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Ezreal: What’s up with Jinx? They’ve been laying on the floor for like….an hour now?
Janna: They're just a little overwhelmed.
Ezreal: Why?
Janna: Lux smiled at them.
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Janna, the Storm’s Fury 
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Here come's the full version~
This is how they met
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janna cc list 🌪️
my first post, hiiii :D
this look is inspired by janna from league of legends!
hair - @aharris00britney
eyebrows - @stretchskeleton
skin overlay - @lamatisse
eyeliner - @cosimetic
eyeshadow - @kijiko-sims
blush - @anonimuxsimmer
lip gloss - @kumikya
face paint (eyes) - @simandy
necklace - @kumikya
blouse - @nords-sims
skirt - @trillyke
belt accessory - @trillyke
sandals - @jius-sims
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★   ᯇ   star guardian icons  ..  :D
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cinematic/mv ver. | lux, ahri and janna
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Crystal Rose Janna by Yan0G
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Hexed (Vi/POC!Reader) - Ch.20
*Spoilers: Act 2 of “Arcane” on Netflix! League of Legends lore!
Next Upload Date: March 20th
Act 2: Chapter Twenty - Unpredictable Changes
Tumblr media
!! Warnings: Light sexual flirting/touching
|Summary: You get scolded by Umbra before she tells you some important information. Information that you don’t know how to process. After a flirty morning with Vi, you train with Ekko before helping out Zyn. While doing some personal work, you meet someone you’ve looked up to for years.
“Did you forget that we were going to talk tonight?”
You blink in confusion as the blackness of your mind swirls into the mindscape you’ve become acquainted with. You find yourself on a cliff overlooking a gorgeous waterfall. It is eerily quiet as the sparkly water cascades over the edge and into the rapids below. Umbra is standing in front of you with her hands on her hips. She gives you a disapproving glare that makes you wince. You advert your gaze and look over her shoulder so those golden eyes don’t kill you. Iesura pops into existence next to her with a grin but his arms are crossed.
“I-I…uh no!” You huff, “...Cut me some slack! I haven’t seen her in years.” You whine.
“So a woman shows up, gets you all hot and bothered, and suddenly you forget your duties?” Umbra snaps agitatedly, “In all my years, I have never met such a reckless child! And do you know how old I am, Hexxit?!”
“H-Hey! That’s not what-!” You stutter out but get cut off.
“-Not what happened, hm? That’s not what I saw!” Umbra narrows her eyes causing you to let out a shocked squeak.
“You saw that?!” You gasp, mortified.
“Saw it?! Of course, I saw it, Hexxit! We’re connected!” Umbra throws her arms up in exasperation. You blush heavily and whirl around to stare at the waterfall. Iesura laughs, “Looks like someone might finally get the upper hand on our, Hexxit, hm?”
“Not you too! Did everyone see?! That’s hundreds of you!” You sputter and wave your arms around frantically, “I thought I’d get some privacy!”
“Oh, so now you care? I ought to-!” Umbra steps towards you like she’s about to wring your bloody neck. You nervously take a step back as Iesura steps between you two.
“Calm down, Umbra. You know it’s normal to lose time with a mate. Although, she lost a bit more than time.” Iesura snorts as he places a hand on her shoulder and she softens her gaze. Umbra relaxes as Iesura wraps his arm around her shoulder.
“Mate? Why do you keep saying that?” You give them a confused look. Out of everything they’ve said to you, the mention of a mate is the most confusing. They glance at each other and Iesura shrugs making Umbra let out a long sigh. It makes you more confused but you wait for one of them to start talking. You sit down on the cold ground knowing this might take a while. They join you and get comfortable.
“We’ve been studying your behaviors and comparing them to what we know about the human species. When you died, it opened a link between us. I was confused at first by the way you seemed to pick up on our way of communication. You shouldn’t have been able to understand our language if we were just mentally connected. From that, you could access the arcane unconsciously without having been born with the ability. It should have started to slowly drain your soul, but it. . . didn’t.” Iesura explains to you, “The Arcane informed us that it gifted you with those abilities.”
“The Arcane… remade you. You were reborn that night on the bridge. The night you accepted the Arcane, it called to me and tore my very soul apart. I thought I was a goner until I found myself next to you at the bank, and the Arcane told me what happened. I couldn’t believe it but your eyes going gold is proof. Our species has golden eyes like those. So far, they only appear when you’re using your magic or indulging in your bloodlust.” Umbra gives you a proud smile, “I’m sure you could switch between them at wil-” Iesura covers her mouth with his hand and chuckles.
“My darling, you’re going off track again. To the point, please.” He gives her a pat on the head. Umbra glares at him before clearing her throat.
“My soul imprint was mixed with yours to create… something. You are… on a soul level… my child. You are not fully human anymore, but part of your soul is Brackern.” You blink as what she said registers in your mind.
“I-I’m WHAT?!” You shriek. They give you fierce glares and you shrink back. They hated when you interrupted them.
“Brackern have mates like all other species. Although, you humans call them… partners? We do have a single romantic mate, but we have what we call our circle. We believe that Violet is your chosen mate. You chose her when you were a youngling and seeing her again after your rebirth has only solidified this.” Iesura gives you a soft smile. You stare at them in silence before bursting into laughter. It rapidly turns hysterical as you drop your head into your hands.
“Fate.” You manage to wheeze out, “Fate likes fucking with me.”
“The Arcane kept you alive.” Umbra snorts, “It didn’t fuck with you.”
“Umbra, with all due respect, let me have my meltdown! You’re telling me that Violet. My Violet who just came back from prison after six years. Who I thought was dead…is not only the woman I’m in love with, but she’s the ONLY WOMAN I CAN BE WITH LIKE THAT!” You groan and slump onto the ground. ‘This is perfect. This is great. Absolutely fantastic.’
“You are something new to this world, Hexxit. Complain all you want, but you are what you are now. Your Violet will always be a part of you… as well as anyone else you bring into your circle. Of course, not all of your mates will be romantic, but I could stay here and ramble about this for a while. The point is that your rebirth is a gift to our species. You are still human, heavily traumatized, but you have a little Brackern sprinkled into the odd mix.” Umbra sighs.
“Thank you for mentioning my issues. I forgot those existed.” You snap back sarcastically, “That explains everything else, but what about what happened at the Progress Day fair? What about with the gemstone that Jinx had?”
“At the Progress Day fair, I believe that you connected to the shared consciousness. Other Brackern who managed to keep their souls intact when their crystals were mined were sending messages in the hopes that they’d be heard… I believe there’s more of us taken than I previously thought.” Umbra’s sadness washes over you like a wave causing tears to gather in your eyes. ‘I forgot how easily I can feel their emotions.’
“The gemstone seems to be an altered namestone. You were hearing the last cries from that Brackern. We couldn’t connect to her until you grabbed hold of it. It must be something they’ve done to the crystal that impedes us… or she has passed.” Iesura’s eyes show nothing but misery. Your eyes widen in horror. ‘Passed? That Brackern could be… could be dead?’
“…In the journal Jinx stole, it said that the originals were highly unstable, which led to those explosions. I know from being connected to you that your souls are within the crystals… The difference between that one and yours is the other one is more refined. So, the crystals like yours mean the souls contained inside are still intact. That’s why they’re more unstable! The gemstones are not unstable. It means… that they did something to their souls but the magic remained.” Your heart sinks before you feel the rage simmer and begin to bubble under your skin. The world around you starts to fracture. You agitatedly hit the ground feeling ready to burst, “Piltover is disgusting. They’re the rats! They beat us down. Force us to work for them without giving us a chance to live.” You chuckle coldly, “I’ve had many friends die. My parents… Benzo and the boys. They don’t care. Do you know they have cemeteries? We don’t. We burn the bodies and scatter their ashes in the wind.” Umbra and Iseura look at you warily as you rant.
“And now… now you’re telling me that they’re ripping the life force out of your whole species? Using your life force to access the Arcane? They’re monsters. Absolute monsters.” Your hands are shaking and you stand up feeling too upset and riled up to stay seated. You begin pacing back and forth. The rage keeps building and the cracks crystallize faster. You stop and look up to the cloudy sky, “There’s no other option now. No other.” The mindscape is shaking and you can hear the roaring of the Arcane in your ears. You start chuckling darkly, “THEY WON’T GET AWAY WITH THIS!“ You scream in anger as everything shatters.
You open your eyes to see Vi’s head nestled between your breasts. By the amount of light in the room, you can tell that it was past sunrise. It was still quite dark, but there was enough light for you to be able to move around. The rage you felt moments before evaporates and you give her an exhausted smile. Vi cuddles closer to you in her sleep and you stroke her hair. Your conversation with Umbra and Iesura made your blood boil but also made you feel a bit conflicted. You had an attachment to Vi that ran deep. Too deep for you to comprehend. It startled you to think that you thought of her as your mate and not a possible one. That explosion had really changed your life. The Arcane gave you a second chance, a gift, but it also came with a price. It felt like you signed a contract you weren't allowed to read over until years later. It’s crazy to think the soul of a Brackern, Umbra’s soul imprint, is merged with yours.
That brings you into unknown territory, yet you wouldn’t change what happened to you for anything. You can be with your brother, you can be with your family and protect them. That’s all you’ve ever wanted to be able to do. The news about the Hextech gemstones puts you in a complicated position. ‘Were the inventors aware of the crystal’s origins? Is Caitlyn aware?’ Anger flits through you again. ‘They must be… Caitlyn must be. She looked about ready to wrestle the gemstone from my brother. Piltover isn’t just ruining the lives of people in Zaun but also creatures that have nothing to do with them.’ You grit your teeth.
Vi shifts and you feel her place a kiss on your skin. The two of you make eye contact as she props herself up and sleepily blinks at you. ‘Holy shit, she looks like a sleepy puppy.’ You break into giggles as she gives you a lazy smile, “Good morning, princess.” Vi’s voice was thick with sleep and came out rough and deep. Your breathing hitches as you blush, feeling your body heat up.
“Good morning, handsome.” You try to give her a flirty smile, but your blush ruins it.
“Gods, your morning voice is so sexy.” Vi groans as she rolls off of you.
“I could say the same about you, shortcake.” You chuckle.
“How’d you sleep?” Vi stretches and you watch her muscles ripple. You hum in appreciation as you take in her naked body. You have to tear your eyes away from her abs before they wander lower. You reach out and run your hand over her abs, “I slept okay… but man, I was too tired last night to do any real damage to that body. I might need to change that.” You smirk at her as she raises an eyebrow. ‘The physical attraction is definitely there. Definitely. She’d look so sexy with my mark on her… Wait. My what?’ You shake your head catching yourself and try to get out of bed. Thoughts you weren't used to ruining the moment for you.
Vi’s arms circle your waist and pull you back down onto her, “What was that, princess?” She says huskily, “Say that again for me?” You freeze as her hand caresses your thigh. ‘Is her hand- Holy shit, her hand is on my thigh.’ You clear your throat and practically throw yourself off the bed and out of her arms, “I have to start getting ready for the day!” You speedwalk over to your closet knowing your face probably looks like a tomato.
You feel Vi’s arms wrap around your waist as she nuzzles your neck. You let out a squeak as she starts trailing kisses and kneading your breasts, “V-Vi!” You moan, blushing harder.
“You’ll get that chance tonight, if I have any say in it, princess.” Vi whispers hotly into your ear. Her fingers brush so lightly against your clit that you could have imagined it. ‘I’m not going to be able to feel my cheeks if she keeps making me blush like this.’ You clear your throat and step out of her grasp, “Well, stop tempting me now! It’s morning and I have other things to do today!” You huff and toss her clean clothes at her. You had gotten up in the middle of the night and decided to wash Vi’s clothes when you went to get some water. You had come back to find Vi buried under the covers.
“You can do me instead.” Vi purrs playfully. You short-circuit and shove her away from you as she laughs.
“Get dressed, you animal!” You shoo her away. Vi gives you a lopsided grin and steps into the bathroom to get dressed. You shake your head and pull on your workout clothes for the morning. When Vi opens the bathroom door, you slip past her and hiss as your ass stings from her slap.
“You’re horrible!” You shout at her.
“It’s not my fault you have a slapable ass!” You hear her shout back. You grumble and get to brushing your teeth and freshening up. As you pick up your comb to run it through your damp curls, Vi pops into the bathroom behind you with her toothbrush in her mouth. You giggle and step to the side so she can rinse out her mouth. As she does so, she snatches the comb out of your hand.
“Hey!” You gasp and reach for it. Vi grabs your wrist to stop you from taking it.
“Please, let me do your hair. I haven’t been able to do your hair in years.” Vi gives you the puppy eyes and you sigh in defeat. Vi lets out a cute chortle and kisses your cheek. ‘I didn’t know Vi could make those sounds!’ You chuckle happily to yourself. She grabs your hand and drags you into the room where she makes you sit. You close your eyes and relax as she carefully combs through your curls.
“Remember the first time I let you play with my hair?” You snicker.
“I totally fucked up your hair and you had a little afro all day. It looked cute, but it wasn’t the style I had in mind.” Vi laughs as she sections your hair into two.
“I don’t know how you managed to mess up space buns!” You laugh along with her as she braids a small pair of your hair.
“It was my first try! I got better as time went on. It was the first time I’d done hair like yours. Powder’s was super easy and my hair wasn’t long enough… Do you have any of your gold clips?” Vi pats your head in question. You get up prompting Vi to complain about the braid undoing as you get your little container of clips and hoops.
“Relax, shortcake. The braid won’t undo that quickly.” You roll your eyes as you sit back down. Vi takes the container from you with a huff, “You’re just saying that because you're not the one doing it.” You giggle knowing she’s right, but you like fucking with her.
“...What hairstyle are you doing anyway?” You want to look but you aren’t near your mirror. You were originally going to put it up in a bun for today, but since Vi begged you weren’t going to say no.
“I wanted to do cornrows.” Vi says as she starts clipping certain sections of your hair. You smile to yourself. Vi was always very loving with you when you were kids. She was attentive and tried to do things for you that you struggled to do for yourself. It’s refreshing to see that she’s still so attentive and caring with you.
“Wow. You missed doing my hair that much? Prison really gave you patience, huh?” You joke and are rewarded with a tug of your braid, “OW!” You hiss and try to rub at the spot but Vi slaps your hand away. You playfully gasp in shock, “Violet, you did not just do that!”
“Hmm?” Vi hums innocently, “Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”
“You asshole.” You mumble. An object whacks your head making you flinch, “You did not just whack me with my own comb!” You slap her leg as Vi laughs.
“What can I say, I slept very well last night.” Vi hums happily as she gently massages the spot she whacked you, “You’re very comfortable.”
After the morning’s shenanigans, the two of you head out of the treehouse in great spirits. You may or may not have a handprint on your ass while Vi has a shit-eating grin on her face. You eyed Vi’s tray to make sure it was balanced for someone of her stature. When she wasn’t looking, you swapped out her chocolate chip waffles for the higher nutrient ones. Those waffles were specifically made with an added nutrient potion for people who were being detoxed from shimmer. You wanted to be on the safer side and decided to give them to her.
It was still early so the majority of the base would still be sleeping in. The only people who got up at this time were the scouting team, Ekko, you, and anyone who worked in Zaun. So as you and Vi stroll into the courtyard, you’re surprised to see Caitlyn sitting at a table with Ekko. You instantly notice your brother has a miserable look on his face as she chats away. His coffee is steaming, proof that he just got here, and you bite your tongue to keep the laugh building up from escaping your lips. As much as Ekko tried to be, he wasn’t a morning person nor a coffee person. He perks up when he sees you and Vi walking over after grabbing your respective breakfast. With the food switch on her tray, you could relax. Caitlyn abruptly stops her one-sided conversation when her eyes land on you two.
“Sis!” Ekko says cheerfully, “I’m glad you’re here! We need to have a conversation about that thing we were planning for that other thing.” You slide his coffee over to you before adding hazelnut creamer and extra sugar. You taste it before nodding in delight and sliding it back over to him, “Sure, but can we do that after sparring this morning?” You take a sip from your hot chocolate. Ekko hums as he sips his coffee before his eyes bulge out of his head and he starts choking on his coffee.
“Y-Y-You have a n-new tattoo!” Ekko chokes out as he hits his chest. You blink before looking down and realizing you weren’t wearing your overcoat. You had put your workout clothes on without much thought. You grin at your brother as you flex, “You like it?! I got it done yesterday and totally forgot to show you!” You say excitedly as Ekko furiously nods his head.
“It looks amazing! I knew you were acting too sketchy yesterday!” Ekko accuses you.
“S-Sketchy?!” You sputter and put down your cup.
“Yeah! You usually take your coat off when you get back but you didn’t!” He hits the table before pointing a finger at you. You pout and slump over in your seat, looking at him through your lashes.
“I wanted to surprise you…” You mumble and give him the puppy-dog eyes.
Ekko sputters and you both jump at the sound of Vi’s laughter. The pink-haired boxer is clutching her stomach with how hard she’s laughing. Caitlyn is giving her a weirded-out expression as Vi calms down and wipes her tears away.
“You two. . . really haven’t changed.” Vi chuckles in between sentences before clearing her throat, “I’m surprised you haven’t thrown each other out of the treehouse yet.” She had chosen a cup of black coffee and was leisurely sipping at it. You gag thinking about the bitter liquid and shake your head in disgust.
“We almost did. She didn’t have the guts to actually go through with it.” Ekko says smugly. You gasp and flick him in the forehead. He yelps and smacks your hand away before stealing the muffin off of your plate. You two bicker back and forth over the muffin before ultimately deciding on splitting it.
“Regardless of that, I heard sparring?” Vi has a hopeful expression on her face. Caitlyn perks up with an interested look plastered on her face. You nod your head and continue eating.
“Sparring? You guys fight each other?” Caitlyn questions excitedly. You give her a confused glance, “Yeah, we spar every morning. It's been our routine since I woke up a few years ago.” You and your brother bumped fists with a smile.
“You two are welcome to watch!” Ekko grins, “I’m gonna kick her ass.”
“Oh, please!” You scoff, “I’ll be surprised if you manage to hit me this time!”
“I'll make you eat those words, sis.” Ekko asserts confidently.
You grunt as Ekko’s clock hand comes into contact with your stomach. The breath is forced from your body and you’re thrown from your hoverboard. You land on the ground with a thump and immediately roll over as you try to catch your breath. You wheeze and cough as Ekko cheers from above you, “That’s how it feels!” You hear Ekko’s laughter above you and you flip him off, groaning silently.
“When did you learn to do that?!” You shout up to him.
“I’ve been practicing how to predict people’s movements before they do them.” He chuckles as he lands next to you, “I’ve been practicing during missions, and I held off showing you cause I wanted to take you by surprise.” He extends his hand and helps you off of the ground. You dust yourself off and walk over to the bench that Caitlyn and Vi were sitting at. Vi tosses you a bottle of water and you give her a grateful smile. The water was cool and very refreshing after the intense fight you and your brother had on your hoverboards.
“You okay, princess?” Vi chuckles, “That looked like it hurt.”
“He got you good!” Caitlyn laughs and points at you. You roll your eyes with a huff laced with annoyance. Your pride was a little hurt, you weren’t going to lie. You rotate your neck around and stretch to get the ache out of your muscles. You hear Ekko choke as Vi coughs and you turn to them while tilting your head in confusion, “Are you two okay?” They don’t respond to you as Vi whistles and avoids your brother’s gaze.
“Sooo, Vi, do you have anything to say?” Ekko stares intensely at Vi as he crosses his arms, “Like, are you dating my sister again? Cause if you are, we’re gonna have to have a talk-”
“-What? Ekko, where is that coming from?” You sigh. Ekko motions to his neck then you and it clicks. You blush heavily realizing that Vi must’ve left a ton of hickeys on your neck after your randevu last night. You knew that she had some, but they were discreetly hidden by the jacket that she was wearing.
“What makes you think I’m the one who did that?” Vi playfully scoffs. You can tell that she’s trying but failing to hide a smile. Ekko gives her an exasperated look.
“My sister doesn’t let her clients mark her, and you’re the only person here who she would allow that close to her.” Ekko gives Vi a smug grin.
“Alright, alright. I’m guilty. I did it.” Vi grins as Caitlyn’s face morphs into one of surprise, while Ekko’s face twists into a nasty glare. You feel uneasy as he steps closer to Vi and gets into her face, “You hurt my sister and you’ll pay for it, Vi.” He growls. Vi cocks her eyebrow and moves closer to your brother, “You think you can hurt me, little man?” She taunts him. You panic, squeezing between the two of them, and push them away from each other.
“There’s no need for this!” You beg, “Ekko, you know Vi!”
“Yeah, come on, little man.” Vi says affectionately as she reaches past you to ruffle his hair. Ekko backs out of her range with a grumble. “You know I wouldn’t hurt your sister. She’s my princess.” Vi shoots you a wink and you blush deeper.
“Wait- again?” You all turn to Caitlyn who looks at you in confusion. Truthfully, you had kind of forgotten that she was even there. “I thought you said you two were just friends before?” She looks between you and Vi. Ekko starts laughing, as you fight to keep a smile off of your face.
“Friends?” Ekko chuckles, “Sure, friends. Maybe the first few years they knew each other, but they were definitely more than friends after that.” He gives you a mischievous look, “Sneaking kisses in the hallways and whispering cute things to each other when they thought no one was looking.” You gasp and shove him.
“You little shit! I knew you and Powder were lurking around!” You punch his shoulder and he makes a wounded sound.
“She and I were best friends for a while, but about two years before I got taken, I asked her out. We dated and… well, I thought she died and she thought I died. So, it’s kind of awkward to talk about. We technically broke up, but not willingly.” Vi explains to Caitlyn.
“I don’t think either of us really knows what we are, yet.” You shrug, taking another sip from your water. You knew that was a lie. You knew you wanted Vi to be yours, to be your girlfriend again, but you weren’t sure if the feelings were mutual or just one-sided. Besides, one night of high emotions wasn’t something you should judge your feelings off of. ‘You’re lying to yourself. You know you think of her as a ma-’
“Ekko! We’ve gotta go!” You blurt out and you quickly grab your things. Everyone blinks and you realize that you probably interrupted the conversation. Vi’s shoulders lower and she gives you a frown, “What? Where are you going?”
“I forgot that Ekko wanted to talk about that thing we were planning for that other thing.” You give her a sheepish smile in embarrassment as Ekko grabs his stuff. Vi gives you a look that shows she isn’t buying it.
“Yeah, she’s right!” Ekko gives her a thumbs up, “We have to figure this out before it gets out of hand. Top secret, I’m afraid.” He grabs your wrist and starts dragging you to the exit.
“Sorry, Vi! I’ll come to get you later and we can go do stuff together!” You call to her. You and Ekko head back to the main area in silence. Ekko gives you the side-eye but you shake your head. So, it wasn’t until you were safely inside your lab that you decompress.
You fall into your chair feeling boneless and let out a dramatic groan. Your chair spins slightly and you see Ekko standing there with an amused look on his face. Your eyes widen and you put your head in your hands from embarrassment.
“Don’t give me that look!” You groan.
“What look? I’m not giving you a look.”
“Yes, yes you are! That’s your ‘I-know-what-you-did-and-I’m-laughing-at-you’ look!”
“Sis, what was that back there?” Ekko gives in and laughs.
“Uuumm, me being reminded of something Umbra said to me last night?” You wince. Ekko stops laughing and gives you a concerned look, “What do you mean? What did she say?”
“Basically that I’m half-human, half-Brackern now. Which, I don’t even know what a Brackern looks like but that these crystals actually belong to their species, and since I’m essentially half-Brackern now I’ve been developing some of their… habits and one of those is that I have a mate? And that Vi is said mate but I don’t want to believe it because that just sounds impossible and-” You ramble, hardly stopping for a breath.
“-Sis! Relax! You’re rambling again.” Ekko places his hand on your shoulder. His concern turns into worry and he grips your shoulder tightly, “What do you mean by half-Brackern? What are those crystals doing to you?”
“You know how I told you they contain souls? Well, it turns out that the souls in the crystal and mine were combined by the Arcane. Have I told you it’s sentient? As a result, I’ve been taking on some of their biologies.” You will your eyes to change. Startled, Ekko leaps back with a yelp, “Such as my eyes changing, some of their habits and apparently their relationship style. Brackerns mate for life and I guess I chose Vi as mine so…”
“Shit. Are you serious?” Ekko curses. You nod miserably.
“Well, what are we gonna do?” He sighs.
“There’s nothing we can do. It’s my soul, Ekko. I can’t just tear it into two.” You rub your face in aggravation.
“So… the moral of the story is that you ran because you didn’t want to confront your feelings for Vi?” Ekko says slowly.
“Pretty much…” You sigh. Ekko snorts and pulls you into a hug, “Don’t worry sis, I’m sure you’ll work it out… You useless lesbian.” You pinch him. “Ow!”
“Hawk! Where have you been?!” Heather calls to you, “Not out on any missions, I hope! Your brother said you weren’t supposed to go on any more of those for a while.” She huffs as you plop down next to her. You silently pick up your sandwich and take a bite out of it. You still couldn’t process what happened a few hours ago so you weren’t too keen on having a conversation. But, Heather wouldn’t stop pestering you unless you gave her an adequate answer.
“I was in my lab, Heather. Relax. I didn’t go out on any missions.” You sigh out in frustration and take another bite. Heather seemed satisfied with your answer and focused on another poor victim. You find yourself letting your eyes wander until they land on Vi and Caitlyn. They are sitting alone at a table and enjoying each other’s company. They most likely spent the whole morning together since you’ve been gone. It was almost noon and most people were up.
Caitlyn looks really interested in whatever Vi is saying to her. She is turned to Vi, making eye contact when she can, and occasionally brushing her hair behind her ear. You look back down to your lunch feeling dejected. It made your heart ache to see that Vi didn’t even look around to see if you had come back.
‘Don’t give up hope, child. It’s just a conversation.’
“Yeah but they look pretty cozy to me.” You huff and finish the rest of your sandwich. You couldn’t help the jealousy. You had mourned the loss of your lover for years. Now here she is back home, but with another beautiful girl in tow… How could you not be jealous? Sure, you and Vi are still interested in each other but it’s obvious she’s interested in Caitlyn too.
“Hey, Hawk?”
“What’s up, Zyn?” You glance up at Zyn’s voice to see him giving you a hesitant look. You furrow your brows in confusion as he fidgets.
“My little brother’s condition has gotten worse overnight, and I need to go and get another healing elixir. They’re making a new batch but I need to get him one sooner. Healer Jane has too many patients and the other Healers are also busy. Would you… would you watch him for me while I go? I-I won’t take long-” Zyn stutters as he rubs his arm.
“Zyn.” You stand up and place a hand on his shoulder, “You know I don’t have an issue helping out. I’m done with my food so why don’t we go now?” Zyn gives you a relieved smile. You pick up your plate and drop it off at the wash station before following him to the med-bay.
“Ty?” Zyn calls out as you enter the children’s ward. You smile softly at all of the drawings hanging on the walls. It was a way to remind the children that they weren’t alone in here. They had the love and support from the community.
“Zyn!” A cheerful voice sounds as you round a corner into the bedroom area. Zyn’s little brother was sitting up in bed with a cup of apple juice in his hands. Your eyes widen at how unstable he is. Ty is barely able to hold the cup steady. You rush past Zyn and grab the cup before it tipped over.
“Ty, where’s Miss Dee?” You say softly, “I thought you needed to be supervised when you ate?” You place a straw in the cup before setting it on a bed tray. The seven-year-old sighs frustratedly as Zyn places a hand on his shoulder. Your training comes to the forefront and you busy yourself with checking his vitals before reading his chart.
“I’m tired of needing help to eat. It’s only because my hands are so shaky that I even need it.” Ty lifts his hand to prove his point, “I thought I could manage it myself but it seems like the harder I try to focus the worse it gets.”
“Ty…” Zyn sighs and you can see how worn down he is. He had been taking care of his brother for the past year after he suddenly got sick. It was hard on him since his parents kept breaking down about it. Zyn was the only one who could come in without bursting into tears. It was heartbreaking and the community does its best to support the family.
“Your brother is going to get you something to help with your shaky hands, okay?” You pat his cheek, “So, you’re gonna be stuck with me!” You start tickling him and grin at the delighted squeals that leave his throat. They quickly turn into coughs and you stop to let him catch his breath. You note that it takes him longer than usual. You give a worried hum and check his oxygen again.
“I’m just heading into Zaun. I’ll be back soon, okay?” Zyn gives his brother a kiss on the forehead. Ty grabs his arm to stop him from leaving, “Wait! I have something for you!” Ty reaches under his pillow and pulls out a drawing, “It’s you, me, mom, and dad!” He points at the figures and you giggle. It reminded you of when Ekko was younger. Zyn takes the drawing and ruffles his hair, “Thanks, Ty. I’ll hang it up in the house! Now, I’ll be back. I love you.”
“I love you too!” Ty calls as his brother walks out of the room just as Miss Dee comes in. Ty gives you a pleading face but you shake your head and let the nurse take care of him. While she did that, you looked through his records with a frown. It seemed like overnight he had gotten worse. His hands shook horribly, he wasn’t able to eat correctly, and he was coughing up blood. You sigh and place the clipboard next to you. Zaun Gray. You suspected that Ty might’ve been hiding his symptoms since these signs don't just happen overnight. Your mind flashes back to Viktor for a brief moment. A knock sounds at the door and Vi cautiously walks in with Caitlyn glued to her heel.
“Hey, princess… Zyn told me you were here, so I wanted to see if you’d like some company.” Vi says lightly. You give her a smile as the nurse gives Ty the all-clear and she takes the food tray out of the room.
“Thank you, I’m sure Ty would appreciate the extra company. Vi, Caitlyn, this is Ty. Zyn’s little brother.” You motion to him, “He’s a little sick, so I’m watching him while Zyn runs to the apothecary.” Ty gives them an enthusiastic wave before he coughs a little. Vi sits at the edge of his bed and hands him a tissue, “Hey, Ty… Are these your drawings?” She motions to a pile of papers on the desk next to him. He nods and launches into a story about each of them. Soon, the room was filled with laughter and cheer. Caitlyn told him stories about Piltover while Vi shared her adventures from when she was younger. At some point, Ekko popped by with a chocolate bar and a mischievous grin.
Ty excitedly devoured the piece of chocolate before he could even think to offer any. With a heavy blush, he apologized causing you all to laugh. You are in the middle of telling him about Zyn’s first time learning how to use a hoverboard when a distressed look crosses his face. Then, the coughing starts. Your heart drops as blood flies from his lips and runs down from his nose.
“He can’t breathe!” Ekko shouts and runs from the room to grab a healer. You launch forward, desperate to help him in some way when you are grabbed and pulled from the room. You shout and struggle in Vi’s arms while a handful of women and men sprint into the room. You can hear the frantic yells and calls from them as Vi walks you out of the medbay. Your eyes land on Zyn who sprints past you and into the building while clutching a blue vial in his hands. You pace back and forth, filled with anxiety, for what felt like hours. Vi was sitting against the wall, her leg aggressively bouncing up and down, while Ekko bit at his nails. Caitlyn was still but staring at the ground in silence. Only minutes later, Zyn walks out of the medbay with wide, tearful eyes, “H-He’s stable.” He chokes out and breaks down sobbing. You and Ekko rush forward and hug him tightly in relief. Someone shouts Zyn’s name and you see his parents running over. There’s a tense conversation with you explaining what happened and they go inside with Zyn to check on their younger son. You sigh and decide you need to get away from the Grotto for a bit of time. You glance at Vi and notice she’s distracted by Caitlyn. You bite your lip and you flash a signal at Ekko instead. He gives you a sad smile but nods in understanding. You walk towards the back of the building and open a rift in the shadows.
The sound of water running carries up to your ears as you take a deep breath. You were sitting on top of a cliff that you had been scoping out the past few months. It was nestled away in the back end of the Burning Fissure and built into the rock wall. It was oddly similar yet different to the area that Ekko had found. There was a long, thin crack through the rock wall that you only noticed from the breeze coming through it. It was a risky move but you used your rifts to find out where it led.
Thus, you stumbled upon this place. Instead of the huge tree in the center, there was a tiered waterfall that fell into various pools of water before collecting at the bottom. No one from the Firelights knew that it was here. When you had brought Ekko, he nearly fell over in shock. It looked natural yet unnatural from how perfectly circular it seemed to be.
You brushed your thumb over the tree sapling you had secretly stored here. ‘I’ve had to move my plans up faster than I wanted to, but it’s no issue to me. I knew I couldn’t keep being a part of the Firelights. They know the Firelights exist and have been messing with Silco, but they’re not cold-blooded killers.’ You sigh and brush your hand over your braids, ‘I won’t keep hiding anymore. I put out my messages so I should be getting responses soon. All that’s left is setting up a base.’ You get up and pick up the sapling before drifting down to the bottom of the cliff. You step off your hoverboard and hear the grass crunch under your boots.
There was a petrichor scent that brought joy to you. You slip off your boots and squeal at the tickling feeling from the grass. Standing on the bank to the side of the lake, you stare out. Your destination is the center of the lake and you don’t hesitate as you walk right in. The bottom rapidly drops out so you find yourself swimming to the middle. You dip your face under and your stomach drops at how far down it goes. ‘Is this a crevasse lake? I wonder how far down it goes.’ A soft smile graces your face as you let go of the sapling and it sinks. You swim back to the bank and turn to the lake.
You take a deep breath, “Alright. I can do this. It’s only a whole tree I’m trying to grow and manipulate… No pressure.” You mumble to yourself. You close your eyes and focus on the sounds around you. All of a sudden a soft, cheerful lullaby surrounds you and you gasp. Your eyes snap open as the water glows blue and starts to bubble. Your eyes itch as your blood pulses and the tree bursts from the water.
You scramble backward as it grows at an alarming rate. A yelp leaves your lips as the wind picks up around you and seemingly pushes you out of the way. You tumble to the ground as the tree rises upwards and stretches out its branches. You are in awe as the soft lullaby deepens and slows as the tree grows bigger and bigger. The blue glow flickers and fades as did the deep lullaby. You blink at the giant tree towering above you. It looms over you like a giant being, who’s watched over the world as time passed and changed around it. It somewhat brought you a little comfort in its presence.
Overwhelmed, you start crying in success. The water from the lake rose and pooled around the lower branches as they wove their way across the lake. It was beautiful. You made something beautiful with your magic. ‘This will allow me to run my own operations, and take the heat off my brother while letting me provide a safe haven for others. There still needs to be more modifications done, but the base is here.’ You idly wonder if this was how your brother felt when he had found the Grotto.
“Hello, Hawk… or should I say Y/n?” An airy voice sounds from behind you. Startled, you whirl around and launch your knife at the intruder. Your eyes focus on a woman with long blonde hair making you freeze.
“Be careful, little one.” A voice says and you see a pretty woman appear where you once sat. She waves goodbye at you and you wave back before she fades away.
“You’re- You’re-” You drop to your knees and bow your head. You have no words, having been left speechless. You hear the grass crunch underneath her feet and her hand rests on your head.
“There’s no need to bow to me, sweet breeze.” You look up as she kneels in front of you.
“No need to kneel? You’re Janna, the wind spirit who has protected us for generations!”
“I am, and I come to you after seeing everything you’ve been doing.” Janna gives you a breathtaking smile.
“Thank you… for what you did for me as a child.”
“It pains me to see my people struggling to breathe. There is not much I can do as a spirit. I watch my people die every day and I can only bring them temporary relief. I’m failing them.” Janna says sadly, “That is why I am here. The Arcane seems to favor you and I believe you’re in a position to change Zaun’s future. I wish to support you.”
“Support… me?” You gasp.
“Yes, sweet breeze. I wish to support you.” Janna chuckles, “Your family has been faithful to me for generations and still are. I hear you and your brother’s prayers. I believe you have what it takes.”
“Let’s… talk then.” You blink in shock.
“Yes, let’s.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
゚ㅤ ، 💎🌹 ─ 𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗶𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀 ;
ㅤㅤ◜♡◞ crystal rose ─ akshan and janna
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Tumblr media
Janna always had a soft spot for the inventive types.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Janna step by step
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Tumblr media
----Another accident post from my original blog-------
Whimsical Luxanna, care free and urged to have Janna sign her an autograph!
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Lux: Where are you going?
Jinx: To get MYSELF a gift cause somebody didn't get me one!
Lux: I told you I did! Its coming here on Friday!
Janna, knowing full well that Lux got Jinx an engagement ring: *eating popcorn*
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Wallpapers Bewitching
Miss Fortune
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The best Star Guardians (unless riot release piltover's finest😏)
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Please, take away the bottle from her.
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Book Two of Hexed - The Fury of Zaun (Vi/POC!Reader) - Ch. 4
Next Upload Date: July 7th
Act 1: Chapter Four - Flying High
Tumblr media
!! Warnings: Jumping off a cliff
| Summary: You get to test out your invention and Viktor comes to visit.
The wind rustles the leaves and you let out a deep breath. You had fallen asleep outside on the deck with everyone and woke up when Sevika was placing a blanket over you. The only person who didn’t fall asleep was her, so you got up and had a cup of hot chocolate with her. After that, you couldn’t restrain yourself and went down into your lab to finish your much-anticipated project. You were so focused that everything outside of your work faded away into the abyss of nothingness. By the time Umbra could convince you to get some proper rest, the sun was already peeking over the cliff face. So, you decided to stretch out your aching muscles on your balcony to relax and accidentally dozed off under the warm sun.
‘I’m amazed that you finished your work in such a short timeframe.’
‘If it wasn’t for you encouraging me to create the metal, it would have taken a lot longer. Certain metals have a crystalline base, and creating crystals seems to come easy to me. So I started with that.’
‘I’m so proud of you, my child. You’re progressing faster than I thought you would. Although, I must request that you look into the namestone tonight. There is something I need to show you.’
‘I’ve been meaning to, so I don’t mind doing so.’ You yelp as your hair gets blown into your face, blocking your vision, and a giggle sounds from in front of you. You sputter, some hair getting into your mouth, and pull it away from your eyes. You push your hair to the side to see Janna grinning at you. She’s effortlessly perched on the railing with her staff in her hands. At times like this, she reminds you of a bird, free and joyful. The entire world is within her reach.
“Hello, sweet breeze.” Janna says joyfully as she walks over and sits on the deck with you. You blink and then glance down at yourself, slowly covering your exposed breasts as she leans against the railing.
“Good morning, Janna.” You blush, “How can I help you?”
“The Arcane said that you would need my assistance today. I’m interested in what it would be so I came early.” Janna smiles. You sit up and give her an intrigued look. ‘This is another time the Arcane has been brought up by someone else.’
“The Arcane told you?” You lean closer to her.
“Yes.” Janna nods.
“Does it speak to you properly?”
“No. It’s like a whisper in the wind, but I know it’s more than that.” She smiles. You nod your head and fall into thought. ‘So, do magical entities have a direct connection to the Arcane? Or is it a special type of entity? So far I’ve only known of the Brackern and now Janna. Hmmm.’
“Well, since you’re here early, I might as well start early!” You chirp and stand up. You pull on your sports bra along with a tank top and grin at her, “Give me a moment.” You stick your hand into a rift and pull out the item you’ve been working on. Janna watches with interest as you put it on and fit the control to the side of your head.
“Come with me.” You hold your hand out, “You’ll get to experience my way of traveling.” You giggle. Janna smiles serenely and takes hold of your hand. You walk into a rift, the colors bursting across your vision, swirling around like a mini galaxy of different hues of blue, and step out on the cliff top. Janna casually steps out next to you, “That was fun! I’ve never traveled any other way before! It was faster than my winds!” Her eyes practically sparkle in excitement.
“I’m ecstatic you liked it!” You laugh, “Now, it’s my turn.” You wink at her as the mechanical wings shift and open up. They’re almost completely silent until it clicks into place, letting you know that the locking mechanism has engaged.
“Oh!” Janna gasps, “Those are beautiful! They look like the wings of a hawk.” You smile and glance at the wings. They glisten in the sunlight with the metallic black feathers warning others to be careful.
“You have a very good eye! They’re modeled after one. The primaries also double as blades. Those are these feathers right here at the bottom.” You motion to them as they elongate, the edge of them glowing dangerously, “Renata was kind enough to let me use her chem-tech as the power source.”
“Sweet breeze.” Janna laughs and shakes her head, “I am the wind. I must have a keen eye to do my job.” She smiles in amusement.
“Right.” You blush, “How silly of me. Anyway, let’s give this a try!” You grin at her. You walk to the edge of the cliff and look down into the rapids. You were hundreds of feet above the bottom so you have plenty of space to practice. You turn so your back is to the edge and make eye contact with Janna.
“I will assist you when necessary.” Janna brandishes her staff, “All you need to do is ask.”
“I’m happy to have you on board!” You chirp and let gravity tip you over. Your heart leaps into your throat as your feet leave the ground. ‘Bombs away!’ An excited scream leaves your lips as you start to plummet to the ground. You twist, eyes widening in amazement at how weightless the wings feel, and right yourself. Your hair blows in the wind and you can’t help the grin that sticks to your face like glue. ‘Let’s see how these babies work!’ You take a deep breath and continue to plummet toward the fast-approaching ground.
Nerves flit through you for a moment before you curve your body upwards. The wings slice through the air, easily righting your body so you’re now hovering vertically.
“Woah!” You laugh as you look down. You’re just above the top of the tree, the tips of your feet brushing the leaves. ‘A second longer and I would’ve been in the tree!’ You giggle to yourself. You look up to see Janna waving at you and you wave back. You tense your shoulder muscles and watch as the wings respond. You grin and launch yourself upward, a scream tearing its way out of your mouth as you rocket up.
“THIS IS AMAZING!” You scream to Janna as you pass her. You twirl around and around, spreading your arms out and letting your body plunge down once more.
“Yes!” Janna appears next to you with a mischievous smile, “Hold on tight!” She twirls her staff and a gust of wind blows from behind you. You shriek as you’re propelled downward faster than you expected. The wind stings your face, your hair whips around untethered, and tears gather in your eyes. You feel the wings vibrate right before a loud, unsettling, high-pitched screech sounds. Your eyes widen in surprise from the sound and from the realization that the ground is approaching fast.
You yelp and cover your face as you zip through the leaves. You uncover your face and see Sevika staring up at you with a shocked face from one of the main decks.
“JAAANNAAA!” You scream in a panic when you realize you’re going too fast to stop properly. The wind spirit appears below you, twirling her staff and swinging it in your direction. The gust of wind that hits you forces you to bank upwards, and you stop in mid-air. Your heart pounds in your chest as you try to catch your breath.
“Are you okay?!” Janna flies up to you, “I didn’t mean to send you that quickly! I’m sorry, Y/n.” You shake your head and start laughing. You laugh so hard that you lose your breath again.
“Are you kidding me?! That was so fucking exhilarating, Janna!” You laugh and throw your arms around her, twirling her in the air, “We have to do that again! I have to be able to stop on my own! And did you hear that sound?! I think that might be a side effect of how fast I was going! Maybe by using your winds we could do more!”
“Then, we’ll keep practicing.” Janna nods in agreement, “I enjoyed it as well. I’ve never been able to utilize my winds this way.” She grins at you. You grin back and slowly fly over to Sevika who seems to have blanked out.
“Vika?” You nudge her, “Viiiika!” You poke her. Sevika blinks and shakes her head.
“Do I want to know what you’re up to?” Sevika raises an eyebrow.
“We’re testing out Y/n’s new invention.” Janna sits on the railing, “It’s quite fun.” She says pleasantly.
“I thought I was about to witness your death, you dumbass.” Sevika huffs and crosses her arms, unamused. ‘Her arm! It’s the same pale blue as the metal I made earlier. I wonder if I could… change the color?’ You place your hand on her metal arm and focus on the color.
“What are you-?” Sevika pauses as you two watch the blue turn a dull gold.
“There.” You smile at her, “The blue was clashing with your style. Have you had a chance to test it out?”
“Not yet. It’s only been a day.” Sevika shrugs.
“Hmm, we’ll have to do it soon then.” You tap her arm, “I want to see how you fare with it before you’re forced to use it.”
“Testing something else?” Janna perks up, “May I join?”
“Of course!” You smile at her, “You’re more than welcome when we do.”
“Thank you.” Janna smiles before frowning slightly, “I must go now, but I will see you again, sweet breeze. Sevika.” She nods before vanishing.
“So… are you going to tell me what that was?” Sevika motions to your back.
“Maybe later.” You grin at her. A tingling feeling in the back of your mind causes you to turn your head to the gateway. ‘Viktor’s here. Was that today? It’s been three days?!’ You shake your head.
“What’s wrong?” Sevika questions.
“We have visitors.” You glance at her, “I’ll be right back.” You whirl around and jump off the side of the deck, dropping into a rift, before landing on the rocky surface by the fissure. Viktor and the person next to him whip around when you purposefully kick a rock.
“Hello, Viktor!” You greet him joyfully, “Who’s this lovely lady with you?” You recognize her as the girl that was with him during Progress Day.
“Wait… Miss Uley?” Viktor’s eyes widened in surprise, “You’re-?”
“-I’ll answer all of your questions in a moment.” You hum as you approach them, “If you would please grab a hold of my hand. I can get us to someplace more private.” The two of them glance at each other before grabbing a hold of your hands. You smile and nod. A rift opens below your feet and your drop through. The girl yelps as Viktor snaps his head to you. You laugh in amusement as the gateway forms around you and you’re back on solid ground again.
“Yes, that is the same thing I did the night I visited you. And, yes, I am Hexxit.” You wink at them, “Follow me. We can talk as we walk.”
“Where… are we?” The girl says in awe, “This isn’t the Undercity.”
“Yes and no. This is within the Undercity, but it’s not… quite there.” You smile as you walk across the bridge.
“So, I-I don’t understand. You’re Hexxit.” Viktor moves closer to you.
“My real name is Y/n. I’m a Zaunite born and raised. Professor Uley pretended that I was his niece so I could attend the classes at the University.” You glance at him, “You may remember the day one of the apartments near campus exploded.” You hold the door open for them and they slip in.
“My Lady! Come hang out with us!” Zara calls to you. She’s lounging on the couch with the girls while Sevika and Fue play cards.
“Later! I’ve got a meeting!” You call back. Laughter fills the air and you wave at everyone as you pass by.
“Yes. That was Jayce Talis’ apartment. What does it have to do with you?” Viktor furrows his brow. You gesture to the chairs and they take a seat. You hop up onto the table and fiddle with one of your knives. You see recognition flash in the girl’s eyes when they land on your knife.
“As you’re aware from your experimentation with the Hextech crystals, they’re unstable before they’re refined.”
“Yes, they- Wait. How do you know that?” Viktor gives you a bewildered look.
“May I know your name?” You say politely to the girl. She startles for a moment and blushes.
“Sky.” The girl clears her throat, “My name is Sky.”
“Nice to meet you, Sky.” You smile at her, “I know this because I’ve had an experience with both of them. I died six years ago in an explosion caused by unstable hextech crystals. The Arcane is what brought me back to life and gifted me with my magic. Why? I don’t know, but I’m extremely grateful.”
“Are you the one who stole them from Jayce’s apartment six years ago?” Viktor’s eyes widen, “That’s the only way you’d be able to encounter them. He told me that four of them were missing when they audited his place.”
“I didn’t steal them, but I knew the people who did. Things took a turn in the Undercity and they were used as a last resort… unfortunately, there were more casualties than intended.” You sigh, “Although, I do have the missing gemstone that was taken during Progress Day.”
“You do?!” Viktor and Sky chime together.
“I thought this… Jinx was the one who took it.” Sky glances at Viktor. You smile mischievously.
“Incoming - Hey, blue. I need you to come to the meeting room, please. There’s someone you should meet.” You turn your attention back to the duo, “While we wait for our guest to show, I’ll continue my explanation. Do you have any questions?”
“Too many, but the more pressing ones can come first. Were you the one who killed those Enforcers on the bridge a few days ago?” Viktor reaches into his coat and pulls out one of your knives, “Sky and I found this at the scene and took it before anyone else could see it. It looks like the crystals, so I knew it must’ve been you.”
“Ah, so that’s why you recognized the knife in my hands. Yes.” You take the knife from him, “It’s a long story but I hate Enforcers. I can’t help but want to kill them every time I see them.” You giggle, “And that day, I thought they took my brother from me. I struggle with bloodlust, you know? So, I snapped!” You chirp.
“Ah, yes…” Viktor hesitates as he processes what you said, “On top of that… You're the one who blew up the councilors’ building last night.” You blink and raise an eyebrow at him.
“Why are you so sure that it was me?” You tilt your head with a smirk.
“I felt it. Your magic. Something… something in my body reacted to it and I knew. It had to have been you. They’re convinced it’s Jinx again, but I know it’s not.” Viktor places his hand on the desk, “You saved my life. I will never be able to forget how your magic felt.”
“Hmm, right again. Sort of. It was my magic and I was the one who destroyed the building, but it wasn’t my weapon.” You smile, “I can’t take the credit for such a genius invention! That was Jinx’s.”
“I heard my name!” You hear Jinx chirp as she slams the door open in her own dramatic and quirky way, “Hiya, Hex! Whooooooo’s this?” Jinx leans forward with a curious look in her eyes.
“Jinx, I’d like for you to meet Viktor and Sky. Viktor is the man behind the scenes who’s been working on hextech. The one you stole the gemstone from - both times - is Jayce Talis.” You motion between the two.
“THAT’S HIS NAME?!” Jinx starts cracking up, “Oh man, he’s such a loser! I mean, come on! You don’t learn to protect your things after the first time?! You’re just asking to be stolen from!” She grins.
“You’re Jinx. The one who stole the gemstone?” Sky’s eyes widen.
“Yup! That’s me!” Jinx hops up onto the table with you.
“So, what are your plans? Why did you bomb the counselor’s building?” Viktor leans in.
“You’re not upset about it?” You blink.
“Upset?” Viktor scoffs, “I was there when the councilors screamed at Jayce for even proposing that we let Zaun become a free city. I couldn’t say anything even when I wanted to.”
“Brutally killing those Enforcers also shook up a lot of people.” Sky adjusts her glasses, “I overheard Councilwoman Shoola get into an argument with Councilman Salo when he insisted on storming the Undercity. She slapped him.” She tries to hide a smile.
“Ooooh drama!” Jinx grins.
“Anyway, back to your questions, Viktor… Zaun’s going to war. That’s why we bombed the councilor’s building. My plan is to free our people. Piltover won’t let us grow on our own. They like keeping us permanently beneath their feet and we’re tired of it. Our city and our people are suffering. It’s up to us to free ourselves from their tyranny.” You cross your arms, “Take hextech for example. They don’t want us to have it, so we made chemtech.” Viktor frowns and shuffles his feet.
“Hextech… Hextech is supposed to be the solution. They’re afraid of what it can do. The crystals. Heimerdinger didn’t want us to showcase the gemstone or the new inventions, and Jayce… Jayce went along with it.” Viktor sighs, “I wanted to use it to save people. To improve lives. I didn’t have much time left, so I wanted to change something… someone’s life for the better.”
“The crystals aren’t what you think they are. They’re alive, Viktor. There are hundreds of souls within just a single crystal. Souls of creatures who had those crystals torn from their bodies as they slept.” You say passionately.
“I knew there must’ve been something! The Hexcore felt too alive… like it understood my intentions and what I said.” Viktor jumps in his seat, “And you know this because of your magic?”
“Yes and no. The souls in the crystals merged with me when I died. I can feel all of the others, and I can speak to them as well.” You shift.
“This is… a lot to process.” Viktor sighs.
“You’re welcome to stay here for the night. Give yourself time to process what I’ve said and we can talk more in the morning.” You slide off the table, “Now, how about a tour?”
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