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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Any pieces of media where Jason Voorhees causes harm to animals?

Completely non canon. Null and void.

Every morning at the crack of dawn, when he rises from the murky depths of Crystal Lake, a flock of chubby, bright-eyed bluebirds sing to him and whimsically flutter around his head like the beginning of Cinderella. He rests on a nearby log, peppered with moss and mushrooms and teeming with life, and a newborn deer stumbles up to him and rests at his feet. 

Squirrels frolic in the treetops. A mother fox and her kits watch from a distance. The bluebirds hand him his mask and his trusty machete, ready to spread the word of abstinence to the sex-crazed youths invading his camp. 

Ten miles away, Freddy is being mauled by a pack of bears. Nobody hears his screams because nobody cares.

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Jason Voorhees-

  • he doesnt get it
  • you hate your body?
  • but its so perfect and cute?
  • he hates how he looks and you’re just the opposite of him
  • you’re an angel
  • when you tell him that or when he figures it out
  • he decides to help you feel better
  • he will basically worship your body to make you feel better
  • he’ll try and let you know how much he loves you
  • cuddles are an hourly thing now
  • he doesn’t want you to feel like that

Bubba Sawyer-

  • he loves you so much ok
  • lets get that out of the way first
  • and he gets what its like to hate your body
  • so he’ll help you through it
  • he’ll hold you a lot more
  • and try to help you be more confident
  • and he’ll praise you
  • well
  • try to because he cant really talk yknow
  • and if his brothers say anything about ur body
  • or any victims
  • he’ll be a mad boy

Freddy Kruger-

  • okay so this boy is obviously super sexual
  • and if ur feeling bad about ur body he’ll be super duper sexual
  • and just make comments about your body
  • good ones u know
  • sometimes dirty ones i don’t control this man
  • and he’ll definitely grope you a lot more
  • again i don’t fucking control this man
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