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#james rhodes
Tony's assorted robots learning how to fence. JARVIS learning how to fence, and then getting a robot body, and figuring out how to do the footwork. Rhodey in full period Halloween costume with proper swordsmanship even after a long, drunken college party.

All of the bots learning fencing just because they want to be near Rhodey.

(Tony would be offended- he’s their dad!- but Rhodey is their 1337 Godfather, that’s the official term they agreed on, and it’s only right and proper they want to impress him too.)

Also the mental image of young Don Cheadle in period costume with fencing equipment, facing off against a robot with a sword, is. It’s a lot right now and it is very much needed. Thank you for that.

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iron husbands?

yaaaaaas thank u ❤️❤️❤️

who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

tony is the hunter; he comes from a long family of hunters who hunted werewolves in europe and then crossed the pond to come to the us. rhodey is heir/alpha to one of the royal bloodlines and centuries of survival instincts carved into his very dna has taught him to keep a low profile. rhodey’s kept an eye on tony since college because their respective bloodlines have a long, bloody history. when wolves start turning up dead, rhodey assumes tony must be responsible, so he shows up in new york, ready to put tony’s entrails on display in time square as a statement to the humans. except, to his surprise, he finds out tony has not only left his family’s bloody history behind in the past, he’s become a vocal activist campaigning for the rights of magical creatures in the country, including the werewolves. cue, rhodey and tony team up to find out who’s killing the wolves and take them down; in the process, they obviously fall in love.

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

tony is the mermaid; he’s been cast out of his family because of a mistake that got many merpeople and other marine creatures killed. he’s been struggling to survive in the vast depths of the ocean, depressed, lonely and almost going out of his mind. one day, he sees a fishing boat capsize; while the land breathers are obviously an enemy, he ignores his basic survival instincts to help the fisherman struggling to stay afloat in the rough waters. tony brings the fisherman to a nearby island, with lots of greenery in the middle and no humans on it, and tends to his wounds (a broken arm, cuts and bruises etc). when the fisherman comes to, tony learns his name is rhodey and that, like him, he had also been cast out of his family and has nowhere else to go; that’s why rhodey had set off for the ocean, hoping the waters would take him somewhere new. tony proposes that given their similar situation, they can begin their life anew on the island. and rhodey agrees.

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

tony’s the witch, rhodey is the familiar. tony spent the first 20 years of his life thinking he didn’t have magic, even though everyone in his family is a witch or a warlock. rhodey’s an animagus; his animal form is a grey wolf, and he had been with tony since he was a puppy and tony an infant. one day, tony is being chased by a wendigo and rhodey leaps in front of it to save tony’s life, getting seriously wounded in the process. tony panics because rhodey’s literally bleeding out in his arms and he summons every last bit of strength and wills rhodey’s wounds to close shut. they do; and suddenly tony feels the magic surge through his veins, beat against his pulse and thrum in his ears. rhodey’s wounds heal completely within minutes and tony, with his newfound powers, drags his best friend and familiar to the nearest bar for a celebratory drink because “fuck you, howard, i’m a witch.”

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

tony is the barista. he runs a small coffee shop that fits barely 10 people indoors and business has been bad ever since a fancier café opened across the road. tony knows he’s going to probably have to close down soon and move out of the city because he can no longer afford rent. one night, right before he’s about to close for the day, a tired businessman comes stumbling in and offers a $100 bill for a cup of coffee. tony notices how distressed and tired the man looks, so he lets him in and makes him a strong cup of coffee and warms up some meat pie, which the latter accepts gratefully. he finds out that rhodey’s under a lot of stress because the board of directors at his company is trying to oust him from power. tony lends rhodey a listening ear that he desperately needs and they stay there in the café until 3am. from next day onwards, rhodey becomes a regular patron at the café, but business still dwindles until one day, tony puts up a notice outside informing customers that he will close down by the end of the week. rhodey doesn’t show up for the next several days and tony assumes he probably gets his coffee from the other café now; until, on friday, as tony’s about to close his outlet for the final time, rhodey shows up and hands him a stack of papers: it’s the purchase deed for the space across the road. turns out, rhodey made the other café owner an offer they couldn’t turn down. rhodey tells tony that he quit his job as ceo of his company and asks tony if he wants to be business partners. within a month, they’re running the café from across the road and business has never been better; tony still works as barista from time to time even though they now have 10 full-time staff and rhodey’s already talking about plans to create more franchises across the country. at some point, they evolve from being just business partners to…well, partners.

who’s the professor and who’s the TA

tony’s the TA/PhD candidate and rhodey’s the professor. they are both astrophysicists by training and they study pulsars for research. needless to say, their academic opinions differ plenty and whenever tony isn’t marking problem sets and rhodey isn’t lecturing young, impressionable minds, they’re arguing about pulsars and what they can tell the world about matter and the existence of other exo-planets over a night cap. tony is envied by the other doctoral candidates in his year because he gets to spend so much time in professor rhodes’ proximity (hello??? hot, youngish professor who’s super accomplished, super smart, has some graying hair, wears tight polos and black-rimmed glasses? fucking hell…) in this instance tony’s like 29, rhodey’s about 34.

who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

rhodey’s the knight and tony’s the prince. here’s the backstory: tony’s mum was king howard’s first wife. when howard remarried, he had another son, prince arno. per the kingdom’s rules on succession, you can only ascend the throne if you’re of pure royal blood. tony’s mum was a commoner, so she was never afforded the royal title of queen, whereas howard’s second wife was a princess from a neighbouring kingdom. that said, king howard wants tony to inherit the throne, something that many of his close advisors as well as arno and his mother refuse to accept. they see tony as an impediment and when howard falls ill, numerous attempts are made on tony’s life. tony is obviously very booksmart and he excels at strategy, which is why howard wants him to be king. when howard senses a possible civil war could be brewing in the kingdom, between supporters who want tony to be king and those who’d prefer arno, he calls aside a young knight, sir james, and makes him swear on his life to protect tony. (howard knew tony and rhodey had been childhood friends, which is why he approached him in the first place) when shit hits the proverbial ceiling, rhodey protects tony from all manners of assassination attempts until arno and his mother are finally thwarted and kicked out of the kingdom. tony becomes king and rhodey becomes his most trusted advisor, friend, confidante, and general. basically, tony hands the keys of the kingdom to rhodey and relies on him and his decisions to run it.

who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

tony teaches kindergarten and loves his young charges very much. one day, they’re joined by a shy, quiet new student, lila, and her overly anxious uncle, james. tony tries to reassure rhodey that lila, who had just lost her parents, would be fine and that he’d make sure she isn’t being bullied or harassed for being the new kid. as the term progresses, lila slowly comes out of her shell; she makes friends, she loves recess, she loves colouring, and she is good with numbers. every week tony calls his kids’ parents to update them on their children; his conversations with rhodey, however, last twice as long and become twice as frequent, until one day rhodey invites tony to lila’s birthday party. tony isn’t sure how to read into this: the other parents have never really invited him to their kids’ birthdays and yet he doesn’t want to turn down the invitation from the rhodes’ (mostly because he doesn’t want to upset young lila). though nothing happens at the birthday party, rhodey keeps asking him out. it starts under the pretext of wanting to know how lila is doing and morphs into them just spending time together until tony impulsively kisses rhodey on the day of lila’s graduation to k2. with lila no longer his student, tony asks rhodey out on a proper date and soon he’s spending his weekends at the rhodes’ place until about a year later, he moves in with rhodey and lila.

who’s the writer and who’s the editor

rhodey is the editor for the opinions section in one of the top newspapers; he has a pretty fierce reputation of being a hardass editor who would chew and spit out anyone making rookie mistakes in the entire newsroom. new writers and reporters basically cower in fear; tony’s an established hotshot columnist who’s been headhunted from a rival paper to write a weekly political column. he is pretty well-known among politicos and is well read by a loyal audience, both offline and online. tony is basically used to getting his way until he submits his first copy for edit and rhodey returns it, each page crossed out in red, and with a remark on the final page that read: our company motto may be all news fit to print, but i am not letting this garbage print. tony is furious. how dare someone call his columns garbage when the news organisation is literally paying him a six-figure salary to write them. he marches up to rhodey’s office and barges in, ready to fight. but he stops on track and blushes when he realises this asshole editor is the same handsome college senior that tony had a short, deeply physical relationship with almost 20 years ago. the argument just melts away from him and even rhodey can’t find it in him to be as curt and critical as he is to the other writers because damn…the encounter brings up a lot of memories and regrets they have both had since leaving college and then losing touch.

send me a ship!

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Imagine COVID-19 being defeated by the Avengers (and their friends)

  • First of all, Tony has unlocked an impressive amount of money to buy masks and hand sanitizers for everyone.
  • By the way, he has designed a new artifical respirator and all his tech industry had produced enough of them that there are more respirators than people who need them.
  • Now, they are producing new masks; they are safier, they can be used for longer and they’re totally biodegradable.
  • Of course, just before locking himself down in his lab to designed all of this, he has changed all the floors of Stark Tower which aren’t currently working against the crisis in little hospitals where the medical authorities and the patients are welcome.
  • And, now that the respirators and the masks are ready, he will be able to lock himself down once more, but with Dr. Banner and Dr. Strange, this time, to search for a vaccine; with Dr. Strange help, they would be able to release it sooner than in 18 months.
  • All the bots and the Iron Man suits are helping the doctors in the Tower with Peter, who’s enhanced and, therefore, can’t be very ill and who is also doing his best to bring everyone’s spirits up.
  • Steve and Thor, who can’t be ill neither, are helping in others hospitals.
  • Bucky and Rhodey are coordinating the operations from Tony’s penthouse; they are regularly relayed by Natasha and Clint.
  • Carol is flying all around the world to deliver important material faster than any plane could, she’s helped by all the Sorcerers under Wong’s supervision.
  • Wakanda had sent his tech and his scientists to help.
  • But all of this is only necessary if Doctor Strange hadn’t been in another Universe when the pandemia had begun; otherwise, he would have found a way to prevent all of this. Don’t be mad at him, if he wasn’t here, there must be an excellent reason and he probably had saved our World from something even worse than COVID-19.
  • Do you want to help them? Yeah? Then, stay safe, stay home, take care of yourself and of the people you love. And don’t give up on hope, the sun will rise again.
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Young!Tony Stark aesthetic moodboard //

  • I imagine he’d have a passion for photography but as he got older had to stop because Howard said it’s a waste of time and he should focus on studying instead
  • He’s good at it though, really good, it’s just that no one really knows
  • His dream? To actually be able to do what he loves
  • Howard makes that impossible
  • (Fuck Howard, we don’t like him)
  • He’s the middle ground between introverted and extroverted - enjoying the thrill of being out with friends and partying until late but also enjoying his alone time to think and reflect
  • Coffee and alcohol make up 70% of his diet
  • And I mean like, he’ll wake up, drink about 10 cups of coffee, and then be out taking shots by 11pm
  • The other 30% is greasy takeaway pizza
  • His a sarcastic little shit to any and all people that piss him off; years of not being able to talk back to Howard made him like this
  • Thinks his taste in music is a personality trait (I’m kidding he’s not that dramatic)
  • He smokes to feel the rush
  • And also because it’s an addiction at this point
  • Haha, we love childhood neglect leading us to do things we aren’t supposed that continue into our adult life
  • Lowkey depressed
  • All of his friends know but Tony won’t admit it and get checked out
  • Howard says mental illness is just a way of attention seekers justifying their behaviour
  • (Again, and I can’t stress this enough: Fuck Howard)
  • Either in oversized sweaters and hoodies or a leather jacket, there’s no in between
  • Soft boy vs. edgy boy - the final battle
  • People are just used to one day getting this bumbling mess looking actually adorable in this baggy sweater
  • And then the next getting the sass master himself, swaggering around in style
  • His basically entitled a rich boy without the self-entitlement
  • Like, he doesn’t like to flaunt it, and good on him
  • You know, before his head gets all fucked up with trauma
  • He’ll fall asleep on Rhodey’s bed (they’re roommates in college) even tho his own is like two steps away
  • Rhodey is his rock and supporter and you can not change my mind
  • This is just one moodboard, I don’t know if I’ll be building on the idea
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Doing a fun art project for my wall if you could please reply, inbox, ask, or reblog with your fav and or really good/inspiring monologues from Marvel movies I would love you forever!!

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Always and Forever by Lilianawinchester on Ao3 ( @xlilianawinchesterx   on tumblr) ~ 15/24 ~ 298,630 words ~ Teen and Up Audiences ~ Major Character Death ~ Irondad

Growing up Tony had learnt the best way to do things was on your own. He hadn’t needed anyone before so why should he rely on anyone but himself. At least until Peter came along to destroy all his walls.


Tony is left to secretly raise his biological son, Peter

- Ngl guys. This one is a long boi (and it’s only half done!!). You’re probably not gonna find the fic rewarding unless you like the bio irondad trope and love the mcu, luckily i am a lover of both of these and am also an admirer of a well thought out plot and excellent writing! I really like this fic and the author is very talented and gives heaps of thought to detail and characters, I really wanna reread this from the start because I’ve been following this story since literally a couple days after the first chapter was posted but i’ve never had the time but due to current circumstances i may be able to… so if you’re like me and have several hours to spare (which you probs do cause quarantine :/) would 100% recommend - Ella <3

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