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Highbury: well, now-Miss Woodhouse will have to move out of her house to marry Mr Knightley! I guess she will have to get herself used to her new role of a wife after all!

George Knightley: *moves in with Emma and her father after marriage*

Highbury: poor Mr Knightley, he will have to renounce to his routine! What a great change for such an independent man!

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I don’t think he did, no. Unless all his family have somehow died horribly, he seems a rather isolated figure in Highbury. If he had a family home/estate nearby, it would rather make more sense for him to bring his intended to the neighbourhood and marry her there (though perhaps in another parish or getting another clergyman to do the service.) Men could address each other by only their surnames whether they were childhood friends or not, and as Highbury is a small town, Mr. Knightley is a principle landowner, and Mr. Elton the spiritual head of the community, it’s not beyond reason that they might address each other as Knightley and Elton. (Though it’s gauche for Mrs. Elton to do this on a very slight acquaintance, and as a woman.) Mr. Elton is apparently due to inherit some property in the future, which makes me think he has family somewhere, but not in or around Highbury.

Also given their ages it’s impossible for them to have been classmates at any school.

I would categorize them as gentlemen who are on similar social footings within a very small society and get along because it’s best for everyone that they get along, rather than friends.

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I’m about to state something very unpopular. I like “Clueless”. In fact, I think it is very entertaining, especially for 90s teen comedy. But I would never regard the 1995 film as one of the better adaptations of Jane Austen’s 1815 novel, “Emma”. Not by a long shot.

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Georgiana Darcy’s Diary


By: Anna Elliott

Rate: 5/5

Synopsis: Mr. Darcy’s younger sister searches for her own happily-ever-after.

The year is 1814, and it’s springtime at Pemberley. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have married. But now a new romance is in the air, along with high fashion, elegant manners, scandal, deception, and the wonderful hope of a true and lasting love.

Shy Georgiana Darcy has been content to remain unmarried, living with her brother and his new bride. But Elizabeth and Darcy’s fairy-tale love reminds Georgiana daily that she has found no true love of her own. And perhaps never will, for she is convinced the one man she secretly cares for will never love her in return. Georgiana’s domineering aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, has determined that Georgiana shall marry, and has a list of eligible bachelors in mind. But which of the suitors are sincere, and which are merely interested in Georgiana’s fortune? Georgiana must learn to trust her heart and rely on her courage, for she also faces the return of the man who could ruin her reputation and spoil a happy ending, just when it finally lies within her grasp.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young lady of rank and property will have packs of money- or land-hungry suitors yapping around her heels like hounds after a fox.

As many of you (the 5 followers I have atm) know I have an intense love of Jane Austen. So when I got my hands on this book, I had to just finish. Georgiana is a sweet girl who is now super cautious about who she lets into her heart. She is accomplished, well read and very wealthy. Which is the problem. All her very eligible callers find her wealth to be her most appealing feature. This was a fun, pure and very funny story. I loved everything about it even the twist and love interest. Also its great to see more of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth.

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Others: ah, that Mr Darcy, what a distinguished gentleman! How weird that someone like that hangs out with someone like Bingley!

Charles Bingley: Darcy, everything okay? Are you … Sweating?

Fitzwilliam Darcy, locked in ‘scary outside nervous inside’ mode: I’m good, just keep talking-your bright manners will hide my antisocial disposition.

Charles Bingley: what if someone wants to talk to you?

Fitzwilliam Darcy: I haven’t got to that part yet, for now I hope the glare will keep anyone from approaching.

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