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#james potter x reader
faetheforestfairy · 2 days ago
Such A Flirt
Pairing : Sirius Black x Fem!Reader
Summary : Three times he flirt with her, one time she decided to return the favour
Warnings : Swearing. Mention of sex. Sirius being flirty
A/N : GIF not mine
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y/N was walking down the train's hallway , peeking her head inside every compartment searching for her friends , Lily , Marlene and Dorcas.
She didn't look where she was going resulting in her bumping into something hard. More like someone.
"Well well well , isn't it the lovely Y/L/N"
Y/N tilt her head up only to be greet with none other than Sirius Black. His signature smirk decorating his pink lips.
"Why , hello to you too , Black". An annoyed smile on her lips. Sirius Black is the last person he want to meet on the train. He's been flirting with her since 4th years. But Y/N know better (or so she thought) that Sirius just want her to be one of his 'one night stand'.
"You should look where you're going puppy. Can't have you falling for other guy right?". He lean closer to her untill the tip of their nose are touching. "Right my love?". His grey eyes trailed down to her plump lips.
Y/N clear her throat and push his chest to created a distance between them. "You're in my way , Black. Why don't you move?"
"Why should I?". She wish nothing more than to wipe that smirk off his face.
Suddenly , the compartment door beside them been push open by Sirius's friend. James Potter. "If you want to flirt. Please not in front of this compartment"
"Why? You're jealous because I got her and you didn't got Evans?"
"Ok ouch pads. So much of a friends forever"
Shaking her head she decide to walk away. "See you at the great hall darling!"
"I wish not , Black!"
"Such a cutie" Sirius laugh to himself.
James shake his head. "She clearly doesn't like you , mate"
"So does Evans. But I didn't see you stop from bothering her" chirp Remus from inside their compartment.
"What the- okay what's wrong with you guys attacking me for no reasons?"
Sirius , Peter and Remus shared a laugh while James look at them in disbelief.
Tumblr media
Y/N and Lily was on their way to the library. They already ask Marlene and Dorcas to join but they refused. "They probably want to shag or snog each other face" as Y/N has said , receiving a giggle and a nod from Lily.
"So , how are you?" Lily suddenly ask. Y/N raised her eyebrow at Lily's weird question. "I'm good?"
Lily rolled her eyes "No , I mean you and Black"
"What's wrong with us?"
"He like you" Lily stated the obvious but Y/N denied it.
"No he act like he like me. But he just want me to be in his 'one night stand' collection"
"I know you're dumb. But not this dumb. He really like you Y/N/N"
Y/N look at her friend with an offended look. "Did you just call me dumb?"
"That's not the point"
"Lily he just want to get in my pant. Or skirt"
"If he want to get in your pant. Or skirt. He will do it since 4th years. He really really really like you. Didn't you notice the way he look at you. Like a love sick puppy" Lily said while throwing her hand around (almost hitting Y/N's face).
"We're here to study. Not to talk about my love life"
"I'm just stating the truth Y/N. Give him a chance"
"Yeah yeah whatever"
Entering the library , they found a table at a secluded area. Putting her satchel bag on the chair , she walk towards the shelves of book. Trying to find a book about Draught of Living Death potion that they just learn in Slughorn's class.
"Ha! There you are". Standing on her tippy toes she try to reach for the book only for another hand to grab it. Turning around she was met with Sirius freaking Black. An annoyed huff escaped her lips.
Sirius study the book before looking at her with a grin. "You want this?" He held it out for her to take. But just as her hand about to take the book , he held the book high above her head.
Sirius rest his left hand on the shelves behind her. Caging her. "Not funny! Give me the book. I have an essay to write". Sirius laugh at her angry face.
"You know , I love getting on your nerve. You look cute when you're angry"
"Give me the book" she said through grit teeth.
"Only if you give me a kiss"
"Not gonna happen"
"Goodluck with your essay then". He smirk at her frustrated face
"Well what do we have here?" Lily ask , arms crossed over her chest , a knowing smile on her face. "Hello there Evans" Sirius greet her.
"Lily please it's not what it look like"
"Sure it's not. Anyway , hate to break it to you Black. But I need my friend back so we can study together" Lily said , pulling Y/N away from Sirius. "Oh wait!" Sirius called making them stop in their track to look back at him.
He walk towards Y/N and held out the book. "Here. I believe you need this for your essay. You can give me the kiss later" he wink at her and walk away.
"Not what it look like my arse"
Tumblr media
Sirius was running down the deserted corridor. Him and his other three friends just done pranking the caretaker of Hogwarts , Filch by putting a lot of dung bombs in his office. They decided to split up and meet at the Gryffindor common room just to confused the old man.
Sirius was too busy to run as far as he can from Filch and his cat Mrs. Norris that he bump into Y/N who was busy reading a book.
"Ouch! Black! Watch where you're going"
"Oh shit , sorry love. Didn't see you there". He take her book from the dusty floor and give it back to her.
"Where is the boy Mrs. Norris? Did you see him?"
Sirius eyes went wide when he hear Filch's voice not too far away from them.
"What did you do this time?"
"Oh shit , oh fuck". He look around untill his eyes land on a broom closet. Grabbing Y/N's arm , he pull her in the broom closet with him.
"Black what are you-" he quickly put his hand on her mouth. Silencing her.
"as much as I love hearing your voice. Please shut up if you don't want to get caught"
Y/N squirm around. The closet was too small and cramped for them.
"what are you doing? Stop moving" Sirius whisper yell at her.
"This place is too small for us" her voice was muffled from his hand that was still clamped on her mouth.
"hey hey shushh alright. Don't want us to get caught aren't you? Or we will spend an entire week in detention together". Y/N was quick to shake her head no. She doesn't want to spend an entire week with the boy in front of her.
"Good girl"
When what feel like an hours (it's only 5 minutes) Sirius put his hand away from her mouth. He know Filch already went to another corridor. But he saw the opportunity to flirt with her. And he's not gonna let it go.
He look down , checking her out. She didn't fasten the top button of her shirt , revealing her skin and a little bit of her cleavage to Sirius.
"My eyes are up here"
He snapped his grey eyes up , staring into her e/c one. "I'm very aware of that Y/L/N" he smirk.
She narrowed her eyes at him. "Oh how I wish I can wipe that smirk off your face"
"Hmm really? Why don't you put your lips on mine then? 'M sure the smirk will gone". She rolled her eyes at him. Typical Sirius.
He lean closer to her. Arm snaking around her waist. "What do you say love? Wanna have a taste of my lips?". Before he could lean any closer , Remus open the broom closet's door with James and Peter on his side.
"Oops. Did we interrupt something?" Remus ask not so innocently. James and Peter snickering.
"Oh for fuck sake Moony. We're about to snog" Sirius whine. Y/N look at him , eyes wide "What?! No! No we're not. Let me go!" She push Sirius away from her and walk out of the broom closet.
"Well Pads look like your girlfriend forgot her book". Peter nod towards her book laying on the ground. Must have fallen again when Sirius pull her in the closet. Sirius pick up the book.
"Well you better give it back to her"
"Of course I will Moons. But not now" he give Remus a mischievous grin.
Tumblr media
"Lily have you seen my book"
"Which book?"
"'It' by Stephen King"
"Nope. Didn't see it anywhere. What about your Marls?"
"Dunno. When was the last time you saw it love?"
"Well , I can't remember. I'm sure I put it on my nightstand last night" Y/N pout. It's hard when you have a memory of a goldfish sometime.
"Can't help you if you can't remember darling" said Lily. Y/N let out a huff and decide to just do her Transfiguration's essay that was teach by her favourite professor ; Professor Minerva Mcgonagall. She can find her book later.
Making her way to the common room , she sat down on the floor , right behind the table. The sound of fire crackling bring her comfort.
She start on the first page of her essay , unaware of a certain raven hair boy who just come down from the boys dormitaries with her supposed missing book in his hands.
"working hard Y/L/N?"
"Not now. I'm busy"
"You're always busy". He sit on the couch behind her and watch her do her work. He was smitten for her.
"Stop staring , you creep" said Y/N without turning around. "I think this is yours". Y/N turn around and she gasp when she saw her book that was held by Sirius.
She got on her knees and tried to snatch it from his hand. But Sirius is faster than her , he hide it behind his back. "Sirius give me my book"
"Oh first name basis huh?"
An idea suddenly popped in her head. She get up from her knees and straddle his lap making Sirius eyes grow wide a bit. She lean closer to him , lips brushing against each other.
Sirius's breath hitched in his throat. He was unaware of Y/N's hand sneaking behind him to grab the book. When the book was already in her hand. She smirk at him and peck his lips before getting up from his lap.
He look at her with a confused face before realising that the book wasn't in his hand.
"Oh you did not just"
"What?". Smirk still on her pretty face.
Sirius stood up from the couch cupping her face and smash their lips together. It take her a seconds to kiss him back.
Their lips molded together , moving in sync. He bit her bottom lips only for her to let out a moan. Pulling away , their chest rising rapidly , trying to inhale air as much as their lungs can take. Eyes never leaving each other. Sirius let a smile broke onto his face before he lean in for another kiss.
Tumblr media
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littlest-dark-age · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Babyboy!James daydreaming when he's meant to be focusing on a worn potion book but cant help but glance over at you, leading to him thinking about how well you treated him last night in the dorms. A silent whine going through him as he feels his pants tighten.
Babyboy!James who blushes so pretty and groans into your shoulder as you stroke his heavy cock in the bathroom after class, wanting nothing more than to be inside you but knowing that time wont allow it.
Babyboy!James not being able to stop squirming at the dining hall due to the mess in his boxers, focused not on the food but on your foot rubbing up his leg as you talk to remus about some silly book. Slightly pouting at the fact that a old and dusty book has taken your own focus off of his weeping cock.
Babyboy!James relishing in every sloppy thrust into you, whining every time you clench and holding onto you before he practically tucks himself into your shoulder. Biting down on your soft skin to keep from the other boys in the dorm waking up.
Babyboy!James fisting his pretty cock to the thought of your soft chest, in that one bra he really likes bc of how comfortable it looks on you and how easy it is for him to slip the lightly padded cups to the side and latch on.
Tumblr media
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morozovastarless · 2 days ago
HAPPY 2.2K TINA!!! 🥳 🥳
can I get a james potter sfw blurb when reader is pregnant + what james would do for her/them/him??
I'll let your imagination go from here:)
just lay down
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings: pregnancy, other than that it's just fluff. [implied latina!reader]
word count: 693
a/n: i have no idea how children talk, cause i'm the youngest in my family and have never seen a baby in my life. so let's say mateo is 5? i think at that age they have a pretty good vocabulary, right?
pareo: those beach skirts people wear at the beach.
mateo is the name i chose for james and reader's first kid :)
Tumblr media
"stay still," you chastise your son softly, smearing his chubby cheeks with sunscreen.
he keeps squirming. "i wanna play," he whines, stomping his feet on the warm sand. he looks for his dad, finding him digging a hole behind their umbrella. "daddy, save me!"
james chuckles at his son's dramatics. "listen to mummy," he says. "then you can help me with this."
mateo pouts, but his desire to help his dad simmers his wriggling down.
you finish applying the sunscreen to his body, then tap his bum softly. "go play with daddy."
with a happy squeal, mateo runs towards his dad, kneeling beside him and looking at him in wonder. "what 're we doin'?"
"well, you see how mummy's tummy's really big now?"
mateo nods. "cause of my new brother."
"that's right. she can't lay on her tummy anymore, 'n it's making her grumpy—" at that, mateo widens his eyes and nods fervently.
"very grumpy," he interrupts, recalling how angry you got with james when he bought the wrong type of bread for today's sandwiches. and then how five minutes later you burst into tears and apologised for being so mean. "and moody," he whispers the last word as if the beast that lies within you would rise with the simple murmur of the word.
james laughs, the sound bringing a smile to your face. while your two boys play in the sand behind your back, you apply sunscreen, making sure every inch of your round belly is covered. then you look for your book and your glasses, even though you know you probably won't end up reading quite as many pages as you’d like.
"yeah, but it's okay cause she's pregnant. she gets a free pass," james tells mateo. "so if we dig a hole, she'll be able to lay on her tummy for a little while."
with that, both potter's scoop sand out with their hands, james smoothing down the sides while mateo just has fun digging. between the two of them, the hole gets dug quickly.
james goes to his bag and looks for the pareo he stole from you, trying to be as quiet as possible to not make you suspicious.
"what are you two doing?" your voice breaks through the crash of the waves.
"ah! jesus christ!" james shouts, jumping in the air. you and your son giggle, you covering your face with your book. "we're not doing anything."
"right..." you narrow your eyes at him. "you two were being a little too quiet for my comfort. nothing good ever comes out from your plotting."
"don't worry ye'r pretty little head," he deflects the accusation, walking backwards with the pareo hidden behind his back.
he waits until you go back to reading, then asks mateo to help him lay the pareo over the hole so the sand doesn't dig into your skin.
once it's done, they both go look for you. "mummy, mummy, we have a surprise for you!" mateo says, grabbing your arm and trying to get you on your feet.
"thought you weren't doing anything," you look over at james. He just smiles at you, placing his hand on the small of your back.
you let your son guide you along, looking confused when the only thing you see is a piece of cloth on the sand. you had expected something a little more... james. chaotic.
with a tender touch, james caresses your naked arms. "go lay down," he whispers, kissing your neck.
"lay down on your stomach."
"james, you know i can't," you groan.
"just trust me," he encourages.
and because you do trust him, you get on your knees before slowly laying down, waiting for the warm sand to stop you halfway. only you keep going down, and suddenly you're laying completely horizontally for the first time in months.
you gasp in surprise, looking at your boys with confused, teary eyes.
"dug a hole f'you so you can be comfy," mateo says proudly.
james kneels next to you and kisses your head. "jamie," you breathe out, touched by their gesture.
james shushes you, petting your hair. "take a nap, okay? i've got him."
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myrapottah · 2 days ago
Best dads, best lessons
Pairings : harry x reader
Side pairings: james x reader
Summary : james catches his son trying to pleasure his girlfriend, and he gives him a fingering lesson while discovering new kinks
Words : 2.5k
Requested : no / yes
Warnings: smut, fingering, praising, sub!reader, dom!harry and dom!james, degradation(you blink and you miss it), age gap (james), hair pulling kink(?), boobs kink, the starting of a begging kink??
A/n: req are closed! anyways, I hate this <3
Please read!! This is a dark fic. All acts are consensual and safe word is in place. All characters are of age. If you are 18 or less, do not interact with this post in any way. Thank you.
Tumblr media
'You okay, baby?' harry asked, finding his way in your panties.
'Yeah, go on, please' you answered trought breathy moans, kissing harry while so.
How did you get there? With a simple peck. A simple peck that harry gave you. Then it turned into a messy and desperate makeout. Now, you were begging harry to fuck you.
Of course, you did it before twice or thirce, but both of you were kinda new to being sexually active. You trought it would be awkward, but it was far away from awkward. It was passionate, loving, slow, messy - but messy in a good way. It was always the same, but you didn't complain. Kissing, teasing, praising, then harry shoving his cock into your pussy, praising again, then both of you cumming. It was enough for you, but you knew there was something more pleasurable out there. You wanted to tell harry, but you didn't really knew what you wanted to tell him. On the other hand, harry felt the same. He also wanted more, but didn't know what. And he was afraid, embarrassed to talk to you about it. So you just kept it like that.
Harry took of his shirt and his sweatpants, revealing his muscles and 6-pack, that he inherited from his father. He got back on top of you, his dick twitching in his boxers. You let out a chocked moan at the feeling of his clothed cock on your stomach.
He hiked up your(his actually) shirt and attacked your boobs. You didn't had enough time to complain or say anything but his name and some curse words. You grasped his hair when he bit your nipple and pulled it hard unconsciously. He let out an uncomfortable groan and went back to his feast.
'mhm, sorry' you apologised trought breathy moans.
'None of that, love. Do it again' he mumbled and you obliged, pulling his curls again but not that harshly. He let out a satisfied groan, which you didn't expect. You did it again and again, and his cock was struggling harder and harder every time you did so.
But, to your surprise, he abruptly stopped and got on his knees on the mattress. You furrowed your brows in confusion and looked at him, waiting for an explanation on why did he stopped kissing you. He took a deep breath.
'I wonder if, hmm, you wanted to try something? My dad kinda told me about it?' he asked and from hard dom he went to soft harry.
'Yeah, what is it?' you also got up and straddled his knees, looking in his eyes for any hint.
'I dunno how it's called, but, hm, I can show you, if you want' he said, leaning closer and placing a strand of your hair behind your ear.
'okay, guide me' you agreed, giving him a quick peck before he could speak again.
'um, mhm, put your head on the pillow, and stay on the back, and, um, spread your legs a bit more' he muffly mumbled, and you obliged. 'Now I'll do the work' he took a deep breath and took place between you tights, spreading them even more to reaveal your folds.
You were getting wetter and wetter with every movement harry did. He was nervous, you could tell by his eyes. He put his finger in between your folds and, for teasing, he massaged the surface of your hole. And, after a few seconds that felt like years, he inserted his middle finger in it. You gasped and grabbed the sheets, the sudden pleasure giving you shivers. He moved the digit in and out with a sloppy sound.
'Does it feel good, angel?' harry asked gaining confidence along with your pathetic whimpers.
'Your cock's better' you trought, but didn't expect to say it out loud.
Right before harry could give you a cocky comment, another voice echoed in the room.
'Guys, dinner's ready!' you soon realised the voice belonged to your boyfriend's father, james potter. And the one and only james potter burst into the room, not ready to see harry curled up between your tights. He froze in the middle of the room, looking like a creep at your boobs. As soon as he realised, harry covered you both quickly.
James' glasses got all fuzzy, so he took them off and wiped them with his shirt, revealing a part of his toned abs. He cleared his throat and, looking at your scared faces, he said in a deep tone:
'I see, harry, that you already ate dinner'
Neither of you got the joke. Maybe you were too innocent and unexperienced to get it. You looked at harry in confusion, but he moved his shoulders up telling that he doesn't understand either. James saw your dumb faces and a shy smirk appeared on his face.
'I assume you've never done that?' the father said. 'Harry, have you tried what I told you last evening?'
'That's what we were doing when you burst in' harry mumbled, not understanding why his father didn't get out of the room already.
'And how did it felt?' now james was addressing to you, waiting for an answer.
'Hm, I prefer bigger stuff' you said, but immediately regretted it. Your face got all red from the embarrassment. 'Bigger stuff? What the fuck did I said that? Why am i having this conversation with harry's dad? I'm so stupid '
'That means harry doesn't know how to do it properly. Fingering is meant to feel different from common fucking, they have no similarities' james said, with an unusual confidence and a smile at your earlier comment.
You didn't reply, nor harry did. You sat in silence for a few seconds, with james eyeing both of your half-naked bodies. Your shirt was over your breasts, and harry still had the boxers on.
'And how do you know so much about that?' your boyfriend broke the silence, nervousness growing in his voice.
'I'm experienced, more than you think' his father said and gave you a wink, walking around the room.
Harry fake gagged, but your face was still in the same traumatised position, with your eyebrows furrowed and eyes on the man standing in front of you.
'I can show you how to finger properly, if you both agree of course.' james continued, observing that none of you were going to talk.
That was exactly what you wanted. Something new, that can hype your romantic life to a new level. 'Do you wanna?' you spoke to him with your eyes. 'Dunno, do you?' he answered back. 'Maybe, if you are okay with it...' , 'It's your body, you say!' , 'I want to' , 'Me too', 'Tell him then'.
'Sure, teach me' harry said, obeying to your unsaid words.
James gave you a warm and encouraging smile while sitting on the bed, next to you.
'Come here, harry. or do you want me to pleasure your girlfriend?' the father spoke and harry obliged immediately, not wanting anyone to steal his lover, especially his own dad.
James guided him between your tights, taking his shirt of due to the hot atmosphere you created in the room. He took hold of harry's hands, guiding his middle finger in your folds. You whimpered at the touch, with harry massaging your abdomen. James slowly pressed his son's finger inside you, and you moaned and arched your back. A big hand traced with veins and full of old rings pushed you back by your lower abdomen. Then, the digit started thrusting into you in and out with a sloppy sound. Your moans and whimpers got louder and louder, now also containing james' name.
'Yeh got a little greedy slut here, harry. or atleast she acts like one' the father said and started speeding up his son's finger. 'What if we add another one, hm?'
Harry nodded and you pathetically sniffled yes, please. Such a whore you were for these two hot men.
All of a sudden, james pushed harry's ring finger inside you. The magical speed and the feeling of cold silver rings inside you made you go insane. You moaned, cried, whimpered and begged, even if you didn't actually knew what for. Pitiful pleases were escaping your innocent mouth, something that you didn't know you were capable of. James dropped harry's hand some time ago, so your boyfriend could do the fingering on his own. He was sincerely amazed by his actions, so he kept going. Your breath hitched and your heart skipped a beat when james said 'Try to curl your fingers' and harry obliged. He hit that spot in you that he never touched again. You arched your back again, but a smaller hand than the last time(still full of rings tho) pushed you back, like harry's father did.
'I'm gonna cum, fuck, I'm gonna cum!' you cried and sniffled, waiting for a reply.
'okay love, go for i-' harry tried to say, but his dad cut him off.
'beg for it'
That surprised you, because you haven't done that before. But, the urge to cum was getting to the edge, so you started begging.
'Please, harry, james, please let me cum! pretty please? can't hold it in anymore, please! harry, needa cummie, please!'
'cum then, little slut' a deep voice said, but you didn't even know if it was harry's or james'. You let the reliving feeling wash over you, letting it all out with a muffly 'thanks, haz'.
'and that's how to make a girl squirt. tell me if you need any more help' james said and, with a playful wink, he left the room and closed the door like he never got in.
Harry licked his fingers and sat next to you, hugging your waist while you came down from your high. He gave you a quick peck on the head. You got on your elbows and looked down at your puffy pussy.
'I squirted?' you asked, surprised by your boyfriend's capabilities.
'Mhm' he answered with a smile and put his chin on your head, closing his eyes and holding you very tight.
'What about you? you didn't cum' you said, letting your arms fall back into the mattress.
'Actually...' he got up and showed you a wet spot in his boxers. His cheeks heated up when you let out a giggle.
'Come here' you said and opened your arms for him to rest on your breasts. He placed himself on your boobs and looked up at you.
'I didn't know it was know, to cum in my pants?'
'We learn new things everyday, love.'
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gxtitobxby · a day ago
"potter! it's your girl!" james is out of his chair and jogging to the landline in record time, wiping his face with a wrinkled napkin. his friend passes him the phone with a knowing smile and pats him on the back on his way out.
"hi princess!"
"hi daddy!" the way she's whispering makes james preemptively shake his head.
"where's mummy? you know this number is for emergencies, right bug?"
her little squeaky voice rises a whole octave as she tries to defend herself with a whine. "w-well yes, but I wanted to tell you about the ladybug I found in the yard," he can't help but chuckle when he recognizes the same tone you use when you're trying to get your way. "she chose me daddy, sat in my hand for hours!"
"of course she chose you, angel. prettiest girl on the block." he smiles when she giggles on the other side. he tries again. "where's your mummy?"
this time her voice is back to a whisper, "I'm in the closet, daddy. mummy is making dinn—"
the pair of them gasp quietly when they hear your voice calling for the little girl in the closer, the same little girl who then squeals! when you open the door to catch her red handed. "what's going on here?" james waits until he hears you on the receiver. "james?"
"hi pretty girl." it's sneaky, but he can hear your smile all the way across town.
you sigh, "she shouldn't get used to calling this number all the time."
"I know, baby. but can ya blame her? she loves her daddy. good to know at least someone misses me."
his smile widens when he hears you scoff, "yeah well, hurry home and remind me why I married you, yeah?"
"your wish is my command, princess, already on the way."
"bug, say goodbye to your dad."
"bye daddy!"
"bye, angel! you be good to your mummy, okay?"
"go wash your hands, please!" james laughs as he listens to his little girl run out of the room, already singing an off key rendition of some song he's pretty sure he could recite in his sleep at this point. he knows your attention is back on him when your own little laugh is closer to the receiver. there's a beat of silence. "be safe, okay? I'll see you soon, i love you."
"I love you too, baby. to the moon and back."
you both smile giddily into your phones, "to the moon and back."
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spiritualchange · a day ago
poly! marauders where james punishes reader for no reason and gets caught??
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, degradation, sir kink, dom!remus and sirius, switch!james, sub!reader
pairing: poly!marauders x fem!reader
navigation | weekly schedule
"Jamie stop." You tried to push the boy away. You gasped, feeling the stinging sensation on your cheek.
"That's not my name." He growled.
"I'm sorry sir." You dipped your head.
"James!" Remus called running towards the boy, pulling him away from you. Sirius was next to you instantly, rubbing your hair, whispering in your ear.
"What was that for?" He looked at the Potter boy.
"Was punishing her." James quipped.
"What for?" Remus asked, raising a brow. James gulped, trying to look anywhere but at his dom. Remus gripped his chin, pulling his eyes back to him. "I asked you a question."
"Nothing, just wanted to." He sighed knowing what punishment was coming towards him.
"Knees now." Remus ordered.
"Remmy-" You started. As much as James did wrong you didn't want to get punished.
"No poppet." Sirius answered. "I know you love Jamie but he broke a rule."
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stevies-mind · a day ago
Tumblr media
Begin Again (James Potter x Reader)
This became a lot longer than I thought it would be 🥲 Anyways…let me know what you guys think, this is my first time writing for James, eek.
Word Count: 3,128
Warnings: Fluff (so much fluff), Angst, Kissing, Post sex (Characters are of age), Mention of previous toxic relationships
Summary: One where James shows reader what a healthy relationship looks like. (Inspired by Taylor Swift’s song)
Took a deep breath in the mirror
He didn’t like it when I wore high heels, but I do
When (Y/n) went on her first date with James Potter: she found herself trying on various outfits. The floor of her dorm litters multiple dresses and shoes, none seeming to appease the girl. It isn’t until the clock on her wall reaches seven that she settles for a black satin dress with matching heels.
Scurrying over to her vanity, she takes the pins holding the rollers on her head off, tongue poking out in concentration. Thank merlin, she did her hair and makeup first.
She sprays her perfume on her collarbone before straightening up and smoothing out her dress.
(Y/n) takes one last look in the mirror and sighs, still not completely sold on her outfit.
She makes her way down to the common room, her heart accelerating with every step that she takes. Her thoughts consume her, wondering what he would think of how she chose to present herself for their date.
James paces back and forth, popping his fingers, a soothing mechanism of his that he does when he’s nervous. He stops when he hears the sound of her shoes hitting the wooden floor of the room. James looks up, breathe hitching at her appearance.
“Hey,” she smiles, her eyes meeting his in a longing stare.
“Hey, you look absolutely breathtaking,” he breathes out, taking a few steps towards her.
“Oh?” She inquires, eyebrows raising in surprise. She was used to being told her style wasn’t up to standard. “I-I mean- thank you,” she whispers shyly.
And while the bespeckled boy takes note of this, he opts not to mention it. He offers her his hand, a smile etching on his face. (Y/n) laces her hand with his, she grins at the warm feeling it brought to her.
Turn the lock and put my headphones on
He always said he didn’t get this song,
But I do, I do
After their first date, the pair find themselves hanging out a lot more. So much so that the other marauders took her in as one of their own.
“He’s fucking whipped,” Sirius remarks, one afternoon watching in amusement as James admires the girl go on about her favorite songs. “Reckon he knows?”
“Wouldn’t put it past James to be oblivious,” Remus hums, reading through his potion notes.
Meanwhile, (Y/n) slowly becomes self-conscious when she notices she has been talking none stop. He always hated when she rambled. She wondered if James felt the same way.
“Sorry, I get carried away sometimes,” she murmurs, staring down at the floor. “Must be annoying; I haven't let you have a word in.”
James frowns, placing his hand on top of hers, squeezing it in reassurance. “You silly girl, I adore the way you talk about the things you’re passionate about. Not to mention I am in desperate need of new music recommendations,” he laughs, leaning his head against hers.
She meets his eyes, and she can sense the sincerity that they hold. Her right-hand cups his face, leaning in enough for her lips to hover over his. Although, neither makes a move to go further than they already have.
“For fucks sake, Prongs, kiss her already!” Sirius exclaims from across the room, having been watching the event unfold before him.
“Sirius!” Remus scolds, tucking his parchment under his arm. He takes ahold of Sirius’ wrist dragging him towards the boy's dormitories. “Sorry, you two, carry on,” Remus chuckles.
(Y/n) giggles when she hears Remus scold Sirius about keeping things to himself. She turns to face James once more, taking in his blushing cheeks.
“Padfoot ruined the moment, didn’t he?” James groans.
“Mmm, not really,” she grins, arms winding around his neck to bring him closer. She presses her lips against his, eyes fluttering shut.
James hums in approval, his hand resting on her waist, as he moves his lips against hers. They only pull away when they run out of air, resting their foreheads against one another.
“Thank you, James.”
And while James wants to ask questions, he knows she wasn’t quite ready. So he only nods, pressing a chaste kiss on the corner of her lips.
I walked in expecting you’d be late
But you got here early and you stand and wave, I walk to you
You pull my chair out and help me in
And you don’t know how nice that is, but I do
James waits outside the Three Broomsticks, kicking the snow under his feet. He can’t help the permanent smile plastered on his face; this would be their first date as an official couple.
His eyes light up when he recognizes his girl approaching him. When she is close enough, he pulls her into a tight embrace, burying his face into her neck. “I missed you, my love.”
“Jamesie, we saw each other this morning,” she giggles, running her hands through his hair.
“Mmm, felt like forever to me,” he teases, coming back to his full height, staring down at her.
She bites her lip before standing on her tippy toes to peck his lips.
“Let’s go inside; you must be freezing.”
(Y/n) goes to open the door, only for James to beat her to it. He holds the door for her, following soon after. Once they find a table, he helps her with her coat, placing it neatly on her chair. Only when she is seated does he take a seat across her.
She stares in admiration; she never had someone care about her well-being as he does. It was the small details that he does that made her fall for him.
“Thank you. You know for holding the door and everything.”
James nods slowly, with a small smile. He finds it strange how she thanks him for things that are common courtesy. He sends her a questioning look, only for her to deflect him and stare down at her menu.
Be patient, James, he thought. She’ll talk to you when she is ready.
And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid
I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny ‘cause he never did
James clutches onto his stomach, his laughter filling her dormitory. His eyes crinkle in a way that has (Y/n) feeling giddy inside.
“Merlin, if you keep making me laugh like that, I’m going to get a stomach ache,” he grins, rolling over on his back on her bed.
“You think I’m funny?” She inquires, eyes full of hope.
“Of course you are, my love,” he chuckles, pulling her on top of him; so she’s straddling him.
“He always thought I was dull,” she states calmly, almost as if it was normal. “Said I was better of not saying a word.”
James’s smile fades, lips pursed. His arms tightened around her waist, pulling her closer to his chest. “Yeah, well, he’s a prick with no sense of humor. You’re perfect in every way, don’t ever let anyone make you feel the way he did.”
“Thank you, Jamesie.”
“No need to thank me, love. Everything I’ve said is true. Now finish your story.”
(Y/n) beams, proceeding with her storytelling, while in the warm embrace of her, James.
I’ve been spending the last eight months
Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end
But on a Wednesday in a cafe
I watched it begin again
“You’re blowing this into something bigger than it needs to be!” James rolls his eyes.
“You ignored me the entire night! Godric forbid you to pay an ounce of attention to your girlfriend!”
“For fucks sake, (Y/n); it was my party, of course, I’m going to spend time with my guests.” He crosses his arms, facing away from her.
“That’s not what I’m saying, and you know it. Even Moony felt sorry for me; do you know how humiliating it is to have others notice you ignoring me!”
A scowl forms on his face, not saying a word.
“Why would you invite me to stay at your house over the summer if you’re just going to be annoyed by my presence.”
“Yeah, clearly, that was my first mistake,” he scoffs, now facing her. Regret consumes him the second the words leave his mouth. His heart breaks when he sees the hurt in her eyes.
“My love-”
“I think it’s best I leave,” she chokes out, sprinting towards the door before James can stop her.
She rushes into the guest room, using her wand to pack her bags. She fights the tears threatening to spill out, though her blurred vision doesn’t help her case.
James knocks on the locked door, desperate to talk to her. He probably sounds like a mad man, probably waking up the rest of the estate. Although he doesn’t care, he needs her to know what an absolute idiot he has been.
“Please, my love, I’m sorry!”
A choked sob leaves her chest, the sound of his voice completely breaking her.
“What the hell is going on?” a concerned Sirius hissed from the other side of the door. She can hear their frantic voices as she continues to sob. “You’re a fucking git, James; you better be begging for her forgiveness.”
“Alohomora,” after a few minutes, she whispers the spell to let him into the room. He leans against the wall, not wanting to invade her space.
“I’m sorry for being dramatic,” (Y/n) sniffles, puffy eyes meeting his.
“Merlin, no,” James’ eyes widen, hesitantly walking towards her. “I should not have treated you the way that I did. I am so sorry, my love.” he reaches out for her, waiting for her consent to let him touch her.
She nods, falling into his embrace, her hands coming up to grip his shirt. He shakes his head, disappointed in himself for making the girl he loves feel the way her ex did. He rests his chin on her head, a few tears falling down his face.
“I promise I won’t ever make you feel this way again. I hate that I’m the reason your hurting, fucking hell,” he murmurs into her hair. “I am so sorry, please forgive me.”
The difference between her ex and James is that James apologized. He apologized, and he meant every word. She heard it in his tone in the way he holds her. Almost as if he was sacred, if he let go, she would leave him forever.
“I forgive you, Jamie,” she whispers, nuzzling her nose into his chest.
She can feel his body relax, though his position stays the same.
“I don’t deserve you,” he sighs, “I will never take you for granted, my love.”
“I love you.” she breathes out.
“I love you too.”
“Thank you.”
James was left bewildered. Why the hell was she thanking him.
“For apologizing.” She says nervously.
“It’s the least I could do, don’t ever thank me for apologizing for my mistakes.”
You said you never met one girl who had
As many James Taylor records as you
But I do
We tell stories and you don't know why
I'm coming off a little shy
But I do
James presses one last kiss on her jugular before rolling off her to lay beside her. He pulls the sheets up enough to cover their sweaty bodies. Still, out of breath, from their intimate session, they lay in silence.
She plays with the rings on his fingers, her head resting on his chest.
“How long do we have until the boys come back?” She pouts, wanting nothing more than to stay this way for a while longer.
“I might have bribed them to let us have the room for the night.” He presses a kiss to the crown of her head. “Said they’d sleep in the common room.”
“How’d you get Sirius Black to sleep anywhere but his bed?” She chuckles, shifting her body to get in a more comfortable position.
“He owes me- do you know how many times I had to sleep on the common room floor for his rendezvous.”
She shakes her head in amusement, letting out a content sigh. She never knew what pillow talk was before James. She was used to being left to care for herself while her ex-partner rolled over and slept.
So one can imagine her surprise when James insisted he help her clean up after the first time they had sex. The small details are what made her fall more in love with him with each day that passes.
“Wait! Is that why I nearly tripped over your body that one time,” she giggles, recalling the time she nearly face-planted to the ground.
“Yes, do you know how embarrassing it was- I had the biggest crush on you, and I nearly sent you to Madame Pomfrey.” He groans, “I thought you would hate me; I was so relieved when you started laughing.”
“I was on the verge of yelling at you, but then I saw your face and how mortified you looked,” she grins, turning to face him. “I’m grateful it happened. Who knows how long it would have taken you to talk to me if it hadn’t.”
“Fair point, though I will never admit to Sirius that he played a role in us getting together.”
“Yeah, we’ll repay him by him the godfather to our first child,” she mummers, freezing in place when she realizes what she said. “I mean-”
“Yeah? We have to give the second one to Moony; so he doesn’t feel left out.” His eyes meet hers, a blush now coating his cheeks. “Don’t worry- I think about it too,” he whispers.
“You do?” She gapes.
“Mmhm, I think about our future constantly. I can’t imagine one where you’re not in it.” He rubs circles on her hip, a new mechanism of his he does when he’s nervous.
“I love you, James Potter,” she cranes her neck so that her lips meet his. “Thank you...for loving me.”
And we walked down the block, to my car
And I almost brought him up
But you start to talk about the movies
That your family watches every single Christmas
And I want to talk about that
And for the first time
What's past is past
“Love, you have to stop worrying. I’m sure everything will turn out okay.”
“Jamie, this is the first Christmas we’re hosting in our new home. I need to leave a good impression on your family.”
“Mum and dad love you, babe.” He steals a cookie from the plate she is setting up. He giggles when she shoots him a disbelieving glare.
“Yes, but this is the first time I’m meeting your aunts, uncles, and cousins,” she points out, taking the plate and placing it on the snack table.
“And they will love you just as much, my love.” He reassures her with a quick peck on her cheek and a light squeeze on her hip.
And love her, they did. James’ family was more than welcoming to the woman who made James so happy. She spent the night laughing and getting to know the rest of the Potter family.
She was overwhelmed with the amount of love she had never experienced before. So much so that she excused herself for a moment to take a breather in their backyard.
It wasn’t long before James joined her, having noted her absence. He stands behind her, placing her knitted scarf over her shoulders.
“Thank you. Jamesie.”
“Of course, darling, we don’t need you catching a cold.”
“No, I mean for showing me what real love is.”
His eyes soften, understanding what she implied. She had spoken to him about her past relationship and how alone she felt.
“You always deserved the best. On the contrary, I should be the one thanking you.” He stands beside her, nudging her shoulder playfully.
“Hmm?” (Y/n) looks up at him with a quizzical expression.
Before he can get a word out, the door slides open, and out comes running little Amelia. James’ eight-year-old cousin.
“Auntie Euphemia said to come inside. We’re watching a Christmas film!” She exclaims, bouncing on her feet. She rushes to (Y/n)’s side, taking her hand, “Come (Y/n), I want you to sit next to me.”
(Y/n) nods, following the girl inside. She takes a look over her shoulder, where James follows with a warm smile on his face.
He was her new beginning, the man who mended her broken heart.
But on a Wednesday in a cafe
I watched it begin again
“What are you thinking about Mrs.Potter,” he whispers into her ear.
He guides her against the dance floor, his grip on her waist tightening slightly. Her arms are wrapped around his neck as they sway to the melody of the song.
“I can’t believe I’m your wife. I longed for a love like this.”
“Me too, my love. 17-year-old James Potter would not believe this is real.” He spins her, the white fabric she’s wearing twirling with her.
When she comes face to face with him once more, her hands rest on his chest. His hands find home around her waist again, grinning down at her.
They finish their first dance as husband and wife, their guests erupting into cheer.
In the corner of her eye, she can see Sirius and Remus with shit-eating grins. They always knew (Y/n) and James would be endgame. She sends them a smile, followed by a smirk when Sirius brushes his hand against Remus’.
“They’re totally into each other,” she remarks, her arm linked with her husband’s.
“Definitely, I wonder who will make the first move.”
They walk to their table, taking a short break.
She takes this as her opportunity to share the little secret she has been withholding for a few days.
“On the bright side, if they do decide to get together, they both can be the Godfathers to our little one.”
“Our little one?” He inquires, eyes widening. “My love, are you-.”
“Yes, James, I’m pregnant.” She beams.
James felt like his heart could explode from happiness. He shoots up from his chair, taking his bride with him, picking her up twirling her around.
“Holy shit, (Y/n), we’re having a baby!” He laughs, peppering her face with kisses.
“Jamesie! My makeup.” She whines.
Her brows furrow when he goes silent, eyes full of promise.
“Thank you, (Y/n/n). For everything, for making me the happiest man on earth.”
“Hey, you stole my line!” She teases. “I love you, Jamie.”
“I love you, too. And our little one.”
But on a Wednesday in a cafe
I watched it begin again
Marauders Masterlist
Tag(s): @pandaxnienke
Thank you for reading 🤍
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lonelyhe4rts · 2 days ago
jamie peppering you with kisses when you're feeling down till you're all giggly! for dialogues if you're still doing them
You can’t help but smile, as the brunette beings to cover your face in little pecks, soft kisses littering your damp cheeks, as the tears begin to dry up. “C’mon sweetness, show me that pretty little smile.”
The corners of your lips twitch up, sad eyes morphing into soft ones, James’ following suit as he sees you brighten up. “There we go. Y’know how it goes - if you’re sad, I’m sad. N we can’t have my face looking all pouty, can we?”
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robiedreamland · 9 hours ago
Hi can I request # 35 & 37 in the touch section for James? More fluff
Request prompt list
35. kissing their bruises and scars
37. putting their head on the other’s chest
Your wishes are my command <3
A/N: I realised that it can be James Potter or James Barnes, so, enjoy
☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒
“My beautiful, beautiful Poppet.” James cranked in a huge small once again and gave your cheek the most sweet kiss. “James.” you sighed and turned away from his side, your back facing him. “What? It’s true!” he defended himself and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Lemme see that pretty face once more.” he whispered against your shoulder. You didn’t dare to move, too scared to let him see your face and scars on it.
It was easy during these times to be hidden. Just wearing the hoodie, sunglasses and face mask. And suddenly no one saw anything.
“Fine, do what you want.” James chuckled and rolled you back to face him with his strong arms. “James!” You gasped. “My beautiful, beautiful Poppet.” James smiled once again. “Look like the whole museum, could admire you for my whole lives.” James leaned down and kissed your temple. Right the place where you had the long scar. He knew your thoughts and what do you think about your scars, but what you thought wasn’t the same as what he thought.
“So pretty.” James muttered and kissed your lips, just right where you had another scar. Then your other scar on your cheek. You huffed and tried to roll away, but James quickly caught you. “No, no running away from my kisses that you deserve.” James giggled and blew a raspberry into your neck, making you laugh and that ticklish sensation.
“There it is, all better, my love.” He did that once again and as his reward, you bursted into giggling and laughing.
“Come here.” James said and patted his chest, signaling you to lay on him. You couldn’t resist and you crawled into his open arms like a lost precious puppy. You laid your head on his chest and hummed when you heard his heart beating so calmly.
James wrapped his arm around you and softly stroked your head until you closed your eyes and mewled from all the comfort. Then his other arm found your hand. His fingers danced across the long scar. You always thought that you would feel disgusted if someone would touch you like James. But his touch felt like healing.
“Love you so much, little love.” James whispered and kissed your scar on your temple once again. “Love you even more.” you whispered and grabbed a fist of his T-shirt until you felt yourself falling asleep on James chest.
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soren-mai · 2 days ago
first aid
mentions of a cut
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
you'd never been great at sports, especially quidditch. but your boyfriend, james potter, had convinced you to play with him against his friends, sirius and remus.
you had gotten injured, a large scab on your shoulder from when you had fallen off your broom. nothing had really happened, you had just slipped while trying to hit sirius with a bludger and feel off your broom. to your luck you hadn't been high up in the air.
"james be careful." you whined, as he attempted to a medical spell. "can't we just do it the muggle way? this is lilys house."
"fine, gimme a moment." james sighed. he put his wand down on the counter, and walked over to a cabinet. you watched as pulled out a first aid kit, his muscles flexing underneath his shirt.
james walked back over, first aid kit in hand. he opened up the kit on the counter and examined the items. bandaids, guaze, rubbing alcohol, and some stuff for stiches that you wouldn't need.
your boyfriend pulled out a large bandaid, cotton pads and the small bottle of rubbing alcohol. he dipped a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol, and gently dabbed it over the gash.
you hissed and james muttered a soft apology. he had an intense look of focus on her is face as he cleaned up your wound. his tongue poked out from his lips, and his eyeborws were furrowed. his brown curls fell in front of his face, and his glasses slowly started to slip from his nose.
you used your legs to pull james closer with a smirk on your face. he looked up at you with rosy cheeks and a sheepish smile before going back to your gash.
"jamie~" you sang catching his attention once more. he looked up and asked, "what's wrong love?"
"kiss me, please?" you begged with a sweet smile. james' cheeks grew red again before he cupped your cheek and pulled you up to him. his lips melded with yours, as you kissed slowly.
"hey! i thought you were doing first aid!" sirius shouted, causing the both of you to pull away quickly.
"prongs if this is first aid me and moony have to get on that, huh sweetcheeks?"
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mrstarksslut · a day ago
really wouldn’t complain if i were living in a little home somewhere married to james potter, cooking his favourite dinner for when he gets home, surprising him with a pregnancy test taken earlier that day, and getting extra special railed into the night in return, respectfully tho ofc (bc “i don’t wanna hurt our baby, love”) <3
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faetheforestfairy · 2 days ago
Picnic Date
Pairing : James Potter x Fem!Reader
Summary : Picnic date with the greatest James Potter
Warnings : Fluff , mention of boobs. James being clingy
A/N : GIF not mine
Fae's Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The couple was cuddling in James's king size bed , her head on his bare chest , his hand rubbing her back when she suddenly broke the silence.
"Yes darling?"
She look up at him with a smile on her lips. "Can we have a picnic date tomorrow?". James look up at the ceiling of his bedroom , acting like he is considerating her idea. But , he already have his answer. Of course he gonna say yes. How could he say no to her?
"Please Jamesie"
"Alright then. Anything to make my darling happy"
Now here they are , running down the hill full of wild flowers , basket full of sandwiches , beverages and other foods in her hand. Laugh and giggle filling the air.
James look behind him. The way her white sundress flowing behind her when she's running toward him almost made James didn't believe that she is his. She is truly an angel in his eyes.
Standing in front of her smiling boyfriend she ask "What?"
"Nothing , you're just really beautiful" he said while putting the strands of hair behind her ear. Taking her hand in his , he gently tug her down the hill.
Stopping under the big oak tree , James spread out the picnic mat on the grass. He help Y/N getting the foods and beverages out of the basket.
"Is that a beer? Really James?" She ask , eyebrow raising with hands on her hips. She look like his mum when she find out that her son was smoking with Sirius in his bedroom.
"What? It's not like i'm underage" he chuckled while taking a sip from the can.
Shaking her head , she take a big bite from the sandwich in her hand.
"Look like someone is starving"
"shut up. I didn't eat breakfast today" she defense herself. "Yeah sure , the blueberry pancake that you ate this morning definitely not a breakfast". She look at him with the eyes that say 'shut up and let me eat' while chewing her food making James let out a big laugh.
"alright , alright sorry love". She give him a victorious smile and continue eating. James shake his head before taking another sip of the beer in his hand.
After an hour of them eating , laughing and feeding each other , James decided to take a nap while Y/N read her book that James just bought for her before they went home.
James open one of his eye and look at his girlfriend , nose burried deep in her book , her back against the tree trunk. He laid his head on the girl's lap , trying to get her attention.
But Y/N was still busy with her book (even tho she feel his head on her lap). Not giving up , he raised his hand and fumble with the butterlfy pendant. Trailing his hand down , he gently squeeze her left boob.
"James!" She gasp and look at James who have a pleased smile on his face. "I want your attention" was all he said. Y/N put the book aside (not before marking the page with bookmark). "You have my attention now"
"Good". He grab her hand and put it on his hair. Knowing what he mean , she run her hand through his untidy black hair. James close his eyes with a sigh.
While her left hand is busy , she decide to pick the flowers near them and put it on James's hair. When he doesn't feel her hand stroking his hair James look up at her only to be met with her giggling face.
"You're pretty now"
"What do you- ohh you put flowers on my hair". James laugh at her cuteness. Getting up from his laying position he put one hand on the mat while the other stroke her cheeks lovingly.
"My darling angel". James gently kiss her lips like she is the most fragile thing. She cup his face and return the kiss. Pulling away he rest his forehead on her.
"I love you"
"I love you too Jamesie"
Tumblr media
Reblog , likes and comments would be much appreciated
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ginger-taylorswift · a day ago
James Potter listening to Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure and thinking about how much he wants to be with you. “I would break down at your feet and beg forgiveness, plead with you,” The lyrics filled James’ ears and he so desperately wanted to hold you in his arms. But you were taken by another and he missed his chance “I try to laugh about it, cover it all up with lies. Hiding the tears in my eyes, cause boys don’t cry,”
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morozovastarless · 2 days ago
congrats on 2.2k sweet tina!!!! fully 10000000% deserved! could you do 'the sun' w james where he and reader are just being domestic?
thank you soso muchh! this is a very old one i had in my drafts that i've always wanted to post but never found the right moment. i hope it's domestic enough for you :)
it's just me and my clementine
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings: pregnancy (i just have a thing with james and pregnant!reader okay)
word count: 372
Tumblr media
The heavy rain pelts against the stone steps that lead to your cottage, little puddles forming where the grass-covered ground dips slightly. The trees that surround the area are covered by a misty fog, and even though it’s raining, the hot summer temperature has not dropped.
You and James are sitting on the porch, on a little green couch that you managed to accommodate there. James is shirtless, his back resting against the wooden frame, while you lean against his chest with your legs on his lap as you peel a clementine. In spite of the long white dress you wear, some of the rain that bounces against the stone manages to splash the uncovered skin of your ankles.
James’s hand caresses your slightly round stomach as he talks about the movie he watched yesterday with the guys. “'M telling you, it reminded me so much of us during detention with Minnie!”
“Yeah?” you ask him, handing him a wedge. “I don’t recall any of us writing her a heartfelt letter, though.”
He chuckles. “We probably should’ve. Y’know we were her favourites, she probably would’ve framed it or summat.” He puts the wedge in his mouth and his eyes widen after the first bite. “It doesn’t have any seeds!”
You smile at him. “Nope, I bought them from this little market that Lily recommended. They are a bit more expensive though.”
“Don’t care, they’re really good, poppet. Go on, have one,” he says, grabbing a wedge and handing it to you.
You take it and start munching on it, it's sweet juice exploding in your mouth. Despite its barely there sour hint, it tastes like it's covered in ambrosia.
“They’re really good,” you garble around another wedge.
He lightly taps your stomach, “What about our little bug, do they like it?”
“Well, I don’t want to throw up so I guess they do,” you shrug, and James extends his other hand for another wedge. His fingers keep drawing circles on your stomach, now back to babbling about the movie.
Once you finish the clementine, you nuzzle closer to his body and close your eyes, the sound of the rain and James’s deep voice lulling you to a short nap.
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wrathspoet · 3 hours ago
Shut up (2.2k)
summary: when james accidentally injures you, he can't stop apologizing while he's treating you. you end up taking the matter into your own hands.
warnings: mentions of blood (from injury), lots of cussing
pairing: james potter x fem!reader
a/n: had a little bit of time on my hands so here u go!
Honestly you weren't having it. Today was quite possibly the worst day you've ever had. After hours of taking notes in Herbology, it was ruined just by the mere spell of a puny first year. You were only being nice, offering to tutor the first years struggling with Charms. But the moment those little idiots muttered the spell, your papers were immediately drenched.
So now you were marching down to the greenhouses, your stack of parchment looking like a pure mess. The ink had already bled through the other pages, words barely visible.
But just as you reached to open the glass door of the greenhouse, someone had already beaten you to it. It was this moment that you realized the doors opened outwards. So it was barely a second before the glass came in contact with your face.
You made a small noise, like a scream ... just more shrill. Your hands immediately dropped the stack of parchment and went to your nose. You gripped it carefully, wincing slowly with your eyes tight shut.
"Ah ... fuck." You muttered, biting your lips down to suppress the whimper you were about to let out.
"Oh, fuck." A sound from in front of you copied. "Fuck, fuck, I'm so sorry. I really didn't see you there."
You finally dared to open your eyes, just a glance— only to see James Potter with a panicky and concerned look on his face. His mouth was parted, one hand gripping his satchel and the other open in front of your face like he was looking to inspect your nose.
You suddenly feel something warm stream down the line of your upper lip. Your fingers hesitate before trying to wipe some of the blood off of your face. It did nothing though, you only stained your palms with blood, eventually giving up and just covering your nose in embarrassment.
"Y/n!" James jumped in surprise, feeling ten times more guilty now that he recognized he had just hurt his best friend.
"Fucking hell, James! This is why you need to pay more attention to your surroundings!" You shouted at him, wincing at how sore your nose felt.
"Merlin, I swear I didn't see anyone. You were so quick— and I ... oh, are you okay?" He asked you, as if just now realizing that blood was running down your nose and you were in mild pain.
"No! Fuck no I'm not okay, James!" You shout again, this time pulling your left arm from your nose and shoving him harshly on the chest.
"It's ... so bloody." He said, like the sight intrigued him in a way.
"Shut up! Shut up and help me with this. I hate you so much right now." You huff, groaning as the blood fell to your palm again.
"Sorry! Sorry, Y/n. I'm so sorry." He said sincerely, looking line he was about to explode.
"Shut up!"
"I'm going to hurt you if you don't come back here, James Potter." You commented from your place on his bed.
Right now, you're currently propped up against James' pillows, your legs crossed and your bag dumped on the end of his bed. He had insisted that you both go to his dorm, although it was quite a walk up to the Gryffindor tower. He said that Remus owned quite a lot of stuff for things like a broken nose. You didn't get it, it was easier to go to Madam Pomfrey.
The little shit probably didn't want to get into another weekly round of detention if you were to be checked inside the Hospital Wing. But right now, you were seriously considering telling Pomfrey anyway, wanting James to receive the worst for wounding you like this.
"Just a second, trying to get this drawer to open!" He shouted from the bathroom, bumps and clangs erupting from there. You figured that James was frantically trying to search through Remus' stuff.
You groaned, keeping your head turned up to the ceiling. James said it was to stop the blood from streaming, you didn't care enough to ask him if it was true.
You waited patiently, the woodsy and musky smell filling your nostrils as you leaned closer to his pillows. If you weren't on the brink of physically hurting James, you would've admitted that his smell comforted you.
A shout of surprise came from the bathroom, and our came James with his arms full of all sorts of stuff you wouldn't question. It looked like there were some bandages, bottles of some strange liquid, and a very long train of tissue paper.
You groaned again as James sat himself beside you, leaning closer to inspect the mess on your face.
"Hurts so bad." You say, biting your lips and dabbing at your nose with the damp cloth James gave you. Tears well in your eyes, finally streaming down when you interfere with your hand.
James is taken aback, immediately asking you what was wrong and how he could fix it. "Why're you crying?" He asks, his tone indicating that he has no idea what to do.
You hold up a hand to him, the other covering your face. "Just— nothing. Just how this day turned out. My notes were ruined by a first year I was tutoring. And now my nose is broken, and I'm in so much pain I think i may die."
"What? Don't be dramatic, Y/n. You won't die, it's just a broken nose." James says, as if that would make you feel better.
You shake your head but don't utter a word, keeping the line of tears on your cheeks. James stares at you, muttering all kinds of little praises he could to try and make you stop crying. When you finally gather your voice, you shout at him. "Just a broken nose? Do you even know how it feels, hm? Hurts like bloody fuck, that is."
James looks like he's speechless, now knowing how to handle the state you're in. "Stop ... please, stop crying." He said tiredly.
"This is all your fault! Now I look awful and ... and weird! Imagine if someone saw me like this— I bet I look horrible right now." You said, sighing dissapointedly.
James looked guilty, a frown deepening on the curve of his lips. "Fuck, I'm so sorry. I know I said it before and you told me to shut up— but fuck, fuck— I'm so sorry, Y/n." He said again, making it clear to you how genuine his apologies were.
"Yeah, fine. I'm forgiving you because that actually sounds genuine." You scoff, rolling your eyes at his now joyful face.
"It is genuine. And you don't look horrible." He seemed a little comforted by your words, sighing and leaning closer to your face. James dares to press a kiss on your forehead, the single touch of his lips enough to make your nose stop stinging for a second. "Still pretty." He mutters, so low that you barely hear it.
But with the way he's so close to you, he obviously didn't think through his words first. James flushes, his cheeks turning turning that familiar pink tint you loved loved much. The sight of him in front of you is so distracting that you don't realize when he cups your cheeks in his hands.
Now he's talking more seriously, taking in how bad the injury actually is. "Think the bloods stopped." He tells you, his fingers pulling your cheeks gently to bring you closer.
Your breath catches in your throat because of how close you were to him "W-What next? It's broken, might need a spell for it." You say, looking straight at his eyes while doing so.
"Uh— yeah. Yes, I could do that." He says, clearing his throat and staying silent for a moment. "But ... it may hurt." He says sheepishly.
You groaned again, hands going up to his neck and resting it there. "James. I'm literally in so much pain right now, I'll take a second of it for this to be gone. Alright? Don't worry, make it quick." You inform him, your words being a bigger comfort to the boy himself.
James seemed to freeze up when your fingers started fiddling with the hair on the nape of his neck. Your touch felt warm, soft, and so light on his. You drew random shapes on his skin, the boy turning red at such a simple touch. He cleared his throat once more, trying to get rid of the red tinge on his cheeks. "Uh— sit up for this. And hold my hand."
When you did, your hand went to his. The left one that wasn't performing the spell gripped yours. His right hand was holding his wand, his lips muttering the spell silently. When James finally gathered himself, he then directed the wand right at your face.
The second the words came out of his mouth and the spell hit you, you were a mess. Your nose righted itself, a cracking sound erupting louder than you expected. Then when you finally felt a second of comfort, your nose started feeling utterly painful and sore. Your head felt dizzy too, one of the side effects of a spell casted on your face.
If James was panicking, it was internally. Because he only stared at you, his mouth shut as you groaned wildly.
"Oh, Merlin." You stand up from the bed ready to head to the bathroom. "James, is that how it's supposed to feel?" You ask him, tears already streaming down the apple of your cheeks.
He nods, holding you down on the bed. "Yes, perfectly normal." He says, his hand going for one bottle of the strange liquid and uncapping the cork. "Here, c'mon. Drink this." He says simply, ordering you to come closer.
When you lean closer to him, James tips your head back and pour the liquid for you to drink. You cough a little, sighing when the buzz starts to eventually fade.
James moves aside and let's you fall on his bed, his scent enveloping you entirely. You feel yourself getting lighter withe very touch James gave. He tucked your legs into the covers, making sure your head was propped on the pillows comfortably so you wouldn't get dizzy again.
Then you were finally done, all tucked in his bed— warm, and feeling a bit better. Your eyes glinted at his, "Still hurts a little." You tell him, voice slightly muffled because of the pillow underneath your cheek.
James looks at you, with those soft eyes. His finger dares to move closer to you and softly trace the line of your nose. "You look like that muggle reindeer. The one with the red nose." He says, admiring you delicately.
James feels like his heart is about to explode at the moment. You were tucked gracefully in his bed, the covers draped up to your neck. Your hair was spread all over his pillow, lips looking so plump and inviting. "You need to learn to shut up, Jamie."
James chuckles, "Can I join you here?" He asks, steering the topic away. You nod and move so that he has some space to fit in the bed. James immediately wraps his arms around you, bringing you closer to his chest. He's careful enough to not accidentally graze your still recovering nose.
"You're so warm." You mutter, extending your arm to drape over his neck. "I love it, you're like a heater. It's a muggle thing, don't ask." You add, knowing he was about to ask anyway. James loved it. Loved you. He loved how you were so quick to forget the past and immediately change the topic at random to comfort him.
"Would you tell me to shut up again if I said I'm sorry again?" He asked abruptly, sensing that you were now rolling your eyes in his arms.
Since James was larger than you, he kind of enveloped you with his body. You groaned and slid up, putting your hands to his chest and shoving playfully. "Please, oh, please give me a little peace, Potter." You say tiredly.
"Yes I know, you've said that but— really I'm really sorry. I didn't fucking see you in the end of that door, I was talking to Pads inside and— wait, or was it Moony? I don't remember, but the point is that I wasn't paying attention. And I should've! Point is, I hate hurting you and—"
One thing that you've known since the moment you've met this boy, is that he was so talkative. You loved it of course, how he could just better the mood with his words. But sometimes, times like this— you have to handle him another way.
Your hands go to the collar of his shirt, not waiting any longer before pressing your lips to his. James tastes sweet, his lips just as plump as it looks. You don't sense a beat of hesitation from him, it's as if he's been waiting to do this. When he pulls you closer, your noses bump into each other and you pull away in surprise.
Your hands immediately go to his face and covering it to hold him back from you. "Youre still not paying attention! Gentler next time." You reprimanded him, softly gripping the sides of your nose in pain.
James' eyes widens, "Sorry— I'm so sorry—"
"Shut up!"
—@ wrathspoet
general taglist: @regulusblackswhorecrux
james potter: @rqmanoff
marauders: @risingtripletaurus @athenapotter /send me an ask if you want to be added to the taglist!
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sailorwritesstuff · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Poly Mauraders buying a fuck ton of junk food, putting it in lily's purse, and sneaking into muggle movies.
James: *whisper* lily pad can you pass the chocolate frogs-
Sirius: shhhh
remus: shhhh
y/n: yeah shut up.
James: rude...
Lily: *throws chocolate frog* shhhhh
ps: i like to think they went and saw the muppets (1979)
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spiritualchange · 11 hours ago
hii! i was wondering if you could help me find a marauders fic (if not it's totally okay and feel free to ignore this ask!) it's poly! marauders, and the reader isn't feeling fine but none of the boys seem to notice except sirius. they ignore him bc he usually isn't the greatest at comforting the reader but it turns out he was right. that's it, tysm :')
i haven't heard of that fic, sounds super interesting though
maybe one of my followers can help
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scandalous-chaos · 5 hours ago
can i request a ☄️ for jamie boy with the prompt "have you thought about kissing me?"
"Wanna play truth or dare?"
"No," both Marlene and you said in unison.
"Why not?" James frowned.
"I don't want to take part in a dangerous game," you shuddered. "Sirius would ask me to go to the Forbidden Forest, or worse, kiss you or something."
"Awe, have you thought about kissing me?" James asked, smiling suggestively. 
"You're embarrassing yourself," you said, rolling your eyes.
"You know you love me. But anyway, the game's near the Black Lake if you wanna stop by."
"Nope," you replied, looking back at your book again. After Marlene made sure he was gone, she started her questions.
"Have you though?"
You looked at her, confused. "Have I what?"
"Thought about kissing him?" She raised an eyebrow, as if silently daring you to lie to her, your best friend.
"Well, I've dreamt of it twice but he doesn't have to know that," you replied, giving in. 
Before she could gasp or react, a black dog the corner raised its head, then proceeded to run out of the door, almost as if it's following James.
"I didn't know Hogwarts allowed pet dogs," you said curiously.
"They don't," Marlene corrected, shaking her head.
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lonelyhe4rts · 20 hours ago
ooh doing dialogues are we? could i request trying to watch a movie with james but he keeps trying to get in your pants until he's just too cute and you give in
His hand keeps edging it’s way to your inner thighs, fingertips tickling the skin and each and every time, you’re shaking your head, rolling your eyes and pushing his palm away, wanting to focus on the film more than the fluttery feeling that brews in your tummy.
“James, c’mon. Not here, there’s people around us.” You chastise as he tries again, his eyes wide and begging to let you in.
“Just wanna make y’feel good, besides there’s barely anyone around us. I chose the back row for a reason, my darling.” By the time you’re done, you two have put on a better show than the actual film <33
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myrapottah · 19 hours ago
Can I pleasssse get a mean!dom Harry or James smut and him literally rearranging your insides with bratty!reader
ah okok here is a little blurb/dialogue I made it james bc I can't picture harry in the scenario he is just too soft
tw: smut
pairing: mean!james x bratty!reader
a/n: I don't have too much plot so here's a little blurb for the ask <3
He threw your shirt in the corner of the room. And god, he does that only when he is madly angry.
Why? Because you've been acting bratty all day. You wore that short skirt that only james was allowed to see, you kept flirting with a slytherin while he was practicing qudditch, and in every class you looked at him with big doe eyes, that begged him to fuck you.
'Come here, brat' James placed you harshly on the bed and spanked you on the cheek, earning a pathetic cry from you.
He quickly took of his pants and boxers and he left his shirt on, knowing you get very annoyed when you can't see his muscles while he fucks you. He shoved your panties aside and slapped your clit, you bucking up at the sudden friction.
You didn't dare to say anything. You knew you were the one who asked for it and pulled james to the edge, so now you had to take it like a good girl and let him express all his anger in you.
He pounded into you cruelly hard and a tear already was running down your cheek, even if it was just the first thrust.
'Already crying, slut?' he asked and smacked you again, this time knowing it would leave a mark. He was hitting spots deeper and deeper in you, until he found you g-spot. You almost screamed his name when he touched your sensible muscle.
'Is this the attention you wanted when you were flirting with that fucking slytherin?' you didn't say anything but some uncertain whimpers so he grabbed your face harshly, forcing you to look at him.
He was damn angry, you could tell. or you could not, because you were too fucked up to even think.
'Answer me' he grabbed your chin and looked in your foggy eyes.
''m sorry!'m sorry d-daddy!, that was the only thing that james could understand from your sniffles. ' can I c-cum? please, d-daddy! ' you managed to form a full sentence, that made james cruelly giggle.
'Not after the show you put for that boy, baby. bad girls don't get to cum that easily' he said, abusing you g-spot with every word that came out of his mouth. 'you need to learn who you belong to'.
tags! @moonlitmeeks
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