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hi. this isn’t a usual post of mine but;

just wanted to say that asian people should not get harrassed for the coronavirus outbreak.

i just had someone comment on one of my other social medias (that i will not share for privacy reasons) that people like me are the cause of corona.

first of all, that’s racist. second, i’m japanese and third, it is not chinas fault. stop acting like it is.

thank you.

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Hey, hope I'm not bothering you! Do you plan on learning any languages? I tried learning romanian a while ago but I gave up bc I thought it's too hard to learn :(

Hey anon!

You’re not bothering at all!

My native language is Romanian and I already have a C1 English level, but I really want to learn French, Japanese and American Sing Language, though I only had time to learn some French.

And what you said about Romanian being really hard to learn: I feel you. It was also hard for me to learn it even if it’s my native language, so when I was younger I sticked to English when writing. My advice for you is to try to understand the grammar first and then the vocabulary. It helped me a lot when I had to learn it :).

Hope this helps!!!

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Spring is here.

Okay, I’ve taken a break for a while…Seeing how the world is all locked away I’m going to restart!

My goals:

+ I’m going to study Japanese again. One way or another I’m going to visit again and possibly live there. It was my life long dream to live in Japan and once I visited I never wanted to come back. I’m going to give it a second chance in a few years and I hope things work out a little differently.

+ Wear everything in my closet. Anything that I don’t wear is getting donated. Anything that does not fit is getting donated.

+ Art. I have a very bad habit of painting for a week straight and then not painting again for six months. If I want to get better I have to really buckle down and practice. What a better time than now.

+Read. Self explanatory.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Follow me if you want to see my journey.

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Compound words using 合う

話し合う To discuss (usually to make a decision or come to some conclusion)
語り合う To talk together
言い合う To argue
譲り合う To compromise
知り合い An acquaintance
出会う To meet someone by chance
付き合う To keep (someone) company, to associate with; to date (someone)
向き合う To face (each other)

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Sometimes I legit feel like crying bc nobody talks or cares about anti asian sentiment in the west. Like I’m so tired, literally everyone around me my age is a weeaboo or is friends with a weeaboo, i fucking hate being japanese sometimes, im tired and exhausted by the idea that i am “white people lite” as if people my ethnicity my father’s age weren’t very recently put into camps? as if the country he came from wasnt nuclear bombed? Ugh. Thanks for running this blog. I feel less alone.

It’s okay to cry if you need to though. Sometimes it helps to just let things out, whether it be tears or not.

But yeah, a lot of weeb trash blowing in the wind nowadays. Need a bigger rake and garbage can to put them all in, especially for those incel/weeb/misogynist types. They’re everywhere and will only continue to increase tbh.

And of course, you’re welcome! It is hard sometimes but we’re all in this together. @solacekames and @wearejapanese are also Japanese btw. They’re good folks

Angry Asian Guy

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W2 Mon: Take a picture of your desk/study space

Today I decided to switch it up a bit and moved my pillows to the other side of the bed for a change lol. Also did some kanji practice and research for an essay!

Hoy he cambiado todo un poco, y moví las almohadas al otro lado de mi cama. Hice alguna practica de kanji y investigado unos temas para mi ensayo.


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