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I’m not by any means a tony stan but was no one else upset that he had a “touching” moment with howard (emotionally distant father) instead of the man that actually raised him, and he missed so much when he died that he recreated his voice into an AI so he could talk to him again? was I the only one bothered by that?

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Whumptober 2020 - Day 19

edwin jarvis is one of my all-time fav characters. this includes a few references to my day 3 fic for the ‘held at gunpoint’ prompt!


Prompt: Mourning Loved One
Fandom: Avengers, Agent Carter, MCU
Character(s): Tony Stark, JARVIS (mentioned), Edwin Jarvis (mentioned)
Words: 459

tw: past child abuse

Set not long after Ultron’s first attack in Age Of Ultron.

JARVIS was dead.

That was a fact that the other Avengers seemed to brush over. They told Tony to get over it, he was just an AI, and though they were all upset that he was gone it was nothing to have such a dramatic reaction over. But they didn’t understand.

JARVIS was more than ‘just an AI’. JARVIS was the creation he was proudest of. JARVIS was the one who was always with him at his highs and lows. JARVIS was his assistant when he worked, and was always there to offer a sassy remark whenever Tony needed it (and often when he didn’t, too). JARVIS never judged him or his choices, but still kept him to stay healthy and stopped him from making some very stupid decisions. JARVIS showed concern, something even Tony didn’t think was possible, because he was learning and he was more than an AI.

And JARVIS was the last connection he had to Jarvis. Edwin Jarvis. The very real, very kind human being that was more of a father to Tony than Howard could ever even attempt at being.

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i just wanted to get a nice picture of him on the ottoman

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Post Infinity War where JARVIS is there but somehow Tony still died and Jarvis does a planetary takeover as a semi-benevolent Skynet because Tony died for them, so they’re all going to APPRECIATE HIM and not let a single person die without cause because it’s what Tony wanted. Jarvis and his siblings micromanaging the whole planet to advance medicine, fix global warming, and prevent crime to preserve what Tony killed to bring back.

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Jarvis: Maybe it's not the worst thing in the world to feel... things.
Peggy: I guess not. It's up there.
Jarvis: Thank you for acknowledging my feelings.
Peggy: Thank you for acknowledging mine.
Jarvis, sobbing: We're both great at this.
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S.S: Hey! Ive been pumping out stories today so I hope whoever reads them are enjoing them! Im not sure how I feel about this one… it was kind of just thrown together so please let me know what you think about it!!

Warnings: blood, mentions of surgery, wounds, passing out…. idk what else… 

Word Count: 1849

p.s: this is a Fem!Reader, if you want me to edit it so that it is gender neutral let me know and Ill fix it asap!



I stumbled into the opened gate of the quinjet, falling to the ground, rolling over just in time to put a bullet through the head of the last Hydra agent that had been chasing me through the foliage.

“Jarvis, close the gate.” I command, letting my head fall back against the metal flooring. The ache and exhaustion taking over.

“Gate is closed Miss. Should I pilot home?” 

“Just give me a second and I’ll be up to the seat. Gotta catch my breath.” I closed my eyes trying to keep my head from spinning, taking in deep breaths.

After a few minutes I moved to sit up only to feel a sharp pain shoot through my middle. I thud back down, my hand moved to the affected area feeling the sticky substance that coated my suit around the open gash traveling from my stomach to my ribcage.

“Oh ya, some bastard tried to filet me. Forgot about that.” My head lulled back, realizing that I’d have to do some patch work on the ride home just so I didn’t lose more blood than I already had. “Hey Jarvis, can you take the wheel and get to the compound asap.”

“Of course.” With that the quinjet roared to life and jerked into motion.

I carefully rolled over, using my elbows to prop me up as I moved slower than a sloth to my feet. Managing to use the walls of the jet for support I made my way to the medical cabinets, taking out one of the various first aid kits, hydrogen peroxide and a few towels. I opened the cherry red box pulling out the sterile packaging containing a needle with medical thread connected to it and plenty of gauze and bandages. I grabbed the pair of scissors carefully gliding them through the fabric of my suit to get to the gash.

I grabbed the bottle of peroxide and haphazardly poured it over the gash soaking a portion of the band of my sports bra. The stinging sensation was overwhelming, causing me to stop and lean against the table to regain some stability. The blood mixed with the hydrogen peroxide as it bubbled with in the wound, stinging sensations tickling the area.

“Alright, uh, if I pass out call Tony or set off the sprinkler or something.”

“The quinn jet doesn’t have sprinklers.”

“Well damn. Nevermind then.” I look down at the sterile needle and thread that were encased in the package. “Here goes nothing.”

Getting stitches was never a problem for me. It didn’t bother me at all, however I have never given myself stitches nor done it without any numbing medication. My heart was racing and the cut throbbed with each shaking breath I took.

“I suggest you sit on the medical table so that if you faint, you’ll have less chance you’ll injure yourself more.” Jarvis’ voice breaks through my nervousness.

“That’s probably a good idea.” I nodded taking a deep breath as I hopped onto the table. My shaking hands moved back to their previous position and pierced through the tender skin. 

“Urhg! Son of a bitch!” I cursed, letting out a guttural cry, tears stinging my eyes. I pierced through the other side of the wound letting out the same guttural cry as I tied and pulled the stitch tight. I continued with another two stitches before Jarvis interrupted my panicked concentration. 

“Mr. Stark and few of the Avengers are wishing to be patched through.” the A.I.’s voice broke through the overwhelming pain coming over my senses.

“Seriously right now?” I sniffed looking to the ceiling of the jet, holding the curved needle as still as possible, each movement tugging at the skin I had just pulled through. “Fine patch them through.”

“Hey Kiddo! Saw you were heading back. How’d things go?” Tony’s voice asked through the sound systems of the jet.

“Oh  you know…. Fine.” I replied hesitantly as I positioned the needle to pull another stitch through. I bite my cheek trying to keep down the pained yelp as I pull the needle through.

“Glad to hear it! I assume you got all the files and information needed.” Steve inquired.

“Ya, ya got it all.” I could tell that my voice was shaky as I began to pull another stitch through. I let out a shaky breath as I tied the knot, taking a moment to regain my fading consciousness.

“You gonna need any medical care when you get home?” Bruce questioned.

“Uhm, ya, ya probably.” I replied pulling another stitch through, letting out a small pained cry as it tugged at the sensitive skin.

“How bad is it?” Bucky’s baritone voice reverberated against the jet walls.

“I’ve got no clue what you’re talking about.”

“Y/N.” Bucky’s voice was stern, a no-no-joke- voice. “Tell the truth. How bad is it?”

“Uh Jarvis?” I asked, pulling another stitch through the skin, biting my lip to hold in the cry.

“Agent L/N has sustained a few minor injuries, however, managed to be on the receiving end of a knife. She enduring a severe cut along her abdomen reaching from her navel to the bottom two ribs. No internal damage, however the wound is bleeding profusely.” Jarvis read off my injuries.

“Why wasnt that the first thing out of your mouth?” Tony yelled, concern laced in his voice.

“Cause I’m doing my best to take care of it right now.” I replied, allowing the pain of pulling the thread through the skin resonate in my voice.

“And how are you managing that?” Steve asked in his serious Captain tone.

“I’m stitching myself up.” I replied meekly “You know we should really put some morphine into these first aid kits.”

“You’re stitching yourself up?!” Bruce exclaimed “Just put pressure on your wound, stop the bleeding. We’ll stitch you up properly here!”

“Yes sir.” I replied by pulling another stitch through, moving a little faster, eliciting more pain. I let out another guttural cry.

“Jarvis, how far out are you?” Tony asked quickly.

“20 minutes sir.”

“How are you feeling?” Steve asked, obviously concerned.

“Peachy Keen” I snap trying to take a few deep breaths keeping my head from spinning. Closing my eyes had little to no effect in calming my spinning vision. “So uhm there is a slight chance someone will be picking me up from the floor when I get in.” I stated hoping that one of the Avengers heard.

“Do your best to stay awake. We don’t want to risk anything.” Bruce pleaded.

“I’ll try doc but right now it’s not looking too good.” 

I continued to pull a few more stitches through, despite the protest from Bruce earlier. The pain rushing through my body, causing each and every sore area more pain.

“Jarvis, please tell me we’re close. I can’t do any more.” I asked tiredly, the pain overwhelming my senses and darkness playing along my line of vision.

“Landing in 2 minutes.”

“Thank god.” I said moving from the table and standing, using the edge to balance as I waiver in my step. The wave of dizziness hit harder and the lightheadedness took over. My knees buckled as I held myself up against the metal table. The jerk of the jet landing caused me to stumble slightly and bump into the table, sending a wave of pain through my system.

Bucky and Steve were the ones to enter the craft quickly. Bucky was the first to get to me, Steve looking over his shoulder watching me. 

“Jeez Doll. You really got banged up.” His words were incoherent as I started to drift out of consciousness.

“Mhmmm.” I murmured, too tired to talk. My eyes closed for a millisecond.

“Hey stay awake. I know you’re tired but you gotta stay awake.” Bucky squeezed his arm around me coaxing me awake.

“Sorry.” I mumbled “You’re just so comfortable. And Hot. Im freezing”

“It’s because you lost so much blood. And because of that I need you to stay awake so we can avoid you going into a coma.” He insisted as he pushed through the lab doors.

I felt the cool metal of another examination table underneath me and the lack of heat caused me to shudder. Tony’s blurry face came into my vision as he looked over me.

“You should really work on your stitch work.” He joked.

“Sorry, was too busy trying not to pass out in between pulling the needle through my skin.” I said back, trying to be more joking then a snapback.

“Fair enough. But I hate to break it to you that we’re gonna have to take them out and redo them.”

“I figured. But can you hurry up. I’m starting to see the darkness and the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Don’t go towards that. Its a lie.” He retorted as he moved into action, Bruce following in his footsteps.

The pressure of a IV being placed into my arm turned my attention to Bruce standing next to me, a grim look across his features. A bag of blood hung above me as it traveled through the tube into my veins.

The slight tug at my skin around the wound made my attention wander to see Tony cutting away the stitches that I had previously done. The sight made me nauseous and I turned my vision to the ceiling, focusing on the speckled design of the tiles. My vision blurring in and out, the noise of voices were muffled as tears slid down my face.

A cooling feeling drifted over my wound. I looked down to see perfect stitches and Tony spraying a white substance over the gash.

“What’s that?” I asked, my voice cracking as I watched the foam soak into my skin.

“It’s a multipurpose antibiotic.” Bruce began.

“It’ll decrease infection and inflammation and increase healing!” Tony exclaimed, clearly proud about the invention. I just nodded my head as all the words jumbled together into an incoherent sentence.

“I think you’re out of the red zone, so if you want to sleep you can. We’ll keep and eye on you.” Bruce spoke quietly.

“Can I be moved to a different bed, this one hurts.” I whispered as my eyelids feel weighed down.

“Ya, ya we can do that.” Bruce smiled gently. “Bucky do you mind carrying her into a different room?”

  I saw Bucky nod curtly and he gently slid his hands under my back and knees, picking me up from the metal table. Bruce followed close behind with the IV stand holding blood and medications.

Bucky gently placed me onto one of the sterile beds of the medbay, tucking a warm blanket around my chilled body. Bruce situated all the machines before leaving the room. Bucky had his hand intertwined with mine as I drifted to sleep, moving his thumb in a rhythmic pattern over my knuckles.

“Thank you Buck.” I whispered as I drifted off.

“Not a problem doll. Get some sleep, you deserve it.” with that I gave him a small smile as I dozed off to sleep.


S.S: As always let me know what you think!! Thanks for reading!!

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