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horrorstories123 · 2 days ago
Hello I’ve seen the stuff you do and it AMAZING and I was wondering if you could you do a Slashers reaction to their S/o just standing out side in the rain looking up completely wet just because they like it
Slashers reaction to their S/O standing in the rain
Paring: Jason Voorhees, Thomas Hewitt, and Brahms Heelshire❤️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tagslist: @dootys @callmemeelah @fluffy-little-demon @mehidktbh @slash3rl0v3r @the-anxious-youth @beanbagbitch @mrs-heelshire @vincent-sinclair-deserved-better @smenny @oneofvincentscandles @thatoneweirdgirlspage @alexxavicry @vexeliers-breakroom @l0sercat @kissmachetebois @saturn-barnes @naxxsstuff @beel-mcburger @pink-apollo @charliedawn @emychan @sadskies
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Jason Voorhees
He wondered where you went since he didn’t see you anywhere in the cabin. Jason finally took a nap since he needed it and found you gone.
His mind immediately went to bad thoughts, did you get kidnapped? Are you hurt?! As he grabbed his machete he saw you out the window… in the pouring rain.
It was raining hard outside and you didn’t even have a jacket on, heck he wouldn’t even be mad if you took his jacket! Jason was quick to go outside, your clothes were woken wet and your hair was drenched. He tapped your shoulder, which made you look up at him.
“Oh, Hi Jason! You enjoyed your nap?” Instead of answering your question he pointed back at the cabin, telling you to come inside. “But it’s nice out here, sure it’s raining but that make things more peaceful.”
He can’t argue with that. It is more peaceful when it rains, but it’s a lot better when you’re inside the cabin. He’s worried you’ll get sick. But if you like it then he might as well join you.
He went back in the cabin and brought back out a jacket, putting the hood over your head before sitting next to you. You rested your head on his shoulder. “Thank you Jason.”
Thomas Hewitt
Thomas finally got done doing his chores in the basement and finally just wanted to be with you. Nothing beats coming to bed with you after a long day of working in the basement.
But the thing was… you weren’t there.. which could only lead to one thing, you were on the balcony. Maybe you just wanted to watch the rain? When he opened the front door he froze for a split second. You’re standing in the yard with your head up to the sky.
He likes the rain too but none of the Hewitts have an umbrella, so he gently dragged you back onto the balcony where it was dry. He caught you off guard but after you realized it was just him, you let him bring you up to the balcony.
“I see you’re done working.” He nodded his head but then pointed at your clothes. “Oh I’ll be fine, it’s just the rain,”
He didn’t mind being outside in the rain. If Luda Mae was awake she’d scold you right then and there😭
He grabbed your hand, guiding you to sit on the balcony with him, you did, now enjoying the rain with Thomas, it was peaceful now that he was here.
Brahms Heelshire
The first time you left to go outside not only Brahms got scared, thinking you'll leave him but he also did watch you while he was still on the walls.
Things changed when he came out of the walls though, Brahms would watch you stay outside, begging you to come back in, sometimes even throwing a tantrum 😭
Brahms doesn't like to go outside, that's why he wants you to stay inside with him. Not only that you're outside in the rain in just your clothes. One night he finally decided to come out with you... With him having his jacket and umbrella of course.
He was silent, raising the umbrella over both of your heads, it surprised you since he didn't like to come outside at all. “I see you finally wanted to come outside?” “I don't understand why you come out in the rain.”
“Well unlike you, I like going outside and being in the rain is more peaceful. Look on the bright side, it isn't a thunderstorm.” You weren't wrong. Being outside isn't that bar than he thought it would be. He might come out more if you're with him clingy mf
Brahms wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you close to his chest as he rested his chin on your head
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slasher-male-wife · 2 days ago
could you please write comfort for a reader with a abusive ex? mine has been texting and calling me all day and i could really use some comfort w/ bo sinclair, thomas hewitt, jason voorhees, and brahms heelshire? thank you ziggy -🐾
Oh boy I understand this completely. All of my exes have been abusive and I’m taking it out in my writing. I’m not gonna go into detail about what they do in some parts but I would happily write that in if you want me to anon.
Warnings: Mentions of violence, abuse and murder, strong language,
Bo Sinclair
When you first open up to Bo about the abuse you survived he's livid. He loves you and sees you as such an amazing person and is so upset you had to go through that.
He knows how bad abuse is because of how much he endured as a child. He doesn't know how to communicate how he feels so it's gonna come off in weird ways.
If you start crying about your ex he'll hold and sooth you physically but he'll have a hard time verbally soothing you. But no matter what he's mostly pissed this happened to you.
Oh boy but if your ex ever dares to set foot in Ambrose he's gonna be brutal. Like your ex will not be turned into wax they will be brutally killed and the left over parts will be thrown in the road kill pit.
Thomas Hewitt
Thomas like most slashers have endured abuse in their lives. He's crushed when he finds out his lovely s/o had to deal with this too. He feels to horrible and will want to pull you into a tight hug.
If you start crying about it he'll feel so bad. He's scared to touch you in case the abuse was physical. But if you tell him it's ok he'll hold your hand and rub your back.
He'll try to keep you away from Hoyt and his abuse for several reasons including your past abuse. He will get aggressive with Hoyt if he has to and isn't scared to pick you up and carry you out of a situation if it's gonna trigger something.
Just like Bo if he ever comes across yout ex he's not gonna show any mercy. Like I don't know how to state what he'd do without getting like really graphic. But be sure they won't look like a human within minutes of being in the basement and will not be fed to the family. They are going to the pigs and nothing else.
Jason Voorhees
He's never been abused persay but has been treated poorly. He feels so bad that he couldn't help you during this time and that you even had to endure that abuse.
He's going to hold you while you cry and probably cry with you. He's here for you and will let you cry, scream, whatever you need to do he will let you do that.
If it's one of those days where everything is super hard and you keep having intrusive thoughts about them he's here to help you do whatever you need to get done. He'll check in on you and make sure you eat and drink something.
Oh and if he ever comes across your ex they're fucking done. He may or may not put them in a bear trap and leave them there for hours to deal with them later.
Brahms Heelshire
Oh he understands abuse. I feel like his parents never got physical but very verbally and emotionally abusive to him. He understands abuse but has never had the chance to like process it or like even kinda realize it so he's going to help heal with you.
He's here to cuddle with you on bad days and hold you when you cry. Another guy who will cry with you. He's all ears if you need to vent and will hold you close. He's going to promise to never hurt you like they did.
Again if your ex somehow finds their way to you Brahms is going to attack them on sight. He'll probably do it in the walls or outside, well anywhere you can't see, unless you want to.
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ladychaos13 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
What’s your favorite scary movie?
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s0ftmary · a day ago
Slashers with a S/O who loses it when they see a cat
Losing it with you: Bubba Sawyer
About to hit you and his brother with the broom for bringing that lil rat into the house: Drayton Sawyer
Poor thing is afraid of scaring the little guy away: Jason Voorhees, Thomas Hewitt, Victor Crowley
Sneezing. Is allergic to cats (but still loves them): Me, Vincent Sinclair, Brahms Heelshire
Sneezing. Is allergic to cats (but hates them): Bo Sinclair
Adopted them with you in a heartbeat: Lester Sinclair, Daniel Robitaille
Standing there ominously🧍🏻‍♂️: Michael Myers
Hissing at the cat: Pennywise (2019)
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ghostly-clown · 2 days ago
Okay how about all the slashers s/o’s (that you write for) have like a little sleepover - @68bunny68
Someone asked this in the comments so I'm gonna write it, and thankyou cause I've had some bad writers block, so this is greatly appreciated 🙏
Slasher sleepover
All the favourites returning as always:
Jason Voorhees, Sinclair brothers (Lester, Bo, and Vincent), Thomas Hewitt, Michael Myers, Brahms Heelshire, gohst face (Billy and Stu)
No trigger-warnings, all soft fluff and sweet times
Jason Voorhees
- never had a proper sleep over but I like to think he knows the girl stereotype and he's always wanted one
- he will spend all day cleaning and setting up lights to have the ultimate sleepover experience
- he will be more then happy to sit on a chair and let you do his make-up and nails
- he just enjoys quality time and likes the smell of nail polish
- he would be too uncomfortable to take off his mask so, ig make-up goes onto the maks (also means its easier to clean later)
- he won't have a steady hand when doing your make-up, he'll feel bad so let him know it's all just fun'n games
- aftwards is scary stories around a camp fire, I honestly love the idea of Jason being a bit of a scaredy-cat
- it's just the child in him that still believes in ghost and such
- when it comes time to sleep he will be extremely clingy depending on how scary the stories are
- he will wake you up evertime he hears a sound, but evertime you get up to check it out he'll go first, cause to him nothing is scarier then you being at risk
- once he does fall asleep it's total bliss and lots of cuddles
- solid 12/10 experience and great quality time together
Lester Sinclair
- he knows all the best places to have a sleepover at
- takes you to the top of this cliff that over-looks Ambrose where you get a perfect view of the sunset and a clear sky of stars
- he would know alot of random facts about space and is more then happy to tell them all
- he won't where make-up but you could probably convince him to let you do his nails
- he will purposefully make you look like a clown just for giggles and then smudge it around "helping" you get it off
- Lester 100% knows how to make the best camp fire foods, and he's happy to have someone to share that with
- he's a tough man who won't get scared of scary stories but he will be a little jumpy
- but he also knows the most grizzly gore story's there are
- when it comes to sleeping he is out like a light the moment he touches something soft
- he snores and moves alot when sleeping but always ends up holding you
- 10/10 experience, I wanna have someone to do this with :(
Bo Sinclair
- he won't wear make up and if you tried to do his nails he would just wash it off, he loves you but that stuff just isn't for him
- but he is pretty good at applying make-up, it's very simple (and a bit messy) but it would be better then most
- I think I've already established bo has a competitive love for bored games, so that's how you'll spend alot of the night
- he will get a little pissy if he loses, but give him a lil kiss on the cheek and he'll be fine
- he tells the most spine chilling scary stories, purely to get you to sit close to him
- bo is not a night owl, he always goes to bed at 11:30 if he's not in bed at that point he's gonna start just randomly dosing off
- it's vry cute and every time you wake him he'll refuse to admit he's tired or that he just fell asleep
- despite being half awake he'll be the one to carry you to bed and probably fall asleep on top of you
- and he sleeps like a rock so good luck trying to move into a more comfortable position
Vincent Sinclair
- vincent likes his little comfort spaces, so build a pillow with him, steal all the pillows in Ambrose and make a mini-house
- this will just make him feel alot safer throughout the night, as well as pillow forts are cool
- another non-make up wearer, he does want to but he'd still be shy about his face and you don't wanna get make up on wax
- he will be more than happy to have his nails done tho, he will probably pick at the paint during the rest of the sleep over
- but you could (and should) definitely braid his hair, or just do something nice with it, it'll mean the world to him
- he is amazing at make up, he sculpts for a living, he's the one who puts make-up on the people to make them look like people
- a true artist, so it's gonna hurt both of you when u need to wash it off
- the rest of the night will include you sitting in his lap playing with his hair while eating pop-corn and watching Disney films
- after awhile your gonna fall asleep and wake up to Vincent still awake watching films, he forgot the sleep part of a sleepover
Micheal Myers
- he has no idea what a sleepover is or what he's getting involved in, he just wants to hang around you
- NOT a make up person he will pin u to the ground to get you to drop any lipstick or blush
- u can probably get away with nail polish, but he has to choose the colours (those colours will be black)
- he also won't do your make up, he just don't like doing stuff he knows he's gonna be bad at
- you can try bored games but you'll spend half the time explaining the rules, and he's not a fan of losing
- after a while you'll feel like it's all pointless and he'll bring out a cook book (he's trying his best)
- then the real fun starts, you two make a chocolate cake and a huge mess getting sprinkles and icing everywhere
- and then eat it while watching a horror film that will scare you into cuddling up to him, this is all he really wanted anyway, genuine quality time with you
- when it comes time to sleep Michael sleeps like a rock hugging you with a death grip
- he's not gonna let go till morning and even then he'll pretend to be asleep until he actully needs to get up
- 12/10 for all the touch starves bb's out there
Brahms Heelshire
- he has had very few sleepovers but hearing you want to have one makes him ecstatic (even tho u already live with him its the thought that counts)
- he wouldn't want make up until he releases you need to get all close to put it on, he's all in
- and in the end he will love the results, he however won't be as good, he'll purposefully do it rly slowly just so he can stay cloes to you
- if you do nail polish he's gonna keep touching it before it drys witch will lead to it being all messy
- Brahms dosnt like horror stories, like Jason he still has the children's fear of demons and ghost
- when it comes to snacks he eats by the handfull, so whatever you make, make alot of it
- he'll be very huggy and clingy throughout the night, only letting you get stuff when he goes with you
- he will fall asleep before you and continue to act asleep to get you to carry him to bed, it won't work cause he's like a 6'3 adult man
- so you end up sleeping on the couch withhim
Thomas Hewitt
- tell him you wanna have a sleepover and he'll set everything up
- he knows more than anyone that he doesn't have the most inclusive family so he will set up a lil camp area
- he would be nervous about having make up but he knows it'll make you happy so he's willing to let you do it
- he will also be nervous about nail polish and will unfortunately have to pick it off in the morning so Hoyt won't see it
- when doing your make up he puts on very little, he thinks you look amazing without it
- Thomas isn't a big talker but he'll find a way to scare you at some point during the night
- for snacks he raided his house for some chips and hard candy, it ain't much but it's perfect snacks for star gazing
- you will be the one to fall asleep first and he'll carry you to the lil tebt he set up
- it does take him a moment to be relaxed enough to fall asleep, and he moves alot in his sleep so he might wake you up
Billy Loomis
- he can't wait to spend quality time with you and will end up spending all day out with you buying snacks and DVD's
- fir make up he'll probably only let you put on some lashes and lip stick
- purely for the reason that when he kisses you straight after there will be lipstick marks all over your face
- he wouldn't want his nails painted but is more then happy to do yours, he's got a surprisingly steady hand and dose a good job
- the two of you would probably put a movie on in the background while playing a bored games
- but if he misses his favourite scene or anytime someone dies he'll play it back
- he will cheat, but in the most obvious ways, he just likes seeing you get all heated about it
- he is very much a night owl and will remian awake long after you fall asleep
- he also just likes to see you try and stay awke but your eyes just keep closing, he thinks it's real sweet
- once he does fall asleep it would be cuddling close to you
Stu Mancher
- he is ecstatic to have a sleepover and can't wait to do all the stereotypical sleepover things
- he would love to have make up but not to much, as much as he loves goofing around about it he hates the feeling of make up layers on his face
- but that won't stop him from caking it on your face, and you both end up having a good laugh
- when washing it off both of you just end up smudging it around just to annoy each other
- for nail polish he would want nice blues and purples, and he'll leave his nails to be like that until the paint comes off naturally
- he would by spicy foods and that jelly bean challenge (the one where some are normal and some are rly gross)
- you both end up almost throwing up so you end the night with icecream and some cheesy old films
- and you'll both just fall asleep on the coutch in eachothers arms
That took forever, but if u made it this far, thanks and I hope you enjoyed :D
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lackingfamine · 2 days ago
Tired and disheveled like me rn.
Tumblr media
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slasher-detective · a day ago
Some cool slasher stuff I got for my birthday this past weekend ✌🏼
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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slasher-male-wife · 10 hours ago
Slashers falling in love with a victim updated
So someone requested this before and I wanted to do it again because a lot of my older work sucks a lot. I am working on requests but my baby brain can't work on one thing at a time.
Includes: Thomas Hewitt,, Jason Voorhees, Lester Sinclair, Bubba Sawyer
Warnings: Murder and violence mentions, strong language
Thomas Hewitt
Today you went into hell. After a car crash the sheriff brought you back to his house. You saw your friend get tortured and killed on by one. You escaped from the sheriff but met another man. A much scarier man. You escaped into the basement and you’re currently hiding under a table. But a few minutes later the man walks down and makes his way to the table.
You sit, waiting for the man to finally leave. You heard the sheriff call him Thomas. It’s hard to believe that a human is capable of that much evil. He’s standing in front of you now. You hear chopping noises from the top of the table where the body of your friend lays. You’re covering your mouth and feel your muscles cramp at how tense you are. A few minutes later the chopping stops. All you can hear now is your heartbeat.
You shut your eyes and hear him walk away. Before relief can fully wash over you a hand grabs your ankle and pulls you out from under the table. You scream and look up at Thomas. Half of his face is covered by a mask and he’s huge. Not just because you’re on the ground. He was tall when you ran into him earlier. You’re surprised he didn’t rip your leg off.
“You don’t have to do this,” You say. He doesn’t have anything in his hands but you know a knife is close by, “Thomas right? I won’t tell anyone I swear! I really do! You’re a smart guy! Please don’t kill me! I’ll do anything I promise,” You’re just now noticing how wet your clothes are getting from the floor. It makes your bones ache and your skin itch but you ignore it,”Please you can’t kill me!” You plead. He’s shown restraint so far, maybe he can show some more. He grabs you from under your arms and lifts you up.
He grabs your wrist tight and leads you to a support beam on the stairs. He grabs some rope and ties your wrists to the beam. You tug at them when he gently strokes your hair before leaving to go upstairs.
Jason Voorhees
Your friends invited you to go on a camping trip with them. You recently had a talk about feeling left out so you assumed that this would be a way to make amends. But you were wrong. Max and Elliot, the couple, were together the entire time and rarely included you. Blake and Oliver were the same. They left you to chop firewood while they went swimming. You walked behind them on the hikes because the trails weren’t big enough. Not like they’d include you anyway. When you tried to join in on the campfire they all said they all just ignored you unless you almost shouted then you would get a simple “cool” or a “oh”. On the third day of this you had enough.
“You guys really suck you know?” You say sliding on your shoes, “If you didn’t want me to come why invite me.” Max scoffs.
“We said you could come if you wanted. We never forced you to join us.” You grab a towel and look at your other friends.
“Well I at least thought you would give a fuck.” You walk away and down to the trail that leads to the dock. You kick acorns along the way mumbling to yourself about your ‘friends’. You finally reach the dock and you slide off your shoes and set down your towel. You jump into the lake and start to swim out. The water is cold but it’s cooling off your hot skin. Drawing closer to the water is Jason. He heard the commotion and grabbed his machete. He watches as you swim in the lake. He looks down the path and hears your friends. He looks back at you then makes his way down the path to your friends.
About ten minutes later you pull yourself back up onto the dock. You lay down on your towel and shut your eyes. You’re gonna leave after tonight. You were supposed to stay for another few days but you can’t stand your friends. You soon feel a pair of eyes watching you. You sit up and look around. You spot a man watching you, hidden in the trees. When you see his mask and machete you’re quick to scramble to your feet and run off the dock. Sticks and thorns poke your bare feet but you keep running. You finally get to the campsite. You grab the ax you used to cut firewood and look around for the man.
You run into your tent and put on a shirt and shoes, grabbing your car keys. You keep the axe in one hand while you run to your car. Inside you find Max and Elliot dead. You let out a scream and spot the man out of the corner of your eye. You drop your keys and turn to him. He’s giant. Taller than anyone you’ve seen before and built like a super human. You keep the axe high waiting for him to do anything. But he never does. He just stands and stares at you for a few minutes, although they felt like hours.
Eventually he turns and walks away. Leaving you confused.
Lester Sinclair
Last night while you were driving, finally getting away from your past you pulled into a wooded area to spend the night in. You slept in your car and something must have happened while you were asleep because when you woke up your fan belt broke. You groan and shut your hood. You grab your bag and walk back over to the road and look out for any cars. Soon an old truck passes by and you wave it down.
“I’m so sorry to bother you but my car broke down and I need a new fan belt. Is there a town nearby?” You ask the man in the car. He takes a puff of his cigarette and nods.
“Ambrose is bout ten miles from here. Ya need a ride?” You nod.
“That would be wonderful thank you sir.” You get in and he chuckles at the title.
“No need to be so formal. I’m Lester.”
“I’m Y/n. This is very nice of you.”
“Well it’s really no problem t’all. I was on my way down there anyway.”
“You’ve got good taste in decorations,” You say watching the deer hooves sway with the movement of the car, “I had some bones back home, but I had to leave them when I moved.”
“Why’s that? Were they just too big?” He asks.
“My ex boyfriend wasn’t the most supportive of my interests.” He frowns now.
“Well Y/n you seem like a nice person, you don’t deserve people treatin ya like that.” Yoy nod.
“I know. You seem like a real nice guy too Lester. Thank you again for driving me into town.”
“No problem t’all. I have to go back there often anyway so why not help out a stranger.” He gives you a smile and you smile back.
“You’ve got a really nice smile. Makes sense it should match the rest of your looks.”
“You’re pretty good lookin yourself. I don’t get many compliments out here ya know?”
“Well you should get more handsome. Maybe I can get your number and we can go out sometime,” Lester pulls into town now, “If you’d like.”
"I would like that. I'd like that a lot," He shuts off the truck, "Now I gotta talk to Bo really quick. He's the owner of the store but you can look around."
"Alright then." You and Lester get out of the truck. He lets you in the shop and he makes his way to another section while you look around. You hear muffled talking from the two men. You look over and find Bo with a hand on his face and Lester looking excited. You smile to and go back to looking around the shop.
Bubba Sawyer
Waking up your memory comes flooding back to you. A hitchhiker you picked up went crazy and popped on of your tires. He chased you to a gas station you passed earlier. The old man there said he would help you but he ended up kidnapping you and taking you back to his house. The hitchhiker was there and another man wearing a leather type mask. The last thing you remember was the hitchhiker cutting your finger and putting it in a very old man’s mouth.
You finally wake up dazed and confused. You’re still at the table, tied to a chair while the four men ate like nothing was wrong. You let out a scream and the men howl back at you. Laughing and shouting. All you can do for a few minutes is scream and have them scream back at you. You eventually stop and so do they.
“Please you have to help me!” You shout to the old man, “You can’t let them kill me please!” You beg tugging hard at your restraints.
“He can’t do nothing for you! He’s just the cook!” The hitchhiker says.
“Shut your mouth!” The old man yells back. Their yelling gets drowned out when your eyes turn to the man wearing a leather mask. He’s walking towards you. You try to move away from him but you’re stuck as he moves his hand to hold your jaw. He holds your head in place as he strokes your cheek with his thumb. You cry out and look at the mask. It dawns on you it’s not regular leather. Your cries turn into another scream when realize he’s wearing another persons face.
“I think Bubba likes them!” The hitchhiker shouts. You let out choked cries as the men keep laughing.
“You have to make them stop they can’t kill me! Please make them stop!” You say as Bubba runs his hand over your hair. Your head is turned but you can see him nod. He says something you can’t understand.
“I’m not having any of that. You’re not keeping them.” The old man comments. Bubba turns away from you now, he says something else to the man.
“Bubba does like them!” The hitchhiker shouts, pounding his fists on the table a few times. He gets up and walks over to you, “Bubba’s got a new pet!” He says getting close and poking you. You scream as he laughs and pokes you over and over again, “Bubba’s got a new pet!” He shouts over and over again.
“They’re your responsibility Bubba. I’m not doing a damn thing to help ya.” The old man says.
“You hear that? You’re staying with us for a long time!” The hitchhiker yells. You keep struggling as Bubba keeps petting your head. How are you going to survive this.
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slasherrr0 · a month ago
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icezero09 · 18 days ago
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summer time 😳👉👈
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the-thot-clown · 2 months ago
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Barbie as a slasher Part 2 (Part 1 here)
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deactivated-almonds · 26 days ago
Barbie says: Don't swim in the lake!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Haven't you heard Ken? You can be...anything.
My fit for Tekko22 in Pittsburgh! Drew a ton of inspiration from @sunscones Barbie series. Kinda want to do them all now! 💖💕
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lackingfamine · 2 days ago
Momma's boy.
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looseratinthegarage · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m very bored today
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