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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 21 hours ago
What happens if you become Alice Cullen, sometime in the middle of the Saga? How would you deal with the fact that Jasper and Edward at least would know some shady shit was up? At least unless you blocked Edward somehow.
The Thing (1982) is what happens, anon.
I imagine I am murdered for clearly not being Alice. My best option is to run as far and as fast as I can. My gift is the one that would be damning in finding me, Edward's range is extremely limited and Jasper's gift not helpful in this case.
So, that's what I do, as soon as I figure out that this is what has happened.
I am not relying on my somehow being able to block Edward immediately or convince Jasper I'm freaking out for perfectly normal reasons.
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jstwilight · a month ago
Who hell made this-
Tumblr media
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blanca-angelica-loveless · 2 months ago
Stephanie meyer: I think sewers in 1600s London makes sense. I will do no reaserch and get very rich.
Fanfiction writers: if Carlisle stood in a northfacing second story window a few miles south of the thames, in what I have just learned would be Southwack, would the elevation be sufficient enough that he would be able to see the Thames river? I don't know yet but I did find the most beautifully detailed map of 1680s London to drool over. I did also just learn that that area was marshlands in the middle ages, and all the topographical maps of the area seem pretty level so probably not, but I'm having fun so this needs at least three more hours of research tonight.
(It's me I'm fanfiction writers)
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imthe1wthewickedcurveball · a month ago
Why did Edward not buy a heated blanket for his late night cuddles with Bella?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pixielike · 3 months ago
bella: any cold, wet thing. i don't really... *scoffs in disgust*
edward, remarkably cold:
Tumblr media
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cullenclansposts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Drew the Cullens! Excluding Bella as of now, just wanted to draw the main 7 Cullens
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carlisles-girl · 11 months ago
What pet names or nick names would the cullens use for their significant other? :)
a/n: Yes of course! Thank you so much for sending requests, if you are the same person, it made my day when I arrived from the store!
Pet Names The Cullens Would Use
Carlisle Cullen
Tumblr media
Carlisle would use standard, yet romantic, names.
“My love” would certainly be his favourite.
Especially when he greeted you whenever you, or he himself, came home from work.
“My love, I’m home!” And it’d follow with a warm smile, and a kiss on the forehead.
Or, “My love, you’re home!” And he’d get up from wherever he was seated at, and go over to you and bring you close by holding your waist, then kissing your forehead, then your cheek.
He’d definitely use “Dear”, too, but less often as “my love”.
Jasper Hale
Tumblr media
I certainly feel like he’d stick to the more “Darlin’, I’m home!” Sort of 50s family sitcom stereotype.
“Darlin’” is said by him about 63 times a day.
“Darlin’, look at this,” he’d say as he showed you something.
“Darlin’, come here,”
“I miss you so much, Darlin’. I can’t wait for you to get back.” He’d say as you both were on a phone call, distanced from the other.
His accent makes it so much better and smoother.
Imagine him feeling *needy* and he’s just like,
“Darlin’, I- uhh, need ya for somethin’.”
oh my god
Alice Cullen
Tumblr media
Alice has a more bubbly personality, so I feel like she’d switch up the pet names every once in a while.
One month, it’d be: “Sweetheart”.
The next it’d be: “Baby”.
The one she’d use the most would have to be “Honey”.
You’d asked her about it, why she’d call you that out of all of the names she’d given you, and she responded with:
“Oh, no reason, you’re just my honey :)”
Literally the cutest <3
Rosalie Hale
Tumblr media
Probably not into nicknames, it most likely reminds her of her ex-fiancé.
However, she’d call you a shorter version of your name.
If your name was too short to be shortened, she’d call you “dove”.
The definition for dove is; “Bird Of Peace.”
Whenever you come into eye-range of Rose, she becomes instantly happier, you are the light of her life - her escape.
Emmett Cullen
Tumblr media
As demonstrated with Rosalie in the first Twilight film, during the baseball scene, he used “babe”.
“Babe” is simpler for him to say; it’s one syllable, and goes along with just about any sentence.
And he looooves dragging it out to get something from you.
“Baaaaabe! Please? Just one more match?” He’d say after a wresting match.
Or, “Baaaabe, please?” For just about anything.
He’d occasionally use, “Baby”, whenever he wanted a little change in his everyday life, and a raised eyebrow from you, wondering why he changed it all of the sudden.
Edward Cullen
Tumblr media
Probably would use some dumb shit like “Pookie” or something.
After an argument, let’s say, and you’re ignoring him;
Edward crossed his legs as he sat on your bed behind you. You had your back facing him and you were reading a book to clear your mind from the small argument you and Edward had just a few moments prior, but also just to ignore him. Ignoring him was such a difficult situation with Edward, because he could read every thought that passed through your brain. “I know you’re still thinking of me.” He whispered, his chin resting on his left hand. You continued to ignore him further, giving Edward a feeling of aggravation and frustration. He smiled mischievously as he scooted closer to your frame, your eyes drifting of the page you were on for a moment attempting to see what he was getting at. He rested his chin on your left shoulder blade as he brought his hands up your back, then trailed them down to your hands. You had dropped the book on your lap moments ago, forgetting even why you were mad at him as he entangled your hands with his, his chin still resting on the blade of your shoulder. “Hey,” he began, gaining your attention before your eyes fluttered closed. You hummed to him as a response, your mind still a little foggy. “You’re my pookie.” Your eyes snapped opened and you turned to face him, “What?” You said, attempting to feign your smile. “I said, ‘you’re my pookie.” Edward repeated himself as he brought a hand of his own to your jawline, bringing your face closer to his. You chuckled, so quiet that if Edward didn’t have his hearing enhanced, he wouldn’t of heard it. “What does that even mean?” “I don’t know.” He’d say as he brought your lips to his.
Esme Cullen
Tumblr media
Would keep it short and simple like “love” or “my beloved”.
She would absolutely adore you .
“My beloved, I made you (favourite food) for dinner.”
“Love, I have a new book for you to read.”
Absolutely would treasure you for the rest of your eternal lives.
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infictionalwonderland · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Imagine being the only one who can help Jasper with his bloodlust
warnings : swearing, mentions of blood and injures
— ‘tis short
Drip. Drip. Drip.
Series of golden eyes around the Cullen house widened, the scent of pure natural and desirable human blood wafting almost teasingly into their senses.
Some in the house were better at control than others.
Carlisle Cullen gritted his sharpened, pearly white teeth— his gaze flickering over the younger vampires, whom he considered family, worriedly.
Jasper Hale widened his golden eyes, feeling his fangs elongate from their place hidden in his gums, rushing over toward the bleeding Isabella Swan who was quickly hidden by a on edge Edward Cullen.
“Someone get y/n.” Rosalie shouted in anxiousness, helping her husband in holding back the raging younger vampire who was completely lost of his morals and merely focusing on the scent of fresh blood.
Esme gnawed on her lower lip worriedly, hastily escorting a tempted and equally as distraught Alice out of the room with her husbands quick nod of permission.
The door to their house slammed open loudly and a hurried, obnoxiously loud ‘whoosh’ was heard and you were immediately next to them, face contorted in a anxious expression.
Rosalie let out an audible sigh of relief at the sight of you, her best friend, and she offered you a quick smile which you returned with a falsely flirtatious wink— forever trying to lift the gloomy mood if one ever occurred.
Instead of focusing on the very prominent and extra sweet smell of blood which was continuously weaving itself around your scenes, in a teasing and malicious sort of dance that you forever despised.
However, it was easier to ignore your own temptation when your lover was in need of help.
“Jasper, love.” You soothed immediately rushing over to stand in front of him—your cold but soft hands cupping either side of his face as his unfocused eyes slowly sank back into reality the longer he remained in your calming presence, it grounded him. You grounded him. “It’s alright, you’re okay my love.”
The relentless thrashing the blonde was doing in an attempt to get the blood from Isabella’s wound, died down. His tensed muscles loosening and relaxing the longer you had your arms wrapped around him, pressing kisses to his cold forehead and muttering reassuring words into his ear.
Rosalie and Emmett took a fleeting moment to share a heartfelt smile before they dashed off, the burning in their throats—the pure agony riddled aching, becoming a shit ton more prominent the longer they stayed in the same space as Isabella.
You gently tried to remove Jasper from your embrace but he whined in objection, stuffing his face back into your chest and wrapping his arms tighter around your body.
You chuckled quietly, the aching in your throat making the action hurt massively. So with a quick kiss on Carlisle’s cheek you sped yourself and Jasper out of the room, the blonde still clinging onto you like a lost child who needed comfort.
Isabella, Bella as she preferred, had her lips parted at the scene. The stinging in her arm from the quite large cut evaporating from her mind —she wanted that with Edward, and so yeah she was mildly jealous, but there isn’t much she could do about it. Edward was.. Edward and she was .. well herself so they probably couldn’t have something as real, as true and as openly affectionate as that.
And hearing the faint sound of you and Jasper sharing a passionate kiss upstairs, then presumably Jasper whining at the loss of contact —she was almost green with envy.
But haven’t you heard Isabella? Jealousy provokes wrinkles.
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heyyyitsgrey · 7 months ago
Jasper Hale- NSFW Alphabet
I keep seeing these things and I wanted to make one
✨I've decided I can write smut now✨so buckle in y'all
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
He would take aftercare very seriously. Especially if you're a human, he'd be sure to either help you clean up or he'd clean you up. He'd change the bedsheets, maybe grab you some clothes to change into (if you're at his house)
If you're a vampire, he'd lay there with you for a while afterward, letting each of you come down off your highs. Then he would get up and run the two of you a bath, or something similar, he'd make sure that you relax for a while after.
B = Body part (Their favorite body part and also their partner’s)
His favorite part of his own body would probably be his hands, he would love to run his hands all over your body, teasing you.
On you? He adores your neck. He loves hearing your blood rush as he runs his teeth over your neck, especially your jugular vein. When he kisses your neck, it's even better. He can feel your heart rate quicken under his lips.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically…I’m a disgusting person)
He'd love being able to cum inside you (with your permission of course), the look of his hot cum spilling out of you, as he pulled out, was hot enough to almost make him cum again.
If you're not okay with him cumming inside of you, he'd be just fine cumming on your stomach, really wherever you want him to cum on you.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
He would love the idea of you wearing a cowboy hat when you're riding him- (although that's not really a secret)
One thing that he would really really love to do, use his powers to overstimulate you or to edge you over and over again until your begging for release.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
He's not super experienced, however, he is experienced enough to make you feel so good, even without his powers. (and with the aid of his powers- oh boy you'd be lucky to walk the next day) If he's your first, no one else will ever compare.
F = Favorite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)
Doggy Style...all the way. He would love just being able to pound into you, he loves being able to go so deep inside of you
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc.)
With Jasper, it really depends, he could either be really rough and serious, or he could go slow and be more romantic.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
He doesn't have to worry about hair growth, so it's definitely not an issue. His hair isn't long at all.
With you, it doesn't matter how long your hair is, Jasper's biggest want for you is that you are comfortable.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
He is very intimate in the moment. He loves making you feel good above all things. Whether or not he's completely pounding you or if he's just trying to make love to you, he's trying his hardest to make you feel your greatest.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
He really doesn't have any reason to jack off, I mean if he's horny, you're also horny. And if he does it's either to tease you or to put on a show for you. (He'd tie you up and then sit on a chair near the bed and make you watch as he moaned your name)
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
He's a very dominant man, he'd love to restrain you somehow- so bondage.
I feel like he would also enjoy sensory deprivation, blindfolding, maybe even noise-canceling headphones.
This guy would get off so much by making you beg to cum, or to beg for him. "Yeah? You wanna cum? You gotta beg for it darlin'" (This also would apply to an edging kink)
Praise kink all the way, he loves praising you, "God darlin' you feel so good.", "I love it when you touch me like that"
He's also very possessive, I mean your his mate, only his. He loves asking you who you belong to, whilst fucking you, "Who do you belong to?"
L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
He would love to do it in the privacy of your own home (your room, his room, somewhere private) although I feel like this dude would be down for car sex
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
I feel like he's constantly in the mood, anything you do is more than enough to turn him on. One big thing that would turn him on is sensing you getting turned on, especially when it's his doing.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
He would hate the idea of hurting you. No knife-play and definitely no blood play, he has a hard enough time around human blood let's not bring that into the bedroom-
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
This man would go fucking feral over receiving head. He loves looking at you on down on your knees, you just staring up at him-god.
He's really skilled at giving head, and he loves giving as well. He loves making you cum on his tongue, he loves seeing you squirm under him (he believes that next to human blood, your cum is the next biggest temptation to him)
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? Etc.)
Like I've said, it all depends on what he's in the mood for. He loves just absolutely plowing you, going so hard that you're sore the next few days.
He also loves going slow and just being able to focus on kissing you, touching you, just enjoying your time together.
Q = Quickie (Their opinion on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
I don't think he would be opposed to quickies, however, he would definitely prefer proper sex. He tries his best to only have quickies every once and a while.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
He's down to experiment, but not at the expense of your safety. He'd love to experiment with whatever you want, especially with new positions.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
He's a vampire, so he has more stamina than a human does. If you're a human, he'll go for as many rounds as you want, or can handle. If you're a vampire, you can both go on for days on end-
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
He doesn't own any toys, and neither do you. I mean you don't exactly need them, you satisfy each other's needs on your own. He would be cool if you asked him to oh... I don't know...use a vibrator on you (although I don't think he would ever admit that to you)
U = Unfair (How much they like to tease)
This man is such a tease- although you tease him as well (but nowhere near what he does to you) He loves to see how much you can take before you snap and beg for him-
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
He wouldn't be very vocal, he would be vocal, but most of it would be him groaning. However, if you want him to moan, give him head. When you give him head, this man goes feral as I stated before, he's so loud.
He loves it when you moan unless your fucking in public or somewhere where you can't be loud. If you try to hold back or even muffle your moans when it's unnecessary, he'd pause his thrusts and say to you, "Don't hold back darlin' it's just us here."
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
If you're a human, he'd love to give you hickeys all over your body, especially on your thighs and neck. He loves putting hickeys in places that you can't cover up, he loves "showing who you belong to" (his fucking possessiveness showing up again)
If you're a vampire, he'd love trying to give you hickeys (but your lack of blood makes that virtually impossible) so if anything he loves just peppering your entire body with kisses.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
He's big-not unbelievably big, but he's big. He has an average thickness. Don't get me wrong, he's definitely impressive...
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
This man has a high as hell sex drive. He would love to have sex every day, (I mean if you're a vampire, like him, you can totally do that)
Z = ZZZ (…how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He doesn't sleep, he doesn't need to. If you're human, he'll quickly clean you up (if you're exhausted and can't do it yourself), or he'll wait until you return to him, where he will have put new sheets on the bed.
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homeofthelonelywriter · 3 months ago
Bunny - Jasper Hale
(A/N) Okay, I truly do not think that I brought justice to the request. It was just so adorable! It was requested by the wonderful @rainbow-bunny-bts​. Thank you so much for your request! I hope you like it! I am kind of interested in a small series with Jas and a Reader just like this one. Let me know if any of you are interested!
Pairing: Jasper Hale x Reader
Warning: mental exhaustion, school, cuteness
Part 2
Tumblr media
We were only two lessons into the school day, and I was beyond exhausted. As if school, the noises and the sheer number of people weren’t hard enough, being separated from Jasper delivered a killing blow to my psyche.
Sure, we were still in the same building, but he wasn’t close enough to calm me down, no matter how hard he tried.
I had just exited the classroom my last lesson was held in, when a group of yelling jocks ran past me. But…I heard nothing. The only reason I knew they were yelling was because I saw the way their mouths moved.
Two cold hands covered my ears and only let go when the jocks were out of sight. I turned around and was greeted by two golden eyes and a lopsided smile. I smiled back, until I realized that his classroom was too far away from mine. He shouldn’t have been able to be here in time to shield me from the noise. And when I realized that I quickly punched him in the chest. Or, I tried to at least. With his killer reflexes he stopped me before my fist met his chest.
“How many times do I have to tell you, darling? Thumb goes outside the fist, if you keep it inside, you’re going to break it when you punch someone.” He gently corrected my fingers. “And you’re going to break your entire hand if you punch me. Really, you must be more careful.” I huffed and pulled my hand away. “Well, if you don’t want me to punch you, don’t use your powers in school. You know that that is dangerous.” He laughed and pulled me into a hug.
“Love, I could feel your exhaustion across the whole school. And we both know how sensible you are to loud noises.” I rolled my eyes but still hugged him back. “Jas?” “Yes darling?”
“Can we skip the rest of the day?”
“Sure hun.”
He pulled away from the hug and grabbed my hand, carefully leading me out of the school. On the way out we passed his siblings, and the way Edward nodded at Jasper told me that he had told his brother via his mind, what was going on. Alice sweetly waved at me and I returned the gesture.
As soon as we were outside, I took a deep breath. Jasper waited for me to calm down before he led me into the close by woods. He had to leave the cars for his siblings. Instead he picked me up and sped through the woods until we reached their home. There it was quiet and calm and I could finally let my guard down and relax.
He set me down and I quickly ran to the house and opened the door. Jumping up the stairs, I was almost at the door to his room when I was picked up again. Jasper had reached me just in time to carry me over the threshold.
It was a game the two of us played and so far, I had always lost.
He sat me down on his bed, which he had only gotten for me, and quickly took my shoes off. Before I could snuggle into the soft comforter and blankets, he forced me to take off my sweater, which was his, and my pants. He handed me sweatpants that I could put on instead.
“Do you want some music?” I had already cuddled up when he asked that question. I nodded my head and Jasper put my favorite vinyl on, before he joined me in bed. He pulled me close and let me rest on his chest.
“Yes, my love?”
“I love you.”
“I love you too, bunny.”
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joelsgeetar · 10 months ago
Trust & Lust — Jasper Hale
Tumblr media
TW: smut, language, etc.
Summary: After the baseball game Jasper invited you to - he sneaks into your room later that night to take care of your sexual needs.
Additional info: (Fem!Human!Reader), sub/dom vibes, rough sex, choking, dirty talk, praise, lowkey breeding kink(?), oral(f), jasper has to keep you quiet bc your parents are asleep, this was fun to write so I hope y'all enjoy! <3
I'll fix any typos later
Word Count: 2.4k+
@opalrose0 bestie dinner is ready 😎
Tumblr media
It didn't surprise Jasper to feel the lust radiating from you in the field. He knew you enjoyed watching him being active - although, you also get turned on by simply looking at him.
Jasper hasn't been intimate with you for a few weeks - he wanted to touch you more than anything but it wasn't easy to find alone time. At his home, it's impossible to be secret about it. And with your household full of siblings and both parents - it's beyond annoying to be interrupted every ten minutes.
Jasper had texted you an hour after dropping you off back home. Of course you replied immediately and suddenly you felt that familiar knot in your stomach. He told you to keep your window open, that he'd be there late tonight.
You got comfortable in bed with no intention to sleep but a wave of exhaustion knocked you out within minutes. Jasper found his way into your room thirty minutes after you fell asleep and smiled softly, admiring your aura.
“Darlin'.. Wake up, I got you some snacks.” Jasper whispered quietly into your ear, resting his body behind yours - his cold breath fanning against your neck delicately.
You groan and twist slightly in discomfort, your body shivering at the sudden temperature drop.
Jasper chuckles to himself at your sleepy state and carefully leans over to grab the bag full of snacks, purposely making noises with it.
Eventually, you sigh and open your eyes to see your boyfriend of two years grinning, his side smirk never getting old.
“I told you I was on a diet, Jas.”
“Alright then.. I'll let your siblings eat the chips.”
You gasped and playfully hit his chest which obviously didn't hurt him. He smiled wholeheartedly - knowing how much you loved spicy foods, specifically chips.
He could never understand the joy of eating normal food but he absolutely goes all out to get whatever you like. Sometimes he'll watch you eat, a curious expression never leaving his handsome features. It's amusing to him whenever you get seconds or refuse another plate - the way your body handles food is interesting and he keeps mental notes on what you don't like. Small things like that make you fall more in love with him.
You drop the bag on the floor quietly - you'd snack on them later or tomorrow. Although you did appreciate his efforts, all you wanted was to be close physically. Jasper obviously knew how you've been feeling - needy, desperate for his skillful touch and intoxicating words driven by lust. Jasper introduced you to many new things even though he wasn't your first. The first time with him felt unreal, your body in so much pleasure and shock. Jasper was the first to actually make you have an orgasm and whenever you told him that, he couldn't help himself from feeling cocky about it. Now he likes to tease you about it, loving to prove to you how well he knows your body.
You stare at Jasper and shift in your spot, pressing your thighs together in an attempt to dull the ache between your legs. It didn't take long for your vampire of a boyfriend to sense your excitement, he can hear your heart pounding faster and harder. All thanks to his wonderful gift, he always knows when you need his touch and how badly you're craving it.
Tonight isn't common - most of the time he likes to go slow and passionate, the fear of hurting his mate never leaving his mind. But with enough experience and your words of encouragement, he can often slip into a rougher mindset, his dominant nature taking over.
Jasper now has you pinned underneath his body, your legs still closed. He growls lowly to himself in frustration, gently forcing his knee to spread your legs. He hums in satisfaction against your neck, kissing and sucking your delicate skin. It's dangerous to do this, both of you know that - Jasper feeling how turned on you get whenever he kisses your neck sends him into a spiral of lust and dominance.
“Jasper..” You moan out in a whisper, desperately grinding against his thigh while he continues marking your neck - Jasper adores seeing you with hickeys, especially after someone tries to flirt with you. He will remind you and everyone that you're his. Sometimes he doesn't even need a situation like that to occur, his possessive behavior can show without being provoked - He enjoys owning you.
Jasper lowers his voice, lower than you expected - you shiver, fluttering your eyes closed momentarily and listen.
“Darlin'.. I'm gonna need you to be my good girl right now, can you do that for me?” Jasper is now roaming his hands all over your body, soon stopping at your waist, his cold fingers teasing you by tugging on your clothing, his eyes darkened - Jasper wants to touch you.
You nod and hum out a small agreement, not caring what you need to do for him to finally touch you. You've waited too long and your body is on fire, even though he's ice cold.
Jasper wasted no time after your response and ripped your sweatpants off, your underwear soaked - he takes a second to admire your arousal, proud of himself for your reaction.
You bite your lip to hold in a gasp, the cool air hitting your now exposed cunt. Jasper smirks up at you, trailing his kisses further down. He always starts from your neck to build up your excitement and it works every time.
Jasper finally latched onto your clit, flicking his tongue and swirling it just the way you like it. Your immediate reaction is to close your legs and moan - Jasper easily keeps your legs opened, holding onto your thighs roughly.
Forcing yourself to be quiet is more than difficult, the way he devours you is too good, it's impossible to stay silent. You tried biting your lip and holding your breath but it didn't work. Without much warning, you moan loudly and move your hips against his mouth. Jasper can't deny how hot you sound, the growing bulge in his pants throbbing.
Jasper pulls away abruptly, licking his bottom lip and smirks when you pout in annoyance. He knows how much you hate being teased; edging always irritates you. He loved it.
“Why'd you stop, Jas? Please- it feels so good.” You whine and moan breathlessly, you're already dripping with arousal.
He kisses your inner thighs. “I told you to be good, didn't I? You need to be quiet.”
Your face flushes and subconsciously close your legs - pressing your thighs together. “I'm sorry.”
Jasper senses the embarrassment and chuckles while prying your legs back open. His golden stare doesn't leave yours and he continues to eat you out mercilessly. You grip the sheets and focus on your breathing, holding back moans and whimpers. Jasper dips his tongue in long enough to pull another moan from you - legs shaking with pleasure. It's obvious that he enjoys hearing you, watching you struggle and move around underneath him.
It doesn't take long for the first orgasm to take over your body, you breathe heavily and whimper quietly at the sight of him holding your waist down and legs open with force - Jasper refuses to pull away; over stimulating you.
“Jasper— Fuck!” You arch your back and try closing your legs. Jasper groans against your heat and pulls away to let you calm down.
“I need you. I'll be good, I promise.” You beg him with a low whine, breathing heavier and pulling him back up to your mouth - you kiss him passionately, rougher than before.
Jasper takes his precious time with undressing you and himself, kissing all over your upper body, his cold fingers rubbing your clit to distract you from any discomfort - you're still not used to his size. And no matter how many times you hear him moan, your stomach always flips and swirls around with butterflies. Jasper isn't shy to let you know that he's feeling good.
Of course he's not loud, his sounds of pleasure are only for you to hear - he hides his head in the crook of your neck, kissing it softly. You lightly tug on his hair and he groans.
Jasper is surprisingly slow and gentle. He isn't forcing himself into you with uncontrollable lust. He grinds into you, careful not to hurt you in any way. He shows great control but deep down he is struggling. All Jasper wants to do is fuck you senseless - he wants to own you.
“I'm not going to break, Jas. It's okay.” It's not hard to tell he is craving more and so are you.
Jasper never wants to scare you with his strength. He'd rather show you that his strength is meant to protect you - save you from anything and everything. It warms your heart to the core but right now all you're thinking about is how amazing it would feel if he'd just let go.
“Do you trust me, Darlin?” Jasper looks you in the eyes waiting for your answer. He knows you do in general but with such a fragile moment like this - he needs reassurance.
That's all it took for him to finally drop the softer side of himself. He begins to build up a new pace - slowly, but surely - getting rougher.
You cling onto him and whimper. One of his hands grip the headboard, the wood cracks and splits down the middle. Jasper doesn't want to grip onto your body right now, it could harm you. Since you understand his fears and reasoning, you don't push him for more.
Jasper closes his eyes in pleasure - paying close attention to your quiet moans and breathless praise. He notices how you're losing control and struggling to keep yourself quiet. He lifts his head to look at you - smirking at your flustered face and panting. Jasper then carefully covers your mouth with one of his hands, roughly thrusting into you, whispering into your ear.
“Shh, we don't wanna get caught.”
You whine - a muffled moan leaves your mouth and vibrates against his palm. Jasper increased the speed of his movements just enough to coax another reaction from you. And again, his voice drops and sends shivers down your spine.
“It's alright, Darlin. I got you.”
Jasper studies your body - testing how rough and quick he can get before it gets uncomfortable. Within a few minutes Jasper has found the limit and lingers dangerously close behind the line. It's almost overwhelming.
The bed creaks and the headboard rams against the wall but neither of you care enough to stop, the thought of being caught brings more excitement anyways. Jasper is greedy and wants to feel all of you, wants to feel you cum around his cock - your distant sounds of pleasure edging him on.
You're a mess underneath him. Constantly squirming around, scratching his back and squeezing your legs around his waist to feel all of him - no amount of closeness is enough.
Jasper knows you're close. Any other time he'd encourage you to let go but tonight he wants this to last - Jasper likes hearing you beg.
“Don't you dare, Darlin. Be a good girl for me and hold it. I know you can do it.”
His words only welcomed your second orgasm, his tone of authority mixed with how gentle he spoke made your stomach twist and tighten. You really did try, you wanted to do what he asked but your body didn't listen.
Jasper couldn't find the words to scold you for not obeying him - the way you clenched around him and moaned loudly against his hand distracted him completely. Your climax pushed him into his own - However, Jasper still panicked silently when he knew pulling out was near impossible. You felt too damn good.
Lost in his pleasure, he uncovers your mouth and moans deeply, dipping his head down again to kiss your neck. And even though you came twice - you know Jasper is going to make it three, effortlessly. Not only that - you're also aware of his nearing orgasm that he fought off the entire time to focus on you.
“Jasper, please— Cum inside me, please!” You end up begging for it, moaning with a higher pitch and grinding against him to create more friction. All of this felt like an adrenaline rush.
Something happened. Jasper suddenly changed his demeanor, eyes dark and he let out a low growl before leaving your neck to hover over you more, one of his hands gripping your throat - his thrusts became almost erratic and close to being violent. This should've scared you but it didn't. You moaned louder and felt your body light up into flames, white hot pleasure coursing through your veins.
Jasper leans down - mumbles quietly with his hand now holding your jaw, oddly calm. “Is this what you wanted, hm? You like it when I ruin you, don't you? Look at you, Darlin - you're so desperate to be filled up.”
All you can do physically is nod and pant heavily, legs shaking and heart pounding. It's quickly starting to feel overwhelming again so your body naturally tries to escape his hold. Jasper didn't like that at all.
“What's wrong, Sweetheart? You don't think you can take it anymore? I know you want it. You're dripping, so needy. C'mon, it's okay. Take it.”
Both of you cum at the same time. Jasper helps you ride it out and doesn't stop moving. He's slower but not done yet. Jasper looks down to see your entrance leaking with his cum and he moans at the sight - praising you.
“Just like that, Darlin. Such a good girl.”
It took a few minutes to calm down from your high. Your breathing and heartbeat unsteady even after he pulled out and held you to his cold chest. Feeling insecure about your natural body heat and sweat had no chance to settle in your system. Jasper lovingly wiped your face and kissed your head - he always loved how your body reacted to being intimate with him.
It's silent except for your occasional deep breaths and slowed heartbeat. Jasper is the one to break the silence.
“Did I hurt you?” He sounded so small. Worried and nervous - it's adorable.
“No. It felt really fucking good. Thank you, Jas.”
You close your eyes and bask in the bliss he gave to you. Jasper chuckled.
“You're thanking me? I should be thanking you, Darlin.. Thank you for trusting me.”
With a tired smile you look up at him, finding him already staring at you. “Always.”
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jstwilight · a month ago
Tumblr media
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hallucination-edward · 5 months ago
Jasper giving the fam updates on edward while he's hiding in his room
Tumblr media
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imthe1wthewickedcurveball · 2 months ago
You mean to tell me that Carlisle took and tested Jacob’s blood unethically but didn’t test to see if his own sperm had swimmers???
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fluorescent-bulbs · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Edward at the grad party
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wear-a-shirt-jacob · 4 months ago
If Twilight were set in our modern age, which one of the Cullens would have Bella's contact name saved as "human caprisun"
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cullenclansposts · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
I'm back! Welcome to pre bella lunchtimes with the Cullen kids!
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carlisles-girl · 9 months ago
Could you pretty please do the cullens reaction to their s/o being like "ok and? I still love you and apriciate you even if you could literally snap me like a twig in a second" after they tell them that their a vampire thanks in advance
a/n: of course I can! I have a lot of projects contained in my drafts, so I’ll probably have a few more works published in a few days time.
another a/n: I changed the request a little, I had added the Cullens before they tell the reader that they are a vampire, while they say they’re a vampire, and after - which would be the reader’s reaction/their reaction to the reader’s.
How The Cullens Would React To You Knowing That They’re A Vampire
Carlisle Cullen
Tumblr media
Carlisle would prep for this moment from the second he had met you.
Alice would assure him that everything would be alright, she had seen it.
Despite Carlisle being calm about the possibilities of how you would react, and Alice’s vision of reassurance, he would still feel a tad nervous.
He had called you earlier that day, and had said that he just wanted to be in your company.
You’d come over, and you’d obviously be ecstatic that you’d be able to spend time with Carlisle and his family.
You sensed the air being stiffer than usual, everyone was seated in the living room, watching the television.
Carlisle had brought you to his office, and he had helped you sit down at one of the chairs that was there.
He then sat opposite to you, and you looked at him, wondering what he was about to reveal.
“My love, I have been holding onto something that you should know.”
Your heart had nearly froze in time hearing that phrase.
“Are you breaking up with me?”
“Oh, of course not! I want to spend forever with you, there’s just this one thing that I haven’t told you. It’s a pretty big reveal, so when I tell you, you can take as much time as you’d like to process this information. Even if that means leaving me.”
You frowned at the last sentence, but held Carlisle’s hand in your own, being used to the cold feeling that entrapped your own hands.
You holding his hand, ensuring Carlisle that you were ready to hear what he had to tell you, and so he said one simple line.
“I’m a vampire.”
You had sat there, just looking at your hands that here holding his, processing.
“So…that’s why your hands are always cold?”
Carlisle had chuckled a bit, seeing your own faint smile on your face.
“Yeah, it is.”
You were so curious about Carlisle now, more than you were from when you two went on your first date.
“Can I ask more questions? If that’s okay with you, of course.”
He smiled widely, happy that you were taking this well.
“Of course you can!”
“So if you’re a vampire, how- what year were you born in?”
“Oh, 1640.”
“You’ve seen like all the wars, or been awake for the beginning of them. That’s so crazy to me, you’re like an old man!”
“Hey, now I’m technically only 23!”
He had taken you hand-in-hand out of his office to the rest of the Cullens that were in the living room. The television was off as well.
“Were you guys eavesdropping on our conversation?”
“Kind of hard not to when you have enhanced hearing.” - Edward.
You turned to Carlisle, in awe of the fact that his entire family has supernatural gifts.
“This stuff is so intriguing to me, do you all have the same gifts, or is it different for everyone?”
Everyone would have to re-introduce themselves, now that you knew what they were.
Jasper Hale
Tumblr media
Jasper wouldn’t tell you that he was a vampire unless he knew how you were with secrets as big as that.
He would also only tell you after you had met his family.
He would stress about the day where he would eventually have to tell you, with Emmett joking that Jasper should use his gift on his own self so he could finally calm down.
Rosalie, usually knowing a lot of the gossip, would hang out with you to see if you would talk about any of the conspiracies that the other students had created about the Cullens.
You didn’t, which would surprise her since everyone would talk about their own theories that they had about the Cullens during lunch, or even right in front of their faces.
She would report back to Jasper after school that day, to which he would smile proudly.
He’d smile loving the fact that you don’t care about the rumours about him and his family.
Jasper would be smiling like a goof for an entire week. Which frightened majority of students, obviously not used to this particular feature marked on his face.
When you had caught up to Jasper, seeing this smile on his face, your own face had mirrored his own expression.
“What’s gotten you in a jolly mood there, partner?”
“Oh, nothin’, darlin’. What do you say about coming over to mine after?”
“I’d love to! I gotta get to math, though, I’ll see you later.”
You’d kiss him on the cheek as you’d jog over to your class, and Jasper would be the happiest he’s ever been in a long time.
After the final bell rang, you made your way over to Jasper in the parking lot, Rosalie and Emmett beside him as usual.
When you got closer, they all smiled at you as Jasper wrapped an arm around you and you both sat in the backseat of the Jeep, while Rosalie sat in the driver’s seat and Emmett in shotgun.
The radio was playing quietly, as you attempted to get a little bit of reading done as you leaned on Jasper’s shoulder.
Jasper was content as can be, knowing that you would take the information he was going to tell you, well.
You had gotten to the Cullen estate, and Rosalie and Emmett turned off the vehicle and went into the house, while you and Jasper stayed in the backseat, finishing up the page you were on.
“When we, uh, when we get into my room, I need to have a conversation with you, it’s very brief, and no, our relationship is not over, if that’s what you were thinking.”
This poor boy’s face would be flushed with blood, if it could. He’s so nervous to tell you.
You both made your way up the stairs to Jasper’s room, you in front of him, as Jasper looked over to the living room where the rest of the Cullens were seated.
Alice gave him a thumbs up and a bright smile, which calmed Jasper down more than expected.
Jasper opened his bedroom door open for you, and you walked in, placing your bag by the door as you usually do.
Then you sat down on his bed, which he stood in front of you, almost uncomfortably.
“You have to promise not to be mad…”
“I promise.”
He took a deep breath, though he didn’t need to, before saying,
“Do you remember at the beginning of our relationship, where I had a difficult time even standing next to you? Like it seemed I was uncomfortable.”
“I do, but I thought that was just because you were awkward.”
Jasper cracked a smile, before continuing.
“It seemed like I was uncomfortable standing next to you because…god, this is gonna make me sound like a maniac. But it was because I was trying to control my thirst.”
“For what? My blood or something?” You had said it in a jokingly way, not even thinking that that was close to the truth. All Jasper did was nod.
“Oh, you’re serious.”
“Completely serious.”
You took a few moments processing that your own boyfriend was a vampire. Jasper understood that there was going to be some sort of silence at some point during all of this, but he didn’t expect you to be this quiet, he’d expect maybe a million questions pouring out of your mouth, but there was nothing.
“Please don’t hate me.”
Those words made your heart shatter, and the only thing you could do was get up and hug him tightly, to which he embraced you as tight as he could without hurting you.
“I could never hate the person that I love and adore the most.”
Alice Cullen
Tumblr media
Alice would be so ecstatic after seeing a vision of you.
It was a very short vision, possibly the shortest Alice had ever had, but it at least showed your smile of interest.
She’d call you perhaps an hour after she had her vision.
“Hey sweetheart, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the nail salon, or catch a movie? Like a date!”
“You know I’d love to.”
She would get Rosalie and Esme help let her decide between 2 outfits she had planned, which was rare since Alice always chose her outfits, so Rose and Esme knew this was for a special occasion.
After picking her outfit, she immediately made her way down to the garage.
Emmett was working on one of the cars, and he noticed Alice smiling that bright smile she has whenever she’s about to see you.
“You seeing Y/n again?”
“Of course I am!”
“Have fun and cause trouble.”
Alice rolled her eyes at her adoptive brother, as she turned on the car. Emmett waved at her with a tool he hand in his hand as she sped off to your house.
She had gotten to your house within 5 minutes, and you were waiting outside of your front door.
You had seen Alice’s car, or rather Alice in Carlisle’s car, and made your way over to the passenger side.
Alice gave you a kiss on the cheek, and then she sped off to the movie theatre after you had strapped on your seatbelt.
After the movie, you two went back to the Cullens home, where you two sat on one of the big branches that were outside Alice’s massive window.
After you two were seated and making jokes at one another, the topic of conversation flowed onto more serious things.
First it started with jokes, second with how much you could hardly wait for summer break, then about how boring classes are, next about the amount of stress you were under with the piles of homework you were getting, then about Alice and her siblings’ disappearances whenever it was nice out.
The conversation reached a halt at the last topic, which made you slightly embarrassed for questioning your girlfriend’s whereabouts.
“I’m sorry if you don’t want to talk about it, like if I made you uncomfortable.”
“No, no, it’s okay. I’m not uncomfortable. I’m just thinking of the right words to tell you without you falling off the branch and hurting yourself.”
You nodded, trusting your girlfriend. You always trusted her, she knew what to do and what to say at almost every given moment.
“So, me and my adoptive siblings, you know how some of use are dating, like Rosalie and Emmett?”
“That’s just a cover story, yes, Rosalie and Emmett are really together, and so is Esme and Carlisle, but we’re not all ‘adoptive siblings’. We needed it to seem that way, so we could go to school, legally. Esme is really 26, and Carlisle is 23, not 36 and 33. And Emmett is 20, not 17. Well, I’m 19, but I am technically 120.”
“What about the going to school legally part? What do you mean by that?”
“You know how we move a lot? That’s because we live an entire life in one place, we start out in high school, the younger we say we are, the longer we can stay. After we graduate, we go to college, get ‘married’, but it’s just Rosalie and Emmett that continually get married over and over again. Then we move after that and just keep continuing the cycle.”
“You’re immortal, like all of you?”
“Yes, we’re all vampires, vegetarian vampires. We all survive on animal blood, not human blood.”
“That’s so cool!” Your face lit up, which lit up Alice’s. “What decade was your favourite?”
“Oh, I loved the 60s - for the fashion, it was so poppy and bubbly, and I adored how the 80s reimagined that but in a more electric way! It’s the 20 year rule in fashion, I can teach you all about it.”
Rosalie Hale
Tumblr media
Rosalie would want to tell you quickly in the relationship, not wanting to lie to you, you not knowing what she really was.
She would want to tell you, but she would stop herself before she could, remembering the law where humans can’t know about the existence of vampires.
Humans knew about vampires, of course. But everyone took their existence with a grain of salt. They couldn’t really exist, could they?
Rosalie would tell you about 6 months into your relationship, she didn’t want to be too attached to you, if you decided yo leave her, or if the Volturi had plans to kill you if you didn’t want to become a vampire.
Rosalie doesn’t want you to give up your humanity so easily, though.
You had come around to the Cullen estate, after receiving a call from Rosalie saying that she needed to speak with you, in person.
You knocked on the door, to which Edward greeted you, and he escorted you to the kitchen where everyone was seated.
You sat next to Rosalie, reaching for her hand, to which she hesitated before grasping your hand with hers.
You gave her a smile, which she almost painfully returned.
Carlisle began speaking first, which gained everyone’s attention.
“Y/n, there’s something that you need to know, about all of us.”
“Oh, yeah, go for it.”
“This can seriously change your views on all of us, and it can get all of us in trouble.”
“With what? The law?”
“Something like that. I think it would be more fitting for Rose to tell you, you two are together after all.”
Rosalie looked at you with the face that could make an elder cry, the emotions that were displayed were so very powerful, it was clear that she was about to reveal something big.
She took a moment to calm herself, though she could tell that Jasper was helping her with his gift.
“We’re all vampires, me and everyone here.”
You had blinked at her in disbelief, but the more you thought about it, the more it made sense.
“Ah, so that’s how Edward got to Bella so quick that one time. Though he was across the parking lot.”
“Yeah…you weren’t really supposed to know, but since you’re my mate, which I found out pretty early on, I suppose it would be easier for you to know. Even if it puts us in death row.”
“Mate? Is that like a soulmate type of thing?”
“If you want to put it that way to make it make sense, yeah, I suppose it is.”
“And what do you mean by ‘death row’? You can die by telling me that vampires are real?”
“It can, yes. The only way that we can get us out of our death sentence, is if you become a vampire, as well.”
You would spend the rest of the evening with the Cullens, asking questions, which Edward would answer quicker than everyone else, you learning that he can read minds.
Jasper could feel and manipulate emotions, which made sense after all this time. He would send you waves of calmness over to you whenever you got nervous.
Esme dug up old photo albums of the Cullens in different decades, showing you the progression of style and quality throughout the years.
Alice would definitely give you a whole history of fashion lesson.
You looked at your girlfriend, she seemed a lot more relaxed from when you first got there.
“Being a vampire seems cool.”
“Yeah, sometimes it is. I don’t want you to give up your humanity so easily, though. I want you to live a human life.”
“I won’t give it up easily. But I also don’t want you in trouble with the vampire lawmakers, either. The rest of you, too. I’ll wait a couple years, say, five more years, then I’ll become one. I’ll take my time with it, and I won’t rush into it. I’ll always be with you.”
Emmett Cullen
Tumblr media
Emmett had totally revealed that he was a vampire by accident.
He had no time to prep for this moment whatsoever, it just came out.
Of course, he had jokes to go with whatever you had said.
You had woken up from sleeping in Emmett’s room, and Emmett had brought you breakfast in bed.
He had a goofy smile on his face as he carried the plate over to you as you sat up.
“I made this myself, I’m very proud of it.”
“It looks amazing, Em. Are you gonna eat as well?”
“Oh, about that, while I was making you your plate, I had made mine before, and I was eating it as I made yours, so I have already eaten!”
He might’ve been more proud with his lie than he was with the bacon that was on your plate.
After you had ate, you got dressed and got ready to go have fun outside.
You two were hanging out in the woods behind Emmett’s house.
It was after a wrestling match, which he had let you win. You knew that he let you win, of course. Emmett’s got an insane amount of muscle.
“How come you always let me win? I’m sure it’s not fun for you.”
“Oh, trust me babe, it’s fun for me to see your face all scrunched up before I let you win.”
“I swear you have like, super strength or something. I don’t see Edward or Jasper doing all this insane stuff like you do.”
“Well, different vampires come with different gifts, baby.”
“Vampires? You’re a vampire?”
“Well, yeah, I would’ve thought you already knew from when I caught that tree almost fall on your head. Guess not, though.”
“I just thought you were like as strong as a bear, or something.”
“It’s funny you say that.”
Edward Cullen
Tumblr media
Edward didn’t even tell you. He couldn’t. He didn’t want you to be disgusted by him.
Emmett had leaked Edward’s true identity while you two were cuddling in the living room.
Edward was reading some book to you as you had curled up against his side, blanket covering the both of you.
The chapter had just finished, and you and Edward were talking about it, as you two usually do after you both finish a chapter.
“It’s just stupid how she did that! He could’ve died because of her!”
“That’s true, but perhaps she did it because she thought it would save him.”
Emmet had walked in with Rosalie after fixing one of the cars steering system.
They both stood there, by the door watching you and Edward debate about the main character’s decision to leave her boyfriend.
“Maybe he wanted to stay with her, not everything has to be done alone.”
“In some situations, yes it does.”
“What type of situations? Stupid ones, probably. I don’t understand why she just doesn’t accept his love, and then they can both just move on together! She’s so stupid, only thinking for what could happen to her, instead of what could happen to him!”
“It was a life-threatening situation, Y/n. She would obviously think for herself if she was on the verge of death.”
“That’s so dumb, though. They’re literally soulmates. Their souls are bound together once they meet, if one of them dies, part of the other person does, too.”
“Reminds me of Marcus.” - Emmett
“Who’s Marcus?”
“You didn’t tell them? Edward I thought you told them already.”
You had looked at Edward, wanting to know more information, but he just said,
“I can’t tell you. It would endanger you more than I already have.”
Edward got up from his spot on the couch, and went to his room, with his super speed.
“What the hell?”
Emmet and Rosalie sat down next to you, and told you everything.
After they had told you everything, you went up to Edward’s room, where you could hear classical music playing softly on his record player.
You opened the door to see Edward sitting on the edge of his window, obviously contemplating about earlier.
“Edward. I know.”
He immediately got up and rushed towards you.
“I suppose you hate me now?”
“Not one bit.”
“You’re insane. Do you need me to get Carlisle to recommend you a therapist, or something similar?”
“No. If anything, you need to quit doubting your self-worth, and me. I love you the same. Nothing will change that.”
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theonetrueneohero · 3 months ago
𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐰𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧- 𝐉𝐚𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐨𝐜𝐤 ( 𝟐/𝟐)
Tumblr media
▪︎ 𝐉𝐚𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
▪︎ 𝐒𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐩𝐬𝐲𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐜 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
▪︎ 𝐒𝐦𝐮𝐭 +𝟏𝟖 | 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤
Tumblr media
You're really goddamn stupid, you know that?" He says cockily, feigning his control when his pitch black eyes are a dead giveaway. The pupils are trained on the tear and the tear alone. The blood has begun dripping aimlessly down your palm and you hold it up to him, showing him his prize. Showing him everything he's been missing. 
"Maybe I am. Maybe I'm crazy and stupid." You discard the letter opener on the carpet beside you. It clanks to the ground and you let out a little sigh.
"You can go ahead and bite me Jass-" You might not explicitly be on a nickname basis, but you figured now was as good a time as any to familiarize yourself with each other, since-
"You're gonna turn me." 
Jasper finally rips his onyx eyes away from the dripping crimson faucet and he stares down at you questioningly. 
"Why would I do that?" Some hair has fallen in front of his left eye but he makes no move to brush it away, so naturally, you do it for him… using your bleeding left hand.
"Well… because you're you. And self restraint isn't very you, Jasper." You tuck the golden strand, now stained lightly with your blood, behind his ear and you begin to trail your hand slowly down the side of his face. Jasper's eyes flutter closed and he leans, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, right into your bleeding grip. He turns his head sideways and inhales sharply.
"I knew it." You marvel at the boy before you. "Sure it was just a theory but- it all fell serendipitously into place: The absent days when it's sunny out. The deathly paleness. The untouched lunch trays." His eyes are still closed and he is still moving his cheek against your bleeding hand. He hums unintelligibly. 
"The ice cold skin was my final check."
"How clever."
He produces the first smile you've ever seen and the beauty of it releases a wave of endorphins and butterflies in your gut. There's a vague southern lilt in his speech that intensifies your body's response. "You want a cookie for that?" He has a dangerously gorgeous lopsided grin that, coupled with the gleaming, pointed canines that have emerged, leaves your pulse quickening in more places than your heart.
"What's to stop me from ripping you open right now? There's no one here. No one will be here anytime soon." He turns to look at you and you almost gasp at how severely sexy your smeared blood on his cheek looks.
"Give me reasons." He urges with his voice bouncing off the walls. 
"I need reasons or-" his eyes flutter closed "-or I just might do it. I will kill you."
You needed to maintain control. But in that moment you knew and feared that you and him were beginning to realize that your dominant reserve was slipping right through your fingers. It was your turn in the hotseat. Okay. 
You got what you wanted. Found out what you needed to find out. But all that came at a price. 
You try to keep your voice steady as you answer him.
"As much as it annoys you and me, Jasper, it is a fact that you wanna fit in with them. The Cullens." Jasper's eyes never leave yours as you continue talking. "You never really had a home so you plan on keeping that. Killing the bookkeeper would spoil their entire Vampire fucking sitcom dream family, Jasper. You know this." Your breathing is irregular and harsh and you look at his lips and oh god you need to taste him. 
"But you're still you, Jasper. Carlisle can't and never will change that fact. You're not Jasper Hale," You finally say, "You're Jasper Whitlock-"
In a blur and manipulation of time, space and all the little things in between, you've been transported with a swift dash across the room until you were being held by the throat against a bookshelf. The only pain stems from the sudden and rapid movement but the firm and unwavering squeeze on your throat, elicits a wave of lust.
"I'm done playing your little mind games." He's seething and he's angry and he's right where you want him. 
"Oh? But we were having so much fun, Whitlo-" Jasper squeezes your throat, eliciting an electrified sound from the base of your throat.
"What do you want?"
You let the first ever genuine smile slip onto your face. 
"For you to turn me, Jass." 
He pauses. Quite literally. Jasper's rapid breathing goes to a complete stand still and his form goes as still as a statue. You deduce that this is him thinking. He's mapping out all the possible shit storms this would conjure up for him and his precious family and you hold the will to roll your eyes. After a few stunted seconds, Jasper eases back again. 
"Once I start-"
"You won't stop? Jasper, we've been eye fucking this entire time. If there's one thing stronger than your need to feast," You lift that hand up once again, "-its your need to fuck. Vampires are immortal so they draw pleasure from the little things. The pleasurable things. That bulge in your pants can't go unnoticed, Jass, no matter how long you want it t-"
Jasper rolls his eyes, which comes as a complete shock to you before he murmurs: "Just shut up," before crashing his lips right onto yours. The kiss is not only electric but it's magnetic. As if you would not be able to pull away if you wanted to. And his firm grip on your throat keeps you there. It's strong and he squeezes as he licks on your bottom lip, coaxing the opening out of you. So naturally, you moan, and the bastard uses the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth. 
You needn't open your eyes to see he was half-smiling into your kiss. That little nugget of information made you need him even more. During your kiss, you squeeze your legs together. Jasper hums disapprovingly in your mouth, sending his other hand down your thigh, urging them apart. 
"You can't do that." He breaks the kiss and says the words at a perfectly even breathe, meanwhile you were a heaving mess.
"What?" You inquire dumbly All too focused on his hand on your jeans to rather give a fuck about anything else.
"Pathokinesis." Is all he says before he ducks down into the crook of your neck, ripping the gasp out of your lungs by force. His large hand around your throat moves up to your cheek, rubbing the skin with his thumb softly.
"Don't do that." He says into your neck before venturing to flick his tongue out, licking the skin and driving you all too insane. You almost don't register his words but the weight of his revelation has you tumbling to your senses momentarily.
"What? So you can like-"
"Control, sense and manipulate your emotions?" He says, coming up from your neck. "Yeah." He says with a nod that makes his golden curls bounce again before he takes your mouth in his once more.
"What you feel," he mumbles in between the kiss, "I feel too." 
Yet another gasp strains your throat when you feel two sharp teeth graze against the skin of your plump bottom lips as Jasper pulls away. 
Have you really thought any of your movements through? 
What if sex with a vampire was fatal? You're about to spiral into oblivion before Jasper speaks up.
"No." He says curtly, and you're all too aware of the hand trying to push past your denim jeans. "You're not pulling back on me now. Not after everything." You're in awe of his words.
"Jesus, so you really can feel everything."
That life threatening smile again.
"Pretty much."
He begins to undo the buttons of your pants tentatively, almost meticulously, as if you were fortunate to have all the time in the world. You're about to urge him to hurry the fuck up but one of the shelves behind your head collapses. Books fall to a sad heap on the floor and the wood is snapped in tiny pieces. Jasper's hand was leaning against that particular shelf. 
Maybe he's not as calm as he'd like to convey.
"There is one thing," the buttons are undone but he's stopped moving his fingers. They are in fact paused on the lining of your underwear. The material is calmly in between his index and thumb, creating the sickest, most twisted need you've ever felt. You almost abandon modesty and grind into him right them and there. 
His next words however, have you almost wanting to keel over in grief. 
"I'm not gonna fuck you," he says with a sick smile.
"Why?" Its all you can manage and suddenly, you think the universe must be smiling on the irony of this situation. The encounter had begun with Jasper giving you one-words. 
"I think you're really good at getting what you want," he says, leaning forward and slowly, oh so slowly, letting his hand slip into the fabric. The graze of his fingers on you cunt alone making you almost sob out in need.
"And I'm not gonna allow that." He concludes before pushing his hand all the way in. Jasper does nothing but snicker when he feels the pool of wetness. 
Not commenting further.
"This is how this is gonna work," he uses his free hand to pick up your limp left one. The wound is of considerable size however, the blood is not flowing as much but it's still there.
"You're gonna give me this." He lifts your limp hand up and you comply like a puppet on a string. "And I'm gonna give you this." His fingers-the index and the middle,- flick over your clit, causing you to let out an aching whimper.
"Got it?" He's already placing your bloody palm against his plump lips and you're too enamored. Too enamored at the sight of his tongue sticking out and lapping at the blood as if it were a healing potent. You're too enamored to respond and he does not like this one bit.
Jasper flicks another finger against your clit.
"JESUS!" You scream into the empty library. Jasper, who's eyes were closed, shoots open and he hums disapprovingly.
"No," he says irritably, "Jasper. Say Jasper."
You're a drunken, sex filled mess. "Fuck-Jasper." He smiles, satisfied, before returning to your palm. You begin to grind into his fingers and his chuckles. 
"Jasper… Jasper please." There are tears staining your eyes and you're so completely torn apart. The thrill of it being at a public setting. The rain. The licking on your palm. It's too much.
Way too fucking much.
"Please? Please let you finish?" Jasper asks mockingly and a sob releases from your throat as your hips begin to buck into his hands. "You'd like me to let you cum all over my hand?"
"Please, Jasper. Please."
"That's a shame…" He replies, "I thought we were having so much fun." You do not even have the strength to act stunned at having your words being flung back at you, you're too focused on the fingers that have slipped inside of you and the hissing noise escaping Jaspers throat.
It's all so unbelievable. Jasper pulls back and hisses loudly. Your heart stops at the sight of his canines elongating even further but that all falls away when he sinks them further into your palm. Biting down. 
"Jas.." Your completely out of it. The fingers slide in and out and in and out, searching rapidly for your g-spot, but in the very same breath, there's a sharp, bright and blinding pain in your left palm, letting the tears fall as they may.
"Fuck, Jasper! Oh god! It hurts! It hurts so fucking bad!" You're sobbing but his fingers inside you are relentless and his sucking, even more so. You feel like nothing but an object of his pleasure as your hand begins to grow numb. Sure he was bringing you to orgasm, the very same time buy you felt even that was for his own pleasure.
Never had you experienced a pain quite like this. This pain felt otherworldly. Diabolical. As if someone were ripping the nails right out of your fingers. As if you slammed the car door in on your hand repeatedly.
And the pain. God, the pain is white and bright, you fear passing out may be inevitable.
Jasper brings his head up, releasing his fangs from your palm but continuing his assault by licking and sucking on the two indents. "I know, my beautiful, beautiful girl," he says, "I know." 
The sobs stop, perhaps because you want to hear his voice. Perhaps because you feed on his praises. "You're so beautiful, you know that?" he mutters unsoundly in between his licks, "So pretty, so perfect." You realize he's as delirious as you, his eyes are wide, gazing down at the madwoman before him with his own madness swirling in his irises. His lips are stained red and somehow that sets you over the edge.
His eyes are red. Blood red. You gasp. "I'm-" You don't finish the sentence, already feeling your orgasm crest as you carelessly fling yourself over the edge. It hits you and you forget all about the pain. All about the blood. 
"That's it, my pretty, pretty girl." He encourages and your body is shaking violently against the book rack. Your eyes are screwed shut and you're rocking uncontrollably into his hand. 
In that moment, Jasper may have thought that he gained everything, but you gained far more. And when you come out of that high, once the fog cleared and the rain simmered down to a tiny, light pitter patter. 
You begin to feel… 
"Welcome to immortality, Beautiful." He whispers in your ear with that recognizable lopsided smirk.
You feel… empty. Drained. You feel nothing at all.
"Population… You."
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