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#james buchanan barnes
biisexualemma · 2 days ago
old friends. bucky barnes
word count: 1.7k
warnings: swearing, angst, mention of killing, guns, knives, lots of sarcasm and anger all the good stuff
requested: heey love! just saw that your requests are open and I thought I could request a Bucky oneshot because I am really in love with your writing. so, here's the idea: the reader is a skilled assassin herself but is more like an antihero. somehow she encounters the avengers, like Sam or Steve maybe, which is how she gets to know Bucky. They start to evolve feelings for each other blabla until one day buck looses control and beats her up like really really bad cause she doesn't wanna fight him back. I'd love to leave the ending and details up to you!
a/n: i have a couple other parts already written for this and while this particular part doesn't completely fulfil the request, it is the start of something along those lines so hang in there! this is just the beginning!
Tumblr media
you held your gun at arms length, eyes darting around the hallway as you scoped out your surroundings. your feet padded along the concrete hallway, your body clad in a skintight leather suit that was chafing your thighs like crazy. your bottom lip was caught between your teeth, turning another corner to find it empty like all the rest. you let out a humph, your eyebrows knitting for a second as you lowered your gun.
"what the hell?" you muttered under your breath. you tucked your gun back into the holster before continuing down the hallway until you reached a dead end and a single door. your hand hovered over your gun as you pushed the door. you rattled the door handle but it didn't budge. you took a few steps back before running at the door and slamming your shoulder into it with a thud.
suddenly the door cracked open and you went flying inside the room, stumbling over your own feet. your hand quickly grabbed your gun as you tried to regain yourself. your eyes travelled up, the same time you lifted your gun and in front of you stood a round of familiar faces. your eyes practically rolled to the back of your head as you straightened yourself out.
"oh god," you let out an audible groan. "what the hell are you guys doing here?"
"we could ask you the same thing," sam quipped back. you sent him a glare out the corner of your eye before redirecting your attention to steve who stood at the forefront of the team of avengers.
"god, you cock blocks always ruin my fun," your hand remained glued to the gun you held out aiming at steve, who was eyeing you up with caution.
"i wouldn't call disrupting a military organised rescue mission fun," sam couldn't help himself. you got on every one of his last nerves and you loved it.
you shrugged. "well that's why we could never be friends, bird man," you rolled your eyes back over to when he cleared his throat to intervene.
"enough," you sneered at the way he lowered his voice. "if you don't turn around and leave, we have no choice but to take you in— you know that."
"or maybe i could just go ahead and kill all of you," your smile dropped from your lips, watching steves frown deepen because he knew what kind of threat you were. "then you wouldn't have to do anything."
"c'mon, y/n," tony spoke up. you glanced at him for the first time since you barged in. the man you probably hated most out of them all. you didn't give him more than a glance.
"none of you have any idea who's dirty work you're doing here," you fought back, your grip growing tighter on the handle of your gun. your teeth gritted. "always blindly following orders, hm?"
"and what about you?" natasha couldn't hold her tongue any longer. you cocked an eyebrow, pursing your lips as the red head spoke up. "how long were you under dreykov's thumb for?"
you clenched your jaw, you took a few angry steps closer before swinging your arm so the gun faced natasha now. "you are a traitor and a coward, and you have no idea what you're talking about," you spat hastily. she didn't flinch, her arms remained folded across her chest, staring down the barrel of the gun.
"alright— enough!" steve intervened again, slapping the gun out of natasha's face. she huffed and turned away from you. "will you put that gun away for christ sake, nobody's killing anyone today."
you gritted your teeth, breathing through your nose to steady yourself. you had once gotten along with the avengers until they turned their back on you. and seeing them again was bringing back old feelings.
"you always did take her side in a fight," you dropped your gun down for a second, backing towards the door but you were halted. your back collided into another person, you turned around and saw a man staring down at you, blocking your way out. he had long, dark hair covering most of his face but the pair of piercing blue eyes was what caught your attention first. you took a step back as he towered over you, your gun slipping for a split second but you recovered quickly and tightened your grip.
"hang on—" your eyebrows knitted together as you came to a sudden realisation. "how the hell did you get your hands on the winter soldier?" your eyes trailed up and down him, his expression staying the same until you uttered the name. his jaw tightened as he glanced down at his feet for a second.
he shook his head, meeting your eyes again before he spoke. “that's not my name."
"oh really?" you teased, eyebrow twitching upwards. "we've met before, if you want me to jog your memory?” you followed his gaze as he tried to avoid your piercing stare. he shook his head a little softer this time. you gritted your teeth. "you tried to kill me."
he faltered for a split second but quickly tried to disguise it. he sniffed, shaking his head again. "i had no control—"
"oh, well that makes all the trauma you inflicted ok then—"
"y/n!" steve growled, cutting you short as his patience began to wear thin with you. it always did, you knew how to push every one of their buttons.
"cut it out, kid. you made your point," tony mumbled, his eyes struggling to meet yours. you shook your head.
"i can't believe i ever associated with you cranks."
"she was an avenger?" a voice you didn't recognise spoke for the first time, you frowned. it was young, girl-ish and wearing spandex.
"no," you narrowed your eyes at him and he seemed to shrink back away from you. you glanced at tony again. "you're recruiting kids now? that must be sitting nicely on your conscience, tony."
"i'm not a kid," the spandex clad kid in the corner tried lowering his voice to disguise himself but he'd already given himself away.
"have fun dealing with that weight when he gets killed, alright?" you teased a little too darkly.
"you never did know when to stop talking," clint chimed in for the first time.
"how's the wife and kids, barton? haven't paid them a visit in a while— 'they still living out in—"
he took a step forward, his hand moving to grab an arrow, his bow swinging up to face you but it was natasha who held out her hand to stop him.
"always so dramatic," you rolled your eyes, turning away from the gang and back to where the winter soldier stood blocking your exit. you look him up and down again. "steve, you wanna tell your guard dog to move out of my way or do i have to make him?"
"you can't leave, you're involved," steve was short, he was trying not to lose his temper with you. you made it incredibly hard for anyone to be nice to you.
"also, you just told us you came here to deliberately sabotage this mission," sam added. "we can’t just let you leave to finish off what you started."
you eyed them both up irritably. realistically you had no way of leaving if they were going to try and stop you. you were greatly outnumbered.
you humphed. "what're you gonna do with me anyhow? guarantee you'll be sick of me in a couple hours and you'll have wished you let me go right now."
"it's not up to us," tony shook his head. "you've got a lot of people looking to hold you accountable for some pretty serious shit."
you shook your head, chewing on your bottom lip. "assholes," you murmured, more to yourself than to them directly. you narrowed your eyes at him, eyebrows furrowing at the tone tony was taking with you. "if i remember correctly, you've all done some pretty serious shit in the past but i don't see that catching up with any of you."
"it's not the same—" tony shook his head but you cut him off.
"no because you have money, a shit tonne of it, so you can make it go away," you humphed, eyes dragging away from tony. "i don't see natasha being held accountable— and trust me—if you think i'm bad—“
"will you shut it," natasha snapped, her fists clenching at her side.
you let out a soft smirk, seeing her breathing heavy out the corner of you eye. "full house," you mumbled under your breath, amused that you got a rise out of every one of them in a matter of minutes. "you're all so easy."
"you're coming with us," steve ignored your comment, nodding to bucky. he picked up his shield and walked passed you without even a glance in your direction.
"fat chance," you scoffed, but before you could reach for your gun again, you were swiftly disarmed by the winter soldier. he tucked your gun away and made to grab your wrists, only for you to smack his hands away. you shook your right arm downwards, letting your backup knife fall from your sleeve and into your palm. you lifted it to his neck, the blade pressed up against his skin. "try to touch me again and i swear to god i'll kill you."
he didn't seem to flinch. he picked up on the slight tremble in your grip that might have gone unnoticed by anyone else. bucky gave you a second before catching you off guard and slapping the knife away from his throat, his hand catching your wrist before prying it out of your grip.
you huffed. "you're making the wrong call following them," you teased as he spun you around, yanking your hands behind your back and restraining your wrists with a zip tie. "trust me, you'll regret it. and i think you have enough regret to last you a lifetime, and then some.”
he turned back round to face him, his breath fanning your face he had leaned in so close to you. "why would i trust anything you say?"
you shrugged, your lips dipping down for a second. "that’s fair— you probably shouldn't."
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etherealsaul · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
✨💛 Sam & Bucky in Delacroix 💛✨
(This painting is for sale here!)
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malum-forev · a day ago
Galas, New Dates and Exes (Part 5)
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky and (Y/N) broke up and they see each other for the first time at one of Tony's parties. The only problem is, she has a new date.
Word Count: 2k
Author's Note: Hope you guys like this part! Please comment if you want to see another part!
Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt.3 Pt.4
Walking through the almost abandoned building, (y/n) was teamed up with Torres. He was an expert at gathering information. Wanda and Natasha were at the south side of the building and Steve and Sam were at the north entrance. Bucky was left roaming the inside, looking for potential intruders.
As they entered the control room, Torres started coughing.
“Allergies?” (Y/n) chuckled as she approached the spiderweb filled computers. She inserted the USB, seeing the screen come to life.
“It’s something else, I think something died in here.” Torres replied, looking all over the room.
A sudden gasp made (Y/n) turn around. “What is it?”
She walked over to where the soldier was standing, before them lied a dead rat with its left arm ripped off. On its neck hung a small paper with the writing: Добро пожаловать домой, Солдат
(Y/n) gulped before pressing on her earpiece. “Captain, it’s a trap. Get Bucky out of here.”
Torres looked at her confused. “What does that even mean?”
“Welcome home Soldat.” She said before running out of the room. Torres following her.
From outside the building, Steve received her message and immediately went in. “Bucky, Bucky where are you?”
He heard no reply. Looking down at his screen he saw that Bucky’s chip was on the third floor. They all rushed over to where he was but only saw the chip left behind with a trail of blood. “Shit.”
On the other side of the building, (Y/n) stormed into a room. Bucky was being held back by three men in masks, one man in front of him spitting out the words that would trigger the Winter Soldier. With one swift move she shot two of the three men holding her ex boyfriend back. They groaned before shooting back. The leader quickly fled and (Y/n) followed him, leaving Bucky and Torres fighting with the others.
(Y/n) followed him to the top of the building, where a helicopter was ready to take the leader. (Y/n) got closer to him, shots getting more and more precise, she was about to shoot the man in front of her until he turned around and lifted her off by the neck.
(Y/n)’s breath hitched, her arms trying to get a hold of anything. “You look stronger than you actually are.” He said, taking her hair with his other hand and pulling it back, exposing her neck. He took his knife and softly traced it back and forth from each side of (y/n)’s neck. “How easy would it be if I just killed you.”
“Take me!” Was one of the last things (Y/n) heard, the death grip the leader had on her neck making her vision and her hearing fuzzy. The only thing she could hear was her heart beat getting slower and slower.
The leader chuckled as he saw the entire team coming up to the helipad, he turned (y/n) still holding the knife to her neck. As he hopped on the helicopter, he turned to Bucky. “I’ll be back for you Soldat.”
With that, the leader fired a gunshot in (Y/n)’s back. Her body fell limp as the helicopter rose, leaving everyone gasping.
The next couple of days were blurry for (Y/n). She saw people gathered around her, burning white lights surrounding her. She heard a couple of voices saying her vitals were stabilizing before her vision went dark again.
“Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?” She heard Buck’s voice before she could actually open her eyes. She forced her eyelids to open, those same white lights making her groan. She couldn’t actually get a sound out, her throat dried out.
“Hey handsome, what are you doing here.” She croaked out, trying to get up from the uncomfortable bed.
Bucky’s eyes widened and he quickly stood up. “Nurse! I need a nurse now!” He yelled.
Two nurses came running into the room, checking all of her vitals. “Okay Ms. (y/l/n) please take big breath in, and out.”
After a few tests, (y/n) was getting tired. “Look, I’m alive, can we just stop this?”
“Yes, we’re done. In a couple of hours, we’ll get you over to our imaging center to get an MRI. But for now, please get some rest.” One of the nurse’s told her and she nodded, resting her head back on the pillows.
“Could I get some water or something.” (Y/n) said wincing as she touched her neck, the nurses nodded again and left the room.
“You scared me back there.” Bucky said, pulling his chair closer to her bed. His eyes burning as the tears threatened to escape. “I thought I lost you.”
“You can’t get rid of me that easy.” (Y/n) tried to chuckle, the pain coming back.
“The pain I felt when we, we ended things. I thought that was the most I could ever feel. It wasn’t like when I was being tested on, that was physical pain. You get used to it, you get used to hearing your bones crack and your muscles tear. But this, these past few days. I felt it here.” Bucky said taking her soft hand and placing it over his heart. “I can’t do this again. I don’t want to ever feel that way. I don’t think I’ll make it.”
“Buck, this is my job. I cant just leave it.” (Y/n) tried to say, feeling the medicine rush through her veins, making her close her eyes.
“We’ll talk about this later. Get some rest, doll.” Bucky sighed, placing a kiss on her temple.
“Buck, please, please don’t leave.” She managed to whisper.
“I’ll never leave.”
“I have a surprise for you back on the jet.” (Y/n) whispered as she walked alongside her boyfriend, gun in hand.
“Oh yeah?” He questioned with a light laugh. “Am I going to like it?”
“Hmmm, I think you’ll grow to love it.” (Y/n) replied, biting the inside of her cheek as she remembered where she hid the pregnancy test. They were on a mission, looking out for Sam as he gathered the samples of the super soldier serum. Cap had sent the three of them out, thinking the mission was going to be easy. After all, they were his three best soldiers.
What he hadn’t realized was that the mission was destined to fail. Two super soldiers had come up to the couple, they were stronger and quicker than Bucky and (y/n).
One of the super soldiers punched (Y/n), thinking he had knocked her out, before going straight for Bucky. He was already receiving kicks in the stomach, not being able to stand up. They were going to kill him.
Before Bucky could react, (Y/n) ran and got on the super soldier’s back trying to distract him from her boyfriend. Bucky managed to get up an defend himself.
“Watch out!” Bucky yelled but it was too late, the super soldier managed to get (y/n) off his back, throwing her across the room. She was thrown against some metal poles that were behind her knocking her out. It was like everything went silent and the only thing he could hear were her bones cracking as she crashed. Bucky’s vision was blurred, the only thing he cared about was killing everyone in front of him, hurting everyone that stood in his way.
The next day, as (Y/n) left the hospital with only a dislocated shoulder, she was met by Steve.
“(Y/n),” He said looking down at the floor. “I’m taking you off the team.”
She looked up at the captain in disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
“You’re too big of a liability for us, you only put us in danger.” Steve said, pain lacing his voice.
“This must be a joke. I dedicate my life to protecting everyone and now I’m the liability?!” She yelled. “It’s a fucking dislocated shoulder.”
“You don’t have anything to protect yourself, putting us in danger.” Steve tried to reason. “Bucky made me realize it. We all have our things, you know? We have the serum, Sam has his wings, Wanda-“
“Bucky said this?” As she saw Steve answer her question, she felt a shock in her chest. “If that’s the only reason, then why isn’t Natasha being left behind either?”
“That’s not fair.” Steve started. “You know she-“
“Yeah, I know you and her have some kind of weird wet dreams about each other. But she doesn’t have powers either. Why am I the only one being reprimanded!”
“(Y/n),” Steve’s tone started getting more and more serious as he saw people gather around the two of them. “Bucky and I have already made our decision.”
“So now that the two of you have self-appointed yourselves as my guardians, you think you can make this decision?” (Y/n) yelled. “But when I was risking my fucking life for you two, it was fine! No one cared that I was taking my last fucking breath when I was saving Captain America’s precious life. This is bullshit.”
“We’re only doing this because we care.” She heard Bucky say from behind her, as she turned around he saw the fire building up in her eyes.
“If you really cared about me, you wouldn’t be doing this.” She said, it was like knives were coming out of her mouth with every word she said.
“I want us to live the life we’ve always dreamed of.” Bucky whispered, trying to take her hand in his but she quickly slapped it away.
“No, you just want my life to fit into your fucked up puzzle.” She replied, tears rushing down her face. “You’re ruining my life to get what you want.”
“Look, (Y/n), we already made our decision. Tony has your file on his desk and will approve it in a couple of hours.” Steve said.
“Fuck, you.” She said to Steve.
“(Y/n) don’t do this. Don’t act like this, you know I’m only doing this because I love you.” It was like the words sputtering out of Bucky’s mouth opened a wound in (y/n)’s heart.
She turned around and saw Bucky’s face. A single tear rolling down his cheek. “This is my life you’re talking about. Every single day I put in the work, and you’re taking it away just because you don’t want to deal with the consequences.” She stepped closer to him. “Dont try to say that you’re doing this because you love me. If you actually did, you would know that this isn’t what I want.”
Bucky shook his head tying to explain, seeing his relationship crumble in front of him.
“You turned out to be like every other guy. You wanted me, but as soon as things got complicated you just turn around and dump me. Like I’m some sort of expired good. I’m a person, not some sort of trophy you get to show off.” She said. “So if this is your decision, just know that youll never see me again.”
“Im sorry doll, I really want there to be another way.” Bucky said, looking down.
“So this is it, huh.” She huffed, turning around to get one last look at him. “You really had me fooled. I thought you were different. But you just turned out to be like every other fucker out there. I just want you to know, that if this actually happens, and I’m never on the field again; it wasn’t the right decision, and when you’re out there, hearing your heartbeat for the last time. You’re going to wish I was there to save your asses.”
(Y/n) woke up with a loud gasp, shaking as she relieved her darkest memory.
“What the fuck is this?” Bucky snapped.
“What? I, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said, trying to look over the file Bucky had thrown on her lap.
“We were going to have a kid?!” He yelled.
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strwbrrybucky · 2 days ago
work of art
summary: you wanted to teach bucky about some art in the gallery you worked, and he was over the moon you wanted to bring him
warnings: mention of r*** at the end but only once, suggestive suicide at the end as well. please don’t continue if you are sensitive to that.
word count: 1,927
note: all pieces talked about have links so you can see them!
Tumblr media
“hey bucky?” you walked into the kitchen to find your boyfriend sitting at the counter eating a piece of buttered toast and drinking a hot cup of black coffee. it was early in the morning, around nine am. he had just gotten back from his morning jog, and thought you would still be asleep.
you looked up from his phone and smiled over at you, setting his phone down and turning towards you and patting his leg for you to sit. you walked up to him and sat on his lap, his arms around your waist and the buttered toast he was just eating on the plate.
“hey sweets, what is it?” he could still tell you were sleepy, telling him you had just woken up. you laid your head on his shoulder and played with the fabric of his black t-shirt, the smell of his soap from his morning shower filling your senses.
“i was wondering..” you trailed off, feeling too shy to ask your question. he bounced his knee softly making you giggle until you pulled away from his shoulder and looked up at him. “did you want to go to the art gallery with me today?”
you watched as his eyes lit up, pulling you closer to him in a hug, pressing kisses all over the side of your face. this was the first time you had asked him to join you in one of your gallery trips. you took them pretty frequently when you weren’t on the clock, wanting to learn everything about the building you worked in.
you often took notes of pieces you really enjoyed, bringing your sketch book just in case you wanted to replicate something in your own style. he often found you at the dining room table with a cup of coffee and a snack doing some finishing touches on pieces and furiously blushing when he’d look over your shoulder and compliment your work.
“i’d love to, bunny!” you smiled at his answer, the nerves finally settling as you nodded. you knew he’d love to go, but you wanted to wait until you were more knowledgeable on a lot of pieces in case he ever asked any questions. you didn’t want to look like you were uneducated in the gallery you worked at.
as you both neared the gallery entrance, your heart started racing with nerves. you were sharing such a private and intimate moment you always had for yourself with bucky, and you weren’t sure if he was going to love it or if he was going to make fun of you and be completely bored of it.
you held onto bucky’s hand a little tighter, pulling him close at the two of you walked through one of the first rooms. there were sculptures on podiums, made out of different materials. marble, brass, metal. you couldn’t help but smile as bucky pointed to one and pulled you over wanting to read the little note card telling you about the artist, time period, materials and a little back story about it.
he walked over to “a companion of diana”, a gorgeous marble statue of a woman holding onto a spear, with a hound at her feet on the left. he looked a little closer to the card on the wall, giving a brief description of the piece before he pulled back and walked over to you grabbing your hand.
“what’s her story?” he spoke softly, making sure to not disturb other patrons viewing the pieces in the gallery. you blushed, looking over at her right hand that effortlessly held the spear, and the hound that looked up at her.
“the artist is jean-louis lemoyne and she was worked on from 1710 to 1724. she belongs to a planned series of other statues, but only a few were completed before the king’s death in 1715. she was a companion of the roman goddess of hunting and the moon was meant to be in the green gardens of marly, the palace of king louis xiv of france.” you spoke confidently, eyes tracing over the drapery on the woman, how it fell on her right shoulder exposing her breast, the shoes on her feet looking as if she were wearing real shoes. she was a sight to behold, and made you have goosebumps over the love you had for marble sculptures.
he nodded his head, bringing your hand up to his lips and kissing your knuckles softly. the knowledge you had about art blew him out of the water, falling more and more in love with you as you spoke.
as the two of you continued on, you were met with paintings hung on the wall. your eyes danced over the several paintings in the room, feeling your hand being pulled to a specific one in the corner. bucky pointed out at it, looking over at you and his widened eyes urged you to tell him about it. you nodded, pulling him closer so he could see the brushstrokes against the canvas.
“the fall of phaeton. they think it was reworked in 1606 or 1608 but they aren’t sure. it’s an oil on canvas, and it’s fascinating to see how they can layer the oil paints on each other and it looks like a photo. it was created by peter paul rubens, he painted this as a young artist in rome. the story is that phaeton, the sun of apollo, begged his father to drive the chariot of sun across the sky. after he agreed, his worries became true: that his son was not strong enough nor had the experience to do so,” you paused, eyes dancing over the dark colors from the corner of the canvas, looking over the sun rays that shown through the clouds and onto the horses that were bucking wildly.
“they say that the earth froze, either because the sun chariot was too far from earth or that it scorched the land because it was too close.” you pointed over to the left, at Horae who were butterfly-winged females who portrayed the seasons. “they represent harmony and the order of the universe, and they are reacting that way while watching earth bursts into flames.” you stop, looking over at bucky who’s eyes are glued to the canvas, dancing around every inch as you speak and point out what you’re talking about. you blush at the sight, seeing how focused he is on your words and soaking up the painting.
“wow, that’s amazing. scary, though. what happened after, baby?” he looked down at you with curious eyes, practically on the edge of his invisible seat. you giggled, pulling him closer and leaning your head on the side of his arm.
“it’s not in the frame, but jupiter who is the supreme god, shot a lightning bolt to try and stop the destruction of earth. unfortunately everything disintegrates and the horses fall, phaeton falls to his death.” you speak the last few words quietly hearing a little gasp behind you from another guest. you blush as she gives you a little “thank you” for the educational lesson you shared. bucky looks down at you and squeezes your hand.
“my doll is so smart.” he kisses the top of your head as the two of you walk away from the painting, something after hearing the backstory leaves bucky wondering if there were others like that.
the two of you walked to the food section, sitting down with your sandwiches and espresso. he watched as you ate, talking about a few other pieces until you grew silent after you finished your sandwich. he raised an eyebrow, setting his espresso down.
“what’s my pretty girl thinking about?” he hated when you got silent, it usually meant something was weighing heavily on your mind and most likely bothering you. you shrugged, picking at the skin on your lip until you met his gaze.
“there’s one painting i really want to show you. but, i don’t want you to think there’s something wrong with me.” he cocked his head the side slightly as he took your hands in his, his fingers brushing over your knuckles.
“i’d never think that, peach. i think it’s amazing how in depth you look at paintings, and how you’re able to speak about them so easily. it’s amazing, and honestly really hot.” he blushed at the last part, but he meant it. you were so incredibly smart about the subjects you loved, and it was what made you more attractive to him.
“you sure?” he nodded his head, kissing your knuckles.
“promise. now, show me the way baby.” you nodded taking his hand in yours after the two of you threw your trash away, a pep in your step as you neared the last painting you really wanted to show him.
as you neared the painting, you heard him softly gasp under his breath, the emotion etched across the woman’s face making him feel emotional already.
“yeah.. she shows a lot of emotion. her name is lucreatia, painted by rembrandt in 1664. her husband collatinus boasted about her loyalty to fellow soldiers, and how it was greater than their wives. well.. they wanted to test that theory so they rode to her home, where they found her and a few housemaids spinning wool. her virtue had sparked the desire of sextus tarquinius, son of the tyrant? and he visited her a few days later.” you paused, taking in a deep breath as bucky squeezed your hand. he could tell you were having a hard time telling the story, only because the second half had hit home with you.
“it’s okay baby, take your time.” he pulled you in front of him, his arms around your waist and his chin resting on top of your head. your hands held his and you felt his heartbeat against your back.
“she thought he was only an honored guest visiting her, but he betrayed the hospitality she showed him and later went into her chambers and taking advantage of her, saying he would kill her if she didn’t obey. she went to her father and husband and had told them what happened, and even though they claimed her a victim, she was determined to end her life to reclaim her honor. you can tell what she was doing with the dagger in her hand, the way her facial expression holds such anguish and hurt.”
you felt bucky take a deep breath out, squeezing you closer. he knew now why this was an important piece to you. aside from how rembrandt painted her expressions and how the colors went together, it hit home for you.
“her husband, father and some fellow friends wanted to avenge her death and rape, and it triggered a revolt which led to the creation of the roman republic.” you let out a breath, turning around and wrapping your arms around bucky’s waist and looked up at him, his facial features furrowed at the store you just told him.
“god. i feel sorry for her. she didn’t deserve that.” you nodded, kissing his chin softly. you leaned your ear against his chest as he pulled you closer, kissing the top of your head.
“thank you for bringing me here, i learned a lot. thank you for being my personal tour guide.” you chuckled as he kissed your head again and pulled away, taking your hand in his. his squeezed your hand as he took one last look at lucreatia, and turning towards you, a soft smile against his face.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
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turbolisedcomet · 2 days ago
Summary: For the first time you feel like you have finally found home and most importantly someone who sees you for who you are.
Author’s note: So, this might hit too close to home for some of you because daddy issues and whatnot. If you’re going through anything abusive in any kind of relationship and need to vent feel free to dm me. I hope this can bring comfort to all of you. And Reblogs and comments are appreciated.
Pairings: Bucky x reader(any race)
Word count: 2.2k+
Warnings:( tw) daddy issues like a literal monster of a father,angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, toxic father.
“Love, do we need to buy more syrup?” Bucky asks, holding up a bottle of syrup and the shopping basket in the other.
“Oh yeah, we do. Thanks for remembering, Jamie.” You say giving him a kiss on his cheek, where you felt heat rise up under your lips. This big hunk of a man was the most adorable being to exist, you could swear on that with your whole life. He gives you a boyish grin as he drops the bottle into the basket and takes your hand.
It was mornings like these filled with domesticity that you always looked forward to with Bucky. It made both of you feel normal and grounded. 
Growing up around people who never seemed to care for what you wanted and always taught you to never speak your mind was not the best to say the least. For years you never got a taste of freedom, independence or even the feeling that you are enough. Que the entry of Bucky Barnes into your life like the hopeful ray of sunshine after years and years of storm and rain. Clearly this man did not understand how much he flipped your world upside down. How he made you feel like you could actually breathe. He always insisted that you were the miracle in his life, the one who pulled him out of an abyss of sorrow and hopelessness. Both of you were right. Both of you were absolute blessings in each other’s life. The two of you met at a time where you as well as him were lost.  But, with each passing year, both of you fixed each other and gave all the love and affection to compensate for all the years neither of you had received any and in the process you and Bucky fixed yourselves too. Neither of you were showing any signs of letting go of the other ever. Long story short, life was a blissful dream when you both had each other in your lives. 
You stand back in the women’s hygiene aisle as you watch your boyfriend grab a box of tampons/pads/menstrual cups for you from the top shelf.
“ Here we go. Now I don't have to rush out of our house to get you these.” Bucky says, his eyes softening and heart fluttering at the breathy laugh that left your mouth.
“ Don't be so sure about that. Now I'm just going to make up excuses just to see you rush out of our house.” You say giving him a playful jab on his side with your elbows to which he smiled an eye-crinkling smile and kissed the top of your head.
 His life was good. The best. He doesn't remember the last time he felt so satisfied with everything going on in his life. Bucky Barnes was finally learning to live his life to the fullest all because of his angel. His (Y/N). He yearned for those soft touches on his skin, the way you kiss the tip of his nose, the way you would curl up in his lap and snuggle into his chest. Unlike all the times before, you made him feel wanted for good reasons. He was well aware of everything that you had gone through since your childhood. Even before you told him about it, he could make out from your need of constant validation, attention and assurance that you were enough. He went out of his way every single day since he met you to make you see and realize how much you mean to him, how amazing and otherworldly you are. He hated that you thought so low of yourself but, he hated your father the most for making you feel this way. 
The moment you told him everything and how you were brought up and the effect that kind of upbringing had on you, he wanted to do nothing more than make your father regret acting the way he acted towards his angel. But, he couldn't do that . You were finally at peace, enjoying your life with your man and was starting to see your worth. He didn't want to ruin that and bring more mayhem into your life. He knew he would get a chance to give your father a piece of his mind. He just had to wait for it. Even with your insecurities, in his eyes you were the strongest person he has ever come across. Handling him wasn't the easiest task, he knew that way too well. But then, there you were not even considering it to be a task or job and loving him just because you could and wanted to. You were so strong and brave for opening up to him, letting him help you, for being so patient with him and never giving up on him. There was nothing either of you wouldn’t  do for each other and in the end that's all that mattered.
“ We have bought everything we need, right? Is there anything left?” Bucky asks with a soft smile that never fails to make butterflies erupt in your tummy.
“ Yeah we've got everything we need, Jamie.” You say returning the same smile before walking towards the billing counter with his hand in yours.
“ (Y/N), my sweet girl, it's been so long since I’ve seen you.” That voice made you stop in your tracks, eyes widened and fear took over your body. It was a completely normal response to that voice. You turn around, hand clenching Buck’s as you face your father who was right in front of you.
Bucky’s blood boiled at the sight of him, already ready to lurch at him and knock him out but his girl needed him by his side right now.
“ Father. Good seeing you here.” The fear in your voice made Bucky’s heart throb but he was so proud of you for staying strong. You were talking to him like how one would with a stranger where they would put on a formal behaviour to please the person and no one deserved to talk to their own father like they were someone they weren't. No one deserves to feel the need to hide their real self due to the fear of not pleasing their father.
“ Aren't you going to give your dad a hug?” He asks, almost like he was mocking you. You walk over to give him a quick hesitant hug while Bucky never lets your hand out of his. 
“ New boytoy, huh? What was the other one's name? Trevor? Bet you drained all of his money.” There it was , the insulting. Before you could respond, Bucky already had him pinned against the nearest wall. If you weren't so traumatized by your father, you would have felt scared for him.
“ Don't ever speak about my girl like that ever again and stay the fuck out of her life if you know whats good for you.” Bucky says through gritted teeth, the veins in his neck bulging and his chest heaving with rage. People have already started to gather around watching the whole scene unfold and the last thing you wanted was videos of The Winter Soldier beating up someone.
“ Boy, if you know what's good for you, you’ll leave her or she’s going to end up leaving you when she has finished using you and realize that you have nothing more to give her. And I’ll gladly stay out of her life. I have more interesting things to do than wanting to know what goes on in a whore’s life.” Bucky snapped at the words that left your father’s mouth and within seconds he was punching him at a rapid pace and you knew if you didn't stop him it was going to end up bad.
“ Bucky stop. Please let's go home.” You beg but he was too caught up in trying to make your father regret his words. People had their phones out and were filming now and you were terrified of the world seeing what was happening without any context.
“ Hey, what's happening here?” You turn around and see two security guards hurrying towards Bucky. Oh God no. 
“ Stay back, mister. Stop this right now.” One of them shouts as they try to pull him away from your father who falls to the ground clutching his now unrecognisable.
“ STAY AWAY FROM HER, I MEAN IT.” With that Bucky lets himself free from the guards’ grips and takes your hand as the two of you walk out of the store.
The ride back home was quiet and tense. You could still feel the anger radiating off of him and the best thing to do would be to give him some time to cool off. Bucky on the other hand was not sorry about beating your father up. He deserved it. What he was terrified of was the thought that maybe he had scared you by his violent actions. What if he reminded you of your father? What if you no longer wanted to be with someone who could get so violent? Or worse, what if you thought he would behave so violently towards you? Bucky’s mind was racing with these terrifying thoughts.
By the time the two of you reached home, you were asleep on your seat .
"Sweetheart, wake up, we're home." Bucky says gently caressing your cheek. Your eyes flutter open, a small groan leaving your lips which earned a chuckle from Bucky. He gets out of the car and walks towards your side, opening the door for you as you climb out, immediately wrapping your arms around his left one, pressing your cheek against his upper arm, not letting go throughout the whole walk towards your apartment. The gesture made Bucky's heart expand as he let out a sigh of relief after giving you a soft smile.
The moment both of you entered the apartment, you dragged him to the bathroom to clean up the cuts on his face. Silently pull the necessary items from the cabinets, you hop onto the sink counter and pull him to stand between your legs. Before you could start cleaning up his face, he takes your hands in his and rests his forehead on yours, his eyes closed as well as yours.
“ I’m not sorry for beating him up.” He says, emitting a breathy laugh from you and to say he was relieved hearing the casual sound would be an understatement.
“ I wouldn't be sorry either so don’t worry.”  You say, with your eyes still closed and this time it was his chance to release a chuckle.
“ Why are you with me , Jamie? What makes you so sure that I wouldn't do what he told you I would?” You ask, genuinely wanting to know the answer. All these years you were doing so good not letting your father get into your head, but he had to show up and ruin everything like always.
“Sweetheart.” He sighed before continuing, “ You listen to me okay? Do not let him get inside your head. Don't give him what he wants (Y/N), he doesn't deserve that kind of satisfaction. And I know that everything he told is not true because I know my angel for who she is unlike him. My angel is the best thing that has ever happened to me, the best thing to ever exist on this planet. So, don't you dare question your worth because of him. Promise me that.” He says, boring those gorgeous eyes filled with so much love and adoration into yours. You have no idea what huge deed you have done in your life to ever deserve him but you're not complaining either. He brings his lips to yours, kissing you with so much passion, that you can feel his love for you radiating off of him, enveloping you completely as his arms wrap around your body , holding you so preciously and fuck you havent felt so bloody special ever in your life.
“ You know what? Let's go on a vacation.  A road trip.” Bucky suggests, breathless from the intimate moment. This pulls an amused laugh from you.
“ Aroad trip? Really?” You ask, your voice filled with excitement and Bucky can't help but give you a kiss on your forehead as he hears the excitement in your voice.
“ Yes, really.”
“ Right now?”
“ Right now.”
“ We gotta pack. Race you to our room." He says right before bolting out, chuckling and you follow him, ' you little shit' said under your breath, both of your laughter filling the whole house.
You were happy. You were content and as long as you had your man by your side there's nothing that would change that. Shitty fathers be damned .
A/n(2): again I would love some feedback/comments so that I know what I should be working on
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buckyjamess · 21 hours ago
𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐲 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐲 ☆ 𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
Tumblr media
pairings -> dad!bucky x nanny!reader
Bucky Barnes has it all, an amazing wife, two beautiful daughters and a couple of businesses on his name yet somethings missing, something his nanny might be able to give but Bucky finds himself spiraling down a road that could ruin it all.
a/n -> look who finally decided to update after 100 years with a chapter she isn't really sure she likes. Also let me know if you'd like to see some smut in this series because idk
wordcount -> 2.3k+
warnings -> cheating, mentions/allusions of sex, kids.
Tumblr media
The sun burns on your skin, a layer of sweat coating your forehead and you know the sunscreen isn't going to help just a bit. The humidity makes even the biggest of shirts skin tight, stuck to every curve of your body.The gravel that slips through your sandals and stick to the sole of your bare feet hurts but more so annoys, tapping your toes against the street in an attempt to lose them. The slow moving herd of people all around being the cherry on top but the lingering hand on your back or soft tap against your ass once in a while is a welcome surprise every time.
You wonder is it's as weird for Bucky as it is for you when he touches you the way he does while his wife and daughters are a few market stalls apart or if she hears the sweet nothings he whispers in your ear or you soft giggles whenever he tries to push you in the nearest overcrowded stall to steal a kiss and you wonder if daisy noticed the slight change in yours and Bucky's friendship, maybe noticed the way the bed was made differently, did the air still smell like sex or did the pillows smell like you?
You're convinced she has to know something, know anything at all, Daisy always knew everything, always finding things out like she wanted to be promoted to detective, a living and breathing gossip blog.
You'd felt awful and disgusted by your action when daisy and the girls walked back into the holiday home, acting like you didn't had mind-blowing sex with her husband moments before and prayed to the gods she wouldn't notice the way you had trouble to walk normally– feeling awful and disgusted till the late midnight hours, your feeling for Bucky were real, a silly crush you had gotten over awakened when he spilled his own feeling and attraction to you and in that moment you'd forgotten about daisy, forgotten about your job and the way you could loose it, all that was on your mind was bucky. 
Or maybe it was the thrill that made it all more fun, the possibility of getting caught, sneaking around like love sick teenagers.
Bucky didn't make it a secret, at least not to you, he wanted you as bad as you wanted him. Sexual and emotional; the two of you'd talked about nothing and everything late at night when everyone was fast asleep or shared some secrets over texts. 
Wrong in so many ways but oh so right.
Firmly laying both his hands on your hips, bucky squeezes them, body pressed close to your back as he casually leads you into a market stalls, a kiss placed on the back of your neck once he knows the two if you are out of sight and hidden behind racks of clothing. 
Not wanting to draw too much attention, you start to look through the colorful dresses in front of you, eyes peeled to make sure Daisy or one of the girls wouldn't show up. You smile as you feel his stubble tickle the skin of your neck, a kiss against your ear and feel his hot breath against your face. 
"Have to come up with an excuse." Bucky's voice is low, a whisper, almost inaudible but loud enough for you to hear.  
"For what?" You mumble back curiously. 
"An excuse to have you all for myself tonight?" 
Your stomach somersaults, butterflies arising but your heart stops, this was actually real, you're making up excuses to be with each other. 
"Do what we did two days ago, really enjoyed that." 
"I'm not having sex with you while daisy and the girls are in the house." You mumble again 
"Exactly why we need an excuse to get out of the house." 
You snort "And then, have sex in the nearest public restroom, way to catch a STD." 
Bucky groans and let's go of you as he stands up straight and runs a hand over his face in frustration "you have a better idea?" 
You shrug, you really don't know. 
This is the first time and you never, not in a hundred years thought to end up in a secret affair with a married man, a man you work for– is it the first time for Bucky too or did he have girls on the side many times before? 
And how do the others do it, how do all these people living double lives hide it from their partner? 
You suppose, if you're able to keep yourself quiet, sex with the man while his wife is fast asleep could work out but you weren't able to keep quiet last time and what if daisy wakes up or worse his daughters? Maybe a public restroom had to do, should you wait until you're back in New York or maybe you should stop this madness before it turns into something serious. 
What have you done? Risking your friendship, risking your job and a broken heart in the end– gosh and your friend group are going to lose their mind if they find out. How could you be so stupid? 
But you can't stop this, you've got a taste of the men you'd thought of late at night, inappropriate thoughts while his wife and kids sat at the dining table during dinner or thought of him instead of the random guy you slept with, you'd gotten addicted to his touch and words after just one time, dipped into something exciting.
"There you are!" 
It's Daisy's voice that snaps you back to reality and for a split second your stomach drops but soon realize Bucky had made his way to the rack with childrens clothing a few feet away. 
"Thought we'd lost you guys." 
Meeting her eyes, you flash daisy a smile and watch how she pushes the stroller with the youngest barnes through the small paths in between the racks and makes her way towards you. 
With heavy eyelid, rosy cheeks and two dark blonde pigtails stuck to the sides of her face, the two year old toddler Luna is fast asleep, yellow summer dress wrinkled and the arm of her stuffed monkey still tight in her hands; you'd watched Luna grow up, been by Daisy's side through the pregnancy and helped her out the first few weeks after birth– teached Luna how to speak, learned her to walk. 
And jumping into Bucky's arms, her blonde hair you'd put in a braid that morning now messy, pink sunglasses on her nose, a sleeve of fake glitter tattoos on her right arm and a purple over the shoulder bag matching her purple dress, the six year old, Lola, mumbles something in Bucky's ear, something neither you or daisy can hear. 
It's a walk in the park, being the nanny over these two. Probably the easiest kids you'd nannies for from all the families you'd worked with. Calm with a dash of wild, sassy and fun and maybe they both match your energy to make it all easier– their teacher, cook, babysitter, best friends and personal jungle gym.
"We'd lost you guys," Bucky speaks up a lie "figured we'd stay here in case you girls came back." 
"No wonder, it's incredibly busy right now." Daisy complains . 
You keep quiet as you zone in and out your own daydream, aimlessly flicking through the clothes and half listening to daisy and bucky, it's still weird to be around daisy and initiating a talk while replaying your afternoon with bucky all tangled up in the sheets in your head.
"You okay?" 
With three pairs of eyes burning in your skin, you look at daisy and simply nod "Yeah, it's just incredibly hot right now–" 
"Tell me about it," daisy cuts you off "we should head home, take a dip in the pool–" 
"Get an ice cream on our way back?" Bucky asks, wiggling his brows at the girl in his arms who gasps loudly.
"Yes, like the one we had yesterday!" 
Tumblr media
Is he lonely?
The thought popped up in your mind that afternoon as you watched and heard Daisy make plans with the girls and you. Girl nights, day dates, shopping sprees and all without him as I he wasn't seated at the same table, as if the man never took that same plane and never arrived at the vacation home. 
Has it always been like this or did the shift in your relationship with bucky make you notice the small details about their marriage? 
Daisy liked to have girl nights and nights out with her other friends, you've heard stories before, have experienced it before and thinking back to it, those nights happened at least twice a week– you can't even remember the last time Bucky hung out with his friends. 
And thinking back to when you first started your job and right here, there definitely was something going on; daisy never stole a kiss before heading out early in the morning, whispered things to one and each other or looked at each other like they do in romance movies but you were never interested in that, it wasn't something you'd put your nose in, not your business. 
And you know how it feels to be alone. With a narcissistic alcoholic mother and father unknown, taking care of your drunk mother had been the highlight of your teen years, little to no time for friends– not that anybody wanted to be around you, you were associated with the drunk of the town anyway. You know how it feels.
You felt sorry for agreeing on a day out with Daisy later this week, the thin smile he'd given you making it worse and for a second you regretted everything you had with this man, everything that'd upset him would upset you and possibly hurt your heart a little each time.
The house is silent with everyone fast asleep after an eventful day in the burning sun, all passed out in the early evening. The light from the full moon illuminates the place. With your bare feet against the cool tiled floor, you pad your way to the kitchen to get yourself a refreshing drink. Grabbing a glass from the cabinet, you open the fridge and grab the first carton in reach, apple juice. You pour your glass full, put it back and close the fridge with your foot as you empty your glass in one go. 
Man, if you could just fall asleep in front of the fridge instead of the room with the ac who only seemed to work whoever it wanted, leaving your room a sauna every night.
Setting your glass back on the counter and ready to pad back to your room, the blue light from outside catches your attention. A tuft of hair peeking above the back of the sunbed and a lonely bottle of beer standing on the ground.
Walking back to the fridge, you open it again to grab a cold beer out of it before closing it and as you uncap the bottle you walk towards the backyard and slip through the crack of the sliding doors. Standing still just a couple inches behind him, you watch him scroll through his phone. 
You clear your throat to make clear you're there and take a few steps further to hand him the bottle of beer which he takes with the biggest smile you'd ever seen on him before.
"Shouldn't you be asleep?" 
"Shouldn't you be asleep?" You question back 
Bucky chuckles softly, takes a swing of his beer and sets it down on the ground next to him "had a certain someone on my mind." 
"No one's worth losing sleep over." 
"Trust me, this one is." 
Wordlessly bucky gets a hold of your hand and pulls you closer and guides you to sit on his lap. As you wrap your hand around his neck, his hand travels under your tank top and rests on your back and the silence that follows is nice, comfortable and weirdly familiar, like a warm blanket on a cold winter's day. Despite the darkness, the moon shines bright enough to show a spark of blue in his eyes, the eyes you continued to drown in every time they looked into your soul. 
"Mind if I steal a kiss?"
"Steal a kiss?" 
Licking his lips in anticipation, Bucky hums in response "been dying to kiss those lips for days." 
"Oh I know," you snort "you've let that know today." 
Bucky grins, his hand moving from your back to your side and pulls you into his body even closer. 
"Just one little kiss." 
He doesn't have to ask twice, you were dying too to kiss him, taste his lips and inhale his scent after two long days without. 
As you dip your head down, you meet halfway, big smiles as your lips meet in an overdue, passionate and breathtaking kiss full with giggles, smiles and whispered little nothing, just the two of you enjoying each other and forgetting the world for a while– it's not sexual in any way, something you had expected after the relentless teasing throughout the day, instead it's something else, something sweet, something that's got your mind spinning, stomach churning and heart beating faster.
Bucky leaves a kiss on the tip of your nose when you pull away and rests his forehead against yours and squeezes your side lightly.
"Maybe we could book a hotel for a weekend when we get back home," Bucky breathes out and searches your face for any doubts or regrets "if you want of course." 
"What do you want?"
"You. Us. Whatever this is that's going on, I want that." Bucky states in a matter-of-fact
"Great minds think alike."
Your smile reaches your eyes at the sight of bucky smile, a smile that doesn't fade when he kisses you again. 
It's official, an agreement between the both of you; be lonely together.
Tumblr media
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historygeekfics · a day ago
Part 7: ‘Til It Feels Good
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
*Please do not plagiarise, copy, or repost anywhere else.
Pairing: 40s!Bucky x Fem!Reader
*18+ only. Minors DNI. If you follow/reblog, please have your age (or an indicator of your age) in your bio.
Summary: A day trip to Conneticut, a row boat, and two horny twenty-somethings... What could possibly go wrong?
Warnings: Smut (dry humping in a boat, yes you read that correctly), fluff and cuteness
Author Note:
I have a 40s!Bucky 'taglist' - follow and turn on notifications to keep updated. (18+ only, please read the rules before following - any blogs without ages will be blocked)
Also read on AO3
“This is perfect.” Bucky sighed, laying against your lap.
You didn’t reply, but simply stroked his hair, loving how relaxed and happy he was, as though he could drift off in the sunshine.
You didn’t want him to fall asleep just yet though, that could wait for the train back to New York. Until then, you needed him to be awake to row you back to shore. You were an independent woman, yes, and could do it yourself, but you just loved watching him row, and the effort he put in to try and impress you, the way his lovely broad shoulders flexed as he moved.
So far, you had come out as the more dominant lover in your little escapades, and it suited both of you perfectly. But that didn’t mean you didn’t let him take charge of the occasional task…
A day trip to Greenwich, Connecticut, to soak up the last of the summer sun. It had been the perfect day. You weren’t sure how long you had spent drifting in that row boat on the lake, but it was absolute bliss.
“Any more strawberries baby?” Bucky murmured, keeping his eyes closed.
“Just a couple more…”
You took one by the stem and dangled it above his mouth, watching as his lips tried to grasp it, the tip of his tongue trying to pull it further towards him. You moved it just out of reach, and he snarled playfully at you.
“Don’t be mean, baby!” He moaned.
“Sorry…” You let him have it this time, lowering it so that he could take it from your hand. His teeth bit into it, sloppily, the juice dripping over his lips.
“Oh, you messy boy.” You cooed, stooping down and giving him an upside-down kiss, tasting the sweet tang of the fruit on his mouth. As you nibbled his top lip, you could hear his breath catch.
He smiled as you pulled away, eyes still closed. “Careful, baby, you’re going to get me all worked up.”
“Well you’ll be in good company.”
“I’ve been worked up since you lay on my lap.”
“Oh, have you?” He opened his eyes then, staring up at you from under his long eyelashes. He sat up slowly and turned, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Would you like your best boy to help you out with that?”
You nodded, leaning back a little more as Bucky enveloped you in his arms. He placed his thigh between your legs, and grinned wickedly.
“I know you like that, baby doll. Come on, use me again. I love watching you grind on my thigh, coming apart…”
As he leaned down and started to bite and suck at the sensitive skin of your neck, the sudden transfer of his weight made the boat jolt.
“Baby…” You gripped your thighs together and held onto the sides of the boat for dear life. “I don’t wanna capsize…”
“Then let’s moor up.” Bucky said with a mischievous grin.
You found a quiet spot under a willow tree, its long drooping branches concealing you somewhat. Not that there were many people around that day, but you didn’t want to risk it.
It was so wrong, but so right.
His kiss was tender, soft… but the frantic movement of his hips as he desperately rubbed his clothed erection against your belly was so wonderfully naughty.
Not that you were acting like a lady in this scenario, oh no. Whimpering and needy, you grabbed his hips and pulled him closer to you as you humped his thigh, the friction against your core coupled with the illicitness of the situation… well, it was delicious.
Hooking your right leg around his, you arched your back and tilted your hips to increase the pressure, using him shamelessly for your own pleasure until your body tensed and you rode him out until you were finished.
“That didn’t take you long…” Bucky observed, breaking the kiss but still keeping his lips close to yours.
“What can I say? You drive me wild.”
Needing no further encouragement, Bucky buried his head in your neck as he grinded his hips against you with even more desperation, chasing his release.
“That’s it, naughty boy. Let it go.” You whispered in his ear, before nibbling the lobe, taking it between your teeth.
“Ah!” Bucky cried out, his body shuddering and back arching as he came. It was enough to rock the boat again. A little too hard this time.
You clung to the sides, managing to hold on, but poor Bucky tumbled headfirst into the shallow water, swearing loudly as he did so.
You did, eventually, come to his rescue, but for a good few minutes, all you could do was laugh until your sides hurt.
Grumpy, naked, and wrapped in the picnic blanket, Bucky looked adorable. His wet hair stuck up in damp spikes as you used your cardigan as a makeshift towel to dry it. All of his clothes were hung out to dry by the riverside.
“Well that was one way to get your clothes off!” You joked.
“And one way to clean me up I guess… I’m never going to live this down, am I?” Bucky groaned. “So horny that I nearly capsized the damn boat, and now I’m like a drowned rat.”
“Your hair will dry quickly enough.” You said, slipping your cardigan back on. “But the clothes might take a little longer. Thank god it’s still summer!”
Still sheltered under the willow’s branches, you took Bucky in your arms and lay back down in the boat as you waited for his things to dry.
“I hope no one steals my pants.” Bucky grumbled, nestling his head into your chest. “They’re good pants.”
“If they do, I’ll chase them down.”
“Promise?” Bucky mumbled against your breast, looking as though he could fall asleep again.
“Promise.” You replied, stroking the back of his neck.
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marvelita85 · a day ago
Tumblr media
You had the best idea the best place and the right time you just had to built the courage to ask him on a date
- hey doll...- he walked in front of you coming after his training sesion
- hey Bucky... do you want some breakfast?... I made pancakes a lot...
- thank you doll I'd love some - you had it bad and Natasha, Wanda and even your dad knew you had a hugh crush on Bucky and it was true but you didn't want him to know or realised
After breakfast Sam said they had to go but you didn't miss his little smile now Sam knew as well
- Buck...- he turned around looking at you, those blue eyes made you weak in all right places - I... I... is nothing don't worry
- are you sure everything is ok?
- yeah I'll see you later, I'm sorry for holding you up
- no worries doll... I'll see you later...- but you knew he was not sure about your behavior and you were being a total idiot who coundn't invite the man she liked to a date
You spent the morning training with the girls, your dad came out from the lab at lunch and Peter come to visit after school so you got a few hours of distraction
- so... did you stop drooling around Barnes or are you going to grow a pair and ask him out?
- dad!!!
- what? Is true isn't it? You like him and I can't do anything to stop it
- why would u want to stop it? I thought u talked and everything was ok between both of you...
- and it is but it won't change the fact i will kill him if he hurts you
- I can't make him like me the way I like him if he doesn't dad
- just ask him he won't reject you
- how are you so sure about that...
- first because you are my daughter...- you snorted at that comment - and second you are amazing and beautiful and smart and great in so many ways he has to be crazy to say no to you
- thanks dad...I'm scare to lose him
- you won't, that one won't ever leave you - you hugged Tony and left the lab when Friday anounced Barnes and Wilson returned unharmed...
- hey Buck... Im glad you are ok...
- only him am I painted or something here? - Sam was offended
- you too Sam - you smiled and he hugged you
- just tell him already... he didn't stop talking about you - that gave u a little more confidence
- it was just recon Y/n/n nothing to serious
- earlier today I wanted to ask you something
- tell me please...- he grab your hands holding them together...
- there is a new restaurant in soho and I was wondering if you want to go and have dinner with me
- is a date doll... I would love to go and so the free weekend arrived and Bucky and you headed to the new restaurant together in his harley
The booth table you'd chosen was private and confortable and Bucky loved the enviroment, there wasn't any people
Tumblr media
- you look beautiful..- Bucky said when the waitress left their table
- thank you... I think you look very handsome too... and thank you for coming with me
- doll why were u so nervous...
- cause I really didnt want you to reject me
- that would never happened, I was planning myself go ask you out but I'm glad you asked me first I woudln't have known a place like this one
- anywhere with you is worth knowing Buck...- he would have kiss you right in that moment but he decided to grab your hand on his right one and kiss your knuckles, you blushed and he thought it was the cutest thing
Everything that played in your head before the date was perfect and everything played after on the actual date was amazing because not only you had your date with Bucky he was a total gentleman even better of what you have imagined
- I have a request before letting you go
- what is it?
- may I kiss you? - you smile and nod your head yes and Bucky lean down on you kissing your lips your body jolt with happyness, your hand very gently caress his neck and part of his scalp, his hands secured in your waist and hip enjoting every second of it
- please don't let me go ever Bucky
- I won't doll... you are mine now - both of you kiss again before he let you go saying goodnight with another kiss before leaving to his room, you were tempted to ask him to stay but as much you both have wanted that wouldnt have been so perfect as it was Bucky was yours now and you coudln't have asked for a more perfect boyfriend
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etherealsaul · a day ago
Tumblr media
🤍 Bucky and a sleepy Alpine 🤍
(This painting is for sale here!)
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malum-forev · 2 hours ago
TFATWS: The Star-Spangled Man
Tumblr media
Summary: Sam and (Y/n)'s mission to retrieve information from the Flag Smashers is hijacked by Bucky. The three find themselves accompanied by an extremely flirty John Walker, something that doesn't sit well with Bucky.
Author's Note: Enemies to lovers trope w buckyyyyy I canttt. Defensive Bucky omgggg.
She heard him before she saw him. With a groan she entered the hangar.
“I’m gonna go see if Redwing’s right. ‘Cause I have a feeling they might be part of the Big Three.” Sam told (y/n)’s worst nightmare, Bucky.
“What Big Three?” Bucky asked.
“The Big Three.” (Y/n) answered. “Androids, aliens and wizards.”
“You’re late,” Sam said, turning around to face his partner. “But you’re right.”
Bucky groaned, looking at his own personal hell, (y/n). “That’s not a thing.”
“Of course it’s a thing!” She said, rolling her eyes. “Maybe aliens, androids and wizards weren’t a thing back in the 1800’s when you were first alive. But they are a thing now.”
“For the last time, I wasn’t born in the 1800’s.” Bucky huffed. “So, what? You’re saying you’re gonna fight Gandalf now?”
“How do you know about Gandalf?” Sam asked furrowing his brows.
“He probably read it when it first came out.” (y/n) laughed.
“I’m gonna ignore the obvious insult, but yes, I did in fact read it back in 1937.” Bucky said shaking his head. “But there are no wizards!”
“Doctor Strange!” Sam retorted.
“Is a sorcerer.” Bucky replied, not backing down.
“Aah!” (Y/n) chuckled. “A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat! I’m right!”
Sam nodded happily. “The fact is these guys use brute force just like you.”
“The incredibly annoying guy in front of us with the staring problem.” (Y/n) added, making Bucky face her and stare.
“I’m coming with you guys.”
She rolled her eyes and left, heading towards the jet. “No, you are not!”
On the plane, Bucky and (Y/n) were in an incredibly intense staring match. “Can we please just throw him off the plane?”
“I’ve got a vibranium arm, I’ll survive the fall.” Bucky said, giving off a fake smile.
“Let’s go (y/n).” Sam said, passing her the chute.
Sam quickly headed to the door and dropped down.
“This is the only one we have,” (Y/n) said with a smile, strapping on the parachute. “Hope your arm breaks the fall, R2D2.”
Bucky felt his blood boil, she always knew how to push his buttons. With one swift move he ripped off the leather sleeve on his jacket, pulled her closer to him and strapped on to the parachute that was already wrapped on her shoulders, kicking both of them off the plane.
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” She mumbled as they both slowly descended, his short stubble grazing against the skin of her neck. He turned to face her, their lips not even an inch from each other.
“What? Do I make you nervous doll?” Bucky smirked. If there was one thing he knew about her, it was that she hated being close to him. “Afraid I’ll steal a kiss?”
She only rolled her eyes and faced the other way.
As they came down, the chute got caught in one of the tree branches. Ripping it in two. They both fell down hard, getting tangled in all of the ropes and fabric. With a thud, (y/n) ended up on top of Bucky.
“I have all of that on camera. You guys know that right?” Sam said, Redwing flying on top of the two.
“Ugh! Get off of me.” (Y/n) groaned, rolling off of Bucky.
“Get out of my face, Sam, or I’ll break it.” Bucky said, the air still knocked out of his lungs.
“Y’all make a cute couple and all, but I need you to head north.” Sam replied through the speaker, laughing.
The trio found itself in an abandoned warehouse. The walls burnt down and filled with graffiti, dust flying everywhere.
“Wow Bucky, this is a nice place. You never told us that you had a house in Munich.” (Y/n) said looking around the grimy scene.
“This looks nothing like my house.” He mumbled. “You should ask your mom what it looks like, she told me she liked the décor last night when I was bang-“
“Hey! First graders! No ‘yo mamma’ jokes.” Sam said, motioning for them to get closer to where he was.
(Y/n) shot him an annoyed look. “By the way, my mom is a classy woman. She doesn’t go for guys like you.”
“Well, you better double check because last time she was in my bed, she told me she loved-“
“What did I just say!” Sam interrupted. “I can’t take you guys anywhere!”
“I’ll see you guys in there… or not.” Bucky said, leaving Sam and (Y/n) behind.
“Look at you, all stealthy.” (Y/n) said through the earpiece. “You spend two days in Wakanda and come out White Panther.”
“It’s actually White Wolf.” Bucky retorted.
A second later, Sam and (Y/n) were next to him.
“What did we miss, Pink Pony? Oh yeah, nothing.” (Y/n) whispered.
“How many times am I going to have to tell you, it’s White Wolf.”
The three of them saw the identical vans leaving the warehouse.
“While you two were over here fighting, the criminals left, and they have a hostage! Now follow me!” Sam yelled, leaving the two behind.
Bucky quickly caught up to the first vehicle. “They’re stealing medicines, vaccines. I found the hostage.”
The hostage let out a devious smile before kicking Bucky off of the car. “Shit!” He was pulled by two of the other Flag Smashers, immediately put into a fight.
Sam quickly dropped (Y/n) to where Bucky was, dropping punches left and right. Making one of the two men holding the former Winter Soldier back, double back in pain. “You’re welcome.”
Before they noticed, a shield came into the fight. It was John Walker and Lemar Hoskins. But not even with two others could they win. (Y/n) was flung off of the van, falling into a nearby field. She was soon accompanied by both Sam and Bucky.
“Don’t you two look romantic.” (Y/n) teased as she saw both men panting.
With a shocked look in his face, Bucky said: “Those were all super soldiers.”
The three of them had a look of defeat in their faces when they saw the jeep approach them. In the back sat none other than the fake Captain America and his sidekick.
“So that didn’t go as planned, huh?” Walker said as the car came to a halt, the back opening for them to climb up. But they kept on walking. “C’mon you guys know we’ve got to work together.”
“That’s not happening.” Bucky said.
“For the first time in forever, I’m with Barnes on this one. Not in your wildest dreams, Walker.” (Y/n) replied, her gaze still focused on the road ahead of her.
“Oh, (y/l/n), you don’t wanna know what we do in my wildest dreams.” John Walker said with a smug smile. “The fact is, we stand a better chance if we-“
“Just cause you carry the shield doesn’t mean you’re Captain America.” Bucky replied.
“Look, it’s twenty miles to the nearest airport. You three need a ride!” John said and Lemar nodded.
They all found themselves crammed on the back of the car. Sam and Bucky facing John, Lemar and (Y/n).
“The super soldiers say they’re trying to get things back to how it was during The Blip. Maybe they’re just trying to help.” Sam explained.
“They’ve got a funny way of showing it.” (Y/n) rolled her eyes.
“Look, if we work together, we’ll have the perfect team. We have the government backing us up, you two are great fighters and well, (y/n) brings the looks.” Walker smiled, resting his hand on the back of where (y/n) was sitting.
“Thinking a woman can only bring in looks is so outdated. Move your hand one inch and those fingers will be laying on the floor.” She hissed.
“Oh c’mon. I know you bring more than looks, I’ve seen how you fight. But I can’t deny you look good.” The fake Captain America said, not even disguising his flirting.
“Aren’t you married?” She asked, disgusted.
“You know what they say,” John said, taking his hand and placing it on the small of her back. “Eyes that don’t see, heart that doesn’t hurt.”
Before anyone could even reply, (Y/n) had Walker facing the other way, arm locked and twisted behind his back. In this position, he could see the way Bucky’s eyes were burning holes into his face.
“Okay okay! I’m sorry.” John said and she let go of him. “I’m sorry, I just wanted to pay you a compliment.”
Once his hand was free, he faced the front again, seeing Bucky’s eyes follow him. “Does he always just stare like that?”
“You get used to it.” Sam said.
Bucky saw how John placed his hand on (y/n)’s thigh. Before any other words came out of his mouth, Bucky stood up and grabbed Walker by the collar. “I thought she had left it pretty clear. Don’t, fucking, touch her.”
John was choking, trying to get Bucky off of him.
“We’re getting off.” Bucky said, not waiting for the car to stop, jumping off.
As they all exited, the only thing they heard was Walker say: “Whenever you want someone else to be your guard dog, (y/n), call me.”
She flipped him off and kept on walking.
“I was handling the situation.” She told Bucky, he just growled under his breath.
“But, um” (Y/n) coughed. “Thank you, Barnes. For- um, for defending me.”
“He’s a piece of shit, he shouldn’t talk to you that way.” Bucky kept on walking. “I mean, he shouldn’t talk to any woman that way.”
(Y/n) shot him a soft smile and he smiled back.
“See! I told you, you two make a cute couple.” Sam laughed from behind them, the death glare they shot Sam would have probably killed someone.
“You, you’re welcome.” Bucky said under his breath. “Anytime.”
(Y/n) bit her lip, not wanting another smile to escape. The last thing she wanted was for her enemy to see her smile because of him.
“I saw that.” Bucky said, still looking forward, his chest puffed up. “Saw that smile, doll.”
(Y/n) just groaned. “Could you- for once just be a civil person and shut your mouth. I can’t-“
“And we’re back to fighting.” Sam’s voice boomed with laughter.
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ohtobeleah · 2 days ago
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier season Two: Agent Avery
Prologue: “Cut off one head…”
Summary: During an intense interrogation, your existence is made obsolete when half the population is turned to dust. What felt like a mere five minutes was in fact— five years. Setting out on an undercover op to observe the newly pardoned Super Soldier post blip.
Word Count: 3.1k
Warnings: Canon level violence. Bucky Barnes x female reader. Infinity war/endgame timeline. Pre FATWS.
Tumblr media
The force mixed bone cracking sound behind the knuckle busters that connected with the side of your cheek was enough to drown out a room full of men who seemed to take great pride in their work. Silence filling the underground hideaway, a derelict sewer under the streets of Los Angeles. men of all backgrounds stunned into silence as you groaned. Blood dripped down from your mouth like a leaking tap, spitting the rest that had pooled between your lips, turning your head slowly to look back at the man who’d broken your jaw. Through swollen eyes, you gave him a daring look. Challenging him with a small smirk as the eyes of the men who stood behind him, watching on, stood still—unable to breathe under what they’d consider to be the stupidity of some silly little girl playing eye spy.
“Is—is that the—“ you struggled to speak, trying to steady your vision as your head felt flimsy. “Is that all you’ve got?” You’d only ever known him by one name. Hickory. But as you spent more personal time getting to know the man who’d been powering up the old elitist, the sadistic and narcissistic, the god awful power hungry world dominating psychopaths that still believed in the ideologies that Hydra had operated on—you’d come to know his first name too. Vincent Hickory, his henchmen called him Vick. drug Tycoon, gang boss with a mean streak. His hand twisted and turned in the birds nest of a mess that was your blood soaked hair, pulling your head back to expose your neck. Hissing through bloodied gritted teeth you tried your best to focus on the man who towered over you like some deranged God. 
“You really think nows the time to be a fucking smart-ass dear?” He smeared, face so close to yours you could almost feel his lips on yours in a way you never wanted to. “You’ve got a lot of nerve miss Avery, now, tell me where Barnes is before I decide you’re life is meaningless.”
“I don’t know where—“ you didn’t get a chance to finish your sentence before the back of Vick’s hand was colliding with your swollen, cut and bruised cheek. You couldn’t help the Yelp that escaped. “I swear—“ again, very time you said you didn’t know, over and over, until you felt your lungs collapsing under the pressure of broken ribs. The chair your body bound to surely about to break. Ropes digging into fragile skin—leaving behind burns. “I don’t know where he is” you whispered. Vick sighed, obviously disappointed. “I wouldn’t tell you if I did, so just kill me, because you aren’t getting shit from me.” Allowing you to slump into a pile of defeat as you tried your best to remain conscious.
As you waited for the final blow, the bullet wound that would surely take you, the possible stable wound, the final blow, something—anything, you tried to remember why you were doing what you were. What you were so desperately trying to protect, who you were protecting. Of course you knew where James Buchanan Barnes was—he was in Wakanda, half way across the world, recovering. It was in the case file Fury had given you.
“Agent Avery—“ you heard your name being called from the chief Dawsons office. Unbeknownst to you at the time it was the start of a knew way of life. Everything you’d ever know was about to change, thrown out the window. You relinquished your toasted cheese and ham sandwich from your grasp, sighing as you dropped it to your partner Lewis’s desk on the paper plate it came on. Balling up the napkin you’d whipped your face with. You’d been sitting on the desk with your legs hung over the side, casually trying to enjoy a quick lunch. “A moment please? If I’m not interrupting?” The chiefs sarcasm was just as tasteful as your lunch.
“This is a dear friend of mine.” You couldn’t help by stare at the eyepatch that covered severe scaring as you shut the door behind you—taking a seat slowly as you frowned your brows in confusion. “Nick Fury, he’d like you to work a case in liaison with what was formerly known as S.H.E.I.L.D.” 
“I wasn’t aware S.H.E.I.L.D was still a thing?” You responded. Fury handed you the very case file that changed your life. Crossing his arms across his chest as he leaned of chief Dawson’s desk.
“You’d be on your own essentially, I need someone who can disappear, dissolve themselves, hide in plain sight, take down an organisation that’s like a parasite once and for all.” Fury was as serious as you’d ever heard someone be. “I hear you’re interested in secret service?” Nick questioned, you flipped through the case file, nodding quietly in response. “I can promise an in if you do this for me, I’m all outta options.” It was a career changing opportunity you’d been chasing for years, you’d been trying to prove yourself, be noticeable, be better then the rest. You looked over at chief Dawson who offered you a supportive smirk. It was as easy as leading a camel to water, it was just one of the most manipulative things Nick Fury had ever done. But he was determined to get to job done, he didn’t want an army of Super Soldiers running around. He could barely handle to ones he’d come into contract so far.
“I’ll do it—“ you never should’ve said yes.
You weren’t going to be the person to take that away from Bucky, especially since you’d been tasks to try and infiltrate and assassinate the very people who dreamed his life something of import to them. His blood, the very serum that pumped through his veins. You could feel your body slowly giving up on you. The very desire to just give into temptation and close your eyes was coaxing you to the edge.
“You’re either naive or stupid, or possibly both.” Hickory hissed, his open hand once more colliding with your face—leaving a stinging sensation that burned your broken skin. Turing to his men, spitting at your feet as you gave in. Slumping over yourself as the ropes that bound you supported your dead weight against the chair. “Get ride of her, dump her somewhere—make sure she’s dead and buried, I don’t her coming back.” Smirking as he leaned over, his hands digging into his knees for support as he leaned in to kiss your blooded forehead, a hand pressing your head to his lips from behind, blood from your hair staining Vicks tattoo covered hands. “Seeya later princess, it was nice knowing you—“ the wink he sent your way sending shivers down hour body as he slide a piece of gum casually into his mouth. “Hail Hyrda.” He chewed with a grin. Turning on his heals as he pulled a gun from the small of his back—tucked away into his jeans under his shirt. Checking the clip casually before handing it heavily to his second in command, Miles Mills. “Between the eyes.” He murmured in Miles ear, loud enough so you could hear it still. Damn it—he was just a kid. It wasn’t long before Miles had his hands on you, un-tying the ropes that bound you. Dragging you along the concrete as you doubled over, leaving a trail of blood from your broken body. He was struggling just at much as you were.
“Walk—“ he hissed. You didn’t listen, struggling against his grasp as you fell to the ground with a heavy thud. The gun in Miles hand falling beside you, exactly how you’d hoped it would. Reaching out in the blink of an eye through clouded vision you turned from your stomach to your back, firing at anyone and anything you could make out.
“Touch me again and I’ll kill you.” You spat, pointing the gun directly at Miles as he held his hands up beside his head. You couldn’t even stand, but you had a damn gun. The odds evened out. “The CIA know you’re here, it’s over Mills.”
“I can’t.” Miles voice broke, he was just a kid, barley eighteenth. “It can’t be—you don’t know what they’ll do if you do this.” It almost sounded as if he was begging you to give up, he was scared—terrified even. “Vick won’t stop until he gets what he wants.”
“At the expense of others!” You hissed. Holding your upper body up on one elbow that dug into gravel as you held the gun high at Miles. Tears in his eyes.
“It’s always been at the expense of others Agent, I just go with whatever Vick tells me to do.” There was something deeper, something more sinister behind Miles reasonings for doing the things he did. Why would an eighteen year old stumble his way into organised crime? The answer, you don’t stumble unless you’re shoved.
“But why? You’re just a kid Miles, I can hel-help you.” you’re head felt so heavy but everything else felt weak, light as a feather, goosebumps rising over your entire body. So many different sensation taking over your body all at once. Your stomach churned, your head throbbed, your blood boiled and everything, everything hurt. “C’mon, help me out kid, I can help you.” You slowly started the lower your gun—shaking. But at the sight of your weakness, Miles jumped you. Swatting the gun from your grip as he straddled your waist, pinning you down by your neck as his hands constricted your airways. “Miles—“ you gasped, clawing at his arms in a last stitch effort to save your own life.
“Cut off one head, two more shall take its place.” Miles spat, his grip only tightening as you began to panic. Chocking you out as your legs began to fade. Turn to dust. It felt like nothingness. Slowly but surely creeping it’s way up your body.
“I’m so over hearing you psychopath’s say that.” You chocked out, Miles fell to the floor, your body disappearing before him, his hands gripping together as your neck dissolved under his touch. Panic consuming his entire being as he scrambled away—horrified. What had he done? He was only 18.
“Jesus Christ—“ looking around Miles panicked, grabbing the gun you’d lost in the scrabble before sprinting off to find Vick. Hoping the poorly put together cover story would pass. He’d finished the job, six feet under, dead and buried, a none issue to the new world order Victor was so set on achieving—an elitist power. At the same time half way across the world, Bucky felt the same unimaginable sensation you had. The feeling of pins and needles, nothingness, weightlessness. Looking out for his best friend with a worried look and concerned tone. “Steve?”
It felt like you’d passed out, fallen asleep under the aid of heavy painkillers. Coming to on the gravel groggy headed and confused. Pushing yourself up onto your knees you felt your face, normal—unscathed. The the beating you’d just taken never happened. Beside a throbbing headache you felt fine. Looking around the derelict sewer style hide away. 
where had everyone gone?
***~***~***~***One Month Later***~***~***~***~
Bucky sat eyeing off the receptionist who looked way too familiar for his paranoia. His leg shook as he tossed the idea back and forth in his head, should he say hello? With his gloved hands intertwined with one another, Buck let out a sigh as he stood—sauntering over to where the receptionist counter was in the lobby of the building where he regularly saw his court mandated therapist. Christina Raynor. Making his presence known, Bucky reach into the bowl of hard single wrapped candies. Popping one into his mouth as he leaned over the counter. It was one of those counters like in doctors surgeries—the ones that are higher and hide the staff behind them.
“I know you from somewhere other than here—I can’t put my finger on it?” Bucky’s voice was soft, like he was afraid that his question would either startle you or annoy you. He was still learning to make conversation, struggling just slightly more with those he found attractive. “You spying on me?” Bucky teased, the first thought that came to his mind. Maybe you were some Russian spy, that’s where he’d known you, seen you. Were you a friend of a friends from work? had he accidentally stumbled across you while in his former Winter Soldier days? Where you an assassin? Or were you simply a face he didn’t want to forget? Whatever it was, whoever you were, Bucky didn’t think his simple question, the one that dripped with sarcasm, he didn’t think he’d receive the reaction he got.
“What?” You quickly shot your head up with wide eyes, looking at Bucky like you’d seen a ghost. “No? What makes you say that?” You tried to play your reaction off. Simply turning back to your monitor—trying to calm the fuck down. “There’s no such thing as spy’s right? aren’t they reserved for James Bond movies?” Keeping your head low and eyes engaged with the documents that’s lit up your monitor. The patient profile of Doctor Raynor’s current patient Michelle Pascoe. Bucky frowned his brows—surely you were kidding, choosing to ignore the comment and persevere in his mission to remember where he’d seen you before.
“Have I seen you at Izzy? My neighbour Yori makes me go there with him, kinda this sweet old man who’s only got a few people around him.” Bucky was rambling, he knew that. But he couldn’t help himself. He’d seen you somewhere. Determined to remember. You sighed softly, you knew Yori, you’d occasionally help him bring in his groceries, the brown paper bags would always break. You’d only known him about a week and in that time he’d managed to need your assistance five out of seven days.
“The apartment complex on fifth avenue, apartment 3B, pretty sure you’re 3C? ” You hadn’t even looked up from your computer monitor. “I’ve seen you around a few times, Yori? Nice guy—likes the patterns on the sundress I wore when I helped him pick up the apples that’d broken through the bottom of the grocery bag he was holding.” You chuckled. “I just moved in, maybe a week ago now? Still refurbishing the place—the land lady Mrs Shapiro, she was very quick to warn me about the psycho killer who I was moving next door too—made me sign a waiver and everything.”
“I’ll need your first, last, and security deposit my dear, are you sure you wanna move in here? I don’t know if I feel comfortable with the man who’d be living next door.” Leaning closer the little old woman whispered in your ear. “He’s the Winter Soldier—“ you held your tongue, never had you ever been more offended on someone’s behalf before. Maybe it was because you’d spent the better half of the last few months learning everything there was to know about James Buchanan Barnes—pre and post Winter Solder. Faking a soft smile you nodded. Excepting that ignorance could be bliss. 
“Really just need an apartment Mrs Shapiro, I’ll take it.”
Finally looking up you met Bucky’s blueberry eyes and sheepish smile. Still leaning over the counter on his elbows. He looked tired—like he’d barley slept. It wasn’t hard to understand why, you could sometimes hear the screams that echoed off the walls in Bucky’s apartment. Exercising his own demons, the ones that plagued his subconscious.
“Great—I love that.” Bucky sighed, shaking his head softly in disappointment—of course that little old Vietnamese women saw Bucky as a monster, of course she did. Carding his fingers nervously through his recently cut hair, still not used to the change of weight that usually dawned his head. You couldn’t help the soft chuckle you let out at his response, symptomatic. “That’s where I know you from.” Bucky finally put two and two together. His mind easing knowing you weren’t some undercover spy spying on him. Oh the irony. “I saw you in the elevator, must’ve been the same day, Yori was going on about frangipane’s for hours.” you beamed up at Bucky, you really liked that sundress.
“Margot.” You reached your hand out to shake Bucky’s. Margot Miller.” It was a new alias, new identity—knew life. Told to go deep undercover at Nick Fury’s and Chief Dawson’s instructions. Only ever reach out if absolutely necessary, don’t bring attention to yourself, lay low—keep an eye on Barnes. Playing the roll of sweet talking receptionist and “can I borrow a cup of sugar?”neighbour’s wasn’t a hard task. It was nice to have somewhat of a taste of normalcy after everything that’s had happened. From almost being snuffed out, being dusted during the blip. This was a walk in the park compared to what you’d been doing prior. “Nice to meet you neighbour.” Bucky took your hand softly, shaking for a few moments before he retracted. “Been coming here long?”
“Against my will for about a month now, I haven’t seen you here before?” Bucky already knew you were a better receptionist then the guy he’d had to hand his paperwork to four weeks ago. He even thought coming the therapy might become a little less strenuous with a familiar face around.
“New job, kinda just got the gig—today’s my third day, pretty easy, just receptionist bullshit and all.” Bucky chuckled under his breath. He could only imagine how nice it must be to have something so normal as a boring nine to five office. “From what I gather, Christina’s pretty cool.” Bucky rolled his eyes.
“It’s an act, once she gets me behind those doors she’s completely different.” Bucky liked the dress you were wearing, office casual. Simple but it made yourself eyes seem bright, or maybe it was the lighting in the building he hated coming to, or maybe? You just had a thing for nice dresses. He’d have to ask Yori. You could see Doctor Raynor peering out from her door. Gesturing she was ready for Bucky.
“Ahh—Doctor Raynor’s ready for you.” You looked down at your monitor, pretending you couldn’t remember who Bucky was. “James—“
“Bucky.” Bucky was way too quick off the mark, correcting you before you barley had a chance to say his name. “Call me Bucky.” Tapping his hand on the counter, pressing his lips together with a shy smile, pushing himself away. Walking reluctantly towards the woman who loved to pick his brain, turning to smile at you once more over his shoulder.
“Seeya Neighbour—“
Author Note: Welcome to Agent Avery rewritten. If you’d like to be added to a tag list please leave a comment below. xxx Leah
Tags: @tagakalat @winifrede
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inesguedesart · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
This just in: Local 21-year-old waits until the year of 2021 to start watching Marvel movies This quartet owns my heart, idk what to tell you 🤷‍♀️ Absolute icons It has been really fun to dive into such a popular franchise and to find this super active and creative fandom (and to see everyone talking about the upcoming releases while I'm still catching up on the 2010s movies lmaooo anyway, hello Marvel fandom take this as my arriving gift 😎)
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bluemusickid · 2 hours ago
Hey guys, I have a new series coming up!
Tumblr media
The Long Con
Summary || Down on their luck, two con artists Steve and Bucky decide to use the tool at their disposal to the best of their abilities to earn some cash, i.e., their charm and devilishly good looks. What happens when a rich, lonely heiress meets them in the most unlikely of places and befriends them?
Here's a little sneak peak!!
"It's another dry day for us, pal." Bucky sighed, eyeing their fridge. Not that it was any different from other days, but he'd kinda hoped that today would be special. No reason for it to be, he thought, wryly. Life had dealt the both of you the shittiest cards, and it was no use trying to change that.
"So what's new? You'd think you'd be used to that by now." Steve drawled, lazily draped over their couch. It was lumpy, broken, and had springs poking out of it. But it was one of Steve's mother's last possessions, which is why he kept it around.
"Let's just contact Sam and set up another target. Dunno why we're taking so long this time, we should be getting rich by now, not living off of bad ramen and cheap beer."
"Hey, it's not like he's not trying. The rich assholes seem to be in hiding right now, is all. Give him time, he'll get us a good target." Bucky huffed, pouring out some milk. God knows he loved Steve, but the dude could be impulsive and borderline annoying at times.
Sitting up, Steve jumped off the back of the couch, making his way to the table. "What if we found our own target this time, eh? Cut out the middle man, keep all the sweet earnings for ourselves?"
Bucky stopped mid chew. "Are you outta your fuckin' mind?! We can't do that! We need Sam! He's the one who's been getting us good targets over the years. Targets who keep their mouths shut even after we're done with 'em. We go solo, and we can kiss our asses goodbye. He'll kill us!"
"Don't be such a fuckin' pussy, Buck. I'm sure he won't say a word. And even if he does find out, which he won't, what's he gonna do? Take our money? ! He can't. Do that."
Taking a seat, Steve urged, "C'mon, Buck. You always say that we're meant for something bigger and better. Well, we can have that. All of that. Big house, lotsa cash, whole armada of women. All you need to do is take the plunge. That's it."
Bucky pondered over his words. He did make a lot of sense. Plus, who knew how long this spell lasted? The money was almost over and so was the food. If they didn't get some soon, they could say goodbye to having a roof on their heads.
"Wait a second. You said "take the plunge." Meaning you've already found a target?!"
Steve grinned, pulling out a newspaper clipping. "Not just one target. A shitload of 'em." He rasped.
Hope you guys enjoyed the lil’ sneak peak! Send me an ask if you want to be added for the taglist! (Just for this series) I’ll try to be as regular as I can with updating, fingers crossed!
Tumblr media
Much love,
Lexi ❤️
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anxiousbuck · 2 days ago
I could have but I didn’t- Pt.4
Pairing: Bucky x Reader; Loki x Reader
Summary: You have always had these powers but you never realized how, until one day you finally do and it changes everything in your life, your friends, your love, no one trusts you anymore, except one person who you never thought would be your only remaining friend, even in your nightmares.
A/N: This is a small one but don’t worry I’ve already started the next one ;)
Tumblr media
After a really long time you woke up to someone's skin touching yours, and you twitched to the sight of someone lying beside you.
"Y/N? Good morning doll."
You knew who it was as soon as you heard his calming morning voice, it was Buck, lying in the bed with one of his arms wrapped around your waist and the other arm under your pillow. Your muscles relaxed as you shut your eyes back and whispered, "Good morning love."
Bucky moved his hands up and started rubbing your cheeks. You could feel him smiling behind you and with your newly explored powers, you could feel what he was feeling, happy, but worried about you.
"Don't worry about me, I'm fine. It wasn't the first time."
Bucky moved himself up and looked into your eyes, his hands cupping your face.
"How did you? How did you know?"
"Well I had to do something in the past few weeks so I learnt some new techniques," you said, bringing his hands to your lips and kissing them.
"Nat told me to not talk about last night, until we sat down with everyone," you could still feel that he was worried, he was constantly looking in your eyes and then at the sheets laying between the two of you.
"I understand what she meant," you moved your hand towards his face, "she probably didn't want me to tell it twice, everything that's happened," you paused, "I think I agree with her."
"Whatever you like princess," Bucky said as he rubbed his thumb on your lips.
You knew exactly what he wanted, and you wanted it too but you weren't sure, because what happened yesterday could happen again and you wouldn't want it to happen while you were with him, you didn't want him to see that you were weak. You knew he'd understand if you tell him but you weren't sure, you didn't have a good feeling about this, so you gave into what he wanted instead of talking to him.
You moved yourself towards him and placed your lips on his and gave into the feeling that you had been dying to feel.
And just like the last time, it was different, again, it was like kissing him the first time all over again and that's all you wanted to feel at the moment. That's all you wanted to do, you just wanted to live in the moment. You could feel the sensations in your stomach and you kissed him harder as his tongue made it's way inside your lips but you were scared, scared of what could happen if you grew week so you pushed him away.
"Y/N? Is everything okay?" Bucky said, trying to search your eyes for what could have possibly gone wrong.
"Everything's fine. I'm okay, for now but I need to tell everyone and most importantly, you". You said and started playing with his hair.
You moved closer to him and burried your face into his neck, the tears which had been gathering in the corner of your eyes finally made their way out. He knew you weren't fine, but he didn't say anything, he just held you, and that's all you wanted him to do, he held you as he felt your warm tears on his neck and pulled you closer than you already were. It was the most comfortable you had felt in weeks, you were here, with the person that is home to you, in the place that accepted you for who you are, that’s all you wanted right now, this person, whom you haven’t seen in weeks was making you feel so comfortable, you never knew you could have this with someone, this bond, this connection, that you found with Bucky.
The two of you sat in that position for hours, even when your tears stopped, you didn't want to leave him and he didn't ask you to, both of you sat in silence, comfortable silence, you never knew it existed, he kept rubbing your back as he held you, until someone knocked.
"I'm coming in," you heard Steve's voice and moved to the other side.
He opened the door and helped himself in, "I still don't know why no one tells me anything but that's not what's important right now. C'mon y/n you'd be hungry, let's get you something to eat, it's almost noon."
He started moving outside but stepped back in immediately, "You too Buck! I heard you haven't been eating properly. See you two downstairs." and with that said he shut the door.
"You sure you wanna go?," Bucky asked holding both your hands in his.
"I'll just take a quick shower."
Bucky nodded and started moving towards the door, "You want me to stay?" he asked.
"I'll be fine Buck."
After a few minutes, you got out of shower and hopped into the first set of shorts and t-shirt that your hands were able to grab.
You looked into the mirror and decided that it's time to talk, to everyone who is waiting down there for you.
As you walked inside the kitchen, everyone's eyes moved towards you, except one pair of eyes kept staring the other way.
"Tony?" you called out.
"I should have never sent you to him. I'm so sorry."
"No no no. You don't know anything. You didn't do anything wrong," you say as you move towards him, "that was important, worse things would have happened, I don't think I would even be here if not for Stephen."
"What do you mean Miss. Y/L/N?," asked Vision, appearing through the walls.
"I'll explain everything, once everyone is here."
"Everyone is here," said Natasha, scanning her eyes through the room.
"Thor, he needs to be here, because I need answers from him," you walk to the couch where Bucky is waiting for you with a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon.
"I don't feel like eating right now."
"Just a grab a bite, I'll help you finish it," he says and puts a spoonful in your mouth.
"We can't just call Thor whenever we want, you know that, right?"- says Tony.
"I know but someone can."
"Who?", Steve asked.
• • •
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I know this was really really small but I wanted this one to be simple because shit is coming ahead! I would really appreciate if you comment/ dm me and let me know if you like the shit I write.. Question- Should I post some one shots? I have got some ideas...
Let me know if you wanna be in the taglist since it barely even exists right now.
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