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Off with his shirt
Strip him down
Don’t be shy boys, go to town
I’ll bet that chest
Is heaven blessed
So firm and pert
Off with his top
Let it fly
Check that six-pack, it’s to die

a) Kylie Minogue is a queen who totally killed this number.

b) If you haven’t checked out Galavant just yet, it’s really the time to do it. This show is like a crack love child of Merlin and Once Upon a Time, beautifully crazy and spiced up with choreographed musical numbers, written by a guy who gave us the songs from the Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Hercules, Tangled, and so many more everyone’s favorite Disney movies.

c) The song absolutely sounds like something Jaskier has written as a joke and is so not allowed to perform anymore.

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The Bard’s Song

Jaskier’s songs live a long time after he dies, beloved by people and played by bards all over the continent. Geralt keeps traveling and hearing Jaskier’s songs in every city he arrives at and it breaks his heart.

He misses Jaskier.

He knows that Jaskier would be happy if he knew that his songs are still very popular.

Geralt helps a powerful mage and she sees Geralt’s pain and decides to help him, too. She tells him he will reunite with the love of his life. Her words make Geralt anxious and he chooses to ignore them.

He goes back to the road with Roach, walking towards the next city. A familiar voice stops him dead in his tracks. He turns around and sees Jaskier. He looks young, barely 18 years old. He looks exactly like he did the first day they met.

“Hi, Sir. Very intimidating sir with two very scary looking swords. Don’t stab me! Eh, excuse me for bothering you… But I just woke up in the middle of this forest and I have no idea where I am and how I got here… Last thing I remember is leaving Oxenfurt… Maybe you could help me? Where are you going? Can I come with you? Wow, your horse is incredible! Wait… You’re a witche-”

And Geralt just stares at him with wide eyes, holding back tears. He takes a step closer to the babbling bard and touches his face, just to be sure this is real. Jaskier freezes in his place, staring at him.

Geralt drops his hand, resisting the urge to hug the bard. “Let’s go” he says, turning around and taking Roach by the reins.

Jaskier immediately follows after. “Mysterious, huh? I like it!”


Geralt takes Jaskier to the nearby tavern and provides him a place to rest and to eat.

He knows that he will have to explain Jaskier what’s happening very soon. If this is Jaskier when he was eighteen, he will notice that something is wrong. That the year now is 1294 and not 1247. That everything around him has changed. That in Jaskier’s head, he left Oxenfurt to travel as a bard and woke up in a dark forest, after almost 40 years.

Geralt heard about this kind of magic, the one that allows you to bring back your beloved ones. If you did a very powerful mage a very big favor. Like saving her life. Geralt was grateful.

Someone in the tavern started playing Jaskier’s song. A song he wrote almost 40 years ago, when he was 25. Geralt froze in his seat, watching 18 year-old Jaskier’s expression carefully. Jaskier is listening to the song, brows furrowed in concentration. Geralt wants so badly to tell him that the song is his. That he wrote it 40 years ago and died since then and people are still playing it. But he can’t just say it like that. Geralt needs to explain Jaskier everything first-

Jaskier wrinkles his nose. “Ew. The music here is horrible”.

Geralt almost gapes at the bard. “You… You don’t like the song?”

Jaskier shrugs. “Eh. It’s alright. Nothing special. The lyrics are dreadful, though. Wonder what twink wrote them. So dramatic and sappy. I could’ve written something better”.

Geralt almost cackles.


Geralt still doesn’t know that Jaskier is immortal now. That he will stay eighteen forever.

But for now he promises himself to do everything to protect Jaskier. He won’t let him get killed when he’s only 55. Not again.

He tells Jaskier everything and Jaskier takes a few days for himself, trying to settle the thoughts in his head. When he finally talks to Geralt, it goes like this:

“So I got killed by a vampire when I was 55?”


“And that happened ten years ago?”


“And you’ve been traveling without me for ten years and then you saved some powerful mage and she brought me back to life aged the same as the first day we met?”


“And… You and I were married?”


“…Were we in love?”


“Okay. Good. Eh, this may sound weird because I still don’t actually know you well, but I like you”.

Geralt gives Jaskier a warm smile. Jaskier smiles back. Geralt can’t stop looking at him. He looks so young and beautiful. When he aged, he was beautiful too, but Geralt almost forgot how Jaskier looked the first day they met. Jaskier tilts his head to the side, watching the Witcher curiously.

“One more thing, Witcher”.

“Go on”.

“All those dreadful songs we heard in the past few days were really written by me?” Jaskier actually looks anxious right now. Geralt snorts in laughter.

“Yes. And they’re good, Jaskier”.

Jaskier rolls his eyes and leans back in his seat. “I’ll write something better this time. You’ll see”.


Jaskier writes different songs and they are indeed amazing. Some of them become as popular as his old ones. Geralt likes his new songs, but the old ones still warm his heart, making him feel nostalgic.

He lets Jaskier take his time, not rushing them into anything.

Jaskier meets Ciri as a grown woman and he is delighted by her. Ciri cries when she hugs him.

He meets Yennefer too, who raises an eyebrow and mumbles a “what a fuck” towards Geralt, but she hugs Jaskier tightly nonetheless. And terrorizes Geralt for details about the mage that did this. Jaskier quickly befriends Yennefer again.

He learns stories about their shared past.

He travels with Geralt.

He falls in love with him all over again.

He initiates their first kiss.

He never leaves his Witcher’s side again.

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PART III (and last one..psst things get a tad steamy)

Jaskier could feel the witcher’s hot breath resting on the soft skin of his neck as Geralt pulled him closer, chest against chest. The witcher’s arm was curled around his waist, like a snake sizing up its prey, keeping it in place, never letting go until its hunger is satisfied.

“I thought you would never let me have this” Geralt breathed in the smell of Jaskier’s hair, burying his nose behind the man’s ear.

“What?” Jaskier flinched at that and felt his chest overflowing with adoration, filling up his body, sending a marvelous warmth across his limps and back to the very center of his soul. He beamed at the Witcher, cupping his cheeks inside his palms, making him face the blue fires flickering in anticipation behind his lashes.

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imagine how powerful it would be if priscilla followed yennefer around after sodden, singing songs of the mage’s adventures & what not. jaskier eventually hears that yen got a bard of her own & starts making even more songs based off of geralt’s stories. thus begins the friendly feud between two very smitten bards.

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Geralt: Let me be the one who tells Yen about us, alright?

Jaskier: Okay.

Geralt: I’m serious. I’ll tell her.

Jaskier: Yeah, yeah.

*Yen walks into the tavern and sits at their table*

Yennefer: Hey, morons. Haven’t seen you for a while. What’s new?

Jaskier: *moves to sit in Geralt’s lap and wraps his arms around the Witcher’s neck* Oh, nothing.

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Jaskier is writing in his notebook, Ciri is drawing pictures in her notebook next to him on the floor. Geralt is sitting on the couch watching them.

Ciri: okay, but, if everyone in the world, they all wrote a poem, surely all the poems would be written. You would run out of words and rhymes and-

Jaskier: There are millions, billions, trillions of words! Words to say how many words there are. We wont run out.

Ciri: why?

Jaskier: there are just too many. You could write an endless poem and never run out.

Ciri: why?

Jaskier: even if you could run out of words, you could make up words, it’s just endless!

Ciri: why?

Yennefer walks into the room, putting her keys on the table.

Yennefer, to Geralt: How long’s this been going for?

Geralt: Two hours. Your turn.

Geralt picks his jacket up and kisses Yennefer on the cheek, smiling, then leaves.

Ciri, to Jaskier: but why.

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Theres a specific group of witcher fic writers that I like but they all have blogs/usernames that are just. Variations of Jaskiers name. I cannot tell them apart. Y'all are one entity to me.

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So, I’m a fan of the Immortal!Jaskier train of thought but think about (and idk if this is already a thing but):

A mage or something, upon seeing the two together, link Geralt and Jaskier. Whether it be out of spite or out of kindness, they just link them so as long as one of them is alive the other is as well. And ofc, they age together so Jaskier stays young and fit like Geralt or whatever

Just, the two traveling the continent for however long witchers live, happy and content. When they go out, they go out together and when that happens its after many many decades!

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