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#jasmine bb
danniburgh · a day ago
hey dani you know how roaches look ugly and innocent AND THEN they start flying!?? lmao how do you think javier would handle a roach inside the house?
PLEASEEEEEE BABY AJDNSNDNSNS i laughed a lot when i read this sbdndbdnd
mkay lemme just say roaches are awful and they're monsters okay yes thanks
Tumblr media
Look, he's a man of the 20th century, okay? he's modern but not really
so he wanting to play macho? yeah he does that sometimes, it's in him, he's a protector okay leave him alone
it's late, it's a summer night, it's one of those nights in which you have to open every window in the house bc Jesus Christ it's so HOT
you're in the kitchen getting water to take to the bedroom, Javier is in the bathroom getting ready for bed, he's brushing his teeth when he hears it
your scream of his name, a screech and glass breaking
"WHA?" he still has the toothbrush hanging from his mouth, toothpaste foam around his lips, brows deeply furrowed, he rushes shoeless from the bathroom to the kitchen ready to fight, DEA agent training kicking in
he finds you standing in the entrance of the kitchen, shoulders UP and neck HIDDEN and holding yourself by the arms, he reaches for you bc you're looking at something inside the kitchen with FEAR and CONCERN and he thinks about every possible attack scenario before you say
"there's a roACH there"
"Javi there's a roACH thereeee"
he wants to laugh but he sees you so frightened he just raises his eyebrows at you
"KILL IT!!!"
he turns to the kitchen, looks at the floor, there's glass and water around and one large cockroach just standing there
Javier turns back and walks towards the bathroom, saying nothing
"WHERE ARE YOU GOING!" you gasp-scream behind him
he spits the toothpaste foam and grabs a hand towel and walks back
"give me your slipper" he raises his hand, you do it and he walks into the kitchen carefully, he's still shoeless and there's glass all over the place
you're just looking at him and he's actually nervous, you don't know it but he HATES, he DESPISES bugs, any bug, literally anything that crawls, he doesn't accept their existence and hates that he HAS to kill them himself... you're scared? baby he's ANXIOUS
Javier tries to throw the towel on top of it
he fails
what is he even saying? something along the lines of "PUTA MADRE PINCHE CUCARACHO" or similar
look, he can deal with crawling things, yes he hates them
"fucking hell, i hate this shit" hes mumbling while he picks up the towel and looks for the roach while covering his head with an arm, he gets a glimpse of you covering your face with your hands
the roach lands on the counter and
"close the fucking windows" he says while padding out of the kitchen
you spread your hand over your face and open one eye to him, he's mumbling something in spanish while walking into the bedroom
once he closes the door you look at the mess in the kitchen and start laughing
"STOP THAT!" he yells at you from the room
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thealinastarkovv · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This somehow popped up in my head. The tree in Bloodbound sneak peek kinda same with Jax’s tattoo/brand or is it just a coincidence idk
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squishybuttercup · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
not gonna lie, I miss my babe @stardustsim i know i know she’s gonna have her gf soon in the story omg
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danniburgh · 2 months ago
Javi and Flor are eating each other right now 🙊😈
lucky them LMAOOO
let's do a lil drabble just because I'm in my feels about my idiot babies.
this goes right after chapter 24:
“Why is your bed this soft?” you whispered against Javier’s chest, he had his eyes closed but he was awake.
“I don’t know” he muttered, you eyed the alarm clock right behind him, it wasn’t that late but it wasn’t that early; you had fallen asleep entangled around each other right after dinner with Chucho, and woke up at the same time a few minutes before four am.
You’d been staying with him for a few days, it was kind of different from the routine you two used to have when you shared living spaces in Colombia, but it felt nice, it felt comfortable, it felt right.
You snuggled impossibly closer to him and left a kiss on his naked chest; his hand was resting on your hip, which was covered only by the thin fabric of one of his old shirts you had snatched for yourself. His fingers played with the garment and the feathery touch made your skin flush, you let out a sigh and the warm breath that came out of your mouth hit Javier’s skin and he shivered.
“Javi,” you whispered against his shoulder, he hummed in response, shifting on the bed slightly so he could face you, gazing at the way your eyes fell on him and your hair was splayed all over his pillow with the help of the little moonlight that snuck into the room “come here,” you let out softly, your voice warm and thick with want, you raised your hand to his cheek and brought him to you, grabbing his lips in a deep kiss that made his grip on your hip tighten.
Javier’s eyes fell closed and he let out a soft grunt as his other arm, which was functioning as your neck pillow, shifted under you so his palm could rest on the middle of your back, he shifted his body again so he could bring you flush to his chest; you whimpered when your breasts made contact with him, the only thing that separated you was his shirt wrapping your body.
“Baby,” he muttered out against your lips, his mustache tickled on your mouth when he spoke, the hand that rested on your hip slid below the shirt and seated on your waist, you smiled softly at him with your eye still closed and licked at his lower lip “fuck” you didn’t need to open your eyes to know he wanted to tell you so much but he could’t formulate the words inside his head.
“Shh,” you cooed, putting your leg over his hip and moving closer to him “just kiss me” you whispered, Javier smiled softly and gripped you even closer, his covered crotch grazing gently against your naked core; he devoured your mouth with his, his tongue invading you and tasting you, wanting to take you whole inside him.
If you wanted to be kissed, who was he to not oblige.
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danniburgh · a month ago
this is how I would sext a modern Javier LMAO
Tumblr media
si quiero si quiero
yo le enviaría esta:
Tumblr media
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danniburgh · a month ago
I’m stepping out, amiga
quieres algo?
Tumblr media
AAAASJEEJFU8FIEKFNMRNRMWNDJD7CUEJTNENDJWKKA quiero dos de bistec y dos de pastor por favorrrr
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danniburgh · 7 days ago
lol just saw your shuffled songs and!!!!! I saw One Direction live with my sister and my little teen self freaked out when they played Over Again lmaoooo it was one of my favorites 💕
I have never heard such loud screaming at a show ever since!
what are your favorite songs from them 👀
NANXJWKFJSJS pls i never got to see them live bc i live in the interior of México and they never came here 🥺🥺🥺 but that's so amazing i loved them so much, still do!!
and honestly there's no better feeling i will ever feel again that listening to all of Take Me Home for the first time, i love that album with a burning passion jsjsjsjs
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danniburgh · 11 days ago
my goofy ass dating javier would be like:
he's so sweet like a concha
Tumblr media
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danniburgh · 9 days ago
@beskarboobs tagged me in this PicsArt challenge and i really freaking loved it jsnsjs, even tho it doesnt have my hair color sjsjs, thanks jasmine bb 💖
Tumblr media
no pressure tags: whoever wants to do it, all of dick aneurysm and @luckyspenguin @kenoobiwan @astroboots @littlepadika @babypedrito @klara-luise18
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