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thedeathdeelers · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The time Luke handed Julie a little piece of his soul [1/2]
He whips out a carefully folded piece of paper from his pocket, holding it up between them with a smile.
“Thought you’d say that,” he says triumphantly. 
He pulls the well worn piece of paper to his chest as he momentarily ducks his head down to look at the song in his hands, swallowing down his nerves before looking back up at Julie. 
“It’s called Bright. It’s a Sunset Curve song I wrote that we never got to record but,” he unfolds the last of his worries away as he flattens out the song on the kitchen counter, baring a little piece of his soul to her. "It’s perfect for your range.”
He knows his worries were all for naught when she follows his instructions, effortlessly hitting the higher notes as their voices blend together as smoothly as an artist’s brushstroke.
She was going to slay his song, just like he thought she would. 
Julie looks down at the song in her hands before tilting her head up towards him, sending him a sweet shy smile, her eyes shining with what he could only describe as understanding and gratitude. She knows how significant this moment is to him. To both of them.
“Thanks,” she says, with a little nod of the head.
Bright was in good hands.
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juulieandthehimbos · 9 hours ago
Im rewatching unsaid Emily and HOLD UP. EVERY SCENE THAT MITCH PATTERSON IS IN HE IS WEARING A FLANNEL SHIRT. WHAT IF THE ORANGE COMFORT FLANNEL LUKE WEARS WAS HIS DADS!!!!!! When he feels sad or uncomfy he puts on his dads flannel and feels like he’s with them again. That’s also why he always wears it when he goes to see them!!!
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latinposeidon · 21 hours ago
Wait no I just realised something. Reggie’s only complimented the people he knows are insecure. He talked about Julie having the voice of an angel after watching her be terrified of going on stage, and he called Alex smoking and awesome after the sound check when he probably knew he’d be anxious. He doesn’t need to compliment Luke on his music because he’s already super confident, but Julie and Alex both have mental health issues that would make playing difficult and they’re the only people he’s complimented. I love him your honour
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lyxchen · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Have this little drawing of Willie showing his greysexual pride for JAceTP week♡
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thedeathdeelers · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The time Luke handed Julie the rest of his soul [2/2]
He smacks Reggie lightly on the arm with his journal, rolling his eyes good-naturedly once he’s facing Julie.
He walks towards her without pausing, Sunset Curve’s repertoire in hand already reaching towards her. If he had taken a minute to process this moment, Luke would have realised that this was the first time he was freely handing over his journal to someone who wasn’t Reggie, Alex or Bobby.
But he wasn’t processing - he was too excited to share his music, a larger piece of him, with Julie again. The first time was electric - just thinking about the potential of more performances like that send him teetering over the edge.
“I dog-eared the ones that I think you would slay,” he tells her, easily handing over one of the most important items he owns.
Luke watches Julie as she opens his journal in her hands, flicking through the pages with an excited smile on her lips. And although he is definitely a lot less nervous this time ‘round about sharing his music with her, he can still admit to himself that he is a tiny bit anxious. Will she still like him now that she has more parts of him to piece together?
He leans against her keyboard for a few seconds, before his nerves get the better of him, retracting said hand to fiddle with his guitar strap before gripping it to stop himself from fidgeting.
He hopes she’ll still like his music, that she’ll still like him.
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curvesomesunsets · 13 hours ago
every once in a while i think about how alex looks at caleb with this open awe and cause myself pain. because yeah, obviously, part of it is the novelty of the ghost club, the promise of extravagance that they get swept up in. but there’s something else in there for alex, and it hurts every time my brain remembers.
because we know alex’s parents didn’t accept him, and that alex doesn’t trust adults very much as a result. alex has been let down not just by adults, but by the adults who the world tells him were supposed to love him unconditionally, adults he trusted. he got burned hard when he came out and realised his parents weren’t who he thought they were.
but then he meets caleb, an adult who not only is flamboyant and queer without a care, but an adult that takes a step to explicitly accept alex and encourage him. caleb flaunts the beauty of life as a ghost in particular for alex, who is shown a world where an authority figure gives him two male dancers, supporting him loudly without a second of hesitation. a world where alex can just be himself without fear or need for secrecy.
and i have no doubt that caleb knew exactly what he was doing in weaponising that particular aspect of alex, given how he uses alex’s feelings for willie against him later on. but for the time being, alex is dancing in a club where not only nobody cares who he dances with, but his choice in dance partner is explicitly encouraged. and that’s a pretty big deal for a queer kid who spent the last bits of his life in a house where the authority figures, his parents, were wholly unsupportive and homophobic. so it’s no wonder that alex looks at caleb with awe and excited joy, because he might have just found a safe space, a community, a trusted adult.
which obviously only makes what comes after hurt all the worse imo, because to alex, it’s all happening again: the trusted adult turns out to be not worth the trust alex allowed himself to give.
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bisexualreginaldpeters · 11 hours ago
the boys died of food poisoning yet still love to eat. willie died while skateboarding in traffic yet continues to skate wherever he wants without hesitation. caleb likely died during a show yet dedicated his afterlife to always performing. in conclusion: ghosts do not give a shit how they died they simply care about continuing their life’s pleasures even in death
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isjatprenewed · 17 hours ago
Us: Netflix do you have any plans on renewing Julie and the Phantoms?
Tumblr media
Yes this means there’s no renewal yet but you all already knew that
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latinposeidon · 12 hours ago
Do you ever just think that like,,,,,,,,, willex didn't just meet at the perfect time for Alex, it was the perfect time for Willie, too.
Alex was very open about the boys' ability to turn visible when they played with Julie. If Willie was actually loyal to Caleb, they would have immediately gone to tell him about what Alex and the others could do. Instead they waited until Alex wanted his help to so much as mention the club. If the boys had never found out about Trevor, I doubt he would have ever taken them to the there.
Willie was already starting to defy Caleb, it was his feelings for Alex that pushed them over the ledge
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bisexualreginaldpeters · 10 hours ago
actually reggie is bisexual and asexual and his overly flirty demeanor comes from overcompensating for his feelings of not thinking he’s normal/forcing all of his attraction to be dedicated solely towards girls so he doesn’t have confront any lack of interest in sexual behavior and avoid thinking about complicated emotions with wanting to date more then just the opposite sex. when he stops being in denial and gets more comfortable with his identity he’s still a flirt but without seeming like such a creep. instead it comes off as more naturally charming and adorably excited. anyways thanks for coming to my ted talk
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ladytharen · 17 hours ago
I’ve seen a lot of appreciation weeks for the guys in julie and the phantoms, and appreciation weeks for the ships, but was there an appreciation week just for julie? does anyone know the tracked tag for that?
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