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New Fantastic Four #1 - "Hell in a Handbasket" (2022)
written by Peter David art by Alan Robinson & Mike Spicer
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Daniel Warren Johnson
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Spider-Man, The Thing, Captain America, She-Hulk, Wolverine and Kate Bishop sketch fan arts (2021)
Art by: Leonardo Romero
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I was here, when it happened. It’s how I met your grandfather. We hid in there. I heard the stories. My grandfather would say, what happened here was proof that everything in the world finds peace...eventually.
Hugh Jackman as Logan Howlett/Wolverine THE WOLVERINE (2013), dir. James Mangold
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MARVEL’S WOLVERINE developed by Insomniac Games
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Pairing: Logan Howlett × Mutant!Reader
Summary: The Wolverine's presence in your life took a turn you did not expect.
Word count: 3.1k
Warning: Poorly written smut (+18 only, please), unprotected sex (don't do that, kids. be responsible), a bit of slapping (both in public and privately), a bit of praise and pain kink, begging, coercion during sex (it's confusing but consensual). And I think that's it.
A/N: So, I just want to wish the the happiest of birthdays to the beautiful @buckyownsmylife 🥳🎉, and thank her for the amazing work she shares with us everytime and for motivating me to start writing here. You know I love your Logan stories and I only hope you like this one ᵇᵘᵗ ᵈᵒⁿᵗ ᶠᵉᵉˡ ᵖʳᵉˢˢᵘʳᵉᵈ ᵗᵒ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ⁱᵗ. As always, lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes abound. *apologizes in español*.
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ᴺᵒᵗ ᵐʸ ᵍⁱᶠ ¯ ᶜʳᵉᵈⁱᵗˢ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜʳᵉᵃᵗᵒʳ
It all started the first time you saw him walking out of Charles’ office.
You were chatting with Jean; she was doing her best to explain how you should concentrate and put away your power when it came to talking, when a big shadow and a thick voice distracted you.
“Yes, Charles!” Squawked the man. “You don’t have to repeat it every time we see each other.”
“You know I’m right, Logan. And yet, you still decide to ignore me.”
Jean stopped talking and both of you observed the scene with interest.
“Fuck it, professor.” He haughty spat and walked in the opposite direction, right to the closest door.
“He should apologize for talking to him like that, don’t you think?” You whispered to Jean, to which she only nodded.
The man, Logan –as Charles called him, abruptly stopped and turned to see the blue eyed, confusion all over his face. Then, both men turned to see you as if it was the first time. Well, it was for one of them.
“Logan…” The professor reproached when he saw that his previous interlocutor redirected his way to you.
Jean was long gone at that moment.
“What did you do?” Was his first question.
“I-I didn't do a-anything.” You stuttered at the same time you shrug your shoulders.
“Of course you did! I had a sudden urge to apologize to Charles for how I talked to him. How did you do that?”
“Y/N has the gift of convention, to call it that way. But she doesn’t control it just yet.” Xavier came to your defense. Logan looked at him, waiting for an explanation. “Her body produces pheromones that allow her to verbally control other people’s actions. But, for some reason, she couldn’t do it with you. It must be your healing factor that makes you immune.”
The dark eyed man turned to you again, got dangerously close and said, “So, Y/N,” He took a lock of your hair and instinctively you stepped back. “Aren't you going to say sorry for what you almost made me do?”
You flipped and apologized in an almost inaudible whisper. You felt Charles' presence in your head, probably making sure you wouldn’t say something out of line, causing Logan to be more pissed. Logan’s body moved away from yours and shot off in his initial direction.
When he was out of sight, you let out the oxygen you didn’t know you were holding.
As the days went by, you would find him everywhere. At the garden when you were studying, in front of the classrooms before your every class, waiting for you by the door of your room at the end of the day.
He said he wanted to learn how you used your powers with others, but you never fell for his provocations. Not until that day he spanked your asscheek in front of your classmates, freezing you in the spot. Scott was about to touch your shoulder when you asked him to step back. All of the presents did what you said, except the now satisfied Wolverine, who stood in his exact position with the biggest smile on his lips.
“I see.” He smiled widely. “That’s how you made friends so easily here.”
Your blood boiled, the only solution to appease the smoke that was about to come out of your ears was to slap him hard with the back of your hand. It was when his head turned to the left that you realized your action. You apologized again and got out of there.
Days became weeks and the presence of your new friend only became more and more annoying. The contact between his hand and your ass became a recurrent thing, inviting you to use your ability with whoever that was close to show him how it worked. Of course, you didn't give him the satisfaction and walked away with your tongue strongly held between your teeth and your cheeks burning with both rage and embarrassment.
You wouldn't admit it if you were asked, but it was not Logan you were mad at. At least, not in its totality. Your anger was rather directed to yourself the second you realized that you were not actually hating on Logan's manners but quite the opposite.
More often than not you'd feel yourself getting wet by the thought of his big hands squeezing your butt as he railed you senseless.
Which was one of the reasons you'd rather stay away from him. You didn't know if those thoughts of yours would somehow make their way inside Logan's head, giving him yet another excuse to bug you.
That day, it was late when you arrived at the mansion and your shoes were killing you slowly. You couldn't wait to take them off.
A big figure was leaning against your door frame; big arms crossed and a foot lazily pressed against the wall, a view you were getting used to. Rolling your eyes, you decided to ignore him. Maybe that way he’ll leave faster and you wouldn't have to deal with another ruined pair of panties.
“You won’t say ‘hello’?” His lips brushed your ear from behind while you opened the door and you unconsciously closed your eyes for a second.
“I don’t see why I should do that.” You entered your room, with all the intention of closing the door as soon as possible. “Good night.”
You did not achieve your goal though, thanks to a brown boot that got lodged between the door and the frame.
“What do you want?” You fully opened the door to let him see your annoyance better, but he took it as an invitation and entered. “Sure, come in.” You murmured and the man stopped just like the past times.
“I came with a proposal.” And as simple as that, he plopped in your bed.
“I’m all ears.”
You hadn't even had time to turn on the light, so you turned to look for the switch. When you finally located it, you felt a pair of hands on your stomach. By inertia, you held the air in your lungs.
Logan’s hands caressed from your waist to your belly and his lips searched for a spot to locate in the curve of your shoulder. Needless to say, your breath could create a whirlpool in front of you at that point.
“I've come to the conclusion that you don't like this little game we’ve been playing.”
You let go of his grip and turned to see him, aware of the pool already forming between your legs.
“Wasn’t it clear from the beginning? I don't like your little game.” You took a step back, trying to put some distance to avoid doing something stupid.
“Same thing. What about we leave everything for good if…”
“If…?” You were willing to do anything to keep that walking temptation away.
He moved closer, cornering you against the door, hands against the wood on each side of your head. His breath hitting your face as his eyes descended to your lips.
Logan tainted you, brushing your nose with his, making the slightest contact of his lips with the corner of yours, having you closing your eyes, waiting for the moment he'd kiss you, but said moment didn't come.
Instead, he separated from you and said, “If you sincerely apologize to me.” He smiled as he only knew.
Your eyes almost popped out of their sockets from the impression of his request. He sounded like a broken record.
“I already apologized to you for what happened. Twice!” Your ears were red with anger. There was no way you would ask for his forgiveness again.
“You look hotter when you're angry.”
The color left your ears to locate in your cheeks. What did he say? That you looked hotter, not just hot?
Your brain worked a thousand an hour; It didn't take you long to understand his comment, but you didn't know what to say. Your whole lexicon, stuck in your throat.
“I-I” You couldn't get to say anything more when he stamped his lips with yours.
His fingers dug in your hair, pressing you to stay close so he could keep sucking at your lips. When his other hand traveled down your back and located under your skirt to take possession of your ass, you were a goner.
You parted your lips, letting Logan's tongue in, which you brushed with your own in a steamy fight for dominance.
Breathing didn't seem to be an impediment for either of you, but the second you pulled at Logan's hair and you heard him groan, he ended the kiss and stepped back.
“You've no idea of what you just did.” He ripped his flannel open, buttons clacking on the wooden floor as he threw the ruined piece of cloth aside.
“Maybe I do.” You said as you reached for the zipper of your dress, lowering with the teasingly slow sound of it being opened. When it finally pooled at your ankles, you felt really proud of the reaction to your cute lingerie the man in front of you had.
Logan bit his lip, imagining how it would be to lick your every inch, to have you trembling underneath his touch when his tongue, buried in your sweet pussy, made you cum again and again.
Stepping out of the dress, you kicked it to the front, almost hitting Logan with the soft material.
You giggled as he catched it in the air, only to send it on top of his unwanted flannel.
“Thought you didn't like this game.” He took off his boots, sending them flying across the room.
“A girl can change her mind.” You said, shortening the distance between you two to run your hands in his firm chest. “Can't she?”
“Yes, she can.” And just like that, he lifted you up your feet and tossed you to the center of your bed. “'Course she can.”
He settled between your legs, face so close to yours that his breath fanned over your lips.
You were impatient, your eyes, trying to catch his own to beg him to do something, but his gaze was fixated somewhere else. Your breast, hugged and trapped in that cute little bra of yours. He saw them rising up and going down with your desperation, too immersed in the thought of taking them in his mouth. It took him by surprise when you dug your nails in his shoulders and dragged them down, drawing eight perfect red lines that were quick to disappear but worked to get his attention back.
“A picture would last longer.” You teased, making him look at your face again.
His hands wandered along your sides and over the fabric. “Too bad I don't have my camera here.”
“What the hell?!” The exclamation came louder than you intended. Not in fear but astonishment.
The adamantium came out of his knuckles, and as he managed to cut clean both bands without touching your skin, you wondered how many times had he done that trick before.
The metal was sharp and cold. Logan ran both claws over your heated flesh, settling them under the straps that had no use anymore and you felt your core throbbing, a new wave of arousal pooling between your legs. “As much as I am enjoying this view,” Two soft snaps followed his pause, and you felt your ruined bra giving in. “I can't wait to taste what's underneath.”
At what point did he retract the claws, you didn't know, but the second he uncovered your tits to take one in his mouth and stimulate the other with his rough fingers, you figured you didn't care.
His tongue would swirl around your nipple, sucking on the hardened bud and torturously grazing his teeth over it. The wet sounds of his lips as he left a path of kisses to your other boob to treat it the same way, filling the air along with the uncontrollable moans that you produced.
While Logan happily feasted, you did your best to rock your hips up, wanting to have some sort of friction to ease your need for him. And he, as the jerk he was, pressed further into you, letting you feel his hard on over the thick material of his jeans.
“Damn it, Logan.” Your fingers found his scalp, his grunt when you yanked at his hair, impacting directly in your clit. “Just fuck me already.”
His assault to your breast stopped immediately, hands and mouth ungluing from your body almost instinctively as you both understood what had happened.
“Shit. I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean…”
Logan stood up and you froze.
There you were, half naked, pathetically drenching the sheets under you and waiting to see the Wolverine's mad reaction to your unintentional order.
But before you could start justifying yourself, Logan was unfastening his jeans and stepping out of his underwear, revealing his erect, bouncing length already leaking precum.
In a swift motion, Logan tore your panties, no need to use the claws to get rid of them. His bare hands were enough to make them useless shreds that wouldn't even work as a rag.
“You know,” He said as he made his way on top of you again, caressing your thigh as his tip came in contact with your glistening pussy. “I didn't want you to apologize for making your way inside my head.” He ran his shaft along your lips, coating himself with your arousal and enjoying the little meowls you let out. “I wanted you to do it, for not leaving it.”
And with an energetic, determined thrust he pushed inside. Your toes curled and your back arched, brushing your sensitive nipples against his chest.
He settled a slow rhythm at first, giving you time to adjust to the new intruder.
After a few thrusts, you were ready for him to go faster, moaning softly every time you felt his veins brushing over your walls. But instead of telling him to increase the pace, you bit your tongue and covered your mouth with your palm, not wanting him to think you were taking advantage of your powers in that particular situation.
But Logan did not like that.
He wanted you to be loud, to let him know how much you were enjoying the moment, so he did the first thing that crossed his mind: he took your hands in his and intertwined his fingers with yours, setting them on each side of your head.
Biting your lip, Logan drank your every moan. “You want me to go faster?” He pointed out each word with a thrust. “Want me to ruin this pretty, little pussy?”
“Yes, yes!” You finally gave in. “I want you to ruin my pussy.”
“Say no more.”
His hips snapped with more force this time, kicking the air out of your lungs and any thought of inhibition out of your head.
Logan hammered fast, loving the cries slipping out of you. Your legs hugged his hips, locking him to your body.
“Fuck sweetheart,” He buried his face in the curve of your shoulder. “You're so tight around my cook. Taking me so well.” Praises rained on you, an inevitable sense of pride invading your soul. “This pussy is mine now” One of his hands let go of yours, tapping its way down to your clit, which he circled diligently. “You hear that?”
“Oh, God!” You whimpered, hips jolting to meet Logan's thrusts and fingers.
You were a mess, hair tangled, lips parted, and body jerking in a desperate attempt to reach your orgasm.
The back of your head was buried in the pillow, your tits in perfect display as Logan sneaked his hand to your lower back to bring you up with him.
Sitting on the bed, Logan helped you ride his cock, palm going up and down your spine with each roll of your hips, sending goosebumps from your head to toe.
At some point, you felt Logan's hands settling in your ass, only for them to abruptly smack it. You let out a surprised wail, but did nothing to stop him from doing it again. “You like this?” He asked as his big palm repeated the action. “Knew you did.” Logan caressed the slowly redden spot delicately as his lips found your jaw, leaving a quick, almost imperceptible kiss there. “Knew you always did.”
A tormenting set of smacks followed his words, having your walls squeezing him hard each time his hand landed on your sensitive skin, making you throw your head back.
The sounds leaving your mouth were almost inhuman, the hoarse screams of ecstasy, mixing with the wet symphony your bodies created with each encounter.
“Tell me what you want, sweet thing. You wanna cum?” His words fell on your shoulder, the ragged tone of his voice, making you clench down again.
“Let me cum, please!” You did not care if the people next to your room heard you, not even if Charles was aware of what was happening. You needed your release. “Let me cum!”
But as much as Logan was loving listening to you begging, that was not what he had in mind.
“Nuh, you know how to.”
He was face to face with you now, waiting for it to hit you.
And he didn't have to wait long.
“Make me cum.” There was no pause this time. Logan's strong grip didn't falter when he snapped his hips up to meet you in the middle, making the bed shake, having the headboard hitting the wall repeatedly. “Yes, yes, make me cum!” You repeated as a mantra. Logan's tip, hitting that sweet spot with every thrust.
Logan grunted when he felt your walls clamping around his cock. Your imminent orgasm, approaching fast.
“Cum for me, baby.” His words, combined with one last smack, were all you needed to reach your high.
The coil snapped and the word disappeared behind the hundred sensations invading you, behind the feeling of Logan's fingers digging in your soft flesh as he grew closer to his own release.
Your hands went for his hair again, yanking at it, unleashing an animalistic growl that was followed by Logan's spent painting your walls.
You felt strangely empty when he pulled out to lay you in the bed. His big body, joining you seconds after.
“We should make this a habit.” He said out of breath, locking an arm possessively on your waist to drag you closer to him. “See what other things you can make with those powers.”
“As long as you don't want to try them with an audience again, I'm in.”
“It's not my fault you look delicious with everything you wear.” He said in your ear, his raspy tone awakening that lustful fire within you once again.
“You'll have to behave, or I'll make you.”
And as he rolled in the bed to pin you under him, you knew he took your words, not as a warning, but as a challenge.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Unfinished and unpublished “The Last Wolverine Story” by Joe Harris and Enrique Breccia (2001)
Before Paul Jenkins & Claudio Castellini's Wolverine: The End, Mark Millar & Steve McNiven’s Old Man Logan, and Charles Soule & Steve McNiven’s Death of Wolverine, there’s plan for a forgotten Wolverine project graphic novel that set in alternate universe where older Logan had a finale quest to hunt down an unknown enemies for responsible the death of his fellow allies.
“Alas, the book was scrapped when editorial upheaval hit the offices of Marvel Comics. Presented below is the gorgeously painted art by Argentine master Enrique Breccia for a special “preulde” that would have run as a backup story in a BISHOP: THE LAST X-MAN ANNUAL which, also, was never published.” ~ Joe Harris
Synopsis: Spinning loosely out of the pages of BISHOP: THE LAST X-MAN and the twisted version of the future it presented, THE LAST WOLVERINE STORY was to present Logan, WOLVERINE of the X-MEN, as a man who’d outlived both his enemies and allies, cheating death time and again per his mutant healing abilities while wishing for an end to his wretchedly lived and, he feels, undeserved life which never seems to come.
Lost, wandering a world devastated by a human/mutant war that left most mutants dead, most humans living in despair and virtually all machines unusable, the story would bring Wolverine to a ‘neo-feudal’ Japan where he hoped to live out his days in obscurity… only to find anything but obscurity awaited him there. Found by NICK FURY and his aging, rusting Helicarrier, all that survived of the once-mighty organization, S.H.I.E.L.D., Logan would be enlisted in one, final mission to avenge his fallen comrades’ deaths, bring pain and punishment to old enemies who might still live, and finally earn the peaceable rest he’d so often longed for.
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please interact and (preferably) credit if you use! (๑>◡<๑)
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Getting the hang of head edits
Original post under the cut
Tumblr media
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X-Men Unlimited: Infinity Comic #4 (2021)
written by Jonathan Hickman art by Declan Shalvey
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Love saves the day
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nicknames James Howlett/Logan will use for you, and I know for a fact he’d use these for you because I know him personally
Tumblr media
Sweet pea
- first time he called you this he was frustrated by something you were doing/saying but he didn’t want to yell at you because he knows how sensitive you are. So instead of yelling your name the first thing that comes to mind is “sweet pea” so now any time he’s frustrated about anything he’ll use it for you. This includes things he’s angry about that have nothing to do with you as he doesn’t want to take his anger out on you.
- “sweet pea, have you seen my shirts ?”
- “sweet pea have you seen what they’re saying on the news ?”
- “sweet pea I told you that wasn’t a good idea,”
(my) love
- this makes him feel normal and domestic, it’s like his “babe.” But it’s also so special to him. He’s telling you over and over every time he calls you how much he loves you. To him, you are love, you are his love.
- “good morning, my love, how did you sleep?”
- “yes, love I’m on it,”
- I’m so sorry did you think this man was anything other than a massive cheese ball? Well you were wrong. You know he calls you this because he knows you have the sweetest heart. You loves your kindness and your generosity, your heart is the purest he’s ever seen. He especially reminds you of this when you’re hurting/ in need of comfort.
- “I know sweetheart, you’re okay, I’ve got you,”
- “that’s amazing sweetheart!”
Baby doll
- something he just enjoys calling you. You’re his keepsake, a sweet reminder of home, a tangible comfort, his baby doll.
- “gotta love ya baby doll,”
- “pancakes good baby doll?”
Honey (pot)
- you’re look, taste, smell and act as sweet as honey. He thinks it’s fitting. It’s also a comfort for him, again like “babe,” it feels domestic and homey for him.
- “I’ll take care of it honey”
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Tumblr media
Professor Logan, the head of the Xavier’s school for the gifted
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crunk ...
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That Tom Hardy quote that’s like I’m in Hollywood of course I’ve had gay sex but it’s Logan like I’m an x man of course I’ve had gay sex
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since logan is basically dubbed as a "feral" mutant (he has heightened smell and hearing, inspired by wolverines, believes himself to be an animal to make himself smaller, etc.) i think he probably communicates a lot through body language, rather than his facial expressions or words, and i think the rest of the x men didnt pick up on it until he was long welcomed into the team
he'll stand in front of people he wants to protect, or who he cares a lot about and worries that they might get hurt; he'll tense up and puff out his chest when he gets into verbal fights with scott or the professor or anyone else he may come into contact with, but if they say something that really hurts him, he'll hunch over, point his chin at his chest, overall try to make himself smaller; he subconsciously reads other people's body language to get an idea of the mood and tone of the conversation or how their day has been, and when someone is particularly edgy, he'll tense up with them.
when the x men discover this, they realize that they really have to watch their own body language to ensure that logan doesn't pick up a bad mood from somebody else and lash out/internalize it, and that they also have to read his body language to understand his feelings
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
X-Men Unlimited: Latitude #1 (March 30, 2022)
Written by: Jonathan Hickman Artist by: Declan Shalvey Lettered by: VC’s Joe Sabino Edited by: Jordan D. White (editor) and Annalise Bissa (assistant editor) Published by: Marvel Comics
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Your country needs you. I'm Canadian
Credit: X
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Spider-Bot: Infinity Comic #10 - "Life's a Krakoan Beach" (2022)
written by Jordan Blum art by Alberto Alburquerque & Dono Sanchez-Almara
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