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#japanese art
elgaberino-mcoc · 11 hours ago
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Is the Deadpool 2 lady the same character as the Clan Yashida's deadly assassin from the old Wolverine comics? I don't know, but Yukio is a classic name worth an upvote.
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cocoaloverr · 4 hours ago
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calm and quiet
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winterpolaratelier · 4 hours ago
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A not-so-accurate geisha I did a while ago on my sketchbook, again to test my new colour pencils  ^^
Also testing my golden pen and golden pencil to understand the difference between both.
On my instagram, you can find a tiny video where you can see the golden details from the pen! It’s @winterpolaratelier
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Trivia about... Dr. Agoiraku and Penny.
Dr. Agoiraku
Full name: Herbert “Herbie” Curio Agoiraku
Age: 70s
Gender: male (he/him)
Race: Shroid (currently), RC Shroober (formerly)
Most notable details: magnetic, pointy moustache, lab coat (sometimes)
Likes: his granddaughter, science, physics, (ecto)biology, maths, algebra, mechanics, engineering, inventing things, performing experiments, slow jazz music, travelling
Dislikes: humans, the death of his son and daughter-in-law, when his granddaughter behaves non-civilised, failing experiments, plans going against his expectations, chocolate, having to ‘oil’ himself every now and then, rust
“Thanks to my late son’s amazing engineering and mechanics abilities, I’m still there, and I even got to experience the arrival of my granddaughter Penny back then! Being a ghost surely wasn’t pleasant, and I’m only very glad to still be around. Plus, being a Shroid is pretty neat, if you ask me!
Because I’m a Shroid, I don’t really have to worry about all of the hubbub in the way of retirement, since us Shroids don’t even age… indeed, I still work among the other engineers, scientists, ectobiologists and physicians at the Shroob Castle, and I love how diverse this very job is! One time, I test certain elements if they go together well, while the other, I let new Shroobs be born via test tubes without parents… yes, I’m one of the very few ectobiologists who is actually able to perform this perfectly. One should follow very strict schooling for it, and even though it wasn’t easy for me, it has absolutely been worth it, and I’m only happy to help expand the number of living Shroobs in our nation, especially since we successfully invaded the Mushroom Kingdom of the so-called past.
At home, I also enjoy mechanics, science and all that jazz. I guess you could say that I oftentimes practise stuff for the next day at work that way? Just except for the fact that in this case, it doesn’t come to ectobiology, since that’s absolutely not something to try at home!”
Full name: Penny Lane Agoiraku
Age: 13 or 14
Gender: female (she/her)
Race: RC Shroober
Most notable details: round glasses, pink heart ornament on head, lab coat (sometimes)
Likes: science, physics, math, algebra, (ecto)biology, inventing anything, robots, experiments, computers, school, singing, foods
Dislikes: humans, any experiment going wrong, getting low grades, being hazed
“I’m one of Mars’s classmates, but seemingly more intelligent than John and Jade’s heated friendly rivalry altogether, as I’m the only one who mostly gets A’s and A+’s. Of course I don’t mind being called a nerd, because I know I am one, too! Not because of my glasses that I also have to wear due to nearsightedness, but like I already mentioned, the high grades!
My parents’ lives were also taken by the hands of those nasty humans, but fortunately, my grandfather, who is a Shroid, was lucky to have survived by not showing up when those humans came to what used to be known as Toad Town, but is nowadays known as Shroob Town. I live with him ever since losing my parents, and we perform all sorts of experiments together, because as a child, I was very interested in his experiments and often wanted to perform along with those, but he never allowed me to do so until I only just turned 13, which expanded my horizons so much!
Also, since our species are slowly fading away from existence, I perform a weekly session of ectobiology in the hope that we can still keep on living forth in the (near) future, which makes quite a difference to having to go through tons of childbirths as a female Shroob, as the process goes a lot quicker, too. Ectobiology is a fairly new something in the world of science and biology, but only my grandfather and I know how it goes without fail, so it’s a secret for everyone else! Yes, even for our monarchs, and you, the one who reads this!
However, when I’m not focusing on anything in the way of science or ectobiology, I sing all sorts of songs. If you want to hear my golden voice (or so my grandfather calls it), I’m to be found in the main karaoke bar every Friday evening!”
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sadisticonsoler · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Flax seeds on the hair.
95 m/s.
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