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Tai: *getting aboard the airship* And finally we can make our way back home.

Qrow: *rolling his eyes* I still dont consider Beacon home yet.

Tai: You will once we get back.

Raven: You do remember what Qrow and I told you, right?

Tai: So? We’re a team and we have to trust each other.

Qrow: He’s taken that remarkably well.

Raven: I’m sure he’s plotting something…

Ruby: Or he’s just happy that you both told us the truth. Although, I get why you wanted to hide it.

Raven: The sooner we can get back to Beacon-

Ironwood: *walking over to the airship with a few soldiers in tow* Miss Rose, I need to speak to you.

Ruby: *hesitating for a moment* Yes, General?

Ironwood: Jacques Gelé has informed me that you may have taken something precious of his.A silver watch. I have my doubts you would have, but I need to check anyway.

Raven: *glaring* Do you really think she’d-

Ruby: Raven!

Raven: He’s accusing you of stealing!

Ruby: *handing her bag over to Ironwood* And I’ll let him see for himself that I’m innocent. I dont need you fighting him.

Ironwood: And I trust you are innocent. This is just standard procedure. *opening Ruby’s bag and pulling out a silver watch, sighing* Although, you’ll have to explain why you have this.

Ruby: That wasnt in there earlier.

Ironwood: Miss Rose, I’m sorry, but you are under arrest.

Qrow: *stepping off the airship and pulling out his weapon* You’ll have to go through us to get her.

Tai: *walking up next to Ruby* You know she’s innocent. You cant just take her like this.

Ruby: *sighing and taking a step forward* Guys, I’ll be fine. Go back to Beacon and tell Ozpin. I’m sure he’ll be able to sort things out.

Raven: I will not let him-

Ironwood: *looking over at Ruby’s team* I will not hesitate to arrest you all too.

Qrow: Then we’ll-

Ruby: Qrow, stop. Get back to Beacon. I’ll be fine and I’ll do what I can to prove my innocence.

Ironwood: I suggest you listen to her.

Tai: *nodding and walking back onto the airship* We’ll come back for you Ruby.

Qrow: *glaring and putting his weapon away before following Tai*

Raven: *watching Ironwood take Ruby* This is all Jacques’ doing, isnt it?

Tai: More than likely.

Qrow: So what now?

Tai: We do as Ruby asked. We go back to Beacon and talk to Ozpin.

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Got one more Ironwood piece to revise and post before Nov. 7th ‘cause after the Volume starts airing I’m just gonna be a mess.

This time guest-starring Winter! 'cause they need to have a talk.

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1) Penny Polendina is the T-800 (so we get evil!Penny for the first movie and normal Penny in the second) 

2) Summer Rose is Sarah Connor (for Ruby to be John)

3) Qrow Branwen is Kyle Reese (going for the fan theory that Qrow is Ruby’s biological father. Don’t care if it’s not true, I like it) 

4) James Ironwood and Winter Schnee are the two detectives from the first movie who tried to help Sarah (authority figures) 

5) Kali and Ghira Belladonna are Sarah’s friends, Matt and Ginger (since this movie is focused on the adult characters, I wanted to use another parent duo for Sarah’s friends) 

6) Bart Oobleck is Dr. Silberman (it’s mainly because he’s a scientist) 

7) Ruby Rose is John Connor (main character of the series) 

8) Jaune Arc is the T-1000 (this is to put a twist on his ‘good guy’ persona in the actual series. The T-1000 gained trust because he was dressed as a cop, Jaune-1000 gains trust because…he’s Jaune)

9) Pietro Polendina is Miles Dyson (Penny’s father)

10) Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai are John’s foster parents who get axed off by the T-1000 (they’re assholes, so I chose asshole characters for the part) 

11) Skynet is renamed Salem 

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To my followers, I don’t often apologize for what I reblog, but I do want to apologize for all the Ironwood essays and posts. If you couldn’t tell I’m currently swimming in the salt seas for this man and I’m none to happy. Wish I was reblogging more art for him (trust me I do at majority of my RWBY posts are now essays and the likes) but it is what it is. Just to let you know that Volume 8 is coming very soon so…instead of the tide receding expect massive tidal waves that will inevatibly form a salt ocean.

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RWBY plays Among Us (part 3):
Qrow Branwen: Okay, I found Summer's body in O2. Now I know that y'all don't trust me because of my semblance but hear me out. I think it's Taurus and Ice Queen-
Adam Taurus: -WHAT!? HOW DARE YOU ASSUME I'D EVER BE WORKING WITH A SCHNEE! --> (Adam is the first impostor)
Winter Schnee: Everyone, don't listen to the drunkard, he has no idea what he's talking about --> (Winter is the second impostor)
Taiyang Xiao Long: Yeah Qrow, that accusation was kinda stupid, especially when we know who the REAL impostor is!
Qrow Branwen: Wait...we know who it is?
Taiyang Xiao Long: It's obviously Ironwood-
Qrow Branwen: Guys, I'm pretty sure it's not Jimmy. I'm telling you, it's Faunus-Killmonger and Ice Queen-
Winter Schnee: -The drunkard lies! He's lying! (starts sweating)
Summer Rose: (cheering loudly in her room, hoping that the group listens to Qrow)
Cinder Fall and Roman Torchwick: (also dead and both are amazed that Qrow somehow figured out who their killers are)
Qrow Branwen: (votes Adam Taurus)
James Ironwood: (votes Taiyang Xiao Long out of spite)
Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen, Neopolitan, Winter Schnee, Adam Taurus: (votes James Ironwood)
Qrow Branwen: Damn my bad luck! (mutes his mic)
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The Vytal Festival is a chance for budding huntsmen and huntresses to test their mettle against the best in Remnant. For James Ironwood, the unlikely leader of the cobbled together Team JAGD, glory seems a distant prospect when compared with the top students of Vale, Vacuo and Mistral. And yet, he seems to have gained the attention of Beacon’s dapper headmaster, though he is unsure if Professor Ozpin is trying to help him win the tournament or simply get him to dance with Team GLRY’s glamorous captain at the ball.

Behind the scenes, two wars rage in the shadows. The first, a lionhearted adventurer against a cult of assassins. The second, Team STRQ against all of humanity.


Chapter Eight: Ladies and Gentlemen of Mantle

JAGD meet to celebrate their victory and plan their strategy. But what price is Ironwood willing to pay for victory and glory? Not every battle is worth fighting, and not every old wound stays closed.

With every victory bringing her closer to facing him, in the ring and out of it, Glynda must begin to reckon with her feelings for the boy from Atlas.

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