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#james bucky barnes

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Tony Stark

Word Count: 1.3K

Warnings: Non

Summery: It’s October in 1995, Tony Stark is 24. All he need is coffee and his lab. Then he meets Steve Rogers an artist. They fall in love. They face the world together. Yet, sunflowers can’t grow in their love, but that’s okay morning glory can. That should be enough.

A/N: Hello, Humans. I’m alive!!!! I have been working on my mental health. I still am. This will led to me not being able to update often. Also I keep forgetting to say that the story can be found on AO3 with the same name. Also let me know what you think. 

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Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

REQUEST: Reader is an introvert lab assistant and surprises everyone at Tony’s wedding when she sang at the reception and caught Bucky’s attention.

REQUESTED BY: @tom-hlover



A/N: I didn’t want to describe the reader too much, so it’s very vague based on looks! Let your imagination run wild (:

POSTED: 10/19/2020


The reflection in the mirror looked back at her as she inhaled deeply.

This was the first time Tony had seen her out of uniform. Surely, he wouldn’t even recognize her. Hell, looking back at the reflection, she barely recognized herself.

The long silky dress hugged in all the right places. Nothing compared to the baggy clothes everyone was used to. Her hair was even styled different, and a little bit of makeup caked her face.

“Come on, (Y/N).” she cheered herself on, rubbing her temples to ease the anxiety running through her mind.

Standing up straight, she redundantly wiped her dress before slowly leaving the bathroom and heading towards the reception.

“(Y/N)! Wow, you look amazing. You’re gonna do great, kiddo.” Steve stood to the side of the stage, giving her two big thumbs up.

“Who all knows i’m about to preform?” She asks, hiding the shakiness from her voice.

He furrows his eyebrows. “Well, I believe it’s just me and Natasha, right? It’ll be a surprise for everyone.”


Natasha was giving off a speech, god knows what the hell she was saying.

Quiet frankly, neither Steve or (Y/N) was listening. She was too busy freaking in her head, as Steve was trying to wait for his cue to sent her up while simultaneously hype her up.

“Don’t worry.” He reassures, finding the introverted girls quietness as a sense of regret.

Her head nods in agreement. Silently building up the courage inside her mind.

“Alright, alright. Enough about the sappy, sappy stories. We actually have a surprise for the newly weds!” Natasha raises her glass, setting the mic back into place before leaving the stage.

Everyone watched the married couple, their eyes in as much as confusion as everyone else.

“Break a leg!” Steve whispers, slowly nudging the female onto the stage.

As she walked up, Steve ran over to the small bar. Taking a seat next to his old friend, and sipping a beer he left behind.

It was quiet, all the eyes in the room were now glued on the stage, as a beautiful woman walked across it. Sure, everyone knew her, but nobody recognized her.

A choke was heard next to him, Steve whipping his head to his friend. “You okay?”

“Uh,” His friend wipes his chin, eyes studying every curve of the lady in stage. “Yeah, yeah. I’m okay.”

“Whatever you say, Bucky.”

“Hi everyone,” the soft voice came off the speakers. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I’ve been working under Tony for a long time, and I can truthfully say that no matter how frustrating it is being his assistant, I couldn’t have it any other way.”

Her smile works it’s way onto Tony. Recognizing his assistant, he sips his champagne.

“Although I may not seem like it, before I pursued this career, I actually worked at a bar downtown. I sang this song one night for a couple who happened to be new weds at the time, and I cant help but feel the same happiness I experienced then, as i am now.”

Her hand was shaking against the microphone as she spoke into it, but this was only the beginning.

“Ah, but yes,” She looked down at her feet in embarrassment, “To Tony and Pepper!”

Everyone clapped, preparing for the song. Pepper stood up, slowly leading Tony to the floor for a dance.

(Y/N) closes her eyes, and starts the sing the song All You Need Is Love by The Beatles.

“Love, love, love,” Her beautiful voice beamed into the hall. Tony smiled softly, grabbing Pepper and dancing to the beat.

Steve laughed to himself, watching his close friend enjoy one of the happiest moments of his life. Little did he know, his other friend stood next to him, slowly drinking his whiskey on rocks in awe.

Buckys eyes and ears memorized with everything the woman on stage was presenting. The song was an up-beat, happy song, his heart thumping along with the music.

The song soon finished, everyone clapping and Tony even shedding a few tears.

(Y/N) smiled softly at the couple, “Let’s make this night memorable!” she shouts, smiling and heading off the stage.

Bucky watched her leave, walking carefully in her high shoes and towards the crowd. Steve on the other hand, had finally took his eyes off of everyone else and onto Bucky.

He noticed the glimmer in Buckys eyes, quietly laughing to himself before catching Buckys attention. “Come on, I’ll introduce you.”

He began walking away, his friend tailing him without saying a word.

God, she was mesmerizing. Sure, Bucky had been with plenty of women of his time, but none ever made him catch his breath like this.

“(Y/N)!” Steve hugged her, swaying back and forth, her laughs in his ear. “You did fantastic! I told you that you would do great!”

She laughed once more, shaking her head. “Thank you, pal. It was terrifying, but seeing the look on their faces made up for it.”

His eyes darted up as he laughed, Bucky was now slowly inching forward to include himself in the conversation.

“Oh, (Y/N), this is Bucky! He’s my friend from-“

“What? Are you serious Steve? Of course I know who he is! You know, not only do I work for Tony, but only so many people can be put to sleep for like seventy years and brought back.”

Her eyebrows furrowed as she giggled. She reach her hand out to the brown-haired man.

“It’s n-“ He reach out to shake her hand, stuttering on his words, “Nice to meet you, (Y/N).”

“Yeah.” Her lips curved into a smile

Nobody noticed, but Steve had a shocked look on his face. Never had he ever witnessed Bucky stutter, or let alone be nervous around someone.

“Would you care to dance?” Bucky whispered, but loud enough for both to hear.

That’s more like it, Steve thought.

“I would love to dance, but only if you,” Her voice trailed off, her hand slowly reaching up to run her fingers through his hair, “Tell me what shampoo you use. Jeez, your hair is beautiful.”

He could feel his face heating up, noticing how the woman didn’t realize how flirtatious her actions were, rather than being friendly. He smirked, growing confident as if he had an upper hand in the situation.

“Well, after we dance,” He stepped closer, grabbing the hand from his hair and intertwined it with his own, “I could show you.”

Steve shook his head, glancing at the now flustered girl before turning his back and walking towards the bar.

“Yeah. Yeah, that’s the Bucky a grew up with.”

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ive left jensen babe hanging with this for wEeks but i think i managed to scramble together smth!! and that smth includes Tony being an absolute Whore and having a Danger Kink™️

Mafia bosses and husbands Stephen and Tony, bodyguards Steve and Bucky, waiter Peter, mafia aus, threats and use of violence, manipulation, Tony just being That Bitch and embarrassing his husband


“Why are we here?” Bucky’s tone is as grumpy as ever, and Tony rolls his eyes. The man had practically hissed the words out, putting as much force into it as possible without angering his bosses too much, nor causing a big scene. 

“You know, the Petersons have been causing all sorts of trouble for us. We’re making a plan of action.” Stephen replies, so that Tony does not have to. The aggression in Bucky’s voice rolls off Stephen like water on a duck. He is not bothered at all, which he rarely is. That is what makes him a good boss, not that Tony does not have other qualities that makes him just as good as his husband. They complete one another in that way. And in a way, Bucky and Steve do that as well, in their roles as the second pair in charge, just below Stephen and Tony. 

“No, I mean, why are we here?” Bucky rephrases. If Steve were with him, he would give Tony that infamous look, which signals that he is questioning him. Even with the blonde guard on stand by, and not present with them, Tony feels his presence along with Bucky’s snarky question. 

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Prompt number: 6 “that was impressive”

Fandom: Marvel

Paring: Chubby!Bucky x reader (teacher au)

Rating: T

Word count: 2.5k (this is a lot longer than I originally planned. Whoops.)

Warnings: Insecure Bucky/ self deprecation based on chub. Brock Rumlow being the grade a asshole that he is. Swearing. 

A/N: I apparently only write for Bucky now, lmao. I think I liked this one more in my head.


Originally posted by bluesteelstan

Teaching high schoolers isn’t easy; trying to teach thirty plus rowdy students six times a day for forty-five minutes each is quite possible the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life. As they say, the rewarding things are rarely easy. Each year you get one or two students that are truly affected by your teachings, inspiring them for life. And that makes all the late night grading and putting up with bad behavior worth it. 

What helps you get through each painstakingly long day is the lunch break you share with your best friends, and fellow history teachers; Steve Rogers and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes. Steve teaches U.S. history, Bucky teaches world history, and you teach civics. Some days you talk about your students, others you talk about some tv show one of you watched the night before, and sometimes you each ask advice on questions for the tests you’re writing. 

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Avengers AU - Drabble

Characters: Bucky Barnes x OFC!Mutant!Magdalene Reyna

Word Count: 1556

Summary: the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again, expecting shit to change.

A/N: I been sitting on this idea for a minute. Been wanting to write this OFC for a minute since I watched UltraViolet, and that quote I love from FarCry 3… So instead of sleeping I typed this up and as always am closing my eyes and hitting that post button!! XD

WARNINGS: cursing? Mentions of torture. Angst? Mentions of death. Unhappiness? (Idk what I am doing please forgive me.)

Like what I write? ☕ café


“Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?”


“Doll, it’s okay… shhh, it’s okay…”

Her scream was muffled just barely, the cloth gag they had put in hardly muffling her cries. Hands bound behind her, she was chained so that she was kneeling, feet tucked under her. If she could just reach… tears streaked down her cheeks, desperation making her numb to the pain as she yanked at her binds. Metal cutting into the flesh of her wrists, her throat raw with every cry.

Bucky slumped forwards, exhaustion seeping into every fiber of his being. How long had they been here? “C-can’t.. Can’t even feel it doll-" 

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Chapter Three - You Can’t Save Them All


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Nurse!Reader

Updates : Every Thursday at 8pm EST

Word Count: 2814

Chapter Warning: Medical Procedures, Sickness, Mentions of Death/Terminal Illness, Loss of a Loved One, Depression, Anxiety, References to the loss of a child, Angst

Warnings: Medical Procedures, Whump, Mentions of Death, Sickness, Anxiety, Depression, Angst, Fluff

Series Summary: The coma patient in room 212 is an enigma. Nothing is known about him save for the single scrap of paper that was found in his pocket after he was brought in one warm summer night, following his collapse outside the Smithsonian. He has no name and no visitors, except for the night nurse that sees something in him, and gives him something to fight for.

Bucky’s never laid eyes on the girl, but he finds himself falling for her. Perhaps, love really is blind after all.

A/N: Not my typical headcannon for Bucky’s remembering and recovery, but I got this idea in my head and I couldn’t shake it. This story follows immediately after the Battle of the Treskelion, all medical and super-soldier inaccuracies are my own.

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Kinktober Prompt: Toys
Warnings: AU roommates, sexy talk, smug Bucky, sassy jokes, light hearted banter, shady Steve
A/N: You have no idea what’s coming at the end of this because I sure as hell didn’t. lol Enjoy!


“What’s this?” Bucky asked, holding up the black and gray massager.

“It’s a personal massager,” you said, taking a swig of your beer. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for Bucky to be in your room, but this was the first time he’d dared to nose around.

“Like a Magic Wand?”

That made you swallow wrong. Choking, you spun around in your chair, “And how do you know what a magic wand is?”

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Bucky x reader teaser

Warning: Sexual content, dub-con


Originally posted by bishopl

You stared up at him, eyes brimming with tears. “Please, I want you.” You reached in between your bodies to cup his bulge. “I want you to make the pain go away.”

You started stroking his slowly hardening member, and his eyes went wide. He slowly said your name. “We can’t… You’re sick.”

He tried to pull away from you, but your grip on him remained strong. “Please!” You rubbed your thighs together impatiently. “It hurts so badly. I need you inside me.”

He sucked in a sharp breath. He had never really thought about you sexually before, but seeing you like this, he had to admit it awakened something within him. He would do anything to protect you, and if fucking you could alleviate what pain you were feeling even the slightest bit, then he would do it

“Okay.” He pushed your hair out of your face behind your ears. “Okay, little girl.” He pressed a chaste kiss to the top of your head. “I’ll make it go away. I’ll make you feel better.”

A/N: Me? Finally writing something? Who would’ve thought! Lemme know if you want to be tagged when I release the whole thing!

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Part Two

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 5414

Summary: After the events of Endgame, Bucky has been drifting, unable to find his place in the world that’s left. Out for a drive to clear his head, he stumbles upon the scene of an accident, saving a life, and finding a place for him to belong.

Warnings: Medical Trauma, Angst, Fluff, Soft!Bucky with little kids

A/N: This is the second part of a 3 part mini-series, you can find the links to the other parts below the cut.


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Prompt number: 31 “I trust you”

Fandom: Marvel

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Part two to Trust me for once.

Rating: T

Word count: 2.2k

Warnings: Swearing. Mentions blood, violence, and death. A lil angst. 

A/N: I just want to write for Bucky for the rest of fictober, someone stop me please. I don’t know why I love this fic so much, but I do. Maybe it’s my lack of sleep messing with me lmao. I passed 500 followers and I can’t possibly begin to explain how much that means to me and how much I love each and every one of you! When I started my Tumblr last year to write some shitty self indulgent fanfics I never thought anyone would ever read them. I never imagined having 500 people following my shitty blog. 


Originally posted by capsgrantrogers

In the week and a half since Hydra had captured you, Bucky has been spiraling. When he got to the quinjet and turned to look for you, his heart fell into the pit of his stomach when he couldn’t find you. Everything you had said to him in the warehouse started to make more sense, you phrashed things a specific way; ‘so long as it gets you out of here safely.’ He knew you weren’t coming, but he still made Steve keep the quinjet there and wait until it was almost too late and the team was under attack again.

Back at the compound Bucky spends all of his time in his room or down in the gym punching- and breaking- one of the many punching bags, throwing his knives at targets, and working on his shooting. He isn’t sleeping and he isn’t eating, he won’t even talk to Steve when the super soldier tries to get him to talk- whether it be about what happened in the warehouse or anything in general. 

Steve, Sam, and Tony are exhausting every resource they have to find you, Hydra had moved you to another location as soon as the quinjet was out of sight of the base. On the rare occasion Bucky isn’t in the gym or his room, he’s hovering over the shoulders of the three men hoping he’ll see something they missed. He doesn’t, and only succeeds in annoying aforementioned men with his brooding stares and silence. 

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“What will I be when I grow up, Lady Mother?” Y/N asked, the bed sheets wrapped high under her chin, arms clutching her knees.          

“You will be Queen, my darling,” she cupped her face, and she leaned into her touch, “and a warrior.”

Series Summary: After the need for their alliance during the Battle of Titan, King Stephen asked in return for his services, that King Anthony of the Iron Islands’, first born daughter would be given in marriage, to his sons, Prince Steven and Prince James of the Kingdom of Kamar-Taj. Despite King Anthony’s other offers, King Stephen would only agree to one, or there would be war between their two Kingdoms. Leaving King Anthony with no choice, he sacrificed his first born daughter, in hopes of sparing his people of anymore suffering. Anthony prayed that the men would care for his daughter, and love her as he did, but a sparkly crown can hide a thousand secrets.  

Pairing: Prince!Steve x Princess!Reader x Prince!Bucky

Series Warnings: Strong Language, Violence, Angst, Fluff (There will be some fluffy stuff I promise, I can’t resist), Smut: This series will include some aspects of Dub-con/Non-con: Steve and Bucky aren’t going to be Prince Charmings. More Warnings will be posted on Chapters.


Part Ten: Ring O’ Roses


Chapter Warning: Angst (Mention of Dead Parents), Bit of Fluff in their too don’t worry. 

Word Count: 5.8k

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Prompt number: 26 “How about you trust me for once?”

Fandom: Marvel

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Rating: T

Word count: 1.3k

Warnings: Swearing. Bitchy/moody Bucky. Angsty. Mentions kidnapping/self-sacrificing 

A/N: I’m thinking of doing a second part to this, thoughts?


Originally posted by bishopl

It’s been half a year since James Buchanan Barnes officially joined the Avengers, and in those six months he’s befriended everyone on the team. Everyone but you, him and Tony even got over their issues, but the winter soldier can barely get through a simple conversation with you. If he happens to walk into a room where only you are, he’ll immediately turn around and walk out. Bucky’s apparent hatred for you makes it extra awkward being Steve’s other best friend and all. America’s golden boy forces you and Bucky to spend time together because he wants his best friends to be friends. 

You’re leaning into Sam’s side on the couch you two are sharing, it’s movie night at the Avengers compound. You’re quoting the words to Clueless quietly into Sam’s pecs, you got to pick the movie this week. Sam lets out a chuckle as you murmur, “you’re a virgin who can’t drive.”

“That Josh guy looks like Scott,” he whispers to you. 

“Oh my God, he totally does!” you let out a loud laugh. Everyone’s eyes turn to you and Sam’s laughing forms. You chance a glance at Bucky and find his piercing blue eyes glaring at you. You let out a little sigh of disappointment before turning to Scott, “Scott, did you have an acting career back in the day?” 

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