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jilkos · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Loshh Aje by James Pearson-Howes
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sweet-by-and-by · 2 months ago
On the Blue Side of the Mountain- Chapter 6
Tumblr media
summary: After a narrow escape from the downfall of the Van Der Linde gang, you and Arthur have lived comfortably on your mountainside homestead for years. Away from any Pinkertons, Cornwalls, and O’Driscolls, you’re finally safe. All you can do now is try to find peace and hope that the shadows of your past don’t catch up with you. pairing: Arthur Morgan x f!reader a/n: WE’RE GOING TO UNCLE JOHN’S! Look man, I just really love the Marstons. Thank you so much to everyone for the love you've been giving these posts! We're almost caught up with what's posted on AO3, so updates will be much less frequent after a few more posts
“Are we there yet?”
“James, how many times have we talked about this?” Arthur asked, trying to keep the annoyance out of his tone. He wasn’t very successful, but James already knew he was irritating his father.
“But this horse is so hot. And Andrew’s horse keeps kicking dust in my face!” James whined, throwing his head back and glaring at the sky.
Arthur sighed and tugged on the reins, slowing his horse to fall back. Alice was perched in front of him, still too small to ride a horse of her own. Poor Magic, her pony, was far too old for the trip they were making. Arthur slowed to match speed with James’ mount and handed Alice the reins. He reached behind his neck to undo the knot of his handkerchief.
He tossed the black fabric over to James, who caught it with surprise. His eyes lit up as he realized that he was being told to wear it, excited to be just like dad.
James tied the bandana around his neck and over his face, the big grin hidden behind the fabric.
Arthur chuckled to himself and smiled, the corners of his eyes crinkling. “Well aren’t you just a regular cowboy.” he mused, taking the reins back from Alice and kissing the top of her head in thanks.
James frowned, sitting up straight and puffing his chest out. “I ain’t no cowboy “I’m a train robber!” he declared, pointing his fingers into a gun and aiming it for the sky. “Stick ‘em up!”
Arthur’s face dropped for just a moment, and he could sense your unease as well. He turned to glance at you where you were riding flank, careful not to jostle Alice too much. The two of you shared a brief moment, wordlessly reminding each other that it was all just pretend.
You were quickly ripped from your worries as the sound of Alice’s shriek cut through your ears. Arthur whipped back around, easing when he heard her laughter. Her hands were thrown sky high in surrender to James, who had turned his finger gun onto her.
“Gimme all yer’ money!” he threatened, his voice a low boom. Or at least an eleven year old’s version of a low boom.
Alice giggled, stretching her hands even higher.
“Alright you two,” you intervened. “That’s enough of that. We’re getting close to your Uncle John’s anyways, settle down.”
At least once a year, you would pack up your family and make the long journey to Beecher’s Hope. John and Arthur had stayed in close touch, writing to each other often. They kept each other updated on their families, the ranches, and any run-ins they had with former gang members. John was more prone to these, and was able to reassure you that many of the members who had left the gang were alive and well. Arthur was still too nervous to let anyone but John send mail to you, John had been able to forward some letters from Marybeth, Tilly, and even Pearson on one occasion.
Arthur laughed so hard he sent himself into a wheezing fit when the envelope was addressed to “Aunt Cathy” in Sadie’s handwriting.
After a few more hours, you finally came upon the entrance to Beecher’s Hope. The long shadows that followed you reflected an equally long day on the trail, and you could see the exhaustion in your children’s slumped posture. Alice was fast asleep, pressed against Arthur’s chest. Your heart swelled at the sight of your husband and his baby girl.
The sound of Rufus’ bark stole you attention. You smiled and greeted the excited dog, who was prancing happily around the horse’s feet. Arthur led you all to the house and dismounted carefully, holding Alice steady. He tried not to wake her. Once his horse was hitched, he lowered her carefully into his arms, resting her head on his shoulder. She stirred only slightly, oblivious to the barking around her.
The rest of you climbed down from your horses and hitched them to the posts. Andrew yawned and stretched, and James all but dropped to the ground once his feet hit the dirt. He leaned heavily against his horse and groaned, his dramatic reaction making you shake your head and laugh.
The door to Beecher’s Hope creaked open and the Marstons spilled onto the porch to greet you all. Hugs and kisses were shared, and Abigail quickly brought Arthur inside to lay Alice on your bed. You gathered the boys as John and Jack collected your bags off your donkey and started bringing them into the house.
After the mule was unloaded and the horses were settled in the barn, you all retired quickly, ready for bed after your travels. Arthur held you closely as you drifted off to sleep, both of you warmed by the feeling of love that spread through the house.
The next day, after a generous helping of coffee and a hearty breakfast prepared by you and Abigail, you all set out on your days. Arthur and John headed to the barn, Arthur already ribbing John for his ranching practices. The children played in the grass while you and Abigail finished cleaning up from the meal. You could see them chasing each other through the window in the kitchen. You set the dish you were drying down on the counter and watched them for a moment, smiling to yourself as the sound of their laughter carried through the open window.
You turned back to Abigail at the sound of your name.
“Sorry,” you said, returning to the task at hand, “it’s just so nice to see them happy like this.”
Abigail hummed in agreement. “I know what you mean. Sometimes I worry Jack has been grown since he was a boy. It’s nice to see him playing with them, even if John thinks he’s too old for it.”
And old he was becoming. You could barely believe your eyes when Jack had come out of the house yesterday, he had changed so much in the last year. The peach fuzz of facial hair that had been hovering on his upper lip had grown dark since you last saw him, and though his mustache was still faint it was definitely visible. He had to have grown at least 3 inches too, his height creeping closer to Arthur’s than you ever imagined.
The two of you finished cleaning and grabbed fresh cups of coffee, making your way outside to watch from the porch. You chatted for a while, catching each other up on the things that had changed in both of your lives. You were thrilled to learn that Jack was still attending school offered by the local church in Blackwater. Abigail told you that he had been doing well, and they had encouraged his dream of becoming a writer. You knew Andrew would be jealous to hear that, so much like his cousin in that regard.
You were in the middle of recounting a particularly ridiculous incident involving Arthur, a wild horse, and the creek that ran behind your cabin when you were interrupted by the sound of Arthur and John bickering.
“I’ve been runnin’ this ranch just fine without you, Morgan.” you heard John say. The annoyance in his voice was plain as day, but it did nothing to stop Arthur from continuing.
“And ain’t you lucky for it.” Arthur persisted. “They’re cows, John, and you’re raisin em’ like sheep.”
“What is it with you and those damn sheep?” John fumed. “It’s been damn near fifteen years and you still can’t let the fucking sheep go!”
“You and yer’ damn sheep just about got us killed in Valentine, and now you’re treating your damn cattle like ‘em!” Arthur roared, his shoulders squaring up as the argument continued.
You rolled your eyes and looked to Abigail, who wore an equally irritated expression.
“Would you two knock it off.” she interrupted, causing both men to whip their heads around to where you stood on the porch. “I swear, you ain’t seen each other for over a year and it takes all of five minutes for you to get each other goin’ again.”
“Well maybe if he wouldn’t waltz up here actin’ like he knows everything about raising cattle,” John challenged, glaring back at Athur.
“Well maybe,” Arthur interjected, “if you weren’t doin’ it wrong- ”
“That’s enough, Arthur.” you cut him off, crossing your arms and lowering your gaze. “If you two are going to act like children, why don’t you at least take the actual children to do something.”
Both men looked away sheepishly, your sternness reminding them of being scolded by Miss Grimshaw. Suddenly they felt like they were both back at camp, being chided for arguing like they were boys again.
Arthur grunted in apology at John, who hummed in response.
“Oh my Lord,” Abigail huffed, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration, “you two are impossible.”
“Brothers.” you muttered, turning on your heel and marching back inside to refill your coffee cup.
Arthur, John, and the kids had all loaded up on horseback and taken off towards the river.
This left you and Abigail with plenty of time to start dinner. You were chopping vegetables, swapping stories, and fending off an already drunk Uncle from stealing veggies here and there. You laughed heartily as Abigail held her knife up to the old man, cursing him at his attempt to wrap his arms around her waist and sneak a handful to eat.
“I swear, you old coot, if you lay your hands on me one more time!” She threatened, waving her knife to illustrate her point.
Your gut ached from your laughter, and you reached to wipe tears from your eyes.
You were all interrupted by Rufus barking at the gate. You glanced out the window quizzically, but could not see the source of his excitement.
You turned to Abigail, your confusion only growing at the excited look on her face. Without a word, she dropped her knife on the counter and rushed towards the front door in a flurry.
You swatted Uncle’s hand away as he reached out for the cut vegetables and glared at him before following Abigail out to the porch. Your eyes widened and you screamed with excitement at the figure approaching the house on horseback.
Mrs. Sadie Adler rode confidently into Beecher’s Hope, leather clad and looking impressive as ever. She smiled as she dismounted her horse and was swarmed by you and Abigail, who both practically tackled her with the force of your hugs. She laughed and wrapped her arms around both of you, just as grateful to see you.
You pulled away to take in her ensemble, an all-black leather look that had to have her sweating in the West Elizabeth sun.
“Oh my gosh, I had no idea you were coming!” you exclaimed.
“I think that was kind of the point, dear,” Sadie chuckled.
“It’s been far too long since we’ve had anything nice around here,” Abigail huffed, glaring back at Uncle in the house, “just thought it’d be fun.”
“I’m thrilled,” you assured, resting your hand on her arm gently, “it has been far too damn long.”
“Well I don’t know about nice, but I certainly am here,” Sadie teased. “Speakin’ of nice,” she muttered, reaching for her saddle bag. She undid the buckle and rooted around, looking for something.
She pulled out a book, bound in a gorgeous hardcover. The deep purple cover was decorated with intricate gold lettering, and ornate designs to match. “Compliments of Ms Leslie Dupont,” she smiled.
“Mary-Beth!,” you cried. “Oh, how is she? God, I haven’t heard from her in years!”
“She’s quite well,” Sadie said, “and she wanted to apologize for that. I think there’s a letter for Arthur in there too. Speaking of, where are those damn hooligans?”
Your head turned at the sound of horse hooves thundering across the ranch. You watched Arthur, John and the children round the corner of the barn, their smiles wide and their clothes terribly dusty. You saw the moment they noticed Sadie, their wild eyes growing even brighter at the sight of their nomad Aunt.
“Aunt Sadie!” the children yelled, all of them practically leaping down from their horses to greet the woman. Arthur lowered Alice, who squirmed to free herself and hit the ground running.
They all barrelled towards Sadie, Alice cutting through the group of boys to wrap herself around Sadie’s leg. Sadie laughed and pat her back lovingly, shushing the boys and their onslaught of questions.
“Settle down!” she laughed, her country drawl heavy and slow, “there’ll be plenty of time for stories later, y’all are filthy!”
“Andrew pushed me in the river.” James pouted, glaring at his older brother.
“And ‘Pa made us climb in and get him,” Andrew grunted, looking away from his brother.
“Then why on earth are you both muddy?” you asked, putting your hands on your hips and raising your eyebrow.
“They started fightin’ each other in the damn dirt,” Arthur stepped in, his exasperation clear, “just rollin’ around like little heathens.”
Sadie snorted, ignoring Arthur’s pointed glare.
“Andrew Hosea and James Leonard,” you scolded, lowering your stare to your sons, “both of you, get behind the barn and wash up at the pump.”
Andrew and James wandered off sheepishly, your scornful gaze following them until they rounded the corner of the barn.
“And you,” you turned to Arthur, “if you and John weren’t at each other’s throats, you might have noticed that Andrew was fixing to push James into the river!”
“Hey-” John started, any defense dying in his throat at the raise of your hand.
“You two,” you gestured towards the barn, “go make sure they get washed up. And be nice to each other for once in your lives!”
You ignored Sadie’s snicker as you marched towards the house. As you walked away, Sadie leaned down to Alice and whispered in her ear.
“That’s what it looks like when your Daddy gets told,” she chuckled.
Once the boys were hosed down, Arthur headed up to the house to fetch them a change of clothes.
He stepped into the house, gently closing the front door behind him. You sat on the sofa, a book perched open on your knee. Your lips were pursed as you stared blankly at the page, your mind wandering too much to focus on reading.
Arthur tentatively walked into the main room, trying to catch your attention without disturbing you. He removed his hand from his head and held it to his chest. You looked up at him, the irritation behind your eyes dying when you saw him standing before you. He fiddled with the brim of his hat, an easy tell that he was nervous.
As annoyed as you were, you weren’t really angry with him. Certainly not angry enough to warrant making him nervous.
“Darlin’” he said, picking up on the easing of your frustration.
“Arthur,” you replied.
“The, uh-” he stammered, gesturing towards the door with his hat in his hand, “the boys are all cleaned up.”
“Thank you.” you said curtly, looking back down to your book.
You waited for him to head to the bedroom to get the clean clothes, but instead you felt the weight of him sink onto the sofa next to you. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw him place his hat on the table and lean forward on his elbows.
“I made ‘em apologize to each other,” he said, “gave James what for down by the river, too.”
“That’s good,” you replied, closing your book and turning to face him, “did you apologize to John too?”
“What would I apologize to John for?” he asked defensively.
“For pickin’ at him ever since we came through those gates.” you said coolly.
“I ain’t pickin’ at him,” Arthur defended, “he’s just doin things wrong.”
“Arthur, we’re guests in their home. John wasn’t wrong when he said he runs this ranch the whole time we ain’t here, he’s clearly doing some things right. And even if he ain’t, why is it your place to tell him?”
“He sure as shit won’t figure it out for himself,” Arthur said.
“I swear, every time we come here it takes you two no time to get at each other’s throats again,” you sighed, “I see the letters we send, you’re not nearly as critical when you write to him. Why is it that the minute you get here, you start looking for things to get after him about?”
Arthur hummed, staring ahead thoughtfully. You sat quietly beside him, giving him space to think.
“Darlin’, you know I ain’t good with words,” he said after a few seconds, giving up.
“I also know that’s a crock of shit,” you quickly retorted, earning yourself a surprised laugh, “you write better than anyone I know.”
“‘S different,” Arthur mumbled.
“So put it to pen and paper if you have to. But for Chrissake Arthur, be nicer to your damn brother.” you snapped back. The look on Arthur’s face made you regret your tone, but you stood by your sentiment.
Arthur ducked his head, instinctually trying to hide behind the brim of his hat. He nodded in understanding.
“He’s got this big ol’ ranch,”  Arthur admitted, “and we’ve got this tiny cabin all the way up a damn mountain, just hiding for our lives. Just seein’ all of this makes me realize how little we have.”
You were surprised at the frustration in his voice. Arthur wasn’t usually the type to get jealous, least of all of material items.
He made no move to say anything more, and the two of you sat in silence for a moment with his confession hanging between you.
“I didn’t know you wanted something more,” you whispered.
“I don’t,” he said sternly, “I just...I wish I could give that to you.”
You were stunned into silence once again, the weight of his words sinking in.
“Arthur Morgan, you’re a damn fool,” you said softly.
“Well and truly.” he agreed, looking solemnly at the floorboards.
“No, look at me.” you insisted, taking his chin and guiding his gaze to meet yours, “You damn old fool. You’ve got yourself all worked up over something that neither of us even want.” you took his hands in yours. He watched as your fingers intertwined, marvelling at the difference in size.
“I love our life.” you said sternly, “and I wouldn’t change a damn thing about it. It’s made us into who we are, made our children into who they are. We don’t need anything more, and we don’t even want it. Our children never go hungry, our livestock are healthy, and our ‘tiny cabin’ is plenty for us. So don’t go and get yourself upset when there ain’t even cause.”
Arthur looked up at you with glossy eyes. You surveyed the lines in his face, growing deeper and more visible as time passed. You pulled your hand free to gently trace your fingertips across his laugh lines, appreciating the signs of his aging.
“I want nothing more than to grow old with you on that mountainside, Arthur. You have to know that by now.”
You caressed his cheek, leaning in to press a kiss to his temple. He sighed, closing his eyes and savouring your touch.
“I do.” he said softly, “I do.”
You held each other closely for a while longer, just enjoying your moment away. After what felt like no time at all, Arthur pulled away with a sigh and rose to his feet.
“I best get these boys their clothes.” he said, gesturing towards the bedroom you were staying in.
You watched him walk away, still reeling from Arthur’s honesty. If he still couldn’t see that you were happier than you ever believed possible, you sure as hell would have to start showing him.
That night, you all gathered around the kitchen table for dinner. You had been working away with Abigail throughout the day, helping her put together a massive roast dinner. Together, you had pulled out all the stops, slaving away over a beef roast saved from the last round of cattle, boiled potatoes with herbs that Arthur and the children had found by the river, and vegetables fresh from the garden.
John was practically drooling when you placed the roast on the table, the residents of Beecher’s Hope all wide-eyed with their chins on the floor. You laughed at the sight, and took your seat next to Alice to cut up her food.
Everyone dug in, hungry bellies growling at the smells wafting from the table. They loaded up their plates, and John all but moaned at the first bite he took.
“Y’all need to come by more often,” he groaned, eagerly cutting up more beef, “you might actually teach Abigail how to cook.”
At the end of the table, Abigail turned bright red. She glared at John from across the meal, who shrugged at her furious stare.
“What?” he said dumbly. “We all know it.”
You shook your head, reaching over to Alice’s plate to finish cutting her potatoes. Arthur swatted John on the back of the head before launching into conversation with Sadie about the bounties she’d been pulling in.
You knew that later, when he could find a moment alone with her, he would ask her about any lingering wanted posters. It never hurt to stay vigilant, after all.
As the conversation turned lighter and the digs at Uncle’s jokes began, you leaned back in your chair and took a swig of your beer. Grateful as always for your incredibly unique family.
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mrs-capsicle · 8 months ago
Enjoy your dinner.
Movie: The Gentlemen Characters: Raymond Smith x Reader Categories: Teasing
you’re reading part one | part two
Tumblr media
Takes place a few weeks before the movie timeline.
3rd Person P.O.V.:
Her father knew very well that she did not enjoy these kinds of events. Richlings bragging about their richness to other fat cats. Not to mention the young ones. The ones her age, who did not have to flip a coin to get any of the wealth their parents owned. Dirty or good money, does not matter. It is more dirty than anything else though. And she knew that also. Another reason for her to usually not stay longer than needed.
It has been a while since her father has last asked her to join him and her mother to a dinner party. It was way more just a synonym for let’s see who will embarrass themselves first by drinking too much of the way too expensive bottle of rum. Long translation - but a hundred percent correct. 
And even though she loathed going, she always used the opportunity to make the largest impact possible without trying to say a word. She loved the longing stares and the surprised ones every time she did indeed attend alongside her parents. Today it was just her father though. Her mother was out in Paris, probably spending all the pocket money her loving husband gave her. At least their love for each other seemed honest.
Tumblr media
(Y/N) P.O.V.:
When I walk down the stairs to stop in front of a mirror in my hallway, I hear another honk of the limousine waiting outside. I sigh, grabbing a light coat and throwing that over my arm, holding a small clutch in my hand. After locking the door behind me, I greet Mitch with a smile.
“ ’Ello Miss (Y/L/N), hope you are doing well today.” I hold back a roll of my eyes, long forgotten how many times I made him call me by my first name. If I had to guess, probably around 64 times. He doesn’t work for me, he works for my father and my father alone. 
“Very well indeed, how about you, Mitch?” He smiles, about to answer, when a voice from inside the car calls out.
“-You can chat on the way there, we’re late as it is.” Now I do roll my eyes at my fathers words and send Mitch another small smile. He nods, closing the door when I’m in, going back to the drivers seat.
“Wow, darlin’, you look lovely tonight.” I greet him with a kiss to each cheek and buckle up.
“Thank you, is that a new suit? I’ve never seen you wear burgundy red.” He nods, smoothing out the fabric. 
“It is, it is. You’re a smart one. I despised the colour but your mother thinks it looks expensive and high-class. And you know her- there’s no telling her no.” I chuckle along and we get a few small-talk questions out the way before we finally arrive at the mansion. Some old business partner of my father’s. I can’t keep names in mind so I usually go the shy and long time no see route. It usually works.
My father helps me step outside and Mitch rides off, picking us up later again. Before walking after my father I take a deep breath and exhale, placing a smile onto my face. Fake- but no one seemed to notice the last few times. So no worries there. Walking up the stairs, an arm wraps around mine and I glance up to my right, frowning at the sudden physical contact. James. Yes, the one person I loathed the least. Or you could say - who I actually liked a bit. I grin and bump my shoulder with his as he guides me up to the entrance.
“Hello there gorgeous lady, haven’t seen you around a lot lately.” 
“Well, can you blame me? These types of gatherings do not amuse me much. They rather support my boredom and make me want to drown in expensive alcohol. I don’t want to turn into an alcoholic.” He smirks at my statement but shakes his head. 
“You’re a special one, you know that?” I nod, sighing dramatically. I look up front, where my father is already involved with other suit-wearing snobs.
“I know- I am.” I try sounding posh, but fail miserably, making us both laugh. I still have my arm wrapped around his’ as we get offered a drink and then he is off. Talking business, making connections. A life I would not want to live. That is why James and me could never be more than friends. Even though he might wants change my mind on that one day - I would never accept his advances.
“Well, well, well. If it is not little Miss (Y/L/N) Junior. How are things going?” I turn, taking another sip of champagne as I recognise the slimy man in front of me. His eyes wandering up and down my presence. 
“Oscar- what a nice surprise-” My fake smile widens and I let him kiss my knuckles briefly - even though some of the potatoes I had for lunch earlier wanted to revisit. He must be double my age - I never thought of that. 50 at least.
“Would not be that much of a surprise to you if you would join our parties more often.” So it is his housing we are inside of right now. Good to know...
“Oh, Oscar. You know I am a busy woman. Cannot have fun all the time.” My smile starts to hurt my cheeks but I keep it up. Having held it for longer. My record is 24 minutes and 37 seconds. Yes, I know. Very impressive.
“But you never fail to make a grand entrance, what a gown on you - just lovely. Perfectly fitting for you, an extraordinary woman.” His sickly, slimy words feel like nails scratching on a chalk board but I hold back a flinch, nodding once. Not quite sure how to reply. I glance down at my drink, assumingly and very unconsciously having drank it all.
“Oh, would you look at that- I think I need a refill, it was lovely chatting-” “-Let me get you a new one.”
“No need, Oscar. I will just go myself.” 
“Oh please, I insist-”
“-Here, take mine. I don’t drink Champagne.” I turn to my right, looking at the source of the new voice. A man I have not seen before stands there - a neat three piece in dark blue, adoring his well shaped physique. His dirty blonde hair combed back to perfection. He rearranges his glasses with his free hand before it disappears in the pocket of his trousers. The other one still holding out the glass to me. I realise I held a breath and nod at him, this time smiling genuinely. 
“Thank you-” I drift off, not taking my eyes off his. A little staring contest going on. I accept the drink and take a sip. Not having blinked once. Just like him.
“-Raymond. Raymond Smith.”
“Nice to meet you, Raymond Smith. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” 
“I know that.” I quirk an eyebrow at his answer, him staying silent though, a small smile grazing his lips. 
“Well, why don’t I give you a little tour? We have a whole new balcony on the east wing-”
“-no, thank you Oscar. I just found a way more interesting activity.” I cut him off, not taking my eyes off of Raymond Smith. I see his lips twitch but he is holding back a smirk. Which makes my smile grow. I only hear a huff and grumbling. 
I then break the eye contact, feeling rather lost now and walk past him, closely past him. My shoulder barely touching his jacket. I can feel his eyes on my back, making me sway my hips a tad more than usual. The things the right man can make you do.
I decide to sit down at an empty table and pick out some of the delicate canapés placed in the center. It looks like a mushroom tartlet and once inside my mouth I nod to myself. One thing that makes me come back to these parties is definitely the appetisers and the drinks. Lot’s of effort goes into them but no one seems to enjoy any. Either because they are busy laughing at jokes that are not funny or because they think others would judge them for eating. I learned to not care, ever, about what someone thought of me because I eat more than them. Their loss.
“Enjoying the food, I see.” I chew quickly and swallow thickly, holding a napkin to my lips as Raymond sits next to me at the round table, taking a tartlet himself. I hum.
“I do, cannot be mad about the food. I am a true gourmet, what can I say. But- you probably already knew that, did you not?” I grin at him, watching his chew and making eye contact with me once more. He chuckles, shaking his head.
“No, did not. I will note it down though.” His teasing tone sparks my interest and I wonder how far I could go. Or what he works as. Why I have never seen him before. 
“Tell me, Raymond Smith, who are you?” I turn toward him, leaning my arm on the table and tilting my head slightly, full attention on him. He wipes his hands at a napkin, eyes cast down as he seems deep in thought. Choosing his words carefully. One of the only men here who do.
“I don’t really exist. I just - like a good dinner party every now and then.” I bite my lip at his cheeky reply, trying to hold back all the things running through my mind. 
“Can I guess?” I lift my head and he nods, gesturing for me to go ahead. He leans back slightly, probably expecting the most cliché answers anyway. So I think again, observing his posture and the drifting of his eyes every now and then. Back over to the big table. A couple people sitting there. He must be here either with his wife or colleague. I shake my head at the wife, he wouldn’t be sitting here with me if he had one. 
“Well, seeing as you’re not here by yourself, you must be the right hand to someone or - maybe you are the kid of a big fish.” He smirks, nodding. One must be correct. I go with my first instinct. “-a right hand man it is.” I look back over to where he seemed to focus earlier. I do know a few of them. One being a partner to my father’s business. Another one the son of said partner. And then - no way. Micheal Pearson himself. The Micheal Pearson. Sticky bush Pearson. But Raymond would not be involved-
“-I see you figured it out.” My eyes snap back to Raymond and I close my mouth, licking my dry lips in the process. I tense up, not knowing if running would be an appropriate reaction. But then again - I never cared about appropriate behaviour that much.
“And I also see you’re taken aback.” It sounded more like a question really. But I only nod, sending him a small smile.
“It is not every day that I cross paths with true gangsters.” 
“I will take that as a compliment. And just for your information-” He leans in closer, elbows on his thighs. “-there are a few more gangsters here than you would like to care.” 
I gulp at his intense eyes, he leans back up and stands to his feet, smoothing out his suit and buttoning his jacket. 
“Well, if you would excuse me, my duties as a right hand man are needed. Have a good rest of your evening, Miss (Y/L/N). Enjoy your dinner.” 
“You too, Mister Smith.” He nods, walking off. I look after him, Mister and Misses Pearson walking off with him and exiting the building. I let out a breath I was holding and sink back into the chair. Not without being haunted by those icy blue orbs.
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binarystarkillers · a month ago
bestie what are your tlw headcanons?
oh i've been WAITING for this one
- Garraty can dance. Not like, in a casual way, his mother made him learn how to waltz when he was young in case he ever ended up at a formal event. He never did.
- McVries can cook! He liked helping his parents cook as a kid, and when he and Priscilla were together, he would always make very well-made, sort of elaborate dinners that would be eaten in frosty silence
- I've always headcanoned that Stebbins' first name is James, bc I think it would fit him in a way to have such a jarringly normal name. But I'm good with any Stebbins first name other than Bartholomew.
- I think I mentioned this in a fic I wrote, but Art Baker has freckles. Why? Because I say so.
- Pearson is absolutely terrible at math. He used to want to be an engineer, before he had to drop out of that academic path. That's when he turned his attention to non-fiction writing.
Idk how many of these you wanted, so I'll stop here. If you wanna hear more ramblings, feel free to shoot me another ask, because these boys live rent-free in my mind and I'm always ready to talk about them
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littlemessyjessi · 10 months ago
“Future Mrs. Potter”: A James Potter Imagine: PS Reader: Christmas Imagines
Tumblr media
James Potter Imagine James Potter x Reader: PS Reader, Plus Size Reader Requested.  Bit of a combination of a couple of requests to be honest because I got carried away, lol.   Warning: Mentions of Bullying and wee angst. ---------------------------
Overall, James was just having a rather shit day.
Classes had been awful which was to be expect since everyone was getting antsy about heading home for the holiday.
It was a struggle to get teenagers to focus and you couldn't really blame the Professors for getting frustrated but all the same it led for rather miserable classes.
Slughorn had been on his case again and Flitwick had already given him another three detentions.
Not to mention the fact that Quiddtch practice was absolutely horrible.
The winter weather was horrible for flying but the last match before the Christmas holidays was coming up that weekend and he was determined to finish off the season with a win.
Still though.
It was horrible.
At best.
So it should've been no surprise to anyone when he blasted into the Gryffindor common room and up to his room.
You'd watched your boyfriend seeth by without a word and decided to just give him space.
You loved James with all your heart but he was quite hot headed.
He was just a passionate guy and it was one of the many reasons why you fell so deeply in love with him.
But that also meant that when he mad... he was mad.
That being said, you'd learned to just let him calm down before approaching him.
You gave it a bit- waiting for him to come down for the evening feast but he and the other marauders never showed so you assumed they had knicked off somewhere to wreak some mayhem.
"Coming, y/n?" called Marlene and you nodded before joining her and the both of you made quick work of the corridors.
As soon as you neared the Great Hall you were greeted with the wonderful aromas of the food so expertly prepared by the hands of Hogwarts House Elves.
The food was always wonderful but around this time of year they really outdid themselves with all the best kinds of comfort foods.
You took a seat and tucked into your meal and were currently enjoying some delicious cake when you heard it.
"Oi, a fat kid who likes cake.  How original."
Normally, you just ignored this and it was exactly what you planned to do but, of course, Marlene heard it.
And being the overprotective friend that she was- she rounded on the snide fifth year Gryffindor who'd said it.
"You shut your dirty hole, Pearson." the blond snapped. "'Fore I shove my foot in it."
The fifth year snorted, "Whatever, McKinnon.  It's a shame, really.  Potter's dating a right cow.  He could do better."
Marlene erupted from her seat ready to hex the little twit into next year but you pulled her back down.
"Let it go, Marls." you pleaded with her.  "It's not worth the detention.  Or house points."
"Like hell it's not!" she said indignantly.
"Yeah, McKinnon." Pearson laughed. "Go on and settle down like Potter settled for the whale."
Marlene flung her goblet at him and while you desperately tried to stop her- you'd both been scolded.
"McKinnon! Y/L/N! Detention with Flitwick! Now!"
The two of you made to leave but not before you knicked a biscuit for James.
"Can't wait until morning, cow?" Pearson sneered and you practically had to drag Marlene kicking and screaming from the Great Hall when she made to lunge across the table.
"Come ON!" you said finally pulling her into detention.
"No!" she said bursting into the room. "You should've let me beat that little cockroach senseless! People don't get to just speak to you that way!"
"Marls, it's fine." you said running a hand over your face in exasperation.
"It's not f-"
"Ms. McKinnon.  Ms. Y/L/N, please take a seat."
"Yes, professor." you said before yanking the blond to the table.
It was then that you noticed the company.
"Amos Diggory said with a Ravenclaw and there just behind them were Remus, Peter, Sirius... and James.
The last of which was staring at you curiously.
You offered him a shrug and a smile that did nothing to quell his curiosity whichw as evident by the creasing of his dark brows over his hazel eyes.
Flitwick instructed you both to summon your homework and work on that.
You were all too happy to do so considering you were severely behind as it was and it could've been a lot worse.
In reality, everyone was getting off rather easy.
You had just began to revise your notes for Care of Magical Creaures when a bit of parchment landed in front of you.
You glared at Flitwick- who'd aready fallen asleep- and read the note.
'What are you doing in detention, love?'
You quickly scribbled down that it was a long story and not worth rehashing when Marlene ripped it from your hands and began scribbling.
The two of you silently wrestled for the parchment for a bit before she eventually won out and flung it across the room- accidentally hitting Sirius in the face in the process.
"Oi!" he protested and Flitwick jolted awake.
Before any of them had a chance to read it, Flitwick confiscated it and his eyes skimmed the ink.
He glanced at you before discarding the parchment.
"Ms. Y/L/N, may I please see you in my office?"
You sighed, cast a clearly tired glance at the whole lot of them but followed anyway.
James watched you like a hawk but as soon as you disappeared he pounced on Marlene.
"McKinnon, what happened?" he pressed.
"Bloody Pearson is what happened!" she seethed before launching into a full rant explaining the details of the events that had landed you both in detention.
James had grown quiet and was shaking by the time she'd finished.
When you returned from Professor Flitwick's office after having a very serious and rather awkward talk about speaking out against bullies and asking for help- the marauders were no where to be seen.
"Where are the other students?" Flitwick asked.
"Oh, sorry, professor." Amos said. "Lupin got pretty sick all of a suddden.  They took him to the hospital wing."
It was a lie and you knew it.
You gave Marlene a pointed look when you sat back down.
"You told them."
"Yeah, I did."
You sighed, "You know this is gonna end badly.  You know how James' temper is."
"Well maybe he'll unleash it on that swine Pearson." she said.
You chewed your lip and pinched the bridge of your nose.
"Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of."
You and Marlene continued to serve your detention while the Marauders huddled around the map in their dorm.
"Where is that piece of shit?!" James snapped as he paced.  
He could not believe that prick.
How dare he talk to you in such a way?
You were everything to James and anyone who knew him knew that.
Yes, he loved quidditch.
Yes, he was a loyal friend and he was extremely close to the boys.
Yes, he had every intention of becoming an auror and making a difference in the world.
But you WERE his whole world.
And he'd be damned if anyone made you feel otherwise.
"Got him." Peter piped up.
"Where?" James growled.
"Looks like he's heading for the kitchens." Sirius said.
"Let's go." James said and the four of them set out on a mission.
As they did, you had finally finished your detention and were leaving with a rather impressive set of revised notes for Care of Magical Creatures and your Charms essay finished.
You decided that you'd just pop by the kitchens and pick up a few things for the boys.
You figured they probably hadn't caught the early part of supper since they never came down from their dorm and clearly they were in detention for the last of it.  
So you reckoned four crazy hormonal teenage boys could do with a bit of food.
And also, because it'd be easier to quell James' clear upset if you brought him food.
He always simmered down if you gave him pastry.
You tickled the pear and made your way inside to see the house elves bustling around as usual.
A little elf that you'd recently learned was called Kizzle approached you.
"Hello, Miss Y/L/N!" she approached you and offered you a happy smile.
You returned it, "Hello, Kizzle.  How are you today, love?"
"Oh, I'm doing wonderful! I'm so happy you've come!"
"Aw, well thank you, darling.  I'm happy to see you as well." you told her and noted how her eyes lit up.
"What can I help you with, Miss?" she pressed.
"Oh, it's alright, Kizzle." you said.  "I can get it.  Just getting a few things for the boys.  They missed supper and you know how boys can be. If you'll just point me in the direction of a basket I can work it out on my own."
She snapped her fingers and produced a basket for you.
You took it from her and set about filling it up with things you thought they might like all the while Kizzle followed behind you anyway.
"God, you do ever stop eating?"
You froze and slowly turned to see Pearson standing there serving you with a look of disgust and amusement.
"Go away." you said rolling your eyes and tucking a cloth over the basket and making to leave.
"What do you have there?" he said snatching it from you.
"Give it back, Pearson." you said. "I'm not in the mood."
He held it away anyway and peeked inside.  
"Merlin, you really are a cow!" he laughed. "You eat all this?  You're going to blow up! Oh wait-"
"Master Pearson!" Kizzle gasped. "You should not speak to Miss Y/L/N like that!"
You looked to the tiny house elf, "It's alright, Kizzle."
Kizzle simply stared at you for a moment.
"It's ok, Kizzle." you said again. "Honestly, it's fine.  I'm fine.  You should go and relax. Enjoy your night."
"So the pig needs house elves to defend her now?" he sneered in your face.
You glanced at him once more before forcefully grabbing his arm and making him lower the basket at which point you jerked it out of his hands and just left him there.
Much to your dismay, he followed you out.
"Oi! Pig! I'm not done talking to you!" he laughed. "Or should I say oink? Maybe that way you can understand me!"
The marauders heard his voice and rounded the corner just in time to see you drop the basket and walk directly up to Pearson.
He smirked at you smugly and you reached up to place a hand on his shoulder.
A look of confusion crossed his features for a moment as you slid it up his neck and into his hair.
James' eyes widened at the sight, anger just about getting the best of him.
However, the second you clenched your fingers around Pearson's hair and brought him to knees it quickly diminished.
You jerked his head back so that you could look into his eyes and let the tip of your wand rest against his adam's apple.
"Pearson, I don't know what has happened to you to cause you to be such a bully.  And I'm very sorry that someone has made you feel that this is the way you feel you need to behave... but I have had enough."  you said staring into his eyes, alight with fear.
"Get your hands o-"
"No, no." you said.  "No, you're going to be quiet now.  I'm talking.  I've let you bluster about for years.  I've ignored your comments and let it slide but we will entering the wizarding worlds as adults but the end of the year and there is no more time for childish actions.  I'm a patient woman.  I am.  But I'm not the spineless little flower you seem to think I am.  And this is me being kind to you, dear.   I'm warning you now.  If you ever bother me again with another word of negativity.... I will make you suffer beyond what even your imagination could cook up.  Cause I'll use that to my advantage."
He simply stared at you and you brought your lips close to his ear.
"I'll never lay a hand on you, Pearson.  In fact, this is likely the only time I'll ever even touch you.  But if you bother me or anyone that I care about ever again, I will invade your mind.  I will make every dream a nightmare.  I will turn all your thoughts sour. I will make you seriously consider using the killing curse on yourself because you just can't handle the darkness in your mind."  
He stared at you in horror and you simply let him go.
"You're barking mad!" he scrambled to get up.
"Maybe." you said with a shrug.  "I have been bullied for years. And something tells me that you have too.  Maybe not here because you're popular enough.  But maybe at home or something.   And maybe that's why you bully to give you some sense of power.   But that is actually the weakest thing you can do." you said knowingly.
"You don't know anything about me." he spat.
"Maybe not." you said. "But I think I've gotten my message across.  Don't pick on me just because I'm nice.  Do not mistake my patience and kindness for weakness.  Next time, I won't be so forgiving."
"Fucking lunatic." he said as he began to walk away.
"Oh and Pearson!" you called after him and as much as he didn't want to... he stopped.
"I never want to hear anything bad about James come out of your mouth again." you said.  "I gave you your one pass earlier but if you ever talk about my James in such a derogatory way again... I'll cut your tongue from your head."
He gawked at you for a second before he just took off in a flat run.
You watched him disappear before simply picking up your basket and carrying on only to scream when you were yanked into a corridor.
It was muffled when a set of lips covered your own and you raised a hand to strike whoever put their hands on your without permission but the quick reflexes that caught your hand by threading the fingers together instantly told you it was James.
"Oi, quit snogging her in the corridor." Peter teased and the two of you broke away breathless.  
"She's my fiance." James said. "I'll snog her wherever I like."
"Fiance?" you laughed. "Since when?"
"Oh come off it." he said, forehead still pressed against yours. "You're the future, Mrs. James Potter and everyone knows it."
"Well, I see no ring on this finger." you teased him and he narrowed those hazel eyes at you. "Nor a proposal?"
"He literally asks you to marry him at least once a day." Sirius pointed.
"If we're for it just be once a day." Remus agreed.
"And I'll get you a ring." he said.
You laughed and kissed him again.
"I don't need a ring, Potter." you said. "I'm quite happy regardless."
"Well, you'll have one anyway, Future Potter." he said, rubbing his nose against yours.
Remus, Peter and Sirius just gagged at the two of you until you eventually seperated.
"Also, unrelated but I am thoroughly impressed with this secret badass side you seem to have." Sirius said.  "Where did that come from?"
You shrugged, "Just because I'm nice doesn't mean I'm helpless, boys."
"It was epic." Peter said.
"It was actually really impressive." Remus said.
"It was fucking hot is what it was." James said.  "And with that said, you laid might ought to stay out of the dorm for a couple hours.  Minimum."
And he promptly yanked you along.
"Just use the Room of Requirement!" Sirius bellowed after you.
"Nope!" James said barely able to keep his hands to himself.
The sound of your giggles could be heard through the castle.
The two of you never actually made it to the dorm because he couldn't seem to contain himself but the two of you had never been happier and so in love.  
Hope you enjoyed this my darlings! Please be sure to let me know in the comments or the ask box! I do so love hearing from you! 
All my love darlings!
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Love, Kenny
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roleplayfinder · 4 months ago
Hi, everyone! My name is Kayleigh. I am a literate 18+ RPer looking for fellow literate 18+ RPers in order to( you guessed it ) RP over Discord. Triggers and NSFW topics will be discussed immediately after we start interacting so that boundaries are in place. I’m based in the Eastern Timezone, not picky about much of the general stuff, have 7( ? ) years of experience in RP altogether, will only play females with one or two exceptions that should be listed below, and the fandoms that I am looking for at the moment-though most of them might be long shots-include... 
 One Tree Hill: I am DYING for someone to play Nathan Scott against my Haley James-Scott. I’ve been looking for a good, solid, in-character Naley RP for what feels like forever and I would love to find one because I love them so much. I have about 4 years of experience playing Haley altogether and am looking for someone who is just as passionate about Naley, both as individuals and as a couple, as I am. 
 This is Us: I just watched the newest episode and I SWEAR, every new episode I watch of this show, I get the bug to spend some more time with the Pearsons. This is just one of the ways that I do that, typically. I will literally play the characters as fruit snacks if it means I get to play them at all. I don’t care XD Really, though, I am only confident enough thus far into the show to play Rebecca, Randall, or an OC that I’ve come up with for the show. This OC, without giving too much away, had a complicated home life in her youth and, therefore, spent most of her time with the Pearsons. As a result, she has really interesting dynamics with each of them. There is much more to her backstory and going forward if you’re interested, but I am looking to ship her with Kevin and, so, anyone playing him would be great. Though I’m literally begging for anyone to RP this show with at all, tbh XD I love Jack/Rebecca and Beth/Randall and would be open for any ideas with them. 
Titanic: I would play Rose here and am looking for someone to play Jack. I ideally would like to chronicle every last bit of their lives after the ship’s sinking in an AU where Jack survives. 
Shameless: I headcanon Fiona Gallagher as bisexual and am looking to catch up with her in Florida, so to speak, though the dating show thing will be thrown out the window completely. In MY canon for her, she has a girlfriend named Riley( my OC )who is Irish and lives in a house on the beach. Riley is artistic, free-spirited, and has a big dog. I would also be willing to play Mandy Milkovich, as I have some ideas for her and Lip. 
The Outsiders: I am looking for a Darry Curtis for this. My idea is basically he had a girlfriend who was a cheerleader in high school and they kinda broke away after he had to take care of Sodapop and Ponyboy. We can flashback to when they were in high school or play them as adults because I have ideas for that, too. 
 High School Musical: I would play Gabriella and am ideally looking for someone to play Troy as we explore their lives after college. Marriage, kids, etc. 
iCarly: Looking for a Freddie Benson. I have an OC named Olivia, who comes from a big family and is studying to be an astronomer. Her parents are really free-spirited and nice and, to be honest, I’m mainly excited to see how Freddie adjusts to that after everything we know about how his mother can be XD I would also be willing to do Seddie or Creddie if the idea is interesting enough. 
Big Time Rush: I’m ideally looking for someone to play Kendall. I have an OC( maybe? She’s still under-developed. ) or some ideas for Jendall. I think that’s it? Basically? Anyway, I love fluff, angst, and AUs. I love hearing your ideas, coming up with some together, and chatting OOC. I want this to be a comfortable and fun experience for both of us, and will respect anything that will make it that way for you. I think that’s it. My discord is Haley#8989. You can either message me on there or like this post and I will get back to you ASAP.
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carryonsimoncarryonbaz · 6 months ago
I was tagged by @fight-surrender to list my favorite books. I don’t have a fun photo to post with them all together because they are literally scattered throughout my house, on my iPad, on my kindle. 
Non-exhaustive list here, whatever my Sunday brain can come up with on short notice. Some are comfort books, books that I come back to time and again, some from when I was a kid. Others are books that left me full of thoughts, books that left me in tears, that made me laugh, left me content, or left me wanting more. I’m on my desktop so I’ll put them under the cut so you don’t have a wall of text unless you want it. 
Starting with some of the ones that have been with me for a long time:
The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien
The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien 
Watership Down, Richard Adams
A Room With a View, E.M. Forster
Notes On A Small Island, Bill Bryson
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams
Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
The Lions of Al-Rassan, Guy Gavriel Kay
Complications, Atul Gawande
More recent favorites:
The Song of Achilles, Madeline Miller
Circe, Madeline Milller
In Other Lands, Sarah Rees Brennan
Cold Comfort Farm, Stella Gibbons
I Don’t Know How She Does It, Allison Pearson
Boyfriend Material, Alexis Hall
Spinning Silver, Naomi Novik
The House in the Cerulean Sea, TJ Klune
Alex in Wonderland, Simon James Green
Lent, Jo Walton
The Scorpio Races, Maggie Steifvater
Weak Heart, Ban Gilmartin
There Is A Light, Ban Gilmartin
Winter’s Orbit, Everina Maxwell
I Was Born for This, Alice Oseman
Captive Prince Series, CS Pacat
Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman
Wild Embers, Nikita Gill
Howl’s Moving Castle, Diana Wynne Jones
Good Omens, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Swordspoint,  Ellen Kushner
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black-white-and-leather · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
James Pearson-Howes
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starry-sky-stuff · 3 months ago
Bird Primaries Pairings
Explanation: The character on the left side has the sorting of the heading and their love interest on the right side has the sorting in the parenthesis. Inside the square brackets is the piece of media the characters are from.
Bird/Bird (28):
Jack Rackham {Bird/Bird} + Anne Bonny {Snake/Lion} [Black Sails] {laufire}
Lydia Martin {Bird/Bird} + Stiles Stilinski {Snake/Bird} [Teen Wolf]
Rory Gilmore {Bird/Bird} + Dean {Snake/Badger} [Gilmore Girls]
Inej Ghafa {Bird/Bird} + Kaz Brekker {Snake/Snake} [Grishaverse]
Jeremy Gilbert {Bird/Bird} + Bonnie Bennett {Lion/Lion} [TVD]
Linda Martin {Bird/Bird} + Amenadiel {Lion Bird} [Lucifer]
Sharon Carter {Bird/Bird} + Steve Rogers {Lion/Badger} [MCU]
Dolls {Bird/Bird} + Wynonna Earp {Lion/Snake} [Wynonna Earp]
Sokka {Bird/Bird} + Suki {Badger/Bird} {Atla]
David Kostyk {Bird/Bird} + Genya Safin {Badger/Badger} [Grishaverse]
Gansey {Bird/Bird} + Blue {Lion/Lion} [The Raven Cycle]
Bruce Banner {Bird/Bird} + Natasha Romanoff {Badger/Snake} [MCU]
Jax Teller {Bird/Bird} + Wendy Case {Bird/Lion} [Sons of Anarchy]
Jax Teller {Bird/Bird} + Tara Knowles {Bird/Bird} [Sons of Anarchy]
Rory Gilmore {Bird/Bird} + Jess Mariano {Bird/Snake} [Gilmore Girls]
Charlotte Fairchild {Bird/Bird} + Henry Branwell {Bird/Badger} [TID]
Faramir {Bird/Bird} + Eowyn {Snake/Lion} [LoTR]
Lewis {Bird/Bird} + Cleo {Snake/Badger} [H2O]
Lydia Martin {Bird/Bird} + JacksonWhitmore {Lion/Bird} [Teen Wolf]
Harold Finch {Bird/Bird} + Grace {Bird/Badger} [Person of Interest]
Annabeth Chase {Bird/Bird} + Percy Jackson {Snake/Snake} [Percy Jackson]
Rosita Bustilos {Bird/Bird} + Doc {Snake/Snake} [Wynonna Earp]
Matthew Crawley {Bird/Bird} + Mary Crawley {Snake/Snake} [Downton Abbey]
Alec Lightwood {Bird/Bird} + Magnus {Snake/Snake} [Shadowhunters]
Oz Osbourne [Buffy] {Bird/Bird} + Willow Rosenberg {Snake/Bird]
Chidi {Bird/Bird} + Eleanor {Bird/Snake} [The Good Place]
Bey Wyatt {Bird/Bird} + Leslie Knope {Lion/Badger} [Parks & Recreation]
Cress Darnel {Bird/Bird} {Bird/Bird} + Carswell Thorne {Badger/Snake} [The Lunar Chronicles]
Bird/Lion (16):
Harry Potter {Bird/Lion} + Ginny Weasley {Snake/Lion} [Harry Potter]
Ophelia {Bird/Lion} + Hamlet {Bird/Lion} [Hamlet]
Joe {Bird/Lion} + Nicky {Snake/Badger} [The Old Guard]
Sam Vimes +{Bird/Lion} Lady Sybil {Lion/Bird} [Discworld]
Serena van der Woodsen {Bird/Lion} + Dan Humphrey {Lion/Badger} [Gossip Girl]
Serena van der Woodsen {Bird/Lion} + Nate Archibald {Badger/Lion} [Gossip Girl]
Harley Quinn {Bird/Lion} + Poison Ivy {Badger/Bird}
Evie O’Connell {Bird/Lion} + Rick O’Connell {Snake/Lion} [The Mummy]
Jane Foster {Bird/Lion} + Thor {Lion/Lion} [MCU]
Beth Pearson {Bird/Lion} + Randall Pearson {Snake/Lion} [This is Us]
Tessa Gray {Bird/Lion} + Will Herondale {Snake/Bird} [TID]
Tessa Gray {Bird/Lion} + Jem Carstairs {Lion/Badger} [TID]
River Song {Bird/Lion} + Eleventh Doctor {Snake/Snake} [Doctor Who]
Belle {Bird/Lion} + Beast {Snake/Lion} [Disney]
Claire Beauchamp {Bird/Lion} + Jamie Fraser {Snake/Lion} [Outlander]
Bird/Snake (10):
Darla {Bird/Snake} + Angel {Snake/Badger} [BtVS]
Jess Mariano {Bird/Snake} + Rory Gilmore {Bird/Bird} [Gilmore Girls]
Eleanor {Bird/Snake} + Chidi {Bird/Bird} [The Good Place]
Winter {Bird/Snake} + Jacin {Snake/Bird} [The Lunar Chronicles]
Bella {Bird/Snake} + Will {Badger/Badger} [H2O]
Scottie {Bird/Snake} + Harvey {Snake/Lion} [Suits]
Jack Dawson {Bird/Snake} + Rose Dewitt Bukater {Lion/Lion} [Titanic]
Andie Anderson {Bird/Snake} + Benjamin Barry {Snake/Lion} [How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days]
Priya Tsetsang {Bird/Snake} + Tony Coccineli {Snake/Lion} [Dollhouse]
Delle Sayeh Kendry {Bird/Snake} + Aneela Kin Rit {Snake/Lion} [Killjoys]
Bird/Badger (11):
Ariel {Bird/Badger} + Prince Eric {Lion/Lion} [Disney]
Henry Branwell {Bird/Badger} + Charlotte Fairchild {Bird/Bird} [TID]
Raphael Santiago {Bird/Badger} + Isabelle Lightwood {Lion/Snake} [Shadowhunters]
Robert Grantham {Bird/Badger} + Cora Grantham {Snake/Badger} [Downton Abbey]
James Norrington {Bird/Badger} + Elizabeth Swann {Lion/Snake} [Pirates of the Caribbean]
Hernando {Bird/Badger} + Lito {Snake/Snake} [Sense 8]
Colleen Wing {Bird/Badger} + Danny Rand/Iron Fist {Lion/Lion} [MCU]
William {Bird/Badger} + Laurel {Lion/Lion} [This is Us]
M’gann {Bird/Badger} + Conner {Badger/Lion} [Young Justice]
Lucas Scott {Bird/Badger} {Bird/Badger} + Peyton Sawyer {Snake/Bird} [One Tree Hill]
Lucas Scott {Bird/Badger} {Bird/Badger} + Brooke Davis {Badger/Badger} [One Tree Hill]
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bat-lilith · 5 months ago
The UK’s femicide epidemic: who’s killing our daughters? | Crime | The Guardian
"In 2010, 16-year-old Joshua Davies went out with Rebecca Aylward, 15, for three months. After they broke up, he lured her to woods and battered her with a rock. Swansea crown court heard he had often spoken of murdering her. Not believing he was serious, his friends had promised to buy him a breakfast at their favourite cafe if he went ahead.
On the day Hannah Pearson, 16, met James Morton, he gave her wine, port and beer, then strangled her. Hannah was a friend of his girlfriend. He was jailed for 12 years for manslaughter. He had been pursuing “a sexual thrill” having watched the behaviour in pornographic films.
They found a significant association between boys’ regular viewing of online pornography and their use of sexual coercion and abuse. Boys who regularly watched online pornography were also significantly more likely to hold negative attitudes towards females."
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dustedmagazine · 4 months ago
Dust Volume 7, Number 5
Tumblr media
Sarah Louise
A week or two before this Dust’s deadline, we got our first tour announcement by email in more than a year. It was the first of deluge, as live music looks to be coming back with a vengeance starting this summer and really picking up steam around September. Meanwhile, we celebrate our newly vaxxed (or for our Canadian correspondents half-vaxxed) status with tentative steps outside. Your editor had her first beer at a brew pub in mid-May, and it was stupendous. Also stupendous, the onslaught of new music, which has, if anything, accelerated. This month, contributors include all the regulars plus a few new people: Jennifer Kelly, Bill Meyer, Patrick Masterson, Ray Garraty, Tim Clarke, Andrew Forell, Ian Mathers, Bryon Hayes, Jonathan Shaw and Chris Liberato. Happy spring, happy normal and happy listening!
Amulets — Blooming (The Flenser)
Blooming by AMULETS
Like a lot of us, Portland-based noise artist Randall Taylor discovered the solace of long walks during the pandemic. His work, which has always used tape degradation to explore the intersection of time, loss and technology, shifted to incorporate another source of decay: the natural world. So, in opening salvo, “Blooming,” alongside blistering onslaughts of eroded guitar sound, it is possible to hear the sounds of a fertile garden — birds, insects, air movement. You can nearly smell the flowers and feel the sunshine on your skin. “The New Normal” explores sounds of creaking, friction-y word and metal, alongside pristine chimes of synthetic tone. It is uneasy, with skittering string-like squeaks and swoops, but also deeply meditative; it shifts from moment to moment from anxiety to provisional acceptance, much as we all did last year, staring out our windows. Overall, the tone is elegiac, gorgeous, but Randall does not hesitate to introduce dissonance. “Heaviest Weight” thunders with frayed bass tones, a weight and a threat in their subliminal pulse. The contrast between that ominous sound and purer, clearer layers of melody, makes for unsettling listening—are we at war or peace, happy or sad, agitated or calm? And yet, perhaps that’s the point, that the past year has been swirl of feelings, boredom alongside anxiety, hope lighting the corners of our listlessness, the smell of flowers pleasing but faintly reminiscent of funerals. Blooming decocts this mix into sound.
Jennifer Kelly
 Astute Palate — S-T (Petty Bunco)
Astute Palate by Astute Palate
Astute Palate is a hastily assembled group of rockers summoned to support David Nance in Philly on a date when he couldn’t bring the David Nance Band. Participants included Richie Records proprietor Richie Charles, Lantern’s Emily Robb, Writhing Squares/Purling Hiss/all around Philadelphia regular Daniel Provenzano on bass and, of course, Nance himself, all huddled together in Robb’s recording studio for a weekend together. None of this origin story does justice, however, to the pure liquid fire of this one-off musical collaboration, dominated by Nance’s viscous, distorted blues-inflected guitar wail, but knocked sideways by brute force drumming, wild hypnotic bass lines and the ritual incantation of Nance (and later Robb) singing. The long “Stall Out” does anything but, rampaging free-range in unbridled Crazy Horse/Allmans-style abandon for close to ten minutes without a single sputter. “A Little Proof” is somehow simultaneously heavier and more country, spinning out the soul-blues jams like a younger, unrulier cousin to MC5. “Treadin’ Schuylkill” gives Provenzano the spotlight, opening with a growling bass solo soon joined by heavy psych guitars (a nod, perhaps, to the illustrious locals in Bardo Pond). If Nance et. al. can pull stuff this fine out in a stray road warrior weekend, what are the rest of you doing with your lives?
Jennifer Kelly
 Axis: Sova — Fractal (God?)
Fractal - EP by Axis: Sova
Axis: Sova is a combo of three Chicago guys plus one drum machine, which had already been inactive for two or three seasons before the initial COVID lockdown. This digital EP is their way of clearing up some business that could no longer remain undone. The title tune, “Fractal USA,” is a remake of a song from the early days, when the “band” was Brett Sova’s solo project, to full-on, no your pants aren’t tight enough rock band. They just needed you to know about the evolution, you see, so go ahead, do some scissor kicks and gurn while they windmill away; you have enough money saved up from not seeing live music to pay the inevitable chiropractor bill. “Caramel” hypothesizes that a Cluster song that’s played twice as loud and twice as long is twice as good; not sure if I agree, but it’s still not bad at all. Maybe you got a little weird after a few months of putting on your best mask for your daily trip to see if the stimulus check was in the mailbox? The Brenda Ray-meets-Old Black mash up, “(Don’t Wanna Have That) Dream,” is proof that while you were alone, you weren’t alone. If you’ve made it this far, you don’t need to have the fourth track described, so let’s just say that it’s longer.
Bill Meyer
Mattie Barbier — Three Spaces (self-released)
three spaces by mattie barbier
While perhaps best known as half of the trombone-centric new music duo RAGE Thormbones, Mattie Barbier is a member of several other combos and a sonic researcher under their own name. Three Spaces, which is a single, album-length sound file, has the air of experimentation about it. “What do I do,” one can imagine Barbier asking themself, “when I can’t play with other people?” Make music at home, and out of what’s at home, is the obvious answer. But doing isn’t the only point here; the outcome also matters, and while what Barbier has accomplished with Three Spaces sounds quite different from the RAGE Thormbones live experience, it registers quite strongly. Barbier has combined long tones and melodic fragments played on euphonium, trombone and reed organ, that were recorded both inside and outside of their home. Carefully layered, the source material combines into a sound rather like a bell’s toll, which over the course of nearly 39 minutes swells and recedes, but never quite decays; it ends with an imposed rather than natural fade-out. The sound is as deep as it is expansive, inviting the listener to let themselves fall ever father into its realm.
Bill Meyer
 Beneath — On Tilt EP (Hemlock Recordings)
On Tilt EP by Beneath
One of the more pleasant surprises this year is the resuscitation of Untold’s Hemlock Recordings imprint. A vital voice in the post-dubstep fracas at the turn of the ‘10s thanks to releases from Hessle Audio’s Pearson Sound (when he was still Ramadanman) and Pangaea, James Blake, FaltyDL and Hodge to name but a handful, the label went dormant following a Ploy 12” in 2017 before the surprise announcement of Londoner Beneath’s On Tilt, which sounds every bit the sensible alliance in practice it looks on paper: These are low-end rumblers with irregular rhythms and spare melodic tics that worm their way into your brain in the best bone-humming fashion (see “Shambling” or “Lesser Circulation” for a good example). Who knows how long the return will last, but for a certain stripe of DMZ-damaged devotee and pretty much no one else, it’ll feel good to have some Hemlock in your life again. Tilt back, pour in.
Patrick Masterson
 Black Spirit— El Sueño De La Razón Produce Monstruos (Infinite Night Records)
More metal comes from South America than Spain, but these Europeans clear the high bar set by Latin America scenesters. The album’s title states that it was inspired by “El Sueño De La Razón Produce Monstruos.” That can testify both to lasting influence of Goya’s art and to the laziness of the current culture which seeks inspiration only from the most popular pictorial art of the past. The track “Ignorance and The Grotesque” perfectly captures the whole mood of the disc: it balances ignorant speeds, undecipherable vocals and grotesque parts with piano interludes and doom-ish atmosphere. It would be better without the grotesque, but that’s probably part of the baggage.
Ray Garraty
 Burial + Blackdown — Shock Power of Love EP (Keysound Recordings)
Shock Power of Love EP by Burial
You might worry, occasionally, that Burial was becoming a victim of diminishing returns. Here, as ever, he uses a narrow palette to create tracks that few can emulate. However, even though the music has its rewards, it doesn’t clear the very high bar that his previous work has set. Thus “Dark Gethsemane” rides a 4/4 beat, angelic murmurs, vinyl crackle and a tightly ratcheted build that morphs into a sermon led by the repeated invocation “We must shock this nation with the power of love.” As his vocal samples become more explicit, the mystery of his music fades. This is all promise and no real resolution. “Space Cadet’ likewise sounds both gorgeous and minor with its soul gospel refrain “Take Me Higher” over an old-school jungle beat. At six plus minutes it would have been enough. It continues another three with an almost cartoonish second movement that lacks the subtlety that characterizes Burial’s best work.
Andrew Forell 
  Colleen — The Tunnel and the Clearing (Thrill Jockey)
The Tunnel and the Clearing by Colleen
While COVID messed with most people’s lives, it was both an endgame and an opportunity for Cécile Schott, the Frenchwoman who records under the name Colleen. She was just coming out of a series of health and personal dislocations, which resulted in her being newly healthy but alone in a new town just as the lockdown came down. Clearly, this was not a time for half measures, so she selected an entirely new instrumental set-up and settled in to make a record that reflected what she’d been through. Out went the viola da gamba and melodica that have figured prominently on her last few albums; in came a Moog synthesizer, a Yamaha organ, a tape echo and a drum machine.  
Colleen’s voice, of course, remains the same. Airy and precise, her delivery doesn’t match the gravity of the experiences her songs describe. But that sense of remove is, perhaps, a reflection of one of adversity’s lessons; if you don’t stay stuck, you can wind up somewhere quite different. Between the keyboards’ cycling melodies and the drum machine’s fizzy beats, the music on The Tunnel and the Clearing imparts a sense of motion that carries her light voice along for the ride, dropping painful sentiments and letting them fall behind.
Bill Meyer  
 Current Joys — Voyager (Secretly Canadian)
Nick Rattigan has been releasing music under the name Current Joys since 2013, and Voyager is his latest offering. It’s a dramatic and often brilliant collection of songs, bringing to mind the urgent rhythmic drive of Spoon, the dour grandeur of The Cure and the unapologetic emotional heft of Bright Eyes or early Arcade Fire. On Voyager’s standout, “American Honey,” a simple strummed backing and Rattigan’s vocal delivery are potent enough, but it’s the string section that proves devastating, cycling around for multiple punches to the gut. While more stripped-back songs such as “Big Star” and “The Spirit or the Curse” offer some respite along the way, Voyager does prove a little unwieldy. With 16 tracks clocking in at nearly an hour, the album’s execution doesn’t quite live up to its ambition. The wonky tom-tom rhythms of “Breaking the Waves” are more distracting than interesting; a serviceable cover of Rowland S. Howard’s “Shivers” feels more like an acknowledgment of influence than a striking interpretation; and the combined six minutes of the two-part instrumental title track may have worked better as shorter interludes. Nevertheless, plenty of Voyager’s tracks demonstrate Rattigan’s knack for a raw, emotive indie-rock tune.
Tim Clarke
 Ducks Ltd — Get Bleak EP (Carpark Records)
Toronto duo Ducks Ltd celebrates signing to Carpark with an expanded re-release of their 2018 debut EP Get Bleak. The pair — Tom Mcgreevy on vocals, rhythm and bass guitars and Evan Lewis on lead guitar — bonded over a shared love of 1980s indie bands. Their intricately constructed guitar interplay carries the DNA of Postcard and C86 over meaty bass lines that evoke Mighty Mighty as much as Orange Juice and McCarthy. The sprightly music belies the miserablism of the lyrics that focus on FOMO, poor decisions, screen induced isolation, the corrosive impact of gentrification and gig economies. Mcgreevy and Lewis don’t wallow, however. Their jaunty jangle is a paean to the joys of jumping about and singing along with those new favorite songs that suddenly mean everything and will stick with you long after the world’s shit slopes your shoulders.
Andrew Forell
 Field Music — Flat White Moon (Memphis Industries)
It’s easy to take Field Music for granted. Since 2005, the Brewis brothers have been making smartly composed and tightly executed guitar pop with obvious debts to The Beatles and XTC, and all their albums have fallen somewhere along the continuum from good to great (my personal favorites are 2010’s Measure and 2012’s Plumb). Album number eight, Flat White Moon, features the usual balance between Peter’s more pensive, bittersweet numbers with greater focus on piano and strings, such as “Orion From the Street” and “When You Last Heard From Linda,” and David’s funkier, more staccato cuts, such as “No Pressure” and “I’m the One Who Wants to Be With You.” Twelve songs, 40 minutes, tunes for days — what’s not to love? If you’ve yet to get acquainted with Field Music, Flat White Moon is as good an introduction as any.
Tim Clarke 
 Gabby Fluke-Mogul/Jacob Felix Heule/Kanoko Nishi-Smith — Non-Dweller (Humbler)
non-dweller by gabby fluke-mogul, Jacob Felix Heule, & Kanoko Nishi-Smith
With Non-Dweller, we have a trio of Bay-Area improvisers who certainly do not reside in one place for very long. There is an agitated freneticism about their interactions here, the performers acting like electrons seeking to release energy and break out of orbit. Each player brings a unique collection of timbres to the party with their implement of choice. Heule is a percussionist by trade yet focuses on extended techniques — mainly friction-based — as he wrests an unholy wail from the maw of his bass drum. Fluke-Mogul’s violin sways between tone generator and noise source. Nishi-Smith is a classically trained pianist who here is bowing and plucking the koto, or Japanese zither. The trio spend most of their time in sparring mode, their energies unleashed with synchrony as if in an elaborate dance. It is clear they have collaborated before. Heule and Nishi-Smith have been at it for over a decade; Fluke-Mogul joined the party in 2019. The most gorgeous moments happen when all three players are focused on friction: Heule slides across his drum, Fluke-Mogul soars with their violin and Nishi-Smith gracefully bows her koto. The energy is focused and particles collide, creating waves of tone. The players wrestle intensity into submission, and the ensuing sonorities are unmissable.
Bryon Hayes
 FMB DZ — War Zone (Fast Money Boyz \ EMPIRE)
Ever since FMB DZ got shot and moved out of Detroit, he has continued to release angry music. (He may not be more productive after the assault, but he’s certainly not less so.) War Zone is his latest effort, along with The Gift 3 and Ape Season, and DZ is back in his paranoiac mode and ready for vengeance. That’s hardly unusual in this type of music but DZ stands out because he’s a bit angrier, a bit more pressing and a bit more gifted than the next man. He doesn’t outdo himself in this tape, but rather mostly follows the blueprint of Ape Season. The standout track is “Spin Again.”
Ray Garraty
 Ian M Fraser — Berserk (Superpang)
Berserk by Ian M Fraser
Ian M Fraser is kind enough to provide details about how he created and edited Berserk, although relatively few listeners are going to really know what “nonlinear feedback systems and waveset synthesis” are, let alone “sensormonitor primitives auditory perception software”. And fewer still will be able to focus on what that might mean while Berserk is actually playing, because the output of those programs and systems is immediately, viscerally clear. If a computer were actually capable of going rabid, feral, well, berserk, the human mind might imagine it sounds something like this. Over four shorter tracks and the relatively epic 8:26 of “The Cannibal,” Fraser either coaxes or allows (or both) his tools into the equivalent of something like what someone who knew very little about both genres might imagine is like a power electronics act playing free jazz or vice versa. It is absolutely viscerally thrilling (albeit probably easier to repeat at this length of 16 minutes than, say, 50) and will do the track the next time you feel like your brain needs a good hard scrub.
Ian Mathers 
  Human Failure — Crown on the Head of a King of Mud (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
Crown on the Head of a King of Mud by Human Failure
It’s tough to figure out if the band’s name is meant specifically to apply to D. Cornejo (sole member of Human Failure) or to the general field of human failure, which grows ever more capacious. Whatever the intent, Human Failure makes thoroughly unlovable music, pitched somewhere on the continuum that runs from the primitivist death metal to stenchcore to harsh noise. This reviewer is especially fond (yep, somehow that’s the only word for it) of the title track of this 10” record: “Crown on the Head of a King of Mud” sloughs and slogs along for two minutes, sort of like one of the ripest zombies in Romero’s Day of the Dead (1985), wandering about and slowly falling to pieces in Florida’s tumid heat. Just as that last bit of flesh is poised to slide from bone, the song unexpectedly breaks into a run. Where is it going? What’s the rush? No one knows. Things eventually bottom out into “Disassembling Morality,” a static-and-distortion laden electronic interlude that might squeak and spark for a bit too long — but then “Your Hope Is a Noose” shambles into the frame. That zombie seems to have found some equally noisome and truculent friends. They djent and pogo around for a while, and the song has a lot more fun than seems called for by the band name. Cornejo might be pissed off by the myriad manmade disasters and outright catastrophes that burden the earthball (he’s sure angry as heck about something…). But the record ends up being sort of successful, if deafening, grinding, growling stench is on the agenda. All things considered, why wouldn’t it be?
Jonathan Shaw
 Insub Meta Orchestra — Ten / Sync (Insub)
Ten / Sync was recorded in September, 2020; not exactly lockdown time, but certainly not out of the pandemic woods. It’s no small task to keep any 50-strong orchestra going, let alone one devoted to experimental music. So, if you already have one, then having it perform during a pandemic is just another challenge among many. So, the Swiss-based orchestra assembled three groups of musicians, numbering 31 in all, and assembled their contributions during post-production. While this did not provide the social experience that IMO’s gatherings usually impart to participants, an outcome that just isn’t the same seems awfully representative of the time, right? And since one Insub Meta Orchestra subspeciality is making music that sounds like it was performed by many fewer players than were actually present, this collection of sustained chords concealing tiny actions and apparently disassembled passages is actually very representative of the ensemble’s music.
Bill Meyer
Amirtha Kidambi & Matteo Liberatore — Neutral Love (Astral Editions)
Neutral Love by Amirtha Kidambi & Matteo Liberatore
With her own group, the Elder Ones, and in Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl, singer Amirtha Kidambi shows how far you can take a song while still giving the meanings of words and the boundaries of form their dues. But Neutral Love, like her two tapes with Lea Bertucci, explores the territory outside the tower of song. The main structures for this improvised encounter with electric guitarist Matteo Liberatore seem to be a shared agreement to exclude certain options. Song form and overt displays of chops are right out; the patient manipulation of sounds is where it’s at. Liberatore opts mostly for swelling and subsiding resonations, while Kidambi spends a lot of time finding out what’s hiding at the back of her throat, drawing it out, and then tying it into elaborate shapes. Patient and eerie, these four tracks find a place adjacent to Charalambides at their most abstract, and make it their own.
Bill Meyer
 Kosmodemonic — Liminal Light (Transylvanian Recordings)
NYC outfit Kosmodemonic is among the recent wave of metal bands attempting to effect an organic-sounding synthesis of numerous subgenres: a slurry of sludge, a bit of black metal, a dose of doom, and a hit or two of the lysergic. When it works — as it does on a number of tracks on the band’s long new cassette Liminal Light — it’s an exciting sound. Songs like “Moirai” and “Broken Crown” manage to couple tuneful riffs, dirty tone and a muscular bottom end in ways that feel thumping, groovy and pretty weird. You’ll want to bump your butt around even as you’re looking for something to break. But the tape is pretty long, and the further afield Kosmodemonic gets from that mid-tempo groove, the more middling (and sometimes muddled) the material sounds. “With Majesty” can’t quite find its rhythmic footing in its more technical passages, and the song’s sludgier sections feel like compromises, rather than interesting maneuvers. But the record begins and finishes with really strong songs. Both “Drown in Drone” and “Unnaming Unlearning” embrace scale, letting their big riffs rip. When “Unnaming Unlearning” slips into complex sections of blackened and distorted dissonance, the drama surges. Formal experiment and manipulation of mood fold into each other. The song gets interesting, even as it’s reaching for a peak. And then it ends, suddenly, violently. It’s pretty good. Your impulse is to flip the tape and hear it again, which is just what Kosmodemonic wants you to do. Well played, dudes.
Jonathan Shaw
 Sarah Louise — Earth Bow (Self-Released)
Earth Bow by Sarah Louise
Asheville-based songwriter Sarah Louise wants to be your personal nature interpreter. The titles of her recordings, from her debut Field Guide through Deeper Woods and Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars are like planetary signposts pointing to a more intimate relationship with our planet as a living organism. With each successive release, her music has also become more and more organic sounding, culminating with Earth Bow, in which Louise herself is arms deep in humus, communing with birds and insects. Recordings of creation feature prominently; katydids, spring peeper frogs, a creek and various birds are credited as providing additional singing, augmenting the artist’s own mellifluous voice. For a recording in which the track titles and lyrics are focused on nature and Louise’s experiences therein, there are a lot of digital elements. Her 12-string guitar is prominent in places, but synths are everywhere: in the background, bouncing around like shooting stars, and mimicking the various fauna that they accompany. Yet the earthly and the machine-made are not juxtaposed, they are blended. The vocals, which center the recordings, tie both elements together nicely. Earth Bow is a tasty concoction, in which a variety of ingredients are married in botanical bliss.
Bryon Hayes
 Le Mav — “Supersonic (Feat. Tay Iwar)” (Immaculate Taste)
Nigeria’s alté scene has been bubbling for a couple of years now on the backs of guys like Odunsi (The Engine) and Santi, and Gabriel Obi bka Le Mav is no stranger to the fray, having produced Santi’s “Sparky,” Aylø and a recurring favorite of his, singer Tay Iwar. The two have already collaborated at length (for songs off Iwar’s debut album Gemini in 2019, as well as the entirety of last year’s Gold EP), so the comfort level here is established. It shows: Iwar’s smooth-as vocals match Le Mav’s breezy piano descent and gentle rhythmic shuffle in an easygoing song that matches anything you might hear coming from Miguel, Frank Ocean or the Sun-El Musician orbit. “If it feels right, touch the sky,” Iwar suggests early on. Well, don’t mind if I do.
Patrick Masterson
 Sugar Minott — “I Remember Mama” (Emotional Rescue)
I Remember Mama by Sugar Minott
At some point after Lincoln Barrington Minott had left Kingston and his early dancehall and lovers rock legacy with Studio One and Black Roots behind for cooler climates and the old world of London, he ran into producer Steve Parr at the Wackies offices. Story goes that the two decided to start up Sound Design Studio with the intent to record and mix for ads, film and music — but scant evidence of this idea exists beyond “I Remember Mama,” released on 7” and 12” in 1985 and reissued for the first time since via Stuart Leath and his long-trusted Emotional Rescue imprint. Parr does most of the work on the recording (Andy MacDonald shines on tenor sax and Paul Uden guitar in the original credits), but it’s all about the sweetness Sugar brings to the table: With backing from two accomplished performers in their own right, Janette Sewell and Shola Phillips, Minott’s naturally relaxed delivery shines through on this. “Sound Design” is a dubbier instrumental version that retains Sewell’s and Phillips’ vocals, and Dan Tyler (half of Idjut Boys) provides an even spacier, handclap-laden 11-minute remix, but while both variants are excellent, the boogie of the original is unassailable. Look for the vinyl to hit in July.
Patrick Masterson
 Jessica Ackerley — Morning/mourning (Cacophonous Revival)
Morning/mourning by Jessica Ackerley
It makes sense that Wendy Eisenberg wrote the liner notes to Morning/mourning, since they and Jessica Ackerley are bound by a shared commitment to string-craft. Both have a deep idiomatic foundation in jazz guitar, but neither is willing to be confined by what they’ve learned. In the case of Morning/mourning, that means that patiently paced ruminations upon Derek Bailey-like harmonics sit side by side with frantic but rigorously scripted forays that sound a bit like Jim Hall might if he input the contents of his French press intravenously. This album’s nine tracks observe passings and new beginnings, since Ackerley pulled the recording together while in quarantine, shortly before leaving Manhattan for Honolulu, and titled some of them in tribute to a pair of guitar teachers who were taken by 2020. But in their attention to tone, harmony, velocity and structure, these pieces, like Eisenberg’s records, speak as much to intellect as to emotion.
Bill Meyer
 Nadja & Disrotted — Split (Roman Numeral Records)
It makes a certain kind of sense for Nadja and Disrotted to tackle a split together; although both bands traffic in a particularly foreboding strain of doom metal, they also share a weird sort of comfort. There’s a sense more of horrible things happening around you than to you, like you’re in the eye of the storm or maybe in a bathysphere plunged to crushing depths. There is a precision to the menace, a measured quality to the noise. And they get there when they get there; as Dusted’s Jonathan Shaw pointed out in his review of Disrotted’s Cryongenics, “Pace seems to be the point.” This excellent split doesn’t shy away from these commonalities while still highlighting the distinct timbres of each act, with Nadja settling into and then returning to one of their indelibly titanic bass riffs throughout the 19-minute “From the Lips of a Ghost in the Shadow of a Unicorn's Dream” and Disrotted somehow conjuring the feeling of a massive structure corroding and collapsing on the 15-minute “Pastures for the Benighted”. When the latter slams to a half, one last hit echoing away, the listener may find themselves feeling equally relieved the onslaught is over and kind of missing both sides’ pulverizing embrace.
Ian Mathers 
 Nasimiyu — POTIONS (Figureight)
P O T I O N S by nasimiYu
Nasimiyu’s songs bounce and shimmy with complex rhythms, her background as a dancer and percussionist for Kabells and Sharkmuffin coming through in the intricate interplay of handclaps, breathy beat-boxing, rattling metal implements, all manner of drums and, not least, her lithe, twining vocal lines. “Watercolor” blossoms out of a burst of choral “la”s, each note allowed to flower briefly before behind cut off with a knife-edge; these are organic sounds shaped with mechanical precision. Against this background, Nasimiyu herself enters, her voice fluttery and syncopated, a bit like Neneh Cherry. The mix is full of separate elements, the backing vocals, a synthesizer working as a bass, handclaps, Nasimiyu’s singing, but the song remains light and translucent. “Feelings,” sings Nasimiyu, “I am in my feelings,” and so, for a moment, are we. Nasimiyu is half Kenyan and half Scandinavian-American, and you can hear a bit of East Africa in the surging sweetness of choral singing on “Immigrant Hustle.” But there’s a post-modern gloss over everything, as the singer brings in sonic elements from jazz, electronica, dance, pop and afro-beat. Yet however many layers are added, the sound remains bright and clear, a bead curtain of musical sensation whose elements click faintly as they brush together, but remain essentially separate.
Jennifer Kelly
 Carlos Niño & Friends — More Energy Fields, Current (International Anthem)
More Energy Fields, Current by Carlos Niño & Friends
Multi-instrumentalist and producer Carlos Niño latest album which straddles and largely crosses the line between spiritual jazz and new age ambience features friends from both worlds including Shabaka Hutchings, Jamael Dean, Dntel and Laraaji. Niño, who plays percussion and synthesizer, edited, mixed and produced the album from recordings made in 2019 and 2020 in a variety of settings. The results are largely low-key soundscapes designed to assist meditation on the fields and current of the title. Much evocation of the natural world, chiming eastern influenced percussion and layers of acoustic and synthetic keys that are lovely but tend to lull. It is the slightly disruptive reeds that prick the ears here, Aaron Hall’s plangent tenor on “Now the background is foreground,” Devin Daniels’ alto phrasing on “Together” and Hutchings’ expressive duet with Dean on “Please, wake up.”
Andrew Forell 
 Shane Parish — Disintegrated Satellites (Bandcamp subscription)
Disintegrated Satellites EP by Shane Parish
The normally ultra-productive Shane Parish didn’t put out a lot of music in 2020, and none of what did come out was recorded that year. It turns out that he was busy giving guitar lessons via zoom and moving from North Carolina to Georgia, but we’re well into a new year and he’s back in Bandcamp. This three tune EP doesn’t declare a new direction, of which Parish has had many, so much as an integration of his interests in American folk music and far Eastern tonalities. Simultaneously familiar and alien, but above all propulsive, it serves notice that the time for reflection has passed.
Bill Meyer 
 Séketxe — “Caixão de Luxo” (Chasing Dreams)
The thing that gets your attention about Séketxe is… well, everything: how many of them there are (i.e., how you can’t really tell who’s in the group and who isn’t), how they’re all propellant, a musical bottle rocket bursting out of your speakers, confrontationally in your face on camera — and how much fun it looks like they’re having. Somewhere out there beyond the reaches of kuduro and Mystikal lie the Angolan barks and rasps of this youthful sextet, who trade verses (and a soothing harmony drizzled right across the madness at around 1:40) among one another over an Eddy Tussa sample on a beat by producer about town Smash Midas. What are they on about? My Portuguese is nonexistent, let alone my Luandan slang, but even I can tell that title translates to “luxury casket.” Anyway, it’s bonkers and if you’re looking for a jolt your morning joe doesn’t deliver anymore, Séketxe oughta do it. You’ll never catch me thanking an algorithm, but I guess it’s true the maths can serve it up right every once in a while. Séketxe is the proof.
Patrick Masterson 
 Tōth — You and Me and Everything (Northern Spy)
You And Me And Everything by Tōth
The title of Alex Toth’s solo debut, Practice Magic and Seek Professional Help When Necessary, alludes to his belief in music as therapy — that there’s an alchemy in the process, yet one that can’t necessarily be depended on to pull you out of an emotional hole when that hole gets too deep. On his new album, You and Me and Everything, all of his recent personal struggles are out in the open. There’s the tale of when he was so fucked up he couldn’t play trumpet at a family funeral (“Turnaround (Cocaine Song)”); there’s leaning on songwriting as a means to process the pain of heartbreak (“Guitars are Better Than Synthesizers for Writing Through Hard Times”); and there’s his ongoing battle with anxiety (“Butterflies”). While such heavy emotional terrain could prove hard-going, Toth approaches everything with a playfulness, a lightness of touch and a gentle haze to the production. Plus, he gets a helping hand from Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak, Flock of Dimes), who lends backing vocals to standout “Daffadowndilly,” which taps into the woozy gorgeousness of prime Robert Wyatt.
Tim Clarke 
 Mara Winter — Rise, follow (Discreet Editions)
Rise, follow by Mara Winter
For people with busy performance schedules, 2020 posed a problem; how do you stay busy and creative when you can’t do what you usually do? Mara Winter, an American-born, Swiss-based flute player who specializes in Renaissance-era repertoire and instruments, used it to forge a new creative identity. In partnership with experimental composer and multi-instrumentalist Clara de Asís, she began exploring the commonalities between early, composed music and contemporary approaches and developed a platform to disseminate documents of that research into the world. Rise, follow, the inaugural release of Discreet Editions, is an hour-long piece for two Renaissance-style bass flutes played by Winter and Johanna Bartz. The two musicians played long, overlapping tones with contrast attacks, pushing on until they grew so tired from hefting those woodwinds that they just couldn’t play anymore. Effectively the performance unit is a trio, since the two musicians had to accommodate or collaborate with the reverberant acoustics of Basel’s Kartäuserkirche. The church’s echo threw sounds back at the player, turning pure tones into blurred timbres. While the instrumentation is antique, the ideas about sound combination and endurance have more to do with Morton Feldman, Phill Niblock and Aíne O’Dwyer. The result is music that is simultaneously meditative and as heavy as a bench-pressing competition.
Bill Meyer
 Wurld Series — What’s Growing (Melted Ice Cream)
What's Growing by Wurld Series
Some reviewers of What’s Growing, the second album by New Zealand’s Wurld Series, have managed to avoid making Pavement comparisons, but it’s hard to fathom their restraint. Brief opener “Harvester” feels like you’re being dropped mid-solo into a random Wowee Zowee track; the guitar tone on lead single “Nap Gate,” on the other hand, sounds like it's nicked straight from Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. And while singer/guitarist Luke Towart doesn’t attempt to match Malkmus’ flamboyance in the vocal delivery department, their voices and wry lyrical observations bear a distinct resemblance to one another. “Caught beneath a dull blade / What a mess that would make” he sings on “Distant Business” before the song reaches its finale where guitar solos blast off from atop other guitar solos in an array of complementary textures. But besides being a ridiculously fun guitar pop record, What’s Growing is also threaded through with a British psych folk vibe replete with Mellotron flute — and the two styles blend seamlessly together thanks to Towart’s partner in crime, producer/drummer Brian Feary (Salad Boys, Dance Asthmatics). So, whether you're looking for a great summer indie rock record or you’ve ever wondered what the Fab Five from Stockton might’ve sounded like if they’d stuck to short songs and had more flutes, this one’s for you.
Chris Liberato
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peachraindrops · 6 months ago
10 fav ladies
Tagged by: @purplemagic, @jade-marie, @hereliesbb, @joeyjoeylee, @nexttimeemptytheclip, @riosgoodgirll thank youuu! I’m going to get all the feels thinking back to some of my favorites and it’s going to be completely worth it
1. April Kepner, Grey’s Anatomy - An actual freaking warrior. True to herself no matter what anyone thinks or how much anyone hates her and I just fucking love that.
Tumblr media
2. April Ludgate, Parks and Rec - She hates Ann as much as I do, what else is there to say?
Tumblr media
3. Villanelle, Killing Eve - at the end of the day she’s all of us, just wanting to be loved and if you don’t understand that then you’re a monster.
Tumblr media
4. Selina Meyer, Veep - my only aspiration is to use the word fuck as smoothly as she does. Oh, and she is always asking the important questions
Tumblr media
5. Van Keefer, Atlanta - hugely underrated. She’s real, she’s smart, and she’s fucking relatable as hell.
Tumblr media
6. Bradley James, The Morning Show - She’s motivated and driven and makes me want to actually give a shit about something real
Tumblr media
7. Tina Belcher, Bob’s Burgers - I’d be lying if i said i too wasn’t obsessed with horses and butts
Tumblr media
8. Beth Pearson, This is Us - finally a woman who aggressively supports her husband and her family without sacrificing a single important part of herself. Most importantly, she also knows when to stay in her lane which is a rare fucking quality
Tumblr media
9. Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl - she’s a complex character whose love for the people around her is underestimated and underexposed. She feels with her whole heart, no matter what that feeling is
Tumblr media
10. Cristina Yang, Grey’s Anatomy - because she’s the reason we’ve all declared someone as our person. She was also the most relatable woman to grace our screens
Tumblr media
Tagging literally anyone who hasn’t been tagged, if there is anyone left. Basically if it got to me then it’s probably over lolol.
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cardest · 6 months ago
England & Wales playlist
Tumblr media
England & Wales. Is there a place on Earth with a more fascinating history than this island? The music from Great Britain is some of the best ever invented. Black Sabbath. Generation X. Paradise Lost. Incredible. Recently I made a London playlist, but it barely even scratched the surface for the rest of England and across to Wales.  Play the songs here:
Tumblr media
600 songs here covers many regions and history of England & Wales. We start things off with a few songs to introduce us to England, then kick start the journey in Manchester, over to Liverpool, down into Wales and back up into Manchester again, then across to Leeds, Yorkshire and up to Newcastle where Cronos awaits you! Next, we head south to Nottinghamshire, Sheffield, Birmingham & Coventry. We explore some Shakespeare songs and visit Stonehenge, back over to Wales for a bit, down to Dorset and say hello to Nick Cave in Brighton before remembering the prog scene in Canterbury. With a poke around in London, up to Cambdridgeshire and then finish our journey in London. Whoa. For my London playlist - click here:
001 Generation X - English Dream 002 Skyclad - Think Back And Lie Of England 003 Iron Maiden - The Trooper   004 John Barry - Main Theme - On Her Majesty's Secret Service 005 The Damned -  New Rose 006 Lush - Nothing Natural 007 Purson - Spiderwood Farm 008 Cathedral - Ride 009 Clannad - Strange Land 010 The Avengers Theme by Laurie Johnson 011 The Times - Manchester 012 The Buzzcocks - What Do I Get? 013 Titus Groan  - It Wasn't for You 014 The Fall  - Cheetham Hill 015 The Spinner - The Flowers of Manchester 016 Ramases - Life Child 017 The Wolves of Avalon -  British Tribes Unite 018 Pet Shop Boys - A Man From The Future 019 Van Der Graaf Generator - White Hammer 020 The Stranglers - English Towns 021 PJ Harvey - Let England Shake 022 10cc - The Dean And I 023 Bee Gees - Cucumber Castle 024 The Chemical Brothers - Setting Sun 025 Inspiral Carpets - How It Should Be 026 Joy Division - She's Lost Control 027 The Mindbenders - The Game of Love 028 The Nosebleeds  - Ain't Bin To No Music School 029 Kill II This - Kill your gods 030 The Smiths - How Soon Is Now? 031 The Southern Death Cult - Moya 032 New Order - Age of Consent 033 Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored 034 Buzzcocks - orgasm addict 035 Simply Red - Money is way too tight to mention 036 Public Image Limited - Rise 037 Bee Gees - Idea 038 The Fall - Frightened 039 Joy Division - Isolation 040 New Fast Automatic Daffodils - It's Not What You Know 041 New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle 042 Def Leppard - Pour some sugar on me 043 The Cure - Pictures of you 044 Galley Beggar - Empty Sky 045 Anathema -  The Beloved 046 Forefather - When Our England Died 047 SAXON - Battle Cry 048 Carcass - Heartwork 049 The Adicts - England 050 Motorhead - The Hammer 051 Alexei Sayle - Didnt you Kill My Brother? 052 The Beatles - Penny Lane 053 Gerry & The Pacemakers - Ferry Cross the Mersey 054 Suzanne Vega - In Liverpool 055 The Bangles - Going Down to Liverpool 056 A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran 057 PJ Harvey - England 058 Anathema - Sunset of The Age 059 Carcass - Inpropagation 060 Dead Or Alive - I'll Save You All My Kisses 061 Echo And The Bunnymen - The Cutter 062 Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two tribes 063 Freeze Frame - Touch   064 The Stone Roses - Mersey Paradise 065 The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever 066 Mael Mordha - King of The English 067 Whip - Jamboree 068 Badfinger - Day After Day 069 Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up 070 The Goodies - Theme tune 071 Bruce Dickinson - The Tower 072 Acrimony - Motherslug (Mother of All Slugs) 073 Manic Street Preachers - Sleepflower 074 Felyon - Welsh Folksong 075 In extremo - Dacw nghariad 076 Lluwlyn - Lluwlyn dances epically to Welsh music! 077 Motorhead -  (I Won't) Pay Your Price 078 Bonnie Tyler -  More Than a Lover 079 The Darling Buds - Hit The Ground 080 Zygotic Mynci - Diamond Dew 081 Tom Jones  - the rose 082 The Alarm - knife edge 083 Budgie - Crash course in brain surgery 084 Dub War - Spiritual warfare 085 Shirley Bassey on Diamonds Are Forever OST 086 Tigertailz - sick sex 087 Bruce Dickinson - Book of Thel 088 Scritti Politti - The Sweetest Girl 089 Desecration - Initial Decay 090 Catatonia - Whale 091 The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Theme 092 The Rockin' Vickers - Dandy 093 The Fall - English Scheme 094 Jethro Tull - A Song for Jeffrey 095 Solstice - English fortress 096 Winterfylleth - eldler mother 097 Paradise Lost - Hallowed Land 098 Humanfly - English and proud and stupid and racist 099 Duran Duran - The Reflex 100 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath 101 Jan Dukes de Grey - Sorcerers 102 Be Bop Deluxe - Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape 103 My Dying Bride - A Kiss To Remember 104 Alex Pearson - Yorkshire Yorkshire! 105 Blackmore's Night - Locked Within The Crystal Ball 106 Basil Kirchin - Worlds Within Worlds (Excerpt 2) 107 Gang of Four - Damgaged goods 108 The Mekons - Like Spoons No More 109 The Mission - Wasteland 110 The Sisters Of Mercy - Black planet 111 Paradise Lost - Gothic 112 Soft Cell - Tainted Love 113 Henry Rollins - Followed Around 114 The March Violets - Turn To The Sky 115 Ulver -  England 116 Iron Maiden - Can I Play With Madness? 117 Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Soundtrack - Prologue 118 My Dying Bride - The Thrash Of Naked Limbs 119 The Cult - Rain   120 New Model Army - vengence   121 Saxon - Wheels of Steel 122 Robert Palmer - Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley 123 The Mission - Butterfly On A Wheel 124 Acid Reign - Reflection of Truths 125 Whitesnake - Day Tripper 126 Shed Seven - Dirty soul 127 John Barry James Bond Theme 128 Gang Of Four - I fled 129 The Sisters Of Mercy -  Vision Thing 130 Rollins Band - Burned Beyond Recognition 131 Paradise lost - Embers fire 132 Tudor Lodge ?– Help Me Find Myself 133 Marmozets - Born Young and Free 134 Kiki Dee & The Kiki Dee Band - I've Got the Music in Me 135 Sade - Your Love Is King 136 Beat Girl (Main Title) by John Barry 137 Saxon - Redline 138 David Coverdale - Lady 139 The Animals - sky pilot 140 KESTREL - THE ACROBAT 141 Dire Straits - Water Of Love 142 Geordie - She's a Teaser 143 LINDISFARNE - Fog On The Tyne 144 The Police - Next to You 145 Duran Duran -  Is There Something I Should Know? 146 Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly 147 THE SHADOWS The Rumble 148 The Wildhearts  - TV Tan 149 China Drum - Simple 150 VENOM - Sons of Satan 151 Atomkraft - future warriors 152 The Cult - Peace dog 153 Muse - new born 154 Angelic Upstarts - Never 'Ad Nothin' 155 Roxy Music - Re-Make/Re-Model 156 The Animals - You're on My Mind" 157 Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love 158 The Police - Synchronicity 1 159 Eurythmics - The Walk 160 Raven - Faster than the Speed of Light 161 Satan - Kiss of Death 162 AC/DC - Hells Bells 163 Skyclad - Cry of the Land 164 The Wildhearts - Love You Till I Don't 165 Roxy Music - Editions of You 166 Tygers of Pan Tang - Euthanasia 167 Black Country Communion -  The battle for Hadrian's Wall 168 The Kane Gang - respect yuorself 169 Leatherface - I Want The Moon 170 Eurythmics - Love is a stranger 171 Raven - Take Control 172 Wodensthrone - First light 173 Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire 174 Manowar - Hail To England 175 Ulver - England's Hidden 176 The Wolves of Avalon - Britain is Fallen 177 Genesis - Dancing with the Moonlit Knight 178 Skyclad  - Cardboard City 179 Be Bop Deluxe  - Stage Whispers 180 Eurythmics - Here Comes the Rain Again 181 Doctor Who - original theme song 182 John Barry Goldfinger OST - (Instrumental Version) 183 Dead Can Dance - In The Wake Of Adversity 184 ABC - The Look Of Love 185 Bad Company - Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy 186 Gang of Four  - Call Me Up 187 My Dying Bride  - The Cry of Mankind 188 Paradise Lost- Say Just Words 189 Chris Rea - Whatever Happened to Benny Santini? 190 Whitesnake - love hunter 191 Everything But The Girl -  Each and everyone 192 Joe Cocker  - Change in Louise 193 Cabaret Voltaire ?– The Power (Of Their Knowledge) 194 Def Leppard  - Rock Brigade 195 Bal-Sagoth - To Dethrone the Witch-Queen of Mytos K'unn (The Legend of the Battle of Blackhelm Vale) 196 Caïna - Torture geometry 197 Rameses - Crzy one 198 The Human League - Empire State Human 199 Comus - Drip Drip 200 THE YOUNG ONES TV show  - Intro 201 Spirogyra - The Furthest Point 202 The Thompson Twins -  Doctor Doctor 203 Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf 204 The Clash - This is England (Cut the Crap) 205 Sievehead - Teach Me To Swim 206 The Adverts - Great British Mistake 207 Humble Pie - I Can't Stand The Rain 208 Hawkwind - Assault & Battery Part I 209 Richard & Linda Thompson - I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight 210 Def Leppard - let it go 211 Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights 212 Cabaret Voltaire - The Operative 213 Pitchshifter - Genius 214 Sleaford Mods - Moptop 215 Motorhead - English Rose 216 The Meaning of Life OST  - Every Sperm Is Sacred 217 Sabbat - The Advent of Insanity + Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares 218 LFO - Tied Up 219 Earthtone 9 - Evil Crawling 220 Pulp  Fairground 221 England - beauty & the beast 222 Shape Of The Rain - Woman 223 Status Quo - Whatever You Want 224 Judas Priest - Sinner 225 Killing Joke -  Euphoria 226 Pitch Shifter - Submit - Tendril 227 Fudge Tunnel - Sunshine of Your Love 228 Napalm Death - Vision Conquest 229 Concrete Sox - Intelligence Quest 230 Slammer - If Thine Eye 231 Re-Animator - low life 232 Sabbat A Cautionary Tale 233 Xentrix -   Questions 234 The Cure - Saturday Night 235 The Nefilim -  Penetration 236 Mordhau - Immaculate Massacre 237 Led Zeppelin - Rock & Roll 238 Bolt Thrower - When Glory Beckons 239 Fireball XL5 theme by Barry Gray 240 Fine Young Cannibals - Suspicious Minds 241 Godflesh -  Obeyed 242 Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman 243 Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Leather 244 Galliard - new dawn 245 Napalm Death - How The Years Condemn 246 Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine 247 The Ghost - When You're Dead 248 Broadcast – Michael A Grammar 249 Electric Light Orchestra - Birmingham Blues 250 Black Sabbath - Iron Man 251 Ptolomy Psycon - No One To Blame 252 Briar - Crown of Thorns 253 The Fall - The Birmingham School Of Business School 254 Sex Pistols – Bodies 255 The Smiths – Panic 256 Fine Young Cannibals - Johnny Come Home 257 Anaal Nathrakh - Endarkenment 258 Benediction - Jumping at Shadows 259 Godflesh -  Pulp 260 The Killjoys - Johnny Won't Get to Heaven 261 Dexy's Midnight Runners - Burn It Down 262 UB40 - One in Ten 263 Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie 264 Electric Light Orchestra - 10538 Overture 265 Magnum - On the Edge of the World 266 Napalm Death - Scum 267 Black Sabbath - Into the Void 268 Memoriam - Shell shock 269 Robert Plant - Burning Down One Side 270 Joe Armatrading - City Girl 271 Wolfsbane - Manhunt 272 Duran Duran - Planet Earth 273 Judas Priest - Freewheel Burning 274 Locomotive - Mr Armageddon 275 Ocean Colour Scene - Get Blown Away 276 Scorn - Spasm 277 Jesu -  Star 278 The Beat -  Mirror in the Bathroom 279 Napalm Death - Downbeat clique 280 Red Dwarf Opening Theme (Series 3) 281 Duran Duran - Union of the Snake 282 Robert Plant -  Other Arms 283 Bolt thrower - What Dwells Within 284 Magnum - Just Like an Arrow 285 Black Sabbath - Tomorrow's Dream 286 Benediction - Scriptures in Scarlet 287 Electric Light Orchestra - Shine A Little Love 288 Joan Armatrading - Drop the pilot 289 UB40 - Rat in Mi Kitchen 290 The Moody Blues  - Question 291 The Felt - The Seventeenth Century 292 Nightingales - Start From Scratch 293 Black Sabbath - A National Acrobat 294 Robert Plant  - Tall Cool One 295 The Swell maps - H. S. Art 296 Godflesh - Wake 297 The Idle Race - Come With Me 298 Wizzard - Angel Fingers (A Teen Ballad wizzard) 299 Rob Halford - Made In Hell 300 Cathedral - vampire sun 301 Caravan - If I Could Do It All Over Again I'd Do It All Over You 302 Iron Maiden - Aces High (w/ Churchills Speech) 303 Deep Purple - Hard Lovin' Man 304 The Specials - A Message to You, Rudy 305 Adorable - Favourite Fallen Idol 306 The Primitives - crash 307 The Colourfield - Can't Get Enough of You Baby 308 All About Eve - Flowers In Our Hair 309 Bolt Thrower - Icon 310 Fields Of The Nephilim - Moonchild 311 Cathedral - soul sacrifice 312 Stereo MC's  - Connected 313 Siouxsie and the Banshees - Something Wicked (This Way Comes) 314 Nick Lowe - cruel to be kind 315 Art of Noise - The Chameleon's Dish 316 Pink Floyd - The Dogs Of War 317 Shakespeare Sister - Stay 318 The Beatles - I Am the Walrus 319 Elvis Costello - Miss Macbeth 320 John Cale - Macbeth 321 Prosperos Books - The Masque 322 Lou Reed- Romeo Had Juliette 323 Dire Straits - Romeo and Juliet   324 Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do 325 Colosseum - Beware the Ides of March 326 Jag Panzer -  Thane of Cawdor 327 The web - Concerto for bedsprings 328 Cleo Laine - Dunsinale Blues (MacBeth) 329 Ronnie Milsap - A Rose By Any Other Name (Is Still A Rose) 330 Spandau Ballet - Through the Barricades 331 Anaal Nathrakh - Castigation And Betrayal 332 Camel -  Chord Change 333 Head Machine - Climax / You Tried To Take It All 334 XTC - Washaway 335 Clockwork Orange OST - Overture to the sun 336 Meat Beat Manifesto - Edge Of No Control 337 Radiohead  - you 338 Curve - Horror head 339 PJ Harvey - The Glorious Land 340 Leaf Hound - Growers of Mushroom 341 Traffic - Hidden Treasure 342 The Wallflowers - Blushing Girl Nervous Smile 343 The Kinks - Everybody's Gonna Be Happy 344 The Agents  - Everybody's Gonna Be Happy 345 Portishead - Sour Times 346 Diamond Head - The Prince 347 Witchfinder General - No stayer 348 Cloven Hoof  - Nightstalker 349 Grim Reaper - Liar 350 Onslaught - Metal forces 351 Jaguar - Out of luck 352 Strangelove - Visionary 353 Idles - Well Done 354 Massive Attack - Safe from harm 355 Manic Street Preachers - From Despair To Where 356 Dub War - Nations 357 John Cale - Hello, There 358 The Alarm - Hallowed Ground 359  Funeral for a Friend - Bullet Theory 360 William Taylor - Gosteg Dafydd Athro 361 Fawlty Towers TV show theme song 362 Glaxo Babies - Shake (The Foundations) 363 Moonflowers -  We Dig Your Earth 364 Fuschia - the nothing song 365 The Escape - NoGo 366 Nik Kershaw  - I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me 367 Deep Purple - One More Rainy Day 368 Electric Wizard -  Sadiowitch 369 Fen -  Ghosts of the Flood 370 Aphex Twin - Logan-Rock Witch 371 Fleetwood Mac - Coming Your Way 372 Roger Taylor - Future Management 373 Wire -  Keep Exhaling 374 Pagan Altar -  Dance Of The Druids 375 Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy OST - main theme 376 Robert Fripp - You Burn Me Up I'm a Cigarette 377 Astrohenge - Dead Man's Goblets 378 Black Sabbath - Stonehenge 379 Uriah Heep - Salisbury 380 Spinal Tap - Stonehenge 381 Druid/Wiccan Music - Druids of The Witchwood 382 XTC  - This Is Pop? 383 Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill 384 Nick Kershaw - wouldn't it be good 385 Killing Joke - Tomorrow's World 386 Motorhead - Killed by death 387 Fleetwood Mac  - Jewel-Eyed Judy 388 King Crimson - Epitaph 389 Patto - hold your fire 390 The Stranglers - Sometimes 391 The Jeff Beck Group - Got the feeling 392 Fuzzy Duck - Time Will Be Your Doctor 393 Steve Winwood - Valerie (1987 Version) 394 The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again 395 Witchfinder General - Witchfinder General 396 Onslaught - Flame of the Antichrist 397 Diamond Head - Am I Evil 398 David Bowie -  All the madmen 399 Iron Monkey - Crown of Electrodes 400 Tank Engine Theme Song 401 Status Quo - What You're Proposing 402 Bucks Fizz -  Making Your Mind Up 403 Bananarama -  I Heard A Rumour 404 Exussum - Bodies in the Bog 405 Hexvessel - Bog bodies 406 The Cure - A Forest 407 Comus - In the Lost Queen's Eyes 408 Conjurer - The Mire 409 Led Zeppelin - Gallows Pole 410 Lawnmower Deth - Satan's Trampoline 411 Orange Goblin - The Fog 412 Dusty Springfield  - Bring Him Back 413 Def Leppard - Yougotmerunnin 414 PJ Harvey - 50Ft Queenie 415 Witchsorrow -  Masters Of Nothing 416 Atomic Rooster - And So to Bed 417 PURSON -  Death's Kiss 418 Electric Wizard - Dopethrone 419 Stonehenge -  King of the Golden Hall 420 XTC  - My Bird Performs 421 Rainbow  - Stargazer 422 T-Rex - Cosmic Dancer 423 Alice Cooper - FOR BRITAIN ONLY 424  UFO - Let It Roll 425 Motörhead - Bomber 426 SLADE - I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen 427 Forest - Bad Penny 428 Nick Drake - Pink Moon 429 To-Mera - The Illusionist 430 Magnum - Peaches and Cream 431 Pink Floyd  - The Gnome 432 Hawkwind - Opa-Loka 433 Fairport Convention - It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft 434 WIRE - Outdoor Miner 435 The Meads of Asphodel - Chidiock Tichborne 436 YES - And You and I 437 AC/DC - Who Made Who? 438 Black Sabbath - Trashed 439 Saxon - Call of the Wild 440 Queen - Brighton Rock 441 The Stray Cats - Rumble In Brighton 442 Angelic Upstarts - Brighton Bombs 443 Joe Jackson  - One More Time 444 Tangerine Dream - Cool Breeze Of Brighton 445 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - As I Sat Sadly By Her Side 446 Howard Jones - What Is Love? 447 Jane Birkin - La baigneuse de Brighton 448 The Who - 5:15 449 The Waterboys - This Is the Sea 450 Bol thrower - for victory 451 Throbbing Gristle - What A Day 452 The Beatles - The Ballad Of John And Yoko 453 Al Stewart - Not the One 454 Tom Waits - Buzz Fledderjohn 455 Level 42 - Turn It On 456 Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy 457 Grinderman - Worm Tamer 458 The Who - Pinball Wizard 459 Peter Gabriel - On the Air 460 The Jam - Girl On The Phone 461 Sabaton - Primo Victoria 462 Bolt Thrower - Lest We Forget 463 The Running Man - Hope place 464 Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 465 Adam Ant -  Good Two Shoes 466 Sindelfingen - Three Ladies 467 Elias Hulk - Anthology of Dreams 468 The Horrors - Three Decades 469 Nicholas Greenwood  - Melancholy 470 Peter Frampton - Wind of Change 471 Cream - Sweet Wine 472 Egg - Contrasong 473 Django Bates - Sweet Williams 474 Billy Idol - Come On, Come On 475 Mick Jagger - Lonely at the Top 476 John Paul Jones - zooma   477 Status Quo - Ol' Rag Blues 478 Siouxsie and the Banshees - Melt! 479 Praying Mantis - To the Power of Ten 480 Billion Dollar Brain OST -  (Main Theme) 481 Culture Club - I'll Tumble 4 Ya 482 YES - Roundabout 483 Kate Bush - Moving 484 Caravan - Golf Girl 485 MSG - Armed and Ready 486 Art of Noise - Close (to the Edit) 487 The Devil Rides Out OST - Main theme 488 Ian Dury - Billericay Dickie 489 Cathedral- Hopkins (The Witchfinder General) 490 Cockney Rebel - Highway 491 Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971) OST - Intro 492 Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today 493 Christopher Lee - Massacre of the Saxons 494 The Clash - English Civil War 495 Killing Joke - My Love Of This Land 496 David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes 497 Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away 498 Supertramp - Your Poppa Don't Mind 499 Ben - The Influence 500 The 007 Theme Tune 501 The Style Council - Shout To The Top 502 Stiff Little Fingers - Gotta Getaway 503 The Ruts - Demolition Dancing 504 The Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette 505 Ronnie Lane & the Slim Band - Don't cry for me 506 Sailor - Give Me Shakespeare 507 Shakespears Sister - I Don't Care (Remastered) 508 The Undertones - It's Going To Happen 509 Visage - Fade To Grey 510 The Who - Bargain 511 Cocteau Twins - Cherry-coloured Funk 512 Talk Talk - TALK TALK 513 New Order  - Sooner Than You Think   514 Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection 515 The Cult - Aphrodisiac Jacket 516 Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name 517 Skyclad - Land of the Rising Slum 518 With The Dead -  Nephthys 519 Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing 520 Abjects - Never Give Up 521 X Ray Spex - Oh Bondage! Up Yours! 522 The Clash - Hateful 523 Crass - How Does It Feel 524 The Adverts - Television's Over 525 Ultravox - Sleepwalk 526 Joy Division - She's Lost Control 527 Gary Numan - complex 528 Kajagoogoo - too shy 529 Depeche Mode - new life 530 Paradise Lost -  Ghosts 531 Repulsion - Horrified 532 Aardvark - copper sunset 533 Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats - Shockwave city 534 Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters - Ejection 535 Killing Joke - Tension 536 The Idle Race - Skeleton & the Roundabout 537 Badfinger - Just a Chance 538 Generation X -  Untouchables 539 Psycahedelic Furs -  Dumb waters 540 Slab! - Tunnel Of Love 541 The Beatles - Lucy in the sky with diamonds 542 Suede -  Drowners 543 UK Subs - Tomorrows Girls 544 Siouxsie and the Banshees - Fear (Of The Unknown) 545 WHAM! - I'M YOUR MAN   546 Judas Prieswt - Rapid Fire 547 The Damned - Eloise (Single Version) 548 The Cure - One Hundred Years 549 Bronski Beat - Why? 550 Black Sabbath -  Hand Of Doom 551 Gnidrolog - Social Embarrassment 552 Kevin Harrison - Cyclotron 553 Led Zeppelin    - Achilles Last Stand 554 Allen Ginsberg - Nurse's Song 555 Bruce Dickinson - Chemical Wedding 556 David Axelrod - Song of Innocence 557 My Dying Bride - Catherine Blake 558 Coil - The Dreamer Is Still Asleep 559 Frank Turner  - I Believed You, William Blake 560 Ulver - The Argument, Plate 2 561 The Small faces - Come on Children 562 Trees - Polly On The Shore 563 The Dunwich Horror OST - maine theme 564 Pink Floyd - Jugband Blues 565 Twins of Evil OST  - main theme 566 MUSE - Time is Running Out 567 The Soft Boys - Give It to the Soft Boys 568 Paul Nicholas - Dancing With The Captain 569 A - Nothing 570 Cradle Of Filth - Heaven Torn Asunder 571 Sade - Is It a Crime? 572 The Gods - Looking Glass 573 The Horrors - I Can See Through You 574 Elton John - Made In England 575 Pink Floyd - Time 576 John Cale - The philosopher 577 Joy Division -  Disorder 578 Never Mind The Buzzcocks TV show - Opening Theme 579 The AK Band - 8-3-12 580 Tractor - All Ends Up 581 Nova Twins - bassline bitch 582 Dire Straits - Money For Nothing 583 Uriah Heep - Look at yourself 584 Gentle Giant - Giant 585 Swervedriver - Duel 586 The Prodigy - Firestarter 587 Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart 588 Cathedral - Jaded Entity 589 The Sweet - Co-co 590 Ensemble Belladonna - 1225 Miri it is while summer ilast 591 Fire - Tell you a story 592 The Damned - Smash It Up, Pt. 1 & 2 593 Balaam And The Angel - New Kind Of Love 594 Millie Manders and The Shutup - Panic 595 999 - Emergency 596 Generation X - Dancing with Myself 597 Killing Joke - Love Like Blood 598 Rick Wakeman - Catherine of Aragon 599 Pitchshifter - Un-United Kingdom 600 Benny Hill chase Theme (end credits) 665 The Meads of Asphodel - Chidiock Tichborne 666 Horrible Histories - Boudicca song 667 Hawkwind - Utopia
Has there ever been a playlist like this one before? 600 + songs to cover England & Wales - I think this is a world’s first!! Cor blimey!
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chiefbelieverstarlight · 2 months ago
The fact he kept this poetry book after all that time, it just goes to show how much he truly loved Herbert Pollitt.
I read once he described Pollitt as the only person he ever truly loved.
And the fact that Crowley often hid his feelings behind a goth-priest-vampire libertine façade, yet here we see pure raw emotion and passion in these verses, it just goes to show how happy he was, that he could be vulnerable and not hide.
I wish things had worked out for Crowley and Pollitt.
Let’s be honest: they were so adorable together!
Pollitt was an amazing thespian and Crowley was a Byronic Vampire Poet Priest.
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nerdygaymormon · a year ago
Can you link some christan LGBTQ+community spaces chats blogs and or websites? I've been syrughling with my faith lately and this isn't something I want to let go of. -anon
I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so I’m going to suggest some resources that are specific to this denomination and some of our unique theological teachings, but still most Christians can benefit from them.
Essays and Books
Faith, Hope, Charity and My Son’s Marriage — Essay by Jack Hadley 
Listen, Learn and Love – Embracing LGBTQ Latter-day Saints – Book by Richard Ostler (has many quotes from LGBTQ Mormons and also from Mormon parents of queer children)
The Hero’s Journey of the Gay and Lesbian Mormon - Book by Carol Lynn Pearson 
Without the Mask: Coming Out and Coming Into God's Light  - Book by Charlie Bird (he was the BYU mascot and came out as gay, this is a story of how he learned to accept and love himself as a gay human)
GAY LATTER-DAY SAINT CROSSROADS - online book by Evan Smith about how he as the father of a gay child came to see issues with the church and discusses how we can do better
Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate - Justin Lee (okay, this one isn’t Mormon, but I think it’s well written and describes the process of a gay teen going from being in the closet and scared of his orientation to accepting himself and holding onto his faith)
Websites, Podcasts and Blogs
Beyond the Block – weekly podcast where James Jones (Black man) and Derek Knox (gay man) discuss the scriptures with an emphasis on social justice, and hope for the marginalized
Blaire Ostler is a bi mom and transhumanist philosopher. She writes some of the most intriguing essays regarding queer Mormon topics. I’m very much looking forward to the publication of her book “Queer Mormon Theology: An Introduction.”
Questions from the Closet – a weekly podcast by 2 gay, active Latter-day Saints, Charlie Bird and Ben Schilaty. They often are joined by a guest as they discuss common questions asked by or to LGBTQ members of the Church.
Ben Schilaty also has a blog where he occasionally makes an post. And while I think his writing is aimed at straight, cisgender members of the Church, it can be reassuring to read the words of someone who speaks so confidently about being a gay member.
On Tumblr, do a search for #queerstake and you’ll find many great entries and many great blogs which posted those entries. 
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aion-rsa · 2 months ago
Black Widow Review: Marvel’s Most Feminine Film is a Brutal Action Movie
Let’s be honest: Black Widow really should have had a movie before now. Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) has been in the MCU since Iron Man 2 in 2010, she’s part of the original line up of Avengers, she’s one of the most popular characters in that Universe and is one of the few lead females. Oh, and she’s also now dead. It’s pretty shocking how Nat’s been treated. So her long awaited solo film, delayed even further by the pandemic, and the first Marvel movie out of the stable since lockdown, has quite a bit of heavy lifting to do.
Beginning with a flashback to 1995, then mainly set between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, this is an extension of a backstory for Natasha but also a tale of resolution. It’s a chance for her to clean up her ledger and although we know that her journey won’t truly end until the events of Endgame, this is definitely her farewell, made all the more poignant with knowledge of what’s to come. It’s action packed, yes, but it’s also very funny, emotionally nuanced, and a different flavour for Marvel.
After a glimpse at Nat’s idyllic/traumatic childhood in an impressive pre-credits sequence, we’re back to 2016. Natasha is a fugitive, in violation of the Sokovia Accords, and on the run from General Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt). With help from her charming go-to guy Mason (O-T Fagbenle) she’s hiding out in a remote cabin in Norway convincing herself that after the Avengers’ “divorce” she’s better off alone. Peace doesn’t last long. A package sent from abroad and the sudden appearance of a relentless masked killing machine throws her back into the fray and into a mission which will reunite her with family and foes from the past. 
With nods to James Bond and Jason Bourne, Black Widow is an espionage movie that’s rammed with epic set pieces and spans the globe, taking us from Ohio to Cuba, Morocco to Budapest and more. Planes are crashed, cars are flipped, things fall out of the sky… though it’s getting a simultaneous Disney+ release, this is a movie built for the big screen with stunt work and spectacle to match anything the MCU has done before. It looks great but it’s in the character dynamics that Black Widow really shines.
This is a movie about family and central to it is the relationship between Natasha and her estranged surrogate sister Yelena (Florence Pugh). Pugh is brilliant – sulky, witty, and full of resentment at Natasha’s abandonment. She’s an equally skilled fighter as her sister, but burdened with being the younger sibling of an Avenger who adorns magazine covers. The chemistry between her and Johansson is palpable and they make a formidable double act. Meanwhile their one-time ‘parents’ Melina (Rachel Weisz) and Alexei (David Harbour) are equally dysfunctional. She’s a former Widow, and current genius scientist/pig wrangler, he’s an overweight former super-soldier with ‘Karl Marx’ tattooed on his knuckles, and neither has nailed it at parenting.
Harbour is larger than life and gets some of the best lines – he views himself as the Soviet equivalent of Captain America and he’s the perfect counterpoint – disgusting, hilarious, overtly sexual, completely amoral, but also gloriously emotional when it comes to his ‘girls’.
We get to see another side of Nat too, suddenly in the presence of her folks, she’s vulnerable, she bickers with her sister, and her mother tells her off for slouching. 
Set in the real world, away from the gods and aliens of the wider MCU, Black Widow is most akin to the Captain America sequels but with a sharp script from Eric Pearson, Jac Schaeffer, and Ned Benson and some very deliberate choices from director Cate Shortland (no spoilers), this is a more feminine film than we’ve seen from Marvel before. It’s not just that the most capable characters in the film are women, the whole film is packed top to bottom with female faces and some of the best gags are about fallopian tubes, clothes, and what a poser Natasha is, while our big baddie, Ray Winstone’s Dreykov, is a human man with too much power who treats women as commodities. Feminine doesn’t equate to gentle though. Black Widow has a high body count (albeit mostly off screen) and Dreykov could be one of the most purely nasty villains the MCU has ever seen.
cnx.cmd.push(function() { cnx({ playerId: "106e33c0-3911-473c-b599-b1426db57530", }).render("0270c398a82f44f49c23c16122516796"); });
The movie has some of the usual Marvel Studios pitfalls. The final act is CGI heavy and convoluted, and for a gritty real-world movie, some of the falls Nat takes are almost as ridiculous as Ray Winstone’s Russian accent. But you’d have to be pretty hard of heart to have that as your main takeaway. We’ve waited way too long, but at last we have a Black Widow film that does Natasha justice. And though it feels like we were only just getting to know her, Black Widow gives Nat a legacy that could reach wide into the MCU and might just change it for the better. 
Black Widow opens in cinemas on 7 July (UK) and 9 July (US) and is available at a premium on Disney+ from 9 July.
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tabloidtoc · 4 months ago
Globe, April 19
You can buy a copy of this issue for your very own at my eBay store:
Tumblr media
Page 2: Up Front & Personal -- Catherine Bach, Shia LaBeouf on a bike, Ricki Lake preps to pick up after her pet pooch in L.A.
Page 3: Notorious germaphobe Howie Mandel arrives in L.A. to tape America's Got Talent, Rose McGowan in Mexico, Paul McCartney strips down on the beach at St. Barts
Page 4: Bindi Irwin and husband Chandler Powell plan to build a worldwide business empire based on their newborn daughter Grace -- Bindi intends for her baby girl, named Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, to carry on her grandfather Steve Irwin's TV legacy and they've had several projects on the table for a while and with lockdown restrictions easing in Australia and California, Bindi and Chandler are able to put them in motion and a reality show that's in the works will begin with Grace's birth and allow glimpses into their lives at the family's Australia Zoo and Bindi's also keen to develop plant-based, organic baby products that will incorporate the family brand, everything from lotions and shampoos to diapers and eco-friendly cleaning products -- once Bindi has had a chance to rest after the delivery and bond with Grace, she and Chandler will be offering a bunch of interviews and photo shoots that will earn them a ton of cash -- the couple are also moving forward to lay down roots in California and launch their own production company and Grace will be featured in all the promos and interviews and the plan is to divide their time between America and Australia, but also travel the world and win over a new audience in Europe and other countries -- as Bindi and Chandler see it, the world is their oyster and they have zero doubt Grace is a superstar in the making
Page 5: Miley Cyrus has been partying nonstop and now pals are terrified she'll crash and burn unless an intervention forces her to rehab -- Miley was spotted on a boozy night out at Hollywood's famous Rainbow Room with British musician Yungblud and friends, downing beer and Miley hits the bars and restaurants most nights and after they've all shut down, she goes home to continue the party and she stays up all night and sleeps till afternoon, and then the vicious cycle starts up all over again and it's weekdays and weekends of nonstop partying -- the feeling far and wide is that she's hurtling towards rehab right now at a thousand miles an hour and it's intervention time but the problem with staging one is no one, not even her parents and sober friends, can get through to her -- Miley's been spiraling out of control since she split with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth in August 2019 and she's been some embarrassing drunk dials to Liam and model Stella Maxwell who don't want anything to do with her -- her parents Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus are beside themselves with concern and don't know how to handle her and they've spoiled her all her life and it's come to bite them in the behind and it's got to make them feel utterly helpless to see her relapse like this
* Kenya Moore tweeted about Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate Drew Sidora that she needs to pay for a tummy tuck -- the smackdown was posted alongside a photo of Drew's fuller figure clad in a snug peach gown but the comment came after Drew shaded Kenya for refusing to participate in a booty bounce contest on the reality show and Drew said of Kenya on-camera, "Girl, you paid for that booty, bounce it" -- Kenya has denied getting butt injections to boost her bottom line even though co-star Porsha Williams once charged it's not her ass
Page 6: A new British law bans cops from searching Queen Elizabeth's palace and homes, where sources suspect the royal family has secretly stashed many of the world's greatest lost art treasures and magical items, including the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant and Shakespeare's missing play -- Britain's Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport recently inserted the ban in a 2017 regulation that keeps Her Highness' palace and Balmoral and Sandringham estates off limits even to lawmen investigating a crime -- Buckingham Palace officials refuse to say whether the royal family demanded the law to keep authorities from snooping around their private estates but some sources believe the ban is to protect the Windsors, who are hiding a secret stash of lost treasures, stolen from historic sites around the world, that are literally priceless and reputed to have immense occult powers and the British royal family is a lot richer than their public holdings would indicate and a great amount of their wealth is believed to be secret treasures looted from foreign lands by the armies that built the empire and the queen's palaces and homes contain vast secret vaults filled floor to ceiling -- former FBI agent Robert Wittman, who helped create the bureau's Art Crime Team in 2005, believes the royal family has amassed a great deal of artifacts, jewels and other fantastic things but it would be very difficult to prove the items were stolen -- Her Majesty's hidden horde includes the Holy Grail cup Jesus drank from during the last supper, which reputedly has the power of immortality; the Ark of the Covenant containing the original Ten Commandments stored in King Solomon's temple; the crown jewels of Ireland stolen from the Dublin Castle in 1907; the 137-carat, yellow Florentine Diamond owned by Austria's royal Habsburg family that vanished from a Swiss bank in the early 1920s; the Spear of Destiny, which gives a ruler the power to control the world; William Shakespeare's missing play Love's Labour Won, a sequel to Love's Labour Lost, published in 1603, but no copies exist; and 50 jewel-encrusted Easter Eggs created by Faberge in the late 1800s for Russia's Romanov royal family and lost during the Russian Revolution
Page 7: Prince Harry accused his grandmother Queen Elizabeth of taking bad advice when she snubbed him and his wife Meghan Markle -- Harry said on his CBS interview that his granny had invited him and Meghan to Sandringham palace upon their arrival in England for a visit after moving to Canada but a short time later, the invite was withdrawn with the queen claiming she was busy all week and Harry accuses palace insiders of giving Her Majesty bad advice to avoid meeting with him and Meghan
Page 8: Dolly Parton's latest yo-yo diet has turned into a disaster, and the 75-year-old country queen has shrunk to a scary skinny 98 pounds and her legs are like sticks, her rib bones stick out and her hip bones show -- a few years ago Dolly weighed a reasonable 115 pounds but now she's barely tipping the scales at 98, and the weird thing is she likes herself this way -- Dolly insists she just doesn't have a big appetite and snacks on celery, lettuce and handfuls of nuts, and she is surviving on a mere 500 calories a day
* Freddie Mercury's first girlfriend recalls the exact moment she realized the future Queen frontman was gay: when he was too excited by a photo exhibition of men wrestling in the nude -- Rose Pearson, who claims she was Freddie's lover, says she could see he was enamored in a way that went beyond art appreciation and her blood ran cold
* Kelly Clarkson is singing a different tune about marriage amid her bitter divorce from Brandon Blockstock and she admits she can't even imagine doing it again and says of her suddenly single life it's almost like you start dating yourself again, like you actually make time for you again
Page 9: The electric guitar strummed by Elvis Presley during his 1968 comeback performance fetched $500,000 on the auction block -- Elvis insisted on using the cherry red Hagstrom Viking II, which belonged to session musician Al Casey, because he liked how it looked against his black stage duds and Elvis took such a shine to the instrument it took Al Casey a year to get it back
* Gwyneth Paltrow knows just what a lady needs when she's going through a divorce: she sent a box of sex toys to Kim Kardashian -- Kim said she's never been more excited honestly about the Kim's Box of Tricks which included a vibrator, sex gel and a special This Smells Like Kim's Orgasm candle
* Thanks to Alex Trebek's deathbed generosity, wheels are turning to remake a former Los Angeles roller-skating rink into a 107-bed homeless shelter and the new Trebek Center would not have been possible without a $500,000 donation from the beloved Jeopardy! host and his wife, Jean, to buy and repurpose the 23,000-square-foot rink in Northridge, according to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission
Page 10: Sharon Osbourne has left her gab show gig on CBS' The Talk after being accused of racism and using homophobic slurs against former co-hosts but the scandal-scarred diva isn't ready to go quietly as she walked away with the ability to say it was her decision to leave and is pressing CBS for the $2.75 million she'd earn during the last two years of her contract -- she's reportedly devastated by the scandal and is holed up with husband Ozzy Osbourne is their $12 million L.A. mansion and she's been confused from the moment this all went down and now she feels she is being persecuted and scapegoated
Page 12: Celebrity Buzz -- Pamela Anderson loads up on beer while grabbing groceries in British Columbia (picture), Mark Wahlberg is starring in a religious bioflick called Stu with Mel Gibson playing his father and Mel's galpal Rosalind Ross making her feature film directing debut and she wrote the script too, Nicola Peltz who is engaged to Brooklyn Beckham is making her writing and producing and directing debut in her very own passion project picture Lola James, Adam Levine got an enormously long tattoo covering his entire left leg that took three days to complete, Justin Bieber promised himself he wouldn't get tattoos on his hands so he could wear a suit
Page 13: Chazz Palminteri suits up in NYC to play a gangster in Godfather of Harlem (picture), Shannon Tweed who is wife of Gene Simmons of KISS (picture), Dolph Lundgren smooches fiancee Emma Krokdal who's 40 years his junior (picture), Princess Anne's daughter Zara Tindall gave birth to her third child on a bathroom floor
Page 14: Evan Peters is playing the title role in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and meanwhile Patrick Schwarzenegger landed a role alongside his brother-in-law Chris Pratt in the new series The Terminal List, condolences to Jean Smart whose husband Richard Gilliland died at 71 following a brief illness
* Fashion Verdict -- Erin Murphy 2/10, Kira Reed Lorsch 3/10, Ann-Margret 7/10, Haley Reinhart 9/10, Claudia Wells 8/10
Page 16: America is locked in a top-secret shooting war with UFOs and the Navy has blown one of the spaceships out of the sky, allowing scientists to use the wreckage to build advanced alien high-tech weapons to protect Earth -- at the same time, the Pentagon is pulling out all the stops to hush up a War of the Worlds that is already underway and military brass are desperate to prevent massive panic and are pressing President Joe Biden to delay the public release of a promised, huge UFO report on Advanced Aerial Threats due by June 1 -- experts are already speculating whether the report will include details from leaked Pentagon papers about how an Air Force F-22 fighter was downed during a dogfight with a UFO, and images of Navy pilots blowing a ticktack-shaped craft out of the sky during another encounter -- this is becoming a critical race against time to save mankind and Earth and for decades the military has tried to cover up and keep the lid on UFOs and the threat they pose but now, U.S. military jets have encountered and even engaged in dogfights with the aliens who are getting bolder and may be gearing up for a full-bore invasion of our planet
Page 19: 10 Things You Don't Know About Katey Sagal
* Jane Fonda says she's ready to have sex again as long as it's with a younger man -- the Oscar-winning octogenarian says she would consider doing the horizontal mambo, but not with a geezer her own age -- she says she would want a younger man because it's a thing about skin and she's too vain
* Cash-strapped Marianne Faithfull claims things are really quite desperate as she deals with a long-haul case of COVID-19 -- the singer was hospitalized for 22 days last year with the dangerous bug and admits she nearly died but she's close to broke after the coronavirus crisis scuttled plans for a biopic about her life, and its hefty paycheck -- she says she really needs the money because the pandemic f**ked her up
Page 20: True Crime
Page 22: Green Bay Packers great Brett Favre admits he was hooked on pain pills in the '90s and says being blindsided by drugs left him considering suicide -- the former quarterback claims an on-the-field shoulder injury in 1994 kicked off his pill-popping ways as he was given several Vicodin after the game, and later sought out more from unwitting teammates, saying it sort of numbed the pain, but it also felt pretty good and it snuck up on him and it was two pills that gave him a buzz, and then it was four and at its peak, he was taking 16 Vicodin ES all at one time and he was eventually downing a month's worth of drugs in just two days -- despite winning the Super Bowl in 1997 with the Packers he said he was as low as he could possibly be but after nearly four years, two disturbing seizures and a 75-day stint in rehab, Brett says he finally dumped the pills in the toilet but he almost wanted to kill himself after doing that -- now sober, the retired jock claims he hasn't had a pain pill since and stopped swilling booze in 1998
* Counterculture punk rockers The Sex Pistols will only talk to each other through their lawyers as they wage a bitter battle over royalty payments -- court papers show Steve Jones and Paul Cook are suing former bandmates John Lydon and Glen Matlock in a contract dispute -- the guys have always had a pretty fiery relationship, but sadly things are at an all-time low now and none of them are speaking, only through lawyers, and each reckons the other is to blame for various things over the decades
Page 28: Health Report
Page 30: Hard-up Tori Spelling's marriage to Dean McDermott seems to be hanging by a thread, but she's too broke to pull the plug -- she and Dean have no prenup and it's almost certain he'd look for a mega payoff and she shudders at the thought of expensive lawyers and court fees, and there would be spousal support and custody to fight over and she's trapped in an unhappy marriage with no way out and lately she hasn't even bothered wearing her wedding ring
* Tori Spelling says she wishes she had gotten Ryan Seacrest under the sheets when she had the chance -- Tori revealed her romantic regret, saying it would have boosted her career if only she had bagged the future Kardashian show producer in 2000 when he made an appearance on her Beverly Hills, 90210 series, saying she would have been dating up and she could be a Kardashian right now
Page 32: Cher has been frantic with worry over mom Georgia Holt's fragile health and is begging the 94-year-old to move in with her, even though they only live a few miles apart -- Cher visits Georgia almost every day and calls her constantly, but it's not enough to calm her down and Cher doesn't know what to do with herself when they're apart five minutes -- they're more best friends than mother and daughter and most worrisome to Cher is that Georgia recently had surgery and can't get around like before, and stubbornly refuses to take her meds and the nagging fear is her mom could be nearing the end which was inconceivable until now so Cher is pleading with Georgia to move into her mansion and that way, she can keep an eye and Cher won't be so lonesome
Page 36: Hollywood is holding its breath as a three-year anniversary tribute for the late Burt Reynolds approaches, fearing a fiery showdown between his feuding exes Sally Field and Loni Anderson -- despite her rocky marriage and bitter divorce from Burt, who passed at age 82 from a heart attack in 2018, Loni still suffers a lingering jealousy of Sally, Burt's Smokey and the Bandit leading lady and the love of his life -- now tensions are growing ahead of the fall unveiling of Burt's bust at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where he was buried less than two months ago, because Loni doesn't like Sally and Sally isn't too fond of Loni either and it'll be awkward if they're in the same air space and they want to see the unveiling, but it'll be an uncomfortable atmosphere, not to mention a PR nightmare to keep them apart because their feud goes way back and Loni hates to be reminded how Sally was, in Burt's words, the love of his life, and Sally thinks Loni was dreadful to Burt -- Loni recently poo-pooed Sally's importance saying at times Dinah Shore and Lorna Luft were the love of his life and the list changed all the time but since Smokey and the Bandit was his biggest hit, Loni thinks Burt always lived in the movie and how better to end than with Sally
Page 38: Real Life
Page 40: Kardashian mom Kris Jenner has turned into a savage lioness to protect divorcing daughter Kim Kardashian by plotting to make estranged husband Kanye West so miserable he'll wish he'd never been born and the momager is determined to have the rapper crawling on his hands and knees with a heartfelt apology after all the nasty things he said and did and there's not a day goes by that Kris doesn't flinch with fury over what Kanye did to Kim and the whole family in general; she thinks he's being especially bitter and twisted and it's obvious to her that he's trying to ghost the whole Kardashian family like they never existed -- while Kim doesn't want a divorce war, Kris is happy to take the lead on her behalf and Kim and Kanye are now communicating through their lawyers and they're negotiating the division of their $3 billion fortune and custody of their four kids, but Kris wants Kanye to say he's sorry and until that happens she'll have no issue calling him out and making life as difficult for him as possible; she has a lot of influence in Hollywood and plenty of dirt that will embarrass him plenty, whether it's by plotlines on the Kardashian reality show, trickling information out or rallying others to bring him down
Page 42: Trout-pouting Brandi Glanville shocked viewers when she looked nearly unrecognizable in a recent TV appearance, just months after denying chatter she's had plastic surgery -- the 48-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum sported a cartoony kisses and skin stretched tight as a drum but Brandi blamed any apparent alternations in her face on second-degree burns she says she suffered from an accident with a psoriasis light in December, posting a close-up on social media of her reddened face covered in goop
Page 44: Straight Talk -- anyone who thought the romance between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had a good chance of lasting is, well, an idiot
Page 45: Dustin Hoffman looked so real dressed as seedy Ratso Rizzo for his role in the iconic film Midnight Cowboy, he was kicked out of Manhattan's classy Sardi's eatery -- that's one of the memories director John Schlesinger shares about the filming of the 1969 movie detailing the squalid underbelly of the Big Apple in author Glenn Frankel's new book, Shooting Midnight Cowboy: Art, Sex, Loneliness, Liberation and the Making of a Dark Classic
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whatdoesshedotothem · 2 months ago
Monday 20 July 1835
7 ¾
12 ¼
No kiss. Ready in 55 minutes at 8 40 - fine but dull morning F64° at 8 40 in my study - out - with Charles and James Howarth and Carter sawing up rails - then at the Lodge - had Mawson explaining how Mr Harper had lastly set out the Lodge and gateway askew - much more stuff to move - M- waited my return before he liked to take more away - said he had done right - I would not have the Lodge and gates askew - would sooner put the Lodge on the upper instead of lower side - M- thought I should not have them askew - came in to breakfast at 9 ½ in about ¾ hour - then had Mr Burnett, a mason from Halifax, wishing to have a chance for Northgate house - said I feared he was too late - but he might do as he liked about applying to Mr Harper or the clerk of the works - sorry I had not known of him (Burnett) before - very civil to him - wished he had applied sooner - then had the clerk of the works (Mr Husband) went with him to the Lodge - he explained - Mr H- very unwilling to have the gates sit askew, but could not help it - I said nothing would persuade me to that - mentioned putting the tower on the upper side, and the difficulty would be got rid of (i.e. the gates being too opposite the steep of the wood) Mr Husband seemed well pleased at my decision - he agreed with me in opinion but hoped I should not name this to Mr Harper - said Booth was quite at a loss about the work - had never done gothic work - there would be a great deal of trouble with him - he must get a clever workman to help him - but Husband would do all he could for him - he seemed latterly ‘slack of the job’ ‘well!’ said I, ‘then perhaps he had best give it up’ - then Washington who had been with A- came to me, at the Lodge merely about the 3 iron hay racks from Low moor - told him to pay for them on Saturday - said I had sent for Ward who would do all that was wanted - told W- to mention to the commoners of the Wakefield about my taking 3 yards from the breadth of the road opposite the house the road would then be 12 yards wide quite enough - told W- to take care and mention it judiciously and not make too great a favour of it - he said Stocks and John Hodgson would be against it - I said I would send for Stocks - yes! said W- he could come on Wednesday morning before attending the Godley road meeting at 3 pm on that day - came in before 1 - found A- with my father - sent her upstairs from the hot room and soon followed myself sat talking till Mr Parker called at 1 ½ and staid above an hour to tell A-
that Grieves had given him assurance of leaving the house - what to be done about the few fixtures he had - A- would take nothing - I proposed Mr P-‘s telling John Pearson to take them in part of his debt due from Grieves and A- would take them of Pearson - then some talk about the Sutherlands A- shewed the letter Mr Gray had had from captain S- before our leaving York - but Mr P- did not think it sufficient to authorize him to give Mr G- even an extract from the Trustees deed of conveyance to the Sutherlands of their undivided moiety of the joint estates - Mr P- appealed to A- and me to know if we should advise him to give up the deed or give any extract from it in such a case - we both answered we had not a word to say - he was quite right to do so as he himself thought best, videlicet [viz] to write 1st for instructions from Captain S- Mr P- seemed to have no idea of their really coming till he heard they had an invitation to Cliff Hill  -seemed very doubtful also whether the division would really be effected - I asked if after Captain S-‘s letter to A- consenting and proving, he should run back Mr P- would consider him a gentleman - Mr P- evaded- such all he could in favour of Captain S- but his mistrust of him was plain - he thought I pressed him hard - said I did not mean to do so - he took up my saying he was right to defend Captain S- as if I meant to insinuate he was too pro Captain S- and contra A- I had no such idea - said A-‘s great desire was not to bring Mr P- into scrape - and I did not think he could have managed Captain S- I saw this seemed to nettle him but I took no notice neither A- nor I much liked his manner on the occasion - he seemed constrained and consequence smitten somehow or other for nothing - but A- has never either quite liked or trusted him since his making the strange deed of settlement between Captain and Mrs S- in February 1831 and she A- has often said she should not have employed Mr P- ½ so much but for me - sat with A- at her luncheon and saw her off on her pony to Cliff Hill at 3 ½ - I out (about) till she returned at 6 ½ dinner at 7 - coffee - ¼ hour with my father - then till 6 50 wrote the last 24 lines of today - then 35 minutes with my aunt - and then sat talking to A- till 11 20  A- had had Mr Washington at 9 this morning - her Shibden rent day - Nathan Firth and the other tenants of the reclaimed waste paid their rent to W- saying Mr William Priestley had been to him the day before to say he (WP) had discovered that the land belonged to Mrs Sutherland and Miss Walker, and that NF was to tell this to the other tenants!!! - very fine day F65 ½° now at 11 20 pm
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lassiee · 5 months ago
Hello! These are the tags. I don't know too much on how Tumblr works, but I believe you can block some.
Bolded is stuff that might lean more towards horror/violent content however be wary in most tags
Italicized I think are just main tags that you can block and then it'll block generally all of that content
Again, I don't know too much about Tumblr, but c'est la vie? My weird monkey brain is funny because it gets mad at me if I don't tag everything specific, so I'd suggest just do the italicized lol. Also I think this is just super fun because it shows everything plus the passage of time n' I can reminisce :D
Red Dead Redemption Series
red dead redemption, rdr, red dead redemption 2, rdr2, rdr: fan art, van der linde gang, arthur morgan, roger clark, john marston, sadie adler, charles smith, dutch van der linde, benjamin byron davis, hosea matthews, abigail roberts, jack marston, susan grimshaw, kieran duffy, lenny summers, javier escuella, tilly jackson, mary beth gaskill, josiah trelawny, karen jones, sean macguire, molly o’shea, simon pearson, rdr uncle, bonnie mcfarlane, orville swanson, leopold strauss, charles chatenay, arthur morgan x reader, arthur morgan fic
Outlast Series
outlast, outlast: fan art, miles upshur, walrider, outlast whistleblower, waylon park, outlast 2, blake langermann, outlast trials, chris walker, richard trager, martin archimbaud, eddie gluskin, jeremy blaire, outlast val, lisa park, lynn langermann, outlast the murkoff account, pauline glick
The Evil Within Series
the evil within, tew, the evil within 2, tew2, psycho break, tew: fan art, sebastian castellanos, joseph oda, juli kidman, ruvik, leslie withers, the keeper, tatiana gutierrez, laura victoriano, stefano valentini, lily castellanos, myra castellanos, oscar connelly
The Last of Us Series
the last of us, tlou, the last of us 2, tlou2, joel miller, ellie williams, tlou ellie, abby anderson
Detroit: Become Human
detroit become human, dbh, dbh: fan art, connor rk800, hank anderson, markus rk200, rk900, bryan dechart, amelia rose blaire, neil newbon
Uncharted Series
uncharted, uncharted 3, uncharted 4, uncharted the lost legacy, nathan drake, samuel drake, elena fisher, nadine ross, chloe frazer, victor sullivan
Resident Evil
resident evil, re: fan art, resident evil 8, resident evil village, resident evil 7, resident evil biohazard, lady dimitrescu, alcina dimitrescu, karl heisenberg, neil newbon, ethan winters, bela dimitrescu, cassandra dimitrescu, daniela dimitrescu, donna beneviento, re angie, salvatore moreau, joe baker, karl heisenberg x reader, karl heisenberg fic
soma, soma game, soma: fan art, simon jarrett, catherine chun
Little Nightmares Series
little nightmares, ln six, ln: fan art
Silent Hill
silent hill, silent hill 2, james sunderland, mary sunderland, pt silent hills
Tomb Raider
tomb raider, lara croft, shadow of the tomb raider
hannibal, nbc hannibal, will graham
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