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archive-pdf · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
General Research: AW98 Collection Editorial for SMART Magazine, 1998.
ARCHIVE.pdf: Archive Fashion Content for the World
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lillytheidioticdemipan · 29 minutes ago
The Japanese urban legends react to having their ass slapped
Ahh, Thank You, Anon For Specifying
(I'll Be Using The Legends I Have Used In Quotes So Far And Ones I Have Not But Plan One Using. Also, I Know Kayako Isn't An Actual Legend I'm Just Using Her Because She Is Usually Referred To As One.)
Aka Manto: He Wouldn't Say That Much, Mostly Because He Is Slightly Used To It Because Of The Girls At His Former School Thinking They Could Do It Just Because. But Ever Since He's Become What He Is, He Now Has A Flight Or Fight Response To Stuff Like This, And His Response Would Be To Fight, He'll Kick Them To The Ground If It's Someone He Knows But If It's Not Someone He Knows Then He'll Almost End Up Killing Them.
Akumu: Knowing Its Legend And What It Does To People It Wouldn't Take It Lightly(Aka As In Broken Bones, Missing Chunks Of Hair, Black Eyes, You Name It).
Bakeneko: Bakeneko Is Usually In Their Cat Form Because They Are Used To Being In That Form, So Something Like This Would Not Really Happen. But If They Are In Human Form And This Happens, An Flight Or Fight Response Will Kick In(And Also Trauma Will Kick In From Their Former Owner Abusing Them) Which Is Usually Resulting In An Flight Response. But If It's An Fight Response, Have Fun Losing An Eye.
Futakuchi Onna: Her Second Mouth Can And Will Eat You. She Would Attack You.
Gashadokuro: Are Literal Ginormous Skeletons So This Will Not Accoure.
Hachishakusama: An Lecture And Death Can And Will Commence.
Hanako San: She Is An Child, And Everyone Will Gang Up On You Resulting In Your Death
Kayako Saeki: This Will Not be Able To Happen Because She Will Sense You Before You Can Do It(Also With The Result Of You Being Thrown Out An Window).
Kuchisake Onna: Kuchisake Onna Is An "Fun" Card, As In She Will Either Take It As An Compliment, She Will Cut Your Hands Off, Or She'll Have An Lecture Resulting In You Possibly Meeting Your First Or Second Grave.
Kokkuri San: He's Usually Invisible Or In An Piece Of Paper So This Will Most Likely Will Not Commence.
KuneKune: This Is Impossible Because They Are An Literal Fucking Sheet Of Flimsy Paper.
Noppera-bō: Not As Killy As Everyone Else, But If Something Like This Happened They Would Kill You.
Nukekubi: She Can And Will Kill You And Eat You.
Okkiu: An Doll.
Rokurokubi: The Same As Nukekubi
Red Room: He's Going To Take It As An Compliment For A Few Hours Then He'll Bash Your Skull In.
Samara Morgan/Sadako Yamamura: Again She Is An Child Which Will Result In You Being Ganged Up By Everyone Else And You Dying.
Tenome: He May Not Be Able To See, Especially Since His Eye's Are Embedded In His Palms. But Ever Since His Death, He Knows All Of His Surroundings And Good Ass(No Pun Intended) Reflex Skill So You Will Most Likely Be Thrown At A Wall Before You Can Do Anything.
Teke-Teke(Or Kamashi Reiko): This Can Not Happen Because She Has No Lower Body Which Means She Has No Ass.
Toshio Saeki: Again He's An Child Which Will Result In You Being Ganged Up by Everyone Else And You Dying.
Yuki-Onna: Well She's Part Succubi So That Part Will Like It But She Will Either Jump You, Kill You, Or She'll Turn You Into An Ice Sculpture.
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fortherecordpodcast · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
For the Record #149: Japanese Breakfast's "Jubilee"
The third album from Japanese Breakfast, Jubilee," swings for the fences with a much bigger, poppier sound, complete with horn and string arrangements. It's a major leap forward in Michelle Zauner's impressive career. We discuss it in-depth on episode #149 of “For the Record.”
Episode link:
Subscribe to the podcast by clicking here for iTunes:, or by copying and pasting this XML feed into your favorite podcatcher’s "subscribe" field:
Stream the episode via your browser here:
Or tune in to to hear us every other Thursday at 9:30am!
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jpopstreaming · 50 minutes ago
Tumblr media
🆕 「Filter (feat. JJJ & Campanella)」 by KM, JJJ, Campanella 💿 from 「EVERYTHING INSIDE」 now available overseas! Listen to it on Spotify 🎧
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panicinthestudio · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Landscape with Fisherman in Three Scrolls, Kano Yōsen'in (1753 - 1808), circa 18th century
Mid Edo period, Musashi Province, Japan
Hanging scrolls: three; images painted in circular format; ink on silk
100 x 91.2 cm (39 3/8 x 35 7/8 in.)
Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Bequest of the Hofer Collection of the Arts of Asia
Collection of the Harvard Art Museums: 1, 2, 3
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jrocknews · 55 minutes ago
Order Crack6's limited single "SPEED FREAKER" before the time limit!
On June 3, Crack 6 released their second limited single of the year, SPEED FREAKER which came in two types: “Blood Type; C” and “Blood Type; 6” edition. The purchase period ends on June 16, so those interested in the single and its goods can still grab a copy! Similar to the release before it,…
Order Crack6’s limited single “SPEED FREAKER” before the time limit!
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jinshipsdontlie · 57 minutes ago
[Weverse Shop] 2021 Festa D-Day Calendar (d-day) Emblem ~ Jungkook (w/ jpn subtitles)
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ash-g3natalie · an hour ago
Kenshi Yonezu, my first favorite Japanese singer!
In my opinion, his songs arbest!!
Don't forget to like the pose the t, you don't have to follow-
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You are a piece of pottery fixed by gold,
and God knows you're more precious today than you were yestersay.
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