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How strange, how things can change. How they so easily fall apart.

A Grimmified Clover, Winter Maiden Elm AU.

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Elm stared, horrified, as something that used to be Clover stepped out of the shadows, clapping his hands together in slow, mocking applause, claws clinking as he did. “Well done, Elm. You really are predictable as always.”

This was a trap. She’d been lured into a trap. She should reach for Timber, to ready her weapon for the inevitable fight, but she couldn’t move, rooted in place without her semblance to do it. “You- Qrow killed you.”

“Well he had a hand in it, definitely,” Clover nodded, a massive hole in his chest that pulsed with viscous black fluid, thick inky drips occasionally falling from the top of the wound to land on a rib bone that poked out of the misshapen flesh, or to splatter on the ground at his boots. “Don’t worry about that. Congrats on getting the Winter Maiden powers, by the way. Never would have picked you for it. So.”

Those burning red eyes burned into hers as the Grimm that used to be her friend smiled too-wide, skin splitting to accommodate his sharp, serrated grin. “Let’s get started.”

And he lunged for her throat.

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(ahh, the Thicclet and the Elmazon enter!)

The Ace Ops. An elite team of top Atlas operatives, bound together by duty and held together by impeccable leadership.

Most of the time.

Sure, bickering within their unit was inevitable, and so were the occasionall disagreements with the brass.

This, however, was all new.

Elm Ederne and Harriet Bree, two of the five-person team, had been given a special mission by General Ironwood himself. The mission, however, was not something the two were specialized in.

Breaking walls? Sure! Busting a gang op? No problem! Hunting down a wanted criminal? Exciting!

Seducing Councilman Arc to extract info…?

“What was he thinking?” Harriet asked herself, not for the first time.

“Probably that he was out of the normal options,” Elm commented. The two were walking down Vale’s streets side-by-side, on their scheduled meeting with the esteemed councilman. “Otherwise, he would probably not have suggested this.”

“Why the fuck us?! And not, I dunno, some prostitutes, maybe?!” Harriet yelled at her taller teammate. The hammer wielder shushed the energetic pugilist as best she could.

“We don’t have to sleep with him, you know.”

Harriet mumbled something to that, so Elm decided to ask. “Huh?”

“I don’t even have experience in seduction,” her colleague replied with a small pout, one that made Elm laugh.

“Cheer up! Kid looks like a cherry boy.” The big woman licked her lips. “You can leave him to me, if you want.”


“It’s called having taste.”

“For men younger than you.”

“Oh, shut up!” Elm laughed at Harriet. “As if you didn’t imagine a roll in the hay with him.”

She did, but Elm didn’t need to know.


What went wrong?

At first, all was going to plan. The two Ace Ops met the blonde young man - and Harriet had to admit that she was a bit smitten by his innocence.

The woman herself had been jaded by lost comrades, but seeing someone so full of hope and optimism was oddly contagious.

Then they asked some polite questions about policies. The trade war against the SDC was increasingly in favor of Vale, and Jacques was lobbying hard for sanctions against the kingdom, something the imperialist part of the council agreed to, standing at odds with the more liberal and conservative-minded members.

A rarity, to be sure, but one that prevented a massive escalation no one needed.

Then Elm made her move. She sat down right next to Jaune, slinging an arm around him and grinning down at the boy - the woman was 6′5, so she towered over most men. The kid became nervous and almost jumped away from her when she got a bit closer.

Harriet intervened, playfully shoving Elm away as she took his head in her arm, dragging him against her side, as she swayed to the other side of the sofa.

Then the plan went out the window.

A rifle cracked, and the bullet hit the place where Jaune’s head was, shocking him and putting Elm and Harriet into action mode.

That was where it went wrong.

Within minutes, they had apprehended the shooter. Crazy guy, convinced Jaune was planning the downfall of humanity, in league with a cabal of baby-eating faunus worshipping darkness itself.

That decided put Elm out of her mood. Harriet did her a favor by knocking him unconscious.

Unfortunately, Jaune was very shocked by his close brush with death. Shocked enough that he had to adjourn their meeting. Elm tried to cheer him up by playfully offering to cuddle him to sleep, but the guy was still too shocked to answer properly.

Ironwood was informed shortly after.

“Well?” The general seemed a little eager to find out if they slept wit the boy. Perhaps that was his angle; ensure a scandal?

“A bust for today,” Elm grumbled. “There was an assassination attempt by some conspiracy theorist. We thwarted it, but the councilman had to be brought away for a check-up and psych eval. Kid was really rattled.”

Ironwood furrowed his brow, the clearest sign of his contemplation of the info and subsequent planning. “I see. To ensure that will not happen again, you both will have to stay in Vale for a while. It will make for a better cover-up if-”

Harriet tuned her superior out, angry at having to continue this crap but also…happy. She didn’t want that ball of sunshine hurt; he wanted to keep him safe.

That was when a thought came her.

“Sir, if I may?”

The general regarded her. “Go ahead, Operative.”

“Do we know if the councilman has aura?”

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New Semblance AU + King Ironwood AU + Slooty Qrow AU

The wires are way too in-tune with Ironwood’s feelings, he can’t help it. The wires can be very kind, depending on how Ironwood feels for another person. They’re a little too kind with Qrow. 😏

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i warned you all i’m ready to scream about ironqrow for 10 thousand years

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Hello everyone! Mods here!

IronQrow Week 2021 has, sadly, come to an end. Through the event we’ve seen many beautiful and creative stories, artworks, and edits from members of the fandom, and we are absolutely floored at how fantastic each and every piece we’ve seen have been. You’re all incredible. The amount of love and appreciation we’ve seen has been a gift, and we’re so glad to have been able to see what you all made. 

So that we don’t overlap with other upcoming events, we’ll be accepting late entries up until January 24th, so anyone who would like still have some time to submit if they’d like to. 

Thank you all so very much for participating in this year’s IronQrow Week. We wish you all a safe and calm year ahead, and we hope to see you again in 2022!

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Ironqrow Week Day 7: Free Day


Summary: James just wanted go to sleep. He had been planning their infiltration of Atlas for two days straight. He wasn’t about to fail Ozma now. But as usual, Qrow clearly had other plans.

Notes: For the free day, I decided to do a little interlude in my Role Reversal AU. In which Ozpin or well Ozma is the evil King of the Grimm and Salem is sad tired professor of Beacon. Meaning that Oz’s circle is now team WTCH. For a more depth explanation of this AU: look here and here.

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IronQrow week day 7: Free day

James: *dumping sand out of prosthetic* Why did I let you talk me into this?

Qrow: *hystarical laughter*


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It’s 2021, time to bring back Magnet redraws of your OTP.

Markers & Microns as usual for Free day!


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I’ve been wanting to do another Leyendecker study/redraw for ages, so here’s some fancy lads as a (very last minute, oops) final contribution to @ironqrowweek

I messed around with their outfits to make my life a bit easier when it came to replicating the style of the original illustration, and I think it worked rather well. Leaning into the old-timey formalwear fits pretty well with the general vibe of Atlas, and that’s where I imagine the fancy party they’ve ended up at is taking place. I rather enjoy the idea of Qrow being talked into wearing a bowtie and then deciding about five minutes into the evening that he’s had quite enough of that. And I don’t know why James has taken his gloves off (other than that was the pose in the ref I used) but I keep thinking too much about him being comfortable taking them off around Qrow and having emotions. Also their matching colour schemes? Love that.

(Check out the full view, because I spent a lot of time putting details into this!)

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The funniest thing about all the RWBY Power Level Anons going around all of a sudden is that that’s almost certainly how Ironwood’s worldview works and is emblematic of why it falls apart under the slightest deviation from the norm.

The Ace-Ops are literally just the graduates with the most min-maxing plus Clover for an overall buff so their cumulative power level is as high as possible. His military doctrine is to have a bigger number than everyone else which is why it blows up in his face when his robot army with a centralized command system goes up against someone with an IT consultant and a flash drive.

This guy thinks if Numbers Bigger then Losing Impossible which is why he gave his entire city a health bar. And now he’s entered a war of attrition with an immortal sorceress and her army of demons who ignore attrition since they don’t eat or sleep. But Numbers Bigger! Numbers Bigger.

The only person in RWBY with a power level is Salem herself and that’s because her power level is ‘way higher than yours’ and trying to 1v1 her would probably invoke the chunky salsa rule.

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