and he as well fell into the rhythm of being at home.
“Bucky, there is someone we’re going to talk to tomorrow. She’s my best friend, and I still haven’t gotten the chance to see her. I think you’ll like her.” Sam informed his friend with a nudge and a wink.
“Oh, no, you are not going to try and set me up with someone Wilson. It’s not happening.” Bucky rushed to deny what he knew his friend was implying. “I just want to go see my friend after over 5 years of not seeing her, and I want to introduce you to her. She’s quite unique.” Sam shrugged before turning on his heels and heading for his room.
“What the hell does that mean?” Bucky called after his friend. “Goodnight,” Sam called back before closing his door.
Bucky flopped down onto the couch running a hand through his hair in frustration. “What the hell does that even mean?” he asked quietly.
The next morning came quickly and before he could even finish his breakfast Bucky was rushed out the door. “Sam, I swear.” Bucky sounded off at Sam. “Shut up, c’mon It’s only 5 minutes from here,” Sam said and walked ahead swiftly. Bucky sighed heavily and fell into step beside Sam.
“Now, Bucky, she’s quite the unique girl. She has a particular sense of fashion. She is really inspired by a period in time that you know very well old man.” Sam teased but informed his friend.
“For the millionth time, what the hell does that mean?” Bucky exasperatedly asked.
“She loves the 40s, she loves swing dancing, the ink spots, and Ella Fitzgerald. She loves it all man!” Sam exclaimed he was excited about introducing him to her.
Two of his best friends, a man from the 40s and a woman wishing she was from the 40s.
Bucky’s eyes widened at Sam’s description of her, “What?” he questioned in disbelief.
“What is so confusing about this to you Barnes?” Sam questioned in annoyance.
“Well forgive me for not expecting a woman who wishes from the 40s to be your best friend.” Bucky snapped back.
They walked up to a small home, not the same size as Sam’s home but the same style. As they approached the door they heard music flowing from the open windows. ‘I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire’ by The Ink Spots was playing gently and the sound of humming came along with it. Sam let a big smile bloom across his face. As he stepped up to knock on the door.
You woke up that morning with a smile knowing you were going to see your best friend for the first time in over 5 years. You got out of bed, and took a shower, brushed your teeth, and carried on your usual morning. As you got ready for the day you put on one of your favorite records by The Ink Spots.
You danced your way to your closet, picking out a pair of high-waisted black pants with a slight flare, and a navy striped button-up tucked into it. You let your hair fall in those classic curls, and swiped on your simple makeup. You smiled at yourself in the mirror and immediately set off to the kitchen to make some brownies for your friends. You always made them sweets and they especially loved your brownies. It was what you brought to most cookouts, and they were all gone by the end of the night. You smiled and hummed along to the music.
Little did you know, Sam was coming to you and he was bringing a special friend of his.
‘I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire’ played through your home and a huge smile broke out on your features as you swayed around your kitchen. Just as you put the brownies in the oven you heard a knock at the door. You set your timer and walked to the front door and pulling it open. There stood your best friend, and your eyes widened with a sparkle gleaming in them.
“Sam!” you cried out and leaped into his arms. “You’re home! I’ve missed you so!” you spoke excitedly when he set you back on your feet. “I’ve missed you too (y/n/n). I brought someone I want you to meet.” Sam smiled widely at you. You grinned broadly and Sam gestured towards Bucky. Your eyes flitted towards the man standing next to Sam. He was the most handsome man you’d ever seen with dark hair and steel blue eyes. A sharp jaw but petal pink lips. He was gorgeous.
You were a bit flustered and you felt your cheeks heat up a bit. “Oh, well, Hello it’s very nice to meet you, I’m (y/n).” you introduced yourself as calmly as possible. He stood there for a bit, with wide eyes and pink tinted cheeks. You gave him a small smile and looked to the ground in your bashful state.
When Sam knocked on the door, Bucky mentally prepared himself for meeting you. He didn’t know what you would be like, he didn’t know fully what to expect. When you opened the door and he first saw you his heart felt like it skipped a beat. You threw yourself into Sam’s arms and he couldn’t help but wish you would do the same with him. Your beauty seemed to have stunned him, he didn’t realize you had even really spoken to him. He looked at you as you blushed and looked away. He was snapped out of his daze when Sam nudged his shoulder a bit too harshly.
“Dude, stop staring you’re gonna scare the poor girl.” he scolded lightly, and it caused a giggle to leave your lips. When he heard that sound he could have sworn his heart melted. “Right, Um” Bucky cleared his throat and shook his head slightly. “I’m Bucky, It’s nice to meet you too.” he smiled shyly and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.
“Well, you guys can come right on in, make yourselves comfortable alright. Would you like anything to drink?” you asked politely as the door closed behind you all.
“Orange juice?” Sam asked with a hopeful look. You smiled, “You’re in luck Wilson I made some earlier this morning I thought you, Sarah, and the boys would like some as well as some brownies.
“Fuck yeah.” Sam cheers under his breath but you catch it. “Language Samuel Wilson.” you sternly scold him. “Sorry (y/n).” Sam apologizes. “Now Bucky, would you like some orange juice I made it fresh this morning.” you offered with a big smile on your face.
“Oh um, sure thank you.” he smiled back at you. You nodded and turned towards your fridge reaching in and grabbing the pitcher.
“So Bucky, How have you been. I know Sam over here can be annoying and I’ve heard you’ve been fighting along with him. what’s the damage so far?” You asked playfully as you filled two glasses for the boys.
“Hey!” you heard from next to you. You laughed, “Well Sam, you have to know you can be quite overwhelming at times.” you shrugged. “You’re rude.” he pointed at you before taking a drink of the juice. He lets out a satisfied sigh. “I’ve missed this,” he said and smiled at you.
“So Bucky, has he inflicted any permanent damage on Captains Rogers best friend?” you asked sweetly. He looked at you with wide eyes, sort of hoping even though you knew he worked with Sam, that you didn’t know exactly who he was. “It’s nothing time won’t heal.” Bucky jokes and you chuckle at his response. He mentally makes note of wanting to hear that laugh any chance he could.
You could tell he was a bit hesitant and nervous when you mentioned that you knew who he was. “You seem really sweet Bucky, I can tell you’re a good man.” you smiled at him and placed a daring kiss on his cheek. His eyes go wide and the pink tint returns to his cheeks. It makes your smile grow. Sam smirks behind his glass.
Bucky smiles and takes a sip of his drink. His eyes got wider and he looks down at the cup almost in amazement. Sam sees this and immediately speaks up, you can hear the smirk in his voice.
“It’s amazing isn’t it?” he asks the man next to him. Bucky nods his head. “Yeah, wow that is the best orange juice I think I’ve ever had.” you smile brightly and beam with pride. “Well thank you boys very much!” you thank them.
As time passes you make conversation, catching up on every moment of lost time. Later that day you send them both off with brownies and a promise to be at the cookout that evening.
Later that evening you get changed into one of your favorite dresses. It was a satin A-line dress, a beautiful baby blue and perfect to twirl in. it had a perfect fit to it, adorable short sleeves, and a sweetheart neckline. You put on the pearl necklace that Sam had gifted you for your birthday years ago. Your hair was curled and pinned on one side. Your red lips stood out, and your small kitten heals softly clacked against the floor. You looked gorgeous.
You had made a few more batches of brownies and headed out. It had gotten easier to carry a few batches of brownies on your own since you had been doing so for a while. As you walked down the docks you smiled at the beautiful commotion you heard in front of you.
When you were in sight, you heard many little girls let out happy shouts and the sound of shoes racing down the docks towards you. Your face lit up showing off your sweet smile. The girls reached you and you saw all of them in dresses similar to yours, and their hair all done up. Some of them had strands of hair loose from running about.
“Well, don’t you girls look beautiful this evening!” you praised them. They all giggled.
“We wanted to be just like you!” one of them shouted, and you chuckled. “Yeah we want to twirl too, you look so beautiful when you twirl! I can’t wait to dance tonight!” a little girl with what looked to be now unruly dark thick curls exclaimed.
“I’m excited to dance as well, and I know you girls will steal the show, you’re all gorgeous. Now, how about you help me carry some of these and we can get down there and have some fun?” you suggested happily. Before the girls could take a batch from your arms a few boys came running up as well. They were in adorable suits wrinkled from their spontaneous fun. “You look so pretty! Can we help you?” one of them asked with a big smile on his face. “Oh well, don’t you look handsome tonight! I would be honored to have help from such gentlemen as yourselves,” you answered.
They smiled brightly and took two batches from your arms. They were ready to take a third when one of the little girls snatched it from them and ran down the docks with the other girls and boys after her.
You let out a small smile and continued your way towards everyone. They all looked in your direction and smiled.
“(y/n)! Sweetheart, you look beautiful!” one of the older women called to you. You blushed and looked down. “Well thank you, Auntie Mel, you look as gorgeous as ever tonight!” you exclaimed as you reached out to hug her tightly. She hugged you just as tightly.
You greeted everyone you passed by and soon enough you came to see Sarah, Sam, Bucky, and the boys. You made your way through the crowd and over to them happily. As soon as Sarah set eyes on you she got up and rushed towards you.
“It’s been way too long girl, we’ve missed you so much! How are you?” she spoke enthusiastically. “I’ve missed you all too, it’s been way too long since I’ve seen my family here. I’ve been doing just fine hun, how have you been?” you asked her kindly.
“Well, we’ve had our struggles but things are looking up,” she explained shortly to you.
“I’m sorry I haven’t been here Sarah.” you apologized to your friend with a frown on your ruby lips.
“It’s not your fault honey, now why don’t we go say hi to everyone else. Cass has talked non-stop about how much he’s missed you,” she said with an eye roll. You laughed at that and made your way over to the group.
When the group saw you walking with Sarah they all smiled. The boys came rushing up to meet you. Cass gripped you tightly, and you smiled and hugged him back swaying a bit. A.J. smiled brightly at you letting his teeth show. You pulled him into a hug as well, just holding him for a bit. You missed the boys so much, they were like your nephews and it was weird how they had grown up in the few months you were away.
Sam walked up next and pulled you into his arms, giving you a little spin letting your dress twirl around you.
“Hey little lady, I see you’re dressed up for a dance. I’ll be out there with you again soon,” he said and you smiled. “You best be there Wilson, don’t leave a girl on the floor with no partner.” you pointed at him teasingly.
You then turned to Bucky and gave a shy wave. “Hey Bucky, it’s nice to see you again.” you greeted him sweetly. He looked at you with wide eyes and a shocked expression.
“It’s nice to see you too, You uh- you look beautiful tonight.” he complimented you with shaky words. You giggled and looked away shyly under his gaze. “That’s very sweet of you to say thank you. You look handsome tonight,” you replied to his compliment with your own. He blushed and chuckled nervously. “Well, thanks,” he responded.
Sam stood off to the side slightly with a smirk.
Bucky and Sam had just gotten back to the house after visiting you, and Bucky was still astounded by you.
“I told you you would like her Bucky. She’s a good one isn’t she?” Sam spoke up with a smile on his face.
“Yeah, yeah she’s amazing,” Bucky said with a small smile on his face as he thought of you.
Bucky, Sam, Sarah, and the boys sat at one of the tables and talked for a while. Making conversation with the people who stopped to speak with them.
“I can’t wait to see (y/n), I’ve missed her so much!” Cass exclaimed and A.J. hit his brother’s shoulder. “You just have a crush on her!” he teased his little brother’s schoolboy crush. “Shut up A.J. I do not!” he defended himself. Bucky chuckled at their banter.
A.J. stuck his tongue out at his brother, and Cass did the same thing back.
“Alright, boys behave!” Sarah scolded them. “Sorry mom” they both mumbled.
“Bucky, are you gonna dance tonight?” asked Sarah. Bucky looked up at her with a shy smile and shook his head. “I don’t think I will,” he responded.
“Oh yes you will, you’ll want to when (y/n) gets here.” Sam teased. “I know I’m gonna dance with her,” he spoke again. “I’ll dance with her too, and I’m sure the boys will join in.”
“Wait till you see her Bucky, you’ll fall head over heels if you haven’t already,” Sam spoke up again with a smug smile on his face. Before Bucky could say anything he heard the high-pitched shouts of little girls and turned to see them running down the docks. He looked utterly confused as Sam and Sarah laughed at the reaction from the girls. “I have missed that.” Sam sighed happily. “Missed what? Little girls screaming, that’s just weird man.” Bucky said.
“No- man what?- no not that. That always means that (y/n) just showed up. Those little girls love her. They always want to dress like her, in dresses with pinned-up hair. It’s the cutest thing ever. All the boys get dressed up to dance with her. It’s sweet.” Sam explained.
Bucky just looks at him in curiosity, not knowing exactly what to expect from you.
He notices one of the girls running over to the table with a batch of brownies in her arms and sets them down. The little girl had a little pink dress on and curly pinned hair. She looked like she was dressed up as a girl from the ’40s. It made him smile.
He then realized what Sam had said. They dress as you do, and Bucky’s heart sped up.
That’s when he saw you coming through the crowd in your baby blue dress, curled hair pinned back on one side. Your lips were red and a beautiful pearl necklace wrapped around your neck. His eyes were wide and his breath caught in his throat. Sam laughed and nudged him. “I told you.” As you walked closer he could see you better and his heart stopped, it took him back to the way the world used to be. It brought him a strange sense of comfort, he was stunned at how beautiful you were.
He was broken out of his daze when he heard the boys yell and rush towards her. Seeing their interaction warmed his heart.
Sam walked up next and pulled you into his arms, giving you a little spin letting your dress twirl around you. Bucky looked on with slight jealousy. Listening to your interaction with Sam made him unknowingly clench his fists.
“Hey little lady, I see you’re dressed up for a dance. I’ll be out there with you again soon,” he said and you smiled. “You best be there Wilson, don’t leave a girl on the floor with no partner.” you pointed at him teasingly.
Then you greeted Bucky once more, and he knew right then he wanted to dance with you. He wanted to hold you and twirl you letting your dress flare around you with a smile on your red-painted lips. Maybe even steal a kiss at the end of the night.
He could see a slight rouge bloom on your cheeks as he looked at you. He thought it was the cutest thing in the world. You were the first to break the silence that had settled between everyone.
“Well I brought brownies which seem to have made their way around.” you laughed a bit.
“Yes they have, and they are wonderful as usual.” Sarah complimented.
“Hey, why do you get dessert before dinner?” A.J. questioned.
“I’m the mother that’s why, now go eat, and then you can have one,” Sarah spoke to her kids and it made you chuckle.
“Go on boys they’ll be here when you get back I promise I’ll save some for you.” You called after them as they ran off.
You all sat together and made conversation sharing laughs. You told stories about Sam from when you were teenagers. Bucky laughed and teased him. Sam teased you and Bucky.
It was a good night so far.
You had all finished eating and the kids ended up with their brownies. When they were finished they jumped up and asked you the one question everyone had been waiting for all night.
“Will you dance with us now!?” they both exclaimed. You chuckled and got up, smoothing your dress before moving away from the table.
“Of course I will!” you answered happily. Cass ran over to you before his brother could and reached his hand out. “May I have this dance?” he asked politely and you chuckled a bit. “You may.” you answered with a beaming smile. He grasped your hand and pulled you away, you turned back and waved at the table. “I better see you on the floor Sam!” you called back to him. “You know it!” he called back.
You reached an open area and of course, they had a small setup for your music. They knew you well enough to know that a night like this would come with some dancing.
They had already begun to play the music when they heard you being pulled away from your table. The sound rang out through the small area filling your chest with a rush of warmth.
Cass wasn’t very tall and so you made due as best as you could. Letting him spin you away from him and twirl back in. you danced with Cass for a while before A.J. took his place.
Before you knew it someone had taken the young boy’s place and it just so happened to be his uncle.
“Sam, I’m glad you could finally make it.” you teased him. “I wouldn’t miss it!” he exclaimed.
Sam and you glided across the ground and laughed every now and then. He would hold one hand as you twirled around. On occasion, he would even dip you a bit. Your baby blue dress swayed with the slight breeze that was coming in from the water, and your hair was becoming a bit unruly from the breeze and dancing around.
“Alright, alright I gotta sit down. Let’s go see if the old man wants to dance.” Sam chuckled and pulled you along with him back to the table. Other people were dancing with each other and laughs could be heard all around.
You got back to the table to see that Sarah was gone and Bucky was on his own. Sam threw himself into a chair and breathed heavily. Bucky chuckled at him. You stood there in front of him with wide playful eyes.
He turned to look at you and his heart leaped at the sight of your slightly messy hair and child-like wonderment in your eyes.
You reached your hand out towards him with a smile and proceeded to ask the question he had been dying to ask you.
“Sergeant Barnes, would you do me the honor of dancing with me tonight?” you asked sweetly. He looked up at you nervously. Wanting so desperately to dance with you, but so scared of messing up after all these years.
There had been about a 30-second pause after your question and you were beginning to regret asking. Letting your hand fall you once again smoothed down your dress. “Sorry, about that. You don’t have to if you don’t want to it won’t hurt my feelings Bucky. It’s ok.” you tried to reassure him. Of course, you’d be upset because all through the night you had been wanting to dance with him. Not just because he was from the 40s and knew how to dance the way that you did, but because you liked him. A small crush had begun to grow within you, and he had been stuck in your head all day.
Bucky shook his head. “No, no, sorry, I would love to dance with you.” he finally got the courage to say.
A smile bloomed on your face once again at his answer, and excitement grew in your chest at the thought of having him so close to you.
He got up from his seat and held out his arm for you. You looked down and looped your arm with his. He led you to the cleared area and you let your arm untangle from his. You smiled up at him brightly and wondered if he could hear the beat of your heart over the music.
Reaching out, he grasped your hand in his pulling you closer to him, and led you across the floor. It came so naturally to him, and he mentally sighed in relief. Dancing with him was amazing he knew exactly what he was doing. Keeping you close to him and then spinning you away from him before pulling you back into his chest. Guiding you seamlessly across the floor with the biggest smile you had ever seen on him. He was beautiful, his blue eyes shone with a light that was brighter than anything you had ever seen. A slower song came floating through the air and you blushed as he pulled you closer settling his hands around your waist while yours clasped behind his neck.
You let your head rest against his chest as you swayed softly together, you could’ve sworn you felt him place a small kiss on your head. He loosened his grip to give you a slow twirl, letting the baby blue fabric fan around you. His heart pounded at the sight of you with that beautiful smile and sweet laugh sounding from your lips. When he pulled you back into his arms the song was coming to an end, and he gently dipped you. The way he held you made your heart flutter. As he looked down at you you could see something in them.
He lifted you back up and let his hands come to rest in yours. “Thanks for the dance Sergeant.” you teased softly with a bashful smile. He chuckled and nodded. “I’d dance with you any day doll,” he spoke.
You blushed and pushed a strand of loose hair behind your ear.
In a moment of pure courage, he leaned down and kissed your cheek. Your eyes went wide at the contact and butterflies fluttered in your stomach.
He held his arm out once again and you took it. You both walked over to the table once more and Sam smirked at you both. “I see you two tore up the floor I’m sure.” he raised his eyebrow and let that smirk sit on his lips for a few seconds.
You shook your head and saw how high the moon was, and how many people had dispersed. Seeing how late it was you decided to head home.
“It’s pretty late boys I better head on home. I had a great time, and you guys can keep the brownies ok,” you spoke to them with a smile. Sam pumped his fist in the air with a loud yes. You laughed at your friend and began to gather your things. You hugged Sam and went to do the same with Bucky before he stopped you. “Wait, how about I walk you home doll?” he asked sweetly. It was the second time he had called you that name that night and it made your heart speed up.
“I would love that Bucky, thank you.” you accepted his kind offer, and you set off.
As you walked there was a calming silence between you both. Smiles still hung on both of your lips before you spoke up.
“I had a wonderful night Bucky, I’m glad you were a part of it,” you said and looked up at him. He looked down at you “I am too.” he said before hesitantly reaching out for your hand. His hand brushed yours, and suddenly you moved to his other side. He looked at you in confusion maybe even a hint of hurt flashed across his features.
You did what he never thought you would. You reached for his hand, but it wasn’t the hand he ever thought you would hold. Your intertwined your fingers with his, the cold metal soothed the heat of the Louisiana air.
You reached over with your other hand and held his arm gently letting your thumb rub up and down his arm. He was surprised, to say the least, but relaxed into the contact letting out a sigh of content. You could tell he was a bit insecure about his arm but you wanted him to know that it was just a piece of him, it didn’t define him.
“You’re a great man Bucky, you make me feel safe and I know it may be hard to accept but this right here.” you shook his hand in yours. “It’s not who you are. You are you, not your past. You are James Buchanan Barnes, and that’s perfect.” you said to him with the utmost sincerity in your voice as you looked up at him. He looked down at you, his eyes full of emotion, and his heart pounding. That was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to him. It brought him the start of something peaceful. He came to a stop, and it caused you to stop as well. He swiftly pulled you into a hug and pressed a kiss to your forehead in thanks. You didn’t need a thank you all you wanted was for him to realize how good he was.
After a moment you began to walk again and quickly reached your doorstep.
You brought out your keys and turned to say goodbye. There he stood with a sweet smile and boyish charm. “Thank you again, Bucky, for everything.” you thanked him. He nodded and stepped up to you once more. “You don’t have to thank me (y/n),” he responded and you smiled.
“Well I guess this is goodnight then,” you said with a tint of sadness lacing your words.
“Goodnight doll,” he said, you were now close enough to feel his breath on your lips. You peered into his eyes through your lashes to see he was looking at you softly. His hand rested on your waist and you reached yours up to cradle his face. In a matter of seconds, his lips found yours in a sweet slow kiss. It only lasted for brief seconds but it was nothing less than beautiful.
He pulled away and saw your eyes still closed and your lashes fanned out across your cheeks. It made him grin, and he leaned in once more to place another kiss on your lips.
You opened your eyes and were met with steel blue, and flushed cheeks.
You reluctantly pulled away from each other and gave each other shy smiles.
“Goodnight Bucky.” you gave a wave before unlocking your door. “Goodnight (y/n).” you heard him say before he began his walk back to Sam’s house.
You closed your door and sighed dreamily. “That was some dance Seargent, and one hell of a goodnight.”
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