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ramp-it-up · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Shield High School FACULTY AU
Pairing: Teacher! Bucky x Reader; Teacher!Avengers x Reader
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI, Language, SMUT, mutual pining, angst, jealousy, Loki being Loki, Thor being oblivious, horny Bucky, masturbation, explicit fantasy, daddy kink, fingering, manual sex, sexually charged language, semi-public sexual act.
A/N: This comes right after Newbie. I hope you like this. I got a few requests to be tagged, so if I missed you, just drop me a line.
Steve, Bucky and Sam watched as you filled your coffee cup and waved at them before you hurried to your classroom.
You couldn’t hang out in the lounge this morning because you had a zoom meeting with a parent.
“She probably didn’t eat a good breakfast this morning either…”
Bucky grumbled as he watched you leave.
He turned back to his friends who were smirking at each other over their coffee.
“You got a banana that she could devour?”
Bucky flipped Sam off and got up to refill his cup. In the first four weeks of school, you had become their fourth musketeer, filling the void unexpectedly.
No one would ever replace T’Challa, in anyone’s heart, but you were a breath of fresh air, and just like one of the guys; the homie.
To Steve and Sam.
For Bucky, it was complicated.
“I’m so sick of you pining over Yourname. When are you going to make your move?”
Bucky just stared at Sam.
“Who says I wanna make a move? She’s a friend.”
“Well, if you don’t make a move, someone else will. She’s hot.”
Steve gave Bucky a sideye as he said it.
“If you’re not interested, I might try to shoot my….”
“I’d fucking break your stupid fucking face.”
Bucky threatened Steve calmly as he sipped his coffee, blue eyes gone dark and aimed at his friend while his left, metal hand curled into a fist. The threat was low, but menacing.
Steve and Sam were silent, then Sam groaned and reached for his wallet while Steve slapped the table.
“I told you! Fuck you. Pay me Sam!”
Steve was grinning at his intuitiveness.
Loren Olsen walked into the room, and caught the tail end of the conversation.
“I didn’t think you were the kind of man to pay for it Wilson, but sex work is work. Good for you Steve, for requesting adequate compensation for your skills.”
It was obvious that he amused himself because of the lopsided grin on his face.
The three men just stared at him coldly, not reacting to his idea of a joke.
Olsen cleared his throat.
“Where is Ms. Reader? I have some books that will aid her in her instruction.”
Bucky looked at Olsen’s pale hands and saw a couple of literature books. He reached out his hand.
“I’ll take them to her. No need for you to go all the way across the building.”
Loren smirked.
“Oh yes. It is interesting how she got the room right next to yours, T’Challa’s old room, is it?”
Bucky and he held a staring match.
“Yes, it would have made more sense for hers to be right next to mine instead of that insufferable little nuisance Parker.”
Bucky took another sip of coffee and shrugged.
“For all his bluster, Fury is a smart instructional leader. Steve’s room is on the other side of hers. Makes sense for US History and American Lit classes to be near each other. You know, cross-curricular instruction? It will help the kids on their AP tests.”
“Yes, I’m sure that’s why that happened. And you and Steve enjoy having her between you two, I bet. But that leaves your darling Sam out...”
He was trying to insult them, but the tone of his voice was a little too teling.
“I’m right across the hallway, so I get mine.”
Sam grinned at Olsen, not offended at all.
“You know I’m teaching Psychology this term? There’s this phenomenon called projection…”
Olsen interrupted Sam’s burn.
“I will deliver these myself. I could use the morning constitutional. And I need to get in deep with her…”
Loren’s light blue eyes flashed at Bucky’s.
“...about the Smarter Instruction Conference next month. It’s in the City this year and Fury agreed to pay for us to attend.”
He flashed a smile at the trio.
“We have to finalize our registration and hotel arrangements.”
Eric Masterson entered the lounge and Loren Olsen shot Bucky a look and then exited the room, muttering about Eric’s entrances.
“What is with the frost giant? And why do you have a look of displeasure on your face Barnes? Did you not charge your arm last night?”
Steve shook his head at Eric.
“Why do you talk that way? It’s very unnecessary.”
“Nevermind that, Rogers. Let’s talk about whether you are worthy to pick up the mantle of the head of the Halloween Haunting fundraiser for the athletic fund in two short weeks...”
Bucky ignored the conversation at the table, steam literally coming off his head. He stared straight ahead as he imagined you trapped in New York City with the Author of Lies, as Stark called him.
“Look at that.” Eric pointed at Bucky. “Barnes looks as if he is about to explode…”
Bucky didn’t even hear what Eric said as he stood up, gathered his things, and headed toward his classroom.
It took a good five minutes to walk from the teacher’s lounge, which was in the main wing, to his classroom, which was in the new addition.
Bucky tried to clear his head of thought and emotion. It was hard. Ever since you walked into the building, compartmentalizing was impossible.
Your voice, your eyes, your hair, your skin, your smile. Those legs, that ass, that body. Everything about you physically was perfect. To him. Your wit, your intelligence, and your enthusiasm, all of that was a balm to his stormy soul.
Especially since he’d about decided to give up teaching and reenlist.
He’d decided that civilian life wasn’t for him, because at least in the army, when you lost people, it was for a greater purpose.
Stateside, his friends abandoned him because of things that don’t make sense. Like cancer.
Losing T’Challa put him in a tailspin but he’d let Sam and Steve talk him into one more year to see how it went. He didn’t think he could make it without all of his friends around him and then you showed up.
And when you ate that fucking banana on the first day….Holy shit, Bucky couldn’t help his mind from day dreaming about your lips wrapped around his cock.
Several times a day.
And especially at night, when he was alone in his apartment, Alpine mewling and at his bedroom door as he languidly stroked himself to completion, the lube a poor substitute for how you must really feel.
Bucky tried to clear his mind and he scrubbed his face with his hand to get his mind right as he approached your room. He took out his phone and texted his wingmen.
He heard your laugh as he approached. Shit, did you really enjoy talking to that fucker? He could hear what you were saying as he got closer.
“That sounds amazing, Mr. Olsen!”
Bucky was at your door and saw you behind your desk and Olsen perched on the edge of it, leaning over to you.
One of his long legs was drawn up on the desk and the other was on the floor. Bucky had the urge to take that one out and send Olsen to the hospital, but he resisted.
“I told you. Call me Loren.”
Although he couldn’t see it, Bucky was sure that Olsen had on his shit eating grin.
You had the nerve to bat your eyes up at him as you replied.
“I’m sorry, Loren. It just slipped out.”
At that, Bucky turned on his heel and went into his room, slinging his bag into his chair and pacing in front of the window for a bit. He looked at his watch and saw that he had 30 minutes until class started.
“C’mon….,” he muttered to himself. Then he heard it. The chime for the overhead speaker.
Mr. Olsen, please report to the office, Mr. Olsen to the office.
It was Lorraine, the front desk secretary. Steve must have gone and flirted with her to get her to do this. Bucky watched Olsen stalk off down the hallway and then got up and went to your room, trying to act nonchalant.
“Hey Bucky!”
You tried not to stare at him. He looked so cute. His glasses fit his handsome face and his lithe body just did it for you. This nerd boy was your cup of tea.
You were up now, making sure that every desk had a book on it. Bucky walked toward you, took half the stack and helped you put them out.
“Good morning. You ran out of the lounge like lightning. Did you eat breakfast?”
You ducked your head. Why did Bucky always treat you like a little sister? It was frustrating. He must think you were an idiot.
“Almost? I had a banana on the way to school.”
Bucky smirked and said, “Fun times for the banana,” under his breath.
You were on the other side of the room.
“I said, you need to eat more than a banana for breakfast.”
Bucky tried to be a concerned friend instead of a simp. He felt he was failing miserably.
“I know, I know. I really am a full grown adult woman. I promise.”
At 26, you were older than most first year teachers, but you worked to put both you and your sister through college and went to school part time.
You felt so new at all of this sometimes. Living your dreams was a heady thing. You’d wanted to be a teacher since you were four.
You smiled at him and then turned around to pick up a book that fell off a student desk. The visual was like a one-two punch for Bucky who had to plant his feet to keep from going up behind you.
“Oh, I believe you, Doll.”
You straightened up and looked at him over your shoulder. You loved when he called you that. It made your liver quiver, although you’d reasoned it was another way that he was designating you as a younger sibling.
Bucky stared at you for a long time as you turned around to face him. Your shirtwaist wrap dress was choice today. He figured all he had to do was pull a string and it would be on the floor. Then, you would be on the floor on top of the dress and under him…
He snapped out of it and changed the subject.
“You brought a change of clothes for practice today?” He just wanted an excuse to continue talking to you.
“Yeah, my bag is in my car. I’m excited!”
Bucky was taking over the soccer program since T’Challa was… gone now. You were assisting with Girl’s Soccer, whose season was in the fall.
“Oh! But tomorrow, Nat and I are going shopping for something to wear for the Homecoming dance on Friday, so I will have to leave early.”
Nat was your one close female friend on staff. The others were nice, but to themselves, like Wanda, or outright standoffish, like Sharon Carter.
“You’re getting a dress for Homecoming?”
Bucky was confused.
“Yes? Aren’t you chaperoning?” You were smiling at him again.
“Of course.”
Bucky answered quickly, although he had planned on no such thing.
You brightened up.
“Cool! I can’t wait to see you in a suit and tie.”
Hold up, wait. Bucky hadn’t signed up for this.
“You mean so that I can look like Olsen?”
Loren wore a bespoke suit and tie to school everyday, as opposed to Bucky’s t-shirts, sportcoats, and jeans. Made him wonder how Olsen could afford that on a teacher’s salary. It also made him wonder if that is what you liked.
“Well, he does look good in a suit.”
Bucky’s heart dropped. It was hopeless.
“But I think you’d look good in anything.”
You flashed a shy smile and turned to go back to your desk.
You were praying that you didn’t sound too smitten with every step you took, but you heard the smile in his voice when he said, “Well, we just might see, Doll.”
You turned around and you two grinned at each other for a few seconds, then Bucky cleared his throat again.
“So, what was Olsen in here talking about? New words added to the OED?”
You laughed at Bucky’s joke, and then said, “No, he was telling me about the Instruction Conference in NYC next month. I’m excited!”
You excited was everything. He couldn’t be mad.
“Yeah! You, me and the guys will have a ball! Learning about smarter instruction, of course.” You giggled.
“Oh. Well, Doll, I don’t know if there are funds for us to go too… Fury hasn’t said anything to us about it.”
Your face fell.
“Well, damn. I was looking forward to it, maybe you and Steve showing me around Brooklyn, and to Sam being my personal photographer.”
You looked up at him and damn if you weren’t pouting. Fuck! His pants got a little tighter and he wanted to kiss, lick and fuck those lips into a smile.
“I’ll ask Sam if the Social Studies department has funds for us to go.”
You clapped excitedly, just like his perfect little sexy baby doll. He had to make a way.
He heard the early warning bell. Ten minutes to go.
“Well, I’ll get going now.”
“Have a great morning. See you at lunch!”
“You too, Doll.”
You were wiggling and pouting on the bed beneath him. Bucky put his hand on your waist keeping you still while slapping the head of his thick cock against your clit. You kept moving and whining.
Bucky’s metal hand grabbed your face and squeezed gently.
“Keep still, Baby Doll. I’m about to fuck you senseless.”
“Yes Daddy.”
Bucky groaned and prepared his stiff cock to enter your glory, when his phone rang.
He tried to ignore it and keep stroking, but it was your special ringtone. He took a minute to catch his breath and answered it.
He ignored his cock, which was still standing at full mast as he greeted you.
“What’s up, Doll?”
His voice was deep and gravely, almost like early in the morning on Tuesdays when you two did morning duty. But he sounded breathless, too.
“You sound weird, Bucky. You okay?”
“Oh yeah. Just. Working out.”
Bucky’s dick deflated as the guilt set in. He felt like a creeper. He was in this situation because you sweaty in a t-shirt and shorts after working out with the team drove him to distraction.
He just wanted to smell your sweat soaked pussy. Was that so wrong?
He put you on speaker and cleaned himself up, pulling his basketball shorts back on.
“Well, I was thinking that Seraphine would be a better striker than a mid-fielder. Her speed…”
You started talking about the girls, excitedly chattering. All Bucky could think about was you as he listened to your voice.
“I agree. You’re absolutely right.”
“Cool. I just had to share before I knocked out and forgot all about it.”
Bucky had settled on the couch to reduce temptation. He turned on the tv, letting some random movie flicker on the schreen, a distraction from his mind.
But he couldn’t be distracted from you. He wondered what you looked like right now.
“What are you…” he caught himself. “Doing?”
He leaned back and tried to picture you in his mind.
All of a sudden, his phone started ringing. He opened his eyes and saw that you were FaceTiming him. He sat up, ran his hands through his hair and tried to be cool.
When he answered the FaceTime, your cute face filled his phone screen. When you saw him, your eyes got wide.
Then you just kept staring and he looked down.
“Shit, I’m sorry. Not wearing a shirt. Told you I was working out.”
He grinned sheepishly at you as he put his phone down and slipped on a hoodie. You got a glimpse of abs and a bulge in his gym shorts that had to be distorted. Damn, you were thirsty.
Bucky could tell that you were wearing a tank top, but he could only see you from your shoulders up. You were adorable with your hair up in a scarf and your face scrubbed clean of make up. A natural doll.
“This was supposed to be a surprise, but I can’t keep a secret, so…”
You grinned as you put the phone down and propped it up on the counter to show Bucky what you were doing. You were making what looked like stir fry.
You were also giving him a damn good view of you in a tank top and white cotton panties, which he was sure you weren’t aware of. He only felt like a little bit of a creep as he paid very close attention.
“I wanted to prove that I could cook myself a meal, and also pay you back for feeding me every day.”
Bucky always brought an extra peanut butter and jelly sandwich for you.
“I’m gonna bring it for our lunch tomorrow.”
You brought the phone up to your face. Bucky groaned, “Looks so good Doll. I can’t wait to eat it.”
Bucky meant the food, and you. But you had no idea that he wanted you. And he wasn’t sure if you wanted him, but the look on your face made him semi hard again.
He was so freaking cute and sexy. You almost offered to take some food over, but you didn’t want to be forward. Or rejected.
“Ok. Well. You can have some tomorrow.”
Bucky grinned and chuckled at the thought.
“I guess I’ll let you go…”
You felt self conscious, so you bit your lip.
Bucky looked through the phone and you.
“Don’t ever do that, Doll…”
Goodness, your heart. You wish he knew.
“Sweet dreams, Doll. See you tomorrow.”
That voice, those eyes, that pet name. You were unsettled.
“‘Night, James.”
You hung up before Bucky realized what you’d said.
Bucky woke up hopeful and smiled all the way to school, looking for you in the lounge.
You weren’t there, but he started a conversation with Peter. The kid was green and needed some advice. Bucky didn’t want him to end up like Clint.
You floated in and out before he got a real chance to talk to you.
At lunch, he saw the look on your face when Sam called him your “work husband” when you brought him the food. You ate and left quickly making Bucky want to smash something.
The entire day was awkward, and he wanted to approach you, but it was never the right time. After school, you bailed on practice to go shopping, so Bucky ended the school day frustrated.
“The little dance you two do is cute, but it’s time to make a move, sweetie.”
Natalie cocked her head at you and shook it.
“C’mon. You just picked out a dress the color of Bucky’s eyes.”
You hadn’t even realized. You were drawn to the ocean blue dress retro dress and it looked good on you.
“It’s that obvious, huh?”
“To everyone. Except James Buchanan Barnes.”
You nodded.
“Well, that’s good. Since he just thinks of me as a little sister.”
Natasha rolled her eyes.
“If you were his sister, he could be arrested for what he wanted to do to you.”
You just gaped at her as she smiled.
“Both of you are so smart, yet so clueless. You deserve each other.”
Nat chuckled and shook her head.
“It’s been entertaining but it’s getting old. My date for your hookup in the pool is imminent, so get a move on.”
“Wait.. there’s a betting pool?”
Natasha groaned as she explained what was so obvious to everyone else.
On Friday night at the dance, Bucky fidgeted in the back of the gym by the punch bowl. He kept looking around for you and adjusting his tie.
Bucky found it in his mailbox after school that day. It was ocean blue and he thought he knew who gave it to him, but you had bolted early for the day and wouldn’t answer any texts.
That made him nervous, but he wore the tie and noticed that it matched his eyes. He didn’t know what it meant, but he was hopeful as he decided to ditch his glasses for contacts tonight.
Peter Parker came up next to him and started talking. He liked the kid, but he was full of questions. When Tony Stark wasn’t around, he sought out Bucky.
“So… Bucky?”
Bucky took a sip of punch which had basically no flavor; he pulled out his flask and spiked his cup with gin and offered some to Parker who refused.
“Yeah, kid?” Bucky’s eyes were scanning the room for you.
“I have a weird relationship with Homecoming.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah. I got into a big thing with my date’s dad, and then she moved away.”
Bucky looked at Peter. This kid had real anxiety.
“Sounds… pretty much like normal teenage stuff, Pete.”
“Well, it was epic to me...Whoa. Yourname looks hot.”
Bucky turned around, and there you were, framed in the light of the gym doors and looking around. The dress you were wearing was everything.
The way it fit was perfect, and the length matched with 6 inch heels made your legs look like they went on forever.
It was a modest dress, but the way you were wearing it, with your matching glasses and long, sexy legs, made you look like a teacher Bucky needed to fuck.
And he was staring at you now and licking his lips.
He felt a push and he was forced to step toward you. He looked behind him to see Sam grinning at him, and then turned around just in time to catch your eye.
Bucky tried to be cool as he walked toward you and you checked him out. He hoped you liked what you saw.
Tumblr media
“Damn, Bucky is fine,” you thought as you saw a dreamboat come toward you. You smiled and grasped your clutch in front of you, feeling your skirt move as you shimmied a little from side to side.
You were excited that he was wearing the tie. Maybe he was picking up what you were putting down.
“Hey Doll.” You could have just fainted away at the way he said that.
“Hello James.” You pouted up at him softly, then smiled. Bucky wanted to drop to his knees before you.
“Your eyes are so nice. You look… good.”
You took in his suit and tie and reached up to straighten it.
Bucky relished the feel of your hands on him, with the feather touches to his neck and the way your hand lingered on his shoulder when you were done.
“You are the best looking thing in this place, a real life Doll.” He took your hand and twirled you so that your skirt fanned out. He didn’t let go.
“Thanks for the tie.”
He beamed down at you.
“Does this mean that I’m your date, since we’re matching and all….”
You couldn’t even front.
“I just had to get it when I was out shopping. I thought you would look hot in it.”
You smiled up at him, your stomach doing somersaults.
“I wasn’t wrong.”
“You…. think I’m hot?”
Bucky raised his eyebrow at you and all of a sudden you were nervous. You looked down at your shoes. Bucky raised your chin with his metal hand so you’d look at him again.
“That’s good, because I think you are hot too. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
Bucky smiled down at you. “You didn’t answer my question. Am I your date to this dance?”
He looked so dreamy that you were caught up.
“Do you want me to be?”
You being coy was not gonna help you not get railed tonight, Bucky decided. In fact, it would only make him pursue you harder.
“Yes, Yourname. Will you be my date for this dance?”
“Yes, James, I will.”
Bucky grinned and wanted to pick you up and twirl you around, but instead he presented his arm as he turned around to lead you to…. All of a sudden he swerved.
Sam and Steve and Bruce and Tony were by the punchbowl now, sights set on the two of you. He didn’t want them to harsh the vibe you two were building, but you had other ideas.
‘“Oh! Let’s go say hello!”
You tugged him toward the group.
Bucky cringed and tried to stay out of the line of fire as they all complimented you on your dress and how nice you looked. But of course he wouldn’t be so lucky.
His boys started busting his balls about the suit, and Tony started throwing shade. He withstood it for you, but then Stark got in what he thought was the ultimate jab.
“Aw, you two look so cute together. You should go take a picture.”
Tony nodded toward the Homecoming backdrop that the kids were using. Sam and Steve were holding in laughter, as Bruce just shook his head.
You looked at the picture line and then back at them.
“A picture is an AWESOME idea!”
That was how you ended up marching all five of them over to the picture station and took a group pic.
First they were grumbling, and then got into it, doing silly, retro poses, and then one nice one, with Bucky behind you, holding your hip against his as Sam and Steve stood behind him and Bruce and Tony stood facing you.
You tried to concentrate on smiling and not grinding back against him, but then he pulled you back on him as the photographer counted, and you felt a sizeable bulge. You were sure that picture showed you with your eyes wide.
You went back to work, separating horny teenagers, all the while sympathizing with them. Even though you didn’t stay right by his side, you were never out of Bucky’s sight.
It felt as if he was stalking you as his prey and you knew some kind of conversation about what this ‘date’ meant was coming.
You wanted the truth about how he felt. Did he like you like you? You thought about it and had an idea. You tore a piece of paper out of the little notebook you always carried with you.
When you were done, you took your folded note, came up next to him as he was talking with Peter, and put it in his coat pocket.
He looked down and then up at you as you sauntered away, smiling at him over your shoulder.
You were outside around the back of the gym, panicking and thinking of running away. What the hell was up with you? You taught high school, you weren’t in high school.
You waited, five, then ten minutes and decided to give it up. That’s it. This crush was officially over, you’d forget about him.
You’d decided to go home when you heard Bucky clear his throat. You looked up and it was like his eyes were shining in the dark.
“You know, I’m a little slow at times. I stared at the front of the note for a long time, knowing my answer, and then searched for you everywhere inside.”
You looked up at him breathlessly as he approached.
“And then two minutes ago I finally turned it over and saw that you told me to meet you out here.”
You pouted. He dick swelled. He moved closer to you, took your face in his hand, and traced your lips. He chuckled.
“Sorry Doll, but in answer to your question: Yes. I like you. I like everything about you.”
His eyes swept over your face and down to your dress.
“Question is, do you like me?”
He stopped tracing your lips and moved his hand to your neck, encasing it, three fingers at your nape. You fought the urge to close your eyes.
“Y-yes James. I like you.”
Bucky smiled and moved closer. He moved his face toward yours and you just knew he was going to kiss you, but then he stopped. You whined.
“Can I kiss you?” He liked this control he had over you.
“Please.” You wanted him.
His eyebrow raised again.
“Begging already. Oh, Baby Doll.”
You moaned as Bucky closed his lips on yours, tongue sweetly probing, then forcefully parting your lips and dominating your mouth sweetly.
When you parted, you were both panting, Bucky’s hand still on your neck and your hands on his chest, clutching his tie. You tugged on it, pulling him back in for another.
And you made out behind the gym like teenagers, hands first shyly exploring, then groping each other through your clothes.
When you came up for air, you decided to go for it.
“I want you.”
Bucky wanted to jump for joy. But he decided to stay cool.
“What does that mean?”
You glared up at him. “You know what I mean.”
“No I don’t Doll, tell me.”
There was a staring contest as Bucky licked his lips. Shit.
“I want you to defile me. Fuck me stupid, ruin me for any other man…”
Bucky cut you off with another kiss. He didn’t think that you would just give voice to his fantasies like that.
“Don’t get me going, Doll. Wouldn’t do to have you screaming out here, now would it?”
“I dare you.” You were getting bold.
Bucky turned you around so that your face was on the wall and he pushed his crotch into your ass. Needing more contact, you pushed back on him, wanton and desperate for him.
“What’s this? You want my cock?”
Bucky palmed your ass and felt you up through the dress, squeezing and manhandling you with his metal hand.
“Y-yes James. I need it. I dream about it.”
You reached back and grabbed it, your mind not fully registering its scope through his trousers. It felt like a large, metal bar. For a moment you wondered if it was made out of the same material as his arm.
You were making him weak. He had to do something. He brought his other hand around and rubbed your cunt through the material of your skirt, your pussy warm through the fabric. You instinctively pressed against him, wanting more.
He listened to you whimper as he moved his hand, and to the sounds of your wetness increase even through the dress and your underwear.
“Sounds like you need some relief, huh Baby Doll?”
Your eyes rolled back into your head as his hand hiked up your dress and cupped your sex through the top of your panties. His bare fingers on your clit was heaven.
Bucky pinched your clit and clapped his metal hand over your mouth as you keened.
“So fucking responsive for me. I can’t wait to get you in bed.”
And his hand started moving, one finger taking the deep dive into your wet heat and the others gripping the rest of you. He added another finger, and felt you clench around him.
“So fucking tiny. Want my cock in this tight little hole?”
Bucky whispered as he practically lifted you off the ground with the way he was finger fucking you.
“God yes.”
You started humming in your throat and as Bucky took your hand from around his cock and wrapped his arm around your waist, pressing himself into you as you moaned louder.
“Quiet Baby Doll, don’t want anyone to know how good I’m making you feel out here.. this is just for me…”
“It’s yours….”
“You’re got damn right it is. Since the day we met, you’ve. Been. Mine…
Each word was punctuated by a swirl of his thumb around your clit, and you came all over his hand when he said the word, ‘mine.’
He held you up as you came, not withdrawing his hand from you until your pussy stopped pulsing. Then, he fixed your panties, pulled your dress down, and turned you around.
You clung to him, a little exhausted, but thrilled at the same time.
“Mmmm. So good. I knew you’d taste delicious.”
Bucky was moaning in your ear. You pulled back to look him in the eye as he licked your juices off his fingers.
“Let me take care of you.” You reached for his zipper, but he stopped you.
“No. We’re gonna take our time the rest of the night. I just had to make you feel good. I dream about it.”
You smiled.
“Good, cause I want to swallow your cock nice, slow, and sloppy.”
Those words, along with the look you gave him and the way you licked your lips made it jump.
“Fuck, you’re gonna make me jizz in my pants, Baby Doll.”
Bucky chuckled into your ear.
“Let’s get out of here.”
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Galas, New Dates and Exes Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Pt. 1
Warning: drama, pregnancy loss
Summary: Bucky and (Y/N) broke up and they see each other for the first time at one of Tony's parties. The only problem is, she has a new date.
Word Count: 2k
Comment if you would be interested in a pt. 3
“Shit.” (Y/n) whispered as she slowly turned around to face Him. “Hi Bucky.”
Bucky almost winced at the sound of her voice. She never called him Bucky, it was always Buck, James or handsome. The last one was his favorite, even if he never admitted it. (Y/n) once told him that Bucky sounded fake, for (y/n) Bucky was the one on billboards and commercials. When she was with him, she only wanted to see his true self.
He stepped in between (y/n) and her date, not caring that he almost bumped into the person behind him. “Hey doll.”
“I’ll get an old fashion.” Bucky told the bartender, not even a second later he heard a laugh from behind him. “Is there something funny.”
“Actually, there is something funny about an almost mummified man ordering an old fashion. Was that your favorite drink before the prohibition?” Nicholas said, swiftly moving from behind the former Winter Soldier to be next to (y/n).
Bucky could feel his blood boiling. He usually preferred when people weren’t afraid of him, after all of these years he just wanted to be a normal guy, but this was one of the cases where he wished (y/n)’s date feared him.
Before he could answer, both Sam and Steve grabbed Bucky’s shoulders.
“Hey Buck, we’ve been looking for you.” Steve managed to give off a fake smile.
“Yeah, we-uh- we found someone giving those jumbo shrimps that you like. Let’s go look for them!” Sam said trying to pull his partner away from his ex and her date.
“Yeah, I think we have to leave too. I want you to meet Natasha.” (Y/n) said trying to help the situation. Bucky realized that he probably shouldn’t flip both Steve and Sam over and kill (y/n)’s date, whose name he didn’t even know, even if that’s what he wanted to do. Instead, he just fixed his suit and nodded.
“It was nice seeing you, y-you look good.” Bucky said sincerely, for the first time since he got to the party.
“Steve, Sam, it was nice seeing you guys.” (Y/n) said before turning to the man she had been thinking about constantly for the last six months. “Bucky, I’ll see you around I guess.”
Bucky thought his heart couldn’t break into more pieces but, he was wrong. A piece of his broken heart shattered into tiny fragments as he saw (y/n) take her date’s hand and lead him to the dance floor.
“That should be me.” Was the only thing Bucky could say as he drowned his drink and asked for another one.
“You don’t even like to dance, I’ve seen you do it. It’s like when Bambi was a newborn, legs flailing and basically a complete shit show.” Sam replied with a small laugh.
“He liked dancing when it was with her.” Steve said patting Buck on the shoulder before fixing his tie.
“Dude, you’re not helping!” Sam shot Steve a death glare. They both turned to Bucky.
“He’s right. I may be no good at dancing but with (y/n) I didn’t feel like an ass doing it.” Bucky sighed. “I thought I was going to be fine tonight.”
“You guys dated for two years Buck! It’s normal for you to feel this way. C’mon let’s go to our table.” Steve said and both Sam and Bucky followed him. Bucky looked back only once, right before reaching his table. In that moment, he caught (y/n)’s eyes. It was as if they were speaking, it was something that they had developed. Bucky wasn’t one to talk much, so these stolen looks were sometimes the only thing they had. She saw his piercing blue eyes, for a second all she wanted was to run back into his arms, he could see this.
“I still love you.” He whispered, no one around him heard but Bucky knew (y/n) read his lips. She opened her mouth to reply but closed it again after a moment. One single tear rolling down her cheek, the same cheek he used to pepper with kisses in the morning. How he wished he could turn back time just to be there again, even if it were only for an hour. Hell, he would give up everything to be with (y/n) for a single minute. But Bucky knew there was no turning back, so he just sat down and tried to get involved in whatever conversation his friends were having.
“I don’t know how you were ever a spy, you’re so bad at not showing your emotions.” Natasha said with a laugh, startling (y/n).
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” (y/n) said, putting up a fake smile, to which Natasha only rolled her eyes.
“You’re going to have to talk to him at some point you know. I know we’ve had some quiet months, but you know Steve wants both of you at his side whenever the real problems start.”
“I’ll be able to concentrate.” Said (y/n) looking across the room trying to distract herself with anything, she knew Nat was right.
“You can’t even concentrate at a party. I know that mind of yours never rests.”
“Today isn’t the day to talk about it. Plus, you owe me some jagger shots.” (Y/n) smiled and pointed towards the bar.
“I thought you were never going to ask.” Natasha smiled.
A couple of hours into the party, the most important part of the night was coming up. Tony got up on the stage to give a toast before the last minutes of the year were over.
“I’m really glad you all could make it. It really shows that you guys don’t want me to cut down your pay.” Was how Tony started his speech, gaining a roaring laughter from the crowd. “Pepper is the one who usually makes these stupid toasts so all I’m going to say is, enjoy the booze I’ve put out and black out. We’ll all save the world another day.”
“In all seriousness, thank you for coming. Over the past years, we’ve really become a family. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I hope all of you know that even if the world is crashing down, we’ll be here for you.” Pepper added with a smile and the music came back to life.
On the enormous screens, the last ten seconds flashed. (Y/n) turned to Nicholas and smiled.
“Are you going to actually kiss me now? Or is this just a fake kiss like before.” She asked him, the corners of her mouth turning upwards.
“You tell me?” Nicholas replied as he saw the last two seconds on the screen and enveloped her into an amazing kiss. It was obvious he knew what he was doing, his mouth perfectly synchronized with hers, leaving her breathless. “Happy New Year’s.”
(Y/n) bit her lips and looked up at him through her eyelashes, seeing the handsome man smile back at her. As he turned around to clink his champagne glass with the rest of the table, (y/n) felt a gaze burning from behind her. As she turned to see what she already expected, Bucky’s pools of azure met hers. He only raised his glass to her, and she did the same.
The next think (y/n) saw was fire. Something, or rather someone, had crashed into the large windows creating a huge commotion. Like clockwork, they all got ready to fight whatever it was. They heard it first, a sinister laugh, and then came the small green bombs. (Y/n) saw that as they expelled the green mist, people started dropping to the floor. She started moving the people closest to her towards the doors, grabbing a gun from the underside of the table. She mentally thanked Nick Fury for always being prepared for anything. As the fog cleared up, (y/n) came up to Natasha, Tony, Thor, Steve, Sam, and Bucky. That’s when they saw the real damage. The people nearest to the window had severe cuts from the broken glass, others were almost coughing up blood.
“We need to get everyone out of here.” Steve said.
“I’ll escort these four tables.” (Y/n) said. “They’re mostly fine, just somewhat dizzy because of the mist.”
“Who was that?” Natasha asked.
“I have no idea, but that’s just a warning of what’s to come.” Tony said, sending drones to provide quick medical help and assess the damage.
Outside of the building, security guards, secret service and police officers were filling the streets. (Y/n) had brought almost all of the guests to their cars, now only Nicholas was left.
“Hey, take this.” Nicholas said, taking off his suit jacket.
“Oh no, I’m fine really.” (Y/n) said, trying to shrug off the fact that she was near hypothermia.
“You know, superheroes get cold too.” He smiled as he placed the jacket on her shoulders. “I don’t know what I was expecting before going on a date with an avenger but, this was certainly more eventful than I thought.”
“I’m really sorry about tonight. I didn’t think we were in danger, nothing usually happens this time of year.” (Y/n) sighed, looking down at her feet. “I completely understand if you don’t want to see-“
(Y/n) was interrupted with another breathtaking kiss.
“I have to go now, when can I see you again?” He asked.
“I didn’t think you would want to- I-I mean we can- whenever.” (y/n) said, eyes gleaming.
“I have to be back next week. I’ll call you, if you’re available.” Nicholas said, once again showing off his amazing smile. “You still owe me half of a date.”
“Call me.” (Y/n) smiled back as she saw his bodyguard escort him to their car.
“That seems extremely promising.” Pepper said from behind her. As (y/n) turned around, she saw both Pepper and Tony looking proud.
“I think it’s safe to say that you have to name your firstborn Tony.” He said looking serious while (y/n) burst out laughing.
“Let’s go, we still have a ton of booze up there.” Pepper said with a smile.
Now that they were almost one hundred percent sure nothing was going to happen, the real party started. Everyone wanted to let loose after the scare. Hell, even goody two shoes’ Rodgers was taking tequila shots.
(Y/n) stepped out into the balcony, looking back at the party. Sure, it was fun seeing Sam put shots on redwing’s back and serving them to everyone or seeing how Nat and Wanda would compete at who could finish a champagne bottle fastest. But at some point, it all got to be too much for (y/n).
“I thought you were never cold.” (Y/n) heard from behind her. Maybe it was the liquid courage, disguised as one whole bottle of vodka, that she had drunk or maybe it was just the fact that they had been attacked and she wanted to relax. She turned around, for the first time in the night, to face Bucky.
“I thought you said you never wanted to see me.” She spat back, remembering what he had said during their last fight.
“We both said outrageous things that night.”
“Trust me, I remember that night vividly. The only one who said out of line things was you.” (Y/n) took a sip of the champagne bottle in her hand, wanting the gold liquid to erase her mind. “I came out here to be alone.”
“You used to only want to be alone with me.” Bucky replied, taking the bottle from her hand, and bringing it to his mouth.
“You used to want to be with me.” Was the only thing (y/n) said, she turned her back to him and looked at the skyscrapers.
From inside the ballroom, Sam and Steve were getting worried.
“Should we go out there?” Sam asked.
“Leave them alone.” Natasha said from behind the two men. “Considering everything (y/n)’s been through, I think she can put up with one talk.”
“I just don’t know what happened with them, they were two lovebirds one second and the next one they were enemies.” Sam said shaking his head.
“Oh, don’t act like you didn’t know she was pregnant.” Natasha said with a cold laugh, after she didn’t hear a reply, she looked at them. Both Steve and Sam were left dumbfounded.
“What?!” Was all Steve could muster up to say.
It was at that moment, Natasha knew she had fucked up.
“She never told him.” She whispered, shocked.
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
How would chubby bucky react to reader passing out during sex
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chubby Baker Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, no minors, overstimulation, passing out on Bucky's big ole c*ck.
A/n: Written on my phone. Drabble length? Do not copy, translate or repost my drabbles. I love comments and reblogs.
Bucky has you prone on the bed, the sheets twisted in your hands as you wailed his name into the pillow. His heavy, thick body driving yours deeper into the bed with each short frantic thrust. He can't get enough of your tight pussy, whispering in your ear how good you feel and how much he loves you.
Insurmountable pleasure clawing through your belly, you feel so good, so incredibly good that you have to scream, your hands curling tighter around the sheets. "Bucky, please, fuck don't stop, don't stop," you chant as your eyes scrunch shut. "Please don't."
He's so deep in you, his large cock splitting you in two.
He keeps hitting that rough, spongy patch inside you and it sends a jolt of pure pleasure through you with each stroke, god its like you’re being struck by lightning. You want to move away; you need a reprieve because you’re getting woozy, nearly drooling on your pillow as more sensations spark through you. Even as your pussy pulls him back in, clamping down around his thick length, you try to pull yourself away, mumbling, “too good, I can’t, can’t Bucky.”
“I know it’s good Peach, it’s good for me too, fuck you’re so tight, I just gotta-“ Bucky pushes more of his weight on top of you, pinning you down as he pounds into you, the dull wet sounds of skin slapping overtaking your muffled cries.
You can’t breathe, it’s too good, the way he’s ripping you apart. Leaving pleasure in his wake as he destroys your pussy, a deep thrust sends a needy mewl up your throat, the coil spiraling so tight it’s painful. You feel his sweat-slicked hand push under your belly and your eyes widen as you realize he’s moving towards your throbbing clit. God no, no no, you can’t take that, it’s too much, its-
“Fuck, ‘m close, cum for me, need you to cum first peach.” His fingers strum your swollen bundle of nerves and you shatter, seconds feel like hours, your entire body is on fire, your limbs locking up, your belly tensing, constricting as pure, unadulterated pleasure courses through you. You feel yourself gush around his cock, your walls pulsating erratically.
There’s a strange keening noise buzzing in your ears and you want to look around to see what’s making that sound. But your head feels too heavy. Oh, that’s me, you think, laughing softly as you collapse on the bed. Warm darkness cocoons you and you give in to it, relaxing as your body basks in a sweet euphoria.
“Peach?” Bucky pauses mid-stroke. His heart hammers in his chest as he gazes down at your limp body. Your walls fluttering around him, milking his cock even as he pulls out. He winces as he leaves your warm, tight heat. Oh shit. Oh shit. What did he do?
“Peach,” he says, his brows furrowing, he hovers over you, gently stroking the side of your face. “Are you okay? Talk to me, baby.”
For a second he thinks he’s killed you with his cock. Panic roiling in his chest as he tries to remember the steps for CPR. He knew he should have paid attention in that class. How’s he going to explain this, his worried thoughts muddled in his head while he gently shakes your shoulder. “C’mon Peach, please.”
Then you give him a drunken crooked smile with your eyes closed, your hand raising listlessly, weakly patting his chest. “M good,” you sigh, your words slurring together. “Don’t stop, ‘m ready Bucky.”
Bucky rears back, holding your hand to his warm chest, muttering a thank god to the ceiling. Cool relief shivers down his back and he flops down beside you, the bed dipping down. “Peach, you scared me, don’t do it again”
You brokenly chuckle, “you fucked me until my legs went numb, do it again.”
Your playful retort has him shaking his head. Bucky peppers kisses along your forehead, waiting as you slowly come out of your orgasmic haze. “There’s my girl,” he grins when you open your eyes.
Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you take a deep breath in, still feeling lightheaded as you try to move. You wiggle your hips a little, gasping as a slight tremor of pleasure bursts inside you. A deep ache drums in your cunt and you know you’re going to feel him all weekend. Matter of fact, you should probably make sure you feel him with every step you take.
Titling your head to the side, you bite your lip. “Hey Bucky,” you smirk, tapping his chest with your fingers. Bucky narrows his eyes at you, suspicion blooming in his stormy blue eyes. “You didn’t finish,” you say, glancing down at his cock.
“Peach...” His voice trails off as your hand slides down his soft, chubby belly to his hard cock. “We should wait, um fuck-“
You squeeze his throbbing shaft, his hips rutting into your hand. “Bucky, remember how you’re always telling me that if I suffocate you with my thighs when I’m sitting on your face, that’s your business.”
He grunts your name, his chest heaving as you twist your palm over his swollen red tip. “Well, Bucky if I pass out because you're fucking me that damn good, that’s my business.”
“Now are you going to treat me like the good girl I am or do I have to beg?” The clear challenge in your voice makes him chuckle.
“Oh, peach you know I always take care of you. “ Bucky lifts his head up, his eyes darkening with each slow blink. I’ll fuck you until you see stars if that’s what you want.”
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sagechanoafterdark · 18 days ago
Peanut Butter Passion
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1,419
Warnings: language, oral (male receiving), dirty talk, lots of heavy petting, hinted at food play, Bucky is a bad roommate and friend, poor Sam
A/N: Based off of THIS Reddit post and a conversation on the Smut Hub Discord. I should be sorry for writing this... I should be. Not beta'd all mistakes are my own.
Tumblr media
The two of you were never going to live this down.
The day started like any other, very normal and very soft. After a night of sweat, moaning and a creaking bed frame, you were pulled awake to soft kisses against your shoulder and Bucky nuzzling against your ear. It was soft and it was sweet as hell making the butterflies flutter in your belly. “Wakey, wakey sleeping beauty,” he rumbled against your ear.
Smiling into the pillow you rolled over, arms circling him and pulling Bucky close before giving a few lazy smooches, a whimper of contentment leaving when he pulled back. “Gonna go get coffee started.”
“Kay,” you replied sleepily, rolling back over and cuddling against the pillows.
Today was going to be like any other, that is until your horrible secret was exposed.
Truthfully you should have known better.
You and Bucky liked to live a little on the wild side of things, that was true. Enough that Sam had pointedly shown off the noise-canceling headphones he’d bought after two months of the both of you dating. The not-so-subtle hint enough that you had trouble meeting Sam's eyes for weeks after. There was no way you were going to live the embarrassment down, that is until today.
Bucky had fished the pajama pants off the floor before reluctantly leaving you still curled up in bed. Leaving the bathroom Bucky walked into the kitchen seeing Sam at the counter with his usual breakfast and a steaming hot cup of coffee.
"Morning," Bucky gruffed.
"Morning," Sam replied as chipper as ever, taking a bite of his toast. His eyes drifted to see you walking out of Bucky's room stifling a yawn, wearing a pair of boxers and the shirt Bucky had been wearing last night, "Morning Y/N."
"Morning Sammy," you greeted with a smile. Bucky offered you a mug and you shyly took it from his hands, leaning up to give him a soft kiss on the cheek. “Anything big planned for today Sam?”
"Nah, gonna take it easy today. Oh, and before I forget," Sam mumbled around a mouthful of peanut butter toast. "I know we have rules and all but I was out of peanut butter this morning and I used some of yours."
You choked on your coffee while Bucky turned about fifteen shades of red all at once.
"W-what," he squeaked out, eyes as wide as saucers.
"Come on man, it's just peanut butter. I'll get you a whole new...why are you guys looking at me like that?"
Both you and Bucky shot one another a sideways glance. You were vigorously shaking your head at Bucky who looked at you with wide and panicked eyes before Bucky turned back to Sam, "No reason."
"That's your lying face," Sam accused, pointing a finger at Bucky. "What was wrong with it? It wasn't expired..."
"No. No, it wasn't expired."
"Then what?"
"Can I give you a hypothetical," Bucky asked, ignoring your pained groan. "Let me walk you through a hypothetical."
The movie had long stopped in the background. Bucky was on top of you with one hand cupping your breast and hips grinding his erection against your thigh. Tongue sliding against the seam of your lips you’d gladly opened your mouth against him. Already working you up and driving you crazy Bucky had you moaning low and rolling your hips up as his metal hand lifted your thigh against his hip, opening you up further and begging for his fingers again.
Frenzied kisses turned slow and sensual before your teeth dragged against his lower lip and a groan rumbled deep in his chest, “You know what I want to do?”
“Hmm, what’s that,” he growled against your lips.
“Really want to suck your cock right now.”
A guttural moan broke past Bucky’s lips before his hips surged forward, rubbing hard against you. “Fuck,” he cursed in a breathy groan, pressing his forehead against yours. “Really Kitten? You can't tease me like that.”
Looking up into his eyes you bit your bottom lip and nodded, your hands pushing and maneuvering him off of you briefly before rolling Bucky onto his back. "Whos teasing soldier?"
Sitting up on his elbows Bucky watched as you slid off the edge of the bed. Your nails dragging along the sensitive skin of his thighs making his cock jump.
A bead of precum welled at the tip of his cock and your tongue briefly lapped it away with a little moan. But that was nothing compared to the ragged groan that erupted from Bucky as you slurped him all the way down and into your throat. Hand wrapping around the base you bobbed your head and swirled your tongue.
Bucky’s head tipped back at the sloppy sounding pop as you pulled back. “Holy fuck,” Bucky chanted over and over, his hands fisted in the comforter under him.
Moaning low in your throat you felt his thighs twitch struggling to stay still as you worked before pulling away with a slurping pop. “Wish we had that flavored lube still,” you teased, hand wrapped around the base of his cock and giving a few heavy strokes that had Bucky moaning deep in his chest. “We could get really messy then.”
“Kitten likes it messy huh,” Bucky purred, his hand brushing the hair from your eyes briefly.
You hummed in agreement, tongue stroking along the underside of his cock, following the thick vein before you saw his blue eyes light up briefly.
“I have an idea,” Bucky exclaimed, pushing you back off of him and shooting out the door of the bedroom.
Sitting back and blinking you wiped at your mouth briefly as his naked ass disappeared down the hallway. Praying to whatever god was listening that Sam would stay in his room with the noise-canceling earphones on and not find his buck-ass naked roommate wandering the kitchen...again.
Bucky returned a moment later, the familiar red-capped jar in his hand with a wiggle of his eyebrows and you smirked up at him from the floor.
“Bucky dipped his dick in the whole jar!”
Your hands covered your mouth in shock as you blurted out the startling truth. Hiding your face behind your hands in both shame and embarrassment as silence fell in the tiny kitchen. Peaking out you saw Sam staring at Bucky, his brown eyes were wide and glassy as his mouth opened and closed a couple of times, “Y-you dipped your what, in the jar?”
“I couldn’t get the whole thing in there,” Bucky tried to reason as if it was going to help at all. “Only about halfway, kind of had to even it up a little.”
Sam held a hand up and Bucky fell mute from his too much information ramble. The man looked sick, his face going slack for a brief moment before he’d scrambled off the kitchen stool and made a mad dash for the bathroom as the door slammed closed behind him. The faint sound of him heaving up his breakfast reaching the two of you.
“Why would you put it back in the cupboard,” you whispered accusatory after a brief moment.
“I was half asleep when I went to clean up,” Bucky explained, throwing his arms wide in explanation. “I managed to get you cleaned up and the jar was just laying there on the floor without a lid. I didn’t want it spilling. I must have brought it out here and put it back in the cupboard.”
You gave him a scathing look as you heard Sam in the bathroom gurgling mouthwash before an enraged growl sounded from the room making you both wince. After a few minutes, Sam returned to the kitchen with a truly haunted look on his face. Brown eyes skirting from Bucky, who stood casually against the counter with his mug of coffee to you, who looked absolutely distraught.
“Sammy, I’m so sorry I-”
“Save it,” he snapped, pointing between you both car keys in hand. “I’m leaving and we’re going to pretend this never happened understand. There was no incident. Nobody will ever eat anyone else’s food again. This is never talked about again. Got it.”
“Got it,” you rushed out in a whisper. Behind you Bucky was quiet and you turned to see his smirking face and a curl of dread welled up inside of you at that face.
“Alright Sam,” Bucky relented, seeing the distressed look on your face but his smirk didn’t fade. “Tell me something before you go.”
“Bucky no,” you bemoaned.
“How was my nut butter, Sam?”
“You’re both nasty!”
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hereand-whereyou-are · 5 months ago
Every time John called Bucky Bucky I did not like it. He needs to be a little more respectful.
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artisancowbells · 28 days ago
freak (like me)
·˚ ༘ ┊͙༄ dadsbestfriend!bucky barnes x female!reader
Tumblr media
(pictures displayed are only inspiration, the readers appearance is never discussed/described to allow for inclusivity)
✧˖*ˎˊ- ✧˖*ˎˊ- ✧˖*ˎˊ-
summary: bucky has never had someone who treated him how he deserved. you needed to show him you’re exactly the person for the job and you wanted open his eyes to new experiences.. and kinks
warnings: (every chapter has individual warnings) smut, minors dni, dom/sub dynamics (dom!bucky and slight sub!bucky) blowjobs, p in v sex, fingering, car sex, nicknames (sugar, doll), age gap (bucky is 38 and reader is 22)
a/n: ok so this was originally a one shot… and i got carried away so here we go!
-ˋˏ * inspired by freak by doja cat * ˎˊ-
episode one: good girl that does bad things for you (20th AUG/21)
episode two: tied him down to my queen bed
episode three: flip the coin
episode four: bring them along with ya
episode five: ride it
✧˖*ˎˊ- ✧˖*ˎˊ- ✧˖*ˎˊ-
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buckys-bug-archive · 3 months ago
Imagine if Steve left his little for Peggy and she was sitting playing with her toys just waiting for him to come back but he doesn’t. When Bucky finally comes to visit he finds her horrible sick. Bucky tells her Steve left and she refuses to eat or sleep or play. She literally becomes mute and Bucky has to pick of the pieces and put her back together. She becomes happy after a while and allows Bucky to become her daddy. But Steve returns and Bucky lets him back in and she refuses and tries to run away from them but they don’t let her and tell her to not worry because they’ll be one big happy family.
he’s gone
summary: where steve leaves you for peggy and bucky has to pick up the pieces.
pairing: daddy!steve rogers x little!reader, daddy!bucky barnes x little!reader, daddy!stucky x little!reader
warnings: soft!dark stucky at the end, angst, nightmares, not eating, not sleeping, crying, swearing
w/c: 3.5k
note: this request inspired me instantly and i started writing and went a bit crazy with it 😳 i low-key hate it though. please let me know what you think and leave feedback!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’ve been doing a lot of waiting recently. Waiting for your Daddy to come home; waiting for him to come and take care of you. You miss him so much it’s ridiculous. You miss him so much that it consumes your entire being - all you can think about is him. Every minute of every hour of every day. All you want is him.
And you know that today is the day he’s returning.
You try to distract yourself as best as you can, getting all of your toys out to play, trying to pass the time. Every minute feels like 10, every hour like 2; time moves agonisingly slowly for every minute you’re away from him.
Hours pass. The sun sets. And your Daddy still isn’t back. You curl yourself up in his bed, breathing in the scent of him to calm you, your whole being yearns for him, the only thing that could comfort you in this moment is a bear hug from him and only him - all you want is to fall asleep in his arms. You feel incomplete without him.
Days pass. Weeks. You don’t leave the house. You don’t eat. You can barely sleep without him. You’re an absolute wreck. Your eyes are puffy and your cheeks swollen from crying.
After two weeks, Bucky finally comes to visit you. He raps on the door four, five times, the sound of metal fingers against wood ringing through the silent house. No answer. He calls out your name and all he can hear in reply is a strangled whimper.
“Baby, I need you to let me in.” he says gently, forehead resting against the cool wood of the front door.
You drag yourself to the door, swinging it open slowly; he takes in your appearance and his face softens.
“Where is he?” you ask, your voice is so small and frail and Bucky dreads the news he’s about to give you. It’s going to break you. “Why isn’t he back?”
“Baby, he’s gone.” He steps into the house, closing the door quietly behind him and crouching down to look you in the eye.
“What? W-what do you mean?”
“He’s not coming back, sweetheart.” His eyes never leave yours as he watches with a concern filled gaze; a sob forces its way out of your chest and you double over, clutching your stomach. He has to be lying. Your Daddy would never do that to you.
“Liar! You-you’re lying. He wouldn’t d-do that!” you cry; Bucky pulls you into his arms, collapsing onto the cold floor with you in his lap. “Why w-would he-he do that?” Your tears soak the front of his shirt but you can’t find it in yourself to care. He shushes you gently, rocking you in his arms as you break down. Tears well in his own eyes as he watches you but he pushes them back; what you need most right now is someone to take care of you.
“C’mon, baby. You need to sleep.” he coos, lifting you into his arms and carrying you to the bedroom.
“Can’t.” you whimper, “Need Daddy.”
Bucky’s heart breaks in two at that and he kisses your forehead lightly, wishing he could take your pain away.
“I know you do. But the best I can do is me, okay? Let me help, please?” he asks softly, laying you down in the bed that still smells like your Daddy; that only makes you cry harder, your throat on fire as you scream into the pillows. You can feel Bucky’s hand rubbing comforting circles into your back; he lays down next to you and pulls you into his side, holding you close until your sobs die down to quiet whimpers.
“Wanna know somethin’?” you mumble quietly, so quietly that you doubt Bucky would have heard if it wasn’t for his enhanced hearing.
“Sure, doll.”
“I always knew that there was a part of him that didn’t love me. Loved her more. An’ I was right.” Another few tears escape your eyes and he wipes them away with his thumb.
“Oh, baby. He loved you.”
“Nah. Not e-enough.” you hiccup. “I g-get it. ‘M not pretty or sm-smart like her. ‘M just a stupid baby.” Your voice is filled with self hatred; you’d always been insecure but Steve has inadvertently confirmed everything you hate about yourself in your eyes.
“Baby, you’re beautiful. And so smart. And if he couldn’t see that then he didn’t deserve you. You deserve somebody who’s gonna love every part of you. Just you. Okay?”
“Th-thanks, Bucky.” He can see the gears turning in your head as you mentally list every reason Steve had to leave: every flaw, everything you hate about yourself. He holds you close as you cry yourself to sleep, clinging to him to ground yourself until you fall into a fitful slumber, your dreams plagued by Steve’s absence.
You wake with a start, drenched in sweat as your breath comes in ragged pants. Bucky’s right there with you, pushing your hair out of your face and comforting you as you struggle for breath.
“Shh, baby. It’s okay, breathe for me. In and out, yeah?” You do as he says, trying your best to regulate your breathing as he holds you to his chest.
“Sweetheart, do you want a bath? I’ll get your fishies and your rubber duckies for you to play with.” You just shrug, leaning against him but not really paying any interest to Bucky’s words. “Come on.” he coaxes you out of the bed and into the bathroom, sitting you on the closed toilet lid and beginning to fill the tub, adding bubbles and your toys.
“Arms up, bub.” You do as he says without so much as a whine - very uncharacteristic behaviour from you - and he lifts your shirt over your head before reaching behind you and unclasping your bra. He then pulls your trousers and panties off, leaving you bare and shivering as the cold air hits your skin.
“I know, baby. Come on let’s get you in.” He hooks his arms under your legs and lowers you into the bubbly water carefully, letting you sit for a minute before beginning to clean your body with care.
You don’t even attempt to play with your toys - your favourite duckies and fishies - and instead sit completely still and unmoving, eyes glazed over as you stare at the wall vacantly.
“Sweetheart.” Bucky murmurs, voice filled with concern. You don’t respond. You don’t even look at him. He sighs gently, finishing washing your hair and teasing the knots out with his fingers before lifting you out of the tub and wrapping you in a towel.
“Let’s get you dressed and then I’ll make you some breakfast, okay?” Talking to you is like conversing with a brick wall. Your brain has disconnected from your body, too consumed by grief to function at all.
He dresses you in a pair of sweatpants and one of Steve’s hoodies in an attempt to comfort you; and it does momentarily. As the scent of him envelops your body, you close your eyes and allow yourself to pretend. Pretend that he didn’t leave. Pretend that he loves you.
Carrying you to the kitchen, Bucky sits you down and pours a bowl of cereal for you, setting it in front of you.
“Baby, you gotta eat.” No response. You barely even acknowledge him. Picking up the spoon, he scoops a spoonful of cereal up and brings it to your mouth, nudging your lips gently with the metal. “C’mon, open up.” Your tired eyes meet his and his face softens with worry. “Please eat, baby.” You push the bowl back towards him, screwing your face up in distaste.
“You want somethin’ else?” You shake your head. You don’t really feel like doing anything, even being out of bed is exhausting currently. So you push yourself up from the chair and trapse away, back into the bedroom where you wrap yourself in blankets and cry until you feel empty and numb.
Bucky joins you a little while later, cooing sweet nothings to you as he slips in the bed, letting you climb onto him and rest your head against his chest; listening to his heartbeat calms you - you have something to focus on. You accept the gentle whispers and the soft touches even though you wish he was somebody else.
You let the rhythmic sound of his heart lull you back to sleep; snoring softly against him, your face slackens with much needed slumber.
Every now and then, you’ll whine in your sleep, clutching onto him desperately as though he’ll disappear from underneath you. And sometimes, you’ll call out for Steve; and your calls soon turn to screams as the nightmare of him leaving you plays over and over in your dreams.
“Baby, wake up. C’mon, sweetheart. ‘S just a dream.” Bucky murmurs in your ear, pulling you away from the fragments of Steve that haunt your every moment, even when you’re asleep.
When you wake, you whimper and curl further into Bucky, trembling like a kitten. You’re so lost without your Daddy. You don’t eat, you barely sleep and when you do, you’re plagued by terrors; you don’t play and you certainly don’t speak. All that’s left of you is an empty shell, void of the life that once inhabited your soul and body.
Bucky takes care of you the best he can, he’s a natural caretaker through and through, but he’s never had a little before. In that way, he’s learning along with you. Eventually, you begin to accept him. You’ll sleep as long as he’s in the bed with you; you’ll eat as long as he’s there with you; you’ll play with your toys if he’s in the room. He makes you feel safe. Loved. He holds you tightly, the cracks that Steve left in your exhausted body finally starting to heal.
As you begin to come back to life and return to your old, bubbly self, Bucky sits down with you and asks you a very important question.
“Hey, sweetheart, can I talk to you?”
“M’kay. What’s up?” you ask as you play with your toy dinosaurs.
“You know I love you, don’t you?”
“Mhm, I lub you too.” you grin, shooting him that toothy, lopsided smile that he adores.
“How would you feel about me becoming your Daddy?” Your face lights up at his question and you bounce up and down excitedly.
“Yup. If you want me, that is.”
“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” you squeal, jumping into his arms and attacking him in a hug. Tears spill down your cheeks and his brows knit together with worry.
“Hey, you alright, baby?”
“Mhm. You’re the bestest ever. Lub you so much.” you croak, burying your face into the crook of his neck.
“I love you too, baby girl.”
From then on, your relationship with Bucky flourishes. He takes you out on dates and takes care of you, loving every aspect of being your Daddy; his favourite part being how cuddly you are. If you could, you’d cuddle him all day, every day. You’re like a live teddy bear.
You start to forget about Steve, instead replacing all of those memories with new ones with your new Daddy. And he loves you endlessly, always reminding you of how beautiful you are and how much he adores you and only you.
You sleep with him at night, a mess of entangled limbs, so close to each other that you breathe the same air. And now, when you call out for your Daddy, you don’t mean Steve. You mean him.
And then it all comes crashing down again. The wounds in your heart tear back open, as fresh as the day Steve left.
Steve realises that he’s made a mistake and decides to come back.
The first person to know is Bucky. They talk and decide that Steve will come back to live with him and you - after much deliberation.
Bucky enters the house first, calling for you.
“Baby, come here. I have a surprise.” As he waits for you to come to him, his whole body is like a live wire, taut muscles and racing thoughts. This could go so horribly wrong. This could undo every ounce of progress you’ve made.
You bound into Bucky’s arms, hooking your legs around his waist and breathing in his scent deeply.
“Missed you, Daddy.”
Steve’s heart shatters as he listens to the conversation from outside. He is supposed to be your Daddy. He is the one that’s supposed to come home to you every night. But he ruined it. He ruined everything.
Bucky sets you down on the floor, stroking your face gently.
“I have someone here to see you, bub. C’mon, man.”
Steve steps through the door and your face drops.
“No.” Steve’s heart sinks. “No!” you scream, lunging at Steve and beginning to pummel your fists into his chest. “Asshole! I hate you.”
You sob uncontrollably, your knees buckling; you would’ve hit the floor if Bucky didn’t catch you. Your tears soak his shirt once more and he can feel all the progress you’ve made slipping away. A sickeningly strong sense of deja vu washes over him as you sob into his chest on the wooden floor of the hallway. It takes him back to the day that he broke the news of Steve leaving to you.
“Why is he back? Why did you bring him here?” you cry, sobs racking your whole body.
“Baby, he’s back. Don’t you want your Daddy back?”
“No!” you shriek. “I want you. He doesn’t love me. Please don’t leave, please, I love you.”
“Shh, you’re alright. I’m not going anywhere.” he croons, rocking you back and forth as the situation overwhelms you; all you want is Bucky and you’re terrified that things are going to go back to the way they were before - that he’s going to leave you and Steve’s going to take his place.
“You don’t want to be my Daddy anymore.” you sob into his chest. “You’re gonna leave just like h-him.”
“No, baby, that’s not true. I’m not going anywhere. You’re my best girl, I could never leave you.”
“I promise, bubba. Now, c’mon, say hi to Stevie.”
“No.” You bury your face into his chest, hiding yourself from Steve.
“Baby, I’m sorry.” Steve coos, crouching down next to you and Bucky. As his hand reaches out to rub your back in what’s supposed to be a comforting gesture, but you jerk away, a pained whine sounding from the base of your throat. “I never should have left. I’m so sorry. I love you.”
“Liar!” you screech, pressing yourself further into Bucky. The sound of his voice sends shockwaves of anguish through your exhausted body. You’re so fucking tired. “You’re not my Daddy anymore. You don’t love me. You left!”
“I know. But it was a mistake. I shouldn’t have left my sweet baby.”
“I’m not your baby. I hate you.” Your eyes are red and swollen as you sob brokenly into Bucky, clinging to him like a koala.
“You don’t mean that.” Steve’s voice wavers and you laugh darkly through your tears. How dare he? How does he possibly think he has the right to be upset at your words? He broke you into a million pieces, leaving Bucky to clean up the mess that he made.
“Yeah, I do. ‘Cause you ruined everything. You ruined me.” You peel yourself away from Bucky and stand on shaking legs, staggering back up to the bedroom to hide from them both.
“Sweetheart.” Bucky calls. “It doesn’t have to be like this. We can be a family.”
“I don’t wanna be a family. I jus’ want you.” you cry, stumbling up the stairs and away from them. It’s all too much to comprehend. Why now has he decided to come back?
Bucky sighs deeply, running a hand through his hair.
“You’ve gotta give her time. I don’t think you understand how much it ruined her when you left.”
“She’s okay now. She has you.”
“She didn’t talk or eat or sleep for weeks! She wouldn’t even look at me. It took so much time for her to get back to herself and all of that progress has just been undone.”
“I thought she’d be okay.” Steve’s voice is laced with heartbreak and he knows that he deserves the treatment that you’ve given him.
“You know what she said to me the night I told her you were gone?”
“That she knew that there was a part of you that didn’t love her because she knew that you still loved Peggy. And she said that she understood. Because she wasn’t pretty or smart like her. Broke my fucking heart, pal.”
“Just give her time. She’s been through a lot since you were last here.”
Meanwhile, you’re pulling clothes out of your wardrobe and stuffing them into a duffel bag; you refuse to stay in a house with the man who broke you - who made you believe that you were unlovable. You sneak down the stairs with the bag slung over your shoulder, managing to creep past the living room where Steve and Bucky are talking. You’re nearly there - until you open the door.
Their heads snap towards the noise and they hurtle down the hallway as you throw yourself outside, trying your best to dodge their advances. Bucky’s arms wrap around your waist and he pulls you into his chest, shushing you gently as you scream and wail.
“Let me go!”
“Shh, baby. Stop. What are you doin’?”
“I don’t wanna stay here with him. You just let him back in like nothin’ happened. You know what he did to me! So you have to pick.”
“Me or him.”
“I’m not choosing.”
“You have to. Or I’m leavin’.” Bucky’s jaw sets as he lifts you off of the floor, slinging you over his shoulder as though you weigh nothing.
“No! Put me down!”
“You’re staying. We can be happy with Stevie. We’ll be a family.”
“I don’t want to be a family.” you sob, all of your pent up rage and grief clawing its way out of your chest. It feels like there’s a hole forming in Steve’s heart as he watches you thrash and cry against Bucky, screaming incoherently. He sets you down on the couch, pinning you to it when you try to run again and holding your face, focusing your gaze on him.
“Baby, breathe for me. In and out, come on.” He places your hand on his chest to feel his heartbeat, knowing that it calms you. “Talk to us, okay. Tell me what’s goin’ on in your mind.”
“Daddy…” you whimper, tugging at his shirt to bring him down and close to you. He scoops you up in his arms, laying you against his chest as your breath begins to regulate itself and you slump against him tiredly.
“You’re alright. C’mon, help me understand how you’re feeling.”
“‘S all ruined. Everything’s ruined.” you mumble tearily. Your world feels like it’s crashing around you and the only thing keeping you from drowning is Bucky, his firm body underneath you the only thing holding your fragile psyche together. He cards his fingers through your hair as your eyes droop shut.
“Don’t worry, baby girl. It’s going to be just fine. We’ll be one big, happy family.” You murmur tiredly against Bucky’s chest. You know that Steve’s here to stay. Bucky let him back in in an instant despite how badly he hurt you. You, however, are going to take a lot more convincing.
You’re done for when the couch dips and Steve presses his warm body against you from the other side, peppering soft kisses against your jaw and cheek.
“I’m so sorry, sweetheart. Let me make it up to you.” you whimper and your tear filled eyes meet Steve’s, his own filled with regret and remorse. You hold your arms out for him, making grabbing motions and he chuckles softly, shuffling closer to you. You bury your face into the crook of his neck, his scent so familiar that it makes you dizzy.
“Daddy.” you croak, your heart torn between the two men.
As though he can read your mind, Bucky begins to speak quietly to you as he runs his fingers through your hair.
“You don’t have to choose between us, bubba. That wouldn’t be fair. We can both be your Daddies.”
“Really?” you rasp, voice trembling.
“Yeah, honey.” Steve murmurs, kissing your cheek. “We’ll all be together.”
Your face becomes serious as you gaze at Steve, not even entirely sure that he’s real.
“Do you love me?”
“I do. I love you so much and I was a fool to think that anybody could compare to my sweet baby girl. I’m an idiot.” His voice oozes with sincerity but you’re still not entirely convinced. Casting your eyes downwards, you collapse against his chest with your legs draped over Bucky’s lap.
“Why didja have to go? Hurt me so bad.” you grumble into the material of his sweatshirt and he sways you from side to side in his hold.
“I was an idiot. I’m so sorry baby.”
You’re not quite there yet, but hopefully you’ll be able to let Steve back in one day.
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preserum-feral · 4 months ago
cannot stop thinking about what assholes steve and bucky were to each other in the 40s dvdjfnjfnfn like all the fanart is so sweet and tender and then the canon is just “hey steve you know what my biggest dream is” “idk maybe finally getting that stick out of your ass??” “no jackass it’s coming home to find out you spent your day minding your fucking business”
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bccky · 24 days ago
Pairing: College AU!Bucky Barnes X Reader
Summary: you realise that you are in love with your best friend, only for him to confess that he loves someone else
Words: 2,830
Warnings: angst, sad reader, late love realisations, fluff at end
@buckybingo : finding each other once again
@star-spangled-bingo : unrequited love
@anyfandomangstbingo : Walking Away
@anyfandomgoesbingo : They're mad at me, i did something stupid
@drysdale-barnes 600 FWC: When he loves me I feel like I'm floating
@saiyanprincessswanie 2.5K FWC: Thank you, I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I'm sorry it took so long for me to catch up. - (Silver Linings Playbook)
A/N: inspired from a drabble I wrote for @justagirlinafandomworld flash fic challenge! Huge thanks to @princessmisery666 for betaing this in such a short time! Inspired by the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. And to @msmarvelouswinchester for being excited about this when I told her the idea lol Dividers by firefly-graphics
Hope you like reading this Xx
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Tumblr media
You loved him.
Gosh, you were so stupid for not realizing it earlier.
You shook your head as you smiled to yourself. You had always considered Bucky to be slightly more than a best friend, but you had never known that this was what was called love.
Someone patted your shoulder from behind and you almost gave yourself a whiplash with how fast you turned, deflating when you realized it was Dot, and not, um - you know, Bucky.
"Woah, hope your neck is okay." She teased, but there was an edge of concern.
You hummed, "I'm fine, what's up?"
"Bucky told me to tell you that he wants to talk to you about something. He'll be at your dorm."
You thanked Dot and picked up your bag before making your way home.
For some reason, you couldn't control the smile on your face.
Okay, no.
You knew the reason why you couldn't stop smiling. You had a feeling that something good was going to happen. The guy wanted to talk to you at the exact time you realized your feelings for him, that meant something, right?
Maybe he felt the same too...
And with that thought, you walked back to your dorm with a skip in your step.
Tumblr media
Bucky was right there, sitting on your bed, bottom lip caught between his teeth as he shyly looked anywhere but you, his cheeks pink. You opened your mouth to greet him but he spoke first.
"I love you."
You couldn't believe that Bucky was actually saying the three words right as you entered your room. He had probably been practising while he waited for you and maybe just blurted it out. You didn't know what to say - what to think. You were in awe as you stared at him in surprise.
Bucky let out a breathy laugh as he brushed his hands through his hair before finally meeting your eyes. "What do you think she'll say if I tell her that?"
And just like that, eleven words was all it took to bring your whole world crashing down.
Your smile dropped and you couldn't help but ask, "What?"
"Dot - I wanna tell her that I love her." Bucky said as he licked his lips, blushing. "Fuck, I have been saying 'I Love You' to myself for ages, practising, before you even came in."
Tears blurred your eyes but you willed them away, finally understanding what was happening.
"I know that you're shocked, you didn't even yell at me for cursing. Hell, I'm shocked. Who knew a girl like Dot could lock this playboy down." Bucky stood up, hugging you tightly.
It was true, Bucky was known as a love 'em, leave 'em kinda guy throughout college, and you, his best friend from day one of college, was probably the only girl he had talked to for more than a week… well, maybe except Dot.
You returned his hug, wrapping your arms around his neck like always. But this time, something had changed.
Maybe everything had changed.
Bucky pulled away, his own eyes a bit red-rimmed even though you had never seen him smile so brightly.
You couldn't take it anymore, so you turned around on your heels, placed your bag on your desk and started taking out stuff as a distraction.
"You think I should tell her?" He asked in a small voice. You had never thought that Bucky could ever be this shy even a second from all of your time with him.
You nodded, not trusting your voice as you discreetly wiped your tears. You felt him hug you one last time from behind before he muttered, "Wish me luck." and rushed out of your dorm, the door slamming in his wake.
And thus, you were left alone with your thoughts in the quiet that followed.
It would be a lie if you said you didn't cry at all. You had just been through your first heartbreak.
Tumblr media
You woke up the next day, sighing when your gaze fell on the mascara stained pillows.
Will it be just as hard to remove the stains as it will be to remove Bucky from your heart?
Was your love even real if he never felt what you did?
Taking a deep breath, you made a call to the only person who you knew would have the answers, trying to rub the tears off your cheeks even though you couldn't stop crying when she picked up.
"Mama, can you die from a broken heart?"
Tumblr media
It wasn't hard to distance yourself from him when final exams of your last term were just a week away. You could give him simple excuses like; "I have to study," and he didn't have any other choice but to believe you.
"After exams," Bucky said one morning when you crossed paths on the campus. You tried to walk away, but he had clasped your hand, "You and I are going to spend a whole day together. I miss my best friend."
"Of course," you replied without missing a beat. But you had already planned to leave an hour after your last paper was handed in. Now, the thought of escaping was the only thing that made you happy.
"I'll be waiting for you." Bucky smiled, showing his pearly whites, but then frowned when he saw that your smile didn't reach your eyes. "Did something happen, Y/N?"
"Something did happen, but don't worry about it, you won't understand." You squeezed his hand twice, knowing that it was probably the last time you were going to talk to him, maybe forever.
You would've hugged him, but he knew you well enough to understand it as a confirmation that something was definitely wrong.
So, that was the last time you ever met James Bucky Barnes, memorizing him as a goofy guy with a cheeky smile and blue eyes that shined with life, his white shirt stained with ink and half tucked in.
Well, that was to be expected since you kept your heart tightly bound in so that no one could break it again.
Tumblr media
With distance, they say, the heart grows fonder, but yours just kept on getting even more numb.
Everyone around you tried to make you talk it out, but you just shoved your feelings aside and began working harder for your career.
"Bye, Y/N!" Wanda and Natasha yelled as you waved at them for the final time before you boarded your flight to Brooklyn.
You smiled and thanked the flight attendant who directed you to your seat, mentally thanking Natasha for booking you a window one. You settled down, hoping to get some rest on your long haul flight after the hectic week you had.
A lady who seemed to be in her sixties took the middle seat while a man in a blue suit and sunglasses occupied the aisle one.
The moment the man sat down, you could tell that the old lady was on edge. She bounced her foot irately before pushing the 'call' button thrice incessantly.
A young flight attendant immediately rushed to your row, "Hi! What can I help you with?"
The old lady, however, was in no mood of being polite.
"I had booked the aisle seat," She grumbled. "Here's my ticket!"
The flight attendant checked it over, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but it looks like you may have accidentally booked the middle seat."
"That's not possible. I always sit on the aisle seat. You move me right now!" You felt pity for the flight attendant, who obviously wasn't used to such passengers yet.
"If it's fine, she can change seats with me," The man on the aisle seat said.
The flight attendant gratefully nodded, "it's fine sir, but you don't have to-"
"It's fine." The man and the old lady quickly changed seats so that the former was sitting next to you instead.
Now that he was closer, you spared a few seconds to look him over as he typed something in his phone. His jaw was sharp and covered with a small beard that looked professionally trimmed, and his hair dark which complimented his fair skin beautifully.
Not wanting to get caught, you quickly looked away.
The other passengers were still boarding when another flight attendant approached with a clipboard. "Miss Y/L/N." she said politely. “The meal you pre-booked isn’t available, here’s a menu so you can choose something else. I hope that’s okay.”
“Not a problem,” you said, taking the offered menu. She said she would come back shortly and wandered off down the plane.
The man next to you, however, started glancing at you every few minutes or so and you noticed through your peripheral vision.
After all the meals were served and the stranger had glanced at you for the sixth time, you were annoyed. "What's up?"
He was startled, as if he hadn't thought he would get caught. "Oh shit, I'm sorry. Didn't wanna make you uncomfortable." He cleared his throat before continuing. "Are you related to Y/N Y/L/N?"
You had worked really hard for where you were career-wise. You were the editor-in-chief of a popular newspaper, so it wasn't uncommon that your name would be recognized here and there.
But you also didn't have the energy for any such interaction right now.
Playing it safe, you said, "Oh, yes. I'm a distant cousin. Do you know her?"
The man visibly deflated before smiling sadly. "Yeah. We used to be best friends."
Your eyebrows shot up in confusion. "Is that so? What is your name if you don't mind me asking?"
"Bucky Barnes."
There weren't many times that life gave you curveballs. You were proud that you felt ready to face any challenge thrown your way, but this, you never thought would happen.
"Bu… Bucky?"
"Yeah. Has she ever talked about me?" There was that hint of a smile that made your heart stop, and then it began beating erratically when he removed his sunglasses to reveal those baby blues.
"It's me, Bucky. I'm Y/N." You breathed out.
Funnily enough, his reaction was more dramatic than yours. He had brought up a spoonful of mashed potatoes up to his mouth which clattered back onto the plate.
For a moment, you could tell Bucky was at a loss about what to do - wanting to shout at you and hug you at the same time.
Thankfully, he settled for the latter.
"I missed you so much." He said, awkwardly twisting his huge body in the small space between the two rows in the airplane.
You patted his back, smiling as tears sprang to your eyes.
Gosh, you hated Bucky for still having this much effect on you.
"So, what are you doing nowadays?" You asked, wiping your eyes with a tissue after he let you go.
"Took over my dad's business." He replied, to which you raised your eyebrows.
"I thought you didn't want to do that?"
Bucky shrugged, "Times change, I guess. I'm happy doing it now, though."
You hummed, "That's good. I'm an editor-in-chief at -"
"- New York Times, I know." Bucky cringed as he interrupted your sentence, realizing how creepy it must've come across. "Ma reads it, she's really proud of your achievements. She’s collected some of your articles in this cute little scrapbook."
You blushed. "That's really sweet, please thank her for me. Is she well?"
Bucky laughed, "Oh, she's really well. Bex just gave her a granddaughter, I'm on my way home to meet her."
Bex was Bucky's younger sister, who you had really bonded with throughout the four years of college. You felt like you were going to burst with happiness, "Oh my god, are you serious? That's amazing! Do you have pictures?"
He regretfully shook his head, "I would but I accidentally rebooted my phone and all the pictures Bex sent are gone." He bit his lower lip, as if hesitating before he said, "Well, I don't wanna cross any boundaries, but if you're okay with it, you can come over for dinner sometime this week if you're in Brooklyn."
Uh. What were you supposed to say?
It wasn't like you didn't wanna go, you missed Bucky's mom and Bex a lot.
But, on the other hand, Bucky was obviously going to be there, and since you didn't know anything about him now, you weren't sure if you were mentally equipped to deal with anything as well as how awkward it was going to be.
"I'll have to check with my secretary. Why don't you give me your number and I'll text you?" Okay, that was safe, right? You passed your phone to him to put his number in. This way, you didn't have to worry about making anyone upset in case you couldn't go.
Well, more upset than they already must've been with you.
"Hey, Buck?" You asked, almost muttering, "I hope your mom isn't mad at me for, uh, ghosting her..."
Bucky snorted as he passed you your phone back. "Mad at you? Never. She was actually mad at me when we couldn't find you after graduation, convinced that I did something stupid. Managed to make me think so too when you ignored my calls."
"Woah." You didn't know what else to say.
"For what it's worth now, I'm really sorry for whatever I did. I promise I never had any intention of hurting you."
Nothing would ever break your heart more than hearing the crack in Bucky's voice. How could you tell him it was never his fault, it was all you.
The only thing you did was wrap your hands around his arm closest to you, and his other hand instinctively came up to grab yours, only this time, his fingers were dead cold, metallic.
You looked down, taking his hands to inspect them. You gasped as you realised that his left hand wasn't organic.
"What happened, Bucky?"
He shook his head before smiling sadly. "Just a small mishap I had in our factory a few years ago. I'm okay, got used to it now, see!" He moved his fingers in a random pattern, a small whirring sound coming from within, while doing nothing to make you feel less guilty about not being there when he needed you the most.
Bucky could probably tell that too, so he was quick to change the subject. "So, is there anyone special in your life? I remember you saying something about wanting a guy who was like 'when he loves me, I want to feel like I'm floating'." He teased using something you had told him during one very late-night conversation. You were surprised he still remembered it.
"Shut up," You said, pushing him playfully. "But to answer your question, no there's no one special. I fell in love with someone a long time ago and I'm not sure if I can love anyone else." Bucky went silent for a couple of seconds, so you inquired, "What about you? You still with Dot?"
It successfully broke him out of his reverie as he snorted. "Nah, unfortunately something happened and I was too late to realize what I felt for another girl was much stronger than what I felt for Dot, but it was too late then."
"Never knew we were so similar." You humorlessly laughed before looking out of the window, not being able to meet his eyes.
"Yeah." Bucky sighed. "Wish I'd told her at the very least."
"Bucky," You shakily breathed out. His words were resonating in your mind as you gathered courage. What was the worst that could happen? He could just say no or humiliate you.
But even the last possibility was better than this little thing eating away at you forever.
"It was you, I loved you back in college and I still do."
Even the old lady on the aisle seat was looking at you in surprise. You, however, felt like a big burden was taken off your shoulders, breathing heavily.
His Adam's apple bobbed as he gulped and you prepared yourself for whatever was going to come.
"Thank you, I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I'm sorry it took so long for me to catch up. I could never build up the courage to tell you." The words poured out of Bucky's mouth like they had been waiting there for far too long.
"We're idiots." You said, clasping his cheeks as you both leaned in. "Why didn't you move on?"
"I did try, but no one else was you." He replied, his right hand coming up to caress your jaw as you stared in his blue eyes, drowning in them. "Why didn't you?"
"Because I couldn't find you.," You whispered, only a centimeter between your lips.
"Just kiss!" Came a yell from the other side of Bucky, who turned out to be the old lady.
"Young love, huh?" She said disgustedly, making you laugh.
Bucky smiled, wetting his lips before they finally met yours.
Tumblr media
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thefanbasewhore · 6 months ago
Summary: Blood is something Bucky has grown used to but when he's covered in yours, he's sick. Don't worry, happy ending!!
Warning/Content: almost death, getting shot in the head, Bucky cries but finally gets everything he deserves 😅
Paring: Bucky Barnes x female reader
Bucky Barnes tag list and master list
Tumblr media
"Buck -" The rasp comes from the piece in his ear, he barely hears it as bullets that wiz past the surface of his head and bounce off the ground. He's out of breath, gasping as he find shelter behind an abandoned car, pressing the piece closer.
"What is it? Did you get in?" He pauses, "We need those files."
"Buck, he has a gun, he has me. Compromised." His heart is already unsteady and those words only make it beat faster. A pit forming in his stomach instead, he hears a male voice in the background.
"Who has a gun?" The silence makes his brows crease, heart drop as his voice cracks. "Answer me!"
"He wants to know where you are and what files you want." Bucky let's out a breath he didn't even realize he was holding at the sound of your voice.
"Tell him, give him the drive." There's no hesitation in his voice. There nothing in this world he wouldn't do to save you, nothing else mattered. Not the mission and definitely not the data.
But you know this, he's hard headed but instead of listening to Bucky you decide to test the waters. Looking up at the man which isn't hard, he has you on your knees, hands out in front of you but a gun inches from your head. "He said fuck off, if you shoot me you'll never know."
"What are you doing? Give him the drive, now." The growl that emphasizes the last word would usually be enough to have you shaking, but you don't give. Despite how rough he sounds, he tries to soften it "That's an order, give it to him sweetheart."
"Oh, he said fuck off again."
Bucky body runs hot, adrenaline pumping through his veins, warming his entire body as makes a b-line for the building you disappeared into a short while ago. "Give him the fucking drive."
It's useless, he hears rustling and talking but nothing he can understand but that's until he hears you talk to fast he can barely understand. "Office, we are in the first office second floor."
It's music to his ears, a second of relief but he feels dizzy as the found of a gun going off through the comlink almost paralyzes him.
"Fuck!" He yells, as he calls your name repetitively but there is no answer.
Nothing can stop him, he's running so fast he can barely register. It's all a blur, up the stairs through the main office until the stench of blood greets him.
There you are, lifeless and surrounded by your own blood.
His hands grasp gently grasping your head, blood seeping through his gapped fingers as good heart drops. "" he mumbles to himself, managing to turn you over. It's hard to breath, he can't even think, see over the tears that blue his vision. A large lump forming in his mouth, it seals his throat.
There's too much blood to see anything, it soaks your scalp and mats into the hair around it. His fingers blindly look around for an exit wound but nothing is there, instead his focus falls to the rise and fall of your chest, still breathing.
Eyelashes flicker again cheekbones, disoriented and confused as Bucky let's out a sign of relief while you crunch your nose together in pain. He takes a second, just one to lay his head on top of yours and thank anything - anyone.
"Where does it hurt? I can't see, your bleeding too much baby.." Bucky watches as your eyes flicker from his steel blues and your hand reaches up to run a knuckle again his jaw, feeling the course fine hairs there. "Hey, listen to me, where does it hurt?"
Following the path of your shaky fingers he lets out a sigh of relief, the bullet managed to just graze the side of your head. The spot is hot under his trembling plam, beginning to scab and the hair is ripped away but he feels so thankful in that moment.
"He missed." It's not funny but both of you can't help but laugh as your sense of mind is returning. Hues of yellow and blue already forming under both of your eyes, no doubt from the head trauma.Bucky feels one of your hands push against his chest which he responds by tightening his core.
"Get off, I'm fine."
The look he gives you is filled with annoyance, eyes widening as if he can't believe the words that came out of your mouth, especially since his pants are wet and sticky seeing he is actually kneeling in a pool of blood.
"Are you crazy? You will bleed out." Bucky is quick to rip a piece of material from a nearby blanket, wrapping it tightly around your head but keeps pressure with his palm. "You need to get stitched up before you bleed out."
"I'm fine." Trying to push him away again but the look he gives is warning enough so you don't fight him as one arm slip underneath your knees, and then other supports your head against his chest.
"Scared me." Is all he manages to mumble as he starts his ascend towards stairs, a small kiss pressed against the uninjured part of your head. It's gentle, filled with so many words as his lips linger there, more so to reinsure that the skin is warm, full of color and lively. "Don't ever do that again, please."
"Bucky I couldn't just give it to them." Something is placed into his coat pocket while you tap it with a small smile. Hooded eyes weak, threatening to close with every passing second. "So I didn't, it's safe, the morons didn't even bother to search me."
Great, the mission is still ago but he's frowning. "I don't care about the mission. I care about you risking your life for some file, you disobeyed my orders I told you to give it to them and to tell them. If that bullet was an inch closer you would have died."
Silence feel over the pair, nothing else to be said because Bucky was right. The agreement was Bucky was in charge, in order for you to come everything would be up to him, especially because you weren't supposed to be there in the first place.
"I'm sorry, Buck." Guilt creeping over, pressing a small kiss to the underside of his jaw. Small tears beginning to blur vision but you're not sure if it's from the look of disappointed and fear that line his handsome features or that fact that you were that close to death and blood is soaking threw the make shift bandage and trailing down the side of your head. "I should have listened."
"I need a medic." Bucky brings his wrist to his lips before laying his cheek against the top of your own. The heavy, swish of air from the helicopter does little to him, he still stands confident and strong as he speaks.
"Don't cry, doll. I'm not mad, I promise." He pauses but you can feel his hands trembling, heart pounding inside of his chest. "Just scared, I'm covered in your blood and i hate it."
He was right, from head to toe, smeared across his face and dying his hands pink even after scrubbing them effortlessly in the shower does little to get it off. The smell of your blood is still fresh, enough to crinkle his nose with distaste. Every time he looks down it's a reminder that he almost lost you.
When he enters the bedroom with a towel around his waist you look up, head still spinning but now the wound is stitched up, white bandages knotted behind your head. After the initial shock left your system you notice the side affects, right below where the bullet grazed, your right ear is ringing. You can hear anything and honestly, the doctors couldn't give a definite answer if it will ever come back.
"How your head, did the medicine start working yet?" Bucky asks, throwing on a pair on underwear and doesn't bother with anything else.
With a defeat huff you shake your head, squeezing your eyes shut as the bright light of the bathroom hurts. Bucky notices and shuts it off before curling up into the bed, legs entangling with your own as he presses a soft kiss against your neck.
A few more soft ones pressed against your cheeks, the warmth gathering the few tears that slip from your eyes. A hand runs through the soft strands of the involved side of your head, a soft hum of comfort vibrates against it. "Shhhh, it's going to be okay sweetheart."
As the underside of his hand comes back up to comfort you the pink hue catches his attention once again and a frown fills his features.
"I don't want to say this..." his words are rushed and desperate but he can't keep it in any longer. "Every time I close my eyes I see you there, in your own blood. I can't shake the feeling of your blood oozing through my fingers."
Bucky is never one to hold his partner back and to be honest he thinks you're one of the best agents he's ever met, skilled and smart but none of that will matter if you are dead. "I don't want you going on active missions anymore."
"You don't get to decide that." You argue, he fears the worse as your head moves from his hand, no longer seeking the comfort. "You can't do that."
"I need piece of mind, you're the only person I have left." He argues. The bright moon creates just enough light to illuminate one side of your face through the window. Eyes are black and blue and red shot, a popped vessel on the corner of your right eyes almost swells it shit. They're also puffy, no doubt from the wound and all the crying. In pain, agonizing pain, who knew getting shot in the head would give you such a bad headache? His soft hands find you again, pulling you close and gently for you face him.
One hand slides over the skin of the back of your arm, squeezing the muscle there as he presses an experimental kiss against your lips in fear you'll pull away. You couldn't if you tried, pull away that is. The smell of his soap overrides any other sense, his skin is soft and warm, his lips gentle as he strokes your hairline, pushing the hair away from your forehead. "I didn't say you have to stop, just be more careful about it, no more active missions but you can go after, make the arrests, still get in on the action."
"So let everyone else do the hard work while I sit on the sidelines? That not who I am."
"Please." He sounds desperate, blue eyes roaming over the soft features of your face, the wrinkle of irritation pinching lines between your forehead, the curve of your nose to the fullness of your lips. Beautiful, breathtaking, he's never loved something so much before. The fact that you're still laying next to him, breathing makes him want to cry.
So he does, unwanted tears fall in a messy, zig-zagged pattern as he hiccups. A soft, small hand finds his head, the buzz cut smooth under finger-tips.
"Bucky, baby.."
"I have lost everyone. My parents, my friends... Steve. I don't want to loose you either." A sound so sad, choked up and stuttering jumps his chest as he cries into your neck.
It's long over due, he refuses to speak about it. The last year of his life as been challenging to say the least, he's trying to adapt but struggling. Coming to terms of what he's done over the last 70 years but also learning how to love again, how to become human again.
Steve still haunts his dreams, his best friend, the man who saved him from Hydra, from everything is now gone. The one person who has been constant, his backbone but now he's finding that in you and honestly, his heart cant take much more.
"It's alright Buck, I'm not leaving you. I promise, I'm right here." It doesn't help, his heart his burning, chest crushing under the pressure of tears. The ball of emotion and growing and growing in the back of his throat, making it hard to speak. "You can't leave me.. you can't."
"I'm not going anywhere. I'm okay."
"You're not okay, you can barely keep your eyes open. You have a gun shot wound in the side of your head! I felt it, your blood stains my hands. It's all I can smell. I thought you were dead... I can't take it."
What If he didn't miss? If Bucky had found you lifeless and cold?
"It's okay." You rub soothing circles to the middle of back, letting him cry it out. He needs it, he needs to talk about his problems, grow from them.
"What If we both stop?" Bucky's words silence you, "No more missions, we find a home, settle down. Just me and you."
The thought had crossed your mind more than once, a peaceful place to call your own with the man you love. Who knows what would happen? There's no doubt the pair of you would be bored out of your minds but can also gets jobs to fill the void, teach self defense classes.. start a family.
The thought alone makes your heart pound, so filled with love. "I want a normal life.. it's all I ever wanted. I can't imagine it with anyone else but I also need you safe. We can...." He's hesitant, not sure if they're the right words. "We can get married, get a home.. leave all this behind."
It's all so much, his words mix with the ache in the side of your skull but you don't need to think twice. The promise of Bucky forever is impossible to pass up on. "Yes."
"Yes to what?" Bucky's breathing is normal now, a few stray tears soaking your skin but his chest doesn't move. Like he's not breathing because he'll miss the words you say.
"All of it, to being your wife, to starting a normal life with you." After everything Bucky has been through, it's the least he deserves and you're going to give it to him. As his smile grows against your skin, you're breathless. Heart beating rapidly against his own and you swear you fall in love all over again.
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malum-forev · 12 hours ago
Galas, New Dates and Exes (Pt. 3)
Tumblr media
Warning: drama, pregnancy loss, sad Bucky.
Summary: Bucky and (Y/N) broke up and they see each other for the first time at one of Tony's parties. The only problem is, she has a new date.
Word Count: 1.5k
Comment if you would be interested in a pt. 4! Would you guys like to keep this as a mini series? (aka just two more parts?)
Pt. 1 Pt. 2
“She never told him.” Natasha whispered, shocked. As the realization set in, she saw Steve marching towards the ex-couple in the balcony. She grabbed his bicep, “Steve, don’t.”
“Are you kidding me? Is this some kind of twisted joke? He has the right to know- do you have any idea of how heartbroken he’s been these last few months.” Steve shot back, anger slowly enveloping his whole body.
As Natasha heard what the captain was saying, she too felt her body consumed by anger. “Did you hit your head on something? Please tell me if you did because what you’re saying makes no sense! Am I supposed to feel bad for Bucky? I’m sorry the guy got what he deserved.”
“This is my best friend we’re talking about.” Steve warned.
“He’s been dealing with his consequences, while (y/n) has been dealing with the worst loss a woman could ever feel. I never had the chance to feel that, but after seeing and consoling (y/n) these last six months I’m glad I never got the opportunity.” She said, still holding him with a death grip.
“Let. Me. Go.” He said, he didn’t want to hurt his friend but in this exact moment the only thing he could think of was to tell Bucky what had really happened.
“Don’t make me do something I don’t want to do.” Natasha matched his tone. As Steve tried to break free from the redhead’s grip, she quickly twisted his arm and pinned him to the ground. Taking the, now broken, champagne glass to his jugular.
This commotion obviously made everyone turn around. Even (y/n) and Bucky came running into the room. Sam, who had only just regained consciousness after the massive revelation came rushing towards the two.
“This is just a drinking game that we made up!” He said with a laugh, trying to diffuse the situation. “It may not seem like it but Steve is actually winning!”
The other people started laughing awkwardly, an uncomfortable silence taking over the room.
The only thing that was heard was Peter saying: “I knew you guys were in some sort of weird sex cult!”
“You know, I wouldn’t have imagined that America’s ass and perfect citizen Captain America, would be into these freaky things.” Tony said as he came over. “As for you, I expected none the less.”
The crowd started to separate, and Natasha let out a nervous laugh as she stood up and extended a hand towards Steve.
“She’s right Steve.” Sam said in a whisper. “This is between the two of them, we don’t need to be messing around with that.”
Natasha turned around to face Steve. “I’m sorry about that, but I made a promise to (y/n). I opened my huge mouth, I messed up. But I can’t let you tell Bucky.”
“You know he has the right to know.” Was the only thing Steve could say, looking out at where (y/n) and Bucky were. “He’s been devastated ever since they broke things off.”
“You know he was the one who started that fight. He may have had the right to know then, but after everything he did, he doesn’t have the right now.” Natasha said.
“Steve, you know Bucky is my partner, but she’s right. Whatever is in the past, leave it there.” Sam patted his friend on the shoulder.
“I was once in the past, doesn’t mean I should have been left there. She’s going to have to tell him at some point. If she doesn’t, I will.” Was the only thing he said before storming off to the bar.
Outside, a completely different conversation was taking place.
“You know I still want to be with you, why would you say that?” Bucky whispered.
“Buck, you know you’re only saying that because you’re jealous.” (Y/n) laughed, not being able to keep up her tough façade. She never could with him. As she turned to face him, she saw the thing that could always make her melt. His smile. It was hard to get a smile out of him, but whenever he flashed his pearly whites at her it was like a ray of sunlight flashed and all her problems disappeared. “What? You smiling because you know it’s true?”
“I’m smiling because you called me Buck.” He said, taking her hand and pulling up towards his lips. Planting a soft kiss on her permanently black and blue knuckles. She was always embarrassed of them, it was like she could hear her mother scolding her about not being lady-like. ‘Nice girls don’t have bruises all over their bodies. Do you know what people will think of you?’ She heard her mother say. ‘I’m more interested in boys not looking up girls’ skirts than I am about what irrelevant people have to say.’ She would always reply, leaving her mother speechless and her father proud. Even if she never heard it from her, she knew her mother was proud. She knew that they were smiling down at her.
(Y/n) knew she wasn’t supposed to enjoy the warm feeling taking over her body. She knew it was wrong of her not to pull her hand away and storm off. But she had been feeling so unlike herself ever since the breakup, she just wanted to feel normal again. “That is you’re name, is it not?” she hummed looking up from her hand to the pools of blue hues that adorned his face.
“You called me Bucky earlier, you only call me that when you’re angry.” Bucky said taking her other hand and pulling her closer to him. “And it was never a ‘you didn’t put your socks in the hamper’ mad, it was always a ‘you definitely crossed the line’ mad.”
(Y/n) decided to ignore his comment and rest her head on his chest, she knew everything she was doing was wrong but couldn’t help it. He kissed her temple and for a moment, it was as if nothing had ever happened between the two of them. Months of tears and red wine stained teeth simply vanished with one single kiss. Bucky took (y/n)’s hand and placed it on his shoulder, taking the other one to guide her to the beat of his humming. She didn’t recognize the song, he had played it for her once or twice saying it reminded him of the old days.
“Do you remember that time we were out in Madripoor? After that mission?” She said, lifting her head a little, only to see him looking back at her.
“You mean the time I got wasted on that strange liquor?” he laughed, the thought of her trying to drag him through the streets making him smile.
“Exactly!” She managed to say through huffs of laughter. “The night two-drinks Booze Bucky appeared!”
He kept humming and dancing with (y/n) for a couple of minutes before she knew it was time to separate. “We had some good times.”
She felt him tense up as soon as she said that. “We can still have them, we can even create more good memories.”
“You know we can’t handsome.” She managed to croak out, her throat closing up. She felt that burning sensation on her neck, it was as if her body was trying live in the memories.
“We can, I know we can.” Bucky looked down at her, his eyes pleading and his voice reduced to a whisper. “You know I want to, please tell me you do too. Those memories are all I have.”
“Memories are always better in your mind.” She said, shattering the dream-like moment they were living.
Bucky shook his head, trying to stop the tears from rushing down his face. His emotions bubbling up inside of him, he could feel a panic attack coming. “Take that off.”
The sound of his stern voice startling her. “What are you talking about?”
“Take that fucking jacket off.” He said once more, not being able to contain the stinging feeling at the corners of his eyes. “Just tell me that guy is here to make me jealous, that he means nothing and I’ll forget everything we said that night, I promise. Please just-please.”
(Y/n) saw him pleading, a side of Bucky that almost never came out. “Buck I need to tell you something about that nig-“
(Y/n) was interrupted by Pepper coming out into the balcony. “(Y/n)?”
As the former couple turned around, Pepper continued: “Nicholas just called, um-he- he wanted to know if he could have your number. Can I give it to him?”
(Y/n) felt torn between two worlds. Her past with Bucky or a new beginning with Nicholas. She knew her answer.
“Yes, you can tell him to call me.” She felt ashamed by her reply, Pepper nodded her head and started heading out. Before taking one last look at Bucky, she took his hand and placed it on her stomach. “Buck I just wanted you to know, we will always love you. No matter what.”
With an encrypted message, Bucky was left behind. Seeing the love of his life leave him, for the second time.
@ mxrvelinhrt
@baby-banana @stucky-my-ship toothhurtyam
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capxwinter · 2 months ago
y/n: [to bucky] my body has 206 bones. do you wanna give me another one?
bucky: well, i mean, if you're referring to my penis, it's not really a bone but a muscle and the only muscle im willing to give you is my heart
steve: [looking at bucky proudly]
sam: [in his mind] that's my boy
y/n: wow, that's actually really cute...
bucky: cool, let's fuck
y/n: cool
natasha: *take a deep breath*
steve: [wondering where the fuck he got himself into]
sam: [writing everything down so he can use with someone]
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
A beefy!Bucky happy trail.
That’s it.
That’s the post.
Tumblr media
I did not ask to be attacked on this Sinday. In my house. In front of my innocent followers. Also.....NSFW thoughts below. But soft NSFW.
Rain patters against the window, creating a soft steady drum that fills the peaceful, hushed room.
All you hear is his heartbeat under your ear, his warm skin on your cheek, your hand tracing along the firm planes of his stomach. You know each scar and mole on his body, a story written on his skin, your own personal map of Bucky.
It’s been hours of the two you wrapped around each other. You never want to leave this bed, the soft linen sheets tangled around his waist, your own bare legs stretched out next to him. You giggle when you realize that he’s snagged every sheet. Again.
Bucky is a blanket hog-no matter how many duvets and sheets you layer on at night, they all end up around him-you don’t complain, he’s warm enough to make up for it.
Any protest about you needing just one sheet Bucky withering away when he draws you into his side tucking you right under his bearded chin, a heavy warm arm draped over your waist, his deep voice in your ear, all sleepy and disoriented, mumbling that you’re just too far away, bunny, c’mere, I’m cold without ya.
Today has been one of those rare lazy days. No missions, no work, no phones, you turned off them before anyone could call. No need to make excuses for why you wanna stay in, you can save that for tomorrow. Sorry Sam, no brunch today, no Scott, you can’t borrow Bucky’s arm for Cassie’s show and tell.
The rain continues to drum on the rooftop; the skies fading to cloudy azure blues and grays, the light in the room dimming, as you continue to trace your finger up and down his belly. Across the soft tawny hair trailing to his growing bulge that’s not quite hidden by the heap of sheets gathered around his legs.
The pads of your fingers find the vein running down his stomach and you press softly, grazing it with the edge of your nail. His quiet hiss draws your eyes up, past his heaving flushed chest to his face.
Bucky is giving you that look. The one that sends you spiraling headfirst into the abyss, the one that will have you agreeing to do anything if he just keeps looking at you like that.
He’s gazing at you, love and adoration darkening his blue eyes. He always says you’re the prettiest girl he’s ever seen.
And when his blue eyes settle on your face, his breath shuddering and he stares at you, enraptured as if he could fall to his knees and worship the ground you walk on.
When he can’t keep his hands off of you for more than a minute, when he seeks you out in a room full of people, drawn to your smile, your eyes, your laugh.
When he tilts your chin up, just to get a closer look and maybe sneak a kiss or two....well you have to believe him. How can you argue with that?
“Whatchu thinkin’ about Bunny,” he enquires, voice rough, gravelly breaking the silence, his hand drifting over the small of your back. You shiver at the feel of his calloused fingers on your skin.
Pursing your lips, your playful eyes flit between his relaxed face and the tent between his legs. “You.”
A grin stretches across his face, his bearded cheeks creasing as it widens until the corners of his eyes crinkle. You trace the vein down, down, down, unhurried, hearing the small hitch in his breath as you push your hand under the sheets, keeping you from him.
Flicking them away, you lick your lips at the sight of him. Hard and throbbing, a long vein making its way to the red, swollen tip. You draw your thumb across his head, smearing drops of precum down his shaft with a twist of your wrist.
Bucky chokes out your name when you do it again, his cock twitching under your light touch. Glancing back up at him, his blue eyes nearly black with lust and need, his lips parted as he takes a deep breath in.
You preen, your giant super-soldier coming undone at your touch is well-it’s intoxicating especially when you make him groan, his hips lifting off the bed as you stroke him.
“Thinking about how much I want you inside me, stretching me until I can’t take anymore,” you confess.
“Hold on, hold on,” Bucky reaches down, his fingers closing around your wrist. “That feels too good,” he chuckles, needing you to stop because if you keep touching him the way you are, this is going to be over before he can take care of you the way you deserve.
And Bucky never lets you down.
“Get on top and use me, bunny,” he states, his hands folding behind his head. "If you can handle all this," he jokes.
You narrow your eyes at him. You can handle him, maybe. Damn, he's big. The last time he pinned you down and fucked you swore he was in your chest, unable to even scream as he pounded you. You may have passed out. Yeah, you can handle him.
You swing your leg over his large thigh, grabbing his shaft with one hand, bracing yourself as you ease down his thick cock. “Oh fuck,” you gasp, feeling the slight burn as you take him in, your silken walls stretching around him.
It always takes a minute to get used to him, each inch makes you feel so full, soft mewls slip past your lips as he disappears inside you. Slapping your hands on his chest, you drop your head, breathing through your nose. He’s so deep, so deep, all you can feel is him.
Bucky smooths his hands up your thighs, massaging small circles with his thumbs, “take your time sweet girl, doing so good,” he praises.
You circle your hips, nails clawing at his chest at the first burst of sensations. He lets you set the pace, a slow steady rhythm that builds until you’re bouncing on him, your tits sway in front of his face, his hands running up and down and your thighs as he continues to praise you for taking him so well, fuck you feel so good bunny, you’re so tight bunny, you feel so soft, so good, that’s my girl.
Your legs burn, muscles shaking as you chase your high, you slip forward, your hands sliding up to his shoulders. You’re so close, but you can’t move fast enough, tears prick your eyes as you try. “Bucky please’-” you cry out.
“You need me, don’t you, Bunny?” he murmurs.
Bucky sits up, pulling you into his chest, your nipples brushing over his sweat-laced skin with each frantic roll of your hips. You place your hands on his back, biting down on his shoulder. All you can think is how good you feel, so good, drowning in pleasure as you let him take control. His massive arms wrap around your body as he meets your thrusts, pounding up into your fluttering walls, the bed shaking and creaking.
“Bucky, fuck, oh fuck yes right there, right-oh fuck,” you rasp out, a bead of sweat rolling your spine.
Bucky sweeps his lips across your shoulder, peppering kissing along your neck, nipping and sucking bruises on your throat, you’ll proudly wear his marks for days his steady deep pace making you cry out. His name slurred on your tongue as the spring gets tighter and tighter.
Bucky wrenches your head back, biting your throat until you whimper his tongue soothing the small marks left behind. His feral eyes roaming over your pretty face with pride. He’s not going to stop until he sees you fall apart.
“I got you, bunny. Let go for me, go on, I got you,” he grunts, his lips slotting over yours. His grip tightens when a deep thrust hits your sweet spot so hard your body goes rigid.
“There you go, cum for me, cum for me,” he chants, his needy words muffled as he deepens the kiss, the feel of his wet tongue gliding past your parted lips drives you over the edge.
You keen, a high thin sound that makes Bucky smirk, your slick walls clenching over his cock, greedily pulling him back. Your hips jerking rapidly over him as your orgasm hits you, the tight spring coiling in your belly shatters.
Bucky groans in your ear, clutching you to his warm body as he pounds into your spasming cunt. It’s too much, yet you want more, the potent pressure building again. His face buried in your neck as his thrusts become erratic, warmth spreading in your pussy as he cums, his fingers rubbing your clit, “one more, bunny, need ya to cum one more time, “breathed into your skin until you wantonly sob, your body trembling as another weaker orgasm washes you over.
“Good girl,” he pants, lifting his head up, his lips moving over your jaw. More soft kisses peppered along your skin, his mouth slotting over yours passionately, languidly until you’re dizzy.
Breaking the kiss with a pleased sigh, he leans back on the sheets, keeping you flush against him, arranging your limp body over his.
“Let’s stay like this,” he hums when you sit up. “I’ll get you cleaned up and fed in a minute, just wanna feel you wrapped around me, bunny.”
You can do that. All night if he wants.
You smile, laying back on his chest, you card your fingers through his damp hair. The sounds of the rain pelting on the rooftop fading away as you listen to his deep voice telling you how much he loves you.
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sagechanoafterdark · 5 months ago
An Old Fashioned Remedy
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: language, awkward but he still gets laid Bucky, light fingering, some oral, sex, soft ending
A/N: I had the next chapter of Dead Men Tell No Tales finished last night and an unfortunate crash on my google drive lost the entire chapter. So enjoy this while I rewrite it from scratch for you guys. Thank you to my darling wife  @iwantutobehapppier​ for always reading my work for me first to make sure it’s up to par. 
Tumblr media
It was around 3 am when you woke up out of a dead sleep. Eyes drifting to the digital clock on the bedside table before cursing yourself. Sleeping in new places didn't settle well with you, especially when you didn't feel like they were your own. 
It had been more than a month of living with the Avengers and you still couldn't manage to sleep a full night. 
Rolling over onto your back with a sigh you closed your eyes and tried to force yourself back to sleep.
It wasn't working.
So with a grumble, you kicked the covers off your body and made your way out towards the kitchen looking for a night remedy you hadn't done in years.
Feet tapping against the cold tiles your finger reached for the light switch and you jumped out of your skin at the shadowy figure standing in the kitchen.
"Fucks sake, Bucky," you cursed holding a hand over your heart. "You scared the hell out of me."
Wincing Bucky stood near the sink in a loose pair of pajama pants and a well-worn t-shirt with a glass of water held in his hand, "Sorry I didn't think anybody would be up. Can't sleep?"
The question piqued your curiosity, a month of living here and the two of you had only briefly spoken before. It was a polite conversation and nothing really out of the ordinary, except Bucky didn’t ask additional questions. From what you’d gathered Bucky only ever had surface conversations with most people, never asking additional questions less it was to Sam or another member of the team. 
So this? This was new.
Shaking your head no, Bucky snorted before taking a drink, "Me either."
"Actually I came out here to get help for sleep," you said, drifting over to the counter and reaching into the box on the counter. You pulled out the loaf of white bread from inside and wiggled it in the air.
"Bread? Really?"
Humming you pulled the bread knife out of the block before slicing yourself a thin piece, "It's one of those old-fashioned remedies. Doesn't work every time but it's better than counting sheep."
"Don't think I've counted sheep in a long while, doll."
"Well in that case you want a slice?" You offered, holding out the sizable slice and wiggling your eyebrows. Bucky eyed it suspiciously, brow drawn together and blue eyes flicking from the slice to you and back again. "What do you have to lose Bucky? Just try it."
He took the piece from you slowly, setting his glass down as you cut another slice and started eating it. Soft and pillowy with a perfect crust and flavor, this was quite possibly the best white bread you'd had in a long time.
"So bread huh?"
You nodded, "What I strike you as a chamomile tea kind of girl?"
Shaking his head Bucky smirked, eyes flitting down to the slice in his hand. “Nah, you’re strictly a, two melatonin tablets with a shot of tequila, type.”
You almost choked on your bite, snorting with laughter. Bucky smiled at you and it was then that you realized something. Was, was he flirting with you? With a sudden realization, you looked down at the slice of bread in your hand, it was taking much longer than normal to eat it while Bucky had been tearing his own slice with his fingers. You’d seen the man devour a stack of pancakes the size of his head before, that made zero sense.
Glancing up at him you pretended not to notice how his eyes would flick up and down your body on occasion. Oh my god, he was flirting.
“You this smooth with all the girls you have a crush on?”
This time Bucky choked, sputtering slightly and you smirked, leaning smugly against the counter and enjoying just how red Bucky’s face became, whether it was from embarrassment or lack of oxygen you’ll never know. “That obvious is it?”
“Only when you stare at me,” you said with a hum, tearing the last piece in your hands apart. “Tell you what. You’ve got until I finish my bread to make a move, otherwise…”
He didn’t wait. 
Closing in on you so you swiftly, his slice tossed onto the counter behind you while his mouth descended onto yours. Bucky leads with his tongue, sliding along the seam of your lips until they parted and the deepest of groans rumbled in his chest. Your hands slid over his chest tangling in the short hairs at the back of his neck, his holding your hips before sliding down to your thighs and hiking you up and against the counter.
Your hands pulled at his shirt, lifting it over his head and tossing it to the floor as he did the same. His hands ghosting over your breasts, grabbing a rough handful, mouth kissing the swell before his mouth took a nipple in a brief lick. Pinching between thumb and forefinger that hand tingles shooting through your whole body and your hips rocking against him.
Looking up at you with heavy-lidded blue eyes Bucky smirked before capturing your lips again. The strength in his vibranium arm jerking your hips roughly against his hard cock, straining and tenting the pajama pants.
“You know. I think. I just. Remembered. Another. Sleep. Remedy.” You managed to get out between kisses.
Bucky groaned against you, “I like the way you think, doll.” His hands pulled you tight against him and you wrapped your legs around his waist. The whittling of his vibranium arm was barely noticeable as he lifted you from the counter and began steadily walking towards his room.
Getting there was not without incident. His grip slipping as your hips rocked against him forcing him to slide you against the wall briefly, his hand dipping below the band of your shorts and pressing a finger against your soaked folds. 
“Already ready for me huh,” he teased against your mouth.
“Shut up and kiss me again,” you snarked back, mewling against his lips when his fingers thrust into you a couple of times. His hands were shoving your sleep shorts down then wrapping your legs around him again leaving them crumpled in the hallway.
Then against the wall next to his door, Bucky managed to shed his pajama pants leaving you both in just your underwear. Before you knew it you were on the bed and honestly, it was a miracle you’d made it here. Buckys warm body over top of you pressing you into the perfectly made covers.
Leaning back from you Bucky’s thumb traced over your kiss swollen lips briefly, blue eyes studying your face and growling when your lips parted. Teeth nipping at the pad of his thumb before his mouth was on yours once again, the warmth of his vibranium hand caressing over your thigh and pulling your panties down.
“You feel so damn good,” he said to himself, pecking your lips before trailing down your body. Lips dragging over your chest and to the swell of your breast, the stubble of a few days rough against your skin making you bite your bottom lip. 
“You know it’s been a while since I’ve done this,” he mused, pressing a kiss against the soft inner edge of your thigh. “You gonna tell me how I’m doing, doll?”
Fighting the urge to wiggle you stretched your neck out, feeling every muscle in your body tighten in anticipation, “I’ll be sure to give you feedback.”
Kissing against your thigh Bucky slung your leg over his shoulder, before diving between your legs. The touch of his tongue against your clit made your hips jerk up against him and the breath shudder from your lungs and you decided there was no way he hadn’t done this in a long time. 
Lapping at your folds Bucky feasted like a man starved, fingers spreading you open as his tongue dipped into you. Tasting your sweet slick and moaning when you squeaked at the sensation. Tides starting rising higher and faster in you as he quickly worked you into a frenzy, cool metal fingers spreading you apart as one dipped inside and his lips wrapped around your clit.
“Bucky,” you shrieked, back arching off the bed and hips bucking against his mouth.
A second metal finger slid into you, pumping, curling, and probing against your soft velvety walls, heart hammering in your chest moans and obscenities spilling from your lips. You were well and truly riding his face, hand tangled into his hair as he held you down with an arm wrapped around your thigh.
The coil in your belly ratcheted down tight, the combined feeling of his fingers inside of you and mouth on your clit too much. It snapped before you could warn him, thighs clenching around his head as your back arched and a high-pitched shriek devolved into a moan. Riding out the wave as it ebbed, Bucky’s mouth still lapping at you, fingers slowing with your release.
Legs dropping open you felt positively boneless as you caught your breath. Feeling him laughing against your thigh, lips pressing hot wet kisses against the skin, “Hmm, did I do good?”
Breathing heavily you wiped at the sweat that had formed on your brow briefly with a breathy laugh, “Buck, stop playing around and get up here and fuck me.”
Chuckling Bucky climbed over you again, capturing your lips again as his cock brushed over you, teasing against your clit before sliding just the head in. Your hands grabbed his hips to still him, “Slow Buck.”
“I don’t know if I can go slow,” he growled against your ear, his hips shifting as he sunk in a little further. His breath hitched in your ear as you almost held your breath, his thick cock stretching you perfectly as he seated himself deep into you. “Fuck your tight.”
Tipping your head you pressed a kiss just below his ear as he pulled back, rocking his hips into yours slowly. Your moan mixed with his as his lips brushed against the curve of your jaw. The moment more intimate than you’d expected it to be as he kissed you softly this time, not with the fevered hunger from earlier.
Slow calculated thrusts slowly began turning more jarring, his hips snapping against yours. Spread wide around his frame, a chill prickled through you as he pulled back for better leverage. Blue eyes blew with lust, mouth parted with kiss swollen lips quirked into the smallest of smirks. “Fuck me,” you encouraged with a breath, chanting it over and over again. “Come on Bucky fuck me.”
“You’re so mouthy,” he scolded, flesh hand dropping around your throat holding you in place. You gasped, clenching around him and making his hips stutter in their rhythm. “Like this?”
His hand squeezed around your throat, not choking you but just adding to the pressure in your body. “Yes,” you gasped out. The edge was again rising fast for you, eyes fluttering and muscles tightening as you worked your hips against his. “Bucky, I’m gonna cum.”
“Shit,” the curse slipped from his lips as his hand trailed from your throat down to your breast with a squeeze before dropping to your clit and rubbing in tight circles. “Me too, doll. You’re squeezing me so tight.”
You felt your walls tighten around him, fluttering as the coil in your belly snapped. Bucky leaned down capturing your lips in a sloppy kiss of teeth and tongue. His hips bolting forward in three long thrusts, fucking you through your orgasm as he followed quickly.
Breathing heavily you felt light as air and if it wasn’t for Bucky’s weight you were sure you’d float to the ceiling. Rolling to the side Bucky pulled you with him, curling you against his chest as exhaustion began to prickle at the edges of your mind.
“Fuck that was….”
“I know,” you giggled, tracing a finger over his chest. “You want me to…”
“No,” he interrupted quickly, arm tightening around you slightly. “Stay here.”
You tried and failed to hide the lovesick grin on your face, “Alright. I’ll stay.”
Quiet stretched between you both and it was then you realized that Bucky’s radio was on. The station playing garbled morning news as the dial read it was just past 5 am. Tipping your head up you looked at Bucky, his eyes were closed, mouth parted slightly in rest.
He must have sensed you looking at him as he lifted his head, looking down at you with a lazy smile. Before dropping back down to the pillow with a contented sigh. You wiggled against him, head resting in the crook of his arm listening to the beat of his heart lull you to sleep.
“G’night Buck,” you mumbled into his chest.
All Bucky could respond with was a soft snore.
Tumblr media
That morning Sam woke up promptly at six am. Went for his morning jog. Came back, showered, brushing his teeth, and dressed before leaving for a quiet breakfast. When he came into the kitchen he was surprised to see your tank top hanging from the pendulum light above the kitchen island.
“What the hell,” he wondered aloud, picking up the garment and noticing Bucky’s shirt laying there as well. Peaking down the hallway he spotted your shorts and Bucky’s pants laying in little piles just outside his bedroom door.
Wanda’s conversation with him just a few days ago ringing in his mind, “You don't have to be a mind reader to see the sexual tension between those two.”
Sam cursed to himself, “Now I owe Scott five bucks.”
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bentobarnes · 2 months ago
『𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲 𝐬𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭』
note : my requests are OPEN! Feel free to send me story requests
pairings : bucky barnes x reader
word count : 1k
summary : bucky is having lunch with Nakajima after 2 years of not talking with him. Yori wants him to go on a date with Leah (the bartender) but encounters a pleasant surprise.
warnings : slight mention of loss and murder, just fluff
*feedback is appreciated. please reblog so it can reach more people♡
Tumblr media
It has been two years since Bucky told Yori Nakajima about his son. He was his last amend and the hardest one. Bucky had killed his son during a mission. ‘’No witnesses’’ Hydra ordered him and he obeyed. But that wasn’t Bucky it was the Winter Soldier. Bucky was buried somewhere inside the mind of that evil person a puppet for Hydra. Fist of Hydra. Yori was totally ruined after realizing he was going to lunch with the person who killed his son even though it wasn’t James Buchanan Barnes.
Now James was sitting in the sushi bar where they used to have lunch. Nakajima had called him to come and have lunch with him. He told him that he had finally accepted the death of his son and that Bucky wasn’t the one who did it. James was a bit nervous but he also felt peaceful. Leah was still there the bartender. She was quite surprised to see James there again after two years but a part of her was happy too. Yori was sitting next to Bucky talking about how no one made it past 90 years old. ‘’What a loss’’ Bucky thought. Being a human over 100 years old wasn’t a dream. You live longer than your family and friends, you live and see them die one by one while you are just there existing and keeping all your emotions bottled up inside you. For two years, nothing much had changed but Bucky was still keeping secrets from Yori. They weren’t those dark deep secrets they were happy secrets, secrets that warmed his heart every time he got home.
‘’My son loved red bean mochi.’’ Nakajima broke the silence. Bucky knew he had told him once but this time there was something different in the way he said it. There wasn’t a sad tone but pure love and adoration. He even smiled at the memory. At that moment, James understood the softness of his words. This softness was possible because of him and the fact that he had told him the truth. Freeing him from the thoughts haunting Yori’s head about how his son died and who had killed him. Bucky had made many amends but he never saw these people again so he didn’t know how important they were for some people. Now while sitting with Yori he could clearly see how his amends made someone’s life better. Even if it was only one person, it was still giving him pleasure. A thought of how his life has changed over the years, how he has changed and what he had achieved.
‘’You should start dating. You are older than I am and you still don’t have a woman.’’ Yori advised him with a slight note of judgment.
‘’I – um’’ Should he tell him or maybe keep it a secret for a bit longer. Before he could answer, Yori was already arranging his date with Leah.
‘’Here Leah is a good woman. Moreover, I think she likes you a lot and she would be happy to go on a date with you, wouldn’t she?’’ Nakajima started talking to Leah. She just smiled.
Suddenly the sound of shoes was echoing through the bar. It wasn’t a harsh sound it was pleasant like the person who they belonged to was very small.
‘’Daddy! Daddy!’’ Bucky turned around seeing his 4 years old son running to the place where he was sitting. A huge smile appeared on Bucky's face when the little human-made grabby hands so he can take him in his lap.
‘’Hey, big guy! Where is your Ma?’’ Bucky asked his son slightly worried.
‘’I’m here Buck. Your son should stop making me run after him it’s not like I can do that.” You joked while trying to catch your breath. You were heavily pregnant with twins at the end of the seventh month. It was tricky being alone with your son because you couldn’t do much especially when all he wanted was to run around.
‘’Mama is pregnant, baby. She is carrying two little humans inside her belly and we have to make sure we take good care of her so you can have healthy brothers or sisters.’’ Bucky explained to him taking him off his lap and placing him on the stool next to his. He stood up and walked towards you, placing his hand on your belly protectively while leaning to give you a quick kiss on the lips. ‘’Come sit, my love. You need to rest.’’
When you both settled down into your places, you both realized how Nakajima and Leah were looking at your little family. Surprised feathers were highlighting their faces.
‘’This is my wife Y/N, my son Steve and these little ones here who we don’t know the gender of but I think they are girls,’’ Bucky elucidated which made you chuckled happily.
‘’You must be Nakajima and Leah. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.’’ You gave both of them a handshake.
‘’I was just telling James how he needs to find a woman and even arranged a date for him and Leah. Now I understand what his big secret is. What a lovely little family you both have.’’ Nakajima smiled looking at Steve who was a little bit shy interacting with new people.
‘’You are very beautiful Y/N. Seriously I haven’t seen a more beautiful woman than you. Literally saw the light when you entered.’’ Leah turned to you with those lovely words.
‘’Thank you but with this round belly I’m anything but beautiful.’’ You both giggled at your joke.
'’Hey, you are carrying two children what more beautiful than that.’’ Bucky looked at you love all written on his features, hand never leaving your belly. You placed your hand over his as an answer and locked your fingers with his.
‘’Steve has a birthday on Sunday why don’t you two come and have some fun with us.’’ You invited Yori and Leah. ‘’It would be great to have you there.’’ Bucky added.
They both accepted. Your next meeting will be on Sunday and everything has to be perfect for your son’s birthday. Bucky’s little soon big family is where his heart belongs. Where he can feel you, kiss you, hear your heartbeat beating just for him and your kids, where he can love you and talk to his kids and love them as if every day is the last.
Tag list: @lovie-barnes , @littlecanadianlani
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buckys-bug-archive · 3 months ago
their angel — two
w/c: 2.8k
pairing: dark!daddy steve, dark!daddy bucky, little!reader
warnings: ddlg dynamics, abduction and kidnapping, mentions of depression and disassociation, suicidal ideation, dark!bucky and steve, violence (bucky + steve hit reader), quite a bit of manhandling, minors dni, if you don’t like dark fics do not read this
note: here’s part two!! i hope you enjoy it and please please leave feedback and let me know what you think :))
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Rise and shine, baby girl.” A soft voice breaks through the heavy cocoon of sleep enveloping you and you grumble quietly, a yawn escaping your lips as you turn towards the source of the sound. You forget your predicament for a second and welcome the warm body next to you, nuzzling into it; a deep rumble sounds from his chest as he chuckles, running a hand over your head. But once the mist covering your brain from the sleeping meds has lifted a little, your body tenses as you recognise the voice next to you and you let out a thin whimper, curling in on yourself and away from his eyes. Steve coos gently and kisses your forehead, lifting you into his arms.
“None of that, lovebug.” He brushes your tousled hair out of your face lovingly, as though the position you’re in is nothing out of the ordinary. As if he hasn’t abducted you and is forcing you to play into his sick, twisted fantasy. You writhe in his hold, trying to twist away from him and he tuts, only gripping you harder.
“Get off.. of me.” your speech is slow and slurred from the medicine and you know you’re not strong enough for him to even budge. His hands grip you so hard they’re sure to leave bruises as he peppers kisses over your neck and cheeks and you squirm, batting at him with your hands.
“Don’t make this harder than it has to be, little one.” he growls, nudging you off of his lap and standing to rifle through your wardrobe. “What do you want to wear today, hmm? This skirt is cute, right?” he holds up a pleated pink tennis skirt and you frown, eyeing him with an unimpressed expression plastered on your face.
“I guess…” you shrug, uninterested as you pick at the skin around your fingernails and avoid his piercing gaze.
“Okay. What shirt? C’mere and choose one, angel.” You reluctantly stand and step across the room so you’re next to him, scanning your eyes over the various shirts hung in the wardrobe, all very childish in style.
“This one’s pretty.” you half heartedly tug at the least babyish one you can find - a white long sleeved t-shirt with a pink floral print - and Steve hums in agreement, unhooking it from the hanger and handing it to you.
“Thank you.” you mumble, shuffling back over to sit on the bed.
“Thank you, what?” he prompts with a raise of his eyebrows. A lump forms in your throat and you have to stop yourself from physically retching at what he clearly wants you to say.
“Thank you… Daddy.”
“Good girl. Let me help you get dressed.” He approaches you with the rest of your clothes and you cower away from him.
“I’m okay.” you squeak. “I can do it myself.” Steve frowns reproachfully, a crease appearing across his forehead.
“No, baby. You need help. You’re too little to do it on your own.” Your teeth clench at that and your eyes meet his, ablaze with rage.
“I’m not a baby, you psycho!” you shriek, standing and attempting to push past him and out of the door. “I’m a fully grown fucking woman and you’re out of your mind!” Steve’s eyes darken as he saunters towards you, suddenly even more intimidating than Bucky. Grabbing you by the throat, he pins you against the wall so hard that you hear a crack and you cry out, clawing at his muscular arm frantically.
“You’re… hu-hurting me. Stop!”
“You’re a baby. You will do as you’re told or you will be punished. Now sit on the bed.” He releases your throat from his grip and you stagger to the bed, coughing violently and clutching at your burning throat.
Steve saunters towards you and tugs your pyjamas off of your body as you cower away from him.
“Arms up.”
You oblige and lift your arms, allowing him to slip the shirt over your head. He then stands you up and you step into the skirt, cringing as he tucks your shirt into it; you hate the feeling of his hands on your body. He pairs your outfit with a pair of knee high socks before climbing into the bed and sitting you in his lap, eliciting a soft squeal from you. He picks up a hairbrush from the drawer and begins to brush your hair back from your face and braid it into two braids either side of your head. When he’s finished, he nudges you to stand and swivels you around to look at you. You’re like his own personal doll, and he’s taking full advantage of that. He’s dressing and styling you to his exact specifications.
“Baby, you look so pretty.”
“Thank you… Daddy.” He beams down at you and presses an urgent kiss to your lips; you grunt in surprise but you’re not strong enough to push him away. When he pulls back, you stare at him incredulously, lips parted in shock.
“Come on, let’s get you some breakfast.” he coos, lifting you as though you weigh nothing and placing you on his hip. He pads down the stairs and sits you down at the kitchen island, kissing your cheek before busying himself with preparing breakfast.
“Mornin’, dollface.” Bucky murmurs, kissing the top of your head and shuffling past you in the cramped kitchen.
“Morning, Dada.” you mumble quietly, shooting him a half hearted smile. He notices the way you tremble when he touches you and his face softens as he makes his way back towards you.
“There’s nothin’ to be scared of, baby. Don’t worry, we’re gonna look after you so well.” Reaching his hand out, he tugs on your braid affectionately and places a kiss to the corner of your mouth. “You look so pretty, dollface.”
“Thank you, Dada.” You aren’t brave enough to defy Bucky, especially after what happened last night. So you nod and smile along, giving him the exact reaction that he wants.
“Here you go, baby.” Steve slides a very unappetising looking bowl of porridge over the counter to you and pulls out a chair to sit beside you. Scooping a spoonful of the mixture onto the spoon, he brings it to your lips and nudges them gently. “Open up.”
Reluctantly, you part your lips and he puts the spoon into your mouth. The sludge is practically tasteless and you scrunch your face up in distaste.
“You don’t like it?”
“‘S gross. It doesn’t taste of anything.” Steve rolls his eyes in amusement and brings another spoonful to your mouth.
“Just eat.”
After a few more mouthfuls, your tummy feels full and you groan softly.
“No more.”
“You full up, baby?”
“Yeah. ‘M done.” Steve tuts quietly but moves the food away from you. Bucky takes his place, pulling you into his lap and making you scream.
“‘M not gonna hurt you, silly baby.” he croons, but there’s malice underlying the sickly sweet tone of his voice; it sets fear deep into your bones and makes you shiver, every nerve in your body screaming for you to run. Screaming that he’s dangerous. And he is.
His grip around your waist is like iron, metal arm whirring and tightening every time you squirm.
“Stop. Too tight.” you grumble, batting at his arm; his eyes darken and you gulp, bracing yourself for another slap across the face. Instead, he pinches your thigh, causing a yelp to escape your lips, and his eyes meet yours in a warning gaze.
You cast your eyes downwards to avoid his own and he pinches you again.
“I mean it.”
“Sorry, what?” You clench your fists and groan internally.
“Sorry, Dada.”
“Good girl.” His hand travels up and hooks under your chin; he turns your head to look at him and your breath hitches in your throat. “We have some important things to talk about today. Are you gonna be good and listen, angel face?”
“Yes, Dada.”
“Come on then, sweetie.” He lifts you with as little effort as Steve did, carrying you to the living room with his partner in tow. Plopping you down onto the couch, he gazes at you seriously and you hold your breath, waiting for him to speak.
“Okay. We need to have rules for how this is going to work, sweetheart.” You roll your eyes and Bucky’s brow raises warningly. “What was that? Do you have something you want to say?” You sign and tuck your legs underneath you, sitting up straighter in your spot on the couch.
“I don’t understand how ‘rules’ are going to work when you literally kidnapped me. I want no part of this. It’s ridiculous!”
Bucky slaps you across the face so hard that you hurtle off of the couch, a handprint shaped welt already rising on your cheek. Whimpering, you push yourself up from the floor and scamper away, trembling.
“You will do as you’re told, little one.”
“I’m not little- and I’m not a baby. I just wanna go home.” you cry, scuttling away from Bucky as he advances on you.
“Sweetheart, we know more than you think.” Steve chuckles softly. “You don’t think we saw how you acted at work? How you’d force yourself into a bigger headspace for the sake of others? You don’t have to do that here. We’re trying to help.”
“W-what? Why were you watching me?”
“Because we love you, bubba.” Steve coos, wrapping you in his strong arms.
“Stop. Let go.” you whine, pushing against his embrace. Of course it makes no difference and he continues to croon quietly at you, tightening his hold when you start to thrash. Eventually, your body is too tired to keep fighting and you fall limp against him.
“Good girl. There ya go, sweet girl.”
“Why won’t you let me go home?” you sob softly against his chest; he frowns, genuinely perplexed as to why you’d want to leave them.
“This is your home now. We just want to take care of you, we love you so much.”
“We don’t know each other like that.”
“We will, sweetheart.”
The days from then on seem to all merge into one never ending nightmare. They feed you, bathe you, clothe you, put you to bed far too early for your liking and even deem when it’s appropriate for you to watch tv, play, and do other activities.
The only reprieve you get is from drawing and colouring. Even if the books you have to choose from mainly consist of my little pony and hello kitty, it’s an activity that allows your mind to escape your current situation - escape from the watchful gazes and the harsh punishments of your captors.
When you’re drawing, Steve and Bucky tend to leave you alone to your thoughts, allowing you time to process what’s happening and hopefully adjust.
But not today.
Today, Bucky barges into the room as you’re drawing and sits on the floor next to you, glancing at the paper in front of you.
“Whatcha drawing, dollface?”
“The sky… out there.” you point to the window and Bucky hums, stroking your hair as you do your best to ignore him.
“It’s very pretty.”
“Thank you Dada.”
“It’s dinner time. You hungry?” Bucky asks softly, kissing your cheek. You shrug in response, not daring to even look at him. “You must be hungry, sweet thing. You’ve barely been eating lately.”
“Jus’ don’t feel great, Dada.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Dunno. Jus’ everythin’.”
“C’mon. Try to eat a little bit, okay?”
“M’kay, Dada.” you sigh, twiddling your fingers in your lap now you’ve given up trying to draw with him watching. He scoops you up from the floor, resting you on his hip as you lay your head against his shoulder tiredly. You’re absolutely exhausted from fighting them all the time. What’s the point anymore? They take care of you, they give you everything you need and want. Are they really that bad?
He takes you to the kitchen and places you in your usual seat, sliding a plate of chicken nuggets to you.
“You hungry, sweet girl?” Steve coos from across the kitchen, beaming at you even when you don’t reciprocate his enthusiasm fully.
“I guess…”
“Are you alright, baby?” His brows knit together worriedly and he rushes to you, placing a hand to your forehead.
“‘M fine, Daddy. Jus’ tired.”
“Early to bed for you then, tonight.”
You begin to nibble on a chicken nugget hesitantly, the smell and taste making your stomach churn uneasily with your building anxiety. Your leg bounces so fast under the table it’s almost vibrating, and your teeth worry your bottom lip, drawing blood. You’re caught up in your own little world as your brain desperately tries to switch off from your current surroundings, instead picturing somewhere far away from this house. This house, with the ugly white carpets and the barred windows, with the too soft mattresses and the silky bed sheets that you loathe. This house, filled with your worst nightmares all rolled into one and your captors, who gaze at you like you’re the sun, moon and all the stars in the sky.
Steve watches you with concern as your eyes begin to glaze over and your brain disassociates from your body. You stop eating and stare out of the window vacantly as your eyes start to become heavy.
“Sweetheart.” He attempts to grab your attention but you don’t respond. “Y/N.”
The use of your name startles you immediately. Neither Steve nor Bucky use your name at all, instead opting for pet names - “Baby”, “Sweetheart”, “Doll”.
Your eyes snap up to meet his and he strides towards you, sitting in the chair next to yours.
“What’s goin’ on?”
“Nothin’.” you mumble, your voice barely above a whisper.
“Don’t lie to me.”
“I’m not lying.”
He pinches your thigh in an attempt to prompt an answer from you, but instead it just causes you to sob. Tears pour down your cheeks and you bury your face in your hands, cowering away from his touch.
“Baby, I’m sorry.” he apologises over and over, but you don’t look at him. You’re so tired that you’d rather they just put you out of your misery.
“Why don’t you just kill me? I’m tired, just kill me.” you mutter under your breath; you want to cry more but you’re too fucking exhausted.
“Why would we do that? We love you, sweet girl.”
“Please just let me die. I’m done.” You slump against the kitchen counter, shutting your eyes slowly and Steve scoops you up from the chair, carrying you to the bedroom. He sits you on the bed and takes your face in his hands, concern filling his gaze.
“Explain to me how you’re feeling, baby.”
“I’m tired. I’m so tired and there’s no point to my life, I just want it to be over.”
Tears prick at Steve’s eyes and he climbs onto the bed next to you.
“I had no idea you were feeling like this. What can I do to make it better?”
And then you do the unexpected; you climb into Steve’s lap, resting your head on his chest and closing your eyes. His arms snake around you and he holds you close to him, relishing in the feeling of you choosing to be with him like this.
“I love you, angel.”
“Lub you too, Daddy.” You’ve slipped into your littlespace for the first time since they abducted you, allowing yourself to forget about the worries of your life and the anxiety of being kidnapped. You sink into his embrace and sigh, clinging to him like a koala. He peels you off of him for a second and you whimper.
“‘M just getting your jammies so you’re comfy, angel.”
He brings your pyjamas to the bed and slides you out of your current clothes, re-dressing you with the utmost care and attention.
Once you’re done and laying down, you whine softly and reach out with grabby hands.
“Daddy… cuddle.” Steve’s heart melts and his eyes well with tears, causing you to frown, anxiety bubbling in your chest. “Daddy, what wrong?”
“Nothin’, sweet girl. I’m just happy.” He lays down in the bed next to you, enveloping you in his arms. You bury your face into the crook of his neck, letting his warmth lull you to sleep. Just as you begin to drift off, the bed dips the other side of you and Bucky’s chest presses against your back and his chin plants itself into your neck, his lips grazing across your cheek softly, the stubble tickling your face and making you giggle sleepily.
“Dada! Tickles.” you mumble in amusement and Bucky chuckles heartily, the rumbling of his chest vibrating through your entire body.
“I love you, dollface.” Bucky mutters, a smile evident in his voice.
“Lub you too, Dada.” You turn your head to place a chaste peck to his lips and he glances at Steve as you plant your face back into the crook of his neck. Steve beams and whispers quietly over your head.
“She’s breaking.”
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artisancowbells · 2 months ago
a suprise in army green
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ bucky barnes x female!reader
warnings: smut; unprotected sex, fingering, swearing,
word count: 2.4k
a/n: this has been in my wips folder for months, i just wanna wears his dog tags
summary: bucky’s girlfriend likes to rile him up and what better time than halloween?
Tumblr media
The question wasn’t, why was Tony hosting a fancy dress party in May? it was why were you actually going? The answer is very simple, well there’s two: free liquor and you get to frustrate your boyfriend.
Ever since your childhood you had loved dressing up. becoming someone else for a night, wearing fun outfits and experimenting with makeup. Its like an art form. Ne which youtook a lot of pride in, so why would tonight be any different?
Steve had sent you a picture of the team a couple minutes ago, everyone seemed to be having a good time. You caught glimpses of costumes, but you wanted to save some of the surprise for when you got here.
Your costume was taking longer because it was a little more… intricate. It had taken weeks of planning and pure dedication on your end; it had become a project your spent too many waking hours thinking about.
It all started when you found a picture of Bucky. he looked adorable, it was from the 40’s and he looked so young, but when you actually looked it you saw his outfit. It’s no surprise he was wearing his uniform, you’re not sure why it surprised you so much. Its not like you didn’t know he was in the army, but there was something about seeing him in the uniform. He looked so pristine, proper. So put together and so, almost innocent? And from there stemmed this craving to undo his buttons and serve him. His personal whore.
Recruiting Steve was a brilliant idea you had, he was the only one Bucky trusted enough and listened to his subtle instructions without too much interrogation. As well as knowing Bucky in his uniform days. Her had an insight you desperately needed.
“When’s your girl getting here, Barnes?” Sam asked, holding a beer which looked completely out of place in his Sherlock Holmes costume.
“I don’t know.” Bucky replied. You hadn’t messaged him much today; you hadn’t even spoken much this morning. Secrecy shrouded you this whole week and he was beginning to get a little irritated. Not at you directly, he just missed you.
Thor spoke up next, “What is Lady y/n dressing up as?” his booming voice almost executing the music of the party.
“I don’t know, she’s kept it all a big secret.” Bucky huffs. Luckily, he doesn’t catch the beaming smile Steve has on his face, he’s so excited to see Bucky’s reaction. Steve also knows that you’re less than a minute away, you had texted him that you’re ready and on your way.
There were a lot of things you didn’t like about the stark tower. You didn’t possess enough fingers to count how many, one of which was the elevator. It was stupidly pretentious and so Tony. He was such a diva that he needed an elevator that opened out in the middle of the third floor, where the party was held. As much as you hated it usually, it was appreciated tonight. It gave you easy access to the team, as it opened, and they were right in front of you. it allowed for them to all see you waltz in, especially Bucky. Which he did.  
See, you were late for a good reason. Bucky always wore his dog tags. Always. Every minute of every day, he worked out in them, he slept in them, he showered in them. And your cherry on top for this costume, were his dog tags. Unknowingly for you, he had been meaning to give you his dog tags for a couple of weeks now but had never found the perfect time. Anyways, those metal plates that you love so much are ALWAYS on his person.  Tonight, you have no idea how, Steve had managed to convince Bucky to take them off; leaving them in his room.
Bucky was dressed as a bodyguard; simple and hot. His reasoning always boiled down to: I’m not dressing up or making any effort for Tony fucking Stark. You assumed that Steve explained how the dog tags wouldn’t work with his outfit- a black t shirt and blazer.
Was it able to be classed as sneaking to get them if he left them in your shared bedroom? Probably not. Once you had picked them up you dropped them on your neck, obscuring them under the white shirt you wore. Which was unbuttoned almost illegally, not very 40’s of you. but you had decided very early on in the planning, you were going to show as much skin as you (or Bucky) liked, being historically accurate was much less of a priority than looking absolutely smoking hot.
The metal sat right down your exposed cleavage, cooling the skin there. Its was a nice feeling. They felt solid and reminded you of him, like you were being marked.
He doesn’t even get up. But the look in his eyes says a whole lot more. He looks ravenous. Practically feral. Animalistic in his gaze as he just sits there and lets you make your way to him. There’s no anger in his eyes which is nice, considering you have basically ignored him all day, no he just looks impressed and downright horny.
The skirt is soft on your thighs, its short and green, matching its cropped blazer counterpart. You’ve donned some black heeled lace up boots and of course a red lipstick. Which you are really hoping will be smeared around his Adonis belt by the end of the night. Not forgetting the little hat which lies on top of some 40’s style curls. The metal clinks softly as you slink towards him, they’re your little secret.
Its very loud due to all of the cheers from the team and you wish you could take the time to appreciate the rest of their costumes, but you’re paralysed by his stare. He’s drowning everything out just by steel blue irises and you’re going down with the ship. So, you go straight to him just like he knew you would.
“Sergeant Barnes.” You greet, smiling at him knowing the effect you have on him. it was a quiet greeting, just for him. It’s just the two of you.
He’s silent for a while. Assessing you, you presume. Drinking you in like he has all day, and for him you would give him forever. Its inevitable that you start to get a little nervous, that is until he meets your yes again finally. And as slow as anything, his hand reaches up. you think its going to your face or hair, but it stops. Agonisingly gentle, he reaches into your shirt until he finds what he went for. He pulls out the chain and rests it above the fabric this time, before saying
“I assume these are why you’re late.” Smirking at your intake of breath. Naïve of you to think you could ever be in control.
But when he makes you feel so safe and electrified, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Nodding slightly, he returns your smile. Your eyelids feel heavy, not from exhaustion but desperation. Buzzing with an energy only he can provide and calm, you need him.
“You look beautiful doll.” And this time when he gazes at you, its full of love. The lust hasn’t completely dissipated but his admiration and adoration overpowers it.
God its so uncomfortable. Conversing with the team has never been more irritating. The whole night you’ve been steadily getting wetter, due to Bucky’s hand. Whether it be his warm flesh hand or cold searing metal, it will be either on your ass, your thigh (which is easily the best worst) or your back. It gravitates back and forth but always comes back to your back, pretending he’s not teasing you to the point of insanity.
That’s ignoring the looks he has been giving you. It’s like he’s in no control of himself tonight. His eyes will swallow you whole, sweeping your figure. Pupils blown, lips we, gaze steady and unrelenting.
Subtly trying to drag him away has been unsuccessful. Clinging onto his arm as he just smirks down at you and goes back to talking to one of the boys. It crosses your mind to leave by yourself and try and get off without him, but it would be futile. Ever since you’ve been with Bucky you haven’t been able to make yourself cum without some help from him. Pathetic really. Just how he likes you.
After what feels like days, your doe eyes succeed. Walking off together, his arm pushing your back and yours gripping his suit jacket, ignoring the laughs from the team as he takes you to your bedroom.
The door meets your back harshly and his lips are finally on yours. It’s messy and you both love it. his tongue is soft in comparison to his hands which grip your skin making sure to mark it as his.
Your reach to grab his hair, its short but has grown enough for you to grip it, pushing him closer into you.  
“Bucky,” you whimper and her groans. Moving his mouth to latch onto your neck, you can do nothing but take what he gives.
“God doll, you were killing me tonight,” he says into your neck. a breathless smile graces your features as you tip your head back giving him more space. It burns where he bites and nips, red splotches rise, and you can’t hold back the groan at the pain. It drips into pleasure like everything Bucky does to you.
“And wearing these,” he pulls his dog tags, bringing your lips to his, “fuck doll, you like everyone knowing you’re mine?” his lips brush yours with every syllable and you shudder. No words float around in your brain, its empty and your vision is clouded as you look at him. but it isn’t good enough, he wants an answer. Wrapping the chain around is fist he give it another sharp yank to get your attention,
“Yes, yes I love everyone knowing I’m yours bucky. I’m all yours.” You whine, the desperation is climbing, and you claw at his chest for more. your compliance will never fail to please him, so he gives you what you want.
Peeling his jacket and throwing his shirt off, he lifts you up into his arms, holding you against the closed door. His lips are on yours again, taking them hostage as you willingly open your mouth for him. gripping his shoulders, you feel him stoke along your damp panties and chuckling to himself.
“Aw doll, did you get yourself all worked up?” licking a stripe up your neck.
He teases you through the material for a second before finally tugging them to the side. Moaning unashamedly at the feeling of his finger brushing against your clit every upstroke, you grind down slightly wanting him to fill you with them. Smiling to himself at your desperation and the fact that he’s the one that made you like this, he grants you that small pleasure. A single thick finger enters you, pumping in and out and then curling.
You shouldn’t be surprised with the number of times you’ve done this that he can find that toe curling spot in you so easily, but it shocks you. when he deems you fit, he adds another and even with two of his fingers you feel full. How you manage to take him every time is astounding to you.
Its practically dripping off of his fingers, your wetness gathering in his hand as he keeps pushing into you with this long digits. You’re so close so quickly and he knows it. It’s his favourite thing in the world; watching you cum, so it’s not a revelation when he whispers in your ear: “Cum for me,” and you obey almost immediately.
your head falls back, thumping on the door, as you shout out his name and cum on his fingers. Shaking and moaning still, Bucky pulls himself out of the confines of his pants. He’s been painfully hard all night but done his best to hide it. seeing you dressed up like this had a very strong effect on him, he had wanted to fuck you in your little get up since you arrived. Imagining all the ways he can make you cum before you just break.
Stroking himself with your wetness a few times before looking at you. you’ve come back from your high but you’re still a little floaty. There’s no denying you still want him. especially when you tell him to “Please fuck me, James.”
You’re his weakness. Slipping inside you like a glove, addictingly tight for him, you both groan as he bottoms out. This is what he had been waiting for all night. Every time he fucks you it gets better, you are like a drug to him, he can’t escape it.
Harsh, merciless thrusts meet you. shoving you and dragging you against the door and you accept them like the good girl you are. He tells you exactly that. “My good girl, aren’t you? Fuck- so tight,”
Groans and grunts fill the room, echoing from his parted lips. Whines and whimpers slip past your swollen lips. Adding to that, the door creaks and the slapping of skin is loud. You don’t think you could be quiet if you tried.
He’s aware of your floaty headspace and it just spurs him on, “My little cockdrunk whore, aren’t you?” chuckling at your whine as you clench down on him, “’course you are.”
Its not long at all until you’re at the precipice again, he knows your body like the back of his hand. So, he’s well aware of your state and knows that when a cold metal thumb comes down to rub at your clit, its impossible to hold back.
The scream you let out is enough for him to joining you. groaning praises in your ear, pushing his cum back into you with his cock, wanting you to be full of him.
Coming down, you’re still being showered with praise, comforting words. Burying your head in his shoulder, utterly spent and exhausted.
“You did so good for me, so proud of you baby.” He murmurs into your hair. Stroking the curls before walking over the bed, lying down with you still on top of him. his cock has gone soft inside of you but neither of you want to move.
Your red lipstick may not be on his Adonis belt but there’s always tomorrow , you think to yourself as you both drift off to sleep.
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