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#jason todd art

Image ID: There are two images. They are both digital art of the fictional character Jason Todd. They are similar. They depict a man, Jason, holding his arms up. In front of him is a gravestone which reads: Wayne; Here Lies Bruce Wayne. In front of the gravestone, a hand protrudes from the earth. It is surrounded by candles and books. The sky is dark, and green lightning lights up the scene as it strikes to the left of the grave.
The first image has additional text, which is omitted in the second image. The title reads “’Cause Only Heaven Knows” in a red. There is a mockery of the Comics Code Authority stamp in the upper right corner. At the bottom of the image, there are four columns of text, which read: “artist, Deven Stanley Wilson; writer, Loosingletters; betas, Queerbutstillhere, Dazebras, Nycis; additional artists, Zannakai, Darkmagyk”. The second image contains no additional text. /End ID

I had loads of fun participating in the batfam big bang, and making this for @jasontoddiefor‘s amazing fic, “’Cause Heaven Only Knows” Which you can find in the Batfam Big Bang 2020’s AO3 challenge page [link: AO3 Challenge Page].  

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