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Day 2: Favourite female character


Originally posted by funny-face

I gotta go with Julie! I loved watching her grow as a character throughout the season, and I’m so excited for what a second season would have in store for her (come on, netflix…). This girl’s gonna take on the world and have a blast doing it.

I also really relate to her because I lost my mom in my teens as well, and it took away my creative drive for a long time. So I can underrstand what she was going through in the beginning of the series. (Wish I’d had some cute ghost friends to help there lol)

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As much as I would love to update it rn, I have other commitments at the moment. Like trying not to fail my finals haha. 

But I could leave you a little snippet of dialogue from a future chapter… 


Luke relents, sighing, “I’m gathering intel. For a prank. Julie and I have been pranking each other…”

Then he dove into the prank war. How it all started with Julie wearing his clothes and how it escalated into this high stakes competition. And how everyone in their inner circle was involved and have chosen sides. And he even told her how it was all supposed to end… 

For a moment, Carrie had no words to say, simply staring at him. Her eyes then narrowed, her mouth opening and closing as she tried to work through what he just said. 

Then, finally, she whispered

“You are an honest to god absolute idiot, aren’t you?” 


Well, he didn’t expect that reaction. 

“The both of you,” Her attention bounced back between him and Julie out in the hallway, her tone both incredulous and annoyed- at their sheer stupidity it seemed, “You are not pranking each other.”

“I’m messing with her, aren’t I?”

“There’s a difference between sticking gum in her hair and flashing your abs, you moron! Competitive flirting is what you’re doing and you’re roping everyone into it which is super weird,” 

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever it is we’re doing, I’m up next and I need to come up with something good,”

“Lemme guess,” she grabbed her chin thoughtfully, “getting shirtless is the height of your creativity?” 

Luke’s silence told Carrie all that she needed to know. And she groaned, rubbing her temples. 

“Oh my god, there’s a reason why I wanna exclusively date girls from now on…”

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I’m living for the fact that after a month I am finally on jatp tik tok have a good day? Night? Not sure anymore 🤣

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all right makin my own post so it doesn’t get buried but in order to protect the main tag from being overrun with the ridiculousness i am proposing we:

1. avoid maintagging the discourses with julie and the phantoms/jatp and character tags on original posts (reblogs dont appear in the tags so don’t worry in reblogs)


2. tag them with an umbrella tag so that people can block them (i’m personally using “jatp food discourse” on my own blog).

i think this should help avoid the randomness pushing folks out of the fandom ^_^ 💜💜

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So I have this headcanon that Luke had a huge crush on Alex (of course before he catches feelings for Julie). I think Alex knew, but since he didn’t reciprocate, he never brought it up. Maybe they hooked up, but Alex’s feelings were never as strong as Luke’s. So when he realizes that Luke likes Julie, he feels so relieved.

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YES, I have been crying several days over this kids, thank you for the blessing and the pain @angelaiswriting. I hope you all enjoy this torture amount of angst but also the love. Keep your eyes peeled for some?!

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✏️ Pairing (sorta, but not really): Alex & twin!sister!Nancy

✏️ Summary: It’s been twenty-five years, but Nance is still mourning the deaths of her brother and her friends. Life hasn’t exactly been going in the right direction since 1995 — it never has, though, ever since she has memory — but little does she know her daughter Sarah is about to find out that Uncle Alex and Sunset Curve are back as ghosts and playing with an old school friend. (Not requested)

✏️ A/N: Many thanks to @themazeskies for introducing me to this fandom ✌🏻 this story def wouldn’t be here without you. (Thank you for feeding my need for angst!) To the rest of y’all: enjoy! Angie and I sort of created a little universe of events and stuff with these characters, so if you wanna read more, just let me know. 🥰

✏️ Warnings: sad/angst (but also fluff? if you squint?); mentions of death (but that’s the show?); slight hint to a past use of drugs.

✏️ Notes: flashbacks in italics; lyrics in bold and italics.

✏️ Word Count: 6,472


It happens suddenly. One day she’s… normal, one would say — doing her things, carrying on with her life, helping her daughter prepare her things to leave home as soon as high school ends — and the next she’s whole again.

She hasn’t felt that kind of whole in twenty-five years.

Alex used to call it their twin link, back in the day, when putting up with their parents and their falling-out marriage seemed to be the worst thing they had to endure. Lex… 

There’s a treacherous tear running down her cheek and when her brain registers it, it’s almost too late. She feels it on her jaw, threatening to fall down onto the test she’s grading. Her mind almost anticipates what’s about to happen — the tear will dangle from her jaw for a moment, and then it’ll eventually land onto one of the words one of her students wrote, and it will stain it. But her hand is quicker, and it wipes that tear away before it’s too late.

Twenty-five years.

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sagSummary: Being in a studio recording songs is an intimidating experience for anyone regardless of age. Wanting the best in the business for his soundtrack Kenny Ortega brings his cast to the best in the business. Heading the production is no ever than Y/N with a certain sparkle when it comes to the tall blonde.

Warning: Swearing, insecurity, oblivious!reader and fluff

Words: 2.1k

A/N: I know nothing about producing songs so I ended up winging it. About time I make a fic for Owen




Originally posted by zoekyles

The studio had the sound of music as a group of people walk down the hall of the building that housed world-renowned recording studio. The office chair was leaning back as a figure sat listening to the nearly finished album. Forest green Sanuk slip-on shoes on the feet of the individual the door opening wasn’t heard.

“Girls you wanna hear the finished product?” You questioned from your seat behind the large control panel. The four girls on the video chat excited responded enthusiastic band members.

Not needing anymore push the song replaced the one that had been playing as background noise. Sliding the volume up the music, you had both produced and featured played through the speakers. As the pre-chorus and the chorus came, you couldn’t help but start singing.

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reggie + taylor swift

okay, but reggie would become such a taylor swift stan/fan. he would be searching for country songs and he would stump on taylor’s country era. and holy cow is she talented!! she’s like the REAL DEAL, so he must hear more and then the obsession begins.

imagine him singing loudly:

  • tim mcgraw
  • mean

him singing this with his cute smile. come on!!!! bonus: with a BANJO

  • love story

reggie gets confused at first because romeo and juliet is not the best love story, but he shrugs. taylor must know what she’s doing, right? yeah, he’s adorable. i agree

  • red

it’s his favorite color, please.

  • paper rings

imagine him realizing he actually likes luke because, at each lyrics, he thinks of his best friend, and he catches himself wanting, longing for the lyrics to be true. friends to lovers supremacy

  • teardrops in my guitar
  • i knew you were trouble

imagine the band making a cover. imagine how powerful they would be.

  • sparks fly

again, imagine a cover. GUYS

  • look at what you made me do

him not getting the vibe, but loving how excited flynn gets to sing it.

  • enchanted

this being julie’s favorite and them both singing together, having fun

  • me!

taylor swift, always right. you really can’t spell “awesome” without “me”!

  • only the young
  • mine

this being flynn and julie’s song. yeah.

  • 22

him getting sad thinking about he will never turn 22, but that doesn’t stop him from feeling like he is 22

  • shake it off!!

him and alex dancing to this

  • betty

him fiddling on the banjo!!!

  • you belong with me

him singing this as loud as he can. imagine him asking to make a cover with the boys, because this song is the perfect way to declare himself to luke as they share their mic

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If they ever make a film about the Marauders Era, I don’t want it to follow in the style of the Harry Potter films and Fantastic Beasts, you know - that wonderous/grim/whimsical/gritty/darkish type thing.

There have been a surge of shows lately that have proven that you can follow something grim/tragic without being completely overwhelming or having any humor seem forced as a way to ‘lighten the mood’ as the mood is often dark. Instead you have focus on the good things type film, with this melancholy tone.

I want it all.

I want a Marauders Era show in the style of Derry Girls & Julie and the Phantoms. Set with these wizard kids discovering beauty in the muggle world in the same way we all discovered wonder in the wizard world.

Imagine an adaptation where the Marauders & CO are living the best years of their life and it is shown that way as it gets a bit deeper and like ‘whoa’ you really have got to enjoy friendships and life while you can, looking for a better future. Look for the good things type of thing.

And it is filled with 70′s rock music and ends with a beautiful, cinematic scene of the Wizarding World celebrating the defeat of the dark lord contrasted with the absolute devestation of Sirius Black staring at a smoking ruin of a house, Minerva McGonagall, Hagrid and Dumbledore and that crew. Wormtail being torn apart from the inside, (fear and war is terrible).

And then it goes black and cuts to a silent scene as the rising sun dawns over Remus Lupin. A new age. He doesn’t know what has happened but he finds a beauty in the sunrise and knows in his heart, change.

And the whole show is a reflection on the good times that they had. How friendship and family pulled them through grief and suffering. Its okay to cry. Its okay to laugh. Life is beautiful if you let yourself live. Find peace and solace in the quiet moments. Breathe. Let yourself feel.

I’d be lying if I haven’t started writing a screenplay thing for it haha, I just think it fits so well and is actually what those characters would want

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