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#jaqcues schnee

Jaune: your daughter calls me daddy too.

Jaqcue: wait. Which daughter?

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jaqcues: a what?

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jaqcues: well you think thats funny, but thats calling up someone and telling them to kill themselves. thats not a joke

jaune: im not joking… do it

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Ladies and gentlemen, it took us a long time, but here it is.

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Jaqcues: so where do you see yourself in.10 years?

Jaune: (dont say doing your wife. Dont say doing your wife)

Jaune: doing your daughter?

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This man’s body is litteraly a dorito chip

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Jacques: how dare you turn your back to

Jaune: man fuck you and your candy ass! Get the fuck back on that podeium before i kick your teeth in

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“You dont give them names. Then they feel”

- jaqcues schnee about his servants

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“Never interupt me while im rich!”

-jaqcue schnee

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What do you think jaune would do to jaqcues if he found out what he did to weiss?

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Parent meets

Papa arc: hello jackass

Jaqcues: its jaqcues

Papa arc: jackass

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