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Who hell made this-
Tumblr media
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Stephanie meyer: I think sewers in 1600s London makes sense. I will do no reaserch and get very rich.
Fanfiction writers: if Carlisle stood in a northfacing second story window a few miles south of the thames, in what I have just learned would be Southwack, would the elevation be sufficient enough that he would be able to see the Thames river? I don't know yet but I did find the most beautifully detailed map of 1680s London to drool over. I did also just learn that that area was marshlands in the middle ages, and all the topographical maps of the area seem pretty level so probably not, but I'm having fun so this needs at least three more hours of research tonight.
(It's me I'm fanfiction writers)
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do I hate twilight? absolutely.
do i absolutely love twilight? undoubtedly.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jessica: the little dark-haired girl is alice. she's really weird…
jessica: and, um, she's with jasper, the blonde one who looks like he's in pain.
Tumblr media
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I’m literally screaming here
Tumblr media
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Emmett after watching Jasper try to kill Bella:
Tumblr media
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If Twilight were set in our modern age, which one of the Cullens would have Bella's contact name saved as "human caprisun"
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one thing smeyer did SO correctly is give all the male cullens huge malewife energy. not a single dom among them.
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Jasper Hale/Major Whitlock x Reader
Word Count: 2864
Summary: For days now your entire family had been ignoring you in favour for that Bella bitch. It had been so long that your anger and transformed into self-loathing thoughts and insecurity but when you burst what are the consequences? And what does the Major have to do with this?
Warnings: Dom/sub dynamic, hinted smut (will be in part two is asked enough), language, depictions of neglect and self-loathing
A/N: I seriously do need to stop dying, huh? Oh well, I’m back! Hopefully for good this time. This isn’t what I usually post but I was itching to write something including this character. I hate this fic but I’m a little rusty so we’ll use that as an excuse. I hope you’re all okay and let me know what you think!
Something had changed within you the past few days.
Or rather something had changed how you feel. Initially, you’d been your usual bubbly self but today - a Thursday - you’d just deflated completely.
Pondering over it in your head, you can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what has gotten you down but you’d assume it’s something related to the secrecy of the Cullens.
Now you’d known they were vampires for years and years and they’d turned you into one themselves about ten years ago (oh the joys of high school).
Without a doubt there was some confidentiality regarding their supernatural secret but they’d trusted you enough with that so now, as you sit alone at a table in the cafeteria, you contemplate the possibilities.
Had you done something? Didn’t think so.
Is it something related to school? Can’t be.
Is it something personal? Maybe, but they should consider you as family by now so if it is that then you dread to think why.
Tossing that thought to the back of your mind for now, you continue to rack your brain for any possibility when your eyes widen in realisation…
Bella. That bitch. She’s been causing all sorts of problems for your family and your reluctance to welcome her into your home is probably why they’re avoiding you. So in short, it’s her fault.
She’d been insisting that she wanted to become a vampire and she wants Edward to turn her, yet you just couldn’t wrap your head around why she’d want to. Ever since Jasper had turned you, you’d felt both absolute relief and regret
Relief being you could spend the rest of your life doing the things you love and spending it with who you love… regret being never being able to sleep, eat normal food or make any close friends because they would ultimately die.
Speaking in vampire years, you were practically a child. But the small sense on loneliness had already begun to sink it. And with your mate as an empath it was beginning to get extremely difficult to hide the extent of the pit in your stomach.
Speaking of Jasper, you glanced over to the table you usually sat on and saw him already staring at you. In fact, all of them were staring at you. Your face twisted into one of fake sympathy and you pretended to wipe a tear from your eye.
Sucks when it happens to them, huh?
You met each one of their eyes (leaving Jasper’s to last) and they seemed to meet your own with a look of sadness. You scoffed silently and turned to face Jasper. What you saw on his face made your eyes widen momentarily.
His once straight posture had gone completely rigid and he seemed to have grown a few inches. His eyes held a dangerous spark in them, one that warned consequence was inevitable and his head had tilted up ever so slightly, as though expecting for you to obey in this situation.
The Major, your mind couldn’t help supplying. This caused conflict in your mind. The Major hadn’t actually done anything wrong, despite clearly agreeing with Jasper to an extent, he hadn’t outright been ignoring you. That had been Jasper.
That had been them all.
Honestly you felt as though you were being treated as a child here.
You regarded the Major with a respectful tilt of your head - which he mirrored - and a mock salute. He gestured for you to go to him with a stoic movement of his fingers.
Gulping, you considered it for all of two seconds before turning your attention to Edward and screaming internally, Edward, that’s the Major! You need to either get him out of here or get Jasper back in the front seat.
Edward gave you a look that said he’d received your message loud and clear (maybe a bit too loud) and instantly he began talking to the Major.
His head turned slightly as if to acknowledge Edward but he kept his eyes on you. They grew more intense as you made out that Edward had said, “Either you let Jasper back or we leave and you deal with this later.”
You grimaced slightly at that as you knew the Major did not take kindly to orders.
Before any decision could come to pass, Bella Swan sauntered up to the table and perched herself on the chair next to Edward. Your look turned murderous as your eye twitched and your lips twisted into a snarl. So she was allowed at their table and you weren’t? Oh this is absolute bullshit.
Discarding the uneaten food that was on your tray, you retreated from your lonely table and stormed out of the school. Students’ shoulders banged into you on your way out but you eagerly ignored their offended looks for some much needed alone time in the woods.
Why couldn’t they just acknowledge you? You hadn’t even done anything major, Rosalie and Jasper had expressed how they didn’t want Bella in the family so why were you being targeted? Everyone was making you the villain and you were sick of it. Maybe you were overreacting a bit but who could blame you when you’re mind was conflicted with thoughts of neglect and upset.
You sprinted down the stairs out front of the school and immediately darted through the trees and bushes to find your special spot.
It wasn’t anything special, not really. It was a ledge on the edge of a cliff that overlooked a gorgeous waterfall that in the summer seemed to be reflecting rainbows. It was bliss.
Tossing your back carelessly to the side, you slowed your steps to a halt as you approached the edge of the steep hill.
Despite not needing to breath, you took a deep inhale of breath and let it out slowly to try and calm the simmering rage threatening to break free. Your mind wandered briefly to how Jasper would react to you destroying this place, because this area was where you’d held your first kiss, your first heartfelt conversation and where’d he’d ultimately proposed.
To be honest there was no real contemplation to be had. He’d be pissed. Simple as that.
Unless of course it wasn’t because when he gets extremely angry or feels a negative emotion really intensely then the Major gets unleashed and that’s hardly ever a good thing. You love them both equally because technically speaking they are the same guy but the Major can be so overbearing with how out-dated some of his views are.
However you are eternally grateful for him because if Jasper’s mind hadn’t created him as a safety mechanism during his time with Maria, then he’d never have survived the guilt and utter turmoil of regret that unfortunately swarms his brain from time to time.
… and to be honest his dominating behaviour was kind of hot. Okay scratch that, it was majorly hot.
You chuckled at your own unintended joke out loud.
“Do you find this amusing?” A deeply authoritative voice asked from behind you.
You span on your heels and were met with the stiff appearance of one Jasper Hale. You swallowed slightly and cursed yourself for your vulnerability in front of him. “Do you find it amusing to ignore me for days on end?” You rebutted.
A mistake as it turns out. Sassing Jasper when the Major had already made an appearance was never something someone with common sense would even consider doing.
Alas your middle name was certainly not common sense.
He took a calculated step forward and onto the grassy area that you were residing in to hold out his hand.
“Come here, sugar. We need to have a conversation about how your behaviour has been unacceptable as of late,” he stated confidently. He said “Sugar” which usually means that this is the Major talking. That should’ve been the second warning for you to shut your mouth but when had you ever listened to rationality?
Meanwhile you stood mouth agape in bafflement. “I’m sorry? My behaviour? My behaviour? Are you mad? Are you actually okay in the brain? Because last time I checked it was all of you who’d been forgetting I existed,” you yelled at him, silently shocked at the volume and aggression of your tone.
Instantly regretting it too as it seemed because as soon as the words left your mouth, you found yourself in the deadly grip of the Major. His iron-grip hands were clasped onto each of your shoulders and forced you down onto your knees. The force so strong that it dented the floor and caused you to wince slightly.
You struggled from your position but were no match for the older vampire. Realising the helplessness of the situation, you took an audible gulp and tears sprung up in your eyes. You just had to get emotional when you were trying to argue your feelings.
“This is unfair, Jasper,” you said dejectedly, battling the lump forming in your throat. God, why couldn’t you get ahold of your emotions?
It was silent for a minute before the Major spoke up in his usual commanding tone albeit he sounded quite patient. “Look at me, sugar.” When you made no move to follow his command, he gripped your chin between his fingers and turned your head up swiftly. His eyebrow was raised and you couldn’t hold eye contact so you settled for staring at his chest.
His thumb traced your bottom lip, “Look me in the eyes, (Y/N).” With your lip quivering and jaw clenched, slowly you turned your eyes to his own and let out a choked sob when you saw the colour of his eyes.
They were a deep red, one that you’d only seen on newborns. It was different to non-vegetarian vampires because it was darker and looked more crazed which is exactly why it unsettled you.
If it weren’t for his grip on your shoulders you would’ve staggered backwards immediately.
“M-Major? Your eyes…”
They seemed to glint when you said that. A cold smile spread across his face and his hands trailed up either side of your neck, the one tracing the bite mark that left an inevitable scar possessively.
“Jasper please, what’s happening?”
This time he did answer. “You’re a submissive, darlin’” he drawled in an almost admirable tone. Your brows creased together to which he chuckled softly at. “And I am your dominant.”
You voiced your confusion and he urged you up. “As much I’m fond of you on your knees, I’d much rather you correct your posture, sugar.” Standing up to face him, you had an inexplicable urge to keep your head bowed and once you realised the almost instinctual urge to… to what? Submit?
Your clear displeasure in the action did not go unnoticed by Jasper but he wasn’t quite as sympathetic to your confusion as you might’ve thought. Instead he growled lowly at you, snapped your head to the side and bit you harshly in the exact spot he had before.
Your vision went white and your brain went blank. Your eyes opened as wide as they could and they remained unfocused as Jasper tried to bite even deeper than he had before. Then almost as soon as it starts, you fell unconscious and couldn’t wake up for the life of you.
He felt your head loll to one side and the other then ultimately flop into his shoulder. He felt it with a smug sense of satisfaction that he’d reduced you to that state.
But with that overwhelming satisfaction came an underlying feeling of guilt. Jasper and the Major had been having anon-going internal battle for weeks.
Jasper wanting to go to you and to hold you and make the thoughts of self-loathing and hurt disappear from you. The Major on the other hand was completely eager to allow your vampiric instincts determine whether or not you were a dominant or a submissive.
Now this proses was something you’d never heard of, which explained your complete cluelessness and haywire emotions and also how you’d completely misread the entire situation.
None of them were ignoring you despite how it seemed like that. They needed to evoke strong and harsh feelings from you to discern how you’d react to the situation and determine your status.
They saw how your face twisted into one of pure misery. They saw how you stared off into the abyss, blaming yourself for something you didn’t even know about. Edward certainly did. And he’d explain to your family exactly where your thoughts were at that moment.
It was a never ending loop of my fault and stupid and worthless.
But there was also do they still want me?
Whilst Edward could hear your thoughts, Jasper could feel them. He could feel them in such intensity that if he could throw up, he’d have nothing left in his body. The pain that you’d been feeling for days was completely torturous and him and the Major admired you for your strength.
It was difficult to restrain himself from just going to you but he did and every time he felt as though he couldn’t, the Major took control… more often than not.
Earlier today being one of them.
His gut lurched every time your sadness and anger twisted and aimed at yourself however when you began disrespecting the others with your rude and sarcastic actions, he’d called upon the Major to handle the situation as he knew that the dominance he emanated would tug at your instincts, even though you’d never know.
As it was a Thursday, tomorrow would mark the one week mark of your “vampire puberty” as Emmett had so delicately put it which meant that the final result would be revealed extremely soon. Furthermore, your signals and signs that you were in fact a submissive was heightened which was another factor to Jasper’s decision.
He didn’t really like Bella so when Bella had stalked over to their table Jasper instantly felt the resentment and envy that consumed you and couldn’t help but silently agree with your undoubtedly unpleasant thoughts. What caught the Major’s attention was when you stood up abruptly and hardly concealed your heightened speed even though you were in public.
A sick part of him couldn’t help but think defiant, are we, sugar? Immediately a sick rush of possessiveness flooded through him and he grinned a manic grin.
Oh, it had been too long since he’d had the opportunity to be in charge again. And you, his perfect little mate, had given him the perfect opportunity to scratch the itch that had been bothering him for over a century.
So he left the school after you after addressing the guilty and concerned look of his family. “Not to worry, this can only go one way,” he’d said confidently.
To his absolute delight, he’d found you in the place that meant the most to him. But his pleasure could wait for later he had to discipline you.
Which landed you both in this situation: you, unconscious and in his arms and the Major, teeth puncturing the mark on your neck and mouthing desperately, trying to get deeper, trying to strengthen your mating bond by solidifying your mutual roles in the relationship.
He too found himself lost in a place between consciousness and utter bliss. His vision was ebbing away and turning hazy with his bright red eyes fluttering constantly yet his mouth continued in its consistent suctions.
His mind drifted to the deer you’d drank from earlier and wondered when he’d taste the blood you’d digested.
When it hit his tongue, he let out and unearthly growl and drank from you like a mad man. Desperate noises escaped his lips and as he adjusted himself to get a better grip, your head continued to loll lifelessly against him.
He continued until everything blurred and he lost track of time, then he ultimately passed out as well, fangs leaving your abused neck but instincts controlling how he coddled you.
Hours later, Emmett and Rosalie found you both on the floor huddled together. Emmett was about to laugh out loud and make a sarcastic comment when Rosalie nudged him harshly and drew his attention the matching marks on both of your necks.
Their eyes widened and immediately they went about bringing you home. With their super speed, it took less than a minute for them to get you back and dump you two on the bed, still unconscious. They knew that when you awoke however, they’d have to leave for a good while otherwise risk interrupting your haywire morality at the moment.
A while after they’d left, you subconsciously rubbed up against Jasper in order to get closer to him but in doing that you wafted a heavy load of your scent directly in his direction.
His crimson eyes darted open and snapped to you instantly. His fangs dropped down and he snarled deafeningly; a warning for the vampires downstairs.
When he heard them scurrying out, he began tracing your arms possessively and already planning the fun you two would have when you woke up. For now though, he’d settle for another drink
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Sorry for the wait, it took me longer than it needed to. Enjoy 😀
Tumblr media
You were in class studying for an upcoming exam when you received a text from your boyfriend, Jasper. You hated leaving him alone during the day while you were at school, and you knew he hated not being with you. Ever since you and Jasper met, he has had separation anxiety. He hated leaving you alone, we felt empty without you. He is a very overprotective boyfriend. He has a right to be, just not all the time. He grew up in the time where women couldn’t be left alone, due to men. Its not his fault that he still thought that time is at hand, it is, just not so prominent. He would always pick you up from school and text you during classes.
You aren’t popular in school, you’re the nerd, but a pretty one. You’re sassy and confident, but smart and sophisticated, which meant that you struggled to fit in with everyone else. You were looked up to by the rest of the nerds and some of the pretty girls, the emo’s kinda scared you, and the jocks pick on you. You never told Jasper about the jocks, you knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself, he would have to “protect his girl”. After school, he would pick you up and either drive you to his house and you would stay the night or he would drive you to your house, your parents were never around. They left you the house and transferred thousands into your bank account every month to make sure you were happy while they were away, so you could do whatever you want.
The jocks were giving you a really hard time today, you had tripped over and spilled your milk all over you. They kept mocking you and re-enacting it all day, making “suggestions” and taunting you. They did it to such an extent that they followed you out of the school, and over to Jasper’s car. The biggest jock, Derek, shoved you to the ground, in a massive puddle, and pointed at you, laughing “that’s the same position she landed in when the tripped!”. All his mates cackled with him. You looked up at the black Lamborghini to see your sandy haired, pale skinned boyfriend climbing out and slamming the door closed. He stalked over to you and helped you off the ground. He was wearing a black hoodie and crème pants. He pulled his hoodie off and gave it to you to put over your soaked shirt, his bare chest was showing off all the scars you liked to trace.
Derek walked up to Jasper, trying to intimidate him and jasper didn’t back down, he took a step forward so they’re chests were touching. Derek threw the first punch, jasper dodged his fist and punched him square in the jaw, knocking him on his ass. His mated stomped over and started throwing their fists at Jas, he kept knocking them back. Derek came over to me and started yelling at me. “You bitch! He broke my nose and its your fault!” he balled his hand up and swung it right into your face, hitting you in the eye and jaw (he has big fists). “Bastard!” you shouted after he hit you. Jasper looked over and saw your red face and Derek walking away, and quickly pieced it together.  He raced after Derek and tackled him to the ground, “Nobody hits my girl!” he shouts, bashing Derek over and over, drawing blood.
As soon as you saw the blood you knew you had to get Jasper out of there before he completely lost it. Unfortunately, you were too late, his irises had turned red, instead of the usual hazelly gold they are. You walked held his hand and intertwined it with yours, reminding him that you were there for him. You released his hand and linked your arms through his, curling your arms up to hold his shoulders as you pulled him up, and he let you. No matter what mood he was in, you were always able to snap him out of it. You intertwined your hands together as you led him back to the car. You led him around to the passenger seat and opened the door, helping him in. there was no point in letting him drive when he was like this, he was too distracted.
You slid in the driver’s side and buckled up. You turned the car on and backed out of the parking spot, out of the car park, and sped Jasper back to the Cullen’s house in the forest. You pulled into the driveway and left Jas in the car, racing inside to grab an animal blood bag. You raced back outside and stabbed a straw in it. That immediately got his attention as he used his super speed and grab it out of you hand and drink it faster than the speed of light. His eyes turned back to their normal golden colour as the Cullen’s raved out the front, smelling the blood. “What happened??” Carlisle asked, noticing Jasper’s lack of a shirt. “I was pushed into a puddle and Jas gave me his hoodie, then the guys who pushed me started a fight with him and one of them hit me. He hit them back and drew blood, so I brought him here and got him a blood bag” you explained to your boyfriend’s adoptive father, as you all walked inside. The Cullen’s got back to what they were previously doing, while Jasper took you up to his room.
You had a few drawers of clothes in his room, as you were here a lot. You grabbed a pair of leggings and made your way to the shower. You intended on wearing his hoodie for the rest of the night. The hot water scathed against your skin as you turned the shower on. You grabbed the bar of soap and washed yourself, then rinsed and got out. You wrapped a towel around your chest and grabbed a pad, taking off your make up. You cleansed your face and moisturized. You got dressed into the leggings and hoodie and walked out.
You pulled out your phone and started scrolling through Tik Tok while you waited for Jasper to come back from whatever he was doing. You didn’t notice he had walked in and layed down beside you until you felt a pair of cold, yet strong, arms wrap around your waist. “Is that my hoodie you’re wearing, Darlin’?” he mumbled into your shoulder. You hummed a yes and kept scrolling. He leaned up and grabbed your phone “Heeeyyyyy” you whined as he placed it on the bedside table, he sat on top of you so you couldn’t get up and grab it. “Care to tell me why you didn’t mention the Jocks?” he raised an eyebrow. “They’ve never really been a problem, just the occasional poke, joke, or snicker. It never been anything like today.” He leaned down until you were nose to nose “Still couldn’t told me princess” he sounded disappointed but there was something else, I’d heard it before but I couldn’t place it.
He pushed his nose past mine and connect our lips, sliding his hips back and placing his hands on my neck. Lust. That’s what I saw but couldn’t place, he was in the mood. “I cant believe you tried to take on those big guys all by yourself” he stated, contently staring into your eyes. You flipped over so you were on top. “I wasn’t trying to take them on, I was trying to avoid them” you mumbled as you got to work on his jaw.  He placed his hands on your hips, leading them in grinding on his dick. You could feel how hard he was getting. You pushed you into an upright position and took off your (really his) hoodie and unhooked your bra, licking and playing with your tits.
He flipped you over and continued to suck on your tit, playing with the other. He made his way down your stomach and hook his finger into your tights and pulling them down, taking your underwear too. He started rubbing slow circles on your clit, driving you crazy. Before you could say anything, he dove into your heat, dipping his tongue inside you, eating you out like his life depended on it. He wrapped his legs around your head and started sucking harder, tasting you as you came. He removed his mouth and kissed you, letting you taste yourself, before slamming his hips into yours, rocking into you in an abnormal pace.
You tilted your head back in please, “eyes on me darlin” he says. You struggle to but obey him. You flip him over and start doing figure eights on his hips, before lifting yourself up and slamming backdown, cause an obscene moan out of you both. Jasper watched as you impaled yourself on his dick, in complete bliss. You started clenching around him, signaling you were close. “Jas” you called out. “Hold it, baby, hold it! Cum with me” he said, flipping you back over and continuously hitting the spot. “Now, darlin. Let go”. You felt him coating your walls as you let go. He slowly pulled out and went to get a towel to clean you up. After he did, he got into bed with you and held you close, his cold skin against your hot skin, lulling you into a deep sleep
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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opinionatedtwihard · a month ago
In honor of graduation season, please remember that the cullens VOLUNTARILY went to high school more than once?!?! Sick masochistic lion is 100% accurate bruh I-
I'd go straight to the Volturi and get my ass annihilated before I voluntarily accepted my place as a high school student for an additional DAY
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Jasper x reader - not so dangerous
Tumblr media
Hi I was wondering if you could possibly do 45 from your prompt list with Jasper Hale please Thanks I love your writing a lot - Anon💜
45. “I’m meaner than my demons.”
You were tired of running, tired of chasing someone you weren’t. Running from the person you were, who you really were.
So you stopped, and you settled, brought an apartment and took part time job at a cafe to help make ends meet.
That’s where you first met Jasper, he was picking Bella up with her boyfriend, and you caught his eye from across the room.
He was cute you had to admit, but you didn’t want to be with someone. They couldn’t accept someone like you, and you knew that.
But as the weeks slipped past, you noticed Jasper coming more and more, ordering coffee but he never drank it, or picking Bella up with Edward.
“Just talk to him.” Bella whispered.
“No…” you whispered back as you grabbed her cup.
She laughed, following you to the counter as you set her things at the sink.
“Come on, just ask him on a date.”
“Not happening Bella Swan. Now go home before your dad kicks my ass.”
She laughed, rolling her eyes as she made her way outside and you watched as Jasper walked in.
He looked around before making his way over to the counter.
“Evening Jasper.” You smiled.
“Good evening. Are you well?” He asked.
“Yeah, you aren’t heading home?” You asked.
You walked over to the door and locked it as you made your way back to the kitchen to start cleaning everything up.
“It’s dark, and it’s been dangerous recently. I thought I’d take you home.”
“I’m okay walking Jasper, don’t worry.” You laughed.
“If not for you then for me?”
Flicking your eyes to him, you gave him a soft smile and nodded your head.
You knew that he wasn’t going to give up and you didn’t want to argue with him.
Jasper walked over and started to help you clean and it made you smile.
You guys had a light chat as you worked before you locked up and he gestured to his car.
“I can walk Jasper.”
You started to walk and he grabbed your hand, pulling you towards the car before he opened the guest side for you to get in.
Climbing in, you rolled your eyes as you made your way home.
Jasper pulled up outside and you debated for a moment.
“Wanna come inside?”
“I’d love that.” He smiled.
You beamed and lead him upstairs into the apartment, and that’s when everything went wrong.
Someone had broken in, and it all went so fast.
From you throwing Jasper across the room to you throwing the intruder out of the window, eyes a blood red as you stared down at them.
Slowly, you turned your way back to Jasper, your eyes locked with his and you gave him a sad smile.
“How did I not know…?” He whispered.
“Because I’m not like you… I’m more dangerous…”
He stood up and walked over, going to place his hand on the side of your face and you flinched a little.
“I’m one of the originals…”
“Why didn’t you tell me…?” He asked.
“I’m meaner than my demons.” You sighed.
Jasper chuckled, pressing a kiss to the top of your head and he wrapped his arms around your waist and looking down at the person you tossed out the building.
You were so different, so unique and he wanted you to be his
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emmettsjeepx · 2 months ago
Does venom cure anxiety disorders or would I just bombard Jasper with anxiety 24/7?
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nymphastoriasblog · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
— Would ask you how to say some random things in your language.
— Before even talking to you, he would pull an academic research about your country, your culture, your country’s gastronomy, etc.
— Would ask for Esme to help him to bake some desserts to you.
— He would buy traditional clothes if he’s in the mood (after Emmett telling him it was a GREAT idea)
— Imagine you being from Scotland and him wearing a kilt 💀
— He would brag about you to his siblings because you speak more than one language
— Would meet your parents after a long while because he wasnt too secure about himself
— But after convincing him, he would say “hello”, “thank you” and “good night” in your language
— Then he will feel 100% prepared to meet your parents
— Would pay attention at every word that comes out from your mouth when you tell him a story from your childhood in your birth country
— And would ask you to teach him about your country history and mythology
— Would plan a trip to you there if it isnt too sunny
— asks Edward some advices because this mofo have been to Brazil (and to Italy) a lot and never get caught
— You taught him and Emmett some slangs in your language without telling them the true translation 😆
— Jasper would never admit that but it turns him on so bad when you speak in your native language
— He loves you so much and since you’re in his life, he became obsessed with your country and want to visit there so badly
— His heart melted when you showed him some pictures of your childhood in your country
— He is so cute, I cant-
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Hey! I don’t know if your taking requests or not, so sorry if you aren’t. But could you write something where Jasper and reader are together and get in a fight, and rose comforts reader and calls Jasper a dumbass? (Rose and reader would be best friends)
Pairing: Jasper Hale x human!reader
Warnings: angst
Twilight Masterlist
Tumblr media
"So we have an expiration date? Is that what you're saying?" She choked back tears, too proud to allow them past her defenses. For the first time since she met Jasper, Y/N didn't want to share her emotions with him.
Though she chose not to cry, he felt her anger intertwining with a sorrow he never wished would grow inside her heart. The last thing he ever wanted was to hurt Y/N. Nothing scares him more than the thought of losing her, but it is inevitable.
Y/N is human and he is not and no amount of wishing for a different end would ever change what was set in stone so long ago.
She is human. She deserves a human life and a human partner, children she daydreams about and the career she was working toward her whole life.
If he were to change her into his equal, Y/N would have to sacrifice everything. Jasper couldn't spend a forever wondering if she'd resent him for it.
"I'm saying I love you", he replies, solemn and with his head down. A deep frown set on his perfect face, a crease so rare to see in his kind.
"So love me then!" Flinching, Y/N closes her eyes. She didn't mean to lose her temper and raise her voice, but the frustration had gotten better of her.
It was enough to draw attention of others, but only one was unapologetically making herself known.
With her hand on Y/N's back, her golden eyes set on Jasper with disappointment.
"This doesn't concern you", Jasper is quick to react, finding her involvement unnecessary.
"You're being a damn fool, so it is very much my concern." Stepping in front of Y/N, Rosalie's hands formed fists. "You two love each other. Instead of making decisions for her, start asking what she wants."
"Thank you", Y/N exclaims from behind her, making Jasper sigh. Such a human thing to do, something he's started doing when she came into his life. She had softened his rough edges, made him whole again.
"I don't want this life for you", he says softly as Y/N moves next to Rosalie. "It's not something I'd choose for myself if I had a choice."
With heaviness in her heart, she walked up to her cowboy and placed her hands on his cheeks. "Nothing is worse than living my life without you."
"What if you regret it?"
Biting her lower lip, she shakes her head with a small smile.
"I could never regret you."
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" you know you're grounded, right? "
With Twilight... ps. Congrats, congrats, congrats. I love watching you grow! It also makes me feel really good about myself for being a OG 🤣
You know you’re grounded, right?
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you so much! And hi, OG friend!<3 Merry Christmas, everyone.
Jasper delicately arched an eyebrow from his place in your open doorway. His arms were crossed and there was a sliver of a smirk crossing his lips as he watched you do... whatever you were doing.
Really, he had no clue. For a vampire, you certainly emanated a particular vibe that screamed human. Or insanity was perhaps the better option, considering you were currently attempting to step on a tree branch from your bedroom window.
Clearing his throat, he moved into the room, amusement glittering in his eyes. “You know you’re grounded, right?” he called out, instinctively leaping into action when you jumped at the sudden voice and almost toppled out of the window.
Jasper grabbed you before you could, wrenching you back inside, arms wrapped around you so tight your feet didn’t even touch the ground. He held you there, staring down at you with a look you’d come to recognise as: “you almost gave my unbeating heart an aneurism.” You grimaced, looking hesitantly up at him. There was really nowhere else you could look in the position he had you in. 
“Sorry?” you tried, and a corner of his lips lifted before he set you back on your feet.
“What were you doing?” he asked, hands on your shoulders, and your eyes seemed to light up in a not so positive way, as though you were remembering something you’d since forgotten about.
Pulling away from Jasper’s hold, you raced back to the open window and resumed your previous position, hanging your upper body out and stretching a hand towards... something. To placate his rising worries, Jasper moved to stand next to you, peering with narrowed eyes out at the trees and attempting to see for himself what had you so intent on seemingly escaping your bedroom.
“I’m not grounded, by the way,” you stated as you leaned out a bit more, eyes scanning the trees. Jasper’s hands ached to grab a handful of your hoodie, just to keep you from falling. As though you didn’t literally control air.
“That’s not what Carlisle said,” he told you instead.
“Dad doesn’t know how to ground me. He just-” You put one foot on your windowsill once you’d apparently caught sight of what you’d been looking for- “confined me to the house.”
Jasper relented and shot an arm out to grab you. “You did send a basketball through his new windows.”
“Emmett’s fault. Can you let go?”
“Can you tell me what you’re doing?”
You yanked at your hoodie, but your brother did not yield. Finally, you let out a frustrated sigh and placed your foot back on the floor of your bedroom. Jasper loosened his hold but did not let go, all too knowledgeable of your swift escape tactics.
“There’s a cat stuck in a tree.”
Jasper’s brows shot up. Seriously? Was that it? He spared a moment to rack his brain and come up with any other reason it could have possibly been, but returned empty handed. He blinked. “And... how is hanging out the window going to help with that predicament?”
“Well, my original plan was to climb onto the tree and go and grab it, but I don’t think that’ll work.” You shook his hand, now loosened considerably, from your back and turned to the window, pointing with a finger. “Do you see it?”
Jasper stood next to you. It was difficult to see the tabby cat among the leaves, but he spotted it after a couple seconds, crouched and shaking on on a thin branch that definitely wouldn’t have held the nimblest of vampires. “So what was your next plan?” he asked.
“To use the wind.” You crossed your arms over your chest and twisted your face in thought. “But it just makes him more scared.”
Jasper breathed a short chuckle. “Y/N, if it’s emotions hindering you...”
You took a moment to process his words before your mouth fell open in a victorious grin and you gratefully stepped aside, making room for your brother. Jasper had tried it once, on a whim, to see if he could calm the deer he was about to sink his teeth into, and it’d worked. At least, he thought it had. He hadn’t been able to ask the deer, unfortunately.
But he’d done it many times since, and his siblings had lovingly tacked the title of ‘Animal Whisperer’ onto him.
So, rolling his shoulders back, he focused his energy on the cat, letting it hum through and out his body and wrap itself around the animal, like a comforting blanket. He felt its fear and soothed it, and, sure enough, the cat, after a moment of contemplating, seemed to gain a newfound confidence. It stood up, scanning the branch, and put one paw in front of the other.
“Push it towards us,” Jasper said, and you reached an arm out, commanding the air to help move the cat to the windowsill before the branch snapped under its weight. It mewed softly as the air fluffed its hair, big eyes blinking and completely unaware of the creaking beneath it. You were practically jumping on your toes from sheer anticipation. Jasper, meanwhile, stretched himself half out the window--oh, hypocrisy--and grasped the cat by the scruff of its neck, pulling it quickly inside before the branch cracked and fell into two, the end half swinging downwards.
The cat jumped from his arms into yours, immediately rubbing its head under your chin and purring affectionately. “You’re very welcome,” you said with a smile before turning puppy-dog eyes up to your brother. “Do you think Dad’ll let us keep him?”
Jasper snorted and extended an arm to let the cat sniff his hand. Its little wet nose pressed against his skin before it nudged him with its head, and he gave it a small pat before stepping away. “I doubt it. You shouldn’t play with your food.”
You audibly gasped and slapped at his chest, turning the cat away from him despite his playful grin. “We don’t eat cats, Jaz.”
“You don’t. Better not let that one roam the house.”
“Get out.” You tossed a pillow at him, using your aerokinesis to expertly send it soaring through the sky and straight for his smirking face. He dodged it and pointed a finger at you, walking backwards towards the door.
“Better watch out, little sis.”
“I hate you!”
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