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#jatp fic
drummercalves · 2 days ago
juke + grammy
could arguably take place in the lmfthoi!verse
the morning after the grammy awards, luke wakes up with a pounding headache, one of julie's strappy sandals fitted around his hand, and the all-too familiar burn of whiskey in his dry throat. groaning softly, he rolls onto his side and lets out a grateful exhale at the sight of a bottle of water and a pair of pills on the nightstand. there's a note, too, and he starts to reach for it with his shoe-covered hand before he remembers that, well. he's wearing a shoe.
the handwriting is julie's, but he's pretty sure the drawings that are - classless at best, lewd at worst - are from the boys.
vocal rest for you today. i mean it. we can't win album of the year again if you fuck up your voice.
the words make him smile, the memories of the night before coming back to him in a rush. the limo ride to the arena, the neverending red carpet, the ceremony and the food, winning album of the year, watching julie give their acceptance speech, partying for the entire trip home and -
that's about where things go fuzzy. he definitely doesn't remember getting the shoe on his hand.
once he's taken the aleve and downed half the bottle of water, luke gets up and makes sure that he's wearing pants (he is) before padding out of their bedroom, tossing julie's shoe to the floor on his way down the stairs and out to their back porch.
he finds julie on one of the lounge chairs there, her eyes closed against the late morning sunlight. remembering her written warning, he clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth softly and grins when he hears her snort, eyes opening lazily as her head rolls toward him.
"hi," she greets, reaching an arm up and curling her hand over his cheek. "you got the shoe off of your hand. i'm so proud."
luke presses a soft kiss to the corner of her mouth and sits on the side of the chair, wrapping an arm around her thighs when she turns onto her side and scoots closer to him. "took me a minute," he admits, voice barely a whisper.
when he winces at the scratch in his throat, julie laughs again and breathes, "yeah, your voice is gone, babe. i don't think you stopped cheering after we got offstage. reggie was even begging you to shut up on the drive home. you also sang 'we are the champions' at least ten times."
"did i...?"
"yes, you insisted on raising the key a half step each time you sang it. stop trying to sing in my range, patterson. you'll never make it."
luke rolls his eyes and sticks his tongue out, swatting a hand against her thigh. when he holds the same hand up and quirks an eyebrow, julie grins and pulls his hand down, running her fingernails over the inside of his palm.
"when we got home, you were convinced we'd forgotten to bring the trophy home with us even though they mail it to us later. alex was helping me get my shoes off because my feet were swollen around the buckles and he handed one of them to you and told you it was the trophy. you immediately curled up on the couch and went right to sleep with it."
luke covers his face with his free hand, bending over and resting his forehead against julie's hip. "jesus," he mumbles. "how drunk was i? head hurts."
he feels her fingernails against his scalp moments later and the pain immediately starts to fade. "worse than the platinum award party. not as bad as carlos' graduation."
"alex and willie's wedding reception?"
"honey, you'll never top that. and stop talking. vocal rest."
luke reaches up and taps her hand where it's stilled on his head. he hears her hum and her fingers start moving again.
"we won a grammy, jules," he whispers.
julie's voice is just as tired as his, but just as full of wonder. "yeah. yeah, we fucking did."
luke's almost asleep again when alex, reggie, and willie find them on the porch a while later. he desperately wishes he still had julie's shoe to throw when reggie and alex decide to loudly sing adele's hello to him as a greeting.
but they're grammy-winning singers, so. maybe he'll allow the headache just this once.
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curvesomesunsets · 5 months ago
ray’s list
ray molina has a list. well, he has many: the shopping list pinned to the fridge, the two lists of potential birthday and christmas presents, a list of high schools for carlos (started in advance because it has to be the most suited one there is), a list of his regular clients.
but this list is new; freshly torn off the notepad, lying on the kitchen counter, a pen keeping it in place.
julie and carlos are not the only kids around anymore. there are three teenaged boys that he can’t always see, but has come to accept do exist all the same. three boys with music in their veins, with eager voices, without a pulse. three boys with pasts he doesn’t know. but he has a list.
because when ray dropped the old floral casserole dish on the kitchen floor and swore loudly, the excitedly chatting teen leaning on the counter flinched back and disappeared, unable to meet ray’s eyes for the rest of the week.
because when ray asked the boys to join them for grace, the tallest of them hunched his shoulders, drew into himself until even carlos seemed to loom in comparison, and froze whenever ray sat down at the table.
because when ray told the band they could not practice one weekend, with both carlos and julie needing to spend time on school projects and exams, the third boy looked at ray with wide, betrayed eyes and didn’t come to dinner.
because ray wants to help. so he has a list:
avoid loud noises & raised voices for reggie and luke
alex freezes up around religion, take it easy
luke thinks you’ll punish them for their music
reggie flinches at sudden movement, be careful
don’t touch alex without warning
luke and alex are slow to trust, give them time
reggie likes to chat (ask him if he’s into photography)
talk to luke about his song writing process
it grows over time. when julie sees it, she hugs him and promises to help flesh it out. because these boys need a home, and ray is starting to realise that they desperately need a good parent too. and he will try his hardest to help.
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where-you-go · 3 days ago
I wish you'd write a fic where Julie is a ghost instead of the boys, and they often hear piano music coming from the studio (and sometimes it's music that compliments their own), but she's never tried to play with them during rehearsal, she always hides, until she accidentally gets spotted/gets caught :)
Their studio is haunted.
“C'mon, Reg, really? Haunted?” Alex rolls his eyes as he asks this, but Alex rolls his eyes at Reggie a lot. It’s practically a sign of affection at this point.
“I’m serious, guys!” Reggie says, waving his arms only a little bit frantically. “How else do you explain your hoodie always being folded over the back of the couch in the mornings? Or Luke’s song notebook being open on the piano like every single day?”
“I am a neat person,” Alex says, pointing a drumstick at himself.
“Yeah, and Luke isn’t,” Bobby snorts from where he is curled up against the arm of the couch.
Luke lobs one of the couch cushions at Bobby’s head, which Bobby catches and then leans over to smack it repeatedly against Luke’s stomach. Luke lets out an extremely manly shriek and rolls over on the floor to try and steal it back.
Normally, Reggie would be all over a pillow fight like that. But right now he can’t let himself be distracted — this is important.
“I think our ghostly roommate used to live here,” Reggie continues, ignoring Alex’s groan. “I talked with our landlady and Victoria says that this house used to belong to her sister, who had a daughter who died twenty-five years ago in a tragic accident. That piano used to be hers! I bet that’s why she’s haunting the studio.”
“Reg, bro,” Luke sighs heavily from underneath where Bobby now has him pinned to the ground and is sitting on top of his back, “just because all the girls at our regular clubs have stopped finding your pick-up lines charming doesn’t mean you need to invent a ghost girlfriend.”
Bobby and Alex burst into snickers at that and Reggie can’t help the blush that lights up his cheeks.
“Man, you guys suck.”
Reggie stomps his way over to the loft, because if the guys are gonna be dicks about his totally correct and true theory about the studio being haunted, he doesn’t want to hang out with them any more.
They’ll apologize eventually, they always do — but by then, Reggie will have proof and then they’ll really have to grovel.
The thing is, Reggie knows he’s right about the studio being haunted not just because of some folded clothes or moved papers, but because he saw her.
No really!
Two weekends ago, when Alex’s boyfriend had been staying over and Reggie voluntarily sexiled himself from their shared room so they could have some quality time, he had come to the studio with the intent of working on some sick new basslines to show Luke when he got off work. Instead, he’d climbed up into the loft and almost instantly fell asleep on the giant bean bag up there — what? It was really comfortable!
Anyway, he had been woken up a few hours by the sound of someone playing the baby grand piano.
Reggie knew he was the only person in the band who could play the piano, so at first he had been confused. Did one of the guys start practicing? Was there a stranger in their studio?
Was that — was that the melody to Bright?
Still half-asleep, he had rolled over and stuck his head out of the loft only to see what he was certain had to be a vision from heaven. Or like an angelic visitation of some kind. Some kind of divine being?
Because seated on the piano bench was the most gorgeous girl Reggie had ever laid eyes on. Her long dark curls fell across her shoulders and down her back and when she leaned forward, a few would fall forward across her eyes. She didn’t notice though, she was so caught up in the music — her eyes were closed and her hands were flying across the keys, like she was feeling the music more than playing it. She was the music, it was a part of her, flowing through her like some kind of ethereal magic that filled the entire studio.
Bright had never had a piano part before, but Reggie couldn’t imagine it without one now.
He had been so mesmerized by the performance happening in front of him that Reggie hadn’t noticed that he’d been leaning further and further forward — until his shoulder collided with wobbly table that was precariously propped up by the opening to the loft, knocking it over and sending the pile of books on top crashing down the ladder.
“Oops,” Reggie winced.
There was a gasp from the piano. The angel of music had frozen in her playing, her eyes wide and staring right at Reggie.
“Um — hi?” he said, waving awkwardly.
She jolted upright. “You can see me?”
“Uh, yes?”
“Oh shi—” And then — right before Reggie’s eyes — she vanished.
Just poof! Gone! Into thin air!
Almost like — like a ghost, Reggie realized.
He’d been afraid for a bit that he’d dreamed the whole thing, but Reggie had been committed to uncovering the truth of their haunted studio. And after talking to Victoria (“Call me tía,” she had said, a faraway look in her eyes, “it’s been too long since this house has had any music in it, not since my sobrina played her last song.”), Reggie has started noticing a thousand tiny details that he’d written off before.
Alex’s hoodie going missing for a few days and then reappearing neatly folded on the back of the couch. Luke’s song notebook open on the piano to a new page every day. Heck, even Bobby’s migraine pills appearing on the coffee table, exactly when they need them.
All of these little things add up into one giant sign that Reggie is absolutely certain of: their studio is haunted.
And if the guys don’t believe him — that’s fine.
Reggie has a plan to meet the angel who’s haunting their studio all by himself.
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joynershats · 17 days ago
so i feel like ive seen plenty of people talk about alex borrowing one of lukes cutoffs and flipping the roles and making willie bluescreen and of course im all for that absolutely love it but i feel like i havent seen enough about if willie borrowed one of lukes cutoffs??? like if alex bluescreens normally when just seeing his bf flip his hair or wear his usual crop top i would love to see his reaction to him in that scrap of fabric fully arms out like oh god hot bf extreme gay panic. truly there can never be enough of these two simping over each other
I loved this prompt and maybe I was a little too self indulgent because of my love for Booboo but here you are. I shall include visuals i used as inspo just for the thrill of it, enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alex was fine with Willie's and Luke's friendship.
The two hadn't gotten along immediately, some sort of tension going on as Willie could feel there was a past between the guitarist and Alex, but once they had clicked, it had been impossible to keep them away from one another.
They had the same energy — maybe Alex had a pattern in the boys he liked — but unfortunately that meant double mischief, and constantly conspiring against the drummer's mental health.
But one thing was planning on leaving the two alone as much as possible, and another was what happened that evening.
Alex and Julie had been on a binge watch of Gilmore Girls. She had proposed out of nowhere, but who was Alex to refuse, really? It wasn't like he could've imagined she was conspiring against him with Willie and Luke.
"Are you sure he's gonna like this?" Willie asked as they gazed into the mirror. The tank top revealed more than they would've thought, but Luke sure did have a passion for any shirt that was as little as possible a shirt.
This one, of a band they'd only heard about but never listened to any of their music, was tied together at the hem, displaying entire panels of tan skin and tattoos that their usual crop tops wouldn't give away.
"He's gonna love it, or he's gonna have a stroke, but he's already dead so either way it's fine!" Luke grabbed their shoulders in an encouraging gesture, then patted them before leaving them to gaze at their reflection.
"You know, when you proposed this I wasn't sure, because I haven't played in a long time, but I'm kinda digging it. Next thing you know I'm joining jatp."
Luke chuckled. "As much as that would be rad, Alex would be useless if he'd keep staring at you jumping around the stage, so we'll have to pass."
Willie considered it, a smile growing on their lips, then turned to Luke, their hair caressing their biceps in the process.
"Let's go then."
Now, Willie was no talented musician. They loved art, for sure, any kind of, they were amazing at drawing, and graffiti-ing especially, but for music specifically they weren't as talented as any of the members of the band.
That surely didn't stop them from shredding a little guitar, had discovered Luke at some point. So in secret he'd started planning Alex's doom, giving the skater lessons when Alex wasn't around.
They grabbed the black, shiny electric guitar they'd been generously given by Luke — not after threatening them of murdering them again if one scratch was on it after they'd used it — and admired it.
Then they started playing together.
From inside the house, Alex rose from his leaning position, hearing the phantom of the music.
"I thought Reggie was with Ray, are they rehearsing without me?" he asked Julie, who just shrugged. She was faking interest in the TV all too well.
A slight feeling of discomfort bubbled in the pit of the drummer's stomach, who out of the blue poofed away. Julie smirked as soon as she was left alone.
He had been ready to make a scene to his two band mates when he raised his head and the scene in front of him wasn't the one he'd been expecting.
Luke, he was always there, was surely playing, but not with Reggie.
At this side, fucking Willie was playing an intricate riff Luke had written for one of their newer songs, but that didn't quite go with the vibe of it.
Alex was almost sure he was going to faint.
Willie, his Willie, boyfriend Willie, was playing the guitar, with his best friend, and they were doing it wearing one of his sleeveless thirst traps.
And it looked like they knew what they were doing.
Their long hair flipped as they moved along the music, a concentrated expression on their face like they were trying to impress even the furniture.
Suddenly it was like the first time once again: he couldn't tear his eyes off the skater, he couldn't breathe but he wasn't sure ghosts could breathe to begin with, he couldn't even think if the thoughts weren't how absolutely stunning they looked. How much in their element they seemed.
"Oh hey hot dog!" they greeted with enthusiasm like the usual. He hadn't even noticed they had finished playing the chorus, and now the duo was staring at him intensely.
Alex had to blink another hundred of times to be able to form sounds. "You...?"
He vaguely gestured to the set up, and Luke smiled mischievously. "Gave him a couple lessons, you didn't tell me your boyfriend was a natural talent."
Alex stayed silent for another solid minute, just staring.
Abs. Tattoos. Skin.
"My... yea, my boyfriend." he nodded, still distracted. Willie walked in his direction, fixing the hair fallen on top of their forehead with a hand.
"This new song is freakin dope, while Reggie isn't there, do you mind if I play with you guys? I wanna hear how it is with the drums."
Alex was still there standing, big light eyes staring.
"I'll go grab Julie, you start in the meantime."
Luke winked in the direction of the two, leaving them alone in the garage.
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claire8216 · 14 days ago
Julie and the Phantoms | Juke | Earthquake/Trapped AU | Rated Teen for swearing and slight mentions of blood | Inspired by this post
Happy birthday, @missjoolee! I’m so happy we met and became friends through this silly little thing called fandom, and I hope you have an amazing birthday because you absolutely deserve it. Here’s just a little something for you, hopefully it’s enough to ease your hunger on this AU (at least for a little bit lol). I hope you like it! Love you, Tater!
As the World Slowly Crumbles (I’ll Just Turn to Look at You)
If someone were to have told Julie that morning she’d end up trapped in a bathroom with Luke Patterson that night, she would have laughed in their face.
Because really, how does one even get trapped in a bathroom??
One word.
It was supposed to be a quiet night.
Just a quiet night in watching movies until the sun came up. A weekly tradition Julie, Flynn, Luke, Alex, and Reggie started when the boys realized their random fourth roommate assigned to them by their apartment complex was the absolute worst and threw a fit every time they tried to have people over.
It was a tradition Julie came to cherish, because what was better than spending the entire night with your favorite people in the world?
Of course, Luke wasn’t even supposed to show up tonight. Not after the fight the two of them had yesterday. Not after Julie tried to confide in him about whether she should try to go for it with Nick, only to have it all thrown back in her face as Luke practically said Nick is too good for her.
And no, technically, he hadn’t been uninvited from movie night. Julie just thought he’d have enough common sense to realize she needed time away before they worked through their issues.
But because Luke is Luke, and he decided long ago that the term ‘boundaries’ didn’t apply to him, he showed up anyways, wanting to hash it all out as soon as possible.
Which is why Julie had angrily dragged Luke up the stairs into her bathroom, as far away from their friends as possible so that they hopefully wouldn’t hear the yelling that was inevitably about to happen.
Little did she know, she wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.
Because one minute she’s giving Luke a piece of her mind, and then the next everything around her is shaking and shower items and toiletries are clattering to the ground and it’s almost impossible to stand upright and Luke is practically lunging at her, not hesitating for a moment before using himself as her own personal human shield.
Julie isn’t sure how long it goes on for, but it feels like forever, even though logically she knows earthquakes generally only last up to thirty seconds or so. But when the world once again goes still, she slowly lifts her head from where it had made such a natural home against Luke’s racing heart and opens her eyes, only to find him already looking at her.
“Are you okay?” he asks after a beat of silence, his eyes frantically roaming over her face and down her body, checking for any sign of injury.
“Y-yeah. I think so,” she says, still shell-shocked. Her eyes immediately home in on a patch of red on his temple. She reaches for it, hand still shaking as she examines the slightly sticky substance and the area around it.
“But you’re not. God Luke, you’re bleeding!”
He brings a hand up to his head, their fingers brushing ever so slightly as she removes hers. He winces as he makes contact with the wound. “It’s okay, I’m fine. I think the shower curtain rod fell on me. Not life-threatening or anything,” he reassures her.
Julie nods, taking in the way his everchanging eyes are currently a vibrant blueish-green, the color they always turn when he has adrenaline coursing through his body. Usually after a gig or something though. Not a freaking earthquake.
Oh no. Gig. Band. Friends.
“We need to find the others,” she says, untangling herself from Luke’s protective hold.
“Shit, yeah we do.”
Julie scoots past Luke, the bathroom finally feeling just a bit too small as her shoulder brushes against his chest as she makes her way to the door.
She reaches for the handle, turns the doorknob and pushes and then…
The door wouldn’t budge.
“Um, Luke? I think we have a problem.”
Luke frowns. “You’re kidding.”
Julie rolls her eyes. “We just went through a fucking earthquake, Luke, why would I be kidding around right now?”
Luke just sighs, taking the one step it took to get to Julie and the door. “Here, let’s both try pushing.”
And they do try, but to no avail.
It’s official. They’re stuck.
Julie can’t help but jump to the worst possible conclusion. That their friends are all unconscious and severely injured or worse. That she and Luke are stuck in this stupid bathroom and no one knows to come looking for them and–
She pounds her fists against the door. “Fuck! We need to get out of here! We don’t know if everyone’s okay or what else may be going on, and what if-”
“Jules, hey, look at me,” Luke interrupts. He cups her face with his hands gently, but firm enough to where she can focus on his touch. Ground herself to reality with it. “It’s okay. We have our phones. We’ll just call them.”
Oh. Of course. Apparently in her panic, she forgot phones exist.
They call Alex, and to their immediate relief learn that he, Reggie and Flynn were able to make it outside after the earthquake was done, but that there were ceiling beams that had fallen, which prevented them from being able to reach the two of them.
Julie assumes one of the beams was up against the bathroom door, locking them in. Their friends had already called 911, but they have no idea how long it’ll take for them to get there.
Finally, Luke hangs up the phone, an awkward silence falling between the two of them.
“Well,” Luke says, finally breaking the silence, “if we were a movie, this would be the epitome of a ‘record scratch, freeze frame’ moment.”
Julie lets out a long, frustrated sigh.
She might actually kill him.
But Luke continues. “Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in-”
“Luke, shut up!” Julie exclaims. “Can we please just, like, sit in silence or something?”
His shoulders deflate slightly, and Julie refuses to look at his face because she just knows he has that kicked puppy look going on and it’s impossible to stay mad at him when he looks like that.
“Fine. Whatever.”
They sit in silence for the next twenty or so minutes, Luke on the edge of the bathtub and Julie with her back against the door. They get ahold of their families to assure everyone is unharmed and update them on their situation. Julie makes plans to sleep at her dad’s house that night, figuring there was no way the authorities would let her and Flynn back into their house once they were rescued.
Eventually, Luke can’t take the silence anymore.
“Julie, can we please just talk about this already? I already said I was sorry.”
She rolls her eyes. He still doesn’t get it.
“I don’t care if you’re sorry, Luke. It’s the fact that you even said something like that to me in the first place.”
Luke groans in frustration, standing up from his place on the edge of the bathtub. “You’re misunderstanding what I meant, Jules!”
Julie rises from her place against the door, refusing to give Luke the higher ground.
“You said, and I quote, ‘you’re not good for Nick.’ How else am I supposed to take that?”
Julie isn’t even upset that he disapproves of the idea of her and Nick. Because at the end of the day, Nick is just another guy in her eyes, not the one she truly wants.
Julie realized years ago that she was in love with Luke. But she also realized that she missed her shot with him. There’s too much history, too many years of friendship to risk anything more now. So she was finally trying to get over him. And that started with Nick, the cute guitarist they sometimes ran into at their regular venues. Someone who has so many similarities to Luke, yet in Julie’s eyes is barely even a fraction of the person he is.
And that’s what hurts. That Nick can’t even hold a candle to Luke, and he still doesn’t think she should be with him.
“I said you’re not good for him, Julie. Not that you’re not good enough for him.”
Julie takes a step towards him, throwing her hands up in exasperation. “What’s the difference? Please, explain, Luke. Because obviously I’m not getting it.”
He hesitates. “H-he’s just wrong for you, Jules! I don’t know what else you want me to say.”
“Why, Luke? If he’s so wrong for me, then who’s right for me? Because from where I’m standing, it seems like he’d fit into my life quite easily,” she says. “He’s nice and he loves music and he’d understand a touring schedule and he-”
It takes Julie a moment to process what cuts off her tangent. Only when she feels Luke’s hand cupping her jawline does she realize he’s kissing her, his other hand against the small of her back keeping her firmly in place.
Oh god.
He’s kissing her. He’s actually kissing her.
It’s over all too soon, Luke not even giving her enough time to properly kiss him back.
He doesn’t move out of her space though, eyes locked on hers as he gently strokes just under her bottom lip with his thumb, their shaky breaths mingling with one another.
Julie’s entire face feels hot, blood pounding in her ears as she tries to ground herself back in reality.
Did that really just happen?
“That’s why.”
Oh?? She’s been waiting years for this moment and all she can say is oh??
Luke seems disappointed in her response too, his shoulders sagging once more, the kicked puppy face making another appearance only this time it’s so much worse because he’s completely misinterpreting her response.
“Luke I-”
“Fire department, call out!”
He shoots her a sad yet understanding smile as he releases her from his grip, and Julie just wants to scream and tell him how long she’s waited for something like that to happen, but she can’t. Their first priority has to be getting out. Everything else will have to wait.
“We’re in here!” Julie calls back to the firefighters, her eyes never leaving Luke’s.
From there, time seems to move slow and fast all at once. It takes another fifteen minutes before the rescue squad is finally able to open the bathroom door, and when they do they hurry them out of the house and she and Luke barely have time to hug Flynn, Alex and Reggie before they’re being ushered over to the awaiting EMTs for a routine medical exam.
They clear Julie quickly, but keep Luke a bit longer to inspect the wound on his head.
Julie waits off to the side with her friends, keeping a close eye on him, too wired to think about anything other than that kiss and finally clearing the air with Luke.
Finally, the EMT walks away and Luke stands up from the back of the ambulance, and Julie wastes no time in beelining over to him, cutting Flynn off in mid conversation.
Luke’s eyes widen as he sees her approaching, a nervous smile pulling at his lips.
“Good news, I don’t need stitches. They just said to-”
This time Julie’s the one to cut him off, wrapping her arms around his neck as she tugs him down to her level to finally, finally kiss him properly. In the way she’s always wanted to.
He hums in surprise, but it doesn’t last long before he’s kissing her back, his own arms snaking around her waist to pull her even closer.
This. This feels right.
They finally pull away, not out of want but out of necessity for air.
“Oh,” Luke says, a teasing smile spreading across his face.
Julie giggles. “Yeah. Oh.”
“My god, finally!”
The pair pulls away to look back at their friends, Flynn’s hand covering Reggie’s mouth as his punishment for breaking their moment.
“Sorry,” Flynn says, shooting them a bright smile. “Ignore him. Please keep doing what you’re doing.”
“Seriously,” Alex chimes in. “If we knew all it would take was an earthquake to get you two together, we would have summoned one a long time ago.”
Julie groans, tucking her face into Luke’s chest. “Oh my god, the teasing is going to be nonstop from here on out.”
Luke chuckles, hooking a finger under her chin to lift her head and look into her eyes.
“It’s fine. We just made it through an earthquake together. Pretty sure we can survive anything.”
And then he kisses her again.
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charlies-gillespie · 5 months ago
finally free | luke patterson
Tumblr media
paring: ghost!fem!reader x ghost!luke patterson
summary: after Luke duets with Julie, reader gets jealous and poofs away. Luke finds her and the two have a conversation that ends much differently than reader expected
requested: no
length: medium to long
rating: PG
warnings: none
!! NOT MY GIF !!
tag list: @mrsbrookegillespie @screwunsaidemily @towheadblonde @marvelousmendess
You are hanging in the shadows on the side of the stage in a café when a guy with a microphone walks onto the stage.
“Okay, it looks like we’re closing the night out with one more group,” the guy says. He looks down at his notepad. “Julie and the Fat Ones.” The crowd snickers as you watch Julie walk past the Dirty Candy girls and walk onto the stage.
Julie finds her way to the piano and puts her microphone on the stand above the piano. “Hi,” she says into her microphone. “It’s actually ‘Julie and the Phantoms’.” No one reacts. “Okay.”
She begins to play the piano and sing. From hearing practices in the studio, you know how talented Julie is. Her vocals are amazing.
And she doesn’t know you exist. You’ve kind of stayed away from her but you’ve sat outside the garage, listening in to band practices. You’re only here for Luke. He’s a ghost, yes, but so are you. You met him when walking the beach one night. He poofed to the beach out of nowhere, scaring you, and the two of you have grown close in the few weeks since that happened.
You think he has a thing for you, and you definitely have a thing. Who wouldn’t? He’s cute, funny, and extremely talented. When Luke’s not with his band or writing songs for Julie and the Phantoms, he’s usually off somewhere with you.
The crowd watches Julie as she sings alone on the stage with the piano. Some sway their heads to the beat.
Until the beat drops and the guys appear on the stage.
I got a spark in me Hands up if you can see And you're a part of me Hands up if you're with me Now 'til eternity Hands up if you believe Been so long and now we're finally free
Luke’s singing into his mic along with Julie, who gets up from her seat at the piano. The crowd electrifies when the guys appear on stage with their instruments.
You smile and sway a bit to the beat yourself.
We know we can make it We're not falling down under Close my eyes and feel my chest Beating like thunder I wanna fly Come alive Watch me shine
Luke and Julie look at each other as they sing their little duet together. You stop swaying and watch them, seeing the look on Luke’s face.
Then it hits you that he definitely doesn’t have a thing for you. He absolutely has a thing for Julie though.
After repeating the refrain, Julie turns toward Luke. Luke quickly runs over and shares a microphone with Julie as he repeats back to her what’s sung to him.
I got a spark in me I got a spark in me And you're a part of me And you're a part of me Now 'til eternity Now 'til eternity Been so long and now we're finally free
After repeating the refrain again, the guys and Julie begin harmonizing and Luke walks over to the side of the stage you’re on. He plays guitar in front of the crowd in front of you. He looks at you and meets your eyes.
You look away and he goes back to his microphone. After singing a line, he backs away from his mic and looks at Julie. A small smile forms on Luke’s face as she sings the final line in the song. Luke looks at her in awe as she sings.
The song ends and the guys poof off the stage. You poof away, slightly jealous. You poof to the beach where you and Luke first met.
With a sigh, you sit in the sand by the water. The moonlight lights up the beach a bit and you watch the waves crash. You bring your knees up and rest your chin on your knees.
It hurts, knowing the guy you have a crush on likes someone else. It hurts more than most people know.
Plus, Julie is a Lifer. You don’t know why Luke likes a Lifer considering the circumstances.
With a sigh, you rest your forehead on your knees and close your eyes.
You hear a whoosh noise and a “hey Y/N”. Luke’s here. He found you. You don’t know why you came here of all places. He knows he can always find you here.
“I thought you’d be with the band,” you tell him, your voice monotone.
Luke says, “I was able to celebrate with the band. I wanted to come celebrate with you, Y/N.”
Still slightly hurt, you say, “Yeah, well, I’m not really in the mood for a celebration, Luke.” You haven’t been able to look up at him. You’re too afraid you’ll cry if you look up at him and you won’t want to cry in front of him. If you cry then you’ll have to explain why and you don’t want to explain why.
He sits beside you and says, “I saw you poof out after our number. Did you need to leave to go somewhere?”
You sigh and say, “I needed to get out of there. It was stuffy.”
“Then why did you look away from me when I made eye contact with you when I was on stage?” he asks. “Did I do something to hurt you?”
Getting slightly annoyed, you say, “No, Luke. You haven’t done anything to hurt me.” Sarcasm is laced in your voice.
Luke picks up on the sarcasm and asks, “What did I do, Y/N? Please, tell me, because I don’t like it when we fight.”
Finally, you look at him. He has a look of worry on his face and you respond with, “Why do you have a thing for a Lifer? You know she’ll grow old and you won’t.”
A smile forms on Luke’s face and he asks, “You think I have a crush on Julie? No. Kinda ew. She’s my bandmate and is more of a sister than anything to me. She’s a lifer and I know she’ll grow old and I won’t. Why do you think …” He trails off, realizing the answer. “You have a thing for me, don’t you? That’s why you’re acting like this and why you poofed out of the café after ‘Finally Free’ was over.”
You jump into immediate defense mode, saying, “No! I don’t have a thing for you, Luke. Nuh uh. Gross. You’re, like, my best friend. Bleh.”
He laughs and says, “You definitely have a thing for me, Y/N. I can tell. You got all jealous and left right after the number was done. That’s why you asked why I liked Julie when I don’t.”
“Stop!” you say, getting up and stepping back from Luke. “I don’t have a thing for you, Luke. You’re cute and all, plus really talented and really funny. But I don’t have a thing for you.”
Luke smiles up at you and say, “You definitely do. Why are you all the way over there then?”
You make a face and say, “You have cooties.”
The guitarist laughs and says, “We’re not in second grade, Y/N. I don’t have cooties.”
“Fine,” you admit. “Maybe I have a very very small thing for you. Like it’s so small that it’s practically nonexistent.”
He laughs and gets up, standing in front of you. You sigh and Luke says, “That’s okay, Y/N. I have a very very small thing that it’s basically nonexistent for you too.”
Your jaw almost drops when he makes that comment. He just admitted he has feelings for you, and you’re still standing like eight feet from him.
He doesn’t like Julie. He likes you. You’re shocked by this because you really thought he liked Julie.
“I’m embarrassed now,” you tell him. “I really had it in my head that you were into Julie.”
Luke smiles and asks, “How that you found out I’m not into Julie?”
You blink at him and reply with, “I’m still not sure because it was really deep in my head that you were into her.”
The lead guitarist of Julie and the Phantoms steps closer to you and he says, “I am definitely not into Julie. I am definitely into you, Y/N. How could I not be into you? You’re very cute, you make me laugh, and the little cheek dimple you have when you smile is my favorite thing ever.” You smile when he says that to you. “Yeah, just like that.”
Your heart races in your chest as you slowly ask, “What happens now?”
Luke steps closer to you again, singing softly, “I got a spark in me. And you’re a part of me. Now til eternity. Been so long and now I’m finally free.” He meets your eyes and looks at you so intensely that you shiver.
He stands a few inches away from you now instead of eight feet away. You continue staring up at him. “I, um,” you stammer. “Luke.”
“That’s my name,” he jokes.
You roll your eyes at him before saying, “I can’t stand you sometimes.”
Luke lets out a soft laugh before he says, “Yet you haven’t poofed away or anything.”
Your eyes are still on Luke’s as you say, “I can if you want.”
“I don’t think so,” Luke sternly says before he takes your face in his hands, pulling you toward him. Your lips collide with his and you gasp.
Luke is kissing you. You’re kissing Luke. This is a thing that is currently happening.
You kiss him back almost immediately and melt against his body. The kiss is soft and sweet, and it feels like you’ve done it a thousand times. Butterflies flutter in your stomach as he kisses you.
After a few seconds, Luke pulls back from the kiss and you look up at him. “I should’ve asked if that was okay,” he stammers. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t think-” You cut him off with a second kiss. He smiles against your lips as you kiss him. He now knows it was okay that he kissed you first.
The kiss continues for a little bit before you pull away. Luke looks down at you and says, “I want you to meet the band, Y/N.”
“Okay,” you say. “Take me to meet your band.”
He smiles before poofing away. You poof right behind you, both of you meeting outside the garage you’ve sat outside of dozens of times, listening to Luke practicing.
Luke walks through the door. He says, “I have someone I’d like you all to meet.” You walk through the garage door. Julie and his bandmates all sit scattered throughout the garage. Julie looks at you, obviously being able to see ghosts.
“This is everyone,” Luke says. “That’s Julie, Reggie, and Alex.”
You wave hello to everyone and Alex says, “We still don’t know her name, dude.”
“Right. This is Y/N,” Luke tells his bandmates. “My girlfriend.”
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soemthingsparkly · 2 months ago
When Luke feels all alone, when he's sitting in a holding cell because he was a minor sleeping rough in the sheltered doorway of a upper class deparment store.
When his phone is dead and he refuses to tell them his name or his parent's name and so they have no choice but to hold him until the morning. When his back hurts because he's been sleeping on hard surfaces for a week and the cot in his cell is no different.
When he hums to himself to fill the silence that punches into his chest and stomach through the white, plastic walls, but it only accentuates it.
When he shivers because they took his personal belongings and the blanket scratches up his skin. When he paces, before kicking the bench and only hurting his foot.
When they offer him a phone call, but his dyslexic brain can't sum up the digits that make up either Alex or Reggie's number, so just rests his head against the cool metal box, with the corded phone pressed up against his ear.
When he's finally dragged away again and suddenly remembers Julie's number, remembering the rhythm and rhyme of the numbers. "Wait, wait, wait," he yells as he's pulled by the arm. "I remember, I remember. I need to call."
When he's shut up inside that cramped box room again and he can feel the walls pushing in on him, making his head feel smaller around his skull.
Too tight. Too tight. Too tight...
And then he's seized again, rough fingers pressing hard into his biceps. He's wrenched off the ground, where he'd been crouched in the middle of the cell.
There's some whisper of, "...released."
And he's lead back into the reception, where they'd shoved him the first time, five hours ago. He gets a glance at the clock. It's 3am now.
And there she is.
His brain stalls. He doesn't remember making the call. Did he? Did he forget? His tongue is like cotton in his mouth. Maybe in his dehydration...
"Luke," she cries, throwing herself at him. Her arms are around his neck and she grips him so hard.
Slowly, Luke lets his arms fold around her back. She's encouraged and lets her feet fall flat on the ground, while he leans into her hug.
She smells like strawberries...
"Luke, thank god." Alex's voice as he jogs into the station, the keys to his van clenched in a white knuckled fist. He covers them both when he joins the hug.
Reggie is at the reception desk, booking him out. At 18, he's the only one able to.
"Guys, I..." Luke's voice is lost to his own confusion.
"We were trying to call and text you. We checked your house but you weren't there. Your parents said they hadn't seen you since..." Alex trails off.
"Why didn't you tell us your were sleeping rough again?" Julie demands. "You know we have the space. You know that."
Luke retreats, sniffs and twists the baby hairs at the back of his neck. He shrugs, feeling the weight of worried guilt on his shoulders. "Just... didn't want to... you know..."
"How many times do I have to tell you?" Julie asks, the moisture in her eyes catching in the flurosents above. "You are not a burden."
Alex, whose hands had crept back into his jacket again, brings one out to lightly back hand his arm. "Yeah, not to us. Not ever."
Reggie joins them and covers him with his arms. "Oh man, it's so good to see you."
"Yeah, you too, Reg."
And they take him back to the Molina's, feed him warm tea, wrap him in blankets. He has a chest infection, they realise, and Ray gets an emergency prescription of antibiotics and lets his parents know he's safe.
They spend the rest of the night wrapped around him.
When Luke feels alone, the people he love him remind him he is, in fact, the opposite.
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alwaysghostingaround · 9 months ago
i don’t wanna sound like i’m shitting on some artists because lord knows i can barely draw a square but like
i’ve seen an influx of fan art of julie or flynn being draw as white. you don’t have to get the exact shading right but don’t freaking draw them like they’re one shade away from carrie.
you wanna draw white characters then draw the ACTUAL WHITE CHARACTERS. i promise you have a lot to go off of.
idk if it’s unintentional or some of you just really hate bipoc in movies/tv shows but either way it bothers the hell out of me.
the worst part is i have seen no one (at least on my end) speak out about it. i’ve seen people talk about leaving willie out but nothing on white washing julie and flynn.
and all the fan art i see all of the comments are praising the artist like there’s not a clear problem.
the same shit when people deliberately leave willie out of the stories they write so alex can be in love with luke or reggie (OR EVEN MAKE HIM STRAIGHT OR BI WHICH IS A WHOLE OTHER RANT)
bipoc do not get enough good representation and when they do there’s always people that try to erase it and i’m absolutely tired of it.
especially when you see people sharing there stories about how good it felt seeing someone that looked like them on tv.
“oh but it’s hard for me-“ then just don’t f*cking do it. it’s not that hard. i promise it won’t kill you to just be respectful.
you know what’s so 90’s? being rude. alright, get woke these are sensitive times.
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kybee1497 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Next up on Kiwi’s complete lack of chill.... the PowerPoint Alex made for Willie to convince Willie to marry him. Fic link is here
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mrsbrookegillespie · 5 months ago
+This Town+ Luke x Alive!Reader
Tumblr media
(Not My Gif)
Description: Just read it.
Warnings: ANGST, um... ANGST, and ANGST. Mentions of pregnancy, mentions of death, mild swearing. Probably a lot of typos, I’m editing it, but I wrote this right when I saw the request.
Use of JATP scenes go to the producers and such, and the song that is used in this story is “This Town” by Niall Horan (I changed some of the words, and rearranged the format of it)
S/N = Sons Name
BF/N = Boyfriends Name
I cried writing this... Enjoy.
Tumblr media
+This Town+
“Luke!” Y/N shrieks when he picks her up by her waist, twirling them around. “Put me down.” He chuckles, setting her down gently.
 “How did we do?” he asks. “More importantly--” he clicks his tongue, “--how did I do?” Taking her hands into his, he flashes her a big smile.
She tilts her head, giving him a pointed look. “You know what I’m going to say to that.” She leans forward a little with a small smirk on her face. “You were amazing, and everyone is going to see that tonight.” She presses her lips firmly on his, him returning the gesture by cupping the side of her face to deepen it. 
Though it didn’t last long, when they both pulled away the feeling still lingered. “Well, the guys and I are going to get some food, do you want to join us?” He takes a step closer to her, not being able to let her go.
“Are you guys going to that hot dog place again? The one with the car?” she questions, a look of disgust on her face. “I’ll pass.” 
He puts on a big pout. “Alright,” he mumbles, disappointed. “Your appetite has been really strange lately.”
Alex quickly comes over, throwing an arm around Y/N’s shoulder. “Are you coming, or what?” he asks Luke, no doubt overhearing Y/N’s answer. 
A small groan comes from Luke. “Are you sure you don’t want to come?” he repeats to Y/N. “I’m gonna miss you,” he claims.
“I’ll see you tonight, babe.” She lets out a giggle, glancing at Alex whose expression is most likely unidentifiable to Luke, but to Y/N, she knew exactly what he was thinking. “And I have something to tell you tonight.” 
Luke raises an eyebrow towards her. With a glimpse towards Alex he says, “Is it good or bad?” 
She purses her lips, taking a moment to come up with an answer. “Depends…” 
“Well, then I’ll be counting the minutes.” 
Alex moves away from the couple to give Luke space for him to kiss her left temple. “Be careful out there, alright?” She wraps her arms around him tightly. 
“I will,” he promises. “You worry too much.” 
She shakes her head. “Only for you.” 
“I heard that!” Alex calls out. 
“You know I love you too Alex,” she says. “Now go be boys, with your… Interesting food cravings.” Nudging Luke, he hesitantly walks away, holding her hand until he’s forced to let go.
“I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Luke assures. 
“I’ll hold you to it!” With one last wave, they leave with no knowledge of what’s to come.
Julie sighs walking into the studio. “We’re sorry,” Reggie sings, popping out from behind Luke.
“So sorry,” Alex joins, popping out on the other side. 
“We’re so super-duper, crazy, sorry,” the boys all harmonize at the end, Luke kneeling down on one knee.
“In case you missed it, we’re really sorry,” Reggie adds.
“Yeah. I… I got that part,” Julie replies, her tone short.
“We’ve been here for, like, three hours,” Alex mentions, Reggie high-fiving him.
Luke nods. “Yup.” He goes to stand up. “We almost sang to your little brother.” 
“He comes in here a lot,” Reggie observed. “Mainly to use the bathroom.” He gestures behind him.
“Yeah, it’s not our favorite part of the day,” Alex explains.
“But, Julie, it wasn’t okay that we flaked out on the dance last night,” Luke joins, going back to the real problem. “We know we let you down.” 
“Yeah, and none of us wanted to disappoint you,” Alex states. “You’re the best thing that’s happened to us, since we became ghosts.” 
“So, in hopes that you’ll rejoin the band.” A slow smile creeps up on Luke’s face, him taking a dramatic step towards her. He hands her a piece of paper that he’s been holding. “We booked a new gig.” 
“A mega important, life-changing gig,” Reggie remarks in the background.
Julie analyzes the flier. “Oh, okay, check it out. Tons of managers go here to listen to new bands,” Luke starts. “All we gotta do is blow them all away, and we’re living the dream.” 
“So, this means a lot to you, huh?” Julie asks, still holding her harsh tone. “Kind of how playing in front of my whole entire school meant a lot to me?” 
“Sounds like sarcasm,” Reggie says, confused. He gasps, turning to Alex. “I’m starting to think our plan isn’t working.”
“Look, we know we messed up,” Alex reassures. 
“But we need you in the band,” Luke affirms.
“Of course you do,” Julie begins. “Because without me no one can see you guys playing.” She looks up towards the ceiling. “You know I thought that the music that we were writing was special, but you’re too obsessed with your past to even care,” she accuses, pointing towards Luke.
“I do care,” he argues. “Our band has a real chance at greatness, I’m not gonna let that get away from us again.” 
“Uh-huh, right. So, then why did you bail on me to get back at Trevor?” she interrogates. “I’ll tell you why…” she pauses. “‘Cause there’s only one thing you care about, and that’s yourself.” She storms off, Luke following her by only a few steps. 
“Dude, she didn’t mean that,” Alex asserts. 
Luke looks back at him before poofing away. “Where’s he going?” Reggie asks. 
“Where do you think? Remember what today is?” Alex turns towards Reggie, realization taking over his features.
Alex and Reggie both poof into Julie’s house to see her reading on the couch. “Hey… Uh, do you got a second?” Alex stuffs his hands into his pockets.
Julie sighs, not giving them a verbal response. Re-situating herself on the couch. “Oh my gosh, she can’t see us anymore!” Reggie whisper-yells. Alex gives him a blank stare, lasting for a little longer than a second. “Oh, right.” Reggie shrugs.
Alex sits on the arm of the couch. “Julie, please,” he begs. 
Julie allowed herself to look up at him. “I already told you that I’m done with the band.” 
“Yeah, we know, all right?” He flips his hair out of his face. “But, before you decide that forever we just… We wanted you to know that Luke isn’t as selfish as you think.” 
“Yeah, you’ve got him all wrong,” Julie scoffs, shaking her head at Reggie’s statement. 
“Remember those two songs you found?” Alex asks. “‘Unsaid Emily’, and ‘This Town’.” Julie nods once slowly. “Can we at least show you who one of those songs is about?” 
She looks towards Reggie then back at Alex.
Soon all three of them find themselves behind a tree by a small house. They watch Luke sit on one of the counters, hugging his knees to his chest. And two older people. “So, Emily is his mom?” Julie asks. 
“Yeah,” Alex confirms. “Yeah, Luke comes here a lot… He thinks we don’t know but… We’ve been following him.” They all watch Luke from afar, his red eyes as he follows the two adults walking around.
“All he does is hang out like this, and watch them,” Reggie informs. “They never really do anything though.” 
The pair sets down a cake. “They’re having cake, that’s something.” Julie crosses her arms, trying to make sense of the situation.
“It’s a… It’s a birthday cake.” Reggie looks over at her. “For Luke.” 
“I never knew Luke was hurting this much,” Julie admits.
“Yeah, it’s even worse because when he died he… Left on bad terms,” Alex pauses. “You know, his parents didn’t want their 17-year old in a rock band so… He just left.” He sighs. “He never got the chance to make it up to them.” 
Just at that moment a silver car pulls in. Julie ducking down to hide herself. “Well, that’s new,” Reggie tries to peek over at the car to see who’s inside.
“Wait!” A woman who looked about early forties hops out from the passenger seat. “S/N get out of the car, we’re gonna miss your father’s birthday.” 
“Wait a minute…” Alex stands up taller, getting a good look at the girl’s face. “It can’t be,” he whispers. 
“Sorry!” S/N replies, holding his hands up in defense. “Not my fault dad gave me such good genes, they need to be taken care of.” 
Y/N laughs, guiding him away from the car. “Spoken like a true Patterson.” 
“Y/N?” Reggie questions.
“Y/N?” Julie repeats quietly, confused. 
“The other song that you found--” 
“That’s the girl from the photo.” Julie’s eyes widened, remembering.
“Who’s this?” Julie asks, showing a polaroid picture to Luke. It was him and a girl. “You look so happy in it.” She scans both of their faces, huge smiles covering them.
He looks at it, almost becoming frozen. “That’s--” he rips the photo out of her hands. “--that’s nobody,” he lies, tucking the photo back into the song book, in between two pages one of them reading what Julie caught ‘This Town’.
“Sorry, we’re late,” Y/N says, walking into the house. 
Luke perks up. “Y/N?” he whispers. 
Y/N’s movements falter, as she holds a hand up to her ear. “Did one of you say my name?” she asks, everyone giving her a confused glance.
“No, honey,” Emily says. Her and Mitch going over to Y/N and S/N “How are you doing today? Where’s Bf/N?” Emily asks the last part quietly.
Y/N shrugs. “Work,” she chokes out. “And…” She shrugs. “This day is always hard. Especially for S/N even if he shows it in a weird way.” 
“It really is you,” Luke whispers, walking up to get as close as he could, without phasing through her. He noticed just how much she’s grown, but she was still so beautiful to him. 
“Who’s the guy?” Julie asks Alex, and Reggie.
Alex’s once questionable expression drops. “I think I know.” They both look at him. He gulps slightly. “That night, we were going to play, Y/N… She was going to tell Luke that she was um…” The look on his face was enough to finish his sentence.
“Luke’s a father?!” Reggie exclaims.
“Shhh!” Julie and Alex shush him quickly before Luke could possibly hear.
“I knew, because she told me,” Alex explains. “I helped her plan out this whole thing, I went to every doctor’s appointment with her, she was so scared.” He looks at the young boy. “I almost forgot.” He furrowed his eyebrows. 
“S/N Patterson, don’t you dare start eating that cake, yet,” Y/N warns. “We need to blow out the candles first.” 
Luke slowly walks over to a wall of pictures, his nonexistent breath getting caught in his throat. He turns back to look at the young man who looked exactly like him. Same floppy hair, same colored eyes, it was like looking in a mirror. A tear fell down his face as he stared at the picture in front of him. The picture he dreaded to see at this time. 
The picture showed Y/N and Luke on his birthday many years ago, he believed it was his fifteenth birthday, Y/N was already sixteen, but they wore matching birthday hats as the story behind the picture was so much more than them holding a guitar. The one that laid beside him was what he’d call his lucky acoustic 6-string, and it was a guitar she bought him. While she held her own. 
“Teach me your ways,” Y/N jokes as she watches Luke’s riff. “How are you so good?” 
He shrugs. “C’mon, I’ll show you ‘my ways’,” he mocks her voice, retrieving a giggle from her. “So, put your pointer finger there.” She does so. “Then your middle finger there, and then your ring finger here.” She begins to struggle. “Hold on.” He sets down his guitar, making sure it doesn’t fall. Gently taking her hand into his, he guides her fingers to place correctly on the strings. “There you go…” He smiles at her, both realizing how close they were to each other.
“You two, say ‘cheese’! Emily holds up the camera, both of them snapping out of their daze.
A soft sound of a guitar fills his ears, as he recalls the lyrics he wrote not too long ago. “Waking up to kiss you and nobody's there, the smell of your perfume still stuck in the air… It's hard,” he begins to sing. It felt like time stopped moving for him, making sure to soak in every photo. “Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running 'round, it's funny how things never change in this old town… So far… From the stars.” Going slower when a small boy starts to appear. “And I want to tell you everything, the words I never got to say the first time around… And I remember everything, from when we were the children playing in this fairground… Wish I was there with you now…” Coming to an abrupt halt when he sees a birth certificate S/N Lucas Patterson. 
He turns around to watch the girl he loved, dance with a boy he had never met, but felt like he knew forever. Music softly playing in the background. 
“If the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you, drive highways and byways to be there with you. Over and over the only truth… Everything comes back to you… Mmmmm.” He slowly walks back towards his family. It was clear Y/N and S/N found the light in the situation, Y/N telling stories from the past. 
“What about the story of how you two made me?” S/N suggests.
Y/N scoffs whacking S/N in the arm. “I swear--gets his mouth from his father.” This causes a chuckle from everyone. “Such a troublemaker,” she murmurs.
“So, when are you and BF/N getting married? I swear you two have been engaged forever,” Mitch says.
Y/N looks down at her engagement ring, biting her lip. “Um…” She slowly slides it off her finger. “Don’t know.” She sets it in her bag. 
“I wonder if you moved on with someone new, in the places that we kissed with his arms around you… It's so hard… So hard.” He kneels down next to where she is sitting, suddenly her smile slowly fading. “You still make me nervous when you walk in the room. Them butterflies—they come alive when I'm next to you… Over and over the only truth… Everything comes back to you.” 
Y/N sighs. “Are we going to light this candle or what?” She tries to joke to lighten the mood, but everyone can see something took over her. A sadness that clogged her light.
“You do the honors,” Emily says, handing her the lighter. 
Y/N forms her lips into a tight smile, taking it from her hands. It was obvious she was trying to hold back tears, gripping on S/N’s hand as she lit the simple orange candle that sits on top of the chocolate cake. Luke poofs to be in front of her. “And I know that it's wrong… That I can't move on, but there's something 'bout you.” He blows out the candle before anyone else does, everyone looks around, but Y/N, she looks straight up at him. His eyes widened a little when he met hers, she wasn’t staring through him, she was staring at him.
“Are you okay, sweetie?” Emily asks.
“Mom?” S/N calls out.
Y/N shakes her head, with a soft smile. “I’m okay.” She looks at Luke once again, lighting the candle. “S/N, how about you make a wish for your father,” she suggests.
With one nod, they all lean over to blow the candle out. “'Cause if the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you…. Drive highways and byways to be there with you… Over and over the only truth…. Everything comes back to you.” 
“What did you wish for, for him?” Y/N asks.
“Well, if I say it, then it won’t come true,” S/N and Luke say at the same time. It was what he would say at every birthday when Y/N would ask. 
She lets out a breathless chuckle. “Spoken like a true Patterson.” 
“You still make me nervous when you walk in the room… Them butterflies—they come alive when I'm next to you… Over and over the only truth… Everything comes back to you… Mmmm… Everything comes back to you… Mmmm.”
And with that he poofs away, Y/N looking at the spot he once was at. “Are you sure you’re okay, mom?” S/N asks, worried.
She turns to meet his eyes, flashbacks coming back to her.
“Where are the boys? They should be back by now.” Y/N paces back and forth. “Have you heard from them, Bobby?” 
He shrugs, shaking his head. “No, I haven’t, I haven’t gotten a call from them.” 
“Something is wrong--”
“Now, Y/N we can’t make any assumptions, yet.” Bobby grabs ahold of her shoulders to steady her. “They’ll be fine.”
“But, they would never be this late, they’re performing so soon, they’re going to be letting people in any moment…” She leans forward, making sure he was listening. “It’s not like them,” she says, seriously. 
“Have you tried calling them?” Bobby asks. 
“No answer,” she replies, when suddenly Luke’s name pops up on her flip phone. “Luke! I have been worried sick, where are you? The show is about to--”
“Is this Y/N L/N?” a deep male voice asks.
Taken aback by this Y/N let’s out a cautious ‘yes’. 
“This is the Los Angeles hospital, and it seems as though you were on the emergency contact list for Luke Patterson.” Her heart beats loudly out of her chest. “I’m sorry to inform you of this but…”
The phone slips out of her hand, having it fall to the floor. “Y/N? Y/N what’s wrong?” Bobby runs over to her, concerned. “You gotta talk to me here.” 
“They’re gone,” she whispers. Tears fell down viciously from her eyes. “They’re gone,” she sobs. “I should’ve gone with them!” she pauses. “I should’ve stopped them, I should’ve done something!” 
“Y/N you’re not making any sense.” 
“They’re dead, Bobby!” she screams, everyone looking over at her in fear.
“I have to go, I have to go to the hospital, I have to call Emily, I have to--” she began to feel sick, believing this was one sort of twisted nightmare.
“But, what about the show?” Y/N sends Bobby a glare. 
“That’s what you care about?!” she shouts. “That’s all you care about right now?! Who gives fuck about that?” She waves it off. “This--means nothing to me without the others,” she spits through her teeth.
“Mom?” S/N calls out. 
“Well.” She stands up, tugging at her clothes. “We should get going now…” Wiping away the tears she didn’t know were there, she gathers her stuff. “We’ll talk soon, okay?” She hugs Emily tightly, switching with S/N to hug Mitch. “Hang in there for us.” 
“We should be telling that to you,” Emily whispers, looking at the girl with sad eyes. “You grew up too fast.” 
“Time seems to have a way of getting ahead of you.” 
“Marching on proud, turn it up loud,” Julie sings, as she presses the keys on the piano. “‘Cause now we know what we’re worth--”
Luke poofs into the chair that sits across from where Julie is. “Whoa Julie!” Luke stands up immediately.
She looks at him, with her head slightly tilted. “Get your guitar, we got work to do,” she orders.
Luke glances at the guys, speechless. He chuckles, moving to grab his guitar. He strides over to Julie. “What made you come back?” 
“I realized how important music is to all of us,” she explains. “And we’ve lost so much already… We can’t lose this too.” 
He nods a little. “Thanks,” he says, sincerely. “Alright boss, where we at?” He moves backwards
She breathes out a laugh. “Oh, and by the way… Happy birthday.” He raises an eyebrow towards the boys, looking back at her. She smiles. “Let’s go from the pre-chorus.” 
“One, two, three, four!” Alex counts in. 
Julie glances behind Luke, a light blue box sitting up on the piano. The best thing about having ghosts as friends is that they can follow people without the whole ‘I’m gonna call the cops’ problem. 
So, as the days went by, it was bad enough to go behind his back and give ‘Unsaid Emily' to his mom, but then to find out about the boys having to cross over, she knew it needed to be done. “Hello,” Y/N answers, opening the door. 
“Hi.” Julie waves. “Um… You wouldn’t happen to be Y/N L/N, would you?” 
She laughs. “Depends on who’s asking,” she jokes. “Yes, I’m Y/N.” She holds out her hand for Julie to shake. “And who might you be?” 
“Oh Julie!” She accepts the handshake, holding the light blue box she found in her free hand. 
“Nice to meet you Julie, and what brings you here?” Y/N smiles towards the young girl.
Julie moves the box to show Y/N. “I think this belongs to you.” 
Y/N stares down at it, before looking around. “You live in that old house, don’t you?” she asks. Julie doesn’t respond, resorting to a warm smile. “Um…” Y/N looks back into her house. “Come in.” 
“Who’s this?” A man in a business suit walks out into the living room. “Why is there a young girl in the house?” 
“This is Julie,” Y/N introduces.
“And Luke would like to know what Julie is doing here.” Julie jumps, alarming Y/N beside her. 
His eyes held anger. “Look, I was okay with you giving the song to my mom, but this…” His voice fades off, when he looks at the man.
“Oh, a crazy young girl in the house. That’s safe,” the man mumbles.
Y/N rolls her eyes. “This is my boyfriend, BF/N.” 
“Fiance,” BF/N corrects. “And I have to get to work.” 
Y/N jolts a little. “Oh, alright, well I’ll see you--And he’s gone.” She throws her hands up with a laugh. “A grumpy one that is,” she jokes. “So, about this box…” She takes it from Julie’s hands. “You found this in a backpack, didn’t you?” 
“You remember what’s in there?” Julie asks. 
“How’s that studio doing? Has it fallen apart, yet? It’s not being destroyed, is it?” Worry fills her.
“No!” Julie abruptly exclaims. “No, no, it’s just I got curious and started looking, and I’ve been giving people back some of the stuff I found of theirs.” 
“Oh,” Y/N whispers. “Julie and the Phantoms,” she suddenly says.
“What?” Julie, and Luke’s heart drops.
“I knew I recognized you--yeah, my son, he's a music teacher at an elementary school, uses your music as an example a lot,” she explains. “Look, I’m not going to go questioning you about it, but I know.” 
“You do?” Julie asks, confused.
Y/N doesn’t answer, opening up the box. “I was going to give him this present at The Orpheum.” 
Luke narrows his eyes, walking up to her, to look inside. 
“It was how I was going to tell him I was pregnant, guess plans didn’t go the way I wanted it to.” She shrugs. “But, I know he knows, and that’s all I can ever ask for. S/N, who’s my son, took upon himself to follow his father’s footsteps--not including the hotdogs, which we banned in our house.” She could feel the tears building in her eyes. “It was hard, suing a company, Bobby--Or should I say Trevor Wilson becoming famous off of Luke’s songs, and having to go through raising a child mostly alone takes a toll on you. But, here I am.” 
“I also found these.” Julie hands her a photo, and a sheet of paper. 
Y/N laughs loudly. “This picture! I remember this photo.” Luke smiles a little when she does, and the fact she remembers the memory. “Sunset Curve had just booked their first gig, and this photo was taken after the performance. I remember him that day like it was yesterday, you could’ve sworn he had like fifty energy drinks, but that was just Luke.” 
Julie lets out a small laugh. “How did you do it?”
Y/N looks up in alarm. Luke stays as quiet as possible, his eyes checking out every area of this house she now calls home. “Do what?” 
“Move on?” 
Y/N was shocked to hear those words come out of Julie’s mouth. “Move on?” She raises an eyebrow. “I never moved on. How could I? I still think about him every morning, day, and night, with every song I listen to, with every move I make, with every breath I take, all I can remember is the time I spent with him,” she pauses. “There’s no such thing as moving on when it comes to him, I can only just take him with me.” She picks up the piece of paper. “I knew it,” she whispers, reading over the words. 
“What is it?” Julie asks.
“'Cause if the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you. Drive highways and byways to be there with you… Over and over the only truth...Everything comes back to you,” Y/N sings, Luke looking at her with awe. He always loved her singing voice despite her negative thoughts over it, but that wasn’t the reason he was so taken aback. “You still make me nervous when you walk in the room. Them butterflies—they come alive when I'm next to you… Over and over the only truth… Everything comes back to you… Mmmm… Everything comes back to you… Mmmm.”
“She really did hear me,” he whispers. Julie looks at him, making Y/N turn to look beside her. “But, she can’t see me.” He frowns.
Y/N laughs. “I was the believer,” she admits. “In ghosts and all of that. The boys made fun of me, besides Alex, Alex and I would make conspiracies about it, while Luke and Reggie would try to scare us, Bobby was the only one who’d scream.” She sits down on the couch, Luke sitting down beside her, Julie sitting across from her on a chair. “I remember this one time! When Luke accidentally hit me with his guitar, and he felt so bad, he got me at least a dozen daisies, and other flowers. And my family and I--we had separate cookie jars, because we have different opinions, and of course Luke always had to be eating out of mine. I would get so angry with him, and I would chase him around. Then I would feel bad when he’d fall. So, I would feed him cookies because he claimed his hands hurt.” She rolls her eyes. 
Luke wipes away the tears that he couldn’t hold back. Sniffles, and small sobs escaping.
Y/N allows her own tears to fall. “I miss him.” 
“I miss you too.” His voice barely audible, but Y/N heard it loud and clear.
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drummercalves · a day ago
juke + snowman
sometimes, she forgets that luke isn’t actually supposed to be part of her life.
they’ve been together long enough now that she’s spent more time with him than without him, so it’s easy to let the miracle of his entire being become something less - overwhelming. she realizes how easy it is to just be; thinks that maybe luke and his soul and their love are partly to blame for that, but maybe it’s just how the passage of time works.
but then it hits her again. he shouldn’t be possible. there shouldn’t be strands of gray hair at his temples, there shouldn’t be a heart beating in his chest. by all logic, she shouldn’t be standing in front of their cabin, watching as he teaches their twins how to build a snowman, a bright grin on his lips and the tip of his nose a bright red from the cold.
her entire life, her entire family, is miracle after miracle after miracle. the realization makes her chest ache, the same way it does every single time this happens, and she’s startled from her thoughts at the sound of luke cheering with both arms over his head.
“look at you go, baby girl! that’s it!”
when natalia wobbles on her feet and plops backwards into the snow right in front of julie, she giggles and holds her arms up with a playful shout that’s all her daddy.
julie picks her up and holds her close, hiding her face against natalia’s snowsuit and squeezing the tears in her eyes away.
“momma, my snowball’s not as big as emmy’s,” natalia huffs, wiggling out of julie’s grasp. “i hafta get more snow.”
laughing, julie sets natalia down and helps her roll her ball until it’s an approved size. emmett and luke are waiting proudly for the girls’ snowball and luke catches julie’s eyes when emmett offers to help natalia get the second snowball on top of the first.
“you okay, sweetheart?”
nodding immediately, julie snuggles into his side. “more than okay. just can’t believe all of this is ours sometimes.”
“mm. we made something really beautiful, huh?”
warmth moves through her slowly as their children work together to build their snowman, giggling and chatting and yelling back for their mom and dad to help.
“most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”
“jules, you talking about the kids or the snowman?”
“the snowman, obviously.”
“that’s my girl.”
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sanssssastark · a month ago
Chapters: 1/2 Fandom: Julie and The Phantoms (TV 2020) Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Julie Molina/Luke Patterson, Willex (mentioned) Characters: Julie Molina, Luke Patterson (Julie and The Phantoms), Ray Molina, Reggie Peters (Julie and The Phantoms), Alex Mercer (Julie and The Phantoms) Additional Tags: Idiots in Love, Aged-Up Character(s), The Boys Are Alive - AU, Famous JatP
The band has never been shy about that stuff, love and sex and everything that goes with it, but he hasn’t been able to contribute any gory details in a long ass time. No stories about bad hookups (or good ones), no late nights stumbling down hotel hallways or sneaking someone on and then off the tour bus. No more slightly buzzed answers about his exploits, what he likes and don’t like, what gets him off fast and what draws it out slow and sweet. The only thing he’s been able to do when the conversation veers in that direction is listen.
In fact, at this point, Luke’s pretty sure he knows more about his bandmates’ preferences than his own and if his ears perk up a little bit more when it’s Julie’s turn to share, well she hasn’t noticed that either, so it’s fine.
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nottheleastbrave · 2 months ago
WIP Wednesday: YouTuber AU Edition
Okay so an eon ago @pearlcaddy and I got on a tangent about a Juke YouTuber AU and despite being too old to actually understand the YouTube economy I am actually writing it??? Anyway posting this snippet to hold myself accountable to actually finishing it. 
He spends the rest of the afternoon watching every single video she’s ever posted. He learns her name is Julie (makes sense), and that dahlias are her favorite flower (also makes sense). He learns that she lives in LA with her best friend Flynn, who is largely responsible for managing her channel, because commenters scare her (although she’s still sure to thank them at the end of every video). He learns that she’s the most talented person he’s ever seen in his fucking life, and deserves to have every subscriber in the entire world.
(He also learns she’s very pretty, but he files that away as best he can in an attempt to not be a creep.)
When Alex and Reggie get home from their shifts at the coffee shop and the dog groomer, respectively, Luke forcibly sits them down on the couch and makes them watch some of Julie’s videos. They are suitably impressed, because they’re not idiots and know musical genius when they see it, and in the middle of Luke’s rant about how it’s insane she doesn’t have more subscribers, Reggie says,
“You should plug her channel. We have a bigger platform than she does, we could help her out.”
“Can we do that?” asks Luke. “We don’t know her. Isn’t that weird?”
“It’s the internet,” Reggie shrugs. “Everything is weird on the internet.”
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cabeswatersedge · a year ago
Thinking about Owen’s replies about what’s in the fanny pack and like
what if Alex does carry around his epipen and inhaler in his fanny pack. and he knows he doesn’t need them anymore, and even if he did they wouldn’t work (Alex: “oh no, my inhaler’s expired!” Luke: “Uh Alex... you’re expired”). but he still carries them around because it’s what he always did when he was alive and it’s habit.
and what if Willie asks him about it one time “You carry that fanny pack around everywhere, huh?”
and Alex tells him about its contents and his asthma and his life-threatening allergy and he sheepishly admits that they’re just comfort items at this point that he can’t bring himself to let go of. “I know it’s stupid and I don’t need them anymore, but it makes me anxious to think about going anywhere without them.”
and Willie just smiles at him, “No judgment, I get it,” and then knocks on the useless cracked helmet he’s currently wearing on his head.
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migilini · a month ago
Favourite JATP
My ongoing list of Imagines I adore
Recommendations are welcome!
Tumblr media
I Just Want Breakfast | Luke Patterson - @jatphatones
Summary: Basically, lukey boy gets around and Y/N don’t like that. Friends to lovers with a sprinkle of angst in the middle is always a good time. I hope y’all enjoy!
Length: 7.7k
To Meet Someone | Luke Patterson - @jatphatones
Summary: Luke sneaks out through his neighboors backyard. One night she catches him.
Length: 2.2k
The Photograph | Reggie Peters - @euthoricspidey
Summary: After Reggie’s death you start to lose hope in the world, wanting so desperately to have him back that you begin seeing him everywhere you look and one day wake to find a special gift.
Length: 1.9k
Fearless | Owen Joyner - @dream-a-little-bigger-x
Summary: Owen and Reader meet each other at the prom he talked about in the promotion video for netflix’s The Prom where they both thought the Prom was dress up. He showed up in a dress, she in a tux. A connection is made!
Length: 5.6k
Paper Rings | Owen Joyner - @headheartbellarke
Summary: Five times Owen almost asks his girlfriend to marry him, and one time he actually does.
Length: 3.7k
Here With You | Owen Joyner - @jatphatones
Summary: Reader and Owen are straight vibing but not able to get together as easily as they and the cast would like.
Length: 4.7k
Pregnancy Test Roulette | Charlie Gillespie - @creativeashproductions
Summary: As a college student living with your three best friends is the best and even better when they get along with your long-term boyfriend. However, one of your best friends decides to film a video inspired by another tiktok video. You just had to jinx yourself.
Length: 2.4k
Suddenly Stuck With You | Charlie Gillespie - @creativeashproductions
Summary: Twenty-one years ago Owen Patrick Joyner was born. His best friends Charlie and Jeremy drag the actor to Vegas to celebrate his first legal drink. What was supposed to be a weekend for the boys quickly changed all because a certain Canadian met a girl and drank a ton. Now they have to deal with the consequences of their actions.
Length: 7.1k
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charlies-gillespie · 5 months ago
good 4 u | luke patterson
Tumblr media
paring: fem!reader x alive!luke patterson
set in 2021
summary: Luke’s ex’s band is performing a set at the Orpheum. Luke goes to see the band with his current girlfriend without realizing that it’s reader’s band. when reader spots her ex in the crowd with his girlfriend, she decides to debut a new song …
requested: no
length: long
rating: PG
warnings: just some language
!! NOT MY GIF !!
tag list: @mrsbrookegillespie @screwunsaidemily @herbrutals @marvelousmendess
Your POV
Today was the biggest day in your young musical career. You’re playing the Orpheum tonight with your band. It’s been your dream to play at the Orpheum, and tonight’s finally your night. The night you’ve been waiting for since you and your band formed.
Your the band’s lead singer, voted unanimously by the band when the four of you first formed a few weeks ago. Your bandmates think your vocals go well with the style of music you play. Your band’s style of music is mainly pop with a hint of rock throughout.
Vinny is your band’s lead guitarist. The two of you often find yourselves sharing a microphone when singing together. He’s your best friend and helped you form the band. It was you and him from the beginning. The two of you met about four months ago and have gotten really close really quickly.
Lottie is your band’s bassist. She shreds hard on the bass and you met her when you and Vinny were trying to find people for the band. You approached Lottie after seeing her perform solo at an event about eight weeks ago.
Marie is your band’s drummer. She’s one of the best drummers that you’ve seen. She reached out to you about five weeks ago about the drumming ad you put out.
It’s been five weeks since your band was completed, and you already have a gig at the Orpheum. Beyond Stars will make history tonight.
You, Vinny, Lottie, and Marie all sit scattered around the dressing room. Vinny and Lottie tune their guitars while Marie spins a drum stick.
There’s a knock on the door and someone says, “Beyond Stars, it’s time to hit the stage. Let’s go.”
The four of you smile at each other before heading out to the stage.
Luke’s POV
“You know,” I say. “I’m not looking forward to this. Pop bands are not my favorite thing in the entire world.”
My girlfriend of four months, Scarlett, is pulling me into the Orpheum. “Luke, baby, do this one thing for me, please? Rock bands aren’t my favorite thing in the entire world yet I sit through your gigs with no problems.”
When we get to our nearly front row seats, I say, “You leave like halfway through Sunset Curve’s gigs. Don’t think I don’t see you leave the front row when I’m standing front and center.”
Scarlett says, “I told you this, Luke. My mother calls me and tells me to come home. It’s not my fault she’s so strict and needs me home early.”
I lightly roll my eyes, not wanting to start yet another fight. It seems like all we do is fight nowadays. I don’t know why I’m still with her.
We met and started dating about four months ago, when my ex and I broke up. I admit, I probably moved on extremely quickly but I needed to. If I let myself be hung up on my ex-girlfriend, I never would have let myself move on from her.
The lights go down and the decently sized crowd cheers.
I’ve never even heard of Beyond Stars, like who are they? All I know is that they’re a pop band and that my girlfriend is a huge fan of them.
There’s a drumming sound then a bass joins in. An electric guitar joins in soon after.
Then an all too familiar voice says into a microphone, “We’re Beyond Stars, and Welcome to Our Life.”
The lights come on and there stands Y/N. My jaw instantly drops and my girlfriend starts to jump up and down, enjoying the music.
Y/N looks around the crowd as she sings the song. She nods her head at the guitarist and he goes over to her, sharing a microphone with her, singing with her.
A pang of jealousy runs through my body as I watch her share the mic with the guitarist. That used to be us, until we broke up. She used to be the lead singer of my band, Sunset Curve. I guess she formed her own band when we broke up.
My eyes meet Y/N’s and she freezes, but keeps singing.
Your POV
Luke’s here? Like your ex-boyfriend Luke Patterson is here? When the song ends and the crowd cheers, you walk up to Marie on the drums, waving Vinny and Lottie over.
“I want to change the set list,” you tell them all. “Luke’s here.”
Vinny looks at you and asks, “Time to debut a new song?”
You nod and ask, “You guys all remember how to play it, right?” Your bands nods at you. “Let’s do it then.”
The four of you break and you head back to your microphone.
“This next song is a new song, written by yours truly,” you say, trying to avoid looking at Luke. “I wrote this after I found out my ex-boyfriend had a new girlfriend just two weeks after our relationship ended. Enjoy.”
Lottie begins to play the first few notes on her bass before you begin to vocalize.
Well good for you, I guess you moved on really easily You found a new girl and it only took a couple weeks Remember when you said that you wanted to give me the world
And good for you, I guess that you've been working on yourself I guess that therapist I found for you, she really helped Now you can be a better man for your brand new girl
The crowd vibes along with the song. They don’t know the words to the song so some of the crowd sways and the rest nod their heads to the beat.
You glance at Luke. He girl he must be with seems like she’s enjoying herself. Little does she know that the song is about Luke. You think Luke knows because he’s not moving and he looks at you.
Well good for you You look happy and healthy, not me If you ever cared to ask Good for you You're doing great out there without me, baby God, I wish that I could do that
As you sing, you begin to feel your emotions coming out. You begin to bounce around, mostly to the beat. You shake your head gently too, like Luke does when he sings.
I've lost my mind I've spent the night Crying on the floor of my bathroom But you're so unaffected, I really don't get it But I guess good for you
The day you found out Luke had a new girlfriend, you spent the night in your bathroom. You just cried for hours. He told you about all the times that he said that it would be him and you against the world. He lied and found someone new in weeks, which broke your heart.
Well good for you, I guess you're getting everything you want You bought a new car and your career's really taking off It's like we never even happened, baby What the fuck is up with that?
Luke never reached out to you. You had to learn from Alex that he was seeing someone. The only reason Alex told you was because you happened to run into him at the store. You know he played the Orpheum with his band a few weeks ago, about two months ago when you were forming your band with Vinny, Lottie, and Marie.
And good for you, it's like you never even met me Remember when you swore to God I was the only Person who ever got you Well, screw that and screw you You will never have to hurt the way you know that I do
You look at Luke. His girlfriend is looking between you and him. She’s finally getting how the song is about Luke.
Luke’s girlfriend says something to him and you continue with the song.
After repeating the refrain again, the song slows up a bit.
Maybe I'm too emotional But your apathy's like a wound in salt Maybe I'm too emotional Or maybe you never cared at all Maybe I'm too emotional Your apathy's like a wound in salt Maybe I'm too emotional Or maybe you never cared at all
You’re holding the microphone when it sits on the microphone and singing with your eyes closed.
When it’s just you singing with some light chords coming from Vinny’s guitar, you open your eyes. You see Luke’s girlfriend walking away, and Luke looks like he doesn’t care.
Well good for you You look happy and healthy, not me If you ever cared to ask Good for you You're doing great out there without me, baby Like a damn sociopath
I've lost my mind I've spent the night Crying on the floor of my bathroom But you're so unaffected, I really don't get it But I guess good for you Well good for you, I guess you moved on really easily
The crowd cheers when you finish the song. You make eye contact with Luke. The show continues when you finish the song.
Backstage after the show, as you celebrate with your band. The four of you smile at each other and tell each other how much fun you had together on that stage.
A woman in a fancy suit walks up to you and the band asking, “Miss L/N?” You look at the woman. “Hi, I’m Joyce Smith and I work at Atlantic Records. I’d like to meet with the four of you and talk record labels. Are you guys free tomorrow at three for a meeting?”
You smile and nod, saying, “Yeah, of course we are.”
“See you tomorrow at three then,” Joyce Smith says. She walks away and the four of you celebrate a little bit more.
As you go to leave, you hear someone say “Y/N” behind you. You turn and see Luke behind you. You tell Vinny, Lottie, and Marie to head out and that you’ll catch up.
You are face-to-face with Luke. “It’s about time you talked to me,” you say to him. “Instead of pretending I don’t exist.”
Luke sighs and says, “Trust me, Y/N. I’m very well aware that you exist and sometimes I don’t appreciate it.”
“Nice, Luke,” you mumble. “Why are you even here, since you’ve been pretending I don’t exist?”
He stays quiet for a second before saying, “My, um, ex-girlfriend now brought me with her and left during the song you wrote for me. I didn’t really like her anyway. We were always fighting and she left during Sunset Curve gigs. Obviously she just liked me for my fame.”
You roll your eyes and say, “Glad I can help you break up with your girlfriend with the song I wrote because I was hurt. Can I go? I want to celebrate with my friends.”
Your ex says, “Y/N, I got into a new relationship so fast because I felt like if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have ever moved on from you. We broke up because our schedules were conflicting and we rarely got to see each other or talk to each other, not because we were fighting with each other.”
Caught slightly off guard by what Luke said, you blink at him. You didn’t want to end the relationship, you didn’t want to say goodbye to him because you loved him. You really did.
“Luke,” you say to him. “Your career is taking off and mine might be too. We’re back to where we were a few months ago when we ended our relationship.”
Luke looks at you and says, “I’m not asking to get back together with you, Y/N. I just thought you needed to know why I moved on so quickly. I’m sorry, I didn’t think about how it would affect you. On the bright side, it created a really good song that will definitely top the charts when you release it.”
You blink at your ex and say, “I appreciate you coming by and telling me that, Luke. I really do.”
He sends you a little smile and asks, “How about we get in the studio together some day? Like we used to do together before we broke up.”
With a nod, you say, “I’d really like that, Luke.”
“How about tomorrow after you’re meeting so you can tell me all about it?” Luke suggests.
You smile at him and say, “Sounds good.”
The two of you stand and look at each other for a second. Luke says, “I’ll let you go so you can go celebrate with your band. I’d like to meet them one day, Y/N.”
“You will,” you tell him.
Luke sends you another smile before he turns and walks off. You watch him for a second before you call his name. Luke turns and looks back at you.
When he turns around, you walk up to him. Your eyes meet his and you get up onto your toes, pressing a soft kiss to Luke’s lips. He gently kisses you back, cupping your cheeks with one of his hands.
You keep your lips against his for a few more seconds before pulling back. Luke looks down at you and asks slowly, “Did you want to get back together?”
With a light sigh, you say to him, “I don’t want to rule it out. We’ve both grown a bit and we could probably handle a little bit of distance.”
“Tell me if you want to try again, Y/N,” Luke says before pecking your lips again. “Until then, go celebrate. You deserve it.”
A small smile spreads across your lips and you hug him one more time before running off to find your friends.
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soemthingsparkly · 2 months ago
Sleepy, but thinking of a weird contemporary covid au, where the boys spend their time on Discord, doing a disjointed band practice over zoom.
Thinking about Julie recording herself singing her mom's song and publishing it on a soundcloud somewhere.
It somehow falls into Luke's recommended. It doesn't have many listens - she didn't advertise it or tag or link it anywhere, because it wasn't about being heard. It was about... releasing her voice into the world again, for the first time in over a year.
Luke sharing the song with Alex and Reggie - since the pandemic started, Bobby has been made to realign himself to his academics. He quits the band.
Now there's just three and there's been something missing.
"I think I've found it, guys," he tells the boys, on a video call. "I know what we need."
"A vaccine?" Alex mutters, eyes elsewhere on the screen.
"Ice cream and pizza?" Reggie asks, turned away from the webcam, his thumbs click-clacking on his controller.
Luke rolls his eyes. "No," he says. "We need her, the girl from the song I sent you."
Reggie and Alex have their own individual reactions - a taut brow and pressed lips from Alex, wide eyes and an open mouth from Reggie - but both convey more or less the same thing.
You can't be serious.
"Luke, you don't even know this girl. She only uploaded one song. Where is she even from?"
"LA, baby. It's right here on her profile."
Luke tsks. "Bite me, Mercer."
Alex shrivels his nose. His eyes are back on whatever he was doing on the other side of the screen earlier. "Mm, I'll pass."
"I mean, she did have an awesome voice," Reggie says, before smashing the X button while a small pink tongue of concentration appears between his lips. "No harm in trying, right?"
Luke grins. "Right on," he says.
Alex sighs. "If you want to get yourself blacklisted as some crazy internet stalker, be my guest." He sits up on his bed. "I gotta go. Talk to you guys later, bye."
And he's gone. Reggie is called to take out the trash and they say goodbye. Luke stews in his thoughts for a moment, before he opens up his webcam and pulls his acoustic onto his lap.
He spends a couple of moments retuning her piano chords to strings and lowers them an octave. He plays a few bars and then he has it.
He opens up his webcam and hits record. "My name is Luke," he tells the camera. "And I wanted to tell you that... I think your song is incredible. I... Listen to this."
He begins, strums and slides his fingers. He opens his mouth and sings.
"Here's the one thing I want you to know..."
tbc when im less sleepy
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bluefirewrites · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Walk A Mile In My Doodled Shoes by Bluefire510
(click image for better quality)
A.K.A The one where the boys use their newfound possession abilities to help Julie out of jams.
"I want to help, Julie… but only if you let me,”
She nodded. She was ready this time.
The bassist wore a tentative smile, to keep her at ease during this extremely personal process.
“Reggie to the rescue!”
Then he came charging at her with great speed, his form colliding into hers, and for a split second, Julie felt nothing. Then everything. And then nothing again.
The next time she blinked open her eyes, she realized that was all she could do- watch. Watch as her hands move of their own accord...
Or were they?
Read here on AO3
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kybee1497 · 2 months ago
“I will kiss you if you shut up right now”
First sentence fic
“I will kiss you if you shut up right now” Willie finally interrupted and Alex's speech tapered off with a sputter, shock coursing through him. He looked up from his notecards to see Willie grinning at him.
Alex was distracted by the pretty picture Willie made for a moment. His smile bright and happy, eyes shining up at him with their own light. It took a few seconds for his brain to kick back online and process what exactly it was that Willie had said.
"Wait. What?" Alex asked, more than a little shocked.
"I said," Willie moved closer, reaching out a hand to loop a finger through Alex's belt loop and tug him closer. "I will kiss you," he reached up and cupped Alex's jaw, sliding a hand into Alex's hair, "right now. If you stop talking."
"Um-" Alex started, as his heart rate sped up even more, thudding in his ears, but he closed his mouth with an audible click when Willie raised an eyebrow, nodding instead.
"Good." Willie smiled, leaning up slightly to press his lips to Alex's.
The kiss was everything. It seemed to last an eternity and was over before he could blink. By the time Willie pulled back Alex's head was spinning and he could only gape at Willie.
Willie just smiled, "I like you too, Hotdog. A lot. And I absolutely want to date you."
"Really?" Alex couldn't help asking, still reeling from the last two minutes and the wild turn of events that had just occurred.
Willie chuckled. "Yes, really. I have for the last year or so. How could I not?"
"Oh." Alex stood there for another minute before he suddenly laughed, a happy, almost giddy sound. Then he was dropping the notecards he'd carefully outlined his speech on to the ground and throwing himself at Willie. They stumbled back a few steps but Alex hardly noticed, his lips already on Willie's once again.
Send me a first sentence and I’ll write a little drabble with at least 5 sentences and no set max because I’m a wordy bitch <3
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mrsbrookegillespie · 5 months ago
=“Do You Like It?” (Alive!Luke x reader)=
Tumblr media
(Not My Gif)
Description: The twin sister of Bobby, otherwise known as ‘Sunset Curve’s manager, and most importantly, Luke Patterson’s girlfriend gets him his dream gift.
Warnings: Just a whole lotta FLOOF, with some suggestive dialogue, mostly Bobby just being the annoying bro--I mean good brother that he is :) Probably some typos 
Tumblr media
=“Do You Like It?”=
“I can’t believe you did this,” Bobby mumbles under his breath. “He’s not gonna be happy.” Y/N turns to glance over her shoulder giving him a ‘really’ look. “Okay, well, he’s going to be happy until he finds out how much money you used to buy it.” 
With a victorious grin on Y/N’s face, she turns back towards the guitar case. “One day you guys will be playing world tours, and as the manager of ‘Sunset Curve’, it is my duty that you guys have the best equipment.”
“You never have gotten me a guitar,” Bobby argues with a loud, annoyed, huff. 
Y/N rolls her eyes. “Okay, just… He’ll be back any moment. Go.” She spins on her heels to allow herself to push him away by the shoulders. “And don’t do anything suspicious, got it?” she warns.
“Why do I have to go? What? You gonna make out with him or something?” Y/N can feel the heat travel up to her cheeks. “Nothing I haven’t seen bef--”
“Get out!” she interrupts him, pointing towards the garage door. “NOW!” 
“Jesus! Alright.” He begins to walk backwards towards the exit, his hands up in mock surrender. “Just don’t be too loud okay, I don’t want to--”
“Bobby!” she shrills.
Once he disappears from her sight, she takes one glimpse at the gift. She anxiously plucks the card she made up from the coffee table, reading over it a million times. “Y/N?” Luke calls out. “Where are the guys?” 
She hides the card behind her back. “Luke!” She clears her throat when his name comes out a little louder, and high-pitched than she wanted it to. “Um, I don’t know.” She shrugs, innocently. “Well, I-I do know.” 
“Okay…” He strides over to her hesitantly, but despite his unsureness, each step held confidence. “Where are they? Band practice was supposed to start fi--”
“I have a gift for you!” she blurts.
He perks up hearing this. “You do?” His eyes turn from a dark green to bright blue in record time. “What is it?” 
She turns her body to face beside her. “Here!” She gestures to the guitar case.
Luke stares at it for a moment. A slow smile creeping onto his face, “It’s not my birthday though.” 
“We know, but…” She carefully sets the card down to pick up the guitar. “Sit down,” she orders.
He does as told, sitting down on the couch, excitedly. He sits criss-cross making it easy for Y/N to rest the case down on his legs. “Can I open it?” His childish-like manor makes her let out a giggle.
“Yes, Luke.” 
He wastes no time opening the hard cover case, his eyes widening. “You guys didn’t!” His head snaps up towards her. “Is this--Is this what I think it is?” His hand grazes over the neck of the guitar, before gently gliding his thumb over the strings. 
“It sure is.” Y/N’s smile beams towards him. “Do you like it? It is the one you wanted, right?” Worry fills her.
“Yes!” he practically shouts. “It’s the exact one I wanted.” He takes the guitar out, setting the case on the ground. “Oh, look at you beautiful.” 
Y/N shakes her head at the boy. “Careful Luke, you might seduce it,” she teases.
Ignoring her comment, his eyes meet hers. “Did you and the guys do this?” he asks.
The question runs through Y/N’s mind a couple of times. Opening her mouth, but no words forming, “Yes,” she states. “Well, it was my idea, but the guys pitched with me to help buy it.” She figured the lie would be harmless.
“I can’t believe you guys did this, thank you,” he says, sincerely. “I mean it, when the guys get here--” he cuts himself off, sighing loudly in awe. His hand grazes over the body of it, and somehow this mesmerized Y/N tremendously.
“Every rockstar deserves his dream guitar,” Y/N remarks. She looks down at the card that she keeps glancing at. Kneeling down to pretend she’s tying her shoe, she rolls the thick paper off the wooden coffee table. “I’m really glad you like it Luke.” She stands upright.
“How could I not? I love it.” 
Butterflies find their way to her stomach seeing the passion in Luke’s eyes. 
“It’s safe guys!” Alex calls out.
Luke and Y/N look at the blonde haired boy in alarm. “Oh thank God, didn’t want to walk in on that again.” Bobby prances in, until he’s close enough to Y/N to pat her shoulder.
“Thanks Bobby.” She places her hand on his, uncomfortably. 
“Soo…?” Reggie questions, as all three of them stare at Luke who’s still too intoxicated by the fresh instrument. “Brand new, the exact brand, color, you better be paying--”
“You don’t need to pay any of us back.” She sends pointed looks towards her brother, and two friends, all of them getting the gist. “I hope you know that.” 
Luke looks up, finally tearing himself away from it. “I just can’t believe you guys bought this for me, do you know how expensive this thing is? Not even my parents consider it as a Christmas present.” 
They all slowly turn their heads towards Y/N who didn’t seem to notice. “Anything for you,” she whispers. He lets out a small smile. “Well, plug it in, tune it, use it, it’s yours now, don’t be scared to scruff it up.” She sends him a wink.
Still running off of adrenaline, Luke runs to the guitar, as the others get set up for practice. “Why didn’t you tell him?” Bobby asks, quietly. 
“What’s the point?” she responds, not sparing him a glance.
“The point is you paid for it all by yourself. Why didn’t you take the credit?” 
“Because, I know he would be more concerned about paying me back for it. And he doesn’t need to,” she pauses. She fidgets with the card she spent a good day on decorating, and a good hour of pre-writing the essay inside. 
“Dad’s not going to be happy when he finds out, and he will quickly, you know him.” 
She moves away from Bobby who doesn’t remove his eyes from her. Gently, she slides the card in her song book. “Who’s ready to hear greatness?” Luke skips over to the band. “Because that’s what you’re about to hear.” 
Y/N lets out a dreamy sigh. “You’re funny, Lu.” She ruffles his hair, before going to sit down on the couch that Luke's been sleeping on for the past month. 
“I wasn’t joking.” He raises an eyebrow, shaking his head in a way his hair moves along.
“I know,” she assures. “So, let me hear that greatness.”
His boyish smile nearly made Y/N go into orbit. His fingers move ahead of him, riffing off before going into the song, the boys following him with their own instruments. Y/N flips open her notebook, taking note of anything that seemed off, things that were good, just constructive criticism. “Sorry to interrupt,” Bobby’s, and Y/N’s dad says, walking in, the music dying down. “Y/N? Can I talk to you?” Her dad’s voice was stern, making her and Bobby know she’s been caught.
“Uhh…” She warily eyes Bobby. “Sure.” She sets her pen on top of the open page, before moving to get up. 
The music resumes shortly after when they’re halfway to the house. 
“What's this about you spending a thousand dollars on a guitar?” he abruptly asks.
Her face falls. “Dad…” She looks at the ceiling. “It was a gift I got for Luke, I picked up extra shifts, and got a little extra cash, I’m getting it back--slowly--but surely.” She puts on a reassuring smile. 
“Y/N.” His voice dropping down an octave, her dad begins to give her ‘the parent look’. You know that look parents give their child when they do something they’d call dumb. “I know he’s your boyfriend and all, but isn’t this a bit much?” 
She shakes her head. “It wasn’t just that,” she mutters.
“What else?” 
She taps her foot a couple of times, before analyzing the area to make sure no one’s around. “I--I might be getting them to play at The Orpheum soon,” she admits.
Her dad’s eyes widened. “The Orpheum?” 
She nods. “Yeah.” Her voice goes barely above a whisper. “It’s going to be a surprise, a big one if it goes according to plan, but I wanted to give that to him as a prior gift before the big day,” she pauses. “And you know… He deserves it, dad! This month hasn’t been the best for him, and I just wanted to see him smile again, he rarely smiles anymore after he ran away, I just wanted his eyes to have that spark in them again,” she rambles. “It’s my job to do that, right?” 
“But, spending a thousand dollars on him...” 
“Don’t say money can’t buy you happiness, ‘cause it can,” she protests before he can get another word out. “And it’s my money, I can do what I want with it, so please… Just… Don’t tell him.” 
“He doesn’t know?” She shakes her head. “Then what’s the real point?”
“To make him happy!” she cries. “That has been his dream guitar since I met him. And to give that to him is the best present I could ask for.” Her gaze meets her feet, too embarrassed to look at her father in the eye. “Please,” she begs.
“I better be seeing that money get put back into your bank account.” 
She squeezes her eyes shut. “Got it.” Heavy footsteps fade away, signalling her safety to open her eyes. With a sigh of relief she makes her way back to the garage.
“Hey.” Luke gets up from his chair. 
“Why aren’t you guys practicing?” she questions.
“It didn’t feel right with you gone,” Luke explains, biting his lip. “Is everything okay?” He reaches out to grab her hand.
“Everything’s okay,” she affirms, intertwining their fingers. “I promise you.” 
His shoulders go down as he lets out a breath, slightly fanning Y/N’s face. But, she didn’t mind, in fact, she loved the feeling. “Good.” 
“How is the guitar working for you? Everything you’ve ever imagined?” 
“Better than what I imagined.” He lets go of her hand to get back to playing the song they were rehearsing. 
She goes back to her original position, picking up her same lucky pen, and writing in what Luke calls ‘the nicest handwriting’ he’s seen. The claim could be justified as false in some circumstances, if compared to his handwriting though, then it’s true. Her leg bounces up and down, a nervous habit she picked up. Everything is catching up to her. Work, school, the band, she doesn’t know if she can do it, but she sure will try. 
“Y/N?” Luke calls out, worried. “You spaced out there.” For him. 
“Yeah.” She sniffles. “Just allergies.” She forms her lips into a tight-line, him not buying her attempt at a facade. 
“Y/N.” He plops down next to her. “What’s wrong? You know you can tell me anything.” Alex coughs loudly, gaining the attention of Luke. “I meant us!” he corrects. “You can tell us anything.” 
“I’m seriously okay, just a little emotional today is all.” She rests her hand on his knee. 
“Are you sure?” His eyes searched hers for any signs of lying, but he found none. 
“I’m a hundred percent sure.” She moves her hand to pat his face. “So, don’t come sneaking up to my room,” she cautions in a hushed tone. 
“What if I was going to anyways? Okay or not okay.” 
“Then I’d say, you know the drill.” 
Those words were enough to get his energy back up in a heartbeat. “Let’s finish this shall we?” With one last wink sent her way, they begin playing for yet a third time.
Only for you. 
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