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Dear Nathalie, how about a teacher au?
What kind of teachers the members of the coven would be? What subjects would they teach?
- 馃獝
Good evening Space!Anon, I am always happy to see a familiar face in my inbox. After the Influencer AU I figured that there might be more questions like it in my inbox from now on.
This list is based on subjects I am familiar with from my own schooling through the years, both on a Upper Secondary and University level.
饾悡饾悺饾悶 饾悤饾惃饾惀饾惌饾惍饾惈饾悽 &聽饾悽饾悷 饾惌饾悺饾悶饾惒 饾惏饾悶饾惈饾悶 饾惌饾悶饾悮饾悳饾悺饾悶饾惈饾惉
The Royals
饾悁饾惈饾惃:聽History or Sociology/Social anthropology聽
饾悅饾悮饾悽饾惍饾惉:聽Art History or Law
饾悓饾悮饾惈饾悳饾惍饾惉:聽Music or Botany
饾悞饾惍饾惀饾惄饾悽饾悳饾悽饾悮:聽Psychology or Law
饾悁饾惌饾悺饾悶饾惂饾惃饾悵饾惃饾惈饾悮:聽P.E or Religion & Ethics
饾悆饾悽饾悵饾惒饾惁饾悶:聽Art or Culture Studies
The Guard
饾悆饾悶饾惁饾悶饾惌饾惈饾悽:聽Philosophy or English聽
饾悈饾悶饾惀饾悽饾惐: P.E or Italian聽
饾悋饾悶饾悽饾悵饾悽:聽Marketing or German
饾悏饾悮饾惂饾悶: Math or Biology
饾悁饾惀饾悶饾悳:聽Geography or Media Studies
饾悜饾悶饾惂饾悮饾惌饾悮: English or Politics
饾悅饾惃饾惈饾悽饾惂: Science or Home Economics
饾悞饾悮饾惂饾惌饾悽饾悮饾悹饾惃:聽P.E or Communication
饾悁饾悷饾惌饾惃饾惂: History or Music
饾悅饾悺饾悶饾惀饾惉饾悶饾悮: Home聽Economics or Math
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Volturi incorrect quotes
Y/n: How's the sexiest person here~?
Felix : I don't know, how are they~?
Y/n, flustered: I-
Demetri, from across the room: I'm doing great,thanks!
Y/n : I know you鈥檙e deflecting by making jokes about how hot you are.
Demetri : It鈥檚 not a joke.
Demetri: *sniffles*
Demetri: I鈥檓 a legit snack.
Y/n : I want to wake up with you every day for the rest of our lives
Jane : I never sleep
Y/n : I want to see you at some point every day for the rest of our lives
Y/n : Can you keep a secret?
Jane: Do you know anything about my life?
Y/n : No I do not. Good point.
Y/n: I can explain.
Caius : Can you?
Y/n : If you give me thirty seconds to think of a lie.
Y/n : What is your biggest weakness?
Alec : I can be uncooperative.
Y/n: Okay, can you give me an example?
Alec : No.
Y/n: Here's some advice
Marcus: I didn't ask for any
Y/n: Too bad. I'm stuck here with my thoughts and you're the only one who talks to me
Y/n : Okay, help me please!
Jane : Got two words for you.
Y/n: I bet they won't be helpful.
Jane: Your problem.
Y/n : I was right
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Little Things: The Volturi x Reader.
Tumblr media
Felix loves how tiny you are compared to him! He is an absolute mountain of a man and, trust me, he knows it and he loves it...especially when it comes to you! You are his sweet, little darling barely comes up to his shoulders and damn, he just adores it.
鈥淐ome here, you...鈥
Sweeping you into his arms, Felix holds you to his cold heart and laughs as you grumble.
Little fists pound against his chest, no more the tiny little taps, as you fight him. Peppering your neck and shoulders with kisses, Felix cuddles you close as he staggers about the bedroom, falling onto the bed and crashing down with a fit of laughter; his deep and wild and your own so soft. Felix kisses a trail of kisses up, up, up to your lips, grinning down at you.
鈥淵ou know what I want.鈥 He teases in an almost singing voice.
鈥淯gh, Felix!鈥
鈥淐ome on now, tesorina. If you want me to give you a kiss then you must play along.鈥
Rolling your pretty eyes and sighing loudly, you both know that you only pretend to be annoyed. It is a game that the two of you have so often played, he knows all of your little tells. Oh, yes, he can read you like a book! He can see that sweet smile pulling at the corner of your lips and the adoration in your eyes as you throw your arms around him and say exactly what he wants to hear, your voice so sweet to his ears.
鈥淥h, Felix! My darling! My hero! You鈥檙e so strong and terrible, oh, how I adore you.鈥
Laughing loudly, Felix鈥檚 lips crash into yours in a passionate kiss. And all at once you鈥檝e lost yourself within him, forgetting about the world.
How he loves to tease you! But more then that, Felix loves knowing that he is big enough and strong enough to protect his eternal lover from any danger. That, he believes, is the best part about being as big as he is...being your protector.
Kissing you again and again, Felix has found that, despite his earlier beliefs, there is in fact something he enjoys more then blood and brutality:
Tesorina: little treasure.
Tumblr media
Demetri often takes you dancing. The man loves to dance! Dem is a true romantic...flowers, candles, diamonds, and most of all, dancing.
Once a week, he takes you out.
He makes a big show of it, the both of you dressed to the nines (he looks so striking in his tux and, even better, he gets to show you off on his arm, a smug smile on his face) as you race into the night. Demetri takes you to the best restaurants, clubs, and parties in all of Italy.
鈥淢y Dionysus!鈥 You whisper, pressing a kiss to his cold neck.
He chuckles softly, taking your hand and pressing a kiss to it. All along your arm, Demetri kisses you and kisses you until he reaches your shoulder...your neck...and finally your lips.
Smiling against his kiss, your hands tangle in his long hair and Demetri sighs at your touch. The soft feeling of you is so sweet to him...if his heart could still beat, it would be wild for you! No one can play with him like you can, the vampire tugged by the tip of your fingertips like the strings of a harp. Pulling you along with him, Demetri takes you to the dance floor.
鈥溛晃毕勏佄滴 渭慰蠀...鈥
Together, as the music swells, you spin through the crowd.
Beneath the neon lights, your forms look so eerie and the little mortals watch in awe. You seemed to glow together, matching one another鈥檚 movements so perfectly.
Dancing the night away, Demetri ended the dance by dipping you low. Leaning over you, he smiled as he stole a deep, passionate kiss from your lips. The crowd melted away for a moment and it was only you and him.
Your mate! Your god!
Pulling away, Demetri took you by the hand once more and you ran off into the night, laughter ringing through the cold air. Drunk off of one another, you would dance again and again for all of eternity.
位伪蟿蟻蔚委伪 渭慰蠀: my adored.
Tumblr media
Heidi designs a wardrobe full of outfits for you. Oh, she loves to dress you up! You are her pretty little doll and of course you play along, allowing your vampire lover to dress and undress you. It鈥檚 one of her favorite things to do.
Sitting at the vanity, you watch her movements in the mirror.
Pale hands paint your makeup perfectly and fix your hair. Her handiwork is impeccable and you look perfect (鈥渂ut you always look perfect,鈥 Heidi insists). Taking your hand in hers, she leads you to the wardrobe and together you pick out everything.
The silk dress to match her own shoes and accessories and more.
Dressed in pitch black and drenched in diamonds and pearls, you wrap a sheer shawl around yourself and smile at your darling. Heidi, of course, is dressed in bloody, bloody red...her signature shade! The dress wraps around her voluptuous form tightly and her lips are painted red, black diamonds scattered across her neck.
鈥淟iebling!鈥 Heidi sings. 鈥淵ou look so lovely.鈥
She鈥檚 laughing and kissing you, red lips not even mussed a bit, as she pulls you into the rose garden.
There her camera awaits and Heidi spends the day taking photos of you (more then anything else) and the both of you together.
By the end of the night, the tow of you are naked in bed as you look through her photos, picking out the best ones. Her very favorites will be framed and placed upon the bedroom walls...every part of this room is covered in your love. Wherever she looks, Heidi can see you smiling and laughing, all dressed up in her fashion.
Rose petals lay tangled in the sheets.
Heidi sighs softly as you pull her close and kiss you with all of the love that you have, all of the love that she has dreamed of.
Liebling: darling.
Tumblr media
Jane always holds your hand. She very much needs to be close to those she loves, needing to hold you and touch you.
And because you know how important it is for her, you鈥檙e always there for her.
Taking her hand in yours and squeezing softly when her temper starts to flair up, rose red eyes flashing violently.
Playing with her blond curls, your fingers running through her hair as her head rests upon your heart. Pale fists clutch tightly to the skirts of your dress, refusing to ever let go, and you hold tight too, whispering softly in her ear.
鈥淚t鈥檚 alright, ma biche, I am here.鈥
Kissing you sweetly, it is no more then a peck around others (she can be quite shy) but so much more when alone. Jane can be rather passionate when she has the privacy to enjoy it, taking you in her cold embrace and losing herself in your lips. And you melt just for her, like snow in the sun, spending your days and nights so deeply in love!
But more then anything, she holds your hand.
When you walk together, Jane holds your hand in hers and pulls you close, whispering something in your ear.
As you run through the gardens, you hold on tight and pull her along, laughter ringing wildly through the night. And in her bedroom, you lay together on the carpet and hold onto onto one another, a song playing endlessly.
鈥淲ill you always be here?鈥
It seemed like such a silly question!
You were her mate, her one true darling, of course you would be with her always. But Jane had been through too much and needed you to assure her from time to time and you loved her enough to always tell her the truth:
鈥淔orever and ever.鈥
Kissing her pale cheek sweetly, Jane smiled and closed her eyes, falling into the blissful love that was you.
Ma Biche: my doe.
Tumblr media
Alec always makes you laugh. He was a rather wicked sense of humor and loves the sound of your laugh and goes out of his way to make you grin and giggle. It鈥檚 one of his very favorite things to do and he鈥檒l happily spend eternity doing it!
Just the sound of his teasing tone has you smiling.
Glancing through the vacant library, placing the book you had been reading aside. Though you try to spot him between the shelves, you cannot manage it. He was so quick and so careful and you could not catch him.
Hurrying through the shelves, you can feel him racing behind you!
Like the wolf bounding after the innocent little lamb, Alec hurries after his prey..You are running, giggling with every step as your skirts fly behind you. He follows and the wolf pounces! Laughter shrieks through the quiet air as Alec flings himself at you, taking you down and tackling you onto an old red couch in one swift movement.
鈥淕ot you!鈥
Struggling beneath him, Alec laughs and covers you in an array playful kisses, red eyes shining so brightly.
And you laugh too, throwing your arms around him and smiling up at your mate.
鈥淢y turn!鈥
Kissing him softly, Alec takes a moment to enjoy the sweetness of your lips...and then he鈥檚 running through the shelves, grinning as you chase him and laugh and laugh all through the day. There is no sweeter sound to his ears. There is no better way to spend an eternity then this:
Laughing and playing with you.
Immortality may have had a terrible start but he has found the happiest of endings and the truest of loves!
Tumblr media
Santiago brings you flowers. At least once a week, he brings you a bouquet of flowers, a little note tucked in the blooms.
Red roses (passion, true love), sweet alyssum (immortality), nemophila (you are my one and only), mallow (consumed by love), gardenia (sweet love), diphyleia (I will show my true self to you), red carnations (deep romantic love).
He鈥檚 quite fond of flower language.
Santiago will bring you flowers plucked from garden or bought from stands, tied together with ribbons of velvet or lace.
Sometimes he will hide flowers between the pages of your books or sneak up behind them to slip a little bloom into your hair. The cold touch of him makes you smile and sigh, his arms wrapping around you and holding you tight.
His garden is a place of worship.
Every seed planted, every sprout tenderly cared for, every flower that blooms is a for you! Santiago believes you to be a goddess and he is your most devoted worshiper.
Is there any sweeter way to spend an eternity? In a garden tucked into the far corners of the castle, Santiago cares for the gorgeous flowers he grows. Soon they will be pressed between love poems or woven into a crown, tied into a bouquet and left on your pillow. But for now they are not yer ready and Santiago happily tends to them.
The sound of your voice makes him smile and he turned as you embraced him.
Resting your cheek upon his shoulder, your hands wrapped around his chest and he placed his own hands over them, holding you close.
鈥淔or you,鈥 he whispers.
Slipping a flower in your hair, the sweet scent of it makes you smile. Jonquil...return my affection! Laying back on the emerald grass, Santiago held you close you just enjoyed this little Garden of Eden and his darling goddess.
Innamorata: sweetheart.
P.S. There are no gifs of Santiago so I鈥檝e chosen Chadwick to play him!
Tumblr media
Marcus leaves you notes. He is a busy man and though he doesn鈥檛 want to be (if he could, he would spend his days and nights with you), Marcus often has to be away.
So he leaves you pieces of himself.
His handwriting is impossibly beautiful, neat calligraphy written in black or dark red ink. Scribbled on sturdy parchment and slipped into red envelopes, closed with wax seals, are the most lovely of love letters (look, he tried to be more modern for you but it didn鈥檛 work, he鈥檚 old fashioned and you love that about him).
鈥淐uore mio, I miss you already!
Your king has too many meetings today and I must attend...Aro鈥檚 orders. But though I will sit upon my throne, my thoughts and heart will be here with you.
Soon, I hope, we will be together again.
I want so much to hold you and kiss you! When I come to the tower, will you allow me to kiss you for every moment we have been apart?
All of my love,
Upon your shelf is a keepsake box, made of carved black wood and lined with red velvet. Inside are the many love letters he has written you, tied together with black lace. There are other little gifts within the envelopes...poetry, pressed flowers, little photographs!
Soon you will need another box for he will never stop confessing his love for you.
Sitting at his desk, Marcus smiles to himself as he writes you another note. It will be waiting for you when you return to your quarters, just another way he tells you that he loves you.
Cuore mio: my heart.
Tumblr media
Aro spoils you like crazy. You are his dear little queen and must be treated as such (he says so and he鈥檚 the king which makes it law)! So anything you want is yours. There is nothing he enjoys so much then showering you with endless gifts.
Gowns, crowns, jewels, flowers, and more!
Anything you want, you may have.
Do you like to read? You have your own personal library, books overflowing on the shelves and a comfy couch tucked into the corner, a little desk beneath the window.
Or perhaps you prefer fashion? He builds you a dressing room with a massive wardrobe and a beautiful vanity, outfits and accessories lining velvet boxes, shoes racked together so neatly and your favorite beauty products as your hand,
Are you an artist? You will have paints, pencils, canvases, markers, sketchbooks, and more! Aro loves your artwork, from scribbled sketches to grand masterpieces.
鈥淔or you, my stellina!鈥
In the end, no matter what you want, it is yours! He loves to surprise you, wrapping everything up in pretty little boxes and silken ribbons and watching as you open everything in delight. Or he will take you out on a midnight shopping trip, flying out far, far away and showing you off to the pathetic little mortals.
Oh, he just LOVES to spoil you!
Stellina: little star.
Tumblr media
Caius is soft for you and only you. The frightening vampire king is really quite proud of his reputation:
Terrifying, violent, and cruel!
He has worked very hard to show the world that he is a creature to be feared. But for you, his dear heart, for you he is so sweet and so soft. He lets you cuddle him and play with his hair and kiss him all over.
鈥淢y darling~鈥
You are sitting upon his lap, arms wrapped around his shoulders and hands playing with his tangled curls. His shirts has long since been unbuttoned, lipstick prints left all over his pale chest. Sweetly kissing his neck and jaw, Caius leaned back and let you worship him, sighing at the perfection of your touch.
鈥淒on鈥檛 tease,鈥 he begs softly. 鈥淚t鈥檚 terribly unfair of you, darling.鈥
鈥淥h?鈥 You replied innocently. 鈥淚s it?鈥
鈥淚鈥檝e worked all day and thought of nothing but you! Can鈥檛 you do me this kindness and give me a kiss?鈥
Laughing beneath your breath, you look down at him with a playful smile. His red eyes silently beg and, leaning low, your lips just barely press against his...until something steals his attention. The door opens (without knocking!!) and a young guard freezes at the sight of you both. Moving swiftly, Caius rolls and pins you to the bed, hovering over your partially undressed form (yeah, that guy鈥檚 super dead) and hiding you from view. Hissing viciously, the sound is more monster then man and quickly the guard is gone, fleeing from view.
He鈥檇 deal with him later.
The second the door slams shut, Caius is relaxed and smiling once more, looking down at you with loving eyes.
鈥淎re you alright?鈥 You asked, tucking his blond curls behind his ears.
鈥淚鈥檓 vexed,鈥 Caius replied. 鈥淏ut that鈥檚 nothing you can鈥檛 fix!鈥
And he finally gets his kiss, lips crashing into yours and passion blooming like wildfire in his heart. Oh, there鈥檚 nothing sweeter then you! And he will be sweet too, only in secret...only for you.
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Twilight + Uncle Festers Twitter
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Tumblr media
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Volturi Valentines for part 3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Not Changing You in Time
Tumblr media
Volturi Guard x Reader
tw: mentions of injury, blood, and death!
- all demetri wants is revenge. he dedicates the rest of his time to finding your killers, wanting them to suffer the exact same fate you did
- he鈥檚 so focused on finding the coven, he doesn鈥檛 allow himself to grieve your death, or adjust to his life without you
- he spends weeks at a time tracking, finally relaxing as soon as he finds them and does exactly what he promised: a slow a painful death
- even he gets back to volterra, he鈥檚 surrounded by memories of you with no distractions. his mind is always on you, wondering what you would be doing, what you would say to him..
- it鈥檚 only when he steps back into your shared bedroom for the first time in weeks does the entire weight of what happened fall on him. surrounded by your things and scent, his head spins
- he slams the door shut, needing one last final moment alone with you. he closes his eyes, imagining you in front of him
- 鈥渨hy my love, did you have to leave me?鈥 he asks desperately, wishing he could feel your warmth one last time.
- alec is absolutely heartbroken, and does everything he can to get his venom into you as you lay on the concrete, bleeding
- his senses are overwhelmed, the metallic smell of your blood forcing his senses into overdrive. he鈥檚 afraid to touch you, your pale shaking form seeming more delicate than ever
- 鈥減lease.鈥 he pleads as your eyes gloss over, his hands pressing against your body to try to stop the bleeding. he can hear your heartbeat start to slow down in his ears, causing him to cry out for his sister.
- alec bites into your neck and wrist, watching in desperation as his sister kneels down on the other side of you. he hadn鈥檛 even heard her come in. 鈥渨hy isn鈥檛 it working?!鈥 he yelled at jane, hoping she would be able to fix it
- he starts to bite all over your body, hoping his venom spreads quickly enough, even though he knows it鈥檚 too late. he only stops when jane tells him it鈥檚 enough, your entire body littered with his bite marks
- 鈥減lease love.鈥 he cries out as he buries his face into your shoulder, his shoulders heaving as he holds you tightly into his chest one last time. 鈥渋鈥檓 not ready to let you go.鈥
- the rest of the guard give him time, knowing losing a mate causes unimaginable pain and grief. he becomes a complete recluse, only coming out from his room when he鈥檚 summoned, his thoughts filled the entire time of your memories together.
- all jane can do is stare down at your lifeless form, her whole body shaking as scenes of chaos and violence occur around her. the other guard take down the coven that took you, hoping it would bring some peace and justice for you and jane.
- the guilt and pain is unbearable, imagining the fear and pain you must have felt in your final moments brings her to her kneels. she had鈥檛 been able to save you in time. she hadn鈥檛 been there when you needed her most
- she kneels beside you, taking your cold, lifeless hand in hers. she gives it one last reassuring squeeze, tidying up your hair with her free hand. 鈥渕y beautiful (Y/N).鈥 she mumbles, pulling away to look down at you once she鈥檚 finished
- she feels her heart shatter in her chest, your face as still and impassive like when you slept. she stifles a sob, leaning down to press a final kiss to your forehead
- 鈥渇orgive me, (Y/N). i wish it would have been me instead of you. this wasn鈥檛 how it was supposed to end.鈥 jane whispers, voice shaky as she tries to come to terms with your death
- she eventually is coaxed away and back home to volterra, but she鈥檒l never be the same, a piece of her heart and soul let behind with you.
- rage. all felix can feel is pure blindly rage.
- he can鈥檛 look at you for too long, giving a curt nod to the guards after giving you one final kiss before he鈥檚 storming down the halls of the castle to his room
- he destroys everything in sight, letting out loud and heartbroken screams as he does so. the more things around the room he hits, the worse he feels
- why did you go? why didn鈥檛 you just wait for him? he slides down the wall, hands tugging at his hair as he tries to imagine his life without you, his future without you
- all he can do is grab your pillow from off the bed, tucking is securely into his arms as he curls up around it on the floor. your scent is still heavy on the pillow and overwhelms his senses, bringing him a moment of peace
- i鈥檓 not ready to go on without you. he mumbles out loud, hoping you鈥檒l be able to hear him from whenever you are.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More from Resentment Cullen鈥檚 Twitter 鉁
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Might fuck around and wear lots of body glitter and stand in direct sunlight just so the volturi will come find me idk tho
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Tumblr media
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volterran-wine 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
饾悤饾惃饾惀饾惌饾惍饾惈饾悽 饾悈饾悮饾惂饾悳饾悮饾惉饾惌: 饾構饾槩饾槵饾槹饾樀饾槩 饾槏饾槩饾槸饾槸饾槳饾槸饾槰 饾槩饾槾 饾悏饾悮饾惂饾悶 Born 798 AD in The Kingdom of Mercia, Jane and her twin Alec鈥檚 human lives are amongst the most tragic within The Volturi Coven. The twin鈥檚 gifts were strong even as human children, and thus Aro wished to halt their turning until they were much older However... fate had other plans, thus Jane was turned at the tender age of 13. While her brother disappeared inside himself while being burnt, Jane focused all of her anger towards the villagers; wishing to hurt them as much as they had hurt her. Whilst in the Volturi鈥檚 care she has forged familial bonds both with Aro and Sulpicia, seeing them as her parents.聽
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twilight characters as things that have happened at my work (a gym) part 1
Tumblr media
any (y/n)s is actually what happened to me, anyone who is a character is someone else from my gym. mainly volturi brain rot this time around
felix: -writing in his diary-
demetri: you're writing with your left hand. you're left handed. that's fucked up, you need help. you aren't allowed to be left handed
felix: ... shut up you twat
(y/n): -walks into the training room to tidy things up and sees a krispy kreme packet in the bin. picks it up and looks up-
afton, sweating: i can explain鈥
(y/n): -sobbing in the corner-
caius: why are they crying?
demetri: a cat came in the castle and they had to shut it out because it isn't allowed in the castle and it trusted them the most
felix: ugh you're so sweaty -throws a towel at demetri to wipe the sweat away-
demetri: sweaty balls
-it goes silent-
santiago: -wheezes in the background-
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Volturi incorrect Quotes
Y/n: god give me patience
Alec: i think you mean give me strength
Y/n: if the god gave me strength,聽 everyone would be dead.
*over text*
Demetri: hey hottie what are you up to ? ;)
Y/n:聽 eating cereal in bed
Demetri: and what would you be doing if聽 i was in bed with you?
Y/n: ...i would be still eating聽 my cereal?
Y/n: okay. I'll take the ones on the right , you take the ones on the left.
Felix: but there's twice as many on the left.
Y/n: i know . I can count.
Y/n: name a way to be nice to others!
Marcus: Don't stab them.
Y/n: setting the bar a little low , but I'll allow it!
Aro:*taps table*
Caius: *taps table back*
Y/n: what the hell are they doing?
Demetri: i don't know
Marcus: morse code
Aro: * taps table more aggressively *
Caius, standing up from his seat: YOU BITCH ,YOU TAKE THAT BACK!
Felix: you are violent.
Jane: yeah , but I'm short so it's adorable.
- More incorrect quotes+ -
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Imagine if the twilight characters were emotional and you comfort them
Twilight Characters being emotional HC
Includes: Rosalie, Emmett, Caius, Jane, Aro
A/N: I have to say I love this idea, but I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but you know here it is!
+600ish words, not proof read
Tumblr media
Her being emotional could go with two different ways.聽
1) Her sadness would turn into anger.聽
聽She would just walk away to the forest and rip few trees from their roots. 聽
And few minutes later she would just walk back inside acting like nothing had happened. 聽
2) She would glue herself to you, and don鈥檛 even think that she is letting go. Rosalie wouldn鈥檛 say anything but she will get mad if you don鈥檛 kiss and hug her back. 聽
Rosalie isn鈥檛 the best when it comes to showing her emotions or even telling what she is feeling. But if you just ask what鈥檚 wrong, she will break with the truth. (She could never keep anything from you.) 聽
Overall, she doesn鈥檛 really talk about her emotions but if you look hard enough and push gently, she will open to you in seconds. 聽
Emmett has always been the fun friend, so even when he is feeling upset or emotional, he tries to make it into something positive. 聽
He makes jokes about his distress but you can always see through it. 聽
You would need to be alone with him just to get him understand that you were serious. 聽
Seeing you upset because of him just makes him want to do anything it make you feel better, even if he needs to tell you what has gotten him upset. 聽
He will tell you the truth and that will continue to the bedroom where you are buried under his massive form. 聽
With Caius don鈥檛 expect a big breakdown. 聽
It鈥檚 not that he isn鈥檛 emotional at all, he is just very private person when it comes to his thoughts and feelings. 聽
He will just pull you to him until you had to pull away from the lack of oxygen. (He will be slightly offended.)聽
But he will accept your apology if you give him some kisses and play with his hair. 聽
You two end up on your bed cuddling the rest of the day. And Caius聽will open up to you only when you are close to sleep or if he is feeling awful. 聽
If she is sad, just hold her and give few kisses to her hair. 聽
But if聽she is upset, her feeling better might be more difficult. Jane's words are full of sarcasm, and not the good kind.聽
She won鈥檛 show it openly, she has a job after all. 聽
Talking about her job, she will have a harder time to stop her torturous stare when Aro tells her to stop. 聽
Alec basically has to run to you, begging you to calm his sister down. And you say yes, no matter what, she is you girlfriend after all. 聽
As a recap, just cuddle her and tell her that everything is okay. 聽
When Aro is upset, trust me you will see it. 聽
He will look at you with sad puppy eyes and ask for a hug. 聽
Because his powers, he would feel your skin and look back to all the memories and love that you have felt over your relationship. (It calms him down like nothing else.) 聽
He has to do a lot of bad things because his job and sometimes it鈥檚 just hard to tell when the job ends and when the relationship fluff starts. 聽
Aro loves all ways of affection no matter if he is giving or receiving it, so just give him some sense of normal love. 聽
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bella getting to the volturi lair in the movie
Tumblr media
bella getting to the volturi lair in the book
Tumblr media
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Don鈥檛 Mess with The Queen
Summary: After finding a new mate after Didyme he makes sure no one even thinks about saying anything negative to you. However sometimes not everyone gets the message
A/N: okay but writing for Marcus was actually so much fun. Thank you so much for the request love, I hope you like it!
A/N: sorry for any mistakes as usual, and thank you for taking the time to read this
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈥淒arling, aren鈥檛 you already running late?鈥 Y/n asked as she began doing her hair.
鈥淎re you trying to get rid of me, my love?鈥
鈥淚 just don鈥檛 want the kings to blame me for your tardiness to another trial, just because you鈥檙e watching me get ready.鈥
鈥淎h, but how could I not marvel at you.鈥
Y/n rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him before he got any cheesier, she loved how sweet her mate was but she was still getting used to being doted on so frequently. He came up behind her and kissed her neck.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not fair Marcus, you鈥檙e going to distract me.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 the best kind of distraction, no?鈥
鈥淗mmm鈥 You turned around and wrapped his arms around his neck, he began kissing her more deeply, but they were quickly interrupted by the pounding at their door. Marcus growled under his breath.
鈥淚 told you. You better get going.鈥
鈥淢arcus! You cannot keep avoiding trials like this, y/n will be there when you get back.鈥 Y/n giggled at Caius storming in.
鈥淵ou better not be blaming me I told him to go.鈥
鈥淏elieve me y/n, I know this isn鈥檛 on you.鈥
Marcus sighed, 鈥淚鈥檓 putting in a formal resignation, Caius.鈥
鈥淎s if that鈥檚 an option, come on.鈥 Caius literally began dragging Marcus out of the room as y/n just laughed at the two. The really were like brothers, she thought. Y/n finished getting ready and decided to go out to the gardens.
Didymes garden. Y/n had been so conflicted when she had realized she was mates to one of the three leaders of the volturi. Everyone knew of lady didyme and y/n didn鈥檛 want to disrespect her memory or feel like a backup. Marcus had been shocked to learn he had another mate and even more shocked to see he loved y/n the same as if not more than didyme. It had taken a lot for the two of them to accept eachother as mates but once they had opened up. The two were inseparable.
Y/n sat reminiscing as she waited for the trial to be over. She was blissfully unaware of the guards that had passed by her.
鈥淚 wonder if she鈥檚 knows she鈥檚 just didymes replacement?鈥
鈥淵es, I think it鈥檚 odd how apparently someone who can see relationships can all of a sudden have two mates. Strange isn鈥檛 it?鈥
鈥淲onder what she did to trick Marcus into believing she was actually his mate?鈥
鈥淲e should have just destroyed her whole coven when we had the chance. She probably used the mate excuse to save herself.鈥
Y/n broke out of her trance after hearing a crack. She snapped her head to see Marcus properly destroying two guards. She was still completely oblivious to what happened. She ran over to the three leaders and their guards Demetri, the twins, and Felix. Marcus was still going at it so she decided to ask the guards what happened.
鈥淒em what happened?鈥
鈥淚t appears these two thought it was appropriate to question the relationship between you and Marcus, my lady.鈥
鈥淎we he鈥檚 so sweet. Remind me to thank him later.鈥 Demetri looked down if he could blush he would have, y/n wasn鈥檛 shy around the guards and it was very different than the other queens. Y/n walked towards Marcus.
鈥淒arling, I think you proved your point. Come on, you promised me you鈥檇 read to me and cuddle after the trial.鈥
鈥淎s you wish my love.鈥 Marcus chuckled and let y/n lead him back towards their chambers and leaving the others to deal with the rest of the punishing.
Aro had his hand on his chin, 鈥渟hame, they showed so much promise.鈥
鈥淭hey should know better than to talk that way about our y/n. Nothing lost as far as I鈥檓 concerned.鈥 Caius shrugged
鈥淵es, quite. Felix, Demetri. Would you two get Afton to deal with cleanup. I鈥檓 sure he needs something to do.鈥
鈥淥f course master.鈥 Demetri and Felix went off and the twins excused themselves.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e grown attached to y/n too, I see.鈥 Aro playfully questioned his brother.
鈥淚 suppose I have, she seems to complete this crazy family. I鈥檓 surprised Marcus waited for them to speak as long as they did.鈥
鈥淚 think he enjoys putting a bit of fear into those who may be a threat to his mate, he isn鈥檛 going to risk losing y/n.鈥 Aro shook his head after a moment 鈥渟o you do consider us a family. Isn鈥檛 that wonderful.鈥
鈥淵es, but I swear Aro, tell anyone and I鈥檒l rip your head off myself.鈥
Taglist: @adaydreamaway08 @artaxerxesthegreat @avyannadawn @lacychick @minghao3o
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When Jane and Alec joined the Volturi
Aro: Regardless of their young age I think they are perfectly mature enough to handle the responsibilities of this coven
*meanwhile in aro's bathroom*
Jane: Okay so all we need to do is put the brown dye in caius's shampoo bottle, and the blond dye in Aro's
Alec: Jane, what is hydrogen peroxide?
Jane: Im not sure, put it in both
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childlike wonder || caius.v (hc)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Twilight
Pairing: Caius Volturi x Gender-Neutral reader, Alec and Jane x reader and Caius
Requested: (anon) A headcanon for Caius and mate!reader being the twins 鈥減arents鈥
A/n: Im keeping the twins age 12-13 but Caius aint gonna be 40. So imagine his age as anything you please, and Athenodora and Caius are not mates in this! Nor were they together!! Also, this is the first time ive written for Caius so feedback what be great! <3
Taglist: @develin13 @imaginetwilight2704 @dumb-cancer5 @readingwithinshadows @volturi-stuff鈥
taglist // list of works
Tumblr media
You remembered the day Aro had gleefully pranced into the throne room of the Castle. His vermillion eyes wide as he spoke about two kids, two incredibly gifted kids.
Aro had put you and your mate, Caius, in charge of keeping an eye on the children. Knowing that you and your gift of connections would pull them to you while Caius could use his canning gift of rage to keep the villagers at bay.
Your gift was unique, you could draw people in (much like Heidi), but your gift gave you the ability to create the most beautiful bonds with others. Bonds that not even Chelsea could break. You took to the Volturi coven and turned it into a family, binding the people within it with not only loyalty but love. The vampires who had lost so much found solace in the light you brought to the castle.
You and Caius started watching the two children, the twins from afar. The two seemed inseparable, dancing around each other with sticks as they sang rhymes, imitating some of the fiercest warriors of their time.
You couldn鈥檛 help but laugh at their carefree nature, their childlike wonder. You gripped Caius鈥檚 hand in your own, squeezing it solemnly as you gazed at the twins. Having kids of your own was something Caius and yourself sometimes talked about during the late hours of the night.
He was never sold on the idea of having little monsters running around the castle, but you could tell that the idea was slowly starting to seep into him. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips as he watched the twins dance in the field.
After a few days of observing the nature of the children, Caius was the first to introduce the two of you to them. The two of you posing as new villagers who moved into the house across from their field.
The children who you later found out were Alec and Jane. Their hesitancy was obvious. Their eyes were wide as they looked at each other, squeezing one another鈥檚 hand.
Their mother was ecstatic to have someone else in the village who didnt scorn her or her children. She simply adored you and your mate, though Caius refused to say a word to anyone other than you or occasionally the twins.
You offered to watch Jane and Alec, requesting to look out for them while Elizabeth went out to do chores. And that led to you spending many hours playing with them.
Jane and Alec loved your wardrobe, your clothing fitting onto them in a heap of fabrics, the excess material pooling at their feet- but their laughter and smiles were contagious.
Most evenings, while Elizabeth cooked dinner, you spent time in the field, laying among the wildflowers.
You would sit in the field next to Caius as Jane鈥檚 head lay on your thigh. Her pale green eyes follow the movements of your fingers as you weave stems of flowers together, forming a small flower crown. 鈥淭here,鈥 you said with a smile as you placed it upon Alec鈥檚 head.
Jane then sat up from your lap, her eyes wide with awe as she stared at the bundle of flowers on her brother鈥檚 head. 鈥淐ould you make me one?鈥
You nodded, chuckling at her smile. You pulled the young blond in for a hug, kissing her cheek as you began to make one for her.
The four of you started to grow closer, Caius鈥檚 hard exterior slowly started cracking the more time you spent with them. His scowls fading into small ghosts of a smile. His sharp hasty movements melted into relaxed ones.
You became good friends with Elizabeth, the twins鈥 mother. She always invited you and Caius over afterwards for dinner.
The twins adored you and Caius, their faces lighting up every time you came over for dinner. You always ate it, relishing in the smiles Alec and Jane would shoot you as they told you how they helped make it. Even though you threw it up afterwards, their joy was worth it.
Caius just refused to eat.
Every few weeks, Aro would visit, getting reports from you on how the twins were going. And as much as you were hesitant to admit it, the twins grew on you. You knew Caius felt the same though he refused to admit it every time you brought it up.
The Village had turned on you long ago- hating how you befriended the neighbourhood witches. But there was something about you and Caius that creeped them out more than the twins ever could.
Maybe that鈥檚 why they loved you so much because you too have been mocked and scorned for being different.
The night the twins were put to death was one of the scariest nights you鈥檝e ever been through, the fear coursing through your veins sent your mind in a whirlwind of anxiety. You had been told by one of the villagers, their grin wickedly wide as they snarled the words of their burning at you and Caius.
The two of you arrived to see the villagers gathering around in a circle, smoke swirling up into the sky. Shouts of praise and eagerness grew as you weaved through the crowd of putrid-smelling humans. Your dead heart dropped at the sight of Elizabeth鈥檚 limp body, her heart silent as she lay in a heap.
Your head shot up at the sounds of Janes screams, her eyes wide in terror. Your heart shattered at the look of defeat on Alec鈥檚 face, Jane鈥檚 own eyes filled with absolute rage as her eyes skimmed the people crowding her.
Her eyes met yours and Caius鈥檚
You turned to your mate, who looked as if he wanted to tear every little thing in existence apart. 鈥淜ill them all,鈥 you spoke, your voice void of any and all emotions before turning your attention back to the twins. You shoved the person who stood in front of you, sending them flying through the air. You flashed forward, grabbing both Jane and Alec as screaming broke out around you.
You could feel your own panic start to kick in as both the twins were screaming in your arms, the hems of their clothing still alight. You patted them out, attempting to soothe the screaming kids. You could feel venomous tears pool at the corners of your eyes.
You quickly bite into Alec鈥檚 arm, trying to inject as much venom into him as you could. Your eyes shot up to see Aro doing the same with Jane. When he got there, you didn鈥檛 know. But you were grateful to see him nonetheless.
Soon, both Jane and Alec were writhing, their bodies twisting as they both groaned in pain. You held Alec to you, stroking his head gently as you rocked him peacefully.
After they stilled, Caius joined you in the small field where you lay silently with Aro and Marcus. Marcus simply watched, carefully examining the beautiful kids in your arms.
You all arrived at the castle, both Jane and Alec still going through the transition.
To say they were shocked and terrified was an understatement. Their special abilities on top of their newborn ones only added fuel to the flame.
Tantrums of frustrations occurred frequently but Caius was the one to deal with situations such as those. In times like that, they took comfort in the strict fatherly figure he provided them while they always sought out you for anything else.
You slowly opened the doors to Jane鈥檚 chambers, it鈥檚 the only place you knew the twins to be. Alec refused to be by himself, instead opting to stay by his sister鈥檚 side. And Jane tried to remain strong, her cold facade always cracking when she realised it was only you.
It broke your heart knowing anyone other than her brother, yourself and the kings was who she was only comfortable around. No child should live in fear like this. It makes you smile as you remember the bloody massacre Caius made of their old village.
It took a very long time to coax them out of their rooms. Both were shocked, hurt and scared at the new life they鈥檇 been thrust into.
You had grown to adore the pair as your own and seeing them this frightened of themselves struck a nerve deep within you. You knew Caius felt the same.
You would watch him just sit in their chambers with them, silently reading. He knew the comfort his presence brought the twins so he made an effort to stick by them.
Caius and yourself stood by the garden鈥檚 entrance, watching as Jane and Alec sat under the willow tree, their red eyes gleaming with that same childlike wonder. You couldn鈥檛 help but smile as you leant your head on Caius鈥檚 shoulder, his arm wrapped around you.
You look from the twins to your mate, his eyes already locked onto you. He gave you a tiny smile, leaning down to whisper, 鈥渓ooks like you鈥檝e got the children you鈥檝e always wanted.鈥
You smiled, your face beaming, 鈥測es. I suppose I did.鈥
Almost as if Alec and Jane had heard you, they looked up, seeing the two of you. They both shot you small smiles, waving shortly before turning back to their conversation.
Their childlike wonder had definitely returned. And you couldn鈥檛 be prouder of them.
Tumblr media
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