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Freddy vs Jason vs Ash - human/restored Jason

He looks like Vincent with that long hair tbh.

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Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter ( 1984)

Did You Know?👇👇👇👇🤔

The strange dance which Jimbo performs at the party was contributed by actor Crispin Glover and was based on the eccentric way he actually danced in clubs. On the set he was dancing to “Back in Black” by AC/DC as the scene was filmed. In the film however an edited version of “Love Is a Lie” by Lion was dubbed into the scene.

Last film in the series to pick up immediately where the previous film left off. At 58 years old at the time Ted White is the oldest stuntman/actor to portray Jason Voorhees. On a budget of $1,800,000 the film made $32,600,000 at the box office.

At the time, this installment of the series contained the most nudity and gore. The film was released on Friday the 13th: April 13, 1984.

In Turkey, this film, and the next sequel, Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning (1985), were released at the same time. People could watch both films back to back. Even the posters for both movies were displayed next to each other.

(at around 1h 2 mins) In one scene, Rob talks to Trish about his sister, Sandra. Sandra was one of Jason’s victims in Friday the 13th - Part II (1981).

(at around 10 mins) The workout video Axel watches is Aerobicise (1982). It stars Darcy DeMoss who went on to have a role in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986).

This is the only film in the series to shoot new footage using sets and locations from a previous film. The beginning takes place on the set of Friday the 13th - Part III (1982), before moving to a new location.

Director Joseph Zito was opposed to using clips from previous installments at the beginning of the film.

(at around 9 mins) The nurse’s name tag reads “R. Morgan, RN,” an homage to actress Robbi Morgan, who played Annie in Friday the 13th (1980).

During filming Kimberly Beck, who plays Trish, experienced strange occurrences including a man watching her while she ran in the park and strange phone calls at all hours. This stopped when production was over.

Though he disliked being involved with the film, Ted White is considered by many fans to be one of the best Jasons.

(at around 9 mins) The moment where Jason’s hand moves in the morgue was done by Ted White after Joseph Zito had called cut on the scene. However, the camera was still rolling, and caught this movement, and it was included in the film.

Writer Barney Cohen originally wrote a scene involving Jason fondling Trish’s breasts but the producers vetoed it. Director Joseph Zito also disliked the scene because it made Jason seem too human and less menacing. The scene was excised.

Joseph Zito had previously directed The Prowler (1981), but they wanted him to both direct AND write Friday the 13th Part 4. He said, “But I’m not a writer,” to which they said, “Here’s a contract paying you double to write and direct,” and then he responded, “Yeah, I’m totally a writer.” Zito used the extra salary to hire Barney Cohen to somewhat secretly write the script. Their process entailed Zito taking nightly one-hour phone calls with Phil Scuderi to discuss the story and script for Final Chapter. The next day Zito would meet Cohen in an apartment in New York to relay what notes and ideas Scuderi had offered, which they would then turn into new script pages to be sent later that day to Scuderi in Boston to be discussed again over the phone that night.

Camilla More actually read for the role of Samantha, but when the producers discovered she had a twin, they offered both sisters the roles of Tina and Terri.

It is played for humor throughout Final Chapter that young Tommy Jarvis (Feldman) is suddenly surrounded by horny teenagers renting a cabin he can see into from his own house. However, the reality of the situation is that those actresses were indeed very or partially naked, and Corey Feldman was still young enough that Erich Anderson and Kimberly Beck took him trick-or-treating the first day of filming since it happened to be October 31, 1983. So, they shielded 12-year-old Feldman from most of the bad stuff, using tricky editing when necessary. What they could not control was the power of a low-cut top sans bra underneath. According to Feldman, in the scene in which Jodie Aronson’s character bends over to greet Tommy’s dog unbeknownst to anyone but Feldman he could see down her low-cut top.

It has been suggested that the only reasons Tom Savini worked as make-up artist on this film was in order that he could accurately age and properly kill the character he created from the first film.

Barbara Howard used a body double for her shower sex scene.

After Jason actor Ted White finished his scenes for this film, he immediately started work on Starman (1984). While on set for the night’s filming, a group of reporters were waiting to interview Jeff Bridges, but he was unavailable. Therefore, director, John Carpenter, told the reporters to talk to White about the film he had recently finished. After telling the reporters he had just finished playing Jason in the latest Friday the 13th film, the next day’s article was entirely about him, and that night, numerous “Friday” fans arrived at the set solely in order to see White.

Jason actor Ted White and special effects artist Tom Savini at first were confrontational with one another. But once White found out Savini had experience with stunts, the two became friends.

Rob was originally supposed to have high-tech equipment which he had used to track Jason, but the props for this looked cheap, and the idea was scrapped.

The film takes place on Sunday the 15th and beyond which makes it the second “Friday” film not to actually take place on a Friday at all. While the beginning with the coroners takes place during the night of Sunday the 15th, the rest of the film takes place on Monday the 16th, with Tuesday the 17th being the climactic night.

Even though he plays her son, Ted White (Jason Voorhees) is actually 11 months older than Betsy Palmer (Pamela Voorhees).

Rather than making masks, Tommy was originally going to have been an inventor. One of his projects was a device made from a microwave oven, which would have been what he used to kill Jason. Some of this is seen in the final product in a scene where he helps repair a car.

Amy Steel talked Peter Barton into doing the film. By the time the Final Chapter offer came around Matthew Star was off the air, and Barton wanted no part of horror films, having hated working on Hell Night in 1981. Amy Steel somehow talked him into it, selling him on the notoriety of starring in the final Friday the 13th film.

Director Joseph Zito wanted Jason’s hockey mask to explode apart in the opening credits, but there was not enough time in post-production to pull off this gag.

Paramount was originally going to release the film in October, 1984. After filming wrapped in January Paramount studio head Frank Mancuso Sr. screened footage of the film to much enthusiasm. After a window opened up the release date was changed to April upon confirmation from Joseph Zito that he could complete the film faster than planned. This led to Zito, producer Frank Mancuso Jr., and a crew of editors essentially remaining locked in a house in Malibu editing around the clock in order to finish the film on time. This marked one of the only times that Paramount actively helped in the production of a Friday the 13th film, as they were generally produced independently, with the studio only handling marketing and distribution.

The house used for the Jarvis home was later used as the Anderson home in the film Ed Gein (2000) where serial killer Ed Gein is apprehended.

Bonnie Hellman’s agents told her about a possible role in this film - the hitchhiker - but then told her that she would not want to do it, as there were no lines. However, she ended up taking the role anyway.

Kimberly Beck stated in the Crystal Lake Memories book that she does not like the horror genre. In addition to this, she also said that she feels this film was not even a B-movie, but rather a C-movie.

Distinguished film critic Roger Ebert called this film “an immoral and reprehensible piece of trash.”

The Jarvis family’s dog, Gordon, was named after a recently deceased dog which a friend of director Joseph Zito owned.

Peter Barton was talked into taking a role in this film by his The Powers of Matthew Star (1982) co-star Amy Steel who played Ginny in Friday the 13th - Part II (1981).

The female hitchhiker was called “Fat Girl” in the original draft of the script.

The poster shows the hockey mask with a knife on its left eyesocket. Jason is defeated with a machete going through his left eye.

Kimberly Beck is the only Friday the 13th actress that appeared in an Alfred Hitchcock film. She worked on Marnie (1964), exactly 20 years prior to this. She plays the little girl that Marnie’s mother babysits.

The film was shot entirely in California.

Carey More’s audition was to simply read one line.

Lisa Freeman, who played Nurse Morgan, and Crispin Glover, who played Jimmy Mortimer, both would go on to be in the Back To The Future movies. Crispin Glover played George McFly in Back to the Future (1985) and Lisa Freeman played Babs in Back to the Future (1985) and Back to Future, part II (1989).

(at around 20 mins) The Jarvis family sandwich hug was based on a group hug that screenwriter Barney Cohen’s family did.

Jason’s death won the Golden Chainsaw Award in Dead Meat’s “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” kill count.

This is considered by many fans, to be the best and most popular Friday the 13th film.

The Jarvis family car is a 1970 Dodge Polara.

Rob’s rifle is a Winchester Model 70.

Rob looks to be the main male hero of the film to work alongside Final Girl Trish. Instead he dies almost immediately after encountering Jason, with the real Final Guy of the film being Tommy

The ambulance driver played by Antony Ponzini & Axel and the coroner played by Bruce Mahler both appeared on the sitcom Seinfled. Ponzini as Jerry’s barber Enzo and Mahler as the Rabbi in Elaine’s building.

Was released in theaters, directly a week before Crispin Glover’s (Jimmy) 20th birthday.

Tracy Jarvis’ fate and death would have been more further explained in a deleted scene that had been cut from the film. An alternate ending to the film, included in the 2009 Deluxe Edition DVD, shows a dream sequence where Trish and Tommy wake up the next morning after killing Jason to the sound of police sirens. Trish sends Tommy to summon the police who have arrived next door. At that point she notices water dripping from the ceiling and goes to investigate. She enters the upstairs bathroom, and finds the body of her mother floating in a tub full of bloody water. Trish lifts her mother out of the tub, prompting Tracy’s eyes to open, revealing them to be solid white and devoid of irises. Jason suddenly appears from behind the bathroom door and prepares to attack Trish. Trish then suddenly wakes up in the hospital in a scene reminiscent of the ending of the first movie.

Ted White was uncredited as Jason Voorhees by his own request.

The twins are played by real life sisters Camilla and Carey More, who both also appeared on the daytime soap opera Days of our Lives as Gillian and Grace Forrester. More stars from the soap DAYS also appear in further Friday The 13th sequels like Renee Jones in Part 6, and Kevin Spirtas and Staci Greason in Part 7. Other soap stars that appeared in Friday The 13th films include Kevin Bacon, Russell Todd, Lauren Marie Taylor, Dana Kimmell, Kimberly Beck, Peter Barton, Jennifer Cooke, Michael Swan, and Scott Reeves.

Paul’s car is a 1973 Chevrolet Caprice Estate station wagon.

According to Ted White, he and director Joseph Zito did not get along very well during filming.

The actress playing Trish’s mother was only 14 years and 1 day older than her.

Both Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover later appeared in different films with actor Kiefer Sutherland in the same year: Feldman in Stand by Me (1986) and Glover in At Close Range (1986).

Pamela Voorhees’ first name appears on a tombstone.

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Michael in a baseball jacket? kink….

@ CrystallakeC also Here’s a new twitter account I recently started to post more of my slasher fanart ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

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Friday the 13th reboot, where Jason doesn’t attack and kill promiscuous teenagers, but instead is the “monster in the closet” that saves children from bullies/abusive adults, and brings them back to his Camp.

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FRIDAY THE 13th, Pamelas Tale (2007)

FRIDAY THE 13th Volume 4 (2007)

he deserved better

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Bought these today. It’s an itty bitty doll clothes version of Freddy’s getup. It’s so dang cute 🥺 (If the girl I bought it from on Mercari tells me who made it, or if it’s her, I’m putting a link 😌)

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Originally posted by scarymovies101

**NOT my gif (credit: scarymovies101)

Warnings: none
Word count: 369
Summary: Jason catches his s/o cheating on him
Notes: I completely forgot to write this part because I was that tired so sorry to the 7 people who saw this before I fixed it 

Keep reading

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I cried at the “bro” at the end 😭❤️

Sorry it took so so long 🥺

I got the Gremlins and lost myself in it—

I match you with:

Jason Voorheese!

Other possibilities: Herbert West, Bubba Sawyer, Vincent Sinclair, Nubbins Sawyer (because I count him as a slasher), Bo Sinclair, Lubdan, Norman Bates, The Creeper, The Collector

  • 5’3” and a half(💕)? So cuuttee!
  • You’re so small compared to him!
  • Dark brown hair&eyes? Adorable!
  • He especially love that about your apparence because the 2(hair and eyes) match 🥺
  • Tan skin? He’s almost jealous! He’d love to have a darker skin colour, because his just makes him remember that he isn’t normal D:
  • Fun fact: he only got sunburned when he wanted to tan when he was a kid
  • Show him how to read Spanish! He’d love that ! Just be patient with him tho
  • Sensitive? He’ll make sure that when he feels something was too harsh/there is something to gory, that you’re okay. He’s sensitive too, but only when it comes to you or some animals
  • Wouldn’t really like your aloofness, but he would understand and respect that
  • Good grades, * thumbs up* Big Undead Boi is proud of ya 👍
  • Don’t worry about you daydreaming too much ^^ he daydream a lot
  • He forgets things too 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • You talk about nature? He’s 100000/100 supporting you! He’ll be the one to teach you everything you want to know about nature<3
  • He’d give you any animal bones or little trinkets he finds while patrolling.
  • He can’t really stop patrolling, but he’ll take you to the best places where you’ll find yourself in mother nature’s beauty. You won’t even know that you’re still in the forest-
  • But if you insist enough, he’ll take some of his time and give you a tour of the forest everyday
  • You like to draw? Yeeess!
  • He can look at your drawings for hours without tiring, even if it’s just little sketches of leaves or whatever
  • Even the weird ones 👀 he loves them
  • If you paint him something with watercolours, he’ll die again.
  • He’d put it in a high place and always look at it because it makes him feel special that you did something like that for him 🥺
  • Appear cool and mysterious? But you’re not like that??? That’s totally okay and really fine! You could be the lamest and the most unamuzing person and he’d still love you ❤️
  • He’d absolutely adore your “big ol bouffon dweeb” self
  • He’ll laugh af at your rbf 😂, especially if you can’t be mean
  • But he won’t test your limits^^
  • Don’t be insecure! He absolutely adores your body/you! You’re so beautiful❤️
  • He’ll kill anybody that thinks differently!
  • He doesn’t mind your rambling, he finds it quite cute acutaly.

And your rambling is totally fine, it’s an habit of mine too 🥺❤️have a good day/night Lovely! Tell me if I missed some things

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in love with this bumper sticker

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i didnt come up with this idea, but god damn do i adore it

good boy Jason always wears his mask

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