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#janus sanders
brainlicking · a day ago
Tumblr media
For @thecrowslullaby‘s DTIYS 💎
Each diamond style cut was chosen as a specific parallel to each side. Royal and Brilliant cuts for Roman and Logan, the Heart and Tear cuts for Patton and Virgil, and the Princess cut for Remus.
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spicycreativity · a day ago
Tumblr media
Me reading this chart: Haha, that's totally Janus. No, wait, THAT'S totally Janus. No, wait-- *meme*
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fibi-draws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i had such a great time on the sanders sides fandom, and although we didnt end on good terms, i still hold the mergil au very dearly, i had so much fun with it and filled so many notebooks with the story i never really get to finish, so i wanted to go on a little nostalgic trip and redraw my babies :]
i do have to admit i overdid it a little hfdjskl
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snowe-zolynn-rogers · 2 days ago
Remus: Janet.
Janus: Yes?
Logan: *confused nerd stammering*
Remus: Janine!
Janus: Yes?
Patton: *confused dad sounds*
Remus: Janelle?
Janus: What?
Roman: *confused prince noises*
Remus: Janessa!
Virgil: Jane!
Orange: Jeanette!
Janus: WHAT!
Light Sides: *confused staring*
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whobrokethisvase · 2 days ago
Janus: I'm playing a new drinking game. It's called "every time I'm depressed I take a drink".
Logan: That game already exists, it's called alcoholism.
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kieraelieson · 22 hours ago
In which Virgil has taken lessons on how to demand affection: Part Four, Remus.
Virgil Roman Patton
Warning for Remus-y metaphors relating to gore and indirect references to less than sfw things.
Remus had barely realized someone was in the room when Virgil had yelled “Remus! Affection!” Almost exactly the same as he had when they’d been kids. Though back then he hadn’t used words like affection, he’d grin and fling his arms out and call for a hug, or a spin, or a squish, or whatever he wanted.
Remus wasn’t one for nostalgia most of the time. He lived in the present, and loved or hated it as the situation presented itself. But in that moment it had swamped him entirely.
He’d hugged Virgil tight. “Haven’t seen you in ages, Stormy!”
But after that, Virgil had gone upstairs again. It made sense, he lived there now. But still.
And then other light sides had come down, oddly enough also asking for hugs. But. If they were coming down. Remus could go up.
— — —
But there was one person he obviously had to go to first.
Remus burst in the door as quietly as he could, which basically meant it didn’t bang too hard on the wall, and he flipped himself across Janus’s lap, knocking over a bottle of oily liquid.
Janus, used to his sudden and often riotous entrances, ignored the spilled liquid other than to sigh at the bottle and vanish it so it couldn’t spill any more. “Hello, Remus.”
Remus wiggled into a comfier position and grinned. “I wanted to spend time with you, do the whole ‘Affection!’ thing.”
Janus smiled back, and then a little spark of mischief gleamed in his eyes. He set a gloved hand on Remus’s face. Licking his hand didn’t do much when he had his gloves on, so Remus made a grab for the edge of the glove. Janus swatted his hand away, a playful grin growing on his face.
Remus knew to be careful and not let things get to the blood drawn level, but he loved this game, and soon he and Janus were tumbling off the bed, nearly wrestling.
— — —
Now that Janus was sound asleep, successfully exhausted and not paying attention anymore, Remus snuck out and went upstairs.
Obviously he knew who he wanted first.
He also knew he had to be a little sneaky. If he burst the door open up here, he’d be swarmed by angry sides, and… that might actually be fun. No. First came Virgil, then came angry sides.
He tried the handle, a bit surprised it wasn’t locked.
Virgil let out a little shriek when he saw someone entering. He always did get real antsy late at night.
Virgil scrambled for the light, and when it turned on he looked very pale. Oops. “Remus!”
Remus tried a wild grin.
Virgil threw a pillow at his head. “What are you doing in here?! You’re awful, you scared me! You— how are you up here?”
Remus shrugged. His energy and craze had abandoned him, probably mostly used up wrestling with Janus earlier, but still, traitorous. He was feeling, ugh, normal emotions. “I missed you too.”
Virgil blinked, several emotions Remus didn’t bother to try decoding crossing his face. Finally he looked down at his bed and patted beside him. “If you’re mostly clean you can share.”
There came that nostalgia feeling again. Remus hated it, it always made him feel like a piece of him had been ripped out all over again. And at the same time, he felt an intense longing.
Soon he had a double armful of spiderchild again. It was going to hurt more than a bucketful of his own guts when he had to leave.
— — —
Remus plopped himself in the middle of the couch in the living room. Virgil liked to sleep in, and as much as Remus wanted to stay and hold shadowling, he knew he would have less of the feelings that hurt if he didn’t have to see Virgil watching him leave. Letting him leave.
“Remus?” Logan asked curiously. “What are you doing here?”
Double damn that it was him first. Roman would have screamed and he could have dealt with all three sides at once.
Remus wiggled suggestively. “I’m here for affection~”
Logan’s nose wrinkled and he rolled his eyes, walking away. But after three steps he stopped.
“I would not be willing to provide what you’re insinuating,” Logan said. “But if your request is genuine, I would be willing to negotiate a way in which I can fulfill it.”
Remus blinked. Really? Even after Roman and Patton both had come for hugs out of the blue, he’d never suspected any of them would be willing to give affection to him, especially not to negotiate it.
Logan turned back to him, a bit cautious, but seeming to be sincere.
Remus’s brain spun the wheel of ‘goody-two-shoes approved but still kinda fun activities’, and landed on one. “What if we made slime and dyed it red and brown until it looks like congealed blood.”
Logan nodded slowly, considering. “Provided you assist in cleanup after, I would be willing to participate in that.”
Remus was still more than a little stunned, and his answering smile was barely even crazy.
— — —
As he had previously predicted, the moment Roman saw Remus, probably especially since he was next to Logan and they both had red slime at least up to their elbows, Roman screamed.
“What happened?!!”
Logan winced at the loud yell. It was a good thing Virgil’s room was soundproof or he would definitely be racing down here in a panic.
“Roman, please, it is far too early for such noise. Remus asked if I would make slime with him and I agreed.”
“It’s… slime?” Roman asked, nearly breathless, a sword having summoned into his hand and now clattering to the floor.
“Wanna join?” Remus offered, holding his slime filled hand above his head so it would drip in his hair and down his face like a headwound.
Roman took a few more seconds to just stare and breathe heavily. “I guess,” he said finally.
Roman was more fun than Logan, cause he was more willing to pretend the slime was blood, and when Remus threw a handful at his chest, he fell back with a groan, bemoaning his death at the traitorous hands of his evil brother. Remus climbed onto the table to gloat, covered in the blood of his enemies, at having finally made the ultimate betrayal. The kingdom would now be his!
— — —
He had to go back downstairs now. Janus and Virgil would wake up anytime, and he’d already helped clean up the red that had gone everywhere.
It had been… fun. He wouldn’t like to hold himself back so far all the time, but he could see why Virgil stayed up here.
“Well, I’ll get out of your hair,” he said to Patton, who’d followed him to the door. The awful sappy painful emotions were starting already. He just wanted them done with. He’d drown himself in the imagination. Fire and blood and sex and insanity.
“You know, especially if you give us a little heads up first, we’d be happy to have you visit again,” Patton said, his voice serious, genuine, not overly happy in his polite lies.
Remus wasn’t standing on the ground anymore, it had fallen out from under him. He reached out, and Patton caught him in a tight hug before he could float away.
There were tears on his face, catching in his mustache.
“I’m sorry…” Patton said, holding him tight and safe.
Remus clung to him.
— — —
I won’t bother you now, you have plans. But if those plans are ever R-rated, you know where to find me.
Thomas looked over the note several times. Maybe… sometime, he could look back over his list of video games. Pick one he usually wouldn’t.
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remuscore · 2 days ago
Logan is the type of autistic to take everything literally and Janus is the type of autistic to take everything as a joke.
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romancore · 2 days ago
Janus: *trying to do a magic trick* Pick a card, any card
Roman: ok
Janus: Wait, hey! That’s my credit credit
Roman: you said any card, no take backs
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viviarts-c · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
part one
cover art
Taglist(ask to tag): @lost-in-thought-20 @iggyalfi2319 @emoprincey @paul-saulter @chemistrynight @wisecolorthing @bloodyjay-0666 @thecrowinacrown @just-a-kitchen-utensil@nevertoomuchchocolate @pan-rainbows-are-me @theoddkidnextdoor
Special thanks to @solemn-vow and @janus-sides and all those in the chat that gave me critique, advice, and encouragement!
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dillydallydove · a day ago
I want orange to be a surfer dude. Each side so far has had some level of high energy. Even logan has had his emotional outbursts. What if orange just does. Not. Care. Hes just super chill and possibly high all he time.
Each side cares about something. Logan with keeping thomas scheduled, patton about guiding thomas, virgil keeping thomas safe ect. But orange is just there, chilling.
Virgil: *freaking out about something*
Orange: so what?
Virgil: What do you mean?!? We. Could. die!!
Orange: ahaha. Thats sick my guy. Right on 🤘
Oh. And hes the one who “taught” virgil to skateboard.
Remus: *does something incredibly disturbing*
Orange: thats gnarly bro. Anyway. Wanna help me convince Virgil to get high? My man has been totally on edge lately.
Janus: *ranting about society*
Orange: chiiiiillll bro. You gotta just go with the flow.
Janus: wh-
Orange: *nodding wisely* the flow man. Go with it
Edit: i am now realizing thomas really does need to chill hes been freaking out too much. so that side could actually really help him pffft
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Give me soft dukeceit
Give me Janus watching Remus fondly as Remus draws or paints something morbid.
Give me Janus singing an eerie lullaby to help Remus sleep
Give me Remus doing his best to be a gentleman for Janus only to give him dead flowers but is surprised when Janus accepts them.
Give me Remus purring when he gets tummy rubs and head pats from Janus.
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spacegayparty · 23 hours ago
Patton: Hey Logan, can I ride you? Thomas: *spits out his drink* Virgil: *falls out his chair* ?!! Janus: *chokes* Logan: *mid conversation* E-E-Excuse me? Patton: I asked if I could ride you. I've ridden Roman before, it's fun! Thomas: ...WHAT?! Patton: Yeah! He let me climb on his back and ride him around the house! It was fun! Virgil: ...Oh. Logan: ... *immensely relieved* Oh...uh...yeah. You meant a piggyback ride. Patton: Of course, what else do you think I meant? Remus: :) *opens mouth* Janus: *calmly covers Remus's mouth* Don't even think about it.
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sleepyvirgilprompts · 6 hours ago
Virgil, blearily: What’s going on?
Janus: You fell asleep.
Virgil: Oh.
Janus: You fell asleep for twelve hours.
Virgil: ...Oh.
Janus: It’s 4 am. What the fuck is your sleep schedule?
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