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#jared padalecki


In case anyone needs a link to watch Walker live:

That’s the one I use :D

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If you call yourself a Jensen fan and are actively trying to cast shade on Jared’s shine today I have news for you……

……. you’re not a fan, and you’re def not a fan that Jensen would ever appreciate having.

Now, real fans of Jensen will be watching Walker tonight. I will be watching with 🍿 & 🍺 and relishing in how delightful life is not being such a hater.


Originally posted by let-me-be-your-home

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I may break from the game to watch Walker @ 8, even though i’m not a spn stan but I did used to watch the original Walker, Texas Ranger

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She didn’t! Jensen’s post only mentioned Jared though, unless he changed it.

I do find it a bit funny that Jared didn’t even mention her in his post for the premiere. Here’s to wishful thinking that he’s listening to the gripes!

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Sorry I keep posting. I can’t help mysel.

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i didn’t realize people actually hate Jared. like wtf? the most laughable, huggable, started a suicide/depression help charity, best friends with jensen and misha, tall guy. and people just hate him…

can you at least tell me why (and don’t say walker, thais bullshit reason)

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Apparently walker will be every MAGA supporters worst nightmare and will probably have Chuck Norris senile ass and his middle aged fans punching the air…. I know that’s right

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Jensen showing Jared love for Walker today.

I bet the minions and destiel hellers heads are about to explod. J2 are friends and Jensen is supporting and promoting his bff.

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Am I the type of person to care about a yeehaw cowboy cop?

Hell fucking nah.

Will I watch a show that stars a yeehaw cowboy cop played by Jared Tristan Padalecki?

Hell fucking yeah.

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