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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Snow falls and piles up on
bamboo leaves

It’s fun to dance for the gods
on a winter’s night


藤田湘子 Fujita Shōshi  1926-2005


Graphic - Elyse Ashe Lord  1915-1972

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Coconut Glenn’s 表参道店のヴィーガンココナッツクレープ&アイス❤️








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        ♥︎      can you tell me a secret? ⠀    ⠀                 ⠀                 ⠀                 ⠀                 ⠀                 ⠀                 ⠀                 ⠀    

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So I was digging through the Japanese Fossil Fighters wiki to see if I could uncover some things that had been lost in translation. (Which there are, but that’s a post for another time.) When looking at the names of the vivosaurs themselves I came across the above Kanji as the name for what we English speakers know as Guhweep. Google and other translation-ware tells me it reads as ‘Kawasuze’. But all my google-fu has not been able to give me a definition for this term and it seems like it doesn’t even actually exist. Is it slang or shorthand of some sort?

Any Japanese speakers who are familiar with this term, I’d love some more insight please!

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So, ended up actually not getting up early at all haha. Woke up at 11 :/ but only because I stayed up all night binging this new series on Netflix called The Queen’s Bandit. It was so good, I couldn’t stop watching it! It is one of the few tv shows I have been able to finish completely and I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs something to watch. It really empowered me to work hard for my dreams/goals and to not get discouraged even when I face life challenges. Anyways, if you decide to watch it, or have watched it already, message me! I haven’t found anyone who has finished it and I am dying to talk about it with someone :)

I still have my two essays due this week (one Friday and one Sunday) and I also have my blog post, which I have started working on. This week has been kind of slow in that I haven’t really been working as much as I want to and I keep procrastinating/getting distracted.

I have been neglecting my language studies also :/. I find it hard to work on Japanese or French with all of my college classes in tow. Does anyone have any helpful tips on how to keep up your motivation when self-studying a language? 

If you read this far leave a comment about yourself! I would love to get to know more people :)

~Pics found on Google~

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Aight so I’ve been playing the apps I got for and uh

They’re actually the best quiz apps for kana I’ve found? They’re actually really decent???

They give you tips on how to tell the really similar ones apart and have designated quizzes for those same symbols so you learn to tell them apart which is really great and something I’ve not seen before. Also easy on the eyes and just kinda nice visuals which I’ve also noticed there hasn’t been much of in the apps I’ve found.

They’re pretty good. 20 outta 10 would recommend. I’ve not played the Kanji yet cause I don’t really know Kanji but Hiragana and Katakana? Yeah I’m keeping these apps they’re pretty decent.

Oh quick aside, they seem to be better suited as like a study aid rather than a learn from scratch thing but there does seem to be features on them to suggest you could learn from scratch should you wanna try it.

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