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#james herondale
nefilim1975world · 15 minutes ago
Todo lo que quiero para ti es que te ames a ti mismo tanto como yo te amo.
Cadena de hierro – Cassandra Clare.
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If I can't have you...
I don't want anyone: James Herondale, Jesse Blackthorn
That's okay: Thomas Lightwood, Cordelia Carstairs
No one can: Grace Blackthorn
That's alright, but you have no idea what you are missing out on: Matthew Fairchild, Lucie Herondale, Anna Lightwood
I'll just sleep with your brother: Charles Fairchild
Bitch who the hell said I wanted you in the first place: Alistair Carstairs, Christopher Lightwood
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ungodlyravenpuff · an hour ago
“You are as beautiful as all the stars,” he told her, “but better, because you have coffee.”
Matthew Fairchild, Chain of Iron
He gets it.
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immortal-enemies · an hour ago
Please tell me someone made some kind of joke where the punchline is James with bondage being James Bond.
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koynart · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Life has been meh lately so I made some colourful TLH stickers to rebel :)
Link to redbubble is in my bio!
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Will: I think I need to be alone right now.
*two hours later*
Will: thank you for being alone with me, Jem.
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timesconvert · 5 hours ago
One of my favourite things about Chain of Gold is that it’s heavily implied that the moment Henry and Charlotte moved out and Will took over as head of the institute, Tessa immediately set to redecorating the entire thing from top to bottom
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anglesherondale · 5 hours ago
The last thing James says to Cordelia in the Whispering Room right before everything happens between them is painfully beautiful as it is the essence of what they have both felt for so long, and foreshadows a major theme of how their relationship continues over COG & COI; wondering, longing and waiting.
Tumblr media
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nefilim1975world · 5 hours ago
A veces me pregunto si alguna vez podremos entender a las personas. Todo lo que podemos hacer es intentarlo.
Cadena de hierro – Cassandra Clare.
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foxglove-airmid · 6 hours ago
The Last Hours as Random ass gifs
(I am procrastinating writing and also on a Dead Poets Society High.....or low depending on your definition)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
About Charles:
Tumblr media
Me and my mutuals to Eugenia:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Matthew at the end of CHOI:
Tumblr media
Henry to Charlotte at every given opportunity:
Tumblr media
The shadowhunters when Jessie's body rocked up:
Tumblr media
What Cordelia actually wanted to say at that party to Charles:
Tumblr media
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anglesherondale · 6 hours ago
I can’t wait for the moment in Chain of Thorns when James undoubtably will recite Layla and Majnun back to Cordelia, remembering every single word she had read to him while he was sick and after all the time that has passed. It’s going to be so damn beautiful.
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cordelia-herondales · 7 hours ago
idk man, so much about jordelia in chain of iron just hits me where it hurts
strong beautiful cordelia marrying james and pretending she doesn't really love him
james showing her the house and all the little touches he put in bc he knows her THAT well
their quiet marital bliss, the chess games, the easy comfort between them
james slowly realising how hopelessly in love with her he is
"He is not yours. He is mine."
"Daisy, my daisy"
and then that ending....
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ungodlyravenpuff · 13 hours ago
Last Hours characters as Taylor Swift albums
Inspired by @carstairs-supremacy
Taylor Swift: probably Ariadne, aka Kamala. About to show the world who she is, determined, and led by stories of love and courage and faith.
Fearless: Lucie, for sure. Fearless, taking the leap, young and free and madly in love.
Speak Now: Thomas. Kind and generous, but still unsure and can hold a vicious grudge when wronged
Red: Cordelia. Love, loss, and liberty in her own mistakes, all in a lovelorn blaze of glory.
1989: Anna, who's been burned before, now with her wild fun, and heartbreaker grin, and beautifully unique honesty contrasting how often they hide their true emotions
Alastair (a dark exterior, but actually really loving? Character growth and rising from the ashes of an awful childhood/ adolescence? No Explanation, only Reputation was his thing. Rep is full of love, and really only has one breakup song--Getaway Car)
James (can be cutting, is always loyal. remember TIWWCHNT, Don't Blame Me, and CIWYW?)
Lover: Christopher (yes, really) because even though I hc him as aroace (and aro ppl can be in relationships, too, ofc), it's all about the different kinds of love, and his dedication to his passion is really something else. I'd add Eugenia to this, too, if I could (like, c'mon. Augustus Pounceby and DBATC, Cruel Summer? Self-love, growth and ME! -- it all lines up)
Folklore: Jesse--he's been through a lot but seen so little all at once, and his whole vibe is beautiful melancholic comfort
Evermore: Matthew. The album is about pain, heartbreak, future healing, and endings. Need I say more?
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incorrect-tsc · 14 hours ago
thomas: are you worried about james?
christopher: oh yeah.
matthew: he called me in the middle of the night and just yelled “WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO”
thomas: what did you say back?
christopher, emotional: he’s so lucky to have you as a friend
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wylan-van-sunshines · 17 hours ago
lucie: can we go out to eat ice cream?
will: what did tessa say?
lucie: she said no
will: then why did you ask me?
lucie: cause she’s not the boss of you
will, internally: this is a trap this is a trap this is a trap this is a trap
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amillionblankpages · 17 hours ago
james: if i punch myself and it hurts, am i weak or strong?
cordelia: strong
matthew: weak
lucie: an idiot is what you are
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amillionblankpages · 17 hours ago
matthew: name a more iconic duo than my crippling fear of abandonment and my anxiety. i'll wait
james: you and me!
matthew: *tearing up* okay
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