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The Studio
Welcome to The Moody Mimo’s Studio ❤️

I help bring my client’s vision to life through illustrations that explore the vulnerability and power found in the gift of feelings and emotions.


What I make: Trippy Portrait Illustrations

I create portrait illustrations that explore the often disregarded realm of human emotions.

My illustrations are striking, vivid, and detailed, mixing digital illustration with photographic elements. 

Bold colors together with the heavily emphasized and almost exaggerated facial expressions explore to capture the essence of the human experience of feeling.

I aim to emphasize that even during an individual’s most vulnerable time, she remains powerful, capable, and beautiful in her own respective way. 

I wish to celebrate and champion the embracement of both the vulnerability and power in our feelings and emotions.


Featured Clients

Apparel Illustration for a high-fashion brand based in Italy

A series of custom illustrated portraits showcasing vivid and striking colors of the summer season. This project was meant to redefine conceptions of beauty, celebrating diversity, individuality, and eccentricity of every individual.


Los Cumpleaños “AGUA” Record Art Cover + Release Show Poster

Los Cumpleaños is a psychedelic Cumbia/Salsa band based in Brooklyn New York. This song art cover is meant to complement the sounds in the Agua record.


Zensofel Vintage Logo

Zensofel Vintage is a vintage shop based in Greece. This project is meant to showcase a vivid-female oriented vibe that encapsulates the shop’s aesthetic.


Excited to be creating eye-zapping things together! 👁

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