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#james fleamont potter
eronlupett · 6 months ago
*Lily, Remus and Regulus at a prefects meeting*
Lily: y’know we aren’t a bad three.
Remus: agreed. the main thing we have in common is that we find Sirius and James fucking annoying, together we could knock them off their podium.
Regulus: alone, we’re shy and accused of being weird but together?? damn we could take over the world.
Lily, Remus and Regulus: *nodding* let’s do it.
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paddoony · 4 months ago
Remus: People say, ‘But Remus, Facebook is a great way to connect with old friends.’
Remus: Well, if I want to connect with old friends I need a Ouija board.
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siredtohayleymarshall · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Imagine taking care of a drunk and lovesick James Potter
warnings : underage drinking, alcohol, swearing
You grinned widely as you jumped up and down to the beat of the song, screaming out the lyrics of ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ by KISS.
You weren’t drunk, really, slightly tipsy at most. Seeing as with the Rock Paper Scissors you and your friends played —you were designated responsible friend.
Your drunk best friend, Marlene McKinnon, wrapped her arms around your midsection and jumped up and down with you, her blonde hair spinning every which way, her blue eyes more dilated with her being intoxicated.
You let out a giddy chuckle as you soothed your fingers over the underside of her jaw—winking at her cheekily and keeping yourself in close proximity to her. Your bodies pressed up against each other.
But this was normal behaviour for the two of you, your relationship had always been on the more intimate side no matter how platonic the feelings between the two of you were.
“Oh look there’s Dorcas.” Marlene chirped happily, her mind buzzing and fuzzy from all of her prior alcohol consumption. The song had stopped, and her feet were already carrying her over to the dark skinned beauty.
Your y/e/c eyes widened in alarm as you turned and quickly began to snatch back your best friends hand and drag her away from a potentially awkward and embarrassing, for her, situation but before you could a hand grabbed lightly onto your forearm.
Your feet stumbled slightly over each other as you spun back around. Your confused gaze meeting a regretful but exhausted looking Remus Lupin. The faint scars trailing across his face more prominent under the light in the room, and the crease between his brows visible.
“I need your help.” Remus had to shout over the music —‘When I kissed the teacher’ by ABBA being what was playing now.
Your face scrunched up with worry as you looked at your friend in concern, your mind going straight to his furry problem.
Yeah, you had known about that since second year. It was fairly obvious to you. His disappearances around the full moon and his mood swings, his newly acquired injuries, his constant visits to madam Pomfrey, the scars, his distaste toward the creature which you knew was self loathing.
Your eyes switched back over to Marlene who Dorcas was now taking care of, the ravenclaw girl catching your eye and sending you a reassuring smile as if sensing your troubles. Your eyes then trailed to your friend, Alice, who was sitting prettily on the lap of her boyfriend Frank Longbottom with her cheeks flushed and eyes hazy. Next was Lily, who was seated next to Malai Zabini and you smirked slightly at the look on their faces. And then finally Mary who was joking and laughing with Fabian Prewett, their faces closer than a platonic distance.
“Okay.” You finally nodded at Remus who let out an audible, relieved breath and nodding in gratitude. “Lead the way.”
• • •
“She’s so prettyyy.” James was drunkenly rambling on to a sober Peter. “L-like she’s perfect. And it’s not fair she was doesn’t think I’m perfect.” James whined sadly.
An equally intoxicated Sirius frowned dramatically the corners of his down turned lips practically reaching his chin, “well then she’s dumb.” He decided through a hiccup.
James gasped as if he’d heard the most offensive thing. “Don’t say that.” He pouted with a little heated glare toward Sirius.
“ ‘s true.” Sirius sniffed haughtily, waving his hand in the air mindlessly and accidentally slapping James in the face.
James let out a shriek as though he’d actually been stricken with a slap and he lifted his hand, slapping Sirius back with no real strength—it was more of a feathery touch to his cheek.
Sirius gasped loudly—leaning over to hit James back and seeming to forget he was on the edge of his bed, consequently face planting onto the wooden floor of the dormitories.
And that’s how you and Remus found them, a red faced and frowning Sirius laying face planted on the wooden floor, a giggling James bouncing lightly on his bed and a tired Peter looking at the both of them tiredly with his hands on his hips in a Mom stance.
“You owe me a well good chocolate cake for this.” You glared at Remus who looked helpless in that moment and the boys finally took notice of your presence.
Sirius pushed himself off of the floor so fast you were worried he had broken something but he didn’t even seem to notice, all earlier embarrassment forgotten as he yelled in rejoice —“Moony!”
Remus blushed a bright red as Sirius launched himself into his arms, the scarred boy barely having time to catch the shorter boy.
You grinned at them, shooting your friend a teasing smile as Sirius snuggled more into the crook of his neck and even let out a hum of complete content.
You attention only snapped away from the utterly adorable scene as you heard James ‘whisper’ to Peter.
“she’s so pretty.” James whispered loudly to Peter who nodded with a pink tint to his pale cheeks.
“Talking bout me, love?” You inquired cheekily as you stepped over to them—nodding to Peter who sighed out a thanks and walked towards his bed, immediately collapsing onto it.
“Yeah.” James whispered back, to out of his normal mindset to put on a cocky smirk like he usually would, instead he sounded so sincere and in awe of you that your heart fluttered a little. His big eyes staring up at your hopelessly and you smiled tenderly.
“Well thank you.” You smiled softly, helping James lay back against the bed, soothing your hands through his unruly locks of dark hair which never seemed to be able to flatten down.
“Mhm ‘s okay. ‘S the truth.” James sleepily smiled back at you, his eyes dropping with exhaustion as he snuggled his face into the pillow.
You smiled, standing up to make your exit but stopped as a warm, calloused hand grabbed onto yours.
“Stay, please.” James whispered, staring up at you with those big blue eyes and his perfect pink lips pouted adorably.
“Of course.” You sigh softly with a smile as you climb into the bed with him, laying down on your back and he turns and snuggles into your side, pulling you closer and closer to him.
“Night love.”
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tragicromanceftus · a day ago
baby harry: uncle pa'foo
sirius: *gasp* SHIT OMG MOOONYYYYY
remus: what sirius?
remus: *gasp* HARRY IM SO PROUD OF YOU
sirius: *running to get the camera*
later on
james: *to harry* walk for dada harry
sirius: *evil laughter* suck it up prongs
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Reunited: R.A.B. x Fem!Potter Reader
A/n: Thank you @insanityismyvanity for proof reading this and supporting me, even though we were both supposed to be in class! I should have added this before but I'll be honest, I forgot...
Warnings: Angst, Mild swearing, Disownment, Mentions of Sex
Summary: James Potter's little sister, the outcast, finally feels accepted by a special someone.
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pureblood
Word Count: 1463
Y/n Euphemia Potter. Daughter of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter. The great James Potter’s little sister. That has always been how everyone saw me. Even my own parents.
James was the son, the sun, and all the planets revolved around him. Me, the daughter, the black sheep of the family. The silent one. So, unlike the rest of my hearty family. A mistake. A blemish on the clean records of the long list of Potters. Just another one of the celestial bodies that obeyed his every whim and command.
I always lived in his shadow. At first, I adored him, my big brother, my brave Jamie. But very soon, my love warred with my resentment for him. He forever was and will remain in the spotlight. He would remain the favourite child, favourite grandchild, favourite cousin, every fucking person’s favourite, whether they mattered or not.
“She is so much quieter than Jamie here,” people would say.
“Oh Y/n/n just prefers the solitude, the quiet,” my parents would say with the tense smiles that appeared when they talked about me, before piercing me with their sharp gazes, the ones that demanded that I spoke and smiled and curtseyed like the perfect pureblood daughter that I am.
“You are wrong,” I dearly wished to scream.
“You don’t know me at all. And you never will, as long as your precious Jamie is alive.”
But my mouth was sewn shut, by myself, knowing that I must fit in. That could only be done by being the obedient little witch I must be, so, I just gave went along with it, practically giving them the permission to use me like a bloody Barbie doll my aunt procured for me from the muggle world.
My aunt was the only person who loved me more than she loved Jamie. She loved me as her own, just as much as she loved her son, my cousin, Henry Charlus Potter. Dorea Potter née Black was probably the only person who didn’t view me as perfect Jamie Potter’s odd little sister.
But then, she and her husband and son, moved away, to send Henry Potter, Junior to Ilvermony. And with that, I lost the only source of familial support. The only one who wouldn’t have turned her nose up at me when I was later Sorted into Slytherin, because she was Slytherin too.
I suppose I should have despised Slytherin like everyone expected me to.
But how could I? No, I couldn’t. Not when my Sorting gave me a friend, the one who soon became my first, truest and last love. Regulus Arcturus Black, a fellow year mate, younger brother of the disgraced Sirius Black, my brother’s best friend. My Reggie. The only one who would always want to have me around. The one who would love me endlessly, even after my last breath.
It was Reggie who held me as I sobbed pitifully when my parents sent me letter telling me how disappointed they were that I had been Sorted into Slytherin. He had not known me more than a few hours. Yet, he became my closest companion and confidante that day. After I wettened his new robes with my salty tears, we were inseparable.
It was Reggie who taught me to be impervious to the cold glares my brother and his friends gave the both of us, which had replaced the loving and mischief filled looks, the same ones that Jamie had once given me, the day I was Sorted.
It was Reggie who saved a seat for me on the Hogwarts Express, when my brother and the rest of my family continued to pretend that I had never been born a Potter.
It was Reggie who stole my first kiss, the day I turned thirteen, back in second year. He was the only person I ever kissed, or rather snogged after that. Typically, a thirteen-year-old seldom finds her soulmate this easy. But I knew then and I know now, Reggie has always been the one for me.
It was Reggie who wrapped me in his embrace in front of everyone on Platform 9 ¾, when my parents were too busy bidding farewell to Jamie, giving him all the hugs and kisses, even those that should, possibly would, have been mine, had I not been a Slytherin.
It was Reggie who coerced me onto his broom for a victory lap in our fourth year, after he caught the snitch and won the Quidditch match for Slytherin. He kissed me after, during the party in the common room, before we lost our virginity to each other in his dorms.
I still remained the docile, compliant daughter. But that was until they allowed Sirius fucking Black into my house, which should have been my only safe haven, away from cruel, judging eyes as long as I stayed within my chambers.
The hateful, disgusting arse, who sneered at me for befriending and loving his “idiot brother”. My parents would sit tight-lipped and mum, while he casually threw daggered words at me, with my brother cheering him on. It hurt so much, but I silently took those verbose descriptions of me, usually including the word ‘traitor’ and the phrase ‘dirty, vile Slytherin’ among other cutting remarks. I tried to dodge them and pretended that I did, even though they tore through me.
But then he poked jibes at his own brother, my Reggie. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had never been a brave witch, but I gathered up all the courage I had to calmly tell my parents that I would no longer like to remain a Potter before packing my belongings and call for the Knight bus. The bus took me to 12, Grimmauld Place.
My parents didn’t react at all. Just nodding before going back to ignoring me, as though I was being childish. Perhaps they thought I would come back to them. I do not know.
It was Reggie who held me as I sobbed into his arms, the events spilling from my lips almost incoherently. He convinced his parents to open their home to me, although I think Walburga only did to to spite my mother, for all but adopting her disowned son.
We were quickly betrothed, the summer before my sixth year. I was a pureblood Slytherin after all, and I was now estranged from my blood-traitor family. Those last two years of school were perhaps the best in my life.
Even seventh year, when I held Reggie’s head to my heart as he cried about the newly burnt brand on his arm, how sorry he was but if he hadn’t taken it, the Dark Lord would not have hesitated to hurt the both of us. How he just wanted to assure us safety. I had told I loved him for the first time then, and that I vowed that I would always love him, no matter what happened. That we would always have each other to rely upon, to love and be loved. That I would stay with him forever.
But the night before we were to be wed, a few months after graduation, my decision to take a wandless stroll outside 12, Grimmauld Place had turned out to be a fatal mistake. The last thing I remembered before waking up behind the Veil was two very drunk Death Eaters shooting curses at me and a sickening green flash of light. It had been so very quick. I was only sorry I broke my promise, my oath, to Reggie.
I don’t know how long I remained there, skulking in the darkness, avoiding other lost souls, wondering how my life would have been if I hadn’t just died. Would my parents have come around? Would my brother ever have loved me again? Would he have invited me to his upcoming nuptials? Would I have lived ‘Happily Ever After’ with Reggie?
I know it isn’t a good thing to not let go, and simply forget, but I can’t let go off the one person who loved loves me. I can still feel the flutter in my heart when I think of pretty dark curls and near-silver eyes. Memories of Reggie and those we created together, keep running through my otherwise tranquil mind, like waves of the Black Lake, the ripples disturbing what would have looked like a perfect piece of glass.
Presently, I stand here, shrouded in pure blackness of the veil, barely seeing the silhouettes of the fellow dead, when I see those familiar grey eyes again. We fall into each other arms, grasping for dear life, hoping to never be separated again. Whispers of ‘I love you’ and ‘I am sorry’ breach the eerie silence. I suppose I can fulfil my vows, this time. We are finally reunited.
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draycxrter · 2 months ago
James: remember when you told me to go to the pharmacy?
Regulus: yes?
James: umm..they are out of my ADHD medication for 5 days
Regulus: oh my god
James: it’s gonna be a fun week!!
Regulus: I’m going to Sirius’ 😭
James: through sickness and in health motherfucker.
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messers-moony · 2 months ago
Chaser at Heart | J.P
Paring: James Potter X Fem!Reader
Summary: Without realizing it James Potter has always been a Chaser regardless of his Quidditch position.
Everybody wondered where James Potter got his snitch that he played with. Rumors had been created, but only James and Y/n knew the real truth. The most common story was that James and his Marauders nicked it from a supply closet. The honest question was, why did James play with a snitch when he was a Chaser?
Y/n knew. James - even as a boy - had brilliant reflexes. They met in a field that was near both their houses. James went to the field to sit by the lake or even swim in the lake. Y/n climbed the trees and read books on the safety of the wooden bark. But one day, she wasn’t as lucky. Y/n fell from the branch she was sitting on, and James chased after her to catch her. 
Brilliant reflexes James had. At eight years old, he caught her and ran fast enough to do so. Y/n was waiting for impact, but she never felt it. Instead, two arms had been wrapped around her. One under her knees and one around her back. Instantly she was met with hazel eyes. 
They were beautiful. A gorgeous mix of green and brown. But it wasn’t mixed like paint - no - it was mixed like old and vinegar, separated but together. His hair was shaggy and a mess. It was a beautiful chocolate brown color to match the brown in his eyes. The grass could resemble the green in his eyes. Peonies represented the pink in his cheeks. 
The boy smiled, and Y/n smiled sheepishly back, “Afternoon.”
“Afternoon, sir.”
“Sir?” James repeated teasingly, “Do I look thirty?”
Y/n laughed, “Sorry. Force of habit.”
James set her on her own two feet, “Pureblood then too?”
“How did you know I was a witch?”
“Your scarf.”
She looked down to see the gold and maroon-colored scarf, “Oh. In that case, yes, I am a pureblood. You?”
“Me too.” James stated proudly, “Family of Gryffindors.”
“Me as well.”
James took her hand and kissed the back of it, “James Potter, at your service.”
Y/n blushed at his action, “Y/n L/n, at your service.”
From that point, Y/n and James became close friends. They’d switch between going to the lake or climbing trees. Thankfully their families knew each other, so becoming friends only brought them closer. In fact, Euphemia was so grateful to have Y/n’s mother closer now that their children were friends. Fleamont was delighted to be closer with Y/n’s father. 
Fleamont Potter delved in Potion making while his wife Euphemia worked at St. Mungo’s, helping wizards and witches all around London. Y/n’s father worked with magical creatures, and her mother worked with Euphemia. James and Y/n got extraordinarily lucky. They were together almost every day. 
Meeting at the age of eight gave them three years of being friends before going to Hogwarts. They were close by the age of eleven - really close. They stood side by side as they got on the Hogwarts Express and shared a compartment. James and Y/n talked animatedly until a knock at the container startled them. 
“Um- Hello, everywhere else is full. May I sit?” 
The boy had sandy hair and green eyes. Scars littered his body as far as the eye could see. He was rather tall for an eleven-year-old too, but he seemed nice enough. His voice had a thick welsh accent. It made his language a bit incoherent, but James and Y/n knew what he was trying to say. Nevertheless, James put on a bright smile. 
“Of course!”
He gave a nervous smile looking at Y/n, “Come on. We don’t bite. Although James gets pretty loud.” Y/n smiled.
The boy sat hesitantly beside Y/n, “I’m Remus, Remus Lupin.”
“Brilliant to meet you, Remus; I’m James Potter.”
“And I’m Y/n L/n.”
Another hour went by with James and Y/n starting to get to know Remus. They learned that he was a half-blood and that he thoroughly enjoyed books. Y/n and Remus bonded over that while James was listening aimlessly, just enjoying the sound of Y/n’s voice. But another knock interrupted the conversation. This time a more confident boy showed up. 
He was about the same height as James. He had dark brunet hair - darker than James’ - and blue-grey eyes. His smile was almost perfectly white and straight. His face structure was defined and chiseled. A cocky smiled grazed his features. 
“‘Ello!” He exclaimed, “I was wondering if I could sit here. I just got kicked out of every other compartment.”
Remus and Y/n shrugged; they looked at James, “Sure.” James replied, patting the seat beside him, “Come sit, uh….”
“Sirius, Sirius Black.” Sirius finished sitting beside James as both purebloods dropped their jaws. 
“Black? As in the Noble House of Black?” Y/n questioned, and Sirius nodded, “Indeed.”
James stuck out his hand, “James Potter.” Sirius shook his hand. 
“Y/n L/n.”
“You two are purebloods too. Gryffindor purebloods.” Sirius commented, “Yep!” They replied simultaneously. 
Sirius eyed the nervous-looking boy, “And you?”
“Rem- Remus Lupin.” 
The entire rest of the trip - seven hours - was spent talking—no more interruptions. Y/n, Remus, James, and Sirius all got to know each other. The four of them stayed together through everything until the sorting. They all stood near each other while Professor McGonagall began to call names. James was practically shaking in his boots. Y/n grasped his hand tightly. 
“You’ll be okay.” Y/n whispered, and James squeezed her hand thankfully, “Thanks, you too.”
Multiple names were called in alphabetical order of last name until finally B’s were beginning to get called, “Sirius Black!”
Y/n kissed his cheek, making Sirius blush profusely, “You’ll be fine.”
Sirius nodded as he pushed his way through the crowd of first years. Anybody in the wizarding world knew about the Noble House of Black. They were one of the most respected pureblood families. Most known for their line of Slytherins. Sirius Black sat on the stool and waited patiently as the hat spoke in his ear. His cousins watching eagerly from the Slytherin table. 
Silence cut through the crowd until, “GRYFFINDOR!”
The Great Hall was as quiet as a mouse. A Black in Gryffindor? The rival house to Slytherin, that was a no-go. James and Y/n exchanged nervous glances that said everything that needed to be - Sirius Black was going to be in big trouble. More names got called. Remus began to rock on his heels nervously. 
“Remus Lupin!”
Again, the process repeated itself. Remus took his seat on the stool, and the hat was placed upon his head, making its commented in the boy's ear. Remus’ hands wouldn’t stop moving, and it was making Y/n want to throw up. 
The Gryffindor table yelled and cheered. Sirius Black upon them as a blissful smile placed itself upon Remus’ features. He stepped off the stood giving James and Y/n a grateful smile before sitting beside Sirius at the Gryffindor table. A red and gold tie was placed around his shoulders. His green eyes crinkled due to the cheerful smile on his lips. 
Attendance seemed to be going slower - or so that’s how it felt - because of how close they were approached the P’s. James’ grip on Y/n’s hand began to get tighter, and his hand began to feel clammy. Y/n didn’t mind. 
“James Potter!”
“Oh, Merlin…” James muttered before squeezing Y/n’s hand one more time. 
Before stepping on the stool, he looked back at Y/n, who gave him a reassuring smile. James Potter sat upon the seat, and once again, the hat was placed above his hair. Within seconds the hat seemed to have made its decision. 
Y/n screamed loudly for him along with the Gryffindor table. James’ hazel eyes met her e/c ones, and he winked. The boy took his spot across from Sirius and watched eagerly at his best friend waiting to be sorted. Sirius snapped his fingers in James' face to get his attention. 
“How’d you meet?” Sirius inquired, “Mm?”
“How did you meet her?” 
“Oh, she fell out of a tree, and I caught her.” James replied distantly, still looking at his best friend left alone in the smaller crowd. 
“She’s nice.”
James nodded at Remus’ comment, “Definitely. She’s brilliant.”
Finally, they got to her last name. James was on his tipping point, and Sirius smiled reassuringly - like she had when he began to sit on the stood, “She’ll be fine. You know that.”
“I do, but still.”
Y/n couldn’t fathom her excitement yet nervousness. She was a walking contradiction. Carefully, not to step on her robes while her legs felt like jelly, she moved through the relatively small crowd. Only about ten kids remained now. Y/n sat on the stool and made direct eye contact with James, who threw her the most reassuring look possible. 
“Curious, very curious.” The hat spoke in her ear, “Loyal, hardworking yet courageous and stupidly brave.”
Y/n almost snickered, “What a brilliant Hufflepuff you’d make.”
“Please, Gryffindor. Please, Gryffindor.” 
“Gryffindor? Are you sure?” The hat queried, “Please.” Y/n begged. 
If the sorting hat could’ve shrugged, he would’ve, “If that’s what you think.”
James stumbled from the Gryffindor table as Y/n got off the stool with the same smile Remus had. The blissful, relaxed, and cheery smile. On his way out from the table, he almost fell, but he chased his way to her until Y/n was wrapped in his arms. Y/n placed her nose in the crook of his neck while James’ face was buried in her hair. They pulled away, and James led her to sit beside him. 
“Told you she’d be fine.” Sirius remarked, “I worry.” James retorted with a smile. 
Y/n fiend offense, “You were worried! Where’d you think I’d go? Slytherin?”
“Absolutely not!” James exclaimed, “Jus’ didn’t want to be separated from you.”
She nudged his shoulder with hers, “You aren’t getting rid of me.”
“Neither are you two.” Y/n pointed at the boys across from her, “Welcome to our group of four.”
“We’ve gotta come up with a better name for that.” Remus replied as the other three nodded, “Definitely.”
The boys and the girls had different dormitories. Y/n shared her dorm with three other girls named Marlene McKinnon, Mary MacDonald, and Lily Evans. Meanwhile, James, Remus, Sirius shared a dorm where they met a new boy with blond hair and blue eyes named Peter Pettigrew, who quickly was added to their group of four, which was now five. 
James and Y/n shared almost every class aside from History of Magic and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Instead, Y/n had History of Magic with Remus and Lily. At the same time sharing Defense Against the Dark Arts with Remus as well. She also became quick friends with her roommate, Marlene, through Quidditch. Y/n always admired James while he practiced being Chaser, while Y/n was his fake Keeper. 
Throughout first year the new additions to their original duo learned how mischievous these two were. Y/n had an intelligent mind with practically foolproof plans, and James had the resources to make those plans work. Sirius was quick to join their prank-making wonders while Remus tended to stick with Y/n in making plans. Peter joined whenever he could. 
Soon enough, the group was known as the pranksters around Hogwarts. Surprisingly enough, they were proud of their newfound title. They were all sitting in the boys' dorms. James, Y/n, and Sirius were talking about Quidditch. Peter was practicing the new incantation that Professor Flitwick had taught them, and Remus was reading. When out of nowhere, Remus exclaimed. 
“I got it!”
“Got what, mate?” James questioned as the chatter stopped, and they all looked at the sandy-haired male, “Our group name!”
Y/n perked up, “Whatcha got, Remmy?”
“The Marauders!”
“Marauders?” Sirius repeated, confused, “What does that mean?”
Remus sighed, and Y/n giggled, “Marauders is another word for raiders, you idiot.”
“I like it.” Sirius commented, “I do too!” Peter interject. 
The three looked at the original duo; Y/n shrugged, “Good call, Rem.”
“How about it, James?” 
“I think it’s excellent! The Marauders it is!” 
Henceforth, their legacy grew and were now known as the five Marauders. They were all known for something. James, good at getting resources. Sirius, good at persuading. Peter, the most logical. Remus, the brains of every mission. Finally, Y/n, the most reckless. Y/n is the one who’d go in first always; she was also the one with the most detentions. 
In the second year, Y/n became more intuitive, observant, and curious about Remus. She noticed in the first year a pattern of when he’d get sick or his mother's sudden illness once a month. She was no stranger to these creatures as her father had worked with them for years. So before the first full moon of the new term, Y/n pulled Remus aside. 
“You said you wanted to speak with me?” Remus inquired, and Y/n nodded, “I know.”
“Know about what?”
“I know.” 
Remus rocked on his heels, “O- Oh….”
“Don’t worry, nobody else knows. Although they may have or will find out.” Y/n assured, but Remus still looked nervous, “Remus.”
She placed her hands on his taller shoulders, “You aren’t a monster. I’ve seen werewolves before.”
“You- You have?”
“My father works with magical creatures.” Y/n answered, “Werewolves are included.”
“Personally, I think they’re beautiful.” She stated, and tears grew in Remus’ eyes, “You do?”
“Of course, I do.” Y/n smiled, and Remus pulled her in for a hug, “Thank you.”
“Anytime and if you need anything. I’m here for you.”
“Thank you.”
Eventually, Sirius found out next, which quite honestly baffled Remus. Then James and then finally Peter, who was definitely the most oblivious of the Marauders. But to Remus’ astonishment, they were all accepting. They loved Remus as much as his mom, which - in reality - was quite a lot. Every night after full moons, he’d find all four of them sitting beside him. 
James would bring games to play for when he felt up for it. Peter got his books and set them on the table beside him. Sirius brought sweets and his stupidly funny jokes. Y/n held his hand and comforted him the best he could. Honestly, Y/n gave the best head scratches, and he definitely took advantage of it. 
Second-year was also the time for new Quidditch players to join the team. James and Sirius were about to try out but were undeniably nervous. The morning of, neither of them ate, too worried to think about eating, scared of throwing it up later on the pitch. 
“You both are tossers.” Y/n suddenly stated, “You’ll both make the team, and then we’ll celebrate it later, yeah?”
They nodded, “Good. Now get yourselves outta this funk. It’s annoying.”
It was unavoidable. They didn’t just get out of their funk until they got on the pitch. Before James and Y/n separated - her to the seats and him to the pitch - he took ahold of her hand. Squeezing it tightly with his eyes closed. His broom in his other hand that was trembling slightly. Y/n took her hand from his and placed her hands on his cheeks. 
“You’ll be fine. I promise.”
“Promise promise?” James asked, “Promise promise.” Y/n confirmed. 
She let go of his face and began to run off to catch up with Remus, “Good luck!” 
“Thanks.” James murmured to himself, “I’ll need it.”
Without a doubt, James was the best Chaser the Gryffindor had ever seen. Sirius was one hell of a beater too. Marlene even tried out for the new Beater position too. Four parts needed to be filled due to seventh-years leaving. Two Beaters, one Chaser, and one Keeper. Y/n and Remus were crossing their fingers that they all got the positions they wanted. 
The following week the results were posted. James, Sirius, and Marlene made the team! Y/n would never forget the gleeful smile that passed its way onto James’ face or the way Sirius laughed. She’d never seen them so happy before. Remus and her stood feet away from their little party, his arm thrown around her shoulders. 
“It’s nice to see them this way.”
“It is.”
Remus teasingly nudged her hip, “Seems like James has always been a Chaser.”
“What's that suppose to mean?” Y/n furrowed her eyebrows at the lycanthrope, “You’ll see it eventually.”
Y/n didn’t pry. It wasn’t worth it, especially when it’s with Remus. Remus was the ultimate secret keeper and cynical. He said things that made you think but would never tell you what they mean. Eventually, more years passed and they were in the summer going into their seventh year. 
James invited Y/n to stay the summer at the Potter manor, and she did. It was possibly one of the best summers he’s ever had with her being so close. Mrs. Potter seemed to know what Remus was talking about when she threw looks at her husband when the two best friends were together. But it was one evening that they were all watching a movie when someone came through the Floo Network. 
They jumped up from the couch to see a roughed-up Sirius Black, “Sirius!” 
James was frozen along with his two parents, but Y/n wasn’t. She was haste to get Sirius up from the floor to help him stand. He had a nasty cut below his right eye and what seemed to be more all across his body which his mother could only do. But instantly, Y/n had been ordering James around while Sirius laid on his back on the couch. 
Thankfully, Y/n knew what to do and Euphemia, but she was frozen, still watching her son's best friend take care of their other best friend. James set everything she needed beside her as she began to work quickly. James sat next to her in case she needed anything else. Y/n tore off his shirt and lifted his pants to right over the edge of his boxers. 
“James, hold his hand.” Y/n ordered, and he did it, “I’m so sorry, Sirius, but this’ll sting.”
And it did. Sirius groaned and constantly hissed as Y/n helped his wounds, the muggle way. Euphemia stared in shock, no longer frozen, but it was evident that Y/n had complete control over the situation and needed no extra help. Within an hour, Sirius was brand new. Y/n had carefully used potions and other bandages to help. 
“What happened, Sirius?” 
He chuckled bitterly, “My mother.”
“No shit.” James retorted, “Why?”
“I’ve been burned off the tapestry. I’m not aloud back because I denied them.”
“Denied them?” Y/n inquired. 
“Of you know what.”
“Oh…” Y/n whispered. 
“Yeah, oh.” Sirius chuckled again - venom lacing. 
Euphemia exchanged looks with her husband, “You’re welcome to stay here.”
“No, I couldn’t ask that of you guys.” Sirius denied hesitantly, and Fleamont shrugged, “Where else are you going to go?”
Sirius stayed silent, “We don’t mind, Sirius. You’ve stayed here before. Euphemia loves having you around just as much as I do.”
“You may not be our son biologically.” Euphemia began as she knelt in front of Sirius, “But you’ll always be our son.”
A single tear fell from Sirius’ eye, “Thank you.”
“Anytime, dear.”
James and Y/n exchanged looks of pure glee, but Euphemia caught their eye, “No mischief, you two.”
They sighed, “Fine.”
The duo pulled Sirius up from the couch and led him to his new bedroom. Euphemia watched Y/n and James work in perfect symphony as if they were a made team from the start. Fleamont pulled his wife to his side, watching them both as well. How perfectly his son worked with her. How amazingly gentle he was with her. 
“He may not know it yet, but he loves her.” Euphemia broke the silence, “Reminds me of us.”
Fleamont quirked an eyebrow, “How so?”
“You always had this dopey grin on your face. The same one James has when Y/n’s around. It’s been that way since they met. When he first mentioned her name, he had that grin. He’s chased her all these years.” 
“Perhaps our son has always been a Chaser at heart.” Fleamont commented, “Perhaps.”
It wasn’t until the first Quidditch match he realized. When he was chasing Y/n around to try and hug her after the game they had won against Ravenclaw. Y/n prohibited hugs after Quidditch matches. Yet here James was chasing her around the pitch with her a screaming mess. 
Lily, Marlene, and Remus were laughing loudly at him, “Y/n! Y/n come on!” 
“Absolutely not!” Y/n yelled while running, “I told you no hugs after matches.”
She spoke too soon because while she was talking, she had slowed down without noticing. Leaving James to wrap his arms around her from behind. He nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck while she leaned back into him. 
“See! You love my hugs.” James exclaimed, “Whatever.” Y/n retorted. 
Remus chuckled at them from afar, “They’re definitely in love.” 
“How hasn’t she seen it yet?” Lily chuckled, “Oh, he’s been chasing her for years. Since before Hogwarts.” Remus replied. 
“Chaser at heart that one,” Sirius stated putting his arm around the lycanthrope. 
James realized it then and there. With her in his arms. He was sweaty and full of joy. She was wholly melted into his embrace. His arms around her neck and her arms on top of his biceps. James realized there was nowhere else he’d rather be than with her at this moment. So he pulled her around, facing her. 
Without a second thought, he pulled her in and kissed her. His arms were moving down to her waist and hers around his shoulders. He was so gentle and soft with her. As if she was the finest China he’d ever owned. Godric James was so soft and so sweet. Y/n’s hands went through his sweaty hair. 
The whistles and cheers are what pulled them apart, “Finally!”
“It’s about time you realized!” Remus exclaimed happily, “He’s been chasing you for years!”
Y/n smiled at him, and James put his arm around her shoulder, “My chaser.” 
“I’ll always chase you, love.”
Years later, that snitch James always played with would be the same one McGonagall had taken from him one day in the seventh year. It was the same snitch that Harry had almost swallowed in his first year. The same snitch that Dumbledore returned to Harry in his seventh year. 
The snitch? It was given to James from Y/n when they were nine. It was an honorary friendship gift. The snitch wasn’t stolen. The snitch wasn’t nicked. The snitch was a gift to a chaser who never stopped chasing till the very end. 
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paddoony · 17 days ago
Death eater: We have your aunt
Harry: Which one
Death eater:... What
Harry: You heard me
Death eater: Uh... Blond hair, lesbian and has a leather jacket?
Harry: Oh You mean aunt Marlene! Yeah, no, you don't have her... she has you
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