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#james potter smut
malfoy-girl · a day ago
Tumblr media
➪ 𝕳𝖎 𝖌𝖚𝖞𝖘 𝖜𝖊𝖑𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖙𝖔 𝖒𝖞 𝖋𝖎𝖗𝖘𝖙 𝖈𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖇𝖗𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖊 𝖔𝖓 𝖙𝖚𝖒𝖇𝖑𝖗
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➪ 𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖔 𝕸𝖆𝖑𝖋𝖔𝖞
Draco fucking reader after school
Draco teasing the reader with his fingers and his cock
Draco and the reader having soft sex after a long day at work
Reader and Pansy sucking Draco’s dick
Sex in a lazy morning with Draco
➪ 𝕾𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖚𝖘 𝕭𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖐
Make out session + mutual masturbation and penetration
Sirius playing with the reader tits and fingering her
Short video of reader showing her tits to Sirius
Reader sucking Sirius dick while he plays with her pussy
Sirius fucking the reader from behind in her little green skirt
➪ 𝔍𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖘 𝕻𝖔𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗
Thigh fucking James and him coming on the reader dress
Reader riding Jame’s face
James filing the reader with his cum
The reader pegging sub James
James sucking on the reader tits
➪ 𝕽𝖊𝖒𝖚𝖘 𝕷𝖚𝖕𝖎𝖓
Fucking with Remus on the couch
Remus coming on the reader's tummy (end of the video)
Reader giving Remus a blowjob (throat fucking)
Remus playing with his girlfriend pussy
Lactation and piss kink with Remus
➪ 𝕿𝖍𝖊𝖔𝖉𝖔𝖗𝖊 𝕹𝖔𝖙𝖙
Theo fucking reader from behind while Pansy holds her hand
Reader riding Theo's dick after a hard day at work
Reader letting a stranger fuck her
Cuddle sex in the morning with Theodore
Throat fucking + tits fucking + jelly boobies
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hellounicorn · a day ago
dialogue of perv!marauders making innocent!reader feel dumb and little because she doesn’t understand the inappropriate things they talk about (especially when they make dirty comments about her)?
Fuck me😵‍💫
“Stop it,” you grumble under your breath as the marauders engage in yet another round of raucous laughter, this time caused by your blank and confused stares following their degrading joke towards you.
Jamie stops his burst of laughter, chuckle trailing away as he comes to face you with a domineering pout. “Aww, is our little pet embarrassed? Embarrassed because she’s just too baby-brained to understand us, yeah?”
You bashfully look up at him, meeting his striking blue eyes with a shameful nod.
This has Remus daunting over, Sirius by his side as they examine the way you innocently acted as if James referring to you as ‘dumb’ didn’t make any impact on the ever-increasing pulse of your cunt.
“She can’t help herself, mate.” says Remus as he hooks a finger underneath your chin, “well when she’s got such a clean mind like’s hard for her to keep up with us.”
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icryovertoast · 2 days ago
Oneshot for dom!jily x reader. Maybe something like a punishment. Or idk just do whatever you wish to wshdasknxmcdcjh
our good girl.
paring~ james potter x reader x lily evans
warnings~ smut, dom! jily, sub reader, use of toy, threesome, dirty talk, pet names, oral (male receiving), daddy kink,mommy kink, lmk if there’s anything i missed
Tumblr media
you lay on your bed legs spread wide open a pink vibrator held in your hand, the only sounds filling the room was of your moans, whimpers and the small buzzing noise from the toy brushing on your clit
your hips bucked pathetically up into the air to try and create some kind of friction “oh fuck” you whined drawing out the u
“language bunny” you heard as your head snapped up to see lily and james standing infront of the doorway
“what do you think your doing baby?” lily asked approaching the bed james following behind her
“y’weren’t supposed to back f’ages” you whined putting the vibrator down only to be stopped my james’ rough hand pushing it back down onto your clit
“what have we told you?” you stayed silent but a small smack to your thigh made you open your mouth
“no touching what isn’t mine” you whimpered as you accidentally moved the toy to the right spot
lily scoffed “pathetic whore, can’t even go 20 minutes with out something on her little pussy”
“m’sorry, mommy, s’just it felt all tingly down there”
she nodded briefly giving you a soft look before james spoke up “think we could help you?”
you nodded frantically desperate for there attention, the bulge in james’ jeans were prominent and you could see lily rubbing her thighs together slightly
james turned you around so your feet were touching the headboard and your stomach was on the mattress
“give mommy the toy” she said moving her hand as you passed it up to her
“we’re gone make you feel so good princess” james told you as he stood infront of your mouth cock already out
lily took her place with her legs in between one of your legs
you felt a tap on your jaw a signal from james to open your mouth when you did he placed his cock inside your mouth as lily turned on the vibrator again
giving little kitten licks to james’ cock, jerking forward every time the vibration hit you right
you felt james’ calloused hand run through your hair and lily grinding agains the back of your thigh
you let out out a moan when lily inserted two fingers and started pumping them in and out
“ummm please” you begged as your hips moved into her fingers but your noises were cut short by james pushing your face deeper into his cock, so much your nose was practically touching his pubic bone
“being such a good girl for mommy and daddy aren’t you princess” he said as his hips snapped back a forth
“y/n your cunt looks so pretty” lils stated taking her fingers out and slapping your cunt making you whimper
james bent down slightly his cock still in your mouth, he placed light spanks to your ass making you push it up abit
“mmm daddy” muffled moans spilled out
“fuck i think i’m about to cum” you heard lily’s voices moan from behind you
“help me and mommy finish princess, then you can finish” james told you as you made an attempt to move your thigh up
you felt james’ hips stutter a sign that he was about to cum, you gagged when hot ropes of cum sprayed down your throat whilst james let out load moans and praises
“fuck fuck fuck” lily cursed as you felt a warm sticky sensation on your thigh
you let out a noise to remind them you wanted to cum
lily took the vibrator off your clit and skilfully moved her fingers in and out until you let out a sting of moans and thank yous, your legs shaking
james ran his hands through your hair and lily soothed her hands over the small of your back
“thank you” you cried legs still shaky
“you did so good for us”
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Tumblr media
lily exans x reader x James potter
warning! innocence kink, sub!reader, dom!james, dom!lily, dacryphillia, fingering, clit play, nipple play, finger sucking, cockwarming, penetrative sex, rough sex, subspace.
I was slotted between Lily’s legs on her bed as the redheads fingers worked at my clit, whines and cries leaving my mouth. She found me crying and bought me back to her dorm to calm me down and then pulled a confession of my hysterics from me.
I had been aching for days on end and had zero clue how to stop it, I was always wet and kept waking up after having certain dreams, my sleep shorts soaked as well as my sheets.
“There you go, baby. See? How nice does that feel?” I grabbed at her arm as I threw my head back and ground my hips up into her hand. “So good, miss.”
She giggled, eyes not even glancing up as e door open, nor did mine.
James Potter, Lily’s boyfriend, walked into the room and smirked, hanging his coat up. “What’s going on here then? Who’s this pretty thing?” He asked as I sobbed and cried.
“She’s just the neediest thing on earth, were so lucky I found her. Doesn’t even understand anything when she’s all subby like this. Doesn’t have to be subby to not understand, just a dumb baby.” Lily teased, slipping her two middle fingers into me as I let out a strangled cry and let her put her other two fingers in my mouth.
“Found her outside, crying her heart out. Just felt so bad, I had to take this pretty girl in. Just look at her pretty little cunt.” Lily said, ignoring my cries as she pulled my legs open more and exposed my dripping pussy. I sucked on her fingers, sobbing whilst my tongue suckled and flicked. “After I’m done playing you can fuck her.” Lily said, brushing my hair back. My cunt fluttered at the filthy words and I screwed my eyes shut as a knot swirled in my tummy, whines growing louder.
“Please, please, please!” I basically screamed around her fingers, legs shaking as lily pumped and curled her fingers faster, her thumb circling my clit whilst James kissed my shoulder. I finally came undone, letting out choked sobs as my ears rung and my vision went black, body thrashing. Lily giggled, holding my hips down as a wet release stained her sheets, finding her own wetness slicking her cunt.
When I finally came down, I rested my head on her chest with her saliva covered fingers and release covered fingers on my thighs, breathing heavily with my chest heaving up and down. The redhead sucked my releasenoff of her fingers before putting her arms under mine to hold me in place, giggling as I whined and tugged agaisnt her grip. “Stay still so jamie can fill you up, mm?” She mused, kissing my head.
“Yes, miss.” I whimpered, watching as James began to unbuckle his belt, looking intensely at me as I bit down on my lip so hard that a pearl of blood formed on my lip. Lily tilted my head up and smudged the blood down my chin before kissing me, her tongue prying my mouth open. My eyes shut as I responded and used my tongue to delve into her mouth, beginning a sloppy make out session between us. Heat built in the bottom of my tummy, soft whines leaving my lips as she laced one arm out of mine and grabbed the back of my hair, kissing me rougher.
James pulled my legs back open, “baby, needa be ready so you don’t get shocked, yeah?” He hummed, lily and I pulling away from the kiss with a lewd slap of our lips. “Yes, sir.” I purred, laying my head back on Lily’s chest. James pumped himself whilst lining up on my entrance, slowly easing into me. I let out a string of whines and whimpers, trying to get away from his throbbing cock. My walls stretched painfully as he bottomed out and I dropped my head back, letting out a wail as he began to thrust.
He let out a chuckle, “god, you sound so needy. Doesn’t she, lils?” He looked at his girlfriend and she nodded in agreement, hooking her arms under mine again. “Really does, darling. Come on, fuck her harder than that, she can take it, can’t you baby?”
I sniffles and nodded. “I can take it harder, miss.”
That was all James needed to start fucking me even harder, hips clashing into mine as i cried out and pressed my heels to his back, knees on either side of his waist. “So good! So good—oh!”
My eyes screwed shut in pleasure as I bared against him, pushing against his cock. Ecstasy bloomed in m stomach at the feeling and I let out a somber sob, sounding so upset but I was so lost in pleasure.
“There’s my good girl.” Lily coed, brushing my hair out of my face as tears ran down my face, ruining my makeup. “No, she’s my good girl.” James argued, thrusting harder.
“I’m the one who found her,” Lily purred with a proud smirk, reaching down the front of my body and to my chest to grab at my perky little breasts, pinching at my nipples. The two drowned out my feeble cries as they argued and ended up getting James all riled up, so he fucked me even harder.
I screamed and cried, finding myself closer and closer to my brink. “Oh god—mm!” I squealed, hips jolting as his tip prodded my g-spot over and over.
“Go on baby, cum for us.”
I came again with a wail, gasping for air as I clenched tightly around james’ cock, making him come undone on top of me, groaning out profanities.
We all just laid there, sitting in each other’s comfort. But then lily chuckled.
“I just came,” she admitted, causing my eyes to widen as James looked up at her with confusion. “What, how?”
“Her pretty little arse was just rubbing against me because you fucked her so hard and I came at the same time as her.”
I chuckled softly and laid my head back on her chest, whining and protesting as James made a move to pull out. I used the heels of my feet to fully sheathe him back inside of me. “Stay.”
“If you say so,” he laughed, pulling the covers over all of us, soon we fell into a deep sleep, limbs tangled and body parts joined perfectly.
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crystal-dee · a month ago
harry potter p.links
disclaimer: the whole of this post contains porn links. watch at your own discretion.
ii. videos that are less than 20 seconds will be noted accordingly.
iii. kinks/content in videos will be noted accordingly.
iiii. marauders era + golden era characters included; men and women included.
iv. approximately ninety-seven (97) links have been used in this post.
Remus Lupin
tail butt plug + fucking
oral, fingering, squirting + fucking
bunny butt plug + fucking
fucking professor!remus + size kink
anal w/ soft!dom!remus + restraints
professor!remus checking out your "pretty pussy”
professor!remus rubbing one out for you in the bath
professor!remus fingering you under the table during a tutoring session in the library
remus toying with your panties [16 sec]
double penetration; vaginal sex + dildo [14 sec]
eating you out
James Potter
tit worship
mutual masturbation
sweet hand stuff
james playing with your pussy + facesitting
dom!james fingering + teasing
cowgirl + sub!james sucking your tits
sub!james being needy; hand job + fucking
dad’s best friend!james fingering you in his car
sub!james sleepily eating you out
sub!james eating you out blindfolded
“cuddling”; fingering
Sirius Black
cumming in your mouth
slow fucking + tummy bulge
face slap + choking while fucking [3 sec]
anal + cumming + size kink
slapping + choking + hair pulling w/ tattooed!sirius
spitting + oral (male!receiving)
spanking + degradation
Regulus Black
fucking your ass with a butt plug
riding + skirt & breeding kink
soft make-out session that leads to a bit more
choking + breeding kink
fucking lily while james watches
pt.2 fucking lily with a vibrator
hard!dom!remus throat fucking you while hard!dom!sirius slaps your tits
tail end of getting gang banged, and one of them is finishing inside you [14 sec]
Lucius Malfoy
anal + fingering [3 sec]
rough sex
humiliation + spanking + fingering
rough sex + spanking
Narcissa Malfoy
mommy dom + strap
young!narcissa + fucking for the first time
she uses a vibrator on you
fingering + finger sucking
narcissa's in love with the way your ass feels in her hands
naked makeout sesh <3 [10 sec]
Draco Malfoy
shower handjob
tit worship
fucking you in doggy, and he can’t get his eyes off ur asshole
fucking you from behind + light hair pulling + light slapping + hands around your neck (no choking)
draco eating you out
punishment; spanking + fingering
mutual masturbation
Theo Nott
riding + titty sucking
fucking you standing up + restraints
soft sex
rough fingering + a little bit of oral (male!receiving)
Blaise Zabini
throat fucking
soft sex
fucking you in the club's bathroom
riding him + spanking
Fred Weasley
rough fucking + slight manhandling
blindfolded + oral (fem!receiving)
overstim; fingering
fingering + oral (fem!receiving)
George Weasley
sideways sex
jerking him off [15 sec]
hitting it from behind
thigh riding + tail butt plug
sub!george + playing with his cock
Ron Weasley
sucking him off + face slapping
fucking you from behind + one (1) spanking [13 sec]
innocence kink + teasing + slow sex
eating you out
edging sub!ron
Harry Potter
reverse cowgirl + outdoor sex
harry cumming inside you
sub!harry + cum play + overstim + vaginal sex
sub!harry eating you out
Neville Longbottom
switch!neville eating you out
sitting on his face
starts out soft, ends rough; vaginal sex
Ginny Weasley
overstim; fingering + thigh-slapping
double-sided dildo
using the same vibrator on the two of you + grinding
teasing + playing w/ ur pussy
Hermione Granger
eating her out
fingering + eating out sub!hermione
fingering her
riding her strap
she's fingering you
Pansy Parkinson
hard!dom!pansy + rough fingering
fingering you
dom!pansy + strap + spanking pt.2
dom!pansy + light choking + light tit play + playing w/ ur pussy
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dr4cking · a month ago
porn links *ೃ༄
▷ 1k celebration edition ◁
mainly draco malfoy but i added other characters that i also simp for, as a bonus <3
bonus characters : theodore nott, tom riddle, sirius black, james potter, mattheo riddle, cedric diggory and pansy parkinson <3
Tumblr media
draco malfoy
draco with doggy style | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
you squirted on draco’s cock
draco fingering you in the car
draco punishing you and making you squirmed uncontrollably | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
taking draco in public because you’re needy | 2 |
draco teasing you with his cock | 2 | 3 |
draco eating you out | 2 | 3
mutual masturbation with bestfriend!draco
riding draco’s cock | 2 | 3 | 4 |
petting draco’s cock with your bare cunt | 2 | 3
draco loves your tits
rough and hate sex with enemy!draco
draco using vibrator and you milking him
draco with breeding kink | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
getting off sub!draco | 2 | 3 |
torturing sub!draco
reserve cowgirl on draco | 2
fucking in the backseat of draco’s car
mob!draco worshiping your body
fucking on the kitchen
draco helping you relax
professor draco making you squirt under the table
draco loves to mark you with his cum
roommate!draco spend the night in your room
passionate slow sex with draco in the morning
you’re a mess on your knees for draco
teasing to be fucked by professor draco
slow missionary sex ended up by draco marking you
draco turns you into a mess
draco just cant help himself
ceo!draco fucking his assistant
draco corrupting you
riding dilf!draco in your maid outfit
draco abusing your throat and make a bulge in there
theodore nott
missionary with dom!theo
slow and passionate sex with theo
tom riddle
tom riddle breeding you
your innocence getting corrupted by tom
sirius black
fucking yourself on sirius’ cock
the tv cant even cover your moan because of sirius
sirius breeding you
james potter
james teasing you with his cock
giving sub!james a handjob
james love it when you riding him
mattheo riddle
mattheo railing you from behind
trying to dominate by riding mattheo
cedric diggory
cedric and you were having sleepovers | 2 |
cedric being not so golden boy
pansy parkinson
dom!pansy edging your orgasm and torturing you
teasing and fingering sub!pansy
pansy grinding and fucking you
Tumblr media
taglist (please message me if you want to be removed from porn links) :
@dracoscum @hellounicorn @onyourgoddamnleft @whoreforgeorgeandfred @turn-to-page-394-please @silverdelirium @underappreciated-spoon-321 @littlemissnoname13 @youreso-golden @noceurwhore @dlmmdl @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @starstruckgranger @lieswithoutfairytales @yiamalfoy @black-repunzel99 @acciodignity @riddleswh0r3crux @ameliasbitvh @hopelessbutterfly @rylynn-blog @miraclesoflove @i-love-scott-mccall @slythermuf @maybesandohnos @teenwolfbitches28 @ferretboysupremacy @coolbeans32 @arianagreyy @sksliz @cupids-crystals @raajali3 @kayleiggh @amalfoyandariddle @madi0987 @mrs-dracofelton @itzzzzcookie @malfoyswifeyy @padf00ts-l0ver @spencervera @iloveweasleyx @wrongilbert @fullcheeseengineer @hhishho @alexthealexthealex @seriouslyinlove @arzfia
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angel4you · a month ago
put on a show
sugar daddy poly!marauders
warnings: smut, age gap (reads of age), sugar daddy, oral (male receiving), pet names, daddy kink, praise, use of slut and whore, pillow humping, innocence kink. tell me if i missed anything!
summary: your sugar daddy sirius, wants his friends to join in on the fun one night, and it turns out better than expected
word count: 2.5k
“Sirius, I am here.”
“One second doll, I’ll be right there.”
After the moment you and Sirius met at a bar one night, the two of you have been inseparable. The relationship started purely for money and sex. Sirius would take you out to expensive dinners, shower you with gifts, and give you money. While on the other hand, you simply contributed accompaniment and sex. You didn’t mind this arrangement. Some people would say Sirius took advantage of you, but you wanted the same things as him.
But now, the relationship has grown beyond the shallow sugar daddy phase, and into a more serious one. Sirius truly cared about and wanted you in his life as you also do. Being around Sirius more often resulted in meeting some of his friends.
Like Sirius, they are handsome, older, and wealthy.
“How was your day love, I have missed you,” Sirius coos, enclosing his arms around you. His tall frame towers over you as he gently plants a kiss on your head. You breathe in his intimate scent nuzzling your face in his chest.
“Okay, was feeling a little needy.”
“S’that right doll? Well, I have a proposal, if you are willing to entertain,” Sirius smirks. He strokes your shoulder detaching you from his chest to look deeply into your bright eyes. You return a light smile back to him, nodding your head, waiting for him to start.
“You know daddy’s friends Jamesie and Remus. Well since you have been such a good girl recently. I wanted you to show them how good you are f’me.”
“R-really?” you give Sirius a confused squint.
“Don’t feel pressured darling, just be honest to me.”
“No, no I really want to, just surprised they would want that.”
“Well, you are my pretty little girl and have been so good lately. Daddy wants to let them know how amazing you are,” Sirius wraps an arm around your waist. “Now let’s pick out a special outfit before James and Remus get here, huh?
“Yes please.”
Sirius conducts you up the grand staircase. The familiar warmth of his arms wrapped loosely around your waist, ensures you that Sirius has genuine intentions. As you walk into his room, there is a little black bag with a pale pink ribbon fastened around it.
“Go on doll, open it,” Sirius smiles, skimming his hand to rub your shoulder. “Got this especially for you today, gonna look so pretty on you baby.” Sirius sits down on the foot of the bed. His large hands grasp the exposed skin on your waist, drawing you on his lap.
You hastily undo the bow, peeking through the soft paper in between the pink lacey set. When you finally pull it out of the bag, you swaddle your arms around Sirius’ neck. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“You like it, sweets?”
“Yes, so so much, it-” before you can finish you get cut off by the doorbell. Your heart starts racing out of anticipation.
“I think daddy’s friends are here. Go get all dolled up in your new outfit and meet us downstairs.”
As Sirius walks out of the room you start to strip off your clothes. A million thoughts racing through your head. You step into the delicate rosy kickers, slide on the thin stocking that hugs at the top of your thighs, and clasp on the matching bralette. Lastly, before you walk downstairs, you throw on a translucent white pajama top.
You carefully walk down the stairs, shakily swallowing as you glance at the two new large frames in the living room.
“There’s my pretty little girl,” Sirius grins, motioning you over. You sit down next to Sirius, tucking your head in the crook of his neck. “Hey hey, don’t be shy,” you mumble a sorry, looking up.
“Hi doll, it’s Jamie, remember?”
“Yeah, remember.” you smile.
“Now say hi to Remus,” Sirius sternly whispers.
“Um, hi Remus,” you are getting a little nervous. You uncomfortably shift in Sirius’ lap, trying to slyly rub your thighs together. The strong arms on James and the defined features on Remus’ face make you whimper. Heat radiates from your slick thighs as a tingling sensation starts to develop from your cunt.
“Someone needy, huh?” Sirius chuckles. “Wanna show daddy how good you can be for Remmy and James?”
“Yes daddy, please.”
“Let’s go upstairs then.” You all go upstairs keeping close to Sirius’ side. You watch as Remus pushes up the sleeves on his button-up exposing his prominent veins, making you even wetter.
“You are very pretty sir,” you giggle.
“S’that right sweets?”
“Mhm, and you too sir,” you innocently glance up at James. “Wanna show you how good of a girl I am for daddy.”
When you eventually reach the bedroom, Remus and James watch as Sirius removes your shirt. Putting your full body on display before you lean on Sirius’ chest. He kisses down your neck, tracing patterns on your hips. You sigh, feeling arousal as you see the material on both of James and Remus’ trousers become tighter.
“Wanna suck their cocks,” you whisper.
“Speak up baby, go on, don't be shy.”
“Wanna suck their cocks, daddy,” you smirk, eyeing their bulges. Your mouth starts to water and Sirius pushes you toward Remus.
“Hi pretty girl,” Remus beams. His large hand reaches out to your chin, brushing your lip with the pad of his thumb. “Gunna suck me off like the good little girl Siri told me you are?” You nod while you position yourself between Remus’ substantial spread legs.
“May I sir?”
“Go on love,” You reach out palming Remus’ through his painful strained trousers. You maintain eye contact as you unzip and pull down his pants so you can pull out his thick cock. You drool over this sight of him.
As you start to pump Remus, a proud grin spreads across Sirius’ face. “Look at my pretty little slut.”
“Sirius you were right she is perfect,” James groans as snakes his hand down to his bulge. “So fuckin pretty.”
You remain to work on Remus’ tip, licking a stripe up his shaft. You move your right hand to James’ thigh, kneading up and down. Wrapping your tender lips around Remus, slowly bobbing your head. You trail your fingers from James’ thigh to his crotch.
“That’s my girl, daddy’s so proud of his little slut,” Sirius grunts under his breath as he takes off his dress shirt. “Wanna fuck your pretty little cunt so badly,” his chest is smooth decorated with his pristine tattoos. His heart rate increases as he keeps his eyes focused on the way you are working Remus with your wet mouth.
“Fuckkk doll,” Remus starts to stroke himself as you begin to give James’ painful hard erection some attention.
“Taste so good sir.”
Taking James out of his trousers, you suck his tip. James firmly grabs at your hair. You connect your hands to his throbbing cock, working on the part you can’t fit in your mouth.
Behind you, you can hear low groans coming from Sirius. His back is pressed on the wall and his hand wrapped around his erection.
“Angel you really are such a good like whore,” James mumbles.
Sirius now walks over to the bed slipping out of his trousers and dress shoes. He glides his hand through his hair while taking a long breath in. When you feel Sirius’ hands petting your hair, you detach from both James and Remus.
“Baby,” you look up at Sirius with puppy dog eyes. “Think it’s time for you to put on a show for us, huh?”
“M’kay daddy,” As you wait for further instruction from Sirius, you step onto the bed. You unsuccessfully attempt to grind down while you sit on heels.
“Doll wanna hump that pillow like the good girl I taught you to be?” You swallow, nodding. You straddle the pillow, you shudder when your sensitive clit comes in contact with the plush pillow.
“Take that bra off sweets, wanna see those pretty tits bounce,” James coos stripping off the rest of his clothes. “Such a good little slut.”
“Show us how good you are gonna bounce on our cocks,” Remus shifts, turning to fully face you.
You start to slowly grind down as the three men get situated and start to touch themselves. You jerk your hips forward while you dig your teeth into the flesh on your cheek. Furrowing your brows, high whimpers escape from your trembling lips.
“Daddy’s so fuckin proud of you right now, baby,” Sirius moans as he watches your breasts bounce every time you roll your hips down.
“Who knew such an innocent little girl like you could be so much of a whore,” Remus chuckles, bucking his hip up to meet his fingertips.
You shamefully look down as you continue to frantically hump the pillow. You can already feel your release bubbling up your abdomen. Clenching your cunt around the fabric you whine out, “Gonna come, gonna come daddy, please.”
“Go on doll.”
After you settle down from your orgasm, you crawl into Remus’ lap. “So fuckin pretty. Wanna taste that sweet little cunt.” Sirius sits back on the headboard pulling you to relax against his chest. James sits on the right side of you while Remus gets situated between your legs.
James starts to caress your tits. Massaging, squeezing, and tugging at your hardened nipples. “So soft baby,” He kisses the valley of your chest.
Remus starts going at it, he attacks your clit with his plump lips. He plunges his tongue into you not waiting for a second longer. “So wet, all for us,” Remus continues to lick and suck you.
“Doin so good, so good baby,” Sirius murmurs  against your neck sucking purple spots.
James now snakes his hand down right above Remus to lightly tap and circle your needy clit. Your body starts to quiver and you harshly shut your eyes out of pleasure. You arch your back and dig your nails into Sirius’ forearm. “I- god, feels so good.” you whimper grinding your lower back onto Sirius’ erection.
“Shit angel, too good for us.”
You can already feel your second orgasm coming. You have never gotten this much attention during sex and it is a new euphoria. “Think ‘m gonna come again,” your legs hook around Remus’ neck and you tug at James’ soft dark hair. “Sorry just feels too good,” Sirius’ lips find your sweet stop right below your ear.
“Come on my face darling, don’t be shy.” With one last pinch from James and one more lick from Remus, you unravel on top of Sirius.
“That’s my girl,” Sirius praises. “Can James fuck your pretty little pussy now?” you nod still out of breath.
James takes no time to switch spots with Remus. He sits upon his knees and draws your hips up to his. “Gonna fill you up now, that okay doll?” You whine a small yes while you turn your head to see Remus pumping his cock while groaning small fucks under his breath. “Just gotta stay still and let me ruin this beautiful cunt of yours.”
James’ thrusts are slow but deep, hitting the perfect spot inside of you. “Fuck doll, so fuckin wet and tight.” After a few moments of his slow pace, he can’t take it anymore. His strong arms pull your legs so his balls hit the curve of your arse. James throws his head backward as you squeeze your cunt around his throbbing dick.
“James, turn her over and fuck her from the back, so Sirius can fuck her face,” Remus growls as the hand that is not on his cock starts to cup his balls.
“Kay sweets, gonna put you on your hands and knees so you can suck Siri off.”
“My pretty baby, you are such a good little slut,” Sirius smirks as you open your mouth so drool drips down your chin. Sirius grabs your jaw, drilling his eyes into you. He slaps his cock across your face as you hold your tongue out. “Better suck me good darling.”
Sirius finally lets you place your wet lips around his cock. Gliding his hands through your hair, he presses your face down until your nose is agents his pubic bone. While James quickens his pace, now slamming his hips down to yours.
“Shit shit shit,” Remus’ cock twitches in his hand and he releases it all over his glistening toned chest. “So fucking hot angel, can’t take it.”
As Remus finishes you start to feel your third orgasm. The intense pleasure pulses around James while you gag around Sirius. “Can’t take it, daddy,” gurgling around Sirius’ cock that is hitting the back of your throat. “S’too much.”
“Come baby, let go,” James grunts mercilessly pounding into you. “You can do it angel.” your limp hips are being held up by James. You can feel his skin slap you, leaving a pleasurable tingling sensation.
“Doing so well,” Sirius massages your scalp while sliding your head up and down his cock. As soon as he hits the back of your throat and James slams back into the perfect spot inside of you, your legs start spamming. “Gonna make me come doll. Gonna cum down your little throat and you better swallow every last drop.”
You feel his warm cum fill your mouth. Propping your chin on your hands you watch out of breath Sirius and Remus’ eyes follow your jiggling arse.
You feel your sore cunt spasm as James’ large hand lands a harsh slap on your butt. “So so close doll,” James’ thrust become more sloppy “Such a good little fuckin slut.”
You cry out, your heart beating faster than ever. “Sir, please,” you plea grinding back on James.
As James releases inside of you, he holds your head down in the silky sheet. Holding your breath, James’ weight lifts off and you as he plops down next to you. You cuddle into Sirius’ lap, nuzzling your nose into the crook of his neck. Remus reaches out to pet your sweaty hairline, and James softly rubs your tender thigh.
“Did I do good daddy?”
“Always baby, so good. I knew you would do good for Remus and James, I am so very proud doll,” Sirius plants a comforting kiss on your head.
“Did so good. Sirius said you were good but didn’t know how much your pretty little cunt could handle,” James chimes in.
“Remmy, was I good for you?” you whirly ask, looking up at him.
“So good. Tasted amazing, and did you see how hard I came? Was all for you love.”
The four of your tiered bodies lay on the enormous bed. Beautiful silence ripples through the room. The only sound you can hear is the smooth breaths flowing out of all of your lips.
“I am so happy this went well,” Sirius breaks the quietness.
“Siri?” Sirius hums a yes, peppering kisses on your cheek. “Can Remmy and James come over more often?”
“That sounds wonderful, up to you two though,” Sirius nods at James and Remus.
“Sounds amazing.”
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silverdelirium · a month ago
SUMMARY ➠ the marauders fuck peter’s sister as revenge after they found out he betrayed them.
WARNINGS ➠ foursome, all boys are doms, triple penetration (vaginal, anal and oral), oral sex, nicknames (bunny, baby girl, princess, dove, etc.), light pussy spanking, overstimulation, there’s a little wolfstar moment where they kiss, degrading, praising. don’t read if any of these make you uncomfortable or sound unappealing
A/N ➠ @angel4you here’s your tag bb
james wished more than anything that your brother could see you right now.
your tits painted in purple and blue hues after each boy took their turn in marking you up after they threw you down on the mattress, promising you the night of your life— which was by far living up to its statement.
your panties were drenched and the coil in your lower belly intensified by the minute. 
“what should we do with her?” asked remus, cocking his head to the side.
sirius leaned down to move the hair away from your neck, peppering soothing kisses to the flesh. “i say we all get a taste of her sweet cunt like we discussed earlier, and then we’ll fill her little holes up until she’s so cockdrunk she can barely even think” he sneered, his kisses now landing on your heated cheek.
james snickered as he saw your flabbergasted face, almost as if you did not thought of them capable to talk about you as if you weren’t in the same room.
remus agreed with sirius, coming down to run his hands over your hair. “what do you say, pet? you wanna be fucked stupid by your brother’s friends?” the word dripped from the tip of his tongue like poison.
your pulse quickened and your mouth felt dry (even though your pussy certainly wasn’t).
all you could manage was a slight nod— and seconds later remus’ palm was striking at your panty-clad cunt, the flesh underneath growing sensitive at the stinging, coaxing a whine out of you.
“you speak up like the good slut you are or you don’t get anything” he threatened, giving a nod to james, and before you could decipher what the expression meant, james was ripping the only material that covered you; tearing the lace underwear to the seam.
sirius massaged your inner thighs while the other two gazed longingly at your dripping hole as if they were starved men, sirius joining on the staring only a few moments later. making you feel timid and small.
james was the first to speak up, “told you she had the prettiest pussy ever, should’ve done this a long time ago” he grunted the last part in what seemed to be disappointment.
you weren’t stupid, you knew why they were doing this. and with the way they talked, you wondered if they started discussing the topic of fucking you senseless before or after your brother’s betrayal.
“lay down for us, bunny” whispered sirius, fluffing up the pillows behind you before letting you fall down on them, your legs being pried open by them as james came to his knees in front of you, the tent on his boxers almost had you drooling if it wasn’t for remus’ mouth coming down on yours into an impassioned kiss, his hand already coming to tug around his enlarged cock.
you felt sirius’ hand grope at your marked breasts, and you barely caught on james’ whisper, “i’m devouring this pussy for the next fucking month, that’s for sure”, before his plump lips were enveloping your neglected bud.
you forgot how to kiss remus back for a moment when you felt james’ tongue prod under the hood of your clit, your moans being swallowed by the brunette eagerly, whose hand was bumping against your side as he fisted himself.
“how does she taste, prongs?” interjected sirius, not stopping his assault on your tit as he lent down to plop one in his mouth, grazing the tender skin with his teeth, making you whine into remus’ mouth.
james groaned before answering, “like pure honey, mate— we got ourselves the sweetest pussy out there, i’m telling you” the compliment pushed you to the verge of ecstasy, three more swirls of the male’s tongue on your languid cunt and you were babbling like a baby, the mouth-watering orgasm washing over you like a tidal wave as he grunted into you while remus kissed down your neck.
your vision went white and in the blink of a moment, james was exchanging places with remus, who was still pumping his cock and by the looks of it, caressing the seventh heaven with his fingers.
ropes of hot cum sprayed on your outer lips, coating your pussy in a mess of slickness and drool.
remus’ groans hit your ears as he came down from his high, panting lightly as he looked up at sirius, beckoning him closer with two fingers.
“you’re gonna lick my cum off her little pussy, alright?”
a moan almost slipped out of you as you watched the two dark haired boys share a small peck on the lips, remus’ lower lip caught in between sirius’ before he was positioning himself between your legs.
“oh god, this has got to be the sluttiest fucking cunt i’ve ever seen— all drowned in another man’s cum. but you love that, don’t you, bunny? for us to use you like a mere hole and nothing more” he winked, patting at your sensitive cunt as james came to rest at your side, cock fully out of his boxers that met their fate in the floor.
you swallowed thickly, the way the three boys eyed your body was almost alarming, as if they were gonna devour you like no other— which hypothetically speaking was right— yet it lured a spark up your spine, deepening the hole of submissiveness you were spiraling down to.
“my god i cannot wait to split that pussy open, gonna have you all cockdrunk, my love” grunted james, exhaling a breath next to you, making you shudder.
a heavy and round-ish tap was felt on your cheek, and when you turned your head to the right, you were met with remus’ expecting glance, “gonna suck me off like a good whore or what, dove?” 
“yes i w— oh! sirius fuck!” you cried out shutting your eyes tight and letting your jaw get pried open by the impatient male at your side, who wasted no time to bury his cock down your mouth after james said “shut her up already, moony. don’t wanna hear her dumb baby blabbers”
you didn’t know what to focus on, it was either the spit dribbling down your chin as remus gave your throat merciless thrusts, or the pink muscle that your inner walls desperately clenched around, or the soft yet rough hold that james had on your hand as he wrapped it around his girth, feeling the foreskin push back and forth as you fucked him with your hand slowly.
“look at my little cumdump, so pretty when you’re a mess of cum and drool, could have you like this all day” cooed remus, fighting off the quirk of his lips as he felt you gag around him.
“ours” amended james, guiding your hand by the wrist to go faster as he felt his high approaching, the slurping and squelching sounds that came from sirius’ end arousing the three of you to no end.
your thighs shook and your muscles tensed as sirius continued to give your pussy heavenly-like tongue strokes, the tip of your nerves lighting up as you choked around remus’ dick, your peak catching up to you faster than before.
pleasure sparked through your body, your second orgasm of the night hitting you like a truck and making your vision dot with stars.
“oh shit i’m gonna cum— gonna make a mess on your hand, princess— shit!” moaned james, giving himself sloppy strokes with your hand as he cursed.
sirius blew one last kiss to your engorged and delicate mound, making you writhe and gag against remus’ cock, that was still buried down your throat whilst your lungs ached at the lack of oxygen.
“my turn” chanted remus, carefully pulling out his dick from the canal of your mouth as you coughed and heaved.
it was like a deja vu, seeing yet another one of your brother’s best friends settle himself in the space between your shaking thighs.
you could already feel the burn in your limbs for tomorrow morning, yet your body craved the animalistic bombardment the boys performed on your body.
“look at you, bunny. so wet and ready to take our cocks, you’re gonna feel us for days” he growled, not giving you any warnings before he was diving into your abused pussy, and your thighs went to instinctively lock around his head if it wasn’t for james holding them down.
“oh god just like that remus— fuck!” you whimpered, fisting the sheets in your hands as remus did wonders to your pulsating cunt.
you heard sirius snicker behind you “here we were, thinking you were the most innocent angel but all you want is to get your little pussy wrecked, huh?”
james scoffed at your side, “i always knew a little dollface like her would love to get her pussy torn to shreds, could see it in her eyes when she stared at us, she’s been wanting this for years, haven’t you, lovely?”
a pathetic cry was what you could get out, plus some mumbles of yes’s and want your cock’s.
even though your wails could drown out every other sound on the room, you still heard sirius loud and clear when he said, “i’m taking her in the ass, been dreaming about it for months now, plumpest little thing she carries around”
the confession had you flushing, and it also eased some type of relaxation into your muscles, knowing that you weren’t the only one who has wanted this way back before peter’s betrayal.
“ow you poor thing, you wanna cum? make a mess on rem’s mouth?” crooned james, brushing away stray hairs from your damp forehead.
“yes!” you winded “need it so bad” your eyes rolled back to cloud nine, mewls coming from your mouth nonstop as your walls fluttered around air, remus’ focus being on your overused bud.
you felt murmuring from between your legs as your high extended, “that’s a good pet, taste so good” which you could only guess that came from remus.
the (third) enticing orgasm had your senses turning into mush in a matter of seconds, and it was probably because you knew what was next.
sirius sort of warned you earlier, claiming they were all gonna have a turn at devouring your sopping cunt dry. 
they definitely got that done.
and you could only hope they lived up to the rumors you heard in your hogwarts years about how fucking good they were in bed, and how enrapturing the searing stretch of their girths felt.
“we’re gonna stretch you open so nicely, princess” grunted sirius, grabbing ahold of your arms and pulling you up into a sitting motion before tugging you into a harsh kiss, your whine echoing in his mouth.
the kiss itself had you going fuzzy, hence why you didn’t take notice of when was it that you ended up straddling remus, his weeping tip kissing at your slick entrance.
that’s when you felt a shadow creep from behind you, and it was easy to tell by the silhouette that it was none other than sirius himself, preparing your other hole with the lube in his hand, and when his cock-head prodded at your ring of muscles, not quite entering it yet, is when you realized.
oh. they’re all going in at the same time.
the thought itself might have seemed painful. but when you were anticipating this moment for years, pain is the last of your concerns.
james came to rest his knees beside remus head on the pillow, coincidentally making his crotch in line with your mouth.
“oh we’re gonna absolutely destroy your little pussy, bunny.” sighed james, sharing a look with the other two before you felt them all push at the same time.
it was a bestial pain. but it was also the most divine and mind-blowing stretch you ever felt, and you thought for a second your eyes might stay stuck behind your head with the way you rolled them.
the boy’s groans made you fucking squelch and gush all over remus’ cock as your hips involuntarily rolled forwards (thanks to sirius’ sadistic thrusts from behind you).
the room reverberated the sound of skin slapping, as well as your juices sticking to remus’ pelvis, plus your coughs against james as he curled his fingers in your hair and bobbed your head faster.
“such a pretty little face, too bad its wasted on a dumb cockslut that only cares about getting fucked everywhere” snarled remus, slapping your breast with one hand while the other stayed guiding you by your hips.
“hm but she sounds so pretty when she’s gagging on my cock, don’t you think so?” james tilted his head, sending you a smug smirk as you batted your eyelashes at him.
“oh she sure does, prongs. i wanna say i wish to hear her moans but i don’t like hearing dumb babies like her” chuckled sirius, gaze trained on your bouncing flesh as it clapped against his lower abdomen.
remus grunted from beneath you, “we should’ve done this ages ago. i don’t think anything can compare with her pretty pussy ever”
your eyes rimmed with tears as sirius approached his high, going at a brutal pace that would for sure leave you bruised for days.
“jesus— fuck! i’m gonna cum, baby, gonna paint your tight little ass. shit” he moaned, throwing his head back as he gave quick and fast thrusts that left your mind spinning and walls contracting around remus.
as sirius emptied himself inside you, remus hand snaked down to circle at your throbbing clit, “you greedy slut, can feel you throbbing on my finger even though you’re all full” he taunted
“well we best keep her like that, no?” added on james.
“mhm, and she’s about to cum too— can feel her clenching around my cock” he rubbed faster, watching the tears stream down your eyes as james released ropes of hot white into your mouth without warning.
“swallow, dove— all of it so you can taste it for fucking days” he ordered, not removing his cock in the slightest just to watch you struggle for breath.
the orgasm hit you like a trainwreck— leaving you like you were in one too— fire danced through your veins as you came undone around the brunette’s twitching length, his peak washing over him when your walls squeezed around him.
“that’s it, princess, take all of our cum— i love the way you look when you’re pumped full” whispered sirius, his teeth nibbling at your ear lobe as your whole body shook in the aftershocks of cloud nine.
and when the three boys made eye contact, it took no mind reader to know they were sharing the exact same thought.
fucking payback, peter.
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hellounicorn · a day ago
both reader and jamie are switch, and they both just slipped into sub space at the same time like DEEP ONE, and their “platonic friends” wolfstar take care and helped then get out of their head space
“Let Remmy kiss your head, princess. You’re gonna need it, you know that.” Sirius settles your nerves as Remus brushes back your sweaty locks, pressing soft pecks to your pulsing forehead.
“Gonna give you some water, Prongs, okay? Just breath for us,” he instructs, leading you both towards the tethering structure of reality and out of the deep subspace you’d unknowingly pushed each other into.
You reach over lazily, gripping James’ hand as Remus helps you into an upright position, Sirius doing the same for James.
“You guys oughta be more careful next time,” laughs Remus in good humor, knowing how subby you both could get from the easiest things.
Sirius finished for him with a loving wink. “We’re not always gonna be around to save the day, now are we?”
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bellatrixscurls · a month ago
Tumblr media
nsfw content.
characters : james potter, regulus black, remus lupin, sirius black & peter pettigrew.
Tumblr media
soft sex under his sheets when the other marauders are sleeping next to you
threesome (jegulus)
size kink + rough sex
controlling his pleasure (🥴)
not nsfw but this is so cute
threesome (jegulus)
riding him while he plays with your tits
giving you his babies
mutual masturbation & riding (tw; too hot)
dad’s best friend remus hitting it from behind
falling apart under his hungry gaze
hogwarts express fun
step brother remmy helping you out
overstimulating his little slut
jerking sub sirius off (ten seconds)
dad’s best friend sirius fucking your brains out
railing and spanking you when you’ve been a bad puppy
playing with you while you’re trying to get your homework done
when he’s an ass man
you’re his little bunny and he only trusts you to keep his cum ‘safe’
he shows you that he can make you feel 10x better than you can
gamer pete but he actually pays attention to you
Tumblr media
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icryovertoast · 6 hours ago
r u open for requests? how abt james potter fingering u at an elevator 😋😋😋
ummm i love this, i made it short tho
james potter x reader
warnings~ fingering, kinda public play, i think that’s all
Tumblr media
you and james stood waiting at the closed elevator doors
“would this bloody thing open already” he whined furiously pushing the buttons
you giggled “jamie it’s coming”
he stood with four shopping bags in one hand, all yours of course, and with your hand in his
the elevator dinged and five people exited, you dragged him along and pressed the button to go to the car floor
you watched as james placed the bags down on the ground the same time the elevator door closed
as soon as it closed you were being attacked with kisses “jamie” you whined slightly and he lifted you up on the small bar in the elevator
you felt his hand work to lift up your sun dress “jamie there’s cameras”
“fuck the cameras”
you rolled your eyes and pouted but still moved your legs apart
you felt him move your panties to the side, as he started to rub your clit he felt you hips buck into his hands
“we have to be quick love” you looked up slightly noticing the number change from 9 to 8 in a matter of second
whilst you were distracted james entered you with his fingers wasting no time in thrusting them in and out
“ah james” you moaned gripping his shoulders “please please”
he silenced your moans by giving you a peck on the lips “does it turn you on baby? knowing anyone could catch us hmm”
you nodded your head and let out another moan “oh please jamie m’so close”
he removed his fingers “sorry baby”
you noted the floor was on its last stop and huffed “in the car?”
“in the car” he confirmed
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lonelyhe4rts · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Poly!Marauders x reader (Dom!Remus Lupin x Dom!Sirius Black x Switch!James Potter x Sub!reader) 
Warnings: smut, polyamorous relationship, dom/sub dynamics, foursome, daddy kink, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, mentions/insinuations of consensual nudes, tit fucking, titty play, masturbation - male receiving, masturbation - female receiving, degrading language, dumbification, cum swallowing, creampie, no aftercare though is implied, think that’s it but pls lmk if there’s any i’ve missed! 
Summary: James finally get’s his chance to play with you. 
Word Count: 2.2k
an: alas, part two. hope y’all enjoy this, it was a bitch to write. as always, all actions are consensual and if a safe word was needed, then it would be. 
reblogs are appreciated!
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“Why don’t you? Y’don’t need to just look at her. Go play with the slut.”
A deep blush blossomed over the expanse of the brunette’s face at the words, his feet shuffling against the floor and palm’s sweating with both humiliation and arousal. He was conflicted in his emotions - embarrassed from the three of you knowing exactly how he felt about you and aroused from the photos that hovered over his growing bulge. If anything, having both Remus, Sirius and yourself there with him in that moment did nothing to quell the lust bleeding from his brain to his groin - it only heightened it, deepened it and made it so incredibly difficult to not do anything about it. 
“Don’t be embarrassed Prongsie, was bound to happen. The slut does go round wearing barely anything.” Sirius said, his tone smug and mocking as he looked down at both you and the embarrassed boy, nudging his shoulder with Remus’. He smirked at the way you feigned offence, your lips a stern pout and eyes ablaze at his comment, turning to look at the lanky male beside you for assurance. The lycanthrope beside you tutted at Sirius’ comment, throwing his arm around your shoulders while pulling you into his side, kissing the crown of your head. 
“No, but seriously Prongs - we understand. Bunny’s a very pretty girl, you’d be bonkers to not see it. Isn’t that right baby? Aren’t you daddy’s pretty girl?” The way he spoke was much more softer than Sirius’ suave tone, much more sincere but still arousing nevertheless. It didn’t matter what Remus said, you always felt inclined to do and agree with whatever he said, it was just the power he had over you. 
“Mmhm, yep!” You chirped out, eyes shining bright with elation at the praise Remus was giving you.
James’ eyes remained fixated on the array of images hovering over his growing bulge, the hazel depths of his irises tracing every feature visible, his mouth watering at the sight of your pebbled nipples coated in layers and layers of cum, looking perfect for him to suckle on. 
Sirius’ hips snapped against your own, his pubic bone grinding against your clit as he pistoned his cock in and out of you. Tendrils of arousal pooled within your tummy as the lycanthrope standing above you played with the skin of your tits, rubbing and rolling the flesh as he fisted his cock over you, palming himself while he played with you. It wasn’t long before he was hissing through his teeth, choked groans spilling from his lips as he released himself over you, painting ribbons and streams of his pearly release over the expanse of your breasts, decorating the skin in his cum. Your nipples dripped with the gift, smothered in his arousal. “Prongs has a thing for tits bunny, reckon we should get a snap of em?” 
“Told yer bunny, Prongs has a lot of love for titties. Look at the way he’s drooling over em,” Sirius quirked, his tone still smug as he smirked at the blushing boy, though he was very understanding with why he was so transfixed on the images of your bare breasts. 
“Hm, is that so? Fancy giving him a little love then bunny? Y’wanna show Jamesie y’titties?” Remus’ words were laced with authority, though you knew you would always have the final say in what you were doing. You shifted your figure from foot to foot as you began to unbutton the clasps of your blouse, shedding the material from your shoulders as the three males surrounding you anticipated eagerly.
James’ eyes were trained on your chest, hazel irises blown out wide with lust and arousal as they stayed transfixed on the sight, the swells of your breasts decorated in pretty lingerie, miles and miles of creamy skin making his mouth water. Sirius hands rested on the planes of your shoulders, his ring clad fingers toying with the straps of your bra, his lips smearing sloppy kisses up and down the skin of your neck. Remus watched on, scrunching his sleeves to his elbows and loosening his tie, his hands resting on your hips to direct you directly in front of James, observing the way the boy’s mouth practically gaped at the erotic scene, his eyes bulging from their sockets. 
The two boys led you in front of James’ eye line, the curly haired male having to crane his neck upwards to look into your own. His actions were instinctual, his hands rising to grasp at the skin of your thighs, his large and calloused hands wrapping around them, pulling you closer towards his figure. His fingertips grazed just beneath your skirt, the touch teasing you and causing goosebumps to rise over the skin. 
The touch of the three males were sending your mind into a frenzy, Sirius’ lips ravaging your neck and jaw, Remus’ hands unclasping your bra from the back, James’ palms kneading at your upper thighs, dangerously and desperately close to your dripping heat. Your felt your body like it was warming up, flames of arousal licking up your spine as their ministrations continued, making you feel hot and bothered without even touching any sensitive places on your aroused figure. 
“Mm, I think our little puppy likes having Prongs around? Don’t y’think Moony?” Sirius quirked, wrapping his hands around you to play with the tightened buds of your nipples, rolling the flesh between his digits. Moans spilled from your lips at the contact, sparks of arousal shooting down to your cunt, heightening the pleasure bleeding through your body.
“With the way I can smell her cunt dripping, yeah I’d agree.” Your pussy quivered at his words, your stomach tightening with the flush of lust pulsating through your bloodstream. Your back was arching against the hands wrapped around your waist, your hips bucking as they searched for stimulation on your aching cunt. 
“Y’know what I would think would look really fucking pretty Prongs?” Remus inquired, his voice deep and slow and grovely with arousal. The brunette looked up from your tits, his eyes flickering away from the sight of your nipples raw and red from Sirius’ teasing, though done so hesitant. “Her tits wrapped around your cock. Y’want that mate?” The tip of James’ tongue peeked out slightly, running over the expanse of his lips as he replied with a ‘fuck yes’. His voice was breathy - gaspy and croaked out with lust, desperation leaking into his actions and movements as he scrambled to stand back up, making way for you to adjust yourself upon the mattress. 
You positioned yourself laying down, your form completely bare and unveiled after Remus pulled down the pleated material of your skirt, exposing your glistening cunt to the other males in the room. Your legs were bent and splayed open as the curly haired male crawled up your figure, straddling your torso with his hand wrapped around the base of his cock. His knees were on either side of your body, his cock directly in front of your eye line, ready to be wrapped and hugged by the channel of your breasts. 
Though you could not see him, you felt the way Remus’ scarred hands splayed your thighs apart even more, his finger running up and down the outlines of your folds collecting beads and pearls of your arousal before he swirled them at your entrance. He was getting ready to fuck you. 
Sirius’ ring-clad fingers unravelled the fabric of his slacks, removing them from his body as he too exposed his cock, hard, rouged and waiting to be enveloped in the warm palms of your hand. James’ cock hovered above you as his hands grasped your tits, finally getting his chance at having his hands on you. He explored every inch of the flesh, grasping and tugging, pulling and nipping at the rosy globes, desperate to have his way with them. Drips and drops of precum wept from his cock, trickling down onto the rosy buds of your nipples as he squeezed your chest together, creating a warm and soft cavern perfect to thread his throbbing cock into. 
Your eyes fluttered closed as Remus swiped the head of his cock through your folds, gathering your wetness all over the tip. Wanton moans spilled from your lips as he eased himself into you, similar sounds erupting from the other males in the room as they too followed suit. James’ cock slid into the valley between your breasts, his hips delving into the depths of your chest as a strangled grunt bellowed from his lungs, his body not used to the sensations you were giving him. Your head fell to the side as the lycanthrope fucking you began grinding his cock in and out of you, the veins of his length grazing against your velvety walls, heightening your pleasure.
James’ thrusts between your tits were sloppy, his body not accustomed to the feeling of your breasts hugging his cock. Precum leaked all over the skin, travelling down the valley of your chest and pooling near your stomach. Every once in a while, your tongue peeked out to graze over the tip of his cock, heightening and strengthening his arousal as he rutted more and more against you, leaning closer and closer to his near approaching orgasm. 
Sirius’ hands worked feverishly at his cock, fisting at his length as he watched the erotic scene in front of him - how James panted and gasped at every thrust of his hips, rutting against your tits like a desperate bitch in heat; how Remus drove and pistoned his cock in and out of you, grunting and groaning as your cunt clenched and quivered around his length, each snap of his scarred hips bringing you both closer and closer to completion. He was fascinated in the way your back arched at the sensations, how your toes clenched around Remus’ waist and how his stomach fluttered as the pool of pleasure in his tummy tightened even more, the pot of arousal becoming closer and closer to boiling over completely.
“Please daddy, oh my merlin please. Gonna cum, wanna cum so bad.” You mewled, your skin sweaty and flushed from the night’s activities. Remus’ fingers rubbed tight circles against the pearly button of your clit, making your mind spin in fuzzy and hazy circles as the toil within your tummy finally snapped, your orgasm washing over you like a tsunami wave.
Spurts of pearly cum painted your silky walls, as Remus too basked in his release, the clenching and quivering and fluttering of your cunt milking him for every last drop of cum he could release. His thrusts were slow and deep as he worked his way through his orgasm, his veiny hands gripping the creamy skin of your thighs, fingertips melding bruises into the flesh as he rode his release out, his head thrown back as he did so. 
James eyes were transfixed on the sight below him, the arousal bleeding into his brain not enough to lure him away from the image of you writhing beneath him, mouth gaping open and eyes wide and weepy as your orgasm pulsated through you, your back arching and fingers clawing idly at his biceps, as it raced through your twitching figure. He felt his thighs clench as he too finally came, choked grunts spewing your name as his thrusts stuttered between your breasts, ribbons of his thick semen decorating your breasts, trickling down the heightened peaks of your nipples and dribbling down the flushed globes of your tits. His breathing was heavy and choky as he began to fall from his high, his chest heaving with pants and gasps, his face blushing and sweaty.
It was Sirius who was the last to finish, his stomach clenching and cramping with the weight of his pleasure, the final sight of seeing your tits drenched in cum and your pussy dribbling with Remus’ release that he finally succumbed to his own orgasm, his lips spurting out a ‘fuck puppy’ before he came over you with a deft flick of his wrist, sending his own streams of sticky release over your face, decorating and adorning your flushed features in his cum. Your tongue lolled out of your mouth as his hand fisted at his cock, milking himself for every morsel of cum he could work out of himself. Ribbons of release painted your face, your tongue licking up everything you could manage despite your exhaustion. The taste of him bled onto your tongue, dripping back into the crevice of your mouth. 
“Fucking hell,” James panted, his shoulders sagging with exhaustion. The bed rustled as Remus clambered out from beside the two of you, treading around the sides of the bed to smooth the matted hair that stuck to your forehead. “So good puppy, so fucking pretty looking all fucked out like that. We really did a number on her.”
The surrounding males hummed, agreeing with the lycanthrope’s statement. “Hm, yeah. Reckon you’ll be joining us again then Prongs?”
hp/marauders era taglist: @indigoh4ze @barksexybark4u @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleighh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @tasteofyourlight @leah-johnsonn @siriusstwelveyears @wlfstxr @fairydxll @smalllotte @i-love-scott-mccall @teenwolfbitches28 @lliasky @wrongilbert @ameliasbitvh @raelol @papillon-merchant @fandomsimp001 @lexandra-maluary @siriusblackslover1ol
the gif is not mine! 
© lonelyhe4rts 2021
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illiantt · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
These are the smut fics I’m working on right now, and will post soon. Please note that I might not post them specific in this order. So excited for it!
All my works are 18+ ONLY, so MINORS DO MOT INTERACT!!
➯ Working from home [Sirius Black x reader]
Summary: When you have a virtual job meeting while working from home, your boyfriend Sirius decides to challenge your focus—this by eating you out, and fuck you while still on the call. POSTED HERE
➯ The Death Eaters’ Meeting [Regulus Black x reader]
Summary: You and Regulus haven’t seen each other since the last time of your heated encounter. When you meet again at the Death Eaters’ meeting—Regulus can’t keep his hands away from every part of your body, even if there is a risk that someone sees it.
➯ You wanted all three [poly!Marauders x reader]
Summary: You’re friends with benefits with James, Sirius, and Remus, but they all think they are the only one. So when they find out about each other—they all three punish you at the same time.
➯ Don’t be shy for the camera [James Potter x reader]
Summary: James gets a new camera and, of course, wants to try it on his favourite art—your naked body.
➯ Come or cum, and warm me [Remus Lupin x reader]
Summary: It’s Christmas Holidays, you and your boyfriend Remus spends time at the Potters with your friends. It’s all innocent until Remus decides that it’s too cold. He solves it with making you cockwarming him. The only problems? —you can’t let anyone notice and you have to go to the bathroom.
➯ Don’t wake him up [Wolfstar x reader]
Summary: You share a room with Remus. Which makes Sirius to call you on FaceTime to let you masturbate on cam, while Remus sleeps. However, when a jealous Remus wakes up, he punish you while Sirius still watches on cam.
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Painted With Sin
Summary: The Marauders are quite fond of your innocence, and they want to take it. Basically just smut without plot (lmao im bad at summaries)
Warning(s): Smut. Foresome. Innocence, corruption, size, degradation and daddy kink. Some overstimulation, dacryphilia, dumbification, clit slapping. Mention of oral sex. Pet names. Some Wolfstar.
a/n— don't let the title fool you, this is filthy as fuck 💀
You're quite beautiful they think. No, not beautiful. Perfect perhaps would be more well fitted.
A part of them wants to keep you enclosed in the innocence of your mind, want you to be a symbol of chastity— something that all the three lack. The other part wants to steal it. Have your purity painted with sin. They're not certain whichever they like most.
They press their lips against the smooth sculptured skin. "Our precious little doll" Says Sirius; a heavy hand adorned with silver wrapped around your throat.
You're on top, Remus in and under you. He lowly hisses through every drag of your hips. And you break everytime. Shudder as the length of him reaches those spots within you.
They're amused, grinning as they watch you struggle to take him. The pants; the sweat; the shaking. They think it's fucking wonderful.
"You’re so fucking small dove. Can't even take Remmy’s cock yourself" James teases, slender fingers interwined with yours. Tongue licking up your breasts.
"I- I can! M’big girl" You fight, bouncing harder on Remus’ cock. He groans as you do so, you whimper and whine; still being sensitive from being eaten out like you were the sweetest piece of candy.
Sirius lays his hand down your back, held you back in his hands and then they pressed against your spine— forcing you to arch you back.
"Oh fuck, you're such a pretty whore" Remus moaned, as his nails digged into you.
A sob heaved through you at the movement. But you kept on moving, hips working and working and working. James softens slightly, kneading your tit and then pushing strands of hair out of your face, kissing along the sensitive spot behind your earlobe.
However Sirius seemed to tease you a bit more; he'd always been cruel to you whenever you lay tangled in the bedsheets.
"What happened little slut?" He mocks; placing a firm pat on your bum "Thought you were a big girl, why are y’crying?"
You bit your lip as you tried your best to give him a glare, eyes still teary from having to take Remus’ huge cock, which was absolutely demolishing you from below.
"Give her a break Siri, she's jus’ a tiny baby afterall" he smirks, grabbing your waist and finally— fucking finally beginning to take lead as he thrust from under you.
Your breasts bounced with each forceful thrust; and you lost about all control over your body as his brutality never faultered.
James and Sirius blown away by the sight of you struggling on top of Remus. Their cock standing tall as they softly stroked themselves.
"Daddy, d-daddy stop. M’gonna- gonna cum"
But of course they already knew that. Judging by the furrowing of your brows, the scratching of your fingers across their skin; they knew— knew you were almost on the verge of breaking.
James sucks on your nipples hard, as Sirius travels around the curves of you, either through his mouth or through his hands.
And then you cum. The coil in your stomach unraveling in the most pleasurable of ways.
You collapse then and there on his chest. Heavily breathing as you come down from you climax, and Remus still lay hard inside of you; and every small movement resulted in a cry bubbling out from you from sensitivity. The second orgasm almost too much.
You didn't feel the throbbing of him, the hot warm feeling of being filled up.
An indication that he; infact didn't cum.
And now you were fucked.
"Remmy didn't get to cum babygirl" James growls, pulling your hair and arching your back again.
"Sorry daddy"
"Sorry's not gonna get him off now is it? Such a dumb slut." A tut of disapproval came, "Lay down now"
They was no delicacy in the way he pulled out, and you thumped against the mattress.
The black haired man's hand wrapped around the lenght of Remus as you stared, making an absolute mess on your thighs.
James got on top of you, his hands grabbing your ankles— and then shoving your knees right up to your chest.
Your legs spread up wide, puffy cunt exposed as the three of them stared down at you, all their attention now towards you; they looked at you as if you were all that mattered in this world.
James ran his hand along your abdomen, drawing little circles before sloppily rubbing your folds, spreading your arousal everywhere as you squirmed from the painful pleasure.
"Such a sweet cunt." He whispered, pecking your lips softly.
A grunt came from above you, you turned you head as if to inspect the sound only to be met by Sirius and Remus tirelessly fisting at each others cock.
They were sweaty, grunting and groaning due to the bliss of it— sounds obscene.
The perception of it was pure fucking erotica.
They both smirked at your coveted expression. You eyes never so damn avid as much as they were now.
But then it suddenly hurt. Result of the curly haired boy's hand smaking your cunt. You let out a cry, legs closing before they were opened up again.
"Keep your fucking legs open, y’wanna be a good girl for daddy don't you?" He hissed, now soothing the place he'd recently striked.
"Yes, daddy. Want- Wanna be your good girl, p-please"
He chuckles lowly, his hand raising up and coming down to your heat again, as you jolt up, again struggling to keep your legs up and open.
You count every strike, shaking and whimpering in pain as he hits you again and again. Sometimes your cunt, sometimes your thighs, and ever so rarely your tits.
"20" you whimpered as his last smack came, the tears that ran from your eyes making an absolute mess on your soft cheeks.
"Look at your pretty pussy bunny" Sirius said, bucking his hips into Moony's hand. "So fucking red isn't it?"
You gasped as you stared down, nodding at him. You felt James’ mouth on the inside of your breast, his teeth grazing the soft plush skin and then suddenly he slipped a finger inside of you.
"No!" You protested, yanking his hand away from you but it got shoved aside quickly. "I can't"
"Mmm, sure you can poppet" Remus encouraged, grinning at you widely as James played with you.
Two thick fingers are buried deep inside you. His mouth sucking and biting and teasing your tits as his fingers curl. They work in such a perfect manner that every thrust has your back arching and your toes curling.
"That's it, doll"
The sight of the two boys playing with each other already had a coil forming inside you.
His digits thrust in and out faster. Deeming you closer and closer to the edge. Unexpectedly, James’ other hand circles your bud— tearing the third orgasm of the night from you.
You're sobbing, shaking— in a way sinful.
Just how they liked; just how they desired.
Your lids open the black canvas, and the two are now beside you, breathless as their almost at their climax, and then their cum shoots over you.
Sirius’ cum spills over your tits and stomach, your body covered with all of him; and Remus’ dribbled down from his top and onto your face, even reaching the strands of you hair.
Painted with sin. Right in their arms.
Just as you let yourself rest slightly, you're grabbed by them.
"You didn't think we were done with you now? Oh we're far from that, get on all fours darling"
They corrupt you, but there was a certain beauty in their destruction. Because then again— innocence never lasts.
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ameliasbitvh · a month ago
Tumblr media
— navigation
Tumblr media
regulus fucking you.
riding regulus
thigh fucking reggie
soft sex with him
69 with him
morning sex
morning sex (yes another one)
him playing with your pretty pussy
remus waking you up at night to fuck your tight cunt
riding remus in the common room
thigh riding remus
remus eating you out
riding his face while he plays with his cock
your legs on his shoulder as he fucks you into the mattress
remus throat training you
him calling you ‘good girl’ while his cock is buried inside you
mutual masterbating with him
sirius helping your needy self as while you’re asleep
you and sirius fucking each other like bitches
sirius fucking you at night
him taking you in his dorm
morning sex with him
sirius breaking your back
sirius having you in the car
him making you take his cock while you’re restrained
sugar daddy!sirius fucking his dumb baby’s brain out
sirius hitting it from the back
sub!james humping a pillow
james hugging his mommy’s waist as you ride him
dads bsf!james fucking his bsf’s daughter into her mattress
dilf!james and you fucking in the morning
riding sub!james face
jerking james off
teasing his cock
dilf!james corrupting his princess
you and marlene have a sleepover
marlene fucking you with a strap on
🏷: @underappreciated-spoon-321 @o-rion-sta-r @orphixc @dracoscum @marrymetheonott @l0vely-lupin @kpostedsum @malfoysmainb @drac0spersonalslut @youreso-golden @yiamalfoy @just-a-smol-spoon @dr4cking @dlmmdl @hotgirlwhoreadsff @littlemissnoname13 @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @itsmentalillness (pls let me know if you don’t want to be tagged in porn links!! if u want to be added to my taglist hmu in my ask box!!)
special tag for the one and only @wolfstar-lb
also thanks to tahlia bae @angel4you for helping me with some links !!
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
pillow princess
remus and sirius find out reader is james’s pillow princess
Marauders x Fem!reader. Casual discussions of sex, d/s, degradation, oral (male receiving), threesome, riding, crying, praise, dirty talk, daddy kink, smoking
word count: 3.7k
James lets out a heavy sigh as he collides with the common room couch, his quidditch bag meeting the ground with an equally heavy thud.
“Hard practice?” Remus inquires, not looking up from the book his nose is buried in. Beside him, Sirius is lighting a cigarette behind cupped hands.
“I’d say. Can hardly feel m’bloody legs.” James mutters, lethargic limbs spread wide on the sofa’s expanse. The boys’ conversation comes to a halt as you saunter into the room.
“Jamie” you whine upon seeing the familiar mop of dark curls peeking over the back of the couch, quickly making your way over and seating yourself in his open lap. Your fingers curl anxiously around the material of his quidditch uniform, fixing him with a pout. “Was lookin’ for you.”
“I was at practice, bug, y’know that” he murmurs, large hand moving to rub soothingly at your back.
“Need you” you whimper, shifting atop him, ignoring the soft snickers the two boys behind you let out. James simpers.
“Yeah? Y’feelin’ needy?” He questions tauntingly, reaching up to cup your chin. You nod, keeping your gaze wide and pleading.
“Yes, daddy,” more snickers fall on deaf ears “right now.” You give his uniform a firm tug to drive the point home.
“Alright, alright.” He sighs, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Go upstairs and wait f’me, babydoll. Daddy’ll come take care of you.” You grin at the assurance, leaning forward to press a brief kiss of gratitude to his lips.
“Thank you!” You hop off his lap, a new, eager skip in your step as you bounce up the stairs. “Hurry, please!” Is the last the boys hear before the familiar, distant open and close of their dormitory door.
James heaves himself to his feet with a groan, legs aching from his previous exertion.
“Gods, I love ‘er, but this may near kill me.” He complains half jokingly as he throws his bag over his shoulder.
“Just have ‘er ride you, mate.” Sirius suggests casually around the fag between his lips, thumb flicking the spark wheel of his lighter idly. James lets out a breathy laugh.
“Yeah, right.”
“Whaddya mean yeah right?” Remus pipes up now, brown eyes finally flitting up from the pages before them. James blinks at him, caught off guard by his question.
“Well- that’s just- it doesn’t really work like that.”
“Y’mean she doesn’t ride you?” Sirius scoffs, the beginnings of a goading smirk forming on his face. James swallows.
“Fine, then.” Remus holds back any taunts in favor of trying to offer more suggestions. “Just eat her out, that’ll be easier on you. Then have her return the favor.” James shifts his weight awkwardly from one foot to the other, shaking his head.
“I’d still have to fuck her.”
“Cause she doesn’t do that-“ James’s words are cut off by a bark of Sirius’s laughter.
“Lemme get this straight.” He pulls the cigarette out of his mouth with two fingers. “The girl calls you daddy, but you don’t have her get on her knees for you?”
Bright crimson paints the apples of James’s cheeks. “Yeah…” Sirius lets out another bought of laughter, elbowing Remus, who’s now letting out soft chuckles himself.
“Jamie’s got himself a little pillow princess.” Sirius sneers, giving James a mocking grin before sucking in another lungful of smoke. James’s flush deepens.
“I do not!”
“You kinda do, mate.” Remus admits, his taunting smirk more subtle but still present. “She’s got you wrapped around her finger.”
“No, no, I’m in charge-“ James tries to insist, but Sirius cuts him off.
“Not really, not with you spoilin’ her like that.” He points out, giving James pause. As the words sink in the bespectacled boy lets out a sigh.
“I don’t wanna be mean to her.”
“‘S not being mean, James.” Remus puts down his book, looking at the younger male seriously. “You’re her dom, you have a right to make some demands. And she has a safe word, yeah?” James nods. “Exactly. If she’s really not comfortable, she can let you know.”
“You’ve just gotta give her a little push, show ‘er who’s boss.” Sirius pipes up, the words coming out with a plume of smoke. James’s fingers scratch unsurely at the back of his head.
“That’s not really my strong suit.”
“We could help.” James’s eyes widen at Remus’s words, his arm falling to his side in a beat of shocked silence.
“You’re joking.”
“I’m not.” James can tell from his expression that he isn’t, but it still doesn’t seem plausible. Remus shrugs. “Only if you want us to, of course.”
James’s eyes flit between the two boys, Remus’s gaze genuine and Sirius’s hopeful. He considers his options- he’s really not good at being firm, you really do have him totally whipped, he trusts both boys completely, and you could of course say no if you weren’t comfortable.
“Yeah… alright.” He says after a moment, the words slow but sure. Sirius’s expression breaks out into an all out grin.
“Oh fuck yeah.” He’s up in an instant, leaning down to smoosh his cigarette into the glass ashtray on the coffee table. “Let’s go.” James’s eyes widen.
“Yeah, now.” The raven haired male says. “Unless you wanna go up there and fuck her.” He gestures to James’s still aching legs, and the thought alone of doing anything strenuous with them feels painful. James nods.
“Right. Let’s go, then.”
“Finally” you gripe as you hear the door open, sitting up in James’s bed, pleased to be getting the attention you’ve been waiting for. A confused expression settles on your features, however, when behind your boyfriend enter Remus and Sirius.
“What’re you guys doing here?”
“They wanted to come help me with somethin’, baby.” James explains, though his words only make your brows furrow more.
“Thought you were gonna… y’know, take care of me” you murmur, further extending your lower lip as your fingers toy with the hem of your skirt. You scowl as Sirius plops down beside you on the foot of James’s bed.
“Prongs takes care of you a lot, doesn’t he?” Sirius croons, angling his body towards you as he awaits your answer.
“Uh… yeah.”
“Well, darling, don’t you think you outta return the favor?” Remus asks now, stalking over to stand beside James, large hands stuffed in his pockets. You cock your head in confusion, making the boys simper.
“Whaddya mean return the favor?”
“We mean do the work for once, pup. Make him feel good.”
“Fucking me feels good!” You defend, crossing your arms.
“Oh of course it does, doll-” James starts to coo, but Remus interjects.
“But all you’re doin’ is laying there and taking it. Y’gotta learn to put in some effort. You wanna make your daddy happy, don’t you?” The lycanthrope asks, making you nod eagerly, and James silently marvels at his ability to know exactly what to say to have you agreeing without complaint.
“Atta girl” Sirius croons, reaching out to cup your face. “We’re gonna help teach y’how to please Prongs, alright? Gonna be good for us?” Your cunt pulses at the question, and the soft stroke of his thumb over your jaw, and your head bobbles in another nod.
“Use your words with us, please.” Remus instructs, making you quickly realize that he runs things a bit differently than James does.
“Yes, I’ll be good.” You parrot, making the boys smirk.
“Better.” Remus reaches out to grasp your arm, firmly guiding you to your feet, and Sirius follows. “Now, up you get. And you sit down, James, get comfortable.”
You watch as your dom does just that, seating himself on the foot of the bed, legs comfortably wide. Your mouth waters when you catch the prominent bulge in his trousers. Sirius must notice you staring, as he lets out a snicker.
“Y’see that, puppy? Y’want his cock?” He taunts, and you nod. “Where do you want it?”
“Inside me. In my pussy” you murmur, rubbing your thighs together in an attempt to quell the aching of your core. Sirius tuts, slender fingers coming out to grasp your face, squeezing enough to make your lips jut out.
“I dunno about that, doll, you’re practically drooling.” He gives your head a little shake before releasing his grip. “Why don’t you get on your knees, try havin’ it in your mouth?”
“But-“ Remus’s hands are on your shoulders, pushing you downwards with a heavy pressure.
“That wasn’t actually a question, love.” You whimper as your knees hit the floor. “Go on and get his cock out, no more fuckin’ around.”
You pout but do as he says, reaching out to work open the button of James’s fly before tugging down the zipper. Your gaze flits upwards to your boyfriend’s face, and you feel a surge of pride at his blown pupils and all around hungry expression.
“Good girl, babydoll, y’look so pretty down on your knees f’me.” James praises, making your heart flutter. You pull down the elastic of his boxers to allow his hard length to spring free, licking your lips as the rouged member rests heavily against his abdomen.
“Go on, poppet.” Remus coaxes. “Give it a few strokes first, then get it in y’mouth.” You nod and follow his instructions, reaching out to grasp James’s thick cock. You stroke upwards along the velvety shaft, noting the way the action makes his breath hitch. You repeat the motion a few more times, feeling his cock swell to full hardness beneath your fingertips.
“Alright, that’s enough. Get to it.” Remus prompts after a while. You swallow, glancing up at James unsurely. He offers you a soft smile and a reassuring nod.
“Do what he says, baby, c’mon. I wanna feel y’mouth.” He murmurs, reaching out to gently grasp the back of your head and coax you forwards. You let him guide you, let your lips fall open as you angle his cock and feed it into your mouth.
It feels heavy on your tongue, the blunt head warm and unfamiliar, and a musky, salty flavor bleeds onto your tastebuds, making your nose scrunch up.
“Suck, pup, like ‘s one of your sweets.” You hear Sirius’s voice instruct. You listen, suckling on James’s cock like you would a lollipop. James lets out a pleased sigh, and the noise eggs you on. You swirl your tongue experimentally around the tip, occasionally teasing it in his slit, and feel more pride swell within you when James releases a soft moan.
“Good girl, angel, just like that.” His voice sounds breathless as you continue your ministrations.
“See, darling? You’re making your daddy feel so good.” Remus coos, further encouraging you.
“Alright, let’s go deeper now.” Your eyes widen slightly at Sirius’s words, and then even further when you feel the firm pressure of his hand at the back of your head. He pushes you down, feeding more of James’s cock past your lips until his head sponges over the back of your throat, making you gag. His hold doesn’t let up.
“Breathe through your nose, bunny, and swallow. Concentrate on not gagging.” You do your best to follow Remus’s firm instructions, the channel of your throat fluttering around James’s shaft as you struggle not to choke, making him moan at the tight sensation. You’re unable to hold back another violent gag, and finally Sirius’s hold lets up, allowing you to pull off James’s cock, sputtering and coughing as you suck in lungfulls of air.
“Fuck, baby, you okay?” James asks, concern evident alongside the arousal in his tone. Before you regain the ability to speak, Remus does so for you.
“She’s fine, Prongs, just needs a second.” He reaches down, his touch surprisingly soft as it strokes over your head. “This is how she learns.”
You’ve finally regained control of your breathing, and you look up at James with watery eyes, wet trails mapping the paths of tears on your cheeks. Your boyfriend coos, reaching out to thumb away the moisture.
“Here, pup, I’ll help.” Sirius offers, catching on to your struggle. He reaches out and grasps James’s cock without hesitation, making the male gasp. “Lemme show you- watch closely.”
Without missing a beat Sirius leans forward, taking at first the head of James’s cock into his mouth.
“Fuckin hell, Pads- oh” James’s words end in a pleasured gasp as Sirius pushes forward. You watch in wide eyed awe as the clearly well practiced male takes the entire length of your boyfriend’s cock down his throat, the column of it bulging slightly, until his nose is nestled in James’s pubic hair.
“Y’see that, doll?” Remus murmurs, crouching down beside you to direct your gaze. “You can tell he’s breathin’ through his nose. And he’s keeping his eyes up so Jamie can see how pretty they are when they’re filled with tears.” You nod dumbly, engrossed in the erotic sight before you. Sirius’s throat spasms slightly, but to your astonishment he doesn’t pull back, and James lets out an outright moan.
“And there he swallowed, probably to keep from gagging. That feels really good f’James, makes his throat nice and tight around his cock.” Remus explains. Your eyes dart up once again to James’s face, finding his head thrown back, cheeks flushed pink with pleasure, lips slack as he lets out gasping breaths. You find yourself desperate to be the one making him feel that good.
“My turn.” You whine, fingers curling around Sirius’s slender shoulders to tug him back. The man cooperates, letting James’s cock slip from his throat as he sits back on his heels. Beside you, Remus simpers.
“You wanna make y’daddy feel good, pretty thing?” The lycanthrope croons. You nod, scooting into position between James’s legs the second Sirius moves away. “That’s a good girl. See, Prongs, that’s how it should be.”
“You’re damn right. Can’t get enough of ‘er sweet mouth now.” James voices, reaching out to cup your face and tenderly guide you back to his cock. The immediate groan he lets out the moment your lips make contact is enough to have moisture pooling in your panties.
You do your best to put your newfound knowledge to use, making sure to breathe through your nose as you lower your face down on James’s cock. You get deeper than the last time before you’re gagging, and this time you manage to stifle it, trying not to panic so you can work past the reflex and seat the length fully in your throat.
You don’t get quite as deep as Sirius- James’s thatch of curls just barely tickles at the end of your nose- but he’s well down your throat. And if the muttered curses the boy lets out- along with the murmured praises from the others- are anything to go by, what you’ve done is more than good enough. You keep your eyes trained upwards, blinking through the tears that spill over your waterline and roll down your cheeks, internally thrilling when James glances down at you and breathes out an awed “so fuckin’ pretty”.
You pull out the last trick up your sleeve, flexing the muscles of your throat to swallow around the thick shaft in your mouth.
“Bloody hell” James’s voice is choked, strained with the intensity of the stimulation, and his hips jerk subconsciously, ripping a true gag out of you.
“Off, off.” Remus’s voice is low and commanding as he reaches out to grip your hair, yanking you back and tearing James’s cock from your throat. You sputter somewhat, vision cloudy with tears, and you can just barely make out James’s trembling form on the bed before you. He’s fallen back on his elbows, chest heaving, cock bright red and slapping against his abdomen in a needy bounce.
“What the fuck, Moons.” He growls, voice lower than you’ve ever heard. Your cunt gives a dull pulse.
“Didn’t want you to cum yet, mate, we’re not done. Figured you’d rather finish in her pussy, eh?” You feel a thrill of excitement at Remus’s words, tear streaked face lighting up.
“Daddy’s gonna fuck me?” You ask excitedly, looking at the lycanthrope with wide eyes as he pulls you to your feet with a low chuckle.
“More or less, sweetheart.” His thumb comes out to swipe a smear of drool off your chin before Sirius turns you by your shoulders to face James.
“You’re gonna ride him.” The raven haired boy states, and you slump in disappointment.
“That’s hard-“
“Ah ah.” Remus chastises, reaching over to pull down your skirt and panties, letting them fall around your ankles in a soft heap. “Your job is to please your daddy, remember? Doesn’t matter if ‘s hard, this is for him. You’ve gotta listen.” When you open your mouth to argue, clearly not convinced, Remus looks at your boyfriend expectantly. “Isn’t that right, Prongs?” Your gaze shifts to the boy.
“That’s right, Moons.” He agrees, looking at you with a raised brow. “Don’t you wanna be a good girl f’me, babydoll?” He inquires.
“Yes, daddy.” You immediately whimper, that desperate need to please bubbling up inside you once more.
“Good. So you’re gonna listen to Remus and Sirius and let them show you how to ride me, alright?” The clear instructions from your dom are all it takes to get you back on board.
“Yes daddy.” You repeat the agreement, making James smile, and the show of approval makes your heart swell.
“Right. Now, puppy, get in Prongs’s lap, just like you did earlier.” Sirius instructs, coaxing you with a gentle push to your back. You step over to James and do as Sirius instructed, moving so your knees are on either side of James’s thighs in a straddling position.
“Atta girl.” Remus says now, stepping up close to grasp James’s cock at its base. You whimper as you feel it rub against you. “‘M gonna get it lined up, now,” you feel it prod against your entrance, “there we are. Now lower down, sweet girl, sit down on his cock.”
You follow Remus’s instructions immediately, letting out a lewd moan as James’s cock breaches your entrance and sheathes fully inside you, your bare thighs coming to rest atop his clothed ones. The unfamiliar angle has his head pressing against new, sensitive areas within you, and you still, eyes squeezed shut as you struggle to process the overwhelming feeling. You’re brought back to reality by cool, smooth hands grasping you at your waist.
“Y’gotta move, puppy, can’t just sit there like you usually do.” Sirius snarks, lifting upwards to guide your body in a bounce. You whimper at what you perceive to be the difficult task of lifting yourself up and down, starting up a sloppy, rhythm-less pace atop James’s lap.
“Easy, love, move prettier than that.” Remus pipes up, prompting Sirius to tighten his grip in an attempt to clean up your movements. He has some success, hoisting you up and down to a steady beat, and finally a moan of pleasure spills from James’s lips in recognition of your efforts. 
“That’s better. Now show her how to roll her hips, Pads- y’gotta rotate when you go down, bun.” Remus further instructs. On your next descent Sirius puts alternating pressure on your hips, guiding you in a circular grind that has James’s cock rubbing against all of your velvet walls, hitting every point inside you. You let out a breathy moan to match his low groan as pleasure spreads through you like wildfire.
‘Good girl baby, fuck. Keep goin’ like that and I won’t last much longer.” James sounds strained, just about as strained as your trembling legs feel with the exertion of your bouncing. You whimper.
“That’s a good thing, bunny.” Remus says as James’s hands come up to knead at the soft flesh of your clothed breasts. “I can tell you’re getting close too, you’re having trouble keepin’ this up- and when you’re riding you wanna cum when James does, so you aren’t too fucked out to finish him off.” Your head bobbles in a vague nod, bleary, near orgasmic mind just barely able to process the words.
“I got ‘er, Pads.” James grits out, his familiar large hands moving to replace Sirius’s own on your hips. They support your form the same as Sirius’s had, though now they pull you forward. “C’mere baby,” you crash into James for a messy, tooth-knocking kiss before one of his hands finds the back of your neck to hold you to his shoulder.
“Gonna cum, babydoll, gonna fill up your pretty pussy.” He growls, low gravelly tone reflecting his nearing release. His other hand grips your ass bruisingly, yanking you up and down in those final thrusts that hit right on your g-spot and have you seeing stars.
His hips give one quick, deep snap upwards as he spills into you with a low groan, and the feeling of his warm cum flooding your channel is enough to send you over the edge. You fall limp against him as you cum, your moan silent to your cotton-stuffed ears but deafening to everyone else present.
“Fucking hell” Sirius breathes out at the sight, hand palming himself through his trousers. Your chest heaves against James’s, your head lolling atop his shoulder as he turns to kiss and nip gently at your neck while you both come down from your highs. 
“Good job, angel.” James murmurs breathlessly against your neck, making you smile.
“Did a good job for you, daddy?” You murmur blearily, head pleasantly fuzzy in your afterglow.
“Mhm. That was bloody incredible.” His hand rubs up and down on your back, and he flashes the spectating boys a toothy, blissed-out grin. 
“Glad you two enjoyed yourselves.” Remus quips, his own grin made evident by his tone. You hum dreamily, still too bleary to formulate any other response as you bask in the warmth of James’s body and drink in his musky post-coital scent.
“You think you’ll actually make her pull her weight from here on out, Prongs?” Sirius asks. You can feel James’s head move against you in a nod.
“Without a doubt.” Your boyfriend responds, pressing a kiss to the side of your skull. “Though, I’ve gotta admit, most of the time I don’t really mind having my own little pillow princess.”
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angel4you · a month ago
dating the marauders
smut, porn links, and fluff
what being in a relationship with each marauder would be like. headcanons but includes porn links!!
characters included: remus lupin, james potter, sirius black, regulus black, and lily evans
warnings: smut, fluff, porn links, i think that is it
remus lupin
how he would asks you out: he would try to be causal, starting a conversation while helping you with some homework. even though he is confident. he has a fair amount of nerves, and it is noticeable. he asks you to go to the book shop in hogsmead on the weekend, and after you accept, he is not anxious anymore. a couple of dates later, he confesses he has feelings for you, he takes you to his dorm to hang out, and ends up kissing you.
what he is like sexually/kinks: remus is a hard dom, he doesn’t put up with bull shit and is very strict. he has a list of rules and if you break and you will get punished. the punishment will be more severe the bigger rules you break. you address him as sir or daddy and remmy if the situation is lighter. he uses the pet names, pup, and doll. he has a heavy degradation kink and will use the terms, slut, whore, and brat. he has more of an overstimulation kink rather than edging, he’ll make you cum until you are balling your eyes out. he also has an innocence kink and will call you his good little girl. having control and power over you is his favorite. he loves watching you get all flustered and helpless. even though he is amazing at giving head he absolutely loves watching you gag and chock on his cock. watching your eyes get watery and the bulge in your throat. lastly, his aftercare is the best. even though he is really rough, he makes sure to clean you up and take care of you.
porn links:
remus whispering in your ear while he fucks you deep
riding remus’ thigh
remus making you hump his foot as punishment
being very desperate for remus
remus corrupting his innocent little pup
james potter
how he would asks you out: he is very confident and persistent. always trying to talk to you, when you are in the common room, class, library, or great hall. one day he finally decides to ask you out on a date. he does another one of his grand gestures. brings you flowers, a chocolate frog, and a necklace. after you guys go out for a while he invites you over to the potter manor for holiday. the whole time he is showing you off to his parents and showering you with gifts and affection.
what he is like sexually/kinks: james is very different in each relationship he is in. he is either an obedient sub, soft dom, or in dads bsf/bsf dad au’s he is more of a hard dom. james as a sub has the biggest mommy kink. always wanting to please you and his favorite reward is getting to suck on your tits. when he breaks a rule which doesn’t happen often, you usually overstimulate him until he is a crying whimpering mess. he loves when you peg him and take all the control. as a soft dom, he has a major praise kink. always reassuring how amazing you are doing even during punishment. he uses the pet names, angel, doll, bunny, love, and darling. in an age gap relationship or dads bsf/bsf dad, he is a hard dom. he has a major daddy kink and will get mad and punish you when you call him james or jamie. his favorite thing to do is give you head. watching you try to keep your moans down while harry is in the other room. he loves taking you out on fancy dates and tease you under the table or keeping a remote vibrator in your panties. he loves inviting remus and sirius over so they can all use you. overall james is different in every relationship but in that situation, he is a big sub or dom.
porn links:
pegging sub james and making him taste his cum while calling him a good boy
giving sub james a hand job
dads best friend!james fucking you hard
edging sub james
sirius black
how he would asks you out: sirius would keep jokingly say he likes you and would fuck you but you never take him seriously. it starts to hurt you because you actually like him. one day he sees how up loser you are so he goes to talk to you. you ask him to stop making those jokes but he tells you they aren’t jokes, and he actually likes you a lot. that night he sneaks you out of your dorm to walk around the halls until you fall asleep in his arms.
what he is like sexually/kinks: sirius is a switch. he can go either way and he is very unexpected. in the first part of your relationship, he would never admit he liked subbing. when he is a dom he is still bratty and teases a lot. he loves getting pegged as a dom and a sub. when he is doming, he loves to watch you try and peg him. he also loves riding your strap while pinching and playing with your tits. when he is getting pegged as a needy brat. he will fucking himself on your strap. he whimpers and begs for you to touch him. in a sugar daddy au, sirius is a hard dom. he loves showing you off to james and remus. but at the end of the day, he is yours and he owns you. he loves when you suck him off. if he is fucking your throat, warming his cock, or just giving him a regular blow job with your needy puppy eyes. he loves making you hump pillow and touch yourself. calling you a slut and a whore while he continues to humiliate you. as a dom in any situation, he makes sure to throat train his subs. he will start with his fingers. making you gag and babble around him. when he finally lets you suck his cock, he goes hard. at first he tries to control himself but he loves watching you cough and your eyes get watery while you try to take him. he loves toys. vibrators, paddles, silk ties, gags, and anything you can think of. he is up to try anything and is always looking for new things.
porn links:
sirius going feral while you ride him
sirius fucking you against window so everyone can see who owns you
sirius spanking and teasing you with a paddle
regulus black
how he would asks you out: regulus has liked you for a very long time and kept it to himself. one day he and sirius are joking around and it slips out that he likes you. from that point on sirius and the other constantly tease reg about his crush. you both act oblivious when around each other, even when the boys talk about it. finally one night you see regulus going out to the black lake and he sits under a tree, so you decide to follow him. after awkward small talk, he attempts to nonchalantly ask you to stargaze with him. instead of saying yes, you kiss him. on your date it starts off awkward but ends with his hands up your skirt. 
what he is like sexually/kinks: regulus is a soft dom or a very hard dom, but nothing in between. either heavily degrading you while chocking you. or praising you while you suck him off. he uses the pet names, bunny, darling, doll, kitten, pretty girl. he has a very big innocence kink. like teaching you how to touch yourself, and how to give him a blowjob. he loves watching you get all nervous and needy, but he always turns you into a whimpering mess. as much as he loves fucking your throat, he could spend hours eating you out. he loves watching makeup run down your face as he overstimulates you. holding your hips and legs down so you can’t move. he will try almost anything even if it is just once. he has strict rules and won’t accept bad behavior. his punishments usually consist of, overstimulation or edging. he also loves spanking you with a paddle or his belt, until you are all red. even when he is rough, he makes sure you are comfortable with it. he likes to talk everything through after he cleans you up. he wants to see what you like and didn’t like. he loves having all the power over you even if he is being gentle. finally, he loves aftercare. he loves taking care of his pretty little girl.
porn links:
public teasing with reg
regulus laying you over his lap and overstimulating you
husband!reg fucking you while you try to make lunch for the kids
regulus fucking your face until he can see the bulge in your throat
lily evans
how she would asks you out: you don’t suspect lily has feelings for you, so you have never expressed them. you guys are still close friends and you don’t want to mess it up with her rejection. one day lily asks you to go on a picnic with her, marlene, and mary. but when you show up they are not there. you get all flustered and nervous, but lily comforts you and asks if anything is on your mind. and you say you like her, and instantly stand up. but she pulls you back down and confesses she likes you too.
what she is like sexually: lily is a hard dom, the one in control. she won’t tolerate any breaking of rules but she trains her subs so well that she gets to shower them with please as well as beautiful pain. you strictly call her mommy. she loves watching you such on her soft tits (which is a reward) and babble mommy whimpering with need. she loves to degrade you and turn you into a subby mess at her power. watching you struggle doing the things you beg to do is her most favorite thing. for days and days, you will beg her to let you fuck her with a strap. after she caves in, you start to have a hard time. she starts to tease and make fun of you for not being able to thrust into her properly. she says “my dumb little baby, thought you wanted this” and “pathetic, you asked to do this, and now you can even fuck mommy good”. even when she goes really hard on you, she always makes sure to give you the love you deserve.
porn links:
lily fingering you after she ripped your tights
dom lily fucking you hard with her strap
lily rewarding you after being her good girl the whole day
lily letting you suck her tits after a long day
taglist form
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morozovastarless · a month ago
(don’t) pick up the phone
summary: sirius calls james while you ride him
warnings: smut
word count: 960
a/n: i really don't know how or why this came to be, but i had fun writing it so enjoy!!
Tumblr media
james’s groans and little whimpers are music to your ears. one of his hands grips the phone tightly, and you’re almost afraid he’ll break it, while the other holds one of your ass cheeks as he tries to help you ride him.
“i just had the worst day ever, and it all started with your girlfriend,” sirius’s annoyed voice comes from the speakers. james always has his phone at the highest volume, just in case he misplaces it and can’t find it.
you furrow your brows while rolling your hips. “what did i do?”
“fuck,” moans james as you start to nip at his neck, moving your tongue up his throat. “what did she do, pads?”
sirius starts to explain, but james can’t pay much attention to him when he has your boobs right in front of his face. he attaches his mouth to your chest, going from one boob to the other as he sucks needily on your hard nipples.
“prongs? yo prongs! i’m talking to you, dude!”
your eyes roll as james hits a particularly deep spot inside you, moaning loudly and unashamedly.
you rake your nails (freshly done and painted red, just how he likes them) down james’s chest. he hisses, muscles tightening when he sees the red lines. “yeah— fuck baby, just like that— sorry, what were you saying?”
sirius pauses as though finally connecting his brain cells. “are you having sex right now? while i’m telling you about my horrific day?”
“mhm,” grunts james, mouth once more attached to your tits.
“not cool dude!”
james rolls his eyes, half because of how good your pussy feels around him and half annoyingly amused with his best friend. “i’m not going to let her stop just because you called,” he laughs.
“well, i like to think i’m more important,” he says indignantly. “can’t be better than remus, anyway.”
you take offence to that. you signal with your hand for james to pass you the phone, and he does so gladly. now that he has both hands free, he uses them to bounce you on him with more strength. your eyes roll back when he makes you bottom out, curses falling from your lips.
“i’m much better than remus,” you say breathlessly.
sirius chuckles. “yeah? you’d like to test that theory?” you clench around james at his words, and you look at him asking for permission.
he nods, his mouth open and head thrown back against the pillow, lost in the pleasure that courses through his veins. “sure, name a time and place. be ready to eat your words, though.”
“you know what else i’m gonna eat?” he says. “that lemon bread i had in the blue tupperware. oh no wait, you ate it!”
that’s not where you thought it was going to go.
“what?” you ask confused.
“you ate my lemon bread!" you think there's a stomping sound on the other side of the line, but you're not too sure. "i was saving it for breakfast, and when i looked for it this morning it was gone!” he sounds like a child having a tantrum.
“there was no name on it,” you explain.
“no name— what are we, cavemen? you should’ve asked!”
the tension in your stomach is about to explode, the feeling of fullness and the deliciously painful stretch james’s cock gives you turning you into a shaking mess. “i have to go, sirius, james will call you later. i’ll buy you another lemon bread if you want,” you rush out.
you end the call before sirius can keep talking. you throw the phone carelessly, too busy chasing your orgasm to care about where it lands. “i’m close, james,” you whimper.
“me too, angel,” he groans, his eyes full of adoration as he watches you lose yourself to the pleasure.
one of his thumbs plays with your clit, flicking it until you can barely do anything other than writhe above him as you moan needily. “can you be good for me and let go, hm? i know you want to, always making such a mess on my cock,” he speaks without realising it. “come on, pretty girl, cum all over me like the messy little thing you are.”
his dirty words send thrills down your spine, your bouncing completely losing its rhythm as you chase that mercurial high only james can give you. “oh god, oh god, oh god,” you pant. “fuck, m’gonna cum, jamie.”
he pinches your clit and you’re done for, trembling all over him as you finally feel the tension leave your body. a white heat engulfs you, still riding james as you feel him twitch inside you. you cradle his face, fingertips tracing his cheekbones as you look at him. “please cum, jamie. give it to me, yeah? wanna feel you let go.”
he pushes your body down against his, clinging to you as he thrusts a few more times until he stills, his cum painting your insides. he shudders underneath you, “fuck.”
he kisses the side of your head, his hands soothingly moving up and down your back as both of you try to calm down your racing heartbeats. “good girl,” he whispers against your ear. “always my good girl.”
you can’t help but shiver at his words, his praise always igniting something inside of you. you look at him with a smile, dazed from the fucking he just gave you, then kiss him lazily, just needing to feel his lips against yours.
the ringing of his phone pulls you apart, your forehead resting against his as you both groan, already knowing who it is. still tucked under james’s arms, you reach for the phone that’s on the edge of the mattress.
“remus’s mom made that lemon bread. you can’t just buy me a new one!” sirius exclaims.
TAGLIST: @emmaev @gxtitobxby @dracosafety @dracoxgeorge @capsmischief @remusjlupinisdead @mattefic @zzzfour @sarcasmismyon1ydefence @lovelylupinx @roonilwazlibswhore @marxy-06 @ildm4ev @artisancowbells @arisblackhole @blowing-mikey @amixedwitch @glossiable @tonystarksmutgarden @everythingisdefinitleynotfine @bee-m02 @deexanne0 @padfootswife @blackst0nes7077 @matitty @lizzyclifford13-blog @j-cat @missryerye @auraprongs @cranberrypills @padf00ts-l0ver @greenlyblue @methblinds @brattypeony @camelliaflow3r @sprucewoodlover —if you want to be added tap here
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quindolyn · 2 months ago
Hi! Would you maybe be able to do a !poly marauders fic with a focus on !subjames. Maybe him being really sensitive and accidentally coming and being very upset about it and then the marauders and Y/n comforting him? Thanks so much!
Niceties || Poly!Marauders
A/N: Hi! This took longer than I thought and for that I am sorry but I didn't like the direction I initially took it in so I ended up rewriting it. I really hope you enjoy!
Warnings: dom/sub, heavy subspace, dom!Remus and Sirius, sub!James, switch!reader, ... mommy kink, belly bulges, tit sucking, kinda fluffy but definitely smutty so if you're not comfortable with that don't read. All acts are safe and consensual, characters have an established safe word. let me know if there's anything I missed!
Word Count: 2859
You throw your head back as Sirius’ mouth latches onto your clit, “Fuck,” You mutter, wrapping your legs around the boy kneeling between them. Interlocking your ankles behind his back and squeezing so he’s simply stuck there, even if he wanted to pull away he couldn’t.
With your eyes clamped shut you almost forget about the other two boys off to your left until Remus’ distinctive voice registers in your ears, “Look at that Jamesie, look at the way she squirms when his tongue plays with her pussy.”
“M-My Mommy’s so pretty,” James’ breathy whimper has you letting your head fall to the left, your eyes flutter open as a smile graces your lips, your natural response as you are greeted by the beautiful sight of James perched atop his mattress, Remus to the side of him with his hand wrapped around the submissive boy’s cock.
You open your mouth to respond to his praise but before you can find the words, your mind too preoccupied as Sirius slips his middle and index fingers into your cunt, stretching you out as his tongue performs magic tricks on your clit, Remus speaks.
“She’s not your mommy right now Prongsy, right now she’s just a filthy slut, look at the way she bucks her hips up into Siri’s mouth. Practically begging for more, greedy whore wants more, can’t be patient like you baby.”
With his praise he presses a brief kiss to James’ hairline, the gentle gesture reassuring him that he’s being a good boy. Though his words are laced with a sick sort of amusement his hand holds a slow pace on James’ cock, his grip isn’t gentle but the way he moves his hand you’d think he was trying to kill the poor boy. He was getting him close at least.
You feel an undeniable excitement bubbling in your stomach at his words and he’s not wrong, you are desperate for more from Sirius, he feels absolutely amazing but you want more, you wanna be full.
“That’s not nice Remmy, m-my Mommy’s not a slut,” James stutters out, brow furrowed as the very notion of you being anything other than his dominant is completely and utterly baffling. When he gets like this it very well may be.
“Poor dumb baby can’t get it through his pretty little head,” Sirius simpers, replacing his mouth his thumb, rubbing circles around your clit.
There’s nothing the three of you enjoy more than degrading James, the wicked smirks adorning each of your faces would tip him off to that if he wasn’t already so lost.
“Be nice boys,” You huff as Sirius pinches your clit causing a wave of pleasure to roll through your body, you have to stop your head from falling back again, “Jamie’s not a dumb baby, he’s a needy puppy.”
The whine he releases at that is downright pathetic, the very sound of his voice has wetness pooling around Sirius’ fingers.
“She liked that,” The raven haired boy grins deviously, “Should see her cunt Rem, she’s fucking soaked,” As he pulls his fingers from your pussy you finally see just how wet you are, you have to admit, his fingers like that make a pretty sight.
“See Prongs,” He directs his attention to James, thighs clenched in pleasure, allowing you to see the distinct lines of his muscles beneath soft, tanned skin, “She gets this wet just from me eating her out, and she wants more, this isn’t enough for her because she’s a dirty little cockslut.” He punctuates his remark with a slap to your inner thigh, smearing some of your wetness there. He doesn’t bother to clean it up.
“How’s she taste Pads?” Rem asks, his thumb sliding painfully slowly over the tip of James’ cock.
Raising his fingers to his lips Sirius more than takes his time enjoying the taste of your pussy, taking each finger into his mouth individually he keeps his eyes on you. He’s the picture of lust between your legs and you can’t suppress the shiver that overtakes you at the sight of him like that. His other hand reaches out to grab your thigh, giving it a firm squeeze before redirecting his attention to the two boys to your left.
“Tastes so fucking perfect Rem, she’s got the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen.”
James nods eagerly in his approval, eyes wide, “My Mommy has the prettiest pussy, feels so good around my cock. Want her pussy,” Turning to face Remus he pleads his case, “Please Daddy, need her cunt please, makes me feel so good.”
“She’s not your Mommy right now Jamie,” Remus reprimands, speeding up his pace as he pumps James’ cock, “If you can be a good boy and tell me what she actually is then you’ll get to be inside her, think you can do that for me?”
“I’m a good boy,” James responds fiercely, “I’m a good boy Remmy, I’m your good boy,” His head whips around so that he’s facing Sirius now, “Yours too, good boy for both of you.”
“I know you are James, can you tell me what she is then baby?” Sirius asks patiently, you all know that James is obedient, almost to a fault. If you so much as suggest that he is anything other than a good boy for you, an obedient slut, he’s willing to do pretty much anything to convince you of that fact.
His breath hitches as Remus’ pace slows down in anticipation of his answer, “S-She’s a slut.”
“What kinda slut Jamie?”
“A cock slut.”
The second the words leave his mouth Remus’ speed increases tenfold, a drastic change from his slow as molasses pace he’d been maintaining, “Good boy Jamie,” Remus grins, so proud of his boy for following instructions.
“Knew he was a good listener, so good at doing what he’s told,” Sirius chimes in, his fingers having returned to your cunt where he teased your clit, leaving you at his mercy.
The little moans and whimpers James releases reach a crescendo as he spills his cum all over Remus’ scarred hand, coating it in his release.
You watch him shake with pleasure as his orgasm rips through him, rope after rope of cum erupting onto his stomach and thighs, Remus removes James’ cock from his hold causing his length to twitch on its own accord.
As he hits the height of his orgasm he starts whimpering, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry please I’m so sorry. Didn’t mean to, m’sorry.”
Both yours and Sirius’ eyes fly to Remus, waiting for him to take lead on this as he nearly always does. Both of your rigid postures soften as you watch him lean down and brush his lips along James’ temple. You could all sense that James had been slipping, but he was usually so good at holding off until he was given permission to cum that none of you expected him to.
Regardless, Remus’ gentle care of the boy seemed to be doing close to nothing in terms of consoling James, in fact it seemed to only make him blubber more.
“M’sorry Remmy, m’so sorry. Came without permission, just wanted to be a good boy, but it was too much, s’too much.”
“It’s okay baby, you’re alright.”
Standing up from between your legs Sirius offers you his hand, helping you straighten out your skirt and pulling it back over your hips before you both make your way to where Remus is now cradling James in his lap. They look a little ridiculous if you’re being honest, considering that Remus is just barely taller than James and James seems to have muscles everywhere but as James sniffles into Remus’ collar bone you find you don’t much care how ridiculous they look.
“No,” He mutters into Remus’ chest, “S’not okay, I’m a bad boy, I just wanted to be good for you, I promise I did, wanted to be so good just… just couldn’t.”
Your heart twists at his words, you hate when James slips like this, you hate to see him doubt himself and as his tone becomes more and more hysterical you go to sit beside him on the bed, still holding onto Sirius’ hand.
“Jamie,” You speak softly, letting your fingers gently rake through his thick tresses, your frown deepens when his shoulders start shaking, “Jamie darling, can you look at me please?”
Slowly he turns his head so that he’s staring up at you with big hazel eyes that make your heart melt. They look more green than hazel today but that’s just because of the contrast against the redness from crying.
“Hi baby,” Sirius coos, letting his hand cradle his cheek, gently he uses his thumb to brush away the tears that are streaming down his face.
At the sight of your two faces more tears stream down his face as his body is racked with sobs, it nearly breaks your heart.
You can’t imagine how he must feel, James prides himself on being obedient for the three of you, for following your rules and when he starts slipping, like he obviously has, he’s immune to logic or reasoning.
“Wanna make you feel good,” He blabbers, “Wanna suck your cocks and fill up my Mommy, n-not my Mommy,” Him catching his mistake seems to worsen his spiral, “Not my Mommy, she’s a cock slut. Greedy slut for Daddy’s cock.”
He’s reaching for Sirius, who, because he’s standing, has his pelvis level with James’ face. The bespectacled boy is maneuvering his way out of Remus’ lap so that he can work on the zipper keeping him what he yearns for most.
Sirius’ hands are gentle as he tries to stop James’ fumbling fingers but he simply shakes them off before Remus sets his sizable hands on the dips of his waist, pulling him so that his chest is flesh with the other boy’s back.
“Let go Remmy,” Jamie whines, though he makes no real effort to escape his boyfriend’s grasp, “Need… need…”
“Tell me what you need,” Remus mumbles against the side of James’ face, trying to capture his lips with his own but the way it's going so far he’s failing.
James is nonresponsive and instead keeps blubbering about cock while trying to reach for Sirius’.
“Jamie,” Your tone is stern as you capture his hands in yours, that grabs his attention, “Jamie baby look at me its okay pretty boy, its all gonna be okay.”
“But I came without… without… I need to make you feel good, need to make you feel good.”
You, Remus, and Sirius all share a glance with each other, he’s slipped further than you thought and if he slips much more there’s a very real possibility that you’ll be up all night trying to bring him back to you.
“I think maybe we just give him what he wants,” Sirius proposes, if James hears him he doesn’t acknowledge it.
“And risk losing him further?” Remus counters.
“Need to be inside you,” During the extremely short course of your conversation James has begun pawing at your thighs, hiking your skirt up so that he can see you cunt, having abandoned your panties when you’d entered the dorm you’re left bare for his eyes.
You glance upwards at Remus who gives you a nod before you spread your legs leaving you completely exposed to him.
From behind you Sirius begins undoing the buttons of your blouse before helping you shrug off the material entirely.
“May I touch her?” James asks, looking over his shoulder to Remus.
“You gotta ask her baby.”
“May I touch you please?” The air of innocence around him is intoxicating and leaves you nearly breathless, you nod.
You're dripping as James lazily drags his fingers through your folds, and not in the arrogant way Sirius had just minutes before but like he was mesmerized.
You don’t even notice that Sirius is undoing your bra until he’s easing it off your shoulders, you’re now left completely bare.
“Look Jamesie, Mommy’s titties all for you,” His head snaps up at this and you swear his jack slackens as he takes in the sight of your bare tits, like he hasn’t seen them countless times before.
“M-my Mommy?”
“That’s right baby,” Rem coos in his ear, smoothing his palms up and down the hard muscles of his arms, “Your Mommy.”
“Thought you said she was a cock slut,” He looks genuinely perplexed and it's almost as cute as it is pathetic.
“Not anymore Prongs, you need your Mommy right now, she’s gonna take such good care of you.”
James looks up at you through long, dark lashes, he looks meek, “Sucking your titties is gonna make you feel good Mommy? Wanna make my Mommy feel good.”
“Gonna make me feel so good baby,” You’re hypervigilant, taking in every detail of James as he shifts to be able to take your nipple into his mouth, you suppose Remus and Sirius are doing the same. But when your eyes settle on his face you can’t help but smile, the entire world seems to slip away leaving just him in all of his perfection. If you didn’t know any better you’d think you’d dreamt him up.
He takes that as permission, pulling you into his lap so that your tits are directly in his face, he slots your nipple into his mouth with a practiced ease you’re impressed he can still execute given his murky headspace.
“Your Mommy’s got nice titties, pretty boy,” Sirius sits himself on the mattress where you previously sat, reaching out he tweaks one of your nipples with his fingers.
James bats his hand away without ever unlatching from your tit, if anything he sucks with a newfound vigor, “No,” His words are muffled around your breast, “Mine.”
“S’okay Jamesie,” You comfort, tangling your fingers in his hair, hoping it’ll soothe him, “M’all yours.”
His already hardening cock is pressed against your belly, so fucking close to your cunt that it almost hurts.
“You wanna make your Mommy feel good, right Jamie?”
He nods around your breast, sucking fervently on your nipple.
“You wanna be inside her pretty boy?” Remus’ tone is light as he brushes the hair from James’ eyes, “You wanna fill her up with your cock.”
He whines audibly at that, bucking his hips upwards while keeping his hold on yours solid. He can barely manage to nod against your chest, poor baby.
“Use your words Prongs,” Sirius reprimands lightly.
You’re already straddling his hips, you push yourself onto your knees giving you leverage over his weeping cock. You reach down, gripping the base as you gently guide his member inside of you.
As you slowly sink down onto his head he can’t help but buck his hips, desperate for more of you.
“Ah ah ah pretty boy,” You’re nearly breathless yourself, “Can’t just-” You’re cut off as he wiggles beneath you, the sensation causing your eyes to roll back in your head, “Can’t just thrust up into me because you’re needy little one, gotta be patient.”
“Yeah Jamie, good boys only take what their Mommy gives them.”
“I’m good, I’m a good boy.”
“Yes you are Jamie,” Capturing his lips with yours you use this opportunity to take the rest of his length inside of you, he stretches you out deliciously, it takes you a moment to collect yourself before speaking, the feeling of him inside of you is intoxicating.
“Mommy, can I move please? Wanna make you cum.”
“Go ahead baby,” You allow, already lifting yourself about half way off his cock just to sink back down onto him again, “You’re doing such a good job, make me feel so good.”
As always James responds wonderfully to praise, he starts meeting your thrusts half way, never relinquishing his hold on your hips, not even when he ducks his head to relatch onto your tit.
Much to his dismay, you pull James off your tit so you can engage him in a passionate kiss, melding your lips together you so desperately hope that he can see how proud you are of him, how much you love him.
You suck in a deep breath as cold metal slides along your abdomen, glancing down you quickly recognize the ring clad hand and watch as it settles over the bulge James’ cock forms every time he fucks into you.
“Look at how pretty,” The raven haired boy murmurs as he pushes down on the outline of James’ cock as he keeps his thrusts in and out of you consistent. The pressure on your belly causes James’ cock to be pushed out.
“He’s just gorgeous isn’t he Pads?” Remus murmurs as he noses at the side of James’ neck, “So fucking pretty,” He nips gently causing James to shudder in pleasure. You can’t blame him, you know just how good those lips can feel.
“Our gorgeous boy,” He agrees, pressing back on James’ bulge when he thrusts into you..
“Not nice,” James huffs, wanting to be inside of you, “Trying to make her feel good.”
“He’s right Siri,” You glare up at him, “It’s not nice.”
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