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#james rhodes

Rewatching some episodes of Iron Man Armored Adventures and my love for this show only grew.

Tony and Rhodey are brothers/best friends

Tony has a good relationship with Howard

Pepper becomes Rescue and before she did, she was still an important part of the team

Teen!Pepperony was adorable

I have so many feels about Gene omg

I love how Gene and Pepper went from not liking each other to Pepper being the only person Gene didn’t want to fight/hurt

Feel free to message me if you wanna talk about this show!

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It’s Time To Say Good Bye

Ok everyone

with this post, we officially conclude the Rhodeyweek2020 (Rhodeyappreciationweek May 2020).

Although the event is over, we will always enjoy people tagging us and contributing more Rhodey things. 

We loved all of those wonderful recs and new Rhodey fanworks (fics/arts gifs and and and). 

A lot of astonishing things have come together, all contributed by the lovely fandom. ❤

We, the mods, are very pleased with this event, becaue we had a very good time and hope you all did too. 

In the next few hours we will post a masterlist with all the new content from day 1 to 6. For the recs and reblogs, just browse our blog ( @rhodeyappreciationweek ), there are amazing things! 



Ok, ok, I’m good.

Thank you everyone and hopefully, see you next year.


-Mod J and Mod R

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the inaugural Marvel Fandom Scramble and helped to make it a smashing success! Throughout the final week of May, we will be posting three works everyday from creators throughout the Marvel fandom who took on the task of writing a fanfiction or creating a piece of art for randomly selected characters and tropes. Please enjoy what they have worked so hard on and make sure to leave lots of comments and kudos. They make all creators happy (whether they like to admit it or not!).

Check in every day this week at 7pm Eastern Standard Time for new works from our creators!


- Mod Mags


Originally posted by mrs-starkspangledbanner

Title: It is either here or now, or it is never 

Author: scotchandwhitelies

Rating: General Audiences

Characters: Thor/Clint Barton

Prompt: Soulmates AU



Originally posted by july-rck

Title: Finding a Bunk

Author: pherryt

Rating: General Audiencs

Characters: Hulk/Loki

Prompt: Having to Share a Bed



Originally posted by astoundingbeyondbelief

Title: Nothing Else Matters

Author: WinterSabbath

Rating: General Audiences

Characters: Shuri & James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Pairing: Steve/Bucky)

Prompt: Regency AU



Originally posted by barnesiove

Title: Your teeth in my neck

Author: Malaiika

Rating: Not Rated

Characters: Brock Rumlow/Wanda Maximoff

Prompt: Bakery AU



Originally posted by fogsrollingin

Make sure to signal boost and follow @marvelfandomscramble​ for the daily master list! We will be posting new fics for one more day and we hope you enjoy them all as much as we did creating them!

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Hershey Clouds  by @jamesbuckystark

Rating: Gen

Summary: Rhodey is there when Tony gets his wisdom teeth pulled

No warnings apply

Home for the Non-Holidays by CrunchySalad

Rating: Explicit

Summary:  Jarvis (the human one) is visiting Tony for the weekend. Pepper has warned the Avengers that Jarvis never approves of anybody except for Rhodey, but the gang takes that as a challenge to do their best to impress him. Rhodey himself isn’t particularly looking forward to the weekend, for reasons that are related to the fact that Jarvis is always pushing him to make an honest man out of Tony, despite the fact that they aren’t actually together.

Warnings: Explicit sexual conduct

outside voices  by Areiton

Rating: Gen

Summary:  That boy will only bring you trouble.

No warnings apply

heartbreaker  by Areiton

Rating: Gen

Summary: You always thought that loving Tony was the hardest, best thing you’d ever do. You stopped lying to yourself about that, about loving him, years ago. There’s no point in lying about something that’s written into your bones, a part of you as much as your military service is, as much as flying is. 

No warnings apply

Pretend We’re In Love (The Heartache Still Hurts) by @marvelingjules  

Rating: Teen

Summary: Rhodey’s dad is dying, and what he’s always wanted is for Rhodey to be happily married. Tony and Rhodey were best friends, and haven’t spoken in years. But after a chance meeting at the airport, and a desperate, insane idea on Rhodey’s part, they end up pretending to be engaged.But how much of it is really pretend?

Warnings: Implied/referenced homophobia, Implied/referenced torture

This one is a tear jerker folks, but as always, a happy ending


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Title: Gonna Pick You Up When You Fall
Collaborator Name: ceealaina
Link: AO3
Ship: IronBros
Rating: Teen
Major Tags: Fluff and Angst, MIT Era, Meet-Ugly
Summary: Jim Rhodes isn’t sure how he feels about having the Stark heir for his roommate, right up until he meets Tony and finds he’s the very last thing he expected.
Word Count: 3643

Written for the prompts Engineer, Yearning, and ‘Stop that’ for @rhodeyappreciationweek

When Jim had gotten the letter informing him that he’d been assigned as a roommate to Anthony Fucking Stark, he had almost called up the residence office and informed them that it wasn’t going to happen, and he wanted to be reassigned to literally anybody else. He’d worked his ass off to get into MIT and the last thing he wanted was to be saddled with some rich, white child – he was only fifteen, for fuck’s sake – who had been pretty much guaranteed a spot anywhere from birth, just because of who his father was. 

He had actually been on hold with Mia in the Reassignment department when his mother had walked into the room, glanced at the phone he was holding in one hand and the letter he had in the other, and had hummed in that way she had. 

“What?” Jim asked, eyes narrowing suspiciously. 

“Nothing,” she assured him, with a pointed look at the paper in his hands. “I just feel bad for that boy, is all.” 

“Bad?” Jim repeated incredulously. “Momma, he’s one of the richest kids in America. He’s had everything he’s ever wanted.” 

“Still. Can’t be easy to grow up with that kind of pressure, all those expectations.” She had leaned in, kissing him on the cheek. “I’m so proud of you, Jimmy, but you know I’d be proud of you no matter what you did, right?” 

Jim had hung up the phone. 


There was no sign of Stark or his family or even any hired help the entire time that Jim and his family were moving his stuff into the dorm. He’d half expected Anthony to already be there, some sort of Early Move-In Day just for rich people. But since he wasn’t there, Jim refused to feel guilty for taking the good bed beside the bigger window. Maybe Anthony had changed his mind and decided to go to CalTech instead, and Jim could have the whole room to himself. 

After getting all his stuff moved in, he had to see his family off. Then there was ‘mandatory’ Frosh Teambuilding, which consisted of a bunch of juvenile trust activities that felt more like the kind of stuff white people did at summer camp on TV. And then there was dinner, and then a ‘mandatory’ floor meeting going over all the rules of living on campus, after which he’d wandered over to the student union building and almost immediately gotten pulled into a truly painful conversation with one of the guys from his assigned frosh group. 

By the time he was making his way back to the dorm, he was exhausted and had all but forgotten about his MIA roommate. Distracted with thinking about his bed, and the things he had to get done before classes started, it took him a minute to process what he was seeing when he stepped into his room and found the previously unoccupied side of the room fully decorated, complete with a large television and an NES. He blinked a minute, and then spotted Anthony Stark himself, sitting on the window sill over Jim’s bed, thank you very much, leaning out the window to smoke a cigarette. He was wearing tight jeans and a polo shirt, the collar popped, with a pair of expensive sunglasses dangling from the neck, and Jim shook his head. 

“Oh no,” he declared. 

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For today’s @rhodeyappreciationweek, I have some recs to show!! I tried searching for the author’s tumblrs, but managed to find a few. But they don’t have the links of their works ; - ;

I wish my list was longer, but I still have a lot to read, apparently. Thank you for hosting this event, this has been so much fun, and I enjoyed bringing more Rhodey content!!

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Tony, pouting: Stephen said that if I ever go broke I’d never be able to work at Mcdonalds because I’d burn all the food :(

Rhodey: you wouldn’t burn all the food

Tony: awww thanks, see this is why you’re my best frie-

Rhodey: -you’d set it all on fire


Tony: OK so now that you’re out of my will-

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Civil War Soldiers/Party At My Parents’ House but set in Captain America: Civil War

original link

James Rhodes/War Machine - Beck Bennett

Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Jimmy Fallon

Tony Stark/Iron Man - Bobby Moynihan

Clint Barton - Harry Styles

Vision - Alex Moffat

T’Challa/Black Panther - Mikey Day

Sam Wilson/Falcon’s missiles - Cannon firing at the song’s end

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Rhodey Week - Day 7


Do you have a favorite Rhodey fic you wanna share?  An art that brought you to tears?  Something you created that deserves more love?  NOW IS YOUR TIME!

It can be something you did, or someone else (please reblog from the original source, no reposting), new or old or anything in between.  SPAM OUR TUMBLR, Y’ALL!  Find that Rhodey content wherever it lurks, and let us give it love!

As always, make sure to @ us and tag #rhodeyweek2020 with your fills!


Originally posted by spockvarietyhour

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(See bottom for Author’s Notes) 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers 

Characters: Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, James (Bucky) Barnes, James (Rhodey) Rhodes

Summary: Bucky and Clint get into some stupid sh*t while in the civilian world and Steve overreacts. Rhodey brings up some stupid sh*t Steve did in bootcamp, and Bucky loses his shit. 

“You see a literal living, breathing dinosaur, and your first instinct is to run toward it?” 

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marvel characters as things my friends have said in our gc (maybe ill add more parts but idk)
tony: dnd: dungeons and daddy issues
steve: Golly look at me guys I already know all the I.G. slang! See I even spelled it I.G. instead of instagram. This. Is. PRoGress
bruce: I'm tired so idk if I'm interacting properly
clint: i spiritually identify as a talkin ninja ostrich
natasha: at my funeral can u open my coffin and have it be empty and then have a spotlight on the ceiling fan where my dead body hangs from a rope while spinning in a circle while "highway to hell" plays in the background
thor: I know what a regatta is but it *italics* sounds *normal* like a sandwich
rhodey: *about civil war* oh no the French are invading france
sam: a psa to all the heteros who have more kids than they want: we'll eat them for u
bucky: this past week i've gotten an hour or two of sleep tops each night. not bc i'm up on my phone or anything lol but because i'm slowly going insane
tchalla: [shuri] taught me how to post more than one pic at a time lol I'm such a boomer
strange: Alright im changing the topic cuz that was mad crazy
scott: so are we BOTH disappointments or are you NOT A DISAPPOINTMENT
peter: GASP she doesnt like meeee imma go cry in the corner now til you apologize to yourself and therefore me
ned: dude king julien is my man
mj: *after being called hot and dangerous* we been knew
shuri: my [brother] told me to put on french music for [him] through [his] bluetooth and [he] doesnt know it but [hes] listening to Candy Store in french TrOLLlOLOl
peter q: you've heard of basic human rights. now get ready for... complicated alien lefts
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Rhodey looked up as Luce wheeled herself into Tony’s hospital room, her curls haphazardly thrown into a ponytail as she did her best to wheel over to the side of the bed Rhodey was sitting next to.

“Hi Jamie.” She said quietly, and Rhodey smiled at her softly, his hand still intertwined with Tony’s. Tony was still fast asleep, the anesthesia still not gone from his system. He looked so young when he was asleep, Rhodey noted.

“He saved me.” Luce whispered, her voice cracking as tears flooded her eyes. “He didn’t have to, but he saved me Jamie.” Rhodey looked at her, before responding. “That’s his job. Saving people.”

Luce stared at Tony, pulling her wheelchair closer so she could place her hand on top of Rhodey’s. “Our boy just had as hell of a day.” Rhodey continued. “But he loves us, and sadly, he’s willing to sacrifice himself for us and Pep and Happy.” Luce chuckled darkly at that.

He looked her over. Her forehead still had gauze on it, her black eye had reduced in swelling, and other than the cast on her left leg, she looked otherwise unharmed. But Rhodey knew Luce. He had pretty much raised her and Tony during their MIT years. They were both experts at keeping people from seeing what was really going on.

It was how Tony’s ADHD and suicidal tendencies were ignore for nearly 38 years. How Luce stayed in a abusive marriage for nearly 20+. Rhodey knew them, and he knew that Luce hadn’t gotten any sleep after her leg was set and put in it’s cast.

“Luce sweetheart.. Let’s get you to bed. That way you can see Elisa tomorrow morning.” He stood up, placing his hands on the handles of Luce’s wheelchair, ready to wheel her out. “No!” Luce barked. She looked back at Tony, worried that she had woken him up. “I-I can’t Rhodey. I can’t leave him! I’m not leaving him!”

They shared a look, and Luce silently pleaded with Rhodey to let her stay in Tony’s room. “I promise. When I get tired, I will call a nurse to bring me to my room. I just.. I need to be near him right now.”

And well, Rhodey understood that feeling all too well. He sighed, running a hand over his face. “Ok fine. But please Luce, sleep at least a little bit. I don’t want Elisa to worry about you more than she already is.”

Luce grinned. “Thank you Rhodey.”

“No problem Sweetheart.”

Rhodey knew Luce. And he knew Tony. They were going to be ok at the end of it all. And they would be ok, together.

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Rhodey scoffed, “FRIDAY showed me what happened. I saw it all. I read between the lines man, and you were the one doing all the pushing away.”

“Yeah…” Tony said.

Rhodey’s amusement morphed into something warmer as he placed a steady hand on Tony’s shoulder, “What are you waiting for?”

“I…don’t know. A clearer sign I guess, that I can try this again and it won’t all crash and burn and won’t walk away feeling more broken than before and wow, ok, saying that out loud really makes me feel like a coward.”

Rhodey’s entire being exuded a honey glow—and yet he still wondered why Tony called him his honey bear—as he responded, fingers tightening briefly over his shoulder, “You’re not a coward, I’m over here still bruised by Carol’s rejection. Can’t imagine how you felt after everything was nearly perfect with Pepper. But, at the same time there’s always a limit to how long you can wallow in that hurt and fear.”

Tony scrunched his nose, “I hate when you’re right.”

The man flashed a smirk, “Then you must hate me a lot seeing as I’m always right.”

Tony gasped, “Are not.”

“Are too.”

“Are not!”

“Are too and you know it.”

Tony grinned. He knew it, always did. Always would.

“Are not.”

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