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#james rhodes

Happy (early) Thanksgiving, folks, and if you’re not celebrating, here’s some smut and just ignore the holiday. 

This was requested by @verdantbogmoth​ after seeing Anthony Mackie’s photo shoot. I went Ironhusbands because Rhodey and Tony, honestly. 

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Rhodey brings Tony home for Thanksgiving. 

It’s not the first time he’s brought Tony home–they’ve been roommates for over a year, now, Tony spent a few weeks crashed in his too hot, too small room in July before he dragged Rhodey to a seaside ‘cottage’ and only Tony Stark would call an eight bedroom villa a fucking cottage. 

So his family knows Tony. 

The thing is–

It’s the first time he’s brought Tony home since they kissed, since that one night Tony fell into his bed, all pale skin and sticky glossed lips, whining and begging until Rhodey opened him up and slid in, slick and hot and perfect, holding his hips while Tony fucked himself with these long, slow grinding strokes. 

They didn’t talk about it, after, and they didn’t kiss again, but Rhodey knew that night had changed them, and he wasn’t sure exactly what that meant.

He knew this though–

His family didn’t always know what to do with Tony. 

And he got it, ok, Tony’s…a lot. Even when you take the genius baby billionaire bit away, there was the boy with too long curling hair, the bright red lip gloss, the lace and skirts and the heels he tottered around on, when he wasn’t dirty with grease and slumming in the workshop. 

It’s like Tony took every fucking thing Howard had always hated and wrapped himself in them like armor with a flirty smiled edged in iron, and his family–they were loud and loving and they didn’t push him out, wouldn’t, not when Rhodey adored him–but they didn’t understand him either. 

They were loud and boisterous and kinda boring, when he got right down to it. 

He smoothes a hand over his suit once more, and he can hear them downstairs, Tony and his Mama and sisters, the noise of aunties and cousins drifting up the walk. 

He takes a deep breath and goes downstairs.  


Tony doesn’t say anything when he sees him. His words, a happy babble while he spoons cranberries over brie, trail off for a moment, and they stare at each other, before he kinda jerks, and smiles, blinding bright bubblegum kissable, and gets back to work. 

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Tony Stank

“You need a shower. You stink,” Rhodey informed him long after, when the soldiers were gone and they landed in a field hospital, and Rhodey could hold him as tight as he wanted. Despite saying this, Rhodey buried his nose in Tony’s neck and inhaled, inhaled, inhaled. 

“You’re the one who’s still smelling me,” Tony mumbled weakly. Rhodey didn’t smell too great either but Tony didn’t comment on that. Rhodey smelled like that to save him. 

“Tony, I’ve spent three months in a helicopter with ten other men,” Rhodey said, as he backed Tony towards the shower, still holding tightly to him, “you’re the best thing I’ve smelled in three months, baby.” 

Tony could only smile weakly at that. 

Tony let Rhodey undress them, pull him into his the tub filled with blissfully hot water, and lay Tony against his chest. Tony sighed happily and Rhodey nuzzled his cheek.

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Previous Chapter Fifteen: Down Once More

Summary: In a world where his family is gone, Peter believes he is living on borrowed time, but when he runs into Tony Stark that will all change. Will he fight for more time or is all lost?

Hope you are all doing well. Short but important

Chapter Sixteen: Confessions

Tony drove them in silence on the way home from the hospital. His hands gripped the wheel too tight and from the back-seat Peter could see the veins shadowing the tendons in his fingers. Tony’s eyes drifted from the road to gaze at his two passengers too often for comfort but neither of them said anything. Peter shifted once, twice, and a third time in his seat as he felt eyes on his face but still, the thick silence continued.

At their arrival he opened the doors, made sure to grab their bags, and after checking to see how they were doing, stiffly walked behind them the whole way. His darkened expressions acted like a dreary cold on their already subdued party. Rhodey kept his friend’s mood in mind, allowing him to sulk and simultaneously fuss over them, until the man headed straight for his room and punctuated their arrival with a slammed door.

“Tony,” Rhodey called after and sighed at the lack of response as he slipped of his shoes. He shivered and began coughing. Deep, scratching coughs came from his chest sounding painful and draining. Peter hurried to the kitchen. He brought back a glass of water before grabbing a kettle for tea.

Rhodey plopped down on the couch. Peter paced in the kitchen, waiting for the water to warm and just stopping himself from rushing to his room. So fazed was Peter that he didn’t even notice the couch they settled on with barely more than a wince.

Rhodey noticed and asked between sips. “Why don’t you ever sit here?”

Peter fiddled with the handle of his teacup and glanced out the window weighing what he should say. All of his well thought out plans flew out the window when Rhodey had fallen into the lake. If he had only said something, told them it was the lake from before. The lake he had once upon a time fallen into then they wouldn’t have gone. He was confident enough to know their consideration for him would have outweighed their need for fun. If he’d confessed, Rhodey wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Full transparency was always the right way to go. Mostly.

Still, he wasn’t sure if he should tell Rhodey why the color green brought a sour taste to the back of his throat. His aunt wasn’t someone he talked about often, or ever. He wiped his palms against the thighs of his pants. May was precious to him. He was protective of her now that he’d failed to be in real life. Peter kept her close in his heart, locked away and safe from any who would try to take her away from him a second time. Rhodey placed a hand stopping the fidgeting he hadn’t realized he was doing. Peter thought back to how nice it was waking up from the nightmare with someone there for him. Maybe he should share her. She wouldn’t be forgotten or gone from him if he did. Her memories would be greater than him now. May and a piece of her light would reside with Rhodey if he shared.  

He never thought he would admit Tony was right but he was. It was time to break the endless cycle he was trapped in. That timeless aching in his chest so familiar to him now trembled at his reached decision. Against all odds he would do as Tony said and trust them not to bring any more pain to him.

“My aunt. I lived with her for a long time and our apartment was broken into. They held me there. It could have been the exact same couch, for all I know. She insisted it was olive green. And I saw her… she was shot in my living room. I was… I’ll never forget.”

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MetalHeart @ Youknowwhoiambitvh

Do y'all ever just scare the ever loving fuck outta yourself for like no reason??? Like I’ll be in the kitchen getting juice and I’ll tell myself “imagine if a hydra agent is standing right behind you waiting for you to turn around to show off that your the last one alive” like I have NO REASON to do this to myself!!!

BruceBanner @ NoIWillNotDoTheRoar

@ Youknowwhoiambitvh uuuuh you ok Tones????

MetalHeart @ Youknowwhoiambitvh

@ NoIWillNotDoTheRoar did you take that blueberry I offered to you as a sign of friendship?!???

GummyBear @ silvertin

@ Youknowwhoiambitvh Tony. Bed. Now.

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“Secret” — Tony and Rhodey

Tony and Rhodey had a secret lair in the Compound. Everyone had quarters, sure, but what fun is a superhero base without a hideout only you and your best friend know about? When Tony first mentioned the idea, it took Rhodey back to college: secret passages, taking shortcuts around campus. Of course he agreed.

Rhodey once found Tony there, hiding a migraine. After the airport fight, Rhodey sat there through a panic attack, Tony beside him. The room was their own.

Rebuilding the Compound after the Battle, Rhodey made sure the hideout survived—even if its original creator did not.


(Day 24 of my Platovember IronFam Drabbles, also on AO3!)

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Full name: Ethan Anthony Rhodes 

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual/ Straight 

Date of Birth: March 29

Family: James Rhodes (father) 

Friends: AJ Stark (best friend, basically his brother), Winnie Barnes, Magnus son of Thor, Princess Azari of Wakanda 

Powers: N/A

Abilities: Ethan is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. He also knows how to work the War Machine suit. 

Faceclaim: Lonnie Chavis 

Personality: Ethan is intelligent. He’s not nearly as intelligent as AJ or Morgan or Brody, but Ethan is still very intelligent. He’s also a lot more emotionally intelligent than some of the others. He’s someone that’s reliable and will always have your back. However, he’s not a door map and will stand up for people who need it and want it. Ethan is just a great guy who wants to help people. 

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I actually think this is really sweet, and I’m once again willing to sacrifice my sleep before a stressful day to write this prompt. I hope you enjoy it!

James stretches his arms high over his head, feeling the muscles in his shoulders and back pulling up in a satisfying way.  He’s been sitting hunched over his desk for the better part of the day – and judging by the darkness outside, the better part of the evening.

“I’m done,” he declares, shutting his book and pushing it away from him. “What about you?”

His roommate isn’t answering, eyes still scanning the page.

James kicks his chair. “Hey, Stark. You still with me?”

“What?” Tony Stark – the Tony Stark, son of Howard Stark, already a lot richer than James will ever – looks up, blinking once.

Has James been pretty disappointed when he found out his college roommate is going to be a fifteen-year-old kid?


Is Tony way too arrogant for his young age and doesn’t know when to simply shut up?


Is he also a genius and makes their classes so much more fun and interesting whenever he talks back to their teachers?

Again: absolutely.

Does James feel weirdly responsible for looking after this kid with these big glasses who is clearly putting up a brave front because he’s Tony Stark, he already had a reputation to uphold before he was even born, who obviously thinks he has to be the best at everything or else he’ll lose his value, who does stupid stuff (like getting drunk) to make people laugh, because it’s better to have people laugh with him instead of about him?

Unfortunately, that is also a yes.

Not that James will ever tell him that. They’ve known each other for a little about a month now, and James knows their time together is limited. With his brain, Tony is going to graduate before him and then he’s off to his father’s company, forgetting all about the guy who he shared a room with for a few years.

“How can you even still look at that page?” he asks, taking a peek at what Tony is reading. All he sees are complicated equations, and James immediately decides he doesn’t want to put in the effort of figuring out what it is. “Isn’t it past your bedtime already?”

“You should leave the jokes to people who are actually funny,” Tony says, turning back to his book.

James raises an eyebrow. “Oh, yeah? And who would that be?”

“Me, of course.”

“Did you pay people to tell you that or where does that false believe come from?” Tony doesn’t move his head, he just flips him off. James chuckles at that, getting out of his chair and grabbing his jacket. “How about some food? I’m starving, and I bet you’re, too.”

It’s a true testament to how hungry Tony must be, because he actually does look away from his book. “I’m not in the mood to cook.”

Tony is never in the mood to cook. Mostly because Tony can’t cook. James isn’t sure if that’s a skill he’s able to teach him.

“Neither am I, but luckily, there are places like Burger King. A cheese burger sounds pretty good right now.” He pauses. “Or, like, five. So, you in?”

For the first time since James entered his designated room and found one particular teenager standing there, James sees some kind of hesitation on Tony’s face.

“What? You don’t like cheese burgers or something?”

“Don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“I never head them.”

James blinks once. Twice. Three times.

Then another three times.

And once more for good measure.

Tony is still staring at him, almost nervously playing with the paper from his book.

“You… never had a cheese burger?” Tony shakes his head. “Why? How?”

“My dad.”

Ah, of course. One of the first things James learned about Tony was that Howard Stark was the reason for a lot of things. Immediately, James his overcome with a sort of pity for the kid (not that he would ever say that, because if there’s one thing Tony doesn’t like, it’s to be pitied). The more he gets to know Tony, the more he realizes that he’s definitely not the person he pretends to be.

James is very well aware that he doesn’t have the power to change that.

However, he does have the power to change one thing.

“Get dressed,” he says, throwing Tony’s jacket at him, hitting him square in the face. “We’re going out.”


“To get cheese burgers, of course. The next Burger King isn’t too far from here.” Ignoring the look on Tony’s face that is half disbelieve and half wonder, James grabs his wallet. “C’mon, I’m paying. Only this time, however. After that, you’ll be paying as a thank you that I introduced you to that greasy culinary master piece.”

Tony tries to pretends to be absolutely annoyed by him, but James can see the beginning of a smirk on his face. Besides, he actually got up and put on his jacket, stepping away from his precious book. James counts that as a clear win. “And what if I don’t even like cheese burgers?”

“Impossible. I know you, you’ll love them.”

“We’ll see about that, Rhodey.”

“You are aware that that isn’t actually my name, right?”

“It is now?”

About an hour later, Tony bites into his first cheese burger and after devouring it with less than seven bites, already reaching for the second one, he declares that they’re going to have cheese burgers every single day.

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James Rhodes Headcanons

  • Rhodey is a lightweight drinker. He might not have been one in college, when he had time to go to parties and drink every weekend, but he certainly became one after enlisting. His job entailed lots of long nights and years away from home and alcohol, so Rhodey only ever got to drink when he got leave. Two beers in and he has a headache, he’s giggly and ready to sky dive off a plane. Tony absolutely takes advantage of it, which is why Rhodey always needs a little persuation before drinking with him.
  • Rhodey is also very affectionate when he’s drunk. He’d drape himself all over you like a cat and start saying things he secretly thinks. Small little compliments like how Tony had expressive eyes or how Sam had a pretty smile.
  • Ever since he was little, Rhodey loved superheroes. He liked fictional ones, like Superman, and real ones, like Captain America. He also loved flying. Which is why Rhodey wanted to be a pilot growing up, and then why he loved being War Machine so much. His superhero obsession is also why he absolutely thought way too much about why Steve should’ve jumped from the plane.
  • Rhodey is a master at board games. Jeanette, who is a very sore loser, hates him for it, but Tony is delighted by finally finding a worthy opponent. He changes his mind after a few years, when he still hasn’t beat Rhodey at any game. Rhodey is so good at it, that he finds obscure board games online and orders them, and once he even made his own board game (he’s not so good at that). 
  • Rhodey has different nickname for every environment. With his family its Jimmy, with his ROTC and Air-Force friends its Jim or Rhodes, and with Tony (and SI) its Rhodey (and a myriad of other nicknames, of course). But if anyone calls him James, under anything less than professional, he’d never talk to that person again. 
  • Rhodey’s hobby is designing planes. Sometimes he does it absentmindedly, just sketching, his fingers used to the shape, but sometimes he designs it seriously. He makes every kind of plane: fighter jets, passenger planes, crop duster planes, etc. He doesn’t really show it to anyone, besides his family, Pepper and maybe Tony, but he was delighted when Lila has taken the same interest and he could teach her his knowledge. 
  • Pepper and him bond over a shared interests in drawing. Sure, Rhodey draws sketches and Pepper paints abstract drawings, but it’s a common ground they both have and they like sharing resources and inspiration pictures.
  • Rhodey knew he was gay since he was a kid. He didn’t much mind it at first, thinking it didn’t matter anyway because his career was the most important thing. As Rhodey grew up and enlisted, it became harder to ignore crushes or just indulge fantasies no strings attached. So he started to convince himself he didn’t have a crush, and even if he did, he couldn’t be in a relationship. Eventually, Rhodey repressed all his loves and crushes and convinced himself a relationship with him was unattainable. 
  • Rhodey keeps all of his old letters from when he first went to tours, and from years after of course. He reads them when he needs a little pick me up. Not to mention he likes to pull sections of the letters and read them to his family and Tony, just to embarrass them. 
  • Rhodey is very much a  Philadelphian mama’s boy. He loathes all the army food and loves all his mama’s dishes. He loves his hometown and the neighbourhood he grew up in. The things that calms him the most are his mama’s hugs and gentle soothing words. Rhodey loves traveling, has longed to do it growing up, but Philly is the one place that feels like home.
  • Rhodey knows how to braid braids and paint nail polish. He grew up with a younger sister, and has a niece, so of course he’d know. Lila doesn’t really like nail polish, but she loves how much time and care Rhodey puts into braiding her hair. Tony is the opposite; nothing much to braid really, but he loves it when Rhodey paints his nails. Not that he’d ever admit it.
  • Rhodey loved ferrets as a kid. Yes, you heard that right. It’s a very popular pet in Pennsylvania, and everyone wanted one when he was a kid. It sort of caught onto him.  He changed his mind pretty quickly, when Tony bought him a ferret on his birthday, and the pet immediately bit him. Now, all he wants is a fish. Fish are low maintenance and they won’t hurt you. 
  • Rhodey loves a uniform. He fell in love with it in choir, when he felt like dressing like everyone else made him fit in. He felt like he finally had friends when he dressed in the same clothes in them. Like he had people who understood him. Not to mention, it saved Rhodey from his terrible sense of fashion (”no, Rhodey, give up, just wear a t-shirt and jeans please.”). He feels the same way when he wears his dress blues, when he gained ranks, felt like he had people with him and people like him. War Machine is also a uniform of sorts. But this time, it reminds him that he’s a superhero, that he’s special and that Tony has his back. 
  • Rhodey would never admit it but he loves cheesy rom-coms. His sister used to have a phase of watching them, but while she grew out of it, Rhodey found he missed the habit of sitting on the sofa and being filled with hope. He knows they’re stupid. He knows there’s no way his best friend could love him back. It’s his guilty pleasure, alright? 
  • Rhodey doesn’t follow any sports, except the MIT football team and tennis. The first one because it’s his and Tony’s tradition, and because Lila wanted to join the girl’s football team, and the second one because… Rhodey likes the uniform, and the colors, and the hypnotising movements of the ball, and the quietness of the crowd. His whole life is filled with chaos, and it’s just calming to him. Relaxing. Also, you can’t go wrong polo shirts. 
  • Rhodey is so smart. Like blow-away-your-teachers, win-every-science-fair, person-in-the-yearbook-most-likely-to-win-a-noble-prize smart. He’s a prodigy child in MIT at 16. Tony thought Rhodey was the first genius close to his age, when they saw each other in MIT. Rhodey knows he’s not a genius. But that doesn’t mean he can’t hack over Tony’s codes sometimes to mess with JARVIS. It doesn’t mean he isn’t astonishingly smart. 
  • Rhodey is a tech genius, but he doesn’t trust tech like at all. Between a choice of a GPS and a map, he’d choose a map. He prefers to count on himself. He knows the dangers of technology and what people would do for money. 
  • Rhodey volunteers at soup kitchens. He’s sort of a regular in one, every time when he comes back from leave, he visits it.  Everyone there knows his name, and they laugh at his stories. Rhodey doesn’t tell anyone. Well, maybe Tony knows, because he keeps donating money to the soup kitchen. 
  • Sam and Rhodey are really good friends. They don’t really agree on much but they don’t mind. It’s nice to keep each other on their toes. Rhodey and Sam regularly roast Steve and Tony too. They have a running gag of making up random Air-Force Things™️ to confuse their army and civilian friends.
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rhodeytony seasons of love | summer, day fourteen ☀️

what voicemail did tony leave rhodey at 3am?

tony leaves a voicemail even though he knows he shouldn’t.

there’s no one on the other end to answer, and he’s known this for days. there won’t be someone there until the supply truck his newest ai diverted stumbles across his honeybear, a carefully planned accident so that it can’t be traced back to tony. that’s the entire reason why there’s a new ai, a cheeky little imp that dove into classified files like a kid in a candy store. tony and rhodey had managed to hide their relationship all this time, but finding his traces here was a sure path to a dishonorable discharge. tony refused to do that to rhodey, so he hid himself.  

the voicemail would be the only thing that would imply rhodey’s miraculous rescue was anything but that.

tony knows that he shouldn’t, he knows it’s dangerous and risky and irresponsible after he’s already done so much to make it seem like he wasn’t there, but even if rhodey won’t be there to hear it, he wants—needs his platypus to know that his survival wasn’t an accident.

he needs rhodey to know that people were looking for him.

he needs rhodey to know that he hasn’t been forgotten.

he needs rhodey to know that he matters.

so tony sends a voicemail at 3am, pleading for rhodey to hold on, to wait a little bit longer because help is coming. tony promises that he’ll get home safe, he promises that there’s someone coming for him, promises that they’ll get him out.

and it’s selfish of him, it’s so incredibly selfish of him that no matter how much he rationalizes and reasons, no matter how much he tries to tell himself that avoiding those three words is enough, no matter how much he wants and needs, he can’t ruin rhodey’s career before it’s gotten a chance to start.

so tony has his new ai, stealthy and quick and untraceable, erase the voicemail before it’s ever opened.

tony leaves a voicemail at 3am, but rhodey never gets it. ☀️

rhodey’s voicemail

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