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#james pull
defeateddivasa day ago
Tumblr media
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akhilleus-kosmos7 days ago
something something James Bond deciding on his name based on his new relationships with the rest of the Moriarty group is also a way to underline a certain lack of agency as a henchman who solely exist for them and their plans.
Not to mention that he doesn鈥檛 even get to pick his first name which,, well, let鈥檚 look at it this way.
If a trans person doesn鈥檛 get to choose his first name (that everyone will use for him on a daily basis) and chooses his last name as a direct link to those who didn鈥檛 give him a choice,,,,, let鈥檚 just say that it鈥檚 badly written and has dangerous undertones.
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egg-waffles167 days ago
Callum,Oscar and Clem all went to the same school馃槸
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momlookitsaweed10 days ago
in regards to a s1 polycule au
s1 polycule au but everyone is alive but jon doesn鈥檛 know it. this includes spiral!sasha, desolation!tim, and Web/Lonely? Martin. and it鈥檚 just....
Jon still works at the archives, slowly falling deeper and deeper into a pit built by working and guilt and regret and all the emotions he鈥檚 stuck with because he feels somehow lost without his assistants. without the sound of sasha and tim laughing with each other, or martin coming in at the odd time to give him tea, the archives feel just about as dead as he thinks they are.
and sasha, tim and martin are stuck watching as he falls apart without anyone to drag him back up again, knowing how much they鈥檒l risk if they try to help him, and in some case, wanted to.
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mischief-and-maraudery12 days ago
the marauders and hugs
i could honestly write a whole essay about my headcanons for this. but instead, here鈥檚 a lil rambly post that probably makes no sense.聽
james: his hugs are tight, enthusiactic and, most of all, frequent. james potter is very much a hugger. personal space and boundaries are not words that are in his vocabulary, but he is trying to do better for his friends, cause he knows they need their space sometimes. he tries to practice asking for consent before attacking people with hugs but most of the time he forgets.聽
sirius: growing up, the concept of hugs were pretty much foreign to him. he鈥檚 still pretty protective of his personal space, unless it comes to his friends. especially with james and remus, he loves to cuddle and be as close to them as possible. when he鈥檚 happy or excited, he will hug them so tight they can barely breathe. when he鈥檚 having a bad day, he wants to be cuddled and held close, preferably by remus.聽
remus:聽 he is hardly ever the one to initiate hugs. usually he isn鈥檛 sure when the right time is, and he鈥檚 always worried of doing the wrong thing. however, remus really gives the best hugs, even if they鈥檙e slightly rare. his hugs are warm and soft and so fucking nice, and the rest of the marauders can never get enough.聽
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altered2821 days ago
monza winner me thinks
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wancestroll21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
watching the race with pink tinted sunglasses like
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trainbowrocketmoved22 days ago
constantly stuck between wanting to present as a campy villain or really lean into the yellow /pink aesthetic
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afro-elf24 days ago
Sarah deserves to get dicked down by James Buchanan Barnes. The good sis has earned it, and I am rooting for her. I want him to [REDACTED] her [REDACTED] all over that boat. I want the boys calling him daddy. I need Sam to wake up and find him in the kitchen making eggs.
i KNOW, she works so hard!!!! best of luck to her!!!!!!!!
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lundgaard24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Monza race previews - James Pull (Team WRT)
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callumilott24 days ago
Tumblr media
鉁岋笍鉁岋笍 from James
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gianiandthekiwi24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ive only had team wrt car #30 for like 2 days but mayhaps they are the loml
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wancestroll25 days ago
from twitch pressie 4 u
鈥 鈥 鈥
OH MY GOD 馃槶馃ぃ馃槶馃ぃ
How did he find this? I鈥檓 glad he鈥檚 probably just confused and i didn鈥檛 hurt his feelings. If I was in the twitch chat at the time I would鈥檝e howled but Yh sweating a bit. I talked so much trash during a survey about how no driver comes to tumblr but here I am. Reaping what I sowed. It鈥檚 truly so cute when he 鉁岎煆锯湆馃従 :P that鈥檚 the main thing !
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hypersoft27 days ago
my boy james has the sexy gulf livery??????
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heffrondriving28 days ago
So I can鈥檛 get this one post out of my head and wanted to hear how Kendall and Carlos鈥檚 parts would line up in the first verse, and I thought both versions sound really interesting when played together, so here鈥檚 a thing I did. BTR鈥檚 Just Getting Started with the demo version on the left ear, and the album version on the right ear. Stereo headphones or earphones 100% obligatory because this would most likely sound like a deep-fried mess without them. But other than that, I hope this sounds okay!!
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