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katistry · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
send me "♪" and I will shuffle mp3/ipod/music player and write my favourite line with my handwriting
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secondbeatsongs · 4 months ago
“January Hymn” with every first beat removed
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lizardsister · 3 years ago
maybe i should just let it be
and maybe it will all come back to me
sing oh january oh
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thebloker · a month ago
If ur still doing song requests for ur little repeat rewind spotify meme and you haven’t done this number yet, may i request 30 for (surprise) margaret? 👉👈
30. January Hymn by The Decemberists
mmmmmargaret <3
Margaret stands near the stern of the Goose, one hand deep in the pocket of her skirt to keep warm. She traces patterns in the dusting of snow that coats the railing with her other hand, fingertips swirling fancifully. As she finds the limit of her reach, arm extended comfortably, she sweeps it back towards herself. She clears the small section of rail as she does so, sending snowflakes spinning down. The small spots of white are quickly lost to the phthalo-tinted taiga that rolls out beneath the ship.
The landscape brings with it the dull ache of nostalgia. Margaret rubs her snow-melt cold fingertips together in an idle attempt to restore feeling, lost in thought. 
She’d found Travis, found William, in a wide-spread rolling forest like the one that spreads beneath her feet now. She viscerally remembers the feeling of the crunch of half-thawed mud beneath her boots, the quiet sound of melting hoarfrost dripping onto moss, a glimpse of red-streaked white scales that drew a pitying noise from deep within her chest. She’d crouched beside the serpent on his pyre of fallen pine needles, folded her legs beneath her as she settled to attending his final comforts. She hadn’t known how to fix him then, only meant to make a creature smaller than herself feel warm and safe and cared for in its final moments.
When the sun broke the horizon, dawn light shone off glistening branches and casted dancing lights that made her blink and shield her eyes. There was a terrible, cracking, crunching sound, and she’d looked around herself in alarm. When she returned her gaze to the task at hand, she squeaked and fell backwards at the sight of a starry-eyed young man looking back at her rather than the piteous snake she expected.
William was uninjured, then, mended by the magic of his adopted mother in the rising light. But the sunshine didn’t wipe the dirt from where it stained his face and elbows, didn’t remove the pinions of pine scattered in his hair and stuck in his collar. That particular state of disheveled, eyes shining with a light of their own, is a memory so clear and so treasured that Margaret can’t believe she’d ever lost it.
The morning air is crisp, cold, and refreshing.  Margaret inhales deeply, allows the frost to coat the inside of her lungs before she holds her breath and melts it there. She exhales, observes the puff of steam with lightly curled lips. William always said that visual depiction of her breath felt like home, felt like seeing smoke curling up from a distant chimney. A signal, a sign, a welcoming banner unfurling with her every word.
Margaret blows an intentional exhale, a kiss on the wind, a smoke signal saying My William, my mended serpent, please look for my chimney. My hearth is burning. I am here, and I am coming for you.
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sapphic-luthor · 4 months ago
Good morning happy Sunday! We got dumped a fair amount of snow this weekend so I give you January Hymn - The Decemberists, Homecoming - Vienna Teng, and Fast Car - Tracy Chapman for the mood this Sunday. Hope things are wintery magic on your side of the world and sending lots and lots of good vibes your way - SMA
oh shit congrats on the snow! i see yours (and have them queued) and raise you:
January White by Sleeping At Last
Stay by WILDES
Easy by Son Lux
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ludicrous-musings · 4 months ago
2021 Playlist
Tumblr media
January: Sugar Song to Bitter Step (UNISON SQUARE GARDEN)
All We Got (Louie Zong)
Big Yoshi’s Lounge (Cyranek)
A Glass of Night (Jyocho)
春雨 - [Spring Rain] (Elephant Gym)
February: When I Was Done Dying (Gliss Riffer)
Whirring (The Joy Formidable)
Hallelujah (Panic! At The Disco)
The Quiet at Night (Mary Lattimore)
Sacrilegium III (Zeal & Ardor)
March: Music for Mallet Instruments, Voice and Organ (Steve Reich)
Faidherbe Square (Proleter)
Computer Love (Balanescu Quartet)
Day in Paris (LLusion)
Song of the Witches (S.J. Tucker)
Bottom of the River (Delta Rae)
April: For - Peter - Toilet - Brushes - More (Spaces)
Arrival of the Birds (London Metropolitan Orchestra)
Sleeping Lessons (The Shins)
Secret Base (Zone)
Lions in Cages (Wolf Gang)
Cuddle Fuddle (Passion Pit)
Dead Hearts (Stars)
May: Take Me To The Riot (Stars)
The Unquestioned Answer (Laurie Spiegel)
The Lost Words Blessing (Spell Songs)
The Bug Collector (Haley Heynderickx)
AWAODORI "ZOMEKI" NEO with Telesen (Electronicos Fantasticos)
June: Let the Games Begin (AJR)
Going Home (The Score)
Save Me (Bruno Martini)
Deep Gap (Marisa Anderson)
Save Rock and Roll (Elton John, Fall Out Boy)
Cocaine Princess (Samuel Orson)
July: Andromeda (Lesko)
Karma (AJR)
Annabel (Ye Banished Privateers)
August: Earthly Heaven (Rachel Grimes)
Breaths (Sweet Honey in the Rock)
Future Strings in E (Seckou Keita)
The Light (Album Leaf)
Faith’s Hymn (Beautiful Chorus)
NISHIMONAI BON ODORI "GANKE" NEO with Telesen (Electronicos Fantasticos)
Crane Your Neck (Lady Lamb)
Far From Any Road (The Handsome Family)
September: Music for 18 Musicians (Steve Reich)
Meridian (ODESZA)
Hey Pachuco! (Royal Crown Revue)
Got My Mind Set On You (George Harrison)
Goodbye Stranger (Supertramp)
Paradise By the Dashboard Light (Meat Loaf)
October: Anything You Synthesize (The American Dollar)
Jabberjaw Running Under Water (Pain)
November: The Crane Wife 3 (The Decemberists)
Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice (Hamish Imlach)
古い日記 (Akiko Wada)
December: To Kelly Lee (The Speed of Sound in Seawater)
上を向いて歩こう (Kyu Sakamoto)
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perhapsdragon · 4 months ago
:music emoji:
Tumblr media
[ID: handwritten text in blue ink reading: april all an ocean away, is this a better way to spend the day? / keeping the winter at bay —january hymn (the decemberists) /end ID]
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nowhere302 · 7 months ago
how i lived a childhood in snow // and all my teens in tow // stuffed in strata of clothes // hail the winter days after dark // wandering the gray memorial park // a fleeting beating of hearts
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abel-baker · 10 months ago
@dizzolving tagged me to shuffle my music library and post the first 10 songs! You’re supposed to tag 10 mutuals but I'm going to tag @ironiokepa and also just going to tag the first 9 people in my notes.
1. Sweet Change by Sia. RIP we no longer stan Sia.
2. Unchained Melody by Lykke Li
3. Fences by Paramore
4. January Hymn by the Decemberists
5. She's So Hard by the Jezabels
6. Newjack by Justice
7. Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings) by Silversun Pickups
8. Alive by Sia. Reminder: we no longer stan Sia.
9. Simmer by Silversun Pickups
10. Touch It by Ariana Grande
Interesting choices, mostly good but I haven't listened to 'em in a while.
Now I tag the following without obligation: @awanderingmind81 @sequentialvoicing @pocketphoenix @glitterycloudcrown @12-hour-630-mile @mountainsmakemehard @holleywoodsigns @cherrycoke1988 @frogmoss1
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mythcas · a year ago
the decemberists for the band thing 😳
Do I know them already?: yes | no
i!! love!! the decemberists!! i’m kind of a fake fan bc i still haven’t listened to much of their early stuff (i need to listen to castaways and cutouts more often) but i’ve loved their stufffor years
If I know them:
Favourite Song: where to begin!! “january hymn,” “summersong,” “annan water” and “won’t want for love,” “once in my life,” “don’t carry it all,” “traveling on,” “lake song” and “a beginning song”......... it’s really hard to choose. there’s a decemberists song for every mood!! i think maybe “a beginning song” is a humble but powerful little ditty that i’ll have to go with now, but my answer would probably be different every time i tried to answer
Least Favourite Song: i find songs where the band talks directly to their fans tedious (”thriller” by fob is one of my least favorite fob songs) so let’s go with “the singer addresses his audience”! there are a lot of songs on the crane wife that i don’t love too but “the singer addresses his audience” is just so. unappealing
Favourite Album: hnnnnng. probably “the king is dead” if i had to pick
Least Favourite Album: ngl the crane wife probably, it has some true bangers AND a medley based on the tempest but i almost never listen to that album all the way through
Song that got me into them: i’m not sure! probably “make you better,” which is still an absolute banger and i love it 
Rate: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
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hey Care! I hope you're having a marvellous monday! for the music game, J & 5 💜
Hi sunshine!! Monday hasn't been too bad except for that Dan Scott sneak attack😂 hope you're having a great one!💛
1. Jesus, Jesus by Noah Gundersen
2. June Hymn by The Decemberists
3. July by Noah Cyrus ft. Leon Bridges
4. Joyride by Adam Melchor
5. January Wedding by The Avett Brothers
send me a letter and a number between 1-10 & I'll rec that many songs beginning with that letter
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nitewrighter · a year ago
1, 28, 30 for the music ask?
1. Favorite Album Opener?
You know, the first one that came to mind for me was “Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes” from Fall Out Boy’s “Folie A Deux” album. The way Patrick Stump pitches his voice with that electric organ... I dunno... it Affects me.
28. a song you always skipped, but ended up loving once you listened to it
June Hymn by the Decemberists. I would skip it because I simply did not vibe with it like I vibed with January Hymn, and I always wanted to listen to “This is Why We Fight” but I have an appreciation for it now. 
30. your all-time favorite song
Why don’t you just ask a parent who their favorite child is? But I will say that one of the songs that got me through 2020 was “Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist” by Pat the Bunny. And “Strawberry” by Paul Baribeau is a song I can always sing with my brothers.
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jinruihokan · 2 years ago
Mage of Space?
 You got it!! Here we go…
Title: Mage of Space
Title Breakdown: One who actively understands [innately comprehends, experiences, suffers from, explores] Space [birth, vastness, physical distance/size, infinity]
Role in the Session: The Mage of Space is an Active player with the crucial role of breeding the Genesis Frog and creating thereby the new Universe. They’ll likely realize the importance of this task more quickly than most, given their natural aptitude for understanding their Aspect and its domains, but they may struggle seeing beyond their experiences with Space – which experiences are likely to begin fairly early on.
All Space players tend to be somewhat isolated, but the Mage will likely suffer from it the most. Prior to the game, they may have gone for years without seeing anyone else. They’ll feel the isolation more acutely than most Space players, too – perhaps they’re less capable of distracting themselves, less complacent, and they may reject their isolation entirely (at first), reaching out to anyone they can. However, they may be disappointed slash disillusioned once they do begin interacting with people more frequently, as their inability to see beyond their Aspect might render them less-than-dexterous on the social level. This all sounds like a rather unfortunate lot for our Mage, but keep in mind that a Mage’s greatest weakness is also their greatest strength – their unique understanding of their Aspect, surpassing even that of the Seer, allows them to wield it and navigate it in ways that others might well be incapable of.
The Mage’s solace in their time of isolation will likely be some form of physical/sculptural art, or some form of mechanical engineering. They might be outright uncomfortable in open spaces and/or spend some time as a shut-in, and in either case they’re going to fill up the spaces around them with their creations, whatever forms those ultimately take. They may see this sort of creation as their only talent, though it almost certainly isn’t – regardless, they’ll be rather good at it, approaching it from angles few others would think to.
Once they’ve arrived on their Planet and begun their Quest, the Mage will likely be forced into a situation in which they must think outside of their usual field of expertise, reckoning with Domains of their Aspect with which they’re unfamiliar. If they manage to do this, to broaden their understanding of Space and its place among the Aspects, they’ll be able to transcend the suffering it has caused them, carrying on the lessons learned but overcoming the lingering anguish. A Sylph of Life might help the Mage recover from the fatigue or ennui brought on by their isolation, rekindling the Life inside them and allowing them to grow, as they must; also, a Seer of Rage could perhaps grant the Mage a better understanding of their Aspect’s position in the Order of Things, Rage being as it is the Aspect of meta-textual knowledge and skepticism regarding established precedent.
Opposite Role: The Heir of Time. The Heir of Time begins with a natural affinity for music, death, narratives (especially conclusions), and of course, Time itself – and they will ultimately fulfill their Role by becoming one with Time, merging their consciousness with the Timeline in order to lead their team through without facing Doom in the process. Their personality will likely be single-minded, focused, and somewhat grim – initially preoccupied with fate and eventually standing in defiance of it. In their interactions with the Heir, the Mage may find the Heir’s laser-focus to be counterproductive, and be somewhat wary of the Heir’s potentially being manipulated by their Aspect to an excessive degree. There may also be a simple mutual lack of understanding – because the Mage and the Heir are interacting with the world on such radically different levels, they will be loathe to look at things from each other’s respective perspective.
God Tier Powers
Space is the Expansive-Explosive-Actual Aspect, and the Mage is the (moderately) Active Understanding Class. This means that the Mage’s powers will draw largely on actual reality (in this case, physical space) and will be focused towards personal comprehension of the various possibilities inherent to their Aspect. Here are a few ideas…
Spatial Awareness: The Mage is constantly aware of their physical location, and their position relative to relevant landmarks. They’ll likely be expert navigators with a knack for knowing not only where things / places / people are, but also how they got there, and how they’ll get wherever it is that they’re going. The Mage could leverage this by either sabotaging or expediting this transit using their innate comprehension of speed, distance, and other such physical principles.
Archimedes Lever: With their vast knowledge of physics, and especially the physics of movement and inertia, the Mage could vastly multiply the physical force they exert, causing their weapons to strike their foes with phenomenal, unnatural strength. They could also utilize this ability outside of combat, to lift or otherwise act upon seemingly immovable objects, or propel objects at high speeds through the medium in which they find them. This strength is limited only by the Space they have access to, and the Time they have to make the necessary calculations / estimations as to how much force they ought to be exerting.
Telemetric Transit: The Mage can metaphysically bind themselves to a particular object and use that object as a point to which they might return, no matter the distance. They will also, of course, be aware of the location of any such bound objects, so that should they be moved, the Mage will be able to discern exactly where it is they’re going, should they attempt to return to that object.
Personality: The Mage of Space, as previously mentioned, is going to experience a whole lot of isolation in life, and this could potentially damage their “social skills” (whatever that means). This isn’t to say they’d be unsociable – they’d probably just be a bit out of touch with whatever norms are typical to the society they’re (re)entering. They’re likely to be very interested indeed in their particular, uh, interest – which interest, as also previously mentioned, is likely to involve physical craft of some kind, whether it’s aesthetic or pragmatic. This intense interest will manifest less as a fascination with one particular facet of the practice, and more as a desire to uncover and experience every potential facet of the practice, and because of this the Mage may uncover and/or come to favor particularly esoteric techniques or methodologies. Mages, unlike Seers, aren’t teachers, even when well-developed – their destined Role is to leverage their knowledge, rather than to transmit it, so if anything they’ll be inclined to “show by doing” when it comes to matters related to their Aspect and its Domains.
Songs: Alright, I’vve got a feww for this one –
Dinu Lipatti’s Bones by the Mountain Goats
All Alone by Fun.
January Hymn by The Decemberists
I hope you found this analysis interestin and/or informativve!! Mages alwways havve a difficult path, 8ut they also seem like excellent candid8s, from a pragmatic perspectivve, for completin their task of creatin the new Universe, given how deep their understandin of Space is 8ound to 8e 8y the end of their narrativve arc.
~ P L U R ~
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carigros · a year ago
Okay 4, 20, 75, 98
(Is that the weed number ✌🏻)
4. January Hymn - The Decemberists
20. Is There A Ghost - Band of Horses
75. Candy Store - Heathers: The Musical (World Premire Cast Recording) (honestly surprised none of this Musical was in my top 5)
98. Leave the City - twenty one pilots
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angsty-nerd · a year ago
Angsty Nerd’s Angsty Song of the Day
On a winter's Sunday I go
To clear away the snow
And green the ground below
April all an ocean away
Is this a better way to spend the day?
Keeping the winter at bay
What were the words I meant to say before you left
When I could see your breath lead where you were going to
Maybe I should just let it be
And maybe it will all come back to me
Sing, oh, January, oh
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animatedamerican · a year ago
Playlist: January
(from here!) 
Really, there were only two ways I could have gone with this prompt, and I guess I went with the other. there’s reason to believe / maybe this year will be better than the last
February ~ Dar Williams
A Full Moon In March ~ The Waterboys
April Come She Will ~ Simon & Garfunkel
Welcome In the May ~ Annwn
June Hymn ~ The Decemberists
Fourth of July ~ Fall Out Boy
Augustine ~ Vienna Teng
September ~ Earth, Wind & Fire
The October Waltz ~ Adam Selzer
Mr. November ~ The National
A Long December ~ Counting Crows
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firstmatedville · a year ago
Juno <33
J - january hymn by the decemberists
U - up the wolves by the mountain goats
N - no glory in the west by orville peck
O - once more with feeling by get cape. wear cape. fly
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firstelevens · 2 years ago
michael shannon, marisa tomei, shia lebeouf, and zendaya
song: “January Hymn” by The Decemberists
Hail the winter days after darkWandering the gray memorial parkA fleeting beating of hearts
title: Pen and Ink
In 1930s Chicago, Sidney Marshall (LaBeouf) is found dead in his apartment under suspicious circumstances -- those circumstances being a letter opener suspiciously stuck in his back. The murder makes the papers but shocks nobody: Marshall’s byline appeared under articles digging into every powerful and corrupt person in the city, leaving no stone unturned and no hornet’s nest unkicked. Anyone who knows his work assumes that his death is in retaliation for an article, but the police -- also once targets of Sidney’s pen -- call it a random home invasion and close the case. Sidney’s landlady Helena (Tomei) refuses to accept this conclusion and decides to investigate the murder for herself, calling upon her vast network of...somewhat unsavory contacts to help her. She also goes to see Sidney’s editor (Shannon) at the paper, demanding to know what he was working on, suspecting that that was what led to his death.
His editor is at as much of a loss as Helena, explaining that Sidney always kept quiet about what story he planned to tackle next. Sidney brought the articles, they printed them, and no one asked too many questions because the circulation was up. Ostensibly clearing out the apartment for the next tenant, Helena, digs through Sidney’s files and finds nothing: no notes, no drafts, no research, nothing that suggest he’d done any writing at all in his time. We learn in flashbacks of his interactions with her that he was always hesitant to talk about his work. At the time, she had assumed it was modesty, but now she suspects that it was something else. The only lead she can find in his office is the address of a tailor’s shop, and when she goes there, she finds Ava (Zendaya), a girl whose guilty conscience is written all over her face -- but guilt about what? And how does it connect to Sidney? All that Helena knows is that she’s on the trail of something, and the more danger she finds around every corner, she more convinced she becomes that she’s getting closer to finding her friend’s killer.
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crushedd · a year ago
artists/songs that make me think of the Gangsey and/or what I think they might possibly enjoy:
- Blue: Mitsuki, Girl in Red, Gun in My Hand by Dorothy, Pot Kettle Black by Tilly and the Wall, Sheena is a Punk Rocker by Ramones, ABBA, Rina Sawayama (Comme Des Garcons), Paramore, Witch by the bird and the bee, St. Vincent, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Sleigh Bells (Crown on the Ground, Rill Rill, Comeback Kid)
- Ronan: Kill the Noise (specifically FUK UR MGMT), Hozier (have you heard NFWMB?), Donald Where’s Your Troosers? by the Irish Rovers (listen to this one, it’s so fun omfg. it’s technically scottish but the humor👌), The Longing (the Hurdy Gurdy version) by Patty Gurdy, Flosstradamus
- Noah: the Strokes (Under Cover of Darkness), Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes, Green Day (Dookie was his SHIT), Do I Wanna Know by CHVRCHES, Nirvana (Heart-Shaped Box, Love Buzz), Junk of the Heart by the Kooks
- Gansey: Hozier, National Public Radio (NPR), the Beach Boys, Tonight You Belong to Me by Nancy Sinatra, Follow Me by Uncle Kracker, More than Words by Extreme, January Hymn by the Decemberists, First by Cold War Kids, Mess is Mine by Vance Joy
- Adam: (this one was hard so I’m probably wrong but I didn’t want to leave best boy out :sob:) Johnny Cash (A Boy Named Sue, Cry Cry Cry, The Man Comes Around), For What’s it Worth by Buffalo Springfield, Portland Oregon by Loretta Lynn, Delta Rae (I Will Never Die), Dead of Night by Orville Peck, Revolving Doors by Gorillaz
- Henry: Madonna (Like a Prayer), ABBA (he and Blue bond over them), Venus by Bananarama, Blondie (Heart of Glass), Come Around Me by Justin Bieber (henry vc: “no, just trust me on this one, guys!”), Loona (favorite, butterfly), 달라달라 (dalla dalla) by itzy, Megan thee Stallion, Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar, Como La Flor by Selena
I could go on, but i’m going to shut up since this post is getting so long, lol
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trashy-greyjoy · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
prozac and black coffee - @trashy-greyjoy​ 
// let’s get high and watch planet earth / watsky // sleeping lessons / the shins // rainy days and mondays / carpenters // summer depression / girl in red // in a week / hozier // communist daughter / neutral milk hotel // francis forever / mitski // concerning the ufo sighting near highland, illinois / sufjan stevens // wildflower / beach house // creep / ember island // cut your bangs / girlpool // a hard rain’s a-gonna fall / laura marling // cemetry gates / the smiths // do you realize?? / the flaming lips / boris the spider / the who // afraid / the neighbourhood // infinitesimal / mother mother // alrighty aphrodite / peach pit // new slang / the shins // flightless bird, american mouth / iron & wine // dream sweet in sea major / miracle musical // dark child / marlon williams // i wish i was the moon / neko case // asleep / the smiths // smoke signals / phoebe bridgers // we fell in love in october / girl in red // last words of a shooting star / mitski // in my mind / amanda palmer // bees / the ballroom thieves // it hurts until it doesn’t / mothers // darkness descends / laura marling // lay all your love on me / pale honey // disorder / joy division // body / mother mother // area 52 / yeah yeah yeahs // the cult of dionysus / the orion experience // high by the beach / modern space // life on mars / david bowie // mad world / gary jules // me and my dog / julien baker, phoebe bridgers, lucy dacus // oom sha la la / hayley hendrickx // silk / wolf alice // billions of eyes / lady lamb // brave as a noun / ajj // fox mulder / georgia straits // & / tally hall // this year / the mountain goats // heaven knows i’m miserable now / the smiths // hot knifer / peach pit // january hymn / the decemberists // john my beloved / sufjan stevens // epilogue / the antlers //
listen on spotify
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