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Betsy Braddock as the new Captain Britain and Brian Braddock the brainwashed former Captain Britain have a duel of champions to the death as proposed by Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) and Morgan Le Fay as a challenge. Betsy was hesitant about fighting her twin brother because she did not want to kill him since Brian is a human who would die in a match. 

However, there was a trick up their sleeves which happens to be Jamie Braddock the reality-warping mutant and an elder brother of Betsy & Brian but the only problem is that Jamie is unpredictable and insane for anyone to be trusted with (as well as Apocalypse is the lesser of two evils). As Betsy accidentally kills Brain in a duel, she marches up to her older brother and demands to him that her twin brother must be revived. Jamie Braddock promptly does revive his brother and then, he makes fun of his siblings. 

- Excalibur v4 #6, 2020

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Nothing good has ever come from a man in a speedo and children on leashes

Infinity Countdown: Black Widow #1

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