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#james potter fluff
hellounicorn · 2 days ago
Could you pls do some more poly mafia marauders?Maybe the reader gets the leader of an opposing gang to fall in love with her but is actually with the marauders and did it because they ordered her to? (If that makes sense)
Ooh this is such a cool concept!
“Just remember who you belong to, love.” Remus confirms with a stern look, adjusting the scarf around your neck to prevent you from getting the chills outside as Sirius leans down to clip your shoes in place, humming in agreement with the brunette.
“And make sure he doesn’t try and get handsy with you, if he does you know what to do.” James reminds you as you wrack your brain trying to remember everything you needed to accomplish tonight undercover.
Despite how much it disgusted you to go out on a date(even if it was an ordered one), you had to keep your guard up and continuously tell yourself how just one more hour means time closer to going back home to be with your real boyfriends.
You inhale confidently, walking out the door and turning on the listening device implanted in the collar of your shirt. “This better be worth it.”
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scandalous-chaos · 23 hours ago
🦋 James Potter
“Family isn’t who you born with, is who you die for”
tw: mentions of y/n’s family problems
You lit up a cigarette and soon felt the smoke hitting your lungs. James laughed as you started coughing,
“I can’t believe you still can’t do that properly,” he said, sitting down beside you. 
You glared, but didn’t bother to reply. You offered the cigarette to him and he took it casually, pressing it against his lips for a brief second. He too started coughing. 
“Wow, don’t you look like an expert!” you said, laughing.
“Where did you get these cigarettes anyway?”
“Dad,” you shrugged. “He leaves them lying around. Doesn’t bother to tell us it’s harmful. Maybe he just doesn’t believe it’s harmful.”
“Or he doesn’t care.” James looked at you with sadness painted over his eyes. “You know you can always stay with me, right? My parents love you.”
“I can’t leave my dad,” you shook your head. “He’s the only family I have left.”
“Family isn’t who you born with, it’s who you die for,” he smiled, his eyes on the stars above. “And I’ll die for you any day.”
“How very Gryffindor of you,” you smirked, then leaned against his shoulder. “I’ll die for you too.”
“I know,” his voice was a whisper, and it hung on the air like the brightest star of them all.
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saintlike78 · 2 days ago
hello, hopping on monique's dialogue train cos i've had an idea since yesterday. how about eating chocolate and then james asks if he can have a taste and you eat the last bite so then he kisses you playfully bcos "he's got to taste it somehow"
The sweet taste bled onto your tongue, a groan escaped you as you closed your eyes in bliss.
“What’re you eating, darling?” James asked, dropping beside you on the couch, an arm slinging around your shoulder.
“Chocolate,” you mumbled, mouth full of said chocolate and a closed-mouthed smile on your face.
James grinned wide, bouncing a little in place like a giddy child, “can I have a piece?”
“I’m sorry, Jamie - I just finished the last piece,” you answered sadly, wishing you’d thought of him before stuffing your face.
“That’s okay, my love…- I’ll just get it another way,” James smirked.
You cocked your head to the side unsure of what he meant, but you didn’t have time to ask before his lips were on yours. His tongue entered your mouth as his arms wound around you pulling you close to him, melding your bodies together. You let out a sigh, followed by a slight moan as he continued ravaging your mouth.
When he pulled away all you can do is stare at him, completely dazed and cloudy. James smacked his lips, his face so close to yours he can peek his tongue out and poke your lips with it.
“So sweet…- we should always share snacks like this,” James smirked and you just nodded in agreement.
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morozovastarless · 26 days ago
jealousy, jealousy
summary: harry’s friends have a thing for his mom. james can't help but turn a little green in the eye.
warnings: none
word count: 1.1k
a/n: i've had this one in my drafts for a while and i thought why not post it?
Tumblr media
you finish putting the nachos in a bowl just as loud shouts come in from the living room. you shake your head as you listen to harry and his friend’s curse loudly, praying to god they don’t throw a controller at the wall like the last time.
you look at james, who’s leaning against the mantle next to you and holding back a laugh at your exasperated expression. “you know it’s gonna be you the one to fix it if they break something, right?”
he shrugs and tries to steal a few chips only to have you swat his hand, although it doesn’t deter him. “let them have their fun,” he says through a mouthful. “they’ll be back at school in a few days and then you’ll start crying ‘cause you miss the noise.”
embarrassment floods your cheeks, but you roll your eyes as though unaffected. “i do not cry, james.”
now he laughs loudly, remembering the night four months ago when he woke up to your sobs as you looked through pictures of harry on your phone.
he places his hand on the small of your back and pulls you closer. “sure you don’t, baby.”
you soak up his embrace before trying to change the subject, not content with james slight teasing. “i have to go to the store, can you pick me up in thirty minutes?”
he hums, watching as you add the sugar to the pitcher of lemonade and leaning down to press soft and wet kisses on the column of your neck, mumbling about how pretty and what a good housewife you are.
now you are sure your cheeks resemble the heat of a fire. “james,” you whisper while trying to pull away from him. “you can’t do that, the kids are right there.”
he grumbles and pouts like a child. he can kiss you whenever he damn wants to, he thinks, it’s his house and his wife, for fucks sake!
he doesn’t relent his silent tantrum until you kiss him properly, your lips moulding against his as though they were made for each other. you bite his lower lip and he groans lowly. “later,” you promise, then turn around and take the tray and the jug in your hands.
james stares as you make your way to the living room, the little sundress you’re wearing fluttering around you like water. what a fucking tease, he groans in his mind. but he wouldn’t have it any other way.
“hi, boys!” you greet happily, your voice carrying back to the kitchen where james listens attentively. “i brought you some snacks in case you got hungry,” you lean down to place the items on the coffee table.
you don’t notice the way the weasley twins stare right at your ass, nor the glare that harry sends them.
“i have to go to the store, s’there anything you need, bubs?” you ask harry, smoothing down his hair even though you know it’s as uncontrollable as his father’s.
“no, mom. thank you,” he says with a smile.
you mumble an ‘okay’, then turn to make your way to the second floor to freshen up before going out into the heat.
seamus is about to open his mouth when you turn unexpectedly. six pairs of eyes stare at you as you put your hands on your hips. “please don’t break anything,” you beg lightly. “i don’t want to ask jamie to fix another hole in the wall.”
“can’t make any promises, mrs. potter,” jokes fred. he doesn’t know this, but your heart soars whenever someone addresses you as mrs. potter.
“don’t make me call your mother, fred,” you threaten without any fire. the boys know very well that you and james were never ones to snitch.
fred looks scandalised for a second before a smirk takes over his face. “how d’you know i’m fred? s’because i’m the handsome one, innit?”
james grits his teeth as he listens to the redhead flirt with his wife. you laugh, unknowingly making the hearts of all the males skip a beat. “whatever helps you sleep at night, fred," you say airily. "but according to hermione, it's george the heartthrob."
and then you’re gliding up the stairs, five boys staring hypnotised at the place where you stood.
“man,” whispers seamus. “your mom is so fucking hot, harry.”
“shut the fuck up, seamus,” grunts harry, angrily biting into a nacho.
george whistles lowly, then turns to his twin. “think she’ll give me a spanking if i break something?” the rest of the boys laugh, except for harry, who keeps eating angrily.
james is in a similar position, biting an apple with a little too much force. he hates that every time harry’s friends come over they always stare at you and even try to flirt. as if they couldn’t see the golden band around your finger or the way you always clung to james’s side.
he knows it’s stupid to be jealous of some horny teenagers, especially when he has you writhing under him almost every night, but he can’t help it. he keeps listening, torturing his mind as he makes a mental note of everything they say.
your footsteps make everyone quiet down, and you step into the kitchen to grab the grocery list. “remember, pick me up in half an hour,” you say to james, one finger pointing at him.
he nods and salutes you. “yes, ma’am.” you laugh and shake your head, blowing him a kiss as you make your way to the front door.
“bye harry, bye boys,” you call over your shoulder. a chorus of “bye, mrs. potter” is heard and you’re just about to turn the handle when james calls your name.
“y’forgot your phone, poppet,” he says as he hands it to you.
you curse under your breath and take it, “thank you, darling.” you kiss him lightly, only to have his fingers tangle themselves in your hair as he forces your mouth open with his tongue, letting it play with yours as he turns you into a little moaning mess.
you don’t realise that the kids have a perfect view of your display of affection, but james does, and to further make his point, his other hand goes to your ass and squeezes one cheek harshly.
seamus and dean avert their eyes back to the video game, harry distracting himself from hearing his parents… dote on each other by throwing food at ron. but fred and george keep watching, jaws clenched as they listen to how much you love your husband’s touch.
you pull away out of breath, eyes still closed as you kiss under his jaw. “mhm, love you, james.”
he stares straight at the twins, a smirk on his lips and gives them a little wink. “love you too, angel.”
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malfoy-girl · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
➪ 𝕳𝖎 𝖌𝖚𝖞𝖘 𝖜𝖊𝖑𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖙𝖔 𝖒𝖞 𝖋𝖎𝖗𝖘𝖙 𝖈𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖇𝖗𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖊 𝖔𝖓 𝖙𝖚𝖒𝖇𝖑𝖗
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➪ 𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖔 𝕸𝖆𝖑𝖋𝖔𝖞
Draco fucking reader after school
Draco teasing the reader with his fingers and his cock
Draco and the reader having soft sex after a long day at work
Reader and Pansy sucking Draco’s dick
Sex in a lazy morning with Draco
➪ 𝕾𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖚𝖘 𝕭𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖐
Make out session + mutual masturbation and penetration
Sirius playing with the reader tits and fingering her
Short video of reader showing her tits to Sirius
Reader sucking Sirius dick while he plays with her pussy
Sirius fucking the reader from behind in her little green skirt
➪ 𝔍𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖘 𝕻𝖔𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗
Thigh fucking James and him coming on the reader dress
Reader riding Jame’s face
James filing the reader with his cum
The reader pegging sub James
James sucking on the reader tits
➪ 𝕽𝖊𝖒𝖚𝖘 𝕷𝖚𝖕𝖎𝖓
Fucking with Remus on the couch
Remus coming on the reader's tummy (end of the video)
Reader giving Remus a blowjob (throat fucking)
Remus playing with his girlfriend pussy
Lactation and piss kink with Remus
➪ 𝕿𝖍𝖊𝖔𝖉𝖔𝖗𝖊 𝕹𝖔𝖙𝖙
Theo fucking reader from behind while Pansy holds her hand
Reader riding Theo's dick after a hard day at work
Reader letting a stranger fuck her
Cuddle sex in the morning with Theodore
Throat fucking + tits fucking + jelly boobies
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havenchy · 27 days ago
Marauders Fic Rec
Tumblr media
— sending my love and appreciation to all of these writers! <33
Tumblr media
🤎 - fav ❀ - fluff ❂ - hurt/comfort ✵ - angst
Poly! Marauders
mafia! marauders dialogue ❀ - @velvetcloxds
fifth ❀ - @earlgreydream 🤎
neglected ❂ - @saintlike78
the marauders' hair salon ❀ - @akraziia
x hufflepuff!reader ❀ - @thotbutpurple
picnic ❀ - @crystal-dee 🤎
tough love ❂ - @saintlike78
baby ❂ - @slut-4-rafe
reprieve ❂ - @acosmis-t
greedy ✵❂ - @saintlike78
exams ❂ - @anordinarymuse
"i hope you like back rubs then" ❀ - @yourlocalmaraudersbabe 🤎
S. Black
sirius dialogue ❀ - @saintlike78
his little songbird ❀ - @velvetcloxds
maybe i didn't lose after all ❀ - @shaynawrites23
countless nights ❂ - @thewinchestergirl1208
my little star ❀ - @daisycinema 🤎
baby boy & man ❀ - @soupandsimple
oh my lonely heart pt.2 ✵❂ - @bigvogues 🤎
hug ❀ - @henqtic
right here with me ❂ - @v1oletvenus
three fatal words ❂ - @wreckofawriter
tears ❂ - @once-upon-an-imagine
your dog ❀ - @wreckofawriter 🤎
J. Potter
golden retriver boy ❀ - @toms-diary 🤎
missing you ❀ - @m4r13l3y
present ❂ - @selenesheart
falling for him ❀ - @quindolyn
james coming to you for comfort on a stresful day ❂ - @siredtohayleymarshall
imitation ❂ - @randomoutsiders 🤎
hugs ❀ - @darthwheezely 🤎
helping him with his insecurities ❂ - @jamespottersmommy
never been more sure ❂ - @jamespottertheloml
helping with you sleep ❂ - @st0nesnglitter
four-eyes ❀ - @sarahisslytherin
i love you ❀ - @slycassini
R. Lupin
remus blurb ❀ - @themarauderstheoutsidersandpeggy
you and me, always forever ❂ - @sagepotters
"but you did insult my boyfriend, and that simply won't slide" ❀ - @hello-everyfandom
"look at us, dating a year and we already have children" ❀ - @hello-everyfandom 🤎
puppy ❀ - @messers-moony
i need you ❂ - @flower-chaser
g'night, my darling girl ❀ - @isolemlyswear
always with me ❂ - @spxllcxstxr
chocolates and love letters ❀ - @iwritesiriusly
spilling bear and secrets, dear! ❀ - @salazarslytherin
red noses ❀ - @sunrisefairy 🤎
soft like wildflowers ❀ - @nancybycrs 🤎
Tumblr media
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sarahisslytherin · a month ago
Mmkay, one more for good measure <33 James losing his glasses and so you have to help him out with reading little things throughout the day. Like reading the instructions in potions class or softly whispering the questions on the black board for him when a professor calls on him to answer or helping him with his homework by writing the answers to the questions down for him
four-eyes // j.p.
Summary: When James misplaces his glasses you take it upon yourself to get him through the school day. Contains: Shit ton of fluff.
Tumblr media
“What are you looking for, Potter?” you asked under your breath, irritated by James’s shuffling in the desk beside you. 
“You know I hate it when you call me that.” he stopped to roll his eyes and click his tongue before he kept on rummaging through his schoolbag. “Can’t find my bloody glasses s’all.”
He’d been wearing them not ten minutes ago, but you knew your boyfriend. He’d probably dropped them in the halls on the way to class. Maybe if he didn’t strut around so boyishly he wouldn’t drop all of his possessions, you thought to yourself with a chuckle. You were in Transfiguration at the moment, and you couldn’t just stop taking notes to help him look, so you offered the next best thing. “Don’t worry Jamie, you can copy my notes later.”
James was visibly flustered, but your offer clearly got you his full attention.
“Oh, no, peanut. It’s alright, I’m sure they’re just in here somewhere.”
“Mr. Potter?” Mcgongall beckoned. “The answer to number 2, please.”
You didn’t need to look to know James was internally giggling at the mention of number 2, so you gently elbowed him back to reality. Only the reality was he couldn’t see a thing that was written on the blackboard before him. 
“It says ‘which of these is not a type of transfiguration?’”, you whispered to him discreetly, “’Enchantment’, -”
“Enchantment!” James blurted out, and you honestly weren’t sure if he was right or not, seeing as you’d only listed the first of four options. But your worries soon vanished when Minnie gave him a look of approval and went on with the class.
“Thanks, love.” he muttered to you, smiling uncharacteristically shyly, and you swore you saw him blush out of the corner of your eye.
Tumblr media
You’d had nearly no time to properly search for James’s glasses in between classes, and you found yourself having to haul him over to Potions to make it on time.
“Love?” you heard him peep as you set your things down and got comfortable. Flitwick had provided you with a list of ingredients and instructions for the day’s potion.
“Yeah, Jamie?”
“I-I can’t quite make out the instructions.” you turned and watched as his brows furrowed, squinting to decipher the print. You felt a bit bad, but you also couldn’t help but marvel at how precious he looked in this moment, hair in disarray after anxiously running his hand through it and cheeks flushed.
“What?” he asked, and you realized you’d been staring. You couldn’t fight the smile that broke across your face.
“Nothing, you just look so cute when you squint like that.” you teased, playfully punching his arm and taking the parchment from his shaky grasp. “Hand it over, four-eyes. You’re blind as a bat.”
“Not blind enough to miss the way you can’t stop ogling at me, poppet.” he fired back, flashing the trademark cheeky grin that seemed to be forever plastered onto his face.
“Now, now, Potter.” you clicked your tongue, “I think thanks are in order since I am the one helping you.”
“Oh, please. We both know you’re going to milk as many trips to Honeydukes as you can out of this.” he scoffed and you turned towards him, amused and sensing he had more to say. You were proven right as he affected a high pitched voice and girly demeanor. “Oh, Jamie. Remember that time you couldn’t find your glasses and I helped you all day? Come on, now, buy me some candy.”
“Merlin, do I really sound like that?” you rolled your eyes at his exaggerated impression, and soon felt two strong arms winding around you, hot breath hitting the back of your neck.
“No, peanut, You sound lovely.” he sighed, pressing a sweet kiss to your neck and going back to stand at your side. “Now what does it say here, dove?”
Tumblr media
Your last class had finally come to an end and though you didn’t mind a whole day of holding James’s hand a bit tighter than usual as you steered him through the sea of students, you reluctantly set off with James in tow to search for his misplaced glasses.
“Where was the last place you had ‘em?” your voice echoed through the now empty castle corridor as the last of your peers shuffled out. 
“I don’t know!” James whined, head thrown back and eyes screwed shut as he pinched the bridge of his nose. 
“Don’t you want to find them, James?” you asked, not expecting the playful glint in his eyes when they opened and met your own. 
“Don’t know, angel. I think I like you lugging me around and whispering in my ear a little more than I should.” he tugged you closer to him and let you wrap your arms around his neck. “Don’t you?”
“Maybe a little.” you whispered breathily in his ear, causing a shiver to travel down his spine.
“Oi, Prongs! How much longer have I got to hold onto your bloody glasses, mate? You gave ‘em to me at the end of Minnie’s class, take ‘em back already! I can’t handle this responsibility!” Sirius hollered from the end of the hall. You pulled your head out from the crook of James’s neck, flashing him an accusing look similar to the one he was currently giving Sirius.
“I’m sensing tension!” Sirius squeaked before making a run for it, disappearing around the corner.
“You found them in Transfiguration?” you crossed your arms and gave him what you hoped was a stern glare. “And you let me help you all day?”
“Yeah.” he peeped, not daring to take his eyes off his shoes. “Just liked the attention.”
You couldn’t bring yourself to be mad at that face. Not when his lip was jutted out like that and his brows furrowed so. You brought a gentle hand to his cheek and gave him a tender peck. 
“It’s okay.” you said calmly, before giving him a barely there smack on the head and chuckling. “Alright, now it’s okay.”
James gave you a deeper kiss this time. “Sorry about that, peanut. But I think I should hunt Sirius down now and get ‘em back. Don’t think I can go much longer without getting a proper look at you.”
Before you had a chance to respond, he was bolting down the hall, making a turn in the wrong direction, however.
“Other way, James!”
taglist: @velvetcloxds @canibeoneofthepogues @sereinegemini @oliverwoodmarrymepls
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acosmis-t · 5 months ago
Hi! Can you maybe do a marauders fix where the reader is being like punished because she was caught touching herself and the marauders have been ignoring her for about a week. And like the reader is have a really bad day and just needs their hugs but they continue to ignore her. And she skips class and they comfort her when they find out. If you could do this it would be great but if not it’s totally fine.(I love ur writing by the way!)
Reprieve || Marauders x Reader
Word Count: 1.9k
Warnings: mentions of masturbation, punishment, use of safeword during punishment (not during sex), hurt/comfort, feeling sad, fluff
a/n: i completely forgot i started this and stumbled across it two months later lol
Normally, you could manage.
Normally, punishment was fun. But now, when you were sitting alone at breakfast, the pits of your stomach twisting and resolute on refusing every bite of food, management was not so conceivable. You could hear their voices, their chatter, their laughter, and it only made your mood sour further.
Bad girls don’t get good things, Sirius had said. You don’t deserve them.
And when Remus had finished the last of the spanking, you found yourself with your lip caught between your teeth, wobbling precariously but still comparatively steady when juxtaposed to the present. The tears had welled, hot and heavy but not nearly so sincere as they were now.
James made a quip that lingered at the shell of your ear, trailed upon it as though it were taunting you, a reminder that his words were not meant for you. They were indistinguishable nouns and verbs and adjectives, a barrier of distance and disregard making them so.
Sirius laughed. Your heart pounded, chin quivering again; your eyes watered and your fingers trembled and once more, your gaze was on them. He had a pretty laugh, you thought. A pretty sound, with pretty teeth and a pretty smile.
It was an instinctual sort of attraction; not sexual, not obsessing—only one that had you wishing for them to be your source of comfort. No one else. Perhaps they weren’t to blame for your current dilemma, and perhaps their intention was never to genuinely hurt you—but the pain was still infectious and they were only making it fester.
Remus met your glance, brown irises holding steadfast to their promise. He smiled at your despondent appearance, not seeing the true misery that was threaded through it. You begged him, within the span of that look, for a respite.
And his head cocked. Considered you. Then, slowly shook. Side to side.
Bad girls don’t get good things.
Sirius was your next target.
You found him after Charms, surprising him as you sidled up at his side. Your shoulder grazed his, and while he didn’t pull away, he still didn’t look at you.
“Siri,” you mumbled, remembering the shame you had felt when they caught you in your dorm, getting off with a silicone cock they most certainly did not permit you to have. “Siri, please. It’s been a week.”
His chin tilted up, all hard angles that you wished to brush with delicate fingers. He neglected the advance, and his footsteps grew louder—a message that he had no plans to give you attention. An entire week.
“Siri,” you were whining this time, your throat burning as unshed tears fell down it. Today wasn’t like most days; today, you woke up wrong, felt incorrect, became upside-down and inside-out and all you knew was that punishment was not worth the mental toll it took. “Please. I need you.”
There was a crack across the consonants; a puncture across pleads. It was shades of desperation that filtered the beg, and you cursed the fact that there was no way for him to understand just how horrible you were feeling.
“Do you deserve it?” he asked, toneless, but still overpowering. Flitwick’s classroom was only a few strides away now, and your chest tightened as you realized you were getting nowhere.
And maybe it was the sheer frustration that stemmed from the predicament that had you snapping, “This isn’t fair. You don’t have to be such an ass, Black.”
He moved. His fingers, they were pinching your chin; his height, it was towering over you; his eyes, they were blazing with that dominant type of fury.
“And you don’t have to be such a brat, pup. You think you can break the rules and get away with it—get out of your punishment?” He dropped his grip, pushed you away. Acted like you were filth. “We’re ignoring you because this is what you deserve. You need to learn your lesson.”
You bristled, but kept your voice low as you approached the room. “This isn’t about a lesson. This is—this is cruel. I just want one day, that’s all.” Those tears were an onslaught, and you stuffed them down for the remainder of the conversation, knowing they would come back up soon. “And you and Remus and James have completely ignored me. Why?”
Another break.
You were met with a laugh, a chuckle, a shrug. Sirius simpered, but only parted ways, his last message not even close to what you wanted to hear.
“Get to class, pup. Bad girls don’t get good things.”
By now, the endeavor felt fruitless. You had been ignored, discarded, refused so many times over the course of seven days that you felt dumb.
The first few attempts for attention had been for the sake of acting like the brat they claimed you to be. It had been your fun, testing the waters. But this was the one day you actually needed it, the reassurance and the hugs and the love.
James had been no easier, even while he was the kindest. He had brushed the hair from your face sympathetically, but gave no more solace than the other boys. It had been your last straw, that pitiful dismissal, and it was only dejection that ran through your mind, no longer any dregs of delight.
It was how you found yourself dragging up to your dorm in the middle of the day, all but dropping your bags (dutifully ignoring the sound of shattering glass) and burying beneath the covers of your bed. An ache in your chest had built, drawing your heart, lungs, ribs together and weighing them down with the sheer amount of feeling. There was no explicability, no explanation, only the existence.
And in such a sullen mood, you didn’t even bother to alert the boys of your absence. Not that they would even care, too intent on serving you your punishment. You merely curled up, eyes shutting tightly, and prayed that the surrounding pillows, blankets, and warmth would be sufficient to soothe the anguish lining your very bones.
You fell into a fitful sleep, though the odd time did prevent serenity. Instead, there were nightmares, fear, disappointments and abandonment, and you were left wondering if, perhaps, their treatment held deeper roots, and if you truly did deserve nothing more.
And it wasn’t until Remus picked up on your disappearance, your seat in Charms notably empty, that the first prickle of apprehension flickered. And then another, from James, who was left by his lonesome at your shared Potions desk. Then Sirius at lunch and Remus once more at Defence Against the Dark Arts and that apprehension grew to genuine worry.
You weren’t one to skip classes, even while bratty.
You woke up from the soft click of your door opening, and to the much louder slam of it closing. A familiar, “What the fuck?” soon followed, its owner an even more familiar Black.
You pushed onto your forearms, swiping at your bleary eyes and the running remnants of mascara. It was difficult to muster a smile, nonetheless accept them with open arms. Opting for silence, you sat up, bringing your knees to your chest and watching carefully.
And maybe it was the chapped lips, or the swollen eyes, or, perhaps, the way you were nearly cowering as they stepped forward, but the air itself changed.
Remus was the first to kneel down, James and Sirius waiting for further instruction. He placed a gentle hand on your ankle, earnest and true. “What color, bun?”
You picked at the duvet under you, your head pounding with the stress-sourced headache. But you stayed quiet.
Remus held up a hand when the others tried to approach, then drew your gaze to meet his. The brown irises kept you there. “Tell me what color, bunny.”
“Red,” you mumbled, cheeks burning in embarrassment.
But, as soon as the answer fell from your mouth, the boy was standing, guilt festering, and seating himself on the mattress next to you. “C’mere,” Remus murmured, lifting his arms in indication, and it only took your moment of hesitation for James to be laying a hand across your spine, urging you.
You crawled towards him, slow enough that he took to picking you up himself, and your legs hooked around his hips, your arms his neck. Instantly, the tears were renewing, and your body curled around his, shuddering slightly from the sudden relief.
“What’s wrong, bunny?” Remus asked, tightening your arms like he knew it was exactly what you needed. “Y’wanna tell me what went wrong?”
“Bad day,” you supplied, the answer muffled into the side of his neck. Distantly, you registered running water, as well as the mattress dipping behind you. “Needed you.”
“I’m sorry.” One hand cradled the back of your head, and the other rubbing up and down your back. “I’m so, so sorry we weren’t there. Don’t be afraid to use the safeword next time—s’not just for sex.”
The dorm was empty, students out for midday activities, and you were suddenly wrapped up in soft hands, low promises, kind words. You were buried into Remus, holding him with a bruising grip, leeching every ounce of comfort he had to provide.
Eventually, you nodded, sniffling. There weren’t enough tears now, not that hadn’t already been absorbed by your pillowcase, and only tiredness remained—the bone-deep sort of exhaustion, despite your earlier nap, for that wasn’t true rest. “It’s not your fault. I was bad.”
“That’s not true,” James spoke up, squeezing your thigh to alert you of his proximity. “You’re our good girl, hmm? Always are, always will be.”
“But Siri—”
“What did Siri do?” came the questioning voice, though it was significantly softened with concern. He, too, was soon at your side, and Remus lifted your head so Sirius could have access to your face. Delicately, he swept his thumbs across your cheekbones, then had his long fingers holding your jaw.
You nodded your consent when he held up the cloth in his free hand, allowing him to drag it over your stained, leftover makeup. “You called me a bad girl. Multiple times.”
“Puppy, I didn’t mean it,” he cooed, treating the area around your eyes mindfully. You could see the unabridged regret in his pupils. “You know you’re my favorite girl.”
His baritone trickled through your ear, into your soul. A salve and a balm and a guarantee. You jutted your chin up, lips pressed.
Sirius swiftly kissed the tenacity away.
But contrary to your stubborn demeanor, you were relaxing into their arms; your face being held with Sirius’ excruciating care, your knee being covered with James’ warm palm, your entire body supported by Remus’ enveloping one. They were siphoning it out, the pain, and they were filling you with security in lieu.
The apologies were still made, whispered across your skin, imprinted onto all rawness, kissed chastely like they were all that mattered. Until you were in James’ grip, and he was drawing soap and adoration over your sore, aching muscles. Until Sirius was tending to your hair and Remus to your socks and it was domestication, tenderness, that was encapsulating you.
You were soon in their dorm, where you belonged, tucked under James’ covers, but only after the other two boys ensured you were entirely okay, entirely happy. And you were, soaking up the praises James gifted you every night you spent with him.
“We love you, angel. So much. I hope you can forgive us,” he murmured against the crown of your head.
And you only burrowed deeper into his chest, grappling at smooth skin, whispering, “I love you too. There is nothing to forgive.”
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SUMMARY ➠ ice cream man!james fucks you in his ice cream truck
WARNINGS ➠ fingering, dirty talk, semi-public sex, praise kink, humiliation (?), pet names, bit of a breeding kink, not proofread
A/N ➠ the long awaited ice cream man james smut ;) oh and this is for @hellounicorn <33
you were in that stage between dreams and reality when you heard it.
the small tune that you memorized since you started living in this neighbourhood— he always passed by in summer; and god, were you craving something cold and tasty to munch on when it was a thousand degrees outside.
you hummed in content as you lifted yourself from your bed, stretching your lips and rummaging through your closet in an attempt to find a comfortable and decent attire to meet james; as weird as it sounded, you wanted to impress the ice cream man and it was safe to say that you had developed a small crush— james had always been so nice to you, going as far as giving you free popsicles in exchange for a brief conversation.
the tip of your nerves went on fire as you stepped outside; spotting him buckling his belt. he was wearing a tight fit white shirt that had you drooling and shuddering.
“there you go, kiddo” chuckled james after delivering a chocolate ice cream to the last kid of the big crowd that had formed earlier.
he sighed in disappointment when he realized that you still hadn’t come out yet— he had purposely parked the van a few feet from your house, just so you could maybe pop by and have a nice chat with him.
truth is that james missed you. he hadn’t seen you since last summer and it had already been a shitty weather day, he knew you would be the only one to lift his mood up with that bright smile of yours.
james went back to the driver’s seat and as he finished buckling himself up he heard a small scream of his name upfront.
holy fuck— thought james.
you were wearing a small cute sundress that accentuated your figure in the best way possible, and when he let his eyes travel down to your chest, he caught a glimpse of your peebled nipples. leading him to get into the conclusion that you might only be wearing panties underneath that dress. his cock ached at the thought.
he stepped on the pedal lightly and drove closer to you, until the truck was right in line with your home.
“hi there, sweetheart!” he greeted, unbuckling his seatbelt and going into the back— where he was met with your face through the open window.
“hello james” you giggled “long time, no see, huh?”
“damn right you are, honey— i was starting to wonder if you moved out, what took you so long?” he spoke in a querying tone.
the tip of your ears and nose grew hot as you remembered struggling to find something cute for him. “oh— uhm, i was just— looking for my shoes you know?” you awkwardly chuckled, staring down at the five dollar bill in your hand as if it was the most interesting thing in the planet.
he gave you a bit of an amused look before shaking his head “whatever you say, pretty girl” your tummy fluttered as the nickname dripped from his lips like sweet honey.
“what would you like today, hm?”
“oh just— something sweet and creamy, like an ice cream popsicle” you shrugged, not noticing the effect your words had on james.
“i know something of yours that is sweet and creamy” he murmured under his breath. “what was that?” “oh, no nothing” he gave you a tight lipped smile, his cheeks dusting pink.
“right well uhm, the ice cream”
“oh shoot yeah— what uh” he paused to clear his throat “what flavor where you thinking of, petal?” and his sweet flirty persona was back on, as if the thought of having a face full of your pussy wasn’t replaying on his head over and over again.
“i don’t know” you groaned, almost embarrassed at your sudden indecisiveness.
“you can come in you know? take a look at the flavors and see which one catches your attention more” he offered, sparing you a small smile.
“won’t you get in trouble for that?” you cocked your head to the side. “i don’t mind” he shrugged, the corners of his lips still quirked up as he opened up the back door for you; already holding both of his hands out to help you climb in.
what a gentleman, you thought.
“there we go, honey. take your time.” spoke james as he patted your waist twice, sending a buzz of excitement all throughout your body that almost made you shudder on the spot.
the variety of flavours seemed so appetizing you started wishing you would’ve brought your whole wallet to buy all of them at once, but a peach flavoured ice cream would do.
as you went to give james the money he only chuckled and said “you know i wouldn’t charge a pretty little thing like you, your presence is enough” before handing you the sweet and throwing you a wink as he rested his back on the frame of the window.
the way his muscles flexed as he crossed them over his chest had you questioning whether you should’ve asked for his cock instead of a fucking popsicle—
and god… that damn shirt had your core clenching around air as your mind wandered about him fucking you in every position possible, he just looked so elegantly inviting.
“you done staring, sweetheart?”
shit. you didn’t even realize.
“oh my god, i am so sorry, i should probably leave” you nervously laughed, heading towards the back doors, only to have a large hand around your abdomen stop you.
holy fuck. james potter’s body was pressed against yours and you almost let out a moan as his breath fanned over the side of your petrified face.
“you can’t just leave me all alone in here, sweetie” his hand traveled lower down your mid drift. by now, your stupid peach flavored popsicle was long gone somewhere on the floor, melting. almost as much as you were against james’ hefty chest.
you swallowed thickly, blinking a few times to collect yourself as you turned your head to the side, it was hot breath against hot breath now; if only one of you made the first move—
“oh fuck this” he growled, disconnecting his palm from your pelvis and instead linking it with your jaw to have more access against your lightly chapped lips.
the lip-lock was vulgar and enticing since the start, both of you feeling the luscious sparks that it sent to your sex.
“i’ve been way too fucking patient” you heard him mumble as he took your lower lip in between his teeth, coaxing a whine as you felt your core drip with arousal. “bet you think about me when that pretty cunt is begging for relief, huh?”
“yes jamie, i do. i fucking do” you heaved, impassionedly grinding your bum against his bulging crotch. “i’m gonna fuck you nice and long today, baby. until all you can do is beg for more”
his words went straight to your sopping cunt as he waddled you forward, his mouth still on yours, to the window.
his lips detached from yours. “there we go baby, stay nice and loud for me, yeah? want the whole fucking neighbourhood to know who’s stuffing you full.”
your fingers gripped the edge of the window tightly as james nipped at your neck, his left hand bunching up your dress while the right one’s simultaneously prodded at your swollen button. “you came all bare for me, honey? bet you wanted me to fuck you good once and for all” he groaned, not giving you a warning as he slipped two fingers at once, leaving you a gasping mess as your knuckles turned white from holding on to the frame of the aperture you were leaned on.
“james!” you cried out quietly, rocking your hips back onto his fingers as the ones from his free hand made a path to your throat, lightly squeezing the sides.
his digits made wonders to your contracting insides, juices already making a sticky mess on your thighs as he curled them upwards, caressing your g-spot in a mouth-watering manner; the pad of his thumb made way to your clit, soothing it in tight figure eights as your legs shook, pulling small wails after wails from you.
feeling the thrill of the enticing orgasm building up, you brought one of your hands back to tangle itself on the male’s dark curls, only to have him tut at you as he removed his drenched fingers.
“wha— no! please!” you shamelessly begged, not giving a shit about anything else besides the ache on your heat.
james did nothing besides giving you a wicked grin as he let go of your neck, now focusing on lowering down his trousers— which quickly had you shutting up as you stared in fascination.
he was definitely the biggest you have had so far. a nice length with a thickness that would make a barbarous stretch feel so fucking delirious.
“i’m not sure if i can fit in that tiny hole of yours, precious. maybe i should just leave you like this” he fake pouted, a hint of amusement lacing his features as your bottom lip trembled at the thought of not having him inside you in the next fifteen seconds or so. “no! it’ll fit! make it fit” you mewled, rubbing your pooling cunt against his grith.
“so impatient” he chuckled, stabilizing your hips with his hands before forcing himself into you in one single unforgiving push, making you let out a small scream as your eyes shut tight.
james gave you a few moments for you to get comfortable before you rocked your hips backwards into his as a sign of consent. his hand travelled upwards to grope at your breasts as he thrusted deeply.
“my god, you feel like absolute heaven” he grunted, and even though you couldn’t hear him, the strain in his voice gave away that he was probably with his head thrown back, abs clenching and biceps flexed as his chest heaved, a sight for sore eyes truly.
your mouth stayed agape as his tip kissed your g-spot. your vision clouded with small black stars that had you genuinely question whether they were really painted in your house or not.
james started with a brutal speed since the start, the smacking of your skin against his was filthy and loud, you could only hope mr. benson wouldn’t go for a walk today.
the van rocked and lightly squeaked with every thrust of james’ and you tried your best to contain every loud moan and cry that might alarm the whole block. james had other plans though. “say my name baby, don’t hold back, i want to have your pretty moans fucking memorized”
you complied, throwing your last fucks out of the window and chanting his name like a prayer as your eyes rolled to the back of your head, his strong arms moving to hold you up by the bending of your elbows, causing your spine to arch in a perfect C as james continuously grunted in your ear.
“you’re gonna be absolutely cockdrunk after i’m done with you, honey” he groaned, speeding up the push of his hips and biting down on your shoulder as he brought you both closer to the edge.
“james! i’m gonna cum so hard, don’t stop please, don’t fucking stop” you sobbed, moaning uncontrollably as the coil in your stomach unravelled without any form of forewarning.
“there we go, cream my cock so nicely baby” whispered james, still fucking your quivering pussy through the orgasm with an aggressive pace. “oh fuck, this tight cunt is gonna milk me dry, yeah?”
you could only answer him with a whimper as your legs almost gave out on you if it wasn’t for him holding you up, a few more sloppy thrusts and he was spraying your fluttering walls with his cum, whines escaping his lips.
a breathy moan passed through your mouth as he pulled out, his load slowly flowing out of your puffy folds.
“you look so hot when you’re stuffed full of my cum, sweetheart.” rasped james, peppering your cheeks with soft kisses.
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Marauders Era x reader ft. Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, Regulus Black, Marlene Mckinnon and Lily Evans
Warnings: one suggestive comment depending on how you look at it, mentions of Black household abuse, mentions of bad self esteem, however apart from that it’s just fluff, but as always please lmk if there’s any i’ve missed!
Summary: Documenting the many love languages from the Marauders Era Word Count: 2.5k (i’m so sorry for this) 
an: ahhh. finally some fluff after around four fics of smut i think? i really hope y’all enjoy this, it felt so sweet and wholesome to wrote. enjoy babies xx 
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quality time
Remus expresses his love for you through quality time together. He doesn’t mind if it’s a walk by the lake when the sun sets across the wide horizon, or curling up on the couch with you, books grasped in the palm of your hand. His lycanthropy makes him believe that he’s not worth anyone's time; anyones love; anyone’s care. However, through the simple act of spending time together with you, he felt his fears and insecurities melt away, the weight of his heart resting in your hand as he would bury his face in your hair, inhaling the sweet scent and feeling the tension lingering on his scarred figure fade away.  
You spotted the way the lanky male manoeuvred through the crowds in the hall, the floppy honey head of his hair peeking over the students in the corridor, meandering his way over to you. His hand clutched the strap of his shoulder bag to his body, preventing the bag full of books and quills from being brushed off by a large group of wizards and witches pushing past him. “Heya lovie,” he calls out, his long legs bringing him to you even quicker than you’d expected. He approaches your figure at the end of the hall, his large hand coming forward to card through your own, craning down to smear a sweet kiss across the crown of your head. You both turn towards the doors, walking out together towards the path leading to the lake, watching the way the sky bled into a smooth plethora of colours, hues of pink and orange blending into one. “Hey Remmy, how was your lesson?” you asked, your steps quicker than his to keep up with his brisk pace. “Was good sweetheart. How was my pretty girl’s day?”
“S’even better now that I’ve got you. James and Sirius are gonna have to wait till tomorrow t’see you. Want you to myself all night,” you responded, whispering the last part into the shell of his ear, watching the way his cheeks blushed with the slightly suggestive comment. 
He gulped before replying, “whatever you want my love. Just as long as I get time with my best girl all night.” 
physical touch
Throughout his childhood, affection towards Sirius was sparse and very few and far between. Except for the occasional hug from his brother Regulus, he grew up touch-starved, never knowing how the feeling of one’s arms wrapped affectionately around another’s could blossom a love so deep to nestle within his chest. You’d made sure that throughout your relationship, he’d never go touch-starved again. You’d fill his day with fleeting touches; brushes of your hand against his; soft kisses wherever you could imagine. His day consisted of his eyelids peeling back in the early morning, eyes watching the way you slumbered peacefully against the skin of his pectoral, your hand threaded through his own as his arm pulled you even tighter to him. He felt his cheeks flush with a twinge of pink as you’d brush your soft lips against his cheek; his jaw; his forehead, peppering his blushing face in your love. The weight of his day melted from him as you’d hold each other close in the shower, arms wrapped around each other tightly, heads buried in each other’s skin as the shower water poured over your bodies, drips and drops of water running down his long hair. 
He felt the way your breathing evened out, smiling softly as your eyelids fluttered open, cooing at the way you yawned ever so slightly, snuggling your tired face back into his smooth skin. His hand came up to brush through the tangled tresses of your hair, massaging your head as the dim light breaking through the curtains broke you from your slumber, your face nestling even further into Sirius’ torso, your breathing tickling the small tufts of hair sprouting from his chest. “Morning, dovie,” he whispers, his voice so soft and barely there, it felt as if he hadn’t even said it. It wasn’t a usual occurrence that people were ever witness to the soft side of Sirius, them rather observing his snarky and confident nature. You felt privileged to see the side of such a sweet boy, so dedicated to loving you. “Morning Siri,” you replied, the soft skin of your eyelids peeling back to gaze into the grey depths of his eyes, smiling tiredly as he leaned down to kiss your temple. “How was y’sleep?” He inquired, shuffling his body down the bed to be face to face with you, his breath tickling the skin of your cheek. “So good, y’know I sleep better when I have my best boy beside me.” You lean in ever so slightly, lightly brushing your lips over his, before he takes his own initiative, connecting your lips once more in a harder kiss, pouring his love and adoration for you into every fleeting moment of it. 
acts of service
Expressing his love through acts of service, was James Potter’s favourite way to evoke his deep and irrevocable adoration for you. They didn’t need to be big or expensive, fancy or rare - the thought and tenderness he put into each one, only helped in growing the deep pool of love you had for each other. He’d see something in a store at Hogsmeade, his face pressing up against the glass to watch the dainty ornament, lagging behind as his friends ran into Zonko’s. He’d see a flower beside the black lake, blossomed and contrasting beautifully against the dark water of the lake. His fingers would pluck the petaled-flower from the ground, twirling it between his fingertips before he’d place the flower behind your ear, tucking the pretty petals in the smooth strands of your hair with a dopey smile. It would never matter to you what it was, whatever James had plucked from wherever, would always be enough for him to express his love for you - love from the boy who was known to love so deeply. 
Your heart jumped at the way the bespectacled male burst through the room, his excitement and eagerness to see you pulsating from his body into the air around you. You laughed at the way he smiled after swinging the door open, your hand rising to clutch the skin about your heart, feeling the rapid beating beneath the palm. “God James, you scared me,” you laughed, eyes crinkling at his excitement. He clutched something in his palm, striding forward to sit adjacent to you on the burgundy bed. “What’s that you’ve got?” you asked, fingers brushing away the stray curls that fell over the arch of his eyebrow. His palm opened, the dainty petals of the flower he’d plucked from outside standing out proudly against the calluses on his hand. “S’a flower. Thought of you when I saw it.” Through his explanation, he never once stopped to dim the smile stretching across his face, his eyes twinkling with pride as he marvelled at the way the daisy tucked itself so perfectly behind the bend of your eye. “S pretty. Y’so pretty sweetheart.” 
words of affirmation
Akin to his brother, Regulus never grew up with much love. He’d grown up with etiquette lessons and crazy cousins, never knowing what it was like to have someone tell them they loved him. Of course he had his brother, but when the time came for Sirius to go to Hogwarts, the only love he’d ever known moved miles and miles away, not even turning back to wave as the train took off from the station. When the time came again for his brother to run away, he believed he would never experience even a smidge of love again, until you came into his life. His family believed they were doing him good, making him feel powerful with what they’d call ‘praise’. With the way they’d claim he’d ‘make the family great again’ and that ‘the dark lord will love him’. Their words didn’t feel like praise to him, they were reminders of his transgressions; reminders of the monster they were turning him into. Their words and phrases didn’t help him feel loved, they made him feel sick, unwanted, worthless, only the necessity of dark magic. Your words however, cast a light on him that outshone the dark. The way your lips would move as you’d casually compliment him, brushing the pad of your thumb over his plump lips, whispering about how pretty he looked. Lying in bed, your fingers twirling the dark ringlets of his hair, softly humming about how sweet he was; how much you cared for him; how much you loved him. The words you used and the gentle tone of your voice was more than enough to help him feel loved and even the dark shadow cast by his blood family could and would never be able to dim the light of your own words. 
You watched the way the shimmering light bled from his wand, beams of glittery light twisting and turning around the frosty sky, bleeding into the shape of an animal, gliding over your heads. The wings of the bird formed over your head, fluttering over your heads, as the both of your eyes followed the wondrous creation around the astronomy tower. You witnessed the way the entire body glistened into place - a head and legs and a body bleeding into place, your mouth gaping open with wonder and adoration at the raven flying over your head, giggling as it swarmed and dived over your amazed figure. “Oh my Merlin,” you breathed out, shaking your head slightly side to side, a wide smile stretching over the expanse of your face. You shifted your eyes away from the image, looking back to the dark-haired boy who had created it, almost chucking at the way his face was etched with disbelief, his eyes wide with amazement and wonder. “I can’t believe I just did that,” he said, the tone of his voice gaspy as he watched the way the bird dissolved back into the autumnal chill surrounding you. “Really? I had every faith in you, you’re so smart Reggie,” you gush, rushing forward to envelop the Slytherin boy between your arms, smearing soft, slow kisses onto the curvature of his jaw. “My smart boy.” 
physical touch
Similar to Sirius, feeling your fingers brush against hers only amplified Marlene’s love for you. She’d be enamoured in the way your fingertips would trace the detailed ink of her tattoos, following the dips and dives of the swirly ink embedded into her skin. Her eyelids would flutter closed as you’d kiss your way up her neck, ending the affection with a gentle snuggle there, ticking your nose against the curvature of her jaw, as you’d bury your face in it. The way you’d grip her thigh at the Gryffindor table, needing the creamy skin of the limb in your palm, as your head would lay against her shoulder, craning your neck to look up into hers, as she would look into yours. Marlene was ingrained with a sarcastic personality; snarky in nature, sexy in attitude. She’d tease and taunt others; decorate her body in tattoos and piercings; be tough against prejudiced Slytherins, but nothing would ever give her more satisfaction than the feeling of your skin against hers, tickling the surface as the weight of the world fell from her shoulders. 
Her features were etched in a sense of deep serenity and peace, as you brushed the face cloth over her face, gently washing away the layers of dark liner she decorated her lash line in. Her lips were puffy and glossy as you brushed the warm cloth over them, colour bleeding into the fabric from the day’s wear. You pulled the cloth away, observing how drops of water clung to her cupid's bow, making the small swell glisten in the candle lit light. You leant forwards, clinging her lips in a sweet kiss, sensual and sweet, as her hands pulled your hips towards her own, letting out small giggles enhanced with glee as she did so. The tips of her feathered eyelashes tickled the skin of your face, heightening the elation and sweetness of the situation, the experience of such a domesticated moment with Marlene causing an even greater love to blossom within your heart. When you parted, she threaded her hand through your own, rubbing her thumb across your knuckles, keeping your body close to your own, as she still sat atop the bathroom counter. “Let’s just stay here a bit longer, m’kay? Then we can snuggle,” she whispered, her eyes looking up into your own, desperate to keep your touch as close to her as possible. 
quality time
Picnics by the lake, library dates hidden away in the corner - it didn’t matter where or what you were doing with Lily, just as long as it was done together. The woman expressed her love in many ways - she was a born sweetheart, always kind and helpful, sweet and sultry, but spending time with you was her favourite way of showing it. It felt like each and every time she looked at you; spoke to you; kissed you, the love in her heart blossomed even further, bursting with adoration with you and the way she loved you. It was a love she’d never experienced before, not a love she’d ever want to forget. Wherever you were; whatever you were doing; however you looked like, she wanted to always spend time with you, no matter the occasion. 
You both giggled with delight as you ran through the halls, hair blowing back and air brushing over your face, in your rare moment of disobedience. The paintings stared down at you, as you huddled past, looking down at you in disdain. The two of you made your way up the stairs of the astronomy tower, hands clasped and smiles matching, as you took the long journey up to the open tower But you knew once Lily would see it that she’d love it. You turned back to look at her before opening the door, a wide smile stretched across your features as it swung open, the red head behind you gazing in wonder at the sight before her. “Oh dovie,” she gasped out, gripping your hand within her own and looking at you with the slightest sheen of tears in her emerald eyes. “For me? Y’did this for me?” The disbelief in her words made you chuckle, finding it funny that she’d think you’d ever do anything less for her. “Of course Lils, you’ve been so busy lately and I just wanted to spend time with m’best girl.” You’d never forget the way the small track of tears weighed down on her lash line, threatening to flow over with the weight of her love for you.
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randomoutsiders · a month ago
request : poly marauders blurb where reader and rem and james comfort sirius because he’s sort of left out and he thinks no one wants him?
i love your writing so much omg i’m so happy requests are open
warnings/content: feelings of insecurity, a little bit of swearing, mention of smut but no smut, otherwise, fluff
word count: 1.3k
Although the adoration for the three males shares equal portions in your heart, you often find yourself traipsing over to the tallest of the trio, slipping into his open embrace and accepting the doting that he never fails to provide.
Otherwise, in the rare case that his presence is elsewhere, you're to be found between the broad of arms of the quidditch player, your nose nestled in the bend of his clavicle as he hums you to sleep or toys with stray strands of hair.
It's a subconscious action on your part - an action completed not by malice but rather by repetition written into your daily schedule. However, this action is not one that is unnoticed, for the third of the three, the boy with the broken past and unrestrained worries is very aware of this fact.
He watches with sorrowful dread in his heart as you hum dutifully in the arms of your dominant, and giggle plaintively as the bespectacled boy pinches at your hips.
However, after years of turmoil, of spiteful words, and snarled words of hatred, it's easy for Sirius to paint a feigned smile over his lips. But to obscure the anguish that drowns out the light in his irises is a whole different story. And it's something that, regretfully so, takes a little bit too long for the three of you to catch onto.
It's a Friday afternoon, one where the typical inhabitants of the Gryffindor common room are off to either complete unknown tasks or to reconcile with old friends and amuse themselves. Thus, that is where the four of you are to be found, but only momentarily.
You're tucked neatly into the large armchair that's placed right beside the blazing hearth as you lean over, fingers pulling dutifully at the ties of your shoes while you prepare for your departure.
"You done, angel?" Remus is the first to inquire of you ask you complete your task and straighten your spine to admire your work.
"All done." You chirp, lips curling up in a satisfied simper, your fingers curling around the lycanthrope's outstretched fingers.
"Y'wanna hold my hand too, puppy?" Sirius hums, one hand slipping through raven locks with the other extends out in question.
"No, it's alright." You decline, your actions not intending to hurt the male, but they're a piercing dagger through his poor, palpitating heart. "I've got Remmy."
To further emphasize your point, you curl in closer, your other hand slipping around the smooth muscle of Remus' bicep, pressing your cheek there. Thus pushing the dagger in further
Although minimal, the syllable pulls James' eyebrows together until a visible 'v' is found between them, for the most sympathetic of the three isn't accustomed to such dejection from Sirius.
"What's wrong?" He muses, slipping his wallet into his back pocket because the four of you are due for an overdue date at The Three Broomsticks.
"Nothing. Nothing's wrong." The brunet's words are cut as he slips the dejected hand into the pocket of his jeans. "Can we just go?"
"Hold on." Remus slips his hand away from your own, despite the begrudging whine that tugs at your vocal cords. "There's obviously something wrong. What's wrong?"
"I don't see why you keep asking me the same question after I've fucking answered it. Can we just go?"
Although it's a slip of the tongue, the curse word pierces the air. Yes, he's known to use such foul language but not in such a concerning context.
"Sit down, angel," Remus instructs, and you wordlessly obey, slipping back into the armchair and observing as the three boys converse.
"We're not going," James states, crossing his broad arms over his chest as a frown finds its way onto his lips. "Not until you tell us what the fuck is up."
"Nothing is-"
"Just-" A sigh slips from Remus' tongue as his fingers pinch at the bridge of his nose. "Can we just calm down about this, please? It's going t'do us any good if we're yelling at each other like fuckin' gits."
"Oh sure, let's just all listen to Remmy." Sirius scoffs, his optics making a full rotation in his skull. "Because we all know that a certain someone only listens to him. Or James."
"Well-" You're standing up, refusing to sit behind while Sirius brings up your name. Well, refers to it, at least. "That's not true. I listen to you!"
And then the dam is collapsing - the only form of restriction that's keeping Sirius' emotions at bay, for tears are teetering on the precipice of his rouging lids as he sniffles angrily. "That's not fucking it. It's not just the fucking listening."
"Mate, it's not like that-"
"Well, obviously it is because out of the two of us, or should I say three, because even then I'm the last one, she picks you. And then James. And then me? There is no me. How the fuck do you think I'm supposed to feel about that? Let me answer that for you. Shit. I feel like absolute shit."
At this point, the wobbling tears are making twin paths down his rouging cheeks, the warmth of them so intense it's as though flames are searing in his cheekbones.
"Siri." Your voice is dropping into that of a sympathetic octave as you step forward, hands coming up to touch him, to show him that you're there, but he flinches, shying away from you with a dirty glance.
"Hey." James notices as he tends to always do, placing a delicate hand against Sirius' shoulder so that he can gain the male's attention. "Mate, she's not going to hurt you. We need t'sit down."
In moments, you're all sprawled out on the larger couch in the room, surrounding the weeping boy with your three beings. "Sirius, you are everything to us. Everything. My heart wouldn't beat without you." You simper, your bottom lip wobbling with the mere prospect of one of your favorite males being hurt due to your doings.
"Yeah, well, you're not very good at showing it. You want a hug? You go to Remus. You're sad? You go to James. I feel like a pawn in this stupid game you're playing because I'm always the tough guy. The mean one. What if I want t'be more?"
"You are more. You are. You're my everything. I'm sorry, Siri. I'm so sorry." Now you're blubbering, cheeks gleaming with tears as guilt swarms every available inch of your being. "I love you. I love you so much."
Sirius passes a glance in your direction while his hands smear anxiously at your cheeks, desperate to rid of the tears that once resided there. He's not accustomed to showing so much emotion, especially in such a public area, despite the fact that you're alone.
"We love you too, pup." Remus coos, scratching softly at the nape of the boy's neck before the latter is leaning into his open touch, sniffing languidly.
"C'mere, baby." Sirius hiccups, beckoning you forth until you're curling up into his lap, your arms winding around his torso and holding him close.
"I love you. I love you so much. You are so much more than the hard-ass. I just thought you didn't like hugs as much." You mewl, peering up at him through waterlogged lashes.
"Who the fuck told you that?" He chortles through the lump in his throat, pressing a soft kiss to the crown of your head.
"I did not!"
"That's what you say when you want me to hug you first!"
Sirius glances over at the aforementioned male, eyebrows furrowing with disdain. "You little-"
"I didn't think you would take it that seriously!"
You let out a low whine, prompting the attention of the three males. "Alright, alright." Sirius hums, his grip on you tightening a bit.
"I'm really, sorry, baby." You hum. "Promise to give you so much more hugs and kisses. But maybe next time you don't give me so many spankings."
There's a curt pinch to your backside. "I'll think about it."
eh it's ok but it's something to get me out of the shlump. i hope you enjoyed <3
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hellounicorn · 24 days ago
The day after having rough sex with the marauders but where going on it for hoyrs so when they finished just fall asleep without aftercare and the reader wake up deep in subspace
“Still in that fuzz, aren’t you honey?” James coos petting lightly at your hand as you nuzzle yourself between the space of his thighs atop the mattress.
“Can’t help it,” you babble, reaching nimble fingers out to reach for Sirius’ hand, who was softly rubbing your feet to relax you. “Just wanted to make you feel good,”
Remus clicks his tongue on the roof of his mouth, leaning down to where you were and brushing loose strands away from your line of vision.
“You always do, bunny. Always, but we’ve gotta get our y/n back, now. So just cooperate with us for a little bit, yeah? Gonna make all your fuzzies go away.”
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scandalous-chaos · a day ago
🦋 Sirius Black
“You look good together, odd but good”
james potter x fem!reader and sirius likes y/n platonically.
"I'm sorry we kept it a secret from you," you told Sirius, your smile apologetic. "We just didn't know how you'd react."
"Considering the fact that my two best friends were secretly shagging for a year," he said with a glare, "I'd say I reacted pretty well."
"You refused to talk for an hour, then started yelling questions and you acted like you were betrayed for another hour," Remus smirked.
"Because they're my best friends and best friends tell each other everything!"
"Oh c'mon prongs, we said we're sorry," James pressed a kiss on top of your head. "Besides, now you know!"
"Fine, but only because y/n agreed to be my wingwoman for an year," he said, nodding gratefully.
You rose an eyebrow. "I didn't say anything about tha-"
"He'll throw a tantrum again," James whispered in your ear.
Begrudgingly, you gave up and said yes.
"There we go!" Sirius clapped his hands, as if he just did a business deal. "And for the record, you look good together. Odd but good."
James pressed another kiss to your cheeks, and you couldn't help but blush.
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saintlike78 · 2 months ago
Poly marauders where like the reader smacks one of their asses why they are leaving the dorm to go somewhere & they’re all surprised and IDK maybe they punish her? Err you decide the rest xx
Before breakfast [Poly Marauders]
A/N: This is kinda a crack fic, but also not really, it was just a funny concept
Pairings: Poly! Marauders x Fem! reader
Words: 875
Warnings: Slightly NSFW! 16+, spanking, illusions to a d/s dynamic, fluff, no proper aftercare, polyamorous relationship. As always lmk if I missed anything.
You weren’t really thinking, all you saw was Remus Lupin’s ass walking towards the door of the dorm. Your hand drew back and you landed a harsh smack right on the cheek, immediately trying to scurry past him.
Silence filled the room, the quiet conversation ceasing and a shocked look crawled onto their faces; the quiet was interrupted by your giggle, your body almost out of the open door.
You thought it was all just good fun, your mind was quickly changed when a hand yanked your body back turning you as you collided with the firm chest of Remus.
You looked up at his face and his expression had changed from surprised to questioning, his eyebrow raised as he looked down upon you.
“You think you’re allowed to do that? Huh, bunny?” He questioned, his grip tightening around you, using his free hand he grasped your chin to keep your gaze on his scarred face.
“Guessing by your reaction… no,” your eyes moved between the three of them, James and Sirius standing on either side of Remus, their faces strained as they tried to keep in their laughs.
“That’s right, that’s something reserved for us to do, not you, little girl,” Remus took a few steps backwards with you in his grasp, until the back of his legs hit the edge of James’ bed.
You couldn’t decide whether to laugh or try to make a run for it, the moment rather funny in retrospect, but the consequences of your actions were slowly sneaking up on you.
Remus sat on the bed, gripping you and manhandling you across his lap, the consequence very clear as it finally washed over you and made its presence known.
James and Sirius stood by the door, backs against the wall as they watched, with amused grins, the events unfolding before them. They waited patiently for the Lycanthrope to be done with your punishment so that you could get breakfast; you laid across his lap and thought over your actions, this was the earliest you had ever been punished - punishment before breakfast had to be a new record, you would have laughed if you hadn’t found yourself in this special kind of predicament.
You let out a sigh, preparing yourself as Remus lifted your skirt, the skirt you had put on not even thirty minutes ago. The smooth skin and curve of your ass displayed to him, his hand caressing the skin softly.
“You’re gonna count for me,” Remus informed to which you nodded, but your head turned back to look at him, confusion written on your soft features.
“To how many? You didn’t give me a number, Remmy.”
Your eyes sparkled as you looked back at the beautiful boy whose lap you were perched over, his own eyes softening as he looked at your face - he almost wanted to forget about the punishment, but he shook his head and pinched your bottom lightly.
“Until I say we’re done,” Remus gave no warning as he drew his hand back and landed a firm smack on your bare skin, the impact causing your body to jolt and your teeth to sink into your bottom lip as you tried to keep your noises from spilling.
“One,” your fingers wrapped themselves in the tussled sheets of James’ unmade and messy bed.
Another smack followed, then another - your skin turned brighter and more irritated as the red colour bled onto it. By the sixth spank the noises toppled out of you, the pain no longer mild enough to try to toughen through. A single tear leaked out of your eye, the spanks continuing along with your struggling counting.
“Fifteen,” you whimpered out, your body falling slack against Remus’ lap, which is when he decided that you’d had enough.
“Okay, bunny, we’re done,” he said as he lifted you to straddle his lap, a relieved sigh leaving your lips. He brushed some of the loose hair from your face, wiping the tears from your face; his eyes were soft, you couldn’t resist the way he looked at you, your body falling forward to connect your lips with his.
Remus gripped your waist, keeping you close to him as you floated in a dreamland.
“Hello! We’re gonna miss breakfast,” Sirius snapped his fingers and tapped his foot impatiently, making yourself and Remus pull apart.
You slowly got off of his lap, wincing slightly as your skirt fell back in place on your behind. You had no idea how you would make it through the day, the mere thought of sitting making you cringe.
“Come here, darling,” James stretched his hand for you to take, which you did with no hesitation, making your way to breakfast.
Sirius and Remus walked close behind you, Remus’ face was pulled up in a smirk as he no doubt had the same thought as you about your sitting problem.
Suddenly a sharp stinging sensation landed across your bum and a much too pleased Sirius came to walk beside you.
“Ow! Siri! That was mean,” you pouted as he smirked at you, falling in step with you and James.
Sirius leaned down, his breath fanning your ear as you walked, “if you’re nice, I’ll let you sit on my lap today.”
Tags: @justadreamyhufflepuff, @teenwolfbitches28, @emma67, @trouble-in-space, @sciapod, @kermiemoon, @autumnandwinteraesthetics, @roonilwazlibswhore, @White_castles, @lexi_shoto, @sprucewoodlover, @blackandlupinsslut, @emmaev, @cedricisnotdead, @Sirius-sugarmomma, @i-love-scott-mccall, @pretty-pop-princess-hs, @pottahishotasf, @mjoubertt-1, @m2lily, @biles-bilinski-24, @methblinds, @lunaiswifey, @maraudersbijj, @samaraaaaa, @ildm4ev, @bellatrixscurls, @sabrinathesimp, @princess-jules47, @chanellewts,
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morozovastarless · 2 months ago
summary: james helps you relieve your boob pain
warnings: um playing with your tits and sucking on them??
word count: 421
a/n: another self indulgent one cause my titties hurt 😌✌🏻
taglist under the cut
Tumblr media
as soon as you enter your room you take off your shirt and bra, then throw yourself back first on the bed, sighing in relief.
james is sitting on the desk he has installed himself, turning around in the thrifted chair so he can look at you.
“you okay, poppet?” he could see your teary eyes even from where he’s sitting.
you nod. technically speaking, you are fine, it’s just that your boobs hurt like a bitch and the mere idea of standing up and walking, and consequently making them bounce a little, makes you want to cry.
“yeah, m’fine, jamie,” it's quiet and slightly pitiful.
he moves towards the bed, laying beside you and petting your hair. “you sure, darling?”
you nod again before shaking your head negatively. “my boobs hurt,” you whine.
"s'it because of your period?" both you and james had noticed the recent pattern, but your brain always seems to forget about it, taking you by surprise.
"yeah, think so. the app says it should come in five days," you shrug. sometimes your period was regular to the t, but other times it was like taking a shot in the dark.
his hands, big and warm, softly cradle your boobs, taking the weight off your chest. when you sigh, james smiles slightly. "s'that okay, baby?"
"yeah," you breathe out.
he starts to knead the flesh, almost like giving them a little massage. his hold is tender, the pads of his fingers softly squeezing your boobs.
he moves his body down a little so that he is face to face with your chest before giving your nipples a few tiny licks. "jamie," you moan.
he takes your right nipple in his mouth, suckling on it. you tangle your fingers through his hair, not pulling on it, just using your nails to slightly scratch his scalp. he sighs and groans at the feeling, sucking a little harshly. "owie, jamie. be gentle."
"sorry, poppet."
he moves his mouth to the other breast, repeating his previous actions. the soreness is now almost gone, james's soft touches relaxing so much your eyes start to close.
"m'tired," you mumble.
james kisses slowly and sloppily all over your chest. unable to help himself, he sucks gently on the edges of your boobs to mark them. "sleep, angel. i've got you," he whispers before going back to your nipple and sucking on it.
barely five minutes later, both of you are asleep, james's face smothered in your chest and legs tangled together under the sheets.
TAGLIST: @emmaev @gxtitobxby @ildm4ev @everythingisdefinitleynotfine @bee-m02 @capsmischief @arisblackhole @dracosafety @dracoxgeorge @tonystarksmutgarden @padfootswife @deexanne0 @blowing-mikey @roonilwazlibswhore @lovelylupinx @sarcasmismyon1ydefence @marxy-06 @glossiable @remusjlupinisdead @amixedwitch @mattefic @artisancowbells @zzzfour @blackst0nes7077 —if you want to be tagged tap here
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akraziia · a month ago
royal affairs || j.p
princess!reader x guard!james, brother!peter
summary: james finally takes his duties more seriously, but only if it’s to please his princess
word count: 3.6k
content: slight power imbalance??, mainly just vague old english era dom/sub stuff, kissing, oral sex (fem receiving), humping a mattress lmao, swearing i think?, an unnecessarily large amount of plot and backstory
“PRINCESS Y/N OF AUDACIA!” The Marshall announced as you entered the ballroom.
You smiled and waved politely to the guests crowding at the edge of your pathway. Although, you didn’t hate balls and other royal functions, you had plenty of other things you would rather have been doing. Your twin, Peter (younger than you by just 23 seconds), rarely spoke up about his unadulterated hatred for functions such as the ball your family was hosting tonight. He slouched in his seat on the left of your parents’ thrones. Finally making your way to the end of the large ballroom, you took a seat on the throne to their right.
Your father stood with a formal smile. “We thank you all for coming tonight and hope you enjoy your time here. Let the celebrations commence, then, shall we?”
The orchestra began to play a lively tune as a steady din from the crowd’s mingling picked up.
Your parents stayed seated as one of the royal advisors talked to them quietly. Your mother caught your eye and gestured for you to move about the room. She pointed to Peter, too, and gave you an expectant look.
Sighing, you walked over to his seat and crossed your arms.
“Come on, Pete, mother wants you to move about and talk to people. You’ve got to start acting like a prince.”
“I don’t want to go to these stuffy old things for the rest of my life,” he complained. “I want to be a mapmaker.”
You grabbed his wrist and hauled him to his feet. “You know not to bring that up when mother and father are tense! Honestly, it’s like you don’t even try.” Peter tried to pull away from your grip, frowning at your harshness. You softened at the look on his face and took a breath, then tried again. “They’ll come around, okay? Just... try doing what they ask for once and maybe they’ll lighten up. Yeah?”
Peter huffed, but he nodded anyhow. “Yeah.”
“Good. Try to find that old couple from Turzinia, okay? Father said they’ve been teetering on the edge of a trade deal with us for weeks now. All they need is the right push. Soften them up. And make sure they drink a lot of champagne.”
Peter frowned. “And what old, royally disagreeable, important person are you going to deal with? It’s only fair you get to be hounded with mildly insulting probing questions all night, too, you know.”
“Well, I-I... I’m going to walk around and just mingle for a bit. We both can’t be stuck to one or two people the whole night. It will look improper.”
Peter scoffed. “You are such a hypocrite.”
You huffed back at him. “Get going, little boy,” you said as you turned him by the shoulders and began pushing him off the dais toward the crowd. “Pretend to be mature for just one night, will you?”
“I should have pushed you back into the womb. 23 seconds my ass,” Peter grumbled.
“Go!” You snapped and gave him one last push into a group of unfamiliar people.
Finally, you stepped back and look around the bustling room. Familiar and unfamiliar passed through your vision. Back and forth, your eyes darted, and you began to lose hope that he was here at all.
You’d just about given up when the comforting sight of rouge black hair caught your eye. And there he was, standing--or rather, hopping from foot to foot--near the dessert tables. A small spark lit inside your chest, warming your body from the inside out. Only he had ever been able to make you feel like that.
You pretended to gaze out at the gathering a few moments longer until he looked your way. Locking eyes with him, you waited for recognition. A few seconds later, a wide grin had appeared on his face. Discreetly, you glanced at the door then pulled your ear twice.
Outside. Twenty minutes.
He faked a nose scratch and then looked away once more. Concealing an excited smile, you stepped down from the dais and began to mingle as you’d promised Peter. All the while, you kept a sharp eye on the clock above the arching doorway, never daring to sneak even the quickest peek at him, lest someone somehow catch on.
“...and then, of course, I return for my gown, and what do I find? The lace has been completely stripped of its integrity! I swear I nearly had a faint--”
“I’m ever so sorry to interrupt,” you jumped in as the lady (you couldn’t remember her name. Something with an H? Perhaps a K?) took a short breath. She’d been going on for nearly ten minutes without a pause in between syllables. Already, you were seven minutes late to your unofficial meeting. “But, I promised my mother I’d, uh... help with the music tonight, and it seems the orchestra’s played faster than expected. My last song is nearly over!”
The lady patted your arm rather hard. “Oh, yes, dear, of course! Go, go, what’s a party without music!”
You smiled politely, holding back a sigh of relief. Just as you were about to maneuver past the woman, she grabbed your forearm.
“I’d recommend less common folk songs. Most peasants know them, and it’d be just dreadful for such high standing people to listen to such music!”
You gave her one last strained smile. “Of course.”
Then you were shaking free of her grip and skirting past people, praying to any god out there that they were all too drunk and tired to notice the princess rushing past them in a considerably improper manner.
You didn’t let yourself relax until the grand doors had shut behind you and you’d turned to the corner that lead toward a less well-known area of the castle.
You frowned as your heels clicked against the marble floors. He should have been waiting behind one of the pillars. It wasn’t like him to not do what he promised.
A strange whistling began somewhere toward the other end of the corridor, the way you’d come. It sounded like a bird call, but it was strangely un-birdlike.
“Hello? Is--is someone there?”
You walked a few feet back the way you came, peering down the corridor and near the potted plant by a closet door.
Suddenly, a footstep came from behind you,
You whirled around, crying out in surprise, only to catch sight of a mop of untamable black hair.
“James! What the hell?” You gasped as he stood before you, doubled over in laughter.
“Oh God,” he wheezed. “Your face! You should have seen your face!”
You hit his arm with a huff. “It was not funny.”
“That’s what you get for being late.”
You pushed his chest, barely managing to get him to stumble back more than a step.
He was wearing his proper guards uniform--which he looked very nice in. It was deep red fabric, the buttons and border outlined in gold and black, that flattered his broad shoulders and generally athletic physique. Toned arms, strong chest, solid abdomen, muscled thighs--James had it all. Being fit was a must for any royal guard, but James was simply naturally built like that. He didn’t overwork his body during training, his biceps weren’t too large, he wasn’t insanely tall like that giant, Lieutenant Bell. James was just... perfect.
You’d begun this... thing with James a few months ago. You’d known him well before, seeing as he’d been Peter’s closest friend since James’ father, one of your father’s most trusted guards, had begun working for your family. You’d all been no older than nine, and James and Peter made fast friends. You had your own friends, your own maids, so you didn’t speak to James until you were thirteen. That was around the time your lessons began to divide from Peter’s. You, being the eldest child, would have to take over the country one day, so while Peter got to take lessons in adventure and art, you studied your kingdom’s laws, economic status, trade routes, etc. You saw less of Peter during your schooling hours, but you spent plenty of time together because James had begun his training to become a guard like his father.
One lesson in particular had been about the inner workings of the castle, so your father had taken you to see the guards and make sure you knew their rotations and duties. You’d visited the training room where new prospects were taught the skills needed to protect the royal family. James had waved to you with a charming grin. Later that day, you saw him waiting for his father outside a business meeting.
“Hello, James. Nice to see you,” you’d said politely.
He’d bowed, as was proper, but the gleam in his eye made you think he was making fun of the gesture. It should have bothered you, but it didn’t.
“I saw you come in the training room today,” James told you forwardly.
You nodded. “I’m learning the inner workings of the castle. The guards, like your father, are an important part of it. My father thinks Captain Fleamont is the best the castle’s ever had.”
James had smiled, really honestly smiled, his face full of admiration and pride. “Yeah, my dad’s the best.”
You noticed James didn’t care for the proper way that everyone who lived and worked in the castle had been taught to speak.
“Do you expect to take his place when we’re older?”
James shrugged. “Being a guard’s cool, but I don’t fancy strict discipline outside athletics very much.”
You nodded and smiled softly. “My brother’s the same. It must be dreadful, though, standing still for so long.”
James groaned. “God, it’s awful. We’ve got to stand all the same, totally still. It’s insane.”
You laughed. “When I’m queen, I’ll make sure you can stand however you like. Would that make protecting my family’s safety more enjoyable for you, James?”
He’d grinned and actually winked at you. “Very much, princess.”
Not Princess Y/n. Just “princess”. As if it wasn’t your royal title, wasn’t the weight you carried with you every day. Just a sweet nickname that made you feel like, just for a second, you were any other girl in the kingdom. But then you would remember it was your kingdom. And you had to fulfill your duty to it.
But James stuck around, and the nickname stuck around with him, and eventually, that charming grin lured you in behind a pillar in front of your bedroom door. He hadn’t been your first kiss, but James would certainly never let you forget the first kiss you'd had together. It was like you were both hooked on each other after that. You couldn’t get enough of that charming grin.
“Aw, c’mon, I was only having some fun,” James laughed, steadying himself from your unexpected push.
“Your idea of fun is seriously deranged,” you scoffed.
James mock-pouted. “Don’t be mad, princess. I’ll make it up to you, yeah?”
You gave him a hard stare for a few more moments and then let the smile crawl back onto your lips.
“Oh yeah? How?”
“C’mon and I’ll show you,” James said, offering his hand as he began to lead you down the corridor.
“Scare me again and it’s off with your head, Potter.”
“Nah,” James grinned. “You like my handsome head too much to chop it off.”
Your fingers intertwined with his. “Don’t test me.”
“As you wish, princess.”
“You know, I could have gotten to my own room just fine.”
“Well, I sure hope you could have,” James said seriously, holding open the door to your bedroom for you. “It’d be concerning if you didn’t.”
Your snorted and turned to face him as you took a seat on the edge of your bed. “Shut up and kiss me already.”
James closed the door, making sure the lock was tight before walking over--very quickly, you noticed.
It started off simply, just a soft peck of your lips. Then, somehow James managed to get beneath you, holding your by your waist desperately close. It felt rushed, like every other time you were together. You wanted time with James, slow, meaningful time, instead of wasting it at some stupid ball you didn’t want to be at in the first place.
So, you pulled away, placing a hand on James’s chest as he tried to follow your lips.
James made a sound of displeasure, about to open his mouth to protest, but you put a finger to his lips to shush him.
“Shh,” you murmured against his lips, leaning down to kiss him again, this time much slower.
James kissed you back eagerly once more, twining his fingers in your hair that had come down from its updo.
You pulled away to look down at him with a small grin.
“Take it slow, lover boy. We’re always in such a rush.”
He stared back up at you, the corners of his lips turning up as he nodded.
You closed the gap between your lips once again. “Slow.”
Despite the fact that James was strong enough to flip you over and fuck you as fast as he wanted to, he let you control everything. Even when you pulled away to slowly unbutton the jacket of his uniform, he only stared at you, entranced by the simple fact of you being there, on top of him, kissing him, about to make love to him.
“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured.
James reveled in the smile that graced your lips.
“You’re quite beautiful yourself, James.”
James sat up so you could pull his uniform jacket off of his shoulders. “Well, it’s no wonder I snagged a princess, then, eh?”
You laughed while pulling the few pins out of your fallen hair, finally letting it out of the unusual bun it had formed.
“Help me out, will you?”
James, having done this plenty of times before, reached around to your back to help with all the cords keeping the back of your dress together. You leaned down to kiss his neck, hands running across his hard chest, covered by only a simple layer of cotton.
“Distracting me like that isn’t gonna make getting this dress off any easier, you know.”
“You want me to stop then?”
You smiled and continued nipping at the sensitive spot below his ear.
Finally, the dress slid off your shoulders as James pulled it down your arms. It was a bit complicated but you managed to shimmy out of the dress without getting caught in the massive skirts while keeping your position on top of James. You were left in your sheer slip dress, corset, stockings, and pantyhose.
“Wish you would walk around like this all the time,” James breathed, taking in the sight of your chest, made considerably larger-looking by the tight corset attached to your torso.
“James!” You gasped, slapping his arm. “That’s an incredibly indecent wish!”
James laughed. “I think we’ve done much more indecent things on this very bed.”
You shook your head, trying to conceal the blushing grin on your face. To distract James from your heated cheeks, you pulled the last layer on his torso over his head.
You took a few moments to gaze admiringly at the view you got to see much too infrequently; strong chest, broad shoulders, hard abs, pert nipples that drew goosebumps around themselves when your thumb brushed over them gently.
“Yes, James.”
“Give me an order.”
You stopped your gazing to look at his face with a confused frown.
James ran his calloused hands over your thighs covered in your stockings that reached your mid-thigh.
“Give me an order. I live to serve you.”
Your tummy tingled at his words. I live to serve you. Never had you ever before considered the fact that James was bound to do whatever you asked of him by royal law, even now in this moment of intimacy. And it seemed he rather enjoyed when you bossed him around.
James gazed at you intensely, waiting for your next words. He looked so eager, so ready to please you; how could you even consider denying him?
“You want to fulfill your duty to me, James?”
“More than anything.”
“Undress me.”
James made quick work of pulling your slip over your head, though the corset took some time to unlace. Especially when James kept getting distracted by the mere sight of your squished tits right in his face. He placed firm kisses along your cleavage as his fingers worked the bows and knots and hooks until the tight hold of the corset loosened and fell from your waist to your hips. Your freed tits covered James’ face from view, but you could tell he didn’t mind by the way he sucked and kissed and bit at your nipples and the mounds around them.
Despite the pleasurable feeling of his tongue flicking your hardened nipple, you were aware James hadn’t finished his task.
“James, enough.”
He lifted his head to see you, a pouty look on his face.
“I gave you an order, I expect you to follow it.”
James nodded furiously. “Yes, princess, yes, miss. I only wish to make you feel good.”
“Then do as I say.”
You felt James’ fingers scramble to pull the corset from your torso. He tossed it to his right and then made quick work of your stockings and underwear.
“So pretty,” James breathed.
You placed a hand on his cheek, admiring the gleam in his hazel eyes.
James sighed and pressed his face into your palm with a small hum.
“Now, let’s get you undressed, hm?”
James nodded, already pulling at the hem of his shirt. You helped him shimmy off his pants and boxers, leaving him as bare as you.
“What now, princess?” James asked, looking at you with glassy eyes.
You leaned down to kiss him, moving your lips softly against his. James let you have the dominance he knew you so craved, letting your tongue enter his mouth and explore.
When you pulled away, James tightened his grip on your lower back.
Gently, you took his hands from your back and climbed off of him. James sat up immediately, brows furrowed.
“Where are you going?” He whispered, trying to reach out for your hand again.
“I’m right here, James,” you assured him as you laid back against the mound of pillows at the head of your bed.
You beckoned him with a single finger, spreading your legs for him to sit in between. He had a hard time keeping his eyes trained upward.
“May I touch you, princess?” James asked, though by the way his eyes widened, he much looked like a beggar.
Instead of dignifying his request with a reply, you simply took the back of his head in your palm and pushed him down until you could almost feel his drool on your cunt.
The first flick of his tongue was as heavenly as if it was your first time. Your primal senses took over, controlling the boy between your legs by the curls of his hair. Lewd sounds of pleasure filled your ears as the familiar tingle began to pick up its pace in your stomach.
"James-" You cut yourself off with a soft moan as the boy whimpered into your folds. “Pleasure yourself with the bed."
James didn't pause in his feast, only began rutting his hips desperately into the silk sheets. When one of his hands slipped from your thigh, you pulled his hair so hard he was forced to look at you. Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes.
"No touching yourself."
James whimpered again but nodded. You jerked him forward, gripping tighter even when he let out a quiet cry of pain.
"Words, James. Speak to me with respect fit for your queen. I am your queen."
"Apologies, m-miss," James stammered. "It won't happen again. I'll do whatever you ask me to. I would never dream of disobeying or displeasing you."
"Enough words. Finish your orders."
James did not have to be told twice. He worked harder, tongue twisting as if he’d done it all his life as his nose bumped repeatedly against your bud from the sloppy jerking of his hips.
The fire raging in your belly continued to build until you reached your boiling point. One last moan from James, reverberating through your core had the fire erupting. Black and white spots danced across your vision, your legs clamping tightly around poor James’ head.
It wasn’t until your sight finally cleared that you noticed the boy still trapped between your thighs. When your legs spread apart, James’ head merely fell again one of the plush cushions of your thighs. He sighed softly, gazing up at you through his long lashes.
“Pretty boy,” you cooed, twirling one of his curls around your finger. “Come here, darling.”
James sat up, crawling over to you until his head fell onto your chest, lips naturally closing around one of your nipples. Your hand brushed against his sensitive prick, sticky from his release. James shuddered, sucking more intently on your breast.
"What do you think would your guard friends think of this?” You chuckled, running your index finger up the hard planes of his chest. “So submissive, like putty in my hands.”
Your finger reached his chin, pulling his head upward and forcing him to look up at you.
"I'm sure any man would fall to his knees to please you however you asked in a moment,” James replied.
You smiled, the condescending gleam in your eyes made James squirm.
"You, my dear, just happen to be the only man I would ever want to pleasure me."
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moonlitmeeks · a month ago
༄ five times james wanted to kiss you + the one time he did
pairing; james potter x reader
words; 3.7k
warnings; alcohol and smoking mentions, swearing, maybe some inaccuracies? i gave the common room a balcony okay, it had to be done <3
request; no
a/n; i love love love fics in this format so i just had to do one with james <3 i'm sorry it's a little repetitive, but there's only so many ways i can think of to write a desire to kiss someone - that being said, this is one of my favourite fics i've written!! hope you like it <3
Tumblr media
september 1st, 1976
the first of september had rolled around once more, the now changing weather and darkening leaves bringing along the first day of sixth year. excitement was thick in the air, coddling every being it came into contact with in it’s warm embrace. the air was practically buzzing with a mixture of excitement and nerves.
platform nine and three quarters was as busy as ever, flooded with people; apprehensive parents of first years wiping their tears as they waved their goodbyes, friends catching up with one another’s summer adventures, and seventh years desperately trying to break free of their clingy parents’ arms.
you felt lucky that you were relatively quick in getting onto the hogwarts express. it was known that if you were one of the last passengers, finding a good seat was a near impossible feat.
having rid yourself of your luggage, you bundled further into your scarf emblazoned with your house colours as the search for a carriage began. you bit back a smile. whilst you weren’t overly ecstatic thinking about the mound of work this year would bring, the joy of seeing your friends again strongly overpowered any thoughts of homework and essays.
lost in a daydream, you jumped when you were met with a familiar face merely inches away from yours. a grin spread across their lips as they pushed a lock of hair from their face, pulling you into their carriage without a word.
“looking for us, y/l/n?” sirius teased, releasing your wrist and flopping down next to remus who scowled as the boy narrowly avoided falling into his lap.
“trying to avoid you more like.” you joked, positioning yourself between james and peter who shuffled around to grant you some comfort. you unwound the scarf from your neck, deciding to bundle it up and place it in your lap for now, no longer a victim to the cold autumn breeze.
“awh, you don’t mean that.” james hummed, lifting the end of your scarf to tickle your face. “you’d miss our beautiful faces soon enough.”
knitting your eyebrows together, you feigned a thoughtful expression for a few moments.
“hm, i guess you’re right. i’d definitely miss remus too much.”
gasps came from three of the four boys in the carriage, the latter pumping his fist in the air with a cheer, riling the others up more.
“i thought we had something!” sirius pouted, hand clutching his heart like a maiden in one of the many period dramas you’d forced them to watch.
this remark caused the entire carriage to dissolve into hysterics, sirius unable to keep up the heartbroken act for long as he joined in with you.
through his chuckles, james looked at you, your head thrown back as you lost yourself in laughter, and he smiled. he’d always thought you were attractive, sure, but in a sight as pure as this you appeared almost divine.
without thinking, his eyes darted to the curve of your neck, to how soft your lips looked, to how happy and blissful you were in this moment, and he wished more than ever he could pause time to take in this glorious vision even for an extra second. once more his eyes returned to your lips.
he wished he could press his to yours in a quick peck, just to convey all of the thoughts he couldn’t fathom putting into words for you. it would say everything he needed to and more, but that ran the risk of ruining your friendship. even thinking of that word, friendship, was like an icicle to the heart, cold and cruel in its assault, and he knew he needed to change his train of thought instantly. before you could notice him, he tore his gaze from you and laughed along with the rest of you once more.
a warning glance was shot at remus in response to his raised brow, challenging him to even think about saying something. luckily, remus took the hint and mimed his lips being sealed with a smirk.
cheeky git, james thought. he wasn’t even being that obvious.
october 17th, 1976
to say that the gryffindor common room was packed would be an understatement.
the quidditch match against slytherin earlier in the day had proved a large success which, of course, called for an elaborate celebration, in true teenage fashion.
the loud bass of the music reverberated around your head in harmony with the pounding of your heartbeat. you adjusted your outfit, silently cursing yourself for not wearing something that would be a little more forgiving in the heat of the party. the shots of firewhisky marlene had talked you and lily into doing not too long ago weren’t exactly helping the situation either.
you maneuvered your way through the crowd, a cup of an unknown drink with an incredibly pungent scent clasped in your left hand as you shouted apologies and ‘excuse me’s every now and again. your eyes scanned the room in search for a certain head of unruly, dark curls.
it didn’t take long to find him, in the heart of the party as you’d suspected. if anyone enjoyed these events, it was james.
his eyes widened upon noticing your presence, lifting the arm that wasn’t nursing a drink to pull you into a side hug. it wasn’t hard to notice that he was tipsy, emphasised by the way the embrace lasted just a little longer than it usually would.
james angled his chin downwards to look at you, a lazy smile playing on his lips.
“you alright?” he shouted, leaning closer to your ear so you could hear him. his breath tickled the shell of your ear and you shuddered.
“fine! just a bit warm, ‘s all.”
a large palm was pressed to your forehead, james’s face focused as he closed his eyes briefly. peter smirked into the lip of his cup at your perplexed expression, shaking his head in amusement at the scene before him.
“you feel it.” he confirmed, as if you were previously unaware. “c’mon, let’s get you some fresh air.”
and then he was gone, weaving through the throngs of people in the direction of the balcony. you followed him out, trying to keep him in your sights.
stepping through the archway into the night, the cold air hit you instantly. instead of a harsh slap to the face, it came as more of a pleasant caress from a friend. for a moment, you allowed yourself the feel the chill of the breeze on your exposed skin, closing your eyes as you sighed in relief, taking in the moment.
satisfied, you made your way over to james, a cigarette hanging between his lips as he lit it. standing next to him with your hands against the railing, you simply admired him, watching the way his slender fingers brought the cigarette towards his lips as he inhaled. grey smoke curled into the air, dancing and twisting further into the sky. noticing your stare, he quirked an eyebrow and held it out to you in offering.
you suppressed the embarrassment of being caught staring, begging your body to act nonchalant. just as you went to pluck it from his fingers, he shook his head, seemingly deciding against himself. instead of allowing you to take it yourself, he lifted it to your parted lips for you, almost dazed in his actions. you inhaled as he had, locking eyes with the boy as you blew out the smoke. stare unwavering, james put out the cigarette, tossing it over the balcony casually.
the sky abruptly seemed darker, but you swore you could see the stars reflected in james’s eyes. maybe it was the alcohol putting things into a new perspective, but under the timid glow of the moon you noticed just how beautiful james was. it seemed he was on a similar wavelength, his eyes locked on your lips as he licked his own. like a magnetic force pushing you forward, you curled into one another, faces inching closer together.
“y/n! james!” mary’s voice cut through the quiet, instantly shattering whatever air had appeared between you and james as you jumped apart. “i thought i’d lost you both. what are you doing out here? come and dance, they’re playing abba!”
sharing a look, you shrugged apologetically and allowed yourself to be dragged back into the party, the encounter with james floating to the back of your mind as the chorus of ‘dancing queen’ began to fill your head.
mary began to twirl you around, giggling as you screamed the lyrics to one another, totally oblivious to james still standing on the balcony. you’d probably forget this entire encounter in the morning, continue on like nothing ever happened between you two.
watching your frame with fondness, he was overcome by the realisation of just how fucked he truly was.
november 9th, 1976
a wavering flame of a candle provided your main source of light as you hunched over your parchment, quill in hand. time had seemed to escape you; you could have been in the library for two hours or two days and you’d be none the wiser.
the fast approaching end of winter term brought along with it mock o.w.l.s. maybe if you were still in your second year, you could afford to skate through the mock exams with little to no revision, but with the passing years, these things became more and more important and required actual concentration and effort if you were going to do well.
a thump to your right broke your focus.
james’s head had slammed against the table, glasses long discarded and moved out of his grasp as he’d surrendered to the workload, a white flag held high in his mind. you weren’t entirely sure why he’d come along; you know he had no intention to actually study right now and, against your predictions, he actually hadn’t distracted you much at all.
“had enough there?” you simpered, nudging his shoulder with yours as you placed your quill down.
a muffled groan was your only response, his head shaking slightly where it rested against his forearms.
“god, ‘m bloody exhausted. i don’t know how you’re still going, i feel like my eyes are glued shut.”
this elicited a laugh from you as you turned your full attention to the boy next to you. learning the ingredients of veritaserum could wait, you supposed.
“because some of us don’t just magically get good grades, potter.” then, after a beat. “you can just go back to your dorm y’know, i won’t blame you.”
“no.” was his reply, plain and simple. “not leaving you here to die of boredom.”
he sat up straight now, rubbing his eyes with his fists as he grabbed his glasses, placing them onto his nose haphazardly. they lay crooked against his nose bridge, but he didn’t seem to know or care. you stifled a laugh and plucked them from his face, replacing them at a straighter angle without thinking too much about it before turning back to your book.
james couldn’t have the same nonchalance.
the soft brush of your fingers made his mind buzz as he replayed it over and over, the butterflies in his stomach becoming more powerful the more he thought about it. the casual affection had caught him severely off guard. his mind wandered to a place of more casual affection; of hands intertwined, of arms around waists, of soft touches of the lips.
how he longed to be able to do all those things and more with you without thinking twice about it. maybe one day, he hoped.
december 22nd, 1976
walking down the staircase, your breath caught in your throat at what lay ahead.
the great hall was a flurry of colourful dresses and suits, contrasting deeply with the gleaming white decor that seemed to sparkle with every movement. snow fell gently towards the floor, kissing your peers’ hair on its descent. they’d done a good job. it truly looked like a winter wonderland. it seemed silly to call it magical, being a student at ‘hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry’, but no other word seemed to fit the scene so perfectly.
for the past month or so, the yule ball had hung in the air with a promise of a whimsical night of fun and, in the marauders case, chaos. and now the fateful night was here, in all of its glory, and the thrill was bubbling up inside of you.
“sirius spiked the punch on the left hand side, just so you know.” came a voice from behind you.
you spun on your heel and there stood james, a velvet black suit clad to his frame, curls attempted to be restrained by copious amounts of gel. a lazy smirk played on his face, one that brought a smile to your own face.
“where’s your date?”
“don’t have one.” you shrugged, shrinking in slight embarrassment. it hadn’t bothered you in the slightest, but having to say the words aloud sounded a lot worse than you expected.
however this caused james’s lips to quirk upwards slightly, eyebrows raised in the way they always did when he had an idea.
“just so happens, i don’t have a one either. but since everyone is off dancing with their dates and i’d hate for us to be left out, i propose we dance together. strictly platonically, of course.”
under the twinkling lights, you grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the dance floor. you weaved your way through the twirling couples, passing peter who was awkwardly waltzing with his date. finding a space, you let james lead you, following his steps as he expertly led you in an imitation of a ballroom dance.
“since when could you dance like this?”
“padfoot taught me.”
“sirius black knows how to ballroom dance?” you guffawed.
james’s jaw went slack and he slapped a hand against his forehead.
“shit, don’t tell him i told you. he’ll kill me.”
your laughter was cut off by the beginning of a faster song. the surrounding couples began to separate, forming groups of friends who jumped around, pulling out any move they could think of. somehow, remus, peter and sirius had found you both, and pulled you further into the crowd.
remus’s arm was slung around your shoulder as you all shouted the lyrics to the four seasons, crashing into each other recklessly with every step. everyone had shed their insecurities, bodies fuelled only by the exhilaration that was thick in the air. it was almost electric, the way that your body had a mind of its own.
you directed your attention to james, singing the lyrics to him as you pulled him closer to you, your hands moving his arms around in an uncoordinated fashion. he allowed himself to be controlled, smiling stupidly.
it was impossible to not match your energy, what when you were looking at him like that, all smiles and laughter. it was the freest he’d seen you for weeks, hair messy and cheeks flushed with exertion, and he wished more than anything he could take a picture of this moment and look at it forever.
james had seen some extraordinary things in his time at hogwarts, but nothing could compare to the way you looked right now. it took all of his strength not to give in to cupid’s tricks, to ask you to be his and kiss you until the end of time.
but then the song had come to an end, and you were following sirius to one of the tables. he was still standing dumbfounded until you turned around, beckoning him with a finger.
“come on! we’re getting punch!”
february 19th, 1977
“now, please remember to be careful of the venomous tentaculas, they’re teething.” professor sprout’s voice echoed around the herbology greenhouse as you all warily eyed the plants on the tables in front of you. “i want an essay on all of its properties by next thursday.”
herbology was always an interesting time, due to the fact that you were seated with the four marauders, who rarely took a great deal of notice of sprout’s warnings when it came to the more dangerous plants. you’d just spent the last half an hour listening to your professor drone one about the properties of the plant, and how a majority of them operated for their self defense. the severe lack of interest was proved by sirius, who made to poke at the plant with his wand, stopped only by remus swatting his hand down, almost unphased in his reaction.
“d’you reckon i could beat it in a fight?” sirius questioned, sizing up its green vines as though he were genuinely considering it.
“i know for a fact that it would absolutely thrash you mate.” james scoffed. “against me, however, it wouldn’t stand a chance.”
“mhm, whatever helps you sleep at night.” you murmured, only half paying attention to their conversation as you observed the venomous tentacula in order to make note of at least some of the properties before the lesson’s end. free time was becoming sparse as the second half of the year approached, and you were determined to have as little homework as possible. amidst your scrutiny of the plant, one of the longer vines lashed out at you, causing you to jump back in your seat in shock.
james’s hand landed on top of yours as he chuckled slightly, patting it gently in an attempt to comfort you.
“you alright there?”
“i wasn’t expecting it to do that.” you confessed, laughing at your own shock and shaking your head in slight disbelief.
“now look who doesn’t listen to the warnings.” peter teased with raised eyebrows.
“no need to worry y/n.” james grinned, holding his chin up proudly. “i’d ‘ve gladly fought it for you.”
a roll of your eyes signalled your amusement at his bold claim, but james wasn’t fully sure if he was joking at this point. he’d probably do anything, even stop the world from spinning if you asked him to, and it scared him. this on top of the copious impulses to crash his lips to yours signalled feelings a lot stronger than a mere crush. but if there was one thing james potter was good at, it was hiding his feelings for you.
he'd done it for four years, he wasn't going to spoil it now.
april 1st, 1977
before you knew it, you were running, feet pounding heavily against the stone floors as breathless laughs permeated the otherwise silence of the castle.
james’s hand was in yours, grip firm and assured, pulling you along behind him to keep stride with remus and peter who were far ahead, turning back every now and again to reaffirm yours and james’s presence. sirius had split off long ago, finding an opportunity to hide behind a tapestry before filch could spot him. it was likely he’d managed to slip back to the common room by now, the lucky bastard.
maybe pulling a prank on filch without a clear line of escape mapped out wasn’t the smartest plan the five of you had ever had, but it would be a great story to tell later down the line. you could already imagine sirius, dramatic hand gestures and all, recounting the tale to the inhabitants of the common room and anyone else who’d bother to listen.
shortly, you had approached a fork in the corridor and were faced with two paths branching off in opposite directions. it was clear you had to make a decision, and fast. whilst peter and remus sprinted down one side, james dragged you down the other.
“it’ll be harder to catch us if we all split up!” he said over his shoulder, hand still gripping yours tightly. “just hope it’s not us who gets caught!”
as you were so focused on running without tripping over your own feet, you didn’t realise james was pulling you both towards a closet.
he slammed the door shut behind you, pressing a finger to his lips as you listened out for filch. darkness consumed you both, a sliver of light coming from underneath the door frame. space was not a luxury. you were incredibly close to james, chest almost flush against his as you waited. every breath allowed you to feel the rise and fall of his chest, and oh god he was still holding your hand.
fidgeting in your pockets, you managed to grasp your wand, a whispered ‘lumos’ causing the tip of your wand to weakly illuminate your surroundings in a hazy glow.
you tried to look anywhere but james. james and his soft hair, james and his sparkling eyes, james and his soft lips that he kept nibbling and licking as he pressed his ear against the door frame once more. the intensity of your admiration must have alerted james as he was quick to face you, but he didn’t seem uncomfortable by your attention.
in a sudden surge of bravery, you ignored your instincts screaming at you to look away and pretend nothing happened, keeping your eyes fixed on him. this time, it was james who scanned your face, eyes flitting from place to place until they found a home on your lips.
time seemed to slow as he leaned towards you, pressing his lips to yours in a soft kiss. in his eagerness, your noses bumped together slightly, but he was quick to lean in again. your arms sat around his neck, wand falling to the floor when you pulled him closer to you, as if he would dare try to break free from your embrace. james brought his hands to your face, one large palm cupping your cheek whilst the other found a place in your hair, pushing a lock behind your ear.
the kiss was only broken by a sudden flood of light, causing you to squint at the figure in the doorway as you jumped apart.
“oh? i’m terribly sorry, am i interrupting something here?”
“fuck off moony!” james groaned, flipping off your smug looking friend who was definitely not sorry in the slightest.
“cheers guys, wormtail owes me two sickles now.”
“you’re the worst.”
Tumblr media
as i say, it is a little repetitive and for that i apologise!! feedback/reblogs are much appreciated <3
taglist; @thesilverskull @mendesxruel @lilgayn00dle @caffeineconstellations @star-dust-2317
marauders masterlist <3
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simoncowellsjuicytit · a month ago
hi bestie, do you write fluff? if so could you do one of James flirting with the reader :)
I do! Hope you enjoy :)
Such A Flirt
Tumblr media
Fem!reader x James Potter
Warnings: mentions of sex
Honestly, you thought, We’re already together, you don’t have to keep flirting.
James was obviously no occlumens, as he kept leaning against the door, blocking your exit from the classroom with that cocky smirk on his face.
“Going somewhere, sweetheart?” He asked with a tilt of his head.
You rolled your eyes, unable to mask the smile that was spreading across your face. “Yes. Come on, James, I have to study.”
“What, brains and beauty? Your boyfriend must be the luckiest guy alive.” He replied surely, running a hand through his hair.
“M-hm. He’s lucky I’m not hexing him right now.” You said. He gasped, pretending to be offended.
“How could you say such a thing? You know how sensitive I am.”
“Yes, I do. How long did you sulk over Sirius stealing your sausages at breakfast?” You teased, pushing past him and laughing when he caught you around the waist, pulling you back towards him. “James!”
“Won’t you come and have fun with me instead?” He rested his chin on top of your head, refusing to let you pry yourself loose.
“I’m not having sex with you in my free period, Potter.” You deadpanned, despite having done so not four days ago.
“Good gracious, no.” He said, dramatic as ever. “I would never do something so utterly indecent.”
“Sure. Look, James, I really have to go! Remus is waiting for me.” You protested, taking advantage of his obvious distraction and shimmying out of his hold.
“You’re leaving me for Moony?!”
“Yes, that’s exactly it, and you’re paying for the wedding. That okay with you?” You said sarcastically.
James grinned. “Anything for you, doll.”
You rolled your eyes again, blushing nonetheless. He kissed you on the lips, hands on your waist, and you smiled.
“I suppose Remus can wait.”
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spiritualchange · 2 months ago
Milk and Cookies
summary: you baked cookies for your sons babysitter but you don't have any milk
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, age gap (james is 21, reader is 30), mommy kink, lactation kink, nipple play, dom!reader, sub!james, cumplay, foodplay, cockwarming, breeding kink
word count: 1.7k
pairing: babysitter!james potter x milf!reader
navigation | taglist | requests
gif is not mine
Tumblr media
James Potter was a godsend for you and your 2 year old son Lucas. You needed someone to look after Lucas now that you started working full time again, luckily it was still at home but full work hours.
Molly had recommended James to you, he babysat her two youngest children and he was amazing, he was nothing short with you.
Lucas adored James as much as you did, looking forward everyday after breakfast for 'Jamie' to come over. You never really understood your son's love for the young boy, but you were just happy that Lucas was happy.
You could hear your son's giggles from your home office during the days, you just wished sometimes you could forget about work and just focus on your son forever.
By the time you finish work, Lucas is finishing up his dinner, having a bath with you or James and off to bed. James stayed a couple hours after just tidying around the house, cleaning the dishes. The first ten times you told him that it was unnecessary, he was the babysitter not the maid.
But James had grown up in a respectable household and was always thought to clean after himself. From there, he would sit and talk with you, sometimes having a glass of wine. The most you knew about him was he was an only child, graduated from Hogwarts a couple years ago and went to a muggle university in London.
James was attractive, you knew that and there was no denying it, he was sweet, kind and a perfect role model for your son.
And you would be lying if you didn't think of him at night when you were in bed alone. The last time you had even been with a man was your ex-fiancé.
You usually found yourself in bed, your panties discarded, your night shirt bunched up while you fondled with your tits. And every time you seemed to release that tension, you were always thinking about James.
It was wrong, so wrong to think of your son's babysitter in that way but you couldn't help it. You fought with yourself to stop thinking about him in the way you do, but it hadn't seemed to go away, you were craving it, craving him.
Tumblr media
James pretended not to hear you sometimes, he knew how you thought of him.
He remembered the first time, you had finished work early and were in dire need of some alone time which he totally understood and helped Lucas with his bath and bedtime and refused when you wanted to charge him a little extra that night.
Your master suite had been down on the first floor along with the kitchen where James was cleaning up slipped food from the floor and tidying up before he left for the evening.
He heard the shower turn off as he started the dishes. And by the time he started drying them was when he heard it.
"Oh James..." You moaned, it was high pitched, airy. James pushed it away at first, thinking you said something else or were on the phone.
"More James, it's so good." You moaned again. He definitely heard you loud and clear that time, your panting and moans going straight down to his cock.
He heard the final moan as you cummed over your vibrator. James quickly left your home returning to his flat, quickly making his way towards his room ignoring the stares from Remus, Sirius and Peter.
He didn't even get his pants down by the time he got into his room, just enough for his cock to release, red, hard. It didn't take long for him to cum, just the thought of you, your hand on his cock, your lips, cunt.
"Oh fuck." The white strips of cum running down his pants, onto the floor, his head leaning against the headboard taking a breath.
He wanted you, oh he wanted you so bad.
James had fantasies of you almost every night, how you would suck him off, bounce on his cock endlessly while his face rested in your tits.
"Oh James, you're so big!" The sound of skins slapping filled the room, your hands resting on his chest while he sucked on your tits, his mouth filling with your milk. His hands never left your ass, massaging into the soft skin, slapping it occasionally.
"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna-"
"JAMES!" He was knocked out of his dream when he heard someone knock on the door. "Dinner's ready."
The boys pretended they didn't know about him, they remembered the first time James talked about you, how his eyes slightly lit up when he spoke about you.
James quickly cleaned up the mess, changing into a new set of bottoms before making his way to the living room where his roommates were.
"You got a little something right there." Remus pointed down at his shirt. James furrowed his brows looking down to see his cum still on his shirt.
Tumblr media
You had gotten off work a bit early. Lucas had just started your bath and you wanted to do something for James. Baking had been your hobby, never really doing much after Lucas was born, you wanted to go to culinary school but your mother said that a respectable witch either worked with the ministry or was a housewife.
You gathered all the ingredients for your brown butter chocolate chip cookies, browning the butter, combining the ingredients before folding in the chocolate chips, scooping them into balls, placing them in the oven, while you froze the rest.
"Just in time!" You smiled when you saw James re-enter the kitchen. "I just took the cookies, still hot, would you like some?"
"Yes of course Ms. Y/l/n." James smiled.
"How many times have I told you not to call me that, it makes me feel old." You waved it off. "Would you like some milk?"
"Please, thank you Y/n." He sat at the kitchen table, in front of the cookies.
"Damn!" You cursed.
"Is everything alright?" James made his way into the kitchen to see you bend over, looking into the refrigerator, trying to repress any thoughts that went through his head.
"I'm out of milk." You pouted, turning around to face him. "I'm sorry James."
"Oh it's alright, Ms. Y/l/n." His mischievous boyish smirk crept into his face. "I think I can find a solution." He sauntered over towards you, trapping you behind him and the fridge.
"I know the way you think of me." He whispered in your ear, his hands trailing up your chest. "I hear those pretty little noises you make when you're in bed, how you moan for me." His hands made their way to your breasts, his hands softly kneading your sore tits.
"Fuck." You moaned. You had been extra sensitive trying to pump out your milk, you felt your bra becoming wet from the lactation.
"Does that feel good mommy?" He looked at you. "Do you like it when I play with your tits?"
The name went straight to your core, you could feel your panties dampen.
"Yes, it's so good, baby." You moaned, wrapping your arms around his neck. He grabbed your wrap, pulling you up so you could wrap your legs around his waist while he made his way back to the table.
"You have such pretty titties mommy." He unbuttoned your blouse, unclipping your bra and throwing it across the table. Your breasts were hard, your milk dripping down. You watched James as he sat in awe looking at your tits.
"You wanna suck on them, baby?" You asked curling your finger around one of his curls. "Are you gonna make mommy feel good?"
"Yes mommy." He nodded eagerly, immediately wrapping his lips around your right nipple. You instantly moaned as James lapped up your milk.
You undone his pants, pulling them down enough so you could release his cock from his underwear, pumping him a few times. James whined when you released him, lifting yourself up and starting to sit down on his cock.
When you had gotten situated, James went back to sucking on the left nipple, giving it the same amount of care as the right.
You slowly started to rock yourself back and forth. You felt James bit down on your nipple when you moved. "Hey." You pulled him away from your mouth. "You gotta be careful baby."
"I'm sorry mommy." He hung his head in shame.
"Oh don't be sad, it's a mistake, just be careful." You reassured him. You pushed James back onto your nipple as you started to slowly bounce up and down on his cock.
Your nipple left his mouth when he leaned forward to grab a cookie from the plate. You were confused at first when he brought you closer to your nipples. James squeezed your breast, watching as the milk dripped onto the cookie before he took a bite.
Fuck, you moaned at that, keeping your rhythm on his cock.
"Is it good Jamie?" You asked, wiping the crumbs off his lips.
"So good." He beamed.
"Yeah, I think I'm gonna have some milk for my own cookie, you gonna give me some milk, you gonna cum for me?" You rested your hands on his chest as you sped up.
"Yes." His eyes were wide, nodding his head rapidly.
"You gonna cum in mommy, give her another baby?" You panted.
"Yeah." He nodded.
He watched as his eyes rolled to the back of his head where you felt him cum. You started to slowly bounce letting yourself orgasm before you got off his cock.
"Can you get me a cookie?" You asked him sweetly, wiping away the sweat from his forehead.
A little too eager he was, James reached forward again, letting out a quiet moan when his tip hit your thigh.
His eyes never left your cunt, as you took his fingers, wiping up his cum before spreading it on top of your cookies.
It felt like he could have cum again just from watching you eating the cookie, some of his cum left on your face.
"You're just a good boy for me." You smiled, pecking his lips.
"I'll always be your good boy." He echoed your words.
"A bet you will be." You smiled. "Why don't we get you a bath and clean you up and maybe you can stay."
"Stay with mommy?" His headspace still submissive.
"Yeah, stay with mommy." You rubbed his shoulders. "You can stay with mommy as long as you want.”
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earlgreydream · 2 months ago
| poly!marauders x reader | fluff |
anon requested. poly marauders pregnancy
*does not include wormtail
cw: shaving? mentions of blades. there’s no harm or anything I just didn’t want to not warn it but it’s entirely wholesome 😊
Tumblr media
The warm scent of pumpkin filled your small house in the city as Sirius worked in the kitchen. Old jazz played from a record scratching in the corner, mixing with the sound of Sirius’ soft hums.
Your quiet gasp caught the three males’ attention, all of them immediately shifting their focus to you.
“What’s wrong? Are you alright?!” James demanded, anxiety edged in his voice.
“James,” Sirius’ voice was stern, warning the young man to settle. His hand ran down James’ spine in a soothing motion, skilled in managing his anxiety.
“I’m fine, she’s just kicking a lot,” you apologized for worrying them.
“My little football player,” Remus teased, sitting down and placed his hands over your swollen belly.
The tiny infant inside of you kicked your belly, letting Remus feel.
“Our daughter is feisty.”
“Just like her daddies,” you giggled, smiling as James sat down on the floor beside you.
He let his cheek rest against your belly, your shirt now pulled up around your ribs. You threaded your fingers in his black curls, combing them through his hair soothingly.
James loved you for it. He loved your gentleness, and your ability to calm his anxieties. You were the perfect mother for their child, the one the four of you were preparing to raise together.
“Let me feel,” Sirius asked, James moving so he could lay his hands on your skin.
He felt the tiny kick against his palms, making a smile spread across his bronze features. You leaned up and kissed him, tasting the ingredients of the pumpkin pastries he was cooking.
“Did you sample?” You teased, making Sirius shrug with a laugh.
Remus smiled at the two of you, pulling James to sit on his lap. The dark headed boy snuggled into Remus’ chest, watching you kiss Sirius and laugh.
“Go finish them, I’m hungry,” you whined, pushing Sirius by the hip toward the kitchen.
“Yes wifey.”
You rolled your eyes, pulling your sweater down, protecting yourself from the cold autumn temperature. A soft sigh rolled over your lips as you snuggled down into the blanket wrapped around you. Your eyelashes batted slowly as your eyelids grew heavy, sleepiness clouding your mind. 
“Thought you were hungry? You have to stay awake to eat,” Remus pointed out. 
“Don’t tease me, our little one is stealing my energy,” you warned, pouting your lip at Remus.
"Don’t be mean, Moony,” James quipped, making you smile at his defense of you. 
“Sit up, love,” Sirius moved to sit behind you, letting you lie back against his chest, setting a plate of steaming pumpkin pastries between the four of you. 
Your head rested on his shoulder, his cheek against your forehead. Tattooed hands smoothed over your sweater-covered arms, making you snuggle closer into him. 
“I love you,” you whispered, pulling apart one of the pastries before quickly dropping it on the plate. 
“Don’t burn your fingers, my darling.”
You opened your lips as you let Sirius pop a bite into your mouth, your senses filling with the taste of pumpkin. 
You mumbled out a thank-you around the bite, listening to them chatter about work, and various things in the news.
“I want a bath,” you announced, trying to sit up, but feeling off-balance from the baby bump weighing down your front.
James stood to help you, the three men following you to the bathroom. Remus immediately ran a bath, pulling your favorite bath salts from jars on the shelf.
“Will you help me shave? I can’t quite reach anymore,” you asked shyly, and Sirius smiled.
“I’ll do it, darling.”
James helped you out of your clothes, the three men doting on you happily. James squeezed soap out onto a washcloth, sitting in the water behind you.
He washed your body attentively, and you smiled as Sirius sank into the opposite end of the bath. Remus smeared a kiss over your forehead, going to find pajamas and towels for the three of you.
Once you were clean, Sirius puts your foot up against his chest, rubbing shaving butter over your skin before picking up a razor.
“Hold still for me,” he instructed gently, and you relaxed against James, letting Sirius work.
You remain relaxed as his steady hands glide the razor up your legs. The action was so intimate and kind, it had emotions bubbling up in your chest.
James’ fingers gently brushed over your cheek, replaced by his lips as he pressed little kissed to the damp skin. The room was quiet, Sirius intently focused on his task, and intention not to nick you.
“alright, baby,” Remus spoke as he finished, opening a towel for you as the others helped you stand.
You graciously accepted the gesture, letting him hug you through the fluffy material and kiss your lips reverently.
“Hey,” you giggled, pushing his face away when he mouthed at your jaw and neck.
“I’m sorry baby, I can’t help that you’re sexy.”
“That’s enough, I’m sleepy!” You protested, telling James to come help you dress as you playfully shoved your horny boyfriend away from you.
James happily helped you into soft, flannel pajamas, printed in red plaid. Candles were lit in your bedroom, surrounding you with a warm, familiar scent that increased your longing to snuggle in bed.
“Don’t let them burn all night!”
“Relax. We’ve got this,” Sirius hushed your worries.
James curled up against your front, his face burying in your chest despite the swell of your middle. Sirius laid behind you, one of his hands already under your shirt, rubbing your back to lull you to sleep.
“We’ll take care of everything,” Remus promised, kissing you goodnight as you began to drift off.
James and Sirius nuzzled tighter against you, and you fell asleep in the familiarity of it all, in the sense of safety they provided.
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