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DAY 3!! I DIDN’T EXPECT TO BE THIS FAR INTO THIS! I’M QUITE EXCITED TO FINISH AAAA!!!! Anyway, Today is bisexual pride so…I did Jonathan! Generally, people ship either Jonawagon or Jonaeri so I wanted to make a bi Jonathan! I would’ve done Kakyoin but I have him for a different day possibly. I’m quite excited to do the next two ones! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these :>


More content on my Instagram acc : @ herbmoth 

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My Fair Lady japanese:



supein no ame wa (ha) omoni heigen ni furu.

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

(The literal translation would be something like ‘Spain’s rain falls mainly in the plains.’)


Originally posted by filmgifs

Came across this sentence so I had to share..


スペイン - Spain 🇪🇸

雨 (あめ) - rain

主に (おもに) - mainly

平原 (へいげん) - plain, prairie

降る (ふる) - to fall (used for rain, snow, etc.)

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It was training day again for the Axis powers, and (M/N), who was visiting, was watching them, comforted by the repetitive patterns of feet hitting the ground and heavy breathing. That was, until…

“PASTAAA~” (M/N) cried out in pain, his ears ringing as the loud noise ruthlessly attacked his eardrums. He didn’t register himself sliding towards the ground until he found himself sitting.

He whimpered, wishing the ringing would go away, and then he felt a hand on his shoulder. However, (M/N) didn’t look up as the movement made the ringing worse. He was too busy trying to get rid of the sound he didn’t hear Germany scolding Italy, again, while Japan was calling America, unsure of what to do.

“Vhat did jou do Italy?!” Germany demanded.

Italy burst out crying. “I don’t know what I did!”

Meanwhile, Japan was busy asking America what was wrong with (M/N).

“What happened?” America asked on the other line.

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England was in a frantic mood at the moment. Why? Because he couldn’t find Flying Mint Bunny, or FMB for short.

So far, he was kind of making himself look like a crazed madman, as he was running throughout the entire building, searching every nook and cranny for his “imaginary” friend, calling out for the mint-colored rabbit.


“Ahah! Hah!” England heard the sound of (M/N)’s joyful giggling, and the familiar voice of FMB.

“Stop! That tickles!”

England immediately rushed towards the sound, which happened to be located in the meeting room, only to see something he never thought he would see in anyone.

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