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Ghost of you
Tumblr media
summary: You've had a really shitty week, and to top it all off, the guy you've been dating for almost half a year also ghosted you. Just to suddenly appear in your living room with the worst excuse ever, or is it maybe the truth?
Bucky Barnes x Reader (Y/N) 
warnings: low self-esteem, trust issues, mention of violence, injuries, mention of the winter soldier, mention of torture and kidnapping 
words: 3508
You can also read this on AO3. 
and like always English is not my fist language so forgive me for my mistakes 
(GIF not mine)
It has rained all day, and in the early evening, heavy raindrops are still falling from the New Yorker sky. You drop your backpack next to the door and take a deep breath. The cold rain pulls your mood down even further. You had a shitty day. At first you overslept and were late for your morning college class, then your annoying professor talked bad about your last project and one of your fellow students, a slimy guy named Taylor, who kept asking for a date, no matter how often you say no, tried to cheer you up with some stupid sayings. "Maybe chemistry isn't the right class for you" and "In my opinion woman don't belong into science." Of course that didn't help. You had to pull yourself together not to beat him, but you didn't get through four years of studying organic chemistry and to get throw out of college now. In summary, you had a shitty day. Exhausted, you hang up your jacket and peel off your wet clothes. A hot bath will do you good now. While you walk through your small apartment to the bathroom, you check your cell phone. You have a few messages from your friends, an email with updates on your study group, and a missed call from your mom. But of course that one person didn't write to you. You haven't received a message from him for 5 days. Did you do something wrong? Said something stupid? Or is that just his way of telling you that he's no longer interested in you? Actually, you wouldn't think Bucky do something like that, he's a gentleman through and through and even brought you flowers on your first date. Usually you're not like that, you've never depended your mood on a man's attention, but everything is different with him somehow. The last six months you've been dating Bucky and everything has been kind of perfect. He's charming, polite, friendly and treats
 you well, plus he's incredibly handsome. And of course you fell in love with him. How could you not. Frustrated, you put your cell phone down next to the sink and let in the bath water. A bath will relax you, and then you will call your best friend and complain about Bucky. She's going to fall into hate speech about men and wishing again and again that she was a lesbian, then the two of you could get married. Unfortunately, neither of you are really into women. So this is what your Friday evening looks like, a lonely bath and a poor phone call while you cry over your sad single life. Maybe a box of Ben & Jerry's ice cream too. You sink into the hot water and lean back in the tub. The pleasant warmth is good for you and you will notice how your tense muscles relax.But the peace doesn't last long because your thoughts wander back to Bucky. It bothers you a little that you care so much about his attention, but you have got used to them. He usually texts you regularly, asking how your day is, how your classes are going and whether you can keep up with your assignments. Sometimes you wake up in the morning with a message from him telling you that he has a stressful day ahead of him, but he wishes you a nice day and would text you as soon as he can. You sigh, this time you haven't heard from him, at some point he just stopped getting an answer. Actually, you thought everything was going well. Bucky was the first man you trusted again after your ex boyfriend cheated on you after five years of dating. You've been taking it easy, going on dates, hanging out with each other, and feeling like you really got to know each other. He even told you about his nightmares and therapy, even if he never told you the reason, you noticed how difficult it was for him to open up, to be so vulnerable. Bucky met your friends and you wanted to introduce him to your parents by the end of the month. At least that was the plan. But maybe it was all just a trick of his? A trick to get you to bed, a trick that worked. Maybe it's because of this? Maybe you're bad in bed? But he never mentioned that he was dissatisfied. Apparently all men are the same. You shake your head to get rid of these thoughts, then take a deep breath and sink back in the bathtub so far that your head slips under the water. You enjoy the peace and quiet underwater, but unfortunately you run out of oxygen far too quickly, so you have to surface again. The water around you is slowly getting cold, for a moment you think about running warm water again, but you decide against it and climb out of the tub. You wrap yourself in a large, soft towel and grab your cell phone. Of course he didn't answer. Maybe you need a bottle of wine and a romantic comedy, after that you would be better off and maybe you could forget that the guy you had been dating for almost 6 months was ghosting you. You slip into your cozy pajamas, which you put on the bathroom heater this morning. You'd like to pat yourself on the back for this great idea. You leave the bathroom and make your way to the kitchen, your phone in hand, even if you know he won't answer. Have you been too clingy? Or did you tell him too soon that you love him? Wait a minute, you didn't tell him that, only thought a few times but never said it. Your mind wanders to your last date. It was movie night so you guys were watching one of those classics that Bucky loves to watch. And every time you have the feeling he is watching the film for the first time and does not know what it is about. As if the storylines and characters weren't widely known, at least if you haven't lived in a cave for the past 50 years. When you saw Titanic you felt like he was really surprised when Jack died. But maybe you just imagined it all. Maybe you don't know him as well as you thought. After the movie you went to bed and fell asleep in his arms. You remember that the last thought you had was that you never felt as safe with anyone as you did with Bucky. The next morning you had breakfast together and then he drove to work. Before he left the apartment, he gave you a passionate kiss, but he didn't ask when you would next see each other. Something he usually always did. But he called you that evening and complained about his coworker Sam and his constant good mood at work. For the next few days you kept writing messages and making phone calls, but suddenly it stopped. No more calls, no more answers to your message. Not even when asked if something happened and why he doesn't answer you. Complete radio silence for 5 days. You feel the tears welling up in your eyes, but you don't want to cry. Not about some stupid, handsome, charming guy like James Buchanan ,,Bucky” Barnes. Maybe you're just not the kind of woman men can imagine a future with. "Hello Y / N." you jump a bit forward in shock when you hear Bucky voice behind you. Then you turn to him. He's sitting on the sofa in your dark living room, you can only make out his outlines. "What are you doing here?" you piss at him, your heart still beats faster with fright. You turn on the light and when you can see him properly you flinch again. There are cuts streaked through his face, covered with a few patches, he has one black eye, and the knuckles of his hand are red and scarred. His normally bright blue eyes look tired and dull. "What happened?" you ask him and walk up to him, you sink to your knees in front of him and take his left hand in yours and carefully study the many injuries on his face. Now you can also see the bandage wrapped around his shoulder and the large hematoma that runs from his neck and presumably all the way down his shoulder blades and back. Bucky carefully lifts his hand and strokes your cheek. The cold metal on your warm skin makes you shiver slightly, but you lean into its touch. Forgotten is all the anger and sadness about ignoring your messages. "A lot of things went wrong this time." this answer doesn't really make you any smarter. "What do you mean?" you ask confused. "And why do you show up after almost a week of not hearing from you and look like you've been beaten up?" "I'm sorry. I'll explain everything to you. Please can I just hold you in my arms for a moment?" Still confused about the whole situation, you nod and let him pull you onto his lap. His arms wrap around your body and you nestle against his chest. You take a deep breath of his familiar smell, a few drops of water fall from his hair onto your cheek. He smells like shampoo, bandages and Bucky. It's just quiet for a while and you listen to Bucky´s steady heartbeat. "I'm sorry that I didn't answer your calls and that we haven't seen each other the last few weeks. I was out of town, not even in this country." he whispers softly at some point. "Where have you been?" you ask in the same volume. "Can't tell you." You sigh and sit up a little, his grip on your waist tightening a little, as if he's trying to hold you to himself. " Why are you lying?" you notice how tears well up in your eyes. Even when you are so close, you notice this invisible wall between you. Did he lie to you all along? You are tired of being lied to and it makes you incredibly angry and sad. "Please Y / N. I'm not lying to you. There's only so much I can't tell you. I´m not allowed to tell you." he looks sadly past you to the side. "I don't even know how to explain it to you." "Just try it." you want to tear down this wall, you want to know the truth. Even if it could hurt you. Is he cheating on you too? Does he have another girlfriend? Or maybe he's married and has kids and he's cheating on his wife with you? Does he lead a double life? Bucky takes a deep breath. "You know I have these nightmares." You nod and look at him carefully. "In these nightmares, I see my past. What happened to me or rather what I did. Although I actually didn't do it, not voluntarily. But I did it anyway and that haunts me. And because of that, I go to the therapy. Well, that's why I'm still doing it. It was ordered by court." "Bucky, it doesn't make any sense what you're saying." Bucky takes a deep breath. "I lied." immediately you tense up again and want to free yourself from his embrace, but he holds you tight. "Please listen to me, and when I'm done and you never want to see me again, I'll understand. Then I'll leave and you'll never hear from me again. Please." "I'll listen." "As I said, I lied." he starts again. "When I told you I served in Afghanistan. That was a lie, yes I went to war, but not this one. I went to war in Europe." Confused, you straighten up again. "What are you talking about? There hasn't been a war against the Europeans since 1945." "I know." Bucky is silent again for a moment. “I was born on March 10th, 1917 and I signed up for the war against the Germans in 1942. My best friend was Steve Rogers. He was made a super soldier and when my unit was captured he saved us. We tried to capture a man named Arnim Zola, but there was an accident and I fell off the train. Everyone thought I was dead. But I wasn't, they captured me, experimented on me, make me a super soldier and then they gave me a brain wash. " Bucky clenches his hands in a fist and you hear the soft creak of his prosthesis. He told you he lost his arm in an attack in the war, apparently that was the only part that wasn't a lie. "When the war was over, HYDRA used me to pursue their plans, and after every mission they put me into cryosleep." It will take you a few minutes to think about what he said. On the one hand, it explains a lot, the scars all over his body, the nightmares, the fact that he sometimes behaves as if he came from another time. But on the other hand, this whole story just sounds like a huge, big lie. Of course there are the Avengers, and Steve Rogers the super soldier from WWII, but brainwashing? Cryosleep? And all of that as early as the 1940s. You just can't believe him. You shake your head and break free from his embrace, this time Bucky lets go of you without hesitation. You take a few steps away from him, he is sitting on your couch and looks at you, his beautiful blue eyes are completely dull from the grief. He looks broken. "I don't know if I can believe you. And what does that have to do with the last few days and why do you look like you've been beaten up?" Bucky takes another deep breath. "A few years ago I was sent on a mission to kill Captain America. But Steve recognized me, he tried to help me. And when the helicarriers crashed, everything came back. I knew who I was again." He pauses briefly, you can see on his face that the memory is causing him pain. You remember the news report, there was talk of a Helicarrier malfunction. You look at Bucky and wait for him to continue talking. "Steve was trying to protect me, a lot of things went wrong back then. He had a fight with Tony because of me. I went to Wakanda to get the brainwashed out, it worked. The trigger words don't work anymore, but the memories are still there. I'm working on it with Dr. Raynor, and in the meantime I'm working with the Avengers now. I'm trying to somehow make amends for what I did then. I'm trying to help now and do what's right." Bucky falls silent and you try to understand what he just told you. Can this really be true? Or is it all just one giant lie? But why would he bother to think of something like that? But the whole story sounds so unbelievable. So unbelievable it could be the truth. "I don't know if I can believe you." you whisper into the resulting silence. "And if you're really telling the truth, why are you putting yourself in such danger? Look at you, Bucky, you're covered in bruises." "I have to do this and it's not really dangerous for me. Give me 2 days and all the scratches will be gone." Scratches. He really calls his wounds scratches, you shake your head in disbelief. He looks like he fell out of a moving car into a chasm and then got a good beating. He would never heal so quickly. "I'm a Super Soldier Y/N, like Steve. The serum makes me heal faster." he answers your unasked question. "Okay, let's say I would believe your story, I still don't understand why you put yourself in such danger? Why don't you do anything else? Why do you do this? What do you have to make up for? Did you kill someone? " "I've killed countless people Y / N. Innocent people. People who didn't fit HYDRA, political opponents, but also civilians, scientists, presidents, monarchs, politicians. And that for more than 70 years. I have a lot to make up for. I'm a killer, an assassin, a monster. As a Winter Soldier, there were no morals, there were no limits. There were only missions. I didn't ask why I should take out my targets, they probably wouldn't have answered me anyway, I just obeyed the orders. I was a weapon, I am a weapon. But now at least I'm the one pulling the trigger." You take a step towards him carefully, placing your hand on his arm and stroking his cheek with the other, tears glistening in his eyes and he leans into your touch. "I can understand if you're afraid of me now." His voice trembles and it almost tears your heart. Suddenly you are sure that he is telling the truth, you believe him. He could never think of something like that. He could never act the suffering, the fear and the pain. "May I hug you?" you ask quietly. Bucky immediately grabs your waist and pulls you back onto his lap, his arms closing around you and hugging you. He buries his head in the crook of your neck and takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry I lied. I wanted to tell you but I just couldn't. When I met you I thought wow, how can a person be so perfect? ​​How can a person be so good? I didn't deserve you, not after everything I've done. I didn't want you to know that I'm a monster. I wanted your perfect, peaceful world to stay the way it is. I never wanted to hurt you." “You're not a monster. Even if I can't quite grasp the whole situation, I know this for sure. You are not this person anymore, this … this…” "Winter Soldier." "Yes exactly, this Winter Soldier. You are not that monster that you are describing. It cannot be. The Bucky I know is nice, attentive and caring, you are one of the best people I know.” "But I wasn´t always like this, I am this monster, or I was and a part of the Winter Solider is still in me.” "No!" do you contradict him. "You're trying to make things right. You realized it was wrong. And you said you were brainwashed. Everything you did as a Winter Solider wasn't your choice, it wasn't your fault. These HYDRA people used you, you are a victim as well as all the people they had killed." Bucky's grip tightens a little, and only now do you realize how strong he really is, how long he had to hide his true power. He did it not to scare you, he lied to you because he doesn´t want to burden you with his trauma. He wanted your life to be free from the shadows of his past. You feel something wet drip onto your shoulder, and it takes you a moment to realize it's Bucky's tears. You carefully stroke his short hair, trying to calm him down. "I am sorry." he whispers into your neck. "You don't have to be sorry. I'm glad you told me the truth and I'll try to understand it. I'll try to help you. We're a team after all." "You won't leave me?" "No. Of course not. How could I leave you?" you take a deep breath. "I love you." Bucky flinches, then pulls away from you to look into your eyes. "I don't deserve your love." "Do not say something like that." He leans in a little to put his lips on yours, it's only a brief touch, but it makes your heart skip a beat and causes a pleasant warmth throughout your body. "I love you Y/N. I've wanted to tell you this for so long, but I was scared the whole time. I'm sorry if I hurt you, I didn't mean to lie." "It's okay. Sure, I've been mad and hurt and I've cursed you and sent you to hell more than once in the past week, but I understand you better now. Thanks for telling me." You kiss him, then lean back into his arms, the pain is gone from his eyes and he has a hint of a smile on his lips. Bucky hugs you tightly and gently strokes your back. You don't know exactly how long you've been sitting on your couch like this, but it's a nice feeling, you feel safe with him and you're glad that invisible wall between you has started to crumble. He opened up to you, told you the truth and showed you that he trusts you. And you're sure he has no idea how much that means to you. How much he means to you.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Just a little taste
Summary: Bucky wasn't done with you, all he wants is one more taste.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Needy Beefy Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, oral f receiving, maturation.
A/n: Written on my phone.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky knows he can't spend all day between your thighs.
He knows that.
His rational brain also knows that you didn’t take away his sweet pussy on purpose.
He knows this.
But you still took her away from him.
Before he was done.
You know that your pussy belongs to him.
He knows that.
You give him something so sweet and good and tight and in return, he gives you intense orgasms. That’s the deal.
Which is why you can’t snatch his pretty pussy from him before he's done.
You know better.
Ten minutes ago.
“Love the way you ride me, peach, just like that, s’good” Bucky groans appreciatively, crystalline eyes mesmerized by the way you’re fucking yourself on his cock.
Pleasure wraps tight around his spine, your slick walls clamping down like a tight wet fist tighter and tighter with each roll of your hips.
Bucky can't stop staring at you, a litany of praises spilling from his lips, his words slurring together.
You’re so wet for me Peach and fuck you're tight.
Feel so good, you feel-fuck. S’good.
Taking me so fucking good.
You’re so close, so so close, the pressure in your belly is on the verge of snapping. Your hands splay on his warm, heaving chest, his own hands loosely curved around your hips. Letting you take control, waiting until you cum to split your pussy in two.
So close. You’re right there-
The familiar, annoying jingle of your impending zoom meeting cuts through the salacious sloshing and moaning.
You go still. Ignoring his frantic huff of dont stop, you grab his wrist and turn his black watch around.
The shrill tune continues. It's not noon. Nononono you have fifteen more minutes.
You are-were-so fucking close. A groan rumbles in your throat, resent replacing your ruined orgasm.
With a deep sigh, you look down at Bucky, pursing your lips apologetically. His finger, warm and cool, flex and grip your hips, desperation bleeding through his bruising hold.
“No peach,” he murmurs mournfully. “They can wait. I can’t.” He’s telling the truth. Bucky needs your pussy, his feral eyes focused on your joined bodies.
You don’t want to leave him but you have to. You climb off him, his large throbbing cock slides out of you, leaving you empty and cold. Bucky suppresses a whimper, his hand grabbing his cock, a poor replacement for your tight, wet heat.
He smears your slick over him, making a distressed sound in the back of his throat when you bend over to grab your discarded panties off the living room floor, giving him an unobstructed view of your pussy.
His tongue, wet and pink, reflexively lashes out across his swollen bottom lip, his mouth watering as he gazes at your glistening cunt. He balefully snatches your panties from your hands, his other hand firmly pumping his cock.
“Bucky,” you breathe, oh oh he's wrapping them around his cock, softly moaning your name. Your clit throbs at his sheer neediness for you.
Do you have to go to this meeting?
The stupid persistent jingle and the thoughts of your boss calling you to talk about your performance says yes.
“As soon as I’m done, I’ll let you do whatever you want.”
You let him keep your panties, instead focusing on grabbing your shirt off the lamp at least its not wrinkled. You shove your arms into the sleeves, pulling it over your head and make your way over to your desk in the corner of the living room, the laptop facing the window. Plopping in your chair, you take a peek at your reflection compact mirror you keep by your laptop.
You look-well fucked and sweaty- you smooth stray hairs back, and wipe your forehead off with the bottom of your shirt.
Now you look, well fucked but not sweaty- you cringe at yourself before snapping the mirror shut.
At least your notes are prepped and ready to go. Taking a deep breath, you roll your shoulders and clear your throat.
And you connect.
“Good afternoon,” your boss sings, way too cheerful for a mandatory work meeting on your one day off. Your coworkers chiming in with various levels of energy. You plaster on a grin, already knowing that this entire thing could have been an email and you could still be riding his cock.
There’s a round of painful small talk initiated by your bubbly coworker-if you could strangle Clarice you would. This woman drags out every damn meeting, the urge to shake your screen and yell, lets get this shit over with lingers in your throat.
Instead, you nod and smile.
Your pained expression says oh god shut the fuck Clarice, we dont want to tell you about our weekends.
It's not like you can say 'I fucked my man on every surface of the house including the kitchen table until he turned me into his personal creampie, that’s what I did this weekend.' HR might frown on that.
“Oh, I just stayed home, did some cardio, made a pie,” you reply when they all look at you.
You struggle to maintain your professional face. Its why you didn’t notice Bucky getting up from his position on the couch or see him walking towards you, his cock in one hand and his phone in the other.
Your phone flashes. Out of your peripheral vision, you see Bucky’s face on the screen. Discreetly lifting the side up, your breath hitches.
Please let me eat your pussy.
Your eyes flicker over your laptop and you almost choke on your spit. Bucky is sauntering towards you, pumping his thick cock, the angry red swollen tip leaking beads of precum. His mouth open, soft huffed breaths slipping past his lips. He mouths your name and your thighs clench together in response. His eyes only leave yours to send another text.
Please let me.
Subtly shaking your head, you drop your gaze back to the safety of your computer. You have to get through this meeting.
You have to.
I need it.
Cant cum until you do.
That last one has your stomach fluttering, memories have him whispering raspy and frantic in your ear, one more Peach, give me one more, need ya to cum for me, be good to me and let me feel ya. Bucky never finishes before you.
A silence falls over the room.
You blink, realizing everyone’s eyes are on you. Your boss. Coworkers. Bucky's blue eyes. You glance at their faces, trying to remember what they’re talking about. Reports? Project? Sweat beads along your forehead.
“Uh yeah, I agree, we should do that.” you say hopefully, sounding more confident than you feel. It must have been the right response because, your boss nods, flashing a bright smile. Your coworker in the upper left corner takes over the conversation.
You sag in your seat, a rush of cool relief moving through your chest.
Until you see Bucky is no longer in front of you.
Where is he?
Your eyes sweep the room. Another message flashes on your phone.
She’s so pretty, peach.
Warm hands slide up and around your calves, lips, soft soft lips, pepper kisses up your knee. Oh fuck, a fresh wave of slick pours out of your throbbing pussy. He groans a hurried yes peach that you feel more than hear, his lips smoothing across your skin. Oh fuck. Your spine straightens and your jaw locks.
Clearing your throat, you smile and nod, melting behind your smile. Shut the fuck up Clarice, let this meeting end, stop asking questions
His lips press into your inner thigh, smell so good, he whispers, under his breath, just low enough for you to hear, his fingers tracing patterns in your skin, spreading your thighs wider and wider until your pussy is in front of his face. Bucky nips your skin and you hide your stuttered moan by pretending to rub your eye ducking your head.
“You’re so wet,” he groans, his fingers spreading your pussy. “I need to taste you, gotta taste you pretty girl.”
You lock eyes with Bucky, his darkening blues are blown with a feral lust, oh he’s going to eat your pussy and you're going to let him. The sounds of laughter filter through your speakers, snapping your head up, you laugh a second behind the group
His wet and warm tongue licks up from your entrance to your clit. Oh god, you immediately cover your mouth, faking a cough. Tilting your chin to the side, you briefly close your eyes,
Bucky slides his hands under your hips and he lifts you up. He inhales you, large dry palms on your inner thighs spreading you even wider. He nudges his tongue through you, savoring you. Soft and slow and sweet. Your taste exploding on his tongue. Your voice floats above him, in control and steady and it makes him grin.
Bucky flattens his tongue, gliding it from your slit up up up to your clit. He blows lightly on your soaked pussy, your thighs quiver and he does it again. He watches more your sweet slick gush out, soaking your seat. “Gonna clean you up peach.”
“Y-yes I’ll have it done by the fourth,” you’re still speaking but he detects the waver in your voice.
Good girl.
Bucky tries to be quiet, he really does but he's a sloppy eater. Long thick licks intertwined with soft sucks on your pulsating clit, his moans muffled vibrating with each flick of his tongue.
Waves of intense blinding pleasure surges through you, your belly tensing as the urge to clamp your thighs around his head and ride his face spirals out of control.
You bite your lip, tamping down your choked sobs, oh god you're close again. His tongue feels so damn good, tears burn your eyes. You glance down and a cry almost rips through your chest, he has his hand rapped around his cock, stroking his thick length as his lips wrap around your clit.
"What do you think?"
Your eyes flit up, everyone is looking at you. Your smile stretches painfully across your face, you don't trust your voice, if you open your mouth you're going to scream his name, you know you will. You nod, your hands moving to his hair.
Don't stop, please don't stop.
"Alright, then if no one else has any questions, we can finish up."
Clarice opens her mouth and you glare at her. The heat from your gaze pierces through the screen. "Uh never mind," she splutters, "I'll email you."
Yes the fuck you will.
"Thank you, have a great day, buh-bye," you rush out, hitting end. Slamming your laptop shut, you drop your head back and let out a thin wail.
"Oh god yes," you chant, grinding your pussy on his face. The pressure snaps, unleashing sultry sensations through you and stars dotting your blurry vision.
Buckys eyes roll back, his mouth sliding off of you, a grunt rumbling in his chest as he cums, thick hot ropes of his cum spilling over his hand.
You go limp in your chair, almost sliding off it. Bucky pushes you back, climbing from under the desk. He gives you a satisfied grin, wiping his chin off.
"Enjoy your meeting peach?"
Tumblr media
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»The good secretary«
Mob!James 'Bucky' Barnes x female secretary reader (Mafia AU)
Words: 6.6k
Summary: You had been working under Mr. Barnes for almost a year now, and in that time you’ve learned that he was one of the most dangerous people you’ve ever met. But he was also hard working. So on mornings like this, when you would walk in to see your boss slumped over his desk wearing yesterday's suit, you were already prepared for what to do…
Warnings: explicit smut, oral (f receiving), p in v, office sex, light possessive behavior, age difference, little bit of corruption kink too, boss/employee, praise kink
Notes: —
🤍 read it on ao3 | my masterlist 🤍
Tumblr media
Even though it wasn’t in your job description, you felt that you had a responsibility to keep your boss happy. Or at least as close to happy as he can get, considering you’ve never seen the man crack a real smile. You had been working under Mr. Barnes for almost a year now, and in that time you’ve learned that he was one of the most dangerous people you’ve ever met. But he was also hard working. Working day and night, because he truly devoted his life to his business.
So on mornings like this, when you would walk in to see your boss slumped over his desk, still wearing yesterday's suit, you were already prepared for what to do. You set down the coffee cup close enough to him that he would smell the caffeine when he’d start to come to his senses. You had already picked up one of his suits from the dry cleaners and hung it on the coat rack before making your way over to the window behind his desk. By the time you had pushed back the blinds to reveal the early sunrise, you could already hear grumbling from behind you. 
“Oh, thank god,” you heard him mumble before he popped the lid off the cup and started downing the cappuccino with three extra shots of espresso. It still amazes you that a human could consume something at that temperature so quickly without melting their insides.
"What would I even do without you, huh?“, he said and you only giggled. "Probably oversleep all of your meetings, Mr. Barnes." As you set down some files on his desk, he finally sat up straight and grimaced down at his wrinkled clothes. He cursed to himself before saying, “I need a shower first.” 
“Your suit is on the coat rack,” you said idoly as you started to organize some of the papers that got displaced during your bosses overnight stay. He didn’t respond with words but you knew he heard what you said. He threw back his head as he drank the last bit of his coffee before tossing the cup in the little trash bin beside his desk. He still looked groggy, but more alert as he opened one of the drawers in his desk. You were only half paying attention as you assumed he was looking for his phone or keys, but was caught off guard when he set a tiny red velvet box on his desk in front of you. 
“Um, what is that, sir?”
There were shadows under his eyes when he squinted up at you, stating plainly, “It’s a gift. For your one year under my employment. And because you’re always taking such good care of me.”
Blinking down at him, you said, “Has it really been a year?” 
You were truly surprised. This was by far the busiest, most hectic job you had ever taken on. And you supposed the nature of that made the time pass quickly. Mr. Barnes didn’t seem like the type to bother with gifts, giving or getting, so it took you aback that he even thought to do something like this. As he stood from his chair, you reached out for the box and held it between the two of you. You looked up at him, only to see him give you a look that said ‘Well? Open it.’ Like the good little secretary that you were, you did as you were told, eyes brightened when you looked down at the dainty silver chain that had a pearl nestled in the middle. You weren’t much of a jewelry wearer, only using your small collection whenever you were attending a formal occasion. But this necklace’s beauty was so understated that you were looking forward to wearing it each day.
“Mr. Barnes… I don’t know what to say,” you said, still looking down at the opulent pearl.
“You could start with thank you,” he said and when you looked up at him, he had the smallest hint of a smirk on his face. It was a rare look from him, one that made him look younger than his actual age.
“Thank you, of course. It’s beautiful,” you said as you gently grabbed the chain and set the box down on his desk. Another reason why you hardly wore necklaces was because it was difficult for you to clasp it with your nails, but luckily Mr. Barnes offered to help and you turned around as he brought the chain around your neck. He mumbled something about his finger being too damn big for this, but moments later you could feel the cool pearl nestled over your sternum. You looked down at it, bringing a hand up to run your finger across its smooth surface. "You really didn’t had to. It looks so expensive“, you mumbled. While doing so, you felt your boss’s forehead rest on your shoulder. He sighed, clearly still waking up from his less than ideal sleep. "You know I don’t care about money. And you deserve it, probably even much more than that“, he said lowly. It was hard to keep yourself still when you could feel his breath run down your shoulder blade. He was only ever like this when he was really tired or when he was alone with you, but a small part of you always appreciated these times when he was a little bit touchy. And as much of a flirt he was with you, he never pushed it as far as you’d like it to go...
“You don’t have any meetings scheduled till 10, sir,” putting a stop to those intrusive thoughts.
“Good. I‘m taking a quick shower downstairs.” You weren’t sure if he meant to, but when he raised his head, the side of his face just barely brushed against yours as he said, “Mm, you always smell so good. Are you wearing my favorite perfume again?”
"The red one?“, you smiled softly and nodded. "Thats a good way to start my day“, he gave your cheek a quick, soft kiss before he turned away to head out of his office and before he could see the flustered expression on your face as you looked after him.
Halfway through booting up your laptop and checking your emails, something in your peripheral caught your attention and you mentally chastised yourself for your carelessness. Your boss’s clean suit was still hanging up on the coat rack, and he was all the way down at the ground level to take a shower, with nothing to change into. Grabbing the plastic wrapped suit, you headed towards the elevator and made your way to the buildings gym. Since it was so early and the headquarters offices weren’t technically open yet, there was no one around and you could hear the sound of running water as you made your way towards the men’s locker room.
Standing in front of the only shower stall that had its curtain drawn, you said, “Sir, you forgot your suit. I’m going to hang it by the towel rack.”
“Oh, thank you. I was just looking for my phone to text you about that,” came a familiar voice, however it sounded like it was coming from behind you. You slowly turned to see your boss completely drenched with nothing but a towel wrapped around his hips. One hand was gripping the towel while some strands of his brown hair were stuck to his forehead, and the bareness of his chest emphasized just how tall and broad he was. You really hoped you had put on enough make up this morning to hide any potential blush, for you’ve never seen him like this before. 
To make things worse, his eyes lowered as he leaned down to be at eye level with you. For a moment it looked like he was trying to look down your shirt, but instead he looked at your face and said, “Is everything alright? Your neck is a bit red.”
Oh. God.
Though the makeup on your face seemed to do a well enough job, your neck gave you away. You just hoped it wasn’t too obvious for what reason. But Mr. Barnes seemed to already be moving on from it as he met your eyes and said, “Hopefully it isn’t the necklace. It looks too good on you.”
“Oh, no I think it’s just the, the– the humid air. From the shower.” You quickly explained as you walked past him to hang up his suit. It took everything in your power to not look back as you heard the sound of the shower curtain being pushed back.
The rest of the day had gone on like any other, and by the time you were finished with todays last meeting, about friday’s deliveries on the docks, you remembered that you had made dinner plans with your friends tonight. It wasn’t till your driver —who‘s been strictly instructed to drive you to any location you desired and also keep an eye out for you and your safety, by Mr. Barnes personally— had parked the car in the front yard of your friends home that the evening sun caught light on the pearly ivory shell on your new necklace, and you spent several minutes trying to take it off. It felt like a shame to leave it behind, but you also didn’t want your noisy friends asking about where you suddenly got such an expensive looking piece of jewelry from. Your best friend was constantly hinting at marriage and trying to play matchmaker, and you didn’t want to find out what her reaction would be if she knew it came from your boss —Mr. Barnes, who was officially known as a handsome CEO of the wealthiest company in Brooklyn. Unofficial, he was known as a dangerous mobster that controlled most of Brooklyns underground. And you were his pretty little secretary, that made sure he wouldn’t miss any of his appointments, meetings, made his phone calls, made sure all the deliveries were made on time and all the shady news about him disappeared into thin air, before someone would even get a clue on what was going on behind the closed doors of his headquarters.
So instead, you looped the chain around your ankle, having much greater success hooking the latch before exiting your car and going on with the rest of your evening, your hidden gift tucked away beneath your pant leg.
The rest of the work week passed by like any other, until friday finally came around.
With it being friday evening and the two of you were checking over delivery lists to finish before the weekend, this was the first time it felt like you were actually alone with your boss since the shower incident.
No. Not an incident. It’s not like anything happened. You were just taken aback by how well built your boss was. It shouldn’t really be that much of a surprise, considering how good he looked in his suits. What are you thinking! You need to just shut up and—
Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard your name being called, and you looked up to see your boss looking at you intently from across his desk. Even though you technically had your own workspace, it was easier to sit close to him considering how much paperwork needed to be exchanged. He had a concerned look on his face as he said, “Is everything alright? Your neck is red again.”
“Oh, I’m fine I swear. Maybe just a bit warm,” you said quickly as you peeled off your cardigan.
Your answer didn’t seem to satisfy him and for a moment you were afraid that he somehow had the power to read your mind. He paused for a moment before saying, “I notice that you haven’t worn the necklace since the day I gave it to you. Did you not like it? I can get you something else —what would you like?"
Great. Not only were you a flustered mess, but now it looked like you were ungrateful too. Feeling like you needed to immediately mend the situation, you stood up from your chair as you said, “No, No! I’m wearing it, I swear!”
“You are?” he asked, looking you up and down as you made your way around his desk. His eyes widened every so slightly as he watched you sit back against his desk and raise one leg out in a 90 degree angle. Your heeled foot was at the same level as his face, giving him the perfect view of his gift wrapped around your ankle, the pearl dangled about half an inch from your achilles heel. 
“See?” you said before lowering your foot, but was interrupted half way through when your bosses hand shot out to grab your ankle. It was almost a possessive hold with the way two of his fingers were tucked underneath the chain. He rolled in his desk chair, so he was now sitting in front of you, and you started to feel even more flushed as you realized the position you were in. 
“This isn’t really the proper way to wear a piece of fine jewelry,” he said simply, though it looked like there was the smallest hint of a smile on his face. 
“Oh, um, I didn’t mean any offense, sir. I can take it off and put it back—“
“Oh no. It looks good this way,” he said before meeting your eyes with an amused tilt to his brow, “Though it does show your age.”
“What’s that supposed to mean? I’m not that young,” your brows furrowed.
“Too young to be working for someone like me,” he said, but his eyes almost looked playful as they traveled down your body. "Some of my men were.. sceptical, when you first started working here, you know? A pretty young thing like you, in a business like mine. But I’m glad you proofed them all wrong." When his eyes stopped at your thighs, you instinctively squeezed them together to suppress whatever feeling was starting to form between them. It didn’t go unnoticed by him, and you thought quickly of what to say next in hopes of distracting him. 
“It’s no trouble at all, especially since I have the best boss in the whole world,” you said with a bashful smile. You were buttering him up but you also meant every word. 
“Now don’t go saying things like that. You’re going to give me a big head,” he said while his chair inched closer to you, and though you kept your thighs pressed together, he was practically sitting between your calves while still holding up your ankle. Time suddenly felt slower and you couldn’t take your eyes off of him, not when he was looking up at you so intently. Did he always have this look in his eyes when he watched you? You couldn’t put a word to it, but it made you conscious of how every breath you took pushed out your chest, making your skin feel sensitive all over. 
“If that means you’ll be happy, then I’ll proudly carry it for you,” you said with a soft smile, bending forward to be more at eye level with him, but stopped half way through when you realized that you had almost put your chest in his face. 
“Mm, but I think the weight of it would be too much for hands as small as yours,” he said while placing your foot on the armrest of his chair. You were certain he couldn’t see anything under your skirt, but the gap in the fabric was wider despite your thighs still being pressed together.
Sitting up straight, you pretended to smooth down your pencil skirt as you said, “Well… my lap is always an option.”
“Always?” he said with a sly look, the side of his face leaning towards your knee, just millimeters away from touching you. “Always is a dangerous word. I could take advantage of that sentiment if I were a lesser man.” 
Your pulse was thrumming beneath your skin but you kept your cool as you said, “But I know you aren’t. You’ve always protected me and taken good care of me, Mr. Barnes.”
“You can call me Bucky when we’re alone, I’ve told you that so many times before,” he said before pulling back, and for a moment you were afraid that the moment was over, but there was something in his eyes that told you he had more to say. “We’re both adults, so I think we can tell where this is heading, if I'm not mistaken. It would be a bit of a mood killer if I went into the logistics of why we should stop, but frankly, I don’t give a damn right now. All I care about is finding out if my sweet secretary tastes as good as she acts.”
“It’s not an act, Mr- I mean, Bucky,” you said softly. 
He kept his eyes on you the entire time as he said, “Be a good girl then and spread your legs for me, would you?”
Somehow you didn’t melt into a puddle on the floor, and were able to lift your other leg up to match the one that was basically stepping on his armrest. There was a pause, but not because you were having second thoughts. You just wanted to put into memory the way his eyes stayed on yours the entire time, even as you began to spread your legs. He was still looking only at your face when they were far enough apart that your knees were directly above your feet, and it only made you more antsy the longer he dragged the moment out. 
“I-is this what you wanted to see, sir?” you asked timidly, a heavy feeling building up between your legs. He finally looked down, and god, if only you could snap a photo of his face at that moment. He looked pained with hunger as he eyed the wet spot in the center of your satin panties. 
“I need this off“, Bucky said as his hands grazed your thighs, thumbs hooking under your skirt but not pushing it up just yet. 
“Please, Bucky,” you said while scooting your hips forward till they were sitting right at the edge of his desk. His hands went slow as they started to push up your skirt, long fingers coasting over your goosebump covered skin. He took a moment to massage the flesh of your hips under the underwear’s waistband before he hooked his fingers around them and started to drag them down your legs. You brought your feet together so he could easily slip them past your ankles. His hands rested on either side of you on the desk as you opened your legs for him again, and one of his hands still held onto the panties. The room was dim, considering how late it was, but he could still see the bout of wetness nestled in your folds. He was shamelessly staring down at it as he said his next words. 
“God, such a pretty pussy.”
You couldn’t help but to let out a moan. Why did he have to sound like that? As if he had been roaming the deserts for weeks and you were a stream of crystal clear water. His hands were still planted on the desk as he got up from his chair, pushing it back with his foot as he lowered himself down to his knees before you. You have seen many expressions on your bosses face before, but never desire as thick and heavy as this. Hell, you’re not sure if you’ve ever seen a look like this from anyone. Especially when it was directed at you. The feeling it gave you was so intense that you felt more slick drip out of you and run down your ass. You could tell that he had seen it by the way he hissed a curse as his hands balled into fists on either side of you. 
“Please, sir,” you whimpered pathetically, knees shaking slightly. 
“What is it, my sweet girl?” his voice was calm as he met your eyes, but you could tell he was just as high strung as you, his head inching closer and closer to your apex. You could feel the warmth of his breath over your cunt and it took everything in you not to grip his hair and shove him exactly where you needed him. 
“Please, can you just… do something already,” you said, utterly embarrassed at this point but you couldn’t care less how desperate you sounded. You just needed him. 
“So impatient. And all while dripping on my desk,” Bucky said with a smirk, deep set eyes boring into yours as he inched his face closer. You felt his breath blanket your cunt as he said, “I think I don’t praise you enough for your work, but I plan to make you feel my gratitude tonight. Slowly, and one letter at a time.”
Your teeth sank into your bottom lip and that's when he finally decided to show mercy. Bucky wrapped his lips around your aching clit, immediately groaning at the taste. For a few seconds, his eyes fluttered at different intervals as if he was intoxicated by your taste. And maybe he was, with the way his mouth was devoted to licking, sucking, yanking and suckling on every part of you.
You were glad that there was no one else around, because the noises that escaped your mouth were damn near pornographic. You had to plant your palms further back behind you to prevent yourself from falling, and it was difficult to keep your legs spread when they’d be tempted to squeeze his head every time his tongue ran up your entire slit. 
His thick fingers gripped your hips possessively and a moan of his name rang loudly throughout his office as he started to rock your hips back and forth. His nose would press against your clit at just the right press to send you reeling, and you threw your head back as your ankles loosely hooked behind his head. "Oh my fucking god, Bucky,“ you moaned his name over and over and it sounded like a plea. For what, you didn’t know. But you certainly didn’t want him to stop. He had you over his watchful eyes and you didn’t want to be anywhere else. 
Suddenly his fingertips pressed against your hole, lathering them in your slick before pressing them inside you. You could feel the stretch on every crevice and ridge of your walls, and your heart nearly stopped when they curled to press on a certain spot that has you seeing stars. You didn’t even realize how you were saying his name over and over until he pulled back and said, “Yes, doll?”
You were caught off guard, but at the same time there was something you had been wanting to do the moment his lips touched you. Feeling your pulse through your ears, you said, “Can I-… Is it okay if I kind of… ride your face.”
“Fuck. Do whatever you want to me, sweet girl.” 
You bit back a whimper, feeling like you could cum just from the pet names.
Gently pressing your ankle to the back of his neck, you pulled him forward till his face was buried in your cunt at just the right pressure. Neither of you wasted time as you started to rock your hips against his moving tongue. His fingers dug into the flesh of your hips as he guided them to grind against his face. Air didn’t even seem like a priority to him as he laved and sucked over any bit of you his mouth could reach, focusing on the areas that made you squeal and squirm with pleasure. 
“Bucky! Bucky, I’m gonna…,” your thoughts were scrambled as your body took over like it was meant for this. Meant for him and his hands that could mold you in any way he wanted. You had always pushed aside your attraction for your boss, but the events of the last who knows how long were making you dizzy as your body’s carnal desire took over. 
He seemed to have no intention of stopping, even as your thighs squeezed his head and your hands knotted through his hair. Every deep groan muffled into your cunt brought you closer until your head threw back and you let out a silent scream. He spent a long moment holding onto your shaking thighs as your orgasm took over your entire body, and the ankle that was wearing the necklace dug into his skin in the best way. He didn’t let up until he lapped up all of your release, and when he pulled back to wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, you could already feel yourself getting excited again.
You watched as he stood on his feet, hands planted on the desk on either side of your hips as he leaned down to kiss you. You could taste yourself more and more as the kissing went from soft pecks to heavier kisses that eased your mouth open to accept his tongue. You sucked on it generously, hoping to clue him in that you were willing to go further, but when he pulled back with a string up spit connecting your lips, you couldn’t help the pout that formed on your face.
His eyes closed as he pressed his forehead to yours, as if he was struggling to hold himself back as he said, “You’re far too good for me.”
“That’s not true,” you said quickly, eager to assure him. Your hands went under his suit jacket to grip the sides of his shirt as you said, “B-But if this is all you want...”
You knew it was reckless to mess around with your boss when you clearly had feelings, and for a moment your heart sank at the idea of being rejected but that was halted when he grabbed your chin, forcing you to look up at him. You weren’t sure if you ever got a look from someone like this before, but it made time freeze as he assured you with his next words.
“That’s the problem. This isn’t all that I want. And I always get what I want, you know that don’t you?,” he said as he cupped your face, running a calloused thumb under your lower lashes. “The minute you walked into my life, I was just waiting for the moment where you would get too scared of what I do and leave. But you come into my office every day with that pretty, innocent smile on your face and I just can’t stop thinking about you. Can’t stop thinking about all the ways I want to fuck your pretty body against any fuckin' surface in this building and make you mine.”
“Bucky, you can fire me after this or.. or.. I don’t know... But please—”
You hated how weak you sounded, but that’s exactly what you were. Weak for a man who you always felt was so beyond you in maturity and intelligence, way too dangerous for a woman like you, that he would never return your feelings. But it was like you had walked into a dream that was being held together by a mere bubble, threatening to burst at any moment. And you didn’t know if you were entirely ready to deal with the aftermath if you were mistaken.
Pop. The bubble had burst, and what laid outside of its fragile walls was what felt like a ton of bricks weighing down your chest. You forgot how to breathe in that moment, and a part of you wished that the bubble had at least taken you away from this exact spot so you could face your consequences alone. But this was the reality you were forced to face now that all the cards were on the table.
“I’m not going to fire you. Or demote you, or anything for that matter,” he said amused. He wrapped his arms tightly around you, fingers splayed over your waist and ribs as he pulled you in. You had to crane your neck to meet his eyes, and they watched your face intently as he said, “My little secretary is staying exactly where she is.”
“She is?” you perked up, nearly bumping noses with him that caused a rare smile to spread across his face. Another supercut you would have to frame in your memory for now.
“Mhm. She’s going to keep working by my side, waking me up to coffee, wearing the gifts I buy her. And maybe even visiting me again in the shower,” his expression was devilish as you gasped against his upturned lips.
“You- you know it wasn’t like that!” You said in a defensive tone while placing a hand against his chest to hold him back from kissing you, feeling taught muscles underneath.
“Really? Then why were you blushing so hard?”
“I will not be entertaining this any longer. At this point you’re just fishing for compliments“, you giggled shyly.
“That implies that you liked what you saw, am I right?”
“Respectfully, sir…,” you said while pretending to straighten his already perfect collar before yanking it forward so his face was more leveled with yours. You had caught him off guard, which gave you the confidence to say against his lips. “...Shut up.”
The kissing had picked up right where it left off, except now your bodies were grinding against each other, desperate for friction that was being blocked by layers of clothing. Mostly his clothing, considering you were bare and dripping underneath your skirt. Feeling impatient, you pulled back to unclasp his belt. There was something so hot about the way he just stood there, hands hanging at his sides as he let you take off his pants.
“Aren’t you being a little impatient, doll? What’s the rush for?”, Bucky chuckled.
Darting up your gaze through your lashes, you said, “I wanna find out if I like what I see.”
Your thumbs hooked the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down far enough to free his cock. The second you laid eyes on it, you didn’t stop yourself in time before you were already gawking down at it. It ignited a low chuckle from Bucky’s throat and you were certain you were red as a beet at this point. But it couldn’t be helped, not when what you were looking at was so alluring. If you weren’t so eager to have his cock inside of you, you would’ve already taken him in your mouth by now.
One of your hands gripped the bottom of his now wrinkled dress shirt as you pulled him closer, widening your legs to allow the tip of his cock to press against your waiting hole. It nestled right at your opening and Bucky bit down on the inside of his cheek as he let out a muffled groan. You swore you could feel his cock twitch before it was being pushed inside of you. The first couple inches were the hardest to take, but once he was fully sheathed in you, your eyes rolled back from how good the stretch felt inside of you. He was filling you in places that you were certain have never been reached before and all you wanted was for him to fuck you senseless.
“Please, Bucky, move...”
He looked down at you as he said in a challenging tone, “If you want it that bad, why don’t you fuck yourself on it?” 
He pulled his head back to stare down at you, and your shaky hands gripped the edge of the desk as you started to push your hips in a thrusting motion. Even the few inches you were able to stroke had your mouth hanging open in a dumbified expression, too lost in the feeling of his cock to care how stupid you looked. As you started to pick up the pace, your breaths were becoming more labored as your head rocked lazily back and forth, eyes going cross as you tried your damnedest to get him as deep inside of you as you could. You could just barely feel the wiry hairs of his pubic when his hands gripped your hips hard, holding you in place. You whimpered like a sad kitten as he kept you stubbornly in place, waiting for you to meet his gaze and you watched his pupils dilate as he said, “Always so obedient, listening to whatever her boss says, fuck, you’re amazing.”
Bucky suddenly pushed your hips forward at the same time as he reflected the motion with his. Not only were you stuffed with his cock, but your needy clit had finally found some traction to get off on. He kept your bodies that way, waiting for the glazed over look in your eyes to settle before nearly dragged his entire cock out of you. Your hands were gripping pathetically to his shirt and your chin was resting on his sternum as you looked up at him, your eyes begging for him to continue. And that’s when he finally snapped.
The pace he started to unleash on you was almost angry, but looking into his eyes you knew that wasn’t the case. Bucky was good at controlling his emotions, but you could tell he wasn’t holding back any longer. It was like he needed you like his lungs needed air, and he had been holding his breath for far too long to not take advantage of what was in front of him now.
You moaned his name over and over, each time coming out more broken than the last as he stretched you to his will. You knew your fingernails were digging into the wood under his desk. Knew your calves were swinging uselessly on either side of his hips. And you knew that the pearl was still dangling from your ankle, a facade of elegance adorning the absolute ruin you were becoming for his man. All you could do was take it while he gave you so much of himself. Every inch of his cock along with all his undivided attention. It was a point you never thought you’d reach with your boss and now it was all that surrounded you. So with his name chanting on your lips and your back arched, you continued to be fucked on his desk like some wild animal. 
"Jesus fuck, you feel so good. So good for me, baby."
There was a bead of sweat forming on Bucky’s temple, and you peeled back his suit jacket to let it fall to the floor below. His hands glided up your body to cup your breasts over your blouse before yanking down the material to reveal them to him. You cried out at the way his hips hitched forward, and his fingers started to knead the malleable flesh. He tilted his head down to start sucking on your neck, and you propped yourself up on your hands behind you to give him more access to your chest. Soon enough his lips were wrapped around one of your nipples and he had to hold you up by the small of your back as you mewled beneath him. He was gently pushing you down till your back was against the desk, wet lips dragging down the center of your chest before he stood up straight. "My sweet girl, who do you belong to, hm? Who’s fucking you so good? Tell me you’re mine now." He pushed back his hair with his hand roughly, chest rising and falling with each ragged breath as he looked down at you. As desperate as you were for him to keep moving, you were also admiring the view in front of you. You were always making it a priority to keep him together, so there was something foreign about him looking down at you so uncomposed by your hands. "I'm yours Bucky, I’m all yours", you moaned and nodded eagerly, saying nothing but the truth that he was so desperate to hear. "All mine", he groaned.
His eyes seemed to find something just off to the side of you, and for a moment you were worried that something was wrong, but your eyes widened when you saw him bring up your previously discarded panties to his face. He was flipping it in one hand till the crotch part was right in front of his lips, and it hid his dark smirk.
"God, fuck, you’re gonna be the death of me with that delicious cunt of yours“, he groaned before he brought the wet spot you had formed in your panties into his mouth. You weren’t in the least bit repulsed, but for a moment an insecure part of you was worried he wouldn’t like what he tasted, but that couldn’t have been proven more wrong by the reaction he made as he sucked on the silky fabric. His eyes fluttered shut and he let out a low moan that was masked by the whites of his knuckles. To him it was like a drug to taste you again, and his carnal reaction made the heat in your core pool till it was nearly overflowing.
He picked up his pace with his hips once again and your hands shot out above you to grasp onto anything to keep you in place. You could hear various things falling to the ground, but you couldn’t care less considering how Bucky was looking down at you. Your back arched off the desk so his cock could rub against your walls at just the right angle, and just when you were somewhat stable, his fingers came down to pinch your clit. It would be a stretch to say that you were saying his name coherently, but it was the only thing that you could hear through the wet slapping sounds of his hips separating and joining back with yours. He was massaging your clit in slow, methodical circles despite the speed of his hips telling a different story. Your vision was getting progressively foggy as you felt your second orgasm coming, but you could see your knees had raised high, one of which was being held up by his large hand. Watching him moan to the point that the now sopping panties fell from his mouth was what sent you over, and you came hard as your vision went white.
"That’s it doll, take it. Fucking take your bosses cock like my good little secretary." You could hear him cursing above you, and he pulled out in time to cum over your pussy. It only added to the mess that was pooled under you, and you could feel it dripping down your fold even as your breath started to even out.
Your eyes were pointed to the ceiling but you could hear Bucky fall back into his chair. When your head lulled to the side, you could see him slouched back in his chair with his head thrown back and legs spread wide. You were glad the exhaustion was mutual, and eventually he was the first to sit up. You didn’t realize he was looking at the mix of fluids between your legs till you heard him curse to himself. Feeling embarrassed, you sat up and put your knees together as you attempted to smooth down your hair.
“We should probably clean up, sir,” you said with your face turned to the side and you could see the wall clock show how late it was. You hopped off the desk as you frantically started to pick the fallen papers and office supplies from the floor. You were halted by his hands cupping your elbows as he pressed your back to his chest. He started to nuzzle your neck, and he pulled back to suggest something in your ear.
“We really should. In the shower downstairs. And later tonight, in my house. And my office tomorrow morning, before the 9 am meeting.”
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malum-forev · a month ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky has been acting extremely suspicious recently and Sam and Steve have noticed, but what they find out isn't the answer they were expecting.
Warnings: noneee cute romantic Bucky, mostly Steve and Sam interactions.
Word Count: 1.2k
“You think some wire got unplugged in that cyborg brain?” Was the question that brought Bucky back to reality, he hadn’t realized it had been almost 10 minutes since he last paid attention to what Steve was saying.
“You alright Buck?” The blond asked his best friend, concern written all over his face.
Bucky cleared his throat and nodded. “I guess you just have to make debriefs more interesting.”
As Bucky shot him a fake smile and Steve seemed to back off. What he really wanted was to get out of meeting, out of the compound.
After a long pause, Sam commented. “I know you got your therapist and everything but, you know you can tell us anything right?” Bucky nodded.
“Yeah, we’ve seen you these past weeks. You seem… off.” Was all Steve said, hands on hips. Bucky sighed.
“Just got a lot on my mind, that’s all.” He looked down at his phone and saw the time. “Can we leave now?”
Steve wearily nodded and he rushed out of the room, leaving the other two confused.
“He’s been like this ever since Berlin.” Sam muttered. “Ever since he went back to that HYDRA base. Maybe something happened in there.”
“It can’t be, I know Bucky.” Steve replied, trying to rack his brain for a plausible answer as to why he was behaving like this.
“Steve, man, I know he’s your best friend and all- which by the way, ouch! I thought I was your best friend-“
“Sam get to the point.” Steve interrupted.
“What I’m trying to say is: what if they got to him again. What if- what if he’s turned into the other guy again.”
“We need to follow him.” Steve said sternly, getting up and leaving the room. Sam following suit.
“Yes!” Sam said under his breath. “Sneaky Cap is my favorite Cap.”
Luckily for them, Bucky hadn’t gone too far. He was in the compound parking lot, getting on his motorcycle. He strapped on his helmet and sped off. The others quickly got into a car and followed the assassin at a distance, not wanting him to notice them.
Sam and Steve followed as Bucky came into town and stopped at a liquor store. As he parked his bike, he looked around as if to make sure no one else was there. The owner of the store came out and looked Bucky up and down before nodding and letting him come in.
“What the hell was that?” Sam asked. “It was like two robots trying to have a conversation.”
“Yeah, there’s something wrong here.” Steve replied furrowing his eyebrows.
The two saw Bucky coming out of the liquor store, with something hidden inside his jacket.
“He’s armed.” Sam stated.
“Stand down Sam, we don’t know that.” Steve said, trying to convince himself at the same time.
“Steve, we need to stop him. Now, before he hurts someone.” Sam replied, getting ready to send Redwing.
“Wilson. Stand. Down.” Steve said, only motioning for his partner to follow him as Bucky got on his motorcycle again.
This time Bucky lead them to an alleyway, they stayed on the corner of the street in front of an apartment complex. Bucky parked and was soon met by a man with a black hoodie on that covered most of his face. Before they could do anything, Bucky was handed a red book.
“Is that?” Sam asked incredulously. “It can’t be.” Steve replied, having flashbacks of that same book. The one that held the HYDRA words engraved in Bucky’s mind.
“He was supposed to be free. The Wakandans freed him.” Steve whispered. As the stranger left, Steve decided it was time to take action. Bucky kept walking, turning the corner, towards the south entrance of the building and Steve and Sam followed. As they turned the corner too, they were met with a knife, only inches away from Steve’s face.
“Steve?” Bucky said, shocked.
“Hey pal, what are you up to?” Steve said trying to remain calm, he didn’t know who he was talking to. But it was soon clear as Bucky lowered his knife.
“What the hell are you two doing following me?” Bucky asked.
“What the hell are you doing!” Sam yelled. “You we’re acting all weird and sneaky. Meeting up with random people! We thought you had gone all Winter Soldier again.”
“What?! What are you guys talking about?” Bucky said.
“That lump in your jacket! The gun you have in there!” Steve said, pointing at the foreign object.
Bucky rolled his eyes and unzipped his jacket, to show a bouquet of flowers.
“This looks like a gun to you?” He said, showing them the assortment of peonies and tulips.
“I mean I knew you weren’t much of a decorator but liquor store flowers? Really?” Sam asked.
“There’s this really nice flower shop on the other side of the liquor store.” Bucky grumbled.
“Okay, okay maybe you can explain that. But what about the book, the book that looks almost exactly like the one HYDRA had.” Steve said. “That by the way, some random man handed to you in an alleyway!”
“That’s just some guy I met online! He was selling a first edition book of Pride and Prejudice. I told him to meet me here.” Bucky explained, showing the pair the book in his hand. “He just had another cover on the book.”
“Wow, well I feel stupid.” Sam said, rubbing the back of his neck.
“I’ve given you two all the idiotic answers you needed. Now it’s your turn to tell me why the hell you were following me.”
“Well- we- well we thought that you were acting weird. You weren’t concentrating, you just seemed off. And we thought maybe HYDRA had-“ Sam was interrupted by Steve.
“I’m sorry we ever doubted you Buck.” Steve apologized.
Bucky looked at both men and sighed. “It’s fine, you were gonna find out sooner or later.”
“Find out what?” Steve asked.
The building door opened. “There you are Bucky! I’ve been waiting for you upstairs, the show is almost on!”
Steve and Sam turned to face the woman.
“Hey doll, Steve and Sam were in the neighborhood and wanted to finish up some work stuff.” Bucky said, handing her the flowers and the book and kissing her temple.
“Hi! It’s really nice to finally meet you. I’m (Y/N).” She said, the two just stood with their mouth open. “Are they always like this?”
“This is why I didn’t these two to meet you yet.” Bucky grumbled under his breath.
“Are- do you- you have a girlfriend?” Sam asked shocked.
“Yeah.” Bucky said, grabbing (y/n) by the shoulders and puffing his chest.
“Oh, I’m your girlfriend now? I thought you said you wanted to go slow.” She looked up at him with a sly smile.
“Why hadn’t you told us?” Steve said.
“We’ve only been on a couple of dates. It’s fairly new.” Bucky explained.
“So that’s why you haven’t been same old Bucky! You’re in love!” Sam said in a singsong tone, laughing.
“Is that so?” (Y/n) questioned. “You need to be at 100% Buck, I think you forget your job involves guns and the possibility of getting killed.”
“I can’t concentrate on work when I’m thinking of you.” Buck said, bringing her closer.
“I think I’m gonna throw up.” Sam said, making everyone erupt into laughter
“I would love to stay out here and catch up, but season finale is coming up. Do you guys want to join us?” (Y/n) asked.
“They have other things-“ “Yes, we’d love to.” Sam and Steve said in unison.
“This is going to be torture.” Bucky groaned.
“We need to get to know the lady that messed up Terminator’s head even more than it already was!” Sam said.
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thefanbasewhore · 8 days ago
A Piece of His Heart.
summary: Bucky has been struggling with himself for a few months now but never reaches out for help. In order to confront him, you lock him in the lab but only to find out it was on lockdown for a reason and you're now stuck to quarantine with him
Content: angst, Bucky has demons, sex! pollen, 18+ minors DNI, dubcon, rough!sex, Bucky is somehow soft but rough, breeding k!nk (due to the nature of the pollen)
Paring: TFAWS!Bucky x partner!female reader
Add yourself to my tag list - main masterlist
a/n: I'm back baby!!! It's been so long since I have written for Bucky, It feels great to get back to my roots 😭
Tumblr media
Bucky nervously chews at his bottom lip, eyes glancing over the entrance of the lab over and over again. Tethering the line of pure terror and adrenaline but for his undoubted loyalty, still contemplating going in.
Claiming that you desperately need his help and to meet you Stark tower for some kind of lab project. Which was fine, except he still couldn't find the courage to face Pepper, even after all this time. Therapy was working, helping find himself in this world of endless possibilities but with a one hundred year history of murder, guilt still poisons his heart.
Even though he hasn't directly wronged Tony Stark's widow, he might as well have. What he did was something he didn't expect forgiveness for. Just the sight of her or little Morgan is enough to send him into a long pit of despair. Often plagued with old flashbacks and visions that make him sick to his stomach, it takes weeks to come back from.
"Bucky?" He catches the attention of a familiar agent. A pretty woman, but Bucky never really took notice. Without realizing it, the brunette smiles at him, "She is waiting for you in there, she told me to keep an eye out."
The brunette is small but carries herself with a certain fire. It makes the white wolf smile, an almost identical attitude of an old friend; Agent Carter. "I know."
"Don't you wish to see her? She is your partner after all."
"Well yes but she has been asking for things I don't want to talk about. She's a pain in my ass." Bucky cracks a smile, chuckling under his breath at the joke. "You go ahead, I'll be in."
"Oh, she gave orders that no one but you are to enter."
The words cause Bucky to tense, he knows he's been ignoring you but didn't expect this to be the counterpart. He nods unsurely as the agent gives a sorry, closed lip smile before continuing her decent down the hall.
Now Bucky finds himself doubtful, even more uncertain at the fear of facing you. No doubt from the fact he's been ignoring you for weeks now.
It's not because he doesn't like you - quite the opposite in fact. While he cannot pin point the exact moment but somewhere in his very convoluted, cloudy memory, you had managed to invade it. Whenever he would think of the past, close his eyes and see the faces that make him wonder why he is living, you resurface in a way that makes him want to strive for more. Be better, try and find a way to make amends, atone for his sins. There is no other way to describe it except you have a certain quality that makes him want to be better, pour his heart and soul away but if he does that, there is no doubt you would hate him forever.
"C'mon Buck," He talks under his breath, staring at the finger pad to open the door, "Be a man."
He knows you're behind that door, alone and no doubt face etched with that look of disappointment. Not at the fact that he hadn't been answering you - but why. Sometimes he believes you know him better than himself. Knows all his sins, everything that makes him the winter soldier but the thought of speaking of it, letting you into his heart and mind, will guarantee you'll leave. See him as the monster he is.
That's why the relationship never wandered past partners, even though the feelings were there. Bucky was too sucked into a pool of wickedness, practically drowning and he wasn't going to bring you with him.
Bucky looks at the red, restricted sign hung up on the door and scoffed at the lengths you will go. Finally he presses the button with a sigh. As he enters the lab, he looks around the corner and not surprisingly sees that exact look he was trying to avoid - anger and hurt swirling in your eyes but with annoyed arms crossing over your chest.
"Don't say it, you don't have to say it." Bucky starts as the door closes shut behind him.
"Yes I do! It's been three weeks, I haven't heard from you in three weeks!" Bucky sighs leaning against the lab table. Fingers gripping the edge of the steel as fingers white knuckle in frustration.
"Well I am here, I am fine." The way your eyes narrow and the scoff makes his throat dry but he tries to lighten the tension, "Just needed some time."
"Time for what?"
The question makes Bucky tense and fall silent. No matter how much you care, how much you love Bucky, he will never let you in. Something that is hard to overcome, the fact that Bucky would never trust you enough to confide in you.
The problem being that, point and simple, you love him. You want to share his pain, want to understand what is going on inside his mind, help him with the demons that haunt him so often. But all Bucky does is push you away and it feels as if the distance is too far to fix.
There's only so much of your heart to lay before Buck, so many times he can ignore it.
"Are you ever going to trust me?"
"I do trust you. There is not another person I trust more than you and Sam, you're my partner." Bucky stands and towers over you, his hand reaches out to cup your own. No man is more confusing than Bucky Barnes, he so perfectly gives you just enough to hold you there. His gentle touches are loving and kind while the way he guards his heart, feels anything but.
"But not enough to let me help you?"
"I don't need help, I don't want your help. I just needed time to think. I'm better now, everything is fine. You don't need to worry about me."
"Tell me," It's one last plea, "I want to help you."
Bucky falls silent once again, nervously chewing on his bottom lip as those steel eyes beg you to stop. Without another word, you walk past Bucky, and press the button of the door over and over again but it stays locked shut.
"Shit," You mumble under your breath as the screen above the door lights instantly. As Pepper appears on the screen, Bucky's eyes drop to the floor as his heart stops in his chest. "Pepper, the door is stuck."
"It's not stuck, it's locked. I can't let you out, honey." She looks at the screen apologetically as your eyebrows press closer in confusion.
"What are you talking about -."
"There was a sign on the door, that lab was restricted for a reason." Bucky looks up at the screen in a panic as Pepper continues to speak, "Thor found the plant on his last mission, we haven't found any characteristics yet. You have to stay there to be quarantined. The whole floor is blocked off, I'm sorry, we can't take chances if -."
She doesn't continue, only looks down at her fingers, "Someone will slide meals in through the door at the end of the hall but they will be in full PPE. There is a break room with a bed and you'll have to use the bathroom there, there is a shower in there. I'm sorry."
"You're telling me, me and Bucky are stuck in here with some kind of alien plant?"
The first hour is spent in silence, the lab door did open as promised but all other doors leading off the floor were locked tight. Neither Bucky or you had tried to speak, both too stubborn to try.
After pacing the lab for what seemed like hours, Bucky finally broke the silence. "Can you sit down for two seconds? you're giving me anxiety.".
It's something of a nervous tic he's developed, chewing on his nails as his words are muffled. "Sit down."
"Shut up, Buck." You huff, jumping up onto the table across the room from him, "As far as I'm concerned, I'm here because of you!"
Bucky's eyes warn you, mouth falling agape as his eyebrows furrow in anger, "Me?! You made me come here! You cannot pin this on me."
"Well I am!"
"Real mature." Bucky rolls his eyes and crosses his arms across his chest. Silence falls between both of you as neither dare to look away from each other.
Bucky's eyes quickly soften at the frustrated look bewildered across your features, lips pulled into a slight pout, hair frizzy and messy from stressfully tugging at the ends.
He squeezes his eyes shut before speaking, "Listen, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you. Everything is happening so fast and we're both under a lot of stress. We should -."
But just like that, he falls silent. Clearing his throat and rubbing the soreness away. Instantly, you perk up, leaning forward to ask, "What is it?"
"I-um, don't know, my throat and my skin feels hot." Bucky murmured as the air filled with a thick layer of heat. Almost as he says it, you feel the same symptoms.
But what both of you don't expect is the raging, uncomfortable arousal that pools inside your bellies. And just like that, the need for each other is the only thing that matters.
"Bucky." You speak lowly, the tone is enough to send a shiver down his spine. Eyes following your every move like a wolf stalking its prey. Silent and meaningful as he extends his arm to press the pads of his metal appendages against your cheek.
The touch sends a cooling sensation but also creates an endless flame that burns deep inside your gut. Bucky also feels the effects of the touch and feels desire pool in the pit of his stomach. At close proximity, feeling your breath fan against his chin as his nose nudges your own.
The heat of his skin makes your legs feel weak, his flesh hand cups the underside of your jaw. Both so intoxicated with one another, put under a spell of the hormones that plant releases from its pores but it can't be all blamed on the forgein object - as both know in their hearts they wanted to be this way.
Then again, under normal circumstances he wouldn't agree to this. Too sharp and disciplined to let his heart overrule his thought process but the increase of serotonin clouds his judgement, makes it feel incredibly good to touch your skin. He's pressing closer and closer but before he can close the distance - you stop him, "Don't do this, you don't want to, it must be the -."
He doesn't allow you to finish the sentence but instead kisses you so gently, it takes every ounce of air from your lungs. Heart beating faster and faster as his tongue slips past your own, surprisingly skillful as he uses his fingers to tilt your head and all you could think about is how his lips move, soft and tender like rose petals.
The intimacy of the moment makes your head spin as if he was spilling away all the words he meant to say earlier into this one kiss. Chest to chest as bodies press together and heavy breathing seemed to fall into a mismatched pattern. The soft blow of his breath against your cheek but what really made electricity run up the surface of your back was the thick line of his erection against the underside of your hip.
A wave of heat warms your skin as a gush of wetness makes you squeeze your thighs together - no doubt another side effect of the plant. Just like that, he had managed to invade all of your senses - goosebumps rippling through your skin as your heart pounds against your skin, "Bucky."
You really try to stop but he shushes you with another kiss, guiding you across the room as cool fingers press against the hem of your suit, slowly opening the zipper and only pausing as the center of your back presses against the lip of the lab table.
Bucky pulls away, just a moment to catch his breath but notices the soft, blush pink that fills the whiteness of your eyes. The sclera stripped completely of its normal color, which otherwise would be concerning, but the noticeable smell of your arousal quickly overrides the thought. Bucky feels his heart jump at the look of you, the love and admiration behind them as you're the one to press your lips against his own.
Bucky pulls away for a second, eye fluttering closed as his nose bumps your own. He takes a deep breath and once realizes what he was doing your fingers reach out to feel the taunt muscles above his shirt. He speaks lowly, "You smell so good, sweetheart."
But then again, the plant had also modified his scent to some degree. It's the same earthy tones of mint and a rainy morning but there's something hidden, a hint of cinnamon. Something along the lines of sweet and sugary.
Just the thought alone, sends another wave of fatigue and hotness but also so wet, you swear it's leaking down your pants. "It hurts, I -,"
He presses his lips against your forehead, his other hand continuing it's task of taking off your clothing, "I know, baby."
If the nickname wasn't enough to cause your heart to soar, Bucky finally manages to get the zipper down to your belly button. A flesh hand that slips past the collar and cup one of your breast, fingering a touch to your nipple. Just the fact, he's touching you there, makes your eyes close with pleasure, mewing quietly.
Without warning he lifts you onto the table until your back hits the cool surface. Using his torso to part your thighs, feeling the heat from between your legs, laying a flat hand against the apex of your quads.
Beads of sweat form against his hairline, throat drying as he pushes the thick material of the suit down and past your shoulders to reveal the soft, plump breasts. He looks at you unsurely but pads at your breasts, supple and as soft as velvet. Bucky pinches the pert nipple experimentally and watches as you arch your back in response.
"Bucky I can't - it hurts."
He presses a soft kiss against the corner of your lips as his hips tut into your inner thigh, the sounds coming from you are enough to have him throbbing. "I know, I know." Bucky coos softly, "Gonna make it all better, sweetheart, I have to open you up first.".
He uses the table of his advantage, no longer holding you but allowing the table to bare the weight. He uses both hands to shimmy the suit off, throwing it somewhere across the room before peeling the last piece of fabric that separates him from your slick hearth.
It's nearly primal, the way his tongue slips past his lips to taste the thick column of skin on your neck. Feels the racing pulse underneath the flesh as he nips on the skin, eyes lashes fluttering against your cheek as your body begins to shake. Moans vibrate against his tongue, feeling exactly what he's doing to you at the moment. Open mouth kisses pressing along the surface of your chest, nipping and sucking, hell bent on leaving the marks of his love.
Once following a trail down the valley of your breasts, he takes the pert nipple into his mouth and is unknowingly harsh. Teeth grazing over the aching bud but not enough to hurt; but just enough pressure to know, he could hurt you if he wanted to.
The metal appendages of his hand ghosting over your lips, tracing out the plump bottom lip before cupping your throat, feeling the pulse race underneath the vibranium.
Shuddering as the pads of his fingers press against the hood of your clit, the small bump causing it to throb instantly. Crying out as you beg for him to relieve this pain.
The way you peer up at him, face blotched with darker marks from where his hands lie, wild eyes and messy hair spread across the table that supports both of you makes his cock twitch. The metal thumb runs along the underside of your jaw, feeling the strong structure as he pinches your chin between his fingers to meet those steel blue eyes.
If you weren't so filled with want, maybe you would also see the lack of white in Bucky's eyes, the baby pink color taking its place but his words deny you that, "Open your mouth for me, honey."
As if you could fight the instinct to obey, you do exactly that, parting lips until the wetness smears your lower lip. Bucky looks nervous, shifting against you but his hooded eyes don't let him see past anything but you. You don't miss the gulp as the words leave his mouth, "Good girl."
The pad of his false thumb presses against the fat of your tongue and lips close around it and suck. The appendage is cold, but under these circumstances you welcome it with hopes of relieving the heat, eyes watering as you press your hips up against bulge in his pants.
Bucky can't help but hum in appreciation at how pretty you look like this and finally his fingers smear across the surface of your sex to collect the slick there. It's not like he even has to feel to know how wet you are, the heavy scent of your arousal fills the air.
The sight of the bare skin makes his stomach flip in anticipation, arousal smearing the inside of your thighs and the fabric of his pants. The room has grown unbearably hot, matching the hunger you feel for one another.
As long, smooth fingers spread across the button of your clit, you cry out. They continue to your hole and gather the juices of your arousal. While the teasing is unintentional, your body is buzzing - aching with the want of release but without wasting any other time he breaks the barrier and fingers fill you until they can't move any further. Inch by inch until your back arches from the table with a loud whine, thighs snapping together around his arm at the sudden intrusion.
Two fingers move, scissoring against the velvet walls as your eyes roll back into your heat, dizzy for it. The evidence of your wetness lubricating his fingers, coating them and making the next thrust of his wrist more impactful. He's hitting the spongy deep spot with every movement, parts you never thought a person could reach and you squeal.
Bucky groans, relishing how you sound just like imagined you would. Pulling hips down harder to meet the brutal pace of his fingers that leave you, just to come back stronger. Shockwaves rippling through your skin as those cloudy blue eyes never leave your own.
There's no other way to describe it other then earth-shattering as the heat builds inside your stomach. Bucky is so caught up in your pretty sounds, the way you call his name with a cry that he doesn't realize the way his hips press against your inner thigh. Dry fucking himself to the fact he's milking you for everything you got.
The planet clearly infected him as well, the proof being the different spots of pre cum that pattern his dark pants. The long finger never stop - filling you over and over again as soon as they leave. Flesh fingers curling deep inside and massage the deepest part of you, so deep that your fingers wrap around his wrist to stop the brutal pace but metal fingers find your forearm and press a warning squeeze against it. While you're fully expecting him to push the hand that keeps him from what he needs most, he brings the hand to feel the racing heart beat underneath the layers of his jacket and shirt.
Just like that - time slows, feeling every inch of his fingers as your pussy clamps down on his fingers and vision fades to black as you cum around his fingers. Heavy breaths to try to make up for the lack of breathing as you feel the line of his nose move across your jaw and a soft kiss against your chin but he's twitching against your thigh.
No doubt, painfully hard. The hormones affect him in the same way but he doesn't show it, instead takes care of your own needs instead of his own. Your fingers the jacket and shirt up and over his head as your lips reconnect with his own. Hands fumbling with the buckle of his belt and pull it off. Shaky fingers meet your own, helping to push the rest of his clothing off.
He doesn't offer a warning as the bulbas head of his cock catches your folds, running through the wetness, once, then twice before the feeling of his heavy cock begins to stretch you open. The burn of trying to adjust to its size is something of a delicious pain and you can't help the shriek that rips through your swollen lips.
The velvety-like walls practically suck his prick whole, he feels every inch of your pussy taking him as much as you could. He tries to push the rest of his length, greedy for more but the whimper that falls from your lips pauses his hips. Two fingers tease the bundle of nerve in slow, circular motions as he nudges just a little further until he's nestled so deep in your sopping cunt, you feel him in your stomach.
The feeling of being so full, you're lightheaded. So full of Bucky that the heat inside the pit of your stomach feels like it will combust at any moment - heart pounding so hard, you swear you hear it in your ears.
Blown pupils never leave the sight of where you connect and give an experimental trust. The sounds that fall from you are enough to keep him going as your cunt clenches around him.
"So good," it's gasped under his breath, Bucky's eyes squeezing close at the feeling.
Hips move rhythmically, faster and faster as the sound of your juices cause his head to spin. Never did Bucky think he would be here, buried inside while you beg for more and more. He can't look away from the sight of his cock disappearing and reappearing into your silky opening. The sounds of the room are ones of Bucky's moans and your squeals, followed by skin against skin and the squelches of your arousal. It's everywhere, dripping between both of you, smearing his navel and dripping to the table.
Skin grows warmer and warmer every time he hits that spot that makes your vision blur, words seem to get further and further.
"Take it so good -," Bucky can't even form coherent sentences anymore. Pupils full blown as he chases his own high - thighs starting to shake under the pressure of your hot, tight hole.
Suddenly your body erupts with pleasure - tingling from your fingers to your toes as the familiar feeling of an orgasm makes eyes water in relief. Every push of his hips are deep and rough, as his member twitches inside of you.
Only moments later, your back arches from the table, somehow pushing him deeper inside of you as a sob falls from between your lips. A hand lays across your navel to push down on where he bulges in your stomach. Lazily rubbing two fingers against your clit as he continues to fuck you senseless.
Half crescents form under the fury of his nails digging into the flesh of your hip as he keeps himself up right.
His eyes meet your own, watching as you fall apart in front of him. Fire pooling low in both of your abdomens as Bucky feels his own release coming soon. Lips darkened and wet with saliva as incoherent profanities and words fall from them.
You don't have to say a word the way your nails dig into his bicep is enough to spill blood - but tells him all he needs to know as he groans against your lips, balls tightening to prepare to feed your hungry pussy.
The orgasm is mind shattering - throat drying as you're unable to form any other words. Clenching around him so hard that his hips stutter but he continues to drive his cock so deep inside that your legs shake and give out.
Bucky's body shakes as he hits a spot so deep and explodes. His climax comes quickly, white ropes of cum filling you to the brink, but there's so much he's forced to pull out, the ribbons of cum make a mess of your stomach and his own.
With heavy breathing, chest expanding with a slight burn Bucky falls next to you with a huff. With sudden relief from the orgasm only moments ago, your mind begins to clear. The reality of the situation setting in as you look at Bucky in complete terror.
"Buck?" He only groans, eyes squeezing shut and you know exactly why as his erection presses against you; still hard.
But once again a wave of heat makes it impossible to move, squeezing your thighs together as another wave of wetness takes its toll. Bucky's fingers press against the soft skin of your ass, cupping the ample flesh as he grinds his hips against you.
Despite your body betraying you by pushing back into his twitching cock, something screams to get out of the lab but Bucky's presence invades all your senses, all you can think about as the head of his cock finds your folds again, "Wait, Buck -."
He's half way inside of you, hands pushing down on the surface of your hip bones with a growl to keep you underneath him. His cum spears across both of your stomachs as he fills you once again, "Be a good girl."
He's so lost in his mind - drunk on the chemicals that fill the lab, seeping from the stem of the planet tucked away in the corner. With the brutal intrusion, your head rolls back to hit the surface of the table with a groan.
It's affecting you, but not as much as Bucky as the bewilderment makes his body shake as his hot breath fans your face.
Drowning in pleasure as you press your lips against his own. A bruising kiss he can't deny as he moans at the feeling of your nails in his short hair, rolling his hips against your own with a huff. You use this time to deepen the kiss, using all the strength you could maneuver to push on his chest and separate him from you.
You know in order to escape from the room, you must out smart the former assassin. As soon as he slips from your hole, a brutal elbow to his jaw temporarily stuns as he wipes the blood the corner of his lips.
Without a second to spare you take this time to dodge the brunette's hand that reaches out and pushe past him. The door is only inches away, arm extending to press the button but it's cut short as he pushes you against the cold metal.
"Buck -." Trying to bring the man back to sound mind but he only presses his face into your neck, blood from his nose smearing against the skin of your neck.
"Want you again, honey."
It's like nothing else matters other than the sweet nectar of your pussy, then the insatiable feeling of cumming deep inside of you. "Gonna bred this little -,"
"Bucky, it's the plant. Listen to me, we need to get out. You can do whatever you want to me once we are out of this lab."
It's like he can't hear a thing, only pushing his raging hard-on between your cheeks as his hand presses your head further into the door. As Bucky presses gentle lips against your bare shoulder, you extend your arm barely reaching the button to open the door and both of you tumble forward into the hall.
You're thankful that the door closes, taking a deep breath but the rough hand wraps around your arms, temporarily startles you but Bucky is prepared this time, using his body weight to pin you to the ground.
Despite the burn of grasp, his lips are soft and gentle against your own. Running his tongue across your lips, but this time, you purposely brush your lips against his own, tasting the fresh blood from his still bleeding nose. Even though the plant no longer has an effect from out here, it's still in both of your systems making your skin buzz.
Bucky groans as you suck his bottom lip into your mouth as his hand rubs gentle circles against the skin of your lower back but just like that, it's gone.
Using his raw strength to lift and lay you on your stomach - clearly not trusting your intentions again as he brings both arms behind your back. The other hand cups the back of your neck, feeling the natural curvature of your spine under those strong hands.
"Stay down, sweetheart." He warns.
He lets go but not for long as fingers curl into the junction between where your hips and torso meet to pull and bring your ass in the air. He twitches at the sight of your bare pussy, still dripping for him. A pleased sound falling from his chest as you shake your hips against him, "Please, please, please."
No words are said, soaking and committing every moment to his memory as he pushes into you again. This time he isn't gentle as he stretches your pussy open, nudging deeper and deeper to the point you jump forward but two hands keep you grounded on his cock.
He nestled so deep it’s hard to breathe, the burn follows but mixes with a pleasurable sting of his metal digits digging to your hips. The flesh hand rests against the swells of your ass, he can’t help but look down - the filthy site of your messy cunt swallowing him whole. The sounds coming from those lips, the begging - it is all too much - sensory overload as a chill runs over his being and hands clench around the fullness of your hips.
With every roll of his hips, an orgasm builds inside his stomach. He is losing his balance as thighs shaking with immense pleasure as you angles your hips back to meet him.
You need more.
The sounds that fill the room are filled with moans and cries, tears of pleasure roll down your cheeks. Chasing the best high you have ever felt as you beg for more, beg for him to fuck you harder.
At this point the white wolf is completely lost, finding his most primal side inside of your tight pussy. The way it swallows and squeezes him whole, silky and smooth as it milks his cock for everything it's worth. But just as fast, your legs start to shake under the pressure, cheek burning against the fabric on the rug but you only angle your hips to meet his trust to feel him deeper.
"Fuck, fuck." The words fall from your lips as his fingers squeeze your hips even harder.
"Gonna bred this sweet cunt, make it mine". he huffs, feeling a wave of heat that makes his head spin as you cum with a twitch, orgasm leaking pushing him out but he stays buried inside your pussy, letting the juices squirt out and drench his abdomen.
He whispers curses under his breath, words of filling you round, giving you his seed as his breath trembles. Thrust growing haphazardly forming a new messily pattern that makes his forehead drop between your shoulder blades. His body shakes, fatigued and fucked as black orbs fill his vision.
With one final hard trust he twitches, pumping his thick ropes of cum inside your walls for the second time in the matter of an hour. Cheek still pressed against the carpet as a way to catch your breath, legs shaking at the recent assault.
You feel the shift in the air as the breathing of the man behind you changes. Bucky eyes are still wild but this time in realization of what just happened, shameful of his actions as the last of the plant's poison oozed from his pores.
The sight in front of him, still very much on your hands and knees against the carpet, filled to the brim as his cum drips from your abused cunt.
"W-What?" He's at a loss for words as his soft fingers find your back, gently helping you up and allowing you to use him to sit up right. "What just happened?"
But you don't answer, too overwhelmed with the little bit of the planet that runs through your veins. While his eyes have returned to the natural white, yours still have a blush pink color that can only be described as inhuman.
"Hey, hey," he coos softly, panic and worry filling him as he cups the underside of your jaw to your hooded eyes. "Look at me, sweetheart, I'm sorry, I don't know -."
"'s okay," Your hand lays over his own on your cheek, "It was the planet, we got away."
Bucky feels his heart shatter at the look of you. Barely able to sit due to the aching between your legs, the bruises that formed underneath his finger tips shattered across the soft skin. Out of pure frustration and confusion, tears gather in the corner of his eyes.
The piece of his heart, you never thought you would see.
Purely guilt ridden and thankful that you have given him a piece he never deserved, he speaks, "I don't want you to know the real me. It's ugly and scary inside of here."
"Nothing is ugly about you."
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buckys-bug-archive · 7 months ago
Imagine if Steve left his little for Peggy and she was sitting playing with her toys just waiting for him to come back but he doesn’t. When Bucky finally comes to visit he finds her horrible sick. Bucky tells her Steve left and she refuses to eat or sleep or play. She literally becomes mute and Bucky has to pick of the pieces and put her back together. She becomes happy after a while and allows Bucky to become her daddy. But Steve returns and Bucky lets him back in and she refuses and tries to run away from them but they don’t let her and tell her to not worry because they’ll be one big happy family.
he’s gone
summary: where steve leaves you for peggy and bucky has to pick up the pieces.
pairing: daddy!steve rogers x little!reader, daddy!bucky barnes x little!reader, daddy!stucky x little!reader
warnings: soft!dark stucky at the end, angst, nightmares, not eating, not sleeping, crying, swearing
w/c: 3.5k
note: this request inspired me instantly and i started writing and went a bit crazy with it 😳 i low-key hate it though. please let me know what you think and leave feedback!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’ve been doing a lot of waiting recently. Waiting for your Daddy to come home; waiting for him to come and take care of you. You miss him so much it’s ridiculous. You miss him so much that it consumes your entire being - all you can think about is him. Every minute of every hour of every day. All you want is him.
And you know that today is the day he’s returning.
You try to distract yourself as best as you can, getting all of your toys out to play, trying to pass the time. Every minute feels like 10, every hour like 2; time moves agonisingly slowly for every minute you’re away from him.
Hours pass. The sun sets. And your Daddy still isn’t back. You curl yourself up in his bed, breathing in the scent of him to calm you, your whole being yearns for him, the only thing that could comfort you in this moment is a bear hug from him and only him - all you want is to fall asleep in his arms. You feel incomplete without him.
Days pass. Weeks. You don’t leave the house. You don’t eat. You can barely sleep without him. You’re an absolute wreck. Your eyes are puffy and your cheeks swollen from crying.
After two weeks, Bucky finally comes to visit you. He raps on the door four, five times, the sound of metal fingers against wood ringing through the silent house. No answer. He calls out your name and all he can hear in reply is a strangled whimper.
“Baby, I need you to let me in.” he says gently, forehead resting against the cool wood of the front door.
You drag yourself to the door, swinging it open slowly; he takes in your appearance and his face softens.
“Where is he?” you ask, your voice is so small and frail and Bucky dreads the news he’s about to give you. It’s going to break you. “Why isn’t he back?”
“Baby, he’s gone.” He steps into the house, closing the door quietly behind him and crouching down to look you in the eye.
“What? W-what do you mean?”
“He’s not coming back, sweetheart.” His eyes never leave yours as he watches with a concern filled gaze; a sob forces its way out of your chest and you double over, clutching your stomach. He has to be lying. Your Daddy would never do that to you.
“Liar! You-you’re lying. He wouldn’t d-do that!” you cry; Bucky pulls you into his arms, collapsing onto the cold floor with you in his lap. “Why w-would he-he do that?” Your tears soak the front of his shirt but you can’t find it in yourself to care. He shushes you gently, rocking you in his arms as you break down. Tears well in his own eyes as he watches you but he pushes them back; what you need most right now is someone to take care of you.
“C’mon, baby. You need to sleep.” he coos, lifting you into his arms and carrying you to the bedroom.
“Can’t.” you whimper, “Need Daddy.”
Bucky’s heart breaks in two at that and he kisses your forehead lightly, wishing he could take your pain away.
“I know you do. But the best I can do is me, okay? Let me help, please?” he asks softly, laying you down in the bed that still smells like your Daddy; that only makes you cry harder, your throat on fire as you scream into the pillows. You can feel Bucky’s hand rubbing comforting circles into your back; he lays down next to you and pulls you into his side, holding you close until your sobs die down to quiet whimpers.
“Wanna know somethin’?” you mumble quietly, so quietly that you doubt Bucky would have heard if it wasn’t for his enhanced hearing.
“Sure, doll.”
“I always knew that there was a part of him that didn’t love me. Loved her more. An’ I was right.” Another few tears escape your eyes and he wipes them away with his thumb.
“Oh, baby. He loved you.”
“Nah. Not e-enough.” you hiccup. “I g-get it. ‘M not pretty or sm-smart like her. ‘M just a stupid baby.” Your voice is filled with self hatred; you’d always been insecure but Steve has inadvertently confirmed everything you hate about yourself in your eyes.
“Baby, you’re beautiful. And so smart. And if he couldn’t see that then he didn’t deserve you. You deserve somebody who’s gonna love every part of you. Just you. Okay?”
“Th-thanks, Bucky.” He can see the gears turning in your head as you mentally list every reason Steve had to leave: every flaw, everything you hate about yourself. He holds you close as you cry yourself to sleep, clinging to him to ground yourself until you fall into a fitful slumber, your dreams plagued by Steve’s absence.
You wake with a start, drenched in sweat as your breath comes in ragged pants. Bucky’s right there with you, pushing your hair out of your face and comforting you as you struggle for breath.
“Shh, baby. It’s okay, breathe for me. In and out, yeah?” You do as he says, trying your best to regulate your breathing as he holds you to his chest.
“Sweetheart, do you want a bath? I’ll get your fishies and your rubber duckies for you to play with.” You just shrug, leaning against him but not really paying any interest to Bucky’s words. “Come on.” he coaxes you out of the bed and into the bathroom, sitting you on the closed toilet lid and beginning to fill the tub, adding bubbles and your toys.
“Arms up, bub.” You do as he says without so much as a whine - very uncharacteristic behaviour from you - and he lifts your shirt over your head before reaching behind you and unclasping your bra. He then pulls your trousers and panties off, leaving you bare and shivering as the cold air hits your skin.
“I know, baby. Come on let’s get you in.” He hooks his arms under your legs and lowers you into the bubbly water carefully, letting you sit for a minute before beginning to clean your body with care.
You don’t even attempt to play with your toys - your favourite duckies and fishies - and instead sit completely still and unmoving, eyes glazed over as you stare at the wall vacantly.
“Sweetheart.” Bucky murmurs, voice filled with concern. You don’t respond. You don’t even look at him. He sighs gently, finishing washing your hair and teasing the knots out with his fingers before lifting you out of the tub and wrapping you in a towel.
“Let’s get you dressed and then I’ll make you some breakfast, okay?” Talking to you is like conversing with a brick wall. Your brain has disconnected from your body, too consumed by grief to function at all.
He dresses you in a pair of sweatpants and one of Steve’s hoodies in an attempt to comfort you; and it does momentarily. As the scent of him envelops your body, you close your eyes and allow yourself to pretend. Pretend that he didn’t leave. Pretend that he loves you.
Carrying you to the kitchen, Bucky sits you down and pours a bowl of cereal for you, setting it in front of you.
“Baby, you gotta eat.” No response. You barely even acknowledge him. Picking up the spoon, he scoops a spoonful of cereal up and brings it to your mouth, nudging your lips gently with the metal. “C’mon, open up.” Your tired eyes meet his and his face softens with worry. “Please eat, baby.” You push the bowl back towards him, screwing your face up in distaste.
“You want somethin’ else?” You shake your head. You don’t really feel like doing anything, even being out of bed is exhausting currently. So you push yourself up from the chair and trapse away, back into the bedroom where you wrap yourself in blankets and cry until you feel empty and numb.
Bucky joins you a little while later, cooing sweet nothings to you as he slips in the bed, letting you climb onto him and rest your head against his chest; listening to his heartbeat calms you - you have something to focus on. You accept the gentle whispers and the soft touches even though you wish he was somebody else.
You let the rhythmic sound of his heart lull you back to sleep; snoring softly against him, your face slackens with much needed slumber.
Every now and then, you’ll whine in your sleep, clutching onto him desperately as though he’ll disappear from underneath you. And sometimes, you’ll call out for Steve; and your calls soon turn to screams as the nightmare of him leaving you plays over and over in your dreams.
“Baby, wake up. C’mon, sweetheart. ‘S just a dream.” Bucky murmurs in your ear, pulling you away from the fragments of Steve that haunt your every moment, even when you’re asleep.
When you wake, you whimper and curl further into Bucky, trembling like a kitten. You’re so lost without your Daddy. You don’t eat, you barely sleep and when you do, you’re plagued by terrors; you don’t play and you certainly don’t speak. All that’s left of you is an empty shell, void of the life that once inhabited your soul and body.
Bucky takes care of you the best he can, he’s a natural caretaker through and through, but he’s never had a little before. In that way, he’s learning along with you. Eventually, you begin to accept him. You’ll sleep as long as he’s in the bed with you; you’ll eat as long as he’s there with you; you’ll play with your toys if he’s in the room. He makes you feel safe. Loved. He holds you tightly, the cracks that Steve left in your exhausted body finally starting to heal.
As you begin to come back to life and return to your old, bubbly self, Bucky sits down with you and asks you a very important question.
“Hey, sweetheart, can I talk to you?”
“M’kay. What’s up?” you ask as you play with your toy dinosaurs.
“You know I love you, don’t you?”
“Mhm, I lub you too.” you grin, shooting him that toothy, lopsided smile that he adores.
“How would you feel about me becoming your Daddy?” Your face lights up at his question and you bounce up and down excitedly.
“Yup. If you want me, that is.”
“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” you squeal, jumping into his arms and attacking him in a hug. Tears spill down your cheeks and his brows knit together with worry.
“Hey, you alright, baby?”
“Mhm. You’re the bestest ever. Lub you so much.” you croak, burying your face into the crook of his neck.
“I love you too, baby girl.”
From then on, your relationship with Bucky flourishes. He takes you out on dates and takes care of you, loving every aspect of being your Daddy; his favourite part being how cuddly you are. If you could, you’d cuddle him all day, every day. You’re like a live teddy bear.
You start to forget about Steve, instead replacing all of those memories with new ones with your new Daddy. And he loves you endlessly, always reminding you of how beautiful you are and how much he adores you and only you.
You sleep with him at night, a mess of entangled limbs, so close to each other that you breathe the same air. And now, when you call out for your Daddy, you don’t mean Steve. You mean him.
And then it all comes crashing down again. The wounds in your heart tear back open, as fresh as the day Steve left.
Steve realises that he’s made a mistake and decides to come back.
The first person to know is Bucky. They talk and decide that Steve will come back to live with him and you - after much deliberation.
Bucky enters the house first, calling for you.
“Baby, come here. I have a surprise.” As he waits for you to come to him, his whole body is like a live wire, taut muscles and racing thoughts. This could go so horribly wrong. This could undo every ounce of progress you’ve made.
You bound into Bucky’s arms, hooking your legs around his waist and breathing in his scent deeply.
“Missed you, Daddy.”
Steve’s heart shatters as he listens to the conversation from outside. He is supposed to be your Daddy. He is the one that’s supposed to come home to you every night. But he ruined it. He ruined everything.
Bucky sets you down on the floor, stroking your face gently.
“I have someone here to see you, bub. C’mon, man.”
Steve steps through the door and your face drops.
“No.” Steve’s heart sinks. “No!” you scream, lunging at Steve and beginning to pummel your fists into his chest. “Asshole! I hate you.”
You sob uncontrollably, your knees buckling; you would’ve hit the floor if Bucky didn’t catch you. Your tears soak his shirt once more and he can feel all the progress you’ve made slipping away. A sickeningly strong sense of deja vu washes over him as you sob into his chest on the wooden floor of the hallway. It takes him back to the day that he broke the news of Steve leaving to you.
“Why is he back? Why did you bring him here?” you cry, sobs racking your whole body.
“Baby, he’s back. Don’t you want your Daddy back?”
“No!” you shriek. “I want you. He doesn’t love me. Please don’t leave, please, I love you.”
“Shh, you’re alright. I’m not going anywhere.” he croons, rocking you back and forth as the situation overwhelms you; all you want is Bucky and you’re terrified that things are going to go back to the way they were before - that he’s going to leave you and Steve’s going to take his place.
“You don’t want to be my Daddy anymore.” you sob into his chest. “You’re gonna leave just like h-him.”
“No, baby, that’s not true. I’m not going anywhere. You’re my best girl, I could never leave you.”
“I promise, bubba. Now, c’mon, say hi to Stevie.”
“No.” You bury your face into his chest, hiding yourself from Steve.
“Baby, I’m sorry.” Steve coos, crouching down next to you and Bucky. As his hand reaches out to rub your back in what’s supposed to be a comforting gesture, but you jerk away, a pained whine sounding from the base of your throat. “I never should have left. I’m so sorry. I love you.”
“Liar!” you screech, pressing yourself further into Bucky. The sound of his voice sends shockwaves of anguish through your exhausted body. You’re so fucking tired. “You’re not my Daddy anymore. You don’t love me. You left!”
“I know. But it was a mistake. I shouldn’t have left my sweet baby.”
“I’m not your baby. I hate you.” Your eyes are red and swollen as you sob brokenly into Bucky, clinging to him like a koala.
“You don’t mean that.” Steve’s voice wavers and you laugh darkly through your tears. How dare he? How does he possibly think he has the right to be upset at your words? He broke you into a million pieces, leaving Bucky to clean up the mess that he made.
“Yeah, I do. ‘Cause you ruined everything. You ruined me.” You peel yourself away from Bucky and stand on shaking legs, staggering back up to the bedroom to hide from them both.
“Sweetheart.” Bucky calls. “It doesn’t have to be like this. We can be a family.”
“I don’t wanna be a family. I jus’ want you.” you cry, stumbling up the stairs and away from them. It’s all too much to comprehend. Why now has he decided to come back?
Bucky sighs deeply, running a hand through his hair.
“You’ve gotta give her time. I don’t think you understand how much it ruined her when you left.”
“She’s okay now. She has you.”
“She didn’t talk or eat or sleep for weeks! She wouldn’t even look at me. It took so much time for her to get back to herself and all of that progress has just been undone.”
“I thought she’d be okay.” Steve’s voice is laced with heartbreak and he knows that he deserves the treatment that you’ve given him.
“You know what she said to me the night I told her you were gone?”
“That she knew that there was a part of you that didn’t love her because she knew that you still loved Peggy. And she said that she understood. Because she wasn’t pretty or smart like her. Broke my fucking heart, pal.”
“Just give her time. She’s been through a lot since you were last here.”
Meanwhile, you’re pulling clothes out of your wardrobe and stuffing them into a duffel bag; you refuse to stay in a house with the man who broke you - who made you believe that you were unlovable. You sneak down the stairs with the bag slung over your shoulder, managing to creep past the living room where Steve and Bucky are talking. You’re nearly there - until you open the door.
Their heads snap towards the noise and they hurtle down the hallway as you throw yourself outside, trying your best to dodge their advances. Bucky’s arms wrap around your waist and he pulls you into his chest, shushing you gently as you scream and wail.
“Let me go!”
“Shh, baby. Stop. What are you doin’?”
“I don’t wanna stay here with him. You just let him back in like nothin’ happened. You know what he did to me! So you have to pick.”
“Me or him.”
“I’m not choosing.”
“You have to. Or I’m leavin’.” Bucky’s jaw sets as he lifts you off of the floor, slinging you over his shoulder as though you weigh nothing.
“No! Put me down!”
“You’re staying. We can be happy with Stevie. We’ll be a family.”
“I don’t want to be a family.” you sob, all of your pent up rage and grief clawing its way out of your chest. It feels like there’s a hole forming in Steve’s heart as he watches you thrash and cry against Bucky, screaming incoherently. He sets you down on the couch, pinning you to it when you try to run again and holding your face, focusing your gaze on him.
“Baby, breathe for me. In and out, come on.” He places your hand on his chest to feel his heartbeat, knowing that it calms you. “Talk to us, okay. Tell me what’s goin’ on in your mind.”
“Daddy…” you whimper, tugging at his shirt to bring him down and close to you. He scoops you up in his arms, laying you against his chest as your breath begins to regulate itself and you slump against him tiredly.
“You’re alright. C’mon, help me understand how you’re feeling.”
“‘S all ruined. Everything’s ruined.” you mumble tearily. Your world feels like it’s crashing around you and the only thing keeping you from drowning is Bucky, his firm body underneath you the only thing holding your fragile psyche together. He cards his fingers through your hair as your eyes droop shut.
“Don’t worry, baby girl. It’s going to be just fine. We’ll be one big, happy family.” You murmur tiredly against Bucky’s chest. You know that Steve’s here to stay. Bucky let him back in in an instant despite how badly he hurt you. You, however, are going to take a lot more convincing.
You’re done for when the couch dips and Steve presses his warm body against you from the other side, peppering soft kisses against your jaw and cheek.
“I’m so sorry, sweetheart. Let me make it up to you.” you whimper and your tear filled eyes meet Steve’s, his own filled with regret and remorse. You hold your arms out for him, making grabbing motions and he chuckles softly, shuffling closer to you. You bury your face into the crook of his neck, his scent so familiar that it makes you dizzy.
“Daddy.” you croak, your heart torn between the two men.
As though he can read your mind, Bucky begins to speak quietly to you as he runs his fingers through your hair.
“You don’t have to choose between us, bubba. That wouldn’t be fair. We can both be your Daddies.”
“Really?” you rasp, voice trembling.
“Yeah, honey.” Steve murmurs, kissing your cheek. “We’ll all be together.”
Your face becomes serious as you gaze at Steve, not even entirely sure that he’s real.
“Do you love me?”
“I do. I love you so much and I was a fool to think that anybody could compare to my sweet baby girl. I’m an idiot.” His voice oozes with sincerity but you’re still not entirely convinced. Casting your eyes downwards, you collapse against his chest with your legs draped over Bucky’s lap.
“Why didja have to go? Hurt me so bad.” you grumble into the material of his sweatshirt and he sways you from side to side in his hold.
“I was an idiot. I’m so sorry baby.”
You’re not quite there yet, but hopefully you’ll be able to let Steve back in one day.
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sagechanoafterdark · 4 months ago
Peanut Butter Passion
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1,419
Warnings: language, oral (male receiving), dirty talk, lots of heavy petting, hinted at food play, Bucky is a bad roommate and friend, poor Sam
A/N: Based off of THIS Reddit post and a conversation on the Smut Hub Discord. I should be sorry for writing this... I should be. Not beta'd all mistakes are my own.
Tumblr media
The two of you were never going to live this down.
The day started like any other, very normal and very soft. After a night of sweat, moaning and a creaking bed frame, you were pulled awake to soft kisses against your shoulder and Bucky nuzzling against your ear. It was soft and it was sweet as hell making the butterflies flutter in your belly. “Wakey, wakey sleeping beauty,” he rumbled against your ear.
Smiling into the pillow you rolled over, arms circling him and pulling Bucky close before giving a few lazy smooches, a whimper of contentment leaving when he pulled back. “Gonna go get coffee started.”
“Kay,” you replied sleepily, rolling back over and cuddling against the pillows.
Today was going to be like any other, that is until your horrible secret was exposed.
Truthfully you should have known better.
You and Bucky liked to live a little on the wild side of things, that was true. Enough that Sam had pointedly shown off the noise-canceling headphones he’d bought after two months of the both of you dating. The not-so-subtle hint enough that you had trouble meeting Sam's eyes for weeks after. There was no way you were going to live the embarrassment down, that is until today.
Bucky had fished the pajama pants off the floor before reluctantly leaving you still curled up in bed. Leaving the bathroom Bucky walked into the kitchen seeing Sam at the counter with his usual breakfast and a steaming hot cup of coffee.
"Morning," Bucky gruffed.
"Morning," Sam replied as chipper as ever, taking a bite of his toast. His eyes drifted to see you walking out of Bucky's room stifling a yawn, wearing a pair of boxers and the shirt Bucky had been wearing last night, "Morning Y/N."
"Morning Sammy," you greeted with a smile. Bucky offered you a mug and you shyly took it from his hands, leaning up to give him a soft kiss on the cheek. “Anything big planned for today Sam?”
"Nah, gonna take it easy today. Oh, and before I forget," Sam mumbled around a mouthful of peanut butter toast. "I know we have rules and all but I was out of peanut butter this morning and I used some of yours."
You choked on your coffee while Bucky turned about fifteen shades of red all at once.
"W-what," he squeaked out, eyes as wide as saucers.
"Come on man, it's just peanut butter. I'll get you a whole new...why are you guys looking at me like that?"
Both you and Bucky shot one another a sideways glance. You were vigorously shaking your head at Bucky who looked at you with wide and panicked eyes before Bucky turned back to Sam, "No reason."
"That's your lying face," Sam accused, pointing a finger at Bucky. "What was wrong with it? It wasn't expired..."
"No. No, it wasn't expired."
"Then what?"
"Can I give you a hypothetical," Bucky asked, ignoring your pained groan. "Let me walk you through a hypothetical."
The movie had long stopped in the background. Bucky was on top of you with one hand cupping your breast and hips grinding his erection against your thigh. Tongue sliding against the seam of your lips you’d gladly opened your mouth against him. Already working you up and driving you crazy Bucky had you moaning low and rolling your hips up as his metal hand lifted your thigh against his hip, opening you up further and begging for his fingers again.
Frenzied kisses turned slow and sensual before your teeth dragged against his lower lip and a groan rumbled deep in his chest, “You know what I want to do?”
“Hmm, what’s that,” he growled against your lips.
“Really want to suck your cock right now.”
A guttural moan broke past Bucky’s lips before his hips surged forward, rubbing hard against you. “Fuck,” he cursed in a breathy groan, pressing his forehead against yours. “Really Kitten? You can't tease me like that.”
Looking up into his eyes you bit your bottom lip and nodded, your hands pushing and maneuvering him off of you briefly before rolling Bucky onto his back. "Whos teasing soldier?"
Sitting up on his elbows Bucky watched as you slid off the edge of the bed. Your nails dragging along the sensitive skin of his thighs making his cock jump.
A bead of precum welled at the tip of his cock and your tongue briefly lapped it away with a little moan. But that was nothing compared to the ragged groan that erupted from Bucky as you slurped him all the way down and into your throat. Hand wrapping around the base you bobbed your head and swirled your tongue.
Bucky’s head tipped back at the sloppy sounding pop as you pulled back. “Holy fuck,” Bucky chanted over and over, his hands fisted in the comforter under him.
Moaning low in your throat you felt his thighs twitch struggling to stay still as you worked before pulling away with a slurping pop. “Wish we had that flavored lube still,” you teased, hand wrapped around the base of his cock and giving a few heavy strokes that had Bucky moaning deep in his chest. “We could get really messy then.”
“Kitten likes it messy huh,” Bucky purred, his hand brushing the hair from your eyes briefly.
You hummed in agreement, tongue stroking along the underside of his cock, following the thick vein before you saw his blue eyes light up briefly.
“I have an idea,” Bucky exclaimed, pushing you back off of him and shooting out the door of the bedroom.
Sitting back and blinking you wiped at your mouth briefly as his naked ass disappeared down the hallway. Praying to whatever god was listening that Sam would stay in his room with the noise-canceling earphones on and not find his buck-ass naked roommate wandering the kitchen...again.
Bucky returned a moment later, the familiar red-capped jar in his hand with a wiggle of his eyebrows and you smirked up at him from the floor.
“Bucky dipped his dick in the whole jar!”
Your hands covered your mouth in shock as you blurted out the startling truth. Hiding your face behind your hands in both shame and embarrassment as silence fell in the tiny kitchen. Peaking out you saw Sam staring at Bucky, his brown eyes were wide and glassy as his mouth opened and closed a couple of times, “Y-you dipped your what, in the jar?”
“I couldn’t get the whole thing in there,” Bucky tried to reason as if it was going to help at all. “Only about halfway, kind of had to even it up a little.”
Sam held a hand up and Bucky fell mute from his too much information ramble. The man looked sick, his face going slack for a brief moment before he’d scrambled off the kitchen stool and made a mad dash for the bathroom as the door slammed closed behind him. The faint sound of him heaving up his breakfast reaching the two of you.
“Why would you put it back in the cupboard,” you whispered accusatory after a brief moment.
“I was half asleep when I went to clean up,” Bucky explained, throwing his arms wide in explanation. “I managed to get you cleaned up and the jar was just laying there on the floor without a lid. I didn’t want it spilling. I must have brought it out here and put it back in the cupboard.”
You gave him a scathing look as you heard Sam in the bathroom gurgling mouthwash before an enraged growl sounded from the room making you both wince. After a few minutes, Sam returned to the kitchen with a truly haunted look on his face. Brown eyes skirting from Bucky, who stood casually against the counter with his mug of coffee to you, who looked absolutely distraught.
“Sammy, I’m so sorry I-”
“Save it,” he snapped, pointing between you both car keys in hand. “I’m leaving and we’re going to pretend this never happened understand. There was no incident. Nobody will ever eat anyone else’s food again. This is never talked about again. Got it.”
“Got it,” you rushed out in a whisper. Behind you Bucky was quiet and you turned to see his smirking face and a curl of dread welled up inside of you at that face.
“Alright Sam,” Bucky relented, seeing the distressed look on your face but his smirk didn’t fade. “Tell me something before you go.”
“Bucky no,” you bemoaned.
“How was my nut butter, Sam?”
“You’re both nasty!”
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hereand-whereyou-are · 9 months ago
Every time John called Bucky Bucky I did not like it. He needs to be a little more respectful.
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jbreenr · 26 days ago
Silent Night, Loud Morning
Pairing: Bucky Barnes × Reader
Summary: Being silent in the early hours of Christmas, the most difficult task of your lives.
Word count: 978
Warning: None that I know.
A/N: I decided I'll be posting some drabbles (mhm) throughout the week till Saturday. Hope you like 'em at least a little. Happy holidays, everyone! As always, lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes abound. *apologizes in español*.
Tumblr media
ᴹʸ ᵍⁱᶠ
"C'mon, sleeping beauty.” Hitting Bucky in the face with your pillow, you ordered, “Wake up, Santa needs our help.”
You turned off the alarm and made your way to the closet, careful to open the sliding door as quietly as possible, shushing as it cracked.
“Why'd you do that?” Your husband's voice was raspy and sleepy. “If the kids didn't hear that alarm of yours, nothing would wake them up.”
Despite him being a super soldier, he struggled to get out of bed. His muscles, flexing as leaned to take a t-shirt and put it on.
“I told you to go to bed prepared.” Taking a bunch of gift bags and a couple of boxes in your hands, you reminded him.
“You didn't seem to mind while smuggling close to me a couple of minutes ago.”
“It's not my fault it's freaking freezing in here!” Your words came as an accusatory whisper as you tried to close the door.
You felt one of the presents slipping down, but it never met the floor. Bucky was fast to catch it, shaking his head in disapproval.
“Here, let me help you.” He took most of the presents from you and made his way to the bedroom's door with you practically glued to him.
Crossing the hall was easy, the carpet muffling your steps. The difficult part was when you reached the stairs.
When it came to cautiousness during missions, Bucky and you were the best. Sneaking into a Hydra base and taking down hostiles without any noise was a piece of cake. Going down the stairs in silence with a bunch of presents, on the other hand, was more complicated than going through a lethal laser protected hall.
Never would you have thought creaking wood would be a more worthy opponent than a trained assassin or an army of deadly aliens.
Finally, and after the longest minute of your life, you exhaled. “Could've been worse.” You said, turning from Bucky to the living room, regretting not looking down the second your foot crushed a cookie. You let out a little yelp.
Bucky bit his lip so his laugh wouldn't be so loud. “You were saying?”
“I'm not cleaning any of this.” You did your best to avoid stepping into another cookie of the apparent cookie lead the kids had made for Santa to find the tree.
“You have to.” Bucky's ability to walk through a minefield was shown with his graceful movements. “Santa would eat them all.” And before you could reproach, he covered your mouth with his palm. “Look behind.” His whispering alerted you of the situation.
Turning around, you saw both your children deeply asleep on each side of the couch. Your heart melted at the sight and you wished you could take a picture of them, but you had a more important task at hand.
“You better not wake them.” The warning left your lips with the same ease you squatted to start accommodating the presents.
Bucky joined you in a second, helping you with the rest of the gifts. “Oh, I won't. I'm not the clumsy one.”
“I'm not clumsy!” And as soon as you said that, your elbow hit a sphere, kicking it out of the tree and making it fall, clacking it's way to the fireplace where it finally stopped.
In unison, Bucky and you turned your heads to the children, internally coming with a simple explanation of what you were doing out of bed at two in the morning. But it wasn't necessary. Both your little angels were peaceful, undisturbed by your apparent lack of reflexes and you started to think that maybe you could have avoided the whole stairs drama having known not even a truck would wake them.
As Bucky picked the cookies up, you gave a big gulp to the now cold glass of milk that was on the coffee table.
With signs it was decided that it was time to go. With no presents in the equation anymore, it was easier and faster to go back to your room.
Throwing the covers over your bodies, you let Bucky hug you. “I hope they like them.”
This time, Bucky didn't hide his laughter. “You spent eight months looking for the perfect gifts and had them hidden in that closet since October. They're gonna love 'em.”
“Yeah, I think so, too.”
Bucky kissed your forehead, a big smile grew on your lips as you reciprocated the hug and closed your eyes, falling without complication.
The next morning, it was easy to identify the kids heavy and fast footsteps to your room. Even when the door snapped open, both you and Bucky managed to play asleep until they jumped on the bed to wake you up.
“What is it?” Bucky asked, not opening his eyes just yet.
“Santa was here! He ate the cookies we put on the floor for him!” Your boy said. His sister, confirming it with a happy nod.
“You did what?”
“And he left presents, too!”
“Yeah! Come down so we can open them!” They ignored your question, hurrying you out of bed and down the stairs.
You stood in the middle of the living room, watching the kids ripping the wrapping papers and exclaiming in excitement when they saw what the presents were.
Bucky came back from the kitchen with two mugs of coffee and handed you one, which you gladly accepted, drinking the hot liquid.
“They're so happy.” You stated, not tearing your eyes from them.
“They are, and so am I.” His words brushed your ear. “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.”
You turned your head to face him as you smiled. “Merry Christmas, Bucky.” And you kissed him before going to sit on the floor so you could see the kids' new toys.
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marvelficsforguys · a month ago
Smoky Ahegao | biker!bucky barnes x gender neutral!reader
Tumblr media
A/n: new label style(?)... anyways, this is a fic about the great biker bucky barnes! i haven't written for him before (and I suck at writing smut), so sorry if it's a bit off!
Warning(s): Smut, oral (bucky receiving), facefucking, throatfucking, smoking during oral sex, rough oral
Summary: A newcomer visits your local bar, and you take him up on a bet... that you lose.
Words: 1,483
Gender of Reader: Gender-Neutral! Have fun reading :))
The winter chill contended the inside of the bar's radiant warmth as you entered, attire keeping cold, unlike your rapidly warming skin. A smoky haze filled the air and quickly entrapped itself in your lungs, adapting to the decisions of others choosing to light up indoors.
It smelled familiar, but he was new—a man who dressed like anyone in the bar occupied the dusty pool table sat near the back, the dim lighting outlining a face you had yet to associate a name with.
He bent over the pool table, a cue in hand, positioning himself and the stick to hit the ball straight into a pocket. His donned leather jacket creaked and crinkled with each movement. The man seemed to be playing against himself, as every other cue hung on the wall, a single empty slot for the one he was using.
You were attracted to the bubble encompassing him at the table and wanted to enter it and never leave. Moving to the bar, you ordered two drinks—one for you and one for him, then, like the moon to the Earth, gravitated towards him in an accelerated manner.
"Care for a drink?" You questioned, offering one of the two brews in your hands to him.
He came close to you, taking it, "Thanks."
With the proximity, he took the chance to look you up and down, smirking, "I didn't realize they had such cute servers here."
You tried to correct him, stammering on your words, "Oh, I'm not—I wanted to know if I could take you up on a game. I saw that you were playing alone. I'm—uh—(Y/n)."
"That's sweet, angel. You'll be good practice for the real competition." He chuckled to himself, not taking you seriously as he gathered the balls from each pocket. "'m Bucky"
"Are you saying I can't beat you, Bucky?" You emphasized his name, thinking about how it oddly—yet perfectly—fit him.
Bucky placed the plastic balls on the green fuzz, pulling out the rack and placing each one in their correct order inside of it, "You might be able to, but if you’re so confident, we should make it interesting then."
"Okay. If I win, you tell me about that metal arm that you're so desperately trying to cover up." You spoke, moving to the rack of pool cues, taking one, and moving back to the table.
"Alright, but the story's a real tear-jerker." Bucky chatted, centering the balls on the table before pulling the rack away.
"What would you do if you won?" While you asked your question with certainty, you had no idea what the biker would choose as his reward for victory.
He didn't hesitate to respond, "If I win, I get to do whatever I want to you in the bathroom. Maybe take you home after if you want more too."
"That's a nice reward to me, especially if I lose, but I won't."
The game commenced and progressed, and at a certain point, Bucky realized he would win the game and decided to whisper every dirty thing he’d do to you if you lost. You hoped he would stay true to his word about some of those things.
You lost, plain and simple. While you were usually good at pool, you managed to only sink one ball out of the ten available. Bucky plunged the rest into various pockets on the table; a look of satisfaction was on his face once he knew what was coming next.
And when you finally did lose, he walked to the bathroom in triumph with you in toe, who was gleefully looking forward to whatever Bucky had in mind.
Inside the bathroom, Bucky noticed the absence of a lock on the entrance. The lack of one only heightened his arousal as he guided both of you to the very last stall at the far end of the bathroom. The interior followed the motif of the rest of the bathroom: clean with the slight smell of smoke, evident by the little pieces of charred cloves scattered on the floor.
He pushed you to your knees as Bucky sat on the covered seat of the toilet, slumping to jut out the crotch of his jeans along with the noticeable bulge outlined in it. You scanned it, realizing that he must be huge considering the length of his cloth-covered cock.
No time was wasted in unbuttoning his denim bottoms and pulling them down along with his boxers, unveiling the sizeable length that was previously in hiding. Enough blood had flown to it to bring it to full mast as it bounced up, and Bucky manifested a proud face.
His mouth pulled into a smirk, "Think you can take all of that?"
"No, but I'll try," You spoke confidently, gripping the shaft with one hand to direct it toward your lips.
The palm of his hand connected with your cheek, patting it a few times before guiding the tip of his cock past your lips, letting it rest on your tongue.
"Don't forget our deal, angel. You have to take it all if I say so," He spoke, putting a hand on your head to bring you further down on his length. At this point, the tip brushed the back of your throat as Bucky tilted his head back.
He kept pushing you to go further until you reached the base, holding you there for a few moments from the modicum of pleasure coursing through him. This was the first time in a while he had met someone who could take him all the way, and he was going to make damn sure that he took advantage of that.
"Fuck," He moaned, letting you retreat up to the tip of his cock once you started gagging and sputtering spit out of the corners of your mouth. Bucky gave you a second to cool down before stuffing his cock down your throat in record time, loving how it went down as easy as a hot knife slicing through butter.
The building amount of pleasure triggered another craving that Bucky wanted to fulfill at that moment. He sighed, hearing the denim of his jeans whir as he lifted his leg up, crossing it over his other leg to keep your head in place on his length. You did your best to relax your throat without gagging on his cock.
"Keep still, angel. Breathe through your nose," He commanded. The biker reached into the pocket of his jacket, revealing his stashed-away carton of cigarettes and lighter. He put one of the cigarettes to his lips in a similar manner to how you brought his cock to your mouth earlier, and a quick flick of his lighter had set it ablaze.
He shoved them back into the pocket of his jacket while taking a drag, pulling the cigarette away to blow out a puff of smoke. Placing it back to the grasp of his lips, he positioned his leg back to the floor and replaced its grip with his two hands.
"You did so good, (Y/n)! Now, let's get back to fucking that throat of yours, huh?" Bucky spoke, careful not to let his cigarette fall from his lips. With a simple vibration of agreement from you coming through his cock, he held you still, bucking his hips up from the porcelain seat to force his cock down your throat.
The muscles of your throat convulsed as his balls smacked against your chin repeatedly, and the underside of his cock vigorously brushed back and forth over your tongue as it pressed forward, filling your throat with a pulsing bulge. Bucky's rough jolts and thrusts into your mouth caused the ashes of his cigarette to break off, toppling down his leather jacket and onto the floor of the bathroom.
Bucky had gotten really into his fast-paced thrusts, only moving a few inches of himself in and out of your mouth to keep most of himself inside of your surrounding wetness. He adored the shlurking and glugs coming from your mouth due to the build-up of saliva.
Nearing his limit, Bucky stood up, guiding you back against the stall door, holding your head against the hadrian-solid plastic door while keeping the similar correspondence with his thrusts. The door held enough of your head to remove his fleshed hand, bringing it to the cigarette still in his lips, pulling another drag.
In sync with the exhale of smoke, Bucky came with a surly moan of the word 'fuck', pressing his cock as deep as possible into your throat as his seed sprayed down it.
"Come on, angel. Can't have you on the floor all night," His voice had softened a bit compared to his grunts and moans. The biker helped you up, using his cold arm to pull you from your spot on the ground with ease.
"After all, we gotta get you home for round two."
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preserum-feral · 8 months ago
cannot stop thinking about what assholes steve and bucky were to each other in the 40s dvdjfnjfnfn like all the fanart is so sweet and tender and then the canon is just “hey steve you know what my biggest dream is” “idk maybe finally getting that stick out of your ass??” “no jackass it’s coming home to find out you spent your day minding your fucking business”
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mutifandomkid · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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angrythingstarlight · 3 months ago
Shower Me in Praise
Summary: Bucky knows what you need after a long week without him.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, oral fem rec, size kink, praise kink, Bucky is 6'4"
A/n: requested.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rivulets of hot water rain down on your back, a thick mist clouding the glass surrounding the shower. This is what you needed after a busy day, the heat soothes your aching muscles. Resting your head on the cool shower wall, your arms dangle by your sides and you relax for the first time in days.
It’s been such an exhausting day and you’ve been looking forward to finally getting to spend time at home. Just you and Bucky. The couch, an old worn knitted blanket, and whatever movie is on tonight. Wine, cheap, greasy takeout, and passionate sex on the living room rug before the credits have a chance to roll across the screen.
But first, you need to let the stress of the real world fade away. You’re nearly done with your shower when you hear the soft click of the door opening.
“Hey Bunny.” Your head cants back at the sound of his raspy deep voice, your body instinctively responding to him. Glancing over your shoulder, the water pours down your face as you watch him through the foggy glass. “Missed you.” The longing in his tone makes your chest tighten. You’ve missed him too, more than words can express.
“I’m glad you’re home,” you respond with a smile, turning around to get a better look at him. He's handsome, a shadow of a beard forming on his sharp jaw, his pink bottom lip caught between his teeth as he eyes you through the glass. Bucky leans against the sink, tapping his fingers on the surface. 
His eyes peirce your eyes through the mist and when he rolls his bottom lip between his pearly white teeth, you shiver. Your body's calling him like a siren and he can never resist you. 
Bucky removes his red henley, real slow making sure you see his muscular abs and pecs ripple as he stretches his arms above his head. You can’t look away, the sight of him peeling layer after layer off of his massive body is mesmerizing. Soon all he has left on are a pair of tight auburn boxers, you can see the outline of his erection and your thighs clench together in a desperate bid to quell the growing ache between them.
He slides them down his muscular legs, your eyes following his movements until they pool around his feet, his cock springs free, smacking him on the stomach. Your mouth goes dry as you gaze at his pretty cock. There’s no way you can hold back the growing throb in your pussy now that the only thing separating you from all of him is a thin sheet of glass. You bite your lip, wiping the condensation to get a better look at your man.
Bucky notices your eyes drifting down to his stiffening cock, a smirk curling the ends of his pink lips up. He’s missed you Bunny. He can’t wait to show you how-actually hold on. He reaches inside and adjusts the knobs. His fingers gingerly test the water as he glares at you.
“Bucky,” you laugh, tossing your washcloth at his head. “It wasn’t that hot.”
He scoffs before turning the knob a little more. “Not that hot Bucky,” he says mocking your tone. You laugh even harder, remembering the first time he jumped in the shower with you
The blast of fiery molten liquid startled him, his feet slipping across the porcelain surface. “What the fuck?” His eyes had widened so quickly you thought they were going to pop out of his head, his brows almost touching his hairline as he screeched. “Why is it so fucking hot bunny? What the fuck!”
You burst into hysterical laughter, nearly wheezing, tears streaming down your face while you slide down the shower wall. He flailed around you trying to dodge the water before landing ass first on the cool tile floor.
Of course, Bucky claims that he never screamed, he yelped. And he didn’t fall, he slipped. You have no idea what the difference is but he insists that the latter is more manly. “You know I nearly died that day. Boiled alive in my own home while my girl laughed at me.”
“Aw poor Bucky,” you coo, scrunching your nose at him. “I still don’t know how you thought you were going to fit in there with me.”
Finally deeming the water tolerable, he steps inside the shower. Instantly his large body takes up most of the space, without even meaning to he crowds you. “There are a few places you didn’t think I was going to fit Bunny,” he hums, his tongue moving across his bottom lip. “What did you say? Something about me being too big?”
Those words squeaked out the first time you saw him naked, his large cock hanging between his legs. He was soft but you couldn’t believe that he could get any bigger.
Then he got hard and you realized how wrong you were. That’s not going to fit Bucky. You were so sure that he was never going to get all of that inside you.
“Remember what I said Bunny?”
Oh, you do.
“You and your pretty pussy are prefect, like you were made for me.”
The way he says that made you preen, you’ve never felt more loved or cherished.
In one swift motion, he corners you, his large palm splayed across your belly, taking your wrists in his metal hand he pins them above your head. He always makes you feel so small. Your nipples brush over his warm chest with every shaky breath you take in.
He steps even closer until his body is pressing into yours. His head dips down slowly, his large palm glides up your wet skin, his fingertips tease your pebbled nipples sending sparks straight to your clit. You start to squeeze your thighs together but he nudges them apart, his thick hair-covered thigh grazing over your clit so lightly it makes you shiver.
“You’re so tight,” he murmurs, his lips sweeping over yours, teasing you with a chaste kiss. “But I knew I was going to fit.”
He did. 
Bucky spread your legs apart, resting his head between your thighs, eating you like he was starving, making you cum over and over on his tongue and fingers. He was methodical, learning his way around your body, studying your face whenever he tried something new, ticking away every single thing that made you gasp, sigh and moan his name.
You were still crying out from the last orgasm he pulled from your trembling body when he thrust inside you. "Told ya I'd make it fit, look how pretty you are stretched around me." And you made a sound you never heard before. You had never felt so full in your life, your tender walls stretched over him, a delicious burn coursing through you.
Before he even moved, you knew that you were ruined for other men.
Bucky sees the way your eyes darken, your breath hitching in your chest. He was going to draw this out, tease you until you were begging for him but he can’t. Not with you looking up at him so sweetly, he can’t deny his pretty girl anything.
He reaches down and lifts you up with one hand, your back slides up the wall until you’re looking at his face. His deep blue eyes capture yours and he’s gazing at you as if he’s seeing you for the first time.
“You’re gorgeous,” he says quietly and reverently, almost unaware that he’s speaking. “I dream about the way your face looks when you cum for me. You don’t even know how perfect you are but I’m going to show you until you believe me.”
Bucky keeps your wrists above your head, reminding you of his incredible strength, the way he can easily manhandle you makes you even wetter. Your legs lock around his waist and you look down to see him gliding his thick swollen head through your folds.
“Eyes on me Bunny,” He demands, his tone soft, almost pleading. Your eyes snap up to his, only a thin rim of blue surrounds his lust-filled pupils. A quick shift of his hips and he’s inside you. Buckys eyes flutter shut, he lives for that first thrust, the way your warm tight walls enveloping him is indescribable.
You both gasp but his is more guttural and drawn out, your pride blooming knowing that he sounds wrecked and desperate because of you. He buries himself in your aching pussy, inch by inch, soon he’s so deep you feel him in your chest. “Bucky,” you moan, your heels dig into the small of his back.
“That's it, that its,“ he whispers resting his head on your forehead, watching your cunt swallow his cock, “you can take it, just a little more Bunny.”
More? You look down and whimper. Oh fuck, you swear he’s even bigger. One more shallow thrust and he’s bottomed out and you're so full. “See,” he chuckles, “your pussy can handle every fucking inch I give her.”
The corner of his lip lifts in a satisfied smirk. And that's your only warning before he’s pulling out of your tight heat before you can begin to feel empty, he’s slamming back inside you. Your head lolls back from the force, jaw going slack as a wave of sensations surges up.
Bucky drops his head down, his lips finding yours and his tongue delves into your mouth. His kiss is sloppy and passionate, he greedily inhales your frantic moans as his hips drive his cock deeper and deeper, faster and faster inside you. The coil in your belly winds tighter until you feel like you’re going to explode.
Bucky knows you’re close, he knows you need to cum, your wordless cries in his mouth begging him for more, your walls clinging to him trying to keep in. You have no idea how much he wants to stay inside your sweet little cunt but he’s going to take care of you first.
His fingers strum your clit the way he knows you like. You feel everything, your clit rolling between his rough, calloused fingers, his warm skin pressing into yours, the filthy grind of his hips, the water dripping off his head onto your chest. “I know, I know bunny,” He mutters, his lips moving to your ear, “I got you, go on and cum for me pretty girl.”
You feel all of it.
And then he angles his hips, his cock hitting something inside you and then all you feel is ecstasy, pure pleasure, as the coil bursts inside you, leaving trails of sultry white heat in its wake. “Fuck Bucky, oh god yes,” you gasp, raking your nails across his broad back.
Bucky groans, scraping his teeth across your throat before sucking a bruise on your skin. You’re gripping him so tightly he struggles to pull out, once he does, you immediately drag him back in and he loses it. His smooth fast pace becomes erratic, his soft grunts of your name echo across the bathroom as he chases his release. “One more bunny, one more,” he pleads. “Be a good girl and give it to me.”
Bucky lets your wrist go, his hands curving around your waist to bring you down on his cock, you can only hold on to his large slippery shoulders, taking his wild strokes. “You feel so good, let me feel you cum again,” he says, his mouth sweeping over your jaw, reclaiming your lips.
You’re already so wound up from your first orgasm that it only takes one more roll of his hips before you’re coming undone, a thin high wail leaving your lips as another searing orgasm pulses through you. 
As soon as your walls flutter around him, you grab his throat and clench down around his pistoning length. "Fill me up,Bucky, make me yours, please," you moan. His feral blue eyes widen as you squeeze tighter 
You always know how to push him over the edge, Bucky lets go with a guttural grunt, spilling into your tight, warm heat, folding himself around your body, his arms wrapping around you, keeping you pressed into his chest.
Bucky laughs breathlessly, tilting your head back to kiss your forehead. “Fuck you’re good, Jesus I can’t- god damn,” he rambles, slipping out of you, murmuring softly when you wince. Gently setting you back on your feet, he places his hands on your waist, keeping you upright. Your legs tremble uncontrollably, and you know if he doesn’t hold you, you’ll collapse to the floor.
Bucky grins, taking in your sated and wrecked appearance with pride. “Bunny,” he says, “told you, this is all mine and I always take good care of her” he cups your mound, pushing you back into the corner.
“But I made a mess, look at what I did to my pretty girl.” Your eyes warily move up his flushed chest to his face, not trusting his soft tone, when he starts talking directly to your pussy you know he’s not done with her. 
And damn her, she starts aching for him again. He lowers himself, his hands moving down your sides, trailing kisses on your skin until he’s kneeling at your feet, his long hair plastered to his forehead, he winks before focusing on your pussy.
"Now tell me about your day," he says placing your leg over his shoulder. “While I’m cleaning her up,”
Tumblr media
A few hours later, you're propped on the couch, his head on your belly, the faint sounds of the movie playing in the background. 
Bucky gazes up at you, his bearded chin grazing your skin. "Ya know," he starts, his brows raising, your own furrowing in response. "I think I missed a spot."
"You know damn well you didnt-" you screech, breaking into laughter as he sits up and yanks your panties down. 
Bucky swipes a thick finger through your folds, holding the glistening digit in front of your face. "Look at that, still messy," he hums, popping his finger in his mouth with a sinful moan. 
"What would I do without you?" 
Bucky pauses, his head lifting slightly. "Dont worry, you'll never have to find out. I'm always going to take care of you and her." 
Before you can melt at his sweet words, his lips surround your clit and all thoughts leave your head. Bucky listens to your pretty sounds, he decides he's going to spend the rest of the night making you sing for him. 
Tumblr media
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a-fictional-mans-wife · a month ago
»The brat tamer«
James 'Bucky' Barnes x female avengers reader
Words: 5.6k
Summary: It had started with the prank of messing with his workout playlist - you and Bucky had been flirting for more than a year before then, but your misbehaving had finally gotten his attention in the way you had been secretly yearning for.
Warnings: explicit smut, orgasm denial, dom/sub, dirty talk, nudes / slight sexting, teasing, pet names, insults, power play
Notes: —
🤍 read it on ao3 | my main masterlist 🤍
Tumblr media
It had started with the prank of messing with his workout playlist - you and Bucky had been flirting for more than a year before then, but your misbehaving had finally gotten his attention in the way you had been secretly yearning for. It had caused a different spark in his eyes, especially when you continued to tease him long after he'd stopped laughing. 
As the power ballad had completely ruined the mood set by his high-energy favourites, you saw the frustration bubbling in him. He was unimpressed by Celine Dion's voice and her heartfelt promises that her heart would go on disrupting his motivation for working out.
It was a side of him that you hadn't seen before. Despite all of the hours you had spent together in the not-so-close quarters of the avengers facility, developing inside jokes, learning his coffee order, eating lunch together, helping him catch up with the best movies of the last decades -it seemed you didn't know him as well as you thought.
You had instantly liked this different energy from him, the intensity making him seem more intimidating than you were used to. You laughed at how his flow had been so easily interrupted, making fun of how his momentum had left him and now he was pausing a lot more. You saw his nostrils flare when you remarked that this was simply a demonstration of how you had superior strength. He hadn't taken part in your usual light-hearted competition, not providing any of his trademark sassy comebacks.
But you had been prepared to take it all back.
This was how you typically had to play it with guys - backtracking when their fragile masculinity took your jokes to heart, ego too bruised to enjoy your company any longer. You hadn't wanted this to happen with Bucky. He was the best gym buddy you had ever had, he had just enough of a competitive edge to keep you motivated and his body always gave you plenty to stare at when the pain came in, making you want to quit for the day. You were unwilling to lose this friendship - despite your disappointment that he didn't fully get your sense of humour in this instance.
At the end of the workout, the two of you had retired to the sauna, as you always did. Wrapped in a towel, in the steam-filled room, you had been ready to take him seriously and even apologise if the mood should demand it.
But he had surprised you, doing something you had been hoping for but never anticipating would truly come to be.
Bucky had leaned over and kissed you. He kissed you with a passion you had never experienced before. It was the kind of kiss that blocked everything else out. It was the kind of kiss that didn't leave any room for questions. It was the kind of kiss that made you go weak in the knees as you were overwhelmed by how brazen it was. It was the kind of kiss that the movies always failed to capture.
He paused, looking you over as you had struggled to get your breath back in the extremely humid air. You gave him the only answer he needed by putting your mouth back to his.
And after that, there had been no more pausing.
It was like a dam had burst and you were drowning in his lust, floored by his power. Bucky’s hands, flesh and vibranium, were everywhere at once and his mouth was stealing all the air from your lungs. You had been reminded of all the times that you would race him on the treadmill, each of you wanting to be the first to reach six miles. It all moved so fast, so exciting as the endorphins rushed you and you simply let your body lead the way.
His body was even more exceptional than you had first perceived, every flex of his muscles thrilling you and making you want more. You were in a wonderland of pleasures - not knowing what to grab first. You wanted to discover it all, to experience and play with every last inch of him.
Your sweat became his sweat and by the time he climbed on top of you, his weight pinning your body against the bench of the sauna seat, you could no longer keep track of where his body ended and your own began. He straddled you, one hand on the side of your face so that he could control and keep your lips where he needed them. You listened to the sounds that fell from his lips - forgetting yourself and not caring that anyone could walk in on you two, thankful that Tony at least hadn’t had cameras installed here.
The passion was so blinding, unlike anything you had ever experienced before. The connection that you had spent almost two years building took over the reins, telling you it was safe to surrender to him.
You would later come to regret giving him all of the control - later, when you discovered that his intention wasn't to get you off. His body seemed to be driving you to that point, the powerful thrusts and the unyielding friction making it feel like an inevitability.
But he had stopped - after his own climax, and after asking you if you were close. You confirmed emphatically that you were. You had gone all-in, giving him all of the dirty talk that you could think of. You had said things you had never shared with another, stressing on how much you wanted to come on his dick, sounding like a needy bitch...
And yet, Bucky had still stopped.
He had pulled out, leaving you feeling a case of whiplash and there was no relief on the horizon. He grabbed your chin, roughly directing you to look into his blue eyes. Your mouth gaped open, moving over silent pleads and questions.
“It’s pretty frustrating when your flow gets interrupted, isn’t it, doll?” Bucky had asked, the words quiet but his tone far from gentle. “That’ll teach you not to mess with me again, naughty girl.”
You had vocalised nonsensically, wanting an explanation of what exactly was going on. But he had given you no further information - getting up, wrapping the towel back around his waist and leaving the sauna. 
You had folded forward over yourself - wrapped in a state of complete disbelief. If you weren’t so incapacitated by your arousal, if you weren’t so wrecked by his dick, you would have followed after him. Avoiding confrontation had never been your style and you were willing to let the irritation get the better of you. But all of the curse words that you thought fitting for the situation, had remained inside of your head. Because all that you could do was struggle for breath, comprehension evading you.
But somehow…you wanted it again. Wanted to be a victim to his power. 
You wanted to do what it took to have Bucky call you a naughty girl again. You wanted the rush of misbehaving. You wanted to challenge him, to unleash that relentless and rare side he was always trying to keep hidden. And most of all, you wanted to fucking cum.
You had been thinking about him for the rest of the day, thinking of ways to get him to come over, to loose control again and finish what he started.
And so, the method of mischief came in the form of teasing him with nude photos —something that Bucky, a man from a entirely different time and used to sending cute, lovely letters to the woman of his desire, definitely wouldn’t be used to. Good.
You stood in front of your bathroom mirror, completely naked and your phone in hand. You started with close-ups - your bare shoulder and neck, your hip shot in a way that showed off your lack of panties. Then it was the classic full-body shot, your crotch covered by the bathroom counter and your tits maintaining some modesty with an arm held across your chest.
The lack of response from him told you that he was preoccupied, probably being good at his job, going on patrols with Sam or whatever he was up to. And you couldn't help but want to derail this.
You sent him a video that captured you face-on, still playing at decency with your arm held in place to cover your nipples. But you had angled yourself with your back to the mirror and you adjusted how you held your phone, revealing your bare ass to him in the reflection. You winked to the camera before taking your finger off the record button.
You added a caption before sending the video to him, to join the queue of the other titillating messages awaiting his attention.
»Looks like I have to finish what you started...«
This had instantly stood out from the previous messages that made up your limited digital conversation. Everything before that had been light-hearted, you sharing memes with him (that he almost never understood), checking what time one another would be getting to the gym that day, sharing recipes, coming up with new secret nicknames for the other avengers, offering to buy each other a smoothie and all of that…
This was a clear deviation and you had dived in - wanting more, which he probably knew.
You were already very pleased with yourself, feeling irresistibly naughty, even after you had dressed in your bathrobe.
You sat on the couch, just trying to fill the time before his response came through.
After a while the first notification started to pop up and he was finally replying to you.
A simple, short: »Don’t.«
You were smiling to yourself as you sent something back.
»That's so weird, I definitely don't remember asking for your permission.«
»I thought I'd taught you that naughty girls don't get to cum.«
»Taught me? I guess the lesson didn't sink in…«
»Do I need to teach it again? Do I need to teach you that cheeky teasing girls shouldn't misbehave if they wanna get off?«
»I’m not misbehaving. I‘m a good girl.« You texted, trying to picture his face as he was reading all of this. »I just wanted to show you what you’re missing, Bucky.«
»You wanted to tease me. And I do not like being teased.«
»Too bad for you then, cos I do what I want and sometimes that includes showing off my body.«
You felt so bold, you wondered if you would be feeling this courageously defiant if this conversation was taking place face-to-face.
»What if I fuck some of that attitude out of you? And then you can really learn your lesson and you can see how it should be- with me in charge.«
»I'd like to see you try.« You goaded him.
»You will see, doll. No more pictures now.«
»Maybe I’ll send them to someone who wants them instead. What’s bird-mans number again?«
»Put some clothes on and try to behave. I should be finished here soon.«
You couldn’t help but let out an exciting squeak at his last message.
You didn't add any clothes to cover yourself with beyond the thin bathrobe, but you did refrain from sending through any other images of your body. It was less than an hour later that Bucky was knocking at your door, interrupting your process of making a cup of tea.
“Hey Bucky.” You said innocently, standing aside to let him in and locking the door again once he was inside. “You look good…”
You could feel him behind you, even before physical contact was made and you didn’t even have to turn around to look at him -you could already sense the disapproving scowl on his face.
He traced a single finger up your spine.
“And you look like a brat.”
You smiled - he had come to play, he wasn’t threatened by your attitude and you were emboldened to keep going. You spun around to face him, advancing on him quicker than he would have time to react. Taking advantage of his surprise, you powered into him until you could get his back pressed to the wall. You placed your chest against his, tilting your chin back so that you could look directly into his eyes.
“So what does that make you? The brat tamer?” You licked your lips as your eyes dropped to his mouth.
Before you could kiss him, which you had very much been looking forward to, you were forced out of your stance - twisted and shoved against the wall. For a moment you were speechless, just staring up to where his eyes were narrowed and where you could see his jaw clenching.
“Maybe.” Bucky said, his voice huskier than you were used to. “And I’m not afraid to put you back in your place, doll.”
You slipped your arms around him, running one hand up his back, the other exploring the taut muscles on the arm that he currently held above your head, bracing himself with a single hand on the wall. “Oh really, and where is my place?”
“Beneath me.” He was leaning more of his body weight into you, making your heart race, even as you were making plans of what to do next. “I thought I got used to all your teasing, but you’ve been such a pain in my ass lately.” His face moved closer to your own and you held his arm a little tighter as he whispered into your ear. “I thought not letting you cum would teach you. But it seems like what you really need, is someone to fuck you properly until that attitude is gone.”
You heard him sharply inhale and then his hot breath was so present on your neck. You felt his arm relax a little, his intensity dialled back slightly and it was clear that he was counting himself as the victor.
Before his lips could make contact with your throat, you placed both hands onto his arm and yanked it down. You moved quick enough that he didn’t have a chance to tense, allowing you to mould him. He was thrown off balance and you took this opportunity to step forward, pushing him off of you. 
You maintained this momentum, stepping into his personal space and redirecting him. You put your hands to his broad chest and shoved him over, his back forced against the wall again as you held him there.
"I don't know if you could tame me." You said, bearing your teeth. Bucky could easily move if he wanted to, you were no match to his strength even you knew that.
But he didn’t and his stare into your eyes remained steady. "Oh, I could do it…"
"Maybe you should prove it." You nudged your nose against his, moving in closer to his open mouth. Your eyes fluttered shut as your lips captured his. You kissed him deeply, immediately granted access to his mouth. Your tongue raked along the roof of his mouth, drawing his taste into your mouth. You massaged his tongue with yours, feeling his jaw grow slacker as you did so. He tilted his head to the right and you put your hand to his cheek, diving into this new angle.
Then a hand was on your body, warming your bare skin. You felt him running his hands down your back, beginning to grip as they travelled over your hips. The vibranium hand firmly held your hip while his flesh hand went down, over your ass to grab the back of your thigh.
You felt his muscles flex and your feet were tugged up from the floor. You allowed him to lift you off of the ground, readjusting your arms around his shoulders and picking your leg up. He instantly had you wrapped up in his embrace, carrying you forward and away from the entryway.
He didn’t have to pause and look around, he knew his way through your small quarters, into the bedroom without having to open his eyes once. He’s been over to watch movies with you countless of times before. You didn’t want to ever stop kissing him, this rhythm was so intoxicating, one perfect movement following another.
He dropped you onto the bed, your back colliding with the mattress for less than a second before you were springing back up. You sat up onto your knees, eagerly watching as he removed his shirt. You could feel your heart pounding, wondering what you could push him to, what you could bring out of him.
He planted one knee onto the bed, leaning in, to put his hand on the side of your face. 
"Do you know what you’re getting yourself into, doll?"
You smirked to yourself, eyes dropping to where you were easing down his grey briefs. "Oh, can’t be that good if you couldn’t even make me cum the first time, hm?"
"What was that, do you wanna say that again?" He grabbed your chin, redirecting your face so that you were looking up at him. "Hm? You wanna say that again- look at me and say it."
You felt a flutter in your tightening chest, not fear but intimidation, and it moved the arousal through your veins even faster. "I said: It can’t be good because you couldn’t make me cum the first time.“
He made a low growl before shoving your shoulder, employing enough force to send you back, laid upon the bed. He climbed on top of you, holding himself up and away with his strong arms, but his hair was close enough to grab - you were transfixed by the idea of tugging on it, wrapping them around your hand and pulling just to see a reaction.
"You’re gonna be so, so sorry for that, little brat." 
You knew that he would never really hurt you. This was Bucky - the man who would rush around the car to open the passenger side door every single time. When you went to get coffees he would say your order first and he would always tut-tut your attempts to pay. Always such a gentleman.
But to be fucked like a slut, to be used, to be controlled, to be conquered - you didn't scrutinise its logic. You just knew that you needed it, needed to feel his full force.
You raised your knee, digging it against his gut and using this to push him back. You added your hands to his chest and you were able to get him onto his back. You didn't question the urge to challenge him more because you needed him to forget any manners, to forget any etiquette of how to treat a lady. You needed to charge his frustrations until he couldn't control himself.
You mounted him, pressing him down into the mattress. "Pretty boy, did you like my photos?" You lowered yourself, speaking into his ear. "Did they get you all hard and horny and thinking of all the things I could do to you, when you were supposed to be professional and concentrating on your job?"
"They were very nice and they definitely did get my attention, doll." He said, arms wrapping around you as he lifted himself up, pushing his weight into you. This allowed him to put himself on top again. "But you're wrong about what it got me to thinking of- all that I could think of was what I had to do to you."
You ran your hand up the side of his neck, letting your nails drag over his taut skin. "Is that supposed to intimidate me?" You caressed his cheek. "Is that supposed to make me wanna behave? Is this the part when I regret my earlier actions and promise to be good?" You pouted your bottom lip out, twirling a strand of his hair around your finger.
Then you twisted his hair around your knuckles and gently tugged on it. "'Cause I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna promise to be good. You'll have to make me."
"Just you fuckin' wait…" He grabbed your hand away from his hair and relocated it up to above your head. He overlapped one of your wrists with the other, holding both hands in place with a tight squeeze of his vibranium arm. "I'll put you in your place once and for all."
You rolled your eyes, even as you arched your back to get closer to him. "I'm still waiting for you to do that. So far, you're all talk…"
He growled under his breath again and you felt him holding your wrists tighter. He inched closer and your lips parted, ready to be kissed again.
But then he moved down lower, his lips going to your neck, covering your flesh in hungry kisses. He didn't settle on one section for long, instead marking you with saliva as he sucked and nipped at the skin. Your eyes fluttered shut, maybe you would complain about the love bites later, but for now, you loved this thorough attention you were receiving from him.
You hissed at the feeling of your skin snagged between his teeth, held too tight and for too long, pulled as if he was going to rip it off. But then he released his bite, his nose brushing against your skin as he moved lower. 
His tongue dragged over your collarbone as his weight on top of you shifted. He was forced to release your hands, they were out of his grasp as he moved his focus to your chest. 
The heat of his mouth engulfed your stiffened nipple and you writhed beneath him, your hands moving to his hair. His lips secured around the sensitive peak and you were soon feeling his tongue moving across the nipple, bringing twinges of arousal through your body, beyond where his hands or mouth could reach.
Your hands curled into desperate fists in his hair when he applied his teeth to the nipple. It was a sharp sting that robbed you of your breath. You were stunned into stillness, willing to let him do anything his desires dictated.
His teeth released you again and he was pushing further down your body. He bit, licked and sucked on the skin he found on his way down, all without a pattern or a method, keeping you surprised, keeping your heart racing.
He completely ignored your pussy, instead latching his teeth onto the inside of your thigh. You made an impatient huff, the tension that this teasing was bringing was starting to feel painful.
He looked up at you. “Did you say something, котенок?”
You clenched your jaw. “Nope.”
“Are you sure? ‘Cause you know that you can just give me a nice, sincere beg and then you can have anything you want- you do know that, right, doll? It doesn’t even have to be a long rambling beg, you don’t have to take back all of your bratty comments, just enough for me to see that you mean it. And then I can take care of you, treat you real nice and make you feel so, so good.”
You shook your head, thinking about how glorious it would be when he earnt your obedience. “I didn’t say anything.”
Bucky sighed loudly.
“Such a silly, rude, naughty little brat.” 
He quickly had you turned around, your chest now pressed to the mattress, the air knocked from your lungs in the process. Your face was now buried into the sheets and you let his strength overwhelm you. He grabbed your wrists, bringing your arms behind your back and pinning your hands to the small of your back.
"You want me to prove it?" He asked, striking his hand against your butt and you gasp. "Is that what you want, hm?" Another spank and your throat had begun to clench. "Do you want me to prove that you're just a naughty girl- a naughty girl that would be lucky to be fucked by me? Want me to prove that I can make you cum so many fucking times, you‘ll be begging me to stop."
Your breathing was ragged and you had to concentrate to keep the waver out of your voice as you spoke. "You haven't proven anything yet, Bucky."
He placed his hands onto your hips and lifted them up, pulling until your butt was flush to his lap. You could feel his hard dick, so close to your wet cunt. His fingers were digging into your skin and you could feel the strain in your muscles.
"Such a naughty slut, you're gonna take all of it." He growled. „And don’t you dare complain or beg for mercy.“ 
Your hands went to grip the sheets when you felt his cock against your entrance and he began to fill you. You arched your back, a whining gasp falling from your lips. Your walls shuddered around him and you could feel him throbbing within you, keen to hit into your deepest spots. 
He tested at thrusting into you, not trying to find an immediate rhythm. Instead he was stretching you, slow and measured strokes of his cock, relearning how to work your body over after the short pause since this morning at the gym sauna.
“Oh fuck…” You moaned as you pushed back, letting his balls hit against your ass.
He wrapped an arm around your middle, holding you closer. “Are you gonna take all of it?”
“Yes. Yes, I want it all.” You sobbed out through your tight throat.
“Are you gonna ask me nicely, doll?”
You flipped yourself up, rocking your body back into his. “You fuckin’ wish.”
He huffed heavily. "If you're not gonna ask nicely…" His hand went to your chest, immediately giving your nipple a hard pinch, bringing a startling sting straight through your body. "Then I'm not gonna fuck you nicely."
You were barely bracing yourself with your knees on the bed, but it was enough to swing yourself into him, meeting and intensifying each of his thrusts. You picked up the heavenly momentum, encouraging him to go faster as he was rutted deeper-and-deeper into your pussy. 
He held securely to your chest, not missing a single roll of his hips and it seemed perfection was guaranteed. The friction was building, every single movement heightened by the way he worked his fingers across your most sensitive areas, knowing exactly how to play and push you right up to that edge. Your bodies working together, you could feel yourself getting closer to falling apart.
You squeezed your eyes shut, seeing fireworks blooming there. It was all happening so fast, too fast for you to comprehend as your mind was throttled from one awe-inspiring sensation to the next. You gripped his thigh, holding tightly as the strengthening shudders wreaked havoc through your nervous system.
“Are you close, котенок? Gonna come for me?” He asked, punctuating this question by biting into your shoulder, hard enough to make you cry out.
“Yes.” You grabbed his wrist with your empty hand, you were so aware of how much your energy wanted to burst out of you in one final celebratory jolt. “Yes, fuck, I’m so close…”
That was the wrong thing to say, but you realised too late.
He slowed himself down, torturing you with a lethargic speed, making you feel like you were freefalling from a great height.
“You don’t get to come ‘til I say.” He said, the huskiness in his voice sounded a little dangerous.
But you didn’t let that scare your frustration away. “Fucking fine.”
Your desire to get off filled you with a new zest, a new boldness and you gathered your strength to move away from him. You turned to him on your knees, seeing the strands of hair stuck to the sweat on his face, before pushing him to the mattress. You placed yourself on to his lap and he didn’t stop you as you lined yourself up, sinking your wet pussy down onto him again. It was easier to brace yourself with your hands on his chest and it was easier to imagine what it would be like to fall apart now that his eyes were piercing into your soul.
“If you come before I say…” He had to pause, eyelids momentarily fluttering as he was surprised by the tightness of your cunt with your first slow roll into him. “Then you aren’t allowed to stop coming.”
Thrilled by this new control, you found the best angle for him to stroke against your quivering walls. “I’m terrified.”
There was lightning flashing in his eyes as he put a hand to your throat. “How hard do I have to go ‘til that attitude is fucked out of you?”
You held his gaze. “Harder.”
He increased the pacing, his hand steady on your throat as he took you away from the smooth, fluid movements you had been sinking into. It had been a poetic incline but now he was bucking into you without any grace. The desperation of a point needing to be made had turned each thrust into something erratic, jerky, reminding you of a jackhammer. 
The hand at your neck clenched, not enough to block your breathing, but there was the threat of pain there - he didn’t want you to forget that he was stronger than you.
“F-Fuck Bucky” You moaned shamelessly, your hips stuttering recklessly.
You slumped back further, your voice growing louder and the convulsions began to consume you. He was finally deep enough, his dick stroking through your aching cunt, each time more glorious than the thrust that came before it.
„Oh fuckfuckfuck, harder, yes, yes, harder, shit—”
Your walls spasmed and contracted wildly around him, entirely beyond your control as you felt the climax dawning on you.
“Naughty, little…” His voice was thick with lust.
But you were moaning too loud, every other sound drowned out, just as every other sensation was drowned out by your powerful orgasm. You became detached from your body for a few seconds, not registering any of your limbs as you simply rode out these unbelievable tingles. You were floating, made purely of bliss.
But you were hurtled back to reality when your back hit the bed, Bucky’s body overpowering yours.
He had placed himself on top, pummelling into you with an incredible amount of energy. You felt yourself being rubbed raw, the friction was enough to drive you crazy as you were taken to a higher state of sensitivity, what you would have before thought to be impossible.
“Fuckin’ brat.” He hissed at you as you uselessly writhed beneath him. “I’m gonna make you cum so many times that you forget what it’s like to not have me inside of you.”
“Mm-hmm…” There was no more resisting, you felt too spectacular to care about being disobedient any longer.
His breathing was so heavy, so loud - louder than the sound of his skin slapping against your own. Bucky’s rhythm was merciless and you stopped noticing how disjointed it had become.
You could feel yourself falling apart again, so entirely overwhelmed by him and unable to hold your moans back. There was a burst of white light behind your eyelids as you clenched then released around his engorged cock for a second time.
He stalled, but this was only a brief break, a false sign of his impending orgasm. He returned to that frantic effort, while you could do nothing more than receive him. He was heavier upon you, his noises getting louder, more curse words filling the room.
“You keep getting tighter, fu- fuckin’ hell. This sensitive little pussy, can she even take more?” 
“Yes”, you moaned, your already sore chest was expanding again, and it felt like every joint in your body was now made only of jelly. “Yes, Bucky please!”
“Greedy. Little.” He timed his next series of thrusts to match the words as he said them. “Brat. Rude. Naughty. Girl.“
You wanted to let go again, the jittering of your leg muscles was beginning to grow alarming. “Gonna cum, gonna cum again Bucky, shit.“ And you did, oh how you did come again. Your legs were shaking by now and you could feel how much he was trembling too. You held tightly to his shoulders, recognising the signs of him about to surrender to the climax.
“You want my cum, doll?” You didn’t have the ability to answer. “You want me to cum in this tight little brat pussy?”
“Mm… mm-hmm, yes.”
His head fell down to rest in the curve of your neck while the rest of his body curled around you, holding you tight as he worked through the tremors.
There was one final deep thrust and then he was dissolving, collapsing into a sweaty heap on top of you. Your walls fluttered around him, the nerves in your body continuing to dance as you fell victim to the powerful aftershocks.
You felt like the whole room was moving around you, your breaths so shallow. Your hands were trembling and all that you could do was hold onto him until he moved off of you, but you instantly followed him -like a pathetic co-dependent puppy. You laid your head onto the pillow next to his, curling up next to him, your arms around him.
"You know how you were calling me a slut…", you started.
Bucky sighed. "Yeah, sorry- did you not… was that not okay?"
"It was fine." You said giggling. "I just wanted to say- it takes one to know one."
"Still such a brat." He said with a little chuckle that brought a bigger smile to your face.
"I know, I guess the lesson didn't sink in… maybe next time you could try to teach it in a way that will actually stick."
"Next time?“, he chuckled heartily and you could feel your heart sink to your stomach, "Who said I’m done with this lesson, hm?“
„Oh.... Oh.“
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hailhydra920 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Soft!Winter Soldier x reader
Summary:  You and the Winter Soldier escape Hydra and you lay low in a hotel.
Warnings: None
           The air was frigid, and your teeth chattered slightly. The snow was up to your knees, and you trudged along after the man in front of you. The man in front of you seemed unfazed by the blizzard you both were walking through. He wasn’t even wearing his jacket; he had given that to you an hour ago. The bun in his hair, courtesy of you, was now frozen in place on his head and you wondered what you looked like.
           “H-hey, Winter. A-are we almost th-there?” You asked as you pulled his jacket closer to your body.
           He grunted in response, and you took that as a yes. Then again, you asked that same question twenty minutes ago and he gave you the same response. You both kept walking through the snow, the annoying crunch seemed to get carried away by the wind with every step. After a few more steps, you bumped into him. You looked up at him, wondering why he had stopped.
           “Climb on my back. We can move a lot quicker if I carry you.” His voice sounded dry, and he handed you his backpack before crouching down.
           This wasn’t the first time he had carried you, and it probably wouldn’t be the last. You climbed onto his back and wrapped your body around him. He straightened up and you pressed a small kiss to his neck. He let out a small sigh before jogging through the snow. You clutched him tightly as he picked up speed. Lights were shining in the distance, and you breathed out in relief that you were almost someplace warm. The streets were empty, you guys were the only ones dumb enough to be out in such weather. He stopped in front of a dinky hotel, and you slid off his back. You gave Winter his coat back to him, so people wouldn’t see his arm and he adjusted his beanie and backpack before you guys entered.
           A wave of heat hit you as you opened the door and you sighed in contentment. You watched as Winter walked up to the counter to get you guys a room for the night. He spoke with the lady at the front desk in a language you didn’t know, and he soon walked back to you with the key.
           “Room 25. It’s not much but it’s enough for us to rest for the night.” He said as he led you to the room.
           The room was small, but it was alright. It had a bed, bathroom, a microwave, and a mini fridge. A small tv was in the corner, but all you guys needed was a shower and bed. You and Winter set your backpacks down and as you took in the room.
           “You take a shower. I’ll see if I can find us some food and I’ll scout the area to make sure no one from Hydra is following us.” He held you for a moment not wanting to let go.
           “Be careful, Winter.” You said pressing a kiss to his jaw.
           A ghost of a smile appeared on his face. He still wasn’t used to all the affection being shown, since you two had to hide your relationship while with Hydra. And the touches he got from Hydra were all but loving. He left, and you walked back to your bag to find some fresh clothes.
           The warm water of the shower felt heavenly. You and Winter had escaped two days ago from Hydra, and you guys had been hopping from place to place in hopes that Hydra wouldn’t find you. You and the Winter Soldier had formed a tight bond. You seemed to be the only one who could calm him down, and he was able to show his softer side around you. You never knew his real name, so you opted for Winter. Soldat, and Asset tasted bitter on your tongue.
           You were fixing the bed when Winter came back. He had brought back some rice and chicken, setting it one the table. He shrugged off his jacket, his metal arm now on display.
           “No sign of Hydra. Sorry about the food. It was the best I could do.”
           “It’s fine, Winter. Go shower, and your food will be waiting for you.” You said gently untying the bun in his hair, trying not to hurt him while his hair was thawing.
           Once you undid his hair, he turned around and looked at you. “C-can you wait for me? To eat? I want to eat with you.”
           He looked so vulnerable just then. His blue eyes looking at you softly. All he wanted was to eat his meal with you and you hugged him.
           “Sure thing. I’ll be waiting for you.”
           He quickly kissed you on the forehead, before heading to the shower. He had been through so much, and you just wanted to take his pain away. How could he have gone through such torment and pain and still be so soft? Winter didn’t take very long in the shower, and he soon took a seat beside you on the bed, and you ate in silence.
           You were pressed against his side as you ate, a thing you knew comforted him tremendously. After you guys finished your food, he checked the door and window to make sure they were locked. He was uneasy about sleeping while Hydra could still be looking for the both of you. Placing his gun on the nightstand beside the bed, he made sure everything was ready for bed. When he was done, you switched off the lights, leaving the bathroom light on with the door cracked, knowing how much he hated the dark.
           Crawling into bed beside him, he wrapped his body around yours almost instinctively. He was closest to the door; he could protect you better that way. You nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck, placing little kisses there. He hummed in contentment at your gesture, and he held you a bit tighter against him. His warmth and soft heartbeat made you feel safe, and you moved a bit to press a kiss to his lips. He kissed back eagerly, his hands pulling you as close as possible.
           “I love you, Winter.” You said snuggling into him.
           “I love you, too. I promise I’ll keep you safe. Always.” He murmured as he nuzzled into you. “Mine.”
           “Yours.” You pressed one last kiss to his neck. “Forever and always.”
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bccky · 4 months ago
Pairing: College AU!Bucky Barnes X Reader
Summary: you realise that you are in love with your best friend, only for him to confess that he loves someone else
Words: 2,830
Warnings: angst, sad reader, late love realisations, fluff at end
@buckybingo : finding each other once again
@star-spangled-bingo : unrequited love
@anyfandomangstbingo : Walking Away
@anyfandomgoesbingo : They're mad at me, i did something stupid
@drysdale-barnes 600 FWC: When he loves me I feel like I'm floating
@saiyanprincessswanie 2.5K FWC: Thank you, I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I'm sorry it took so long for me to catch up. - (Silver Linings Playbook)
A/N: inspired from a drabble I wrote for @justagirlinafandomworld flash fic challenge! Huge thanks to @princessmisery666 for betaing this in such a short time! Inspired by the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. And to @msmarvelouswinchester for being excited about this when I told her the idea lol Dividers by firefly-graphics
Hope you like reading this Xx
Main Masterlist • Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
You loved him.
Gosh, you were so stupid for not realizing it earlier.
You shook your head as you smiled to yourself. You had always considered Bucky to be slightly more than a best friend, but you had never known that this was what was called love.
Someone patted your shoulder from behind and you almost gave yourself a whiplash with how fast you turned, deflating when you realized it was Dot, and not, um - you know, Bucky.
"Woah, hope your neck is okay." She teased, but there was an edge of concern.
You hummed, "I'm fine, what's up?"
"Bucky told me to tell you that he wants to talk to you about something. He'll be at your dorm."
You thanked Dot and picked up your bag before making your way home.
For some reason, you couldn't control the smile on your face.
Okay, no.
You knew the reason why you couldn't stop smiling. You had a feeling that something good was going to happen. The guy wanted to talk to you at the exact time you realized your feelings for him, that meant something, right?
Maybe he felt the same too...
And with that thought, you walked back to your dorm with a skip in your step.
Tumblr media
Bucky was right there, sitting on your bed, bottom lip caught between his teeth as he shyly looked anywhere but you, his cheeks pink. You opened your mouth to greet him but he spoke first.
"I love you."
You couldn't believe that Bucky was actually saying the three words right as you entered your room. He had probably been practising while he waited for you and maybe just blurted it out. You didn't know what to say - what to think. You were in awe as you stared at him in surprise.
Bucky let out a breathy laugh as he brushed his hands through his hair before finally meeting your eyes. "What do you think she'll say if I tell her that?"
And just like that, eleven words was all it took to bring your whole world crashing down.
Your smile dropped and you couldn't help but ask, "What?"
"Dot - I wanna tell her that I love her." Bucky said as he licked his lips, blushing. "Fuck, I have been saying 'I Love You' to myself for ages, practising, before you even came in."
Tears blurred your eyes but you willed them away, finally understanding what was happening.
"I know that you're shocked, you didn't even yell at me for cursing. Hell, I'm shocked. Who knew a girl like Dot could lock this playboy down." Bucky stood up, hugging you tightly.
It was true, Bucky was known as a love 'em, leave 'em kinda guy throughout college, and you, his best friend from day one of college, was probably the only girl he had talked to for more than a week… well, maybe except Dot.
You returned his hug, wrapping your arms around his neck like always. But this time, something had changed.
Maybe everything had changed.
Bucky pulled away, his own eyes a bit red-rimmed even though you had never seen him smile so brightly.
You couldn't take it anymore, so you turned around on your heels, placed your bag on your desk and started taking out stuff as a distraction.
"You think I should tell her?" He asked in a small voice. You had never thought that Bucky could ever be this shy even a second from all of your time with him.
You nodded, not trusting your voice as you discreetly wiped your tears. You felt him hug you one last time from behind before he muttered, "Wish me luck." and rushed out of your dorm, the door slamming in his wake.
And thus, you were left alone with your thoughts in the quiet that followed.
It would be a lie if you said you didn't cry at all. You had just been through your first heartbreak.
Tumblr media
You woke up the next day, sighing when your gaze fell on the mascara stained pillows.
Will it be just as hard to remove the stains as it will be to remove Bucky from your heart?
Was your love even real if he never felt what you did?
Taking a deep breath, you made a call to the only person who you knew would have the answers, trying to rub the tears off your cheeks even though you couldn't stop crying when she picked up.
"Mama, can you die from a broken heart?"
Tumblr media
It wasn't hard to distance yourself from him when final exams of your last term were just a week away. You could give him simple excuses like; "I have to study," and he didn't have any other choice but to believe you.
"After exams," Bucky said one morning when you crossed paths on the campus. You tried to walk away, but he had clasped your hand, "You and I are going to spend a whole day together. I miss my best friend."
"Of course," you replied without missing a beat. But you had already planned to leave an hour after your last paper was handed in. Now, the thought of escaping was the only thing that made you happy.
"I'll be waiting for you." Bucky smiled, showing his pearly whites, but then frowned when he saw that your smile didn't reach your eyes. "Did something happen, Y/N?"
"Something did happen, but don't worry about it, you won't understand." You squeezed his hand twice, knowing that it was probably the last time you were going to talk to him, maybe forever.
You would've hugged him, but he knew you well enough to understand it as a confirmation that something was definitely wrong.
So, that was the last time you ever met James Bucky Barnes, memorizing him as a goofy guy with a cheeky smile and blue eyes that shined with life, his white shirt stained with ink and half tucked in.
Well, that was to be expected since you kept your heart tightly bound in so that no one could break it again.
Tumblr media
With distance, they say, the heart grows fonder, but yours just kept on getting even more numb.
Everyone around you tried to make you talk it out, but you just shoved your feelings aside and began working harder for your career.
"Bye, Y/N!" Wanda and Natasha yelled as you waved at them for the final time before you boarded your flight to Brooklyn.
You smiled and thanked the flight attendant who directed you to your seat, mentally thanking Natasha for booking you a window one. You settled down, hoping to get some rest on your long haul flight after the hectic week you had.
A lady who seemed to be in her sixties took the middle seat while a man in a blue suit and sunglasses occupied the aisle one.
The moment the man sat down, you could tell that the old lady was on edge. She bounced her foot irately before pushing the 'call' button thrice incessantly.
A young flight attendant immediately rushed to your row, "Hi! What can I help you with?"
The old lady, however, was in no mood of being polite.
"I had booked the aisle seat," She grumbled. "Here's my ticket!"
The flight attendant checked it over, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but it looks like you may have accidentally booked the middle seat."
"That's not possible. I always sit on the aisle seat. You move me right now!" You felt pity for the flight attendant, who obviously wasn't used to such passengers yet.
"If it's fine, she can change seats with me," The man on the aisle seat said.
The flight attendant gratefully nodded, "it's fine sir, but you don't have to-"
"It's fine." The man and the old lady quickly changed seats so that the former was sitting next to you instead.
Now that he was closer, you spared a few seconds to look him over as he typed something in his phone. His jaw was sharp and covered with a small beard that looked professionally trimmed, and his hair dark which complimented his fair skin beautifully.
Not wanting to get caught, you quickly looked away.
The other passengers were still boarding when another flight attendant approached with a clipboard. "Miss Y/L/N." she said politely. “The meal you pre-booked isn’t available, here’s a menu so you can choose something else. I hope that’s okay.”
“Not a problem,” you said, taking the offered menu. She said she would come back shortly and wandered off down the plane.
The man next to you, however, started glancing at you every few minutes or so and you noticed through your peripheral vision.
After all the meals were served and the stranger had glanced at you for the sixth time, you were annoyed. "What's up?"
He was startled, as if he hadn't thought he would get caught. "Oh shit, I'm sorry. Didn't wanna make you uncomfortable." He cleared his throat before continuing. "Are you related to Y/N Y/L/N?"
You had worked really hard for where you were career-wise. You were the editor-in-chief of a popular newspaper, so it wasn't uncommon that your name would be recognized here and there.
But you also didn't have the energy for any such interaction right now.
Playing it safe, you said, "Oh, yes. I'm a distant cousin. Do you know her?"
The man visibly deflated before smiling sadly. "Yeah. We used to be best friends."
Your eyebrows shot up in confusion. "Is that so? What is your name if you don't mind me asking?"
"Bucky Barnes."
There weren't many times that life gave you curveballs. You were proud that you felt ready to face any challenge thrown your way, but this, you never thought would happen.
"Bu… Bucky?"
"Yeah. Has she ever talked about me?" There was that hint of a smile that made your heart stop, and then it began beating erratically when he removed his sunglasses to reveal those baby blues.
"It's me, Bucky. I'm Y/N." You breathed out.
Funnily enough, his reaction was more dramatic than yours. He had brought up a spoonful of mashed potatoes up to his mouth which clattered back onto the plate.
For a moment, you could tell Bucky was at a loss about what to do - wanting to shout at you and hug you at the same time.
Thankfully, he settled for the latter.
"I missed you so much." He said, awkwardly twisting his huge body in the small space between the two rows in the airplane.
You patted his back, smiling as tears sprang to your eyes.
Gosh, you hated Bucky for still having this much effect on you.
"So, what are you doing nowadays?" You asked, wiping your eyes with a tissue after he let you go.
"Took over my dad's business." He replied, to which you raised your eyebrows.
"I thought you didn't want to do that?"
Bucky shrugged, "Times change, I guess. I'm happy doing it now, though."
You hummed, "That's good. I'm an editor-in-chief at -"
"- New York Times, I know." Bucky cringed as he interrupted your sentence, realizing how creepy it must've come across. "Ma reads it, she's really proud of your achievements. She’s collected some of your articles in this cute little scrapbook."
You blushed. "That's really sweet, please thank her for me. Is she well?"
Bucky laughed, "Oh, she's really well. Bex just gave her a granddaughter, I'm on my way home to meet her."
Bex was Bucky's younger sister, who you had really bonded with throughout the four years of college. You felt like you were going to burst with happiness, "Oh my god, are you serious? That's amazing! Do you have pictures?"
He regretfully shook his head, "I would but I accidentally rebooted my phone and all the pictures Bex sent are gone." He bit his lower lip, as if hesitating before he said, "Well, I don't wanna cross any boundaries, but if you're okay with it, you can come over for dinner sometime this week if you're in Brooklyn."
Uh. What were you supposed to say?
It wasn't like you didn't wanna go, you missed Bucky's mom and Bex a lot.
But, on the other hand, Bucky was obviously going to be there, and since you didn't know anything about him now, you weren't sure if you were mentally equipped to deal with anything as well as how awkward it was going to be.
"I'll have to check with my secretary. Why don't you give me your number and I'll text you?" Okay, that was safe, right? You passed your phone to him to put his number in. This way, you didn't have to worry about making anyone upset in case you couldn't go.
Well, more upset than they already must've been with you.
"Hey, Buck?" You asked, almost muttering, "I hope your mom isn't mad at me for, uh, ghosting her..."
Bucky snorted as he passed you your phone back. "Mad at you? Never. She was actually mad at me when we couldn't find you after graduation, convinced that I did something stupid. Managed to make me think so too when you ignored my calls."
"Woah." You didn't know what else to say.
"For what it's worth now, I'm really sorry for whatever I did. I promise I never had any intention of hurting you."
Nothing would ever break your heart more than hearing the crack in Bucky's voice. How could you tell him it was never his fault, it was all you.
The only thing you did was wrap your hands around his arm closest to you, and his other hand instinctively came up to grab yours, only this time, his fingers were dead cold, metallic.
You looked down, taking his hands to inspect them. You gasped as you realised that his left hand wasn't organic.
"What happened, Bucky?"
He shook his head before smiling sadly. "Just a small mishap I had in our factory a few years ago. I'm okay, got used to it now, see!" He moved his fingers in a random pattern, a small whirring sound coming from within, while doing nothing to make you feel less guilty about not being there when he needed you the most.
Bucky could probably tell that too, so he was quick to change the subject. "So, is there anyone special in your life? I remember you saying something about wanting a guy who was like 'when he loves me, I want to feel like I'm floating'." He teased using something you had told him during one very late-night conversation. You were surprised he still remembered it.
"Shut up," You said, pushing him playfully. "But to answer your question, no there's no one special. I fell in love with someone a long time ago and I'm not sure if I can love anyone else." Bucky went silent for a couple of seconds, so you inquired, "What about you? You still with Dot?"
It successfully broke him out of his reverie as he snorted. "Nah, unfortunately something happened and I was too late to realize what I felt for another girl was much stronger than what I felt for Dot, but it was too late then."
"Never knew we were so similar." You humorlessly laughed before looking out of the window, not being able to meet his eyes.
"Yeah." Bucky sighed. "Wish I'd told her at the very least."
"Bucky," You shakily breathed out. His words were resonating in your mind as you gathered courage. What was the worst that could happen? He could just say no or humiliate you.
But even the last possibility was better than this little thing eating away at you forever.
"It was you, I loved you back in college and I still do."
Even the old lady on the aisle seat was looking at you in surprise. You, however, felt like a big burden was taken off your shoulders, breathing heavily.
His Adam's apple bobbed as he gulped and you prepared yourself for whatever was going to come.
"Thank you, I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I'm sorry it took so long for me to catch up. I could never build up the courage to tell you." The words poured out of Bucky's mouth like they had been waiting there for far too long.
"We're idiots." You said, clasping his cheeks as you both leaned in. "Why didn't you move on?"
"I did try, but no one else was you." He replied, his right hand coming up to caress your jaw as you stared in his blue eyes, drowning in them. "Why didn't you?"
"Because I couldn't find you.," You whispered, only a centimeter between your lips.
"Just kiss!" Came a yell from the other side of Bucky, who turned out to be the old lady.
"Young love, huh?" She said disgustedly, making you laugh.
Bucky smiled, wetting his lips before they finally met yours.
Tumblr media
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buckys-bug-archive · 7 months ago
their angel — three
all good things must come to an end
summary: steve and bucky undo all of your progress and you spiral
warnings: smut (noncon, unprotected sex, overstimulation, somnophilia), violence, abuse, reader gets badly injured, descriptions of blood, use of sleeping pills, descriptions of nightmares, bad mental health, not eating, stockholm syndrome, meltdowns and panic attacks, under 18s dni
w/c: 4.1k (i am so sorry loool)
note: i went reaaaal dark with this one (it rlly wasn’t intended but it’s the direction that my brain took me😳) please lmk what you think and leave feedback, it’s greatly appreciated!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The next few days go smoothly - Bucky and Steve are convinced that they’ve done all they need to. They’re convinced that you’re their perfect little girl.
You’re not.
You despise them, it makes you feel sick just to be in their company - to cuddle and kiss them the way that you do. To sleep with them at night. To let them bathe and clothe and feed you like a child.
What makes you even more sick is that there’s a part of you that enjoys it; and that part of you isn’t very small either.
They’ve convinced you that they can be caring and affectionate, pampering you at every given opportunity and showering you with love.
But this illusion that they’ve been playing into all comes crashing down now that they’ve deemed you ready.
Ready to please them.
You know something’s afoot when Bucky puts you to bed instead of Steve. Bucky never wants to be the one you fall asleep next to, and frankly, you don’t want him either. You only want Steve for bedtimes.
“He’s busy, baby. So you have me for tonight.” You sniffle, turning your back on Bucky and refusing to speak to him.
“Wan’ Daddy!” Your speech is slurred with how little you are - you’ve let your littlespace consume you, Steve and Bucky’s affection only sending you hurtling further towards that headspace every day.
“Daddy’s not here. You can either have me, or you’re by yourself.” His voice is stern, a hint of almost anxiety behind it that makes your stomach turn inside out. You huff, laying down and curling your knees up to your chest defensively. You’re smarter than they think and you know something’s coming.
You soon drift off into a dreamless sleep.
Only to be awoken in the middle of the night to a hand down your panties and the soft grazing of a beard across your inner thighs. You grumble incoherently, swatting at the hands encroaching on your space, not realising the severity of the situation as sleep holds you tight.
A finger grazes your clit and you jolt forwards, unconsciously bucking your hips into Steve’s hand as Bucky presses kisses across your sensitive skin, now red and raw with beard burn.
“Hngh, no…” you mumble sleepily, kicking your legs feebly in an attempt to release their hold on you. A tongue licks a long strip across your cunt and you whine, chasing the feeling in your unconscious state. Bucky’s fingers tweak your nipples from under your shirt and you arch into his touch, moaning softly.
“Shh.” The sound is quiet and soothing, and you let yourself sink back into the firm grip of sleep, your breath evening out as Steve and Bucky continue their evil ministrations on you.
You’re awoken once again about an hour later, and they’re still toying with your body, so responsive even when you’re not conscious. Your pussy is filled to the brim with their spend, the thick, white seed leaking out of you and onto the bed. Your clit is raw from overstimulation and to your horror, Bucky is buried to the hilt inside of you, fucking his and Steve’s cum back into your poor, abused pussy. He thrusts in harshly as your eyes flutter open and your mouth parts in horror.
“Stop, stop!” you shout groggily, attempting to turn your body away from him. He holds you tightly to the bed; his strong arms don’t allow you to move even a fraction of an inch.
“It’s too late for that now, dollface.” he croons, a sickly sweet smile on his face as he ruts into you almost painfully.
“Hurts, stop it!” you scream and a hand immediately clamps over your mouth; Steve stares down at you, his eyes blown wide with lust as his gaze rakes over your writhing body, clad in only a thin t shirt and shorts that have been forced down and bunched around your ankles. Tears spill from your eyes and pool around Steve’s hand that’s still firmly clasped over your mouth.
After what feels like hours of pain as Bucky thrusts in and out of you at a punishing pace, his hips finally stutter and he moans into your neck, his spend coating your insides and immediately beginning to leak back out as the throbbing between your legs intensifies. He pulls out, rolling to the side and humming in satisfaction. You sob silently into your hands and Steve pulls you into his arms; you don’t sink into his embrace as you usually do, instead withering away from him and sobbing harder.
“Get off.” you cry, batting at his hands feebly, your body drained and weak from their torture.
“Shh, baby. You’re okay.”
“W-why would you do th-that?” you hiccup, collapsing in on yourself, your entire body trembling and muscles on fire.
“We had to.”
“Liar.” you sniffle, tears staining your cheeks and your eyes becoming red and puffy. “I hate you.”
“No you don’t.”
“I do. You’re s-sick. You ruined m-my life.” Stuttering, you push yourself up from the bed only to topple over immediately, your legs too weak to carry you after the men’s abuse on your body. Steve rushes to your aid but a strangled protest erupts from your lips, stopping him in his tracks.
“Don’t touch me!”
“Baby, ‘m not gonna hurt you.”
“But you jus’ did.” you whimper, knees automatically curling into your chest defensively and a hand out to shield yourself from him.
“Don’t. I jus’ wanna be by myself.” You stand agonisingly slowly, staggering out of the room and down the stairs. Steve lets you go. Just for tonight. It’s fair, we hurt her.
You lay yourself down on the couch, shivering in the cold night air, and curl up into a ball. Trying desperately to get comfortable, you close your eyes and will sleep to come your way, but it doesn’t. And you know it won’t anytime soon. You spend the majority of the night crying, a hand over your mouth in an attempt to quiet your sobs until you fall into a fitful sleep in the early hours of the morning.
Steve’s heart breaks in the morning when he finds you asleep on the couch, body contorted unnaturally to try and relieve some of the pain between your legs. You’re shivering in your sleep, goosebumps raised all over your body and your head’s tucked into the crook of your elbow, hiding your face from his eyes.
He crouches next to you, stroking your face gently and shaking your shoulders.
“Angel, wake up. C’mon, it’s time to get up.”
You groan, turning away from him and whining as the throbbing in your body flares up again.
“Go away. ‘M tired.”
“You need to get up, sweetheart.” His hand reaches out for you and you wither away from his touch, a strangled whimper sounding from the base of your throat.
“Don’t touch me.”
“Don’t be rude.”
“Asshole.” you mutter under your breath and Steve freezes.
“What did you just say?” His voice is dark and full of fury and a lump begins to rise in your throat. He lifts you from the couch and you scream, pummelling your fists into his broad chest. “You broke a rule, angel. Little girls don’t say naughty words.”
“‘M not a little girl! I want to go home.” you sob, thrashing in his iron grip. He carries you back up the stairs, throwing you onto the bed forcefully and calling for Bucky.
“Buck! Need you in here.”
“No!” you cry, scrambling off of the bed and cowering underneath it. Bucky saunters in, looking far too pleased with himself and crouches down, tilting his head questioningly at you.
“She broke a rule. So she needs a punishment.” Steve explains; Bucky chuckles darkly as panic sets in deep in your bones, your whole body beginning to tremble.
“What did she do?”
“Called me an asshole.”
“You naughty girl. Why would you do that?” You shuffle further away and Bucky tuts, grabbing you by the ankle and hauling you out from your hiding place.
Your head smashes against the bedpost on the way out and a crack resounds around the room, your vision beginning to blur and tunnel as pain courses through your entire body. Bucky freezes, his blood running cold as you let out a choked scream on contact.
“Oh, shit.” Bucky pulls you into his lap and examines your head as blood begins to flow heavily out of the wound. “Fuck!”
You whine, eyes becoming heavy as the pain in your head renders you incoherent. Steve crouches down and slaps your face gently in an attempt to keep you awake.
“You can’t let her go to sleep. If she falls asleep with a concussion, she could die.”
“We have to take her to a hospital, Buck.”
“No. Absolutely not.”
“Do you want her to fucking die?” he scolds, lifting you out of Bucky’s lap and carrying you towards the door.
“Steve, we can’t!”
“We have to! You cracked her head open, she needs stitches!”
He hurtles out of the house with you in his arms, Bucky hot on his heels. Steve thrusts you into Bucky’s arms and pushes him towards the backseat, jumping into the driver’s seat and speeding off.
“Do not let her fall asleep.” he instructs as Bucky lays you over his lap, a hand to your head in an attempt to stop the profuse bleeding.
“Ngh. Ow.” you whine, leaning into Bucky as you struggle to keep conscious. Steve runs every red light on his way to the hospital, his heart pounding in his chest as he goes into panic mode. He parks haphazardly in the first vacant spot he comes across and hauls Bucky out of the backseat, scooping you up in his arms and running towards the entrance of the hospital.
“Steve, calm down!” Bucky yells, although his stomach is churning from all the blood and he’s more worried about you than he’d care to admit.
“Shut up.”
He hurtles through the door and towards the first doctor he can find.
“Help, please! My girlfriend hit her head and I think she’s cracked it open.” The concerned boyfriend ruse is very convincing and the doctor immediately rushes to your aid, directing Steve to a hospital bed to lay you in and wheeling you off to a separate room.
Steve and Bucky are directed to a waiting room; they pace up and down frantically as they wait for the okay to see you.
After around an hour, they’re called by a doctor and taken to you. You’re sitting up on the bed, eyes cast down to your lap as you fiddle with your fingers nervously. Bucky’s hand closes around your arm tightly as soon as you’re left alone, his lips pulled back and teeth bared in a growl.
“What did you say to the doctor?”
“I- I didn’t say anything bad. I swear! I just told him that I fell and hit my head.” you whimper, hissing as his fingernails dig into the soft flesh of your arm. “Stop! That hurts.”
“If I find out that you’ve done something, I’ll kill you.” His speech is inaudible to everybody but you, and you know that he’ll make good on his promise if you step out of line.
“Don’t you think if I was going to tell, I already would have?” you mumble quietly, avoiding his gaze as Steve begins to examine the stitches in your head.
“Ow, stop.” You swat at Steve’s hands and move out of his reach, shuffling further up the bed.
“Sorry, baby. Just wanted to make sure you were alright. What did they say?”
“They gave me 4 stitches in my head and said that I have a minor concussion. But I’ll be fine, just hurts.”
“Okay, let’s get home then.” He scoops you back up into his arms and begins to carry you out of the room, followed by Bucky.
“They haven’t discharged me yet. You have to wait until they say I can go.”
“I don’t care.” Bucky snarls. “The sooner we get out of here, the better.”
“I know, but we have to wait for the doctor to come back.” you reason with him quietly, doing your best to come across as non-confrontational and diplomatic.
“Fine.” His teeth clench so hard that you think his jaw might actually break as Steve sets you back down on the bed, sitting next to you before pulling you onto his lap. His hand rests on your thigh and you fiddle with his fingers as he traces patterns across your shoulder with his other hand.
“You still need a punishment when we get home.” Bucky murmurs quietly, his face like thunder as he glares daggers at you.
“Is this not punishment enough?” Steve argues back. “You cracked her head open!”
“And I didn’t say anything. I’ve been good.” you promise him, cowering away from his heated gaze and sinking into Steve’s chest.
“Whatever.” Bucky sulks in the corner like a child, riddled with guilt although he’ll never apologise for his actions.
Eventually, he gets bored of sulking and sidles up next to you and Steve, lifting your legs and draping them over his lap. You visibly tense at his touch, still very upset about the night’s events.
“Chill out.” he murmurs, rubbing soothing circles up and down your legs in an attempt to calm you. “You okay?” he asks after; that’s the closest that you’ll get to an apology so you take it.
“Mhm.” The last thing you want to do is anger him with your blunt responses, but frankly, you’re too tired to deal with his cruelty right now and the last thing you feel like doing is speaking to either of the men with you. They exchange a worried glance, knowing that they’ve undone all of the progress you’ve made whilst being with them.
The doctor returns around 20 minutes later with a bottle of painkillers in his hand.
“She’ll be just fine.” he reassures Steve, patting your knee comfortingly. “She just needs to take these painkillers twice a day for the next week and then come back to have the stitches removed. Keep the stitches covered and dry until you bring her back and try not to put pressure on them, so try to sleep on your front. Wash your hair when you get home to get the blood out and then don’t wash it again until the stitches are out.”
“Okay, I can do that.” you mumble, lacing your fingers with Steve’s as the doctor speaks.
“Good. That’s for you.” He hands you the bottle of pills and a form. “Just sign there and I can let you go home.”
He hands you a pen and you scribble your signature at the bottom of the paper, handing it back and thanking him quietly. Steve insists on carrying you to the car even though you know that you can walk. He slides you into the backseat next to Bucky and Bucky wraps his arm around you, holding you to his side; no matter how much you squirm, you can’t release yourself from his hold.
Steve parks the car and Bucky carries you into the house, setting you back down on the couch. You don’t say a single word, staring vacantly at the wall in front of you and refusing to look at either of them.
“Honey.” Steve calls gently, waving a hand in front of your face to get your attention. Your eyes flit momentarily to meet his before you look away again, paying no mind to his words. Tears well in your eyes and you turn away from him, refusing to listen to anything he has to say.
“Baby. I’m so sorry.” he coos, reaching his hand out to stroke your leg. You jerk away from his touch and whisper brokenly.
“No you’re not.” Your voice is thick with anguish and a tear drips down your cheek. You wipe it away with the back of your hand, sniffling quietly. He continues to apologise profusely, but you refuse to even make eye contact with him.
“You don’t love me.” you begin to sob softly into your hands, cradling your knees to your chest as your body shakes. “You- you just wanna control me ‘nd h-hurt me.”
“I do love you, sweet girl. Why do you think we chose you?”
“I dunno. You prob’ly just like makin’ me cry.” Bucky laughs from the other side of the room, stalking over to you menacingly. You shrink away from him, whining anxiously as he advances on you.
“We do love you. We’re only doing what’s best for you.” he murmurs quietly, his voice dripping with guilt.
“Was giving me a concussion what’s best for me?”
“That was an accident.”
“You didn’t even say sorry!” you cry. “You were only scared that you’d get caught if you killed me.”
“That's not true. And I am sorry, okay? I’m so sorry that I hurt you, I didn’t mean to. Let us make it up to you.” He reaches out for you and you let him pull you into his lap and cradle you in his arms. You sob into his chest, soaking his shirt with your tears as you heave for air.
“Shh, doll. You’re alright.” Bucky coos, the guilt gnawing away at him as he sees what he’s done to you - what he’s reduced you to.
“Dada…” you whimper, clinging to him as your little mindset takes over, desperately trying to relieve the anxiety wracking your body.
“Shh, I’ve got you, baby girl.”
“So sad… ‘m so sad, Dada.” you mumble tearily, balling a handful of his shirt in your fist and wrapping your legs around his waist.
“Oh, baby. Let’s get the crud out of your hair and then get you to bed. You’ve had a rough day.” He lifts you into his arms, the gentleness a surprising contrast to his usual coarseness towards you.
He strips you of your clothes and stands you in the shower, removing his own clothes as well and getting in with you.
The warm water cascades down your back and Bucky presses his chest against you, running his hands through your hair carefully, avoiding the stitches. He lathers shampoo into your hair to rid it of the dried blood from your wound before massaging the rest of your body gently and cleaning you before hastily washing himself and rinsing both of you off.
He turns the water off and you shiver, goosebumps rising on your skin. Lifting you out of the shower, he wraps you in a towel and carries you back to the bedroom, drying you off cautiously before slipping you into the warmest pyjamas in your wardrobe.
“There ya go, sweet love.” he coos, tucking you under the covers and sliding in next to you.
“Please don’t touch me a-again. Can’t sleep if you do it.” you whimper, curling into a ball and already bracing yourself for another night of torture.
“Not tonight, bubba. You need to rest. Daddy’s gonna bring you a glass of water to help you sleep and we’re gonna get you feeling better, alright?”
“M’kay, Dada.”
Steve enters the room as if on cue, handing you a glass of water and praising you when you down the whole thing in two big gulps. The drugs take effect immediately and your eyes droop as exhaustion takes over your body. You grab Steve’s hand as he begins to walk away, trying to tug him into the bed.
“Alright, angel. ‘M here.” Steve slips under the covers and lays you on top of him, wrapping you in blankets to keep you from shivering. You plant your face into his neck, letting his warmth seep into you and lull you into a peaceful sleep. Soon enough, you’re snoring against his skin, your hold on him never loosening even in unconsciousness.
The next few days are spent with Bucky and Steve doing everything they can to gain your trust back. They let you watch cartoons for as long as you like, read you stories, play with you and cuddle you whenever you need the comfort and close contact.
Bucky’s hostile behaviour completely dissipates and he begins to take care of you as much as he can, earning your trust back bit by bit and learning to love you as much as Steve does.
Nightmares have become frequent for you since the accident, and Steve and Bucky often have to wake you during the night as you scream and cry, unable to shake the terrors from your mind. They cradle you in their arms as you sob, your chest heaving as you cough violently, tears pouring down your cheeks.
“‘M so tired.” you mumble once the tears subside, clinging to them like your lifeline. “Wan’ them to stop.”
“I know.” Steve shushes you gently, laying you back down as you attempt to switch your brain off and fall back into sleep. Of course, that’s easier said than done, and no matter how hard you try, your thoughts race and it’s impossible to calm your nerves.
Bucky notices immediately, all of the signals from his own nightmares showing in you, and he sidles up next to you, tucking you into his side and massaging your shoulders and back to try to relieve some of the tension in your muscles. You melt into his touch and moan in relief as he works out the knots in your muscles, pressing yourself further into him. It’s the only thing that can put you back to sleep after a nightmare now. You need Bucky. And he knows it.
You sleep more during the day than you did before. It’s the only time you can get some rest without being plagued by terrors. You don’t enjoy playing as much as you used to since the nightmares started. They’re all you think about and it’s ruining you.
You become clingy, wanting to be attached to one of your daddies at all times; and when you’re not, it causes serious meltdowns. You scream until your throat is raw and cry until you feel numb, needing to have one of them with you. That need is overwhelming and it eats you alive, anxiety and fear running rampant through your body when you don’t have one of them to distract you from yourself.
If they leave you alone for too long you become vacant and unresponsive, too caught up in your own head to respond to anything they have to say. They’ve broken you.
And so they devise a plan so that one of them can be with you at all times. But you don’t get better.
“She needs help, Buck.” Steve whispers as you sleep on his chest, the guilt gnawing at him becoming too much as he sees what they’ve done to you. Deep, purple bags have appeared under your eyes and you look gaunt and permanently tired. Your body trembles for every moment you’re awake and you’re always cold, needing one of the soldiers to huddle against to seep up the warmth that radiates off of them.
“I know. But what do we say? We can’t get her help without us getting caught.”
“Does Banner have anything at the compound? Something we can give her to calm her down?”
“Maybe… but even if he does, we can’t ask for that! They’ll ask questions.” Bucky murmurs, tapping his feet nervously as they talk.
“I can get her something.” Steve says. “I’ll be in and out and no one will even see me. You just stay here with her tomorrow.”
“Are you sure? It’s risky.”
“She needs something, look at her! She might as well be dying.” Steve mutters angrily. Your eyes flutter open as Steve and Bucky’s bickering rouses you from your slumber and you groan softly, burying your face into Steve’s chest.
“Hey, bubba. How you feeling?” Bucky asks quietly, rubbing circles into your back.
“‘M okay. Feel a bit better.” you smile half heartedly at him and push yourself up from your place on Steve’s chest, your now frail arms trembling under your own weight. You crawl into Bucky’s waiting embrace, humming in appreciation as he holds you close to his chest and begins to rock you back and forth.
“Love you.” you whisper against him and he smiles softly.
“We love you too, angel.” Kissing your head, he pushes your hair out of your face and traces his thumbs across your cheekbones gently. “You hungry? I’ll make you some mac and cheese.”
“Not really, Dada.”
“Doll, you’ve barely eaten anything lately. I’m worried about you.”
“‘M just not hungry.”
“Is it makin’ you feel sick? To eat?”
“Yeah. Makes me feel icky.”
“Oh, honey.” Steve murmurs sympathetically, peppering kisses along your jaw and cheek. “We’re gonna get you better, alright?”
“Okay, Daddy.” you murmur as your eyes flutter shut again and your breathing evens out against Bucky’s skin.
They have a plan. They need their baby back, and they’ll do anything to get you - to save you from yourself.
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raemielle · 23 days ago
Id like to think that mcu didn't make buckynat canon because they'd literally set fire to the fandom for being the hottest couple, not to mention being portrayed by the hottest actor and actress 🤡whatever helps me sleep at night.
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And John called Bucky an asset which just didn’t sit right. I hate this man.
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