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wrathspoet · 2 days ago
Shut up (2.2k)
summary: when james accidentally injures you, he can't stop apologizing while he's treating you. you end up taking the matter into your own hands.
warnings: mentions of blood (from injury), lots of cussing
pairing: james potter x fem!reader
a/n: had a little bit of time on my hands so here u go!
Honestly you weren't having it. Today was quite possibly the worst day you've ever had. After hours of taking notes in Herbology, it was ruined just by the mere spell of a puny first year. You were only being nice, offering to tutor the first years struggling with Charms. But the moment those little idiots muttered the spell, your papers were immediately drenched.
So now you were marching down to the greenhouses, your stack of parchment looking like a pure mess. The ink had already bled through the other pages, words barely visible.
But just as you reached to open the glass door of the greenhouse, someone had already beaten you to it. It was this moment that you realized the doors opened outwards. So it was barely a second before the glass came in contact with your face.
You made a small noise, like a scream ... just more shrill. Your hands immediately dropped the stack of parchment and went to your nose. You gripped it carefully, wincing slowly with your eyes tight shut.
"Ah ... fuck." You muttered, biting your lips down to suppress the whimper you were about to let out.
"Oh, fuck." A sound from in front of you copied. "Fuck, fuck, I'm so sorry. I really didn't see you there."
You finally dared to open your eyes, just a glance— only to see James Potter with a panicky and concerned look on his face. His mouth was parted, one hand gripping his satchel and the other open in front of your face like he was looking to inspect your nose.
You suddenly feel something warm stream down the line of your upper lip. Your fingers hesitate before trying to wipe some of the blood off of your face. It did nothing though, you only stained your palms with blood, eventually giving up and just covering your nose in embarrassment.
"Y/n!" James jumped in surprise, feeling ten times more guilty now that he recognized he had just hurt his best friend.
"Fucking hell, James! This is why you need to pay more attention to your surroundings!" You shouted at him, wincing at how sore your nose felt.
"Merlin, I swear I didn't see anyone. You were so quick— and I ... oh, are you okay?" He asked you, as if just now realizing that blood was running down your nose and you were in mild pain.
"No! Fuck no I'm not okay, James!" You shout again, this time pulling your left arm from your nose and shoving him harshly on the chest.
"It's ... so bloody." He said, like the sight intrigued him in a way.
"Shut up! Shut up and help me with this. I hate you so much right now." You huff, groaning as the blood fell to your palm again.
"Sorry! Sorry, Y/n. I'm so sorry." He said sincerely, looking line he was about to explode.
"Shut up!"
"I'm going to hurt you if you don't come back here, James Potter." You commented from your place on his bed.
Right now, you're currently propped up against James' pillows, your legs crossed and your bag dumped on the end of his bed. He had insisted that you both go to his dorm, although it was quite a walk up to the Gryffindor tower. He said that Remus owned quite a lot of stuff for things like a broken nose. You didn't get it, it was easier to go to Madam Pomfrey.
The little shit probably didn't want to get into another weekly round of detention if you were to be checked inside the Hospital Wing. But right now, you were seriously considering telling Pomfrey anyway, wanting James to receive the worst for wounding you like this.
"Just a second, trying to get this drawer to open!" He shouted from the bathroom, bumps and clangs erupting from there. You figured that James was frantically trying to search through Remus' stuff.
You groaned, keeping your head turned up to the ceiling. James said it was to stop the blood from streaming, you didn't care enough to ask him if it was true.
You waited patiently, the woodsy and musky smell filling your nostrils as you leaned closer to his pillows. If you weren't on the brink of physically hurting James, you would've admitted that his smell comforted you.
A shout of surprise came from the bathroom, and our came James with his arms full of all sorts of stuff you wouldn't question. It looked like there were some bandages, bottles of some strange liquid, and a very long train of tissue paper.
You groaned again as James sat himself beside you, leaning closer to inspect the mess on your face.
"Hurts so bad." You say, biting your lips and dabbing at your nose with the damp cloth James gave you. Tears well in your eyes, finally streaming down when you interfere with your hand.
James is taken aback, immediately asking you what was wrong and how he could fix it. "Why're you crying?" He asks, his tone indicating that he has no idea what to do.
You hold up a hand to him, the other covering your face. "Just— nothing. Just how this day turned out. My notes were ruined by a first year I was tutoring. And now my nose is broken, and I'm in so much pain I think i may die."
"What? Don't be dramatic, Y/n. You won't die, it's just a broken nose." James says, as if that would make you feel better.
You shake your head but don't utter a word, keeping the line of tears on your cheeks. James stares at you, muttering all kinds of little praises he could to try and make you stop crying. When you finally gather your voice, you shout at him. "Just a broken nose? Do you even know how it feels, hm? Hurts like bloody fuck, that is."
James looks like he's speechless, now knowing how to handle the state you're in. "Stop ... please, stop crying." He said tiredly.
"This is all your fault! Now I look awful and ... and weird! Imagine if someone saw me like this— I bet I look horrible right now." You said, sighing dissapointedly.
James looked guilty, a frown deepening on the curve of his lips. "Fuck, I'm so sorry. I know I said it before and you told me to shut up— but fuck, fuck— I'm so sorry, Y/n." He said again, making it clear to you how genuine his apologies were.
"Yeah, fine. I'm forgiving you because that actually sounds genuine." You scoff, rolling your eyes at his now joyful face.
"It is genuine. And you don't look horrible." He seemed a little comforted by your words, sighing and leaning closer to your face. James dares to press a kiss on your forehead, the single touch of his lips enough to make your nose stop stinging for a second. "Still pretty." He mutters, so low that you barely hear it.
But with the way he's so close to you, he obviously didn't think through his words first. James flushes, his cheeks turning turning that familiar pink tint you loved loved much. The sight of him in front of you is so distracting that you don't realize when he cups your cheeks in his hands.
Now he's talking more seriously, taking in how bad the injury actually is. "Think the bloods stopped." He tells you, his fingers pulling your cheeks gently to bring you closer.
Your breath catches in your throat because of how close you were to him "W-What next? It's broken, might need a spell for it." You say, looking straight at his eyes while doing so.
"Uh— yeah. Yes, I could do that." He says, clearing his throat and staying silent for a moment. "But ... it may hurt." He says sheepishly.
You groaned again, hands going up to his neck and resting it there. "James. I'm literally in so much pain right now, I'll take a second of it for this to be gone. Alright? Don't worry, make it quick." You inform him, your words being a bigger comfort to the boy himself.
James seemed to freeze up when your fingers started fiddling with the hair on the nape of his neck. Your touch felt warm, soft, and so light on his. You drew random shapes on his skin, the boy turning red at such a simple touch. He cleared his throat once more, trying to get rid of the red tinge on his cheeks. "Uh— sit up for this. And hold my hand."
When you did, your hand went to his. The left one that wasn't performing the spell gripped yours. His right hand was holding his wand, his lips muttering the spell silently. When James finally gathered himself, he then directed the wand right at your face.
The second the words came out of his mouth and the spell hit you, you were a mess. Your nose righted itself, a cracking sound erupting louder than you expected. Then when you finally felt a second of comfort, your nose started feeling utterly painful and sore. Your head felt dizzy too, one of the side effects of a spell casted on your face.
If James was panicking, it was internally. Because he only stared at you, his mouth shut as you groaned wildly.
"Oh, Merlin." You stand up from the bed ready to head to the bathroom. "James, is that how it's supposed to feel?" You ask him, tears already streaming down the apple of your cheeks.
He nods, holding you down on the bed. "Yes, perfectly normal." He says, his hand going for one bottle of the strange liquid and uncapping the cork. "Here, c'mon. Drink this." He says simply, ordering you to come closer.
When you lean closer to him, James tips your head back and pour the liquid for you to drink. You cough a little, sighing when the buzz starts to eventually fade.
James moves aside and let's you fall on his bed, his scent enveloping you entirely. You feel yourself getting lighter withe very touch James gave. He tucked your legs into the covers, making sure your head was propped on the pillows comfortably so you wouldn't get dizzy again.
Then you were finally done, all tucked in his bed— warm, and feeling a bit better. Your eyes glinted at his, "Still hurts a little." You tell him, voice slightly muffled because of the pillow underneath your cheek.
James looks at you, with those soft eyes. His finger dares to move closer to you and softly trace the line of your nose. "You look like that muggle reindeer. The one with the red nose." He says, admiring you delicately.
James feels like his heart is about to explode at the moment. You were tucked gracefully in his bed, the covers draped up to your neck. Your hair was spread all over his pillow, lips looking so plump and inviting. "You need to learn to shut up, Jamie."
James chuckles, "Can I join you here?" He asks, steering the topic away. You nod and move so that he has some space to fit in the bed. James immediately wraps his arms around you, bringing you closer to his chest. He's careful enough to not accidentally graze your still recovering nose.
"You're so warm." You mutter, extending your arm to drape over his neck. "I love it, you're like a heater. It's a muggle thing, don't ask." You add, knowing he was about to ask anyway. James loved it. Loved you. He loved how you were so quick to forget the past and immediately change the topic at random to comfort him.
"Would you tell me to shut up again if I said I'm sorry again?" He asked abruptly, sensing that you were now rolling your eyes in his arms.
Since James was larger than you, he kind of enveloped you with his body. You groaned and slid up, putting your hands to his chest and shoving playfully. "Please, oh, please give me a little peace, Potter." You say tiredly.
"Yes I know, you've said that but— really I'm really sorry. I didn't fucking see you in the end of that door, I was talking to Pads inside and— wait, or was it Moony? I don't remember, but the point is that I wasn't paying attention. And I should've! Point is, I hate hurting you and—"
One thing that you've known since the moment you've met this boy, is that he was so talkative. You loved it of course, how he could just better the mood with his words. But sometimes, times like this— you have to handle him another way.
Your hands go to the collar of his shirt, not waiting any longer before pressing your lips to his. James tastes sweet, his lips just as plump as it looks. You don't sense a beat of hesitation from him, it's as if he's been waiting to do this. When he pulls you closer, your noses bump into each other and you pull away in surprise.
Your hands immediately go to his face and covering it to hold him back from you. "Youre still not paying attention! Gentler next time." You reprimanded him, softly gripping the sides of your nose in pain.
James' eyes widens, "Sorry— I'm so sorry—"
"Shut up!"
—@ wrathspoet
general taglist: @regulusblackswhorecrux
james potter: @rqmanoff
marauders: @risingtripletaurus @athenapotter /send me an ask if you want to be added to the taglist!
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Summary: Poolboy James Potter fucks you (i suck at summaries lmao :')
Warnings: Smut. Masturbation. Poolboy!James. It's rushed. PwP.
a/n: got the idea from this anon :)) not proofread.
Tumblr media
He stares from a safe distance, eyes ravenous and avid.
You're laying down on your back, the sun illuminating your skin, glowing up on you. The black bikini clad onto you tightly.
James softly walks forward, he shoots you a sweet smile as he kneels and then places a plate of popsicles on your side.
"Hello, darlin' you need anything?" he says as politely as possible, running his palm sharply over his fine curly hairs that never seemed to stay in place.
"A popsicle will do for now" you smile and then stare at his eyes.
He was winsome— the skin and the muscles and the bones of him.
Reaching a hand towards the red cherry one, you carefully wrap your lips round it, twirling your tongue carefully over it and then sucking lightly on it.
James' eyes darkened, the amber in them turning almost brown, he cleared his throat and fixed his shorts before giving you a curt nod and sauntering off to somewhere.
God fucking damn you. You and your angelic face and your body and your fucking teasing. The bikini that outlined your figure and made it able for him to see the faint outlines of your lips from your knickers.
There was a rot in him aching, and the medicine for that was you.
He groaned and reached down to palm himself. His shift wasn't for another hour or so and he was sure he could sneak in a wank or two.
James finds himself standing in a employee bathroom that was at the very end of the pool. It was private enough— and it wasn't like he could fucking wait.
Carefully reaching down, he slid his hand under his short and gripped his erection firmly in his hand. He let out a small moan and moved his palm along his shaft.
The image of you formed in his skull.
Your mouth that would look so fucking pretty around his cock. And your pretty pussy gripping him hard as he made you squirt on him.
His hand moved faster, rubbing and pleasing himself. "Fucking hell" he muttered before throwing his head back in bliss.
He doesn't hear the footsteps echoing right outside; neither the open door— to invested in bringing himself to a sweet delightful relief.
And then, he hears a loud gasp.
He froze. Then he immediately turned his head to the side to find you— wide eyed and open mouthed.
"Fuck!" James immediately retracted his hand and gulped hard. He fixed his boxers and stared at you in horror.
"What the fuck are you doing here?" His voice was nervous and in a hurry. He took a sharp breath and tried to compose himself. "I– I was just"
His eyes fall down on your thighs, he notices the way you're squeezing them together and he will bet anything that you're dripping your panties.
No you're definitely aroused— he can tell by the peaked nipples and the dark eyes and the shuddering breath.
James' expression softens, "Don't worry about it. I just hope that you won't tell anyone"
"I won't! I promise I won't"
"You'll keep it between us sweetheart? Yeah?" His teeth graze his bottom lips and he smirks as he walks towards you. You gasp as he wraps an arm around your waist, and drags you to his chest.
"Did y'like seeing me like that petal? Wanna know what I was thinking about?"
"Well– I– yes"
You feel his hot breath linger over your ear as he leans down, "I was thinking about you, and your pretty little pussy gripping me" he says in a low taunting voice.
A whimper falls from you, and you lean more towards him. An ache had settled itself in you abdomen and you needed James now.
"Bet if I touch you right here, you'd be dripping" he shoots you a look, asking for permission before touching you, only when you nod does he rub his fingers over you.
He groans as he feels your lips held tight in your panties, he quickly pushes them to the side and then spreads your arousal all around your cunt.
You squirm and buck your hips onto his palm. He grins and kisses over your throat.
When he finally reaches your mouth, he immediately crashes his lips on yours and kisses you hard.
James quickly shuts the door and sweeps you in. His hands grip your hips and pull you to him. You moan into him mouth as he gives your arse a firm rough squeeze.
He pushes you up on the counter, staring into your eyes and he backs away from your lips for a moment.
"Gods, I've wanted to fuck you in this little bikini for so long" he groaned, thumbing your clit and making you even more wet.
His erection couldn't have been any more harder.
"Fuck me then. Please"
"Good girl" he muttered before kissing you again.
His hand shoved his boxers down and he stroked himself a few times before aligning himself. He prods his tip for a few more seconds before guiding himself in so slow.
You gasp loudly and grip his bare shoulder. Your hands run over his body, the precise lines of his abs, tracing the moles and freckles him.
He grunts and pushes in to the hilt. "Fuck, you're beautiful" he says before moving inside you.
His hands are on your waist, your thighs, your face. He kisses every inch of your body and soothes every flaw.
James swiftly pulls off the strings of your bra. Moaning to himself as your tits spilled out. He licked his lips and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking on them hard while his tongue swirled.
"Right there– yes!" you squeal as he pounds into your g-spot, hitting it over and over again.
He's grinning widely, thrusting faster and harder. The coil in him tightens as does yours. He rubbed the cluster of nerves precisely. Wanting you to have the best possible orgasm.
Harder. Faster. His erotic strokes more desperate.
"That's it bug, cream my cock now" James lets out a low hiss and you did just that, squeezing him hard as your walls pulsed around him.
"Cum inside, please cum in me" you whimper and then he lets himself go. He surged deep into you. He moaned as he pumped you full of his cum.
He pulled out delicately, smirking as he saw his length slick with both your arousals.
"You are fucking magical" James said, kissing the top of your nose and burying you in his arms.
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moonlitmeeks · 2 days ago
snowball fight - james potter
summary: at the sight of snow, james knows exactly how to spend your saturday morning
warnings; none
words; 779
a/n; welcome to the third day of my december drabbles!! i think this is possibly my favourite from the whole twenty five fics, so that is saying something!! hope you love it just as much as i do🤎
Tumblr media
from the moment you had looked out of your dorm window, you noticed the thick blanket of snow covering the school grounds, perfectly untouched. the glittering flakes caught your eye as they continued to float from the sky. it was as if you were transported into a snow globe, the picturesque scene almost too beautiful to be true.
though, the illusion was quickly shattered when james woke up, rubbing sleep from his eyes before catching sight of the snow himself. now he was impossibly energetic, any trace of previous fatigue gone. he grabbed your hand, insisting you had to go outside right now, before anyone else.
if your boyfriend was one thing, it was enthusiastic.
not wanting to crush his excitement, you allowed yourself to be dragged along. you rolled your eyes good-naturedly as he clumsily wrapped a scarf around your neck, shoving one of his many hats onto his head before ushering you out of the door. still pulling his boots onto his feet, he tripped and staggered slightly as you made your way through the corridors, quickly trying to navigate the closest exit.
a soft gasp escaped your lips as you walked into the courtyard, snow crunching underneath your feet with every step. cold seized your body, yet not unpleasantly. it was welcome, an assuring hug as it encircled your frame. you tilted your head back, staring into the white sky as snowflakes kissed your lashes and cheekbones.
“babe!” james called.
as you turned to face him, a snowball hit you square in the chest. you gasped, watching the smirk on his face grow as he laughed lightly. allowing him to distract himself with his amusement, you bent down and quickly made your own ammunition, firing two snowballs back at him with vigour.
“this means war, y/l/n!”
“you’re so on, potter!”
and that was how it had started.
what should have been a calm, simple snowball fight had became a tactical battle, something composed of a combination of wits and skill.
if any early risers were to look out of their window, they would be perplexed at the sight of two figures, hunched and creeping around the sparse trees and walls of the courtyard. barriers and domes of snow were formed into make-shift bunkers, paired with piles of snowball ammo, ready for rapid fire.
james’s cheeks were flushed a light red, the ends of his unruly hair sticking out from underneath his knitted hat. he laughed merrily as he threw another onslaught of snowballs in your direction, shrieking as one of your own narrowly missed him.
when james lost sight of you, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he squinted, scanning the sea of white for your deep green jacket. it was only when he felt the shock of freezing snow against his back that he realised where you had gone.
too preoccupied in stooping behind his makeshift fort preparing more snowballs, he hadn’t noticed that you had snuck up behind him with two, great handfuls of snow. the only obvious attack? to shove it down the back of his coat, of course.
he yelped in response, desperately shaking his jumper in the hopes of ridding himself of the sensation, arms flapping around wildly as you laughed, eyes filling with tears at the sight before you.
this quickly turned to panic when he picked up his own chunk of snow and began to advance towards you with a devilish grin. your eyes widened as you began to plead, hands held up in defense.
“okay, i’m sorry! truce! i’m calling a truce!”
“now now, darling,” james teased. “don’t go calling a truce just yet, let me finish what you started.”
“do that, and i won’t help you with the potions homework.” you threatened, one last hope at evading the same cruel fate you’d subjected james to.
he pretended to roll the idea around in his mind for a minute before sighing, dramatically letting the heap of snow fall from his hands. you grinned, rushing over to engulf him into a hug - a sign of the peace treaty you had just created.
james bundled you up in his coat, pulling you flush to his chest. instantly, you were met with a rush of heat, your numbing fingers clutching the thick fabric tightly. why you hadn’t thought to put gloves on before coming outside, you didn’t know, but your hands were certainly paying the price for it now.
“c’mon,” he mumbled against the crown of your head, leading you back towards the castle. “we’re going back to bed, ‘s too cold out here. but just to warn you, i’m sticking my cold hands on your back as revenge.”
Tumblr media
i haven't had a snowball fight in years and now im sad :( reblogs/feedback is much appreciated darlings!!
james potter taglist; @thesilverskull @mendesxruel @lilgayn00dle @nightofthelivingpoet @cloudlessnightsleeplessfight @bazpitchs-violin @adoreachilles @wlfstxr @lxncelot @matte-moony @d22malfoys @ms-heartbreak-queen @anderperrysupremacy @teen-years-suck @akisslikemarble
marauders masterlist!
december drabbles masterlist!
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writtenmarauder · a day ago
Flowers (James Potter x Female!Gryffindor!Reader)
Summary: Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts and the marauders and a challenge.
Warnings: Drinking unknown potions. (honestly I was never good at this, just let me know, none pop out to me)
Masterlist: here
Tumblr media
I was walking to the great hall for dinner. Sirius and Peter were laughing behind me. We just got out of detention, finally. I of course got caught because of the two idiots, but the marauders were growing on me, so I couldn't complain. I took a seat next to James.
"Hey! That's my spot!" "Sorry, Padfoot. The lady got here first." "Thanks," I smiled. "So, how was detention with those two idiots?" "Now you're just out to hurt me Prongs." "You stole my cloak Padfoot, now I have to get it back."
Remus and I were thoroughly enjoying this little quarrel between the inseparable duo.
"I'll help you get it back, James."
"Really? That'd be nice." "Us, Gryffindors got to stick together right? so why not?" "See Pads, this is real friendship." "Okay that's how you want to play it, Prongs? I've got a deal for you. Mooney and I vs you and Y/N." "Why am I getting roped into this?" "Shush Mooney, I'm telling them the best competition I ever came up with." "Guess you don't have a choice Remus," I smirked.
Sirius explained the game. The first one to get to the cloak wins. The winner gets to do with the cloak whatever he wants for 2 weeks before it was James' again. Condition: No use of the map. I didn't get that but oh well it'll be a lot of fun. Peter agreed to make sure no one cheated. I pointed to the fries while listening to Sirius gloating about how he was going to win. James passed them to me. Our hands slightly brushed against each other. I smiled and felt a slight blush creep onto my cheeks.
"When are we doing this? I would like to plan ahead. Scout out some things, If we're not allowed a map you need to give us time." "Y/n has a point."
Crisis averted.
"Alright. Same day next week." "Perfect." "James, meet me in the common room tonight." "Alright." "Mooney we are going to discuss this in our room." "Discuss what? Padfoot you don't plan until the day before." "Mooney just think what we could do with the cloak."
Lily gave me a look and I knew what she meant.
"I've got to vanish for a few. I'll see you guys around. See you tonight, James." "See you tonight."
Lily and I were helping Madam Sprout for extra credits. Lily and I introduced her to an idea of Valentine's day at Hogwarts, to spread love and positivity. A lot of flowers needed to be planted and taken care of. Lily and I used this time to talk about boys or girl things.
"So you and James." "No there is nothing between James and I," I smiled, "besides he's all over you. You're his Lily-Flower." "Alright, first of all, I'm not his." "you are in his wildest dreams."
We laughed.
"Second of all, you like him." "I do not." "Yeah right." "James Potter is nothing more than any other boy at Hogwarts. Dreamy and not for me." "So you do admit he's dreamy." "I mean obviously. Even you think James is smoking hot." "I think he has something yeah." "The guy is crazy for you, why turn him down like that?" "There is something not right like he does it to make someone else jealous, cause if he likes me why not kiss me when we were alone, the other night." "Maybe he didn't want to cross your boundary."
Lily sighed but agreed.
"Maybe I should ask him." I suggested. "No. Absolutely not." "Come on Lils, you trust me don't you?" "If James asks me out again I might say yes. I don't need help, because if he asks someone else. I'd be fine with that." "Lily, you're too nice do you know that?" "I'm kind of hoping James asks you. Instead of me."
I rolled my eyes and we finished watering.
"James doesn't like me like that." "I wouldn't be surprised if he did."
Lily and I walked to the common room  I smiled when I saw James there. He smiled. Lily waved goodbye and went to her room.
"Hey, James." "Hey." "Just hey? Are you okay?" "Yeah." "Come on, we're going to the library. I have a plan." "What?" "Come on Prongs. The library isn't that scary."
James smiled.
"You called me, Prongs." "I hope that was okay." "Yeah. Sorry I've been in my head." "You wanna talk about it."
James gave me a look.
"What? Guys can talk about their emotions." "How?" "By using words." "Okay, I'll try it. Lily and I nearly kissed when we were in the common room last week. I panicked and didn't. I adore her, shouldn't that make her be the one for me. Shouldn't she leaning in make me want to kiss her and never let go?" "Why did you panic?" "Cause there is this other girl that was on my mind." "Ooooh someone we know?"
James shook his head but I didn't believe him.
"What house?" "It doesn't matter, forget I said anything." "Sorry, Prongs." "Don't worry about it, let's worry about my cloak that Sirius lost."
I picked up two books and dragged James back to a hallway. I sat at the window and James accepted the book I gave him.
"So what is the plan?" "Find the invisibility potion." "Why couldn't we do this in the library? or our dorms?" "Because Filch starts his round in 30 minutes and I need to know his pathing." "How do you know that?" "You think this is was my first time?" "I kind of did." "I just never get caught because unlike Sirius, I scout his patterns. He changes it every 3 weeks." "Are you for real?"
I nodded and started reading to find the ingredients for the invisibility potion. James did the same. I looked up from my book and saw him gaze out the window. He looked handsome. He bit his thumb while lost in thought. I gazed at him until he looked my way. My heart fluttered when he looked my way and showed off his signature smirk. I looked back to my books and found the potion.
"Here it is." "Great! What do we need?" "I hate this already." "Cherries, chicken part and spiders?" "Yeah, but the rest of the paper is gone. I'm not sure that'll work." "I'm sure you'll figure it out." "Why?" "You're a brilliant witch," James complimented. "Yeah right."
James looked at me with his famous Potter smirk that made most girl swoon. I rolled my eyes.
"You are smart." "Fine! I'm only doing this because you complimented me." "Yes!"
I tried to figure out the potions it only needed to brew for 10 hours so I had a few attempts. Lily and I were watering the flowers again.
"James has his eye on another girl!?" "Shhh!" "Well he can be a really annoying guy, but at least he has a code of honour I suppose." "Yeah, he wanted to kiss you. He said he adores you but couldn't go through with it." "Do we know who the mystery girl is?" "No he didn't want to say and every time I tried to talk to him about it he shut down or left." "I hope it's you." "What is it with you and making him mine?" "Come on he's all heart eyes over you." "I don't know what you're talking about." "Sure you don't sweetheart. I didn't know either. I just waited too long." "Say hypothetically. It's true. What do I do?"
Lily looked at the roses. I sighed. James and I met up as much as possible to work on the potion and needless to say Sirius got annoyed. He felt like I was stealing his best friend.
"It's just a double chance to get the cloak back no need to be secretive about it." "Pads, relax. We're just preparing." "What about Evans? Did you forget about her?" "Enough Padfoot. You like Y/n too. What changed?" "You did," Sirius growled.
James walked away from the group. James found me testing the potion and sat with me.
"Hey! Guess what?" "Padfoot stopped being jealous?" "What?" "Nothing, what is it?" "I see you don't want to talk about it so I'll just say that attempt 6 looks promising." "So after turning it red, blowing up, singing, turning into a chicken and unknown effects. we might have a chance?" "Exactly. Also, I'm going to drink it." "What? No! What if it kills you?" "It's harmless."
I downed it and James looked at me. I coughed cause it tasted bad. I started slowly disappearing.
"You did it!" James smiled. "There is only one problem?" "What is it?" "I don't know how long this effect lasts." "That isn't ideal. I'll smuggle you food." "I need to do a presentation today in front of the whole school in the great hall." "Oh, that's bad." "Get the boys and Lily." "Alright, don't move."
James ran out and came back with the group.
"Prongs will you tell us what's wrong?" "Hey, Padfoot."
Sirius jumped in Remus' arms. Lily sighed and looked at the pot.
"You messed with potions!" Lily yelled. "I didn't think of the consequences. Okay?" "One good thing with half the recipe she did make it work." "I need to be visible!" "Alright calm down," James sighed.
Lily, the marauders and I tried to make me visible again. No luck so far.
"It's time." Lily sighed. "You start without me, I'll find a solution." "You better figure it out," Lily sighed.
Lily left. I sighed and flicked through more books.
"Invisibility potions?" "Look it was her plan I couldn't tell you could I?" "I'm your best friend." "Pads we were in a bet."
Remus found a spell to turn me visible again. I cheered and hugged James before we snuck into the great hall. I sat opposite of Lily and James sat between me and Sirius. We enjoyed our dinner and banter till Dumbledore shouted for everyone's attention.
The great hall went quiet. It was impressive.
"Would Miss Y/L/N and Miss Evans step forward, please? Professor Sprout and these students have a surprise."
Lily and I walked forward. The boys looked at us.
"Good evening, students. These lovely ladies and a few members of Hufflepuff have been working on a surprise. Tomorrow it is Valentine's day, Lily why don't you say a few words?" "Thank you. Valentine's day is a day to celebrate love and friendship. It has been for decades." "We want everyone to feel loved this valentine. So everyone gets an enchanted rose. Which the wonderful Hufflepuffs are handing out right now," I smiled. "The rose can be given to someone and if it's true the rose will tell. Don't ever forget love doesn't have to mean sexual love. It can mean friendship too and the rose will turn different colours there is a chart in each common room." "We would like an applause for all who helped and we wish you a happy Valentine's Day."
The great Hall filled with cheers. I locked eyes with James and blushed. We returned to our seats both getting our flowers.
"Thanks." I smiled and sat next to James.
We all started messing around again till quite late. We were on our way to the common room. James stopped me for a bit. I looked into his eyes hopefully.
"Hey, meet me tomorrow after Charms in the astronomy tower," James whispered
I nodded and we followed the group. I was nervous. I pulled Lily to her room.
"Spill the tea." "James told me to meet him tomorrow after Charms." "Really?"
I paced back and forth. Lily took my hands in hers.
"Let's pick out a nice dress." "Lily, you are my lifesaver do you know that?" "Just a little."
I barely slept or paid attention to class. I knew James was waiting cause he skipped charms. I on the other hand loved to stay out of detention. Once was enough. Lily pulled me out of Charms faster than James flew on his broom. I changed and got my rose out. Lily finished with my hair and I went up to the tower. James stood there in his finest Sunday clothes. He was holding his rose too.
"You came." He smiled. "Of course." "Y/n, working on getting the cloak back with you has been a lot of fun and I was hoping that... Well, I wanted to ask if you uh." "Are you nervous?" "Believe it or not. Yes. You make me nervous." "In a good way?" "In the best way possible. You make me want to be a better person."
I blushed.
"So now that I've told you that. Would you Y/n, be my Valentine?" "On one condition James. Will you be mine?"
James smiled wider than he had ever smiled.
"Absolutely." "Then yes." I smiled
We exchanged roses and they turned from pink to a light red. James looked a little confused.
"Light red means love. Dark red means passion. It's a subtle difference but it means so much." "It does mean a lot."
James leaned in and kissed me. It started intense but then it was softer. His hands leaned on my hips.
"PRONGS!" "Sirius shut up they're having a moment."
Lily. Of course, she was listening in. I looked into James' eyes and he kissed my hand. James held my hand and guided me down the stairs. Our smiles had never been wider.
"Prongs!" Sirius looked at us, "wait... You and You." "Yeah I really like her Pads, I wanted to tell you but you kept moaning about me spending a lot of time with her and I thought why not face this failure alone. Only she likes me back." "For some reason."
I laughed and James hit Sirius softly.
"I'm sorry I wasn't the best friend. I got jealous." "It was quite cute not going to lie," I smiled "Hey Padfoot, I've got it."
Remus and Peter walked in. I looked at the marauders.
"Got what?" James asked. "The cloak, we win!" Padfoot said. "Not fair! We said tomorrow." I tried. "While you and Prongs here were getting all kissy-kissy, we took the liberty of getting the cloak back." "I call dibs cause this is foul play." "Foul play is still playing, Prongs."
I laughed. James wasn't amused, but I kissed his cheek.
"We both won here, I'm sure." I smiled. "Yeah, I certainly did." James smiled.
The group was back together. James and I were cuddling while Sirius was trying to figure out what to do with the cloak.
"By the time you decide the weeks will be over," James smirked.
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hrtbreakanniversary · 12 hours ago
cupid's arrow ➵ james potter
Tumblr media
summary: some call it magic.
some call it coincidence.
whatever it is, y/n y/l/n can make two people fall in love with each other no matter the circumstances. whether it's one person having a crush on the other or two unknowing people who have chemistry together that people simply want together. she does all of this under the facade of cupid, the god of love.
but in this special case of james potter, trying to get his ex back along with playing along with a silly prank of his best friend.
so with the spare change he has in his pocket, he asks for the help of y/n y/l/n under her alias. but what happens if cupid accidentally gets struck by her own arrow.
pairing: james potter x slytherin!reader
warnings: frustrating!, suggestive, slight slowburn, uhm love triangle bc i love those, cliche, may be REALLY SWEEET, pain
⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙
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pinkandblueblurbs · 2 months ago
pillow princess
remus and sirius find out reader is james’s pillow princess
Marauders x Fem!reader. Casual discussions of sex, d/s, degradation, oral (male receiving), threesome, riding, crying, praise, dirty talk, daddy kink, smoking
word count: 3.7k
James lets out a heavy sigh as he collides with the common room couch, his quidditch bag meeting the ground with an equally heavy thud.
“Hard practice?” Remus inquires, not looking up from the book his nose is buried in. Beside him, Sirius is lighting a cigarette behind cupped hands.
“I’d say. Can hardly feel m’bloody legs.” James mutters, lethargic limbs spread wide on the sofa’s expanse. The boys’ conversation comes to a halt as you saunter into the room.
“Jamie” you whine upon seeing the familiar mop of dark curls peeking over the back of the couch, quickly making your way over and seating yourself in his open lap. Your fingers curl anxiously around the material of his quidditch uniform, fixing him with a pout. “Was lookin’ for you.”
“I was at practice, bug, y’know that” he murmurs, large hand moving to rub soothingly at your back.
“Need you” you whimper, shifting atop him, ignoring the soft snickers the two boys behind you let out. James simpers.
“Yeah? Y’feelin’ needy?” He questions tauntingly, reaching up to cup your chin. You nod, keeping your gaze wide and pleading.
“Yes, daddy,” more snickers fall on deaf ears “right now.” You give his uniform a firm tug to drive the point home.
“Alright, alright.” He sighs, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Go upstairs and wait f’me, babydoll. Daddy’ll come take care of you.” You grin at the assurance, leaning forward to press a brief kiss of gratitude to his lips.
“Thank you!” You hop off his lap, a new, eager skip in your step as you bounce up the stairs. “Hurry, please!” Is the last the boys hear before the familiar, distant open and close of their dormitory door.
James heaves himself to his feet with a groan, legs aching from his previous exertion.
“Gods, I love ‘er, but this may near kill me.” He complains half jokingly as he throws his bag over his shoulder.
“Just have ‘er ride you, mate.” Sirius suggests casually around the fag between his lips, thumb flicking the spark wheel of his lighter idly. James lets out a breathy laugh.
“Yeah, right.”
“Whaddya mean yeah right?” Remus pipes up now, brown eyes finally flitting up from the pages before them. James blinks at him, caught off guard by his question.
“Well- that’s just- it doesn’t really work like that.”
“Y’mean she doesn’t ride you?” Sirius scoffs, the beginnings of a goading smirk forming on his face. James swallows.
“Fine, then.” Remus holds back any taunts in favor of trying to offer more suggestions. “Just eat her out, that’ll be easier on you. Then have her return the favor.” James shifts his weight awkwardly from one foot to the other, shaking his head.
“I’d still have to fuck her.”
“Cause she doesn’t do that-“ James’s words are cut off by a bark of Sirius’s laughter.
“Lemme get this straight.” He pulls the cigarette out of his mouth with two fingers. “The girl calls you daddy, but you don’t have her get on her knees for you?”
Bright crimson paints the apples of James’s cheeks. “Yeah…” Sirius lets out another bought of laughter, elbowing Remus, who’s now letting out soft chuckles himself.
“Jamie’s got himself a little pillow princess.” Sirius sneers, giving James a mocking grin before sucking in another lungful of smoke. James’s flush deepens.
“I do not!”
“You kinda do, mate.” Remus admits, his taunting smirk more subtle but still present. “She’s got you wrapped around her finger.”
“No, no, I’m in charge-“ James tries to insist, but Sirius cuts him off.
“Not really, not with you spoilin’ her like that.” He points out, giving James pause. As the words sink in the bespectacled boy lets out a sigh.
“I don’t wanna be mean to her.”
“‘S not being mean, James.” Remus puts down his book, looking at the younger male seriously. “You’re her dom, you have a right to make some demands. And she has a safe word, yeah?” James nods. “Exactly. If she’s really not comfortable, she can let you know.”
“You’ve just gotta give her a little push, show ‘er who’s boss.” Sirius pipes up, the words coming out with a plume of smoke. James’s fingers scratch unsurely at the back of his head.
“That’s not really my strong suit.”
“We could help.” James’s eyes widen at Remus’s words, his arm falling to his side in a beat of shocked silence.
“You’re joking.”
“I’m not.” James can tell from his expression that he isn’t, but it still doesn’t seem plausible. Remus shrugs. “Only if you want us to, of course.”
James’s eyes flit between the two boys, Remus’s gaze genuine and Sirius’s hopeful. He considers his options- he’s really not good at being firm, you really do have him totally whipped, he trusts both boys completely, and you could of course say no if you weren’t comfortable.
“Yeah… alright.” He says after a moment, the words slow but sure. Sirius’s expression breaks out into an all out grin.
“Oh fuck yeah.” He’s up in an instant, leaning down to smoosh his cigarette into the glass ashtray on the coffee table. “Let’s go.” James’s eyes widen.
“Yeah, now.” The raven haired male says. “Unless you wanna go up there and fuck her.” He gestures to James’s still aching legs, and the thought alone of doing anything strenuous with them feels painful. James nods.
“Right. Let’s go, then.”
“Finally” you gripe as you hear the door open, sitting up in James’s bed, pleased to be getting the attention you’ve been waiting for. A confused expression settles on your features, however, when behind your boyfriend enter Remus and Sirius.
“What’re you guys doing here?”
“They wanted to come help me with somethin’, baby.” James explains, though his words only make your brows furrow more.
“Thought you were gonna… y’know, take care of me” you murmur, further extending your lower lip as your fingers toy with the hem of your skirt. You scowl as Sirius plops down beside you on the foot of James’s bed.
“Prongs takes care of you a lot, doesn’t he?” Sirius croons, angling his body towards you as he awaits your answer.
“Uh… yeah.”
“Well, darling, don’t you think you outta return the favor?” Remus asks now, stalking over to stand beside James, large hands stuffed in his pockets. You cock your head in confusion, making the boys simper.
“Whaddya mean return the favor?”
“We mean do the work for once, pup. Make him feel good.”
“Fucking me feels good!” You defend, crossing your arms.
“Oh of course it does, doll-” James starts to coo, but Remus interjects.
“But all you’re doin’ is laying there and taking it. Y’gotta learn to put in some effort. You wanna make your daddy happy, don’t you?” The lycanthrope asks, making you nod eagerly, and James silently marvels at his ability to know exactly what to say to have you agreeing without complaint.
“Atta girl” Sirius croons, reaching out to cup your face. “We’re gonna help teach y’how to please Prongs, alright? Gonna be good for us?” Your cunt pulses at the question, and the soft stroke of his thumb over your jaw, and your head bobbles in another nod.
“Use your words with us, please.” Remus instructs, making you quickly realize that he runs things a bit differently than James does.
“Yes, I’ll be good.” You parrot, making the boys smirk.
“Better.” Remus reaches out to grasp your arm, firmly guiding you to your feet, and Sirius follows. “Now, up you get. And you sit down, James, get comfortable.”
You watch as your dom does just that, seating himself on the foot of the bed, legs comfortably wide. Your mouth waters when you catch the prominent bulge in his trousers. Sirius must notice you staring, as he lets out a snicker.
“Y’see that, puppy? Y’want his cock?” He taunts, and you nod. “Where do you want it?”
“Inside me. In my pussy” you murmur, rubbing your thighs together in an attempt to quell the aching of your core. Sirius tuts, slender fingers coming out to grasp your face, squeezing enough to make your lips jut out.
“I dunno about that, doll, you’re practically drooling.” He gives your head a little shake before releasing his grip. “Why don’t you get on your knees, try havin’ it in your mouth?”
“But-“ Remus’s hands are on your shoulders, pushing you downwards with a heavy pressure.
“That wasn’t actually a question, love.” You whimper as your knees hit the floor. “Go on and get his cock out, no more fuckin’ around.”
You pout but do as he says, reaching out to work open the button of James’s fly before tugging down the zipper. Your gaze flits upwards to your boyfriend’s face, and you feel a surge of pride at his blown pupils and all around hungry expression.
“Good girl, babydoll, y’look so pretty down on your knees f’me.” James praises, making your heart flutter. You pull down the elastic of his boxers to allow his hard length to spring free, licking your lips as the rouged member rests heavily against his abdomen.
“Go on, poppet.” Remus coaxes. “Give it a few strokes first, then get it in y’mouth.” You nod and follow his instructions, reaching out to grasp James’s thick cock. You stroke upwards along the velvety shaft, noting the way the action makes his breath hitch. You repeat the motion a few more times, feeling his cock swell to full hardness beneath your fingertips.
“Alright, that’s enough. Get to it.” Remus prompts after a while. You swallow, glancing up at James unsurely. He offers you a soft smile and a reassuring nod.
“Do what he says, baby, c’mon. I wanna feel y’mouth.” He murmurs, reaching out to gently grasp the back of your head and coax you forwards. You let him guide you, let your lips fall open as you angle his cock and feed it into your mouth.
It feels heavy on your tongue, the blunt head warm and unfamiliar, and a musky, salty flavor bleeds onto your tastebuds, making your nose scrunch up.
“Suck, pup, like ‘s one of your sweets.” You hear Sirius’s voice instruct. You listen, suckling on James’s cock like you would a lollipop. James lets out a pleased sigh, and the noise eggs you on. You swirl your tongue experimentally around the tip, occasionally teasing it in his slit, and feel more pride swell within you when James releases a soft moan.
“Good girl, angel, just like that.” His voice sounds breathless as you continue your ministrations.
“See, darling? You’re making your daddy feel so good.” Remus coos, further encouraging you.
“Alright, let’s go deeper now.” Your eyes widen slightly at Sirius’s words, and then even further when you feel the firm pressure of his hand at the back of your head. He pushes you down, feeding more of James’s cock past your lips until his head sponges over the back of your throat, making you gag. His hold doesn’t let up.
“Breathe through your nose, bunny, and swallow. Concentrate on not gagging.” You do your best to follow Remus’s firm instructions, the channel of your throat fluttering around James’s shaft as you struggle not to choke, making him moan at the tight sensation. You’re unable to hold back another violent gag, and finally Sirius’s hold lets up, allowing you to pull off James’s cock, sputtering and coughing as you suck in lungfulls of air.
“Fuck, baby, you okay?” James asks, concern evident alongside the arousal in his tone. Before you regain the ability to speak, Remus does so for you.
“She’s fine, Prongs, just needs a second.” He reaches down, his touch surprisingly soft as it strokes over your head. “This is how she learns.”
You’ve finally regained control of your breathing, and you look up at James with watery eyes, wet trails mapping the paths of tears on your cheeks. Your boyfriend coos, reaching out to thumb away the moisture.
“Here, pup, I’ll help.” Sirius offers, catching on to your struggle. He reaches out and grasps James’s cock without hesitation, making the male gasp. “Lemme show you- watch closely.”
Without missing a beat Sirius leans forward, taking at first the head of James’s cock into his mouth.
“Fuckin hell, Pads- oh” James’s words end in a pleasured gasp as Sirius pushes forward. You watch in wide eyed awe as the clearly well practiced male takes the entire length of your boyfriend’s cock down his throat, the column of it bulging slightly, until his nose is nestled in James’s pubic hair.
“Y’see that, doll?” Remus murmurs, crouching down beside you to direct your gaze. “You can tell he’s breathin’ through his nose. And he’s keeping his eyes up so Jamie can see how pretty they are when they’re filled with tears.” You nod dumbly, engrossed in the erotic sight before you. Sirius’s throat spasms slightly, but to your astonishment he doesn’t pull back, and James lets out an outright moan.
“And there he swallowed, probably to keep from gagging. That feels really good f’James, makes his throat nice and tight around his cock.” Remus explains. Your eyes dart up once again to James’s face, finding his head thrown back, cheeks flushed pink with pleasure, lips slack as he lets out gasping breaths. You find yourself desperate to be the one making him feel that good.
“My turn.” You whine, fingers curling around Sirius’s slender shoulders to tug him back. The man cooperates, letting James’s cock slip from his throat as he sits back on his heels. Beside you, Remus simpers.
“You wanna make y’daddy feel good, pretty thing?” The lycanthrope croons. You nod, scooting into position between James’s legs the second Sirius moves away. “That’s a good girl. See, Prongs, that’s how it should be.”
“You’re damn right. Can’t get enough of ‘er sweet mouth now.” James voices, reaching out to cup your face and tenderly guide you back to his cock. The immediate groan he lets out the moment your lips make contact is enough to have moisture pooling in your panties.
You do your best to put your newfound knowledge to use, making sure to breathe through your nose as you lower your face down on James’s cock. You get deeper than the last time before you’re gagging, and this time you manage to stifle it, trying not to panic so you can work past the reflex and seat the length fully in your throat.
You don’t get quite as deep as Sirius- James’s thatch of curls just barely tickles at the end of your nose- but he’s well down your throat. And if the muttered curses the boy lets out- along with the murmured praises from the others- are anything to go by, what you’ve done is more than good enough. You keep your eyes trained upwards, blinking through the tears that spill over your waterline and roll down your cheeks, internally thrilling when James glances down at you and breathes out an awed “so fuckin’ pretty”.
You pull out the last trick up your sleeve, flexing the muscles of your throat to swallow around the thick shaft in your mouth.
“Bloody hell” James’s voice is choked, strained with the intensity of the stimulation, and his hips jerk subconsciously, ripping a true gag out of you.
“Off, off.” Remus’s voice is low and commanding as he reaches out to grip your hair, yanking you back and tearing James’s cock from your throat. You sputter somewhat, vision cloudy with tears, and you can just barely make out James’s trembling form on the bed before you. He’s fallen back on his elbows, chest heaving, cock bright red and slapping against his abdomen in a needy bounce.
“What the fuck, Moons.” He growls, voice lower than you’ve ever heard. Your cunt gives a dull pulse.
“Didn’t want you to cum yet, mate, we’re not done. Figured you’d rather finish in her pussy, eh?” You feel a thrill of excitement at Remus’s words, tear streaked face lighting up.
“Daddy’s gonna fuck me?” You ask excitedly, looking at the lycanthrope with wide eyes as he pulls you to your feet with a low chuckle.
“More or less, sweetheart.” His thumb comes out to swipe a smear of drool off your chin before Sirius turns you by your shoulders to face James.
“You’re gonna ride him.” The raven haired boy states, and you slump in disappointment.
“That’s hard-“
“Ah ah.” Remus chastises, reaching over to pull down your skirt and panties, letting them fall around your ankles in a soft heap. “Your job is to please your daddy, remember? Doesn’t matter if ‘s hard, this is for him. You’ve gotta listen.” When you open your mouth to argue, clearly not convinced, Remus looks at your boyfriend expectantly. “Isn’t that right, Prongs?” Your gaze shifts to the boy.
“That’s right, Moons.” He agrees, looking at you with a raised brow. “Don’t you wanna be a good girl f’me, babydoll?” He inquires.
“Yes, daddy.” You immediately whimper, that desperate need to please bubbling up inside you once more.
“Good. So you’re gonna listen to Remus and Sirius and let them show you how to ride me, alright?” The clear instructions from your dom are all it takes to get you back on board.
“Yes daddy.” You repeat the agreement, making James smile, and the show of approval makes your heart swell.
“Right. Now, puppy, get in Prongs’s lap, just like you did earlier.” Sirius instructs, coaxing you with a gentle push to your back. You step over to James and do as Sirius instructed, moving so your knees are on either side of James’s thighs in a straddling position.
“Atta girl.” Remus says now, stepping up close to grasp James’s cock at its base. You whimper as you feel it rub against you. “‘M gonna get it lined up, now,” you feel it prod against your entrance, “there we are. Now lower down, sweet girl, sit down on his cock.”
You follow Remus’s instructions immediately, letting out a lewd moan as James’s cock breaches your entrance and sheathes fully inside you, your bare thighs coming to rest atop his clothed ones. The unfamiliar angle has his head pressing against new, sensitive areas within you, and you still, eyes squeezed shut as you struggle to process the overwhelming feeling. You’re brought back to reality by cool, smooth hands grasping you at your waist.
“Y’gotta move, puppy, can’t just sit there like you usually do.” Sirius snarks, lifting upwards to guide your body in a bounce. You whimper at what you perceive to be the difficult task of lifting yourself up and down, starting up a sloppy, rhythm-less pace atop James’s lap.
“Easy, love, move prettier than that.” Remus pipes up, prompting Sirius to tighten his grip in an attempt to clean up your movements. He has some success, hoisting you up and down to a steady beat, and finally a moan of pleasure spills from James’s lips in recognition of your efforts. 
“That’s better. Now show her how to roll her hips, Pads- y’gotta rotate when you go down, bun.” Remus further instructs. On your next descent Sirius puts alternating pressure on your hips, guiding you in a circular grind that has James’s cock rubbing against all of your velvet walls, hitting every point inside you. You let out a breathy moan to match his low groan as pleasure spreads through you like wildfire.
‘Good girl baby, fuck. Keep goin’ like that and I won’t last much longer.” James sounds strained, just about as strained as your trembling legs feel with the exertion of your bouncing. You whimper.
“That’s a good thing, bunny.” Remus says as James’s hands come up to knead at the soft flesh of your clothed breasts. “I can tell you’re getting close too, you’re having trouble keepin’ this up- and when you’re riding you wanna cum when James does, so you aren’t too fucked out to finish him off.” Your head bobbles in a vague nod, bleary, near orgasmic mind just barely able to process the words.
“I got ‘er, Pads.” James grits out, his familiar large hands moving to replace Sirius’s own on your hips. They support your form the same as Sirius’s had, though now they pull you forward. “C’mere baby,” you crash into James for a messy, tooth-knocking kiss before one of his hands finds the back of your neck to hold you to his shoulder.
“Gonna cum, babydoll, gonna fill up your pretty pussy.” He growls, low gravelly tone reflecting his nearing release. His other hand grips your ass bruisingly, yanking you up and down in those final thrusts that hit right on your g-spot and have you seeing stars.
His hips give one quick, deep snap upwards as he spills into you with a low groan, and the feeling of his warm cum flooding your channel is enough to send you over the edge. You fall limp against him as you cum, your moan silent to your cotton-stuffed ears but deafening to everyone else present.
“Fucking hell” Sirius breathes out at the sight, hand palming himself through his trousers. Your chest heaves against James’s, your head lolling atop his shoulder as he turns to kiss and nip gently at your neck while you both come down from your highs. 
“Good job, angel.” James murmurs breathlessly against your neck, making you smile.
“Did a good job for you, daddy?” You murmur blearily, head pleasantly fuzzy in your afterglow.
“Mhm. That was bloody incredible.” His hand rubs up and down on your back, and he flashes the spectating boys a toothy, blissed-out grin. 
“Glad you two enjoyed yourselves.” Remus quips, his own grin made evident by his tone. You hum dreamily, still too bleary to formulate any other response as you bask in the warmth of James’s body and drink in his musky post-coital scent.
“You think you’ll actually make her pull her weight from here on out, Prongs?” Sirius asks. You can feel James’s head move against you in a nod.
“Without a doubt.” Your boyfriend responds, pressing a kiss to the side of your skull. “Though, I’ve gotta admit, most of the time I don’t really mind having my own little pillow princess.”
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bellatrixscurls · 2 months ago
feels too right // james potter
ღ pairing : sex therapist!james x innocent!reader
ღ warnings : smut, oral (fem and male), no actual penetration, pet names, slightly older james (reader is of age!), innocence kink and i think that’s it?
ღ a/n : idk what this is, bare with me pls 😬😬
join my tag list here! :)
Tumblr media
you toyed with the lacy hem of your dress as you and your father walked towards the ‘only person who can cure you’s office.
“i’m just saying, plum. he’s the best in town with down there problems” you rolled your eyes at that, ready to protest but he cut you off with a little wave of his right hand, “look, this is the door. think you can knock?”
you shrugged, shivers running down your spine as the light pounding reached james’ ears, and he yelled a little “come in!”
right there, your knees felt like they were about to give in, your palms sweaty as they reached for the doorknob, slowly making your way inside, your father’s hand leaving the small of your back and he gave you a thumbs up before you closed the door fully.
one glance up, and you were met with a cerulean pair of eyes and a little smirk that tilted his lips up — then you looked back down, heat rushing to your cheeks as you stood awkwardly in front of the door, “hi” you whispered.
“hello there” he greeted warmly and he motioned for you to sit down, which you did, moving his chair closer to you. “so, y/n... what seems to be the problem with you, hun?”
you felt redness spread across your neck and cheeks as you looked up from your lap, unconsciously staring a bit too much at james’ plump lips. “um, i...” you sighed and your hands shook as you tried to keep them intertwined, in place, away from james’ eyes. but he saw. “i went to a gynecologist but they said practically nothing was wrong with me” you shrugged meekly, returning to fiddling with your fingers.
meanwhile, james took his time to try and read you, maybe even find out himself what you were talking about, but he just couldn’t. “does something not feel alright?”
“oh, no. something feels too right” you replied suggestively, brows furrowing at the sudden confidence, “s just my tummy.”
at that, james gripped the arms of his chair like a vice, as if they were the only thing keeping him alive. your tummy just felt too good. poor baby, he thought.
“don’t you wanna show me what makes your tummy feel so good, princess?” he asked and you gulped, nodding fervently as you spread your legs, the sundress riding up your thighs as it revealed your little panties to james. you just felt the need to show him. the mere image of the handsome man in front of you watching you make your tummy feel good was pure sex.
your underwear was damp with your arousal as your heels pushed into the armchair, on either side of your body. one of your small hands travelled down and stopped when it reached the wetness, gently pushing the pesky fabric to the side, giving james a full view of your glistening cunt. “i usually play when my tummy feels yucky and- and this makes it all feel better” you explained while your index and middle finger rubbed your clit in tight circles, said sensation already engulfing you as you threw your head back.
you didn’t even notice the tall man approach you, but when you finally opened your eyes, he was hovering over you, blue eyes hungry as he stared down at your heat in fascination. “y’know how good it feels when someone else plays with you, princess? ...tell me you don’t” his voice was but a whimper, pleading you to say you didn’t know, because no one ever touched you the way you were touching yourself. no one.
you shook your head as your breathing became heavier, and you looked mesmerized at james as he lowered himself until he was at eye level with your pulsating cunt. he smiled as if someone just took something very heavy from his shoulders, “can i be the one to show you? please, sweetheart.”
“y-yes, please!” you sounded more excited than you’d care to admit, your eyes teary when he gently brushed your hands away, replacing them with his own as he spread your pussy lips wide open for him, unintentionally licking his lips at the sight.
you didn’t know what he was doing, but next thing you knew his lips were suckling at your clit, and he hummed in approval as his skilled tongue poked out, working you closer to your release, “s-so good, it’s so good, jamie!” you cried, fingers tangling themselves in his hair as you tugged a bit too harshly, earning a pained whimper from james. “m sorry!” you bit your lip, gently massaging his scalp with the pads of your fingers, strings of moans escaping your mouth, “m so sorry, i promise i didn’t wanna- oh!”
“s okay” he smiled against your cunt, refusing to let go as he jerked you closer by the thighs, burying his face even deeper if possible in your quivering cunt. “tastes really, really good.”
you smiled weakly down at him, but it didn’t last long because the next second you were crying out his name, begging to cum even though you weren’t really sure what that was. “j-jamie, oh my god! ‘s gonna happen again! ‘s gonna happen!”
“let go, princess. be good for jamie and let go, mkay?” he urged and you nodded, and just like an obedient little pup, you came all over his mouth, whimpering as he drank all of your juices like a starved man.
you were breathless, to say the least. but you still wanted more, and the tent in james’ pants made you wander if his tummy needed to feel good too.
“jamie?” you called softly, and he looked up from where his head rested against your thigh, smiling a lazy smile as he caressed it, “doesn’t your tummy needa feel good too now?”
james could scream at how innocent you looked while insinuating such dirty things. and he fucking loved everything about it; your wide puppy eyes, your pouty lips, and so much more.
“i can take care of it m’self, princess. you don’t have to” he assured as he turned his head, placing a soft kiss to the inside of your bare thigh.
your face fell at the thought. he obviously didn’t want your unexperienced mouth on him. he had better things to do, better people to make him feel good... right?
“oh, no!” exclaimed james, immediately catching your eyes and knowing what was going on, “babe, no! princess, i want to, yeah? y’just so innocent and pretty, can’t let myself ruin you like that.”
“but... please?” you pouted, and james looked like he was ready to give in, “gonna make it feel all better. gonna try.”
“ me then, bub.”
james’ mouth fell open and his brows pushed together as you worked your mouth on his cock, trying to take as much of him as possible. endless moans spilled from his mouth at the sight, his hands coming down to caress your cheek, in no form urging you to take more of him. he didn’t think he would live to hear the end of it if you did, anyway.
your mouth left his cock with a pop, and your hand replaced it as you asked softly, “am i doing good, jamie?” you asked with wide eyes, gathering some saliva on the tip of your tongue and letting it drip down your chin slowly. oh, the things he’d do to you if only he had the balls to. james nodded with eager eyes, and you could tell he was biting back moans as you kept eye contact.
“want inside” he whimpered breathlessly, his abs flexing as he tried his hardest not to buck his hips again. “need inside ...please!”
sounds of pounding sounded from right outside the door, and james threw his head back, groaning in frustration. you gave him a pitiful look before you stood up to fix your dress, helping james back in his underwear and trousers too.
“dr potter? someone’s here to see you” a squeaky voice said.
“i’m fucking coming, martha! can’t you just fucking wait!” he groaned and covered his face with his hands, and you took a step back in surprise, which james noticed right away. “sorry” he apologized, his pinkish cheeks turning red, “does next week, same hour sound alright for you?” he exhaled deeply, already writing you up in his agenda.
“sounds perfect.”
❀ james potter tag list; @silverdelirium @moonyinthelight @malfoy-girl @daddymalfoy-issues @teenwolfbitches28 @amethystangle @methblinds @marv3lwhor3 @candy-man91 @illusionsofrainbows @fairyy27 @remusjlupinisdead @maybanksslut @mrs-brekker15 @elizabethrosedarling @malfoysbiitch @gothboutique @tomriddles-wh0re @florestheflower @angelinab303 @divanca2006 @imahoeforremuslupin @acciodignity @nic0lodean @ginnysbabymama @kayleiggh @samaraaaaa @saintlike78 @yiamalfoy @indigoh4ze @justadreamyhufflepuff @someonetookmygin @mollysolo @nevilleismywhore @i-love-scott-mccall @pottahishotasf @venusmalfoyyy @somethings-things @fxll-moons @daedreamss @spencervera @harrypotterlover234 @inlovewithremusjohnlupin @dilflover10 @katmoonz @n-st-owl21 @haroldpotterson @aster-ls @lonelyhe4rts @slutforshego @urgingforyou @kissintellsworld
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illiantt · 2 months ago
Who’s the winner
poly!marauders x fem!reader [smut]
Summary: Your best friends Remus, Sirius, and James can’t stop argue who’s best at eating a girl out. So they make a competition out of it where you’re the judge.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, oral (female receiving), foursome, slut calling, degrading, choking
Word count: 1.8k
a/n: this is my first smut fic. Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
It all started when you decided to drink together with your best friends James, Remus and Sirius. Another innocent night turned to something darker.
“James, you’re spilling the whiskey!” you shouted as whisky dripped onto his hand.
“I got it”, James said and licked up the liquid from his hand.
“Using your tongue to solve a problem”, Sirius teased.
“As you haven’t used it before to solve it”, James clapped back, making Sirius frown.
Remus only laughed at the two. You, however, were not so sure about what they were referring to.
“What problem are you talking about?” you asked curiously and took another sip from your drink.
James’ smile turned into a devilish smile, looking at Sirius. With a darker demanding voice, he said to Sirius, “Tell her or I will”.
You looked at Sirius and waited for him to say what this all was about.
Sirius swallowed and drank up the remaining whisky that was in his glass.
He looked deep into your eyes and said, “I was having sex with a girl and couldn’t make her cum, so I solved the problem by using my tongue instead.”
You felt your cheeks heated as thoughts about Sirius’ tongue occupied your innocent brain of yours. You imagined how it would feel to have him between your legs. Just the thought of it made you wet.
Even if the boys were your best friends since many years back, you couldn’t stop yourself thinking how they would be in bed from time to time.
Conversations like this would sometimes occur. But you had never done anything with them.
Remus chuckled, “I bet you wouldn’t be as good as me.”
“Hey!” Sirius complained.
And James added in, “I would probably be better than both of you”.
The three boys were now arguing about who was best at eating a girl out. You only sat there and started to imagine how their tongue on you would feel like.
“Maybe we should let y/n be the judge of that”, Sirius suggested and interrupted the horny daydream you had.
“Sorry, in judging what?” you asked, confused.
“You’re a girl, and you can judge who of us three are the best at eating pussy.” Sirius responded.
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Your best friends were now suggesting eating you out.
“Yeah, funny joke, guys”, you said and tried to laugh it off.
The three of them looked at you.
“No, we are serious,” James said, and you looked at their faces. They were, in fact, serious. You don’t know if that made you nervous or hornier.
“I don’t know” you hesitated, but you felt the wetness building up. Having three boys taking turns eating you out did sounds nice.
“C’mon puppy, do it for us!” you felt you becoming weak at hearing Sirius beg to eat you out.
“I don’t think we can stop argue otherwise,” James said.
“It will only be fun,” Remus said with a smirk.
You looked at the boys that were sitting on the floor in front of you. You had never done anything like this with them before, but the lust was there.
“Ehm—okay then”, you finally said, making them all light up.
“Get undressed and sit on the couch”, Remus instructed you.
The way Remus sounded so demanding when instructing you made it even hotter. So you stood up and slid yourself out from your shorts.
“The shirt too,” Remus demanded.
“But I’m not wearing any bra under”, you protested.
“Darling, you’re about to show us your pussy. You can show us your titties as well.” the way Remus looked at you only showed how hungry he was for you. And the only right thing to do is to obey him.
You sighed and took off your shirt—setting your breast free. You were now only standing in your panties in front of your best friends who couldn’t take their eyes from your body.
“Puppy, we are waiting!” Sirius teased, for you still having your panties on.
Not making them wait anymore, you started to pull down your panties slowly. The boys looked at your body, and their eyes darkened. You were now completed naked. Your naked ass felt the soft material of the couch as you sat down.
“Now, let the fun begin,” Remus said and made his way to you. You felt your heart beat a bit faster at each step Remus took towards you. His eyes are set on yours. But the closer he came to you also made you hornier and hornier.
“Baby, spread the legs wide and open so we can see the pretty pussy of yours,” Remus said and pressed your legs to each side.
“James, Sirius, look at this pussy. How have we not done this earlier?”
“It looks delicious,” James said and couldn’t take his eyes from your wide-opened pussy.
Your pussy was shining with wetness dripping down. They hadn’t even started to do anything on you, but you were already so wet.
Remus started to kiss the inside of your tights—teasing you. All you wanted was him to dive into your pussy.
“So wet. I think this little slut likes showing her pussy for her three best friends. Is that right?” Remus teased.
It was right, but you didn’t know how to respond to that without sounding desperate because you were, in fact, so desperate now for them.
“Fucking answer him, you slut”, Sirius yelled.
Remus’ hand grabbed around your neck—forcing you to look at him.
“Say it”, Remus demanded.
“Y-yes”, you pressed out the word.
“Yes, what, darling?” Remus asked with a smirk and grabbed you harder around your neck.
“Yes, I love showing my pussy because I’m such slut and want to be eaten out, please”, you whined.
Right away, you felt Remus loosen his grip around your neck and something pressing to your heat. It was a tongue—Remus’ tongue. Licking your clit.
You moaned at the way Remus’ tongue moved around on your pussy. Making up and down movements on your clit. How his lips sucked in all the juices.
Your hand grabbed his hair while you couldn’t stop moaning.
You looked over to James and Sirius while you moaned and noticed how the bulge in their pants had grown.
Sirius looked at your naked body and couldn’t hold it anymore. He wanted to taste that pussy of yours now.
“Fucking hell. It’s my turn,” Sirius said and dragged Remus up.
“Now, puppy, I’m going make you moan my name,” Sirius said before he started to eat you out.
He glided in his tongue into your hole. You could feel his tongue inside of you.
Sirius started to glide in and out from your hole—he was tongue fucking you. Making you moan.
“Yes, Sirius! I want to feel your tongue inside of me,” you moaned, making Sirius go faster.
You looked over at James and Remus, who both started to stroke their cock while watching you getting tongue fucked. But it didn’t take long until you heard,
“Enough!” James suddenly said—making Sirius stop. He was disappointed as he enjoyed to fuck you with his tongue. But it was James turn.
“Y/n come and sit on my face,” James said, and you stood up for James to lie down on the couch.
You climbed over and stood just over his face now with legs on each side.
“Such a pretty view. Now sit on my face,” James said, and you lower yourself.
You felt James tongue on your pussy, making you start moan right away again.
Remus came over to you and started to kiss you. He grabbed your boobs while making out with you.
“Such good slut sitting on James’ face. Start grinding on him,” Remus demanded and kept on grabbing your boobs.
You pressed down more onto James and started to grind—making it feel even better. James tongue going crazy on your clit.
You felt Sirius hands all over your naked body as he grabbed your ass.
“Puppy is enjoying herself, aren’t you?” Sirius tried to sound innocent, but his words and tone were filled with dark lust.
“Y-yes”, you whined innocent between your moans as you turned to look at Sirius.
James started to get a little difficult to breathe, so you were about to stand up until Remus pushed you down again.
“Keep going, baby. James can do a little more,” Remus said with darkened eyes.
You did as he said and continued to grind your pussy on James’ tongue.
“She looks so beautiful sitting on James’ face while making out with you, Remus,” Sirius said and gave you kisses on your neck.
You had now three boys on you—your three best friends. They all working and touching your naked body. Your moans were getting louder and louder. You felt you were about to hit your climax until Remus suddenly interrupted you,
“Stand up!” he demanded.
Making you stand up for only be pressed down on the couch by them as soon as James stood up again.
“I think it’s only fair if we all three can make you cum”, Remus said.
You felt their hands on you, making you have your ass up while lying on the couch. Their hands made your legs spread wide open.
Remus, Sirius, and James all had their tongue on your pussy now. They all were eating you out at the same time. You felt all of the three tongues. Your pussy was even more wet now.
Having three tongues on you simultaneously was becoming too much as you felt the feeling building up in you more and more until you couldn’t hold it anymore and felt you hit your climax.
Your body tried to get away from their grip as you came into an orgasm. But their arms were too strong, holding you down while licking your sensitive pussy.
Licking up every drop of your cum. It was until the boys felt satisfied as they let your body go—and your body collapsed onto the couch.
“So who wins?” Sirius said when your breathing had calmed down. You had already forgotten how this all started—forgetting that you were supposed to be the judge of who of them were best at eating pussy.
“Oh—I don’t know. I don’t think it was enough for me to be able to judge just yet,” you responded.
The boys looked at each other and then nodded.
“Then we will have to eat you out until you can’t cum anymore.”
And right away, you started to moan again as tongues were on your pussy again.
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ameliasbitvh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
a/n: not proofread!!
summary: reader has a wet dream and her pretty boy helps her.
wc: .9k (973)
warning(s): cnc, nipple play, use of pet names, breeding and smut !!
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Tumblr media
your body was laid sprawled against your boy, james potter. you were wearing nothing but your thin silk bottoms and a matching spaghetti strap, both baby pink. your mind raced, dirty—filthy dreams clouding your thoughts.
james cock, buried deep in you. your body rocked against him, breathy moans exhilarating from you. “shut up, baby. be a good boy f’me.” you scolded the whimpering boy beneath you, his legs shook at each roll of your hips, you completely wrecked his world. doe eyes stared at you, those eyes filled with innocence that you wanted to corrupt. even after so corrupting, they still held such purity—only his eyes could ever hold that, he was an angel. everything you needed, he could provide.
you threw your head back as you threw another thrust his way, “fuck—“ you cried, his tip repeatedly hitting that spot in you. your pace on him quickened.
“does that feel good?” he questioned you, the innocence in his eyes slowly vanishing, clouded by lust and dominance. was he really going to try and dom you in your own dream?
“yes,” you answered, his hands glued onto your hips, digging into them. the pressure slowed your grinding hips down, “what are you doing baby?”
“just wanna take care of mommy ‘s all.” he smiled, his doe eyes reappearing.
you began moving around in your sleep, your body tangled with the white sheets. fingers rubbed your cunt, soft moans leaving your lips as they dug in— adding more pressure. your legs shook, you rolled your body around trying to adjust to this feeling.
james awoke, hearing you say his name in your sleep. “y/n/n, wake up,” he tried shaking you awake, until he realized those were moans. his eyes widened at the realization, his hand trailed down your inner thigh to beneath your silk shorts. that’s when he spotted the wet stain on your undies, with a smirk lacing his lips, he moved his digits against your clit. rubbing figure eights against you, lewd moans flew from your throat. you wiggled against his hand, making him chuckle at how needy his mommy was.
finally, you peeled your eyes open to see those innocent doe eyes looking at you. the sun beaming on his skin, making him glow; angelic.
“jamesie, what are you doing?” you grumbled, hips instinctively moving with his fingers— it just felt so damn good.
“just taking care of you mommy, heard you moaning m’name in your sleep. thought you needed some help ‘s all.”
“so thoughtful of you, jamesie.” you grinned, your eyes rolling back when his lips collided into your stomach, planting warm kisses.
your hands found their way to his hair, combing through it, pulling him closer to you. his other hand went to your nipples, tweaking at them, increasing your arousal.
pulling his head up, a collision of his lips against yours happened within seconds. he nipped at your bottom lip, and you bit his in return. his lips then traveled from your lips to your neck, one hand playing with your cunt while the other played with your straps.
“take ‘em off f’me,” you told the him.
he instantly complied, teasing you, he pulled it off slowly, the strap brushed over your nipple; making your hips roll onto his abs.
“want y’now mommy, wanna show you how good i can be f’you!” he whined, his hips bucking against your thigh. no matter what he’d always be your pathetic little bitch and be there to listen to your every command.
“show me baby, show me how much of a good boy you can be.”
his front was now pressed against your back, he removed your silk shorts and pushed your panties aside. “so wet, mommy.” he muffled against your neck, breathing in your scent. you reached behind you, taking his cock from inside his boxer, stroking it. his cock was so fucking hard and all for you. you smirked.
he took his cock into his hand, stroking it himself and then completely indulging it into your hot and needy pussy.
“oh my— jamesie,” you whimpered, teeth sinking into your bottom lip.
“i wanna hear y’mommy, wanna know if ‘m making y’feel good,”
“s-so good baby, you don’t even know.” you moaned, eyes rolling back as his hips thrusted even harder into you. his hands held a firm grip onto your hips, they dug into your skin. sucking in a deep breath of air, you slammed your cunt onto his cock, submerging yourself into him, you wanted his cock to be buried in you.
his body shook, he took off of you and you took all of him.
the both of your sweaty bodies tangled together, hot breaths dancing upon each other’s skin, pants, moans, whimpers, and cries echoed throughout the room.
james felt his high nearing, and you knew it was coming too. the odd jerks of his hips signaled he was close and so were you. the both of your hips faltered a bit, until james yearned for the both of your release.
his hips moved so quick against yours, your body thrashed, your hands dug into the sheets. cries leaving your lips as you held onto the bed for dear life. “jamesie— fuck, fuck, fuck, ‘m gonna cum on y’cock.”
“make a mess on m’cock, please!” he pleaded, he wouldn’t dare cum until he knew you did.
you came onto his cock, spoiling it with your juices.
“c-can i cum, mommy?” he asked, tears pooling his eyes.
“say please, baby.” even if he was in control for this moment, you would always be in control.
“please, can i cum?”
“cum for me, pretty boy. you deserve it for helping your mommy,” you lazily smiled and with one last thrust his cum spilled into your cunt, coating your walls. pulling out, he looked down at you with adoration. a tight smirk pulled at his lips,
“some filthy dreams you have, mommy.”
Tumblr media
🏷: @underappreciated-spoon-321 @o-rion-sta-r @orphixc @dracoscum @marrymetheonott @l0vely-lupin @kpostedsum @malfoysmainb @drac0spersonalslut @youreso-golden @yiamalfoy @just-a-smol-spoon @dr4cking @dlmmdl @hotgirlwhoreadsff @littlemissnoname13 @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @itsmentalillness (hmu to be added, preferably an ask!!)
special tag for the one and only @wolfstar-lb
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morozovastarless · 2 months ago
jealousy, jealousy
summary: harry’s friends have a thing for his mom. james can't help but turn a little green in the eye.
warnings: none
word count: 1.1k
a/n: i've had this one in my drafts for a while and i thought why not post it?
Tumblr media
you finish putting the nachos in a bowl just as loud shouts come in from the living room. you shake your head as you listen to harry and his friend’s curse loudly, praying to god they don’t throw a controller at the wall like the last time.
you look at james, who’s leaning against the mantle next to you and holding back a laugh at your exasperated expression. “you know it’s gonna be you the one to fix it if they break something, right?”
he shrugs and tries to steal a few chips only to have you swat his hand, although it doesn’t deter him. “let them have their fun,” he says through a mouthful. “they’ll be back at school in a few days and then you’ll start crying ‘cause you miss the noise.”
embarrassment floods your cheeks, but you roll your eyes as though unaffected. “i do not cry, james.”
now he laughs loudly, remembering the night four months ago when he woke up to your sobs as you looked through pictures of harry on your phone.
he places his hand on the small of your back and pulls you closer. “sure you don’t, baby.”
you soak up his embrace before trying to change the subject, not content with james slight teasing. “i have to go to the store, can you pick me up in thirty minutes?”
he hums, watching as you add the sugar to the pitcher of lemonade and leaning down to press soft and wet kisses on the column of your neck, mumbling about how pretty and what a good housewife you are.
now you are sure your cheeks resemble the heat of a fire. “james,” you whisper while trying to pull away from him. “you can’t do that, the kids are right there.”
he grumbles and pouts like a child. he can kiss you whenever he damn wants to, he thinks, it’s his house and his wife, for fucks sake!
he doesn’t relent his silent tantrum until you kiss him properly, your lips moulding against his as though they were made for each other. you bite his lower lip and he groans lowly. “later,” you promise, then turn around and take the tray and the jug in your hands.
james stares as you make your way to the living room, the little sundress you’re wearing fluttering around you like water. what a fucking tease, he groans in his mind. but he wouldn’t have it any other way.
“hi, boys!” you greet happily, your voice carrying back to the kitchen where james listens attentively. “i brought you some snacks in case you got hungry,” you lean down to place the items on the coffee table.
you don’t notice the way the weasley twins stare right at your ass, nor the glare that harry sends them.
“i have to go to the store, s’there anything you need, bubs?” you ask harry, smoothing down his hair even though you know it’s as uncontrollable as his father’s.
“no, mom. thank you,” he says with a smile.
you mumble an ‘okay’, then turn to make your way to the second floor to freshen up before going out into the heat.
seamus is about to open his mouth when you turn unexpectedly. six pairs of eyes stare at you as you put your hands on your hips. “please don’t break anything,” you beg lightly. “i don’t want to ask jamie to fix another hole in the wall.”
“can’t make any promises, mrs. potter,” jokes fred. he doesn’t know this, but your heart soars whenever someone addresses you as mrs. potter.
“don’t make me call your mother, fred,” you threaten without any fire. the boys know very well that you and james were never ones to snitch.
fred looks scandalised for a second before a smirk takes over his face. “how d’you know i’m fred? s’because i’m the handsome one, innit?”
james grits his teeth as he listens to the redhead flirt with his wife. you laugh, unknowingly making the hearts of all the males skip a beat. “whatever helps you sleep at night, fred," you say airily. "but according to hermione, it's george the heartthrob."
and then you’re gliding up the stairs, five boys staring hypnotised at the place where you stood.
“man,” whispers seamus. “your mom is so fucking hot, harry.”
“shut the fuck up, seamus,” grunts harry, angrily biting into a nacho.
george whistles lowly, then turns to his twin. “think she’ll give me a spanking if i break something?” the rest of the boys laugh, except for harry, who keeps eating angrily.
james is in a similar position, biting an apple with a little too much force. he hates that every time harry’s friends come over they always stare at you and even try to flirt. as if they couldn’t see the golden band around your finger or the way you always clung to james’s side.
he knows it’s stupid to be jealous of some horny teenagers, especially when he has you writhing under him almost every night, but he can’t help it. he keeps listening, torturing his mind as he makes a mental note of everything they say.
your footsteps make everyone quiet down, and you step into the kitchen to grab the grocery list. “remember, pick me up in half an hour,” you say to james, one finger pointing at him.
he nods and salutes you. “yes, ma’am.” you laugh and shake your head, blowing him a kiss as you make your way to the front door.
“bye harry, bye boys,” you call over your shoulder. a chorus of “bye, mrs. potter” is heard and you’re just about to turn the handle when james calls your name.
“y’forgot your phone, poppet,” he says as he hands it to you.
you curse under your breath and take it, “thank you, darling.” you kiss him lightly, only to have his fingers tangle themselves in your hair as he forces your mouth open with his tongue, letting it play with yours as he turns you into a little moaning mess.
you don’t realise that the kids have a perfect view of your display of affection, but james does, and to further make his point, his other hand goes to your ass and squeezes one cheek harshly.
seamus and dean avert their eyes back to the video game, harry distracting himself from hearing his parents… dote on each other by throwing food at ron. but fred and george keep watching, jaws clenched as they listen to how much you love your husband’s touch.
you pull away out of breath, eyes still closed as you kiss under his jaw. “mhm, love you, james.”
he stares straight at the twins, a smirk on his lips and gives them a little wink. “love you too, angel.”
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solemnly-mischievous · 2 months ago
the bet (j.p. x reader)
James claims he can make you come in thirty minutes. You call bullshit. He takes it as a challenge.
Thanks for 500 followers! It's been a hot second since I wrote here, I've missed it - hope you enjoy!
Contains: D/s, dirty talk, fingering, cunnilingus, overstimulation, praise, James is slightly mean (but in a nice way), reader's a bit of a brat
Word count: 2.3K
"No way."
James smirks as you make a disbelieving face at him. "No way?"
"No way," you repeat, snickering. "You're full of shit, James Potter."
"Really?" He elbows you, and there's a faint blush on his face but it's overpowered by the teasing look in his gaze. Your best friend feigns offense. "You don't think I could do it?"
The two of you are sitting in the Marauders' dorm room, the rest of the boys out and about on their own business—Peter had Potions, Sirius was in Hogsmeade, and Remus in the library. That left you and James alone, and the two of you had intended to work on your Charms homework together.
Intended being the key word there.
"No," you drawl. "Thirty minutes? No fucking way."
"I think you're biased because you've never been with anyone good enough," James snarks. He peers at you through loose curls and skewed glasses, and your heart skips a beat. "Your last hookup was... what, that Ravenclaw bloke? He doesn't even look like he could turn you on, let alone get you there in thirty minutes."
You blush at how explicit the conversation's become, but you're not about to back down now. You keep eye contact with your best friend as you challenge, "Sure, whatever, like you're much better."
"Oh, but I am," James murmurs, and he doesn't look away.
You barely refrain from making an embarrassing sound, but James seems to catch how flustered you are anyway. Smirking, he sits up straighter. "You're cute when you blush."
"Bugger off," you mutter. "Just because you're a flirt doesn't mean you're good with girls. You probably can't even tell when they're faking it."
"Really," he says, and it's a fucking challenge, you can tell, because he's got that glint in his eye that only comes out before a Quidditch game or a risky prank and oh god. "I'd be willing to bet a week's worth of Potions homework on that."
"Prongs, you're bloody terrible at Potions."
"Defense Against the Dark Arts, then." He flicks your ear, and a familiar dynamic returns between you two. "Brat."
"Jerk," you mumble. But James is pretty spectacular at DADA, one of your worst subjects. Plus... Fuck, how could you turn that challenge down? James could've wagered a piece of pocket lint and you would've taken it.
"Fine," you say, and James' eyes widen with a mixture of surprise and delight.
"You're agreeing?" he asks incredulously.
"I can't wait for you to fail so I can lord it over you for eternity," you tease, trying to ignore how excited you were over the idea. Over James, his teasing glances and smirks and his lips and his fingers and everything, because damned if you haven't been fantasizing about James Potter ever since you met him. "I'll wager a week of Potions homework."
"I don't need a wager from you," James dismisses, almost bouncing with excitement. "Bloody hell, darling, I didn't think you'd agree, is this a dream?"
"Someone's excited." You raise an eyebrow. "So eager to lose?"
"Oh, you're going to regret your words," he warns. "Mark my words."
You laugh, but there's something in his tone that sounds sincere. And maybe, just maybe, it turns you on. Just maybe.
"What are you waiting for, the—"
And then James is kissing you, his soft lips pressing against yours, and his fingers fist your hair and he's tugging, kissing you with such a ferocity you'd think he was starving for it.
Because he is.
James pulls away just long enough to whisper "Bed" and the two of you stumble over to his—Remus'? Sirius'? Doesn't bloody matter—bed. You gasp and laugh and arch your neck as he trails a slow path down the sensitive skin there.
"You're sure you want this?" he whispers in your ear, along with an almost tender murmur of your name.
"You have no bloody clue," you giggle, and that's more than enough confirmation for James as he tugs at your tie, undoing the buttons of your blouse enough to reveal your bra.
"Can I..."
You pull him back up to kiss him gently and murmur, "Clock's ticking, Potter. Whatever you want to do to me, you have my full permission."
Because, you know, he's going to need all the help he can get to get you to come in thirty minutes. Obviously. Not because you've been craving his touch for so goddamn long.
"So eager," James murmurs, almost laughingly, and he trails a hand down your unbuttoned shirt. In one bold movement, he pushes your bra up and exposes your breasts to the chill air of the dorm, and you let out a breathy gasp.
James stares at you for a few seconds, taking it in. Then he reaches out, flicks a nipple, and laughs at the small sound of protest you make. "You're so fucking pretty. I knew you'd be. Thought about it for s'long, but the real thing doesn't compare at all."
He thought about it?
And then James leans down to take a nipple into his mouth, teasing it gently with the edge of his teeth and soothing it with his tongue, and you whine softly. You never knew how bloody sensitive you were there.
"Your sounds, too," he muses. "I've never imagined them to be so pretty."
You're on the edge of making a sarcastic quip back but then he backs up and pushes your skirt up and oh.
"Oh," James says, mirroring your thoughts. But his voice is fused with amusement, satisfaction—with hunger. He traces a light, faint line up your thigh and at the edge of your panties, and then, oh so lightly, he presses down on where it fucking aches.
"You're so wet already, darling," he teases, and he presses down more and you gasp with how good even that slightest bit of stimulation feels. "Where are your little taunts now, hm?"
I don't know I don't know I don't know is the only thing flashing in your mind. And is it pathetic that you've become such a mess with, what, three light touches and a few kisses?
Does it bother you?
Not at all.
"James," you grit out, "if you don't touch me right now, I swear—"
"Oh, there you are," he says, nonchalantly, casually, as if he isn't currently leaning down to press an open-mouthed kiss through your soaked panties, as if he isn't the first person ever to turn you on so much, as if he isn't your best friend who you want so fucking badly to ruin you.
You buck your hips up to meet his touch and he pulls away, and you let out a petulant "James."
He says your name back to you in the same tone, mockingly. "Stay still now, pet. Be good."
Be good.
You shudder at his words and you pray to Merlin he doesn't notice, but of course he does.
"You like that?" A smile plays on James' lips. "Hm."
He glances at the clock that hangs above Remus' bed—so you are on James' bed, after all—and hums thoughtfully. "Only eight minutes in, and you're already such a mess. I'm starting to think I might win this bet, after all."
"Stop bloody monologuing," you plead.
"So impatient," James tsks, but he obliges and finally, finally, pulls your panties off your legs. He tosses the soaked fabric aside and taps your lips with his index finger. "Open."
You part your mouth and close your lips around his fingers, swirling your tongue around them and making eye contact with James the entire way. He knows what you're insinuating. He bloody well knows.
"Fucking tease," he mutters, and you wink at him.
When he's satisfied that his fingers are wet enough, James pulls them out of your mouth, and both your gazes are a bit glazed over with desire. He has the upper hand, though, because when he glances at you and smirks and sinks a finger into your tight cunt something in you breaks and you let out a broken gasp.
"You're so responsive," James murmurs, fucking you slowly with one finger. "I haven't even really done anything yet."
He circles your clit with his free hand, drawing deep, slow circles around your most sensitive part, and you buck your hips imperceptibly with every little touch.
"Faster," you whisper.
"What was that?" And he slows down, the bastard.
But really, what have you got to lose by a bit of begging?
"Go faster," you plead.
"Ask nicely," James teases. It's a bit of a test, too—a Do you like this? Is this alright? and your heart swells because fuck, you love this boy so much.
"Please," you breathe. Yes, it's okay, please make me feel good, James—
James smiles, slow and pretty. "All you had to do was ask."
And he starts pumping his finger in faster, leaning down to work your clit with his tongue as he finger-fucks you, and somewhere along the line he decides you're loose enough and he slips a second finger in and you gasp at the burn, at how good it feels—
His tongue is magic, you decide, because there's no conceivable way he could be making you feel that good on his own. No bloody way.
"James," you whisper, because you're getting close somehow, already, and you're well aware of how much of a hypocrite you are but you don't care. "James, oh, don't stop."
But he does, lifting his head up from where his tongue has been working magic and giving you a smirk, his lips covered in slick. "Oh, desperate, are we? Getting close, pet?"
"Maybe," you say reluctantly.
"Maybe?" James raises an eyebrow. He flicks his gaze toward the clock. "Eight minutes left. If you're only maybe getting close, then perhaps I should forfeit, hm?"
And to your horror, he actually starts drawing his fingers out, and you panic. "No! No, no, no, James, I'm close, please, don't stop."
And he laughs, flicking your clit lightly and enjoying how you squirm. "Brat," he says again.
But then he starts fucking you again, his fingers working magic, and when he leans down and presses a final, languid kiss onto your sensitive clit, you whimper out a strangled version of his name and you come, swift and bright and intense.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," you whimper, because it feels so good and you're riding a high you've never felt before. No one's ever made you feel this good—not even close. "Holy shit."
But then you come down from the high and you realize that James isn't stopping.
"Ja—ah, fuck," you gasp, as your clit starts to protest from overstimulation. "Please, Merlin, oh—"
He lifts his head up but his fingers don't stop working you as he locks gazes with you, all innocent and doe-like. "What's the matter?"
"Too much," you pant. "It's—too much."
"Is it?" To emphasize, he thumbs your clit, and you gasp.
"There's five minutes left on the clock, pet," James says, and he watches as realization dawns on your face—the unspoken price of losing the bet. "C'mon now, love, you can take it, can't you?"
And you know you could say no. You could push him away, tell him to stop, and he would do it.
But you don't want to.
You want to be good for him.
And so you nod your head and he grins so wide, so delightedly, that in that moment you would've let him do whatever the bloody hell he wanted to you.
"Good girl," he praises you, and your cunt clenches around his fingers in arousal.
James speeds up again, fucking you roughly, and you whimper as your sensitive, too sensitive cunt takes the abuse. You let out a desperate whine, squirming at every little touch as you let James utterly, thoroughly, take you apart.
"Fuck, fuck, oh god, it's—" You squeeze your eyes shut and moan as waves of pleasure start to overtake you, melting away your earlier discomfort into something sharp and desperate and familiar. "James, I'm going to—"
"Come for me, love," James murmurs, and you do, coming for the second time with a loud gasp and his name on your lips like a mantra, right as the clock hits thirty minutes exactly. "That's it, that's it, so fucking pretty, pet, you're so good for me."
You come down from your high slowly, eyes squeezed shut and chest heaving with every breath. You wonder what you look like—fucked out and blissed and ruined, no doubt.
You hear someone say your name. Again. And another time.
Opening your eyes, you see James hovering anxiously above you, murmuring your name worriedly. "Are you alright?"
It takes you a moment to find the right words. "I think," you say, slowly, "it's fair to say you won this bet."
He cracks a mischievous grin, and a soft touch at your chest alerts you to how he's buttoning up your shirt, oh-so-gently. "You think so?"
"Mhm." You smile back. "Guess I'm doing your Potions homework next week."
"Oh, pfft," he scoffs. "I'm already getting Wormtail to do them. Here, relax."
A wet rag sponges at your thighs and in-between your legs. It's soothing, comforting, and you sigh contentedly. But a realization hits.
"You didn't get off," you say, almost accusingly. You glance down, and sure enough, James is visibly hard. You try not to think about how much that alone turns you on.
"Don't worry about me, love."
"Shh." James leans over and presses a soft kiss to your forehead. He gets into bed next to you, snuggling up close. "Next time, yeah? You can make it up to me next time."
Next time. You could almost cheer.
"Alright," you say, leaning against his shoulder. He's all too happy to let you do so. "Next time it is."
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Painted With Sin
Summary: The Marauders are quite fond of your innocence, and they want to take it. Basically just smut without plot (lmao im bad at summaries)
Warning(s): Smut. Foresome. Innocence, corruption, size, degradation and daddy kink. Some overstimulation, dacryphilia, dumbification, clit slapping. Mention of oral sex. Pet names. Some Wolfstar.
a/n: don't let the title fool you, this is filthy as fuck 💀
You're quite beautiful they think. No, not beautiful. Perfect perhaps would be more well fitted.
A part of them wants to keep you enclosed in the innocence of your mind, want you to be a symbol of chastity— something that all the three lack. The other part wants to steal it. Have your purity painted with sin. They're not certain whichever they like most.
They press their lips against the smooth sculptured skin. "Our precious little doll" Says Sirius; a heavy hand adorned with silver wrapped around your throat.
You're on top, Remus in and under you. He lowly hisses through every drag of your hips. And you break everytime. Shudder as the length of him reaches those spots within you.
They're amused, grinning as they watch you struggle to take him. The pants; the sweat; the shaking. They think it's fucking wonderful.
"You’re so fucking small dove. Can't even take Remmy’s cock yourself" James teases, slender fingers interwined with yours. Tongue licking up your breasts.
"I- I can! M’big girl" You fight, bouncing harder on Remus’ cock. He groans as you do so, you whimper and whine; still being sensitive from being eaten out like you were the sweetest piece of candy.
Sirius lays his hand down your back, held you back in his hands and then they pressed against your spine— forcing you to arch you back.
"Oh fuck, you're such a pretty whore" Remus moaned, as his nails digged into you.
A sob heaved through you at the movement. But you kept on moving, hips working and working and working. James softens slightly, kneading your tit and then pushing strands of hair out of your face, kissing along the sensitive spot behind your earlobe.
However Sirius seemed to tease you a bit more; he'd always been cruel to you whenever you lay tangled in the bedsheets.
"What happened little slut?" He mocks; placing a firm pat on your bum "Thought you were a big girl, why are y’crying?"
You bit your lip as you tried your best to give him a glare, eyes still teary from having to take Remus’ huge cock, which was absolutely demolishing you from below.
"Give her a break Siri, she's jus’ a tiny baby afterall" he smirks, grabbing your waist and finally— fucking finally beginning to take lead as he thrust from under you.
Your breasts bounced with each forceful thrust; and you lost about all control over your body as his brutality never faultered.
James and Sirius blown away by the sight of you struggling on top of Remus. Their cock standing tall as they softly stroked themselves.
"Daddy, d-daddy stop. M’gonna- gonna cum"
But of course they already knew that. Judging by the furrowing of your brows, the scratching of your fingers across their skin; they knew— knew you were almost on the verge of breaking.
James sucks on your nipples hard, as Sirius travels around the curves of you, either through his mouth or through his hands.
And then you cum. The coil in your stomach unraveling in the most pleasurable of ways.
You collapse then and there on his chest. Heavily breathing as you come down from you climax, and Remus still lay hard inside of you; and every small movement resulted in a cry bubbling out from you from sensitivity. The second orgasm almost too much.
You didn't feel the throbbing of him, the hot warm feeling of being filled up.
An indication that he; infact didn't cum.
And now you were fucked.
"Remmy didn't get to cum babygirl" James growls, pulling your hair and arching your back again.
"Sorry daddy"
"Sorry's not gonna get him off now is it? Such a dumb slut." A tut of disapproval came, "Lay down now"
They was no delicacy in the way he pulled out, and you thumped against the mattress.
The black haired man's hand wrapped around the lenght of Remus as you stared, making an absolute mess on your thighs.
James got on top of you, his hands grabbing your ankles— and then shoving your knees right up to your chest.
Your legs spread up wide, puffy cunt exposed as the three of them stared down at you, all their attention now towards you; they looked at you as if you were all that mattered in this world.
James ran his hand along your abdomen, drawing little circles before sloppily rubbing your folds, spreading your arousal everywhere as you squirmed from the painful pleasure.
"Such a sweet cunt." He whispered, pecking your lips softly.
A grunt came from above you, you turned you head as if to inspect the sound only to be met by Sirius and Remus tirelessly fisting at each others cock.
They were sweaty, grunting and groaning due to the bliss of it— sounds obscene.
The perception of it was pure fucking erotica.
They both smirked at your coveted expression. You eyes never so damn avid as much as they were now.
But then it suddenly hurt. Result of the curly haired boy's hand smaking your cunt. You let out a cry, legs closing before they were opened up again.
"Keep your fucking legs open, y’wanna be a good girl for daddy don't you?" He hissed, now soothing the place he'd recently striked.
"Yes, daddy. Want- Wanna be your good girl, p-please"
He chuckles lowly, his hand raising up and coming down to your heat again, as you jolt up, again struggling to keep your legs up and open.
You count every strike, shaking and whimpering in pain as he hits you again and again. Sometimes your cunt, sometimes your thighs, and ever so rarely your tits.
"20" you whimpered as his last smack came, the tears that ran from your eyes making an absolute mess on your soft cheeks.
"Look at your pretty pussy bunny" Sirius said, bucking his hips into Moony's hand. "So fucking red isn't it?"
You gasped as you stared down, nodding at him. You felt James’ mouth on the inside of your breast, his teeth grazing the soft plush skin and then suddenly he slipped a finger inside of you.
"No!" You protested, yanking his hand away from you but it got shoved aside quickly. "I can't"
"Mmm, sure you can poppet" Remus encouraged, grinning at you widely as James played with you.
Two thick fingers are buried deep inside you. His mouth sucking and biting and teasing your tits as his fingers curl. They work in such a perfect manner that every thrust has your back arching and your toes curling.
"That's it, doll"
The sight of the two boys playing with each other already had a coil forming inside you.
His digits thrust in and out faster. Deeming you closer and closer to the edge. Unexpectedly, James’ other hand circles your bud— tearing the third orgasm of the night from you.
You're sobbing, shaking— in a way sinful.
Just how they liked; just how they desired.
Your lids open the black canvas, and the two are now beside you, breathless as their almost at their climax, and then their cum shoots over you.
Sirius’ cum spills over your tits and stomach, your body covered with all of him; and Remus’ dribbled down from his top and onto your face, even reaching the strands of you hair.
Painted with sin. Right in their arms.
Just as you let yourself rest slightly, you're grabbed by them.
"You didn't think we were done with you now? Oh we're far from that, get on all fours darling"
They corrupt you, but there was a certain beauty in their destruction. Because then again— innocence never lasts.
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weaselbrownie · a month ago
🦋- sub!james creaming his pants in class ugh
"My poor baby looks like you're having a hard time there" You teased, your palm pressing down on his clothed erection as the professor droned on about the lesson.
"Can't take it anymore mommy..." James shook his head, closing his eyes as he unconsciously bucked his hips up to the warmth of your palm. "...'m gonna cum if y'dont stop"
You watched him, smiling as he tried his best to contain his moans "You're not gonna cum cause you're a good boy" You whispered, your fingers tracing the outline of his bulge "You are my good boy aren't you?"
James shifted his gaze towards you, tuning everything out around him "But I can't hold it–" He whined, focusing his gaze on you and only you.
"Then what are you? A bad boy?" You asked, your fingers slipping through to undo his button, pulling down his zipper to further tease him.
"N-No mommy 'm your g-good boy" His left hand gripped the table as his right moved to stop your hand. "Don't wanna be a bad boy– please mommy" You brushed his hand away, continuing to palm him through his boxers.
"Then don't cum" Your words seem to fade as he gripped your hands again, his lips parting as he shuts his eyes, bucking his hips up to your balmy palm.
You could feel the wet patch forming under your palm, seeping through his boxers as it dampened your hand. ""M sorry m-mommy" He whispers as he watched your flat expression, still holding on to your hand as more of his thick cum spurted out into his pants.
"'M a good boy, a good boy I promise" He whined, finally coming down from his high, his chest heaving as beads of sweat rolled down the side of his head.
"Good boys listen to their mommies, you better enjoy that because that is the last time 'm making you cum this week"
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quindolyn · 4 months ago
subby Jamie fluffy (Smut?) where he wakes up in the middle of the night and sucks on the readers titties to drink from her tits because she's lactating after giving birth to their daughter. I don't know if this makes sense but I hope it does!
Lactation Kink || James Potter
A/N: I'm not even sure if I should include "kink" but I will admit that there are some very smutty overtones so read at your own discretion. I tweaked the request a little bit in terms of the circumstances but the bones are still there. I hope you enjoy.
Warnings: lactation kink, light sub!James and Dom!reader, not much I don't think, all acts are completely consensual and if they needed a safe word they'd have one
Word Count: 1851
Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were life savers. They could only watch their two closest friends creep closer and closer to death for so long before doing something about it.
After giving birth to a beautiful baby boy seven months ago you and James had come to understand a new definition of the word exhaustion. You were absolutely enamoured with your baby boy, James the same way if not worse, always keeping him cradled in his arms, Harry’s little head nestled into the crook of James’ arm.
Regardless, there is no amount of parental love to counteract the complete lack of sleep the two of you have endured. “Sleep when the baby sleeps” they all say, it's excellent in theory if only the baby would actually sleep.
No, instead you and James were subject to months of newborn induced insomnia,
You’d barely understood what Remus and Sirius were saying when they offered to watch your son for a few days, give you and James some time alone. Even though every part of your being screamed for you to take them up on their offer there was that small, annoyingly persistent, voice in the back of your head. The voice of maternal guilt.
Your friends wouldn’t hear any of your arguments, listening as you insisted that Harry was still far too young for you to leave him, you could barely stand a few hours, how were you supposed to survive days?
Despite your insistence that it was far too early to leave Harry with his godfathers for an extended weekend when the following Thursday rolled around you and James were rather unceremoniously kicked out of your own house, told that reservations had been made for you at an expensive spa and resort and that you were not to return home until the following Monday.
They’d even packed your bags for you.
You and James had successfully made it through the first night away from your baby, your quality of your sleep however was not up to par as you tossed and turned, worrying about the little boy you’d left at home.
Even cuddled up to Jamie’s chest your sleep was more like a light sheet over your consciousness giving you a shallow, unsatisfactory, reprieve.
What you needed was for sleep to hit you over the head with a baseball bat, knock you unconscious for hours and give your body time to recover.
After a long, exhausting day of taking advantage of the resort's numerous spa treatments, your wish of deep, meaningful sleep seemed as though it might actually just come true.
Minutes after laying your head down on the pillow, James slipping into bed behind you, you were out cold. Pulling you closer so that he could bury his face in the crook of your neck James was close behind you.
Finally, sleep.
Your tits hurt, they fucking hurt. You were finally getting some quality sleep but the discomfort in your chest became intolerable and you were lulled back into a dreaded state of consciousness.
You’d been so ready for sleep and the peace that it would bring that you’d forgotten to pump your milk before getting into bed. You find yourself regretting that decision now, you shift slightly in James’ hold, just as tight as it had been when you’d fallen asleep. The clock on the bedside table reads three in the morning.
Fuck me, you think, your thoughts still blurry from sleep, carrying a weight in your temples that lures your head back down to the pillow as you fall back into your spot in James’ arms. You’re going to have to get up eventually, that much you understand, but the prospect of getting up and finding the pump, hooking it up, then actually sitting there while you pump sounds nothing short of absolutely dreadful.
You can only lay there for so long, on your back so as not to apply any pressure to your breasts, staring up at the ceiling before your tits go from hurting to feeling like they’re about to explode.
Eventually you’re forced to begin to fuss in James’ arms, trying to find the seal that will let you get up hopefully without waking your husband.
Even asleep James’ grip is insistent, he’s like quick sand, the more you try to maneuver your way out of his arms the tighter his hold gets, the closer he pulls you to him.
“Jamie, you gotta let go,” You murmur, hoping to appeal to the half asleep man.
“Where you going, angel?” His voice is the crashing of a wave against the shore in your ears, low, rumbling, calming. That voice alone is enough to have you considering just climbing back into bed with him, exploding tits be damned.
“Forgot to pump Jamie, m’tits feel like they’re ready to explode.”
He flickers his eyes open, worry etched into his irises, already blanketed in sleep, “Hurting?” Raising his head his eyes drop to your tits, like maybe he’ll be able to see your affliction.
“A little bit,” You nod, your hands combing through his unruly curls before making another attempt to rise from the mattress, “Gonna pump and then I’ll feel all better. I’ll be quick.”
“No,” He whines, god you miss the sound of his whine. His arms are like steel as he pulls you firmly back onto the bed, “M’thirsty anyways.”
Confusion heightens in you before James turns you so you’re fully on your back before slipping under your arm, resting his head on your chest.
Nimble fingers find the neckline of the silk camisole you’d found in the luggage Remus and Sirius had packed for you, sons of bitches also packed every single pair of lacy panties you own.
With little difficulty he slips the thin strap down your shoulder allowing him to tuck the soft material of the top under your breast.
“Miss my girls,” He whispers as he bares your breasts, they’re swollen with milk but the way he’s looking at you you’d think they were something far more precious.
“I’ll be gentle,” His promise comes just as he latches onto your pert nipple, carefully guarding his teeth with his lips, the last thing he would wanna do is hurt you.
It bears little resemblance to the way he used to suck your tits, fervently like they were the only things keeping him grounded, sometimes they had been. Now he proceeds with a new sense of caution but that doesn’t mean it’s any less pleasurable.
“Jamesie, ‘s for Harry, you can’t drink the baby’s milk,” You regrettably push him off your tit, he looks anything but pleased.
“They were mine first,” He whines, throwing you a dirty glance that falls completely flat given the immense adoration that lies just behind it, “And I told you (Y/N), ‘m thirsty, want your milk. Wanna make you feel good.”
Giving you his most convincing puppy dog eyes he leans back in, he latches on efficiently and sucking with an increased vigor you feel a feeling of fullness swell in your breast as your nipple tingles. It’s a feeling you’ve gotten used to but so rarely has it ever turned you on as when James is the cause of it.
He hums in satisfaction as the warm milk seeps into his mouth, it encourages him in his efforts causing him to latch on tighter. A little too tight.
“Easy there baby,” You hiss, “M’tits are sensitive.”’
He complies immediately, loosening his lips around your nipple the sensation becomes pleasurable once more. The pleasure helps distract from the discomfort which, at least in the tit James it latched onto, seems to be dwindling. The other breast is left aching until you feel a similar sensation coming from your nipple.
“You’re leaking.”
Casting your eyes downward you see that he’s right, you’re leaking slightly out of your unattended nipple. It's not unusual for it to happen but usually you just brush it away with a warm washcloth, not wanting to have a sticky mess on your chest.
Carefully, he brushes the pad of his thumb over the over sensitive bud.
“Can’t let it go to waste,” He brings his thumb to his mouth to suck it clean, the visual is almost enough to make your head spin.
You can’t remember the last time you saw James subby, ever since you’ve had Harry it's been sleepy handjobs and once you fully recovered, him pushing you up anywhere he could and taking you right there. It’s like parenthood awoke something far more dominant inside of him but as he latches back onto your tit you’re reminded how beautiful he is when he submits to you.
You wrap your arms around his neck, letting your fingers dance along the nape of his neck as you feel yourself unwinding with every second he sucks at your tit, bringing you relief.
“You full yet?”
He gently lets your tit slide from his mouth before responding, “Does it still hurt?”
The genuine concern in his voice has butterflies erupting in your stomach, you learned a long time ago just how sweet and caring James is but sometimes it hits you harder than you were expecting and you’re left feeling just as giddy as you did in the beginning of your relationship.
James seems to have sucked you dry, or at least to a point where your tit no longer burns with the feeling of an impending explosion.
“No s’all better baby, did such a good job,” You guide his face up towards yours, “Got a little milk on your lips,” You lean in, kissing the milk off his swollen lips.
It’s sweeter than you expected but maybe everything was sweeter coming off his lips.
You take your time admiring his face, hazel eyes that look a little more brown than they did yesterday, lips an impossible pink. Thick, long lashes you remember envying for as long as you’ve known each other cast their shadows along his cheekbones. He’s perfect.
You run the pad of your thumb along his bottom lip before letting him suck it into his mouth, when he couldn’t get to your tits sucking on your fingers always used to help James calm down. For the life of you you can’t remember the last time he’d sucked on your fingers. If it’d been in the last seven months you’d probably just been too tired to remember.
Letting your digit slide from his mouth James hauls himself over you, careful not to brush against your breasts, to lay on your other side. He moves with a surprising grace considering just minutes ago he’d been in the throws of sleep, you’d forgotten how well he moved.
“Other one now,” He murmurs, eyes glued to your tit as his hands move to cup it, giving him better access to your nipple.
“You sure baby? I can just pump this one and you can go back to bed, s’okay.”
“No,” His brows furrow with his empathic response, if he wasn’t already on top of you you’re sure he’d pull you closer in fear that you might escape, “Mine.”
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infictionalwonderland · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Imagine James seeing you with the first years and getting baby fever.
warnings : cHiLdReN bc that needs its own warning, swearing idk
James Potter was something with an endless bout of determination.
That was proven in his life choices.
1. When he continuously tried, without giving up, to get Sirius to be nicer to his younger brother—Regulus. And eventually it worked (it totally boosted his massive ego but, anyway)
2. How persistent he is when it comes to things he’s not good at but is determined to be good at —if that makes sense. For example, when Sirius expressed his passion for drawing, James was ecstatic to give it a go although altogether he possessed the skills of a celery stick, but we move. And, eventually, with his determination and Sirius’ guidance, his art had gotten semi good.
3. How he was always determined to make Professor McGonagall crack a smile. Whether it be mindless compliments (which he truly put a lot of thought into, don’t let anyone know that though) or leaving her little anonymous gifts in her office. And he managed to pull a small smile from her, he was looking for a full blown grin but he supposed that’d look strange on her.
But, where his determination showed most was in his efforts to woo you. Y/N Y/L/N. The love of his life, as he’d claimed. And he never stopped trying to impress you, get you to swoon over him the way he constantly swooned over you. Seriously, you could be eating ice cream with or smeared all over your mouth and this man will still melt into a puddle at the very sight of you.
• • •
It was a normal day. The marauders were wandering around the halls of hogwarts, Remus carrying Peter bridal style and James and Sirius having their arms hooked, skipping wherever they went —laughter contagiously escaping all of them.
Then James caught sight of you the middle-ish of the corridor and his eyes immediately lit up, practically rivalling the sun in brightness.
However his footsteps paused in place as he took note of the child in front of you.
“Hi sweetheart.” You spoke softly as you crouched down in front of the crying first year who removed her hands from her face and looked up at you with wide eyes. “What’s wrong?”
The girl put her hands down at her side, revealing her slytherin tie and she looked at you timidly—probably awaiting more of the negative reactions she received but when your gentle smile didn’t leave, showing no malice. She sniffled, opening her mouth to talk.
“I’m a muggleborn.” She admitted in a little voice you found adorable. “A-and um my housemates are calling me a name I don’t understand. T-they were laughing at me. I don’t know what to do.”
You frowned looking at the girl in front of you in sympathy. “Can I touch you?” You asked quietly, not wanting to touch anyone without their permission and the girl hesitantly nodded.
Immediately you engulfed the crying little girl in a warm hug, her head resting against your chest as you soothed your hands in her long brown hair, the sobs she was releasing physically hurting you to hear them.
“Don’t worry about those people Sweetheart.” You soothed patiently. “The hat would not have placed you in Slytherin if he didn’t think you were worthy enough to be in that house and those little brats are simply jealous.”
She let out a heartwarming giggle as your fingers lightly tickled at her side and you smiled down at her.
Back with the Marauders, due to James coming to a halt —Remus and Peter bashed into their backs and they all fell to the floor with a loud crash which alerted your attention.
You sighed exhaustedly at the sight of the four boys who constantly caused mischief that you would openly admit you found amusing. Just not to them.
“Why’d you stop?” Sirius groaned out dramatically from his place on the ground, pushing a dizzy Peter off of him. And when Sirius spotted you he lot out a ‘ahh’ of realisation.
James didn’t response, blinking dazedly at you and the little girl who was tucked into your chest still —his love for you expanding drastically, he know you’d make an amazing mother some day. To his kids, hopefully.
“Have my children.” He quietly, dreamily sighed out and Sirius who was right next to him let out a barking laugh.
“Not sure I have the right anatomy but we’ll see what we can do.”
“What do you mean you’re ‘not sure’?”
You turned to the girl who looked up at you anxiously, clearly scared of the new people and you smiled down at her despite your annoyance for the group of four. Mainly James and Sirius though.
Hastily you grabbed her little hand, looking at her with bright mischievous eyes. “Let’s get away before they try and talk to us.” You mock whispered to her and she giggled with a quick nods.
The both of you ran through the empty corridors hand in hand, her adorable giggles and your hearty laughs following you both.
“I didn’t happen to get your name munchkin.”
“It’s Aimee.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
marauders x fem!reader. polyamory spanking, belting, d/s, brat taming, favoritism, crying, subspace, daddy kink, light jealousy (nothing serious, all lighthearted), ddlg vibes maybe?? Idk. No explicit smut.
word count: 980
“Baby, please don’t do that.” James gently requests as he watches you try to climb the tall bookcase in an attempt to reach the wand tucked away on the very top shelf. “You’re gonna hurt yourself. And you know Remus said you could have it back when he gets here.”
“Him taking it in the first place was stupid anyway.” You grumble, precariously stepping up on the third shelf and extending your arm upwards. You wiggle your fingers, still unable to reach the highest shelf.
“Gettin’ mouthy, are we?” Sirius quips, a smirk evident in his dry tone before it loses its humor as he watches you teeter. “Seriously, pup, be careful. You should come down now.”
“No.” You grumble, lifting your foot to take another step. You push yourself up, straining your reach, and just as your fingertips brush against the wood of your wand you hear the dormitory door creak open.
“What the hell are you doing?” Remus’s stern voice is immediately asking, and you gasp as you quickly scramble down from the bookshelf. You turn on your heels, hands clasped behind your back innocently, and heat rises to your cheeks as you meet his narrow eyed gaze.
“Bullshit.” He growls, cutting you off. “I told you I’d give you your wand back when I got through with my classes, didn’t I?”
“But I needed it, you can’t just take it away-“
“I beg to differ, after you nearly burnt the place down with it yesterday.” You swallow nervously as you watch him roll up the sleeves of his button down, fingers flexing as they reveal strong forearms. “You know where this is going. Bend over the bed.”
You let out a soft whimper but quickly do as you’re told, well aware by now that failure to comply with Remus’s demands only makes things worse for you in the end. You fold yourself in half, ass up, elbows braced against the mattress below you. You hear matching sighs from James and Sirius as they move to their respective positions, sat on either side of you on the bed.
“‘S okay, dolly, you’ll be alright.” James murmurs softly as he notices your trembling thighs and protruding lower lip, reaching out with a large hand to rub your back. You shiver as Remus lifts up the fabric of your skirt, revealing your panty clad ass.
The first blow shocks you- Remus’s hand coming down hard on your left cheek, the impact making you yelp and jolt. Sirius presses a gentle hand to your lower back, coaxing you to stay in place.
“Shhh. Stay still, puppy, it’ll make things go quicker.” You whimper and nod and Remus lands another blow that knocks the air from your lungs.
It’s six more firm subsequent blows until tears are pricking at your eyes and your hands are fisted in the covers below you. James keeps up his soothing circles on your back all the while, and Sirius reaches down to stroke fingers through your hair when the eighth blow has you letting out a sob.
“How many more are you gonna give the poor thing, Moons?” Sirius asks, sounding empathetic. Behind you, Remus scoffs, clearly finding the way Sirius and James are babying you to be somewhat ridiculous.
“Just two more. She’s fine.” The lycanthrope mutters as his large hand comes down to grope at the burning flesh of your ass. You let out a whimper, and James shushes you.
“Did you hear that, baby?” Sirius murmurs, leaning down to feed the gentle words into your ear. “You’re almost done. You’re bein’ such a good girl, takin’ this so well. Just a bit longer.”
You nod tearfully, bracing yourself in preparation for another hit as Remus’s touch leaves your ass. The last spanks come together in two quick- though no less hard- blows to each cheek. They’re enough to have the salty tears residing in your waterline spilling out, cooling the heated skin of your face, and James coos softly as you cry.
“Oh angel, good job.” He praises, leaning down to smear a kiss over the back of your head “‘m so proud of you, babydoll. All done now.”
“A-all done?” You echo as you rise on shaky legs, sniffling and staring down at Sirius and James, gaze blurred by tears. Both boys have their arms outstretched slightly in invitation, laps ready.
“That’s right, puppy. C’mere.” Sirius encourages, watching as you rub your eyes with fisted hands. His brows furrow in confusion as you turn on your heels and crash into Remus’s form behind you.
“Daddy,” you whimper as you wrap your arms around Remus’s shoulders. He hoists you up to hold you, rubbing your back and bouncing gently, whispering a low “good girl” in your ear.
“He’s the one who made you cry, babydoll, why d’you want him to comfort you?” James is incredulous as he watches you cling to the lycanthrope. You don’t respond, simply whimpering into Remus’s pectorals as he sits on the mattress, holding you in his lap.
“This is fuckin’ ridiculous.” Sirius mutters, scowling. “I don’t see why she likes you so much. You’re so hard on her.”
“She likes a firm hand, mate.” Remus responds cooly, smirking a bit as he gives your bum a solid pat that has you jolting.
“Whatever.” James mutters, folding an arm behind his head as he lays back on the bed. “At least share ‘er, Moons. I wanna cuddle too.”
“Y’gonna let Jamie and Siri cuddle with us, sweet girl?” Remus murmurs gently, using the nicknames he knows you’ll recognize best in your fuzzy headspace. You nod, settling into Remus as he scoots back with you so you’re laying on his chest against the backboard of the bed.
“Good girl, letting daddy share you.” The lycanthrope praises with a tender kiss to your head. Sirius and James move in close on either side of Remus, Sirius draping an arm over you and James resting his head on Remus’s shoulder, just beside yours.
There you fall asleep, cuddled atop your daddy and with your other beloved boyfriends at your side.
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acosmis-t · 5 months ago
peanut || j.p. x reader
word count: 3.2k
warnings: smut, sex, oral (male receiving), fingering, age-gap (reader is of age), dad's best friend!james
a/n: i kept y'all waiting but here she is
“what do you mean you’re not coming?” you hissed into the phone. you were practically itching with the urge to throw the device, though you knew this was your only way to safety.
your dad’s voice crackled over the line—you were quite so far from civilization that your service was suffering. “i can’t make it,” he said, probably for the millionth time.
“dad,” you tried to hold in the whine, but it came out anyway, “i’m in the middle of fucking nowhere. you can’t just not make it. what if i die?”
“you’re not going to die, peanut.”
“if i’m trapped out here, how would you even know?”
his laugh was broken up, and you knew you were losing the connection. you drew your eyes to the opened hood of your car, the desperation lining your face so deep that you were glad no one was around to witness it.
and in such distraction, you were only able to catch onto his last word, a painful shock to your spine.
“what?” you shot back quickly. “what about james?” you cursed yourself for how clear the distress was.
you could hardly understand him, but you gathered enough to piece it together. “james...on his way...fix….hold tight, peanut.”
before you could so much as open your mouth, the call dropped, and you were once again stranded. you stared at the darkened screen for another few moments, waiting for some sign that this was a dream and that your dad’s best friend was not about to be your saving grace.
yet, nothing changed, and you were only left with the reality, the gravity, of this completely different predicament.
you groaned. loudly. then retreated back into your car, perhaps to get some amount of rest so you didn’t make an entire fool of yourself later. you spared another glance to the stalled engine, then shrugged, thinking an explosion was still a better alternative to being with him.
the heat was nearly unbearable, hence why your jacket had long since been discarded, and you shut your eyes the second you were seated. thankfully, the windows were half-cracked, and that was the only reason you weren’t full-on suffocating. you took steadying breaths, propped your feet up, and waited for composure to grace you. god knew you needed it.
the rap against your window was sudden, and a scream left you before you could stop it. as much as you joked about dying, you weren’t genuine about it. you hit your head against the ceiling, and you winced as you slowly opened your eyes.
a familiar face grinned back at you.
“hey, peanut.”
you sighed, rubbing your newest affliction, and peered up at james. he had already discarded his usual button-up—you assumed the heat was to blame—and his shoulders shone with the gathered sweat. his wife-beater billowed in the rare breeze, and you made an effort to keep your glare intact. “hello, james,” you said, curt.
he ignored your terseness. “your dad said you had some car troubles.” he propped a forearm on the door, leaning on the frame of the window. “care to tell me how you managed that one?”
you scoffed, bringing a foot up onto the seat and using the knee as a weak shield. “well, it certainly wasn’t on purpose.”
he smiled, shaking his head, but his words were a comfort. “it’s just a dead battery.”
“and i’m guessing you’re just so good that you don’t even have to look?” you asked, raising a brow.
“already did, peanut. you were fast asleep over here, and the one time sirius sent me to wake you up, i nearly lost a limb. never trying that again.”
the memory played across your lids, and you snorted, closing your eyes fully. “do you have cables?” your skin felt hot, and you prayed the temperature would be a good excuse.
“of course.” james tapped the roof as he straightened, heading back to his own truck. “sit tight, princess.”
with another roll of your eyes, you relaxed. he was nearly 20 years your senior, the man every one of your friends never failed to gush about, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t see the attraction. his hair held loose waves, ones that fell into face no matter how many times he pushed them back; his movements were steady, strong, like the entire world really was at his feet; he carried an arrogance you claimed to despise, but the moment he sent a wink through your windshield, you couldn’t deny the pulse that picked up. he was perfect. and entirely off-limits.
you learned, within the next ten minutes, that james potter hums while he works. they were songs you didn’t know—ones you would definitely mock him for later—and your eyes flashed open once you realized you were imagining that deep baritone so much closer to you. perhaps the shell of your ear—perhaps lower.
you were fucked. well and truly fucked.
and james knew it. he had watched you get flustered around him countless times; seen your hands shake and your words trip over themselves and your eyes shine whenever you got nervous. it was a state he loved bringing you to, practically an indulgence, and it made him forget about all the gray area.
he would blame it on the heat, or the fatigue, or the fact that there was no one around for miles, but he sneaked more glances at you today than he ever had before. you were a pretty thing, one for him to toy with, to worship, if only you’d let him. and with your tank top sticking to your skin, your hair pulled away so the column of your neck was exposed, he couldn’t help but take one more glimpse now.
you were watching him, your lips—those damned lips—quirked up. teasing.
he gave you the signal to start the car, and you let out a deep breath. he saw it.
every god, deity, saint, and otherwise holy figure heard your gratitude as the engine came to life, the low rumble underneath you. the air conditioners blasted cold air, a welcomed presence on your slick skin, and you shamefully moaned from the sudden relief.
“thank you, thank you, thank you,” you whispered, stretching your arms and cracking your spine.
“you’re welcome.”
you jumped for the second time, still hitting the same spot on your head, and turned to glare at james. he was sliding into the passenger seat, facing those vents toward him.
you narrowed your eyes. “don’t you have your own car?”
his head fell back, lolling on the shoulder and facing you, a lazy grin crossing his mouth. “you were closer.”
you grumbled something incoherent, but let your gaze drift over him. he had already cleaned his hands with an old bottle of water, but the veins in his forearms were still noticeable. they crawled up and highlighted the muscles of his biceps and back, his button-up not yet replaced.
“y’know,” he drawled, “you were much nicer when i first met you. used to be a lot more appreciative.”
“mhmm.” butterflies you refused to acknowledge fluttered in your stomach. the car was suddenly much smaller.
“always giggling, that shy little smile on your face. i almost missed when you could barely talk because of me.” he chanced the innuendo.
you could feel your breathing hitch in your throat, his presence was that strong. you wanted him, and you would bet anything that he wanted you back. you watched him; the hand that rested on the center console, the other that ran through his hair. you knew you’d regret it, but you couldn’t help but draw one finger over his arm, testing the waters.
he raised a brow. “if you want something, peanut, i think you ought to ask for it.”
you dragged your nails, still barely ghosting, up. “and if you want something, i think you ought to take it.”
your teeth dug into your lip, but you shifted toward him, exhaling a near-silent, “yeah.”
within seconds, he was moving. you squeaked as you were lifted from your seat, practically hauled into his own, and sitting in his lap. his hands were on your thighs, and your waist, and they crept up to your face, holding you a few inches back. he waited.
and when you nodded, any restraint broke.
he tasted a bit like citrus and a bit like whisky and that combination seared itself across your tongue. you had thought about this, dreamed about this, too many times, and you were thanking every fucking star that you could finally know the real thing.
james’ hair was softer than you imagined, and you only knew that because your fingers were threaded through it. his kisses were both delicate and rough, and he walked a line that reeled you in further and further. his muscles were firm, tensing and relaxing as your touch moved down, trying to soak up every detail you could. you could tell he hadn’t shaved that morning, and the slight scratch of hair on your jaw had you sighing into his mouth. perfect.
you pulled back, gasping down air quickly, but you didn’t return. you dragged your hand down his chest, his stomach, lifting up that sweat-soaked shirt and undoing the belt buckle, the clink resounding in your ears. he groaned, and you steadied your hands, working at his pants until you could get his cock freed.
“fuck,” he grunted as you palmed him over his boxers, the length of him slowly hardening with your ministrations.
you smiled and leaned into the hand that held the side of your head. you pulled his waistband down, wrapping your fingers around the length of him. he was hot, heavy, and you only needed to brush your thumb over the head to have him shuddering.
james grabbed your wrist, pulling your hand to be palm-up, and his eyes flicked to yours as he slowly spit into your hand, his cock pressing into his abs. he led your arm back down, resuming your grip and placing his own on top, saliva letting you move easier.
you could feel the throbbing veins, the slight curve of him. your mouth went dry, and you hardly realized when he brought you back for another kiss, tongue unabashed as it parted your lips. and it was then, amidst the heat and the sweat and the arousal soaking your panties, that the thought hit you.
i’m giving my dad’s best friend a handjob in the car he just fixed.
he groaned again, and you were gone. you picked up the tempo, suddenly determined to make him fall apart under you, but he stopped you before you could. you searched for some semblance of poise, and didn’t notice that he had reclined the seat until he was flipping you over. james braced himself above you, slipping two fingers under the waistband of both your shorts and panties, pulling them off at once.
he chuckled. “look at that—all ready for me.” his fingertips merely grazed your folds, legs spread on either side of him, and you whimpered. he took another venture, adding more pressure, and you swore you saw white.
he circled your entrance carefully, gathering the arousal, almost as if in assessment. you bit your lip so hard you tasted blood, arching into him. the rings on his third and fourth fingers were a cool juxtaposition to your scorching skin, evoking a whine from your lips. your hips moved on their own accord, needing him to move. but he didn’t give in, merely tracing, avoiding, the places you wanted him most.
he smiled. “patience, peanut.”
you groaned. “please do not call me peanut right now.”
he leaned forward, simultaneously pushing those two digits in to the second knuckle. “and what would you prefer me to call you?” he asked, his breath just grazing the shell of your ear. “hmm? you liked being my princess? you want to be my good girl?”
you made a desperate sound, and he began to move his fingers, clearly pleased with himself. he took a steady pace, curling at the end of every thrust, gradually giving you the entire length of the digits. it had to be the shape, or the dexterity, or some innate skill that it seemed only james potter possessed, but you were once more grabbing at his hair, his shoulders, trying to drink up every sensation overwhelming you.
his thumb was on your clit, and his mouth was on your throat, and this—this overheated, beat-up car caught in the mid-july sun—was the closest thing in the world to heaven. you were sure of it.
unintelligible words were falling from you, your mind drowning in him, and you only managed to grab his wrist as your orgasm drew close. “i’m gonna—” you had to push him away from your neck, his lips stealing the air from you, “i’m gonna cum if you don’t stop.”
“that is the plan, princess.”
“no—no,” you were still struggling to catch your breath, ignoring james’ chuckle at your futile attempt. “i want you—you,” you scratched down his back, bringing him close enough that his cock pressed against your cunt, “i want you inside of me. please.”
“you sound pretty when you beg,” he said, but his voice had lowered even more, hoarse at the image below. the innocence turned pathetic, the desperation in your cries and your nails and the way that even flush against you, he wasn’t close enough. “i think i like this side of you.”
you nodded, going with whatever he was saying. his teases, his taunts were nonsensical, and you didn’t make an effort to decipher them. there was only one thing you cared about.
you jumped as he dragged the head of his cock through your folds, over and over and still—still—not what you wanted. he tapped it against your clit and licked the fucking sweat from your throat, left you on the very edge and not giving in.
somehow, your hands found his head, lifting him away from his path to your tits and forcing his forehead against yours. you looked up at him, his eyes dark and enticing, and murmured, “if you don’t fuck me right now, i’m going to kill you.”
he grinned, teeth flashing, but finally aligned himself. and you nearly cried as he filled you up, inch by inch, until you were incoherent, spine bowed off the seat and legs wrapping around his waist. you pushed your heels into the small of his back, urging him to move, and the foreign stretch only added to the pleasure.
“i swear i was fucking made for you,” he grunted, pulling back to thrust back in, your hands tugging on his hair. hard. “you feel perfect, princess.”
and you believed him, for that curve—the one that had you entranced earlier—scraped the one spot that never failed to make you see stars. they exploded behind your closed eyelids, cosmos that made you feel heavy and light at the same exact time. you were lost in him, shoved into new circumstances where buckles weren’t digging into your hip and old leather was chafing the backs of your thighs; you only knew him and his body and the questions of how something so wrong could feel so right.
“james,” you sighed, his lips finding yours and swallowing the wanton sound. he moved faster at your behest, rolling in time with you, bringing you hurtling toward your climax.
“you’re doing so well, sweetheart,” he praised, giving kisses to your chin, your cheek, your forehead. “let go for me.”
your muscles went taut, then loosened, as the orgasm washed over you, your thighs tightening around him. his thumb fell to your clit, rubbing the swollen knot, and wave after wave left you crumbling underneath him. trembling, you nearly drew blood from his shoulders, senses weakened until you only knew him. him, and his core, and the sweat on his temple, the crimson under your fingertips, the taste of his oxygen. you knew him in every way, wrapped around you and thrusting into you and stalling, hips stuttering.
you were squeezing him, breathless, and he pulled out, unable to last any longer. he pumped his cock with his hand, and you had half a mind to push yourself up and take over with your own. his head bumped against the ceiling as it fell back, and you giggled, still recovering from your own aftershocks.
the lilt made his hips twitch, and he cursed as you bent down, closing your lips over him and sucking, still covering the rest with your hand, and when his fingers threaded through your hair, when they tried to withdraw, you ignored them, only increasing your fervor.
he came with another swear, followed by your name, and while he had previously tried to pull you off, he gave up entirely now. you focused on your breathing, daring to look up at him as you took in everything he had to offer, smiling as you pulled away and swallowed with an audible gulp.
you laid back down on the seat, and james shakily ran his thumb over your bottom lip, gathering the drops of cum. and you took that digit into his mouth, swirling the pad with your tongue and letting it go with a resounding pop.
james’ chest heaved, the purest signs of shock and satisfaction on his face. “fuck,” he said for probably the tenth time. “where did you—fuck.”
you grinned, letting him sweep you into another kiss, softer but still his own—indescribable. the gray area had long since disappeared, uncared for, and he swiftly pulled his trousers back up, tucking himself away, and helping you do the same.
his hair was a mess, his lips were swollen, his eyes were alive. he gave a different sort of groan as he reopened the door, unsteadily sliding out and onto the road. his smile was still lazy, playful, and you silently thanked him for that bit of normalcy.
“you good, peanut?” he asked as you sat up.
you dipped your chin, trying not to think of what just happened—and even more desperate not to think of how good it was. “yeah. yeah, i’m good.”
“are you sure? because i don’t want you driving if—”
“i’m good, james,” you said, sharper than you meant it. you gave an apologetic look. “i promise i’m good.”
he gave you another assessing rake with his eyes, making sure you were intact and able to drive. “you call me if you need anything, yeah?”
you nodded, agreeing.
and then, he leaned down and kissed your forehead. he paused there for a breath, then straightened. “if it makes it feel any better,” he closed the door, winking at you through the window, “you’re definitely the best i’ve ever had.”
snorting, you flipped him off, then lifted yourself over into the driver’s seat. “dork.”
james backed away, though not without another wink, and glanced over your car, double-checking the engine and lowering the hood. he was wrinkled and rumpled and you could just discern the tremor in his legs. he swung himself into his own car, giving you a mock salute and a mouthed, “don’t tell your dad.”
you shook your head, watching as he began driving, turning around and running away as if nothing happened. you sighed to yourself, only one thought resurfacing.
you were fucked.
part two
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earlgreydream · a month ago
october 20
Tumblr media
🍁 Breeding — James Potter
content warnings: overstimulation
James watched you play with your niece, the two of you tasked with babysitting. Watching you take care of a child stirred something in him, a primal, carnal need to get you pregnant. 
You felt his energy shift, turning your head over your shoulder to look up at the man seated on the couch. His eyes burned through your clothes, darkened with lust, a look you fondly recognized. 
“We’ll leave soon, baby,” you promised, delicately setting your hand on his forearm. 
James was practically pulling you out the door as soon as you were relieved of your job, hurrying you into the car. 
“What’s got you so riled, Jamie?” You questioned as he drove, a little generous on the gas. 
“Seeing you like that, taking care of a kid was making me feral. I want to knock you up so fucking bad,” James hissed, making heat rush between your thighs. 
His hand reached down to rest on your thigh, hiking up your skirt and thumbing over your panties until a wet spot had formed. Now, you were just as desperate as he was, practically tumbling out of the car once he parked in your drive. 
“M’gonna breed you and fill you up with my pups,” James growled into your neck as he reached around you to unlock the door, pushing you inside. 
The words made arousal smear between your thighs, gushing from your pussy as you grew even more bothered. He groped you under your sundress, and you struggled to pull it off. 
James aided you, stripping you bare in seconds, his clothes joining yours in a trail to the bedroom. James manhandled you onto the bed, wrestling you onto your back. He grabbed your legs, holding them together and bending them upwards, leaving your hips risen slightly off the bed. 
“Look at this pretty cunt, just dripping for daddy. Want me to fuck you full of my cum? Breed you like a bitch in heat?” He sneered, rubbing the swollen top of his cock through your folds.
Every time it brushed against your clit, your body jolted, making James smirk. Without warning, James was piercing into you, splitting you open on his large cock, forcing you to stretch wide. You never got used to how big he was, every time feeling like the first as you’d squeal and wriggle under his strong grip, writhing as he fucked you hard. 
“That’s my girl. I’m going to make your belly round, and your tits all full,” he grinned, mouthing and sucking one one of your alert nipples, pulling it between his lips. 
You felt him hit your cervix, the depth of his thrusts making you scream. You shuddered around him, moaning and crying out. 
“I know, I know. You’re so full you don’t even know what to do, hm?” He soothed, wrapping his hand around your throat to keep you still, his teeth sinking into the tender skin of your breast, leaving a mark to admire later. 
Your eyes rolled back when your walls began to pulse around him, developing a heartbeat of their own. He felt you getting closer, his thrusts becoming less smooth as your muscles contracted. Your thighs were shaking beneath his hands, his name barely audible on your lips. He rolled forward, hitting your g-spot and sending you into mind-numbing pleasure, 
Your moans were like music to James, his hips stuttering before hot cum sprayed into your womb, his cock nestled right against your cervix as he released, trying to get you pregnant. The sensation was startling, making you cling to him and hide your face in his warm neck, whimpering his name. 
“I’ve got you,” he panted, staying buried in your pussy. 
“M’sensitive!” you gasped when he began to rock his hips once more, sending shocks through your cunt. 
“Gotta pump you full of cum, baby. Hold still, I’ll do all the work,” he hushed you, his pillowy lips molding against yours in a heated, heavy kiss. 
Your fingers twisted into his black curls, pulling as you shuddered violently as he emptied another load into you, not letting you get up after.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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babyjordy · 5 months ago
"Nanny is Bent over Counter by Single Dad"
Warning(s): NSFW(18+), Unprotected Sex, HEAVY Breeding Kink, Possessive, Daddy Kink, Squirting, Talks of being James Wife, and Begging.
Summary: Part two of "Babysitter Sleeps With Single Dad After Putting Kid To Bed; Deep and Wet"
Note: This idea is still making me feral grrrr (I’ll have to find a new gif later)
Taglist, please read the description before filling out
You close the door softly, making sure all noises are down so you don't wake either of the Potter men that are upstairs. On your way to the kitchen, you set your tote bag full of clothes and other needs on the couch. Flipping on the light, you bend over and grab the almost empty water bowl. Going to the sink and start to fill it with cool water, staring out into the misty backyard. Once full, you turn off the faucet and go to set the bowel down, hearing the clicking of the Siri's, Harry's faithful pup, coming towards the kitchen.
The puppy rubs against your leg as he walks to his water bowl, making you lean down and pet him.
"Morning Siri," you pat his side before standing up.
You go into the pantry, opening the container of dog food. Taking a large scoop before walking over and pouring it in the other empty bowl. After putting the scoop back and washing your hands, you turn to the fridge and start to take out the items needed for James' lunch for the day. You set those items on the counter before starting on the tea, getting that ready for when he comes down for his morning cup.
Turning on the faucet, you stare out the large window above the sink, watching as the fog rolls over everything. You look down as you feel water running down your fingers, seeing the kettle is full. Turning off the faucet and grabbing the dishrag that is hanging, you dry off the exterior of the kettle. You turn on the stove and place the full kettle on the burner before turning back to the ingredients for James' lunch.
As you open the little baggies that hold the meats, James walks up behind you. You tense as his hands ghost over your hips, making you turn your head slightly to see him in only his plaid sleep pants.
"Mm, good morning, Sweetheart." His deep and raspy morning voice makes your cunt pulse.
"Good morning, Mr. Potter. Tea was just put on and should be done by time you are dressed and ready for work."
James hums whiles moving his face close to your neck, kissing the back softly before rubbing his nose up and down your now goosebump riddled skin. You try not to react, simply continuing your job of making his lunch. His hands start to toy with the top of your sleep shorts, his warm palms pressing against your lower stomach.
"What time does Harry wake up?"
You glance at the clock on the wall beside the fridge and it reads around 5:40. "He normally wakes by seven."
"But sir, you have to be off to work in an hour."
James pushes his bulge against your bum while pressing his chest against your back. You press your hands into the counter while biting your lip, trying to not make a noise as you feel your arousal burn in your stomach. Sighing shakily, you start working on the food for James again as he grinds against your bum.
"I've been thinking about what happened," James grips your hips harder. "Thinking about how good you were for me. How good you took my cum that night. Thinking about getting you pregnant with my baby. "
You can't hide the way your breathing picks up, your legs shaking at the thought of James cumming inside of you again.
James buries his face in your neck as he groans, "please. Please let me breed you. It's all I want, Sweetheart, want to see you full of my baby."
"Give it to me, Sir, please."
James moans and pulls his face away from your neck, his hands moving to quickly lower your shorts and panties. He spits in his hand and reaches down to rub his cock with the wet palm, watching as you bend over the counter more. Your cunt drooling as you present yourself to him, letting him see what is his to take.
He moves close to you again, teasing your slit with his cock. You try and grind against him, only for your hips to be pinned against the counter edge.
"Don't be like that, Sweetheart. I'm going to give it to you, going to give my pretty wife what she needs." Your quiet whimper doesn't slip past James. "Do you want that? Want to be my pretty wife? My wife to breed and take care of?"
"Yes, yes Sir. It's all I might, want to be your housewife."
James' eyes roll back as he moans, pushing his cock into your waiting cunt. You cover your mouth to quiet your moan as you feel his cock stretching you after days of being empty. He is quick to start thrusting, his hands dragging you back onto his cock with each thrust. Your eyes cross as you try to keep yourself up, not wanting to just let your body collapse onto the food on the counter.
One of his hands come around to rub your clit as he bucks his hips into yours, his moans and grunts clearly in your ear. You feel your cunt clench tighter with each drag of his thick cock, feeling so full.
"Going to cum in this cunt every day until you are pregnant, not stopping till I know my baby is in you. Need it, need to see you round and full with a part of me. Going to look so pretty in your white dress with a big bump, going to make sure everyone knows I claimed this tight pussy."
You are trying not to sob as you grip the edge of the counter, fucking yourself back onto his cock harder. A strong pressure is building in your groin as James rubs your clit faster, your knees turning in towards each other. James can tell you aren't able to really hold yourself up anymore, his arm coming to wrap around your waist as he goes faster.
"James, James, James..."
You keep chanting his name as your eyes cross and you moan loudly, your body dead weighting as you cum. Your cunt squeezes tightly around James' cock as you squirt, your juices soaking your shorts that are on the ground as well as James' thighs and your own. James keeps thrusting into you, his cock throbbing and twitching inside of you.
"I'm gonna cum, come on, take it." James grunts while giving short fast thrusts.
You whine quietly as he pushes himself as deep as he can inside of you, his cum quickly filling you. Your body is shaking in his arms as he rests his head on your shoulder, his chest rising and falling quickly against your back. He starts kissing your sweaty skin as he slowly pulls out of your puffy pussy, both of you whining at the feeling of not having the other close.
James looks at the clock, seeing it is now only 6:23am. "Let me clean this up, Sweetheart and then we can go to the bedroom and keep trying."
"You have work though and Harry wakes up soon."
"I called off this morning and besides, Harry is with his uncles."
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