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*Smut Alert* Don’t read if you don’t like that stuff. Also its my first time writing smut so excuse me if it sucks.. On with it then —–> 


After a hard day’s work, Bucky was exhausted. All he wanted was to get home and cuddle with Steve. He entered their little apartment as quietly as possible. He assumed Steve was already asleep. 

Entering their room, what he saw made him frown. There he was, in front of the mirror, frowning at his bare body. Bucky knew how self conscious Steve was about his body and he hated it. 

Slowly he made his way to Steve and gently wrapped his arm around his waist. Steve’s back was flush  against Bucky’s built chest.

“What are you thinking Love” Bucky whispered, kissing his neck.

“You’re so perfect Buck… and then there’s me… I’m hideous..” Steve replied, closing his eyes.

“Love you’re beautiful… and you’re blind if you can’t see that” Bucky murmured against his skin.

He knew that his words would never be enough to convince steve. So, he decided to let his actions do the talking. 

Bucky’s calloused hands roamed and Steve’s smooth stomach and chest. Steve giggled at the ticklish spots making Bucky smirk. Pushing him onto the bed, Bucky hovered over the smaller boy. Bucky’s mischievous smile always made Steve a nervous mess.

He kissed up Steve’s stomach and slowly reached his chest. Gently wrapping his fingers round the side of Steve’s neck, he wrapped his lips around his nipple. 

Steve writhed under Bucky’s torturous hands and mouth, confused whether he wanted to get away or get closer. 

Steve gripped at Bucky’s hair as he started attacking Steve’s neck. Steve had entirely lost all control as he turned into a shivering mess. While Steve was lost in the pleasure, Bucky suddenly gripping his dick sent a jolt through him, making him gasp. 

He was a moaning mess as Bucky expertly pumped Steve’s dick and caressed his balls. It wasn’t long before he felt himself reaching his peak. Breathing heavily he moaned and writhed uncontrollably as he reached his climax.

“Now how many more times do I need to do that to make you believe how beautiful you are?” Bucky asked teasingly.

Looking at Bucky he smiled shyly trying to catch his breath…


Can’t believe I wrote that… I need holy water !!  

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Braving the Elements

Chapter 21: Word Gets Out

Part 2/2

Authors note: see part 1 for Tw!

You wake up and get changed into your workout gear. Normally you opted for leggings and large baggy shirts so as not to get any unwanted attention from the SHIELD recruits who had access to the tower facilities. But today you chose to go in a sports bra and cycling shorts. Putting your hair back into two braids you make your way to the gym. You run into Bucky in the hall.

“Were you heading too dressed like that?” he asks, looking you up and down with a smirk.

“Same place you’re going by the looks of it.” He was in a loose pair of joggers and a muscle shirt that showed off his arms one of your top five favorite body parts of his. He drapes his arm around you loosely and the two of you head off to the gym. You enter together causing a few of the agents, and Tony who was showing them the facilities, to give you a glare. You warm up and start on the weights spotting each other. Him, not so subtly, tilting his head to check you out during your reps. Primarily during your squats.

“Think you could press me?” you ask as you spot him.

“With one hand behind my back” you laugh and roll your eyes

“What, you don’t believe me doll?” you shake your head.

“Well, maybe I’m just gonna have to prove it to ya” he says, standing up towering over you and smirking at how flustered you were before heading over to the sparring mat.

The two of you square up drawing the attention of a few of the recruits. You punch first and he stops you twisting your arm behind your back. Using your free arm you elbow him in the ribs and he loosens his grip enough for you to turn under his arm and pull, freeing yourself. He swings, you duck and roll behind him kicking his feet out from under him.

“Something got you distracted, soldier?” you laughing, extending your hand to him as he grabs your hand he pulls you down onto the mat. He rolls over you and pins you down under him.

“Hey that’s cheating!” you exclaim in disbelief.

“You think this little outfit’s gonna distract me?” he whispers, with a smile on his lips.

“No but this might” you say kissing his nose. You surprise him just enough to slip out from under him. Standing up, you kick his back down, causing him to splay onto the mat. You twist his arm behind him and place your knee on his back smiling triumphantly.

“Now that’s cheating,” he says.

“So anything you want to tell me?” Tony asks as you exit the gym.

“What do ya mean?” you ask

“New recruits seem to be gossiping about a display between you and a certain white wolf.” He says, raising his eyebrows.

“God they really do gossip about anything.” You say

“Just be careful he’s a womanizer and that means something coming from me.”

“Alright Britney Spears I’ll keep that in mind.” You smile and pat his arm

“Just looking for you!” he calls down the hall

“I know robo cop and I appreciate it” you say, blowing him a kiss as you walk off in the direction of your room. You hear the shower going as you enter.

“Well either everyone here’s an idiot, we’re too scary to approach or we’re not being obvious enough.” You say throwing off your gym clothes and joining Bucky in the shower.

“Well what do you suggest?” he says, turning to face you.

“Gotta say im stumped, guess sex in the living room is next on the list?” you say scrubbing the sweat off your body and out of your hair.

“Well maybe we can just start here” he says leaning down to kiss you. You two proceed to have obnoxiously loud sex. Something you make a habit of over the course of the next few days.

“Barnes who the hell are you sneaking in here at all hours of the day, like seriously can’t you go to hers for once?” Wanda asks, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

“Hey” you say entering the kitchen rubbing your eyes.

“Jesus who did this to you?” Nat, asks lifting up the hem of your shirt to reveal a few bruise on your ass and poking the bruise on your collar bone

“Oh please Nat like you don’t whip Steve!” you retort.

“Whoa too much info.” Bucky says looking up at you and winking

“Ya but we know each other!”

“Who says I don’t know this guy.” You say thinking this will give it away for sure.

“Oh ya because you are very well known for being in stable healthy relationships “ Wanda laughs. Guess today wasn’t going to be the day either. You think no one’s ever going to figure it out.

Until one Thursday morning when you’re standing on your tiptoes in the kitchen trying to get a cup that’s just out of reach. Bucky comes up behind you and smacks your ass, hard, causing you to turn around and Peter to spit out a mouth full of cereal.

“What the hell Bucky you can’t do that to her!” he says mouth still full of froot loops

“Why not?” he asks quizzically grabbing the cup down for you

“Wait why didn’t she immediately kill you ?” he says swallowing the cereal.

From the kitchen you can see Sam pass cash to Nat who passes it on to Wanda.

“Wait,” says Peter “are you two HOLY SHIT! Damn. Now I owe MJ 25$” he mutters going from ecstatic to deflated real quick.

You laugh “Anything that girl can’t figure out?”

“How long?” Wanda asks from the living room,

“6 inches” you reply, causing her, Sam and Nat to crack up, and Peter to spit out his cereal again. While Steve, who’s just entered, shakes his head.

“No you perv! Since you started dating!” Wanda exclaims

“So you told them?” Steve remarks from the kitchen

“You told Steve?” you say craning your neck to look at Bucky.

“Well he kinda figured it out!” He returns, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Oh my god, you two fucked at Tony’s party! In front of god on a Wednesday!” Sam yells finally piecing together who had given Bucky the hickey that night.

“You knew and didn’t tell me!” Nat yells throwing something at Steve

In an effort to stop the chaos Bucky pipes up “Well we started sleeping together in Russia.”

“Since Russia” you mumble sipping out of your mug.

“SINCE RUSSIA you sly bastards!” Nat exclaims “We thought it was just a one night stand”

“Only had eyes for her since” says Bucky, “only had eyes for her since the day she showed up here bruised and bloody if I’m being honest”

“Aww” you say sarcastically, gazing up at him lovingly.

“I’m only with him for the metal arm”

“Of course” Steve says

“Ya, that checks out” Wanda agrees.

“Gotta get me a metal arm” whispers Sam

“Wait? You exchanged money who had bets on what!” you asks

“Maybe we’ll tell you in 6 months.” Wanda says patting you on the shoulder as she walks out of the room. You tell the rest of the team that evening, turns out everyone had placed bets but no one had gotten it right except Wanda who had assumed for months now but was waiting for you to tell her. It takes a while for people to adjust to seeing the two of you be affectionate with one another, not that either of you were particularly into PDA. It was just weird for them to see Bucky so relaxed and happy and in a committed relationship .

“Man why didn’t we get him a girlfriend years ago.” Tony asks

“Seriously he’s so much more pleasant” Nat says.

“Hey! I was always pleasant” Bucky chimes in.

The first few weeks were blissful, the two of you in an untouchable bubble of joy. It all changed when the press found out. Someone had taken pictures of the two of you holding hands at the park and then someone got footage of you two out on a date at a fancy restaurant. The press had a field day. Most wrote stories about all the heartbroken people around the city now that Bucky was off the market. Others wrote about how the two of you wouldn’t last or how your beauty had bewitched him, blinding him to what you truly were. A surprisingly large number of articles were questioning the morality of your relationship. Guess people weren’t as accepting as you thought.

“Hey I’m going to drop off some stuff you wanna come with?” you ask him on a Sunday afternoon.

“Love too” he says, grabbing a jacket and baseball hat. You’re walking back through the park when you’re almost hit by a cyclist, Bucky pulls you out of the way and straight into a small group of anti-mutant protesters who had taken to protesting your, and every other mutants existence, in local parks on the weekend. Over the past few months you noticed more of them around not just in public areas, but on local channels.

“Disgusting, imagine being one of them.” A woman with a bob tuts, staring right at you.

“They’re a danger to society, remember the incident with the president? They should all be locked up, for their own good.” An angry man said.

“How could someone as lovely as him be with something like that. He’s such a fine specimen, why did he have to go and be with a mutant.” A young woman asks.

He drops your hand, and you close your eyes, you understand why he needs to separate from you in that moment. You didn’t blame him. When you open your eyes you see him walking out to the center of the group. You run after him, tugging on his arm in an attempt to stop him from causing a scene.

“James it’s not worth it” you mumble. He turns to look at you

“It is.” He clears his throat before stepping up onto a nearby picnic table. ”If anyone here would care to make another derogatory comment about Y/N, the woman I’m so lucky to be dating, please direct it to me. She has undergone hardships that none of you could even begin to imagine and at the hands of people like us, non-mutants. Despite this, she chooses to protect you, to help you. So next time you go to make ignorant comments about her or any other mutant, just remember she’s the one who puts her life on the line every day in order to keep you and your loved ones safe. So take your ignorance and your hate and shove it up your ass, if you can even find it.” He hops down from the table, pushing the microphones and angry protesters out of his way. He grabs your hand and pulls you out from the crowd. You were in shock. “You okay?” he asks, placing his hands on either side of your face.

“I am now. Thanks for that. First time a guy’s ever stuck up for me” you say as he wraps his arm back around you.

“Well, the only reason I’ve been accepted was cause Steve spoke up for me, about time someone started speaking up for you.”

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Braving the Elements

Chapter 21: Word Gets Out

Part ½

Tw: Swearing, mentions of sex,

Authors notes: artistically consitipated sorry things are taken so looonggggg

Part ½ You’re in the greenhouse unsuccessfully growing a jade plant. Bucky’s behaviour from last night was still weighing heavily on your mind and it was always harder to grow stuff when you were distracted. The more you try to forget about it the more you end up thinking about it. Sure you were flirting with someone else, but you had to, it was your job that night and you knew he had to play his part, but what purpose did he think hitting on anything that moved was serving. Seeing the jade plant suffering from your inner turmoil you stop, opting to stare aimlessly out the window instead.

“Thought I might find you in here.” You’re too glazed over to turn around but you know the voice belongs to Bucky. He sits down next to you using his hand to gently draw your gaze to him, snapping his fingers in front of your eyes a few times bringing you back to reality.

“Hey” you say curtly

“You okay” he asks, you shrug turning to look back out the window.

“Hey, Y/N, talk to me, tell me what’s going on in that head of yours?” he asks, trying and failing to mask his concern.

“Last night, I want you to know that everything that happened with Max, it was all an act. You know that right?” you ask glancing back to him.

“In theory.” He says avoiding your gaze, suddenly looking a mixture of guilty and despondent.

“Then what the hell were you doing with all those women? I know you had to act the part, but you coulda eased up a bit.” You can feel a lump forming in your throat about half way through the sentence.

“I don’t know.” He says quietly

“That’s not really an answer.” You snap back

“I know, It’s just, seeing you with him, acting like you did when you’re with me I just… I thought… I got in my own head and I acted out In the most immature way possible. I’m sorry.”

“Well at least it’s an explanation, even if it’s a shitty one.” You say turning abc to the window “Look, my whole life men have been playing games with me, I’m sick of it. I’m tired James, fucking exhausted in fact. Which brings me to my next point.” You say.

“Fuck are you breaking up with me?” he asks, you’re taken aback by the question. Turning around you see he’s staring straight at you, concern plastered in his face.

“No! “ you reassure him “At least not yet.” You say with a smile trying to lighten the mood but to no avail.

“Last night you said don’t worry. Why?”

“Well, I know you don’t want to tell people about us and I don’t mind so I…” he starts.

“What?” you interrupt him

“What do you mean what?” He asks, just as surprised as you.

“Jesus I thought you wanted to keep it a secret cause you didn’t want the world to know you were with a mutant.” you laugh, feeling like a weight had been lifted off your shoulders.

“No not at all I thought you didn’t want to be seen with me because I’m a murderous ex assassin.” He says chuckling and looking relieved

“Fuck here I was ready to say that I needed more from this. That I couldn’t carry on in secret I wanted other people to know.” Suddenly the jade plant you had been working on develops in full, fuelled by your happiness. He laughs wrapping his arm around you, you rest your head on his chest.

“You sure?” you ask, after a moment.


“That you wanna be with someone like me? A mutant. I mean it’s acceptable now, but James,” you stop failing to find the words.

“The only person whose opinion on the matter I care about is yours.” You feel like you can finally breathe.

“You mean it?” you say smiling up at him.

“Ya, you’re not getting rid of me that easily! So how do you wanna tell everyone Cake reveal, sex in the living room, email chain?”

“Okay I know I just said I wanted to tell people, but wouldn’t it be so much more fun if we wait to see how long it takes for them to figure out.” You say

“You’re an evil genius!” he says, kissing you.

The next few weeks were extremely fun. Turns out once the constant fear of being discovered was gone both of you were much more relaxed. Not to mention well rested now you didn’t have to set alarms for 5:00AM. Initially, you thought that would be how you two were discovered, but turns out Sam’s not nearly as observant as he pretends to be considering he’d walked into Bucky’s room twice to get him for a run and failed to notice your body under the covers next to him. After that you two decide to step it up a notch, by getting much more touchy feely with each other in the common areas. Placing his hand on your lower back to reach for a glass, him making you breakfast or vice versa, you using his special coffee mug.

“He’s gonna kill you if he see you drinking out of that” Sam says nonchalantly while reading the news

“You wanna bet?” you say sipping out of the mug

“Seriously he threw my wallet out the window when I tried to use it once”.

“I can’t believe you’ve never seen The Princess Bride ” you say standing by the microwave waiting for the popcorn to be done.

“Seriously guys, where is your culture.” Peter asks Steve, Bucky and Vision. The microwave dings. Nat turns off the lights and curls up into Steve while Vision starts the movie. You make your way over handing the bowl to Wanda as you climb over her and into the spot directly above where Bucky is sitting on the floor with his back pressed against the couch. You rest your legs down over his shoulders. Half way through the movie you start to braid his hair and he gently rubs your lower legs gently causing Wanda and Nat to shoot a confused look your way. You know they’re looking, but you keep staring at the screen. Neither of them say anything to you, but you do overhear them casually chatting about it in the kitchen the next day.

“Do you think they’re doing it?” Nat asks.

“I mean it seems like it, but she used to braid my hair when we’d watch movies so maybe it’s just a force of habit.” Wanda replies.

“Ya, but Barnes doesn’t let people touch his hair, ever.” Nat retorts

“I mean they did sleep together in Russia so maybe?” Wanda says scrunching her face trying to figure it out.

A few days pass and they haven’t brought it up to you so you move on to phase 3.

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Word Count: 1,532

Characters: Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes 

Summary: The Winter Soldier has been missing for over a year, until Tony finds him having broken into the tower and sitting at his kitchen table, unable to repair his own metal arm. Tony relents. 

Taglist: @teetles-and-other-stuff

Please let me know if this is something that I should build on. I have a few ideas for this plot, but I don’t want to put a whole universe together if it won’t be enjoyed. Otherwise, please enjoy this little oneshot of Tony not being a dick for once! 

Keep reading

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I made a stucky themed book mark!

I really needed one since I’ve been using a label off some wool lol. I’m going to start reading six of crows which I’ve heard is a very good book :D

As usual feel free to reblog! It really means a lot

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[Little guy: Bubba] *your view*

Soulmate AU
Pairing: Bucky/chibi!bucky x male!reader

• yes, there will be another part but in Bucky’s view :) sorry not sorry

Summary: A life with your grumpy chibi, before you met your soulmate.

Warning: none

Ideas for what chibi!bucky looks like (minus the ears and tail - maybe next time). Drawings aren’t mine, also the gif below.


More info about the AU (Please read):

There’s no particular time or date when the small version of their soulmate– or what most people called chibi– would randomly come out from nowhere, dressed in their favorite/mostly used clothes. They mostly appear when one turned eighteen to twenty-five. On some rare occasions, some chibis won’t show up until the person turned to their thirties.

No one knows how it works, not even the scientists. They have never experimented on one because they can’t, for chibis cannot be killed no matter how you tried. They only disappears when the real version of them dies. But! They can get hurt, it won’t bruise or anything but they can feel the pain.

Chibis don’t talk, they communicate through actions and facial expressions from what you’ve heard. Your soulmate’s mood affected the chibi version of themself, will mostly find comfort from their ‘guardian’ but that’s all. People will affect their chibis emotionally, but not physical feelings like pain, hunger, etc.

They also have different personalities, the same personality your soulmate already have and also the personality they would build themselves from how you would treat them.

They eat, drink, sleep like normal people would. They have a mind of their own and as smart as the person they represent.

They also age, their skin wrinkles and their hair grays as well. One woman you found out that her soulmate is twenty years older than her, a few gray streaks of hairs can be seen on her chibi.

Also, they are as small as the size of you hand - even taller depends on your soulmate. But the chibi with the size of your palm are almost always be 6ft < your soulmate. That means if you’re smaller than him, your chibi self will be smaller than your palm which means it’ll be so much smaller than your soulmate’s palm which is…. oh god. You’ll get squished! But that’s okay, your chibi self can’t die ;)

While your soulmate is the person representing your chibi, your chibi’s soulmate is your soulmate’s chibi :) chibi’s are much more emotional - the real emotion of the person. For example; your soulmate is angry at you while his chibi self is not, then that means he isn’t actually angry.

More info about them as you read through the story :)

Ask me anything about it if your ever confused or curious and I’ll try my hardest to answer it ♡ or this AU is already made, then I apologize if I explained something wrong. This is just how I see how this AU works :)

Also, if you don’t like or against fics like this, you are very much welcome to ignore this or unfollow me (igaf, boo) I support LGBTQ+ wether you like it or not~


[Chibi!Winter Soldier]


It was a cold night of December when you first met your chibi, a rather scary meeting to be honest. You were just making yourself a cup of hot cocoa when you heard a shuffling behind you, it was almost inaudible but you heard it.

Slowly turning around, you didn’t see anyone, but you did saw something move on the counter just behind the large bowl of fruits you have. There’s a pair of steely blue eyes on top of the bananas, quickly ducking down as soon as it saw you snapping your eyes at it. Though, it was no use, it has already been caught and the mop of brunette can still be seen from your point of view.

“You know I can see you right?” Your voice laced with amusement as you spoke, already knew what the small guy is. The chibi tensed, the top of its head poking up more from behind the yellow fruit.

“Its okay, little guy, I’m not going to hurt you,” you coaxed the chibi with a soft voice, letting them know you genuinely don’t mean any harm. Regardless of how calm your voice sounds, your inner self is currently freaking out at this moment. Heart hammering against your chest as you anticipate on what’s about to happen; excited to finally meet your chibi, the mini version of your soulmate!

Slowly but surely, you sees him peek half of his head to the side. Frosty blue eyes staring up at you cautiously– curiously– as he analyze your face for a moment before slowly completely stepping out from his hiding place, an arm behind his back.

You immediately noticed the mask that’s covering the lower part of his face, and his clothes; some type of tactical gear.

Is your soulmate a soldier or something? An agent?

You were about to take a step forward to properly greet the chibi when he suddenly pulls out a knife from behind him, held by a metal arm, the same arm he’s been hiding as he stepped out. A small, but surprisingly intimidating growl emits from him making you lift your hands up in surrender.

“Woah there, buddy! I thought chibis were supposed to be soft and loving? I didn’t know they would also want to stab you in the freaking face!”

Another growl before he pulled out something from his thigh holster; a handgun.

You gulped. “Or two. Damn.”

He didn’t do anything but glare at you, and if looks could kill, you would’ve been six - no, sixty feet below right now. The chibi’s action confuses you greatly, especially after hearing about them being really clingy and sweet towards their 'guardian’; not this!

My soulmate must be a real hot-headed motherfu–

Your thought was cut off by a low rumble that reverberated throughout the whole kitchen, disrupting the tense silence between the two of you. Looking around the kitchen and back down at the small, feisty chibi, you gave him a nervous smile and asks, “You hungry?”

The chibi’s eyes flickers at the warm mug behind you then back up at your eyes, silently asking - no- commanding you. You cautiously and slowly dropped down your right hand, stiffening as you heard him cocked his tiny gun.

You doubt it could actually kill you but it still looks intimidating, especially the little guy who is aiming it at you.

“I’m just gonna give you the mug, see?” You grabbed the now warm cocoa and a thin straw you didn’t know you’ll actually need until now. Slowly making your way towards the counter where he stands, you carefully placing the coffee beside him before walking backwards on your previous spot.

He gingerly lowers his weapons, tucking them back inside his pocket and holster and walked towards the mug, not before giving you a warning look.

“Cookies?” You didng wait for a reply as you began searching through your cupboards, it’s not like you expected it considering chibis can’t talk.

The intimidating chibi watches you as he took a sip from the thin straw, following your every move with curious eyes. He can’t help but feel guilty from his not-so-friendly first impression, it’s his instinct to pull out a weapon - well, it’s actually your soulmate’s instinct, but there’s truly nothing in his mind that could push him to actually hurt you.

Your soulmate would’ve done the same.

Placing the small plate of assorted cookies beside him, you crouched down and watches as he took a broken piece and began nibbling on it, giving you a chance to get a closer look at him.

His mask is now off and resting close to him, making you see his whole face. His lips are pink and a bit upturned on the sides, stubble around the lower part of his face. He looks gloomy and tired, like there’s something bothering him for days - even months. No doubt there’s not, from how he looks and how he acted a few minutes ago, you could instantly tell that your soulmate isn’t like anybody else.

It scares you and excites you at the same time.

You came back to reality when you noticed that something is being pushed right in front of your face, it’s a mini chocolate chip cookie. Trailing your eyes from the cookie and to the chibi who’s holding it out for you, a smile adorned your face when you saw him looking to the side with a nonchalant look on his face, a small blush on his cheeks.

“Hey bubba? Have you seen my pen?” You mutter-ask from your spot on the couch, looking around for your pen. Bubba (What you decided to call him) opened his eyes from the armrest of the couch on your left, looking up at you while still nibbling on his plum.

It’s been three year since your first meeting with your chibi and living with the little guy isn’t as bad as you thought it would, just scary. He would still glare at you and send you frosty looks but only when you would do something stupid or idiotic, but he immediately warms up at you after a few days.

Bubba gave you an ’are you serious’ look before lifting his flesh hand up and tapping his ears two times before lowering them back down on his half-eaten plum. You kink an eyebrow before reaching up to your right ear and felt the pen you’ve been looking for the past five minutes, propping your left arm on the armrest behind Bubba.

“Thanks, little dude!”

Bubba just sassily rolled his eyes before he resumed nibbling on his beloved plum, eyes closing in bliss and instinctively leaning back on your arm as he do so.

Who knew the grumpy chibi likes to cuddle and curl up against you when you’re reading or working inside your office, sometimes would even take a nap on your shoulder, on top of your head, or your lap kid he feels like it.

What you also noticed is that the little guy likes to eat, a lot, he would practically order you around to make him something sweet or savory, maybe even both. You don’t actually mind, you like taking care of him, you just wish you could also take care of your soulmate like how you would take care of the chibi.

You learned that if your chibi would act this way; asking for different kinds of foods and demands affection from you, that means your soulmate is craving them just as much. But sadly, you’re not there to actually give him what he needs, you doubt the chibi version of yourself could… maybe?

Oh how it breaks your heart everytime.

Speaking of breaking your heart, how many times had you woken up at the sound of Bubba’s whimpers and cries at early mornings around two or four. Everytime he would curl up against your chest, crying and clutching at your shirt as you let him soak your shirt with his tears.

“Hey-hey, it’s okay. It’s okay, Bubba. Shh, you’re okay. I got you, don’t worry.” you cooed, scooping the chibi with both of your hands. Bubba’s shaking immediately subsides the moment he felt your soft, gentle touch on his back, breathing heavily while tightening his hold on your thumb like it’s his lifeline.

Glossy blue eyes looking up at you in pain and sadness; almost begging, lips quivering as tears began pouring out from his eyes. Your heart clenched inside your chest as you watched him breakdown in your hands.

You want to calm him down. You want to help him so bad to get rid of the pain, the sadness, but you can’t. Unless your soulmate can’t calm down, the chibi in your hands won’t.

Thankfully, episodes like that don’t happened often and doesn’t last long - not anymore. A small mood swings here and there but it would almost always immediately diminished after a minute or two.

Your soulmate’s chibi must be calming him down. Good job, me that is also not me.

When you go out which isn’t that often considering you work from home– also seeing that you don’t have that much friends outside to go away with– Bubba will be guarded and on your shoulder at all times with his small metal hand on the back of your neck. He’ll always have that deep scowl on his face that only softening up when looking at you or when you offer him sweets - ice cream preferably.

You did left him one time, only coming back to a very stressed out and dishielved looking Bubba. Thinking at first that your soulmate is in another one of his heart wrenching episode, but it wasn’t. You noticed it the moment you stepped inside the living room and seeing him perched up on the windowsill, his eyes immediately brightens up when he sees you - before frowning once again, crossing his arms over his chest and turning away from you with a pout.

You just sigh and didn’t even make a move to hide the smile on your face.

Your chibi is such a drama queen.




You felt something lightly tickled your cheek but you’re still sleepy to do anything about it, ignoring the next one your forehead, then on your other cheek, and then your temple. The small of plum and something woody with a hint of gun powder enters your nostril, a familiar scent you grew accustomed to for the past five years with your chibi.

“I’m awake. Geez, Bubba, good morning to you too.” you chuckled, patting the said chibi on his head. Bubba grin up at you before giving you a sweet kiss on your nose then began nuzzling into your neck, sighing in content.

The temperature in Bucharest this time of year is quite cold but you’re happy that it doesn’t bother your chibi, he actually likes it. You decided to have a vacation; just you and Bubba, away from New York, your migraine inducing work - your family. It’s all just too much for you to handle.

Bubba was the one who actually chose Bucharest for some unknown reason, he really wanted to go there and who are you to turn him down? Especially when he looks up at you with those big, pleading eyes of his.

Ugh. If this what your soulmate looks like, you don’t know if you can handle him. You don’t even know if you can say 'no’ to him! Now that’s scary.

Lifting up your gaze at the ceiling, a frown quickly replaced the soft smile on your face at the thought of your soulmate.

It’s been five years since your chibi appeared and you’re still yet to see him. You’ve hang out with the small group of friends you have, relatives, and even visit places you’ve never visited before with Bubba by your side, but it’s all fruitless.

Maybe he’s gone? No, Bubba is still here (snoring soundly). Maybe he don’t want you? Can’t be… right? Bubba likes you and find comfort in your touch. But… maybe it’s just Bubba himself and not really your soulmate.

“Bubba stop moving around!” You hissed, gently grabbing the said chibi from your head. He started wriggling around like an excited puppy and tugging at your hair the moment the two of you stepped out from the hotel building, it’s a weird behavior you haven’t seen him in before.

“What got you so excited, little guy? We’re just visiting the market nearby to buy some peaches… Maybe some plums as well. Actually, I’m craving for some corvig.”

Bubba half-heartedly listened to you ramble while his eyes roams the market sharply, ears peeled and nose constantly sniffing the air. What you didn’t know is that chibis will act like that– excited and eyes darting from one place to another– if it means your soulmate is nearby, their senses are tingling and they can feel their heart getting warmer the shorter the distance you are from your soulmate - also Bubba’s too.

You stopped in the middle of the market, looking for the particular stall that sells peaches. Bubba is also looking around but for a different reason, absently clutching at his shirt where his supposedly heart is located.

“Why’s there no fruit stalls around? Is it on the other side of the market?” You groaned, pulling out your phone. The people around you gave you looks, some with confusion but most of them are uneasiness, thinking you’re somewhat scolding your chibi before going back to what they were doing, but now all of them had stepped/walked away from you.

It’s not like you cared, the first thing on your mind right now is peaches and plums, also corvig.

You suddenly heard Bubba let out a noise, a squeak-like of grunt before scrambling off your shoulder and down to the pavement with ease. It took you a few seconds to comprehend what just happened before snapping out of it and sprinting towards where Bubba run off to.

Damn, didn’t know chibis could run so fast.

“Bubba! Where are– you.” Your last word changed it’s aim from Bubba to the man before you, staring back at you with the same surprised expression on his face. His hands are half stretched in front of him before dropping them down to his sides, straightening his back.

Your eyes swing down to the two chibis who are currently busy hugging each other, giggling as hearts and flowers practically floats around them. You watched as Bubba kissed the other chibi on the cheek before nuzzling his head on his shoulder, who squeaked in happiness before burying his face on his chest, obviously much more smaller that Bubba.

The chibi is… you - a chibi version of you exactly; dressed like you and almost looks exactly like you.

Gazing back up at the big version of Bubba or your soulmate, you cleared your throat and was about to step forward to introduce yourself when he suddenly took a step back, his left hand quickly moved to his back.

And then he growls.

You whole body steeled once you heard the sound left his lips and your hands are lifted up in a split second, enough to for him to notice but not enough draw any attention towards the both of you.

With him ready to pull out a weapon behind his back whilst glaring at you with ice-cold, guarded look in his eyes, and you with your hands up in surrender was all too familiar it makes you want to laugh and crack a joke.

“I thought soulmates were supposed to be soft and loving? I didn’t know they would also want to stab you in the freaking face!”


Please tag me if you ever tried this Soulmate AU. I really want to read one 💕💕 I hope you enjoyed it. There’s a part 2 but in Bucky’s view of chibi!You suddenly popping up in his life like fairy god mother.

If there are misused words or wrong grammars, don’t be shy to tell me!

4am. Wooo!

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A Mere Mortal - Chapter One


A/N: This story is based on the prompt : Vampires cannot enter a house without your permission, but what if your landlord’s a vampire? It’s his house, he’s just letting you live there. Part of the Landlord Vampire Fic Frenzy hosted by @just-the-hiddles​. This will be a mini series. I’m super nervous about this one, so feedback’s most welcome!

Tags : @buckybarnesplumwhore​ 

Taglists open! Let me know if you would like to be tagged in the future chapters!

Pairing: Vampire! Bucky Barnes x Vampire! Loki x Human! Reader

~ Check out the Prologue here  ~

Word count: 1295

Warnings: Foul language. Blood (Vampires! Kind of a package deal). Smut in future chapters. 18+ content!

Chapter 1 

A cold mid-morning breeze welcomed you as you stepped out of the car that dropped you off at Dewsbury town square.

I like the weather already, you thought with a smile.

You had a backpack and a small duffel bag with your essentials, the rest of your luggage would be reaching the new house in the evening. Which meant you could walk around town, get some food, and maybe talk to a few locals.

Welcome to Dewsbury (Y/N). Hope you had a safe journey. – James Barnes.

That is weirdly prompt, you thought as you read the text message on your phone. you thought nothing much of it as you texted back a polite reply and made your way further into the town, looking around for a place to eat and hang out for a few hours.

Keep reading

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here’s the art dump I spoke about, I drew Cap’s shield, 3 drawings of Peter Parker, one of TRANS RIGHTS Spiderman, 2 drawings of Natasha being nostalgic based on “When We Were Young” by Adele, Minami from Yuri On Ice from when my art style initially changed, 1 dodgy looking preserum Steve Rogers and 1 Winter Soldier

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