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#jatp fandom
wlwcarries · 8 months ago
great job jatp fandom we’re officially trending! why, you ask? nope, there’s no clowngate happening right now. 
that’s right. we all collectively freaked out so much over charlie gillespie’s bare ass on instagram that we’re trending at #5 here on tumblr dot com.
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a few things the jatp fandom seems to have agreed on:
julies mom died of cancer
ray and tia victoria are bffs
reggie and alex are basically julies brothers
julie gave willie the “you hurt him i hurt you” speech and terrified him
no matter who luke is paired with, he always gives them his flannels
julie definitely went back to the pattersons house
carrie deserves a redemption arc
flynn is julie and the phantom’s official manager no matter how big they get
bobby is a sweetheart
carlos is the best little brother ever
luke is the touchiest person ever and loves hugs and stuff
caleb may be a bastard but hes a fabulous bastard
feel free to add more bc im sure there are more
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dam-creativity · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🦋✨Julie and The Phantoms 💜✨
So i made these chibi drawings and how would you guys feel about these becoming stickers? I absolutely love these characters and i am trying to get motivation to draw them more bc i want to draw the au ideas me and my friend have,, but for now have these adorable chibi drawings!!
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gaystreetsmarts · a year ago
OKAY so uhh the thumbnail of the bts coming up was funny af so i made a transparent charlie for our meme-ing pleasure
Tumblr media
here are some great examples of how it can be used:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rainbow-laced-converse · 8 months ago
Hey jatp fandom why don’t we do mishapocalypse but it’s Flynn on April 1st
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the-jatp-prom · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Pick out a fancy outfit, find a date (or just a friend), and practice your best dance moves. It's time for the JATP Prom! Thanks to all the awesome people making this happen (@whattfisausername, @hey-there-juliet, @angelofarts, and @williexmercer)!
We know so many people didn't/won't get a Prom because of the pandemic, and we wanted to create a fan event to sort of replace it.
When is it?
It will be a week long event, from August 9th to 15th.
Who can participate?
Everyone! We want to see Prom-themed JATP content of all kinds. Fics, art, graphics, playlists, moodboards, videos, pod-fics, etc.
How does it work?
Every day will have a one word prompt to interpret as you wish, but they're just suggestions. If you're a writer, you can do one long fic with a prompt per chapter, or a oneshot per prompt, or something in between. We really want to keep this as open as possible. Be sure to tag your work with #thejatpprom, and if you're posting on AO3, add your fics to our collection “The JATP Prom”!
There will also be a google form where you can nominate your favourite fics to be our Prom Royalty! More details about that will be in a separate post.
What are the prompts?
Day 1: Plan
Day 2: Ask
Day 3: Dress
Day 4: Corsage
Day 5: Photo
Day 6: Dance
Day 7: Party
Again, these are just suggestions! No pressure!
If you have any questions you can ask us here. Be such to follow for updates and reblog our posts to spread the word!
Edit: We goofed! We originally said Prom was from the 9th to the 18th, but it’s actually only to the 15th. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for catching that @reggiesaswiftie
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mcnetdehaans · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
this is a cult now everyone has to sacrifice their left kidney to officially be a part of the cult 🙏🏽
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adumbshitbutler · 10 months ago
hey everyone! just dropping by to say that there is someone impersonating madi on both twitter and instagram and claiming to have a shop run by her and taking money from innocent fans so if y’all could go report @/madisdaisies on insta for spam and @/themadisonreyes (same as her insta) on twitter for impersonation. by the way, it has been confirmed by madis dad that it is in fact not her!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thanks y’all!
update: we did it yall!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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The JATP Fandom has been super quiet lately. I miss how active and engaging we used to be. Hope we get some new content soon so we may be revived from the dead.
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missmitchieg · 6 months ago
I love the jatp fandom 'cause literally all of us will take a different two second scene and be like "here's a long and really depressing explanation for this" and then we all cry
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leahsficemporium · 3 months ago
Yule Ball Date Exchange
James Potter x Reader
a/n: this was 100% inspired by that JATP moment where Luke is making fun of Nick about Julie and Nick dancing. I just thought no one could see the ghosts and no one can see James under the cloak! The rest was just the story working itself out lol.
word count: 3.3K
Tumblr media
I was sitting in one of the windows along the outskirts of the courtyard, merely minding my own business and reading my book when I suddenly got interrupted by the loud, raging war cry of Sirius Black. 
I look up, carefully setting my book in my lap as my eyes catch onto Sirius’ form. His head tilted back with pride as he aggressively barked into the air. Students looked at him strangely as they passed but no one laughed or said anything. Of course they wouldn’t, it was Sirius Black.
His eyes locked onto mine as he let out a particularly loud bark. Then he began to jog over to the window I sat at. When he reached me, he skidded to a halt, not even a lick out of breath. 
“Sit,” I offer, nodding to the space in front of me. He smiles widely and doesn’t hesitate before sitting. “Good boy,” I tease, leaning forward to pat down his hair. And though he rolled his eyes, he couldn’t help but smile at being pet. Eventually he smacked my hand away and looked at me expectantly. 
“Ok, enough. Do you happen to know where James is? I’ve been looking for him all morning,” Sirius complains, the beginning signs of a pout on his face. My face drops of emotion, causing Sirius to sniff and pull a grin to his face. “You haven’t seen him around or heard any shrieks of Snivellus and his gang, have you?” Sirius asks, maintaining that smirk. I shake my head and pat his head, finally bringing a genuine grin on his face. 
“No, I haven’t. But believe me I’ve been keeping an eye out,” I grumble. His brows furrow. 
“And why’s that, little dove?” He asks, a spark of mischief glittering in his grey eyes. 
“I may or may not have enchanted his trousers to fall every time he stands after sitting. The enchantment may have also not allowed him to take off said trousers for twenty-four full hours,” I say, a sheepish smile on my face. Sirius looks at me seriously for a moment before my hand falls from his head as he shakes around laughing loudly. 
His contagious laughter fills the area and after my cheeks are red and my chest hurts from holding it in, I let out my laughter and join in. We lean on each other, breath heaving as we laugh. We cough and wheeze, not being able to stop. 
But eventually we calm down and Sirius let’s put a bark of laughter before inhaling deeply. 
“Oh yeah, James is so going to get you back for that.” I groan pathetically. 
“I know! I have to look out.”
“So you’ll let me know if he comes to see you then? Or if you see him and somehow manage to sneak away,” he asks with a few snickers escaping him. I scrunch my nose at him but nod nonetheless. 
“Yes, yes, I’ll let you know if I happen upon him. Now can you please leave me alone so I can read for awhile?” I ask with a few light pushes on his arm. He rocks back and forth, laughing lightly. 
“Nerd,” he mutters, a smile strung widely on his face. I stick my tongue out at him. 
“Dog,” I bite back. He sticks his own tongue out in return before walking past me to try and find James. 
I go back to my book and eventually, I’m able to disappear within the world and ignore everything around me. It was quiet and my mind was filled with adventure. I was enjoying the warmth on my face mixed with a nice breeze and I was entirely calm. 
I didn’t know how much time had passed. I was usually a slow reader who enjoyed taking in every word and description of the book. But as I looked up, I noticed the sky was beginning to turn a warm yellow and I knew it was about to get dark in an hour or two. But I was far too invested in the story to stop now. I’d wait till dark. I was just about to focus back in on my book—
Until someone roughly cleared their throat. 
“No, Sirius! I don’t know where James is! I’ve literally been sitting here the whole time. Besides it’s only been, what, a few hours?” I shout as I hang my head down. The person cleared their throat again. 
I sigh, looking up and quickly jumping in fright. It was not Sirius. Color drained from my face as I realized who it actually was. But I was quick to smile at him once I calmed from the shock. 
It was Xenophilius Lovegood. A very kind and frankly good looking Ravenclaw boy. His hair was platinum, almost looking like snow. It flowed down all the way to his shoulders. It was actually longer than Sirius’. His eyes were a pale blue that seemed to strike you. He had a shy sort of charm around him. 
Now I didn’t fancy him, but we were friends and we had agreed to go to the Yule ball together. He had asked me a few days ago and the ball was in a week and a half. I had been hoping James would ask me, but we spent day and day together and nothing. He gave no inclination of asking. I wasn’t even sure he was interested in me. 
But Xenophilius had asked, and I thought it was better to go with a friend I truly cherished rather than alone. So I said yes. 
I quickly stood up off the window and stepped up to him, smiling softly. 
“Hello, Philius,” I greet, actually quite happy to see him. He smiles back slightly, nodding in his own greeting. “Did you want to discuss something?” I ask, tilting my head in a bit. He swallows audibly before nodding and standing up straighter. 
“I would like to talk about the ball,” he says. I go to smile and talk about how excited I am, when I see a head pop out, out of seemingly nowhere. My eyes widen as they move past Philius’ shoulder and onto James. I look down, noting he had been under his cloak. How long had he been there?! I narrow my eyes at him before paying attention to Xenophilius. 
“Of course, what do you want to talk about?” I inquire. James looks Philius up and down before attempting to mock me by fawning over him dramatically. I clench my jaw as I try and warn him to stop with a simple look. All while paying attention to Philius
“Well, I was wondering if you’ve been going to the mandatory dance lessons. Its just… I haven’t seen you.” A wicked grin flashed upon James’ features. The truth was, we hadn’t been going. We as in the Marauders and I. We rather learned to dance by the music of Queen themselves. My eyes widen. 
“Oh yeah. Yeah. I’ve been learning to dance properly. It’s going to be great,” I say with a chuckle. Philius smiles. 
“I’m glad you’re confident. Even after three classes, I still think I’ve just gotten worse,” Xenophilius says, sounding troubled. James hovers in closer, a deep pout on his face. Philius leans in and pushes my shoulder. “It’s a good thing I got my secret weapon,” he adds, his smile turning cheeky. I chuckle; especially after watching James’ pout turn into a scowl quicker than a candle is blown out. 
James turns around and wraps his arms around himself as he makes it look like people are making out. Obviously it was directed at Xenophilius and I. I inhale sharply at the gesture before I slam my book on the seat of the open window. It effectively stopped James as he turned back around to face me, startled. But it also kept Philius’ attention. He looked at me strangely yet amusedly. I sent him a sheepish smile in return. 
“Oh, stop it. I’m not that great, I assure you,” I say calmly while also trying to ignore James as best I can. 
“Trust me when I say I’m being honest. I’m still not sure how I’m meant to lead in a dance,” he said, causing us both to chuckle; James exaggerating his own silent laughter. I take a step closer, placing a hand on Philius’ arm. 
“You’re going to be fine. Besides, won’t the dance be more fun if we both don’t know what we’re doing? If we just dance how we want and act like no ones watching,” I express, trying to lift his spirits. James puts a hand on his own arm and rubs its comfortingly before smirking wildly. 
“That sounds perfect,” he replies genuinely. I smile, sending him a firm nod. 
“I agree. Now, was that all?” I ask, looking nervously at James for a split moment. 
“Yes. I’ll leave you to your reading, now,” he says, nodding to the book I had previously slammed. I bite back a laugh and nod. 
“Alright then,” I say, watching as James flips his cloak back over his head as Xenophilius turns around and walks down the corridor. 
It seems both James and I wait for Xenophilius to disappear out of our sights before we move. But when he’s long gone and nowhere near, I walk over to where James was standing and whack at his body as he takes the cloak off his body to hold in his arms. His loud laughter was the only thing filling the hall. 
“Well, he was just too cute,” James said through his laughter. 
“Shut it, you wanker!” I should still hitting him. He laughs a bit more and he continues as he jerks around trying to dodge my hits while also trying to grab at my hands. 
Eventually he gets them both in his grasp, chuckling lightly and breathlessly as he jerks me close. I grunt and try and tug my arms away from him. 
“You done now, love?” He asks, a smile fighting on his lips. My brows furrow deeper as I keep trying to get away. He sighs, letting go of my arms.
 I turn around sharply, grabbing my book and making my way down the corridor. I wasn’t in the mood for reading anymore. I hear James laugh again before he’s following me. 
“Are you really going to the Yule ball with Xenophilius Lovegood?” He asks as if I’m planning some prank on the lad. I huff. 
“How long were you there creeping on me?” I ponder. 
“Don’t avoid my question.”
“Don’t avoid mine,” I snap back. He exhales deeply. 
“I had just gotten there a minute before your date did. I was planning to scare you. Now answer my question,” he rushes out. I take a few moments to think over what he’s told me. So he wasn’t there for long… but it still felt a little weird that I didn’t even notice. I do a double take when I notice James looking at me expectantly. Of course. His question. James and I turn into the school, the stairs in our sights. 
“Yes, James. Xenophilius and I are going to the Yule ball,” I say. He immediately scoffs. 
“And why would you do that?” I tense. 
“Because he asked me, James. He asked me and I said yes,” I reply sharply, my back taut. I look at James’ furrowed brows from the corner of my eye. “It’s not like anyone else asked me,” I add, a bit more quietly and a bit more softly. James’ face falls. He looks forward, or more towards the ground and he stays silent for a few consecutive minutes. 
“Well what if someone else wanted to ask you?” He questions. I let out a single laugh as we begin the climb to the seventh floor. 
“Well I’d have to say no to that someone else as someone else has already asked me and I already said yes to that someone else so someone else will just have to deal with the fact that I’m going with someone else,” I say through a jumble of words. I inhale deeply deeply looking at James straight on. He stared down in concentration as we waited for the stairs to move. When they did, I shook my head and began to walk up them. James snapping his fingers stopped me. I look back to watch as he jumps up to the stair I stand on. 
“You’re just trying to make me jealous,” he says with a cocky grin. I immediately scoff. 
“I am not!” I exclaim, pushing past him and walking up the stairs to hide my burning cheeks. He chuckles heartily. 
“You so are, aren’t you, love? You just knew that once I saw you were going with someone else that I would be jealous enough to hurry up my plan and ask you instantly. Did Sirius tell you? You’re not really going with Xenophilius Lovegood, of course you’re not. This is all a big prank isn’t it?” 
“No! No it isn’t, James,” I interrupt, knowing I wouldn’t be able to handle much more of what he was saying. My heart was beating so quickly in my chest I almost feared it may fall out. He had wanted to ask me. He was going to ask me! But I had gotten scared and impatient and now I had a date. A lovely date with a sweet boy that I considered a close friend. But James… he was so much more. My heart ached. James and I stopped in the middle of another staircase. His eyes were wide and his cheeks were flushed. “I’m sorry that you planned on asking me but it’s too late. I have a date already. It’s a little over a week till the ball, James. You couldn’t have expected me to just wait for you… I’m not that kind of girl,” I say, speaking passionately. 
When James doesn’t move from his spot, or give any reaction at all, I shake my head and turn around. I walk up the rest of the stairs and enter a corridor on the fifth floor. I knew a shortcut to the seventh and those stairs were a bitch. 
A scuffle of shoes make me sigh. 
“What if I could get Lovegood a different date. A better date. That way, he’ll be happy and you’ll be happy. You’ll both be with your preferred date and you won’t feel bad about leaving Lovegood?” He asks curiously.
“Excuse you?!” I say with a scoff. A better date? Well isn’t that just flattering. “And who says you’re my preferred date anyway?” I ask incredulously. James smirks, looks down at me. 
“Please, love, no one can deny there’s a tension between us,” he says arrogantly. But then his face softens. “But I meant a better date for Lovegood. Not a better date as in someone is better than you. As if anyone could, darling,” he spoke smoothly. Charm practically dripping off his tongue. 
“Who are you even speaking of?” I question, racking my brain as I try and remember if Philius ever spoke of a crush. 
“Pandora, of course,” he says easily. He looked surprised at the gasp he elicited from me. 
“He fancies Pandora?!” James scoffs. 
“Fancies her? Barely. He’s in love with her, little dove. Practically worships the ground she walks on, he does,” he speaks matter-of-factly. I gape at him. 
“Wow… he never told me a thing,” I say. I knew he didn’t fancy me, but I had no idea he fancied Pandora. 
But the more I thought on it… the more it definitely made sense. But Philius had confirmed nothing. I couldn’t just take James’ word. Not in a situation like this. I sigh deeply, shaking my head. 
“I can’t, James. I can’t just bail on him like that. I’m sorry. I really am,” I say. James’ face drops. He looked so sad I couldn’t bear to look at it. 
I turn around and continue making my way to the common room. I hear James grunt and kick at the wall harshly. A hiss escapes him before I hear him start to talk to himself. I quickly cast a nonverbal spell to extend my hearing capabilities. 
“Dammit! It wasn’t supposed to go like this…” James says to himself, sounding frustrated. “I was meant to ask her to the ball in such a big and heart stopping way. She was meant to say yes. I would tell her how beautiful she looked in her dress. We would dance the entire night. Then I would tell her I was in love with her under the magically made snow,” James went on, sounding more hurt by each word he spoke. 
My heart jolted up into my throat as I basically stumbled to a stop. He was in love with me? He… loved me. He had feelings of love. For me. He felt the same. He fucking loved me! 
I whip around and stare at him. His gaze was glued to the floor as he leant against the wall looking so utterly defeated. It was only when the echo of my shoes marching towards him did he look up at me, shock visible on his features. I stop right in front of him. 
“If you can get Philius to admit his feelings for Pandora, help him ask her to the Yule ball, and if she accepts… then I’ll let you ask me,” I say carefully. A beaming smile basically smacks itself onto James’ face. His features were full of hope. 
“R-right. Ok then— ok. Right,” He says, sounding flustered. I nod but he barely catches it as he’s turning on his feel and bolting down the corridor. My heart beats fiercely and I yell out to stop him before I change my mind. 
“James!” I shout. He skids to a halt and looks back around to me, almost looking pained. He stays still as I walk down the hall and in front of him. I don’t stop until I’m less than an inch away from him. His breath quickens, as does mine. I look from his lips to his eyes. I wasn’t confident enough to do that yet… so as I look into his eyes, I make up my mind and make quick work of doing it before I lose my nerve. I place my hands on his shoulders and I lean up to kiss his cheek tenderly. “Good luck,” I whisper against his skin. Then I let go and drop back down. I smile at him before I turn around, my right hand being lifting off his shoulder after I’ve turned. 
I yelp in shock as James grabs my outstretched hand. He jerks me in, making me twirl into him so quickly that I bump into his chest. It happened before I could blink. 
His right hand slipped along my cheek and he had already leaned his head down. I gathered my senses just as his soft lips fell onto mine. I breathe him in deeply, rising on my feet to press against him. His hand squeezes mine. 
The kiss didn’t last long, but I swear, I felt all of his feelings for me. The passion, the love, the care, the lust. All of it. It would’ve been overwhelming if I didn’t feel the exact same for him every day. 
He leans back, breaking our kiss and he kisses me twice more quickly. Then once more for a longer moment of time. His kisses were sweet. They made my heart swell. I didn’t want to stop. 
When we broke apart once more, he leaned his forehead against mine and stared at me longingly. 
“Thank you,” he says before his eyes widen. “I-I mean thank you for wishing me luck,” his eyes widen even more. “And for the kiss on the cheek. And for letting me kiss you, of course,” he stammers. I chuckle happily. He looks to my reaction before he sighs, a content smile growing on his face. “Just… thank you,” he says calmly. I smile back and lean further against his forehead, feeling a level of peace when his arms slowly move to wrap around my waist. 
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Just a Thought Away | Owen Patrick Joyner
Request:  Could you do a soulmate au with Charlie or Owen, whichever you're more comfortable with, where they can hear each other's thoughts or the music they listen to?
A/N: Made it an Owen one shot since I don’t have many requests for Owen! Hope this is what you expected and you like it! :) 
Pairing: Owen Joyner x Fem!reader
Warnings: Very minor swearing 
Words: 4,175
Another note: Anything in bold and italics is a thought! 
Songs used: Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
Tumblr media
Growing up, Y/N’s mother told her these stories about soulmates and how every person on this earth would be assigned a soulmate by their guardian angel at 16. People would be able to hear their thoughts and the songs they were listening to or singing would be playing in their head as though it was just stuck in their head.  Of course, as a child, Y/N used to believe her every word and would be clinging to those words. She’d fantasize about her soulmate and where she’d meet them or what music they’d be into. She’d keep her eyes on every person in Middle School and even High School, trying to see if she could just find them. Not like there would be any physical notabilities, but she liked fantasizing about it.  By the time Y/N turned 16, she had almost forgotten about the whole soulmate thing. Her birthday was months ago and nothing ever happened. She never heard a song play in her head she didn’t know or hadn’t had any thoughts that didn’t belong to her. She was pretty certain all of those soulmate stories her mother told her were fake.  Until July 19th 2016. That’s when she first starts noticing some things. To start off the day, the song ‘Happy Birthday’ is stuck in her mind and it’s not even her birthday or anyone else’s in the family or friend group that could’ve provided that song in her head.  During the afternoon of that day, Y/N suddenly hears a humming in her mind that quickly changes into a full-on made-up song that no one close to her would ever sing.  “Mmh, Cake, cake, I like cake Cake, cake, I like cake.” She can’t help but laugh, though. She’d been studying for many hours without taking a break, it’s starting to mess with her brain a little. Y/N’s teachers have been giving so much work lately, she’s nearly drowning in it and it’s far from done. Sophomore year is possibly one of the hardest, in her opinion, and having the need to maintain a social life really doesn’t help with that. She hasn’t been to a party for weeks. She’s starting to crave human contact and dancing and having fun with friends and not sleeping until the sun rises.  Though that last part sounds very appealing when you’re at a party, it doesn’t when you’re in bed and trying to sleep. She’s woken up by loud music thumping in her ears. It sounds almost as though the neighbors are having a party next door, but when she gets up and walks outside the house, she realizes the house next door is completely dark. There’s no movement whatsoever. She must’ve hallucinated, but then why is she still hearing this loud music?  That’s when it dawned on her that the soulmate stories her mother used to tell are real. As a matter of fact, the songs she’d been hearing all day long were the songs her soulmate was listening to or singing. It must’ve been their 16th birthday, which they are now celebrating at a party. She always thought it’d be more fun and romantic to have a soulmate and hear them sing and think, but it’s actually pretty annoying. And it’s only the first day. This is going to be fun. 
“Morning, sweetie,” Y/N’s mother greets when she stumbles into the kitchen the next morning. She hasn’t slept one bit. Her soulmate has been partying all night and only got home by 6am, which was two hours ago. “Oh, you look rough! Are you feeling okay?” “I haven’t slept all night because my stupid soulmate was out partying all night.” Her eyes widen at this, as does her smile. “They turned 16 yesterday, so I guess that’s why I never heard anything yet on my birthday.” “Oh, yeah! You both need to be 16 before the whole soulmate-thing starts to work,” she informs her daughter and hands a cup of fresh, steaming-hot coffee. “Do you know anything about them yet?” She shakes her head before taking a careful sip from the goddess liquid --as she and her siblings call it. “No, I kinda thought it was my brain hallucinating from studying so much, so I couldn’t really think of a way to converse with them.” Her head snaps up as an idea crosses her mind. “How do you converse with your soulmate, mom?” She shoots her a tender, relieved smile, happy she can finally properly inform Y/N about it instead of those folklore stories. “You just think what you wanna ask them and they hear it,” she replies. “So, if I let my inside voice just yell ‘shut up!’, they’ll hear too?” Her mother chuckles, nodding her head in response. “Good! I ought to try that whenever they’re singing about their cake again.” Her mother laughs at that before leaving her in the kitchen, so she can get ready for work. Her soulmate is seemingly still asleep, which she would’ve been too if it wasn’t for work. Y/N works at a coffee shop on the weekends, just to get some experience and earn a little bit of money for her shopping addiction. Maybe right now would be a perfect moment to avenge her soulmate for keeping her up all night last night. So, while getting ready, she puts on some music on her laptop. With the volume on maximum, she starts belting the One Direction song along at the top of her lungs. “You and me got a whole lotta history!” It takes a while before a loud ‘SHUT UP!’ echoes through her mind. A teasing smile tugs at the corners of her lips as she stops singing. “That’s what you get for keeping me up all night, sweetie” she thinks, hoping it’ll come through. For a moment, she thinks it might not work like that until a boy’s voice floats through her brain. “Who’s this?” She chuckles, pausing the music and taking a seat at her desk. “Y/N Y/L/N. Ever heard of those soulmate folklore stories?” She starts doing her make-up whilst waiting for his response. “Yea, my father used to tell me those. I thought they were fairy tales?” “So did I. Turns out they’re real!” This feels so weird. “You just turned 16, right?” “Yeah, yesterday! How’d you know?!” he asks, and it makes her realize he might not be the brightest tool in the shed. “Because I turned 16 in January and I didn’t hear anything until yesterday…” A silence falls over the conversation. Either it’s not working anymore or he’s digesting all this information. “You heard me singing to my cake, didn’t you?” he finally asks instead, and Y/N can even hear him chuckle. “Yep! I thought I was hallucinating because I was studying so hard,” she lets out a chuckle too. “Happy belated birthday, by the way.” “Oh, thanks! I’m Owen, by the way. Owen Joyner.” She has heard that name before, but she’s got no clue where, though. Making a mental note to Google it later, she grabs the mascara and adds the finishing touches to her makeup. “Nice to meet you, Owen. I gotta get going though. Have to be at work in about…” She glances at the clock on her wall, her eyes widening when she sees the time. “Five minutes. See ya! Or… Hear ya?!” She hears Owen chuckle in her mind. “Yeah, I’ll hear ya,” he says, then a yawn-like sound buzzes through her, giving her the urge to yawn too. “Sorry for waking you up,” she quickly adds before running out of the house. Her mind’s going over a million excuses as to why she would be late to work, but none of them sound quite plausible. Especially not the truth. “Go with ‘the neighbors had a party last night and I overslept’-excuse, Y/N,” she hears Owen’s voice again, “Now stop thinking, I wanna sleep!” She chuckles, shaking her head. “Thanks, Owen. And I wanna sleep too, but I can’t, now can I? Me awake means you awake. Deal with it.” She can even hear a disgruntled groan, meaning he’s probably getting up because her thoughts won’t stop running through his mind. That night, she figures out he's the Owen Joyner, aka Crispo Powers from “100 things to do before High School”, a TV-show she’d watched almost daily in the last two years. She asks him about that too, and he explains the whole auditioning and filming process and how much fun it was for a first acting gig. He asks about her life too, and the two of them bond over thoughts. This whole soulmate-thing is still very whack. But, to be completely honest, she kind of loves it. It’s like having an angel on your shoulder, telling you what the best option for your dilemma is. Though, most times, Owen is more likely the devil. Which is what Y/N needs most times. The most fun thing about this whole Soulmate-connection thing, have to be the dance parties the two of them hold at night, unless she has to get to work the following day and Owen won’t stop singing at the top of his lungs. One night, he was singing Pump It by the Black Eyed Piece at 3am. She’d groaned at first, hoping that’ll subtly tell him to shut up, but it didn’t work at all. He just kept rapping the verses, keeping Y/N awake and annoyed. “Come on, baby, do it” She decides to finally give in, knowing he’s not going to stop until she starts singing along. So, she sits up straight in her bed, and belts the lyrics at the very top of her lungs, not even caring about anyone in the house hearing. “La-da-di-dup-dup die dy On the stereo Let those speakers blow your mind” “Blow my mind, baby” She chuckles at his interruption. “To let it go, let it go Here we go La-da-di-dup-dup die dy” “C'mon, we're there” “On the radio The system is gonna feel so fine” He stops singing then and a silence falls over the both of them. Y/N can’t lie, in the past couple of years as she’d grown closer to him, spending every waking -- and sleeping -- moment together, she’d started developing some feelings for Owen Patrick Joyner too. It’s ridiculous because she’d never seen him in real life. She knows everything about him and she knows what he looks like, but she doesn’t know what his hugs feel like, or what his cologne smells like. “You’re a great singer, Y/N,” he finally breaks the silence, “I’m gonna let you sleep now, kay? Good night, baby girl.” Of all the pet names he’d given her so far, Baby Girl, Princess and Gorgeous were her favorites. All of them with a platonic tendency, though, much to her dismay. “Good night, O-bear,” she whispers back before tucking herself into bed again. Then finally, in 2019, Owen and a couple of people from the cast and crew of Julie and The Phantoms, his latest project Y/N was most excited about, decided to make a trip to New York City, her hometown. To say she’s excited would be the understatement of the year. She’d finally be able to hug him and talk to him properly and show him around her hometown and get to know the rest of the cast she’d heard so much about. But among the excitement also hides a little bit of nerves. After years of talking to him by just thinking, she’d finally see him in real life. What if things get awkward? What if it’s not what she expects? What if he’s only so beautiful in her mind? Y/N is walking around the coffee shop, wiping down tables and jumping up every time a new customer enters, thinking it’s Owen. He knows where she works on the weekends, and promised to find her there the minute he’d gotten settled in his hotelroom. “Ooh, pretty girl over there.” Her stomach churns as she hears his thoughts. He forgets about the whole soulmate-connection thing sometimes and just lets it out unfiltered. She knows he doesn’t like her the same way she likes him, and he’s allowed to look at other girls and think they’re pretty, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. “All around the world pretty girls,” he sings the famous Britney Song. “Mostly at coffee shops, yeah I’m talking about  you, pretty girl.”  A soft rap on the window next to Y/N makes her snap out of her focus on Owen’s voice. When she looks up, there’s a tall, blonde man waving at her through the glass with the biggest smile on his face. A flutter erupts in her stomach whilst her mouth involuntarily curls up into the widest smile she’d ever managed. She gestures at him to come in and hastily makes her way to the door herself. The second he walks inside, she launches herself into his arms. Wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, she holds him tight and inhales the smell of his cologne. He smells of the most divine combination of spearmint and musk. Just as she’d imagined him smelling like. “I can’t believe this,” she hears him think, which makes her chuckle. “You know you can actually talk to me right now, right?” she tells him, pulling away slightly so she can look at his face. There’s a slight stubble growing on his cheeks and chin, and his eyes look even prettier in real life than on a phone screen. “Right, yeah,” he chuckles, Y/N’s new favorite sound in the world. “Old habits die hard.” She smiles down at him whilst the two of them just stare at each other, basking in the fact they’re finally meeting. “She’s even prettier up close.” YN/ blushes at the compliment, and combes her fingers through his hair. “Oh, fuck, you heard that. Sorry!” “It’s cool. You’re pretty up close too.” This makes him chuckle. The whole thing is still bat-shit crazy. Both of them have gotten weird commentary whenever they told friends and family how they communicate with their soulmate. Most people just start texting and calling when they find their soulmate, but they didn’t. This whole new way of conversing was way too much fun, though a little annoying at times. And especially now that they’re in the same place together, it’s even more fun because no one else knows they’re talking to each other. A soft cough behind Owen causes Y/N to snap back into reality. Peeking behind the boy’s head, there are three other guys, staring at the scene with wide smiles playing at their lips. Two of them are about the same age as them, but the other one is older. Older but very, very famous. Y/N herself is a big fan of his work. The legend, Kenny Ortega himself. “You might wanna introduce me to your friends over there,” she tells her best friend. Owen takes a quick peek behind him, realizing he’d forgotten about his friends that had come along with him to meet the infamous Y/N. He puts the girl down on her feet again before turning to the three men. “Guys, this is Y/N Y/L/N. Gorgeous, these are Jeremy, Charlie, and Kenny.” He points to each of them when their respective names are called. Y/N offers them a wave and smile, not sure if she should go straight in for the hug like she’d done with Owen. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Y/N,” says Kenny as he opens his arms and embraces the girl. Said girl is now completely starstruck in a way she’d never been before, and she’d met a few of her favorite actors or artists. None of them made her feel this way. “You too, Kenny,” she manages to bring out when they pull apart, “Big fan of your work!” All she’s hoping right now is that she doesn’t sound too creepy. “You’re all good, Princess. Breathe.” Owen’s voice calms her down just in time for Charlie to engulf her into a hug too, and then Jeremy does the same. “Why don’t you guys take a seat, and I’ll make you some coffee before I’m off for today?” she suggests, and after hums of assent, the girl takes their orders and gets back to work. “There you go,” she mumbles as she places the coffees on the table and then distributes them correctly before sliding into the booth next to Owen. “So, what are your plans for today?” she asks. “Just some touristy bits,” Charlie replies with a shrug, “Any recommendations for us?” Y/N thinks about it for a while, knowing Owen can hear her thoughts. “Why don’t you come along?” Owen’s voice echoes through your brain. “Why don’t I take you guys around to the best spots no tourist will ever find?” she suggests, earning a thankful smile from Owen. “I think I knew a few places I could take you to?” All three other men agree to your suggestion. So, after you all finish your coffees and you’ve given them your employer’s discount, the five of you leave the coffee shop and hit the streets of New York City. “This is where I proposed to Care!” Jeremy exclaims excitedly as you’re sharing a couple stories from your childhood in Central Park. The guys have told a little more about their own lives, too, so Y/N felt comfortable enough to talk so freely and unfiltered about her own childhood, not noticing the way Owen melts at how adorable she looks being so excited about her childhood memories. “Re-enact it, Jer!” Owen exclaims excitedly as he scurries away from Y/N’s side and jumps down the small flight of stairs in one swift hop. Jeremy follows his best buddy and kneels down in front of him as if really proposing. Y/N takes her phone out of her back pocket and snaps a picture of the beautiful scene, giggling as she does, along with Kenny and Charlie. “The cutest couple!” the girl compliments, jamming her phone back into her pocket. “When’s the wedding?” Kenny adds, his laugh thundering. Owen lets out an airy laugh while Jeremy gets up again, the two of them rejoining the rest of the group. Y/N just knows this day will forever be the best day of her life. She just knows it’s going to be her favorite day ever for so many reasons; the laughs, the jokes, the friendship that’s building between all five of you, but mostly Owen. That night, Y/N goes back to the hotel with them too as Owen had asked her to hang out a little while longer and watch some movies with him. He’d asked the others too, but they were ‘too tired’. That’s an excuse Y/N could see from a mile away. They just wanted to give the two of them some quality time, which she appreciated very much. “I had the best day,Bubba,” she mumbles as she snuggles closer to him. She has her head on his chest whilst his arm is draped around her shoulders. It almost feels as though they’ve been doing this for years. “Me too, Baby Girl. Thanks for showing us around.” He presses a kiss to her hair, inhaling the luscious scent of peach, and deciding that’s his new favorite scent from now on. “Sucks we’re leaving tomorrow night,” he mumbles sadly. “Yeah… I know…” The words come out of her mouth in a whisper. “Wonder when we’ll see each other again.” She’d forgotten for a split second about him being able to hear her thoughts until he answers the half-statement with another question. “Will you come visit Norman Oklahoma soon?” She looks up at him, her nose grazing his stubbled chin, causing him to look down. “I really don’t wanna go another three years without seeing you, Gorgeous. I don’t think I can handle that, especially now that I’ve learned you’re a great cuddler.” Y/N chuckles at that before resettling on his chest properly. “I think I can make something work next month?” She starts tracing the patterns of his shirt, sending shivers down Owen’s spine at the sheer touch of her delicate fingers. “I think I can miss a few classes.” The chuckle that escapes past his lips, makes his chest vibrate and zooms into her ears, making her mouth curl up. This is the best feeling in the world; cuddling up with Owen and hearing him laugh. It’s a feeling Y/N wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. She wishes she could just stay like this forever. Or at least until the next day. Y/N has classes to get to, but promises Owen to come and say goodbye to him and the others at JFK airport around 8pm that night. And she does, though dreading it entirely. “You made it,” Owen whispers when he sees her walk up to the group. “Of course, I couldn’t just let you go back to Van City without saying goodbye, could I?” A tender smile plays at his lips as he takes her into a tight hug. “Have a safe flight, yeah? And talk to me on the plane if you’re bored.” She tells him and then turns to the three other men she’d just met yesterday. “Take good care of him and each other,” she tells them before taking each into a hug. Owen then offers her a nervous smile when she makes it back to his side. “Hey, you okay?” she asks, grabbing his hand in hers. “No,” her eyebrows furrow at his unspoken confession. “Yes, I mean yes. I’m fine. I’m okay… I just--” he cuts himself off, not knowing what to tell the girl now. “I’m just gonna miss you, is all.” “Oh…” is all she brings out, wanting something else to come out of his mouth. “I’m gonna miss you too, Big O.” She playfully punches his shoulder, smiling up at him with that smile that’s only ever reserved for Owen. It’s a tender one where her eyes sparkle as much as her smile. Owen then grabs her other hand too, pulling her a little closer as though he wants to say something serious. Y/N isn’t used to a serious Owen. He’d always be the one to pull pranks or make stupid jokes that’d make her laugh until her belly ached. He stutters and stumbles over a couple of words, then sighs frustratedly as he can’t seem to find the right words to tell her what he’s feeling. He can’t even find the right words to think. “Just kiss her, you dork!” Charlie shouts from the sidelines. Y/N turns her head to look at the boy confusedly, but Owen’s hands quickly cup her face and brings her up to press his lips on hers. She’s a little startled at first, unsure about what’s happening. But then she melts into his lips and into him, grabbing a fistful of his shirt. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long!” his thought comes through in her mind, making her smile against his lips.   “Shut up, I’m kissing you.” He chuckles at her words, and pulls away but keeps his forehead pressed to hers. “I’ll see you in a month, Bubba,” Y/N whispers and pecks his lips once more. Though she hates to see him go, she has to let him leave. She has to let him get back to Vancouver and Oklahoma, and then she can see him again in about a month. It’s just how this must go. For now. “I’d rather stay, actually,” he tells her as he pulls away slowly. “Owen…” Y/N whispers, shaking her head, “Don’t make this harder than it already is. They need you in Vancouver…” she nods at Kenny and the guys. “I want you to stay, I do. But they need you.” A single tear rolls down her cheek. Owen reaches up and wipes it away as quickly as it came whilst shaking his head. “I’m gonna stay, Y/N. Just two more days.” He sounds too determined for her to convince him to go. “We don’t actually need him for two more days anyway, so he’s free to stay if he wants to,” Kenny chimes in. Y/N looks at the man talking, a surprised look on her face. The legend himself shoots her a smile. “Stay, Owen. Spend some more time together. You both need it.” “Thanks, Kenny,” Owen takes the guy in for a quick hug, and then turns to his buddies to give each of them one too. “I’ll see you in two days, then.” The couple watches as the three men walk away, their arms wrapped tightly around each other. “You really had to be dramatic, did you?” Y/N jokes once they’re out of earshot, which earns her an eye roll from Owen, though he can’t hide a smile either. “You know me, Baby Girl,” he winks before grabbing his bag. “Yes, I do,” she says, “And I’m glad I do.” “Me too, Gorgeous, me too.”
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rainbow-laced-converse · 5 months ago
I’m bored let’s have some new discourse jatp fans
Spoon v forks for eating cake, if you eat cake with a spoon I am legally allowed to kill you /j
Uhhhhh @incorrect-jatp-quotes @joeymarahart @flynns-eyeliner-my-beloved @a-mere-chaotic-queer
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jatpsongficweek · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey you! Yeah you! Do you love Julie and the Phantoms? Do you love music? Well then do we have an event for you! Dig out your mixtapes and cue up your playlists - it’s time for the Julie and the Phantoms Songfic Week! We want to celebrate our favorite emotional support ghost show by creating a week, and what better basis than the music that connects us all?
Songfic Week will be held from the 1st to the 7th of October 2021 - plenty of time for you to start planning and get excited!
Each day, there are three prompts - one word, one theme, and one genre of music. Create a fic or some art or anything else you’re inspired to do for one, two, or even three if you feel so inclined. Combine them, use only the one you vibe with - whatever inspires you to create for the day!
Your fics do not have to be complete for posting. WIPs are more than acceptable so long as you have at least one chapter complete to post on the day.
Our ask box is open for whatever questions you may have. Before asking, please see the rules under the cut - if it isn’t addressed there, feel free to shoot us an ask and we’ll reply as soon as possible.
There are very few rules to this event, but we have a couple in place to ensure that this event stays the enjoyable week that it is supposed to be. 
This means that if you are writing for day one with the theme of Girl Power, the music that inspires your fanfic or fanwork must follow the theme. If you chose to use the word for the day, it can be contained within the title and/or the lyrics of the song.
You do not have to use all three words for the day (genre/theme/word), you can pick whichever one inspires you the most. If you want to use two or three (for example: Girl Power and Rock) that's fine too! 
Although some writers/artists enjoy making NSFW content, we have decided that the contributions for this week must be kept SFW. The show is aimed at minors and we want to keep this in mind. 
This event is about celebrating Julie and The Phantoms and enjoying music so there should be no hate. You will not always agree with others - whether it’s their character portrayals or interpretation of music - but you should be respectful at all times.
Remember the Golden Rule: don’t like, don’t read (or look at).
If you make it, it’s acceptable as a contribution for Songfic Week! It can be fanfic, gifsets, fanart, photo manipulations, moodboards, playlists, etc. Whatever art the song inspires in you will be accepted.
White-washing of any kind is completely unacceptable. JATP has several POC in its cast and you should respect them by coloring/illustrating/writing their skin tones appropriately. Any examples of white-washing will not be accepted.
This week is designed to be a fun week of celebration for music. We all have our different favorite characters, and least favorites, but there is no room here for anyone to bring down a character/ship. If you don’t like them, make your contributions based on another character.
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fiddlepickdouglas · 8 months ago
So I spent a good deal of time looking through the JATP stuff on Redbubble, and you guys. We don't need another Sunset Curve logo. We don't need another sticker of the three ghosts or the boys in general. I love Luke, Alex and Reggie (and Charlie, Owen, and Jeremy, respectively) but they flood the merchandise.
There's a decent amount of Julie/Madison stuff, but still not as much. Willie/Booboo is hit or miss, Flynn/Jadah barely exists. I didn't check Dirty Candy or Carrie/Savannah, but I figure that might have as much or more content than Willie. Bobby/Taylor Kare has like 5 actual things and the rest that come up when you search either name are just the main three boys without him there.
I know not every artist is able to put their stuff on a site like Redbubble, but for the ones who do, please consider if you contribute to the erasure of the POC in your fandom.
If you have art that includes more than the main three and you are considering putting it up on Redbubble or somewhere similar, or you already post there and have more art to share, I highly encourage you to! I would love to support you!
We have a lot of talent here and I couldn't be more proud of the love and support we have for each other. I just want to recognize the rest of the cast and what they stand for, too.
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Tumblr media
This is Julie from Julie and the Phantoms. I enjoyed this show a lot so I decided to make this fan art. Madison Reyes is insanely talented and has an amazing voice.
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