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i made this a few weeks ago and i feel like i should make a wolfpack one
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twilight + text posts: twilight characters as the gaslight gatekeep girlboss meme
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Time pt2 [J.B]
Jacob Black x Swan! Fem! reader
Summary: Life is full of decisions. Jacob can't spend any more time
Word count: i dunno. but its quite long lol
Same note as ever english not my mother language so tell me if something is wrong
A/N: OMG THANK U SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT GUYS! My box is open for request so if u like to read more about the wolfpack just let me know bbs. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
"Honey, you have to come downstairs, it's getting late!" you heard Charlie yell from the stairs as you were finishing getting ready for Bella's wedding.
It had been a very difficult time. You gave Billy the time he asked for for Jacob to show up with his feelings cleared up, but days turned into weeks and then months. Before you knew it, your sister's wedding was just around the corner and the truth was that you didn't feel much like attending. You didn't get along with the Cullen family, much less with Edward after he had dumped Bella and returned to her life as if nothing had happened, as if the nightmares that woke you and your father up a year ago had never happened.
You spite him quite a bit. But you held a little more against Bella for taking him back without even consulting you. You deserved it. You deserved to have a say in that relationship after being her wet blanket and losing sleep for so many weeks. 
Charlie didn't love Edward any more than you did, but he respected Bella's decision under any circumstances just as he accepted your decision to stay at Billy's house waiting for Jacob's return, a return that until that day hadn’t happened.
With the bond of imprinting everything became too difficult. Every hour away from Jacob felt like a torch burning your chest, your breath caught and pained sighs escaped your lips. Your whole being wanted to run out and find him, to try to bring him back, to bring him to his senses, though you also wanted him to be interested in you, for the bond to awaken him from his infatuation with Bella and for his feelings to be directed towards you in a sincere and pure way. No, you were going to stand there waiting for Jacob to come back to you. It was his turn to go home if he had already made up his mind.
At the Black house you helped Billy with the chores and kept each other company. Sometimes your father would come home in the evenings after work and take Billy fishing, wanting to distract him from his son's absence. Then, when you were home alone, you would lock yourself in Jacob's bedroom and hug the sheets that still held his scent to lessen the burning in your chest.
Naturally time passed, the wedding preparations were finished and the only thing left was to attend the ceremony with your best face on. That day Sue Clearwater promised to pick up Billy and get to your house to arrive at the Cullen residence at the same time. You were fine with that, the Clearwater's were the closest thing to a family you had and you felt safe around them. However you didn’t think about the plans Alice had for you regarding being one of the bridesmaids.
Her words were that you didn't have to participate in the preparations if you didn't want to, just show up on time for the ceremony in a purple dress, a ribbon around your waist and high heels if possible. You groaned when you heard the request although you didn't refuse because seeing Bella beg you to do it was too pitiful to play hard to get.
So you showered, did your hair, make up and dressed as best as you could. Sue helped you with that ‘cause you didn't even have the strength to do it on your own. Then she left you alone so you could clear your mind and she asked Charlie to give you a moment to breathe.
You let out a sigh and looked into the mirror. Your dark circles under your eyes and pale face were still visible. You sighed again, plucked up your courage and took the small bouquet in your hands.
You opened the bedroom door and walked slowly down the stairs. In the living room Billy, Sue, Seth and your father were already waiting for you. Charlie smiled, held out his hand and you took it, noticing a waterly layer in your father's eyes.
"I swear if you start crying I will turn around and lock myself in my room."
"I'm sorry, it's just that you look really beautiful" he said. You disagreed
"This is tragic. I’m just going down in flames"
"Your father’s right" Billy spoke with a small smile. You looked at him sharply "You look beautiful, little one."
You nodded, embarrassed
"Thank you"
"Well, let's go now" you said walking down the stairs catching up with Charlie. Sue helped push Billy's chair towards the door while Seth went ahead to open the car door and help him up. Your father offered you his arm "The sooner we do this the sooner it will be over."
"You won't get out of the wedding without having a dance with your father."
"Is that vitally necessary?"
"Only if you don't want to be grounded for the rest of your life."
You sighed.
"All right, then."
The first thing you did when you arrived at the Cullen house was to be dragged by Alice to rehearse the entrance you’ll make down the aisle. Rosalie would go first being Edward's "big sister", Alice would be second and you would be last being the sister of the bride. Bella would enter after you next to Charlie and they would take their respective positions with you on the left side of the aisle next to Alice holding your small bouquet. You nodded without saying anything. You were going to do it without complaint helping to hurry things along..
The ceremony went slowly. You lost yourself at the vows letting your mind wander to Jacob again. You often wondered if he was okay, if his mind was at peace or if he left Forks never to return. That would kill you. It literally would. But you preferred that to forcing Jacob to love you for a bond that was condemning you to a union he didn't want. You were broken. Time kept passing and your body was feeling the force of the bond, weakening you and keeping you in constant suffering, but you were going to wait. You promised Billy that you’ll do it and you will keep your promise.
Then like an epiphany you felt a tug in your chest. The feeling was strange. A blow you didn't expect sent you staggering forward realizing that the ceremony was over and the newlyweds were already receiving greetings. You stood in place feeling the bond tighten somehow. Suddenly you wanted to get out of there and go back home where maybe Jacob was already waiting for you, however you couldn't because you were swarmed by hugs and congrats from people you didn't know and forcibly taken to the head table.
You toasted the necessary and listened enough of every speech. You even danced a little with your father, with Seth and Carlisle who gallantly approached you and held out his hand asking you to hace a dance with him.  Near the end of the evening you stood next to Billy drinking champagne to bursting. If the Cullens had gotten champagne that expensive and that good then you had to take advantage of it. You were about to drink your fifth glass when the tugging in your chest grew stronger making your heart beat like crazy.
Billy looked at you carefully, stretching his arms out in case you fall. The bond was tense, your hands tingled and your mouth suddenly went dry. Jacob was close, you could feel it in your bristling skin and in the blush that quickly covered your cheeks.
Was it possible?
Had Jacob really returned?
You looked up. Edward led Bella towards the main entrance where they got lost for a while. You thought about taking a look when suddenly Edward appeared in front of you, took your hand and smiled. No one seemed to notice his unexpected appearance. Vampire speed you whispered. Edward nodded.
"Can i have this dance?"
"You cannot” you replied. Edward smiled wider
"Please, i can’t end this night without dancing at least once with my new sister."
"In-law" he corrected himself. He took your words as consent and led you to the dance floor where the more animated people were keeping up with the music. Edward gently posed in his place taking you by the waist as you placed your hands on his shoulders "I saw you dancing with my father. Thank you for that."
"I didn't do it for you."
"Then why you did it?"
"Cause everyone here was waiting to see that. That's what happens at weddings: two families come together and become one. Charlie would never forgive me for turning down Carlisle's request in front of everyone."
"I see. Anyway, he was so happy. He thought it would be harder to convince you."
You stood quietly following Edward's footsteps. His cold hands on your waist made you shiver leading you to think how different they were in comparison to Jacob's. His were like granite: solid, icy, pale. Jacob's were firm, warm, and rough from the hard work. When he touched you, your whole body shivered with comfort, so different from being with Edward and not understanding why Bella had found the cold more appealing than the warmth. Edward's brow furrowed. Of course, he was reading your mind and you wished you could block his way at that moment. He smiled shaking his head. "You can try, but you won't be able to stop me from reading your thoughts. That doesn't mean I do it all the time, in fact I'm strictly forbidden to do it. It's just that you're being too invasive."
"Invasive?" you asked, curious. Edward nodded
"When you think about Jacob your mind becomes vulnerable" he replied. The dance continued slower this time "You usually have a natural barrier that makes it difficult for me to read your mind, though I always end up getting it if necessary. Your thoughts about Jacob are strong, too strong. They come out of your head and float over you like butterflies and that's when they enter my signal field. Basically they come right up to me, which doesn't count as an invasion of your privacy."
The confession made you cringe. You thought about Jacob during the whole ceremony and that must have been very interesting to Edward. God, your face was burning with embarrassment
"He's here" Edward whispered. Your eyes grew wide with surprise cause you were right as you felt the bond tense. You wanted to run out the door being stopped by Edward "I got him to come as a gift for Bella. She has been very sad when she found out about him running away and I wanted this day to be very special in every way possible."
"And this is your attempt at distraction? You're stopping me from going with him by keeping me tied to this stupid dance?"
"I know you could feel Jacob's presence as soon as he set foot in town" he said, ducking his gaze "Like I said, your thoughts of him are invasive and his aren't too different."
Your brow furrowed.
"What do you mean?"
"He thinks too much about you, maybe more than he should. You two are very similar, you have ideas floating around in your heads and that makes it easy for me to read you, but-?"
"But?" you rushed him. Edward sighed
"He thinks about Bella too."
"And that doesn't bother you?" you asked him without stopping dancing.You could hear murmurs from the entrance "why does it seem that the boy who intended to take your place when you left doesn't represent a danger to you? why aren't you with them? Are you pretending calm?"
"Someone can't fake something like that."
"Then what is it?"
"Trust" he said confidently "I trust Bella and I trust the love she has for me. Otherwise I wouldn’t have come this far. I know I made a mistake thinking that leaving her behind I was going to protect her from those who are like me and that's why I promised myself I would never hurt her again or let anything happen to her. Bella forgave me and I was indebted to her. Jacob is her best friend and even though he is confused between how he feels about Bella and how he feels about you I know she is not the same way and still chooses me over everyone else. I trust her love for me, don't you do the same with Jacob?"
You looked down.
You couldn't trust a love implemented by force.
Edward lifted your chin.
"Imprinting is an involuntary mechanism to find a shifter's soul mate, but it doesn't produce feelings. The bond asks you to be together, but it’s that closeness that produces the feeling of affection. You have wrong thoughts and those don't invade me, but they invade your heart."
You were about to respond when suddenly his footsteps stopped and his face turned towards the front door. You looked at him sharply furrowing your brows guessing he heard something he didn't like at all.
"He promised he wouldn't ruin it" he whispered, though not low enough for you not to hear him. He let go of you but you grabbed him by the arm before he disappeared.
"What are you talking about?, what's going on, Edward?"
He didn't answer. He turned his face towards you looking at you with a terrifying intensity letting you know that something bad was going on outside with Jacob and Bella. Knowing the two of them you’ll say that they were having a conversation, one thing led to another and an argument suddenly broke out. You held the vampire's gaze and he nodded to let you know your thoughts were on point .Edward and you approached the entrance cautiously watching the way Jacob and Bella were arguing near the forest.
Edward walked towards Bella in the blink of an eye and you stood on the stairs watching Jacob. He looked very different from how you remembered him. He had huge dark circles under his eyes, his hair was messy and his dilated pupils stared furiously at his natural enemy. You shivered in your place. The bond pulled you towards Jacob but you resisted ‘cause, even if you had been standing there for at least five minutes, he never looked at you once. All his attention was on Bella and how pretty she looked in that wedding dress and her hair up. His eyes glittered with recognition and fury at seeing Edward putting Bella behind him keeping her from getting hurt if Jacob transformed right there. Your heart felt a sting and only then you have the wolf's attention.
You were so hurt.
Month after month passed without you hearing from him, taking care of Billy and taking your place as an imprint in Sam's pack holding them together despite his absence and yet the first thing he did upon his return was look for your sister, see her eyes, feel her hands and not yours.
You were destroyed.
The stings continued in your heart and you knew Jacob felt them in his. His eyes alternated between Bella and you in an instant undecided where to turn. You walked down the stairs approaching him
"Jacob, what are you doing?"
"Please, (Y/N) ask her not to do it, he'll kill her."
"What are you talking about?" you asked. Jacob clenched his jaw, fists and tensed his back. He was ready to transform. You stood in front of him looking into his eyes. His face softened and his fists lightened. You placed your hand on his chest feeling his heart pounding and the warmth emanating from his strong chest. Suddenly you weren't so upset with him anymore. You hated the imprinting at that moments.
"Jacob, calm down," Edward demanded him. That made his anger return and he moved to the side approaching Edward. You stopped him
"Jacob, stop it" you demanded
"You don't understand, she’s in danger!"
"I won't be able to understand if you don't tell me what the hell you mean."
"Jacob, come on, don't do this" Seth came as fast as he could, holding him by the arms. Jacob let go easily, looking at you angrily. Seth fell backwards onto his back and you helped him to his feet. Seth didn't deserve such treatment, much less when he and Sue had taken care of Billy with you.
Then, before Jacob jumped on top of Edward the rest of the pack appeared from the trees stopping him forcefully. Sam arrived to meet him in seconds, looking at him disapprovingly.
"Enough, Jacob!"
"Stay out of this, Sam!"
"You’re not gonna start something that we’ll have to finish” he warned him. Jacob shook and before he jumped on the alpha you stood in front of him again this time watching him baddly
"Stop making a fool of yourself and listen to your alpha for once in a damn time."
It felt like a command because it actually was one. A big silence caught you all and Jacob took off running into the woods without even looking at you twice. You sighed tiredly and Seth grabbed your arm to help you walk through the underbrush. The rest of the shifters followed their leader and before you and Seth disappeared into the woods you turned to Bella.
"Tell Charlie I didn't feel well and had to go home. And congratulations on... whatever this means."
Bella nodded. Her eyes pearly with tears. You walked into the woods next to Seth and kicking off your heels you ran to his side. Then he quickened his pace, lost himself in the bushes and with a howl came out in his lupine form in front of you. He lay down on the ground for you to climb on his back so you could get to Billy's house in no time. You pressed against his furr and as the wind ruffled your hair Seth ran dodging obstacles in his path. You caught up with the rest of the pack at the forest line. Th shifters were already turned into humans dressed only in cropped pants arguing in front of Billy's house. Jacob screamed, Sam screamed back. Seth ducked his body letting you down, hid behind the bushes again and came out as a boy approaching his brothers. You followed him, listening to the argument.
"She can't do it being a human, she'll die!"
"And what difference does it make?" asked Sam crossing his arms "Let her die tonight or let her die tomorrow. Either way she will. She won't be able to live as a normal person for long being among them."
"What's this all about?" you asked drawing everyone's attention. Jacob exhaled "why are you so upset?"
"Did you know that Bella is planning to have a honeymoon like any other?"
"Of course" you replied. Jacob wrinkled his brow
"Are you serious?"
"Sure, that's what newlyweds are supposed to do after a wedding."
"And even knowing that you're going to allow it without even having tried to change her mind?"
"Why would I?, she made her decision and what she does on her honeymoon is none of my business anyway."
Jacob laughed unfunnily.
"I can tell you don't care at all."
"And i can tell you care too much" you attacked. The atmosphere grew tense and Sam had to took action
"That's enough. (Y/N) is right, Jacob. What happens with Bella is no longer your concern. Leave her alone and forget about her. Now you have an imprint that-"
"I never wanted an imprint!"
"Jacob!" scolded Sam. 
Your back tensed at his words and the world seemed to stop. You heard the tearing of something, but you didn't know if it was the sound of Jacob's clothes transforming or the sound of your heart finishing its unraveling. The rest of the pack looked at you waiting for a reaction. There was nothing.
You were numb from head to toe. Your hands tingled and your head was spinning until you were dizzy. The bond was being hurt and you knew Jacob felt the same pain you did. He was in a way denying having found you, having his soul mate with him because his love for Bella was stronger than anything and not even the power of fate was able to erase that feeling.
What you did for him and what you did to improve yourself every day in his eyes was for nothing. You wasted time waiting for his return and all he was doing after so long was humiliating you in the worst way possible. You couldn't take the time back and you didn't want it either. If Jacob didn't want to have his imprint with him then you weren't going to force him. 
Billy was wrong. Jacob didn't need time or clarify his feelings cause they were turned towards Bella from day one.
You turned around and started to walk to your house. You weren't going to give him the chance to see you cry. Not anymore. You didn't want to give him that too. But then you found yourself imprisoned by a pair of arms around your waist and Jacob's hot breath on your ear.
"I'm sorry" he whispered "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that".
"Yes you did but it's okay"
"No, it's not. I- I'm trying to change, it's been hard for me. I-"
"It's been hard for everyone" you said. The rest of the pack watched you "You left, you took a path on your own and left what hurt you behind, but the others didn't. The rest of us stayed and dealt with the pain of your absence for months. We didn't get to run away, or block our minds or run through the woods to clear our thoughts. We didn't have that chance. I didn't. But you did, and the first thing you did when you got back was make a fuss at my sister's wedding because you don't want her to sleep with her husband for fear he'll kill her. I'll tell you what: before that happens Edward would kill himself a thousand times over. Don't tell me you care that she’ll turn into a vampire cause then you'd be blatantly lying to my face and I'm not going to let you, Jacob. It's not that you don't want an imprint, it's that you don't want me as one."
"It's not that. I love you, but I need-"
"Time. You need time" you said puckering your lips. Jacob looked down "You need more time and I, since I have no choice for being your imprint I’ll give it to you without conditions and then you’ll promise to be honest and try to love me even if that’s not what you really want. Then I will be happy with that cause you’ll be giving me some of your attention and I will think that finally the imprinting is doing some good to make you realize how much I have loved you for a long time. But then Bella will come back and it will all come crashing down and you'll ask me for time again, and again, and again, and again, and I'll give it to you because, like I said, I have nothing better to do than take the crumbs you give me. You know what, Jacob? I'm not willing to do that anymore. To sit around and wait for you to wake up because you don't want to do so. If you don't want the bond then broke it, give it up and let's move on."
"If I do that you’ll die" he said. You walked down the path and stopped letting out a laugh. You turned to look at him
"It's okay. I'm not Bella, remember? You can let me die if you want to."
@beautyandthemermaid-blog (for some reason i cant tag u sorry :()
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I’m gonna need y’all to go back into your twilight phase and start writing more fanfic >:| I’m tired of reading stuff that was updated 2 years ago and still having hope that a new update will come out soon… plz
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+  BONUS :
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Twilight Wolfpack with a short S/O
A/N: Sorry it took so long for me to come out with something! But I had requested this kinda prompt for a different imagine account but idk if they’re gonna do it,,, so I decided why not and give it a try myself! Like I am super short (like 5’0) and always wonder what it’d be like to be with the Wolfpack. Anyways, I hope you guys like it!
A/N 2: None of the gifs are mine so credit to the original owners! Also I didn’t edit it so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes! Feel free to check this link out also⇒ ( ◠‿◠ )
Sam Uley
Tumblr media
First of all I don’t think he would tease you as much as some of the guys would
He would be extra protective since you’re smaller as it’s easier for you to get hurt
And if you are clumsy like me I don’t think that would help to ease his concern lmao
N e ways, I feel like he would have a cute nickname for you, something along the lines of shortcake or something cute like that
If you ever lecture the pack if they’ve done something wrong (or stupid) he has to hold in a laugh cause its funny to see a bunch of huge guys scared of little bitty you
Omg imagine him pulling you into a hug and your face is just buried in his warm chest and he just lets out a deep chuckle cause you’re just so tiny compared to him
Pls sir spare me for I am about to cry thinking about it
But overall he loves you no matter what size you are. Y’all are still the mom and dad of the pack and everyone respects you cause even small you still hold your ground
Jared Cameron
Tumblr media
He literally has so many nicknames for you and a lot of them are different ways of saying you’re short but his favorite to call you is munchkin lmao
Likes doing that thing where if you’re next to him he’ll use your head as an armrest
Also likes to randomly come behind you and lift you up to scare you
Will sometimes jokingly place you on the counter to talk to you so he won’t have to look down or as he says “so you won’t hurt yourself look up at me shorty”
He may tease you a lot about your height but if anyone were to make fun of you or tease you about it,,, oooh boy he is on them like nothing
Only he is allowed to tease his little munchkin
Y’all just have a very fun and loving relationship and you guys are literally thick as thieves and nothing could change that
Paul Lahote
Tumblr media
He won’t tease you as much as Jared does with his s/o because he is soft for you
He probably also has a cute nickname for you probably also something to do with being small
Probably calls you princess most of the time tho
Whenever you’re trying to get something that is high up where you can’t reach he’ll come behind you and put one hand on your waist and grab whatever it is you needed
He’ll probably ask for an kiss in return for being, and I quote, “your knight in shining armor” and he’ll bend down a bit while you tippy toe to reach and give him a small peck
It really boosts his ego every time lmao
Like Jared he is the only one allowed to tease you cause knowing him he’ll probably try to kill the person making fun of you
We all know he is the type to pull you into his lap whenever he’s sitting cause he loves holding on to you since you’re so tiny
Overall he is also very protective of you and loves having you with him and he wouldn’t want anyone else
I need a Paul in my life
Embry Call
Tumblr media
You get teased by him quite a lot too but not to the extent of the other 2 teases
I feel like he calls you lovebug as a joke but it stuck after a while lmao
He probably makes you help him prank the others by hiding you somewhere (since you fit almost anywhere) and then you jump out and scared them
Which in hindsight was a bad idea cause y’all got a lecture from Sam after it happened a couple times and it was not fun
Besides that he also likes to give you piggyback rides whenever your legs get tired or you’re having trouble keeping up with them (or just for fun)
He is very attentive tho and he will help you out without you having to ask cause he loves you and is constantly watching you
But not in like a creepy way sorta like a ‘I want to make sure you don’t hurt yourself’ kinda way
Y’all’s relationship is also very fun and you guys are very relaxed with each other cause you trust each other with your lives
You guys are like 2 peas in a pod and you wouldn’t have it any other way
Jacob Black
Tumblr media
Honestly at this point I should just say all of them have a cute nickname for you
I feel like he calls you either beautiful most of the time or smalls when he’s feeling playful or just to tease you
You already KNOW every time he hugs you he lifts you up and spins you around then when he puts you down he holds on for a little longer cause he doesn’t want to let you go just yet
Pls lord I am in need of a hug from Jacob
When he’s on the couch I feel like he’ll be sitting there and you just come up to him and crawl into his lap and you’ll just have a koala hold on him and he just simply holds you (and you probably pass out from how warm and comfy he is)
Omg when y’all sleep together (not like that ya nasties) he will have you lie down on top of his chest and he’ll have his arms wrapped around you
He’s another one that will pick you up and carry you if you get tired or if you can’t keep up
He’s also another one who is super protective of you and will constantly have you near him
Also he’s the type to walk you all the way to your front door when it’s time for you to go home and he won’t leave till he knows you’re in your room
Overall you guys have a very loving relationship and I just know when he loves someone he loves with his whole being and the same goes for you and it shows throughout your whole relationship
Quil Ateara
Tumblr media
I feel like he calls you something cute and small related like cutie pie or button
When he’s more on the teasing side he’ll call you pip squeak
He loves to rest his head on top of yours whenever he hugs you
Sometimes when he’s bored he’ll go and flop on top of you but he’ll try and hold himself up a bit and won’t put to much pressure on you cause he’s scared of hurting you
He likes to move your stuff where you can’t reach it so you’ll ask for his help and he thinks you look so cute trying to reach it
But if he knows he won’t be there to help you he will try and put whatever you might need within your reach
He likes it whenever you go and sit in his lap when he’s playing video games with the guys whether you’re on your phone, taking a nap on him, or just watching him play he’ll encase you in his arms and he likes the company plus the feeling of you being there (he love how tiny you feel against him)
He also likes to hold your hand cause he likes how small it feels and he likes how it fits in his hand
He is so very sweet and your relationship is another very funny and goofy one but it’s is still very strong none the less
Seth Clearwater
Tumblr media
A/N: I know this gif isn’t from the movie so sue me
He is the sweets boy ever omg
He would find you so adorable and would constantly gush over you
He would probably call you something like kitten cause you’re “small and cute like one”
He absolutely loves hugging you especially back hugs (he just loves to feel you in his arms)
That’s why he loves to cuddle with you and he likes to be the big spoon cause you fit nicely encase in him
He also likes it when he has his head on your chest and your fingers are running trough his hair and you legs are wrapped around his waist (cause that as far as your legs can reach from this position) he finds it kinda funny that you can’t completely wrap around him
When you’re talking to him he tries to kinda lean against something or sit down cause he thinks it’s rude for him to look down on you while you talk but also so you don’t strain your neck trying to talk to him
He’s another one that likes to give you a piggyback ride so your legs don’t get tired or he’ll just try to slow down his walking to accommodate to you
I could go on forever because he’s just so in love with you and absolutely adores your small stature
Your relationship is just so loving and he is so very caring and has such a big heart and I know you return that love just as much if not more
I needs me a Seth Clearwater plssss
Leah Clearwater
Tumblr media
A/N: It’s so hard to find a gif of her smiling in the movie she deserves all the happiness in the world
First of all of course I included her cause how could I not,,, she deserves the absolute world!
Pls wreck me queen
N e ways I feel like her nickname for you is not as embarrassing or outlandish as the guys names it’s probably something like angel or baby
If she’s feeling playful she calls you tiny
Fun fact when y’all cuddle she likes being the small spoon! She likes the feeling of you holding her even though she is a lot bigger than you
She’s also one of the ones that like to help you if you can’t reach something it makes her feel needed and she’s just glad she can be there for you cause she knows you’ll be there for her
When hugging you she likes to lift you up and bonus points if you wrap your legs around her waist (it makes her instantly melt)
Off topic but y’all like to make snarky comments about the guys or at them and it just makes y’all laugh and if you make a sarcastic comment to Sam when he tries to lecture you guys about something she gets mega heart eyes for you and is super proud to call you her s/o
Getting back on track but she of also very protective of you like the rest of the guys but she knows you can handle yourself well but she can’t help but worry because of your small size
Besides that y’all’s relationship is really one of a kind you guys have built up a lot of trust with each other over time and y’all’s bond is as strong as ever and I just know she loves you fiercely
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fatiguing-thoughts · 4 months ago
"Always Bella IV" - Jacob Black x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Part IV to “Always Bella” Read Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part IV
I woke up to the soft snores of Quil on the couch next to me. His heat radiating off his body, almost lulling me back into a slumber.
"Quil." I whisper. "Quil."
"Mhmmmmm." He groans, gripping his pillow harder.
I purse my lips, sighing before sitting up.
The overwhelming memories of last night replayed through my brain. I felt a chill run up my spine, followed by immediate displeasure.
Why didn't Quil let him see me? He knew how I felt.
But why couldn't I speak? Why couldn't I get up?
Why couldn't I say anything to Jacob?
I swung my legs off the couch quietly, grabbing Quil's slippers and stumbling out the front door. I look back to still see Quil fast asleep on the couch, his chest rising and falling with every slow breath.
I let out a sigh, quietly shutting the front door. I look at my car, weighing out my options.
Car is quicker, though much louder. Walking won't wake up Quil but it'll take a half an hour as opposed to the five minute drive. Oh the options.
Pursing my lips as I look between the car and the road for what seemed like a million times.
Before I knew it, I was already at Billy's front door.
I went to knock, but my cold knuckles hesitated. I inhale sharply, slowly knocking on the door.
I heard some movement behind the door, to be met with Billy.
"Hi Billy, I know it's early but I really need to-" I noticed his eyes were bloodshot and filled to the brim with tears, his cheeks flushed with a red hue I had not seen in years.
Not since Sarah.
"Are you okay? What's wrong?" I whisper, looking into his defeated eyes.
"(Y/N), he's gone." His voice croaked.
My blood went cold, suddenly my ears were ringing. I felt the world around me freeze.
"What?" I choke, almost gasping for air.
"He's gone. Jacob's gone. Sam is looking for him, but- but he's gone." His voice breaks. "All I have left is gone. I need my son." He buried his face in his hands.
I hung onto every word that Billy said, praying to a God I didn't believe in that they weren't true.
"Sam? Billy we need to call the police. What can Sam do?" I panic.
Billy turns to me, giving me a confused look. His eyebrow raises, when suddenly the once puzzled look turns into one of realization.
"You don't know." He mutters under his breath, his eyes widening as they stare into mine.
"What? What don't I know?"
"Read this first." He pulls an envelope off the table, handing it to me.
I read my name, admiring Jacob's handwriting. Terrified to open it.
I look at Billy's tearful eyes before he nods towards the chair beside me.
I sit down, taking a deep breath; trying to build the courage to open this letter. I look up to see Billy watching me with sad eyes, I assume to see if I have more information in my letter about Jacob's potential whereabouts.
Dear (Y/N),
I'm sorry. I just, I can't be here anymore. It's all too... complicated.
Everything hurts. It's all too much. I've become something I don't want to be. I don't want this, but there's no escape.
I had to leave. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I've been treating you like shit. I just can't explain it.
I don't want you involved in this life.
But you are, unfortunately.
Though, I left. I don't want to be around you. Everything changed. If I stay, you're roped in far deeper than you would ever need to be.
I'm sorry (Y/N). I am.
I miss you, I do.
I just, I can't be there anymore. Not for my own sake, but mostly for your sake.
I'm sorry, I just don't want this.
I won't see you for a while, if ever again.
I wanted a choice. I want you to have a choice. I want us to have a say in our lives.
I love you.
Jacob Black
I sat there in disbelief. I felt all the air leave my lungs.
It was as if the world around me was no longer real. I could no longer hear properly, everything is muffled.
I closed the letter, looking up from my lap to meet eyes with Billy.
"I-I" I choke on my words. "I don't know where he went."
Billy sighs, as a hand is placed on his shoulder. I follow the hand, seeing Sam standing next to Billy.
"No luck, but we'll keep looking. I have Paul and Embry out looking right now." Sam gives Billy's shoulder a slight squeeze as he makes direct eye contact with me.
"Paul and Embry? Why not the police? How are they supposed to find Jacob? He's gone." I croak.
"I know he left before explaining, but you're entitled to know." Sam says sternly.
"Know about what? God, I'm so sick of not being in the loop while Bella Swan gets to know everything!" I yell, the anger burning within me.
"She's not supposed to know."
"Well she does. And I still do not." I scoff, tears falling from my eyes.
"Quil's waiting for you outside, I suggest you go meet him out there for now." Sam instructs.
I shake my head, looking at the man in disbelief. Who was he to tell me what to do.
But I couldn't be bothered. I quickly got up, bumping into Sam purposefully before walking outside to Quil.
His eyes portrayed a sadness that reflected my own as he stood against the hood of my car.
I walked over slowly, dragging my feet against the Earth.
I stopped in front of him, I took a deep breath.
"He's gone." I choke. "Quil, Jacob's gone." I feel my knees about to give out from under me. I walk into his large frame, burying my head into his chest.
"I know, love. I know." He coos, opening his arms to pull me into a hug.
I felt my tears fall onto his shirt as I melted into his touch.
Quil, the only person to make me feel like things could maybe be okay.
The only person left who can bring me back to Earth.
"Quil, what is going on?" I pull back, looking sternly into his eyes.
"(Y/N)-" He hesitates.
"No, I deserve to know. Because apparently it involves me a lot more than I was led to believe."
I pull the letter from my jacket pocket, holding it up to Quil. "So tell me now. Or I'm going to Embry." I let out the breath of air that was stuck in my lungs. "But you know I would rather hear it from you.
"Can I read it?" He pleads, nodding towards my letter.
"After you tell me exactly what is going on, Quil." I pull the letter behind me, looking up at him. "I deserve to know. I need to know why it hurts so bad." I look down at my feet. "Why does it hurt so bad?" I look up at his chocolate brown eyes, pleading with my own.
"Get in the car, we're going to our spot." He advises, looking back between me and the car before walking over to the driver's side.
I look at him, standing still. Trying to walk, despite my legs feeling like cement.
His eyes met mine, him motioning for me to get into the car.
And so I did.
I walked to the passenger side, silently opening the door and climbing in, taking a deep breath.
My mind raced with every thought imaginable.
Did Jacob come to say goodbye last night?
Could I have made him stay?
Was there something I did? Is there something I could do?
A sense of dread washed over me as I explored every possibility in my mind.
"Relax." Quil whispers, grabbing my hand and squeezing it lightly.
I look over to him, wondering how he always knows where my mind goes.
Read here: Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part IV
sorry for the delay I just work all the time, was in school full-time, and am beyond clinically depressed lol
TAGLIST: @stardustcalli @ayyitsxme @xxxqueenlaufeysonxxxxo @mychemicalimagines @cookiecakeslive @xxrandommexx @queen-of-embracing-uncertainty @nowimapotterheat @adaydreamaway08 @moonie-flower101 @sillyfreakfanparty @rosefreckles06 @robin-witch @amara-75 @thebitchwhosalone @justalostgirl @blightwulf @infp-t-rhi @beautyandthemermaid-blog @chieflawyerpastatoad @0i-am-none0 @whore-of-many-hot-men @fuzzy-panda @un-poetryy @the-fractured-eye @anne-oop @ilikefruitgummies @decaffeinated–fangirl @mrsjaxtellerfan @avoirlecoupe-defoudre @monkeyluver4546 @lucypevensie11 @peachykeen3502 @le–petit–croissant @thatfictionalwh0re @jesscarreonn @believinghurts @totallylostinfeelings @smileykiddie08 @jacobblacksbitch
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sirgnomethegiant · 10 months ago
I just know that Seth was constantly throwing hands with the rest of the wolfpack because if I heard and saw someone treating my sister like that every day, there would be eight unsolved murders real quick.
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firstbeachgoblin · 5 months ago
Sam: Now could we please all act like adults?
Jacob: sam, WE’RE 16
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witchyangela · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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heejayy · a month ago
The Other Woman
Warning: arguing, swearing, alcohol consumption
Genre: angst, fluff (near the end)
Pairing: Paul Lahote x Reader
Wc: 1.5k
a/n: this is longer than I expected it to be but I hope you enjoy 😅
Tumblr media
“So you’re just gonna just leave me?!” Paul cried as his voice echoed through the thick woods. His eyes were bloodshot red mixed with anger and hurt staring at you looking for an answer.
You sniffled wiping your tears with your sleeve “Paul I told before this is my dream career, and we already discussed me leaving!” You raised your voice as well becoming frustrated at him not understanding why you had to leave.
“You know it’s hard for me to be away from you, you’re my anchor. What am I suppose to do with your across the damn country!” He ran his down his face holding back threatening tears.
“Paul you’re being fucking selfish!” You screamed clenching your fists. You two had a long intense stare down for a few minutes and that’s when you realized this was getting ridiculous and out of hand.
“Paul” you softly called to him.
“I love you and I always will, but baby I need to focus on me too.” You gently placed your hand in his holding it firmly “Only 30 students get accepted each year out of the thousands who apply. I have to-“ He snatched his hands away from you startling you as he pushed his resting body off the tree trunk in anger stomping past you.
“Go! Just fuckin’ go!…but just know we are done” that sentence made your heart shatter.
“Paul I-“
“No, I just can’t handle having a long distance relationship. It’ll never work” with that he kept walking not taking a look back at his broken lover. You watched the boy you love walk away as you collapsed on the forrest floor sobbing your heart out.
“We- well I guess this is goodbye you asshole.” You choked out.
It’s now have been a few years since you’ve be been back home and you truly missed it. You were doing alright in school but the city life wasn’t for you and not to say you didn’t enjoy the spontaneous soul it held you yearned for the relaxed and calming aura Forks held. It always soothed your anxiousness.
You smile as pulled into Emilys drive way and noticing not much has changed. Given it was night time but you did notice Sam added on to the house and repainted it.
You got out your car and stretched letting out an exasperated sigh “well here we go.” You spoke to your self lacking enthusiasm.
You tapped your fingers against your thighs nervously as you walked around to the back yard. Emily and Sam were the only ones who knew you were coming so they notified you that they were having a family bonfire. You quietly peeked around not wanting to be noticed yet but due to their heightened senses Seth caught your scent and turned around.
His alert expression was replaced with a big grin. “No way man! Look guys y/n home!!” everyone got up to greet you but the one you were looking for ignored the whole interaction.
They were all bombarded you with quotations ‘how’s your school life?’, ‘what’s it like living in New York’, ‘Are you staying home for good?’ But all you could focus on is Paul snuggled up with a girl you’ve never seen before.
“Oh her?” Jared spoke up noticing your glaring “some girl he brought around a year after you left.” He shook his head sitting back down.
“Does she know?” You ask and he shook his head catching on.
“She has no clue about our…secret” he whispered, “but she’s been around for a good bit.” You let that sigh thinking it over and over. It honestly made you angry, how could he do this when you to are undoubtedly meant for each other.
Feeling your mood shift his eyes locked with yours. He wanted to run over to you and whisk you off to his room to talk about your stay in New York, but the way you both left things stopped him. You glanced over at the girl and she looked so infatuated with him as she played with his hands like you used to, smiling and stroking his hair like you used to and laying her head on his chest like you used to. She was beyond gorgeous too, perfect skin, long natural lashes and big pretty eyes.
You were jealous.
But all you could do was close your eyes and take a deep breath as you sat between Seth and Quil. Quil handed you a beer and you gladly excepted cracking it open chugging half the bottle.
“So y/n, how’s fashion school treating you?” Emily questioned with a sincere smile as she twirled her marshmallow through the fire.
“Oh great! I was actually an intern for Donatella Versace! Can you believe that?! She even let me and a few other students work on a show with her, it was amazing” you grinned excitedly. You really were truly pleased with the profession you chose.
“Oh I’m so proud of you, that’s wonderful! Isn’t it Paul?” Your smile faded as you glared at her. You both spoke with your eyes, you glaring daggers into her soul as she acted like she did nothing. That went on for a few minutes until you heard a low yeah come from Paul.
“Well..everyone join me in the kitchen please I believe the lasagnas done” Emily collected them some looked confused as other caught on.
“Excluding Paul and y/n you two have some catching up to do” she smiled pushing you back on the log you were sitting on mouthing the words ‘talk to him’.
“Let’s go Christi” Em put an emphasis on her name as she grabbed the new girl ignoring her protests.
‘So that’s her name’ you thought as you sized her up.
Watching them go in the house left you two alone, and you hated awkward silence. All he did was stare at the flames sipping his beer.
“So you moved on I see” You said full of spite.
“Yes and no” you rolled your eyes and his dumb response. ‘This prick! Who does he think he is?!’ you internally screamed.
“What does that even mean Paul?” You edged on getting annoyed by his nonchalant attitude.
“You promised me—“ you pause to swallow the lump forming in your throat. “You promised me forever you bastard!” It took everything in you to not cry.
“You’re the one who left” he muttered taking notice of your teary eyes.
“To follow my dreams!” You yelled shaking your hands in the air in frustration. “We’ve talked about this since the begging of time Paul. You’re the one who told me to follow my heart and get out of this small town. To make something out of myself…”
“I know what I said damnit!” He grumbled taking another swig of his beer.
He sighs looking off into the dark night “I just…l- I don’t know.”
“I didn’t want you to go ok!” He straightened his posture throwing the empty beer bottle to the ground in a fit a rage “I only reacted like that because— because I guess part of me was jealous a-and the other half wanted you to stay… I was scared that you’d never come back to me” his tone fell softer at the end looking away from your confused stare.
“Paul, we’re souls mates. Literally!” You let out a bitter laugh. “I don’t know why you didn’t think I’d come back to you…you’re my baby” you shyly added the last bit causing him to become flustered.
“But you continue to hurt me. Then and now, with your so called moving on’’you rolled your eyes moving your fingers in quotation marks.
“Christi? she’s pretty and all but she not you.”
“You think that makes it better? I come home to make things right and I find you and some other chick cuddled under each other” your nose flared in anger.
He got up from his seat to sit beside you. Your body tensed, you were conflicted you wanted to hold him tight and tell him you’ll never leave again but also strangle him.
“You have every right to be angry at me doll” it fell quiet and you heard nature for the first time in a long time. You missed the way the cicadas sung at night and how the tress danced with the wind along with the twinkling stars in the pitch black sky. It felt like home— no it is home.
“You know it hurt me coming home and feeling like the other women” Paul heart clenched, he never wanted you to feel like that.
“I’m so so sorry y/n. I just missed you like fucking crazy and…and I thought talking to someone would help with the loneliness but it only made me realize no one could ever replace you even if they tried. I know I’m the one who broke things apart, but baby if you’re willing to give me a second chance I swear it to you I won’t hurt you ever again” he stared at you with the most adoration as he spoke his heart for the first time in a long time.
You held his face in caressing his cheek with one hand, he rested his eyes leaning into it. “Paul I love you and I missed you too…and I’m willing to give us another chance. But…we can’t pretend like what happened didn’t happen so let’s take it slow from here on out ok? ” You gave him a hopeful smile lightly pinching his cheek.
He smiled “ok my love.”
That night you two spent the night in each other’s arms laughing, giggling, crying and just all around enjoying each others company. You both missed the other dearly and never wanted to part anytime soon.
Tumblr media
Quileute Pack Masterlist
©Heejayy 2022 — any repost or translations of my work are strictly prohibited
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twihard08 · 2 months ago
genuinely cannot stand people who are full-on jacob haters, post transformation or not, jacob was quite literally just a kid and i hate y’all for making him out to be a bad person. 
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kordy-b · a month ago
What would it be like for the twilight wolf pack to date a black girl.
Jacob Black
Tumblr media
requested × @shyjellyfish1
The reader would always hang out at La Push that's how she met jacob.
He wasn't that into her at first since having feelings for bella.
But after the reader helped jacob fix his car, he was intrigued by her.
"You know how to fix cars?"
" Yeah, my dad owns a auto shop. How did you think your dad got that red pickup truck to work?" She smirked.
After that his feelings for bella evaporated and he started to hang out with the reader more.
Jacob and the reader begin dating almost a year later.
They spent most their time hanging out at La Push and sitting around a bonfire telling stories.
Whenever Jacob sat next to her jn class she would start drawing patterns or little doodles on his wrist to pass the time.
After two months, Jacob finally asked her out and she said yes.
Not too long after, he finally told her about his lineage.
"This gonna sound crazy but...I'm a shape-shifter–or what people call these days...a werewolf." He said nervously looking at her.
"Babe...you okay?"
" I fucking knew it!" He let out a breathe of relief and she kissed his lips.
Sam Uley and Emily Young
Tumblr media
Emily and the reader been dating for a couple months, before Sam walked in their life.
Even through the reader lived in La Push, she always find a way for her and Emily to spend time togther.
The reader couldn't help but take her out to the diner in town to get some alone time, without Sam and the others sticking their nose into their business.
"Hey, wolf girl." The reader smirked hearing Emily's nickname for her.
"Hey, gorgeous." Emily blushed before walking up to her giving her a kiss.
After the reader and Sam phase, Sam and the reader imprinted on Emily.
Emily didn't care that Sam was her mate, she stilled was with the reader and that made Sam mad as hell.
After the incident, the reader and sam had a ( physical) fight and she threatened Sam.
"Mate or not, uley if you touch her like that again I will not hesitate rip your throat out with my teeth." She growled before going to see Emily.
Sam apologized to Emily, and after a well Emily forgive him...the reader did too but not as much.
They decided they couldn't live without each other, so they became a trouple.
At first the reader thought it be tough, but cuddling with Emily and Sam was the best.
And surprising Sam was a decent mate, he may look cold hearted on the outside for his psck but with the reader and Emily he was pure gold.
Embry Call
Tumblr media
Embry really pretty quiet when his around a group of people.
That's why he liked the reader so much, she didn't like large crowds either.
That's how they actually met. Embry was sitting alone outside, well a party was going on inside and the reader walked out trying to get away from the loud music and drunk teenagers.
"Oh, sorry I didn't think anyone was out here."
"It's okay."
They stayed quiet for a well, before embry offered a seat next to him. Which the reader gladly took.
They made small talk here and there causing them to laugh sensing they both wasn't big of talking.
When the party ended embry traded numbers with the reader to stay in touch.
After that night, they texted each other nonstop and every night after that.
He finally asked her out after year and a half of hanging out.
Embry and the reader spent most of their days in their house with each other.
Either watching TV or making out on her couch.
Whenever they were feeling social, they go out with Jacob and his girlfriend to La Push and swim.
Quil Ateara V
Tumblr media
Quil first meet the reader at Jacob's house while she was grabbing some stuff for her mom.
"Sup." He nodded towards her leaning against a wall gaving her a goofy smile.
She looked over him before rolling her eyes and grabbing the boxes Mr. Black gave her and leaving.
The next time quil meets her she is waiting in lane with Jacob at the movies.
"We meet again."
She groan recognizing the voice behind her, she watch as Jacob and Quil trade greeting before asking what movie they watching.
"Oh, God I heard that movie suck ass." Jacob laughing agreeing and ask if he wanted to join making her slap him in the chest.
"I would love to..." he said before turning smiling at the reader.
"Great." She said monotone before paying for the tickets.
Quil didn't last half the movie before running out of his seat and out the doors, making them follow after him.
The reader rubbed his back as he vomited into the trash can.
"Plesse, tell me. She stayed in the theater." He asked Jacob.
"Nope." The reader said next to him making him as he rubbed his back.
Jacob left living Quil and the reader to hang out, after a well of talking she decided to give him a chance.
She was glad she did, Quil made her laugh with his childish jokes and his silliness everytime his around her.
Whenever the reader didn't want to be alone she go over Quil'a house, and they play video games on his Playstation.
If they got tired of playing they cuddle on his bed and watch whatever was on his TV.
Paul Lahote
Tumblr media
• The reader and Paul were in an on and off again relationship.
• She just like Paul phase, and ever since then he been acting like asshole. Which doesn't sit right with the reader's attitude.
• He cheated on her with Jacob's sister couple causing her to phase out and attacked him.
• But it always ends the same with Paul afucking the reader in the woods.
• " I hate you." She breathed out as they lay togther on the dirt floor.
• "No, you don't." He smiled before getting on of her again for fourth round.
Jared Cameron
Tumblr media
• Jared and the reader were friends for a long time, before actually dating.
• He would help the reader with her hair whenever he came over to spend time with her.
• "How much you wanna bet I can do this plait in one go?" He smiled down at you as you plait other side of your head.
• "20 bucks." He snort before plaiting...well trying to plait her head.
• He didn't make it half way until he had to undo it and start over, she had to smack his hand away to show him how to do it.
• Jared got better at it, after a well making the reader reward him with much needed kisses.
Seth Clearwater
Tumblr media
• When Seth and the reader started dating it was looked down upon by both their families and pack.
• The reader didn't give a damn what they said about them just as long they were happy.
• "Screw them. If Edward can knock up a human you can mess around with a vampire." She smirked planting a kiss to his lips making him smile.
• Seth would help the reader hunt for food giving them a chance to see who really were faster. ( it was him but she wasn't going to admit that.)
• Sometimes when they train together the reader would use her power to throw Seth off which gives her time to make her real attack.
• Which is giving Seth belly rubs well his phasing.
• "Whose a good boy?" She grins snatching under his chin and stomach.
Leah Clearwater
Tumblr media
• Leah didn't mean to imprint on the reader, but it just happened causing a shift between the pack.
• Not because the reader was the half sister of Sam and mate to his ex, it because Leah and the reader were actually into each other.
• Sam didn't like how Leah was over him and how everytime the reader whispered in Leah's ear she giggled.
• Giggled!...thats how happy the reader made Leah, the reader even helped Leah with her temper.
• the reader and Leah would spent time in the woods as Leah took out her anger on the trees and go hunting, the reader would be on the log watching and be ready to hold her when she's finish.
• "Why are so good to me." Leah sighs twirling one of the reader's dreads in her finger as she looked up at her.
• "Becasue my dear mate, you deserve every drop of it." The reader straddle her girlfriend before peckering her face until she finally kisses her lips.
Tumblr media
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everlesslahote1 · 9 months ago
“Lash out” ~Paul Lahote imagine.
Hello beautiful people, Before I start I would just like to say welcome back. I am not as active as I once was when I first started writing because I am struggling with inspiration to keep writing but I hope you like what I’m putting out , enjoy though💕.
Paul Lahote x wife!reader.
Summary: Jake made a couple comments that Paul didn’t like, what happens when you have to leave home at 2 AM to calm down your hotheaded husband?
Tumblr media
“What do you mean he lashed out?” y/n tried to get an understanding of as to why It was 2am and her husband still wasn’t home.
“Well one moment it was harsh words then next thing I know him and Jake are in the field in wolf form ready to fight and don’t get me wrong, I’ve have seen Paul angry but not this angry. We need your help y/n” Embry explained to his friend over the phone.
“Yeah cause we don’t know how to calm him down but we know you can.” she heard Seth say.
She could also hear the growling of two wolves in the background and Sam trying to descalate the situation.
“Think you should hurry too, doesn’t look like Paul’s taking to kindly that Sam’s in his way” Embry said making her sigh.
Y/n got out of bed as soon as those words left his mouth, remembering to make a mental note to scold Paul for his poor temper later.
“Just… keep them from ripping each other’s heads off , I’ll be there in 10mins.” She said as she slipped on her slippers and a jacket heading out the door.
And with that the two hung up, Y/n made her way to her jeep that Paul got her for birthday and got in.
Starting it up, she started to think on what made her lover so mad?
I mean yeah sure , Paul had a very very vicious temper and of course he doesn’t like how Jake handles things but to not come home to her? it must’ve been something serious.
Because she knew that Paul would pause any and everything to be next to her, as she would do the same.
They we were stuck together.
As Y/n drove down the road toward Emily’s house she heard another wolf howl.
As she pulled in and rushes to get out the car , she walks around back to see Paul Snarling, Jake trying to back down, & Sam in wolf form.
Sam had changed into his midnight black wolf because Paul was not making this easy.
The rest of the pack were on the porch while Emily & Kim stood in the door way.
“Oh. Thank. god!” Jared shouted as he saw you.
Embry and Seth smacked his head , resulting in Jared just saying a quick ow and rubbing were his pack brothers hit him.
Paul didn’t pay anyone any attention he just tried his hardest to get around Sam to Jacob but it wasn’t working.
Every move that Paul made Sam covered.
That only fustrated y/n because any other time she walks in the room he cuts everything he’s doing gives her his attention.
Call her jelly.
“Paul Nathan Lahote!” She shouted to the 6foot foot.
“Oh shit??” Seth questioned.
“What?” Jared asked his pack brother.
“N-no that’s what Paul thought, I just said it” Seth protested with his hands up.
Paul slowly turned turn to face y/n and the way she was staring at him made him feel like a child in trouble.
Almost like she was the person who could take away his tv privileges.
“Go” Y/n said pointing towards the woods , telling him to change back and he quickly followed suite.
Everyone stood there confused like a deer in headlights , did he really just listen to her so easily ?
The pack didn’t even hear a protest or snarky comment through the mind link either.
Jake and Sam went to a different sides of the woods and changed back also and the rest of the pack went in the house whispering about how Paul basically just got over powered.
Without any force.
Y/n followed not to far behind the pack as she sighed and sat at Emily’s table waiting for Paul.
“I’m sorry hun” she heard Emily say making her look up.
She just gave her a soft smile.
“It’s fine, I just thought his anger was better…”
“Paul has a mind of his own but he hasn’t really gotten mad in a while, this is the first time in months.” Emily repiled.
Y/n just inhaled and exhaled wit a small ‘oof’.
“Don’t doubt him just yet , I’m sure it was a good reason.” Emily said giving y/n a gental rub on her shoulder and joining the pack in the living room.
Soon after Paul , Jacob , and Sam came in , all with a pair of tan shorts.
Paul stood close to the door with his head down while Jake and Sam moved to the living room.
“Sorry to bring you out late y/n.” Jake said passing her.
She just nodded looking back at her lover but he never looked up.
He was disappointed in his self because y/n always told him he has to control his poor temper.
Even helped him keep it a bay but he didn’t this time and he felt bad.
Y/n saw the sadness in her lovers face and softened her gaze on him, maybe she was a little hard on him.
She didn’t even know why he was mad. Maybe he had a good reason like Emily said.
“Come.” Paul heard the soft voice he’s so In love with speak.
He looked up to see y/n with arms open and a soft look on her face.
He quickly rushed into her touch , wrapping his arms around her waist and poking his head in her neck.
Y/n put her arms around his neck and played with the hairs on it.
She knows it calms him and as she expected he relaxed into her touch more and pulled her closer.
“What happened?” Y/n asked finally.
“Jake made a really inappropriate joke about you.” he mumbled quietly but she still heard it.
Y/n pulled away so she could see his face.
“What was it?”
“He said if he would have met you first he would have to wrapped around his finger and I-“ he stopped taking a deep breath.
“I got jealous…” he mumbled putting his head back down.
Y/n made him look at her because what she was about to say she needed him to hear. Clearly.
“You have nothing to be jealous about, he has nothing on my baby. I’m yours, he couldn’t take me even if he tried. Fate said so, the day I became your imprint solidified that. Your everything I want, everything I need. I wouldn’t even let my mom split us up let along a shit talker.” She said grinning a bit thinking back to the years Ms.y/l/n thought Paul was A bad influence.
That was so long ago.
Paul stared into her eyes taking in everything his lover was saying and chuckled a little bit when she called Jacob a shit talker.
Because well… he was.
“I love you and only you, ya hear me?” She said
Paul nodded and y/n place a gental kiss on his lips.
“Wanna say our goodbyes and get home? It’s pretty late.” She questioned.
“Yea I should probably say sorry to Sam, I was a dick.” He said rubbing his neck with one hand and kept y/n’s In the other.
They walked to the living seeing everyone sitting around.
They said your goodbyes to everybody but leaving Jake.
When he got close enough she took her free hand and gripping his short raven black locks, pulling him to her level because she was only 5’7.
“Ah! What the hell y/n!” Jake yelped.
“Next time you purposely pick on my specific wolf, you won’t need to worry about him. It’ll be me that kicks your ass. Got it?” She said pulling it a little bit harder.
“Got it! , got it!” And she finally let go.
Everybody cracked jokes on Jake getting beat up by Paul and his imprint as the couple walks out the house and to y/ns car.
Paul chuckled remembering his very much human girlfriend bullying his 6’8 pack mate, he couldn’t lie. It was badass.
“I’m so glad I married you.” He said softly.
Y/n smiled wildly.
“Me too.” She said starting up the vehicle to go home.

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diaphragmjellyfish · 2 months ago
Take One
Tumblr media
I’m so sorry I haven’t written anything in forever! It’s been a crazy year, guys. Anyways, this is a really special fic to me because it’s based on my own first time experience. I did it, and being the maniac writer that I am, went home and immediately wrote it all down in my notes app. I just reread it today for the first time in years and decided to turn it into a fic! The only difference is I met irl guy on Tinder lol not a party. Enjoy! 
“Hey, I just wanna say…” Seth started as you sat nervously on the couch in his basement, twiddling your thumbs, “If you don’t wanna do anything or you wanna leave, that’s okay. I don’t want you to feel pressured.” 
You and Seth had known each other in passing. Your friends were friends with his friends, kind of thing. But last weekend, at a party on La Push, you’d gotten to talking, and ended up sitting down the beach away from everyone else until the early hours of the morning, talking about everything and nothing. The topic of sex had come up, as it normally does between a young guy and girl, and you’d expressed (not for lack of alcohol) that you were a virgin and looking to change that. You’d felt recently that your “first time” had been looming over you. All your friends had started to have sex, and it’s not that you were peer pressured… more like curious. And you were an independent woman. The idea of waiting for someone special to give your virginity to made you cringe. What if you waited for some special guy, had sex with him, and then had some horrible breakup and only ever associated your first time with someone you hated? 
You preferred the idea of taking ownership over your own body, and you’d never been the type to want to wait for something special anyways. You wanted to try it, so why not just pick someone and do it? 
Some might call that “throwing it away,” but to you, it made it more special being the only person who had a say in your own virginity. There was no finding a guy who valued it and wanted it, or letting a boyfriend pressure you into something you weren’t ready for. The decision was yours, and as soon as you found a willing participant, you were gonna do it. That’s what you’d told Seth that night on the beach, anyways. And him being the opportunistic man he was, offered himself up on a silver platter for you. 
So here you were, the next weekend, sitting in his basement not knowing what to do with your own hands. Registering what he had said, you responded with a meek, “Thanks.” 
Seth, still standing, flipped the light switch off, engulfing the room in darkness save for the illuminated TV. “Is this okay?” he asked. You nodded in response, and watched as he walked over to the couch where you sat and plopped next to you. The Office played on the TV, and you pretended to watch. You had only ever kissed one guy before, so the whole situation made you super nervous. Seth extended an arm to reach around your shoulders as he feigned interest in the show as well. Forced laughs escaped you two here and there as you contemplated your next moves awkwardly. Eventually, Seth brought his other hand up to your chin to tilt your face toward his, and kissed you. 
You kissed back as your own hands were glued to your sides, stiff and afraid to move. 
“You seem tense,” he commented after a few seconds, as he pulled away slightly. 
“Yeah, sorry,” you huffed awkwardly, not sure exactly how to respond. You were nervous! 
“It’s okay,” he giggled, “is there anything I can do to help?” 
“I think I just need to get used to it,” you spoke, and leaned back in slightly to meet Seth’s lips once more. He poked his tongue out to brush against your lower lip, beckoning you to let him in. Your tongues danced together softly, his massaging yours into relaxation. After several minutes of this, he laid you back along the couch and crawled on top of you. Though you didn’t know him very well at all, you felt super comfortable with Seth. He was being so kind and considerate, and you knew that as soon as you said stop, he would. He slid a hand under your sweatshirt and onto the skin of your waist, and you noted how warm he was. 
“You’re really fucking cute,” he pulled away to say. You blushed as he connected your lips once more, his hand traveling up to cup your breast through your bra. He palmed you for a few minutes before speaking. 
“How far are you wanting to go?” 
You pondered his question. “I’m not really sure,” you murmured. You knew that going all the way was a possibility, but you also knew that you could stop it at any point, and that gave you comfort. 
“Do you want me to just keep going, and you can tell me when you wanna stop?” 
“Yeah, that sounds good.” 
He kissed your cheek, down your jaw, and onto your neck, before grabbing the hem of your shirt and whispering, “Can I take this off?” You nodded in response, feeling emboldened by the power Seth had given you over the situation. You weren’t sure why, but you really trusted him. You sat up and let him pull the top off of you, and then waited in anticipation as he reached around and unclasped your bra. Slipping the straps off your shoulders, he laid you down once more after removing his own shirt and began kissing down your neck, to the swell of your breasts, and then captured a nipple in his mouth, sucking slightly. You sighed at the sensations, and then grew nervous once more as he kissed down your stomach and onto your thighs. 
“Wait,” you announce. 
“What’s wrong?” he looked up, worried he’d hurt you or made you uncomfortable. 
You grabbed him by the shoulders and kneeled as you moved him to lie down where you had been on the couch. “I wanna do you first.” 
A grin broke out on his face as he pulled you down for another kiss. Now it was your turn to kiss down his body, unsure but eager to try. You’d made it to the waistband of his pants, and looked up at him expectantly. He untied his sweatpants and pulled them off, along with his underwear. You looked down at the first dick you’d ever seen in real life. It was… clean. What you thought was average in size, and pink at the tip. You grabbed him in your hand lightly, not sure of the pressure or technique you should be using, and ran your hand up and down his length. After doing this a few times, you looked up at him hesitantly, not sure what to do. 
“You can grab it a little harder,” he spoke, and sighed when you did. After a minute or so of this, a mixture of confidence and impatience inspired you to lean down and kiss the tip. He watched, eyebrows furrowed, and waited to see what you did next. You licked softly, and noted the taste. Just like skin, you thought. Nothing strange about it. At this, you brought the tip into your mouth and sucked, slowly bobbing your head. Seth placed a hand at the back of your head, but did not press down. Only guided you, or tried to. He thrusted almost imperceptibly up into your mouth, which clued you in that he wanted it faster, but you were still learning. You didn’t want to gag, so you kept at the slow pace, and Seth was more than okay with that. 
After several more minutes, Seth sat up and flipped you over so that he was once again on top of you. 
“Can we take these off?” he asked, finger sliding into the waistband of your shorts. This, you thought, was where it got serious. He would see parts of you that no one had ever seen. And he would touch you. And he might even hurt you, accidentally of course. All this to say, you hesitated a few seconds, and then said “Yes.” He was being so sweet, and doing his best to make you feel comfortable, that you decided to go for it. You wanted to try sex, and you had this amazingly caring guy willing to take care of you… a luxury these days for sure. The fact that he wasn’t pressuring you or treating you like an object was something you really took to heart as you lifted your hips for him to slide your shorts down, and your underwear with them. 
He once again kissed down your chest, onto your stomach, and down to your thighs. Kissing, suckling, and soothing with his tongue. He worked his way to the apex of your thighs, and looked up at you in one final ask for permission. Oral. This was it. The thing you’d always heard about. The “best part” as most women called it. The part you were most excited for, if you were honest. Seth licked a firm stripe up your center, and it felt like… a tongue. Strange. He licked around your center, and up to your clit, and you lay there confused. Was this it? Is this what it’s supposed to feel like? If this was the best part, you were in for a rude awakening for what followed. But, you didn’t want to embarrass Seth, so you faked a moan. 
“Oh, wow,” you feigned. 
“Good?” he asked.
“Yep.” After another minute or so of laying there, you reached down to grab Seth’s face and pull it up to yours to kiss him. Yeah, you were done with that. “What next?” you asked softly. 
“Well, we could either keep doing what we’re doing, or we can go further. It’s your choice.” 
Despite the… bump in the road you had just experienced, you were still curious about the rest of it. It’s not like you’d actually expected to finish your first time, and Seth still was the sweetest guy you’d ever met. It was worth a shot. 
“Do you have,” you started nervously, “a condom?” He nodded and stood up, finding his discarded pants and rifling through the pockets until he pulled out a silver packet. He tore it open, and neatly rolled it onto his still-hard dick, kneeling over you on the couch. He nestled between your legs, and lined himself up with your entrance. He kissed you again for a while, as if willing you to relax once more. He could tell you were nervous, and he was doing whatever he could to make you comfortable. 
“You ready?” he’d asked. 
He pushed in slightly, and felt a pressure at your entrance, the anticipation building until “OW!” You yelped as he seemed to hit a sensitive wall within you. He pulled out, still holding himself near your entrance. 
“I’m sorry. It’ll probably hurt a little since it’s your first time.”
You looked up at him, discouraged. Instead of trying again immediately, he brought a single finger to your entrance and pushed in slowly, and then curled it against your front wall. Now this felt really good. He massaged your ridges for a few minutes, drawing pants and small sighs from you. It was a strange sort of pressure feeling, but it felt good. He never tried to go harder or put another finger in, staying where you were comfortable, and you were grateful for it. Reenergized, you flipped Seth around and straddled him, lining him up with your entrance and slowly attempting to sink down. It hurt. A lot. You stayed slow, and Seth allowed you all the time you needed. When he was a couple of inches in, he started thrusting ever-so-lightly up into you, pulling out an inch, and then pushing back in, never deeper than he had previously been. He remained shallow, and the sensations, though still painful, were laced in pleasure. You sank yourself down another inch, and let out your first real moan as he kept thrusting. 
He held your waist, keeping you in place as he watched your face for any signs that you wanted to stop. He found only scrunched brows, a flush across your cheeks, and an open mouth letting out pleas and curses as the feelings intensified. You never thought you’d be loud in bed. Always thought it was something porn stars did to garner views, and that it couldn’t be genuine. But here you were, sitting on top of this gorgeous guy, moaning loudly into the empty house. He smiled up at you, happy that you were finally enjoying yourself. 
“I wanna see you cum,” he rumbled. 
After several more minutes of this, however, the friction began to be too much. The pain was coming back. You sat up slightly, and Seth stopped, waiting for your direction. You only hopped off, knelt beside him, and began stroking him with your hand again. He reached a hand down to finger you once more, but the pain told you that you were too sore and sensitive, and Seth was told by the yelp you let out. 
“I’m sorry,” he stopped as you kept attempting to stroke him. “Are we done?” 
You looked at him guiltily, asking “Can we be?” 
“Of course.” He wasn’t mad. He was smiling as he took the condom off. 
“Are you sure?” 
“Y/N, I care more about your comfort than if I nut today,” he said, which had you laughing at his word choice. He grabbed your hand that was still reaching for his dick, and laced his fingers with yours, lying back once more and dragging you next to him. He held you close and pet your hair, kissing your face occasionally. You both lie there in silence, absorbing all that had just happened. You were no longer a virgin. You had sex. And Seth was amazing throughout the whole thing. So sweet and kind and gentle, which was more than you’d ever imagined you’d get for your first time. 
“Thanks for being so nice to me,” you spoke into the silence. 
“That isn’t something you should have to thank someone for,” he responded. He was right. It wasn’t. And yet you’d heard the horror stories. Knew there were guys out there who just didn’t care. And it made you feel lucky that you stumbled into this one’s basement. He rubbed a hand up and down your arm, caressing you. 
“So,” you started once more, “any tips for me?” 
“What?” he laughed. 
“Ya know, what I did good on, what I can do better next time, that kinda thing.” 
“Your first time isn’t something you’re expected to be good at. You’re just supposed to enjoy it. I will say, though, you give really good head.”
“Really?!” you questioned excitedly, happy for the compliment. 
“Yeah. Like, if I didn’t know that was your first time doing it, I wouldn’t have guessed.” You smiled to yourself, proud that you could at least be good at something. 
“Nice,” you replied, which wrung a laugh from Seth. Several moments passed. 
“So,” he spoke, nervously for the first time all day. “What are the chances that you’d let me take you to dinner sometime?” 
This surprised you. You’d thought this was just sex. No feelings before, during, or after. But Seth had truly taken care of you tonight. He was sweet, and funny, and had a freaking six pack for crying out loud. Dinner couldn’t be such a bad idea. 
“That sounds nice,” you responded after a few seconds. 
We looked at the time, and several hours had passed, you don’t know how. You had to run some errands for your mom, and so you told Seth you should be going. He helped you gather your clothes, and once dressed, he said, “Oh, you should probably go pee.” 
Wtf. What a weird thing to tell someone. Did you have something funky going on down there that he thought you needed to take care of? 
“Uhh… why?” you asked nervously. 
“Because it helps prevent you from getting a UTI, dork,” he responded, laughing at your ignorance to that little fact. 
You sighed, “Oh,” relieved that that was it, and that he wasn’t hinting at something worse. You quickly used the bathroom upstairs, and Seth walked you out to your car, kissing you before opening the door for you to get in. 
“So, I’ll text you about dinner?” he pressed. 
“Ok,” you responded, “That sounds good.” 
And off you drove. 
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blackpack · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
KWOLI,  a Netflix Original Series.
It’s 2005 and the scary stories told around bonfires are no longer just stories. Follow the sons and daughter of the Quileute Tribe as they experience the change and learn to become Protectors.        
                    donate to the quileute move to higher ground project.
[parts of] the twilight saga as a netflix special,   1  /  ?    click the images to enlarge. 
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twilight-whoree · 2 months ago
This Batman movie should have been an awakening for all you twilight bitches out there RISE FROM THE ASHES RISE I SAY! WRITE THE FAN FICTION, START THE EDITS, MAKE THE MERCH ! DO IT.
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therandomficwriter · 7 months ago
Twilight Wolfpack With A S/O That Cries Easily
A/N: Honestly I cry very easily so I really wanted to write this to see how they would react to someone that easily cries. Anyways please enjoy these cute HCs! And don’t forget to look at the link please!⇒ ( ◠‿◠ )
Sam Uley
Tumblr media
First thing’s first he HATES to see you upset in any manner but especially when you cry
There just something about seeing your tear stained face that hurts his heart
He will literally not let you see a movie or read a book if he knows there’s a sad part just so you won’t cry
The first time he saw you cry he panicked and immediately thought something bad happened only to hear you tell him about this story you read
He was confused at first but he eventually comforted you cause he doesn’t like to see you sad
He tries not to yell around you at near you cause he know it makes you cry
No matter what he always worries any time he sees you crying cause he doesn’t want it to be something serious and he’s not prepared for it
Every time you cry he wraps you in his arms and gives you one of his nice warm hugs that make everything better
Jared Cameron
Tumblr media
The first time he saw you cry he didn’t really know what to do but he eventually got the hang of comforting you
When you cry the first thing he does is try to make you feel better
He likes to make you laugh to lighten the mood but he won’t do it if he knows it won’t help the situation
He tries to distract you from whatever it was that made you cry
If you cry from a movie or a book he always tries to remind you that it wasn’t real but it never works
He likes lay down and he’ll pull you into his arms and rub your back and he’ll stay like that till you’re feeling better or ready to talk about it
Whatever it is that made you cry doesn’t matter cause he just doesn’t like to see you so upset, all that matters is making you happy again
Paul Lahote
Tumblr media
Any time he sees you cry it breaks his heart
His first reaction is to comfort you like he’ll go and hold your face in his hands and wipes your tears while asking you what’s wrong
On the inside he is absolutely furious and wants to know the cause behind your tears
Once he finds out it was something small he feels so relieved but he still won’t let you see whatever it was that made you cry again
He makes a point to hold in his temper and he made sure to control it cause he knows the slightest raise in his voice could upset you and if he knows he’s the reason you cry he’d be so devastated
He really loves you and to see you so upset hurts him too
Either way he has gotten so much better at comforting you and he always get you to stop crying easily and he’s extra loving during this time
Embry Call
Tumblr media
Whenever you cry it takes everything in him not to cry with you cause he gets so sad to see you like that
He holds you so tightly against his chest and just lets you get it all out
Then he sits you down and let’s you tell him about what made you cry so he can try and understand why it made you feel that way
He super understanding so you never feel embarrassed when you cry in front of him for even the smallest of things
Also he always tries his best to figure out how to help you depending on why you’re crying and he’s very attentive
He is probably the best at comforting you just cause you know each other so well
You know you can go to him anytime you’re about to cry cause he always knows exactly what to say and how to make you feel better
Jacob Black
Tumblr media
He probably hates it the most to see you cry because he hates knowing that you’re so upset
Anytime you cry there’s a small part of him that thinks he might have been the cause of it but he tries not to get ahead of himself
He always gives you the biggest hugs and keeps your wrapped up in him arms to let you know that he’s there for you
He’ll bring you to the couch or bed to sit down and let you curl up in his arms while you let it all out cause his warmth is really comforting
He’d do whatever it takes to distract you from whatever it was that made you cry
When he finds out exactly what it was that made you cry he’ll make a mental note of what it was so you won’t see it again
He always finds a way to make you feel better cause he loves you so much and just wants you to be happy again
Quil Ateara
Tumblr media
He honestly didn’t know what to do the first time he saw you cry but it hurt him to see you so sad
He likes to make you your favorite comfort food anytime you cry cause it instantly lifts your mood
Another thing he’ll do to distract you from whatever it was that made you cry is to watch your favorite show with you
During this time he likes to cuddle with you and let you tell him all about what it was that upset you
He’ll just hold you and run his fingers through your hair or rub soothing circles on your back to calm you down
You always end up falling asleep after that because he’s just so warm and comforting that you can’t help it
Because just being near him is enough to calm you down instantly
Seth Clearwater
Tumblr media
He is very empathetic so whenever you cry he cries too
He tries his best to hold it in so that he can comfort you but just seeing your tears he can’t help but have some in his eyes as well
The way he talks to you while you’re crying is so soft and warm you can’t help but feel slightly better
You immediately go straight to his arms a bury your face in his neck and he holds you for as long as you need
He knows that you need time to stop crying so he does his best to distract you from whatever it was that made you cry
He doesn’t really like to ask why you’re crying cause he doesn’t want you to think about it and start crying again so he’ll wait for you to tell him when you’re ready
Because of his empathetic nature he always knows what to do or say to make you instantly feel better so he makes for a good comfort person
Leah Clearwater
Tumblr media
She is so good at comforting you it’s crazy
Because he brother cries easily too she had learned how to comfort people and she’s really good at it took
Don’t get me wrong it took her a bit to learn what works for you and what doesn’t but once she got the hang of it, it comes easily to her
As soon as she sees you crying she wraps you up in her arms and she’ll lift you up and have you wrap your legs around her waist as she carries you to the couch or bed
She doesn’t talk while she lets you get it all out cause she know you need time to cry it all out
She tries to get you to calm down a quick as possible cause it makes her upset to know you’re crying
She knows how draining it can be so she stays with you and gets you whatever you made need as you guys just stay together for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
Taglist: @stansethandpaul @twilightlover2007 @yourwonkywriter @blackyblack @gutflorizt @uraveragegorewhore @yinrose98 @wlfstxr @nikkitc0703
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incorrectwolfpack · 2 months ago
Paul: *to Jake* get a girlfriend!
Jared: or a boyfriend! He’s Bi!
Paul: Damn, no one wants you fr?
Jared: that’s what I’ve been saying!
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fatiguing-thoughts · 8 months ago
"Always Bella III" - Jacob Black x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Part III to "Always Bella" Read: Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part IV
Jacob's warm skin pressed against mine gently, his arm brushing up against my side. I leaned my head against his shoulder, lightly shutting my eyes as I grew more relaxed by the minute.
"Jeez, (Y/N). Try to stay awake a little longer." He softly chuckled into my hair, lightly squeezing my side.
"But Jake, it's so late and I'm just so tired." I giggle, nuzzling my face closer into him.
"I know, I know." He whispers. "Just close your eyes for a bit but you'll be awake again by episode three."
"You got it."
He laid down on the couch, pulling me into him so we laid more comfortably. I pulled the blanket up closer to my chin as I inhaled the light scent of his cologne through his shirt.
Frantic tapping on my window was what woke my limp body. I gasped, before realizing it was simply Quil and Embry.
God, these dreams were hauntingly real.
Empathic looks painted their faces as they stood over my car. I felt my eyes well with tears as my throat seemed to burn as if someone stuck a hot branding iron down inside of it.
"Open up." Embry gently murmured.
I nodded as I let out the breath I subconsciously held. Chills took over my entire body, causing me to freeze for a moment. I huffed once again and shifted over to the passenger seat of my car.
Embry and Quil hopped into my car. Embry took the driver's seat, turning the key in the ignition as Quil took the back seat and put a comforting hand on my shoulder.
His soft, yet firm grip caused me to jump at the sudden touch. I quickly relaxed back into the seat, his warmth seemingly spreading upon my entire body as I succumbed to the darkness once again.
I woke up to rays of sun poking through my curtains of my bedroom. The dull, aching pain in my gut wrenched through me endlessly. I turned over to see a muffin in a ziploc bag on my nightstand. A happy face drawn on a sticky note underneath, followed by the initials of Quil and Embry. I sighed as the thought of food made me sick.
The sight of him holding onto Bella for what seemed like dear life was enough to put me in a constant state of nausea for days. I was immobile, watching the sun rise and set as the days passed.
I sat there, wondering how I possibly felt like this. How was it possible that my heart hurt this much? Jacob and I were never actually together, so how could I feel such loss?
Though, maybe it was because I felt cheated? Cheated out of what could have been.
What should have been.
I wondered if he really missed me at all. Embry and Quil told me he did, but I didn't believe him.
If he truly missed me, wouldn't he be here right now?
Why would he leave me suffering alone?
The two aforementioned boys really seemed to empathize with me, as if they knew more than I did. As if there was something I wasn't allowed to know.
They both worried greatly, it was nice to see that some of my old friends still loved me as they did before Bella moved back.
Embry was always grounded, but Quil really began showing up to check on me in his free time. I felt bad, but he seemed to really want to spend the time with me.
It was nice in a way, there was no pressure with Quil. I loved Quil, he was one of my closest friends and knew my feelings for Jacob. There were no expectations other than friendship, which made his presence even more comforting.
"Does Bella know?" I ask Quil, soaking up his warmth on the couch.
"Why are you doing this to me?" He sighs, his grip on me loosening.
His response told me that she did. She knew what was going on with Jacob, she knew everything. But here I was, in the dark.
The light from the TV shone on Quil's face as he looked down at me. I pulled the blanket further up my legs as I adjusted myself under his arm. The darkness contrasting with his silhouette.
While the pain ached through my body like a searing hot brand, Quil's presence brought me some solace. His warmth eased my frigid cold state. I missed Jacob, but Quil's unwavering friendship and care was comforting. It was almost enough.
"Why does she get to know?" I croak.
"She wasn't supposed to. She meddled her way in." He stifles a laugh, glancing back at the TV for a second. "You were actually supposed to know more about this, not her. But that's when Jacob's ready." His hot breath fell on my face as he sighed before turning back to the TV. "It's not that he doesn't want to, it's that he can't right now. He can't even understand it himself."
What did that even mean?
"When he's ready? I'm supposed to know, yet instead she knows it all as I'm left in the dark?"
"Yeah, it's ironic how that worked out." He mutters, slightly raising the volume of the TV.
I took that as my signal to stop pushing. After all, Quil was the one who truly showed the most care towards me. He made sure that I would be okay at the end of the day. Or at least he tried.
It wasn't his fault that I was utterly inconsolable.
I just couldn't understand why this pain was eating me alive. Why I felt as if I was falling apart not only emotionally, but physically. With every day, I felt it was harder to move.
Harder to breathe.
I laid my head on his shoulder, appreciating the warmth that Quil brought me. In some way, I almost felt that being next to Quil almost connected me to Jacob in a way.
But I knew it wasn't a true connection. Jacob seemingly wanted nothing to do with me anymore. No matter what Quil told me, it's how it felt.
It was tearing me apart on the inside.
I felt my breathing slow as my eyes began to flutter. Staying awake was harder than I thought. However, the vibration of Quil's phone startled me into a more awake state.
It was when I read Jacob's name flash on the screen that I grew more concerned.
Quil's eyes peered over to me as I tried to seem asleep. He then looked over at his phone before unlocking it to see what Jacob said.
I knew it was wrong, but I peered over to see for myself.
"Why are you with (Y/N)?" His words flashed across the screen.
Quil let out a displeased sigh before looking back over to my "sleeping" frame.
I watched as he responded.
"Well, why aren't you?"
Quil snickered before looking back at the TV. His phone was quiet for a few moments. His phone was quiet for a few moments, so I decided to stop snooping.
I shut my eyes as the warmth that Quil provided enveloped me into a state of slumber. Sleeping has been much easier with Quil around.
I wasn't sure how long I slept for, but it hadn't been too long as the same movie I fell asleep to was playing.
I heard hushed voices in the entry of my house, causing me to look up from my spot on the couch.
"Jacob, get out before you wake them up." Quil whispers.
"No, I need to see (Y/N) right now." Jacob seethes, looking down angrily at Quil.
"No, you've done enough. They finally fell asleep, you can't do this right now."
"But, I really need to talk to-"
"Jacob, go home." Quil says sternly. "You can't do this right now, you've been hurting them way more than you know."
I felt tears brim my eyes as I grew speechless. I wanted to yell, to move, but the words never came out and I grew paralyzed.
"Leave, Jacob." Quil hisses.
Jacob's face fell, his already distressed appearance growing somehow more somber. Tears shone as they fell down his cheeks before he looked down, gulping the lump in his throat down.
"I'll be back tomorrow." He whispers before running outside.
Quil sighs before turning around to walk back to the couch. He stops dead in his tracks as he sees me, now sitting up.
"You told him to leave?" I ask, voice almost croaking.
"(Y/N)..." He whispers, looking at me with pleading eyes.
"No, don't (Y/N) me, Quil." I hiss. "You knew I wanted to see him, to talk to him."
"I know, but not now. You were finally sleeping. You've been a wreck and I-"
"That's not your choice to make, Quil! You know I wanted to see him!" I begin to choke on tears.
"I know, I know. I just know it's better you have this conversation tomorrow. Trust me."
"Quil, I need to see him." I mutter through gritted teeth, tears flowing freely.
"You will. Just not now." He whispers, walking over to hold me on the couch. "He's hurt you too much to do this right now. It's better tomorrow."
"No, no I wanted to talk to him." I sob, losing control. I push him off and run towards the door.
Out of breath, I spin around looking for any possible direction that Jacob could've went in.
"(Y/N)!" Quil yells, running after me.
I grew dizzier as the spinning continued, realizing that Jacob was nowhere in sight. I felt as if I couldn't breathe, everything was closing in around me. The sounds of the night overwhelming my senses. I felt myself fall to the ground.
"Shhhh." He gently hushes, raking his fingers through my hair as he pulls me close.
"No, no, no." I sob, succumbing to Quil's warm, crushing grip.
"I'm so sorry. Please, please try to relax." Quil pleads.
I sobbed in his arms, trying to catch my breath.
Well until my vision began to fill with black dots, a ringing blaring through my ears.
Until the darkness completely took over my vision and I grew limp in Quil's arms.
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