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#january 2021

(I’m not trying to be insanely optimistic; I know there are far more negatives than positives.) 

1. Flu cases are way down. Turns out preventative measures for pandemics work pretty well for other contagious diseases. 

2. Things are way less crowded. Lines aren’t nearly as long as they look (thanks to social distancing.) I got from the entrance of the airport to through security in 15 minutes. Good for introverts AND impatient people.

3. Innovation is happening faster than expected. Digitization of work, school, etc. were accelerated. 

4. A bunch of cool online projects, from internet-trawling research papers to Anna’s cover of “The Ballad of Sarah Berry” 

5. The environment is doing way better. 

6. (whoops not 5 after all) An unprecedented quick response from medical frontliners/researchers from all over the world (thanks, common enemy)


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My top 20 kpop songs from January 2021:


20: Keep Your Head Up - Cherry Bullet

19: What You Doing? - ONEUS

18: Where is Love? - VICTON

17: Unpredictable - VICTON

16: Follow Me - Cherry Bullet

15: Disappeared - BAEKHYUN

14: Poison Love - DREAMCATCHER


12: Allergy - Susan

11: MOON - (G)I-DLE

10: Get You Alone - BAEKHYUN

9: Love So Sweet - Cherry Bullet

8: DeVil - BOBBY


6: Shattered - Susan

5: Abittipsy - YOUHA




- okay so the first time I heard this song it was pretty but also just kinda meh for me but then I found myself coming back to it a lot and really vibing to the chorus. Especially the last time she does it with the addlips it just hits so hard. Chungha has such a pretty voice and I’m usually more drawn to her more energetic songs but X just has such a beautiful vocal melody. The bridge is also really nice. I just put this song on repeat so I can really get lost in it -


2: HANN (Alone in winter) - (G)I-DLE

- just absolutely beautiful, another song with just amazing top lining. The piano is so fun in this, and gives it a really authentic vibe. I really wanna learn this song on the piano, the little solo at the halfway point sounds so pretty. I also love how this song doesn’t adhere to the regular pop form which makes it even more interesting -


1: HWAA - (G)I-DLE

- honestly, these girls keep putting out amazing songs and I’m here for it. I loved the mini album and hwaa was just IT for me,, I can’t express how much I’ve listened to this song on repeat oh my god. The English version is also really good and flows well. I love the vibe and I love the mental image this song paints. Only thing I would want from this song is for it to be just a little bit longer -

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“I’ve forgotten more stuff than most people ever know” - Brian Crane

“[self-sabotaging]… is a natural thing that people do when they’ve experienced trauma and then suddenly they don’t – as weird as it seems, patterns are addictive, even destructive ones.“ - kpopalypse

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Once love is lost in people when someone asks to return, they are never exactly the same person; the one that waits or returns.

by Juan Francisco Palencia.

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PSL6:Turkish actor Esra Bilgiç Is back in Peshawar Zalmi - ProfitPk
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January’s Newest NPD BookScan’s Top 20 Superhero, Manga, and Author Charts Show More Room for Variety.

January’s Newest NPD BookScan’s Top 20 Superhero, Manga, and Author Charts Show More Room for Variety.

Another Bookscans update for January (1/03/2021 to 1/31/2021) according to ICv2’s Bridget Alverson. This time showing more variety on the Charts for the following categories: Authors, Manga, and Superheroes Graphic Novels.

Beginning with the Author’s chart we have the Graphic Novel Memoir of George Takei’s They Called Us Enemy taking the Number One spot, with the former congressman John Lewis’s…


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