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#janus sanders

Roman, overwhelmed: I have crippling self-doubt!

Janus: Would you like to talk about it over tea and Crofters scones?

Roman, in tears: I would like that a lot.

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Janus: You realize that arson is a crime, right?

Remus: Oh please, show me the law that says that.

Janus: *pulls up the law on his phone*

Remus: I’m not reading that.

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I need to know what book Janus is reading but I can’t get a clear enough look at it can anyone else see it

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id : two almost identical digital drawings of janus, looking at the viewer and holding a cigarette in one hand, a flaming lighter in the other. smoke curls up from the cigarette. he wears a white shirt, dark pants and bowler hat, yellow gloves and tie. the drawing is lit from the top left part while the bottom right corner is in shadow. on the second drawing, janus has scales./end id

janus stans come get some juice l’-‘l

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Janus goes back to the past, and realizes just how lonely he was before

To clarify: This is an AU of canon, the events leading up to the time travel are my spin of canon, and this is a future AU. This is going to be a prompt/ loose outline of a fic. Now that that’s clarified, let’s go!!

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that’s because none of you are free of sin

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people have been saying that. i’ve blocked them out, but they’ve been saying that.

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sneak peek at something big…!


some of my favorite shots from the animatic that i’m nearly done with!!

when finished, it will be fully colored and feature all six sides. my goal is to post it this friday, so watch out for it then!!


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“come here, darling.” janus said lightly, motioning to the chair with the hair products and brushes laid out next to it.

remus huffed and put down his paintbrushes (the final product is going to be gruesome as hell he can’t wait) and stubbornly walked over there. “you don’t have to do this, Jan. you don’t know what you’ll find in there,” he said, referring to his absolute rat nest of hair that was down to his shoulders.

janus smiled, soft and genuine, probably aware of the way it made remus’s heart flip. “it’s nothing I can’t handle, sugar. sit down and let me take care of you, hm?”

remus sighed, unable to resist janus’s smile and sat down in the chair, crossing his arms like a child as janus started working out the knots with his skilled fingers after spraying something that spelled like apples on it. remus couldn’t keep up the act for long though, because the sensation was honestly really nice and he hummed, tension he didn’t even know was there seeping out of his shoulders.

“That feel good, starlight?” janus asked and remus hummed again, lightly flapping his hands as his eyes slipped closed.

“yeah, actually. uh- thanks again, jan.”

“of course, doll. I’ll always take care of you.”


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